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Strava: Run, Ride, Swim app received 152 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about strava: run, ride, swim?

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SiriGreat app. I have been using it for years and I love the flyby feature. Please add Siri support so you can start recording a ride using Siri. For example, Siri integration would allow me to say “Hey Siri, start recording with Strava” or something along the lines of that. This will allow users to start rides without fumbling with their phone and having to open the app. Very helpful if you are wearing biking gloves or if you are biking and cannot divert a lot of attention to the phone. My ski tracker app called “snoww” has this feature along with apps such as “Lyft” which allow you to request rides using Siri. I contacted the support team about this and they responded with a canned response describing the voice feedback feature which gives you updates during your ride. This is not the feature I am requesting or talking about. That is a pathetic response. Please add Siri integration. Thanks..Version: 37.0.0

Strava is becoming more like FacebookI’m finding more and more Facebook-like features that just do nothing to enhance overall experience but rather make it more complicated and clunky to use. For example “Athletes you should follow” - not interested in this. It is very difficult to remove these suggestions from my feed and no way to turn it off completely. Then there’s the feed itself with activities listed who knows how and no option for choosing preferred order. The inability to edit comments on activities is a drag too. On the plus side it’s a handy app to use to track km for each bike and I really like the components section for bike gear. It helps track service schedules and component wear. I’ve tried the premium version but really quite pleased with free version as I’m only commuting with the occasional event thrown in and not “training” per se..Version: 52.0.0

Something is wrongSince the Aug 30 update, the app is screwing up its gps connection. It was so good before this update. Giddy up lads..Version: 61.0.0

Needs a lot of work.I’ve been using Strava for a little over a year and was happy with the app until I tried to start the summit “free trial”. I clicked on it just to try it out and see if I liked it after all it was a free 30 day trial. I tried to use it and nothing worked that said it came with the trial. So I went back and tried again to see if maybe it for some reason didn’t register the free trail. It said I was already subscribed the free trial. so I went back and tried selecting one of the analysts that it said the free trial came with, and loan behold nothing brought me back to what I thought was the free trail page but so I selected it again and then went through and it worked. and a couple minutes went by I checked my bank account and then I saw I had a purchase for apple store for the “free trial” that I signed up for!?!! So I went into my subscriptions on my phone and there was two subscriptions for Strava one for the free trial that didn’t work and one for the one I got charged for... not happy with the app anymore its a rip off and a scam..Version: 144.0.0

De moins en moins utileÀ chaque mise à jour, la version gratuite devient de moins en moins utile. C’est rendu presqu’exclusivement un logbook😢. Mettez des pubs si c’est une question de fric car je ne désire pas d’abonnement..Version: 150.0.1

Strava is a joke now.$76.99 a year now to use stravas features that made it popular. Just another app trying to max out profits which will turn out to be obsolete in a few years. Lost my support after taking away key features which made me enjoy using the app. Now that you have to pay for them I just use other apps now which still have the features for free. Strava your a rip off..Version: 150.0.2

Hot GarbageI switched over to Strava because of the rave reviews. Sadly I came to find out that it’s functionality and challenges are a joke. I run an IPhone 7 (updated) and an Apple watch 3 (updated). In the 4 months since I’ve been running Strava I’ve had to reinstall it on my watch over 10 times (stopped counting) due to it deciding not to work with the phone app. Constant notifications asking me to re-login to the phone app when I’m staring at it open and functioning on my phone, and the new one, asking me to grant location access from my phone that’s ALREADY ON! The challenges are a joke, promising glory and prizes and then the next day some dude or dudette from who knows where has already tracked 160 miles in one day from the start of the challenge, super motivating, like watching a fellow runner jump in a cab at the beginning of a marathon. All in all, a crappy app with a toooooooon of hype. It’s nice to know a company that pulls in over $8 million a year with only 200 some odd employees can’t manage to keep the app from breaking..Version: 116.0.0

Great tracking. Terrible iOS mapsUpdate: new version. Activity-detail maps now using mapbox and showing all trails! Route maps are still using terrible AppleMaps and yet to be updated. Old: Tracking data is great and detail on pace and ascent. Very accurate. However the iOS app is seriously let down with its maps. Using latest version. IP8. The activity feed maps have been updated but not the detail map. If you click into your activity and then on the map to see it full screen it’s still the original road/car focussed map with street, satellite and hybrid layers. Void of any detail whatsoever. Useless for off-road use eg. Mountain biking or hiking. The Route maps are still just a white screen with the blue route line only. Again totally useless for trail use..Version: 132.0.0

Pay to playThe only real reason to use this app over garmin connect is if A) you don’t have a garmin, or B) to compare stats with friends over the online Strava community. Now you have to pay to be apart of this online community, a fee that is more expensive than a basic garmin..Version: 150.0.2

Slap in the face to long time usersExtremely disappointed with the most recent update that puts subscriptions at the center of their business model. I understand the need to stay current and keep up with user demand which has exploded in recent months. My issue is about long time users such as myself (member since March 2013) who opted in to giving Strava our data for free in order to develop better cycling infrastructure and freely share safe routes with new users. Routes never became freely accessible, they were instantly subscription only. That stung but I accepted it. Now with the newest update we can no longer compare our segment stats with friends on Strava, besides the standard top ten, all comparisons are subscription only. This was one of my favorite features, I love seeing how I stack up against friends and it was a great selling point for me to get friends to use Strava. I have a suggestion, as unfortunate as it is, for new users this is just how it will be. However, for long time users it might be fair to let us keep our free features that made us love Strava. You gave us an incredible app that motivates and challenges a lot of people and it’s a wonderful service. I thank you for that, now please return some of the basics that we all know and love..Version: 150.0.1

Only good when everything is updatedFor some strange and utterly annoying reason, strava randomly decides every couple of days to stop tracking my distance, and duration. So none of my run gets recorded until right at the end it pops up with the distance but says I’ve been running for 000mins. I have a feeling it has got something to do with auto run but even when I turn it off, strava doesn’t register my time.. very frustrating. The only way it’s fixed is when apple has an iOS update.. otherwise the strava updates have no influence. However, when it does work it’s great! I just wish this wouldn’t happen so frequently. It’s not a GPS issue because my maps work fine..Version: 39.0.0

Latest updateAfter latest update it stopped syncing with iPhone Health application, only reinstalling and reconnect with Health helped me to solve the issue.Version: 137.0.0

Some changes I’d like to see...I’d like to be able to edit my runs from my mobile device. I’d also like to be able to search a past run (on my mobile device) by putting in a key word or location. I often want to go back to analyse a run I’ve done in the past but it’s takes a long time to scroll through all my activities..Version: 102.0.0

Good App but disappointing supportI have been using the free version for a few months now to try it out following recommendations from friends. This was with a view to moving to the paid version but unlikely to do that with current service. Find it strange than cannot have swimming activity on Apple Watch but it is on the phone - can’t swim with a phone! Imagine common complaint and find it strange not able to change activity selection on the watch - I have no real need for Nordic Skiing! Messaged support back in May and still to have an answer, had a few ‘holding’ emails but no body answering my enquiry. Also just recently hasn’t recognised improved 10k run times despite splits showing fastest time for the distance. My performances during lockdown improved Strava’s hasn’t! I don’t know whether the free version just doesn’t perform as well but I am not going to subscribe to something I don’t have confidence in, which I currently don’t. Shame..Version: 160.0.0

Shame Shame ShameThe latest update turns what used to be a great app into a sham. Only the basic features now are free. I'm shocked one of their office staff doesn't trail behind you on a run and beg for money or they'll trip you. I'm switching to something else. I hope they go under..Version: 150.0.2

Apple Watch Series 3I’ve used Strava for many years, I’ve been running for about 9 years now and I always use it to train for my races. I love the social aspect and I’ve never had an issue with the GPS when using my phone. I recently got an Apple Watch series 3, the main purpose being for exercise. I wanted to ditch the heavy phone and run with something lighter. I also was excited about moving to Bluetooth headphones to avoid the phone/cord situation and the hands free aspect was really appealing. Not to mention the Apple Watch also tracks heart rate and other things that my iPhone didn’t do. However, I’ve been really disappointed in the connection between my Apple Watch and Strava. My runs are totally off, it often gets the distances wrong, misses huge chunks of my runs, and records my runs as if I had gone way faster. I thought that this was a flaw in the watch but I have friends who have tried other apps with success. I also thought this was a matter of having the data plan, but I switched over to the one with data and I’m still having issues. I would love to see them make improvement in this realm. I’m so excited about the convenience of my watch and I want to keep using Strava, so I’m hoping to see some upgrades soon!.Version: 65.0.0

Lagging dataI’ve been using this app for a couple years now. Haven’t had one issue...until now. My last two runs it doesn’t connect to satellite perhaps? I don’t know, but it sure doesn’t take me 34 minutes to run 1 mile and I’m not running through fields. The GPS is all jacked up and its really frustrating. Good thing I have a Garmin for back up. Maybe fix the problem before I give up on the app. **UPDATE** It’s been over 6 months since I wrote this review. Shortly after I wrote it I linked my Garmin to Strava and solely began using Garmin to track my runs, because I couldn’t rely on Strava to do it. A couple weeks ago I went out of town and forgot my Garmin. I thought I’d try Strava to track my long run that week and see if the issues had been fixed. Unfortunately, it did the same thing. Somewhere it loses me, and my run that I know from past experience is almost 8 miles, clocked in under 6. So disappointing. I don’t understand why it suddenly changed at the beginning of the year. But I sure wish you guys could fix it. I know several people who have this same issue, so I know it’s not just me or my phone..Version: 52.0.0

No average pace per kmDisappointing to find that even when subscribing to the summit feature expansion packs, average pace per mile/km is still not available as an audio update. Yes, overall all distance, time and split time is important, but the real indicator for progress is your average pace, especially on long runs. Even though I’d prefer to stay in the Strava community, the under armour app does offer this feature, so I will be switching for marathon training..Version: 70.0.0

