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TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports App User Positive Comments 2022

TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports app received 140 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about tunein radio: music & sports?

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TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports for Positive User Reviews

Great app butGreat app love it great music. But about a year ago an ad has appeared that you have to sit through waiting for your music. Not bad as the music is great but any more ads introduced will have me switching off.Version: 13.4.1

Brilliant app!This is one of the few truly wonderful apps available. It has no downsides and does exactly what it says it will. I don't bother with local radio stations when I can easily access some great network stations. TuneFM Rocks!.Version: 2.5

Make me feel like livingChuck.Version: 20.2.0

Apple Watch TroubleHave long used and enjoyed the app on my iPhone and iPad mini. I recently bought an Apple Watch, and the app is really finicky on the watch, especially when trying to start music or change channels. Once music gets going, the start, stop, rewind/forward, and volume controls work fine, but the Watch’s own audio software allows for that with any audio/video source in use at the time...so nothing gained by having a separate Tuned In app on the watch. Because of the unreliability on the Watch, I end up gravitating back to my phone to get music started and, occasionally, to switch channels. Customer Service told me the Watch app is only a remote control for the phone app....but it is not yet an effective one. Will remove the app from my Watch if the functionality doesn’t improve. Aside from being limited in its ability to function as designed, that design only allows the Watch to display a list (no graphics) of recently listened to stations...cannot bring up favorites or browse or do anything else..Version: 20.5.0

Love it, but one problem...I love that I can listen to Brewer games wherever I’m at big fan. The only problem I have with this app is even if I have two out of my four bars of signal it buffers for ever I have to shut down the app and restart it, which wouldn’t be a problem if I could go right back in to an old game that I’m listening to and he would pick up where it left off instead of starting all over. This is also a problem because it takes so long for the games load since they are hours long so if it shuts down when I’m two hours into a game and I can only scan 30 seconds ahead this obviously takes way too long and then I end up getting so fed up because I’m trying to work while I’m listening to this day I cannot listen to the game anymore so I have to switch my app..Version: 14.6

Simple to use, and now more reliableIn the beginning it was a bit unreliable, often coming up with errors. It's Simple to use, and now more reliable with a great selection of stations. What I like is the fact that when you pause the sound, it continues to download. That is particularly useful in weak wifi/internet areas..Version: 11.1

World radio at your fingertipsThere is so much out there. Checking out Jazz on a Chicago radio station to rock in Australia. The choice of genres and worldwide access is second to none. Different styles and personalities available. Radio stations available in the UK are also great and as I stay in an area that reception for DAB is not good Tune In bridges the gap. I use it a lot when I travel too. Brilliant..Version: 14.3

Got most stations I preferSometimes updating of actual airtime is quite delayed, still works for me. Great app! Ron (Canada/Russia).Version: 20.2.0

Great app! How about a screensaver…Option to have movement on screen of some kind, image burns into tv after several hours and I like to leave it on for my animals while I’m at work ;) true story lol.Version: 22.9.0

Great ApListen to music, podcasts and talk radio from around the world in the genre and language of your choice. From your local radio station to one in the recesses of Europe,Asia or America - the quality of the sound is good and the alarm clock, sleep timer and other features mean you don't have to worry about accidentally leave the App running while you sleep or go out..Version: 3.3

New feature pleaseI quite like this app for listening to music and talkback radio. I only wish I could use this as a radio alarm for the morning. When the phone is locked, all the app does is beep once. How about allowing the alarm actually turn the chosen station on instead.Version: 18.4

A great radio stationMy husband and I love listening to Curtin Radio. The Music they play is right up our street. We also try to always tune in on Saturdays to Born in Boots. At the moment I am really enjoying the serial “ Portrait of Jennifer “..Version: 16.8

BrilliantSo easy to us e and with all.Version: 17.4

Really good appGreat app, I can listen to all the radio I want anywhere in the world. Only downside is that tuneIn keeps asking me to download the regular app and start a trial when I’ve already paid for pro version and been using it for years..Version: 15.2.1

Constant issue with bufferingI love the app, have used it for many years but continue to have frustrating issues with buffering.Version: 13.4.1

The BEST by farI have listened to radio stations from all over the world. Any genre of music that I am in the mood for, it's available and it has not let me down yet. What more could I say. If you like any type of radio from what's in the News to just wanting to Dance in the bedroom, then this is the app for you..Version: 12.6

