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What is FormatStripper? Description of FormatStripper

FormatStripper allows you to automatically adjust the format of copied text from one environment to match the format of text in another. Simultaneously it can also remove line breaks, redundant spaces, or change the capitalization while you're at it. All you do is copy and paste, FormatStripper does the rest.

Are you sick of untangling wacky text formatting from websites, PDFs and PowerPoint slides? Or how about reading THOSE ANNOYING ALL CAPS MESSAGES from people who don't understand netiquette? FormatStripper is the app for you! That pesky bold-underlined-size-82-hot-purple-heading-you-can’t-seem-to-get-rid-of-in-less-than-five-steps is no match for FormatStripper!

FormatStripper is simple to use. After installing and launching the app you will find the FormatStripper icon in your top status bar. After you activate the app it will automatically remove all formatting from whatever text you copy. Once you paste the text it will automatically adjust to the format of the document you are pasting into. You have the options to keep the capitalization as-is by selecting "Strip Format only" from the menu or change your copied text to "ALL CAPS", all "lowercase", or capitalize the first letter of each word using the "Capitalization" mode. As extra options you can choose to strip all line breaks and/or redundant spaces. This app is guaranteed to save you time and headaches.

IMPORTANT: There is no application window. After you launch the app the only thing that is supposed to happen is that you see a "SFo" icon on your Mac status bar. Using that icon you can check active in order to activate the app and have it strip the formatting info. Feel free to contact us through our website if you have additional questions or think something isn't working properly!

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FormatStripper App User Reviews

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FormatStripper Pros

Works in the air!Looks like a nice app, but all the magic is in the air! You do not see the transformation. I thought the app was not launching or working, but email response explained it all: There is no application window. The SFo initials indicate that the app launched properly. In order to have the app do anything you need to check Active. Then the SFo initials will become bold. Now if you copy and paste anything the formatting info will be stripped. If you select "ALL CAPS" in addition everything will become caps. If you uncheck "Active" the app will stop doing anything. This is so that you don't have to quit and relaunch it all the time but can have it run all the time....Hungry tomVersion: 1.0.1

Super simple; super helpfulDoes exactly what it says – when actvated, it allows you to copy text from one source and control the fomatting when you paste into another..KfkkcldVersion: 1.3

✓   FormatStripper Positive Reviews

FormatStripper Cons

Format Stripper doesn't workIt appears the company is out of business. The app is old and simply doesn’t work. There is no documentation or support whatsoever. Stay away from this app..JrstubbsVersion: 1.2

Application neither works nor launchesWhat application support?.Jyun2Version: 1.0

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Is FormatStripper legit?

FormatStripper scam ~ legit report is not ready. Please check back later.

Is FormatStripper safe?

FormatStripper safe report is not ready. Please check back later.

Should I download FormatStripper?

FormatStripper download report is not ready. Please check back later.

FormatStripper Screenshots

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Product details of FormatStripper

App Name:
App Version:
DansApps LLC
Legitimacy Score:
Safety Score:
Content Rating:
4+ Contains no objectionable material!
Utilities, Productivity
App Size:
1.07 MB
Bundle Id:
Relase Date:
28 April 2011, Thursday
Last Update:
26 September 2021, Sunday - 15:34
IOS 10.8 or later

FormatStripper 1.3 Update Note
✱ Version History

- Added native support for Apple Silicon. - Enhanced icon text color for status menu, especially for inactive state..

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