Inaccurate GPS trackingThe social aspect of the biking got me to use this instead of MapMyRide. I love the badges and how motivational it is to beat your PRs and place in the top 10s. However, this thing is SEVERELY glitched. Granted, I’m using an iPhone and I keep it in my under saddle zip bag (could affect tracking?), but the times are heinously inaccurate. They have guys getting .03 seconds for a trail segment that’s 1/4 mile long, IN THE WOODS, on single track between trees. This isn’t even paved, and it’s physically impossible for a human to get those times, or even finish it in .10s for that matter. There are multiple people logging these ridiculous times. It’s important for me to know how I’m actually doing relative to the truth rather than fictional, glitched data. Completely deflates me when I put in maximum effort, easily clock under .30s on a trail segment and it reads 1:54!? I know I’m in the woods, but it’s absurd that in 2019 this data can’t be tracked with the utmost accuracy through some tree cover on a perfectly clear day. The features are really fun, but if the data can’t be trusted, this app is no better than a calorie counter..Version: 112.0.0

Terrible!Download this app with care!!! It says free and you get no notifications about the charges at the end of the trial if you don’t cancel, there is no approval process before it charges you. It uses your data and tracks everything... I would not recommend it nor their help - which was nil! Interestingly.... you can’t put a review unless you chose 5 stars, it just refuses to accept any nickname, I tried the same one at each star level and it was only accepted at 5..Version: 149.0.0

WORST. UPDATE. EVER.Remember how you used to go into a segment and you could see all your positions in each category on one screen (overall, this year, following, age, weight etc.) ? Oh no. Not now. You have to scroll to the bottom of the screen and press a stupid great button. Then you see the overall leader board. Only you still don’t know your position. To get that you have to scroll down to the bottom. Now for your position this Year. At the top, slide a sideways menu across till you see the button you want. Press it. List appears, but no position. You have to scroll to the bottom for that. Followers? Slide the buttons, select, scroll to the bottom. And you have to do this for each ranking on each segment? Probably the worst piece of software user interface design I’ve seen for a long time. And there’s some real stinkers out there. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS UPDATE. Come on Strava, you took positions away from us unless we signed up for Premium or whatever you’re calling it this week, but now you’ve had our money, you’ve taken it away again by making it virtually inaccessible..Version: 172.0.0

What has happened to Strava?I have been using Strava for a long time, however renewed my annual subscription last weekend and it had not worked since. Any other product that one paid £48 for and did not work could be replaced refunded...with Strava this is not possible?! If you use the app within the ‘cooling off’ period of 14 days that is it...whether it works or not! It is not recording my time or distance at all. I have looked at the support (?! Haha) section and tried everything it suggests with no success whatsoever. I have never experienced such issues with any other apps. I am going to cancel the subscription and app on my iPhone, so that I don’t forget and next January they charge me £48 plus. I may open the app occasionally and check again to see if they have managed to sort this nonsense out. Maybe I will revert to Garmin products and forget rubbish inadequate apps. Shame on Strava and shame on Apple for not offering recompense for selling a non-working product..Version: 83.0.0

Used to be GreatThis app used to be the best app for tracking everything from runs to bike rides. Unfortunately the latest update to the app just killed it. The changes now require a subscription to access segments and leaderboards. These features have always been the unique reason for using this app over others. It’s fun to track how well you’ve run or rode by comparison to different people. However, is it fun enough to pay for it? No. This will particularly be the case for new users. Who on earth will just be getting into running or cycling and think it’s worth downloading strava rather than other apps given the need to pay a fee to access key features? The inevitable lack of new users and people like myself who are not prepared to pay for the features will mean it will soon loose its edge for those that do pay a fee. They will soon find the app dull because there’s no new competitiveness over segments. Very sad day for an otherwise good app..Version: 150.0.0

Gps from app never worksThe app is great if you have a watch but running while tracking with the apps works 0.1% of the time. The gps starts randomly in the middle of your run or just doesn’t start at all..Version: 64.0.0

Cancelling because there is no Kilojoule recordingI’m cancelling my premium subscription and no longer using this app. It’s a fitness app. For tracking fitness. The world is using Kilojoules now and not calories. Because you don’t support kilojoules - my Apple Watch and health apps show that I’ve done 1hour of cycling but there is no kilojoules recording which means it is useless for me to record a ride. At least put in the option. I have seen questions online asking you to do this since 2014. Are you listening to your users? Once kilojoule tracking and recording on Apple health is added - I will reactivate my subscription and use the app. For now I’m just going to use workout tracking on my Apple Watch..Version: 46.0.0

Now just another fitness tracker...Latest update is really ill advised. For me what set Strava apart from the hundreds of other fitness trackers was the segment leaderboard and segment history features. With these core features now behind a very expensive paywall, I don’t see how they’ll possibly attract new users (no one is going to just jump in and start paying the huge premium without understanding these features first hand). And, as current users who are unwilling or unable to pay the large premium slowly move away from the app, the leaderboard concept loses much of it’s value. What fun is competing over and over against the same 3 people in town who choose to be subscribers!? Seems like a death spiral in the making. Really weird and unfortunate “upgrade”! I had been seriously considering signing up for the premium service, but this update struck me as really obnoxious, and also makes me question whether the leaderboards will even be worth paying for in a few months once everyone leaves..Version: 150.0.2

Recent update 👎I’ve used this app for well over 2 years and loved it. It’s the most efficient and integrated running/fitness app I’ve ever used. Prior to this update I would have this app at 5 stars without question. That being said, the new update removes so many of the features that makes Strava great. If you are willing to cough up 60 dollars a year, you can still have access to all of the old features (segments, leaderboards, monthly stats tracking, etc...) as well as a few added features such as goal setting. However, Strava just removed access to these aforementioned features if you are a non paying user. I understand the developers need money, however, these community features are what set Strava apart from other running apps. The app is still great for tracking runs and staying connected with friends, but it’s lost a large part of its appeal with this most recent update..Version: 150.0.2

Don’t purchase the appIt’s too late for me but don’t purchase the app. For free it’s fine but $60/ yr isn’t worth it. It took over 2 months to get a response on a support ticket I placed - and that was after having to replace the ticket because they closed the first one without even working it. I get plenty of use out of the app but I’ve paid significantly less for apps that work better. The app is glitchy when actually trying to record workouts. I hardly actually use the app anymore due to this and have had to purchase accessories from Garmin and Wahoo to get accurate workout recordings that just upload to Strava. I guess its nice to have all my workouts & photos in one place. They shifted around the UX recently for training goals and it’s just never been the same after that. I like the data visualizations but it’s really after quantity which isn’t always the best indicator. It’s still a pretty immature training plan and there are better ones out there. This is really just becoming social media for athletes..Version: 173.0.0

Latest update not workingLatest update crashes on Apple Watch 3. Uninstalled restarted reinstalled restarted. Same issue. App on watch keeps crashing..Version: 99.0.0

Disheartening.Was looking at my active calories for a long, long time and discovered that Strava has been duplicating my workouts within my health app. Had no reason to check, just found it in passing. What a terrible app to be so inaccurate with this. I look it up in the community and this is a common problem? Yeah... Thanks a ton. Thank god I didn’t pay any money for this. Was just about to spring for some training tools, I’m sure they work just fantastic too. What a joke. Thanks for making it seem like I was doing better than I was..Version: 102.0.0

Health Integration is brokenI like Strava, but the integration with Apple health is completely broken, and it always has been. It constantly writes many duplicate entries of the same activity, and I have to regularly go and delete the duplicates. Strava know about this, and they have a page on their site which says it will be fixed in 2019. But last year the same page said it will be fixed in 2018... I wouldn’t be surprised if that page is scripted to just print out the current year! Integration with Apple Health is an important feature for me. I’ll have to turn off the heath integration completely from Strava, and use a different app to record my rides. I’ll continue using Strava at the same time because it has segments I want to keep track of, but with time I expect I’ll use it less. It’s a shame, please sort it out Strava!.Version: 103.0.0

Scammers Bait & SwitchYou sign up and get the summit membership and enjoy all the bells and whistles until... Next thing you know they drop Bluetooth technology and expect you to pay more money to purchase and use other devices and other companies apps to upload to their own just for some bells and whistles fitness info. What’s the point of being a tracking app if you have to rely on other apps heart rate, cadence, and power meter info? Strava shame on you for taking our money and a nice application that was simple and saying screw you to your customers. Instead of fixing issues they just drop issues and hope more ppl don’t realize that they’ve done this in the past as well. So be warned you will like this app at first and sooner or later they will drop the very thing you used and relied on to track rides and fitness and not care how it affects your use of their app because in the end your money is all they care about. Got news for you Strava. Karma is real and it will get ya back. Have a nice day!.Version: 119.0.0

DISAPPOINTING UPGRADE... AVOID!!!Removes a lot of features... ex. this year's leaderboards. i clicked upgrade button by accident, and i regret it after one ride. what a sham!!! i would go back to previous version if i could. AVOID THIS VERSION!!!.Version: 150.0.2

MembershipSummit stop working, then I got charged twice and nothing got sorted yet. It’s been 3 months that I haven’t been able to use any features and odd enough when my data get synchronized to strava from garmin, strava add extra minutes to it and it affects my pace. I never had to contact support while using strava before and when I needed I got disappointed for not being able to sort it out. They did got back to me saying the membership was going to get fixed and to contact Apple about the double charge. They said that the inaccurate data is due to gps loss of signal but I didn’t had any issues before when my paid membership was working. Coincidente or not at least the membership should be able to get sorted, I haven’t got any more replies from my query not being solved..Version: 192.0.0

Ma séparation avec StravaVous n'aurez vraiment pas du mettre la possibilité de voir les classement de segment dans la catégorie premium. Je vous quitte..Version: 150.0.1

Autopause doesn’t work for hikes or walksIf autopause is on, it immediately pauses if I’m walking. That means I have to disable autopause if I’m tracking a hike or run/walk/run type training, so I’m always having to go back into the settings and switch it back and forth. I’ve lost tracking on parts of my routes because of this. I don’t understand why autopause isn’t sensitive enough to track walking/stopping. Other apps seem to handle this just fine. Units and splits: why does the display only show tenths of miles and not hundredths? Maybe since this started as a biking app, 1/10 of a mile made sense, but as a runner I think more in terms of 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 mile distances for pace training. I am unable to do this on strava because it doesn’t display the data (that it is already gathering), and because there is no way to select a different option for audio feedback frequency (like every 1/4 mile). So, there are many things to like about the app, but the bottom line is that it has limited usefulness and versatility for training..Version: 113.0.0

Disappointed about the new pricingI use Strava for fun and to compare myself with my friends and other cyclist. It’s sad that I have to pay 7$ per month for just that feature. I wouldn’t pay for facebook or instagram, why do I have to for strava?.Version: 150.0.1

