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Birthday Reminder Pro+ for Positive User Reviews

Birthday appGreat app to remember everyone's birthday. My reminder isn't working at the moment but might delete then reinstall it. Very happy with it.Version: 1.6

BirthdaysExcellent app- really helps me to keep track. Format simple, just enough reminders and a timeline giving you some notice for upcoming bdays, e.g in 8 days time.Version: 1.6

Birthdays appHas worked perfectly for years. People like you better when you remember their birthdays..Version: 3.4

ReportThis is a great app, and keeps me on top of the birthday and anniversary situation. this app has saved me getting in all sorts of trouble. I give it 5 stars..Version: 1.8

It works GREAT!Nice to have the persons actual birth date in it, if known, so you know at a glance how old the person. I also use it for wedding anniversaries by just writing the word anniversary along with both names..Version: 3.4

Birthday AppI’m liking this birthday app. I would give it five starts if it would give me an ‘audible’ notification when the birthdays come up..Version: 3.4

GreatThis is such a useful app. I’ve been using it for years and I love it..Version: 3.4

MrsLove it reminds me about every friend and relatives birthday. Can't get into anymore trouble..Version: 1.6

Will not allow editing/deletingWill not allow me to delete dates - when app is relaunched all deleted data reappears. Hv had no notifications as yet either. May be a problem on 3GS phone with iOS5 update..Version: 1.4

BirthdaysBrilliant for reminding before & on day. Useful when buying cards I can see at a glance cards I need. Only thing is I don't always have birth year so put in age & year at side of name if I know it. Many thanks..Version: 1.6

Does what it say on the tinGreat app. Annoying when trying to manually enter a birthday won't initially let you put the year on you have to scroll to find the entry then edit it to add the year. Fantastic interface with Facebook..Version: 1.9

Love this AppI really love my birthdays reminder app! Without it, I couldn’t keep track of ALL the birthdays and wouldn’t be notified of them. For some reason though, it has been notifying me multiple times on the same day. Hoping the developer can help me there because the birthday person is only listed once. Still love the app!.Version: 3.4

TYIt is good because you can see how many days!!.Version: 3.4

Simple and does its jobI needed a birthday tracker. It imports birthdays from my contact list. It is very basic. It is easy to use. I can think of 101 bells and whistles to add. But it’s actually the simplicity that makes this so functional..Version: 3.4

Perfect AssistantLove that it gives you a heads up for all your birthdays a week before..Version: 3.4

Very simple and good!Like this app, it's exactly what u need if u just can't be bothered to write all your friends' birthdays in the calendar, it will synch wiry fb and you will be happy!.Version: 1.6

ShejbGood app, but would like to see it sync with iPad. Also agree that a delete or choice of which contact or edit contact would improve it greatly..Version: 1.6

Truly the Best Birthday App out there!People keep telling me I have an amazing memory because I can remember their birthdays but it’s our little secret right. I have been using this app for years and I am so happy it’s around. Truly the best one out there! Thanks a million..Version: 3.4

Birthday AppGreat app, i never forget a friends birthday anymore..Version: 1.4

BirthdaySimple app! Great reminder! Wish there was a spot for anniversaries.Version: 1.6

Love it!I love this app! Easy to use and it lets you know days ahead that a Birthday (for whoever you have entered) is coming up and on what day!!😊. Get this app!!.Version: 3.4

Landscape modeWould it be possible to add landscape mode? I went to add 50+ birthdays on my iPad and found that it doesn’t support landscape mode so I can’t use a Smart Keyboard. Have to add them all with the soft keyboard which is a lot slower..Version: 3.4

Reminder calendarI love this app, helps me to Remember all my Family and friends birthdays and especially my anniversary..Version: 3.4

Very pleased does what it says great App thank youI would recommend it keeps you informed when Birthday’s are due..Version: 3.4

Excellent app EXCEPT... It doesn't update days left til birthdayWould have given it 5 stars except for the fact that a re-spring is needed to sync birthday dates. ie, it will show a birthday due in 1 day when it's actually today. You should NOT have to constantly re-spring your device just so your birthday list shows the ACTUAL days left til the birthday! Come on guys, get this problem fixed!!.Version: 1.3

SuperImported all my Facebook birthdays and allows me to add new birthdays no problem. Only quirk is if you change from No Year to choosing a year you have to scroll from 1820's through to your year choice. Otherwise scores 4/5.Version: 1.4

