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Gmail - Email by Google App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Gmail - Email by Google app received 174 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Gmail - Email by Google? Can you share your negative thoughts about gmail - email by google?

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Gmail - Email by Google for Negative User Reviews

Attaching and downloading files are a nightmare!If you want to be able to able to attach a file from your iPad’s hard disk space, you can forget it. With this app, you can only attach from your camera roll or your googledrive, or if the file is already an attachment on one of the other emails in your inbox. Same with downloading. It won’t let me download a document to my iPad to open it up with a specific app, which is causing me huge issues when trying to print. I can only print a document using their own viewer, which means all the formatting of the document is lost. I have to revert to the browser version to be able to attach or download files from/to any other source respectively. I find this extremely frustrating...especially in this day and age when integration with other apps is the norm..Version: 6.0.190602

Dark mode disappointing, hard to read.App has just given me dark mode option, surprised after waiting for so long that I am really disappointed with the low visibility of text in dark mode. The sender and preview text is so hard to read being light grey! Other email apps have bright white for the sender & much easier to read. I will revert back to light mode!.Version: 6.0.200412

NonsenseIn a world run by machines it’s no surprise you won’t get any human help in regards to the horrendous issues surrounding this app/service. No contact number. No live chat and in regards to “emailing” my problem the fact I have received no emails in the past 6 or so weeks is a clear indication that there is a major issue. My only question is how is this being resolved and those who have actually suffered as I have what exactly is being done to rectify this. Some people have missed out on important life changing news because of this outage but yet nobody is being helped it seems. This is nonsense and the app isn’t free when it costs you your time and energy trying to use it for what you want and not what they want you to use it for to no success. Stay away!!.Version: 6.0.200810

Broken and not worth your timeI previously had all of my emails set up on this, and out of nowhere, all of the “@outlook” ones got removed. So I tried adding them back. Immediately I was met with a question, “Would you like to try Gmailify”, which I answered no, but it wouldn’t let me pass. Tried everything, restarting, updating, and it just wouldn’t let me. So after being forced to answer yes, I had to resign in and after that, I also hit another barrier; it wouldn’t let me continue after choosing to receive my Outlook account’s emails on my one of my Gmail accounts. So now I’ve wasted my time and effort only to be unable to use this app for its sole purpose. Switching to another mail service, I suggest you do too..Version: 6.0.190309

Issues with attachments on work email accountI can’t for the life of me figure how to attach any actual documents to emails when using my work account on my iPhone. Works without any issues on my personal account, but as soon as I switch accounts I can only attach photos. It really shouldn’t be this difficult. I’ve wasted hours trying to find an online solution, and the best I’ve found is that some settings must be changed on a computer. I’ve been happy with gmail preciously, but am now starting to look for other email solutions..Version: 6.0.211018

No notificationsI had a bug yesterday where the notification badge was still showing on the app icon so I restarted the phone. It was still there even though there were no unread emails. So then I deleted the app and reinstalled it and now even though the badge has disappeared, I now no longer get any notifications at all. I’ve checked the settings on both phone and the app and they’re all on the correct settings to show notifications but they don’t. Even after multiple restarts. The only way I know I have a new email is to go into the app then they show up. That’s not acceptable or convenient. I get a lot of important emails throughout the day and I’d prefer not to miss any of them so I want this app to work as it should..Version: 6.0.220123

Dark mode isn’t available :(There’s no theme option when you go to settings. I have ios 13.4 and have tried reinstalling the app but theme still doesn’t show up..Version: 6.0.200224

Missing inbox!The old inbox was much nicer looking, cleaner and easier to sort. This new gmail looks more dated somehow. Disappointed I had to change....Version: 5.0.190211

Adequate. But...For basic reading and sending email it’s fine. Does the job well and is crisp and clean. However, if you’re more than a very basic user it’s useless. The email signature gets placed at the very end of all the replies, so with an email exchange your signatures keep building up at the bottom of the email. Looks terrible and not at all professional. You can fix this in the browser, but not in the app version. Strange. The snooze function works well and syncs to a gmail on a web browser nicely. Maybe with some more development it’ll improve. But until then, you’re genuinely better off with other better apps like Spark, Edison or even Outlook..Version: 6.0.190224

Basic functions…For a company like google, it blows my mind that the app does not have a mark all as read option. You have this dumb sorting automatic sorting system that constantly hides emails from me that, but you can’t put the mark all option from your browser email system to the app. It is 2021. There is no possible reason for this. I only downloaded this app so I could separate the notifications between my two emails on the iPhone mail app and gmail app. I’m currently computerless, so this is quite an inconvenience dealing with emails. Also, I have searched through my entire email history, and have two unread emails I can not find. Searching for “unread” in gmail only pulls up THOUSANDS of emails you have automatically sorted into other email boxes. With no “mark all” feature on app or phone browser, this has made it impossible for me to get rid of the notifications for two, very old at this point, unread emails. I repeat, you are a billion dollar tech company. And you have less functionality than the basic iPhone mail app. 3/5 because obviously it’s an alright app besides the glaring problems..Version: 6.0.210822

AnnoyedI’d like to start by saying gmail needs a few improvements. They need to make it so that we can mark all our emails as read so that we don’t have thousands of emails that we haven’t read because they are promotions or social that we don’t want to see or deal with and it’s just generally annoying having the notification there. Someone might suggest to just turn notifications off but I need my notifications on when important emails come through and I need to reply to them straightaway or see what they say because I can’t just keep checking the app I need to have the notification. They also need to rearrange their app and make it more user friendly it’s too confusing.Version: 6.0.190822

Dark modeWe are in 2020, We need dark mode in Gmail..Version: 6.0.200323

I use too love itI’ve been using gmail for over 10 years and recently I have nothing but issues with all the new iPhone updates. I lost my original sound when I receive an email on an update which I’m bummed about. Now I have removed reinstalled many times the issues I’m having after I close my gmail and it says I have 82 emails my app on the main screen won’t update too the correct number of emails. I have too open and close gmail like 3 times for it too sync. I am not logged in anywhere else so I don’t know why I am having this issue. And also google will not pick up my phone name and my location. Today I just deleted everything cause it’s driving me crazy I signed into gmail and it tells me I’m on an iPhone in New York. I do not use a vpn and I live in south New Jersey which is hours from the city. Why won’t my location adjust when I log in and did you take away the phone details? It’s like I’m using a downgraded version even though it says my app and iPhone is all up too date. I wish you would fix these little features I like too see my phone name when I set up all my security it makes me uneasy seeing your picking up just an iPhone and at that you think I’m using an iPhone 8 Plus which I never had I have an iPhone 11.Version: 6.0.221002

So many disappointments recentlyI’ve used Gmail almost since it started and on iOS since the advent of the iPhone. Until a few months ago I would have given 5 stars, but the functionality is now woefully frustrating. Many features have disappeared. Most annoying for me is the option to select and copy all content in an email after sending a reply. This was possible by pressing and holding the ‘on Date etc ....Name... wrote’. Not any longer. Only a single word is highlighted and trying to scroll to select all text is useless as the selected area scrolls too. Such a basic function I’d come to rely on. There are other infuriating glitches, such as the email not loading after opening a link in Safari or Chrome. Considering switching to another app to ease my frustration, or ditching gmail for Outlook..Version: 6.0.201004

Minimalist design, minimalist featuresThis is an email app by the biggest email host ever right? Why isn’t there a swipe to move feature? And the “move to” feature is buried under a menu instead of just out in the open. Everyone I know who has this app complains about this - how is it not added yet? I have yet to find any email app that doesn’t have this feature. It’s just basic email organization. Also, as with most apps sadly, developers haven’t caught on that putting the buttons at the top makes their app two handed or burdensome by hand occlusion or multiple swipes and taps to achieve the same thing if the navigation/buttons were at the bottom of the screen. Leave the top blank and empty - keep that minimal and bring the interactive parts of the app within one handed easy reach (bottom). Lastly, the shake to undo feature is missing which is a basic iPhone feature every app should be held accountable for... not sure how this made it though the App Store approval process with out “shake to undo”, but be warned - this app doesn’t have that cool and useful feature..Version: 5.0.181230

March 2020 still no dark mode ios13I mean, come on. The app is useless to me if it's 100 times brighter than all my other apps. Get your stuff together..Version: 6.0.200308

Doesn't sync properly and that annoying bunch up of emails....Firstly, it never syncs properly! I have a nice tidy filing system when I log in on the computer so the inbox itself is usually clear... but the files always remain in my inbox when using the app! Really annoying when you're OCD about filing! The emails weird order is just annoying.. I can't make sense of the order and sometimes I have to wait until I get onto a computer as I can't reply to the latest email in the thread but some random one from the middle... Why? Is it that hard to just make it show the latest email up front and work backwards in a timeline order? It's too hard to use properly... Theses bugs have been going on for years!.Version: 6.0.220109

Update has made the app non-functioningI’ve been using gmail for ages with no problems, but was told today I had to update the app to use it. Once updated, the app kept saying there was “no connection” when on either wifi or data, even though I have gmail allowed for data usage, and my wifi was working fine. Now it’ll connect, but when composing a message I can’t send it or schedule send, I’m just stuck on the screen and the email does not automatically save to drafts like it used to. I’m confused and disappointed that this app is suddenly useless now..Version: 6.0.200412

New Update Hurts My EyesI have migraine and vision issues. The new, jarring, super white look makes my eyes hurt, especially when I have a migraine. With no color separation or clear boundary demarcation, it strains my eyes, if I have to spend any real time checking my email. I no longer use a desktop or laptop computer, so I depend on using the app. The new changes make it almost impossible for me to use, though, because it literally hurts my eyes and causes my vision to blur. Additionally, the placement of the option to change accounts in the previous version made sense. Where it is placed in the new version is not intuitive or user friendly. It now takes extra steps to pull up a separate screen in order to switch between accounts. This means I have to spend additional time on the stark white, visually unappealing app, which literally causes me pain, if I want to check my mail. This is a HORRIBLE update, that does not give any consideration for those with eye strain or vision problems. I won’t even go into the serious need to add options for color coding, for people who rely on visual cues to stay organized. Or the fact that nearly every other email app had a dark mode, at the very least. Please, please, PLEASE fix this!.Version: 5.0.190127

Extremely disappointed with Google servicesThis is the 4th Google app I have written a review for. Maps, Assistant, Google and now Gmail. Appears to be a trend. Gmail only allows for you to upload and attach files that are located within Gmail or Google Drive. Requiring me to have duplicates of files from Google drive to my devices own storage. This isn’t the case for images where I can directly upload an image from my device without having to go through google photos. Could you please remedy this? I have found there are other complaints regarding this discrepancy that are over a year old..Version: 6.0.200324

Great as long as you don’t need to attach filesSeriously do people even test these apps before releasing them? Say you have an iPhone and you want to attach a scanned pdf. The only option we have is to save it to google drive. Which would be great if it ever worked. I can never understand what I’m supposed to do so that the recipient of the email has permission to download the attachment. Why would anyone in this world want to attach something to an email without the permission to download it? But say you don’t want to use Google Drive and want to use iCloud instead. Not available! You can’t even copy and paste it. So the only way to do it is to uninstall the gmail app, write an angry review and then install the apple app..Version: 6.0.190822

