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Weekly Ads & Sales App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Weekly Ads & Sales app received 28 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Weekly Ads & Sales? Can you share your negative thoughts about weekly ads & sales?

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Weekly Ads & Sales for Negative User Reviews

They can do better??The app is ok, it needs some improvements a lot of adds from others stores are missing? It's hard to see what deals other stores have if you guys don't up load all the adds from all the stores. It will be nice to see more adds In the app. Don't see a point for up grading to the Pro if lots of info are missing? Also stop adding the add from next weeks when you guys add the next week add it gets confuse thinking it was this week add so pay attention on how you do the add or how you posted I will never post an add that isn't available yet. Me smart cmon if you can't do it don't be on business..Version: 3.42

No Canadian contentOnly covers the USA. Interface is lacking also. For example it doesn't rotate to landscape mode..Version: 3.01

Better app out thereThis app works as described but an app called "Weekly" works better and it's FREE. This app only works in portrait mode, I can't seem to pull up a detailed description of an item and they want to charge $1.99 to create a list of favorite stores. The free version only allows you to see ALL stores in you area. You can not pick only the stores you want. You need to scroll thru pages of stores to find the ones you want. The other app "Weekly" does all of this for free. I hate to bash an app, but when there is an app that does much more AND it's free, I have to mention it..Version: 1.6.1

GoodGood app, but not for canadians! Found another app called iflyer canada that's awesome. It helps me get Canadian flyers on the go when I pass a store and don't have the flyer with me..Version: 3.01

AppLove it.Version: 1.6.1

NEED TO BE UPDATED THANKS.It shows no Publix in lake Placid and Sebring. NEED TO BE UPDATED. THANKS!.Version: 3.51

Hmm..It's a nice app, but has a few problems that I could see right off. Bruno's has been closed for at least a year now, but it is included here. There are two Piggly Wiggly stores in my town, that put out a sale paper every week. This is where I do my grocery shopping, yet Piggly Wiggly is not picked up by the app at all? There are stores showing up from a few neighboring towns up to twenty miles away from here but missing popular grocery stores in my own town? I wanted to love this app, I truly did, and I would, if only PW was included, or if I had a way to add the stores and their locations into the app myself even. The app is really nice, and includes a shopping list, and even coupons (electronic and printables both), but is missing the main thing I wanted it for. I'll check back after a couple of updates, but I'm deleting it for now tho, sorry..Version: 3.30

Not updatedAds are not updated not useful with expired information.Version: 3.51

Wrong ad for my store ...I like and use the app for some stores. I would like to use the app to view my Aldi store's specials for the week, but the app, according to my Aldi store's manager, always shows another district's Aldi ad--not the correct one for my store (7610 Garner's Ferry Rd, Columbia, SC) where the weekly specials are completely different. WIsh I could contact the developer about this directly, but I'm not (and don't want to be) on Facebook. Also wish weekly ads were shown for more of the stores near me (i.e., please give us more "green dots" rather than "red dots")..Version: 3.42

StupidThis does not work for Canadian store so why is it in the Canadian App Store ??????.Version: 1.6.1

BadNot for Canadians.Version: 1.6.1

Waste of timeLooked good however doesn't include Canada. Very disappointing..Version: 3.01

Wrong pricesFavorite ice cream on your ad shows it’s on sale-wrong. I definitely deleted the app.Version: 3.51

Doesn't include CanadaWaste of time.Version: 3.01

Dont get itIt is awful and just the wost like not good at all.Version: 3.51

Boo!!!!! Had to rate to summit -1 is what I really want to give this appWas disappointed as was under the impression that it was Canadian as it was in the Canadian apps.... It does not work in Canada BOOOO Will not rate this app!.Version: 1.6.1

Great app! Non-intrusive Really do like it!I really not one to write a review in fact hardly ever rate? This app has been great for me. It enables me to see all my local store adds. Without one pop up! Imagine that!.Version: 3.51

Great Concept, but needs some work...Map location and identification errors. Appears unfinished. Some stores are all caps, while others are proper captialization. Some starts have the incorrect information. There are pins on the map for specific stores in open fields where there is nothing but sand and rock. Address and pin location on map are wrong 20% of the time. Store names are inconsistant. Old Navy listed as an appliance store. Target spelled three different ways. Frys in all caps. Do you guys look at these apps before you publish them? Version 2.0 should be better..Version: 1.3.1