Choices and OptionsI’ve been repeatedly solicited to subscribe to music streaming services. To me their genre offerings are boring. Every song in each genre sounds the same. It’s like working in a coffee shop and having to listen to the same sound tracks day-in and day-out. Yuk. I prefer mixed music options. As I have traveled, I have found interesting stations on local radio networks. I have favorite stations in Texas, northern Michigan, Santa Barbara, Outer Banks North Carolina and others. And it’s not just music offerings. There are many local stations with great news perspectives. With Tunein Radio, I can listen to a huge range of options anytime I want..Version: 18.6

Dam goodI have used tuned in for about 3 3 years. I find it easy to use. But you do need to re-integrate Chrome cast. I also have my own radio station so I use tuned In a lot from a Contributors Point of you I find it very good and the help and support good as well.Version: 10.7.2

What happened?This app wis brilliant, but since the latest update all my favorite stations have disappeared and I can’t get ANY radio stations in the search function! Please fix!.Version: 16.6

Commercial volume & PSA’sTuneIn is great in many ways, but we’re looking for alternative streaming venues. The main reason is that commercials and Public Service announcements blare through the speakers at extreme levels. We are constantly jolted by the volume changes and the need to decrease commercial sound levels is more and more irritating. Also the actual program volume levels are so low we often can’t hear the programs, but commercial breaks are 10 times louder. Keeping everything at the same volume level is what we’re looking for. Finally the exact same PSA’s are broadcast during breaks and have not changed in over ten years..Version: 17.3.2

Great AppWorks well for me. Used it for years now. Daily. Try it..Version: 19.9.1

Great app to catch up what is happening all over the worldHave been using the app for years to catch up on news. Happy with the experience.Version: 19.7.0

AmazingLove this app in every sense of the word. It’s now the only way to broadcasts/radio.Version: 20.0.0

Good service, lots of varietyGood service, lots of variety.Version: 19.6.0

Easy VPN workaround if you live in UKMany people in the UK, like myself, will have noticed that TuneIn have blocked (or more accurately, have *had* to block) UK users’ access to many overseas radio stations. If you download and access a free VPN app before selecting your favourite radio station to access via TuneIn, it’ll work a treat. When I want to listen to my favourite Irish station now, I simply use the free functionality in the VPN app and pretend to be in another country..Version: 20.1.0

Tunein app is fantasticBest radio app ever invented, even the free version hours and hours of uninterrupted listening. I only hear an occasional ad when changing the station. The ads on the screen don’t bother me when listening to radio. When chrome casting the are no ads on the tv you cast to. Brilliant ap and one of my most used..Version: 19.2

Good job!This app is so well designed, it works so much better than any other app on my iPhone 6 and the features are great! It integrates so well with iOS, I highly recommend this app (especially if you have an iOS device) and I’m so happy that it runs as well as radio stations, podcasts, sports and so much more! Enjoy the app....Version: 15.2.1

Happy listenerI Tunen.Version: 20.1.0

Open permissions please!I do live now in Mexico, however as I was living back in the uk for 5 years, I left since 2013 I cannot get access to many options that you have as heart Sussex radio as I love to, please do something in order to me to listen exactly what I used to listen with you, thanks a lot! Ana Mendoza from Mexico!.Version: 19.7.0

Excellent but missing some stationsHuge range of stations but is missing some that you can get on shoutcast's app. Better functionality than shoutcast, though, and it does have some stations that shoutcast doesn't have..Version: 2.8.1

Love it!I use TuneIn everyday, on the train, on my runs even on holidays which lets me listen to my favourite local radio station anywhere, anytime. Thanks for an excellent free App!.Version: 16.9

Fix the bugs pleaseHello developers of tunein. Before iOS 11 this was a great app to listen to music on, but when opening it will crash 5 - 10 times before maybe opening. I have found that I have to fully close down the app and start again and then it may or not may not open. Frustrating please fix..Version: 12.9

The best app for online radioI’ve used tunein pretty much every day for the last couple of years: it’s simple, quick, covers a huge range of radio stations and has generally been reliable & bug-free. My only gripe would be that the interface is a bit cluttered - 99% of the time I just want to quickly access and switch between my favourite stations - but other than that it’s great..Version: 21.6.1

A very fine internet tuner - though buffering is questionSo far, this is my favorite radio internet tuner. It covers so many fine stations, and allows you to buffer or store a station's past minutes if you put it on hold. It has tendency to go into a buffer mode erratically and repeats several previous seconds every so often. Actually, a bit too often for comfort. Otherwise, it works flawlessly. As it does store buffered sections, I wish there was a way to know when I'm listening to buffered sections and how many minutes it has buffered, or is in its "live" radio mode , as well being able to optionally go back and rehear previous sections of the broadcast. An update button to shift to live or shift to the buffered sections would be nice. One other needed fix is that quite often, the banner naming the program doesn't match. "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" is listed as "Car Talk".Version: 12.9

