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Spectrum TV App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Spectrum TV app received 54 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Spectrum TV? Can you share your negative thoughts about spectrum tv?

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Spectrum TV for Negative User Reviews

App update is almost unusableWe use the Spectrum app to view content from a Samsung TV. The latest app update made the experience go from bad to worse! Navigation through the app is nonsensical, takes way too long to open up to view content, and lacks instructions (not intuitive at all). If one presses the “wrong” button, you need to renavigate back through multiple menus...and just guessing at what might work. For instance, why would the “Return” button be used to get to the main menu?! Can’t find a way to change the “Favorites” channels, but why even bother now that it takes multiple buttons to get to your list of favorites! My older parents need familiarity with the process, yet Spectrum keeps changing the rules. Technology is supposed to make life easier...not more frustrating. But give Spectrum another few months, and they’ll find a way to make it even more frustrating (as prices go up!). Now I have add another issue: just trying to submit this review, and I’ve tried a dozen different nicknames, but all are taken!! Can’t I just submit it without adding to my frustration??!!.Version: 8.3.1

GlitchyI do like the convenience of watching TV on my portable devices. Generally it’s good. I rated it 3 stars for two reasons - one technical and the other cost. Cost wise, it’s disappointing that, while I pay for Spectrum cable at home, because I don’t have wi-fi services through Spectrum, I can’t get all the channels on the app! Unless there is a technical reason for this, I find it to be a backwards regressive way to force me to pay Spectrum more money for what I have already paid for. The other is technical - I use this app on my iphone and ipad and find it to be very glitchy. It pretty regularly freezes, pixilates - as I watch right now, I have sound, but the picture is frozen. Maybe it’s just a function/limitation of the technology, and big picture, it’s an irritation, but if you are looking for feedback to improve your product so more people will use Spectrum, that’s my feedback..Version: 8.15.1

Don’t get this crapIn the last four weeks it shuts down and the company smiles and say we are working on it! They always tell me it’s in may area, and they don’t adjust the bill. Six times is just too many times for the same excuse over and over. I think they hire Mac doggy burger people to work on the phones and the cable system. Here’s a good one for you, on the app it says that they fix all the bugs! What a joke! Call them four times on one channel that keeps dropping and they can’t fix it. There’s other stations missing but I don’t watch them. Just don’t get their TV app for your internet or you be sorry as you pay just to get your blood pressure high! Had H&I channel for five years on my iPad and they told me I have to call the sales office TO BUY IT! They took it off so I’m looking into other company’s for my HOUSE AND INTERNET so this company can’t play their game with me anymore!.Version: 6.31

If you want to watch ads and not use airplay, this is the app is for you.So I’ve had numerous issues with this app: 1. Tv stations done appear in multiple streaming list, had multiple issues where local stations (included in my subscription) don’t show up in the guide 2. For some reason this only works on Spectrum wifi 3. Airplay is unreliable- I tried watching a game on Sunday which didn’t show up on the Apple TV app (see issue 1) bit sis on the iphone and iPad app and the screen went dark when I tried to airplay it... took about 25 minutes before one of the devices worked... 4. On demand content (which has ads) loves to skip back on the video to the previous commercial interruption and when you ff back to your spot, makes you watch the same ads again.... if your lucky, the 2nd time through, you can actually watch your show..Version: 7.12.5

I LIKE THE NEW TV APP BUT!!!I saw they added a new app for the tv. So I tried it since I have the internet from spectrum. I was using phlilo tv because they had 25+ channels. But I like how spectrum adds in your local channels as well. Only thing that needs to be updated is the channels. They only let you pick 10 channels instead of giving you all of them. Or they don’t even let you add in add ons. All the channels they had I wanted, but can only choose 10? Please fix that. I want to be able to add more channels. The philo tv lets you have all those for $20 a month. Also they don’t have any sports channels such as fox sports west, or to get MLB channels for sports. Please fix that as well. Otherwise I like the tv, I like how they are getting rid of cable and now you can use the tv apps with no cables or anybody coming to your home anymore. I just use my roku tv and I can get whatever apps I want for tv and movies. Please update your channels and make the app better to view channels on the list. I would stay if they updated it, if they don’t I will prob just stay with the other tv apps that have more channels and better layout. Please update your tv app!!!!!! Thank you!.Version: 8.0

DeletedUseless without a time Warner cable video subscription. Deleted the app..Version: 1.0.1

