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Childhood meomoriesI am still like this, but when I was a kid, I would make so many different crazy sounds: because I could! And that made there be no other app I would rather grab m itouch and get on rather than talking carl! Talking carl is still even at this outdated time, ridiculously hilarious. I recommend you to download it, even if just to say a few things into it every once in a while. I remember sometimes as a kid, I would minic it to the point of turning a word that doesn’t exist (xnopit for example), into a high pitched mess. Such a good app, and I recommend to all..Version: 9.5

Hear it and it needs more stuffWhen you leave the game Carl says bye bye it’s funny and it’s a bit boring it needs 1 more new thing then it’s good but its so far good 👍.Version: 9.5

Talking carlyyIt's pretty funny but gets boring because I have the old iPod with no mic .Version: 1.5

No in app purchasesGood because there’s no in app purchases.Version: 9.1

Super Hilarious AppCarl is hilarious! This is one of the most entertaining apps I have! :).Version: 5.7

Amazing!!! I makes my day :-)Well done, amazing app.Version: 3.3

...App maker you just pulled a power move your on the cant stop won't stop train to power move city :3.Version: 5.0

Brilliant fun!Don't show it to your kids, you'll never get your phone back!.Version: 1.25

Great appMakes me laugh every time I have it on..Version: 5.7

Retina displayI would like to see an update for iPhone 4 display, other than that, great app.Version: 2.6

Best app ever!!I love this app especially when Carl jumps up and lands on his head.Version: 2.91

LOLFunny but can get a tiny bit boring.Version: 6.0

I re-discovered Talking Carl!I have it years ago, when it came out and deleted it at some point. I just got a new phone and was looking at the apps I needed to download and saw "him" and decided to take it back. Oh my God! So many new features and dame funny!! If I need to change my mood, I just need to go say "hi" to Talking Carl and I'm back with a smile!.Version: 9.0

Good funA fun app. My kids love it however, the latest update isnt loading for me..Version: 5.7

My 3 year old niece loves thisSo funny.Version: 8.3

FunEven though this game is really old and not very good compared to now a day games, it is super fun. I think it is worth the money if it’s the kind of thing you like which I do. It’s so cute and comes with great iMessages stickers ❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 9.5

Best talking app in the marketThis is very impressive I've had the older version but this is just taking s better step up into this app my overall raiting 5 stars maby 6.Version: 1.5

👇My voice is higher then your voice.Version: 9.4

I love this game so muchIt's so cute, and it's funny. I love it so much! You can say some thing and carl repeats you. I wish I could give this person $20.😁😁😁😁.Version: 9.2

Saw a video and I downloaded to test somethingSo the video I saw demonstrated 2 Carls saying “my voice is higher than your voice” and it eventually lead to hiss-like screams. I had to test it. I will. Test. It..Version: 9.5

This is a cute gameI like the way he look And if you tape recorded your voice is kind of cute to Hear your voice so I kind a like it.Version: 9.5

Needs Update for iOS 11We love talking Carl; however, I just updated to iOS 11 and the app won’t open because it says the developer needs to update it to work with iOS 11. Can you do this, please? Thank you!.Version: 9.1

Feels like the original app - Still one of the bestLove it.Version: 4.7

❤️Best thing ever.Version: 9.6

CarlIt is very enjoyable,funny, feel happy and you can laugh a lot. I am really enjoying. Thanks.Version: 2.6

Good TimesKeeps my baby amused and gives me a laugh too :).Version: 1.25

TeeheeLol.Version: 6.1

AwesomeSimply one of the most amusing apps. EVER!! It never gets old haha.Version: 3.50

Good timesCute, friendly and creative! Easily brings fun and laughter.Version: 5.1

Talking carlThis game literally made me pee my pants when he flys and sneezes and plays the trumpet if you guys don't Have it then your lost literally.Version: 5.1

Awesome app.The kids and I were in stitches all night. Then hubby came home and he nearly wet himself - very funny!.Version: 2.91

Please make talking Carl 2 free!Hi, Tayasui. I’m a big fan of talking Carl. I love him! But the thing that would make me love it more would be to make it free for a limited time. This is so people who want it but don’t have money for it can get it free and they all can have a good laugh. So, Please! Make it free! Please! If you do, thank you!.Version: 9.3

CoolThis game is awesome.Version: 5.1

Grew Up With This GameLoved this game when i was younger, still do!.Version: 9.5

Black Carl issueI like the game but why does Black Carl say rude stuff when you talk to him.Version: 9.6

CarlIt's just too funny. Juvenile but funny..Version: 7.1

Talking Carl is amazing! ❤️I’ve found this app very entertaining and sometimes I lose track of time playing it! I am 10 and I’ve had this app since I was 2. It brings back so many wonderful memories and brings wonderful memories yet to come. You should totally download this app because it is amazing and super fun to play with, and you get a new friend, Carl!.Version: 9.4