Music makes my dayMusic makes my day, so being able to stream Any station I want makes My days even better.Version: 19.1

FeedbackThanks so much. Such a great reliable app. 😀.Version: 16.8.1

EnjoyableI really enjoy listening to the radio on this app as I can listen anywhere on my phone, like in the bathroom and the kitchen. Thank you Tune In radio. I don’t know if there is a radio alarm function (I haven’t found one), but would love it if I could set an alarm on the app for the radio to come on in the morning. This would change my rating to 5 stars..Version: 15.4.1

Tune inBest play by play team in St Louis..Version: 16.9

MusicLots of great choices.Version: 19.9.0

I use it constantlySome platform of this type is going to be the future of radio. I use this all the time to listen to radio stations across the country, which is a big deal for avid jazz and classical music fan. Then there is the ability to timeshift virtually newscast from across the country since i live in EST. Glitches I've noted are mostly a function of Internet connection. At work, it's virtually flawless because we have a super fast connection. At home, there are interruptions. but I have to say even those are rare. I would like it if they created a way to remove folders once you’ve created them bc they stand in the way of getting to “favorites” which creates too many clicks before you get to the station you want..Version: 19.0

Beaut appI’ve had this app for 4 years and it has been a great app worked well and never stuffed up, would recommend, great job. Would encourage more a few more stations to stream eg 2DU Dubbo (1251) Beaut app though..Version: 14.5

I Love Tune In RadioIve always been a fan of local radio but with so many station options today, its just more efficient today to be able to tune in to your favourite stations wherever you are!.Version: 19.5.0

Great app BUT PLEASE REMOVE SCAM ADDSGreat app but was alarmed to see an add for a Toami antivirus shut out card. This is a scam, false advertising (claims scientifically proven), illegal ie has been banned in some countries. It is dangerous and can cause death if a person relies on it from belief they are protected from COVID19 infection and then catches the virus. PLEASE REMOVE THESE DANGEROUS SCAN ADDS AND NOT BE EXPOSED TO YOUR OWN LIABILITY FOR HARM TO YOUR LISTENERS..Version: 18.0

Amazing!Better than using short wave like in the old days, 100 foot high ariels and wires going every which way in the back yard. “Listen to that, Charlie,” Brother Bill used to say, as something incoherent and Asian came through amongst the noisy hiss and crackle. “That ... is coming from China.”.Version: 19.9.0

Perfect AppThis is an excellent app. The fact that so many stations of various genres and languages are at your fingertips! Amazing! Also there is a good interaction with Google Assistant for playing the news. Just say Play CNN and GA will do the rest! Have to try with Siri. The Indian music section and classical music are especially good. Keep the good work going..Version: 12.8.1

GoodGood app!!.Version: 15.8.3

The BEST Disney Stations!!The only app that hosts stations like TuneDisney. It’s almost impossible to find any other english Disney stations that have quality content & that stream internationally!! Thanks for providing fun, family entertainment, TuneIn!! Review by Jodiesjourney [dot] com.Version: 13.5.2

Easier than station sites & appsOften works better than a station’s own app or web site player —began to use this app when it was difficult to get my desktop to start the listen live feature of a local news talk station. It's got a bit of a delay, but that's cool if you are vein, and you want to hear what you said on a call-in show – but aside from that, having a profile with my favorite Christian, & news stations – & being able to pick a syndicated show, and listen even if it's from across the nation, is cool. Occasionally some glitch causes 5 to 30 seconds of a show to repeat, but I don't believe anything is ever dropped….Version: 15.7.1

Varied and reliable music appI don't want anything fancy or try to do other things whilst listening to this app. I just want to listen to my genre of music, with good alternatives if the current radio station is airing ads during an interval or changes the tempo. Tune In is the best app for this. Introduced many to this app over the years and all have positive comments..Version: 12.7

Best of free apps.I’ve tried a number of free apps as I’m a real radio nerd! This is the simplest & most features of free apps. Easy operation. Only issue, is some more detailed search parameters would make finding stations easier. But once you found it, easy to save & opens and connects very quickly. Just select & enjoy! No worries..Version: 18.2

Laid backHas heaps to choose from especially if after a bit of background music while working.Version: 14.5

Buffering endlesslyI used to love this app. I recommended it to everyone. About a year ago, it started having a glitch where it would repeat the same 10-30 seconds of sound over and over and over. I tried to find solutions and the only comment was “it’s buffering” I tried to turn phone off. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app (as if that were actually ever possible on an iPhone). The only change I noticed was that the monthly premium went up on the reinstall. Eventually I gave up. I deleted the app and my premium service. Occasionally I’ll come back and listen to non-premium channels, but you can’t get that everywhere..Version: 17.3.2