Won’t Load Digital or let me email physicalThis app is useless as it’s supposed to be for coupons. It won’t load any digital coupons and it wouldn’t let me email the printable coupons. I tried over and over and the app freezes or crashes..Version: 3.51

Good appThere are a few things that would make this and/or the paid version better. One would be a way to tap the item to blow it up to see all the info, another would be a way to put items on sale in a shopping list that you can use offline. Maybe even a way to save the current ad so you can view it offline since most of the stores don't have wifi. I have been thinking about buying the pro version, but since it doesn't look like it is really worth the cost, I'll stick with the free version for a little longer and hope for the pro version to get more cost worthy perks..Version: 1.1

Great ideaThis app is great in theory, not so much in execution. I like how I can look at ads in my local area, but out of the 30 something stores only 4 had ads. I like the way Kroger's ads let you add specific products by tapping the + sign, but no other ads are that easy. Not only that, but the list stays with the Kroger ad instead of creating a regular grocery list with multiple stores. The ads that are just pictures of a regular paper ad should have a drawing button so you can circle which items you want. Like I said, it's a great idea. With a little tweaking, this app can be the best grocery app on iTunes!.Version: 3.01

Two thumbs down...Don't put an app that is useless to Canadians in the Canadian App Store. Or at least mention it in the description. I'm sure some border shoppers could find the app useful..Version: 1.6.1

Can’t change store addressI cannot access my grocery store ad because the store which is closest to my home is closed for renovations. I get a message that there is not an ad for that location! I am now shopping at another Publix store until my store reopens. It will be many more months because the store was completely torn down and is being rebuilt as a much larger store, taking in several additional spots in the shopping center where other stores used to be. The entire center is being reworked and affected smaller stores have been moved into previously open spaces. I can’t change my preferred store to the one I now use, at least for the duration of the renovations. If there is a way to change the store address, please tell me how to do it!.Version: 3.50

App needs to update! 2 stores a year old but app will not show them!!This app is very handy for myself. I'm on a fixed income like many other Americans and having this app allows me to find the items I need, where they are on sale at and only have to make one trip. By making one trip I also save on gas. The one shortcoming with this app is that a Dollar General and an Walgreens have been built 5-7 miles from my house and this app has not added them yet. The stores are over 1 1/2 years old..Version: 1.4

Stores close to my home are not listedWhile this app shows all of the major retailers near my home, unfortunately, one of the major grocery stores in the South East, Kroger is only listed farthest from my address (about two miles) -- it doesn't even display the Kroger that's half a mile away. By the way, this particular Kroger has been open for thirty-plus years, so, it's a bit baffling why this location does not appear when the app searches for stores near my location. However, it IS found when using the map feature, but that takes longer to find stores. Sorry, I'm deleting the app..Version: 1.6.1

Why, Who, What?This is the first questions that come to mind when trying to use this app. 1 Why would you have someone design an app that is so blatantly transparent. It has way more to do with you keeping track with what I eat and wipe with and little to do with saving me time or money. 2. You really think asking me to pay for an app that saves me pennies to shop at your store is a good idea. 3.The enter face is clunky hard to navigate I think of older customers that have a hard enough time in this tech area, thanks to apps like this I can see the first case of death by mobile device. My advice is before you design an app keep in mind you directives. And if those are even corporate greed get someone with the skill to fool a three year old into believing your doing them a favor. When I see your commercials trying to convince me how smart I am for using your app and how convenient it is. Not convenient and anything other than smart would be a better description. Feel free to contact me if you need advise on the design of an App that makes your customers the priority and not you data collection. Stop being so self serving..Version: 3.30

Weekly adsThis app use to be top notch sales ad app. You made some changes about year or so ago thru an update and screwed it up very much. When I open your app on my iPad, I use to be able to look at this app from both views. Now since you updated it I can only look at the ads with my iPad on its end with the view being up n down. When you made that update I also lost the ability to use my fingers to zoom in on the ads from the stores to make the descriptions and prices bigger and being up in age it makes it very tough to see and read the descriptions of the items and the prices in the ads. So basically it useless to try and use it now. You need to make these changes back the way they were before your last few updates. This use to be a very good and helpful app. Not so any more. Just buy the Sunday paper, it’s less aggravation and heartache !!!! If I could rate this app a zero I would .........Version: 3.42

Lists stores that are GONEThere’s no way to remove a store from the list. Lists the Sunnyvale, CA Macys store, it closed in 2019, the building has been torn down. Lists other sores that CLOSED several years ago..Version: 3.51

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