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TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports App Complaints & User Negative Comments

TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports app received 109 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about tunein radio: music & sports?

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HorribleI downloaded by mistake and deleted the app minutes later. I asked for refund but was refused. Really turn me off and feel ripped off.Version: 17.5.1

Buffers everytime latelyI used to use this app on the way to work all the time and rarely had issues. During this past year working from home it’s been nonstop buffering issues whenever I tried using it. Switching from wifi to data hasn’t helped. Even while on wifi no other apps give me the same issues that this one does..Version: 19.8.0

Free?It says free ap but there’s a subscription fee now?.Version: 19.9.1

Extremely annoying adsThe app is infested with ads. It has three type of ads, audio ads, visual ads that appear as you are listening to radio stations and pop up ads that open in your safari browser without you even knowing. A Virus notification webpage opens up whenever I have been using this app. Tunein radio was not this bad few years ago and it seems like the developers have become greedy and put profit before users. I will not recommend this app to anyone who is not a premium member because you will be exploited and annoyed..Version: 12.9

Not listening to the world anymore.Tune in was fantastic. But slowly they are blocking stations from other countries claiming it’s not available in my country. In my case the Canadian stations I enjoy. I find it’s a tunein thing as I use other apps and can still listen to those stations. What happened to listen to the world? It’s a real shame Alexas default radio app is tunein. The only reason I bought Alexa in the first place. Now nearly every radio station I want to listen to is being blocked. Thanks tunein. I’ll keep finding and using other radio apps..Version: 19.1

Forgets your podcast if backgroundedNice app, if a little too disposed to force feed you only the ‘Starbucks’ level content from major podcasts. But my big gripe with it is that if you leave a podcast paused in the background long enough, it will reset the app to the homepage when you return, forcing you to hunt that podcast down again (which is made difficult by endless ‘see more!’ buttons instead of complete episode lists)..Version: 14.5

What Are You Thinking?In many ways, this is still a great radio app overall. Howeverin the Sports area, there have been some changes that I don't love, and I wish I knew the rationale behind them. I really miss how TuneIn let you browse a list of all available live sporting events going on at the time. This was a constant feature for many years but, recently, that feature has been removed. Now, we are compellled to choose an individual sport tab to view its live events. This leads to my largest complaint. Right now, there are options for all types of sports, but they all lead to strictly professional leagues of that particular sport. The basketball option leads to the NBA only, the football goes only to the NFL, ETC. I've been having some significant trouble finding college sporting events. This is certainly true for college basketball, but I am sure it's a problem for hockey as well. There is a college sports tab, but this only brings up live college football events. Where are the rest? i hope you'll consider what I wrote here. I'd love to see the old layout come back, but, if not, I hope that college sports carried by TuneIn can be as easy to access as they have been in previous years..Version: 19.6.0

Far too much bufferingThis app used to be really good for listening to the radio, especially when like me you live somewhere a normal radio won’t work if it’s not in exactly the right place. However over the recent months the amount of buffering I have to suffer has grown ridiculous. I click on a radio station to listen to and there is the initial buffering to load. If I leave the house then it buffers when switching from wifi to data. But if I stay at home and just move from one room to another, it buffers so bad that I have to press stop and then restart. The is no change to this whether I am using the free version or have a subscription. I had originally considered paying for an annual subscription to this app but when I suffer buffering almost every 10 minutes during a morning radio show I refuse to. The developers need to get this sorted otherwise I will be uninstalling this app and using a more reliable one..Version: 20.8.0

SubscriptionI downloaded this app to find it needs a subscription. It doesn’t need a subscription on google tv or Samsung smart hub!.Version: 19.7.0

Used to love itWhen I first downloaded it, it was great, I loved exploring new radio stations and listening to new music from around the world. I don’t listen to music every day, just occasionally. And it was also sensible because songs completed before adverts played. Then the adverts started randomly playing in the middle of songs so I abandoned the app for months. I thought I would give it another try today but unbelievably it was WORSE. Instead of one or two adverts, at every ad break it repeated the same advert 3 times non-stop!!?!? And to compound the stupidity, the ads are in the MIDDLE of the song. I can practically repeat it word for word myself now but I will be completely avoiding the brand itself because I am so annoyed. If common sense could be applied to the app, and return it to something useable, that would be great..Version: 17.9

DataUses way to much data.Version: 13.0.2

Rip offDon’t buy folks, app is a rip off bunch of thieves. pro use to be premium back 2-6 years ago and now they made premium the new norm and the folks who bought pro lost there money because we (members who paid for pro) have to paid again for what we paid originally couple years back. I have proof of buying also app developers (crooks).Version: 18.0

Don’t bother with this appDon’t bother with this app or the pro version, there was a time I would give both 5 stars, now it’s no worth one. You can’t listen to radio stations outside of your country, the whole reason for having the app. What a disappointment! Tunein you should go back to your roots and why this app was once great. Now it’s not worth taking up space on your device. Unfortunately as time has shown the have gotten greedy and killed the once great app. Shame on you!.Version: 19.2

Misleading conI opened up my basic TuneIn app and was mislead into subscribing for the over priced pay version. I have have a vision impairment so from a quick look I thought I was consenting to a version update - when in fact they were taking my money. Nothing worse than feeling taken advantage of..Version: 17.6.1

Greedy greedy greedy greedy greedyWhat a shame, I’ve had this app for ages and just got a car with Bluetooth connection, that’s where the good news ends, in the uk if you use your phone whilst driving its illegal so why am I finding that I have to divert my eyes from the road because this once great app is making the music disappear and I’m greeted by silence because the adverts appear frantically as soon as I start my journey. TUNNEIN May be causing road accidents because unfortunately we will try to reload your app and start the music again. You at tunein need to understand that a life may be lost due to your GREED, app deleted as I love life..Version: 13.4.1

Pulverizing my favourite channelsSometime in April 2018, my favoutite podcasts and music channels suddenly disappeared from Tune In. Then reappeared. Then partially disappeared again. There are 80+ episodes of one podcast but Tune In often only shows 20 or 30 episodes. My Internet & wifi is strong & stable; it's not dropping out. What gives, Tune In? This has been a problem for 3 weeks & it is ongoing..Version: 13.4.1

Generally I like it but one huge headacheI really like the app. It allows me to listen to stations and music I otherwise wouldn’t hear living where I am. It also is a great way to listen to several podcasts. But my headache comes from the fact that because I mainly listen to the podcasts to and from work, I don’t listen to them all in one sitting. So I try to continue with the same podcast I was listening to the truck ride before so to speak. It would be nice if the podcast would remember where I was in the podcast from the last time rather than starting over at the first. Then I have to let it download to the spot I was and most of the time I don’t look at the timer to see where I am leaving off when I get out of the truck. Please get that fixed. It is very frustrating..Version: 17.9