Outstanding AppLove this app! With such a lackluster array of crappy radio stations in my region, I was about to kill myself when I found Tunein. Now I can listen to whatever I want, whenever I want! Some of my faves, RadioIO Grunge and New Orleans Police Radio, yes, how cool is that?! Highly recommended!.Version: 2.6.1

Very goodFantastic app. I’ve cancelled my free trial because I won’t use it enough, but the quality of the live sports commentary and amount of options available are very good. If my schedule was busier and I didn’t have a chance to watch sports on TV as much as I do, this would be on the front page of my app list..Version: 16.9

Ah TuneIn, why didn’t you raise the price?When it was decided that audiobooks weren’t working as intended, the first option was to dump them. Now I know soooo many people think $8 a month is reasonable for unlimited listening, I know that is crazy. There were no limitations like the library where you have to wait for the book to come back in. One book costs more to purchase than Tunein’s premium price. Now why didn’t you first TRY to raise your price. I would have paid 3x or more for access to this many books. I was one of the ones listening all-the-time. Now my choice is Playster which is so horrible so far, can’t find books, weirdness in charges, loses place etc. I can’t do it. I am going back to library. At least I still have Rachel & Bill at TuneIn..Version: 13.1

Choose streamWhen listening to live radio some stations have more than one streaming bitrate. I listen to a talk radio and don’t need high quality so I chose the lowest level, thereby saving my allowance of data when not in WiFi area. New update keeps causing it to revert to the default if I pause or if it cuts out. Also it’d be good if you could default set which one you like..Version: 13.3

Couldn't Live. . .Without Tune In Radio. After living in San Diego and enjoying smooth jazz for 10 years, I can finally enjoy the smooth sounds in Australia. ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 20.0.0

Super pas trop de pubBonne application pour la radio partout dans le monde.Version: 19.7.0

Great app with one big issueTunein is quite a stable app that doesn’t crash. It has a great selection of free podcasts. But one major issue I have is once you’ve listened to a podcast episode all the way through, or anything that isn’t live radio, the app will not allow you to play it again because it resumes playback from when you last listened, which essentially causes it to resume playback at the end of the episode and skip to the next episode before you can rewind, and there’s no way of rewinding it no matter how fast you are. This hasn’t always been an issue so it must be an update that’s caused this. So if like me, you fall asleep listening and you want to play something that has already played through to the end, you can’t. The only way you can do this is to completely delete and redownload the app so that it doesn’t attempt to resume a 22 minute and 5 seconds episode at 22 minutes and 5 seconds in, for example. Very frustrating, and I’m now finding myself having to do this every day. They need to fix this..Version: 13.0.1

Awesome.I love this app the choice is outstanding, enjoy this app lots, helps me keep in contact with world..Version: 13.0.2

Used to love this but the adds are killing meThe adds randomly start playing unnecessarily, sometimes after 2 minutes. They also repeat the same ones straight after each other. Don’t bother downloading....Version: 12.9

What I like About TuneIn RadioI like experiencing listening to my favourite radio channels and I have to learn how to use application very well. When I am so happy, I talk to my friends..Version: 16.8

Good for radioSo far I've only ever used it to listen to the radio, which is my main staple and it's great for that, giving a wide range of stations available and using my account I've got all my favoured stations on all my devices. For me its a big thumbs up particularly on my original iPad it's allowed an old version. Keep up the good work.Version: 16.7

The only app I have needed for streaming radio.I am an absolute fan of this app I have ever needed for streaming radio. I stream a local radio and a stream from North America and am grateful to this app. I use it extensively in my travels and the data usage footprint is small. I use it on 2 iOS devices both at home and on the road. Thank you. GSG.Version: 13.0.2

OK but......It's a great player, but they will keep messing with the interface. Just as you get used to a new update, they change again..Version: 13.0.2

This is an edit of my previous review—5 starsSomehow tune in has cured the app of the bleed through ads and the redundant “you may have missed” problem. Thanks for making the changes and fixing this really useful app! —what I wrote previously for your information and comparing: I could’ve written the summer 2020 review! Exact issues regarding trying to enjoy msnbc commercial free by subscribing via premium. I had many back and forths with friendly help clerks. Never solved the problem. Commercials bled through, five minutes of inanity between segments of news, long, repetitive “something you may not have heard from earlier today”, left us frustrated and finally we are giving up on this app. Wish there was a logical explanation for why they couldn’t deliver what I bought—commercial free. Let me know if you worked it out for real..Version: 19.7.0