The Apple TV app needs work, work, work!When Directv Now launched, it took a bit of time for the app to run smoothly on the Apple TV. Subscribers suffered through commercial blackouts, swirly freezes and out-of-focus video. But to their credit, it’s become a good service — and with cloud recording to boot. As a former TimeWarner Cable subscriber, I became one of those DTV Now subscribers who patiently waited for TimeWarner/Spectrum to join Apple TV. Now that that has happened, I’m remembering that old saying: “be careful what you wish for...” The Spectrum Apple TV app takes too many seconds to load; the video loses focus from time to time, freezes and sometimes drops out altogether. I was patient with the DTV Now app because AT&T was new at this game. But Spectrum is not. It should not take a year to smooth out these problems. For now I’m holding onto my DTV Now subscription, but I will surely drop the Spectrum service if it does not perform better over the next 3 months..Version: 6.35.1

Screen goes black and won’t load picture.I’ve used this app for a couple years on an new generation ipad. Generally I love the app and like having a “mini TV“ that I can move around the house. I just deleted and downloaded the app again to make sure I had the latest version. And I’m having a problem that just started happening in the last 2 months; and is still occurring. The screen goes solid black and stays that way for long periods of time. I cannot get it to load the picture. Scrolling left you can see all the active channels and I see the video there, but when you actually select the channel, the screen goes black again. You can usually hear the audio - but no picture. Then after about 15 minutes, the apps shuts down completely and closes itself. What’s up?.Version: 8.9

The TV 4K app...Omg... EVERY time I click resume on a show title page on my tv I realize that it starts from the first episode of the last season of a new show I start even tho I am in the middle of the first season. And then consequently, after I realize it was the wrong episode that I had just started and changed to the correct episode in the first season, It plays that episode and then goes to the episode in the 5th season after the episode I resume ends. I really like that I can use my Apple TV for my cable instead of getting 2 boxes but WOW... who wants to have EVERY show with more than one season spoiled because they forgot and accidentally hit the resume button and watched half of the last season before they realized the whole thing is messed up and this random person in the show really isn’t supposed to be there yet because literally every single other streaming service has a functional resume button..Version: 8.13

Spectrum TV App is completely trashWe pay $230 for the top tier internet and cable through the spectrum app on our tv, we have a brand new Samsung tv so the tv is not the problem, you will be lucky to watch 30 seconds of tv before it freezes for 5 mins and you have to reset everything. This has been like this for over a month and we have done everything they suggested 10 times over and nothing helps, and when we call tech support they say “ yeah there are a lot of people having trouble with the app we have people that are working to fix the problem but we can’t give you a time frame to when it will be fixed we’re really sorry but there’s nothing we can do at this time”. They have been telling me this for weeks. I pay my bill every month on time and yet they can’t give me answers, I now have Netflix I pay for just so I can have tv. There services and customer service is completely garbage.Version: 8.8

FailRequires a subscription to time warner cable, which Australians can't get. Yet the app is on the Australian app store. Fail..Version: 1.0.2

The most Buggy and Horrible streaming app on the marketIf it wasn’t because I have to use this app to view my shows, I would’ve deleted it the moment I started using it. The videos load fine, but if you shut off the screen and try to load back the video, it won’t load. You have to get out of the viewing screen and back in to the episode you’re trying to watch (which it doesn’t even save WHERE you were in the episode) and then scroll until you find where you left off in the episode. After you’re done and you exit out of the episode (because it doesn’t give you the option to skip to the next one) it takes you automatically to the last episode released. So if you’re on season 1 and the last one they released is season 8 then you have to scroll down 7 seasons to find the episode you were on to then watch the next episode. It’s wonky and honestly after I’m done with my current show I’ll delete it and never use it again..Version: 6.37

Crashes when Opening,Not a delight when the app crashes as soon as you open. I've installed multiple times, and tried restarting the device. Rubbish..Version: 1.0.2

Always issues and expensiveOne minute the guide works and the next it doesn’t. When I call tech support they tell me robo answers. They tell me every time I have to take the equipment down to a spectrum location and exchange it. It’s never the case because no one at Spectrum is on the same page. Everyone has a different answer. I have expanded basic with phone and the lowest internet available and they charge me over $200 a month and I still have to deal with all the aggravation. I’ve been a customer of Time Warner/Spectrum for 26 years and I’ll be cancelling because they’ve gone cuckoo with their pricing, service, and reliability. I have three locations I manage and I have two locations left I’m getting rid off because I can’t stand Spectrum any longer. Shameful how they sucker you into needing all these services and then raising the prices. Good riddance......Version: 7.8.1

