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NCAA March Madness Live App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

NCAA March Madness Live app received 18 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using NCAA March Madness Live? Can you share your negative thoughts about ncaa march madness live?

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NCAA March Madness Live for Negative User Reviews

A laughably poor experienceAs a product manager, the best thing about this app is how it makes me feel about myself and my prior work as a point of comparison. Both the decisions and execution driving the user experience this year scream mismanagement and a fundamental misunderstanding of industry standards and best practices. There is no PIP functionality, despite it essentially being a freebie via the operating system. Users are also unable to pause game video. I can only assume both of these decisions were made to force users to watch more preroll, which is required every time the feed is stopped as a result of the app being put in the background. The feed is in chronological order, so the oldest post is at the top. Users are never brought to the bottom of the feed, where they would find the most recent and more relevant content. The top and bottom posts in the feed are semi-obscured by some sort of vignette for... reasons? There is no multi view option, despite this being arguably the most relevant event in the world for such a feature to exist. Even the player control UI - something as simple as the design for active and inactive states on closed captions - is horribly implemented. I feel bad for the teams who worked on this and were either clearly not given the time and tools to succeed, or were in way over their heads. It’s a serviceable app, but in no way is this a product that values the user’s experience..Version: 11.2.2

Too many adsDecent streaming app, had sone minor buffering issues but overall works fine. However, I’m giving it 2 stars because it makes you watch an ad every time you switch “channels”. So if there are multiple close games going on, it’s virtually impossible to quickly flip between them because you get the dumb ad every time. I saw NMSU and Auburn were within 1 point with 1 second left so I tried to switch to watch the ending. I missed it because I had to sit through a 30 second ad before it would show the live action. It plays all the ads during the normal commercial breaks, so I think it’s completely unacceptable to also throw in these extra ones, especially when they interfere with actually watching the games..Version: 9.0.3

Could easily be a fiveBeing able to quickly toggle and split screen 3 of the 4 games is fantastic. Easily 5 star material. Leaving the CBS game off the app is as short sided as you can be. I am able to stream EVERY other sporting event (st least the one’s O want to watch) unless they happen to be on CBS or CBS Sports. If that’s the car it means changing the input and firing up the cable box. No big deal right? Well the other TVs in the house that don’t have cable boxes are Out if luck. CBS needs to join this century as stream their programming. I am already paying my cable service for it. The fCt that everyone else offers streaming and you don’t clearly shows who is out to lunch..Version: 9.0.2

4.8 out 5 Ha how much that cost ya?Got me this year won’t again ty for single handedly ruining this years tourney for me I always use ESPN or one of the other more notable sites but thought why nor try this one. That’s were I went wrong you guys “fixed the bugs” about 2 hours before it the first game start time. I like to look at the stats and and be able to make an informed decision. Then the crashes lol nuff said! I’m well aware opinions are like buttholes we all have one so mine is you guys head back to the drawing board and get it right before next year would ya!!!.Version: 8.0.5

Is there a pending update?I hope this app gets updated before the tournament starts because it is useless. I can’t sign in and when I try to reset my password, no email is sent to me to do so. If I do manage to login through Facebook, etc. then it forces you to create a group that I don’t want. When I try to join the group that my friend created, it forces me back to the login screen, even if I’m supposedly already logged in. It’s crashed on me several times and I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling it with no better results. The desktop version isn’t much better. There’s also no way to delete groups that you’re apart or if you don’t want to be in them any longer. Please update!!.Version: 11.0.1

This app is buggy & won’t work today!*Zero stars if I could* Guys, you really need to fix your app. Your daily updates don’t always work, and in this case froze the app. Once I got it working again by deleting and reinstalling, the app says “there’s a connection problem” (there isn’t) or “there’s a problem with your pass (there isn’ even let me sign in and said I had done so successfully.) The games are down on the web too, so at least you’re consistent. When you’re consistently terrible though, maybe you shouldn’t be broadcasting a tournament that is beyond the scope of you can pull off. Or at least hire a good tech and software firm to put together your app-you can afford it. Since we’re stuck with you for now, could you PLEASE FIX THE APP so we can watch the madness instead of dealing with yours?.Version: 8.0.5

Please bring back replayThis app was amazing two years ago, then you got rid of replays, and they’re still missing. You can’t watch every single game live, there’s 16 on in each of the first two days! Don’t you think people would want to go back and watch the other games? Especially if they work since it starts on two work days? It was the best feature and you removed it, boggles the mind. You should have added a score hiding toggle, not removed replays argh. Also having to watch a 15s ad every time you turn it on or change the game is annoying, especially when it crashes a lot when casting it to your appletv. Speaking of which it crashes 5 times every time I try to restart it while casting to the appletv. Very frustrating and gotten worse over the years..Version: 9.0.3