ExpensiveBeen using this a while and then get a prompt asking if I want to renew my subscription. Renew? Didn’t even know I had one - how much I wonder - $106 is how much! App deleted, what a total ripoff when you can listen to the same radio stations through other (free) means..Version: 13.3

Awesome appGreat app, it's awesome to be able easily to listen to other stations and get back to them quickly. And to be able to listen to individual programmes at any time so easily. Greater ability to skip forward and backward in the programme would be an awesome improvement.Version: 2.6.1

Pretty goodI agree with most people saying it's the best radio app out there, well it let's you listen to pretty much all the radio stations in the world and it's FREE! So it's definitely not a waste. But some of the stations that I tried to listen to had errors and "couldn't be played" and i'm not satisfied. Please fix this in the future!!.Version: 2.3

Abysmal.All I want to do is change my email address however, it’s the most difficult thing to do ever, in the history of things to do! Why are the most simple requests made so utterly impossible? I’m sure that if I worked for MI5 I’d be able to do it but not gaining 20 ‘A’ levels in computer science I cannot. Utterly impossible to do the most simple of things so I’m done..Version: 15.8


Great app ....For accessing radio all over! Russ F..Version: 20.4.0

Great APPBeen using it for years 5 Stars.Version: 19.9.1

GreatI was let known by a friend some years ago of Tunein. As a Southern African, a favourite radio station was LM, and Tunein made it possible to find it. Since then, I’ve found a number of stations I also enjoy. Thank you very much..Version: 18.3

Good to have radio 4 abroadI’m often live in Greece for several weeks or months each year, and it’s great to be able to listen to Radio 4 whilst away. The only problem is that I don't always get live radio — I receive programmes that sometimes were live in the UK hours before, or sometimes one programme gets cut into by another. The later can be particularly annoying — but it’s better than no radio at all! Maybe it’s something Tune In can look into..Version: 14.1.1

All your favourite live-streaming in one place!I am located in a so-called black spot and we have little to no radio access, this is my go to !so I can live -stream all my favourite radio stations!!!.Version: 18.8.1

App shuts down every time I look at another app on my iPhone 7.Ever since the update to IOS 13, this app is not working the way it used to. If I pause the stream & then start it again & then look at another app while listening to the the tune-in app, the tune in app shuts down & I have to open it up & restart it again. Also even just looking at another app while listening to something in Tune in app, it will shut down, sometimes numerous times within an hour. I don’t understand why this is happening since these problems were not there in the past. I hope this can be fixed. Don’t know if it’s a compatibility problem. I have rebooted my phone & even deleted app & uploaded again & I still have the same problem noted above..Version: 16.9

AwesomeLove using Tunein.Version: 17.5.1

Great but lost sleep function in upgradeLove the app but can't find the alarm or sleep function since an upgrade earlier this year. Would love them back! Not sure if they exist in the pro.... So don't want to pay until I know. But will keep using as I can listen to what I want wherever I am.Version: 3.4

Brilliant TuneIn From Chile to China via Ambridge & beauty of Ireland- Truly GlobalTuneIn is my staple choice as well as my stable choice - from the Flamenco of Chile to the bonkers nonsense of Beijing - via the leafy lanes of luxuriant Ambridge, the wit & wonder of quality Irish broadcasting of the RTE net work - YOU the listener decide - Quality delivery - YOU can choose to re-set your ears - TuneIn won't do that for you - listen relax enjoy or listen revolutionise & change - its just about TuneIn & go with what you want, when you want, how you want, where or want IF YOU WANT ? Go on I DARE you - Make THE CHOICE -GO ON TUNEIN & WISEUP - Take the DARE TUNEIN- FREEDOM at its superlative BEST!.Version: 16.2

The best station aroundI live in the bush and listen to this station everyday via the internet. It has my kind of music from my era. Keep them coming and thank you 🤙.Version: 14.1.1

Just excellentSimply the best radio app I have used. Has a huge and great range of stations, is easy to use and "getting into" the stations is the quickest of all apps. Great job! Dianne in NZ.Version: 12.6.1

5 ****Many stations to choose from. Enjoy jazz fm 99.1.Version: 20.4.0

My favourite appI do a lot of traveling in Canada and North America. Find this app so useful for finding local radio stations and for listening to my favourites back home..Version: 20.0.0

BrilliantIt must be a few years I've been using Tunein for all my radio stations I want to listen to. Can't fault it..Version: 12.6.1