Just bad...Useless unless you are a subscriber.Version: 1.0.1

This app has so many issues since July 2020This app used to be pretty decent , but since July this year it’s always having issues, when I call in, they say they are doing maintenance , or they detected and issue and are working on it, I pay for the streaming app and rely on News 13 for my local news, it’s now Nov 26, 9: 15 am and more issues have evolved since an update to the system last week one night at midnight and the next few days later at 10:00 pm and that was exactly last Wed., you can’t get a person on the phone and even if so there is nothing they can do to help you, Spectrum isn’t as good as it was when it was BrightHouse, they actually increased my bill without notification this summer as well, at least Bright house used to notify you before it happened, I’m not sure I will continue with this company and feel sorry for the new phone customers who loose service when they do there updates, internet, cable, streaming app and phones go down when this happens with no notification an update will take place and services will not be working ..Version: 8.11

What other channels have we lost?OK. First, EPIX is gone, then a bunch of channels seemed to just vanish with others quietly taking their place. And that wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t so many shopping channels! But what ruffles my hide this week is I pay for Stars, (as well as Showtime and HBO) and I supposedly have “ON DEMAND” access to all these movies..... but apparently there are movies “on demand” and ON DEMAND. Any movie worth it’s salt, or that this family would like to see, is required to now have a “special” monthly fee paid in order for one to be able to access it! Why am I still paying for a cable service with the extras added on for “premium” channels that I have to subscribe to directly for decent and expanded content? No wonder cable companies are on their way out! This family will be out as well once we can make our arrangements independently! Oh, and BTW, where are my “Company requested reviews” being, posted exactly?.Version: 7.17

Spectrum LiesTrying to find a television service we could use when camping and traveling. Spectrum told us we could login to our spectrum account anywhere and watch all our shows, Through cell phone data or other Wi-Fi networks. This was a big lie. Half the channels say you have to be logged into your HOME spectrum Internet in order to access the channels we are paying for. On other Internet providers you have to download the individual apps like an app for Fox, and app for the Food Network etc. and some of the channels that we are paying to watch at home like the golf channel doesn’t have an app. So we’re paying for a lot of channels that we can’t watch unless we’re at home. And for CBS now they have CBS total access App, which is an additional charge even though we’re paying for CBS through spectrum! With DISH you’re able to Log into your DISH account through the dish anywhere app and watch not only live TV but every channel you pay for. And the hopper is an awesome piece of recording equipment. However all these providers are getting too expensive and we too are hoping to cut the cord and go a different route. There needs to be more Internet providers available, spectrum is becoming a huge monster..Version: 6.36

Illegal app according to appstore rulesHow come you can offer "CONTENT" with an external subscription without the equivalent in-app purchase.Time Warner should not be exempt for the AppStore rules! This is not software as a service. This is a content subscription model application..Version: 1.0.1

Works ok but needs some updatesFirst let me just state that all I want from the app I’d local television and maybe a few others and for just that it does a decent job. It does get a bit laggy here and there and when you first turn on the tv and Apple TV you have to back out of the app to get to started. Cold booting the Apple TV into the spectrum app (if that’s how you shut it down) doesn’t work, all you get is a loading pinwheel. Back out of the app and to the Apple TV main menu then go back into the spectrum app and all is well My biggest problem with the app is the “still there? Interact with your remote to continue watching” popup that will not go away. It comes and goes when it wants, sometimes staying visible for weeks at a time. It covers the lower third display used by news etc to give more info on things your watching which is annoying. To fix it you have to delete the app from the Apple TV and re-install. Then in 3-4 days when it happens again you either ignore it for as long as you can bear or delete and re-install the app again Please fix this I beg of you!! Slower speeds and pixelation here and there I can deal with but a floating prompt covering the whole lower third of the tv is mind numbingly frustrating.Version: 7.24

Pure crap!!Deleted within seconds..Version: 1.0.1

Would be great, if it workedThis app would be a wonderful perk of being a Spectrum Cable customer, if it worked well. SOMETIMES things go as they should, and it’s great being able to watch live tv & on demand programming while away from home. More often than not though many of the channels have audio but no video. It’s very frustrating, as even after trying all of their troubleshooting tips and downloading several updates that claim to fix the problem, it remains. Just today I tried watching 8 different channels and all 8 had no video. Worse still is that even if I try to ‘watch’ radio-style (just listening to the program,) my iPhone thinks there is no activity and shuts off after a couple minutes. Adding to the frustration is that many times the commercials play just fine, but when the program resumes the video cuts out. Sure, this is a nice extra that many cable providers do not offer. But Spectrum advertises this app CONSTANTLY as part of its services, while seemingly not caring enough to fix this major problem..Version: 8.22

