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Baby Shusher The Sleep Miracle App User Positive Comments 2024

Baby Shusher The Sleep Miracle app received 75 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about baby shusher the sleep miracle?

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Baby Shusher The Sleep Miracle for Positive User Reviews

Life ChangingThis app changed my life! All those wasted hours shushing when of course...there is an app for that! It really is a miracle solution!!.Version: 1.5

AmazingI got the free version 1st, kinda thought of it as a joke, who can't shush their own baby, right? My 9 mth old has been very fussy lately, & I play with my iPhone a lot while I'm calming her. The first time I tried this app, I was amazed, she was asleep in minutes rather than the usual 30-50 mins. Tried other similar apps, no good. THIS IS THE 1 that works..Version: 1.5

Great alternative to the actual Baby ShusherWorks great for my baby when she is fussy fighting falling asleep. I like that I can still use my phone while it is on, I am usually in the same room as her when she’s napping. I also like the equalizer, it stops every 3 mins and adjusts the volume based on if the baby is crying or not..Version: 2.1

BROKENHas not worked since the update, please fix asap.Version: 2.0

Total geniusDoes exactly what it says on the tin. Intuitive controls if you want to fiddle with the settings, but in case of desperation simply press the big orange button and watch your baby start to relax.....Version: 1.7

Grateful & impressed!Works quickly when my 3 month old is yawning but refusing to settle. She happy snoozes off to it, sometimes in seconds. So grateful for this - thank you!.Version: 1.8

We play this app all night longWe play it all night long 12 hours. It helps to keep my little one asleep. We use the portable one in the car, stroller and in different parts of the house. Love this invention!!!.Version: 2.1

Worked for usLove this app, really helped to get bubs sleeping in her cot and me walking away. Hasn't frozen for me at all and have no issues with it being only on the phone. The shhhhh can get really loud so the phone can be just in the room not right next to their head..Version: 1.8

Timer or countdown?Overall I like the app & it works for my 3 month old. I do however think an added feature could be a timer or countdown since I often wonder how much time is left before it turns off..Version: 2.1

MomThis app is amazing! Customer support also helped us fix a minor issue and were so helpful! I highly recommend the shusher app!!.Version: 2.1

LoveWorks great.Version: 2.1

AmazingMy baby loves this shusher sound. I was going to purchase the shusher device but read the time is 15 to 30 minutes. My little one uses this as a white noise all night long. I have to keep my phone on a shelf in his room for the entire night. I don’t mind it to much as it allows be to have more peace to myself not looking at my phone when I should be resting as much as possible, but when I have to go back to work and need my alarm on my phone that’s an issue unless I go old school and purchase an alarm clock. Ive tried many other shushing white noise that’s out there and my son only likes this one: thanks creators for the much needed sleep for me and my son!.Version: 2.2.6

Worth it.Seriously awesome. was able to settle baby in her cot, without picking her up, for the first time in her four months of life! shushes louder and longer than I ever could..Version: 1.7

Doesn’t workThe latest version just crashes whenever I hit start. Really disappointing since I desperately need it right now. Please rollback this update. Update: app now works like normal. Thank you for fixing it!.Version: 2.2.5

Every new parent needs this.Best $8 I've ever spent. Ever..Version: 2.1

App UpdateWe love our baby susher and the app. However, the recent update was booting me off. I tried deleting and redone loading the app and it works awesome again! Hope that helps some of you other parents with this life saver!.Version: 2.2.1

12 hour time out is a game changerMy daughter was not interested in the actual Shusher due to the max 30 minute time out which is why I purchased this app offering 12 hours. Since she can’t bare to be without access to using her phone 24/7 she will use her I-Pad. I use the app to rock my grandson to sleep and feel like it relaxes me too..Version: 2.2.6