New update makes app uselessStrava was a great app to track your activities and see what your friends were up too. Now, due to their latest update, it is useless without a subscription. I ask the Strava management two questions: How are you going to make money if new users (possible subscribers) get nothing from the app? Are subscribers going to stay with the app, if they aren’t competing against many people?.Version: 150.0.2

It was better, and the user community isn’t happy.The app is good, has fairly accurate route recording, and where some people have disliked it, the ‘moving time’ feature is actually helpful when contending with cycling stops, such as traffic lights. However, recent changes to the free app have included removing helpful features, such as route segment comparison to other riders, while increasing the advertising volume and interference (including full screen blocking premium subscription adverts). This has made my rating drop from what would have been a 5star free app with excellent premium features for those that wanted them, to a three star basic route tracker that is now getting annoying to navigate. I don't know how much the free user data contributed to strava’s information database, but now i am almost reluctant to use the app, because you get almost nothing as a free user. There are other apps that do the basic functions better, it was the community and competition within Strava that made it more..Version: 150.0.2

Has ALMOST every thing I want but...Seriously, Strava you have just about every conceivable feature and aspect of a great running/biking app. Great social interaction, widespread usage, which makes the segment portion great almost everywhere I run/bike, and the BEST analytics. I have been waiting in vain for years for you to add ANY sort of interval training with distance, time, and heart rate. I would accept just a simple timer in the app, but audio cues for speed/HR/timers/distance and customizable training plans would be preferred. People might think with the paid version they would get it, but they would be wrong. Since this MAJOR OVERSIGHT has been noted by people on your forums, you know about it, but are willfully ignoring us, your users. I have almost reached my breaking point and am about to give up hope and switch to Runkeeper or <gasp> Nike. It feels like the Benedict thing to do, but I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU FOREVER! The saddest part will be leaving all my Strava friends behind for literally any other app that has this, simply because you refuse to add such a staple of training: INTERVALS. This is my last ditch effort to get ANY SORT of interval training in Strava, but if you don’t add it soon I am done with you 😢. Seriously Strava, DON’T MAKE ME LEAVE YOU!!! I LOVE THE REST OF THE APP TOO MUCH!.Version: 107.0.0

Not impressedDo an update and stops working on apple watch. Tested prior to releasing?.Version: 100.0.0

Time to treat Strava like Strava treats it’s users.I’ve been using Strava for years. It’s been okay, at best. It’s terribly inconsistent, even between identical rides and only displays more accurate data when uploading from a dedicated GPS device. Stravas recent ban on integration with Relive was a bitter pill to swallow. Luckily Relive were very proactive on this and immediately made multiple trackers compatible with their app. This latest update from Strava has yet again dumped on its users by forcing them to pay for previously free content in, what appears to be an effort to add more value to the cost of subscription by taking content away from everyone else. A despicable and ruthless move against people who have become invested in the app with their tracked activities. Time to recover all my data and incorporate it into an app that actually values ALL of its users and not just the ones who they take money from..Version: 152.0.0

Subscribe to see my explorer segments?!?Hi strava, you can’t just block everything which was free at the first place to now you charge us for that! No fair at all!!! Adding different options that we have to pay for is ok. What about running ads? I hope you will change your mind very shortly, or in my opinion you will loose a lot of your members!!! I will put back 5 stars when you will make it free again. Thanks..Version: 150.0.2

Lots of changes, some of them infuriatingIt’s been great to see lots of small improvements to Strava but a number of them have made the app harder or more frustrating to use. The most recent being the removal of the screen at the end of a ride that lets me select the bike and type of ride. Going back and editing the ride is a hassle..Version: 75.0.0

Useless2 MAJOR problems with this app - first when using the app with my Apple Watch it shows my distance only to the 1/10 mile instead of to the 1/100th. Really?? How does any runner find that acceptable?? Makes the app completely useless for any kind of interval training that does not involve a track. Second, it shows my average pace. I couldn’t care less about my average pace. Most runners I know what to see their CURRENT pace! I don’t see any way to change that. Other more minor problems - 1) when it registers my splits and I want to glance quickly at my time, this app has to show me the stupid Strava logo for a second before it shows me my time. So annoying! I’m often trail running and need to pay attention to my footing so I don’t step in a hole or trip on a root. So having to keep my eyes on my watch for that extra second could actually be a problem. 2.) the walk setting only shows mph. Why would I want to know that?? I want minutes/mile just like for running. 3.) No splits for walking?? Just because I’m walking, Strava thinks I don’t care about my mile splits? Like I said, to me this is a useless training app. Back to the basic Activity app on the Apple Watch for me!.Version: 113.0.0

How come walks don’t show in weekly overview?If walks are able to be recorded, then there should be an option to count them in the weekly tally. Let’s not pretend people aren’t also using the app for walking... do I really have to pretend I ran every time to make it count?.Version: 188.0.0

Too unreliable for serious useI have persisted with this app for a few years now. Works fine 90+% of the time. If that's good enough for you and you don't mind missing out on maybe 1/30th of your activities then read no further. I have used it in several geographical locations and experienced same issue. App tracks my movement on the map, and timer is running, but registers as zero distance - rendering app useless. It's infrequent in general but means I lose data and destroys my confidence in the app. This is its most core function and it's not acceptable. Has happened on iPhone 6s and 8 plus over many iOS and app versions and in perfect cloudless outdoor conditions most of the time. I've now moved on to a different app..Version: 81.0.0

Worthless nowAll the useful features are gone and losing so many people makes buying it pointless. This was my favorite app now i have no use for it.Version: 150.0.1

This app could be great with tweakingI’m overall disappointed because the ride, walk, and run activities only sync from my watch about fifty percent of the time. The rest of the times I tap ‘save’ after I ‘finished and they disappear forever. No recorded information to be restored. Ever. I also don’t like that you can not record specific water sports (like kayaking, swimming, windsurfing) without having your phone on you. For me this defeats the purpose of using the watch app. These sports seem to be ones you would very likely rather leave your phone behind. If you begin an activity in your phone (not the watch) it does not communicate with the watch and gayer any heart rate information, which for me is the primary reason I bought the app to begin with. And finally, when you do receive recorded analysis of a workout you can’t go in and pinpoint exact moments on a graph of your heart rate information, it would be nice to have a chart that you can scroll the exact plot points. It could be good, but as it stands I won’t be renewing..Version: 174.0.0

Bring back the feedStrava is going downhill - having been a paid user for years I have just cancelled the subscription. There are better alternatives than this. It was simple before but now it’s not useful with all the unnecessary functionality..Version: 21.0.0

Keeps asking for password Apple ID styleEvery time I open this app I get a pop up screen that looks like the Apple ID sign in pop up asking for a password. If I cancel and not enter a password I'm still logged into the strava app and can still view all my activities and post new ones. Even after quitting the app I still get the sign in pop up that asks for my password this keeps happening at random times throughout the day and will only cease when I delete the strava app. The password prompt looks way too similar to the Apple ID one and so obviously I never enter my password because it's feels like a phishing attempt via a bug in the strava app and since I'm signed in to strava despite not entering a password it feels even more suspect. I will not use this app until a fix is implemented..Version: 23.0.0

The app is awesome but customer support...Switch my device from iPhone X to iPhone 12 mini, but an unuploaded data on my Apple Watch didn’t sync to my new iPhone 12 mini and apprantaly it can’t sync to my old iPhone X since the Apple Watch has paired with iPhone 12 mini. So I reached to their customer support, they replied once with an completely irrelevant information and guided me to a total different help guide. Took me 30 minutes to write all the information and tells them how to replicate the issue, but they didn’t listen at all. Feel like they have a template to copy and paste all the information. Shame. The app is great though..Version: 185.0.0

Removed featureWas a amazing app until they decided to remove features..Version: 150.0.1

UpdateApp no longer works for paid subscribers. Nicely done..Version: 150.0.2

Worst running appVery disappointed about Strava. I just deleted my account. This is the worst running app that I have tried. The distance recorded by this app per activity is inaccurate. It always gives a smaller course that the one you really run which changes your overall pace. If you are serious about training to maintain your pace, this app will give you a hard time. It doesn’t either allow you to correct your distance ran in your activity. I really don’t recommend this app. Also if a user wants to create a course or a segment, it requires to subscribe first which basically means having to pay for subscription. No reason to do so because other apps let you do it for free. This app doesn’t either have hot badges or levels to reach based on miles accumulated, which is a motivational factor for runners. Other apps offer that such Nike+Run and Garmin. MapMyRun is way much better, and even though it is a subscribing app as well, some features are still available for free such as the tool to create a course, adjust a run, among many others..Version: 181.0.3

Loved this app, until I realised it’s huge flaw...Downloaded this app about a year ago, was in love with it. Found it difficult to access personal bests & getting around the app without being advertised for the paid version started to become quite troublesome. After a year of use, I realised that all my running times/paces’ were all hugely inaccurate and misleading. Strava actually records your ‘moving time’ (time spent moving, so you can rest for 3 minutes, and it will disregard it) - instead of the *actual* duration of your run. I’ve check in dozens of forums and their customers are slowly realising this. The app has been this way for 3 years, and it’s clear the developers have no intention of actually recording how long you run for, only how long you’re moving for. As a runner, this is genuinely the most pointless/annoying feature I’ve ever come across, and the fact they haven’t fixed this is enough to switch over to a running app that actually records your time, without inventing a pointless metric such as ‘moving time’. It’s like racing a Marathon & only taking into accounts the best bits. Crazy stuff..Version: 101.0.1

BooooStrava remove so many things from free version. Disappointing. I will look for an other apps. Any suggestions?.Version: 150.0.1

Free Version Now LimitedI have used Strava since the very early days when there were separate apps for running and cycling and have always found it a great app due to the diverse features it offered. However, the latest update has made it a very limited app unless willing to pay the near £50 or £8 a month subscription. Given a lot of these features only give me data already available in the garmin app, it seems an excessive amount for me just to access segment times, which to me is what Strava really is all about, or basic training information such as comparison to past runs. If like me you’re not wanting to pay quite so much for the subscription, Strava no longer offers anything different from the plethora of run tracking apps. It’s a real shame they couldn’t have found a way to keep some of the unique features free, or at the very least offer two levels of subscription, one offering a similar level to the previous free features, and a more expensive one with all the detailed training tools..Version: 150.0.1

