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Western Union Send Money Now App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Western Union Send Money Now app received 35 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Western Union Send Money Now? Can you share your negative thoughts about western union send money now?

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Western Union Send Money Now for Negative User Reviews

Fees Too High Buggy AppI hate this app! I have over 3300 points that should reduce fees upon trying to redeem them the app says my bank declined the transaction, lies.. it seems if the app is designed for you to pay the most astronomical fees ever it will not allow you to apply your promo points to reduce the feed I think that’s a very shady business practice and I’m tired of companies like WU that need to be put on blast with the FCC for unsavory business practices! The app is buggy & for American users the fees are astronomical which does not make sense because if you are using the app the fee should be almost the same as in store (3$) or lower because you are using THE APP and paying directly. I don’t understand why you have to pay such high fees to send money within the US via the app? Just because we are sending money within the US does not mean that we have money to burn stop charging us over $10,$20, $30+ just to send money within the United States you guys are making millions if not billions of dollars a year you can reduce the app fees! The fact that you even have this “no fee promo” is indicative of the fact that you know these fees are too high and usage of the app is probably low as a result of it stop being so greedy and just reduce the fees! The fees should be low whether you are sending money within the US or around the world hence your service!.Version: 11.0

At first things were fine...In the beginning of using this app, everything was fine. I got to the point I sent so much money to India that I literally got free instant transfers like every time. Then one day I sent money ($300), the money status said in progress for like 3 days. I cancelled it then it took it out anyway. Then they took 5 days to refund it to me. I gave them the benefit of the doubt it was just a glitch. Then my next transfer I had anxiety about sending it regular so I used money in minutes service and paid the money in minutes fee. Money in minutes, right? Nope try 8 days later. My fiancé didn’t get the money till the 21 and I sent it on the 13th. You call and they blame it on the bank. You call the bank and they claim to be waiting to accept the transaction. Not sure what is happening in between or what went wrong but I feel like Western Union doesn’t take accountability and the customer service offers zero solutions. There was never a problem before, now it’s total chaos. There’s nothing more anxiety invoking than sending money to a loved one who needs it “in minutes” and the service completely fails and your money is floating around somewhere in cyber space. Sorry but I can’t take a chance with your service again..Version: 8.0

Worst customer service ever!!!!Hi, maybe I can actually reach a person here. Bought a money order to pay a bill but my fiancé did as well. We were told to write it to ourselves and take it to where we purchased it. So we did, Kroger grocery store #686 Taylor Mi. They told us we had to wait 48 hours exactly from purchase date… come back and then STILL would not cash it. Try calling western union customer service… good luck with that! No way to talk to anyone. Took it to my bank, fidelity investments, they would not cash it due to money order fraud happening. Two days of trying to contact anyone, called, chat, anything and everything. Website was down to do the form online. I mean I tried EVERYTHING! This was my Christmas money for my family. $600 might not be much to western union but it meant the world to my kids. Finally got the online form for a refund to work…. 30 days. Absolutely the worst! I will never buy a money order again! I suggest you don’t either!.Version: 11.1

Worse customer service everI wish I could give zero star, yesterday I Went to customer service in Publix to send $1500 to Indiana, so I used the app so I can save $37 (that’s the reason for the app right)but that was a waste of time, for some reason it was showing error so The customer service manager who was a nice patience lady, she call WesternUnion customer service to help with the issue from their end, only for them to say they can’t help I myself would have to call instead, so she told them what’s the point?that’s why she’s in customer service to help her customers yet nothing🤦🏿‍♀️ she make another call still customer service wasn’t able to help, she ask if they could tell her Where i can go that would probably able to help me again they couldn’t provide that, talking about it’s not guarantee My problem would solve. Like seriously you’re the freaken customer service, you got one job to fix my danm problem if it in your end cause all was well on mine. Anyway I end up having to pay $37 fee after waiting almost 30 minutes. I will uninstalled and have my people do the same and anyone who ask I will def make sure I tell them you guys have the worst customer service ever..Version: 6.0