Best £2.99 I've ever spent!!!This app is brilliant, was told about it by a friend and wasn't too sure. From the first time I used it my little girl has settled and fallen straight to sleep. Really helped as she has colic so would help to calm her. Fab fab fab!.Version: 1.5

Working great after latest updateGreat to have on the go and wherever I need around the house! Working great again after updates..Version: 2.2.5

Postpartum Doula-approved!I am a postpartum doula and maternity coach, and I recommend this app to all my clients. Disclaimer: I always remind them to be mindful of the phone’s volume and proximity to the infant’s ears. Do not put the phone next to your infant’s head - baby ear drums are fragile..Version: 2.1

LifesaverI have to say this app is such a lifesaver. It helped my wife and I put our baby girl to rest each time she was irate. My daughter would cry each time we put her in her infant car seat, and i would slide my phone into the cushions and turn the app on, and she would calm down within a few seconds to a short few minutes!! We both recommend this to any parent with newborns- and if you’re not sure how it works, I’d suggest to look into the 4S’s dubbed by Dr Harvey Karp, author of Happiest Baby On The Block..Version: 2.1

Latest UpdateSince December 2020 update, App closes down as soon as you hit “start”. My two kids sleep soundly with this, please repair the glitch ASAP.Version: 2.2.2

🙌🏻All bugs have been fixed. I use this multiple times a day with my little one..Version: 2.2.5

AmazingPurchased app as I was going to buy the actual shusher but it’s nearly £30 so thought id pay £5 for the app and give it a go Pushed start and Within 1 minute he had calmed down within 10 minutes my lil man is sleeping If I’m honest I didn’t think it would work I thought it was just another money maker but no this is amazing I’m really pleased with it Highly recommend.Version: 2.2.6

Amazing app. Amazing customer serviceWe have been using this app since 2015 with our 1st daughter and now our second. We use it multiple times per day/night every day/might. It calms our babies right down. And the customer service is amazing...I had feedback in 2015 and they returned my email within the hour. I had more feedback in Jan 2017 and again, prompt quick response and service! Well worth the money. Highly recommend this..Version: 2.1

Perfect for newborn photographersI use this app all the time as I photograph newborns, it instantly calms them and keeps me from having to get all up in their ear shushing them. Moms always ask me what it is and are amazed! I wasn't about to spend the $$ on the actual Shusher, especially since you have to worry about having batteries on hand, or losing it. My phone I wouldn't lose :).Version: 2.1

Lock screenPlease make it possible to turn this very helpful app off from the lock screen.Version: 2.1

It actually worksOnly had this app for a few days but it really works. Wish I had of got it sooner. Worth the $..Version: 2.1

Love it!Awesome app! Indeed a miracle!.Version: 1.6

Updated reviewApp now runs in background. Great that the company took on the feedback and fixed the issues. Excellent!.Version: 2.1

Works a charm in the right scenarioHave been using for 2 weeks. We’ve put this app on a separate phone because you need to leave the phone in the bassinet with the baby. We set the timer to 15min or 30min at the most and let it do it’s thing. You can set the timer to run for up to 12 hours but if baby is still crying after 15min then something must be wrong so we check his diaper (which is usually the problem) or feed him. The app stops every 3min to check if baby is still crying and will adjust the volume automatically to be louder than their cry or quiet down if baby is asleep. This app is not magic and will not put a baby to sleep that needs attention (fed or changed). It’s just a tool to help make life a little easier..Version: 2.1

New version crashesNew app update crashes and doesn’t work..Version: 2.2.1

Had to delete app and then reinstallThis fixed the crashing issue and now works perfectly.Version: 2.2.1

FantasticWas sceptical but my god it works. Would be lost without it! Brilliant for soothing baby in cot instead of rocking which i wanted to stop. Give it a go! My baby boy falls asleep with just this now. X.Version: 1.5