New Update - May 20, 2020Very disappointed to see the focus of Strava move from a community based fitness app to a profit driven cash grab. Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic here but the reality is I don’t have money kicking around for a Strava subscription. I accept that there are going to be aspects of the app that I won’t have access to, however I would maintain that to this point the [free] app was of 5 star quality and a must have workout tracker. After the update is an entirely different story, however. The free app has been stripped to the bare bones, no more access to segment leaderboards...I can’t even view my own previous times on segments. Honestly I leave a 3 star rating because I have loved using Strava for the past few years, in reality I should really leave a 1 star review. If you are able to afford the cost of a subscription to Strava, then by all means, it is a great app that is a fun and useful tool for tracking your workouts...BUT, I would not personally recommend the app as it currently stands unless you don’t have any other option available..Version: 150.0.1

Mileage wildly inaccurateI’ve been using Strava for several months now and the mileage is wildly inaccurate. I submitted a number of reports on the app indicating the mileage is wrong but as of yet nothing has improved. Routes that I know are 4 miles long consistently come in at 3.5 and randomly sometimes will reach 4. I could understand some differential run to run but not that much. I’ve noticed that the app often doesn’t start tracking my run until I’m well into it. Recently I’ve been double checking to make sure that it says gps acquired before starting my run and even waiting a couple of seconds after hitting start to begin...still nothing. It’s really frustrating to have chunks of mileage taken off. Clearly the algorithms know there’s a problem because during my run the automated time announcement will say one time and when I finish the app has somehow adjusted it to a different time. I don’t get how the time adjusts but not the mileage. I may consider returning to MapMyRun since I experienced fewer issues..Version: 147.0.1

Lost direction and broken featuresStrava is definitely a go to app for riders and runners and for that is suffering from the competitive advantage. They have certainly turned their focus to the social game and forgotten to improve and add features. Fundamentally the segment system is broken by which a rider out for a “Sunday” ride could KOM all of the segments in the area. If that happens more than once there is no hope for runners. It could be argued that you can manually hunt for the “report” area on the Strava website but this is impossible in the app. Also if a “runner” can complete a 32km “run” in 1 hour and the system cannot automatically detect an issue then what is the point. The best parts of Strava is the ability to see what friends are doing and to keep a record of what you have achieved. Many apps out there do the same but just don’t have the same following. It would be nice to think the expensive price of the premium features gave more information but you can get access to these via cheaper services that can use the Strava API..Version: 19.0.0

Forcing SubscriptionsLatest update removed about 3/4 of the functions and made them “subscription only”. This move has backfired for me at least - I was tempted to sign up prior to the switch. Now I feel extremely ripped off and refuse to part with a penny. I’ll delete the app and find something else before I spend a dime now..Version: 150.0.1

Money-hungryThis recent update removes most of Stava’s functionality, and puts it behind an outrageously expensive paywall. This new cash grab pushes more casual riders away, and means that only the rich athletes can afford to use the app properly. Prior to this update I would have rated this app 4 or 5 stars, but now it’s effectively useless..Version: 150.0.2

When a company becomes greedyStrava has turned on its loyal fan base and ruined the app. Here are the issues with strava: 1. Aggressive pushing for subscription. App is literally trying its hardest to force you to subscribe. 2. Challenges are now more forced sales tactic trying to get you to buy 3rd party items. “Oh look you achieved this goal and now to activate the reward you are diverted to another screen trying to sell expensive sports related items” 3. Strava was a way to motivate and encourage friends and peers. Now segment stats are hidden for paid subscriptions only. 4. Maps don’t even orientate to direction if travel. Lazy DevOps. 5. User Interface is all geared up to frustrate and get money from you. Oh so many places to accidentally hit the instant subscription button and then near nightmare to prevent money going out. 6. What are the actually benefits to actually subscription? My Fitbit gives my all the stats I need for free. Strava is just a tool for recording my routes and distances. I bet some Product Owner or CTO thought be good idea to play on the emotive aspect that so many people have years worth of personal data on routes, exercise and are therefore too entrenched to leave strava for an other app. Pure greed and laziness. Recommendations - Offer something unique and worth while and I will happily subscribe but I won’t for a substandard product that is not aligned to the user..Version: 152.0.0

Privacy Nightmare by defaultBy default, this app is a privacy nightmare. If you subscribe or use the free version your profile, profile picture, exercise start/finish locations are visible to all. If you do a zwift virtual ride with a few hundred strangers then the strava group function adds you to this group and, by default, your profile, ride and other activities are visible to those complete strangers/bots. You have to actively turn everything off - except you can’t really turn most of this anti-privacy functionality off if you want to appear in leader boards and see how you times fare against people running/riding similar routes! Leader boards are one of the few reasons to pay for strava, as other apps or computer apps provide the functionality of logging and analysing your rides free AND make privacy the default setting. Strava is basically difficult to make private, and actively promotes non-privacy. It also hasn’t isn’t well developed software since being bought by a venture capital group. If you don’t care much about your privacy, by all means pay for this, but if you want the free version then other apps provide the same functionality with far better privacy toggles and don’t show your home address on a map to strangers by default. Source: I’m a software engineer and sick of such stupid design flaws..Version: 211.0.0

No longer Love the app - couple of suggestionsUpdated review. I’m an app developer. I understand the principal of not being able to keep all people happy, all of the time. Yet why, oh why, did you recently remove Bluetooth connectivity? Yes, the ‘millions of people suffering crashes related to a feature they never even used’. Well to be honest, that’s bad coding on your part, not bad usage by your users. A better approach would have been to disable the feature by default, and then allow it to be enabled with a big fat disclaimer regarding reliability. And you would’ve done that, if you didn’t want your commercial partners selling more Bluetooth capable units. But only a cynic would believe the latter, right? — Big fan of the app. It works very well and makes accessing data post-ride super easy. A couple of improvements. - when looking at your feed, ‘following’ should not include your own rides! - private notes; there’s info I like to track related to my rides, but it’s not something I want posted on a public platform. Having a ‘private note’ section would allow this. Ride on..Version: 122.0.0

Hard to use. Constant ads to upgrade.A lot of my riding buddies use it and have asked me to install it. I just want something for free and can track my rides with elevation profiles and speed. Strava seems to do that and a lot more, especially ads that keeps hounding you to upgrade to the premium version. Cool thing is that it can record your movements with GPS and can be set up with privacy in mind. Here are a bunch of thing that bug me about this app: 1) the Feed is kind of confusing sometimes. It takes sometime to get use to on what is what, especially the stupid ads are mixed in. 2) the header part of the app where you have links or buttons. They're hard to press and a lot of the times, the don't work. A good example is the bell on the Feed. You have to press it numerous times or just let your thumb sit there for a few seconds to get you to a notification screen. 3) settings and other setups require so many steps to set up the app or to start a recording process. I wish there's a non-paid app without any advertisements that can give you GPS tracking on a map with speed and elevation without all the bloated crap that comes with Strava. To bad there's none out there at the moment..Version: 35.0.0

No good for following mapThis app is DANGEROUS when using for map following while cycling - which is one of the features it claims to have. I don’t normally write reviews but was so shocked I felt I had to. You can set a route right enough (after I had to look on google maps simultaneously to tell whether the roads were small lanes or dual carriageways). Once I had the route set I was excited to set off. Initially the app kept letting my phone lock but I figured out how to stop that from within the app. The thing that makes this app dangerous- it does not follow your location and re-centre the screen or give step by step directions it is just a line on a map with your location - you have to constantly move the map to find where you are. Trying to do this while cycling along this is truly DANGEROUS and should not be allowed to be marketed as such. I’m sure this app is good for recording activity if you know where you’re going but as a route following app it is truly awful. Subscription cancelled same day..Version: 156.0.0

Bad updateDoesn’t work on my watch since the last update. Crashes whenever I try to open it..Version: 99.0.0

Going BackwardsI have used Strava for years and really liked the social aspect of it but they have been slowly deleting features or moving them from free to paid versions. I don’t expect you offer most premium product for free but rolling out features in the free version and then later moving it to the paid product is irritating. Especially when some of those features are not particularly premium. Want to compare your most recent jog around the neighborhood to prior ones? Cough up $60 a year! What!? I don’t need all the training plans and stuff of the paid version. Maybe you could have more than 1 paid tier? I could go on and on, like how they ruined the Apple Watch app, took away BT HR sensors etc. The latest outrage for me is they announce to great fanfare they bought back BT HR sensors, huzzah! Except it doesn’t work. This feature worked totally fine when you removed it a while ago and now you re-introduce a non-functioning feature? Ugh, you guys are killing me. Why do I keep using this?!.Version: 177.0.0

Free version guttedThe free version use to allow you to see segments and the leaderboard but no more. Add to the fact that there’s a hard push in app to sign-up with accept buttons disguised as close buttons and it’s really turned into a hunk of junk. Careful what you click, my wife unknowingly subscribed to the $99 per year. Just as well Apple is quick with the refunds..Version: 157.0.0

Great app but doesn’t have map orientationFirst off this app is great. I especially love that I can plan out my routes on the website and then follow them from the app. The only issue I have (and for me it is a big one) the map will only face North unless you move it manually (not safe or easy when riding and wearing gloves). It seems like it would be a simple update to just add the option to have the map orientate to the direction being travelled, but upon looking through Strava’s support community it seems to be a common request dating back as far as 2014 and Strava has responded each time with “they are putting it on the back burner” or another equally astonishingly unsatisfactory response. I’ve missed turns on busy roads and had to go to the next lights, cross, then turn back around to return to the safer route. Also no one should be having to focus on where they need to turn in relation to an upside down or sideways map whilst they are navigating traffic. It’s extremely dangerous and seems highly unnecessary. I want to keep using this app because it is actually very good, but I may just move to another that offers orientation as it doesn’t seem Strava really cares about this issue from what I’ve seen in their forum. Hopefully they add it someday soon..Version: 59.0.0

Still doesn't support mountain bikingI have decided to cancel my subscription because Strava continue to ignore user requests for a dedicated mountain bike activity option, as they have done for years. Apparently we only need one ride activity, but 3 different skiing activities. It is irritating that mtb segments can be hijacked by road cyclists where the segments run close to each other. Likewise, I want to keep my PBs for my road rides and mtb rides separate. The are many other features that would be good, for example the option to know how many kilometres or hours a bike has done between certain dates, for the purpose of servicing components on time. Perhaps Strava will only start to care when these issues hit them in the pocket?.Version: 48.0.0