Editing issue of my profileWhen setting up the profile of the account as a first time user of the previous version, I entered my nickname and after all said & done, I had realized that my full name was the ideal option as it has to match w my government issued ID for verification purposes. A day later I tried to Edit my profile to correct the name, but it didn’t let me and with that frustration, I quit using the app and instead switched to the alternative option of calling and paying in person at a register of a local business that offers WU service. More than once I had to call twice to speak to a Rep in person bc the Automated service didn’t get my full name nor my Receiver’s full name correctly. We have long names. However w/frequent use it was happening less often until I didn’t need to send money anymore. I’m giving 3 stars bc while I could never use the app on the other hand the concept and efficiency of service in the option of placing call via automated service-Agent & in person cashier, was relatively good. I upgraded to the latest version and will give it a try correcting my profile. If I can’t even do that & issue persists, I’ll get rid of this app..Version: 9.7

They will give you a hard timeIf i can just rate them right now i will give a 0 rating… been using it since 2017 and now that i am sending a quite amount of money due to urgency of its need they are giving me a hard time. My bank account is good and i am using a debit card that for sure is more than enough for the transfer…but they keep on declining it even though my bank said they approved it several times as i kept on trying it several times… they said that you could send up to 19k dollars which are just bogus because just a quarter of that amount they wouldn’t let it go through… not dependable at all for your loved ones. They are saying that they are just protecting you from fraud (not true at all!) my bank should be the one doing it but my bank is approving it since i gave my authorization… when they were asked about it all the agents ate giving different stories of the problem and the last thing i found out is that they are having issues with the system… so what will i believe? All their crazy alibis… incompetent app that’s what i can say right now… so upset that i want to sue them for the inconvenience they caused me..Version: 8.8

No opinion of the appWestern Union. When you hand them your money to send, better filled out the information correctly. Otherwise, you will get the runaround. One time I filled out the form to send the money, I have asked the clerk if I needed to include the middle initial of the recipient and she said no. No need to guess. I went back to that branch and they can not do anything about it. Call head quarter in the state of Colorado. Today I went to receive the money and one of the branch didn't have $830. So I go to a different branch. They asked me where I was born on all different branch. But when you filled out the form to send money, not all branch would check your information carefully when they input your information. Different branch different authorized owners. Today, one lady cancelled the money transfer and tried to get the refund. Guess what, one of the branch didn't input the middle initial. This should be their job. They do this every day. They should help the consumers, not screw them around. Or they don't give a sh----t. Within one mile on the same street, it had three branches. All different authorized branch owners that would tell you something. Good luck..Version: 4.5.8

Horrible customer serviceThere customer service is horrible. whenever there is an issue they can’t say why this issue happened. I tried to send money through app using debit card and app tries to charge me a credit card fee for some reason I don’t know why since I have sent money before using same debit card. I called 8 times to customer service they said we don’t why it’s happening and I can try to send other way I said ok if I can pay over the phone and they transferred me to the other department every time I call and as soon as they transfer to a deferent department the call hangs up or starts over again with the options computer gives you. Finally spoke to someone last time and he tried to send over the phone he said it’s declined by western union and he doesn’t know why. it’s always very hard to send money through western union even though everything is ok. I will go with a deferent company to send the money so I don’t have a headache that I get all the time with western union..Version: 7.4

Worst App Ever For Big Amount Transfer!My first and Third small amount transaction went through fine while my 2nd transaction Still stuck on “on hold” status for 8 days!!! I talked to 8, 9 agents and chat with 2, 3 agents just to try to make my transaction work again, and you know what? Everytime I called them, they gave me a different story line, either I need to send my ID, or they had my ID but the other department will need it, or they approved it, just need to wait. I sent it over the app, and 2 different email from WU, waited more days then they wanted me to!! They now email me back to make me call them Again?? they litterally saying it would be done after my ID sent, I called 5 time over a week, and none of them know exactly what’s going on on my account. They took my money out of my bank account already for 4 days, but my transaction is still “On Hold”. What do you actually want me to do? Call another agent again? I really believe that some random responses for this review will start with (sorry for…. Please call our agent…) what is a joke..Version: 9.7