Dark Mode on IOSWould be nice if dark mode worked..Version: 6.0.200323

BugMy biggest problem with the Gmail app is the limited options for adding attachments to emails. I use Outlook as my primary mobile app because I can attach files saved in iCloud, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, my phone storage, other OneDrive accounts and more. I also would prefer much more formatting options, especially for custom signatures. We are using our mobile devices for email more and more every day. I’d like to be able to use my html signature, or even just add an image or change font styles. Lastly, I don’t like how the Gmail app is the key holder for every Google app on my phone. In a perfect world, I could much more conveniently sign in and out if individual apps one at a time. I know I can’t realistically expect that from Google though. Just another reason I and many others prefer other apps. There is a bug in the app on the chat page now. I have to individually open chats from links in emails, because when I click the chat icon at the bottom of the screen, the list is empty. I am on the latest iOS on an iPhone XS..Version: 6.0.220124

I hate that i have to give it 2 starsAs a young professional i use lots of different devices to get work done and my iPad is a great device to have with me for meetings and travel to get some work done. The problem i have with Gmail is that it is ridiculously behind and anti-competitive with its features in this App. I love my google account, but let me be clear. Many young professionals might exclusively use Google services, but the vast majority of us use a lot outside of that ecosystem. I need to be able to quickly fire off an email with an attachment from my files. Apple’s files rightfully connect to iCloud, Drive, and most importantly OneDrive. I can’t for the life of me understand why Google won’t allow the Gmail app to plug into the files app and allow me to attach files from my OneDrive. Instead all you allow me to do is put my files on drive and then allow me to “share” the file through a link. This is needlessly anti-competitive and an inherently convoluted process. It’s forcing me to put more of my work flow through my Microsoft account. The only work around is to go to the browser, open gmail online, and then use the apple file system to browse my onedrive and send the file. Just make the app compatible with Apples file system. This type of activity is like making a gmail app for windows that won’t connect to file explorer, that would be pathetic and we’d all see right through it. Please make this a part of the future development of the app..Version: 6.0.190721

Why the change?I’m not loving or even liking a recent change they made. When I click a link in an email and it opens in Chrome or twitter or insta or wherever, and then I click the little arrow at the top left of the screen that says “return to Gmail” it previously would take me back to the email I had open, unless a long period of time had passed and then it might not do that. However, now it does one of two things, neither of which I like. It either goes back to the email but it is a blank screen and I have to click a left arrow button to get back to the email being open so I can read it, and figure out where I left off in the email. Other times, it goes back to Gmail as if I just opened it up after a long time and it checks for new mail. Then if I want to continue reading the email with aggregated news articles to to see what was next up, I have to remember which email it was and go hunt it down. Please, please, please...go back to the functionality around this you previously had where it would go back to the email you had/have open before you clicked a link, with the email still open and ready to continue reading (from the same spot) before I clicked away..Version: 6.0.200519

Unfriendly appNo matter what I do the sign in screens are always in Chinese. This makes life difficult since I always have to verify my sign ins, and sometimes I have to figure out what the screens are saying. The security procedure requires gmail to verify your signing using gmail on your phone, which doesn’t seem safe to me, and there is no option for normal two factor identification with a text message or something like that. Doing useful sorting of your mail is difficult and some things that I take for granted on other mail clients, like just looking at unread mail, don’t seem to be available. Here is an update. As a result of this review I got an email from Apple suggesting I could use the help center or contact the developer. Neither of these options was useful. The help center doesn’t address my issue and trying to contact the developer only gave a place to put screenshots. You can’t actual type anything or describe your problem in any way. I would be willing to start a new discussion thread, but there is no way to do that either..Version: 6.0.211226

App does not reflect changes made in desktopI have several google accounts I use for both work + personal life. Up until now, I have enjoyed the gmail app, finding that it is simple to use, and has everything I need to view, create, organize, and respond to emails. However, I recently went through a large email dump on my desktop, deleting about 52,000 emails across all my accounts. When I go to gmail on the web browser on my computer, it shows zero emails in the inbox. On the app, it's still showing thousands of emails in the inbox, despite having deleted them. I thought perhaps it would take the app a few days to catch up since I had deleted a large amount of emails at one time.. Unfortunately, even after several days, the app still does not reflect these changes. What use is an app that still shows me thousands of emails in my inbox that I have removed? Why does the app not match my current inbox status? I tried restarting my phone. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling. The issue persists. Very annoying, and renders the app completely useless for me..Version: 6.0.201101

Cannot delete old auto fill contacts on app and other issuesI have been able to delete old auto fill contacts via other contacts on the desktop but they keep showing up on the app. I have deleted the app and reinstalled but issue still not resolved. This glitch has been logged on the Google help centre by multiple people but still no response from Google. This issue is a major problem as emails will be sent to wrong email addresses. Please sort this issue asap as people are leaving gmail because of it. This issue is also on my husbands and friends gmail apps Update new issue - new issue in addition to the above issue which has not been resolved -affecting app only. When you delete emails and delete from trash they reappear after a day. When you look on gmail on a laptop they are not there. Only showing on the app. How is this secure????? Please fix issues asap..Version: 6.0.220124

Thieves of META data to sellFor those of you thinking using Google ANYTHING! You might want to consider how much of your rights you sign away digitally when you download any of their apps or suites! Google is the number one offender of selling meta-data, which is peoples personal tailored information similar to what your fingerprint would be except in the digital world to third-party buyers. May be wondering why they sell this data it’s because of target advertisement and they can also build a profile on your day-to-day activities. Factoring in where you go what you do how are you do it when you do it where are you do it time of day, etc. etc. etc.. it wouldn’t surprise me if Google actually has a dossier on every man in the United States that has at one point use Google services for something in there. And when I say collected information, I mean everything from bank account. To Social Security numbers to your personal address and even access to your cameras. that information is stored on their servers when you use their services. It is all sent back on an average about x1000 times a day for just one. Said that I say start looking to protect your private data that shouldn’t be sold to any company for profit or gain just so they can target advertise you..Version: 6.0.221016

Choice taken away instead of addedI’m giving a low score because when Google provided the chance to use dark mode in the Gmail app, they actually tied the option to whatever them you whole phone is using. My phone is in dark mode, as I get migraines and this helps. I prefer emails to be in light mode, though, as almost every email I’ve received has looked better that way. They just aren’t sent out with themes in mind and some content is often rendered unreadable. You can change individual emails to light mode, but as someone who reads many emails at a time, this is ridiculous. Why take away our choice instead of giving it?.Version: 6.0.221127

Learn the importance of visual languageThe new icons are terrible - at a quick glance they all look the same, and it is very easy to click on the wrong one. Your designers would do well to understand the importance of visual iconography and context mapping. This is clearly the result of some overpaid execs trying to justify their existence, and it shows. Unification of a software suite does not mean every icon has to match, and your brand could have been streamlined without sacrificing usability. Three stars for the fact that the app itself still works fine, though the number of times I’ve misclicked into maps (which sits next to my gmail icon) is frankly astounding..Version: 6.0.201101

FrustratedI’ve used gmail and it’s app for yrs. However with these resent new updates it’s been frustrating. For yrs I’ve always had it linked to my yahoo email and it was super convenient and easy for me to navigate through the different emails. But with this new update it’s like it’s syncing all of my email accounts together. So now my yahoo email is now synced with gmail, and my yahoo email is my priority account... I can’t tell my emails apart from one another because now it’s all under 1 email account which is the gmail account. There’s no option to separate the two (I’ve tried everything) I even deleted my yahoo account off gmail and placing it back on as a separate account and it still linked all the yahoo emails with my gmail account email. This is frustrating I can’t tell my emails apart because it’s like everything is under that one gmail account smh, it has to be another way..maybe something more simple an easy. Out of all the yrs I’ve had this app an linked emails this has NEVER happened before until now. This used to be my fav email app, there was never a problem in the past so why fix what wasn’t broken..Version: 5.0.190211

Time to changeI have nothing but issues lately. Like someone else says, I can’t attach files from my one drive because my Apple phone won’t find my one drive, wants its own stupid drive, maybe I’m naive but didn’t have trouble before. Don’t want to go the long way around. For the past two weeks I can’t open my email links in my browser, it stays in the email window which is useless because you can’t look at other emails. This is all in the app. I think I need to loom for other email but it seems most have failings of some sort. I can never find old emails when using a search word which is correct, absolutely ridiculous. Even if I delete emails, I still expect to find them..Version: 6.0.221225

You triedYour very nice and kind but you don’t explain how to use gmail And guess what that’s a problem look I know I’m putting a bad impression on the community but we need to get one thing straight your LIARS I’ve got loads of examples first of all you said my mum gmailed me in 2016 and she didn’t I even asked her and she said she never even had gmail on her phone or on her old phone or on her older phone and her even older and you get the idea and the tips you gave me don’t work on any mobile because I’ve tried on iPod iPad iPhone exsetra your app is nothing like a computer or laptop but I’ll stop complaining beacause you try to make everything the best and think you succeeded your really nice and sweet..Version: 6.0.200126

Update caused app not workingAfter recent update the app keeps throwing no connection error and won’t sync emails. I can use everything else even google app and maps at the same time but only this app will show no connection error and won’t work on wifi or data connection whatsoever Please fix..Version: 6.0.210321

Good but not greatI’m giving gmail 3 stars because it doesn’t update my little badge that tells me how many emails I have like it’s supposed to, and the app is annoying when you’re trying to search or delete emails. Unlike a computer, there is no “select all” button when you’re going through the mountain of junk mail compline’s send you, so you have to spend forever deleting that when they could make it a lot easier and at least give us the “select” button with a bunch of tick boxes on the side. And like, if I delete a years worth of junk mail, it would be nice to see that email total number go down in my app. I’m just really frustrated with it, and I’m also disgruntled about the freaking ads that are popping up in my email now! Why I’m the heck are there ads in my email?! That’s ridiculous and we don’t need them there. 3 stars for google being a sell out on the ads and not having a decent way to delete your junk mail in the app..Version: 6.0.220730

(Files) PNG & JPEGI give this app 3 stars because 1 its free and 2 it’s supported me with my artwork when sending to my buyers. The problem I keep having is that every time I save an artwork transparent (e.g a colouring page) it is 100% transparent in my camera roll but when sent through gmail the buyers say it isn’t, this makes it harder for me and I have to end up using yahoo since that works. Idk of gmail supports jpeg or png files that are transparent but PNG files that are non transparent are totally fine ? There is also a problem with quality were you have to click the link image sent to u I’m order to have a full HQ picture. If u press the persons @ and save the images that scroll downwards they end up blurry. Please could you explain to me why transparency don’t work ? I rlly need it.Version: 6.0.200906

Unable to add photos glitchNormally the gmail app is really good and always works. Just lately it has been frustrating because when you try to click any attachment to add it wont go to the next screen and your forever trying to select a photo. The only way to add a photo is by selecting it one by one through the photos app. If you also, try to do more than one photo through the photos app then it also is unable to complete the process. Other than that its a great app, if you guys could just fix this glitch.Version: 6.0.201101

Fix your Contacts System!!I just bought an iPad Pro from a 2011 MacBook Pro to do all of my business work on and Gmail is the mail business email I use. As I’m working on my iPad, I notice that I cannot send an email to the labeled contacts I have in my google account. I have 30 different people in that label and I cannot keep track of them all unless they have that label which was the main reason I switch to gmail for my business. I figured it was fine and I would just use gmail on Chrome since there is NO APP for Contacts on the iPad. Because iPad is an iOS device, google showed me a very outdated and unuseful verson of gmail to get me to download the app that I already have, and I ALSO couldn’t email everyone in my labeled contacts. I had to actually open up my 2011 computer to get the job done, and I have to open up Chrome to even view my organized google contacts. Google, this is not ok. Give me an app or just let me see and use my CONTACTS in GMAIL! This should be a no brainer! FIX YOUR CONTACTS SYSTEM!.Version: 6.0.191117