Love it!!!Awesome.Version: 1.8

BirthdaysExcellent.Version: 3.5.1

Convenient!This app is a great way to remember birthdays when you have a big family. The most recent coming up goes to the top of the list. When asked how old my grandkids are when you have 15, I sometimes loose track, but this app gives me the answer in one click!.Version: 3.4

Birthday proWith so many birthdays to remember, it has proven to be very handy.Version: 1.4

BirthdaysThis app is a life saver specially when your known for forgetting birthdays i couldn't live without it. The reminder the day before and on the day is great I haven't forgotten a birthday since purchasing this app..Version: 1.4

Love this app!Love this app! Super convenient just importing birthdays from my phones contacts. And just learned today that I can export all of the birthdays easily onto an Excel CSV file and email to myself. This app has helped me remember many birthdays which has helped my relationships. Can’t say enough good things about this app..Version: 3.5.14

FinallyFirst birthday reminder that actually works and sends push notifications. Tried a handful of those and they simply won't send push notifications..Version: 1.2

Never miss another birthdayGreat app, simple and cheap. The option to have more than two reminders would make it even better..Version: 1.6

Great!Love this App, after trying several reminder apps this does what I want. I can see my list of birthdays at a glance, the push notification works! and it's easy to use. I would like to add thumbnails to the names but otherwise a brilliant app..Version: 3.0

ReviewsI find Birthday reminder is invaluable, don't know how I lived without it..Version: 1.6

Excellent birthday appI have been using this app for over 4 years and have found it to be very reliable, accurate and intuitive. Would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a birthdays reminder..Version: 3.4

Great appI love the three day reminders that a birthday it coming up Makes sure I don’t miss any birthday on my list.Version: 3.4

Outstanding AppThe very best app to never forget someone’s birthday. Because of your outstanding app I never miss anyone’s birthdays.Version: 3.4

Events diaryThis is a life saver rely on this every day.... love it..Version: 3.4

Love the organizationGreat app to keep track of family and friends birthdays :).Version: 3.4

Very handy toolI haven't missed a birthday since I got this app. Great idea and easy to use..Version: 1.6

Birthday remembererAwesome app. But wish all the birthdays I put into my iPhone version of the app had shown up on my iPad version too. It didn't sync unfortunately..Version: 1.4

Birthday appI find this to be a great app. It lets me remember special occasions which I would easily forget without it. A must have for people with busy schedules and a tendency to forget some of those special occasions..Version: 1.6

Mrs DrimmondGreat for helping me to remember people important to me especially on there birthday ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.Version: 3.4

What happen?It’s not working after update..Version: 3.2

Good app but needs a refresh buttonGood app but like someone else has said, it needs to be able to refresh. Still showing a notification well after the birthday..Version: 1.3

BrilliantReally useful app to keep in touch with family and friends *****.Version: 3.4

JLove, love, love this app. It's great that you can set it to remind you a few days before someone's bday so you can send a card and then on the day so you don't forget to send them a birthday message on the day. Brilliant! Cheap app too.Version: 1.4

Super organized!Now I can actually plan ahead for upcoming birthdays! I can see a day countdown until the birthday, which is great for my overseas relatives so I can send things off in time. Great it pulls birthday info from Facebook, plus I can manually add those not on FB. Can set the reminder day and time on the actual birthday. I love it!.Version: 1.6

Brilliant birthday appNever will miss a birthday. This app is so simple to use..Version: 3.4

Love the birthday apI've got everyone's birthday listed - & they come in date order & REMIND ME! love it!.Version: 1.3

Brilliant appBrilliant App.Version: 3.4

Great birthday reminderDoes what a birthday reminder app should do. Clean, simple interface and easy to work with..Version: 3.5.14

GreatThis works perfectly synced all my Facebook birthdays with pics too got all their ages right and easy to add new ones too!.Version: 1.1

HelpfulHelpful app.Version: 3.4

So handy!!!This app is great. All my friends think I have a memory like a steel trap!.Version: 1.8

MrI just love to keep all my family and friends birthday dates well organised and I do just that on Birthday App.Version: 3.4

Huge helpMy wife and I are terrible at remembering dates and this has really been a homerun for us..Version: 3.4

Great AppThis is a great App because it is simple and easy to see at a glance whose Birthdays are coming up. I just wanted a List of Birthdays- not reminders of everything on a calendar, and this App is perfect! Very good value..Version: 3.4