Mr. Roy love IIII have attempted to send money via this app quite a few times. They list the payment as ready to be released but when family members go to western union to collect western union tells them That the payment was cancelled! Even though the app indicates the money is ready for payment. After calling their customer service number you find out that their security department has decided to cancel the payment as possible fraud. Sending money to my old aunt in Minnesota!!! No e-mail, text message or any indication that the payment has been cancelled until you find out from the recipient notifying that the cash cannot be released. Talk to a supervisor is useless, obviously WU does not trust their frontline management to correct the problem. So there you are a 78 year old aunt taking a bus to pick up money that western Union deemed suspicious and cancels the payment without the simple courtesy of letting the sender know via a call, text or e-mail. After this happening three times I decided to use MoneyGram without a hitch. I would not use western union again for any reason..Version: 5.8

Customer service AWFULNeeded to have last name on transaction corrected. Called customer service, to have current last name moved to maternal last name, and add the paternal last name. And made sure to say it needed to be this way specifically. My receiver went to pickup, and was told they couldn’t get money as name was wrong. Called customer service again. Was advised they had put paternal name as middle name. Told them this needed to be changed to the paternal name. They changed it supposedly. Receiver went to pickup again, only to find out the name was still wrong. Called customer service again, only to find out they didn’t do anything the time before, even though I asked multiple times to make sure it was in order correctly. They said they would refund the transaction, I agreed with this, as I was tried of dealing with them. Check status on app, only to find out later, they never even did that. Kinda think they just have people working here that answer the phone, but actually do nothing. So frustrating!!!.Version: 5.8

Worse business to communicate withI WILL NEVER use western union ever again. To complicate things that really need not be complicated is not the way to do business. i used the service to send money to a friend that had been robbed (no id on person) thus we did the question and answer transfer well he gets up to a wu location and the useless cashier tells him he needs an id to receive funds (NOT HOW I SET IT UP) so i have to drive almost 100 miles (one way) to bring him funds to get home . So i cancel the transfer and good lord the inconvenience of trying to get my money back from these idiots is really driving me. I get to a payout location and the IDIOT cashier tells me she needs my phone number (so i key in my phone # no transactions found) so I tell her i have mtcm number and the IDIOT tells me oh we can’t retrieve funds that way - IDIOTS is all i know to say. until i get my money back i will conclude WU is a rip off by making things complicated when it really doesn’t have to be - they also partner with stores who hire the most useless idiotic ignorant cashiers that it makes the entire experience aggravating to say the least.Version: 7.2

التحويل إلى السودانقمت بتحويل مبلغ إلى السودان قبل ثلاثة أيام ولم يتمكن المستقبل من استلام المبلغ ليومين متتالين وحتى كتابة هذا التعليق. حيث يتعلل الموظفون في الوكالة الواقعة في مدينة ودمدني وسط السودان بعدم وجود سيولة وعدم وجود كهرباء أو عدم وجود شبكة إنترنت وبالأمس أفادوا أنهم في عطلة بدون مناسبة. هذه أسواء طريقة لتحويل الأموال إلى السودان حيث تُظطر لتضييع الكثير من المال والوقت لاستلام مبلغ يجب أن يتم تسليمه فوراً لحظة التحويل حسب ما يفيد الموقع عند التحويل من حساب البطاقة المصرفية أو الحساب المصرفي. يجب تغيير طواقم العمل بالوكالات السودانية حتى لا يتم الاستغناء عن خدماتكم وإيجاد البديل. I transferred an amount to Sudan three days ago, and the receiver was not able to receive the money for two consecutive days and until this comment was written. The employees of the agency, located in the city of Wadmadani, in central Sudan, explain that there is no money, no electricity, or no internet, and yesterday they reported that they are on vacation without an occasion. This is the worst way to transfer money to Sudan, as you have to waste a lot of money and time to receive an amount that must be delivered immediately at the moment of transfer, according to what the site says when transferring from the bank card account or bank account. The work crews of Sudanese agencies must be changed so that your services are not dispensed with and an alternative is found..Version: 8.2