Would not recommendA free trial to download but suddenly without warning a monthly fee is charged. I have used many free trials and at the end would have been notified of it ending and I would be given the choice to upgrade to premium. Not in this case. The money is simply charged without you knowing! I’m disappointed in the operation of this app..Version: 16.3

Tuned InThis is a con job by Apple. This is the first time as an apple nut (previously a big supporter, have Mac,iPad and a 10 phone and have been loyal) that I have had to question any thing Apple does. I end up with something I dont want and didnt need or order and be charged with. In New Zealand there is something called the consumers Guarantees Act that you need reminding about. May yet give it a try. I remain a very unhappy customer and I suppose that doesnt matter to Apple. Im only one..Version: 16.0

No free versions anymore?!I’ve had this app for years and always had the free version so I could listen to my morning radio program clearly since where I lived it was spotty on the radio. When I got my new phone I went to download the app, and got this updated version that is now “pay only” thru a 7 day or more trial. Even tho there’s an advertisement for a free version, you only have the option to chose a free trial and paid subscription when you hit the “start listening” button. Come on.... even Pandora has an easy free version with ads I listen to. I just wanted my local radio stations to be clear. If this is what it’s become I’ll just not listen anymore and delete this crap. I’m not about to fall for a trial I can’t get out of so you can swindle my money. I’m on a fixed income and just wanted to laugh a couple hours in the morning between Z93 and Bob and Tom. 🖕🏼🙎🏻‍♀️.Version: 14.6

Don’t get sucked in with updates.Performance improvement and bug fix updates are nothing but the loading of new ads to listen to before your selected broadcast. Ads unbearable and interrupt the program you’re listening to at random times. Sometimes the ads run for upto 2 minutes at a time, only for the app to then crash causing you to listen to them again as the app reloads. Have gone to a direct app to listen to my station now. Much more direct and reliable. Won’t be back.Version: 13.5.2

Bugs!I used to love this app but it’s become really frustrating. After you’ve used it 3 or 4 times it stops working and whatever station you select just won’t connect. When this happens you have to delete the app and re load it. I have held off on ungrading yo the premium version for this reason. I’m not spending money on something that doesn’t always work. Please fix the problems..Version: 17.7.1

Ya no me interesaEra la mejor manera de llevar a mi país conmigo pero desde que quitaron la opción de pausar y devolver no la uso más..Version: 20.4.0

Was a good app until they blocked all stations I listen to.I was using this app because I am trying to learn Spanish so was tuning to Spanish language stations. Now all of a sudden I am getting messages saying that this station isn’t available in your region. All I seem to be able to get are local stations. If I wanted to listen to a local station all I have to do is turn the radio on, not use up data on my phone. I found an alternative app now that is just as good and I am able to access foreign stations from around the world and tunein is no longer useful so app is coming off phone now..Version: 19.1

Recent update is brokenThe recent update that allegedly brought auto-restart does not work. This is meant to restart the last radio station you listened to. Now, when I open the app I get a re-start progression bar that says ‘restarting’ and have to wait five seconds until it disappears. Then nothing happens - just get a never-ending buffering whirligig. So I have to go into the app and re-select the station. Waste of time and very frustrating. I think I’ll go back to iHeart Radio..Version: 22.6.1

Latest Version Won’t Open on IPad Mini 2UPDATE 2: I’ve found that I need to delete and reinstall the app every night before it will load. I have contacted support again. I now see other reviews posting about the same issue. I hope everyone with the problem is contacting TuneIn support. UPDATE: A reply from their support asked if I had tried deleting and reinstalling the app. So I did this, and the app appears to be working normally again! I will know more when I listen again tonight will update this review again if I’m still having problems. I’m rating it 4 stars instead of 5 because I liked the very old user interface when the app opened straight to my favorites page. But this app is great for searching by show title for a live radio station. I have also found great music stations here. This was my favorite app, but it updated yesterday and now the app will not load/open on my iPad Mini 2, which runs iOS 12.5.2. This is the latest security update for iOS 12; this device will not run iOS 13 or 14. It still opened on my iPhone that used iOS 14; that’s why I rated it two stars rather than only one. However, I always listen on the iPad, so I am now using iHeart Radio. I prefer live radio and can find what I want much easier on TuneIn, so if they get the app fixed I will be happy to go back to it. I have emailed support..Version: 20.5.0

Used to be so goodWhat happened!! Used to be so good now I’m right next door to where they broadcast from BBCRadio Norfolk and the app says local restrictions apply yet other free streaming services are able to play. Family in Australia but it continues to tell me to connect to the internet even though I am and have disconnected my VPN so it can connect So many issues so little radio stations compared to other streaming services that are free and doesn’t keep trying to get you to purchase a premium service..Version: 20.7.0

Way did you cut out MSNBCEnjoyed audio MSNBC for years but then 2 Months Ago you determined that ‘ Regional Restrictions’ now disallow its audio broadcast. What? Bad decision. Bring live MSNBC back. I quit Premium Tune in because of your decision..Version: 19.6.0

Fastball35Keeps cutting out.Version: 20.5.0

Deceptive sign up processAt no point does the free trial sign up process notify you that you’ll be charged $145 at the end of the free 30 day trial. This is extremely deceptive and something that would catch out a lot of people who don’t take the time to investigate what they will eventually be charged. No other payment process would get away with this, and if it’s legal within the App Store limits then they should be tightened..Version: 13.0.2

GarbageI used to use this a lot but after an update I had to log back in. I couldn’t have the same service and I mistakenly subscribed to the tune of around $140! You would think I would have a prime seamless app but now every time I go to use it I get a message saying ‘Sorry, there is a problem with this stream please try again later’ Developers, please explain what I am paying for..Version: 14.9

Need to fix bufferingUpdate: The buffering was fixed and worked for a period of months, however recently the ability to pause and playback was removed from the app. Now hitting pause will only save data for a minute or so, then no additional steam is saved and the recording just jumps forward to live. Prior to this the app would save about 30min before jumping to live. This is a huge setback in app performance and makes the app almost useless, since even a short phone call will result in missing part of a broadcast. Hopefully this feature is restored, in the meantime I will unfortunately have to look for a new app. Too bad because I have used this for years and enjoyed it. First of all and probably most importantly, the app content is great. However there are issues with buffering that need to be fixed. The app offers pause and RW/FF functions, but if you pause for even a short time the app will skip ahead midstream once you are playing back the buffered content. Also when playing back buffered content it will randomly repeat a few second long portion several times. Buffering is a feature used on many apps these days and it usually works flawlessly, this app needs to fix these issues to compete. If buffering was fixed this would be a 5 star review..Version: 17.8

