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Weekly Ads & Sales PRO App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Weekly Ads & Sales PRO app received 20 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Weekly Ads & Sales PRO? Can you share your negative thoughts about weekly ads & sales pro?

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Weekly Ads & Sales PRO for Negative User Reviews

I'd Like My Money BackThis app is horrible. It only covers large chains of stores. The app itself is not user friendly and I have two iPads and the open app doesn't fit onto either of my screens so my mother got it and the display was just as bad as mine. It's full of bugs. I would really appreciate it if they corrected the problems and included more stores. If not then I'd like a refund, please!.Version: 3.41

Useful but need improvementsSome suggestions 1) Favorite list should be sortable (currently no way to re order store list) 2) Should add icon view (with store logo for easy selecting the store) for store list do not limit to list view also applicable to favorite store list.Version: 1.7.1

Pretty good.I like seeing the ads but better resolution for fine print would be great. Also a search feature for stores would be great. There are stores in my town that aren't pinned that you have ads for. An email or print option for coupons would be great too..Version: 1.1

Interesting But Lacks SomethingI purchased the PRO version after examining the free version for a few moments. I primarily did this so that I could create my own "favorites" list. Overall, I like the convenience of having my local sale ads truly "at hand" on my iPod, but can not figure out WHY the app keeps all of the OLD (out of date) ad pages. This just wastes data space. I can certainly figure out that the color of button indicted the type of store I selected, so adding a directions page would be superfluous. Also, I really would like to add a couple of local groceries like Harris-Teeter and Whole Foods to my lists. I will wait for upgrades before deciding whether or not to cut my losses (and the app) to save my data space. I will give this at least 2 weeks before I consider it a two-dollar lesson to learn from! BTW, until I discover an "obituaries" app, I'll keep purchasing the local paper. ;-).Version: 1.3.2

Was great but now disappointedI tried out the free version and was happy. Bought the pro version, it worked great for one week and then stopped up dating with each weeks ads. Waited a week, no updates so posted a concern with their customer service folks on Facebook. No response and still not fixed. Hold off on buying this app till they get it up and running..Version: 1.1

App is deadNeeds to be updated.Version: 3.42

DisappointedI thought by purchasing the app I would get all the sales ads...not so. Very disappointed!.Version: 3.42

So close yet so farThe concept is good but the implementation is lacking. While you can select states, cities, and stores to view the circulars from there is nothing to give you the latest ads, the ability to rotate the screen, to follow any item you might want more info on nor to add to the shopping list..Version: 2.0

StoresNeed a way to edit list of stores, some have been closed for years. Like to edit store list for ones I don't use..Version: 3.42

Good start, but needs some improvementsI love the idea of getting the Sunday paper inserts electronically, but wish the app was formatted for the iPad also. Would like a way of sorting the stores by name also, instead of y distance from your location. Hope there will be future improvements..Version: 1.2

Decent but not greatThere is no way to zoom in and be able to see the fine print. So if you are trying to match a coupon with the add for a certain size you are out of luck. Overall not bad, just wish I could see the smaller print..Version: 1.1

Has potentialBought the Pro version so I could do a list straight from the ads. That function sort of works you can't always just tap it and it will add to your list sometimes you have to type it in yourself but not my biggest issue. If the ad does not have the ability to click you can get a item list from the ad and do your list that way problem with that is everything from the ad does not always make it into the item list version. Then there is the fact that your shopping list is not divided into the different stores. You have to remember which item was with which store. Ads are not being updated quickly. 2 closed stores are on the list and 3 other store I would like to see ads for are not on the list or in the search ability. . POTENTIAL IS there...Version: 3.0

Good app but could use some improvementsIt would be nice if you could circle the items you wanted to purchase and then be able to email the items to yourself to form a grocery list. Also having the availability to highlight items and set up reminders to get items before the sale goes off would be nice also. All and all it a good app.Version: 1.5

Weekly ads proWorst app ever.... I hate that I paid for pro because it doesn't let me email coupons to myself...... Fix the keybroad please.Version: 3.42

No goodIt’s no work ..Version: 3.42

Should be able to manually search for storesAll of my local Bloom stores converted to Food Lion almost a year ago yet the app doesn't see any Food Lion stores in my area so I get no Food Lion coupons (the only grocery chain near me). There should be a way to remedy this by manually requesting coupons for Food Lion or the app should be updated to recognize new locations and store names..Version: 1.7.1

Ok - not a WowWhile I like having all the sales papers at my fingertips, my favorite grocery store (bi-lo) is not included. Moving on to my second choice, Harris-Teeter....not there either. It's handy if I don't have the Sunday or Wednesday newspaper nearby but otherwise, I could use their websites and save my 1.99. Don't spend the money just for creating a favorites list. You can get a similar list by selecting your state and city..Version: 1.3.2

😟not happy with it changing back to flipIt's kind of better just to have the free version with a pen and paper😩 cuz you need to type what you want and once it take you to add what you want 🤔 i forget 🙄🙊. I thought it was going to be kind off like the Flipp app but nope. I guess I'll just go back with the flip😳.Version: 3.42

Needs some helpI originally thought this would be a great app to look through the local ads since I no longer get a newspaper. However, some stores are listed but the weekly ad is a month old. Some stores are not open anymore. Not sure what the problem is, but the app definitely needs an update..Version: 2.0

Only one problemSo far it looks great with the exception of the favorites button. I am not able to get that to work. Would like to see a fix for that really soon. Other than that the graphics look great and I have compared the ads in the app to the paper ads and they are spot on. Great start..Version: 1.7

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