First time (and last time) userI was trying to help a friend with an emergency by sending him money and never having sent funds using Western Union before I had to quickly complete the registration process, naturally selecting the option to send from my bank account vs. a credit card. The bank account option said transfers would take 0-4 days. What I know of Western Union is that it’s a fast way to send money. So, figuring that it was early in the day, on Friday, my friend would get it today. Except that’s not the case at all! So I cancelled the transaction and learned that the $9 (RIP-OFF) fee won’t be refunded! PayPal, Messenger, and Zelle don’t even charge a fee to transfer money from a bank account! Western Union does and they don’t even refund it when they clearly have not processed anything! So I had to use my debit card and pay $15 to send the money immediately. “SEND IN MINUTES” is the tag line. Now I’m waiting to finish this review to tell you “how many” minutes it takes. 29 minutes. Not bad, but Western Union should really refund the transfer fee. That’s an old business model..Version: 6.5

Unsafe and hackable App/No supportDO NOT download this app because it is not safe. Hackers can hack it and steal your money and information. I have been a WesternUnion customer for the past 13 years, and someone from Ecuador hacked the app using my login information. In the app, customers can save their banking information to make it easier to send money. So, I had saved my banking info in there thinking like it was safe to do. Last Saturday, this hacker got in to my WesternUnion account and sent money to themselves. When I called WesternUnion customer service, they said that they can’t do anything about it because the person already picked up the money. They asked me to call my bank and FBI to report the fraud. To my surprise, WesternUnion doesn’t have any insurance for the types of fraudulent problems when they occur. So, if you want to avoid being in my stressful financial problems, do yourself a favor NOT to download this app. It’s better and safer to go to a physical WesternUnion office to send money to your love ones. However, if you do download this app you’ll find yourself in the same financial stress I am. Just an advised from a longtime customer. SL.Version: 9.2

Doesn’t workAfter multiple attempts to send money this app has not been successful even once. On the first two attempts WU indicated they needed more information, which was provided. The questions were intrusive but they were answered. E.g. How long have you known the recipient? Over a decade...but whether it is one day or a decade, it is not the business of Western Union. Despite providing answers to Western Union questions the transactions were cancelled by Western Union, and they refused to provide an explanation. The next transaction Western Union claims was stopped by the bank because there was an extra 0 in front of the account number. If there was a zero it did not come from the sender. Upon inquiry the bank referred recipient to WU. The next attempt was stopped by WU with a statement that additional information was needed from sender, and they were not able to contact senders cell phone. Sender’s phone did not show a call from WU and no voicemail was left. There appears to be no interest by WU in resolving this. Two customers known to each other for over a decade are totally unable to exchange a nominal amount of money between their two bank accounts using this App. From my perspective this App rates a total FAIL. I am at a loss to know how anyone is able to get satisfactory results from this App..Version: 8.5

AdsMy WesternUnion app has became another place for those stupid ads. I can’t even do business without have to answer questions about stupid ads. If I wanted those, I would go do it myself. This is ridiculous. I hate it. Also also I made a mistake one time send annette 3 to 4 business days because it took seven business days and that’s not counting the weekend. The last time I paid for in minutes I want my wife went to pick it up the place that they didn’t have any money, not even half of it. I paid for in minutes do you think they’d refund my feet? Do anything to make something right no. And you’re supposed to be able to go in there with the ID and your ID and the Lady in there quiz my wife who I was why am I sending her the money? I’m very frustrated. Yes, I am older and I’ve been doing business with them for over 50 years. It seems like whoever is running to WesternUnion now pride that they had years ago to make sure everything was done, right. Do you want my wife to go to the store and then have that lady called into the main office and explain to them why they didn’t have any money. Seems to me if I was part of the WesternUnion I’d be calling him myself to find out what’s going on. Just said how things change over the years said to see it, go down the hill..Version: 11.3