Heart is there, but it’s fading fastI really, really, really want to like Gmail for iOS. I do. My employer uses the commercial G Suite for our email and cloud services and broadly speaking it runs well. But there are a few rudimentary functions that are just.. lacking. -Attachments. Guys. Come on. 2019, still can’t attach a file directly, or select a Drive file to be sent as a discrete file instead of a Drive link. -Signature insertion. Again, Google - this isn’t hard. Put it in above the quoted text, and below the new message. It works in the web client so why is it still bugged here? -Split View (and this is my dealbreaker) is a brilliant iPad feature that has been around for literally YEARS. Tablet screens are getting bigger and yet I’m forced to burn all that real estate on firing white pixels while I frantically tab between apps because I can’t split the screen in the native Gmail app. I moved my personal email into Outlook because of missing features at the time (now since added to Gmail, so thanks guys), but I’m exploring Airmail or other apps now to do the same with my work comms. If you’re a ‘domestic’ iPad user the Gmail app is probably fine for you, and does have plenty of features. But if you’re using your tablet professionally or consider yourself a power user, be ready for frustration..Version: 6.0.191006

App keeps closingFor the past few days (maybe since the last update?) the app keeps closing and refreshing if I leave the app on my iPhone to go to another app. Normally it’s fine and the email stays open so I can copy/paste information or check something in another app, but lately when I switch back to the gmail app it refreshes and I have to find the email again. Very frustrating.Version: 6.0.221225

Still Missing Dark ModeStill Missing Dark Mode almost ½ a year after dark mode was introduced to iOS. Will give 5 stars once dark mode is enabled.Version: 6.0.200209

The Good and the BadThe good is that I have yet to find another email app that handles the label/folder thing as well as Gmail’s native app. I can easily see my labels. I like the snooze feature as well. The bad is that it is clearly not a high priority for the company, as their work on this reminds me of kids out of high school with limited leadership. QA misses huge things regularly, implantation of new features is often clunky at best, and they frankly haven’t done much with it over these many many years. Currently cut & paste has big issues and they thrust their Meet functionality so in my face that I can’t even see my entire list of emails anymore. It’s literally almost an inch high of space to push for something that shouldn’t even be part of the Gmail mobile app at all! And this is par for the course with their updates over the last 10 years. I hope they resolve these issues quickly. Meanwhile I’ll continue to look for an email app that handles labels/folders well instead..Version: 6.0.200628

Can’t secure the app or use settings properly.While this review will most likely be ignored, I figured I would let those that want a secure app to avoid Google’s Gmail app. I was downloading this app to secure my Gmail email. I was trying to see if there was an option to secure the app with Touch ID and I was unable to see all the app settings. When I went to the Google app settings I scrolled to the bottom to see if I could secure the app in the “Other settings” section. Unfortunately the “Other settings” section didn’t work. What is the point of using the Gmail app rather than the iOS mail app when neither can be secured. I work at a school and I want to secure my work email since the information contained in it is extremely sensitive and confidential. Microsoft’s Outlook app can secure itself with Touch ID why can’t Google? I can also use Microsoft’s Outlook app for my Gmail account. What’s the point of using Google’s app when Microsoft’s Outlook app is better with security? If this problem is addressed then I’ll remove this review if I can. If I can’t remove it then I’ll add another review posting the responsiveness of Google..Version: 5.0.180422

All notifications keep stoppingIPhone 13, iOS 16.2. I switched to this app because the problem with the iOS Mail app is far worse. At first, it worked perfectly before iOS 16 update. I have checked all of my phones notifications settings and I have checked all of the Gmail notifications and settings and I have tried the following to remedy this problem, that fixes it for as long as three days and as little as an hour: disable and enable notifications on phone, hard restart phone, change settings on Gmail app then restart phone and change settings back, uninstall Gmail app and reinstall app, uninstall and reinstall my Gmail app and remove account from the phone. I am using the latest version of the Gmail app. After doing all of these steps, I got all notifications (sound, banner on Lock Screen and badges) but it only worked for an hour and stopped, no sound, no banner on Lock Screen, no badges. I opened the Gmail app and had six emails. Please help! ——- 12/26 Response to developer response: I have already sent the exact same feedback to the link you provided via the Gmail app feedback and nothing in response..Version: 6.0.221127

Doesn’t clear or update notificationsHave always updated the app when prompted but the notifications won’t clear after emails have been opened and read. Important emails have been missed because the notifications don’t update either when new messages arrive in the inbox. Only started having this issue about 4 updates ago.Version: 6.0.220626

DARK MODE??I don’t have the option for dark mode. I have the newest IOS that’s silly.Version: 6.0.200308

Inbox is much betterAds in mailbox? You must be kidding. Why swipe to archive? And both directions? Bring in swipe to snooze now. Poor layout design. Inbox’s is way better..Version: 5.0.190127

Absolutely horribleAbsolutely horrendous.Version: 6.0.200712

Dark mode not availableSeriously how long does it take for a rollout to finish? Still no theme option in settings. Ver 6.0.200224 and iOS 13.4.Version: 6.0.200224

Insert signature before quoted text and remove “—“I love that Google has finally given us the ability to turn conversation view off, like we have been able to in the desktop version of Gmail. Having the ability to use our web signature is a must for me for work, however not having it follow my web setting of inserting it before quoted text is a deal breaker, as it looks like I don’t have a signature at all, until you scroll down and see them all collected at the bottom. When this is fixed, I can finally use the Gmail app for my work email..Version: 5.0.180729

The worst email app availableI was forced into switching back over to Gmail after I was kicked off Inbox. I used inbox as my main work account for my freelance projects (subscribed to Google Work account, paid user) and when I switched back to Gmail it makes me want to give Google up completely. Even Outlook is has way better features than Gmail, but nothing beats the amazing features in Inbox. What now takes me 26 steps to search for an email in Gmail (typing credentials in search, infinite scrolling and looking for that email) Inbox would only take 2 steps (filter pinned emails, then quickly find and open). Now with Gmail I have to delete and archive emails one by one, when I use to do sweeps of archive / delete with Inbox with one click (categories and marked as complete). I’m so disappointed with Google... and I honestly can’t trust any of the products anymore because by killing Inbox Google has showed they will kill any essential app at any moment. My trust in Google is gone. I’m so very saddened and disappointed with the company. Sincerely, Sad Inbox customer and friend 🥺.Version: 6.0.190309

NOT RECEIVING IMPORTANT EMAILSOver the past few weeks of using Gmail I have only been receiving some emails and not other (VERY IMPORTANT) ones. Because of this I have lost 2 weeks worth of paid work and my university accommodation offer. I now have no halls of residence to go to, and am going to have to pay more money than I can afford for accommodation that I don’t want. None of the missing emails were found in my spam or trash folder. The idea of Gmail is to communicate EASILY with others - this has not been the case. I have had a nightmare of a week because of this unnecessary issue caused by your service. I feel robbed of money and personally feel as though the owners of Gmail now owe me the hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds that I have lost - and am going to lose over the next year. Not happy..Version: 6.0.200810

Where is dark mode?Been waiting since September for "dark mode". When is it coming? *update: WhatsApp just pushed out dark mode but gmail hasn’t yet...interesting.Version: 6.0.200223

Google: FAIL,Given that google, generally speaking have a pretty good reputation for ergonomics and aesthetics (although some might disagree if you’re not a fan of brash and bold colours). I’m completely let down by this app, I’ve given it two stars: 1 because it’s free and 1 because I can at least see my email. I took the promo gmail advice, and download the app for a ‘great user experience’ for users of gmail or some such blurb. After doing so and seeing the sleek seemingly simple GUI only to find one of the least capable, extremely frustrating mail apps. You have to know the ‘secret codes’ to do the simplest of actions... like typing ‘label:inbox is:unread’ then perform another 3 equally obscure manoeuvres to just do the simple task of setting all emails to read. Other tasks are equally fiddly and not intuitive at all. I expected more to be honest, given that gmail is an extremely popular email choice. The is the least intuitive I’ve used and other free mail apps offer much more functionality. Woe betide anyone who uses it for corporate or work related mail. Sure it looks great, but is an awful, unusable and simple-to-the-point-of-uselessness app. Google/gmail, dropped the ball with this clunky app. Very disappointed and now, very much deleted!.Version: 5.0.180520

Dated way to use emailAfter using Google Inbox, being forced to return to GMail is slated stressful step backwards that makes me question whether Google email systems are really still best of breed. The lack of features is astonishing, even for simple things I took for granted - segmentation of e-mail from today, yesterday and this month, inline pictures, inline email view and edit, bundling, profile pictures beside emails, tick and flick of large numbers of bundles of emails at really feels like a dated, legacy way to do mail. Uninstalling, will try Spark instead. First step away from GApps has begun...I can't believe how integral Google Inbox was to my enjoyment of their ecosystem..Version: 6.0.190309

Can’t attach filesIt’s pretty irritating that I have to use another email app just to attach files properly. Gmail only allows you to attach a link to a file in google drive, which isn’t acknowledged by most email support systems. It’s also irritating having to change the permissions of files in google drive to be accessible by anyone with the link because not everyone has a gmail account. You can’t even attach files from local files, iCloud, Dropbox or any other cloud storage. And yeah, I’m aware you can go to the file on iCloud and share via email, but that doesn’t allow you to reply to an existing email or send multiple attachments. Pretty crappy experience for the most basic of email functions. The main reason I continue to use the app as my primary personal email client is that it sorts my incoming email into three folders very well and this is consistent with the gmail web version (which isn’t the case when you use a third party app, like spark)..Version: 5.0.180909

Does not allow Dropbox attachment on iPadThis app is decent but I am unable to do all functionality with it like attach documents from the app. I have to use the web page to do it which kind of defeats the purpose of having an app in the first place..Version: 6.0.210221

Replacement for Inbox, my arsJust give me Inbox back please.Version: 6.0.190309

Still looking for the perfect email appAfter my old favourite email app broke in a new update I’m looking for a solid replacement. A quick search said Gmail is a solid #1. I don’t see how!! After testing it for a day it’s not worth a spot in top tier. It auto zooms messages without letting you zoom out and no setting for it! Had to ‘forward’ messages to read and the Signitures are broken, And notifications fail to tell you that you have received email and have to manually refresh in the app to get updated! moving my accounts elsewhere in hope!.Version: 6.0.200112

Bring back InboxGoogles Inbox app was far better than their gmail app. Bring it back!!!.Version: 6.0.190309

Dark Mode unavailableThe theme option is not seen in the settings of Gmail app. iOS 13.3.1. Gmail app latest update.Version: 6.0.200209

Audacity’s ReviewDear Google, my name is Audacity and I have horrible service on this app. The amount of glitches and freezes that glitch me out. I don’t even get a chance to use it. I need this app very badly due to it being very important to my career, which I shall not say for privacy reasons. Sometimes it does not let me make an account without ‘ 2 -step- verification ‘ even when I have forgotten the password. I am very annoyed with this app and I am sure you will be able to fix all of these problems. And the last little detail, which probably offends me the most, is the fact that whenever I try and even make an account, I glitch, I haven’t been able to make a single gmail account because of this. I wish the gmail community very well, and I hope you can moderate my wishes. Thank you - Audacity.Version: 6.0.211128

DARK MODEWhy on the world are you holding off on dark mode? My eyes burn..Version: 6.0.200308

Yet another rich tech company with a poor productConsidering how wealthy Google is you’d think their app for one of the most popular tablet brands in the world would be super amazing. Maybe it’s political but this app could be so much better. So many features in the web-based version missing. The most frustrating is opening emails. I’ve lost count of the number of links in emails I’ve opened, switched momentarily away to another app to find something only to go back to where I was and realised the email link opened in Gmail’s version of a browser and now whatever I was doing has disappeared. Do these people not employ anyone who understands common use cases? I work for a small tech company and I find it unbelievable that companies with literally billions times more resources can produce something so inferior. If they spent less time sat on bean bags and playing table football and actually performed user research and designed a service from the user up then maybe they would have a better product..Version: 6.0.201115