Terrible and practically uselessIf you like commercials or have money to pay to remove ads from every app you use, this app is almost useable (if I felt like paying for it, it would still only get two stars from me). You get all the commercials from whatever show you’re listening to, plus as many ads from the app; which amounts to about 35/65% programming vs. ads. Extremely unstable, especially if you’ve paused it - might as well just close the app and reopen it if you did, because it will basically not work until you do - rendering the pause feature useless. The app struggles to stay connected and fails to reconnect frequently when it loses its connection. The ads are intentionally significantly louder than the programming - obviously on purpose - making it something that wakes you up if you doze off or like falling asleep listening. The constant adjusting of the volume alone makes me tend to turn the app off. Overall: commercial overload with intentional annoyances to make you pay. It’s not a functional enough app to pay for as is, coupled with the intentionality of the annoyances earns this app 1 star from me..Version: 17.1

Audiobooks gone!! 😞Many users might not be big Audiobook listeners but I am, and considering the high monthly prices for every other audiobook app out there (like Audible or Audiobooks), TuneIn was the best option! I remember when I started using this app, there were a few users and it clearly needed some app work, but I was positively surprised to find the vast collection of audiobooks in the app (with the premium subscription). TuneIn didn’t require you to pay for every new audiobook you listen to but had free amount of audiobooks for the monthly subscription price, apart from all the other radio, news stations and podcasts available. Since I only listen to Audiobooks and Podcasts, there is really no reason for me to keep paying for this app. This is a hue disappointment! I think that if TuneIn would have advertised their audiobook potential they would’ve received a vast amount of new users and a lot would have preferred it over the established Audible/Audiobooks app. If you decide to bring the audiobook section back let me know! I’ll be happy to pay for the subscription!.Version: 13.1

Appalling ads/pop upsI've had this app a while and thought it seemed great for when I want to listen to the radio when out and about. Today my views changed drastically, whilst our power was out we put the app on listening to "Gold" of all stations. After about an hour I picked my phone up to turn up the volume and playing in the app were pop up videos containing very adult content (yes those type of videos!!) Firstly why are these appearing and secondly how could I ever trust using this app again when I don't want them to appear and could even be listening to it anywhere, including at work, in public, or when I have children visiting. App deleted immediately!!.Version: 13.0.2

The repeat when playing live shows...I assume Tunein is made to do this on purpose but it’s far too sensitive....have used tunein for a few years but don’t remember being this bad- when I am listening to a news show live, like CNN, it will replay the same part not twice, but 3-5 times, I assume this is when the app detects a slower connection. I have tried numerous times to mess with settings and can’t get it to stop - it makes listening to anything live virtually impossible unless you want to be driven crazy. This happens over my Sonos which plays everything else perfectly in my home over WiFi (via fiber optic) so not sure why tunein is different. It is also happening more on my phone app. I love tunein for convenience but this repeating is so bad that it makes it not worth fooling with. Shouldn’t be this hard for a normal consumer - I shouldn’t have to adjust a bunch of settings when in a relatively normal and speedy WiFi environment (nor when when I’m on a cellular connection). Trying to listen to impeachment live! I have to install something else today..Version: 17.1

Very buggyThis is a great app with all of my favourite radio stations in great quality. However for months now I’ve been forced to listen to annoying adverts, not just when I open the app but every 30 mins or so when the app crashes. Sometimes it restarts itself and makes me listen to the ads and sometimes I have to restart it manually. Please fix this crashing and I’ll give this 5 stars.Version: 13.9

Pop up had a virus!I would completely rate this app a 5 because it never crashes and has a number of podcasts and radio stations on here. However in December I touched a pop up by mistake and it gave my phone a virus! This lead to a number of fraud activities as my phone has a number of personal details, then it just crashed and and died. I know you need them to make money but please think about users when allowing pop ups, more security measures please! I’m deleting this app because of it..Version: 13.0.2

AddsTooooooo many adds.Version: 19.7.0

Fix the google play cast issuePlease fix the “hey google “ issue, still can’t use the hey google function to play a station ..Version: 21.0.1

Greedy App$13.99/month? Forget it! I already paid the Pro Version a couple of years ago then you guys changed to monthly subscription. What a bunch of greed!.Version: 20.5.0

Can’t play local radio stationKeep on getting the error sign can’t even change states.Version: 16.6

Not working on Apple Watch, sneaky about subscriptionUPDATE: After deleting and reinstalling the apps several times, TuneIn suddenly began working properly on Apple Watch and iPhone. I have revised my star rating upward accordingly. But I can’t give more than three stars because of the sneaky first screen after installation that tries to trick the new person into a pricey subscription. *** The app plays nicely on my iPhone, but on the watch it does not install. I reinstalled the app. The previous version at least installed, though it was unresponsive on the watch after that. Other watch apps are working normally. Watch v. 4. , watchOS 5.2.1., iOS 12.3.1. For honesty, you should quit advertising that the app supports Apple Watch. I have emailed Support, but none of the suggestions worked..Version: 16.5

My problem persistsFIX THIS AND STOP WITH THE AUTOMATED RESPONSES. I used to think the problem where it would restart my podcast was only due to my earbuds at the time, but I have since switched phones and earbuds many times and still have had the same issue. Every time I pause a podcast for more than a minute or so; it fully restarts the podcast. This is extremely frustrating. I constantly have to re scrub through the podcast to find where I left off just because it constantly restarts it. I love this app for podcasts and I use it all the time to download podcasts, I will not however continue using this app if this problem persists. I would save more time just using another app that saves my spot in the podcast. If you could please look into this and fix it that would be great. I’ve had this issue for almost a year now. —UPDATE— It now restarts my podcast EVERY TIME I pause it. This is ridiculous. SUCH AN EASY FIX..Version: 18.2

Use Individual Apps InsteadEvery time I open tunein it wants me to spend money or find the stupid little cross to close the advert. Easy enough to do but I have found that the radio stations I listen to now have their own apps which don’t advertise or cost money. Plus tunein app isn’t up to date, it lists the wrong DJ’s and songs. Whether that’s down to the data they receive or what I don’t know but still. I wish I could show you the difference between the individual radio apps and tunein which is caked in adverts unless you spend money, the difference is night and day. Let’s be honest, none of us like adverts and shouldn’t really have to pay money just to listen to the radio. If you can see past these issues however it does work well as a radio app..Version: 20.0.0

