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Barclays US Credit Cards App User Positive Comments 2023

Barclays US Credit Cards app received 11 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about barclays us credit cards?

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Barclays US Credit Cards for Positive User Reviews

App works greatI was wary after seeing all the 1 star reviews but this app works great for me! I can see my recent transactions and current balance on the main screen. There’s an option to lock the card there as well. The login process is easy, it does face id as i open the app and has a nice animation saying good morning/afternoon/evening. I havent had any issue with having to enter a password or security questions multiple times like other users have said. Knocked one star because it isn’t super easy to see all your previous transaction history. There’s usually maintenance and i can’t login if i try to login around 7am EST but that’s understandable, the app always works if i try it a couple hours later. Overall, good app, does it’s job..Version: 6.27.7

Only one major issueOk, so I like this app, and find it convenient. Ever since they fixed the two step authentication issue, it’s been even better. One thing I’d like to see, though, is a running total of my balance for each purchase. So far it’s just a list of how much I’ve spent or paid and at the top it states my current balance but that number never makes sense and I have to go back and add everything individually to make sure it’s all correct and no errors have been made. It would be much better if at each purchase I can see the running total so at a glance I can make sure it’s on track. Thank you..Version: 6.19.7

Easy to use and efficientI also have a credit card with Discover and even though I love their app, some of the external features don’t always work like their widgets for the iPhone. Barclays got it functioning on the first try which is really great and saves me a lot of headache. This is an important function for me because it’s how I keep up to date with my spending and balances. Not to mention it took a few minutes to set the whole thing up. I’ll be updating my review as i continue to use the app but so far, I’m very pleased with what’s being offered here..Version: 6.19.9

I’ve really enjoyed this cardSecond card I received to rebuild my credit after they bought the original card company I was with - Orchard Bank. I was rewarded on a regular basis for my on-time payments and wise use of credit line. They have increased my credit limit a few times in the last 5 years and at times the extra support cushion has been necessary. I love that I can track my credit score and they help you see how you can improve your credit as well. So far a great company and excellent card. Thank you for taking a chance on me those years ago and helping me get back to my 730 score!.Version: 6.19.4

Pretty good but it would be nice if the current balance was an easy payment optionIn general, I find this to be a pretty good app. My only issue with it, and the reason that I gave it four instead of five stars, is that when you pay your credit card, the current balance is not an option that you can select. So I pay my credit card multiple times per month to avoid debt. However, to pay my current balance, as opposed to the statement balance or the minimum payment, which are the only pre-filled options, I have to remember the balance and type it in in the other amount field. I know that it may seem weird that somebody would pay their balance off before it was due, but if I do this, I’m probably not the only one. All my other credit cards offer a choice to pay the current balance, where the current balance is already filled in. It would be great if you could add this feature, as it would save a lot of time and hassle..Version: 6.20.0

Best Credit Card App!!I have several cards with apps that stink, this app by far is so easy to use. I can check transactions, make payments, transfer account balances all from the app. Very secure with fingerprint login. Barclay Bank is so-so, but this app is great. I use it with Wyndham Rewards, so I pay everything with the card, and pay off transactions promptly. AND it is one of the few apps that is iPad friendly, meaning I can use it with my favorite landscape position. I do not understand why it gets so many bad reviews! Other finance companies should use the app developers!.Version: 6.24.8

Not sure why this gets so many poor ratingsI love my Barclay card. As an Apple user, I get 1 point for every dollar I spend and 3 points for every dollar I spend on Apple. If you use the App Store or buy Apple products it is a very good deal. When I earn a certain amount of points, I receive gift cards for Apple, which I use to buy music or things for my apps. There is no yearly fee and as long as you keep up with your payments I have never experienced a problem. I find the App easy to use, get my info/transactions, and pay my bill. Which is really all I expect from a credit card App. Considering a lot of cards give you nothing for using their cards, I think the Barclay Apple Card is great. Particularly if you buy Apple and/or purchase things on an App. I don’t know if they have a similar Google Play Card but it would be worth looking into if you spend money on Apps from there..Version: 6.27.9

Pretty goodUpdate: I increase the stars on my review. I was able to figure out how to pay in VoiceOver mode. So everything appears is VoiceOver accessible and nothing needs to be fixed. This app is very voiceover accessible, however, when I try to make a payment I’m unable to enter in an amount. It says amount and then next to it it says expandable button but it never brings up my keyboard for me to enter in the information. I believe this is a voiceover issue since my wife who is cited was able to make a payment and get the amount in there when I was not. I will update my review and increase the stars if this is fixed..Version: 6.22.0

I have been very happy with the APPOverall this app is quite useful. I do all my banking on it and rarely have found a reason to log onto the main site. I have found that I am able to make payments, view balances, schedule travel notifications and even lock the card if I misplace it. I have read all the negative one star reviews but it seems those are specific to a credit product offered by Barclay not necessarily the app itself. The app is very useful. My only suggestion would be to make it easier to redeem points in app. It’s possible it just takes a few steps and a little patience..Version: 6.24.5

Card gets a worse wrap than it deservesOk, the app is far from perfect, but if you: a) have a decent limit b) don’t max out your card regularly c) pay on time OR contact them before any missed payments It does everything needed, and a different FICO score than my BoA app which is useful. Since main complaints seem to be about the card.. Idk what people have, but without perfect credit I got a 9.08% APR. Perhaps you have a rewards card if yours is much higher? This alone makes Barclays worthwhile. If you miss payments or even stay maxed, yes, they’ll reduce your limit. If you want idiotic lenders, then deal with higher APRs. There’s a trade off. People seem to think Barclay can’t move your credit as they want - mine has been raised, lowered, and raised at their discretion, and any request for a raise was denied barring my first one. I quickly saw they like to see 50% or less revolving balance. That’s reasonable. If you can’t keep that up, you’re spending yourself into debt you can’t get out of, and they see it coming. They’re reducing their liability by reducing your limit. Use it wisely and it will only ever be raised. With 20% + being normal, idk how anyone can complain. Also, yes there’s a payment turnaround for available funds.. it’s their money after all, I’m borrowing it, seems reasonable unless they have a bigger relationship with me (not my main bank so I don’t expect it)..Version: 6.23.9

Love the app but looks like an update is neededI prefer using the app over the website. The website forces me to log in twice as the website just hangs on my first login, then I have to refresh and login again. That needs to be fixed but this review is supposed to be for the app so I gave it 4 stars because I can easily manage both my Barclay cards and logging in with FaceID works great. The only issue currently is since updating to iOS 14 when opening the app it says I have a jailbroken device which from seeing other recent reviews I’m not the only one experiencing that error message. I just ignored the message and logged in with FaceID but it is concerning if the app believes my device is not running what the app believes it should be and might be making the app less secure. Looking forward to an update hopefully soon..Version: 6.26.4

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