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Bleacher Report: Sports News App User Positive Comments 2022

Bleacher Report: Sports News app received 105 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about bleacher report: sports news?

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Bleacher Report: Sports News for Positive User Reviews

Great appLove the easy to use menu and updated news of my favourite sports teams.Version: 2.6.4

Great appCoverage of a wide range of sports which fits my wide range of interests. Well done 👍🏾.Version: 5.14.0

2 problemsFirst off I love this app and I think it provides a good source of sports news. I think BR should focus more on smaller franchises/teams. I’m a Oklahoma Sooners and OKC thunder fan. Sometimes days will pass without a new OKC Thunder article. Also The OU men’s basketball page is dry there is never anything but a game recap. The 2nd think that I fell you guys could do better is adding the community feature to more than the NFL and NBA. Like add community’s to every MLB team and NCAA Teams. As a Sooner football fan I would love to use the feature to talk to other fans. Overall it’s a great app but it could be better..Version: 8.9.0

CFLPlease add CFL team streams.Version: 5.14.0

Just a regular sports guy !Let’s just start with a thank you to the guys and girls that make this app run! This is by far the best sports app there is. I have espn+ no hate or shame for them but you guys with the alerts and breaking news are just ten times faster, which is one of the main reasons I love this app. As of many of the things this app brings to the table. I love how you chose what you want to see by selecting the categories your interested in, not just any old team that I don’t care about! I also love how diverse it is with the gaming sections to the golf sections there’s just so much good content here, so with that I say thanks again guys and girls at BR!!.Version: 8.0.0

Best sports app out there!I have had a few sports apps on my phone for a while, but none even compare to the versatility and broadness of team stream. Maybe it's because the guys over at Bleacher Report are brainwashing us with there great articles and videos, (I reckon it's Lefkoe) or maybe it really is just a great app. If you are any sort of sports fan, DOWNLOAD THIS APP NOW!!!.Version: 4.4

GoodVery informative with top notch info.Version: 2.7

AMAZINGHonestly, I don’t think I’ve ever written a review for an app. Bleacher Report, however, deserves 1,000 5 star reviews from me! I hardly even use ESPN anymore. I’ve been using for the last 2 years I believe. From great in depth articles to AWESOME videos, Bleacher Report in my mind has blown away the ESPN app in every way! Ever since they introduced the comments section, I don’t even read the article! I just read the subject then see what people have to say. You guys have rocked it so hard and done an amazing job putting together this 5 star app. Thank you so much!.Version: 6.23.0

Fix this asap!!It used to be awesome but lately it's been showing nba scores in my notification bar even tho i haven't added any nba team to my teams. It won't show the upcoming fixtures of my teams instead it shows nba fixtures. Kindly fix this..Version: 6.1.0

Amazingly Helpful with keeping in touchUse it everyday! One annoying thing is sometimes loading times on the app are strange where one screen is instant and the next takes minutes to load. If this was fixed I would use this app even more than I already do! 😊.Version: 3.4.1

Almost PerfectReally good for keeping me up to date with the sports and teams I watch, gives highlights, news, rumours, basically everything. The only complaints I have are that; it can crash, and it takes up quite a lot of storage considering what it provides..Version: 5.11.1

Ads ruin what what a great appPlease get rid of the Samsung Galaxy ads. They ruin everything and make the app freeze. Hate having to click on them just to read a story. Other than that the app rules..Version: 4.1.2

Love this appI love it.Version: 5.16.1

Great app!Could be better with features like game previews, picks and pregame breakdowns including latest news or things to watch or consider with each week/game. That said I deleted a few other apps after using this for a few hours. Good work and keep adding to it!.Version: 3.0

Great pageI like this because coming from Scotland it keep up to date whit the American sports which I like a lot in UK wee don’t get a lot of cover in America sport so keep it up and thanks 👍.Version: 5.14.0

Could Do BetterI really enjoy the B/R app. One thing I would like is to have the facility to actually block sports I have no interest in. Yes, I can build my own B/R with my favourite sports but other sports still pop up that I don’t care about e.g. soccer Hence only 4⭐️ I still recommend it though.Version: 5.14.0

Beat Sports News AppBy the best on iTunes when it scores to good quality sports news and articles . Always has the latest need and scores . Good journalism that doesn’t require or rely on sensationalism to sell its story. Highly recommend for any serious sports fans , no matter your sport!.Version: 7.19.0