Sub-standard App from company with infinite resourcesAny good mobile app will allow you to do much of what you can do on your desktop, but from your smartphone. For me, the Gmail app fails in this respect. 2 major flaws for my particular use case are as follows: 1. They inbox only syncs when it feels like doing so. Eg. I will sort/read all the new mail on my MacBook and leave an empty inbox. I then go to my iPhone and find the inbox full of the mails that I’d recently read and moved while using my MacBook. Eventually, the iPhone gmail will sync the inbox properly, but only when it feels like doing so. I expect that to happen consistently. Major annoyance. 2. I am highly organised with mail and add labels to all mails. I therefore have 100s of labels. Moving a mail from the inbox on the iPhone is a very time consuming exercise, as I have to scroll down a massive list of labels. Why not have a simple label search field for when I want to move a mail? I used to use the Outlook client and despite its flaws, it was far more efficient in terms of usability..Version: 6.0.220530

Pretty good buck lacking basic functionalityPretty good app overall but missing basic functionality. I needed to copy and paste a PDF. I could copy it from the email. Save it to my iPad. Save it to other places. But when it came to attaching it to a different email - it would not let me unless it was a picture, a recent attachment (where it wasn’t showing), or a google drive file. I could also not paste the file which I had copied. Very basic cut paste functionality just not working..Version: 6.0.191117

Glitches & freezesThe app glitches & freezes a lot on iOS. The emails don't load until you refresh the inbox by opening the app. If you have more than 1 email address in the app, you have to manually select each email address to view the inbox, sent, deleted mail boxes attached to the selected email. Rather than having to manually select each individual email address to do so, there should be a way to view all the emails, all sent emails, all the folders attached to each email address. Would be good to have a built in scanner option and option to change font styles. Good thing is the 'unsend' option, but privacy is a huge concern with Google products & services including emails, where it scans your content. I prefer Outlook mailbox, private, no scanning of emails, no glitches, view all emails, folders at once regardless of what email address is selected as the main one, it is very fast, efficient and new emails come in automatically..Version: 6.0.200810

NotificationsWhen I read my mail the notification icon stays on my home screen. It’s really annoying as I have read the mail. I close the app, reopen it and close it etc but it still stays there. Only started doing this in the last 5 days..Version: 5.0.170910

Common problemReading the other reviews it seems like there is one ongoing gripe ...yet nothing has been done about it. So should I even bother to write a review? I can’t stand the way the emails are threaded....why can all emails not be stand alone. It takes me ages to go through an entire thread to find something. Nothing about it makes sense. Threading dozens of emails together like this has never made sense and never will. It’s a stupid idea....why do you persist with it..Version: 5.0.181007

New update a disaster! What are you doing???What are you doing gmail? I can’t use this app any longer. It was PERFECT before why did you change it? Everything is so different and confusing now. I cant add an additional account now or if i can god knows how to do it. I don’t want to just look at all my mailboxes combined, I need to look at them separately. I’m using safari till you fix this because this is awful I hate it. I don’t want to have to relearn the wheel every time you come out with an update. If its not broken DON’T FIX IT 😡.Version: 6.0.190602

Copy/pasteSince new update i cannot copy and paste into a messenger from email..Version: 6.0.200712

InfuriatingEvery time I click on a link, the app asks me which browser I would like it to to use. I have been telling it to use safari and have deselected the “ask me every time” option for years and yet it keeps asking me. I don’t want to use your stinking browser google! Sort your app out. I’m not anti google. And use chrome on my windows pc. I just prefer safari on my phone and don’t want to get asked every. Single. Time..Version: 5.0.190113

Latest app update results in jerkiness when scrollingOn iphone 13 pro max os 15.1! and still no font size options in each email?.Version: 6.0.211226

Hate the hassly new featuresBasically a good app that I’ve used for years but I feel has been really spoilt in recent updates to show messages prompting you to “act” on “old” emails. One unanswered email in my inbox currently has a message saying “Sent 7 days ago, follow up?” while another I’ve not replied to yet says “Received 4 days ago, reply?” Google, I DON’T NEED THIS EXTRA WORRY IN MY LIFE. In case you’re not aware, life is pretty stressful enough these days as it is with constant dire news as well as endless notifications. The Gmail app is a means to an end, to be able to catch up with emails on the go. How long I leave it to reply to a message is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Kindly remove these stupid prompts in the next update..Version: 5.0.180701

Dark mode please ???Dark mode / night mode please.Version: 6.0.200223

No support if there are errorsUser beware!! Apparently, if you tap “report not spam” on an email in your spam folder, the email does not go into, inbox, trash, personal, all mail, promotions, important, flagged, draft, etc. It just disappears from existence. Reloading the application doesn’t work, desktop version doesn’t work, etc. there’s a huge thread on the google help center discussion board about it! This is a common bug that google won’t address. Further commenting on the thread, or any thread dealing with the issue is blocked. There is no article about it in the self help center for common questions, and no actual person available to help. There’s no email to submit a question or concern, no chat; nothing. Google workplace does have customer service care......for a fee. The email I lost was from a potential employer about my application. Part of the screening process is a timely response to the email. The email that has been wiped from existence. I just took a massive loss for myself and my family because of a bug that they won’t take responsibility for..Version: 6.0.210207

App is fine but:This app is my preference for gmail on iPhone, has more functionality than Apple’s mail app, and more importantly, allows for mail notifications to be received properly, not fetched at fastest every 15 minutes (Apple 🤔). The only thing that is wrong and unfortunately this prevents me from using the app is the inability to have images and/or rich text formatting in your signature. This isn’t something I’m willing to compromise on as it creates inconsistency when replying in conversations using different devices. I understand this has been an issue for a while now but Apple’s mail app allows for this feature so it surely isn’t impossible to achieve?? Please fix google..Version: 6.0.200308

Why?Inbox worked wonderfully. Why did Google have to kill it?.Version: 6.0.190224

Pretty sad response time from GoogleThis is a pretty good app by Google. Currently there is a problem that I'm seeing with badge notifications not properly updating. I've tried to remove the app from my phone and reinstall it but that didn't solve the issue. Started with iOS11 so I'm guessing it is related. I would like an option to mark something as read from the notification screen instead of, or in addition to archiving. Maybe I'm alone in this but I don't really use the archive feature. Anyway, 3 stars until the badges issue is resolved. It lets you check your email so it does its job. Nothing flashy or special. Like most of Google's apps. It's functional which is good enough. Dropping rating to 1 star and uninstalling in a week if Google, one of the biggest tech companies in the world, can't fix a notification bug. I mean come on. I'm guessing that at least 1 guys job at Google is to care about the app working. Even if it's just 1 guy he could have already fixed this in a day. Get it together. We give you all our private information willingly and you can't have a guy fix the red badge that a 13 year old kid that is learning to make apps for the first time can edit and change?.Version: 5.0.170910

Down graded a perfectly good productThe old email app was perfect in my opinion, this new one is awful. I tried to send a simple business email through it, and it opened my drive, and google docs just to load the thing into my email which the file was already attached to. Also now I cannot even read any of the attachments I am sending to double check if they are correct, I have to open other apps to read a file loaded already on this one. So far after loving the convenience and simplicity of the old version for many years, this new one is absolute garbage. The main problem is I send most of my business emails through my phone because my computer is slow and mainly stays at home, so this extremely hinders my ability for this process because doing this through the phone is just frustrating. So recap, the old version was great and easy to use, the new version took me almost ten minutes to send a paragraph with an attachment to someone I regularly email for work. That includes several emails which sent the wrong attachment because I couldn’t open it in the app to read it..Version: 6.0.190324

A little frustratingSo l love having my emails organised for me by google in this app the same way as it does online. Keeping promotional emails out of my inbox but easy to access is so helpful. The problem with this app as an email app is it makes dealing with attachments really annoying. Why is there no way (that I can find) to easily attach content in the files app or any other app that I have files in. Yes I could go to that file and choose to share by using the gmail app but then I can’t simply add a second attachment unless i move them all to google drive first. If this app was able to work as seamlessly as the default mail app then I would be giving it 5 stars..Version: 5.0.181230

Lags when scrollingLags when scrolling.Version: 6.0.220403

Can’t type properlyI was trying to write an email where I had copied a set of bullet points to address. When I hit return after that section, I couldn’t stop the bullet points from appearing. Deleting just deleted the whole line. Whenever I try to type ‘I’m’ the keyboard suggests the correctly punctuated version, but if I click on it, it does not appear in my message box. If I manually hit shift, type my apostrophe and the ‘m’, then as soon as I hit space, the keyboard switches to capital letters, and does not capitalise my ‘i’, so I end up typing, “i’m S...” as an example. I never normally write reviews but the counterintuitive nature of simply trying to type a coherent email has been very frustrating and as Gmail seems to be the only app where I have this issue, I don’t know why they can’t just have the same typing settings as all other apps that involve a keyboard!.Version: 5.0.190127

Theme option has disappeared!Theme option has disappeared! It used to be available but after an update it’s now gone! I’ve changed the iPhone’s to light and then dark, back and forth e few times but it doesn’t solve the problem! I have even deleted the app and reinstalled it a couple of times but no luck! What I want is to use dark mode on my iPhone but light theme in gmail app, but can’t! So I’m forced to change my iPhone’s theme to light mode because of 1 stupid app! It’s very frustrating! Also my gmail app shows I have 1 unread email all the time, but I don’t! I have gone through the entire inbox and all the labels but there is no unread emails! Deleted the app several times but no luck! I hope the app support sees this and provides me with a solution, which I think is probably an update!.Version: 6.0.210207

The “Copy & Paste” function DOES NOT WORK!!!I love the app, but very recently, like a month ago, the "COPY & PASTE" function stopped working. Since then, the usability has not been good because I have to manually type everything every time whenever I “simply” want to move a sentence or a paragraph to a different place. (within the Gmail app) The worst thing is when I want to copy and paste received email contents to other apps like safari because it won’t work... :( However, the "COPY & PASTE" function works in every other app except on the Gmail app. PLEASE fix this issue..Version: 6.0.210221

Unfixable Badge Number BugI’ve tried to persist with this app for a long time now, but the continued inability to fix the notification badge number icon means I can no longer use this app. There are many users who disable notifications for certain apps and then use the badge number to decide when to go into the app - this changes things from a push model (you’re pushing notification to the user in order to immediately divert their attention) to a pull model (the user receives no notifications and instead decides when to check the app to see if there’s been activity). More users are beginning to use this model as the number of apps that continually bombard us with notifications as reached a critical point. If an app cannot support accurate badge numbers then this latter use case is rendered broken for the user..Version: 6.0.200614

Constant Ads in InboxWas fine but recently my box is mandated with Ads. Removed all target info but still persisted. I don’t have time for the garbage being sent. Deleted the app. Using the native Apple app and there are no ads..Version: 6.0.200126

Dark modeDark mode is needed for iOS 13!!!.Version: 6.0.200308

Unable to mark email as unreadAfter the app update, now: when a new email comes in, I open it and I mark it as unread, it switches back to the main screen and no longer keeps the email unread as some of the emails are important that I usually keep them unread for me to have a look at them later after having a first glance. I again then have to open that read email again and mark it unread, only then it works. Not in the first instance when the email is opened. This wasn’t used to be previously. Annoying!.Version: 6.0.210207