Not bad on Samsung TV, just a little slow and outdatedGenerally speaking, I’ve had decent success using this app. We can use it on multiple TVs throughout the house and although there’s a 20-30 second delay for live broadcasts, we rarely have problems with picture quality or jitters. I should note that I we have wired Ethernet connections into our TVs, so that takes WiFi issues out of the equation. The main reason I only rated three stars is because you can’t use the number pad on your remote control to navigate channels. Instead, all channel changes can only be made by using the + or - buttons, or navigating through the clunky guide. This makes moving from channel to channel way too time-consuming. Seems like an easy fix that would add great value for the thousands of subscribers that use the app through their TVs, unfortunately I’ve never gotten the sense that Spectrum puts customers first..Version: 7.18.1

Captioning Needs Work & Overall ImprovementsI love how much selection there is for me to watch on this app—but I do think the overall interface is clunky. When you first download it and are signed in, there’s a definite learning curve in figuring out how to access the on-demand options vs. watching live TV. It’s not a smooth design when you have to Google it. The closed captioning is also TERRIBLE. Please, work on this! That’s actually why I came here, to write a review about the awful captioning. Words that shouldn’t be abbreviated are, many words are missing overall from the film/show and some lines of dialogue are simply skipped over, like they don’t matter. I am not hard of hearing, but I live with someone who is. They’re missing most of the action because the captioning is so bad. I would expect more, because as a rule, Charter itself has decent captions. I’d use the app more if the captions were fixed, and I watch TV constantly..Version: 7.26

Blocked my VPNs, Jailbroke my iPhone XS!!Good luck not getting banned from the App Store, Spectrum! As far as I can tell you, after what your app did to my iPhone, I have reported you to Apple since, and now all your apps are going to be under review! Any versions that you had on this app that started blocking VPNs are going to be removed, and you won’t be able to provide another update unless you let the VPNs go through! The same applies to all of your other apps, too! Stop living the life of greed, and start valuing people’s privacy! Apple will NEVER tolerate such behavior with their App Developers, and will ban them PERMANENTLY, if they continue this behavior! Doesn’t matter if you’re a big corporation, or not! You are still subject to the Terms of Use for providing apps on the App Store, and continuous violation of those Terms of Use will result in the permanent termination of your App Developer account, along with any apps that ever existed with it!.Version: 6.34

This App is AwfulThis app is terrible. I’m watching Game of Thrones and every 20 seconds this stupid app buffers for 2 minutes. I never write reviews for things but this app is so god awful I’m finally having to write one. The hate I felt upon this initial inconvenience was quadrupled when I realized that this app is the only place I can watch Game of Thrones. Curse you, Spectrum app, for forcing me to spend an unholy amount of time staring at that godforsaken loading screen while I curse myself for letting you chain me here, endlessly waiting, all because you have a monopoly on Game of Thrones, the only show I even want to watch on this stupid app. Every time I finish waiting for 3 minutes only to hear half a sentence from Jaime Lannister, hate grows stronger in my heart and I imagine the Spectrum app exploding into 1000 tiny pieces. In conclusion, this app is terrible. Spectrum app makers, please fix this mess. I’m frankly disappointed..Version: 7.2.1

Old tech in a new worldSpectrum is all about the high tech entertainment that they bring to the table. However, the ability to stream media on all your devices and while you are away is really not that available they have the apps and a decent selection of On Demand videos. And if you don’t mind a reload or streaming pause after every 10th word, these features are here. However, while I am fairly patient about occasional streaming lags, I am usually pretty irritated after 5 minutes and 20 gaps during playback. I enjoy that about as much as I enjoy the occasional teenager or pseudo adult who says ‘I know ‘ to everything and really don’t know or do much of anything. If teenagers are poster children for abstinence, Spectrum On Demand and streaming media are the poster children for cutting the cable. How much memory does one device really need to watch an old cable news show or house build video. Whatever your chosen daily punishment, Spectrum really doesn’t have any program worth the irritation..Version: 6.31

3.no?What the heck happened to this app? You release 3.0 version and all it does is sit there on the splash screen.... Get your [email protected] together Time Warner and don't release a full new version until it's good and ready. Horrible app and terrible consistency..Version: 3.0.0