Bleacher Report Continues To Grow,As a consistent uses of the website I was really looking forward to getting this app when I got my iPhone... and it didn't disappoint! It's easy to choose what news you want to get from a large variety of sports, the match updates allow me to keep track of the Arsenal score and I never miss a new development with MMA. This is essential for any sports fan and I'm really looking forward to what Bleacher Report will venture into next..Version: 2.3

Too much stuff I don’t want to see.BR needs to come up with a process that will allow you to opt out of sports you have absolutely ZERO interest in. In my case, I’m bombarded with NBA news on the main timeline (it’s currently the off-season I might add ... but it still keeps coming) and I have no interest in the sport. Otherwise, it’s a great APP..Version: 5.16.1

Good for news but notification links don't always workI like this app a lot for breaking news and alerts, and a lot of random social media stuff that you don't see on major sites. The quality of the content is ok. The main problem I have is that the deep linking often doesn't work. I'll get notifications and when I click on them it doesn't take me to that story but just to the top of my feed, and I have to scroll through to try and find what I wanted to read. And sometimes I can't even find them so I give up. Not sure why this happens, I haven't had this problem in other apps..Version: 6.0.0

Bleacher reportsBleacher reports is the best sports app because it covers almost all sports.🔥🔥🔥👌🏽.Version: 5.14.0

Nachos del grande“The only N word I use on a daily basis is, nachos del grande”and bleacher report Is gude.Version: 5.16.1

Love itSimply love this site. Don’t need to go anywhere else for everything you need to know in the world of sports. Especially Football👍👍.Version: 6.4.0

Use this app 5 times a day at least!Great app! A couple of suggestions though, is it possible to show which articles are read and unread, much like your email inbox? And also, the order of the articles is hard to follow, I think it would be better if they were in chronological order! Cheers fantastic app!!!.Version: 1.6.2

Best Sports EverUpdates 24/7 Great Content for Avid Sports Fan. This App is Life.Version: 4.4.3

Brilliant!No idea why this app doesn't have more reviews... It is simply brilliant! It has a vast amount of teams you can follow from most popular sports, and it is updated regularly with all the information you need about your chosen teams... Perfect for fans who are constantly travelling and find it hard to keep up with team news from abroad! The only reason why I have not given 5 stars is because there are no team logo's foe Premier League teams... I'm guessing it's a copyright issue but still, please try and fix this for a 5 star review! Thanks! :).Version: 3.3.3

Amazing!Updates with everything I need! Super fast and up to date!.Version: 5.15.0

Amazing .. but!The app is the number 1 source for all the sports news. however, I don’t know why old and very old news continue to feature in the app main page e.g. sancho transfer saga, maguire arrest in Greece etc. I hope such an issue get fixed or I find solution to..Version: 8.14.0

Highly recommendedSome of the ads are annoying but otherwise fantastic app for staying up to date with all the news on NBA and a range of other sports..Version: 4.1.2

PhenomenalSo up to date, quick news. Fantastic.Version: 2.6.1

MaccaaEffective, never miss a thang when I'm a away from home.Version: 2.6.2

FANTASTICI love this app, keeps me updated with fresh trades and signings in the NBA keeps me ahead of all my mates and I'm always the one saying who goes where or "predicting" the day before who goes where.. Love this ! Wish this extended to Australian sports leagues like AFL and NRL.. But any american sport lover; DOWNLOAD ASAP!.Version: 1.6.1


Best sports news app in the world, hands downThis is the Best sports news app in the world, hands down. All the breaking sports news in one app..Version: 5.14.0

Easily the best for up to date sports news and highlightsThis app is a total upgrade from the ESPN app where it is hard to get to an article you are looking for, this has all the up to date sports info before every other app like ESPN and CBS Sports. This app also gives you easy access to highlights or cool plays of any sport, on the other apps you have to search and search and sometimes it not even there like you want it to be. You can also discuss opinions with the other users and it's nice when you want to say something about what just happened and you have no one else to tell so you turn to Bleacher Report. This app is a very good and well maintained app and deserves five stars.Version: 7.7.0