I'm in loveI love Carl : ) I truly do! However, I NEED the sleeping Carl again! Aaand Smack the Gugl! Please please please! ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 9.5

My ChildHood in one appDon’t rlly have a review but 20/10.Version: 9.4

Great!Excellent app, very funny and silly (in a nice way). Two problems though: when I downloaded the Christmas update and clicked on the Christmas tree, it told me I had to get another app for Santa Carl, even though it says on the Info that you get Santa Carl with this one. It had also got rid of the British Carl and I have to get an app for that two now. Slightly annoyed, but still a very, very good app. . Five stars ..Version: 3.31

This is A Legendary GameFrom around The iPhone 2G And 3GS This game was invented! I’m Like So Surprised This Game Has Been Made from almost a Decade! Carl is a good Person and Has his own Brother Gugl! But Sadly They Don’t Update The game anymore 🤧 I will Rate This 5 Star because how good the game is! There are also minor bugs that Occur. Like Crashing The Game easily and Glitches so if they read this message, I hope they will Update the game!.Version: 9.5

XD carl <3Omg this lil guy is so amazingly adorable and its so cute when he does those little twirly things :).Version: 1.5

Talking Carl +It’s a really funny app I love it keep up the good work!!❤️❤️❤️.Version: 9.1

Excellent App!Hours of fun for the kids.Version: 2.6

SuperTrès cool.Version: 5.7

Dude HUTCHINSI wish he would sing along with the kids as old one did....this one waits till you are finished specking... We use it at church with kids they love it when Carl sings with them.. The old Carl used to reactinstantly....Version: 9.4

Love itThis app is great and I love it when he says goodbye!!.Version: 1.22

AMAZINThis app for me is amazing. My freind Harry told me about this app and so i bought it. It won't dissapoint you and I'm 13 YEARS OLD! I too think this is also ageble for young to old people so get it whilst it's free!.Version: 1.5

Carl is so cute!This version is so much better than the last; it has lads more stuff! I love to see him flip over and laugh! I luv ya Carl! xoxoxoxoxox.Version: 1.5

Funny!It's an amazing app! But sometimes when I'm playing back recordings, he randomly hiccups or coughs, please fix this:).Version: 1.25

I love this gameI really love this game it’s so fun. I used to play it on my Auntys phone when I was three and I cried each time from the lightning lol it’s the best game ever.Version: 9.5

Toddler's reviewMy 2 year old loves this. Keeps him unused on my lap for hours. Only downside is he runs my battery flat..Version: 1.25

Don't get outfit7's appsJust get this one it's the best and the baby mode is really helpful with my 2 and a half yr old brother :) thanx.Version: 3.21

Cool asI love talking Carl I always have my friends had it and it made me want it so bad......Version: 2.91

Kids love itThis entertains the kids in my family for hours on end..Version: 1.5

Great game! Needs more features.This game is great, and I’ve had it for a while, but it’s getting boring. It needs new features. I think you should be able to edit your Carl, and add things to it. Maybe even get achievements for certain things..Version: 9.1

Awesome gameI really am having fun with this and if you get two phones and they hear each other they’ll copy each other overall a good game.Version: 9.2

Dumb funI first downloaded this in 2008 when the world was young, the iPhone was new and I was bored. It never fails to make me laugh. Yes, the “Dark” Carl is a bit edgy (I believe the developers have cleaned up the swears since first introducing it) and the iMessage stickers are great for tormenting my kids with. Finally, the app closing sound is a classic. BUH BYE!!1.Version: 9.5

Funny gameI’ve been playing this game on my mom’s phone since I was three. Now I have my own phone and I was surprised to see that the game is still running. This game still gives me nostalgia of my childhood. Overall this is a hilarious game with so much meaning to just a video game to me..Version: 9.4

Excellent App!This app was firstly introduced to me by my younger sister and it made me laugh and I really loved this app! 100% recommendation app to make your day full of laughter! Get it or get cubed!.Version: 2.6

Funny funny funnyLaugh every time, you'll say something ands it's great and then it does your laugh and it makes you laugh more and more, it's a keeper.Version: 1.5

Best app everWhenever I pick up my iPhone I think TALKING CARL! It's a great value for money I was expecting it to be a lot more expensive. I would recommend it to everyone with I iPod touch or iPhone!.Version: 2.6

Fun app!Fun app for the kids. Really entertaining....Version: 7.1

AmazingIt cures my crippling loneliness and my 0 friends. I make conversations with him/her and make jokes with him! It’s so cool. I don’t have to cry myself to sleep now, I do t have to remind myself that I don’t have any friends. The best bit is that I make songs out of farts. And it’s so entertaining..Version: 9.5