Decent but lacking lotsStrava does the most basic functions of workout tracker fairly well. Interface is easy to use and I really enjoy the popular segment feature. There are however some pretty normal features Strava does not support or incorporate. For example: Most of my workouts I’m not so much concerned about my mile pace as just seeing my total workout and total time spent running. However, Strava even after turning the autopause feature off does server side autopause no matter what unless you also mark a workout as a race. Why? Turning autopause off should be enough to not give me any autopauses. Another biggie is adding manual workouts. Too often especially in the winter in sub 30° weather my phone dies so I need to go in and add a manual workout afterwards. However, Strava does not support mapped manual workouts. You can only add total distance and time worked out into a manual workout. Why? If I knew my distances without a tracking app I wouldn’t use a tracking app. A simple map tool to add the route I ran and calculating the distance for me seems pretty basic. I deleted Strava after their most recent update completely bricked the app for iOS 11.2.5 users and it’s been 4 days since that and their has been no new update to fix the issue. That’s unacceptable for an app that most of us use daily. Way too many other run trackers out there for me to wait a week for Strava to get the app unbricked..Version: 34.0.0

Sick of this app. Doesn’t record consistentlyBetter off using Google maps. There’s nothing worse than pacing a run for a distance only to hit your mark to find out it’s not recording properly so you have to keep going. It’s not just a little bit out it’s out 2k on a 5k run. Central to this app is being able to record distance, time and speed so you can compete against yourself and others for motivation (it’s the only thing that gets/keeps me running) and it fails on that more often than not. I’ve tried different routes in case I’m running through dead [signal] zones but not knowing if it’s going to work or not means you can’t pace yourself properly. You can submit the problem but they don’t reply. You’re better off plotting a route on Google maps as I use that fine every single day and it also gives you audio prompts for directions so you can discover new routes without having to check the map every 5 mins..Version: 207.0.0

Killed by greedI’m not an athlete. I’ve used Strava to log walks and bike rides and also upload my other workouts via a third party app. It’s a great way of engaging with others, tracking progress and offering encouragement to others. I don’t need a multitude of tools or features as my needs are pretty simple. Now Strava can’t provide the basic features I use without charging me a fee to access a number of features that aren’t relevant to my needs whilst paying the same price as many users who no doubt enjoy the additional services. I understand the need to charge something but the pricing is way off. It should be tiered, not one price fits all. The timing is also suspect given the current pandemic and undoubted upturn in users. Just as an example, I work with young people with complex emotional and behavioural needs and of late we have been able to take these young people on bike rides. Several downloaded Strava to track their progress, compare with others and interact with their peers. This has gone. These are disadvantaged kids wrapped up in the same bundle as elite athletes and expected to pay the same. That isn’t right. Hopefully Strava see sense and change things back. I used to pay for Strava but didn’t need most of what was included. Now they want to charge me the same price of using even less. Time to look for alternatives I guess..Version: 150.0.2

Strava Disapointment.Been with Strava for almost 30 thousand kilometres, up until about 4 months ago it was an excellent app you track your self and watch your buddies try improve there riding and fitness . Lately though every second or sometimes every ride it crashes and leaves you with a straight line . Some times it’s only a couple kms sometimes it’s 50 . That gets to be very frustrating when you like to keep track of your mileage and routes. This was all accessed with the free app. Very basic needs,so now your app doesn’t work reliably and you want to charge for it, to get the same flawed performance. I think you should rethink your plan , as I see it now you are losing thousands of subscriptions and with each one of those there are numerous bad reviews. There are other ways to make your app viable but not on the backs of your initial target group us the recreational rider..Version: 150.0.2

Apple Watch still crashingLatest update (June 5th) supposedly fixes Apple Watch crash upon startup... except it still crashes. Oh dear....Version: 101.0.1

StravaI’m liking the app but have one real niggle. At the moment I’m only walking but hope to start running when I’ve lost more weight - I’ve had weight loss surgery - so completely changing my mindset and walking a few miles a day. I’m trialing the premium version. I’ve had to disable the auto stop as it doesn’t restart again so I’m only getting a small part of my walked distance recorded. Earlier today I did a 1.5 mike walk and it only recorded 0.1 - it’s a walk I’ve done before so I know the distance. Then this afternoon I did a 2.6 mile walk and disabled the auto stop and it’s recorded the entire distance. The distance is important this month as I’ve taken a challenge to walk 26.2 this month to raise money. I’m not bothered that I have to walk further to officially clock up my mileage but it might annoy someone else..Version: 46.0.0

Phone app ok, watch app and support a disasterHard to comment too much on phone app specifications - does what it is supposed to do. Similar to competition applications. My problem is with Apple Watch app which seems to not have been tested enough. When working out with watch only and no access to phone straight after workout to sync your workout, it becomes a nightmare. Over last two weeks I had two cases when I did not had my phone at hand after finishing workout- in both cases syncing is proving impossible. The first one it eventually synced by itself after 9 days, second case I am still waiting. Support provided by Strava is laughable - consist of some type of search engine trying to search for your problem within a database of FAQ and some web articles - maybe putting a thinking human into support would yield better results..Version: 172.0.0

Wow, this app sucksThis app doesn’t read/sync Apple Watch’s heart rate monitor when you start a workout on the iPhone app. When you start a workout from your watch, it shows nothing on the iPhone app (making your phone attached to your bike mount useless). Calculations are so wrong, too. This app is obviously using a generic formula for cycling, so that heart rate monitoring from your watch is useless..Version: 149.0.0

Mise à jour décevanteDifficile de bien réagir quand on se fait enlever des fonctionnalités que nous utilisons gratuitement depuis des années. Je comprend le concept d’utilisateur-payeur, mais ajouter de nouvelles fonctionnalités payante en tentant d’innover aurait entraîné de nouveaux abonnements sans frustrer une grande proportion de vos utilisateurs. Je n’avais jamais songé à essayer d’autres applications d’entraînement; maintenant je vais envisager cette option. N.B. Avant la mise à jour de mai 2020, j’aurais donné 5 étoiles, car l’application est vraiment très bien conçue..Version: 150.0.2

DéceptionJ’adorais cette app.... pourquoi avoir TOUT mis payant?? Je suis vraiment très déçu, payer pour devoir suivre mes performances... très ordinaire..Version: 150.0.2

Last 3 Rides Switches OffFrustrating, no data for last 3 rides as I ‘m riding it’s telling me turning on and off on a continuous loop until it turns off. Not good not sure what the glitch is. Two ride previous to that wouldn’t Dave my ride when I tried - disappointing.Version: 40.0.0

Really Charging for what others give free?On your press release you say that this charge is you putting all of your faith in your customers buying your service when your service is nothing without any of data provided by anyone who uploads freely theirs and keep a record for their own reasons. Why don’t you STRAVA put your thoughts into selling to companies and make this ADVERTISING BASED to cash your earnings. From all my colleagues, friends, friends of a friend and athlete’s that I’ve ran into by still social distancing, they all said are not buying and or finding something else to study or just look at what they has just did. That being a minute or a mile or a single km or a 200 km’s. And just like the review I just read before this... really in the middle of a pandemic, unemployment and chaos worldwide? That’s not so smart. You can bet all your earnings that if you don’t either bring back like it was before this premium price or you sell this Strava company... it will be still here but at a declining rate of paid subscribers..Version: 153.0.0

Stop making your app worse!Why on earth would you remove the weekly volume view from profile page? I am a paying customer and I still can’t see weekly mileage elevation history from the training tab. Why do you hate your product and seemingly trying everything to make it worse and worse?.Version: 163.0.0

Functionality requestReally choice app, love the accuracy over mapmyrun. Possible improvement would be to improve distance accuracy in the display to 2 decimal figures. I think right now it’s to the nearest 100m but with open air training, sometimes you need to do staggered circuits with runs with 150m as an example. Another improvement would be for the Strava app to support swim circuits and which can track lengths swim (or at least monitor heart rate, calories burnt etc). The circuit feature doesn’t track heart rate etc, I think this would be a great addition as being able to gauge heart rate when doing high intensity exercises with runs included would be good to gauge over doing it etc. overall, think the apps great but could do with some TLC in areas. :).Version: 86.0.0

Well overdue for an update...I use Garmin (watch) to record all aerobic activities, which then syncs to Strava. I used to pay more attention to Strava because a few friends also use it and it is great for that social aspect of training. That being said, when trying to measure performance over time I have come to the sad realisation that Strava is next to useless. Yes, Strava will let you know when you have made a PB, but you can’t check your last PB, of for that matter, you can’t even check your current PB outside of that activity. Garmin has a much more detailed analysis of your current performance, as well as providing an easily accessible comparison to your past performance. I would think that is a fairly simple and staple feature of a fitness tracking app. Why am I even using Strava when I could stop the activity syncing at Garmin? Please update... before Apple categorise Strava as a social media app rather than a fitness app..Version: 126.0.0

Recent updateThe most recent update changed a lot of the simple free features and put them behind a pay wall, I would finding an alternative since the basic features in this app are decreasing.Version: 150.0.1

Subscription only?I’ve used Strava for a long time and I think it’s a great way of seeing/tracking your progress over a particular route that most apps can’t compete with. So I’m surprised now that I have to pay to see how I’m comparing in segments and see my efforts. This is definitely a wrong turn for Strava to take and I’m definitely put off by the fact I now have to pay in order to see some of the most basic items I would expect to see of any free fitness app (heart rate zones being one of them which granted has been pay only for a while). The whole point of this app was to connect people and to make it fun to compete with your mates on certain segments. But to make everyone pay for that now detracts what used to make this app great. I no longer see the point in using this when Garmin connect tells me the same data now if not more..Version: 150.0.2