Waste of time, they will ask extremely personal questions by phone. Takes hours.Unbelievably it takes hours to complete a transaction, and that’s only after speaking to a representative who will ask you question after question about how you know the recipient, how long you’ve known the recipient, the nature of your relationship, what the money will be used for, on and on! Honestly it’s shocking. They seem to be assuming that either you or the person you’re sending money to (or both?) is a criminal or criminal enterprise. The woman from WU actually asked what kind of relationship we have, as if I was ordering a call girl. The woman I spoke to asked how long we’ve known each other, how and where we met, if it was a gift or loan, what it would be used for, if I ever had sex with the recipient and if there was a chance this person might be a prostitute!! In fact the person is my wife’s 91 year old aunt! After that I canceled the entire transaction. By the way I initiated the transfer three hours prior to receiving a phone call and email requiring all this. So the 30 minutes they quote is a lie. Just delete this app, there’s no reason why they need to know your detailed and extraordinarily private info or ask disgusting questions..Version: 6.3

Poor serviceHad a very close international friend I send money to on a regular basis. Western union decided to put a block and deny all transactions without giving a reason and no way to resolve it in a timely manner. Only support is by email which can take up to a month at a minimum to get a response from. The agents and customer service do not have access to why a transaction was returned. Very frustrating as with the world in the state it is in, jobs are hard to find and my contribution helps with buying food and fuel. Thanks for nothing WesternUnion. **now I get a response from the developer that says that their system “automatically rejects certain transactions” and can’t disclose what criteria they use. What garbage. What if their system makes a mistake? I had used WesternUnion for years to the same person with no problems till then. Haha. I’ll make sure to tell everyone how they can become banned arbitrarily from their system with no recourse or remedy. Shhh, we wouldn’t want to “compromise the integrity” of their flawed controls. I’m glad I switched to a different platform and have had no issues with their competitor. MoneyGram is easier to set up direct bank transfers..Version: 10.8

Disappointed!!!! What happened to WU?!I have been using WU for 3 years now until this month of April, the same transactions to the same receivers every month for 3 years has been cancelled even I provided all the answers to their “it’s none of your business” personal questions like how long have you known the receiver, how do you communicate to each other, how often do you communicate to each other, what’s the mode of communication. And so on for like 20mins questions and after answering it, they still cancelled the transaction. I understand the compliance procedure to protect the sender of fraud activities but if the transactions to the same receiver has been going on for years and the sender has validate the transaction to be legit and nothing like someone just instructed them to do so then why make it very difficult?! I have highly recommended WU before to all friends to use but not anymore! Total disappointment now! Moving on to another company to send remittance now..Version: 8.5

UNBELIEVABLY FRUSTRATING!!This is by far the worst experience I have ever had trying to send money… I tried to send $500 to my sister because she needed money for school clothes and supplies for my three nieces. I put all my information in and hit confirm to send. I then got a message saying I needed to verify some things, so I added my drivers license and everything they needed. I got a message saying “your transfer is under review this usually takes 30 minutes blah blah blah” a whole day goes by and it still said the same thing. It wouldn’t even let me try to send another one unless I canceled the first one!! Ok my sister really needs the money at this point so I cancel and try again. I GET THE SAME MESSAGE about the 30 min crap. I’m worried if I cancel it again and try to send a new transfer that i might mess something up. Another day goes by and nothing. I finally just went ahead and used a different platform but this is absolutely ridiculous!! The sole purpose of this app is to be able to transfer money so I’m really just confused and highly upset that I wasn’t able to and not only that there was no clear reason as to why it was happening I never got an email or anything. A complete waist of time and my sister had to wait almost a week and go buy school supplies the night before the first day of school because of this. I Will NEVER use WU again ever! Deleted the app and not looking back! ✌🏼.Version: 9.2

