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Thread Tracker 117 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Thread Tracker 117 app received 42 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Thread Tracker 117? Can you share your negative thoughts about thread tracker 117?

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Thread Tracker 117 for Negative User Reviews

Love the app but...I would love to be able to add all the dmc colors I have that are not in the list..Version: 1.5

Color 137Color 137 will not save the amount I put in it.Version: 1.6

Another request to updateI wanted something to keep track of all my floss colours and I had read good things about this app. Now I realise the good things I read were old, and a lot of the floss shades I own came out since this app which has not been updated. Bit disappointing for a paid app.Version: 1.6

Pretty GoodSimple app, works well. A few suggestions for the developer: (1) Add the new 2019 colors (01-35) (2) Add a category for colors that you have in backstock (3) Maybe add a function so that users can add colors so the developers don’t need to update when DMC adds new things, specialty flosses (like étoile colors).Version: 1.6

Decent - but needs updating!This is a decent app but really needs to update to include numbers 1-40 and some larger numbers like 3884. It’s a great app, but without ALL the numbers or the option to add your own it’s kind of useless for someone with a really large collection..Version: 1.6

Just okI just got this app and it’s ok. There are lots of colors missing and I wish they would update those colors more often. I also wish we could place the same color in two or three different categories at the same time, like do own and bobbing for example. But I can only use one at the time..Version: 1.6

Only designed for phoneNot designed for iPads only phones, also is missing numbers below 48..Version: 1.6

Very useful, missing threads.A great idea and very helpful. I have no issues with crashing anymore. No metallic or linen thread listed. Would be nice if there was a spot for shopping lists and project thread listings..Version: 1.3

DisappointedI just paid for this app on my phone and again to have it on my iPad. What a waste- I don't see how I can print my shopping list. The bigger problem is that the developer thinks that syncing is overwriting. I just lost the work I did on my phone when I tried to sync it and the blank inventory of the iPad erased all my work. How do I get my money back for the two apps?.Version: 1.5

Should also include...Wish this included the metallic/light/jewel effect threads!.Version: 1.4.1

Won’t workThis app does not save its data..Version: 1.6

Thread numbersJust purchased this but have just discovered it doesn't include the numbers for the gold threads.Version: 1.5

PLEASE UP DATE APP WITH THE NEW COLORS!There’s no way of getting hold of developers so I’m writing on here. New DMC colors are our and it looks like the app has been updated in a year. I paid for this app. It should be updated often!.Version: 1.6

Some issuesVery handy app, but some colours are missing, other colours have the wrong shade attached (eg. Correct thread number and colour name, but the coloured square is grey) and I’ve recently discovered that shade 371 is bugged, it shows as 0 owned and the category “don’t own”, but when I open it, it correctly shows it’s on a bobbin and that I have one skein. Feel like these issues could be easily fixed, but the app development has been abandoned. Wish there was another option..Version: 1.6

Flosses to addUseful app but out of date - specialty flosses such as variegated varieties don’t seem to be included here..Version: 1.6

UpdateCan this be updated to fix bugs and include DMC’s new colors?!.Version: 1.6

Incomplete DMC catalogueDon’t get this if you want the full catalogue of DMC stranded cottons. Doesn’t have colours 01 - 35; very frustrating. See in a previous review from a couple of years ago that a lack of updates for the app was commented on. It would seem this app isn’t well supported by the developer..Version: 1.6

Improvement would garner 5 stars3865 own 3 not in list 371 not working properly Need to be able to differentiate between having some on bobbins and others on skeins, also need to buy but have some Need to be able to add new colors.Version: 1.6

Could be improvedIt’s a decent app, from what I’ve seen it has every #, but the “own/don’t own” sort buttons don’t work.Version: 1.6

PointlessThis app is pointless I would like a refund..Version: 1.6

Wrong colorThe thread 309 is a red color but in app it’s a brown color. Please help.Version: 1.6