Remove adsI used to have Gmail as my primary email app until I became bombarded with advertisements. Granted though, you can delete the ads in the app, but this isn’t a permanent solution. There should be an option to remove ads within the settings as these ads become very distracting over time. I would also love an option to disable the bundling feature, because just even one email is bundled into a category; I can understand this system for multiple emails of the same category, but not individual ones. These minor problems keep me from having Gmail as my email client. Also where is dark mode??.Version: 6.0.191117

After years of using, v dissatisfiedGmail is now a poor cousin of the defunct Inbox. a confused hybrid between the old gmail and Inbox's features. i just accidentally swiped to archive an email. well, good luck finding where to see the said archive, after 10 mins i am still looking for it. there are no group tick actions, i used to love instantly swiping away all of my socials and promotions, or all of "last month" once i was done with them. gone. i am so unhappy with the loss of Inbox, it was the perfect email experience for me. tick meant i was done with an email. i am now back to having a super cluttered email in 2019. i don't want to manually archive / open each email to make the notifications go away. i am sorry that's insane this day and age..Version: 6.0.190505

Not ready to replace inbox (yet)Gmail is ok. It does the job. It is not yet, however, nearly as good as the Google Inbox app that they recently announced they have killed off. You can snooze emails in gmail, but you have to open the email, clock the menu, then select snooze, and then pick the snooze value. So many actions required! With Inbox, you just slid to snooze, which is much easier. Inexplicably, the slide feature in Gmail just lets you archive, and it's the same action whether you slide left or right. Redundant, and one of which could do easily be replaced with snooze. Inbox also has a great feature where it groups all your trip emails into a single menu item. Not so with Gmail. Switching to Gmail after inbox feels like going back to an app from 5 or 6 years ago. Gmail has a number of improvements to make to this app if it is meant to properly replace inbox. Hopefully they make these necessary improvements in the months ahead. Otherwise the overall Google email experience will have taken a fairly sizable step backwards..Version: 5.0.190211

Unnecessarily complicatedFor example, I forwarded an email which bounced back and then I’m no longer able to see the original email correctly, it’s only available in the bounced back format. I just wish there was an inbox and sent items and it was simple. It’s unclear how to block nuisance email senders. I’ve tried report email, move to junk email and these don’t seem to work. I still receive emails from the same spammers. I really hate it if I’m honest! I’m on iPhone and the original email app that came with the phone which I used gmail on worked perfectly but I constantly received pop ups telling me to update it to this complicated app and now I’m stuck with this app and to be frank I just find it impossible to use. I was receiving emails from an employer who had sent details of a date, time and meeting place for an interview and then a few days before said interview he sent another email requesting confirmation of the interview and because there was now more than one email from the same sender it hid the initial email so I couldn’t find the details of the meeting time! Luckily I had written it down but I shouldn’t have had to do that! The reason I had not deleted the original email was because I wanted to keep it!.Version: 5.0.180211

Down, your out!!I loaded this app with my previous iPhone and was discussed with google was presenting to us as gmail!!! I already automatically get my gmail through my phones email settings. It works great except you need to make preferences on a computer. This app doesn't even allow you to group your emails into sub categories only conversations. I had given up on this program the first time I downloaded it because of how much of a pain it was. I was just prompted by my gmail to download this app for reasons that sounded good. Unfortunately when I went to the play store it showed that this app was already downloaded. If I left because I was disappointed and your updates all say the same things and don't address the problems, why would I waste my time and put it back on my phone??? My gmail that is through my phones settings for gmail is excellent. I have all the options I need!!! Why doesn't google partner with apple to get some pointers on how a good email program should behave and what it should offer!!! Terrible app!!! Don't waste your time!!!.Version: 5.0.170827

Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the "--" line that precedes it.I currently use Gmail for my personal and work email. The web-based version on my desktop is excellent and I have no complaints. When I downloaded the Gmail mobile app for my Iphone 7 & iPad everything seemed to be perfect until I noticed that my signature was ending up at the bottom of the email chain ( I stopped this on the web side by selecting Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the "--" line that precedes it. My question is, when is Google going to fix this signature issue on Gmail app. Is there a way to have my signature inserted before the quoted text in my Gmail mobile app? It doesn't look professional when I write an email without a signature right after saying "thanks, or sincerely" as there is no signature after that..Version: 5.0.180325

Inbox over GmailI get notifications saying to switch to Gmail because inbox is leaving. However, I enjoy the layout if inbox and hate the layout of Gmail. You suggest that you have added the features from inbox but I beg to differ. Unfortunately, I will have to resort to a third party email app..Version: 5.0.181230

Stop pushing me to download ChromeI’d probably give this app four stars otherwise, as it works fine, except for the infuriating message that comes up every time you click on a link to an external website, asking you if you want to use Safari or Chrome to open it. This wouldn’t be so bad except that if you deselect the switch saying “Ask me every time” it makes no difference. Why bother having a switch there if you’re not going to honour what you set it to? I’m sure this is deliberate and not a bug. Google, stop trying to push your own browser on me so you can collect more data. I’m not interested. At least fix the switch so if you want to use Safari every time, you can without that message coming up. I’ve switched to another mail app because of this “feature”.Version: 6.0.190407

New Update - dislikeI have always loved using gmail, the set up and changes to promotional/primary and social were great. The recent update, I really don’t like. I have a red dot on the gmail app and I can’t find the email I haven’t read, it’s very confusing and now all mixed in together. It was well organised beforehand and as the saying goes, please don’t try fix something that’s not broken. If we could please go back to having the categories so I know where all the emails are and maybe add a feature that allows you delete multiple emails at a time and also a “mark as read” option for new emails that come in, especially those emails I don’t want to read. Thank you!.Version: 5.0.190127

I’ve come all the way here to leave a reviewThe fact that I’ve gone out of my way to review an email app should say something. Why on earth can you not select all to delete mass emails through the app? It’s infuriating. I am rarely on my own desktop or laptop at home. I spend most of my online time at the office. And for some ridiculous reason, my company is extremely paranoid about gmail and has it completely blocked. Thus, I cannot log into my personal email through my work computer. I can only use my phone. But can I quickly select multiple/all emails in my junk folders to delete them at once through the app? No, I cannot. I have to select each one individually, which takes roughly a million years. Because I, like I’m sure a lot of people who have been using the same email since they were a teenager, have thousands upon thousands of junk emails sent to me every hour. So, to quickly and efficiently clean and organize my inbox, I must log into my email on my desktop at home in the evenings while my toddler is screaming at me. But do I do that? Of course not. Who thinks of cleaning their over-cluttered email inbox with their very limited evening free time. So of course, my millions of emails stack in my inbox for months until I can’t take it and eventually attempt to clean it all out, which takes hours, and I inevitably give up, and thus the cycle repeats. For the love of God, Google. Please add a feature so we can select all in the app and save my sanity..Version: 6.0.210905

Works as it should for my use, but where is Dark Mode?So far my experience with the app has been fine. My general use is receiving emails, which it does perfectly. Had never had an issue with opening attachments or the like. However, for me, where this app falls is with it’s lack of Dark Mode. I like to go through my emails either first thing in the morning or of a night, and it can be quite harsh coming from a DM app. Lack of Dark Mode support seems to be a common theme among Google apps and it is definitely something that needs to be addressed and updated..Version: 6.0.200112

Should remove ‘Meet’ functionEmail functions are very nice and good looking! But I don’t get the point of adding a ‘meeting’ option in the Mail app. I don’t think most people would use it. You should have a separated Google Meeting app for those people who need online meetings, in order to avoid making the app too big..Version: 6.0.220515

Ghost mailYou constantly have ghost mail notifications that just won’t go unless you delete the app and reinstall, how ridiculous is that. This is google at the end of the day. I have to say it is the worst email app on my phone. Deleted and it’s for a business account I pay for. You should be ashamed google. I don’t have the time for your rubbish sorry. Response to you. Shame you can’t read my review properly, I already said “unless you delete the app and reinstall, how ridiculous is that” No one has time to keep doing that to get your app to work. No other mail app do I have to do that with. Feels like google are amateurs because if you can’t even read my review properly how can we expect you to make a half decent app?!.Version: 6.0.220220

I’m hating my GMail Account, but feel stuckOk, now I’m really upset. My main email address will no longer show me my emails on my main work device, my iPad. I have left questions through the website, have tried calling, have emailed them, and nothing. Seems a multi-million (billion?) dollar company could certainly afford a switchboard operator and some techies on staff? I do too many things I don’t want to lose in my emails, and I’m afraid Google is not longer reliable. And...once again, I don’t expect a reply. Absolutely hate the update since “All Inboxes” arrived. Since then, Google Mail has decided that my two alternative accounts are the only ones I need to see. My default (for about 12 years now) email account is only visible to me on my phone, and no longer on my iPad. I have sent emails, chatted, attempted to find a phone number 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😂😂🤣😅, and all to no avail. I do business on the email account, and now it has to be done on my phone. I have emails I’m missing that will ultimately cost me business. I need a mail server that is reliable. Anyone have any suggestions? Because Google is not reliable..Version: 6.0.190822

Gmail issueIn the app it indicates I have one email and opened but it cannot be located anywhere in my inbox is this is very annoying When I am using Google calendar and I type the name of somebody to invite to a meeting pop-up box of pairs over the top of what I am writing so I cannot see the choices of emails I need to select🥵.Version: 6.0.220220

Good until security writting thingI use gmail for everything and have multiple accounts already logged in i recently tried logging into one my accounts that i rarely use and cant get into it cause of the 'type the text' i type it perfectly and it refuses to let me in even after more then 5 attempts i even double check to make sure its correct the speech thing didnt work for me it was silent even after clicking the speaker button all that would happen was a blue bar. I should be able to get into my account in different ways if there needs to be a security thing if that 'type the text' doesnt work as in tended another option would be nice like the 'select ...' captures or something..Version: 6.0.210809

Apparently I have an unread emailBut when I go to my inbox I obviously have not got any unread emails. I have tried clearing all of them and marking them as read and I still have a notification saying I have an unread email. I have checked my spam and my promotions and other inboxes but as I have set my settings to show notifications for my primary inbox only, it is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!.Version: 5.0.181119

Moving over to OutlookLoved gmail application until now to access my gmail account, but now it seems google is getting too comfortable with pushing ads on the main screen of the gmail application. Yes it can be easily swiped out but it’s a forced distraction I do not like. Moving over to Microsoft outlook as it doesn’t spam my primary inbox and actually gives me a choice to look at promotions and ads as per my convenience..Version: 6.0.201004

Notifications, & MeetFirstly I have found a bug with your Notifications on my iPhone. If I see an email listed I obviously don’t want and delete it straight away, the Notifications number often doesn’t reduce (or go away). I think this is because I deleted it before my phone had time to fully recognise it. So I have to go to my deleted file and open the file (but leave it there) and the Notifications number is then updated. Secondly, I am not interested in the Meet tab. Where is the option to remove this tab as I would prefer to have my extra line back. Gmail is for email. I don’t want to have a conference call, I am a self funded retiree and don’t want to have office meetings. You are just forcing me to take on your rubbish. This is as annoying as having unsolicited adds at the bottom of the screen that other apps sometimes have. Put the Meet option in the settings so I can flag it ‘not’ to appear..Version: 6.0.200810

Refreshes too oftenThe app seems to refresh itself too often now, so when you switch to another app and then come back to it, it usually drops you out of the email you were editing and returns you to the default mail list. Quite irritating and has definitely got worse. I understand it's probably to do with the frequency with which it chooses to sync to the server and the way that's handled. They've got the balance wrong now. Gmail's font handling is also pants, as it has been forever. Your email looks fine to you in drafting, then you get a reply with your email quoted below, and you see that the fonts were all over the place as it appeared to the recipient. The careful solution is, before sending, select all and choose normal font size. But who has time? It shouldn't be necessary. This happens equally in the web interface, so it's a generic gmail flaw, not app-specific..Version: 6.0.230109

