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Western Union Send Money Now App User Positive Comments 2023

Western Union Send Money Now app received 15 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about western union send money now?

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Western Union Send Money Now for Positive User Reviews

Not intutiveI wanted to update my new address and enter a new card. Life of me, I cold not do it in the app. I called for help and was told to create a new account altogether, which erased the past history. Now I could not enter the new card. Another help call and this time I was told that a new card can only be saved AFTER I have sent money, it could not be on file in advance, like all other companies I know of. This could have been clarified on the app page to save me the aggravation of repeated trials and phone calls. Finally I created a transaction but again a small box within the bank text message was missed. I only found out by calling the help line again to be told that there was no vestige of the transaction in their computer. Here I was, very cocer ed that if I repeat the process again , I may be duplicating the amount sent. Back to help call and finally resolved the issue. And may I remind you that I am no novice at creating on line payments. Honestly, would you call your app intutive?.Version: 7.2

No crazy fees or exchange ratesI been looking for a way to send money to a bank account in the Philippines where there was no crazy fees, exchange rates and take days to deliver the money. That’s is how I came across WU once again. I’ve used them several years ago before they had an app. Never had an issue back then so I decided to try them once again. To my surprise the money was deliver within a couple hours even tho I got an email it said it was going to be deliver the next day. I did send the money to a BPI account and if you read the disclaimers it says that for BPI it would take about 2 hours and any money sent after the first transaction it will take a couple minutes. I will be giving this a try next time I send money and give an update if it does takes minutes. If it does then it would be the easiest I've sent money..Version: 7.2

Great to BadI’ve been using this app for over a year! I have been really satisfied with ability to not have to leave home to send money. I try to use it the other day all personal info gone- I had my debit card on app- The debit card info is gone now app requesting my bank info routing and account - silly me - I put info in. After putting all info in to who it’s going to location and amount of money tried to send -I get error message at least 3 times I tried. I went Walgreens to send WU- no problem. I go back two days later and after putting all info in and had a clerk verify error message - I-need to put name of sender in—go back check it’s there😏😏 What is going on? I use an iPhone -have you had a upgrade within past week..Version: 6.9

Loving this app in these times.I like the app I don’t care too much for the service. I find it funny that you can send someone money three times in one month but it does not factor in the dollar amounts. For example: if I want to send someone $5000 today tomorrow and the next day that is considered three times so the person has gotten $15,000 from me. that’s a lot of money for some people now if I send somebody a dollar today and a dollar the next day and a dollar the next day that’s only $3 dollars. it limits you by how many times you send a month but not by dollar amount. that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. The reason why I say this is the dumbest thing? they say it is to stop money laundering money”! laundering should be by dollar amounts not by how many times you have sent. Clearly a dollar today a dollar tomorrow and a dollar the next day is not even laundering that is by far, so far from ever hurting an economy. Even $100 today $100 tomorrow and 100 and the next day that is not laundering. If anything that is trifling if someone made that low of money dealing and wanted to launder $300 and its not even worth their while. But whatever. Who am I? So I say all of that to say,.... during these time of covid and world issues people need help. So I send what I can when I can and on the fourth time, my friend in Another country was turned away. You can one get money three time a month. Great App though.Version: 7.2

Great appUse it every time i send money to the philippines. I can either use my debit card, credit card, apple pay, bank account to send money towards the philippines. Receiver can receive it as cash or right through their bank account. They only charge $4.99 from my debit card and i usually send money to different people in $100 amounts and they can get the money in minutes. If from my bank to receiver cash they charge $3.99 or $2.99 if less than $2,999 amount is sent. receiver will get it in a few days. I don’t have to go to the currency exchange anymore to send money. This app is very convenient and also cost effective and never time consuming, plus i can see my history anytime and they save the names of the people i send money to. They also save my payment info for easier use..Version: 6.7

Customer service is DisrespectfulI send money that was suppose to reach in 0-2 days and it was not get there in time which I paid for I call customer service and the rep told me it would now take 7day and in the app it says 0-2 day how miss leasing is that I demanded her to explain that to me why is WesternUnion taking money for services they can’t provide she said thank u goodbye and hang up on me wow how dare that worker to be so rude this is unacceptable something needs to be done about this I am now currently to see where my money went why is is taking so long is it a scam I honestly think WesternUnion is running a scam at this point if u can’t explain to me where my money went I as a hard working black man I have the rite to ask about my money I am paying for a service that clearly no worker at WesternUnion union care about consumers and I will be recording each call moving fwd everyone.Version: 8.0

Excellent!Excellent app!!!! The only reason I did not give this app 5 stars is because the bank-to-bank transfer is -very slow-, and takes -several- days as opposed to transfer to person for pickup which happens in minutes. Also the bank-to-bank transfer keeps showing up as “In progress” with absolutely no indication on the app of an ETA on when the receiver will get it in their bank. This needs to get fixed. There should also be a warning to the user who tries Bank-to-Bank transfer via the app saying something like “Important Note: Bank-to-Bank transfers can take up to several days to complete. There will be absolutely no ETA provided to you in the app about when your user will get it in their bank, and it will get to the bank of receiver when possible. You will not be given any explanation about why it might be delayed either.” That kind of detailed warning message would help users decide that they probably don’t want to use that feature at all, especially if they need to send money out to someone very quickly. I for sure would not have used the bank-to-bank transfer feature if I found out that my receiver would have to wait SEVERAL days to get the money. Not acceptable sorry. Other than that, this app is fantastic!!! Thank you Western Union!.Version: 7.1