Not updated to show colors added in several yearsI bought this to keep track of colors and so many are not there! Very disappointing and no way to add them myself either..Version: 1.6

Needs updateI love this app, but it’s almost obsolete. There are so many colors missing that I just make a handwritten list now of what I’m shopping for..Version: 1.6

Some colors are missingFor a paying app it need to be upgraded, i’m disappointed.Version: 1.6

Could be betterWish it worked across multiple devices I have on my iPhone and won’t share to iPad so not very helpful cause I use my iPad for stitch but carry my iPhone for shopping.Version: 1.6

Numbers below 48 not shownCan you please explain why there are no colour numbers below 48 please?.Version: 1.6

Handy App BUT...Really handy to have when shopping for floss, BUT - there are missing numbers so there should be a way to include them all or add them ourselves by having blank spots. Should include metallics and ALL variegated including the 4000 series. (103 is missing and it is one of my favorites.) - shopping list would be quite handy as opposed to going through the whole list to find the ones I marked as "need to buy." - should be an easier way to go from lower numbers to high ones. Maybe a subdivision of threads by 100? - how about a project list? Could include name of project and list of what is needed for it, even include a space for linen requirements. (thread count and color and size.) Thanks!.Version: 1.3

Please fix bug!When I try to search for thread codes, it doesn't allow me to enter anything - it says "you can see me" - very strange. Really takes away the ease of use that this app could otherwise offer..Version: 1.4.1

Maybe good a couple years agoI wish I didn’t waste my 1 so many colors I have aren’t even on here it ruins the whole point of having something to keep track of my stuff if it can’t even do that.Version: 1.6

Not as great as it needs to beIt takes a bit of time to log all the colors I have, but if I update the software, everything gets wiped. Next time I need to shop I might as well take inventory the old fashioned way as relogging would take twice as long..Version: 1.5

Maybe if this were freeThis app has outlived its usage. It’s really unfortunate that this is still a paid app. There’s no features at all, no ability to give feedback to the developers or report a problem. There are multiple errors in DMC code versus color. No way to add Ecru or White to your thread tracking. Not only does it not include any variegated or other types of DMC thread, it can’t keep the regular DMC colors straight. I’m guessing this is because it hasn’t been updated in two years..Version: 1.6

RefundHow do I get a refund for this?.Version: 1.6

It’s okI love the app for what it is but it has some shortcomings, most notably how out of date the thread list is. I understand keeping up with the color changes is a time intensive process but still, that’s kind of what we’re paying for. Alternatively, if we could enter our own thread colors that would be good enough, but you only get what’s in the app. When it goes over a year without an update, there’s a lot of thread I have that I can’t track..Version: 1.6

Both useful and notYou aren’t able to both own a colour and need to buy more. You have to enter each floss colour to be able to update it. It defaults to a “full view” instead of just showing you what you own. Not intuitive. Quite a chore to use..Version: 1.6

Needs updateIt’s a good app but I just wish it had the new colors. It really needs to be updated. Also it would be nice if we can make project lists so I know which colors I need to pick up for each project. Other then that it’s a great idea..Version: 1.6

Update needed.Can this please be updated?!.Version: 1.6

Not every color listed!Very frustrating and disappointing. It’s so easy to update the app as colors are introduced. I can’t believe it doesn’t list every color..Version: 1.6

Update PleaseHasn’t been updated in forever..Version: 1.6

What's happened?I've had this app for ages and it's been great but today I opened it to check on my threads and all my info is gone!! I had all my threads sorted and listed but it's saying now I own none. I've now got to sort through hundreds of bobbins and threads to get the info back..Version: 1.5

Update pleaseGood wee app for keeping track of your threads but would be great if it could be updated to include all the threads..Version: 1.6

Outdated Color ListIf they aren’t going to update the color list, at least give me the option to add items not on the list.Version: 1.6

Not very happyLoaded all my colours into this app. Looked again today to see which colours I have/need, only to find all the colours I’d previously added have vanished. Not the best app out there..Version: 1.6

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