False AdvertisingI was using My Spectrum app to watch TV while I was grilling for the football games this Sunday. Then we went for a walk over to my neighbors house the second I got out of Wi-Fi it wouldn’t stream it. And then I get an email today saying I can watch TV live anytime anywhere from my device! There is no Asterix after, stating that and no fine print anywhere on the email. But yet still no football anytime anywhere! I don’t know if it’s like this for the rest of the channels because I’ve never tried it because I have streaming apps for everything else but maybe spectrum TV isn’t worth paying for. I have TV phone and Internet and barely use TV unless it’s for football and I don’t even know my phone number but they convinced me to have it all! Maybe getting the DIRECTV now app would make more sense because then I can watch TV anytime anywhere, for real!!!.Version: 7.9

Not able to connect with tvI never write app reviews but I feel compelled to express also what other people are reviewing recently. For every company trying “new and approved” strategies, they need customer feedback to make adjustments to better their product for further customer satisfaction. Your customers are not happy right now with the service. I’ve been using your app for 6 months now. I loved the live tv option! I’ve had no problem syncing it to my Apple TV until this week. I did every kind of trouble shooting but realized that your app is the only one that won’t connect. If you want to compete with the other many streaming app companies, you need a working compatible app for streaming with the flexibility of everyone’s device or version. If you don’t fix these bugs in a timely manner people will cancel and the company will loose revenue. I hope you take these recent reviews under strong advisement to make these corrections because if it wasn’t for us customers the company couldn’t thrive. Thank you.Version: 7.21

Not that goodThey should take some notes from xfinity-X1. This app is constantly buffering. You can record things on the app and only play them on the app on the device you set the recording on. So, if I record a show on my living room tv and am traveling, I can’t watch it until I get home on my living room tv. If I’m traveling and record a show on my tablet, and want to watch it when I get home, I have to watch it on my tablet. This is absurd. It’s all one account! So wherever I connect to that account I should get the same product! And it’s terrible on Apple TV. I usually get frustrated and switch to a streaming app. It’s more difficult to navigate the app than others as well. It’s my only choice in the area we moved to and it’s definitely not up to par with what I’m used to. 😡.Version: 8.4

Sketchy serviceWhile I appreciate being able to watch tv programming on my iPad via SpectrumTV, the off-and-on service can be infuriating. Can’t count how many times I’ve been bumped off in the middle of a program with a message that the channel is not available at this time! Or when I tap on the Guide tab and a message tells me - the only user of this device and SpectrumTV - that I do not have access to it and need to consult the administrator! What?! Yesterday, when I was blocked from accessing the Guide I tried to go to Live TV but the channel listing was incomplete, starting at USA. Sometimes shutting down and unplugging solves the problem but more often then not, the only solution is time. And by then the show is over and I’m no longer interested. For that reason, Spectrum gets a 3..Version: 6.37

Apple TV live streaming is horrible!The app worked quite well when it was released at the beginning of the year. Live streaming worked well. Minor bugs have been quashed and the UI has been refined for the better. Unfortunately, it seems that live streaming has since gone downhill. The worst offenders are the movie channels like HBO and Showtime. They play fine for a few minutes and either the image gets pixelated, freezes with audio or it jumps back to where you started watching. Occasionally, it tunes into a black screen with audio. This does not happen when watching On Demand content. The only other bug is that when I watch On Demand content, the episode I watched will appear in the TV app even though I’ve already seen it. I then have to manually mark it as watched to remove it. Also, the problem is not my device or internet speed because the iPhone app streams live video without any of these problems. I have the the 4th Gen Apple TV and I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app as well as restarting my Apple TV to no avail. Spectrum doesn’t seem to have a way to give the app developers feedback so I’m hoping giving them a 1-star review will get their attention and they will fix this problem because in its current condition, the app is almost useless for live streaming..Version: 6.33.1

Not Acceptable!Until now, i would’ve given 4 star rating but seeing that I’ve used this app for 2 years now, I’ve never had any issues with watching live tv through the app, until today. When i opened the app, as i do every morning, it took me straight to the favorites page, when i tried clicking on to watch live tv, i noticed the buttons weren’t highlighted, but i proceeded anyway, i get this weird message saying “the account holder” has locked it. Now i know that not to be true, how can i lock the whole live tv, the guide and demand? So i turned my phone off and turned it back on, same problem, no live tv, no guide, no demand. I uninstalled/reinstalled thinking and hoping that would solve my issue and unfortunately, my issue was not resolved that way. Seeing that none of the developers had responded back to some recent reviews, i hoping my issue doesn’t fall on deaf ears!.Version: 6.31