Used to be a good appI have been a long time user of Tune-in. I am starting to experience more and more issues with the app. Multiple times I have tuned into one of my favourite radio station only to hear a completely different (non English) station playing. Which is not fixed even after rebooting the app. I have also experienced issues with no sound. The add tunein app marketing ad will play fine prior to the station beginning however when the station starts there is no sound (even though the play time bar down the bottom is ticking away). The worst part is I paid for this app (tunein pro) prior to becoming a subscription fee based app (which entitled me to ad free listening) however when they change their payment structure they think it was fair to recharge customers for things they were already promised from purchasing there original one-off paid app..Version: 16.3

ExpensiveI downloaded thinking it was a free App. Didn’t realise I’d paid until I checked my emails. Shocked because the quality was poor, kept dropping out, spooling, then often would hear a repeat of what I’d just heard 15 seconds earlier. I thought the radio station was repeating itself until it just kept happening..Version: 18.1

Not working like it used toI have used this app for years and loved it. Over the past couple of months it is continually buffering, sometimes it restarts, sometimes it just stops. Worse still, it fails to start when launched - the little spinner goes for several minutes before an error box pops up. So disappointed, I hope the developer fixes this soon..Version: 18.5

Inconsistent At BestI've exhausted my options with this app. When it works, it works great. But every so often, it has a mind of its own where no matter how long I wait for a station to load, it simply doesn't start. It simply spins in place. Yes, I have strong WiFi. Yes I've tried on LTE. Yes I've tried on 5G. It's not a connectivity issue. I have an iPhone 12. The only way around it is to close the app and restart it, but even that's not a guarantee. I have to try on average 3-5x before the station will load. It also seems to does it out of nowhere in the middle of when the station is working. I was listening to a particularly important news story (again, with full strength internet connectivity) and the station simply dropped. I closed the app and reopened it and of course I had to listen to the 60 seconds of ads that are no longer relevant (today I heard ads about the "upcoming impeachment vote" which has already happened...but I digress) and the station still didn't load. Again, when it works, it goes on a long streak of being perfect, but when it decides to go on strike, a miracle is necessary for it to work again. That's usually when I forget about it for a few weeks and then come back..Version: 20.0.0

Still hopelessly crippled; but worsened with even more ads!This used to be a great radio app. Then the pause/fwd/rwd features were crippled in a sneaky app update over a year ago that never mentioned that this would happen once the update was applied. The app developers have remained silent over this issue and have never acknowledged their underhanded sneaky update that crippled the app’s best feature. Are these features ever coming back? The pause/30sec fwd/rwd buttons are present but greyed out. Deafening silence as to whether they will be restored and when. All we have are an increasing number of intrusive ads. I’d give it no stars if that was possible! 😒👎.Version: 14.7

Frustrating no one to ever talk to. No human voice customer service.This is so annoying. You try to reach out at the time you need help but it has to be EMAIL of course you don’t get a response for hours. By that time you are off to work so you do nothing but email tag just to have a few questions answered. It takes days. FAQ area doesn’t help for anything. It just explains the things they want to talk about. So finally having a moment again to get on email that I’m waiting for and I see it was answered they ask for screenshots now (even though it is explain perfectly)stating they need to see what I am explaining which I believe it’s because the person that opened my email didn’t know how to fix it so it’s his way of passing it on for someone else to answer it. I send off screenshots attached to the reply and it’s been all day and now after midnight and nothing. Customer service is a failure if you can’t just speak to a person especially taking their money.Version: 16.3

Too many stations are not working.Too many stations are not working.Version: 12.8

Keeps crashingMy oldest and most listened to app. But lately it keeps crashing before even loading despite having uninstalled and reinstalled.Version: 20.5.0

App Should be called “An error occurred......please try again”. Stability has been getting worse with each release and I now see this error more often than I am able to successfully connect and listen to the Radio. Great app when it works which is becoming more and more rare. Avoid..Version: 13.3

Rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!Be extremely careful with this app, I unfortunately downloaded this junk by mistake in April of 2018 as soon as it was downloaded I deleted it from my phone. Literally wasn’t on my phone for more than five minutes! It was apparently free for a week after that you are charged $9.99 a month without agreeing to it until you cancel the subscription that you never agreed too!!!! Deleting a app will not cancel a subscription, which absolutely makes no sense at all. Seriously how ridiculous......yeah let’s delete this but start paying for it , sounds good!!!! So I’ve been charged $150 to date and luckily noticed it on my bank statement. Immediately cancelled the subscription that I never asked for or agreed too and never got notification of !!! I have no clue if this app is good or not even though I have had a subscription for almost two years without knowing but I certainly wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone..Version: 16.2

Since last update keeps playing and opening by itselfI’ve been using Tune-In for years now without any issues at all but since the last update for some strange reason even if the app is completely closed it will start playing by itself! The phone is locked and then the last station played will start playing like a ghost is using the phone, removing and re installing and rebooting the device has no effect. Have had to permanently delete the app now as having a station suddenly blast out of the speakers at night is really annoying..Version: 21.8.0

HorribleI only use this because it’s the only app I can stream certain station through. Their ads are awful, cut off the middle of live broadcasts and sometimes get stuck repeating in a loop. At best, they sync their ads with the live broadcast schedule, at worst they randomly play, cutting off the middle of a show. They also play ads in the middle of podcasts and god forbid you press the pause buttons for you will surely hear another ad before play resumes. A month or so ago the repeatedly played a Carl’s junior ad where you could hear the producer speaking before the spot and the sound mix was hilarious. You can hear the “boop” where the ad begins on multiple ads as well. So amateur. I paid a one time $9.99 for this app years ago but now they expect you to subscribe for some reason. Maybe the awful ads are their incentive? The mail channels are basic as well. There are so many better apps but, like I said, this one has some stations that none of the others do. They also didn’t ban certain broadcasters like all the other ‘woke’ apps have but I almost hesitate in saying that for fear they one day will. Reply to dev: You guys say you strive to make this a better app but, seriously, how hard can it be to not spam ads just for hitting the pause button or switching an audio output source?.Version: 20.1.0

It’s like a bad weedWorks great sounds great Big bug : When you shut down the app, it starts up in the background. On its own. Can’t get rid of it. Over and over - with random periods of silence. Won’t stop until the phone is rebooted..Version: 20.1.0

Does not keep track of playheadSo, you are listening to a podcast, but are taking a break for a few minutes to do something else. Now, you switch back to the app and discover that TuneIn kicked you out of the stream, but puts a speaker symbol next to the most-recently played episode. You may rightfully think that you can simply continue where you left off by selecting that podcast again, but you would be very mistaken. TuneIn does not remember how far into the podcast you were, it simply starts from scratch. Nice ... not. Why does it kick you back to the overview screen after you had placed the app into the background for a few minutes, and why can’t it remember the playhead position? An enigma wrapped in a mystery that only the talented programmers at TuneIn will know the answers to. I personally am still using this program to listen to NPR, but wouldn’t mind finding a smarter app..Version: 15.8.3