Manage accountsManage accounts no longer working. The only way to close an account after closing in manage accounts is to then swipe up the whole app to close it otherwise the account still shows as open even though it is closed. This is really irritating and is happening on both iPhone and iPad. You asked me to provide more information so I will try as follows: I have 3 separate gmail accounts and I don’t leave all of them open. If I close one of them in manage accounts then although the account is actually closed it shows as open in manage accounts and the only way to open it again is to swipe up from bottom of screen to exit app and then go back into app and then I can open it. This is very irritating and has only happened since I updated to ios15.2. I was previously using iOS 14.8 and it was fine..Version: 6.0.211128

It’s quick but it’s GoogleI like how fast the notifications for new mail are. The app has a nice clean crisp look. I have installed it because I have four business G Suite accounts & wanted to separate them from my personal notifications. Good plan, except when I have to reply to an email. Google is just so counter intuitive on where to even tap to see the keyboard & type my reply. This frustrates me as much as the ugly web interface. I reply using Apple iOS Mail app. So now I have two sets of inboxes... oh well, back to the App Store....Version: 5.0.180325

BundlingGoogle is shutting down INBOX app replacing back gmail but GMAIL app doesn’t have smart bundling INBOX app has. Things get better everyday here it’s reverse. Feels frustrating..Version: 6.0.190309

This is a downgrade from InboxWhile this is better than the old gmail app it is definitely a step backwards from Inbox. I miss the feature of being able to delete all low priority mail at once..Version: 5.0.190211

This App Needs Some Help!I’ve been using this app for several years now so I have noticed a few things that could be improved. #1. The ability to disable conversation “threads” for those of us who dislike how our emails behave when there are several responses to a particular email. #2. Recently, my Inboxes have been getting emails that are clearly Spam emails! Why is this happening? I would like to be able to select these emails, without opening them, and put them into the Spam folder. Unfortunately, I can’t select any of those emails! Currently, I have to do that from my computer instead of from my iPhone! That’s a major inconvenience! #3. Since the launch of iPhone 11.0 update, my phone alerts me that I have a new email, but it turns out that I really don’t. I end up wasting time logging on to my phone only to find out that the sound notification was erroneous. #4. As others have mentioned, the red notification flag isn’t always responsive when all new emails has been read. Fixing these issues would make my use of Gmail much more effective and enjoyable!.Version: 5.0.170925

LMy primary email that I have been using for everything for over 5 years is now lost and I have no way to get it back and I looked back through my other emails to see if there was anything about it and found in another email accounts inbox that my attempt to recover it a while ago was cancelled. I have a lot of important things on the email and I feel I have no way to get it back at this point..Version: 6.0.220626

Needs some major quality of life updates.I love Gmail, I really do, but the app leaves a bit to be desired. It’s not the most streamlined thing in the world and it’s often difficult to figure out where you need to go to make certain changes to things like where mail goes if you swipe it a certain way, etc. My biggest problem with this app, though, is that there’s no way to delete the contents of an inbox all at once. You can delete one by one, or select one page at a time item by item and then hit the delete button, both of which would take forever with a folder of more than 1,000 emails like my overstuffed Promotions category. This is such an obvious feature. The fact that this app has been around for years and has never had it is unbelievable to me. I can always delete the contents from my computer, but why not just give the app this really basic ability and call it a day? I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one to appreciate it..Version: 6.0.190324

So poor detectionIt is so not user friendly, and I could not open a link from the email body from the app, but could open from web browser. Please fix the issue kindly. Thanks. I stopped using for almost 2 yrs as it will not re fresh my mailbox, always shows no internet but I can open browser. Not sure what went wrong, thought it will be working in new iPad Pro better, still has some basic user problem as I explained earlier. hope it gets fixed and start to use the app again, otherwise have to long in all the time in browser. Regards SD.Version: 6.0.211018

Sent other people’s email with banking detail in 🥺I have been using IOS since the days of iPhone 3G and been really happy, that was until Gmail decided they where going to remove consent for some of there accounts to run on the iOS devices. You can’t restore to a previous date, download a different app you are forced into downloading Google Chrome ( or Google Crime as the IT world calls it ) and then the algorithm will allow you to download the google gmail app onto your iPhone . Sadly during this phase I have lost over half of my contacts and work email. I have also noticed since recent updates I am getting someone else email similar to my own name and the file size of Gmail has increased to nearly half a GiBite..Version: 6.0.210502

Great MUA but flawed implementation in iPhoneI have been using GMAIL on multiple platforms for at least 15 years. It is one of my favourite mail user agents (MUA). There are many features in the desktop application that have failed to be included in the iPhone application, including font selections and formatting options. Some bugs remain unfixed. For example, using the DELETE key while editing a reply often causes the editing function to freeze. You can not edit or compose any reply until you force quit and restart. Makes gmail kind of pointless, or at least incredibly irritating..Version: 5.0.180715

Good app, but there’s a bug with “mark as unread”I like this app, but there’s an annoying bug that appeared a few updates back. I’ve just updated to the most recent version, and it’s still there. I always leave my app set to show unread messages. When I view a message for the first time, and then mark it as unread to keep it in view, it works fine. However, the second time and onward that I view the email and try again to mark it as unread, it doesn’t work. I have to either do a keyword search or switch to the full inbox view and scan it for the message to again mark it as unread before it finally works. This really needs to be fixed..Version: 6.0.210530

Lots of problemsLately my gmail has not been efficient. First my signature which has a logo now no longer appears - even if I reset my signature and the format is correct for my email , it is not plain txt. Secondly, I sent an email with an inline image and the recipient could not see that image in their gmail app. But when they open the same email in their outlook app they can see the inline image. This is not acceptable cause its harming my wirk and business..Version: 6.0.210822

App is not up to parI love gmail on the desktop so it’s a real shame the app functionality is just a basic replica. I run my business through gmail and my job doesn’t allow me to be at me desk. Thought buying an iPad and downloading the app would help me keep up with my business needs but my business signature is not translated properly, I can’t attach any forms via file search nor via google drive in PDF format (can only send a link), or you can attach a PDF file ONLY if it’s been sent to you previously, I can’t use canned responses...list goes on it’s very frustrating. I’m feeling so technologically illiterate every time I use this app and sending wrong emails to clients that have attachments that are drive links instead of PDFs and looks unprofessional with my marred signature. Completely different interface and user experience compared to desktop version..Version: 6.0.200308

Can’t attach anythingIt bothers me a lot that in order to attach a file to my email I have to find a computer or possibly go to another application which allows me to attach files from my mobile’s storage directly. It has happened several times that I am actually in a hurry and have to attach some files and send some documents over, but due to Gmail’s inability to upload a file without it being in google drive slowed me down. This is one of the apps that I use the most, and will keep on using, just would like to see the option of being able to attach files from my device..Version: 5.0.181230

Dark ModeStill waiting for Dark mode on Gmail..Version: 6.0.200308

Excellent, but... (edit no. 2)(Edit 2) *Still can’t open PDFs. No notifications for my google account, notifications for my Microsoft account. I just don’t get it. If I could, I would have my google account also on Outlook, so when I need to I can open PDFs and receive notifications, but because of family sharing restrictions, I cannot. VERY ANNOYING. Please, please ,please can you try and fix this!!* (Edit No.1) *Most of my emails contain PDFs and I can’t open them in the Gmail app, I have to go to Outlook. It just says: Name of document, size of document. Please can you fix this as it is annoying, and if I get an important email on the one I can’t put into outlook which has a PDF I need to read in it, how am I supposed to read it? Thanks* Really good! The only thing I would suggest is that it gives you notifications that appear on the Lock Screen or pop down at the top of the screen, so I know when I have received an email. On the app icon on my Home Screen, it occasionally gives me a red number 1 or 2, but most often than not it doesn’t. Also, on the computer that I have at home, it allows me to ‘chat’ with my friends through Hangouts, but I can’t access that through Gmail on my phone. I looked and I have to get it as a separate app, which I am not especially pleased about. If you could try and add these suggestions to the next update, I would be very happy. Thank you..Version: 6.0.201115

Constantly crashing as of 3/6/20Can no longer copy and paste text from emails! Googles also does not want you to be able to copy and paste email addresses, and goes out of its way to make this difficult and cumbersome. You cannot simply press on an email address and copy it - you have to actually draft a reply, then press on the email address and make it drop a duplicate display of the address which can then be copied (but not selected and copied or partially copied). Besides these, the app’s other major failing has been its inability to to handle attachments apart from a narrow and limited feature to attach one only attachment, either a recent photo (no ability to navigate the folder structure of Photos) or a PDF that has been recently received (not one from your own files), plus access to Google Drive for those who use that. There is also no ability to mark an email as unread and no access to settings or visibility of email signatures..Version: 6.0.200519

No badge notifications since iOS 15.4I need to physically open the Gmail app I'm order to get badge notifications to work. All my settings are fine (background app refresh, badges, etc are all on). This only started after iOS 15.4 and I have even gone as far as deleting the app for a month (and deleted any iCloud backup) but still, badges will only show after I've opened the app and downloaded the emails (have even tried leaving Gmail in the background, not force closed). I've been using Edison Mail instead and have no issues, guess I'll need to stick with Edison..Version: 6.0.220320

PatheticRefusing to update their app for months all so they don’t have to show you how much of your privacy they are pillaging. Like a toddler having his popsicle taken away..Version: 6.0.201115

Functionality removedI’ve been using this app for years, in good versions and less good. But, honestly, the latest versions are hopeless. Google has removed access to the “share” button (the little box with an arrow pointing upwards) that is available in every other major app in iOS. This means you can’t send emails to any other app (e.g. Evernote or Dropbox or your to-do app). It also means you can’t add attachments when sending an email. You can add a picture from your camera app, that’s it. If you want to attach a document or image from anywhere else (e.g. from Evernote or Dropbox again, or OneNote or even Apple’s own Files app on your iOS device). It gives the impression you can attach a document from your Google Drive, but actually it attaches a LINK not the actual document, which is rubbish. Why would Google hobble its own email app like this? It makes no sense - and it means you have to find an alternative app to use Gmail properly in iOS. This app is a joke. Google should hang its head in shame at releasing it. (If it knows what shame is.).Version: 6.0.190811

Google wrecked a good thingFormer inbox user. I understand and a smaller user base can drive a product to be shut down. That’s not my issue-my (among many others) issue is that Google has assured customers that they were putting “the best” of Inbox’s features into Gmail to give everyone a more modern look and much better functionality. When they say that then it gives users the impression they would actually do what they said. Instead of upgrading Gmail they decided to put a couple minor features into Gmail and leaving the better options such as automatic grouping based on promotional, purchases, etc along with your main mailbox for the information you want to see. What we’re left with is an inferior product with the look and functionality of 2005 and even include forced advertising in the main mailbox. That said, they’ve done a great job at losing a longtime user and until they hold up to their promise of giving us a mail app that functions well in the year 2019 I will not return to using these or any of their products. As of now I’m removing their suite of products from my phone and and computers..Version: 6.0.190309

Not workingLove Google and have had gmail account for years not too many issues, HOWEVER…… for some reason search function not working in gmail on iPad, works on phone, tried everything but still not working, not sure what has changed, is a function I use a lot of, now have to use safari which is not my first choice, Sent request still waiting, tried several google options but to no avail…Not Happy "………… Tried shutting down and deleting restarting ..sort of works but is spasmodic, not sure what is happening but is really annoying.Version: 6.0.210725