Thank YouThank you for creating this app. I have the original and was so bummed that it doesn’t go for longer as it was just never quite long enough. (8 hours would’ve been good lol!) But problem solvered with this app, it settles bub like only a mum can, but now mum doesn’t have to! 🙏 magic, 5 stars from me. If it was Bluetooth compatible I’d give it 11 stars!.Version: 2.2.6

AMAZING!Keeps my baby asleep. We’re obsessed with this app! It’s given us a lot of long we’ll rested nights. Way better than the physical product. This can stay on all night if you want, the physical product will only stay on for 30 minutes ..Version: 2.2.6

Note the improvementsEvery baby is different, but this app puts my baby to sleep and/or cues that it’s time for bed. I love it! Because it’s under my Apple account, I get to use it on my phone, iPad, and old phone (that I now use just as a Shusher for on the go — when I don’t have my Hatch machine handy). Note the timer had been updated to go up to 12 hours..Version: 2.2.6

❤️🙏❤️ Love it! Love it! Love it! I've tried to record it and it wouldn't stay on long enough. This app really comes in handy 😄.Version: 1.7

Works like a dreamFinally found something that my little one loves. Strangely, it also calms my over-anxious dog too!.Version: 2.1

FabWhat a fab app! Still works on my 6 month old!!!.Version: 1.5

Works amazing!This Shusher is perfect for any newborn! I started using it when our daughter was a month old and soothed her immediately when trying to relax her to sleep. 😀 would recommend it to anyone!.Version: 2.1

Awesome AppWorks it's wonderful magic every time without fail. Highly recommend. Only downside is, it can put you to sleep too... :).Version: 1.5

Amazing!We have both the machine and the app ad have gotten our money's worth 100x over. We have used with all 3 of our kids and each loves it! I have started gifting either the machine or iTunes gift cards so new moms can do themselves a favor!!!.Version: 2.1

This app is a sanity saverI read Dr. Karp’s book 9 years ago and used his methods with my second child who REFUSED to sleep, and it was the only thing that eventually calmed her to sleep. Nine years ago this app or the Shusher didn’t exist so my husband and I had to use our own breath to constantly shush her (she still gets sleepy when we shush in her ear). Fast forward to now. I have a 7 week old and I looked into getting the Shusher machine because I knew the 4s worked. However, before I spent the $$ on the actual machine I decided to see if there was an app and lo and behold I found this little miracle. For $5 I have turned an iPod I had lying around into my own Shusher machine. Even better, this one will pause and listen to the baby every 3 min to adjust the volume! It also has a longer timer, and since the baby is in our room it acts as a sound machine for my husband and me as well. We are getting the best nights sleep we have ever gotten with a 7 week old! As an added bonus I can connect my phone to my car’s auxiliary port when he’s fussy in his car seat and play the sound over the speakers! Spend the $5. You won’t regret it..Version: 2.1

More humane than tranqulizer dartsThis app saved us from buying a tranquilizer gun to dart our little grunty screamy angel into slumber. Which is good, because I suspect that calibrating the knock-out dosage of tranquilizer serum for an infant is probably tricky..Version: 1.7

Must for colicThis helped us get through 3 months of a tough baby with colic and was worth every penny. It helped calm her down and return sanity. She’s 8 months old now so we don’t need it anymore. It feels great to be past needing this and deleting it!.Version: 2.1

Works greatWorks great, baby loves it. I use it when she is especially upset and inconsolable. The shusher with some cuddles works a treat. I do HATE that when you start up the app it advertises the baby shusher machine. Yes, I have one now, because it's more portable for anyone in the family to use. Not because it was advertised on the app. I just spend $6.49 on this app, I don't need an up sell. Please get rid of this annoying intro page. Put an option on the regular page if you want, but it's just plain annoying to have to click past it to the actual reason I bought the app..Version: 1.8