App is garbage-Do not subscribeI am a paid subscriber, my Fitbit Ionic is verifiably paired, and I have allowed access to my heart rate. Any documentation is years old and irrelevant, customer service takes it’s sweet time. None of the subscription features have ever worked except for the route maker. Despite rigorous trackable daily exercise over months, the app still indicates no weekly intensity. If the purpose of the Strava app is to combine data from multiple sources, it’s a total failure. To use Strava to ride, you can’t also manually activate the Fitbit or you’ll get 2 records-If you use only Strava app, you get no Fitbit activity credit-If you use Fitbit only, you can’t use the Strava route tracker. With my Smart Rower, the app still fails to pull in the heart rate data from my Fitbit. There is nothing this app does that the other free apps (Fitbit, SmartRower) don’t already do. I’m no longer sure what the point of this app is besides ripping me off. Also, I have communicated with feedback and I have not heard an answer-as of this post it was 14 days ago. Bu-bye Strava, you’re off to the land of deleted apps that failed to live up to their advertised expectations..Version: 176.0.0

Strava and the iwatch appI’ve been using Strava for years when I (road) cycle. Then a few years ago after a total knee replacement, I started swimming. I bought a Garmin watch to track my swimming progress and was happy to see that the Garmin watch, used to share this info with the Strava app on my iPhone and automatically shared this info. It had my swim with all stats right on my iPhone. I recently was given an Apple iwatch as a gift and it has a default Strava app on it. It does not offer a swim tracking option. Furthermore, the Apple default activity app which I’ve been using for swimming does not automatically share this info with the Strava app and there is no option to do this. So, I’m kind of disappointed since I am “friends” with a few people and would them to see that I am still training. And I would like them to give me the 👍 after a swim. Now I have to explain that I’m using a new watch that doesn’t offer swimming in the Strava app. I suggest the developers figure out how to incorporate swimming in their iwatch app or at least “share” this info with the Stava app the way Garmin does..Version: 81.0.0

Wasn’t the best before, but now the beat parts aren’t freeStrava used to be brilliant. I never wanted a lot, But the features it offered as a basic package were ok. Sure it’s online route planner was janky, you couldn’t plan a route on your phone, and it was a nightmare if you wanted to find routes of others, and following routes on the app was even worse! But I got over that because I liked the fun nature of it, I’m not competitive but it was fun seeing where I compared on segments compared to others, and seeing how much faster I did my run that day. But now that’s all gone too, unless you pay £48 a year! This app is editors choice. To quote the review which got this app it’s award: ‘Friendly competition with likeminded people’ That was the case until they removed it from the free app ‘see your rank in your favourite segment’ - you now can’t do that too You can’t even see how far you’ve ridden or ran in a month. I was doing a charity fundraiser to fun 100k in May and the day I broke the 100k mark was when they made you pay to see your monthly progress. So my fundraiser had no grand ‘we did it’ What’s worse is it’s still a bad app to follow routes, find routes or plan routes Stick with komoot if you want a decent cycle mapping app, it’s free. Otherwise feel free to pay £48 a year (usually £82 but it’s on offer!!!) if you want to rank your time against your mates on an app that’s had that feature free for almost a decade.Version: 150.0.2

Used to be betterI’ve used Strava for 5 years as an on and off runner. It was good for motivation, insight and sharing what I was up to with a few close friends. The segments were great for comparing with my past efforts, and seeing real improvement. However most of the valuable features have now been removed for free users, which is a slap round the face after 5 years of use. I cannot financially justify the price of Premium... so may as well find another functional app. I understand companies need to make money, but compared to its past functionality this feels like a cash grab, and doesn’t motivate me to stay. Really disappointing. At the very least you could introduce tiers of Prenium so that the non serious runners among us can still use the features we’ve been happily using for years, rather than fleecing us for all we’ve got..Version: 178.0.0

Hate the new activity feed orderJust go back to showing activities in the order they were done. You’ve completely ruined what was a fantastic app by trying to make it more like Facebook. Stop trying to decide for me what I want to see.Version: 20.0.1

Not good for other sportsMost features are setup for running swimming or cycling. Any other sport and features are not available especially for the premium version. I signed up and could not see any value for paddle boarding :(.Version: 21.0.0

Thrilled....and then so disappointedWhen I got back into using Strava a few months back, I loved its accuracy, tracking, segments, sociability and more. I used it for more and more rides, commutes and tooling about on weekends. Since the ‘update’ I installed on 27 July, however, it’s gone down the toilet. Tracking particularly has become REALLY poor. I’m not getting any data whatsoever for entire rides sometimes. This morning, another example. It looked ‘empty’, though after I hit the ‘finish’ button and was coding the exercise, I could see the route I took on my bike. Hope after all! After upload, however, nope. Nothing. Nada. It disappeared completely. Not that I would mind so much, but .... I do. Your ‘helpline’ have tried, but each time I ask them to look at the data, or my feed....well, they don’t. Haven’t. Disappointed. PLEASE fix!!!! I really want to LOVE Strava again :).Version: 59.0.0

Looks like I’m flying...I’ve been using this app for about 3 years now and it worked fine, just recently I realised that the mapping is all over the places. It doesn’t follow the roads I’ve been running on, cuts through fields and at the end of my runs, it gives me an average speed that is way faster then what I’m actually running at. I had the confirmation of this when I ran with a friend just today and his tracking, done by “adidas running app” was completely different and quite a lot slower which it made more sense. Not cool when you are trying to train properly....Version: 198.0.0

No good for long adventures with Apple WatchUnfortunately this app has failed me. I want to use my watch while hiking and ski touring and it doesn’t work. On my series 3 Apple Watch it says .4 km or 1.2km even if I’ve gone 10. Very frustrating the Watch is not compatible with this app. It should be. The Watch does all those things in its own. I like the idea of storing it all on Strava to use the social media part and looking back at previous activities. This will not work for the Watch at the current time..Version: 26.0.0

No better than many other free appsStrava is not great. It doesn’t work very well with iWatch. It will sync hours later with problems in the data and map. It doesn’t record swimming, kayaking and other off-road sports on iWatch. The automatic pause is terrible. If you just slow your pace, it will pause. I don’t recommend and I am so glad I never paid the trial....Version: 133.0.0

Disappointing UpdateI have used Strava for 5 years to track my runs and mountain bike rides, and it has been one of my favorite apps. The features Strava provided in addition to GPS tracking were awesome and over the years have motivated me to become a better athlete. Some of the best features I am referring to are comparing past times and leaderboards. I even wrote an essay in my college Health Promotion class about how good Strava is at motivating people to be healthier and become better athletes. Unfortunately, Strava decided to make these features Subscription-only in the latest update, which greatly disappointed me. I can no longer compare past times or use the leaderboard, which were some of the best features. If Strava is struggling financially, I would gladly put up with a few ads in the app. However, they have decided to make you pay $60 to use the basic features. I hope these recent reviews will help them realize the impact Strava has made in the lives of many athletes and restore the basic free features..Version: 150.0.1

Knock it off with the surreptitious advertisementsEverything was going so well: your support staff are excellent by the way. And then, in June, I started seeing ads within another athlete’s posts. This is someone else I follow, but now their activities mention that they are using a Wahoo Element GPS, and there’s a banner at the bottom offering to let me shop for a Wahoo Element of my own. Mine is a two-pronged complaint: 1. I have paid for Summit for two years. To me, that means no ads. None. If I wanted to advertise for athletic gear, GPS units, underwear, et cetera, I would use a competitor’s product. I don’t, and this is why. 2. I already have a GPS from a different company. Does that mean that my activities are trying to sell my followers a GPS similar to the one I use? Not cool. Get rid of the ads, and keep your support staff. Whether or not you decide to fire the management that decided to force-feed us this “feature” is up to you..Version: 103.0.0

GPS IssueMy app gets my location accurately, but on completion of the workout, it records zero distance. Frustrating!.Version: 60.0.0

Too Much AdvertisingFar far too frequently get prompted to share / start following / connect to social media etc etc. I’ve already lost track of the frequency I got asked to do the same thing during one running session. Also, I received three emails from them the same day. Talk about overkill. Fortunately, there is an option to permanently delete your account after sign up..Version: 144.0.0

PointlessTried this app under persuasion from a number of friends so that I could get an idea of how it might help improve my performance, fitness and recovery. Didn’t take too long to realize that the primary reason for the existence of this app is to optimize social connections with runners, cyclists and swimmers. As far as Strava is concerned that’s all that really matters. Nothing to do with enhancing sports performance. No other sports are really a consideration. If you really want to improve your performance there are better apps around to help you do that. Have deleted the app..Version: 156.0.0

Functionality is going downhill, not that strava can measure itOkay so this is a bit of a rage review. I've been using strava pretty dilligently for about 2 years. It's been mostly great, showing timed splits and elevation gain to give a good granular sense of what happened during a workout. It's really all I wanted, since I don't intend on getting heart rate monitor. However, lately strava has been goofing up on time elapsed, distance gone, maybe my actual location? Not sure. But it'll take a good half-mile for the app to figure out that I've started moving, even after manually starting a workout and confirming that my location is correct. It will also just stop registering that I'm still moving in the middle of a workout, paradoxically showing my location way off of the blue line while the timer is still running. This throws off all the calculations for timing and honestly is pretty disheartening that I don't have an accurate record of my efforts. I know strava gets is revenue from user data, but why am I using this broken app if it isn't even giving me the data it has advertised? How reliable is the background data being collected? At this point, I might as well go back to using the timer and maps apps built in to iOS, since I'm already using them to figure out what strava did wrong in the first place..Version: 160.0.0

Good but missing useful compatibilityCan’t use Apple Watch heart rate for recording while also using a Bluetooth cadence sensor connected to a phone cause they changed the way the app works and broke the functionality. Still good for the other stuff so I have to find another app that imports to Strava.Version: 75.0.1

Bluetooth heart rate.Strava provided an exellent way to record heart rate via bluetooth. In effect 100 times better than my simultaneous recordings with a Polar V650 computer. In addition the GPS recordings via the Strava app never fail, but the V650 fail in 30 % of rides. With your removal of bluetooth recording to the Strava app you have seriously degraded the quality of Strava. I have to consider the value of my premium membership. If bluetooth recording causes a problem with “millions of other users” you should have have fixed these problems in stead of embarking on an advertising campaign for Polar, a company that cannot provide reliable heart recording . Polar has failed me with the V650, the CS600x and the s720i..Version: 122.0.0