The absolute bestI’ve used PayPal, Moneygram and BitCoin and have had red tape highly frustrating issues with all of them. PayPal holds overseas funds for as much as six weeks to three months while keeping interest for themselves. They charge a 10% fee for instant transfers while most transfers are anything but instant. MoneyGram restricts countries to which they will send money despite our global economy, and it always seems to be the downtrodden third world countries whose money is forever held in mystery. Both PayPal and MoneyGram have customer service that makes Verizon seem like Maytag Repairs in 1966. Western Union has been a credible and honorable businessman ness since 1851- yes PRE Civil War. Franklin Pierce was President. Their app allows you transfers to 266 countries globally in minutes, also charging 10%. You can transfer for no fee with a three business wait. It takes about sixty seconds to send money. Recipients require a valid ID and the MTCN transaction number, which appears after you confirm the send. I take a screen shot of that and send that via text or Messenger. Western Union has NEVER had a security breach and one can reach customer service with minimal or no wait time. For me there is no other choice. 1851. Think about that..Version: 5.4

Love it, so convenient and simple♥️Thanks so much WU.. this app has saved me so many trips to the store’s, my Kids father is In prison, so I use the WU app, only takes a few mins to send the money! I’m telling you this because some of you maybe struggling on how to send money to your loved ones that are in the system or whatever case may be🤷‍♀️Just saying this app helps a lot and you can earn points each time you send, which u can redeem to take money off of your sending Fee, regardless this app is amazing and so convenient, download it don’t hesitate, I’ve had it a little over a year now and I’ve never had problems with it!! Again thanks to the creators of this app, you’ve saved me more money and time than I can count🙏♥️🥰.Version: 7.8

WESTERN UNIONWhat a great way to send $$$ in 15-20, anywhere in the great USA. No fuss, no bother! The only request i have is that maybe I could find out a way to send $$$, under $1000. For a little bit less of a surcharge! $12. Is a little steep to send $100.! However, as I said before- quality service every time, I guess I should count my blessings, which I already have! I was just making s suggestion and I am sure, like noses, everyone has one! Thanks again for the great service! Also thanks again to the great customer service that I have the pleasure of dealing with several times a month-from the employees @ PLS, for their due diligence, patience and knowledge when it comes to my personal financial needs and wants! If there is anything I can do, like maybe a WU card or anything else you may suggest, please feel free to let me know! Thank you!.Version: 5.9

App doesn’t communicate with app accuratelyEvery time I do a money transfer with WW I have same problem. There’s no option to redeem your points while you are doing the transaction. I have to cancel the transaction and go to the main menu of the app and start all over again. Also, it’s kind of confusing how sometimes adds the last name twice and attaches it like a middle name to the name. For instance, I send money to South America which requires me to add their middle name plus two last names one is paternal and the maternal one. Very frustrating and to change that you have to create a new contact and still doesn’t work right. Why they don’t have a different layout that is easier to add the name, middle name and last name instead of the “surname” ??? It took me 40’ to send money every time. And at the other side I always have problems with their name because it wasn’t written in the right order. I hope this one goes through ..Version: 6.4

Totally DisappointedI am totally disappointed with this app. I downloaded it because I needed to send money to a friend and when I put all my card info everything was cool. Then I go and try to send money via the app and it says the address is mismatched with my card. I write to customer service and they respond sending me some tips which was great. I follow their steps and I was able to send money. A week later and I try to send some money again to the same person, but guess what? I get the same address error. I have put my address every which way I can think of but to no avail. I am desperate to send my friend some money but I can’t. My other option is to go in store which is cool but I feel like if there is an option to do it from the convenience of your own home it should work. I am going to keep trying but I am very disappointed..Version: 5.5

A competitive option to international money transfersI only use this to transfer money internationally so I don't know how their other services are but they have a $0 transfer fee for bank to bank. They make money from this by having a markup on the mid market exchange rate. The competitors often have better rates but they have transfer fees that gets more expensive the more amount you transfer. I transfer a few thousands monthly, and this is good for this type of situation if your sending higher amounts on a regular basis because there's no fees that take away from the money you send. Which means your not spending as much to transfer so you can send more instead of using some to pay transfer fees..Version: 8.5

Human ErrorI give this app three stars because although it does what it is intended to do it makes me upset that I had to delete my account that I had just created because I wasn’t able to correct the spelling in my name. I called the number the provide and they weren’t able to correct it either. They did suggest I delete my account and start over which I was okay with. After I hang up I log out and see if my account was deleted. As soon as I hit login, the Face ID feature logs me right in. So my account is still active. I disabled the Face ID feature and tried using my password. That didn’t work... awesome I thought. Then I goo to create another account and typed everything correctly,. The app then tells me my email is being used on another account. So my previous account is still active. This blows. So I ended up using a different email.. which I I didn’t want to do..Version: 6.7

Hope critical error is fixed now. Also, rewards?I have been LOVING the ease of using this to send urgently needed donations to my Orphanage Project oversight minister in Uganda who also feeds multiple desperate widows. Recently, we were below our lowest basic donation goal (Orphanage rent and food) and had to delay our payment by a week until I could get payment from a personal job to cover it all. When I finally had my minister travel from remote villages to his WU pickup, he was again delayed a day (or two ihdk) due to a malfunctioning app. We had a bishop get to a WU site Stateside to get a partial payment to him, but the unfortunate delay was much to ask of he and the orphans after the complications already proceeding this event. *I haven’t figured out how to get the rewards applied to discount our fees either. I’ve tried several times. I’m usually not inept at these things. Perhaps that could be easier? Otherwise, four and a half to five stars.Version: 6.0

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