AwesomeGreat for kids under 3.Version: 6.1

LolIt's cute and funny, i love this app. Everyone has their own opinion..Version: 5.1

AwesomeI love this game.Version: 4.0

Everyone Loves Carl!At least in our family everyone does. He has been the source of so much laughter to us. Not to mention, he's very cute!.Version: 5.7

HelpThis app has tortured me for the last 7 weeks...driving me insane with his voice, why won’t he talk back? This endless circle of pain needs to stop. There’s only one way to make it stop. These are my last words. Yodelling kid meme isn’t funny.Version: 9.1

.I ❤ this game, it's awesome!.Version: 5.1

Talking CarlTalking Carl is a very funny app Carl gas this way of making u laugh in a way that u enjoy it not just a animal that is there to just do watever I was addicted to this and loved showing my friends.Version: 2.6

AddictingHate it, way to much fun.Version: 5.1

Awesome!Love it!!!!!!.Version: 6.0

So awesome!!!I hope that u get this app because it is so good I totally recommend it for everyone!!!!.Version: 3.31

Good gameThis was the best game ever.Version: 5.1

Amazing!😄This is a great app! Soo many features definitely with the 69p 😊 who knew I would find it so amusing?! but it could be less jerky 😔 Until then 4 🌟improve this for 5 🌟.Version: 3.31

Perfect!Very entertaining for children and a great way to pass the time..Version: 6.1

Very funnyOMG who would have thought that grown adults would find this so funny! Doesn't get old!.Version: 3.21

This game is.......AWESOME because this is a game that I play with on hours on end and Carl And his friends are the cutest characters I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😃😃😃😃😃😜😜😜😜😜😝😝😝😝😝.Version: 3.31

EaterI loved this game a lot Carl is so cute And I got to record a bit of my fav songs to make them funny Thanks for making this great app.Version: 2.9

I  you Carl!Carl I like your little cute British outfit it makes you look awesome !.Version: 1.5

Very funny/cuteThis game is a great way to pass time.Version: 2.6

Freakishly FunnyI really love this app, and Carl is just adorable! No regrets about getting this app!.Version: 4.0

It is funnyIf you have a bit of humour it is funny, recording msg's for friends or kids is definitely enjoyable experience if you can use it right!!.Version: 1.5

Love it, but..I love this goofy playful little dude. Also, the mean Carl is also funny. 😁 But here’s what I have to say, why is it 99 cents? I mean, I personally don’t care as I had this game when I was younger and was able to redownload it for free, but I don’t really see many aspects to make it the price it is. This doesn’t make it a bad game, though. Not at all. It’s a cute game and I have many memories of it. The price is peculiar to me, though..Version: 9.4

FunVery fun and entertaining although it gets a bit boring after a while. But it's fun otherwise..Version: 3.2

Great!A great app. A few minor glitches here and there when I first downloaded, but all was fixed with the next update. All in all very fun but the novelty does wear off quite quickly..Version: 4.5

Kids love itKeeps the kids laughing for ages..Version: 3.50

Funny appAwesome when not doing anything.Version: 3.21

Amazing!!!Carl is great! I like Carl..Version: 5.7

CarlCute and funny app I just wish it was more responsive and not as laggy.Version: 9.1

Talking to CarlI would definitely recommend this hilarious app. He can say anything upon your imagination. For example I made him sing songs and dance!! I would definitely recommend!!!!! Xxxx.Version: 2.6

Funny appThis app is amazingly funny.Version: 5.1

Love itI love this app. It always puts a grin on my girlfriend face without fail. I can't wait for my daughter to be born. She will love it too. Definitely get this application if you just love a laugh..Version: 1.5

Just for funThis app is just for fun!!!.Version: 5.1

This just tickles meI’m nearly 70 and fully functioning intellectually. The description made me curious. I find Carl adorably amusing. I’m still discovering his many tricks and talents. I don’t think I will soon —if ever—grow tired of it. Jolly fun!.Version: 9.1

A good laughI have enjoyed endless minutes with talking Carl, and I don't think he needs the bad reputation he proceeds. Although I haven't quite come across the 'c' word yet, I imagine it could be quite some laugh and I don't know what all the fuss is about! In my ripe, old age, in would imagine that anything but the 'c' word could be a disaster! He could have a few more phrases and jiggs which is why he isn't exactly 5 star material, but a 4 star nonetheless! Well done Carl! :).Version: 6.1

Best. Game. EverMy son ADORES this game and I honestly think it is so cute and funny 😄 great game I give it 5 stars ⭐️!!!.Version: 9.2

Having Carl since the very beginningAdded a lot new features to coral but he still cool my four-year-old loves him like I did when I first downloaded them.Version: 9.1

StunningIt's not that bad but quite fun In a chill way.Version: 5.1

YayI used to love this game as a little girl, and now that I have found out that it works w/ my current version of iOS, I am sure as heck gonna download it ASAP! Thank you for making such a super awesome game and all the laughs that came with it!! Love you guys!!.Version: 9.2