Charged unknowingly, bad customer serviceGiven this is a COVID era, I was quarantined and encouraged my my friends to get the app. It was good and all but I used it 4-5 times in two months. If I were a triathlete, I’d probably have gotten more use. The problem is I am an unemployed student and need every penny to make it right now. My credit card showed up with 2 declined payments one night and as soon as I made some money from selling art I was charged $60 for “summit”. My account still is listed as free, I did NOT ask for Summit (or was unaware) and their customer service is completely dehumanized to try to answer your questions with links. There’s no number, only tickets that are listed as “solved” when no one did anything. I seriously need to get reimbursed, like this is a financially unfortunate situation where $60 is all I have, and Strava all of a sudden is a name that fills me with anger because it feels like $60 was stolen from my wallet when that’s all I had. I wish they would be more prompt with customer service and more up front with cost if $60 is really what it costs. But even then - my account says “free.” Strava, PLEASE get back to me and give me a refund..Version: 149.0.0

WARNING: Now hacked for Sex TraffickingSex traffickers have sent me messages via Find friends on Strava and my personal email which I thought was hidden. Your servers/site is not secure..Version: 128.0.0

Completely disappointed.I can’t believe they have ruined what was formerly the best app for cycling and running by making the basic features subscription based..Version: 150.0.1

Map My Run is betterI’ve been using my Polar HR monitor and Garmin HR monitor for running and cycling respectively. While the Garmin usually syncs up within a few minutes of finishing the ride, every time without fail since 2017 I’ve had to manually reconnect my Bluetooth as it doesn’t want to connect. If I were to not go back and connect the second Bluetooth device (it shows up as two for some reason and just bc one is connected doesn’t mean the other is), my ride would never make it to strava. My Polar is even worse with Strava. Not only do I get the aforementioned problems (admittedly not as frequently), this particular bug is the worst for me. Sometimes the Polar workouts just straight up never upload to strava no matter what device I use to export the activity. Why is Strava not trying to improve this issue that’s been ongoing for over a year? They go to the effort to analyzing data and incorporating some graphs but what about the user experience? I now use one of the two competing apps and both HR monitors work fine..Version: 45.0.0

Utterly uselessHave been using strava for a long time now and I’ve finally had enough. Cycling activities using watch app are completely broken recently. For the last two weeks they have been losing km and time. My commute to work is a bit under 20km and takes about 35-40 minutes but they are being reported as anything from 0.9km for 9 min up to 9.9km for 20 min. Sometimes it seems to not work at all and other times like today I stopped it and saw it at 39min and correct distance. Then suddenly by the time it sync’d to my phone it dropped to 9.9km and 20min (on both watch and phone). Only thing to do is export or my activities and go to a competitor. Strangely enough the map is correct as far as showing/plotting route..Version: 37.0.0

Strava removing free featuresI’ve used strava for over 5 years and recommended it to plenty of friends but today they crossed the line. Removing segment leaderboards from free users is not the way forward. Time to move on..Version: 150.0.0

£7 per month to useI have used Strava for a year and a half for running, walking/ hiking, cycling, boxing (cardio) and swimming activists and it is a truly exceptional and useful app for recording, comparing and competing with your activities. During this time I have found no issue with it at all and I have really enjoyed using it. However recently the app has been updated so that you now have to pay £7 per month to use all the features you could use for free before (except the most basic ones). I don’t blame the creators for asking for some money but £7 is quite a lot for an activity app. I could understand a few pounds or even £5 but it can be quite off putting for people without high paying jobs that just want to enjoy exercise with their friends. The paid for features they are highlighting most are the route finder and the segment finder but I don’t even use these features I just miss seeing all of my working out efforts concisely in one place and it makes me sad that Strava are now asking me to pay £7 a month I don’t have for that. I hope they work on this issue, I’d be more willing to pay a smaller amount for a feature I’m actually going to use but currently it feels like the creators have ruined one of my favourites apps with expensive paywalls:.Version: 150.0.1

Undo kudosCan't remove kudos.Version: 101.0.1

Strava is losing touch with their usersHaving been away from regular Strava for a few years, I am only just coming to terms with the deterioration of Strava as an engaging & social athletic data tracker. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve read feedback asking Strava to stop trying to be another algorithm driven, forced feed Facebook (which feels as though it is also falling out of favour) and focus on user driven practical features. It doesn’t take much of a scroll through app feedback hear to compile a list of frustrated repeat requests. Give the user the option to choose to opt out of what you’ve thrust in their faces Strava. Focus on developing and improving practical features. Spreading your focus dilutes your identity and is turning the app into ‘many features but master of none.’ Like many others I’ve started looking for my new old Strava!.Version: 87.0.0

Not Greatest App anymore and your timing stinks!Strava was the best tracking app for the past 5-6 year until someone decide that it was a good idea to take all the functions away for the loyal “not premium users”, this is Lame. On top of this you removed all subscriptions tiers??? I guess my thought is if you intended to make the best app ever with all the free options, only to make this subscription only after 6 years, why not just start the app as pay subscription. Oh I know because you would have never grown to millions of users! You thought a better strategy was millions of users world wide love your so much that when you decide its time to collect for your app the users will be so hooked they will be leveraged into paying to keep there same level of enjoyment with their friends, good call. Anyway as stated above just really disappointed with the strategy and execution, especially now when we can’t ride with our friends but we could at least share the joy of a ride. Hope you right the wrong!.Version: 153.0.0

Going down hillFrom a running point of view downhill is great. But this app appears to be doing it too. Summit ain’t all that, there’s three options and they’re designed, it seems, to give a cheaper option choice but there’s stuff I want from all three as each individual choice leaves out a section of relevant data you would normally think would be kept with what’s in another option choice and the price has been hiked like petrol ⛽️ ..... additionally the Apple Watch app let me down big style this morning (promoting this review to be fair) not syncing and I had to lose a great run. Had to manually upload. So basically I’ll be getting a new Garmin and not renewing my Summit membership. Disappointed and I’m a big user of the platform. Might just stick to Garmin Connect. My advice to Strava is to be careful not to alienate your fan base..Version: 73.0.0

Used to be greatI used this app for years. It was great for tracking my rides and comparing times with friends. Moving the leaderboards and “following” boards to premium was a stupid mistake. Will now uninstall.Version: 150.0.1

Very InaccurateAlways adds or takes about 30m for every km. Just ran a 6km indoor and it marked it as a 4km. Apple’s native exercise app is way better — going back to it right away..Version: 100.0.0

Removing features is not progress.Reading the recent update post about Strava removing direct Bluetooth connectivity has forced me to put my comments here, as they conveniently disabled comments on that update post on their website. So here so I am. I have NEVER experienced a crashed connecting my Wahoo Bluetooth heart rate and cadence sensor on two generations of iPhones since getting the sensors. I’ve never actually lost a ride or the app didn’t record a ride fully. Perhaps Strava should actually look into the issue deeper instead of taking the easy route of just entirely removing the feature completely. Maybe leave the Bluetooth connectivity in but show a warning sign that connecting Bluetooth devices could cause the app to crash for some users? Those users can use something else instead if they experience those crashes. Cutting out a feature and recommending ANOTHER device as one of the alternatives, the cheapest being £250!! and then offering a measly 15% off is not a good deal. Using a SECOND app to do a job Strava could do in the first place is backwards, if you could do it all in one app why wouldn’t you?! What are you going to cut out next? Custom routes? Here’s me hoping they would add turn by turn navigation but now I’m genuinely doubtful. I’m contemplating if I should keep my Summit subscription going or not. I’ll have to do a few test rides using a second app to record my heart rate and cadence to see how well it all syncs up. Bad move Strava 🙄.Version: 119.0.0

Needs better watch options for sports other than cycling and running.4 stars for the phone app - has tracking for many activities. 2 stars for the watch app - should mirror tracking options of the main app. It is frustrating that the watch app does not offer the same tracking options as the phone app. The watch has options for bike rides, runs, & hikes, but pretty much every other activity is excluded from the watch app. Everything else is generically lumped into the “workout” option, which has no way to track speed or distance. This means that if you want to track anything other than heart rate and workout time for an activity that isn’t a run or bike ride using your watch, you will have to bring your phone to do so. 😕 This is disappointing since this is one of the few apps that will track roller (inline) skating. Also, there should be some way to integrate the heart rate features from the watch into the phone app, which apparently only works with third party heart monitors..Version: 186.0.0

No longer a KOM/QOM appWhat used to be a fun and free app to track your progress is no more. Basic and social features that made it great now requires a subscription. I’ve lost trust in this app and can not recommend it anymore..Version: 150.0.1

So, so for SUPI wanted an app that can track my activity when I go stand up paddling. I tried a few that claimed to be specifically for SUP, but they were all mediocre. Strava is pricey but it seemed to have the best features. And it lets me choose SUP as activity. However, considering the price of the subscription I had expected a product better integrated with Apple Watch and with less idiosyncrasies. - My runs often ‘skip’ large sections. Strangely, this reduces the recorded distance but increases the recorded speed. - Activities/exercises on the phone do not count against the rings on the watch (I have a fitness app that does this, so I know it’s possible) - The watch app does NOT have SUP as activity. Why, oh, why not? Why would the list on the watch have fewer than the phone? If the list needs to be short on the watch, then at least make one of them customizable to my activity of choice. - When I use the watch and record it as ‘outdoor run’ it counts against the ‘activity’ ring, not against the ‘exercise’ ring. Makes no sense. - When I record my run both on the watch and phone simultaneously, the times and distance are considerably different. - The way a ‘run’ is recorded is different depending on the sport. Why can’t I customize it? - Updating activities or the training logs on the phone is suuuper sloowww. Sometimes the training log is days behind. I guess one-eye is king in the land of the blind..Version: 170.0.0

Glitchy & little Apple Watch integrationFor the past 6 months, it’s been very glitchy. I can rarely open the app, let alone record runs. Plus, the fact that you can’t record on your phone while recording heart rate from Apple Watch, or view stats on your watch makes it almost useless..Version: 101.0.1

Retrait de nombreuses fonctions gratuites essentiellesLa dernière mise à jour avec le retrait de nombreuses fonctions essentielles gratuites a rendu l’intérêt de l’application très faible. Dommage..Version: 150.0.1