Can’t turn off auto-delete and can’t attach files straight from the phoneI had to delete the app after I found out in my great annoyance that all my emails from the bin are gone because of the 30 days auto-delete service which you CANNOT turn off in the app. I have no problem with the website or using my gmail accounts in the Mail app provided by apple as there you don’t have the annoyance of auto delete and you can set your preferences. Otherwise it is a great app, easy to reply and use unless you want to attach files from your phone, which is again an other long story, but that didn’t bother me that much. But I am upset for loosing some of my emails with no way to recover them or with a warning that they will be deleted. I didn’t realise this auto-delete feature until recently....pls fix this urgently. I also sent feedback on the windows app to fix as now I need to delete that too, sadly..Version: 6.0.190822

Solution to prevent cluttered inbox/many notificationsSince the last Gmail update, my iPhone indicated thousands of email notifications... This was a result of my inbox suddenly displaying Social, Promotional and other unnecessary emails alongside Primary emails. An extreme inconvenience (and generally annoying), considering important emails were being missed due to the general clutter. Nevertheless, here is the rectification: - Log into Gmail’s desktop version. Click on the Settings icon, and then “See all settings”. - Navigate to the “Inbox” tab. From there, under “categories”, select/tick Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. Scroll down and click “save changes”. (This splits the inbox into different tabs) - Go back into all Settings and now navigate to “Labels”. Once there, scroll down to “Categories” and click “Hide” on everything. Your phone should now sinc up to the recent changes and remove unimportant emails from the general inbox and also remove the notifications (give it a couple of minutes). - Finally, on your Gmail app on your Phone, go to Settings, click on the correct email account, scroll down to “Notifications” and select “Primary only”. Hope this helps :).Version: 6.0.201115

People Have Different NeedsI was ok with this account when I first joined a few years ago. I usually log on via my phone. When I use the library or my laptop the format seems different. Each time they make improvements I like it less. Perhaps this is not for me or I need to take some Tito arrange my account in a way that suits me, if this is possible. I am quite frustrated with it. I want to get rid of junk mail and trash. I believe I finally found out how to not have archived mail. When I open my email and ask for current mail, hundreds of old mail that I have tried many times before, appear right back in. What is going on? My daughter doesn't understand what I am trying to explain to her. Although she does ask me why I have so much mail. I would like the space on my cell phone to be freed up from those unnecessary emails. Any advice? I have not taken the time to set up a new email account someplace else. If they could help me understand how to maneuver maybe I won't have to contact all my contacts with a new mail address. Right now I hate my account!!.Version: 5.0.180701

Promotions tab not connecting on Gmail app for iPhone and iPadMy Promotions tab has suddenly stopped working on the Gmail app on my iPhone and also iPad. I have updated both and still not working, also turned phone on and off. Pretty much done everything! It is working on the desktop version but not on the apps. It doesn’t really make any sense as all the other mailboxes are working perfectly, just the Promotions folder on both accounts says “not connecting.” Please fix Google. Thank-you!.Version: 6.0.210321

Not sure if I’m missing somethingI’ve had gmail for years but the iOS app seems to be missing a lot of the functionality of the browser experience, almost to the point where it’s hard to use. I see other reviews that it’s “simple” but it feels almost like it’s stripped down to the point that as an iOS user I have to go to the browser app to do anything basic like create even a new filter for email from my kids teacher. Would be great to see similar usability to the browser app in the mobile app; however I was living in Europe when the great row over Google Maps vs Apple Maps meant that I basically got lost going to the burrito store because Google Maps got yanked out of the App Store while meanwhile Apple Maps hadn’t built out their EU coverage fully yet. Hope the 3-stars doesn’t offend and I don’t know what might have motivated these decisions but ideally I would be able to be mobile first for my gmail account and right now the iOS app truly doesn’t achieve that yet. Thanks for trying though!.Version: 6.0.220123

Missing Google InboxInbox was a smarter, faster way to email. This Gmail client almost a year after Inbox was shut down is not good. No dark mode, no trip bundles, just terrible..Version: 6.0.200112

Inbox app better than gmail but it’s being taken away. 😔I’ve been using Inbox since it was created. Now it’s going away this month, forcing me to go back to the Gmail app, but without all the features of Inbox. The biggest thing Inbox has that Gmail doesn’t is the ability to bulk delete/archive the tab groups. It groups Promotions and other tabs, but with Gmail, swiping simply hides the group until next time. I still have to swipe each individual email to delete. With Inbox, I could delete or archive the entire group with 1 swipe. Inbox also let me pin emails to the inbox, rather than just starring them. I also want to see the Gmail app have swipe options. Currently, it is either archive or delete no matter if you swipe to the left of right. I want both where I can choose the function for each swipe direction. Outlook also has this feature. Wish you wouldn’t ask us to switch to Gmail when you haven’t added all the same features. Got some work to do Gmail Developers!!.Version: 5.0.190211

Loses filesI have used gmail for a number of years and have no problem with the general operation for what I use it for. When I want to keep a series of emails and the attachments I create a folder and move the email into that folder. However on three occasions over the last 18 months I have gone to one of the folders to look at something and the file has been empty. Not only that folder but every folder has been cleaned out and I have lost everything I have saved. I am now having to look at alternative methods to save emails and the attachments. Some of the data I have lost has given me real problems. I don’t want to go back to the old method of printing everything. How can this happen?.Version: 6.0.200412

Simplicity gone in favour of advanced features I will never useUsing this app on an iPad w latest iOS. Moving the cursor is almost impossible when one os composing an e-mail and has made a mistake and needs to change one letter. Also using Bold or Italic or Underline, they do not turn blue when you tap them to show they are on, which leads to confusion. The more features they add, useless to the average person, the more cumbersome this app is to use..Version: 6.0.200712

Not updating emailsSince Tuesday i’ve been trying to look at my emails on the promotion folder and updates folder and they don’t load, it’s telling me No Connection. I've tried with my data and different wifi connections and still not working. Just did the latest update and nothing..Version: 6.0.210321

Weird behavioursThe app is very basic on iPad, which if fine, but has a bug that is really annoying. Sometimes I select multiple emails and the action bar doesn’t appear (to move or mark as read). The only way I found is to kill the app and open again. Then eventually it will happen again, and I have to repeat the procedure. Also, it is really bad with an external keyboard, basically no support for it. It would be great if it worked similarly as the web version, where you can navigate, archive or move just with keyboard shortcuts. That would also provide a workaround for the bug mentioned before..Version: 6.0.210627

Fix the freezeThis app seems to generally work well. However, I have encountered numerous occasions where the app completely freezes when you’re halfway through reading an email, writing an email, searching emails or trying to navigate between folders. The only way to get past it seems to be to close the app, wait a few minutes and reopen which really isn’t practical. The notification system also seems to be slow to update at times. You receive an email, open the app and read or respond and then leave the app. The red number 1 still remains on the app icon, even though there are no unread emails. A minor issue but it still causes annoyance..Version: 6.0.200308

Doesn’t workUsed gmail for years and always recommend it. Recently I am no longer able to receive emails and can no longer verify my accounts because of this. Thought it was because of the storage limit they came out with but I am way under the limit for it so there is absolutely no excuse why their service just stopped working. My whole office believes that it is a way to try and get everyone to pay a subscription. Will be switching email providers now, all subs that couldn’t be canceled because of the verification issue will now be sent to our claims department and those companies will be back charged through visa because we are not able to log into those accounts anymore because gmail refuses to work properly. As we are not able to contact them without being able to login to those accounts, we will be adding google as the main reason why we are not able to do business with them anymore. This is a major issue and will most likely be brought up in litigation by multiple companies. Please don’t use gmail as a reliable source to send and receive critical emails. It will just stop working one day and you will most likely be locked out of any accounts you link to it or use it to send verification emails..Version: 6.0.220123

Made much worse in the latest updateIn order to promote Meet, instead of making a separate app Google added a giant button on the bottom of Gmail's screen. There's not a lot of real estate on your phone so I accidentally hit it all the time. Another terrible forced update from a tech company that serves its strategic goals instead of users, but that's how free products work - you're the product, not the customer..Version: 6.0.200712

Little benefit over using MailI want to preface this by saying I used Inbox for many years, which was a far superior app to the Gmail app, and I was upset to hear it would no longer be supported. Essentially, the app allows me to read/send mail and bundles/sorts it to a limited extent. With so many companies changing info with each email blast, it’s nearly impossible to appropriately filter with this app, whereas Inbox bundled with ease and learned very well. I am able to turn on confidential mode, which I seem unable to do from an IPad through the browser. However, attachments are limited to camera roll, recent Gmail attachments and Google drive. I’m unable to attach files from my IPad without first moving that information to Drive, which for many sensitive things, I would prefer not to do. I would suggest using Mail for the benefit of integration with other Apple products, but encryption/confidentiality seems even more difficult to achieve that route..Version: 5.0.190127

Email stuffing upI’ve been using gmail for quite a long time now, but there is this one reoccurring issue that just keeps popping up and I don’t know why. Every 2 months or so, my whole account stops getting emails through gmail. No matter how much I delete and reinstall the app my email doesn’t receive any emails. This goes on for at least 1 week or so. And then all of a sudden I start receiving emails again. This has to stop happening as I need to receive these emails for work and other things. Please get this sorted as soon as possible :).Version: 5.0.180506

Yes, it can be as bad as everyone says it isJune, 2021 I spent some time reading reviews after people updated to this whatever version and there's a lot of unhappiness about it. That it doesn't update automatically like some Google apps do even though I have automatic updates turned off is probably the only good thing about this update.I know I said I’d check out more mail apps but I didn’t. It’s such a PITA to do that, isn't it? Google doesn’t care if we’re frustrated. We're just little people. ____ There are things that don't make sense that have always made perfect sense before. They weren't as attractive as they might have been or were looking dated but they weren't granite tile countertops or shag carpeting kind of dated since they functioned smoothly without getting food bits stuck in them. Now there are things that should be so easy but then I find out I've been altogether wrong. Please don't keep releasing bad versions. I updated to a terrible one and the reviews are indicating the next update is awful. You had a functioning product that you broke. Why? ---- I tried to do something I hadn't done since you all had messed up the app. Since it was so bad my plan was: - Remove stars ✨ until only 1 ⭐️ remained. I'd already done that. - Find a 3rd party app that functions better. Annoying, but I hate this Gmail app almost as much as I do Facebook Messenger. That's a bad'un too..Version: 6.0.210530

Wouldn’t recommend for iPad at all!!Google I have no idea what you’ve done to the app. But if there isn’t an update to fix this issue I might have to delete the app as it’s becoming a waste of valuable space on my iPad! I have the iPad Pro 12 inch (possibly the 2021 model? It’s the newest as of September 2022). I have my own personal gmail signed in and my school email (I’m a TA not a student) and the app just doesn’t work. I have to close it and re-open it twice before I actually see what emails I have in my inbox. But then I cannot do ANYTHING else after that. I cannot compose a new email and I cannot even read any emails in my inbox! Definitely just the iPad app as my iPhone 13 has no issues with this at all and I’m signed into both on my phone as well!.Version: 6.0.220904

Thoughts on Gmail AppI have only started using this app 2weeks ago, so this particular review is just thoughts on the setup and ease of use for beginner users. When I have used it for a decent length, I will submit another review. Firstly, I personally found the setup to be a little confusing and lengthy. I do understand that the app has a ‘How-to-Use’ section as part of the setup, which is a positive addition, however, I haven’t even began to use the tutorial as I just want to use this app as a quick way to use a simple and basic email function. I think this criticism is more of a reflection of myself rather than the app itself. The way that I am able to categorise my emails is fairly simple and easy. I like the way I can log in to different accounts quickly and easily- that is a great tool. So far, I am still going to use this app and I assume that over time I will see more of the unique benefits that it offers, and will give a more in-depth review then..Version: 5.0.180408