Ads are interrupting programming and are too intrusiveNo longer as great as it used to be. I’m totally cool with ads to help developers and content owners produce great apps or great content. I would pay if the value proposition makes sense. Tune In used to work really well with ads. I noticed that the ads on Tune In are completely different from what is on the radio, which makes sense. They used to come during the natural commercial breaks in the programming and all worked well. Lately I’m finding that’s not the case. Ads are coming on the middle of someone speaking and are way too intrusive. I find I’m using Tune In less and less and opting for my favorite station’s native apps, web streaming in the browser or hustling literally tuning back into the radio. Just like people are going vintage with many other things from vinyl to clothing, I predict people will come back to the radio if this keeps up..Version: 16.5

Used to be goodThis app used to be number one for me, but now there's so much ads you can't enjoy it. Changing from one station to another with ur music full blast to hear an ad. Or some stations just plays the ads every 10 seconds into the song then again and again. Makes it a useless radio station. Deleting unless fixed.Version: 12.9

Don’t buy it to avoid advertsI’m a long time user of the TuneIn free app and thought I’d do my bit to support the team by purchasing the app. An extra bonus was the offer that there are no adverts with the Pro version. It’s not the case, I’m frequently confronted with a full page to advertise sports programs - I’m not interested. I’ve contacted support but their response was quite nonchalant and simply said they were infrequent. If I buy an app a don’t expect advertising. End of..Version: 17.7.1

Poor with headphones...On the plus side: there are lots of stations to choose from and you can select from multiple streams (high bandwidth, low bandwidth, mp3 and so on). On the down side: the stereo is all over the place, with headphones on it’s too annoying to use: for a few seconds it plays in one ear, then a few seconds in both ears but in mono, then it plays in the other ear only, then a few seconds in stereo before the whole weird stereo cycle repeats. (Picking a radio station and playing directly from the radio station’s site in a browser works fine, so I’m pretty sure it’s this app that’s at fault).Version: 16.9

Took money from accountNot sure how/why but noticed my bank account had an iTunes charge. When I investigated it turned out id unknowingly subscribed. I hadn’t actually opened this app for probably over 12 months so was surprised To see this had happened. I guess I hadn’t read fine print somewhere blah blah blah. Anyway i had to unsubscribe however the $15 monthly subscription is gone. Annoying. But yep, they got me again..Version: 17.1

Used to work.....I read several of the reviews and agree, it used to be a reliable and trusted service. I usually listened over the google speakers, not the iPad, but it became totally unreliable many months ago and jusr stops working regularly, requiring a restart, then it works again for a while and stops. Tunein “support” is useless, with no phone and only email responses that just repeat the same incorrect non answers. Clearly they have a problem that they have no idea how to fix. Even writing their CEO does not get an honest or competent response. Lately it elicits no response at all. It’s sad when something that worked well goes awry and there is no ability to repair it. I listen to CNN and MSNBC on tunein. All other services, such as pandora work the same as they did before, so the excuse that google changed something rings hollow as the others seem to have adapted..Version: 18.9

Good appI wrote a really bad review before (read it below), and to be fair, I’m back to update. They seem to improve this App. - The random Ads are gone, so no more paid ads during radio programs. - 30 seconds reward/forward function is back The loosing of the track once you receive a phone call, or a video/audio starts playing on another app, still an issue. So if you’d like to reward 30 seconds of missed radio stream, you’re with no luck! Well, hopefully they’ll hire back whoever developer was able to add that feature back in the days! DO NO PAY FOR THIS!!!! Use the free version and save some frustration at least. I’ve been using TuneIn for at least 4 years.... and every “upgrade” this app is getting worse! I listen to a Brazilian radio station, and when they are talking the app thinks its a commercial so a Lowe’s, Home Depot and another ad from TuneIn kicks in and I miss the interview or whatever is happening! And it’s always 2 or 3 ads only.... I don’t remember because all I do it’s curse on the 5th generation of the developers :/ The latest version they got rid of the 30seconds rewind/forward! C’mon developers..... really?!?!?! And the feature I miss the most is that if another audio/video comes up, like a phone call/FaceTime you lose the streaming, having to go back to the app and press play. Back in the days, this wasn’t necessary. Over all, it works, but on the pace this is going, in a near future, you’ll only be able to listen to their paid Ads :/.Version: 15.8

CumbersomeI’ve been using Tunein for several years. I use it to listen to favorite radio stations from places I used to live. Tunein used to be much simpler and smoother to operate. I have an older iPhone 6, so maybe it’s the phone, but this is my first iPhone, so my comments are based on my experience with Tunein running on the same device. One problem is Tunein stops now when I access a web site. Once the site loads, if I go back to Tunein and hit play, it resumes, but it seems like that should be automatic. Tunein in used to resume on its own when it hit a glitch. If it can play, why do I have to ask it to? This problem may be the station (HFS), but the Tunein screen used to show the name of the song the station was playing, but it no longer does. Tunein just seems more sluggish and awkward than it used to, and over time, it ought to get smoother and more efficient..Version: 13.3

The App was great until it wasn’t anymore!When I started with free Tune-In, I was really pleased as everything I used on the app worked well without frustration. I REALLY LOVED YOUR APP!! Then after a year of the free app working well, I decided to upgrade which was a HUGE mistake as everything then went to HELL! First off, I begin paying for Better Service and Greater Options and all I got was repeating ~ repeating ~ repeating news that was so tiring and frustrating it became not worth listening to. I could only handle the Pro App for 1 month. Then one day MSNBC wouldn’t connect and that’s still happening to this day which is a great big bummer as that’s what I listen to most. So since nothing was working as well or better than it did before I started paying for the Upgrade (which was really a DOWNgrade), I stopped it because of the questionable service received. The repeating finally subsided but that could be because I stopped the Upgrade. MSNBC is still GONE which is maddening!! WHY???? I wouldn’t mind paying for your service again if: ~ it didn’t repeat endlessly ~ MSNBC becomes available again For me, it’s not worth paying for the version of TuneIn I received while paying. WHY???.Version: 19.5.0

Potentially a great app... butI had high hopes for this app, and initially I was quite impressed. But I soon found out that 50% of the time, when I select a radio station from the list, I get some other station, not the one I selected. Even when I go back and select it again, I still get something else! I've installed it to both my iPhone and iPad and both have the same problem on both. Also, it's a real shame the favourites list does sync via iCloud. I have to search and add my favourites for every device I own? Seriously? Sorry guys, if it can't even play the station I select, then it's useless! I went to the support page for this app, and white I had a FAQ, there was no way to send a bug report so this is the only place I can go..Version: 3.0