User friendly and good delivery of requirementsI use this app daily. It enables me to carry around the radio wherever I go; headphones whilst on the move or Bluetooth speakers at home/in workshop or plain mobile speakers for quick catchup. And even when I am holidaying in New Zealand....Version: 16.5

ReviewI'm gonna say I like this app because it's got plenty of options besides books. My other app was audible for five years but they have an egregious method of getting new books. Tune in app has all sorts of books and documentaries and music and a wide variety of interesting stuff! By egregious I mean you can't get new books on the app but rather you go to the actual site and pick the book and download the book and then back out to the app and "wait". It's just a dinosaur and I need books on demand because I'm a member of a book club. Your price is quite hefty but it's totally worth it. By the way why don't you offer "war brides"? I can't find it for book club.Version: 12.6.1

Easy and reliableTuneIn Radio is great. It's very easy to find a station and to store it. It seems to be bullet proof to dial in, loads quickly and runs without glitches (even on a dodgy connection). It has managed to access every station I've wanted and the search function is excellent. I can't actually think of one complaint!.Version: 5.1

ExcellentI use this app every day, especially when driving. There’s just one improvement I’d like to see. An in-app volume control would be very useful. When using navigation apps such as Waze or Google maps, the navigation instructions blast my head off as the Tune-in volume is so much lower..Version: 14.9

Country MusicGreat choice of country music compared to New Zealand..Version: 22.3.0

Great, could be better...I use this app nearly every day to listen to live talk radio from several cities or stations throughout the day. My favorite feature is also the root of my only complaint: fast forward and rewind. I LOVE being able to pause playback while on the phone or at a drive-through or etc., but the buffer could be larger and more reliable... rewinding too far or too often can cause the app to fail, jumping the buffer to the end of the content erratically. My star rating is higher than my first review since some of my concerns were addressed and improved. Yay! It would be awesome to have the ability to save the buffer to listen later! How about a timer to record a program for later playback?.Version: 12.9

At lastAt last I can get our favourite radio station at home, we haven't had enough reception in the past to hear anything other than static. Wahooo, radio 95bfm all day or night clear as a bell, thank you.Version: 9.8

Beautiful Tune inExcellent station. I ‘m all over the world and that’s beautiful..Version: 19.6.0

Very ugly new designThe app was changed so much in the last few years that it's getting worse. New GUI and colours a very ugly. Please give the option to change design or colours. Favourites are gone and you must sign up now. I don't want to sign up just to have favourites in this little app..Version: 6.1

Easy listeningThanks for this free app.... The layout is easy to navigate and the sound quality is as good as you can get on your individual phones, and tablets. To cut my review short. This app in my opinion does exactly what it says “0n the tin! Thanks again to all the team involved. Ps: I’m a new listener.😎©️👍🏼Gainsy.Version: 19.3

My every day routineLove it!.Version: 20.3.0

Great radio app!!Love how it has so many stations, can access all my favourites in one app. Awesome!.Version: 22.9.0

DroppingSince my last update for no reason your service just stops, not sure why but it happens a lot.Version: 13.0.1

Good AppBring all radio and podcasts together 👍.Version: 19.7.0

Love podcastsI love tune in radio! I listen to the podcasts while at work, as well as being able to access lots of new music from around the world. I am so happy with this app, it has changed me everyday life!.Version: 6.2

Easy to use.Works very good, and I like it because is super easy to use..Version: 12.6.1

I am musicHelps me enjoy music.Version: 20.2.0

Dr Konstantin BosnicMy grandson is Grant Anticevich is on scholarship at California Berkeley,basketball and academics I and my family and friends watching and listen all his game Sometimes the reception isn’t the best but we wouldn’t missed his gave Regards Konstantin.Version: 17.0

ExcellentReminds me of my earlier expatriate days how badly we were in need of such a gift that takes you home with just a few clicks in your palm when you are living on other side of a world.Version: 2.4

Tune inLove love love this app, all the radio stations from all over the world? Yes please! Use it all the time ❤️.Version: 20.0.0

How to raise downloads by 10 timaes?>service,⑩ daily installs can reach [email protected] Ping me at Skype/ணWhatsapp⑩/Telegram➤: +♛8615982002312 .☪Facebook:⑧Estelle668 >. Every one can get a test promtoin fot 3 days now!"˙.Version: 20.5.0

Needs a fix..Usually a great app but latest update has a bug of sorts. When the ad finishes it doesn’t connect to the stream, just shows ‘error’ on screen. Please fix because at the moment it’s unusable..Version: 13.4.1

AustraliaUsed to be a great app, however, lots of cutting out and most frustrating is the ads on start up and now cutting in while listening to an important news item. Getting progressively worse. Really determined to get me to pay for an upgraded version??.Version: 12.8.1