Birthday list AppI love my birthday list App, so easy to use, so convenient and date by date such a clever idea as well. Thank you..Version: 3.4

Excellent app.Very reliable reminder. I forget - this app doesn't..Version: 1.4

ReviewThere needs to be reminders set up that actually remind you of the birthdays and does not let you forget them!.Version: 3.4

Good oneI like having the birthdays all in one place - makes sure I don't forget to one..Version: 1.4

Birthdays is a very useful app to track BirthdaysBirthdays is a very useful app to track and remind you of Birthdays, Anniversaries, and other important events. Fully integrated with the iOS Address App to get and maintain Birthdates. Birthdays is one of my favorite apps that I use daily!.Version: 3.4

Life saverMakes everything so organised. Love this app..Version: 1.6

Simple and effectiveUseful app for listing birthdays. Easy to use and enter information..Version: 3.4

FamilyThe only way to know at what age they all are now..Version: 3.4

Does the jobVery basic app but serves its purpose an reminds of birthdays and ages.Version: 1.6

BirthdaysLove it. Easy to use which is a bonus for me and now I don't forget a birthday..Version: 1.6

Great appThis app is excellent. A way to make it better would be able to put pictures of the people so you can not only see there birthday but also see there face. Still giving it 5 stars tho..Version: 1.3

Best Birthday App.Great little app that doesn’t run your battery flat. It’s simple and displays in an easy format with the essential reminders..Version: 3.4

Hillsy of BrisvegasFor years I have called some 150 friends and relatives on their respective Birthdays. This fantastically reliable app has removed the remembering,'stubby pencil' pressure off me. My friends continue to be amazed at my 'recall'!!.Version: 1.6

Birthday App is awesomeMakes it easy to shop for cards and not miss someone coming up soon. Great reminder too..Version: 3.4

Birthday reminderSuch a handy app to have.Version: 3.4

Photo’sI can’t put photo’s next to my birthday Reminders..Version: 3.4

Good app, does exactly what it saysThis is my 3rd birthday reminder app and the one I now use, two other app deleted. It does what it says on the tin. I like you can clear all birthdays in the app and reimport from Facebook (useful if your list of friends change).Version: 1.6

BirthdaysWouldnt be without it 👍.Version: 3.4

AlertsThis app does not have a musical alert to advise you of the birthday coming up or that’s already here. I have it on my second screen so I don’t know if it’s coming up until i actually switch screens. It has an alert but it doesn’t have a repeated alert..Version: 3.4

GreatGreat little app...please update so it allows to add photos....then it will definitely deserve 5stars.Version: 3.4

Really good but no calendar syncThis is a really good and simple app but it would be even better if it sync'd with the built in calendar on your iPad/iPhone. That way you can see much easier again your other daily/monthly plans & events. I know you can now add your Facebook birthdays onto your calendar but I don't want everyone's on there. Just my close friends/family etc..Version: 1.8

Birthday’sNever fails great app.Version: 3.4

Birthday app.One of the best apps I have had. I have not forgotten a Birthday since having this app. Thank you..Version: 3.4

IdealEasy to use except when u want to edit a date u have to start over rather than editing whats there. Annoying if u only wanted to change eg the year as it resets month and day, tricky if u didnt keep a record of them. Otherwise great.Version: 1.6

Great!I have been using this for at least 5 years. It is super easy to use, does exactly what it is suppose to, has been bug free since concept. I love it, have had no problems. You can search by name (first or last). Has option to enter birth year or leave it blank. Notifies me 3 days in advance..Version: 3.2

Awesome app!Excellent app, wish it could also do anniversaries, etc as well.Version: 1.6

Great appIf it was’nt for this app i would have upset so many people by forgetting birthdays. Before this i was quite often embarrassed or panic buying on the day, now i seem really thoughtful lol. Perfect !.Version: 3.4

Love the app but would love it more if...I want to edit the picture and for years have not figured out how. What do I do to get a pic of the birthday person on their birthday page?.Version: 3.4

Perfect app for those that forget important datesCan not fault this app at all. Defo worth the money!.Version: 3.4

BirthdaysI can always wish my friends a Happy Birthday.Version: 1.4

Birthday ProLove it! Really helpful. It's great that it syncs contacts as well as FB. The reminders are timely and I like that they pop up on the screen. A great app..Version: 1.9

Awesome appThis is a great app for me to keep track of all the Birthdays. It syncs with my contacts too. Definitely recommended..Version: 3.4