NOT WORTH IT .The first time I used it was no issue, I’ve send my mom money apparently she was blocked from the system I then proceeded to ask the lady from customer service if she was able to change the name of the receiver and she kept ignoring everything I said. I asked several times if it would be easier to just change the senders name like they usually do in store and she kept saying that they didn’t do that when in the app it clearly stated “call customer service “ to edit the name . I ended up getting a re-fund then proceeded to send my dad money none the less had another problem and called immediately just to get no answer it’s been the 14 time I call and have to go through all he options just to get to the point where it says “ hold in the line for a customer service representative “ and about 5 seconds later an operating talking another language pops up and the call is ended out of all 14 calls just one went through and had me waiting “a couple of minutes “ that turned into over a 30 minute wait just for them to never pick up . I then emailed them with the problem but said I would be contact within 24 hrs ! Are you serious ? But yet nothing ... I’ve called 3 different numbers of there so claimed 24& 24/7 hr customer service wich is a total bs . & here I am struggling just because apparently it would be cheaper and more convenient when u still end up paying more less the same thing ..Version: 6.4

System and customer service not helpfulIt took me almost 2 days to send money to the Philippines. It always gives me a prompt that their system are having technical difficulties . I tried calling the number that was on their website, the first rep was not at all helpful, he’s giving me a number to call instead , so I wrote down the number only to find out that it’s the same number that I just called that’s why I was talking to him. The second one was telling me that I put the wrong purpose, how can you put choices there when it’s wrong, so I asked if he can stay on the line while I’m trying to do what he’s suggesting to me, but he said no because he has another customer to help. Wow! So what I did was while he was talking I was trying to do it using his suggestions but still it doesn’t work. So he just suggested to try again later. I just said thanks. So frustrating considering that the money will be used asap for our property tax. We are avoiding penalty for late payment..Version: 9.6

Service for me has been nonexistent.I have been back and forth for several weeks and day after day with the email Customer Care and 2 or 3 times with the call in techs still no fix for my issue. Thing is it wasn’t a problem until someone at WU decided to lock me out from sending transfers from my account for reasons unknown to me. I complained several months ago, word came back that my account was clear since then I have not been able to send anything from any device I log in from. I get to the point of finalizing the transaction sometimes after selecting the recipient or as far as selecting my pay card going to review then I always get (something went wrong try again later) and that is as far as I can go. I have tried everything I have been told to try and it never gets fixed. If it had never been messed with for no reason I would not have this problem no one can seem to fix. Uninstalling , using a different browser or device makes no different. It does the same when logging in online..Version: 6.0

Time to move to the gramI use money gram it’s safe easy and simple. I send 500 they receive 500. I don’t have to worry about there worst exchange rate on planet earth plus with the gram they go pick it up from a bank so they always have the money in dollar or the bank can exchange it fair and square and they only charge me the fee. With western union im paying a higher fee twice once with the exchange rate and the second fee with the actual fee itself and I can’t have them receive the money in USA plus they have to go to a ragity store to pick the money up but with the gram they can go to a bank with honor and dignity. If can’t wait for the future western union is gonna get its karma. Karma is not just human to human but karma also apply to businesses can’t wait for western union to go out of business for there terribly exchange fee full of corruption. Just charge me the fee and be fair and square don’t take $20 from exchange rate. Hope karma hit WU hard. Let’s all pray for a karma so great they be out of business. Cheating is wrong BE fair and direct.Version: 8.0

Absolutely unprofessional customer serviceJust like the previous review indicated, customer service was horrible. It tied to find out what has happened to two transfers I initiated. Money were taken out of my account but never made it to destination. I called customer service multiple times and a person would hang phone stating “call back with correct transaction number”. The transaction number, I provided, was actually correct. Sending money “in minutes” turned into endless struggle. For unknown reason money were not given to receiver and my transaction was cancelled. I also emailed customer service, and my transactions were found. Yay! No full refund either. I was notified that I received refund and I would need to go to WU location to receive my refund. Of course, it is only partial amount. Who calculated what happened to rest of the money? How many fees were I charged? I will never find out. Second transfer was cancelled also for unknown reason and I am still waiting for “refund” over week now. Again, money “ in minutes”... I will never use the service again. I already found and use much more reliable, fast and less expensive service. I do not recommend using WU..Version: 5.9