Advert for escorts popped up!I’ve used this app for years now. Had a break for a while as I was suing other apps but when I used this the other day I noticed adverts would take over the screen shortly after launching. This was new and a little annoying but not the end of the world... until I launched the app in the garage and popped into the house to grab something. When I came back there was an advert for escorts on the screen with pictures of scantily clad ladies. My six year old son could have seen this (let alone the wife!). Tunin really need to check there advert affiliate links as this is totally inappropriate to place onto someone’s phone screen. The advert, as before, was easy to close down but I don’t want this kind of thing on my phone and won’t be using the app ever again. Beware... you could have some awkward questions to answer if the wrong person sees this on your phone. “The app must have put it there” won’t cut it for everyone despite it being the truth!.Version: 13.0.2

UnlistenableI’ve been listening to Fox News via Tune In since mid-March. While the content is as expected, the ads for both sponsors and Tune In programming makes the experience awful. The most recent example is a Cox Communications (which is misogynistic, though that’s not Tune In’s fault) ad which plays at least three times per break, sometimes even consecutively. This has been the norm since I began using the app. Ads will repeat and replay frequently, which is especially frustrating given the content of ads like the aforementioned Cox ad. I guarantee that I will not listen to Tune In content because of this and am no longer interested in subscribing for the ad-free version. I suspect Tune In either does this intentionally to push people to sub or that they have a programming issue. I spent years working in terrestrial radio and guarantee a programming flaw like this would kill a station if left unresolved very quickly..Version: 18.7

Dangerous and rubbishI downloaded this app in 2014, it was brilliant, you could pause, play and even rewind, now in 2018 you can’t do any of those things 😡, when I was playing the radio I got loads of scamming adverts, telling me that I have won an iPhone X, and you can’t get out of the advert to stop the radio, I would recommend using another radio app that is free and only give you one or two adverts per go on the app. Also the only way to stop the radio is to go in the app switcher and close the app. Now I use a safe radio app, not this dangerous and rubbish one.Version: 14.0

Disaster of an app since new updateI have been using this app on the premium platform for years to listen to my local radio station as I’m miles away from home. I pay £7.99 monthly. In the last week there was a new update I only discovered this by not being able to get Alexa to play the station. I went onto the app and I’m completely logged out I have tried logging in but cannot for the life of me remember the password. I have requested to reset the password but nothing. It appears I have to make a new account. Today I’m charged £7.99 and don’t even have a log in. Absolutely useless now that I have found another platform to listen to my station..Version: 18.2

Scam!I never purchased this app, never used this app & they have taken $145 from my account without authorization. It’s a scam. Scroll through & read other reviews like mine! I was charged last year & didn’t notice the charge but when they tried to charge me $145 again this year the payment bounced & I received an email to pay & that’s how I noticed they were going to indefinitely charge without any authorization. I asked Apple about auto subscriptions & they have said not having the app doesn’t mean you won’t pay for it as payments are through iTunes, so you have to actually unsubscribe- amazing as it is so easy for them to subscribe you without authorization!.Version: 15.8.1

Keeps cutting off all the timeI have several Radio apps on my iPodAnd don’t have trouble with the others but tune in continues to cut out every 20 to 60 minutes then goes back to the home screen I have to start it up again sometime to start and immediately cut off then sometimes it will start and stay on 420 to 60 minutes. It’s not my Wi-Fi that’s not my iPad because I don’t have this problem with other app and don’t have trouble with the others but tune in continues to cut out every 20 to 60 minutes then goes back to the home screen I have to start it up again sometimes it starts and immediately cut off then sometimes it will start and stay on 420 to 60 minutes. It’s not my Wi-Fi that’s not my iPad because I don’t have this problem with other apps.Version: 15.0

Not as good as iHeart RadioThe app does well for streaming live radio stations. Where it falls flat is podcasts. It doesn’t remember where I left off in a particular one. Instead, it starts me off at the very beginning 19 times out of 20. I have to take screen shots of the time (if I can remember) when I exit, and then I usually have to wait a minute for it to slowly buffer up to, say, minute 47 of an hour long podcast when I come back o finish ... SUPER annoying. They throttle the download rates to conserve bandwidth on their end for sure. Contrast this with iHeart radio, which remembers where I left off in ANY given podcast and starts me off there. Where this gets REALLY bad is if I exit the app for a minute. Unless I exit and come back within about 10 seconds, it will forget where I left off and I have to go through the whole thing again (except I didn’t screen shot it, so I don’t know the time). It’s garbage on this point, good for live radio, and I don’t use the rest of the functionality. Unfortunately, radio stations go for tunein or iHeart, so there isn’t a choice ... but I would use iHeart for podcasts EVERY TIME over tunein if I could..Version: 16.5

Love the concept, but...In theory, I should love TuneIn. Pay for the premium package...get all of my favorite sports teams on audio (minus Liverpool who I at least get to see on TV a fair bit). Reality doesn’t always match with theory, however, thusly the two-star rating. Why? Often, the streams are spotty, which is to say that sometimes they don’t come in at all, break-up into a spotty mess, or like I’ve been experiencing lately with the Red Sox games, completely not connecting at all. In order to listen, I’ve had to delete the app, reload it, log back in and then re-try the audio for the game. Sometimes it works...other times it stops the feed and I have to repeat the whole process to get it to work again, and hope the same failing doesn’t re-emerge. I’m giving it another week of baseball season. If a new update doesn’t fix it, I’ll head back to paying for sports audio on parents apps. At least there I’ll get a largely uninterrupted stream..Version: 13.4.1

Supposed to be free?????The internet listings says only premium carriers cost. Yet the basic app costs after a week? Deceptive much?.Version: 16.7

DisappointedAfter using tunein for years, i now find i cannot record a show, as i spend a lot of time driving, i recorded some talk back shows and listened on my car radio system, now i cant...not happy.Version: 19.4

GoodbyeI’ve had and used tune in for years as a faithful app enabling me to listen to my favourite stations. However this month I’ve been made aware of a new subscription charge!? 9.99/month to listen to free or paid for via my tax payment stations... with no option to now listen to my fav’s I’ll be uninstalling. I understand you’re trying to make money but this is wrong. As a tax payer why would I opt to pay twice for something? If you wanted to charge then you should have come up with value add not restricted access..Version: 17.2