Paste URL hasn’t worked for ages AND crashes reliablyI have now confirmed with the developer of ICab that this Gmail app has a fundamental flaw. The URL box of ICab uses Apple’s engine. If I click the URL box and select “Copy”, I can successfully copy the URL into the clipboard. If I use gmail and paste that link into the body of my email (eg. A reply), nothing shows up. If I then immediately switch to notes and paste, the URL appears. If I copy this same link from notes, I can then paste it to Gmail. The Gmail app is not recognising the URL meta-tag. Further, if you paste formatted text from a browser into your email, gmail is guaranteed to lock up .. you can’t enter more text, can’t rotate the screen, can’t move the cursor, etc... Gmail is BADLY broken! Come on Google, how long does this take to fix? Repeatability: 100% on IOS 12 and 13 and 14, multiple iPhones (eg. XS Max), etc. Bug has been there for at least 6 months..Version: 6.0.200920

New UI is messySince the user interface has been updated I’m finding the inbox to be more complicated than it needs to be. There’s too much going on and not enough separation between emails, and seeing attachments in the list view just clutters the screen. Further more having different categories show up in the primary mailbox makes the issue even worse. I understand that updating the look is necessary, however the update just makes the user experience confusing compared to how it used to be. I can’t recommend using the app over the desktop browser version unless the app is the only version you have access to. Please simplify the UI, or at least make it less cluttered with solid definitions between emails..Version: 6.0.200712

Compose emailCan someone tell me how to compose a new email using gmail on my iPad please? At the moment if I want to send a new email I just reply to any email, erase the message and type in the new message and a new recipient. There are are a lot of little symbols which I have discovered mean resend, reply, forward etc but can’t find where to compose a new email. I’m getting old and prefer words rather than hieroglyphics. Thanks..Version: 6.0.190822

Swipe to snoozeNeed to add swipe to snooze. Only then will I switch from Google inbox app.Version: 5.0.180813

Would be great, except...2nd update: I’ve worked out the issue with reply-to. The iPhone and iPad apps are ignoring the “reply to original address” gmail flag and instead using the reply-to address of the root gmail account. The result is utter chaos in my inbox. The work around is to remove the reply-to address for the root gmail account. This will also potentially cause issues but not as bad as the other ones. Update to review: Since the update at end March the app no longer sends the correct Reply-To field as per the gmail settings. Seems to be sending the default email address instead. Original review: This would be a great app except for the annoying way the preview pane works. The first email in the inbox is viewed automatically and marked as unread. Then when an email is deleted the next one in the inbox is auto previewed and marked as read. This is very disruptive to my workflow as I want to decide when an email is marked as read. As it stands I need to watch the app like a hawk to see which emails it’s “tampered” with. The iPhone app doesn’t have this issue because there is no preview pane. And I’m sure the previous iPad version, before the major overhaul, didn’t suffer this problem. At least add an option to disable this auto preview/mark as read. Thanks..Version: 5.0.180325

Limited historySo I’ve had a google mail email for around 11-12 years now. I use this email to conduct my online business so it is essential I can access all emails present and past. I can currently go back in my emails through the app only 30 days. Not very helpful since the email I need to get at to review was sent 41 days ago. This is a transaction an invoice email and not something that can be resent. Very frustrating but I must add slightly better than accessing google mail through a browser which currently only lets you go back 14 days!! I shall be looking at running my business through a different email server. This is not the first time I have encountered this issue and I definitely do not think it will be the last time if I continue to use the platform Nearly 6000 business emails and invoices and I can only access about 100 of them. Very poor effort..Version: 6.0.190630

No new functionalityThe current functionality works fine but it’s very basic and we haven’t seen any major updates for months if ever. For instance, there’s no quick search in the label list when you assign labels, if you have many labels it’s a real pain to select the one that you need. Given the current rate of new features delivered (which is zero) I don’t believe it will be ever implemented..Version: 6.0.210207

Good but...No issues with how gmail operates in terms of sending, receiving and organizing emails. However dark mode is still unavailable to me... What’s going on?.Version: 6.0.200224

I MISS “INBOX!!!”I am so very frustrated as a long time “inbox” app user. I have been dreading the day that it actually went away, and now it has! After a Month of it being gone, and countless days and hours of trying other apps and researching how to get the same type of experience through the gmail app, or the iPhone mail app, or pretty much any other app... I can NOT seem get the right amount of notifications! I am flooded with garbage “promotions” constantly coming through my phone, and spent a week straight “unsubscribing” just to avoid this, but there are just too many to keep up. Or I change the settings and am missing emails that I want to be notified for, but also are not extremely important. I do not want to have to go in to my email and mark every single person or place as important, that’s just inconvenient and very time consuming. There needs to be more flexibility with the notification settings. If I want to receive “Primary” & “Updates” I should be able to check off those 2 categories, not just All Mail, Primary only, or None. Somethings got to give. I want Inbox back! :( So frustrated..Version: 6.0.190407

DOES NOT SUPPORT ATTACHMENTSGoogle is engaging in mind-boggling unethical competitive tactics with this application — DO NOT support such behaviour. Attachments are not supported: you may choose only images or files from Google Drive (which are then inserted only as links). It is NOT POSSIBLE to attach files from Dropbox, iCloud, files stored on your device, or any other place. Google support may point you to the possibility of using the share sheet from the app where you store your files. That is of course possible, but a major hassle and never allows for more than one attachment per email. This is a step back to before the 90s in terms of email technology. I am stunned that customers let this company get away with such behaviour — behaviour which no other company I’m familiar with engages in. Both Apple’s and Microsoft’s email applications easily allow attachments from any and all file storage service; which is no surprise, as this is a feature as essential to email as text itself. Please review low and send feedback to Google until full email functionality is supplied..Version: 5.0.180921

Warning about adding emails to your gmailYou will run out of memory faster because the other accounts you can add will add to your memory with ALL google products. I was enticed to add my yahoo account to a gmail address last year. What happened is that I’ve had gmail since 2005 and love it. I lost my free “legacy” added memory because I had to upgrade or I’d lose my emails.I spent hours going through my messages and deleting them because I received warnings if I didn’t upgrade soon, messages would disappear and if I did upgrade I’d lose my free space. I upgraded and I have my memory back on Apple products but for about a month or two on my Windows 10 laptop that I use for business, it was still showing that warning. Eventually it synced. So before you put all your emails in your gmail feed, check out if the “new gmail”will eat your memory and force an upgrade $$$$ before memory runs out and it’s pay to play. I’ve been a huge fan but I didn’t understand the takeaway of legacy memory. It was supposed to be lifetime but if I added on, it was gone and that’s what happened to “do no harm”.Version: 5.0.171120

No response since IOS 13 releasedI used to rely on gmail app a lot coz my personal email and company emails are all gmails. However, since IOS 13 upgrade, my app stopped working each time I attempt to open the gmail app. It just doesn’t respond at all and stuck on the page no matter how I slide on the screen. I close the app and open again it still doesn’t work. Only way to make it work is to switch my iPhone 7 off and restart. It then works for the first day ad return back to “normal” again as no response. The notification is working tho. Very strange. Now I can only use gmail by opening my account on web page and it asked me to install the app each time I login, which is very annoying. I wish I could use the app version. Piece of rubbish. Either fix it or I’ll stop using gmails and turn to Microsoft mail system.Version: 6.0.200112

Needs basic improvementsGoogle, when are you going to allow an image to be included in the signature? This is essential for anyone using the app in a business manner. And also allowing to connect to iCloud files when attaching? And button to ‘move to’ across the top of the main body of an email without having to hit the three dots then choose (like you have on your web based gmail), there’s space and it would save a click. Please update all the above soon!! I don’t want to have to keep using the Apple mail app!!.Version: 5.0.190113

Inbox is way betterI likes how the inbox looked This app has poor layout and the only reason. I use this is to send more that one attachment We need to have the ability to CHOOSE if we want conversation view Seriously?.Version: 6.0.200628

Notifications STILL doesn't show upI have set all my notifications correctly in Gmail (for all email, not just important) and it is also set correctly in the settings app (no focus modes and not on silent mode). Yet I only receive notifications for my Gmail some of the time. Most times, I don't receive any notifications or badges and I'll have to go into the app to find out that I was missing some emails. I have tried to restart my phone as well as reinstall Gmail but nothing works. I have also looked at the help website on Google and that did not help fix the problem. Edit for March 6, 2022: I have reinstalled the app twice in the span of three days. Notifications for new email only worked for less than one day before being completely broken again. Strangely, I was able to get two factor authentication notifications when logging in to my Google account on another device. However, I still get no notifications for new emails. I've also sent feedback to Google in the app multiple times. What is going on?.Version: 6.0.220206

Mail is great but doesn’t communicate with other appsWhen someone shares a doc or slides etc with you, when you are in the gmail app and click to open it opens in a preview pane, to get it in the docs app you need to click to open in browser and then click to open on app. This wasn’t an issue a year (or more) ago, it used to open seamlessly. This is really really frustrating..Version: 6.0.230219

Conversation View Off?Can we please have the ability to turn conversation view off! Thank you!.Version: 5.0.170827

Can't remove accounts?Google has taken away the ability to remove accounts from the login page. The only way is to clear Safari data, which is a pain. Not sure of the rationale - please bring back the remove option!.Version: 5.0.170827

Why thread e-mail like you do?I can’t stand the way you now thread e-mails. Because of this, e-mails constantly appear to go missing and I spend way too much time looking for attachments and content which when standing at hotel check-in or when dealing important mattered just makes everything so much more difficult..Version: 6.0.190421

Some kind of joke?And the latest broken issue is the schedule send is completely unusable, I know problems occur but it’s how you deal with them that is important, you ignore them and you ignore your users. Is this some kind of joke google, amongst a number of frustrating UI issues you still can't paste into the text field so unusable. Why do these companies insist on breaking functionality, very poor google, is anyone interested in a decent ui and usability over aesthetics? Appalling and now unusable since the updates, you can't paste into the text field so no longer use it. The web version is still usable but laughably it keeps pointing you at the app version. You would have thought a company like google would make more of an effort to get it right..Version: 6.0.201018

Deeply irritating app, don’t bother.You’ve got mail! Or maybe you don’t because despite tapping the notification and refreshing your mailbox, gmail refuses to update its contents for several minutes. You’re better off booting up your computer than waiting impotently for an email that your phone says should be there but definitely isn’t. Force shut gmail and MAYBE you’ll get lucky when you try again. You want to write mail? Enjoy the most frustrating interface ever, where trying to fix an error in your message sends you wildly careening up and down your entire message chain as you try to get your cursor to the right place. Feels like they’re just deeply lazy- google knows it has us by the throat, so it doesn’t NEED to try. So why should it?.Version: 6.0.190721

Gmail is bad for business as you can’t searchI literally type things into the search field and they don’t come up. Which is so surprising given this is Google. You would think that Google search functionality would be better than Microsoft. But no. I’ve spoken to multiple business users of email they all say that Microsoft is 1 million times better for searching and organising your email. I made the mistake of starting with Google because I was doing a start-up and thought it would be “more fun“. But I found my email has come up become a place like my WhatsApp… That seems to be a culture of Google… To create various threads that never resolved. I like the days where your email it’s completely cleared before you go to sleep. That’s not the culture with Gmail. Now I’m gonna have to move the car company back to Outlook..Version: 6.0.211128

Don’t retire Inbox AppI literally hate this app, after having used Inbox by Google app for a long time. This app doesn’t have the Low Priority bundle which used to organize so better and also u can group delete promotions and social network emails. Very disappointed and confused by this decision from google.Version: 5.0.181119

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