Best sports App out thereBest sports App out there fullstop.Version: 5.2.2

Great AppBleacher Report is great for keeping up with the latest news on your team. I highly recommend for any sports fanatic..Version: 6.3.0

The best way to keep your boyfriend aroundMy boyfriends phone is really crappy, so I let him install it on mine, and as a result we have so much to talk about, he’s always asking to come over and use my phone and reaching to put his hand in my pocket :) Would so strongly recommend, now I know a bit about sports and goals and stuff and my relationship is on fire 🔥🔥🔥☺️👌🏻✌🏻😘💕.Version: 5.16.1

Best sports news appLove it!.Version: 5.2.2

Great app, poor journalism.Whilst I love how this app keeps you up to date with push notifications, if you dare go into read the articles prepare to read pieces put together by illiterate 7 year olds. I mean I understand we are sports fans but grade 6 English grammar would tell you that starting a sentence with a conjunction is poor form. If only they could fix their Reuters to some place that follows preliminary English protocol... This app would wail!.Version: 2.3.1

NRLI’m a big NRL fan and love seeing all the news about it the only thing that’s bad is that I can’t see the scores for NRL please help. Or make one.Version: 8.2.0

Play by play updatesLove the play by play updates and the twitter feed.Version: 6.4.0

DavidGreat one-stop app for all my sports news!.Version: 3.0

Great appThis app is great, covers a large range of sports and covers scores and stories well. Good notification speed.Version: 5.12.0

Awesome app!Love the app, I work a lot and the time difference here in Australia for the games are on during work hours, I get updates on the games and lunchtimes I get to view my teams game previews : ) can't ask for a better way to keep up to date! Well done I say!.Version: 2.6.2

Do something!!Bleacher report is a good site and app to get credible information, though articles actually written by bleacher are sub-par (based on the super biased opinions of bleacher writers) and that's not even the reason why i lowkey dislike the app. the MAIN reason why i will not give the bleacher app 5 stars is due to the invasion of malware that developers have yet to rid from the app. since last year (and 3 different mobile platforms) while reading any article, the page would re-direct into an "you're the 100th user prize" or "your phone is infected " page. fix that, and i would love bleacher unconditionally.Version: 5.14.0

Looking forward to Cabbies pre gameNice to see them add some legit personalities to their sports correspondents.Version: 6.23.0

Love It.BUT Please include all the stories from the website not just team stream and could you sort it out like the most recent at the top and going down time wise Also... Include a little time stamp saying when it was put in for example. 2hrs ago or 2 day ago.Version: 1.6.1

BRBR is the best app becouas.Version: 6.6.1

Get a dark modeNeeds a dark mode, would be a great addition..Version: 8.1.0

Quick alertsLike there quick alerts.Version: 6.3.0

Best decision to download everWas initially apprehensive to download the app, as I hadn't had great experiences with sport apps in the past, however once I passed the boundaries of the seeds of doubt, and pushed the download button, I have come to realise this is, by absolute worldly miles, the best sports app out there. As other users describe, it's efficient, easy to use, and to the point. A dream app for any sports fan..Version: 3.1.1

Awesome appLove it.Version: 2.9

Bleacher ReportGreat app, perfect for news on all types of sports.Version: 7.7.0

Why ads?Used to be the best sports App but now ads pop up every 20seconds at first I wasn't bothered but now they seem more frequent than ever I can't even use the app before I'm bombarded with ads.Version: 4.1.2

BrilliantGets the latest news on all my sports and teams faster than anything else I have found, it’s my first site to visit.Version: 6.0.0

Very Useful!This is an awesome app, I don't usually write reviews, but for this app I'm making an exception... It's very useful. For any sports fans wanting to keep up to date with breaking news, scores, rumours and expert opinions any and all of your favourite sports and sports teams..Version: 1.5.1

Good, and still a ways to goB/r is obviously a must for a sports fan. but there are a few things i wish it had. my main thing is the articles. most of the time the articles b/r includes under your favorite teams are sourced from other publications. that’s not a problem at all, i just really hate clicking to read one and being taken to another website, being subjected to that site’s cookies, ads, etc. kinda annoying. if i’m not mistaken, back in the day b/r would get those same articles but present them to you from within the format of the b/r app. i don’t doubt that the reason they stopped doing this was due to some legalities or deals made with publishers in order to continue using their content, but i’ve definitely not clicked on some articles before when i know the publication’s site that it will lead me to will be a hassle to navigate through. also, on a much less serious note (i’ve been crying about this forever) i wish they adopted a night mode on their app. so many times before bed i open b/r and i just wish there was a darker interface option so i wouldn’t have to have that white background reflecting on my face. i do enjoy that b/r is implementing social media features into their app—that experience has been fun. although b/r has been around for a minute now, i still see a lot potential for this app. i feel like they’ll ultimately get there, just at a bit of snail’s pace..Version: 8.0.0