Capital 101.7Is my favourite Radio Show, no matter where I go in the world, I listen on Digital Radio, keeps me updated to what’s going on in Perth and reminds me of my childhood and youth!! Joslyn.Version: 14.6

Love Tune-In!Love the app, really easy and straight forward to use.. my only one area for improvement would be that with my Google home - sometimes I say the radio station and it’s too close in name to another so i have to go manually onto my phone and broadcast the correct station. Is there anyway you could add a suggestion on what to say to Google home / Alexa to get the right station?.Version: 21.2.0

BVOVNI absolutely appreciate this broadcast. Thank you Tunein for this life changing channel that I can listen to everywhere and anywhere anytime and it doesn’t drain my battery on my iPhone I rated it at 4 because sometimes a sentence will repeat several times before it moves on as if it rewinds but because it’s a faith based Christian channel I just thank God because I need to hear things repeated. On the other hand I can’t wait for what’s going to be said next to finish the sentence😲 Ena from Birmingham England 🇬🇧.Version: 15.8.1

All the radio all the timeSeriously best most diverse radio app I’ve experienced so far. It has all my fav stations across the coast and country, from uni radio in Toronto to Pakistani film music channels. My ears are in love.Version: 19.7.0

Indispensable for this travelerUpdate: I’m finding it does weird stuff like suddenly repeat the last several seconds or jump forward, especially bad if I have to pause a live stream, but even when I’m current. This has cause me to miss key moments I couldn’t retrieve. I demoted this by a star, hoping the developers pay attention to this annoyance. I’ll keep it at 4 stars for now, but if it gets worse I’ll be back for a further demotion. If it gets better, I’ll be back to elevate it. Original: I use this app several times a week and always on long (5+ hour) trips. Except when I have cell access trouble, I've never had a problem with this. It may even have saved my life a couple of time when I got sleepy and couldn't pull off the road. Podcasts to the rescue! The only (minor) issue I have is that it can take an annoyingly long time to buffer. This doesn't happen often and it may be more a function of wifi or Internet access. Though it happens on my strong home wifi. Can't complain, though. I use this to access radio a send other broadcasts from all over the world. I especially like to get onto live NPR when I'm traveling or missed my local show. Bottom line: Can't go wrong with a free app like this!.Version: 15.3

Top rateThis is the best way to enjoy all types of sound hands down !!!! It has to be the best station in aus I stream it from cairns It plays my type of music Keep it up Rebel !!!!!!.Version: 15.3

Great app!!I’ve been using TuneIn since 2011 and its one of my favourite app. Works well and If you have the pro version you can record your favourite shows. Podcast etc. Its a must have if you like music and radio station shows.Version: 15.0

Great MusicI live in an area where radio reception is poor ! But I can enjoy fabulous jazz through my I phone and use my Bose speakers for great sound! Thank you!.Version: 20.0.0

Doesn’t work on the latest updateI downloaded the latest update on my iPhone 5s and nothing will load. Frustrating as hell..Version: 13.1.1

Best Radio App EverOne of a kind app.Version: 19.6.0

Good but MLB games are little behindI’ve used TuneIN for a while now for listening to DV Radio, 710 ESPN, and KIRO 97.3 for the Seattle Mariners games. However, I recently moved away and didn’t realize the radio stations were blacked-out during games if you were out of state. So, I just signed up for premium last week so I could listen to the Mariners games. Unfortunately the live broadcast is about 2 to 3 plays behind the other sports apps. I would get notifications on my phone about scoring plays or home runs at least 2 plays early. Easy fix though, I just turned off the notifications on the other apps. I’m not going to complain too much because the premium subscription served its purpose... I got to listen to the games. I will most likely subscribe again next season..Version: 16.8

702 talk radio gets flooded with adsHow can I enjoy listening to 702 today, this is Election Day in South Africa and you are spoiling my listening with numerous advertising. (Cutting into talks, news etc). You assured me recently that ads from your side only come on at the beginning-“never during the talks otherwise people will be disillusioned just like me”, you lied! You told me ads during are done by the radio stations. These are all Americans ads 702 talk radio would use to interrupt their news? Come on, You could do better, don’t lie! What use do I have to tell you all this quite a few times. -nothing gets done on your side - you need to make changes in order for your listeners to stay with you. Can you put me in touch with your customer service before I leave your radio service with a bitter taste in my mouth. Thank you, Beate Hammonds Boerne, Texas, USA.Version: 16.0