Crap,I’m watching on my iPad. Seen at least 43 commercials. The bird commercial 7 times. With 4 bars, the game plays about 20 secs then I get the “something went wrong” pop up! I have to hit the play button to get it to restart! So I have to watch another 15 second commercial, this all while the game is playing! Game plays about 20 - 30 seconds then another restart. I’ve seen no more than 5 minutes of the game! Then at the half comes on and no buffering! I got to see all of it! So 43+/- commercials. Most of then repeats on ever restart! 5 minutes of hoops! Ridiculous! You can see where the priority is, COMMERCIALS!.Version: 11.2.2

Good App 3 years agoApp gets you what you need but mostly the same app they have had for years. No support for multitasking on on the iPad. No minimizing the video and if you go to another app, it takes you back to the home screen not the game you were watching - which is made worse by having to watch multiple ads Every. Single. Time. before the game will stream. You miss at least 5 minutes of video every time you check your email. This is the same on my phone. Ultimately if you must watch on mobile, it does the job which is the important thing, but NCAA could take some of the millions they get paid for the tournament and make a new app..Version: 9.0.2

Ads are redundant and abundantLet me preface this complaint with the fact that I have young kids and can’t listen to them complain while I watch games all day and have to let them watch some of their shows to give them a break. Why am I going to use an app to watch a game that I can watch on my tv when I have to watch the same 15 second ad over and over again before actually getting the game on. This is extremely annoying as I’m already watching the ads on the commercial breaks. But I continue to lose the feed due to some error and have to reopen the feed and watch the same 15 second ad again. STOP THE 15 SECOND AD! If that were gone, this would easily be a 5 star app..Version: 11.2.3

These developers should be firedThis is one of the most watched events each year and the app developers are complete trash. You cannot expand and watch one game without having all your other watch options stuck listed at the bottom. The app itself is very slow when you navigate between pages. I have exited, uninstalled, logged out and in and nothing works. They are trying way too hard to make a simple streaming app with different options to choose from. My 12 year old nephew who has a huge interest in app development and code-writing could come up with something more efficient than this..Version: 11.2.2

AwfulThis app is garbage. It pushes out an “update” several times a day, including during games. It is also extremely slow and clunky to view a game. Loaded with ads (I get that part, but still annoying) and it has one completely unforgivable “feature”. Someone at the NCAA/CBS tells the app when a game is over. Because of that, games that are on the line in a single score game will start to switch to another game before you even know how it finishes. When the switcher pops up, it spoils the end for you because you know a game tying shot was missed. Why would you ever do that? Just awful..Version: 11.2.3

Glitches and needs options for full screenWhy isn’t there an option for full screen. Watching on 1/4 of my phone screen is tiny. Had login problems too. Closed out one game to see another, it said select provider and then just froze. Finally got to select provider and it said I needed trutv in my package (which I have). After 20 minutes of logging off and back in, I finally got to watch the game on the tiny tiny screen. CBS spends a crapload of money on this tournament. I guess they had no money left to make a decent app..Version: 8.0.5

Can't updateWanted to keep updated with brackets etc and be able to watch games for my limited free time (don't have cable or dish) but go to load says new update available but tried several times to update, but get say message new update available. So go through process again with the same results. We are now ready for 2019 sweet 16 and still no app. Enjoyed in the past years, why now I can't get it. Listen to it on the radio app. Update I tried deleting and reinstalling 2 or 3 times still would not work..Version: 9.0.3

Horribly Buggy Compared To Past YearsThe NCAA app has been completely worthless for me this year after using it previously for several years with no real issues. It's equally bad on my iPad Pro and iPhone 6S. The app constantly crashes, constantly asks me to log in with to cable provider, even after I just did and got a success message, constantly freezes and constantly gives me loading issues which only seem to be resolved by uninstalling the app and re-downloading it from the App Store. Even then, that only resolves it maybe half the time. I’ve even it had it freeze up on the AppleTV and require a reinstall. I’m done with it at this point. I really hope the dev team gets their act together for next year. Maybe they can take some notes in the off season from the team that works on the NBC Sports app. Their app worked flawlessly on all my devices during the Winter Olympics coverage last month. Kudos to them..Version: 8.0.6

Great *WHEN* it works......but there are major connectivity issues. It’s frustrating that these often occur at the end of games, just when you want to see the exciting finish. The app kicked me off 3 different times in the final 10 seconds of the Miami-Loyola game. Each time it also prompted me to enter my cable login information all over again, taking valuable time. The main problem is surely that too many users accessing the app at the same time, but the developers really need to account for that in a March Madness app like this..Version: 8.0.5

So many commercialsI know commercials bring us the game. But the app seems to play a commercial every time it starts or restarts. And you you tuned in because the alert told you it was a close game do you really need the commercial overlapping the last minute of a close game. In past years this app has been better. Also if you are stuck in a commercial it is Hard to find the score during commercial breaks I figured out the score by adding the field goals threes and free throws..Version: 11.2.3

No PIP feature, poor memoryDisappointed that this doesn’t use iOS Picture in Picture feature. Especially in a pandemic, watching and using messaging apps at the same time is a much better experience. The app also seems to reload everytime you switch applications, even for less than a minute. This results in sometimes an ad playing before you get the live stream. The combination of the 2 makes chatting with friends during breaks in a close game frustrating..Version: 11.2.1

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