Great app but..Too many pointless articles and notifications. I want real stories..Version: 8.6.0

Dark modeWould be great to have the option to switch to dark mode. Otherwise best social app out..Version: 8.5.0

AwesomeI am addicted love it.Version: 2.3.1

Great, but........I love the app, not just for news and highlights, but also for other interests like wrestling, gambling, gaming, etc. I have one problem though. If you open the app and you happen to have notifications of that app from over 3 days ago, they disappear. I don’t like saving an article notification to read later only to mistakenly open the app and that disappears along with any other notification that’s more than 72 hours previous from the current date. If that gets fixed or addressed, this is THE quintessential sports app. Until then, I’m only giving ya 4. Sorry 😤.Version: 8.6.0

Notifications bugsThis app is really great when first using it. However after sometimes you don’t receive any alerts for the teams you have alerts for. So what’s the point of the app if I’m not receiving notifications for my sports. Yes I do have bleacher report enabled in my settings for notifications and also in app as well. And I haven’t been able to get a notification for months. When the app was working, everything worked well and it was better than ESPN which I deleted for bleacher report. Also, bleacher report would be quicker to give alerts than ESPN as well..Version: 6.0.0

Review Edited following Dev ResponseThis app used to be the best feed for news for the Sports fans wether it's WWE or your favourite football team. No news, no feeds and completely useless. The Devs are probably working on a fix but the bleacher report has lost its credibility. Now after a dev response and after making a slight iPhone region change to the USA the feeds that was personalised to me now appear. It appears that a fix is in place and the app now works as intended. Thank you to the Bleacher Report team I have my feeds back. Good app but needs to be better..Version: 5.2.1

PBBrilliant. My go to apps for sports news..Version: 5.15.0

Awesome appThis app is generally very good. Unpopular opinion: the stories are great! It’s not your everyday sports app, while it can give you the final score to the games, it also gives you more lighthearted and funny stories that the MLB and NFL for example, don’t give you. I understand why some people don’t like to get stories based on the jokes and stuff that goes on within the professional sports leagues, but I think it’s great, knowing that you can also get your basic sports news here and from many other apps. If you want a new look on your favorite sports teams, look no further than bleacher report..Version: 6.14.1

Opening the appI live in the uk can’t open the app.Version: 7.11.0

10stars++++If I only knew this app existed earlier! Best sports App ever. It's a lot easier to look at one location and all your favourite teams in one spot then having to look all over the web! This App is recommend for all sport lovers!!!!!'.Version: 1.6.2

Great app but...Ok I want to make it clear but I really like this app a lot. I think it’s cool to interact with other fans about your favorite sports leagues and teams. It kinda has the feeling of “fans first”. Just two problems. One is that I would really like if you could show women’s college basketball scores and live pga tournament standings. I think those would be great additions to the app. The other is more technical. Recently when I’ve been looking through scores the app just decides to kick me out for no reason. I have a newer iPhone so I think this is the app’s fault. If you could fix this bug ASAP I’d really appreciate it but overall it’s a great app and I’d recommend it!.Version: 8.8.0

Bleacher ReportVery good app, as a WWE fan it couldn't be easier to catch up with onscreen and backstage news. Not only does the app feature informative news articles it also includes articles such as: 10 Things WWE Needs to Do in 2012 and Hottest Divas all with good opinions. The only downside is, as mentioned in previous reviews, it doesn't seem to update as quickly as the website which can be a little frustrating. Apart from that it's a brilliant, bug free app..Version: 1.3.2

