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Expect up to a one minute lag for live tv.Only gripe, and this could obviously just be a current technological problem, rather than an issue specific to Spectrum) but when streaming live tv, the lag can be about 30 seconds to one minute late. I’ve got the super bowl on tv downstairs, when I need to leave the room, the app would allow me to watch while I am in another room, however, I can hear my family clap/cheer in response to a touchdown in the other room, which I don’t see happen for another minute watching through the app on my phone. I come back to the room, and i have two choices: watch it live on tv which is one minute ahead (so i miss a full minute) OR continue watching the app until a commercial when I can resume watching on tv without missing any plays. A small lag isn’t a big deal at all, but one minute? It doesn’t even take that long for tv networks to correspond and communicate to journalists internationally on a live news broadcast, and here I am in the same house on the same network? Baffling..Version: 8.17

Absolutely Wretched1. App crashes often upon opening even after multiple updates 2. App crashes and/or gives multiple errors that are resolved simply by not using the app for an extended period of time (1 hour to 3+days) 3. Streaming is absolutely horrid. The HD quality is nonexistent with heavily pixelated content and non-stop buffering being commonplace. With a decent home WiFi connection, it should not take me 2 hours to watch/wait-to-watch a 1 hour television series. 4. Most updates do very little to improve overall functionality when replaying shows on demand. 5. Such poor quality increases my sustain of Spectrum as a company and as a paid service, thus pushing me towards cancelling my subscription in favour of more cost-efficient, reliable options..Version: 7.1

:(Ok. Lets start from the beginning. I would always use this app for when my family would hog the tv. And we only have one. So what I would do, is watch movies or Nickelodeon or Disney. And I loved it. And it’s great. Now, recently, a new musical episode came out and I decided to watch it on Nickelodeon. But for some reason, at the time, NICKELODEON WAS REMOVED FROM THE APP!!!! I mean, I know it was there because I would always watch Nickelodeon. What happens guys??? I mean, I love the app, and I still use it. But.... this was just ridiculous and bad luck for me. How, because years ago my parents removed Nickelodeon from cable. And now, we need to pay $200 for that simple channel? And they took out Nickelodeon from the Tv app!?!?!? Thing that frustrates me is that my parents took out the channel for free, and I have to pay to get it back.......Version: 7.9

Lower your pricesYour service is okay. You just charge too much money for the average person. Pretty soon I will have to stop your service. Only the rich can afford. I would think with this pandemic, you would lower your prices. There is so much misery in this world right now. Especially for children and we live in the twenty first century, with a President that really doesn’t care and has shown us in every possible way. Right now my neighbors have COVID and it’s scary. Like I said, your service is for Rich people like the President and others, that simply don’t care. What gets me is there is snow on the ground, no money to keep warm. I pray that something will come through soon and these kids will not have to suffer. You could lower your prices because of the pandemic. Your company does fine because the rich keep you afloat..Version: 8.13

Sketchy serviceWhile I appreciate being able to watch tv programming on my iPad via SpectrumTV, the off-and-on service can be infuriating. Can’t count how many times I’ve been bumped off in the middle of a program with a message that the channel is not available at this time! Or when I tap on the Guide tab and a message tells me - the only user of this device and SpectrumTV - that I do not have access to it and need to consult the administrator! What?! Yesterday, when I was blocked from accessing the Guide I tried to go to Live TV but the channel listing was incomplete, starting at USA. Sometimes shutting down and unplugging solves the problem but more often then not, the only solution is time. And by then the show is over and I’m no longer interested. For that reason, Spectrum gets a 3..Version: 6.37

It’s ok… NEEDS improvement…Spectrum TV app needs some improvement. First off, why does it lag on live shows? As soon as you get to an interesting part of a life show, spectrum ruins it and lags. Then once it’s done, you can’t go back to the show until it’s over. That’s annoying. Second, why when a shows of air (or is over), you can’t rewatch all the episodes? Just certain ones. That doesn’t make sense and is frustrating. Third, why are there locked movies? (Harry Potter for instance) that is so annoying! So, unlock them (and any other locked items), please. Last, why does it say that there is an episode that I can’t watch because it’s not loading properly?? Is that my fault, and that my punishment is to stop watching my shows? I understand, the app is global, but to do that? With good Wi-Fi? Not on me, please fix! So,the improvements it will need aren’t many right now, but possible for later. 1. NO MORE LAGGING DURING LIVE SHOWS! (Or if it’s a rewatch) 2. LET US WATCH ALL EPISODES OF SERIES THAT ARE OFF AIR. 3. NO MORE LOCKED ITEMS. 4. NO MORE OF NOT BEING ABLE TO WATCH EPISODES FROM SERIES..Version: 8.52

Good appIf you take a minute to register it is worth it. All they need is some information, they didn't even ask for my time Warner account number...and now I am watching on my front porch..Version: 1.0.1