Needs workI tried Strava a few years ago and didn’t love it. I’ve used several running apps over the years. The one I have used consistently over the last 4 years has been Runkeeper. I have a few friends on Strava and I thought I’d try it again because I like the social aspect of sharing with friends. Strava has a lot of nice data and it seems that their paid service revolves more around training plans rather than focused on just giving you more data. This makes sense to me. I really want to like this app! I use an Apple Watch but also carry my phone. The watch app starts up pretty fast so that’s a plus. My main issues with Strava is that I have to go to the website in order to add my shoes so I can track the mileage. This seems silly. I can’t find a reason for it. I don’t want extra steps to get the app set up I also have a big issue with the app not showing me two decimal places for mileage. This is beyond silly. It’s just dumb. Runner like stats. We don’t want to have to log on to the website to get info that should be available on the app. Isn’t the entire point of an application to be self contained? The app is good but be aware that setup will take you 10 extra minutes and that viewing stats will be something that you will have to set aside time to do AFTER your run..Version: 48.0.0

Too many notifications.There’s surely a limit to how often you kudos the same peeps. I’m over notifications that bobs just completed his commuter ride, give him kudos, again. If bobs feeds are bugging my inbox no doubt mine are bugging his. You can disable all notifications except this rather needless one. Strava I’m out..Version: 39.0.0

Optimize the map tracker. Love the app.Optimize the map tracker. Love the app..Version: 172.0.0

Slightly disappointedI’m not sure why but Strava misses out chunks of some of the rides I do. I can ride with someone who is also recording and get very different results. Missed out a quarter of my ride altogether this morning! I’ve reported this twice via the app but had no response. Not sure I’d re subscribe next year..Version: 192.0.0

No FlybysDisappointed Flybys are no longer available, Upgraded to premium only to find this feature gone..Version: 181.0.3

Subscription onlyApp is useless without a paid subscription.Version: 150.0.1

Removed FeaturesReally disappointed to see the features that were removed. Trying to get more people to subscribe to summit is a low blow.Version: 150.0.1

Constantly CrashingI started using this app 2 weeks ago. Was fine initially, I liked the variety of activities you could track. However the last 3 days every time I go to open the app it just says “Strava” and then immediately crashes. Ample storage on my phone, I’ve deleted and reinstalled it several times, turned my phone off and then on. Nothing makes a difference. It’s a shame, as I was starting to enjoy the app. It’s been very unreliable. Also it constantly tries to sign you up to a subscription which is irritating. Would not recommend this app if you’re serious about fitness..Version: 149.0.0

Latest iwatch 3 updatePrevious version worked well for running if auto-pause was disabled because the watch would pause if you looked at the screen while running. I thought that was fixed with latest update because the timer keeps going. I tried to run four miles two different days and I begin looking at my screen a lot at 3.8. The timer kept going but the distance was stuck on 3.8. I finally stopped looking at the screen at hit 4.0 eventually. This has happened last two runs and kills my average speed and try distance. I’m pretty sure the app stops counting miles when the screen is active. I don’t know if this is related to auto-pause or not. I’ve turned auto pause off and don’t look at the screen anymore. The app is definitely buggy. Strava creates a great social network that is the standard for cycling, but stick with Your Garmin and then upload. Not sure why it’s taking this long to build a stable watch app. I never had problems with the phone app..Version: 37.0.0

1 major problemThe app is good the info is great but the major issue is you can’t set Pre programmed distance or time or both which is a huge problem on the watch as it’s almost impossible to stop your run and get accurate times as the Apple Watch face doesn’t work when wet ie any sweat on your finger. This would and could be an easy fix the best way is set a distance and the app will stop automatically or utilise the button on the side of the watch. Shame so many good things but very annoying when you break a 10km distance time buy 10sec and you can’t stop the watch..Version: 45.0.0

Weekly Total MissingJust updated the app and my weekly total no longer shows on my profile page. Why change things that don’t need to be. In addition to that why can’t I choose who I want to share my activities with. Some activities I don’t want to share with all followers but only those who I ran with or a select few. A bit like Facebook sharing of posts you can choose who can see certain posts. Maybe you could develop this functionality.Version: 163.0.0

Took my moneyA reminder to users would have been appreciated to give them a chance as to whether to continue with the app after having signed up for a trial..Version: 152.0.0

Trying to love you Strava...Wanted to find an alternative app for tracking my running miles (and the occasional bike ride) and decided to give strava a try. When I first downloaded the app, I still had access to leaderboards and all that jazz, but since then Strava has thrown the subscription model at its users like so many others. ($60 a year is pretty wild if you ask me). Although I was bummed, I still enjoyed the challenges and still preferred the overall interface over Nike’s. However, over the past few months I feel like I’ve been seeing an uptick in the amount of runs that don’t get tracked properly. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to finish a long run, only to get back and look at Strava saying I’ve only run 2.8 miles. Like what?? Sometimes the app won’t even track my movement at all during a run and I’ll find myself on the sidewalk messing with my phone trying to close out of the app to reset it, and at times that doesn’t even fix the issue. I would rather not go back to using Nike’s app (for reasons I won’t go into), but at least their gps tracking system is solid. Strava if you see this, please address this issue. (Currently on iPhone X).Version: 162.0.0

Decent rowing tracking missingApple Watch and apple app desperately needs indoor and outdoor rowing improvements. Rowers run and bike a great deal for fitness but would love to see some effort towards rowing. I use a work around: record an outdoor row as a run on Apple Watch then manually change to row in the app. Would it be great to have stroke rate and speed per 500m whilst on the water. It’s entirely possible!!.Version: 76.0.0

Corporate greed...This app was great until they removed all the free features and made it part of their summit package. I can’t believe I have to pay to look up my previous segment times... Might as well stop using Strava all together and use Garmin connect..Version: 150.0.1

Beware subscriptionI downloaded this not realising a subscription would kick in. It was not what I was hoping for so I removed it straight away. Have just noticed I've been charged a monthly fee. No warnings of upcoming payments, so I'm out of pocket now. And why is it so hard to figure out how to remove these things?.Version: 21.0.0

GPS issues it should be 5Normally I would rate this app as 5 stars, unfortunately for the last 10 runs or so the GPS has been terrible, never had an issue before. now it’s so frustrating when I complete my run and there has been no valid GPS. Now of course I have completed reinstalls I have disconnected /reconnected GPS and Wi-Fi but still no joy. I have had to resort to trying to find another app that will work. Very disappointed that I can no longer get Strava to work on my phone. I love this app and it has helped me to achieve and reach goals I have wanted to achieve. One if not the best fitness apps out there, it’s going to be very difficult to find another app. Until I can buy a GPS watch that I can connect to my account for now I have to find an alternative method of tracking my runs. Please don’t let this discourage you from downloading it truly is an amazing app..Version: 88.0.1

Taken lessons from drug dealers?Strava is a great app and I have used for several years enjoying the free features. I tried the premium but didn’t get the value. Strava has got us all hooked on the free version and now has taken away all the cool features unless you subscribe for $10 per month. Fortunately I can kick the strava habit and will switch to another app. It’s not that is don’t slike strava but management has taken the wrong approach - charge premium for premium features not lure people in then remove them. I am now using the Suunto app which is just as good and is free. Only syncs with suunto watches though.Version: 150.0.2

No Sensor connect ruined a good appStrava is a pretty good app but it really took a huge step backwards by eliminating Bluetooth sensor connections. You used to be able to connect a heart rate sensor or any other sensor directly through Strava and the data would feed into your activity (after paying for Premium). This is no longer possible. Now you have to use another app to record sensor data (I use Wahoo) and then upload it to Strava. One catch is if you want to send a tracking Beacon (after paying Premium) you have have Strava and Wahoo open. Why do I have to use two apps to accomplish what one app used to do? When I finish a ride I have to upload my Wahoo ride to Strava and then delete my Strava ride (or else it will double count your activity) then I have to edit the Wahoo ride. Now I have multiple more steps just to record a ride. So this basically ruined a good app. Strava please fix this and stop taking things away and saying the app is better!.Version: 122.0.0

Useless appBefore I start I want to say I’m not a grumpy old man, this is my first app review. This app is so average, finished my run, stopped the run and looked at the overview. Then jumped in the car to drive home and noticed the app started my run again (by its self) and thought I was running at 100km/h. Ruined all my times and stats which is the only reason to use an app like this. This is also the 3rd time the app has thought I was running at speeds above 80km/h.... Nike app here I come (apparently it pauses your run even when you stop at a pedestrian crossing so looking forward to using an app that has a slight brain).Version: 66.0.1

Heard the app was great but...I am newer to running and kept hearing about this app and decided to download it. I uploaded all my workouts for the last month and then went into my dashboard excited to get started using the other features. I saw that every one of my workouts included a highlighted map of my route and where I’d been. I attempted to hide this only to find out through researching it that there is no way to do so completely. I can hide it from my dashboard by selecting “treadmill” but it still shows up in other areas of my profile. I am not the first person to be concerned with this feature. There are concerns stated in the help section with a response from Strava that this issue would be addressed in 2018! Obviously this issue has not been resolved. It is a major safety concern when people you do not know on a social media app can see exactly what routes you use to workout every day. I could set my activity to private but that kind of defeats the purpose for me to connect with others. Unfortunately because of this I cannot use this app until it is resolved. I hope they actually address this soon like they stated they would two years ago because I would love to use this app to connect with others and log my workouts..Version: 149.0.0

Latest release is a downgrade beyond comprehensionWell you have basically killed Strava for a huge group of users by requiring premium membership to use basic features that have been free for years. Perhaps some people will still pay, but I doubt it will compensate for the loss of reputation..Version: 152.0.0

Functionality straight off a cliffVery rarely do apps depreciate in value so quickly. I have used Strava since 2016 and it really helped to motivate me and challenge myself. I was less concerned with other athletes and comparisons to them, I just wanted to look at my own progress. I don’t have a HR monitor or power meter nor am I part of a cycling club. So it was pointless to get premium to use those features. I was more than happy with the basic features. These basic segment features have now been pushed behind the premium pay wall. This was the only feature that I used and it is not worth the subscription to only use 5% of the apps “premium” features..Version: 150.0.2

LeaderboardsThey just changed the app to see leaderboards you have to pay $70. Just ruined the app in my opinion..Version: 150.0.1

Stopped WorkingThe app worked fine for a few days and now rather ironically after an email from Strava crowing about how many improvements they had made already in 2020 it won’t open on my iPhone. Not the kind of “improvement “ that is useful..Version: 149.0.0

Why should I report an issue with Strava: Run, Ride, Swim?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Strava: Run, Ride, Swim to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Strava: Run, Ride, Swim customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Strava: Run, Ride, Swim.

Is Strava: Run, Ride, Swim not working?

Strava: Run, Ride, Swim works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Strava: Run, Ride, Swim.

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