Sadly annoying.Haven’t used the app on the phone or other mobile devices, but using this app on my appletv, it’s sadly annoying. It’s improved with figuring out which spectrum WiFi to utilize in my house, but I think I honestly need to run a physical hook up back to my modem. App loves to buffer, sometimes for just a second, other times for minutes on end until I change the channel and then return to the previous channel. Even more annoying is sometimes the video feed will return but have no sound. Again, sometimes for a second sometimes for a while. Spectrums initial tech support told me a needed to unplug my appletv and then plug bag in. Lol. This isn’t a solution. For a corporate communication company I certainly expect better, especially considering how prices continue to skyrocket while our physical infrastructure remains the same. The United States pays excessively more than the rest of the tech world for far less. This is sad..Version: 8.12

MisleadingThe problem here is they don't tell you ahead of time that to be able to access the content you have to be a TimeWarner Cable subscriber. Unless you're connected through them, this app is worthless. Misleading, but perfectly legit. No hard feelings TW..Version: 1.0.2

Horrible!I am so frustrated with this app and have no clue why I am paying so much for cable that uses this feature as a selling point. I can’t even take my phone into another room of my 700 square ft apartment to watch the news in the morning. If it isn’t freezing every minute, buffering, replaying something from a few minutes ago at random times, telling me I’ve locked my account or need a subscription service, it works, but with the worst quality picture I’ve ever seen. Even my regular TV antennae has a better quality picture!! I can stream Netflix and HBO Now in the same room with absolutely zero problems. I have been contemplating cutting the cord for a while now and this is finally hitting my last nerve so I will be dumping spectrum cable soon. Too bad I still have to use them for my internet service. This is unacceptable and has been going on for months and months. I’m not sure why I’ve held out this long and continued service at such a high cost..Version: 6.32

App is garbage.CONSTANT ISSUES. Really doesn’t surprise me since I have constant issues with their cable boxes also. Waaaayyyy too many commercials in their “on demand” service which really just defeats the purpose of watching anything on demand. Should call it “on demand” since it’s more like “on their terms”... commercials play every four or five minutes and at least half of those breaks are 3-4 minutes long. Absolutely ridiculous. Also, whenever u want to resume watching something, wherever u resumed from will be where it goes to every single time u pause or maybe switch apps to send a text or anything like that. Then u have to watch ALL THOSE COMMERCIALS AGAIN because u can only fast forward to the next commercial break. Totally unacceptable. Been that way for at least a year now, maybe longer. I’ve had enough of spectrums garbage overpriced service. Never been more dissatisfied with a cable provider in my entire life. The boxes are unusable, I don’t even watch tv anymore because of them, the app is garbage, on demand is a joke, and it’s all way too expensive. A thousand thumbs down. Don’t waste your time money or energy. Go with a different provider. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎.Version: 8.11

Warning don't waste your timeProbably the worst app I have ever downloaded , apps should be ready to go after a couple of clicks without going through a crap load of hoops and wild goose chases. Deleted within seconds, what utter garbage..Version: 1.0.2

AwfulDon't waste your time.Version: 1.0.2

Constant issuesI can deal with the frame rate dropping at times and an occasional glitch with the app, but it's not occasional. I've had this app when spectrum was time warner, between the business shady practices and issues with the app it's incredibly annoying when I'm just trying to watch a show. Now you've updated so any early model iPads can't use the app at all due to iOS issues. We pay your ever increasing bills and in return we lose Chanel's, get spotty connections, can only get the channels we pay for if we're on our home wifi, have to deal with customer service that does nothing but say sorry ever 5 seconds and now you've completely banned people with early model devices from using an app related to something they pay a good chunk of change to every month. Spectrum lied to me when they said I wouldn't lose channels during my switch and now removed me from my main way of viewing content. NYC needs more alternatives. Beyond horrible.Version: 6.33.2

Why won't this downloadScene.Version: 3.4.4

Garbage on XboxOne and can’t review thereConstant black screen on certain channels, but app is still running, Upon trying to contact Spectrum customer service (I know, just writing it is a joke), they blamed a brand new Google Mesh WiFi system for the issue. They also wanted to charge me to send someone out if the problem is not on their end. How an average customer would prove to an independent contractor that Spectrum has a software issue is beyond me, but I guess we all need to be coders to not get ripped off. Even though they blame Google (literally, their rep claimed Google is not infallible), the App doesn’t have the same issues on my Roku or through IOS, on the same mesh WiFi network. It’s almost as if they’re reps would rather lie through their teeth than admit the problem. I will be switching to Sling shortly as Spectrum is awful. I miss the company before they got bought out by Charter. They don’t care at all about customers or customer service anymore..Version: 8.6.1