Just Amazing!We've got a 10 day old baby that won't sleep in her Moses Basket at night and will only settle when on one of us in bed. During another sleepless night I found this as a sleep aid in Amazon but then decided to see if there was an app and here it is! We put baby down and sceptically turned on the he's shhhh sound... Amazingly baby settled virtually immediately and slept for 4.5 hours. Following a feed and change we put her down again and turned the app back on... She slept straight always for another 4 hours! Amazing, best £4 ever spent!.Version: 1.8

Thankful for this app!I have the handheld shusher and use it in the car and away from home. I have paid for the app twice now (once on my old phone and again on my new phone) and very grateful for it. My 7 month old has used it from the day we came home from the hospital. It calms here and often soothes her right to sleep. I can’t say enough about how well it works BUT when I get a call or anything else on my phone makes a noise, the shusher stops making the noise and does not continue after the other noise (phone call, text message noise, other app...). I have to close the app completely every time, restart the app and then turn it back on. Imagine the frustration when this happens in the middle of her nap or while I’m trying to get her to sleep! I understand that the sound will stop while the other noise occurs, but once it’s over, I should be able to press start again and hear the shusher. Nope! Have to restart app every time. Please fix this problem. I am an iPhoneX user and also used the app on my LGV20 and had the same problem. Thanks so much!.Version: 2.1

Definitely worth it!This app is great. I turn it on and within a minute my baby stops crying and calms down. Should have gotten it sooner..Version: 1.8

If it crashes, delete and reinstallMine crashed after the update months ago too. On a whim I decided to delete and reinstall the app and now it works properly!.Version: 2.1

AWESOMENESS!!!!!I have an extremely hard baby to settle and I've tried every back breaking thing over the past 4 months to try and settle my baby. THIS works every single time and he falls asleep with this on loud while I'm rocking him in under 2 Minutes!! Fantastic!!!!.Version: 1.6

BrilliantIv been using youtube videos to do this for weeks and this app has replaced the need to do that as I just tap the button an within a few minutes she's fast asleep... The detailed settings are great too!!.Version: 1.7

Would be perfect with one improvementWorked great, but would be awesome if for the timed feature the shushing volume had a fade out (got quieter over time), because the the stopping is sort of sudden..Version: 2.2.6

Must Have!This app is a miracle worker for my fiesty little one! I’ve never been able to soothe her endless I pick her up and rock her. Not only did this app stop her crying in its tracks, but it also puts her right to sleep! When she is fussy and inconsolable this app works it’s magic every time !.Version: 2.1

If you have a baby, it’s a lifesaver.We bought the physical product first, and loved it. I bought the app for when we don’t have the physical Shusher with us. At first, it was great. It had some issues with a new update, so I left a poor review. Much to my surprise, they quickly fixed it and responded to my review. Blown away. Thank you..Version: 2.2.5

Dreamyland for my babyI was very impressed with this app, i mean as a parent you want to so everything for your littleone, like getting them asleep but sometimes you run out of breath lol but i tried the free version first and OH MY! I couldnt believe it! So i bought the full version and is of great help on those fussy days. Thanks.Version: 1.5

MrsGenius. I could not believe how effective this is. Thanks..Version: 1.5

I love it!I've wanted the actual Shusher but wanted to give test the app first. It's so effective that I can stick to just the app and save a little money! I just wish they had shush patters too and Bluetooth capability, but still very useful for me and baby girl!!!.Version: 2.1

It works !This is a amazing app, simply works first time and every time. Our new born calmed herself from 1 day old.Version: 1.7

Great for car trips to calm a screaming babySaves your voice and breath!.Version: 1.6

I not sure how it works, but it does for us.I am truly amazed each time I turn this app on. With minutes my one year old is rubbing eyes and then can't do anything to stay awake. It's crazy! Thank you!.Version: 1.7

Energy Saving for a Tired MamaI have a 3 week old and this really helps her settle down before sleep :) worth every penny!.Version: 2.2.6