My favourite appWhenever I am having a bad day I turn Carl on and strike him with lightning a few times!!! Always makes my day better. If my 2 year old son is misbehaving out in the shops I turn Carl on and he's quiet. If you don't like talking Carl then you have no sense of humour and are a boring human being!!!.Version: 4.1

Very fun! For me and the kidLove it.Version: 6.1

AmusingKeeps my one year old amused, especially when Carl laughs- he laughs too. Cute!.Version: 1.5

Necessarily UselessAmusing when I want to do nothing but sit and play.Version: 9.1

Good for kidsI spend my time relaxing now because my little brother spends his time with his friend Carl I can can get some sleep 5 out of 5 😉.Version: 9.2

CarlHe makes the funniest sounds..Version: 4.1

Talking Carl"It is so funny, I could play it all day!".Version: 2.6

Limited by your creativityThis is a very fun application to have, some fun when you just want to annoy somebody or a little laugh..Version: 2.6

Great when it first came outBut now you have to pay for it! Eh?! I mean it’s still really funny and great don’t get me wrong we shouldn’t have to pay for Carl he is worth more than 80p or so if you were going to make us pay for him you should value him more he was a big part of most of our childhood! Still would recommend though! 😁x.Version: 9.5

AwesomeGreat for kids..Version: 5.1

Eez a vary kuul epplikacionYes vary guud.Version: 7

Bring back memoriesMy mummy used to let me have a go when I was about 2.Version: 9.1

Canadian...Talking carl is one of the most funny app ive ever seen! but it would have been nice to have able to make canadian carl for all of the canadians to enjoy on canada day..Version: 2.6

It’s Amazing!This app is so nostalgic from when I played it as a kid. Talking Carl is still funny as heck. Every single time I play this game, I laugh my head off!.Version: 9.6

EpicOmg this game is so cute and Carl is just such a awesome character. I have most of the apps by the company and just love them all my Fave apps are playing Carl and drawing Carl is a cool drawing thing that I love I would recommend this app to children and adults of all ages. Keeps you amused for hours great for train journeys and car journeys.Version: 3.31

Is Carl broken or something? ❓Okay, so the new update for this app is really good, except one thing. 😐 I start talking to Carl, and after a few minutes, the whole app freezes! 🥶 Like, I say things like, “Hello? Are you there, Carl?”, but he doesn’t respond! 😦 I also tried tapping his eyes, and that doesn’t work either! 🫣 So, this is a funny app, but this issue has to absolutely get fixed in the next app update! 😲.Version: 9.6

Love it!!!Such a funny & cute app. Great for kids! My mother loves playing with it and my kids on her iPad too! Hours of silliness!.Version: 4.5

It made me pay twice!!I had to pay two dollars for it but I like the ratings so I’ll see what it is.Version: 9.4

Golf funMore skins and features :).Version: 2.6

I like talking CarlI love this game it’s fun and addictive.Version: 9.4

Love itBest thing i ever got for free! It may not do a lot but its enough to make me smile!!.Version: 1.5

LolIt's really funny and entertaining but it needs more stuff to do maybe an update with more stuff? But otherwise GOOD!!!!.Version: 2.6

Carl and friendsCarl is epic! I have talking Carl + and playing Carl. My sister has talking gulg and I also have the mouth!! U guys who created them rock!!!.Version: 2.95

Love it!My kids love this app. It makes us all laugh and has provided hours of fun! It would be five stars if the navigation to and from the premium features (I bought playing Karl) was a bit smoother... (ie not actually a separate app).Version: 8.1

Download It!!Funny! Great if you are upset, cause it is sure to make you laugh! Great App!!!.Version: 1.5

Old appRemember having this on my iPad 2 back in 2012 , had to get it on my iPad Air 4. Memories.Version: 9.5

Do I think it is enjoyableI think it very enjoyable since it can sometimes get people's attention more and it is hilarious.Version: 2.6

Screen goes white when you open appI don't actually know what it looks like because when I open it the screen goes white it still works Plc fix creator.Version: 4.0

So FunnyI know that this is for little kids but I'm like 13 now and I still love this game! The only thing is that it's a different app for the instruments and also u have to pay for it. Besides that I love this app. Always gives me a laugh!.Version: 7.1

I don't get it...Much improved over last version..Version: 5.1

EpicnessAmazingggggg app! It's the best of all talking apps. I love the unique animal thing and it's expressions. :D.Version: 1.5

WowsThis is fun and enjoyable I didn't want to get out of this app to rate it !!!! Love It .Version: 1.22

BEST APPI LOVE talking carl. such a fun app. i love having conversations with him, although he does tend to repeat me quite a bit.....Version: 9.1

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