Will not play FOX and they never fix itI’ve had this for a few months now using it with the streaming deal where for $25/mo you pick ten channels to watch. Well one of the channels I picked is FOX so I can watch Last Man Standing. This is the only way I can watch the show on its broadcast night as any other source is blacked out in my area. On FOX and only on FOX the video pauses every two seconds...seriously you can count it. One one thousand, two one thousand, pause. One one thousand, two one thousand, pause and so on....forever...FOX news is fine, USA is fine, SYFY is fine...just FOX. I’ve reported it to Spectrum and they say things like...well your modem hasn’t been rebooted in a few months. IDIOTS! Seriously this app is crap and the fact that they haven’t been able to roll out a fix for this in three months is ridiculous...but they are still taking my $25 a month for lack of service..Version: 6.31

TERRIBLE APP TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!!DO NOT GET SPECTRUM!!!!! I don’t know how they get a rating of 4.4 when the vast majority of reviews are negative! I have had nothing but problems since we switched to spectrum, it works OK ( but not as good as it should given how much they charge! ) on the two TVs that have the box but not great, a lot of buffering, voice not matching pic, have to reboot the box a lot and it takes FOREVER! And it is absolutely horrible when you try to use the app on a smart tv, laptop or phone. Can’t watch I demand, it won’t load, buffering all the time, freezes frequently, audio doesn’t match pic....... the list goes on and on! When you call tech support they have no freaking idea what’s going on, nothing but excuses! They tell me it’s my tv, really cuz all my other apps work just fine! Again the list of excuses goes on and on, they have a different excuse every time I call and it’s NEVER spectrums fault!! DONT GET SPECTRUM!!!!!.Version: 7.22

Spectrum tv app is still in BETA!!!I just switched from a provider that I was with for 8 years with no problems at all to spectrum. From day one with spectrum I’ve had nothing but problems. They bait and switched me to get my business. I had to upgrade my service the day I got it. They sold me 3 Apple TV boxes when there spectrum tv app is still in BETA. The spectrum tv app is NOT stable right now!!!!!! Do not get sold the Apple TV boxes!!!!!!! If you open them there is a NO RETURN policy. Why???? Because spectrum knows the Apple TV boxes aren’t the problem, it’s their unstable spectrum app that is the problem. Idea for spectrum don’t make customers pay for a beta version of your unstable software. I’ve been on the phone with spectrum reps and supervisors for hours have had techs out to the house to solve these problems and nobody can fix them. I’ve only had spectrum service for 2 weeks!!!!!Stay away new customers you’ve been warned!!!!!!.Version: 6.33

Horrible❗️😡First off, Spectrum won’t allow any user to be proactive when it comes to our own security! Spectrum customers are not allowed to use a VPN! Being denied access to the services we pay them for just because of our added security is now making me question if Spectrum already sells our personal information to the highest (or really any) bidder?? This is extremely scary considering the challenges we already face when it comes to protecting our personal deets along with our children from predators on the Internet! It’s not like we can stop using it! The Internet has become a big part of just about all aspects of everyone’s daily life! So...now the most recent slap in the face being that Spectrum has decided to take away access to the SpectrumTV App from its paying customers that have older working computers like an iPhone, iPad and/or notebook/laptop!! PLUS, they’ve not just blocked the SpectrumTV App from these users, but they’ve also now blocked the ability to watch TV through their website by using browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari!! 🤬 *And others are correct...even using the newest iPhone/iPad this TV app will only allow certain stations available for us to view/watch 🤬😡🤬😡 ‼️.Version: 7.25

Good when it works, support is poor when it doesn'tI stream the spectrum tv app on a 5G system on an iPad 4 in the Pomona, CA area. When the app works, I would rate the experience a 5 out of 10 because it continually freezes or won't connect. Brought this up with their support group and they run you through the usual stuff (reset the modem, reset the router, etc.) and it never fixes the problem. A few times support suggested updating the app and there was no update to be found. If you're lucky enough to finally get an update after waiting for it to come out after a week or two (I've waited as long as a month), then the app seems to work for a while, then the problems start again. It's a vicious cycle that spectrum seems to enjoy putting us through. It's about time to cut the cable. Of course if spectrum would take notice of their promise, which is "tv on all your devices," and fix the problems on devices other than the tv, I wouldn't be wasting my time writing this review. By the way spectrum, the app is saying to update to the latest version, but there isn't any update in the app store.... again!.Version: 7.5