The worse money transfer I have ever used.This computer does nothing but manipulates and take advantage of people and their money for no apparent reason. I have sent money to Jamaica using the money transfer and they took two weeks to send my money back after I had to curse and act terrible. Then I tried sending another thousand using cash instead and in order to collect the money my sister had to cry tears to them for them to give her the thousand dollar. They will watch you starve and laugh at you. I tried another way to send the money by using my card for money pick up instead of transferring to her bank account and they sent the money back saying it couldn’t be delivered. There is no reason as to why but my guess would be 1,000 dollars is too much. But then my friend told me she had just sent $1,700 with no problem. I did the transaction on April 25 and they are telling me my refund is still in process on May 12. I’m the mean time I had checks bounced because they refused to release my own money. Terrible terrible company and customer service and please do not blame it on the Carona Virus. I should organize a class action lawsuits for all the people this company had done wrong..Version: 7.2

Worst thing for higher transactionsI have been doing transfers since 3 years from Western Union and never saw a problem and that's why I have an extra 2 stars, unfortunately I can't give 0 stars. And now I made a bigger transaction and that is when all the problems started. Everytime I call a new time frame is provided. Need to beg for my own money to be available in my destination bank account. Such a waste of time. All my commitments I made because of the initial time frame given are reflecting back on me with penalties. I would suggest people to use other platforms for bigger transactions. Such a great lesson for a customer who is reliable with them since 3 years. Thanks for backing yourself Everytime with new timeframe. These guys are so intelligent, first they give destination county time zone for the money to be available, then they change to source country time zone, then they will give some random time in the morning, then some random time in the afternoon, again a random time in the night and now they ask me to wait for the end of the day. Didn't know I have to beg or make so many calls to ask for my money. Thanks for teaching me a lesson..Version: 8.2

I used to live this companyWhen I was a student and had to use it. Now I mostly use PayPal. I tried to send money for a housewarming gift to a friend in the Ukraine with these guys. I put in my cc number, they gave me a tracking number. My friend was supposed to show up with a valid ID to pick the money up (in as quickly as four minutes). Simple right? Instead they told her that my name was in “the system”. Kept her there for an hour. Told her it was because my “name is not American” (ironically I am actually pretty American have like to think I’ve done a lot for my country). Then they sent her away, telling her to go to a “big bank” after the weekend. So though as an American working with an American company I think the whole thing is way too racist, I wrote to them semi nicely. Once on their Facebook page, and once again in a review for they sent me. They answered once. Some one-liner. Saying something completely unrelated, that they’d like to remind me that BOTH parties, the sender and receiver, have to show IDs. They didn’t even bother to read my email. And now I’m kinda ticked off enough to send all this to an attorney and sue them. This could have been some underprivileged immigrant mother sending hotel money to her broke kid (in which case she would have been homeless for a couple of days, because to Western Union agent on the Ukraine, deemed her name “not American enough”. May I add again that they didn’t even read my complaint?.Version: 9.3

A dangerous for one’s life and well-being app. Plus very slowI’ve been using this app for about 7 month and I’ve been sending regularly once or twice per month money to 2 people only. Yet every single time the transfers go through an approval process that takes somewhere between 2 and 3 hours. Although the advertised availability time is in minutes. I guess they mean hundreds of minutes, but they should at least disclose this fact. However the most dangerous part of this service is that occasionally I’d reach a hidden limit of the amount that I can send and the transaction would be cancelled without letting ANYONE know. My friends live in a war torn Ukraine and every time they go on the streets they risk their lives, yet western union would send me confirmation that the money are available and then when my friends arrive to the location the agent would say the transaction was cancelled. So they have to come back home without money and food for their child. This is an extremely irresponsible approach to doing business..Version: 5.4

Absolutely terrible customer serviceI don’t normally leave reviews but hopefully I can save someone else the headache before downloading this app. I set up a money transfer to a friend, because cash app was not working properly. After confirming everything we found out it would take days for him to receive it. I’m not going to wait days to send someone 25$ I went to the help forum that clearly states a money transfer can be canceled if it has not been deposited or picked up. So I started a chat with an agent. Gave her the same tracking number multiple times(I guess she couldn’t type it in right) copied and pasted straight from the app. Just to say the same thing I’ve and over “I have checked your money and it is scheduled to be deposited” that’s it no expectation. I even copied and pasted WesternUnion policy on cancellation and she still refused to do anything. I asked for a supervisor and simply got a response saying my supervisor said the same thing. Sheer laziness and poor policy and garbage UI/app design cost me two hours and 30$ I’ll never get back.Version: 10.8