Something’s wrong! Please fix it!For several weeks now, the app interrupts my listening pleasure to announce that the particular channel I’ve chosen—MSNBC—is “experiencing difficulty”. It’s only with MSNBC, and it occurs several times per day, every single day. Then the announcement interrupts whatever MSNBC show I’m enjoying for recordings of earlier shows while the glitch is supposedly being fixed. Then last week, the app started playing weird, loud music—no announcement, just the music. After several minutes—if I continue listening—the transmission switches back to MSNBC. Usually, I do not continue listening; I switch to CNN or CSPAN or almost anything else besides the loud, weird music. IDK what’s going on, but the app would get five stars for content from me, if these annoying interruptions didn’t occur several times a day!.Version: 18.0

Don’t download you will get chargedI would give this app ZERO stars if I could!! I was trying to find a way to listen to my local football team broadcast while away and came across this app. It “seemed” like it was free to download but then after you download it, you get a week free and then get charged $10 automatically. Of course I had tried to uninstall, delete and cancel the subscription/app. It is made pretty much impossible until you get your receipt from being charged where you can view your subscription and have the option to cancel. I never even used the app and ended up paying $10 for the pleasure of it because it didn’t even play the game I had been looking for. It’s a useless app that is designed to scam you. And of course there is no one to contact in order to get your money back either once it’s been taken..Version: 16.8

Dishonest company. Buyer beware!Last year TuneIn reduced their price and touted their huge audiobook selection which got me to join. Then they dropped the feature within weeks. A reputable company would have either stated that audiobooks would be going away, or offered a refund for cost of the service given such a key feature was removed. I thought, lesson learned and set up my calendar to remind me to cancel a month before my subscription ended. When I logged in last month to cancel, there was no way to cancel online. I had to contact TuneIn via their email. I contacted them and they told me to cancel online. I replied I was not able to do so, that their site informed me to contact tech support. Then they said they cancelled my service and “Rest assured your subscription will not auto renew on your next billing date”. I’m sure you see this coming, yep they charged me! So now I have to waste more time trying to get my money back from these thieves. Stay away. You have been warned..Version: 15.2.1

FrustratedFor some reason within the last 12months. When I listen to Triple-M In Australia, it keeps repeating the last 10seconds before continuing to the next 10seconds, then repeating again. No update or uninstall/reinstall fixes this. It’s driving me nuts. Sometimes it’s more or less than 10secs and some nights it’s fine. Anyone else?.Version: 18.6

Yet another app developer suffering GREED issues!I used to use Tune In Radio a great deal but due to various factors hadn’t for some time. To listen to a show on a particular station that used to be in my favourites i opened it today to listen. Turns out despite PAYING for the pro version before i can no longer listen to most of the stations i used to without paying a subscription now!?!?!!!! 😡🤬 Seriously disgusted with this and would be zero stars if i could out of principal! And from what im seeing in the recent reviews this money clearly isn’t being used to improve the app and to the contrary it’s actually got worse! You can now stick this app up your a***! GREEDY F***ERS!!!!!!.Version: 18.5

App does nothingI can find stations I want to listen to but nothing happens goes for one second and stops I can play the streams fine on my computer so there is nothing wrong with the stream or data.Version: 15.2.1

Used to be great; now streaming is erraticI used to love this app, six months ago I would’ve given it five stars. I am a premium subscriber, I like to listen to my local pro sport teams on this app . However, over the last six months, the quality of streaming has suffered greatly. It drops the stream all the time, both on Wi-Fi and on cellular data. It just inexplicably drops and takes a while to reconnect. It buffers over and over again. Occasionally it will not reconnect at all and I have to close the app and reopen it. I’m not sure what is happening, everything is up-to-date on my cell phone, it’s an iPhone X, running the latest iOS. I searched the app for a way to communicate directly with the company or developer. Unfortunately, they do not offer a “contact us“ option on their app. There is no way to inform them of this problem, other than leaving a bad review. Please fix, this app used to be great!.Version: 18.5

They hit you with so many ads to frustrate youThey actively try to frustrate you into upgrading to their paid subscription. They throw so many commercials at you until you can’t take anymore. This is not a proper business model; it’s one of deception and intimidation. There are so many better alternatives..Version: 19.7.0

They scammed me.I had a 7 day free trial.. and I canceled it after two days because they didn’t offer the radio stations I liked.. but they still took 13.99 out of my account.. I’m sure they’ll say some garbage about the terms or whatever.. but that’s not how free trials are supposed to work. If only you could give them no stars for being a scam..Version: 20.4.0

Stops and restarts all the time!!I have been a faithful user of this app - using it almost every day since I first downloaded it 4 yrs ago, and in certain ways I love it. I want to be able to give it 5 stars because I really like a lot of its feature, such as the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward, which aren't always options on other radio apps. But I had to give it 2 because it constantly stops in the middle of something I'm listening to and resets. Meaning, in the morning I like to let it play talk radio while I'm showering and then when I get out, I rewind it so I can hear what was playing and fast forward through commercials (very nice!), but maybe halfway through a 30 min section it glitches and resets to live radio so I miss everything in between. This happens at least 3 out of five times. It drives me crazy!!!.Version: 12.9

Great App/Zero CustomizationI have LOVED this App since the day I downloaded it and continue to use it every single day for years now! My ONLY real complaint (unless you use the app as much as I would like too) is that you can’t adjust or change the background OR the colour of font from the harsh and glaring white screen and barely even readable grey font! I haven’t been able to read program descriptions for years and it’s very frustrating. Background is too bright and the font isn’t near dark enough to read at all!.Version: 19.5.0

V16.6 updateI'm not sure what's going on but I lost my favourite stations LBC & talk radio. What's the point when you like something you decide this is free, this is good, I'm actually going to pay into this and upgrade to the premium/pro version!, you don't mind paying for something you like, but the problem is they then update/change it at any point, remove things at any point, and even then your pro version you paid for gets changed and means you require a subscription, now that is a con. and then it will become pointless like it is now..Version: 16.6

DatedIf you don’t subscribe to their Premium account ($ 13/mo) they keep interrupting your listening with obnoxious commercials. The idea being is that you’ll get so sick of the interruptions, you’ll pay them to shut them up. Their commercials are made for middle aged people with such content as “definition of a podcast”! Who the hell doesn’t know what that is? They really are out of touch. And why would I want to pay a subscription price that’s higher than Netflix?!! There are much better free alternatives to Tune In radio..Version: 19.6.0

I agree......with the previous reviewer. If the developers think they fixed these problems they’re wrong. Furthermore, I find myself sitting here on MSNBC listening to the very advertising that I PAID to avoid. Cars, shoes, products of all kinds. All this interspersed with “news [I] may have missed from earlier today,” which I haven’t missed, of course, because TuneIn plays the same clips over and over. PLUS, I still haven’t figured out how to communicate my concerns (OK, let’s just call them what they really are...”complaints”) directly to customer “service”. Finding CS at TuneIn is harder than navigating a Halloween corn maze. I shouldn’t have to leave an angry review in order to get your attention. What I HAVE finally figured out is how to cancel my subscription. Do you really want to make cancellation easier than complaint resolution? I’ve never been closer to canceling a subscription to anything as I am right now with TuneIn..Version: 19.9.0