DeletedWow. Junk app. Took me 3 seconds to delete..Version: 1.0.1

Why change what works?!I understand bugs and things have gotten better....BUT, The app was fine until someone decided the change how the guide is used. It’s on the right hand side of the screen and you “used to” swipe left and the mini guide would work. NOW you swipe right to get the mini menu on the “right to move out towards the left” then to get the whole guide you would swipe right and then swipe left! Before, you would simply swipe left for mini guide and swipe left again for full guide! Obviously going in the direction the way the guide pops out....also when watching movies and/or tv for hours ....the app and/or Apple TV itself asks “are you still there and watching” hit any button to verify and to keep watching! Simple before and now makes no sense for trying to navigate. Even other buttons are hidden and moved! How about add a pause for live tv?! (It’s streaming just like other apps and they pause) why not Spectrum?! Hopefully people complain and they change it back to the way it was .....which was fine!.Version: 8.7.1

Spectrum TV App is Surprisingly BadThis is supposed to be a premium streaming/digital experience, yet unlike nearly every other premium streaming app, Spectrum TV doesn’t have the ability PAUSE, FORWARD, or REWIND while watching TV! This is a HUGE disappointment in contrast to the TV experience from the other streaming TV apps. Being unable to PAUSE is a primary lacking feature in Spectrum TV that one expects from a streaming TV app. Second, in the first week of service we have experienced 2 complete outages, and 1 phone malfunction. Third - the user experience of this app is absolutely infuriating. Constantly having to reset how the channels are displayed (all, favorites, etc) is the first strike every time you enter. The fast scroll in the Guide does not not go page by page, so you end up skipping/missing channels in favor of speed. And at 400mbps, the picture still randomly pixelates. I could go on and on, but I’ve wasted enough time. Highly dissatisfied..Version: 8.4

Hmmm, not working in CanadaBut if you are interested in streaming OTA ATSC HDTV, check out Telly in the app store. It works with many brand of ATSC Tuners..Version: 2.5.0

Liars!Don’t change to spectrum Tv! I was with Brighthouse for 30 years plus, and they promised me an unbelievable deal if I switched.,5 minutes after I hung up with them, o lost my phone, internet and cable. Then found out I would be streamline tv and not watching it live when I turn the tv on. Then they promised me a bundle deal of 200 MB’s internet, phone service, and cable , 10 of my favorite channels and all my local cable channels, all for $96. And that I could keep 2 of my dvrs also. Well I spoke with 5 reps for a month before I made the switch. Ever one of them lied to me., What they promised me would cost $160 a month or more. I’m paying $140 a month plus taxes so it comes to about $150 and I’m streaming AND they did not inform me that you can only stream spectrum on a Samsung tv. So had to go out and spend $80 on 2 Roku sticks. It’s all just a bunch of crap. Don’t believe anything they say! Make them send their promises in an email to you, and get the name and badge number of everyone you talk to AMD record them!.Version: 8.4

If high-quality video is important to you then you’ll be disappointed.I’ve been using the Spectrum TV App for iPhone and iPad on & off for years. I’ve never been overly impressed by these two iOS Apps but they are both free, so I never expected much out of them. However I was very excited when the Spectrum TV App for Apple TV was announced. To make a long-story short, I was excited at the opportunity of removing my Spectrum HD Cablebox and using Spectrum TV App for Apple TV on my “Apple TV 4K” (all the HDMI connections on my AV Surround Sound Processor were being used, so removing the Cablebox would free-up one HDMI port so I could connect a game console). Now that I have everything reconfigured, I can honestly report that using the Spectrum HD Cablebox is more feature rich and easier in every way, compared to the Spectrum TV App for Apple TV; and I am ok with that because what I care about most is high-end video and audio quality. At first blush the video quality looked pretty decent… but my excitement faded quickly once I started watching HD programming with fast action. If you are interested in high-quality video, you’ll be very disappointed with the Spectrum TV App for Apple TV. As I write this I am watching The Stanley Cup Playoff Finals on NBCSN and the HD video quality is nowhere near as good as watching the same thing on their Cablebox..Version: 7.0

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