4 Month Old -Just Buy the AppI have a 4 month old and I really wish I heard of this much sooner. It hasn’t put my baby to sleep like others (yet) BUT it does calm him down when he gets upset. We were out and about and stretched his patience a little too far and on the way home our bug got upset. I put the Shusher on and he instantly stopped crying. That alone is worth the $5 bucks…or however much money it is now. People complain about how the app will stop working if they receive a call or other notification…all you have to do is put your phone or device on ‘do not disturb’. Presto! No more disturbances. Can’t blame an app for your phone settings. Just sayin’. My advice: Just spend the $5 (or whatever it is now). This app is definitely worth it. Remember, all babies are different and just because it was a miracle worker for one baby, doesn’t mean it’ll work for yours. And if your baby could care less, than you’re only out $5 (or whatever it is now). Just try it. Use an old phone or device you have laying around, that way, you don’t have to give up your main phone. Praying for rest and sleep for you and your baby! Happy sleeping!.Version: 2.2.6

AmazingWorks like magic! Our baby is highly sensitive and screams often. We tried a lot of things to calm him down and bought a lot of gadgets. But this app calms him down immediately. He can be in the midst of screaming inconsolably and we turn this on and he stops right away. Very impressed!!!.Version: 2.2.6

Great! until an update broke it.2.2.1 update broke it. It just crashes when you try to start the shushing. Prior to that, loved the app as it doesn’t time out as quickly as their rocket. Update: The app has been fixed and working as it did prior to that update. Even received feedback from developer regarding the issue..Version: 2.2.5

New Update Works Great!This thing is a baby sleep ninja. I swear by it and recommend to all my new mom friends!! New update works great. Seriously, if you’re on the baby struggle bus - get this app..Version: 2.2.7

Excellent option!!I was as skeptical as a person could be but was also at my wits end and ready to try anything. After 10 minutes she was asleep peacefully in her back which has NEVER happened in the entire eight months of her life..Version: 1.7

EffectiveWorks effectively do both my wife and I have downloaded. What would be a smart feature is a count down where the shhh's get further apart and quieter until silence. Various set times for this would be incredible and make it a 5* app without question..Version: 1.1

Fantastic and convenientI purchased this app as I had heard so much about the Baby Shusher. I was very much a skeptic to start with but after using the app only once and it assisted in my bubs to self settle instead of being held to sleep I am a sold that this product works. I even purchased a shusher to have in the cot at home and have the app for when we are out and about.Version: 2.1

Newly updatedBack to its beautiful self! Thank you for fixing the glitch so quick! Bub is back to sleeping peacefully.Version: 2.1

Mind blowing amazingI’m a busy mother of 4, I’m constantly driving my older kids around so unfortunately my new born gets to ride along. As we all know infants get fussy but when I’m driving it’s so hard to get my newborn to stop crying in the backseat. I turn on this app snd with in 60 seconds he is completely calm!!!! This by far is the best $5 I’ve spent!!! Highly would recommend this to any mom on the go!!!! Thank you so much for creating this app who would of thought shhhhh on repeat would completely calm a fussy newborn 🤍.Version: 2.2.6

The Best baby app you should buyThis is even better than the devise itself with options up to 12 hours !.Version: 2.2.6

Fantastic ideaI have a colicky 6 week old and white noise CDs have no effect so downloaded this app. At first I thought what a waste but at 3am ill try anything put the shusser to work 5 mins later little guy is fast asleep. Timer option is fab too stops after 15 mins (or how long you prefer) so I'm not listening to it myself while I try and sleep Really great little app.Version: 1.6

Life saverAfter letting my baby cry it out for 2 nights I knew I couldn't take another night of hearing my 3 month old cry for 45 mins+. I put him in the cot and turned on the baby shusher. It instantly calmed him down and within 20 mins he was asleep. The timer was helpful because I know that baby tends to wake up briefly after 40 minutes so setting the timer for an hr got him through that crucial period without waking. A lifesaver!.Version: 1.5

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