Great app with one mentally disturbing problemI listen to tune in for MSNBC live. That is all I listen to. I know the ads are skippable. But you have to stop playing the same ads over and over and over and over and over again. Especially three the AARP ad. Comcast business ad and some ad about cancer that I’m sure makes sense on TV but is just sad and kind of pointless since there is like 10 seconds of silence before the end slogan. But seriously they have been playing the same Comcast ad for 3 years! I will never use Comcast under any circumstances because of this. And also can they at least rotate hearing the same ad then go back to MSNBC they say we will be right back then u play the same ad again. It’s so frustrating I just mute it and end up missing parts of the show. Also they updated the app so when u pause and un pause they play the same Comcast commercial agggggghhhhhh!.Version: 17.3.2

Took payment of the credit card which I asked to cancel membershipNot impressed by this TuneIn.Version: 19.7.0

Bug avec Google homeProblème de connexion i.Version: 20.0.0

Not having a variety anymoreTuneIn was my go to radio app of choice ever since it came out . I Loved the feature in the Alexa app as well and I would always listen to it on my Echo Spot . But since last week It had the regional restrictions up and I can’t listen to my preferred stations anymore . Being a foreigner living in the UK this app brought me closer to my home country and it was perfect , well not anymore , I’m so disappointed ☹️. I had to part with it and find another app that does that , such a pity ..Version: 19.1

Is there any logic to the ads?At first I didn’t experience any problems. Just visual ads which was fine. Then after a while there were annoying voice ones that cut over the radio station which I could have accepted if it was every 15 mins or so but it just seemed erratic. The stations I listen to are available via mobile browser so uninstalling and just listening that way because it’s too jarring hearing ads in a different language to the radio station..Version: 13.0.2

Insidious/warningAn insidious app that masks the app for a “free” trial - the catch for the unwary is by installing this app it automatically deducts $139 per month for a subscription once you go over this first free month trial UNLESS you cancel it manually before hand. And you can’t do it via the app (not that I’ve found). What a con. Be aware. I’d expect a commercial app with good ethics to ask the user at the end of the trial period for confirmation to approve a purchase not do a sneaky like this..Version: 13.8

Poor buffering of streamI’ve used TuneIn for listening to news. The app have very poor buffering performance. This means the stream is constantly pausing while it buffers. I understand this can happen occasionally when cell reception is marginal, but even with a strong cellular signal buffering happens every 10 minutes or so. The buffering period can last several minutes and often when it does start playing it will play 10 seconds then repeat those same 10 seconds two or three times in a row then continue with the stream. It doesn’t matter what station I stream the buffering issue always occurs. I haven’t found a setting for setting buffer size. I would like to get premium service but the app’s performance to too poor. All other streaming services I use, such as direct streaming from radio stations or podcasts NEVER buffer..Version: 17.1

Great app but buggyThis is a capable radio app but it has two annoying bugs. 1. At random, it just stops and doesn’t come back. Sometimes it does but about 1/10th speed which sounds like a demon has taken over the radio. 2. If you get a phone call it’ll pause (good) then pick up where it left off, then after about 30 seconds it jumps back to live and won’t let you rewind. So if you were listening to an interesting story on the radio, well tough luck you’ve lost it. If those two bugs were addressed it would be a 5 star app..Version: 18.7

GlitchyConstant drops, lags. Certainly not worth paying for..Version: 19.8.0

Monthly subscriptionJust clicked unintentionally to subscribe for a monthly charge of $13.49. This was due to misleading options that said “start listening” or something along those lines. I assumed I would be listening to the free version I had downloaded. Anyway, my fault for not paying attention but clearly designed to get schmucks like me to subscribe by mistake. The free version works just fine but I don’t needs to be hoodwinked into paying a subscription fee for free radio stations. My fault for not paying attention but shame on app designer for making it easy for me to mess it up like this..Version: 17.8.1

Extremely annoying persistenceKeeps on opening up, after I closed the app and even threw it out of the previously used apps list (home button double tap) - Multiple times!! Pops up when I am busy with other apps. Un-installed app..Version: 19.8.0

No Apple Music integrationInsanely expensive if you want an ad free version. No track information being displayed. No integration with Apple Music. I should be able to add songs I hear to/from Apple Music... but can’t. The streams are low quality. I paid for the pro version of this a few years ago and now that means nothing. It’s a ridiculous subscription instead. Apple should buy this and integrate into Apple Music. Deleting..Version: 20.1.0

Gone down hillLike a lot of reviews saying that this used to be the best radio app out there, sadly it changed beyond recognition. From being a really easy app to pull up your choice of station as the early layout was excellent it now is garbage. Loads of stations around the world that play great music suddenly stopped being available then the price even having paid for the pro version started to charge you causing to to pay even more. Sorry Tunein but you lost the plot. Go back 5 years and stay there..Version: 18.2

CBS yanked all their stations away from Tunein*To those reviews about subscription or trial period.. you DON'T need to sign up for the Premium service, nor do you need to sign up for Trial period (which does roll into a Premium paid service if you don't cancel, so just DON'T sign up for Trial period, you can just skip past anything regarding signing up). You can listen for FREE, without having to signup for anything. Too bad that CBS pulled all their CBS Sports and CBS Local News stations off from Tunein (but that is not Tunein's fault). And other censorship concerns would only apply if this were a government run service, which it is not. Those commentators have the right to free speech (with their own broadcast antenna, their own newspaper, their own website, etc) for their views, but other companies such as this can not be compelled to distribute such speech if they choose not to carry it. ---orig--- **Everyone needs to complain directly to CBS Radio (and their Entercom owner)... So evidently CBS Radio (and Entercom, who merged with them) is who forced all of their stations off of Tunein as of July/August, requiring you to use their own radio app instead (which is highly inferior to Tunein). Also, that CBS/Entercom app is not supported by Roku and other services (the way Tunein app was used by Roku). First CBS forces you onto their own subscription service for streaming TV, now they do the same thing for radio. Sad !!.Version: 14.4

Poor review only because the app is not working properlyI love this app but I find it very frustrating that I download a podcast and it either won’t play and keeps coming up with an error, won’t download or when it plays its playing another podcast show. Not sure what is going wrong with this app. Please fix.Version: 15.8

Why should I report an issue with TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports.

Is TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports not working?

TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports.

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