Loving TuneInRadio🎤🎼👍🏼😁🎹🎧📡🎵🔊Love the app and as soon as I have the money 💰 to purchase the ad free version I will. I use TuneIn every night to help me get to sleep 💤 and I also use it to listen 👂 to podcasts of which their are a huge selection that are made very easy to find. Thank you 🙏 TuneIn for such a great 👍🏼 app..Version: 18.5

S-radio -SERBIAMemories playing and remember good times with beautiful people around 😂😂👍.Version: 19.7.0

AwesomeismTunein Radio is my go to music content choice. Paired with my bluetooth speaker I’ve got my musical preferences instantly complimenting my space with the music of this world that helps make the moment perfect. Thank you for this essential service. Tony.Version: 20.3.0

RecentsHow do we clear the recents ?.Version: 15.6

5 stars, yes Sony Music, 5 stars!I live in the UK and I'm unable to listen to radio stations from another region because Sony Music sued TuneIn. I'm upset that I can no longer use this app, however, I'm giving it 5 stars to show my support to TuneIn. Sony, I don't remember your Walkman restricting pirate cassettes or cassettes from other regions... Just saying..Version: 19.1

Love tuneInGreat to hear stations from all over the world. This app is preferable to individual station apps if you like to listen to many stations. My only advice to users is check your data charges with your provider as here in NZ its expensive. Advice to the app makers is it would be great to have a 'very low' quality option for people in areas of high data charges as the current lowest quality feed is still too good.Version: 6.2

Used it for years!I've used TuneIn Radio for years now and have always been impressed at how easy it is. It's a great way to stream stations that I wouldnt be able to easily get since I moved to a new country. My only concern is sometimes it can jump ahead if it gets behind too far but I guess that is just what had to happen. :).Version: 10.7.2

Recording goneThe whole reason I bought this app was so I had music on long journeys where there was no coverage.. I had umpteen shows recorded and played them when connection was not available No idea what happened to the recordings or the ability to record and playback.Version: 15.0

AwesomeThis app is awesome ! I love listening to music and with this app I can access the music stations from all around the world, and I love how it displays the cd the song is from etc, Highly recommend this app to all music lovers =0).Version: 2.3

Ads ads & more adsUsed to love this app but now find it very annoying. The ads that run over & over during startup & then again randomly. The ads just start randomly so if you’re listening to the news it just interrupts whatever you’re listening to. And often plays the same ad over & over so you have to listen to it three times over 😬😬..Version: 12.9

Absolutely my go to appI don’t know what I’d do without the tunein app. I’m from Kansas originally but have lived in England,UK for the last 18 years and having grown up on country music living over here was hard to listen to country music unless you want to listen to really old country. But thanks to tunein I can listen not only radio stations from back home but also I can listen to baseball and football. I highly recommend this app to anyone who loves music and sports..Version: 16.3

EpicThis app is legit amazement. I can listen to any station in the world it's quick and easy and it's something I could neve have done without it I think it deserves an award I love it! I don't even need an iTunes anymore this is like it so pleased :).Version: 1.9

Love Tune In but hate the way it keeps crashingWhen I first downloaded this app 3years ago it worked well, but over the past year it keeps crashing, sticking and buffering. Gave it a 3 cause all my fav stations can be added. Work out the crashes etc, it updates often so don’t understand why it can’t fix the bugs permanently..Version: 13.0

AlarmLove the app but could you please make it so that when you set an alarm for the morning it actually starts playing the radio 📻 not just send you a notification. Otherwise a GREAT app with heaps of functionality.Version: 14.1.1

Almost 5 starsIt’s a great app for listening to radio stations from around the world. It’s simple enough to use but some radio stations are difficult to find. Sometimes typing in the radio station name doesn’t mean it will come up. They need to work on a refine function for searches, adding regional would be a cool function. Apart from that one flaw, it’s a great app.Version: 15.8.2

Tune In RadioVery clever, simple to use, practical and reliable application! My old iPhone 5 is now nothing less than a World Radio Receiver. I connect to and listen through my entertainment system. Fantastic! Very satisfied listener..Version: 16.6

MusicThere was music, and today there is something they call music.Version: 13.4.1

Wherever I go-TuneIn Radio ProTuneIn Radio Pro is fantastic for keeping in touch with “home” no matter where I am. It’s so reliable with few stops for buffering. Don’t go anywhere without it. Great app..Version: 14.8

Great App for listening to musicGives you ability to listen to any radio station around the world.Version: 13.7

TuneIn Radio- must have itI have been using the free version of this app. It's amazing, as u can go through radio stations throughout the world. U don't have to know the stations as it shows all available stations no matter where u go. It's incredibly simple. It's a must have..Version: 1.9

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