Through the wiiiiireThrough the wiiiire.Version: 6.6.1

WowzaI love it. Wowza.Version: 6.0.0

Good app, this would make it better/more convenient.Great app. I love the articles. I would give a 5 star, if you had a way to see previously read articles or were able to favorite preciously read articles like the “News” app on iPhone. It makes it incredibly more convenient and easier to share articles or refer back to an article when needed. I’ve given up on multiple occasions when trying to find an article I’m referencing when talking to friends or family or when I’m trying to see if someone’s responded to my comment. Locating a previously read article is so difficult, I’ve been unsuccessful with finding some articles even after going to bleacher report after a few minutes, notably if the article is under the “Fire” category. Usually, I have to do a google search of the terms I remember + bleacher report just to pull up a previously read article. This issue should not be an issue in this day and age..Version: 6.6.1

The good and the badI've really loved using this app and have gotten all my friends onto it, it is really easy to open it up and see all the news and info on my favorite teams, there is always so much news I can read and I love that... However the only flaw with the app is when I'm reading a news article that covers more than one page, it regularly jumps back a page and the link to move to the next page disappears, which is frustrating because then I have to reload the story just to continue from where I was up to. Overall I really enjoy using this app and hopefully this flaw is removed with the next update..Version: 2.2.1

Great appGreat app so much updates with football which I use every day.Version: 5.14.0

OutstandingI really love this app I would even buy it if there was a price on there. For Football fans, F1, WWE etc... It has it this is the best app I have on my phone. The only concern I have is that with the football badges at the left hand side I would love them all to be there and not just the odd one now and then, other than that it is an amazing app!!! It's a must have for sports fans!.Version: 2.8

A must for getting the info firstWhile you may think this is a bs paid review it’s not. I’ve been a fantasy football commissioner for 6 years and been in a league for 12. This is by far the best app I’ve downloaded for football info. I run my league on espn but they always seem to be a step behind. I get notified by this app long before espn posts injuries and any other things to effect my team. If you want to be up on what’s going on before everyone else this is the app you need. I can’t promise you a championship but this app gives you the info to help make better decisions. Oh yeah and it’s free so if you don’t like it after 2 weeks delete it but I would bet you probably won’t..Version: 7.1.0

Awesome!!Awesome app! A real must get for sports fans.Version: 1.5.1

FORGET Fox Sports or the four-letter networkAbsolutely love this app! Dropped the four-letter network years ago because they chose political agenda over actual sports. Went to Fox Sports; let’s just say their app is complete garbage. A friend told me about BR so I decided to give it a try. Love how it’s extremely interactive and how they put the focus on YOUR teams first before the rest of the league(s) [after Fox updated their app they focused more on who they wanted to promote rather than who the user actually wanted to see.]. Glad I made the switch. Don’t change a thing!.Version: 8.4.0

Great for NBA news!The fantasy basketball league is incredible during covid -19.Version: 7.16.0

FantasticThe only app I use , and I have over 50.Version: 5.15.0

Good app but slight recent issuesLove this app been using it for years but recently on articles the pages keep going blank while reading a article. Sort it out Bleacher as it’s so annoying and never used to do this would’ve been 5 stars if was not for this issue recently..Version: 9.8.0

The best and most thought out sports app out thereAnd, brothers, I don’t even write reviews. Kudos bleacher report. Y’all are the bomb..Version: 5.14.0

Fixed!! GreatLast update broke the app completely but they quickly fixed it. Love this app... For any sports fan this is a must have..Version: 4.8.2

It assumes you are a USA user🤦🏽‍♂️!!I've been using Bleacher Report as my default sports app for over two years now. What grates me now is I'm not being able to comment on articles I like!! It gives you the option of signing in with your Facebook account( which I prefer not to) or use your number which has to be (+1) U.S!! I'm in the U.K.🇬🇧!! Can't see how to get round this!!.Version: 5.15.0

If you love sports, download bleacher reportI use this app ALOT, whether it be to read up on new stories or check in on analysis or predictions or check scores. The only thing I’d love if they added was to be able to edit your comment. I comment a lot on stories and articles so I engage in the comment section a lot. I’ve seen everyone including myself make a spelling mistake. It would be cool if you guys added the option to edit your comments and maybe showing that the comment was edited. I can see people fixing their comment and going back on something they said so showing like a transcript history would be beneficial. Thanks for all you do B/R, you guys have changed the game for sports reporting and sports app.Version: 7.7.1