App is much smoother still with quirksSo I was a beta tester for this service. I got the roku and hated the app and needless to say the device - why can’t the battery cover stay on the remote?! When they finally released an AppleTV version I was happier. Many of the quirks were gone, albeit with a much smoother interface, yet some still remain. Most notably, the volume, when it works with AirPlay, does not react if the side tray is out with the channel list. To see this, simply swipe from the right. The app defaults to TV volume instead of airplay volume control, both when opened with airplay on and when the tray is used when the app is already open. I’d hope they could have fixed this issue but it’s been this way for months. So now it’s time for a review. I’m also disappointed with the apps inability to be compatible with various TV settings. For starters, the audio would drop out on specific channels like AMC, IFC, and a few others, unless the device settings were not on Automatic. This was the only app I had this issue, so I know it’s the app. Otherwise, the programming and interface are great. I prefer it over AT&Ts and Sling’s, another which I find very quirky. Thanks for reading!.Version: 8.23

Overall works wellThis is my primary source for spectrum cable. For the most part the app seems to work fairly well on my Apple 4K TV. I have noticed that there are some things I miss with a traditional cable box such as being able to change the channel by punching in the numbers on the remote but this seems to work fairly well through scrolling in the guide. I can also use Siri to move to a channel I want to see. One of the major issues that I see is that there can be freezing of shows particularly on fast motion or action movie. Additionally, spectrum has up to four or five of the same channels as you’re scrolling. This can seem reductive as you’re trying to find the channel you wish to see and you keep seeing the same channels repeat in your guide. Overall, a good app..Version: 8.16

Problems with RokuWe have two different models of the Roku, a bottom line version and the upgraded model. Using the Spectrum app with the upgraded Roku is okay. When you want to switch channels or go to the guide it’s pretty responsive but doing that in the bottom line model of the Roku is awful!! If you ware watching TV and want to go to guild it takes about 10 seconds for it to switch to that screen. Then while scrolling through the channels it sometimes freezes so you have to select that channel, go back into the guide and continue scrolling. It seems that when Spectrum did an upgrade on the app it slowed down the speed on the Roku. Switch back to the previous version of the app, it seemed to work better and my husband and I liked the format of app better..Version: 7.27

Update broke the app on iOS devices and RokuUpdate: I contacted Spectrum directly and chatted with a representative. After establishing my account credentials, the rep did some adjustments on their end and the app now works again on all devices. If your own devices are still unresponsive, I suggest you also contact Spectrum to resolve your app issues. It only took ten minutes or so of my time. Thank you, Spectrum representative ! Since this new update dropped, this app has completely ceased functioning. Whether on a Mac, on iPad or iPhone, or on Roku, the app will not load. It keeps saying that there is no Internet connection available. Everything else on iPad, Mac and Roku functions normally so the problem is clearly with the new version of this app. Please fix ASAP !.Version: 8.40

Great app!Many small things struck me, as well as, large things. First off, I appreciate not being immediately “approached” for a review until after I had used the app and, also, that the “request” came at the end of my using the app; not first-thing upon initiating the app. As for the larger things, I am very happy with my Spectrum app! It’s content is always up to date and can find what I’m looking for approximately 95% of the time! And, there’s always something new to watch when exploring “on demand”-movies, shows, etc. The only occasional problems I’ve experienced are periodic buffering and the rare case that I can’t find what I’m looking for. However, I/you can’t always expect there to be everything to be there! I absolutely love this app as it is consistent a great majority of the time! I also love that I can still watch shows while doing other things, as the Spectrum app appears in any corner you wish to put it in! Keep up the good work, Spectrum!! As it always keeps shows up to date while it fixes all the “bugs” it comes across, one of which, is to keep track of the shows I’ve watched with a checkmark. Keep up the good work! This app has been so beneficial to others, like me, that are extremely sick. I can always watch shows on the app on my iPad, whether it be in the bedroom or the hospital. Thank you!!!.Version: 7.21

Spectrum makes my house come alive.Before I switched to Spectrum I never knew when my Internet would work or whether it would work fast enough to actually complete a task. I also would have issues with just something as simple as watching TV. The signal would come and go or the screen would freeze and you miss a program. I won’t name my previous provider but it was like I was wandering around in a desolate frontier. Once I switched to Spectrum my house came alive again. You could actually use the Internet when you wanted to and you could watch TV programs without constant interruptions. Thank you Spectrum. You have been a great addition to my household..Version: 8.25

LOVE the app because it works ...You don’t need to be computer internet digital savvy, but once configured on all yr devices the delivery is seamless. My only issue is Spectrum’s over all cost. Streaming is the future. Though there ‘s a 10-15 sec delay, and sometimes losing Internet connectivity, ... though rare in the city can and will probably happen to you sometime, it’s rare. Get rid of the set top box and invest in a high broadband Internet connection and Roku. FIOS, Optimum , I.e and offers a thousand of additional paid and free channel options Subscription costs app but like broadcast - cable someone needs to pony up. For a New Yorker, Spectrum News is great for local news in real time. Part of the reason I’m still on Spectrum, but my days are counted. The key is having a high speed Internet connection for a streaming experience. And if you rather 100 channels instead of 1000 the choice is yours. Unfortunately in my current financial situation I need the essential for less....Version: 8.11

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