WU blames WG for their issueI downloaded the app as so many people have said it is slick. First time I go to send money with WU it doesn’t work. Walgreens employees were very nice, but say WU is down and it may be 5 minutes or 5 hours; they did say sometimes it is just the store and I may have luck at another Walgreens. So I drive to the next closest WG location and WU is down there as well. Informed that HyVee can send so I drive there. HyVee is VERY rude and almost mad I wanted to send WU; they say I can only pay bill or get money order. I call WU and after 5 minutes of automation finally talk to a person who says WG does not have ability to complete app, but that I could drive to ANOTHER HyVee. When I corrected her (according to locations on WU app) she said I should return to WG and have them call WU!!! Why would I have WG call them when I just DID; why could she just not help me? She said if I sent it with her it would be more expensive! It’s not MY FAULT that their system was down. I spent 2 hours trying to get it to work; they obviously do not want my money or business as they did not make it any easier for me when their system was having trouble. So frustrating...think I will use PayPal, ApplePay, Venmo, or literary a wire transfer next time. 😡.Version: 6.2

Western Union App does not work properlyDespite calling Western Union several times, speaking to call sender agents, sending email to technical support team, in STILL unable to compleat the following task with the Western Union smart phone app: 1. Unable to edit the following: - Email address - Password - Address - Phone number 2. Unable to use my debit cards with this app: - each time I attempt to use my debit card I’m allowed to go through the process of filling out the required information, but as soon as I attempt to send the payment I receive a message that says “Unable to complete transaction. I’m receiving this error message despite the fact my bank account has more than enough to cover the amount needed to cover the transfer amount requested. My bank was notified as will but informed me that WU is failing to provide my bank with the amount of the transfer being requested. Instead of providing the bank with the amount of the transfer WU is on showing $0 and the bank does not know what amount to approve to complete the transfer WU is requesting to be transferred. This highly frustrating and no one at Western Union seems to be intreated I reaching out to me to fix this glitch in their phone app..Version: 4.6.2

The customer service is horrendous!I swear, the people they have outsourced this work to get off on messing with the customers. I sent money and they kept telling the receiver the money was available but when he would go into the various locations because they said to try another location it wouldn’t work. We both tried calling at least 10 times each and spoke to a different customer service rep each time. Not all of them were bad, but I’d say about half really don’t care, and seem to get some sort of pleasure messing with Americans. I’m sure there are plenty of Americans, but regardless, there are nice ones too, and I was nice each time. MoneyGram is the way to go by far! You can speak to the operator through their Mobile app and the process is flawless. Far better than my experience using WU. Plus, there is a stigma about using this service as every location I went I got the stank eye like I was criminal commuting a crime. They don’t like doing WU at any store I used..Version: 9.9

BEWARE TOTAL SCAM AND RIPOFF!Simply put, the most horrible experience I have ever had with an app and the customer service was just plain evil. My account was “hacked” and $733 USD taken from my debit card. No one cared. They kept accusing ME. I never shared any info on my account with anyone. Clearly an inside job. Horrible experience. Do not put your private credit/debit card info info this app. You will be ripped off! They just kept me on the phone for 45 minutes and did nothing to shut down the account to stop the process. They kept telling me to get to a computer. I literally had to beg them to shut down the account from their end as I was not able to access a computer then. From the time the transaction accessed my account to the time the person picked up money in the Ukraine? 30 Minutes! They could have stopped the transaction before the actual pickup of cash. No, I’m not kidding about the Ukraine! Ofcourse it was a scam all along. I thought Western Union was a trusted brand and company. Wrong!!!! Total ripoff!! My bank is investigating and said there have been many others with this app and company. Never ever let them store your financial info. BEWARE!!!.Version: 6.8

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