Good app, sometimes crashesAfter last update sometimes app crashes when looking thru the scores, however overall great for all my sports needs!.Version: 8.8.0

Terrific app.If you like sport, you'll love sport..Version: 2.3

Around great appI’ve told so many people about this app and got people using it. A lot of people uk not heard of this app but as soon as they us it they love it..Version: 7.7.1

Great AppEasily one of the high quality apps out there l, extremely helpful.Version: 3.2.1

Ideal for British NFL FansBeing an NFL fan across the pond in the UK, keeping up with the latest happenings can be a little tricky sometimes (or I think so anyway). However, Team Stream does a perfect job. Its team and NFL alerts have been incredibly useful, keeping me up to date with the essentials of the combine, the Manning situation and much more. Very useful app and certainly worth a look..Version: 1.5.1

Good app overallGood app, lots of information and settings and notifications are done well. However it can be slow sometimes, and also needs to have an option to save to pocket..Version: 3.2.1

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 for sureDon't listen to all the guys giving this app 1 or 2 stars, it's the best app there is on sport news, you can also sign up 4 email newsletters, and its got ALL teams, NBA, collage, even high school, it's also got rugby, soccer, you name it, & the best part is, IT NEVER CRASHES OR GLITCHES, iv had this app for about half a year, & it's been fine, and its amazing to see apps like for free, B/R have really done a good job on this one 😃.Version: 2.1

TeamStreamThis Bleacher Report sports app is great. It's offers personalisation, allowing you to follow the leagues/sports/teams which interest you, and even set notifications for news updates (which are all on for me!). The app itself is slick, quick and easy to use. The only issues I have are: Some news fails to show up in specific team threads when it does show up in league or sports threads. Not enough world sports (particularly football) in the team/sports/league selections. Theres English Premier League teams, and around 5-10 others (including the likes of Real, Barca, AC Milan etc) as well as a 'world soccer news' section. But there's nothing specific to each league, or international events (such as Euro 2012). As soon as this app becomes more worldwide and less American, it will get 5 stars from me. Until then, it's a 4 star app..Version: 1.6.1

Bleacher Report!5 Star Sports App!.Version: 2.3.1

Simms & Lefkoe PodcastFor 3 years now, I like listening to Simms’ and Lefkoe’s breakdown with Bleacher Report Money betting... but I think what their doing right now (especially Lefkoe) is just choosing who is going to win against the spread. I think it would be better for listeners if they will use the Bleacher Report Money for teams that they highly think will win against the odds (put more money on those), and mid amount of money to not so sure games and less money to tossed coin games... with this, listeners can gauge more their analysis... i hope i made sense. You guys are awesome! 👍👍👍.Version: 6.0.0

Great app ... but add filters for sports on scoresGreat app ... but add filters for sports on scores!! I only like watching or reading about NBA and I don’t care about other sports or scores !! Please add a filter so I can disable other sports !!!.Version: 6.4.0

Bleacher ReportAwesome app! Straight up, I use this all the time, I get to keep up with all my teams, little slow sometimes but overall great app!.Version: 3.2.1

NiceIt is very handy.Version: 1.3.1

Great app but missing one thingI’ve had bleacher report since it was on the old app and it was called Team Stream and I love it and use it everyday for my sports news. However, I have one thing I wish you guys would add. On the Scores page either under each matchup, or as part of the Game Info section under its preview could you please put what channel the game is being covered on? There are lots of games that I want to watch but am not sure where they are playing on tv and have to look it up somewhere else. Like the Copa America final today for example, it was on telemundo and I spent the first five minutes of the match looking for it online and on my guide. If you could add that this app would be perfect! Thanks!.Version: 6.19.1

Loving Contents Inside)Ok.Version: 5.16.1

SufianIt was a very good app when I first started using it but since they changed the layout of the app, it’s had some issues. I can’t see comments on the app no more and I have some articles that are still on my feed which are about a year old. I’m not sure how to get rid of these..Version: 9.5.0

Buggy and slowI use this app more than I use social media apps but now it has become very slow.Version: 6.0.0

Great appThis app is really good. Has everything I need to check the NBA, except it would be cool if the playoff scores were displayed. Like Pacers 1:Knicks 0 or something, when you select a team like the Pacers to see their progress..Version: 2.6

AwesomeI recommend this app to all sport lovers.Version: 6.17.0

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