Excellent but can be improvedExcellent. Simple, effective and looks great on iPhone. However iPad version should not just be a magnification of iPhone image and should look a lot better on this medium. That is only reason I have not given 5 stars..Version: 1.6

This is an awesome appBirthday reminder is a good way to remind me of upcoming birthdays..Version: 1.6

Not WorkingThe app has stopped working and I can't scroll or actually do anything. I have to now look for a compatible app. Waste of money..Version: 3.0

Lovely appEasy to check when birthdays are due and how old people will be..Version: 3.4

Perfect reminderThis app has helped me remember every birthday. I love the 3 day notice I get first because it gives me time to get a gift.Version: 3.4

Love it!!!This app is great, now I never forget a birthday. I love the reminder days in advance so I can get a card in the post & never be late for someone's special day again!.Version: 1.3

I love it!I’m truly enjoying it! I wish there was a place to add an address & better gift choices..Version: 3.4

Excellent ResourceI never have to worry about remembering my friends and family members’ birthday. Love it!.Version: 3.4

ReviewI love this app and almost rely on it regularly, has got me out of strife a few times too..Version: 1.6

Disappointed 😡😡😡😡This was a great app originally; now it just doesn't work 😡 at all! I can only open and shut. Can't add-edit-scroll. Nothing😡 Please fix it😳😳.Version: 3.0

BirthdaysBrilliant app. Reminder for 7 days in advance and on the day. A useful app..Version: 3.4

BirthdayMy family and friends think I don’t forget anything. It makes them very happy that I remember their birthdays. It would be great to have boxes next to names with the year and be able to mark the boxes for that year as a reminder that you sent them a happy birthday..Version: 3.4

I love this appThis is a great app, I will never be in trouble for missing a birthday again!.Version: 1.6

Great appGreat and easy to use. I like that you can manually add people and still use contacts from your phone. I only have it a 4 Star because there isn’t an anniversary reminder but I found a way around it by creating a manual contact that starts with “anniversary,” plus the names of people..Version: 3.4

GoodGreat way to keep track of birthdays. Would be better of it allowed you to link contacts from your phone and Facebook, instead of having duplicates.Version: 1.3

Bettie ArnoldI have been using this app for years and thought that it used to be able to have the persons picture put on it but now I can’t find out how to do that.Version: 3.5.7

Birthday wonder gone badI did love it but now it keeps crashing & I can't access any of the birthdays to make changes - again, just crashes. Please, please fix..Version: 1.8

Great AppNever forget an occasion again. It reminds you three days in advance as well as the day of. Very convenient..Version: 3.4

:)Great.Version: 1.9

Money well spentDoes what it says it will do. Keeps them all in chronological order. Helps me remember who's b'days are coming up next!!.Version: 1.6

Simple & effectiveImported fb birthdays fine, easy to add new dates for people not on fb. Push notifications excellent. Would have liked an 'anniversary' category as as birthdays & that's why I haven't given 5 stars but I managed by putting anniversary as the surname!! ;o).Version: 1.3

AngelaFantastic love this app.Version: 3.4

FinallyI am grateful for an app that helps me track grandchildren’s baptism dates to encourage their spiritual lives. I finally have an app that keeps me on track!.Version: 3.4

Some excellent featuresReally easy to use and the reminders are great so you don't miss any thing you set up. Note I put in anniversaries etc as well..Version: 1.6

Bday calendarBest way to remember b~days!.Version: 1.3

BumI love it because if u forget someone's b'day you will remember. thanks a lot !!!!👍👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.Version: 1.4

Brilliant!!Nice neat little app, does just what you want with no extra clutter! Two reminders per birthday is genius, one to buy a card / present and one to call or text. Manual birthday entry is excellent too..Version: 1.6

TodayCould you make todays birthday a contrasting colour so it stands out please? Kate.Version: 3.4

Working ok for my needsFor what I needed, it is working okay over the past years. I did pay for the no ads version which was well worth it to me. Yes, an update would be good to ensure it keeps working with new iOS versions (and fix bugs others are having to deal with). Does what I wanted which was a scrolling listing of b-days, the ability to manually add dates beyond using Contacts, have two notifications for each b-day/anniversary, iCloud sync across iDevices (occasionally I have dups that I have to manually deal with). I have about 50 dates I'm tracking..Version: 3.0

Search BarLove the app and I use it everyday! The only thing I would like to see on this app is that it would have a 'search bar' so you don't have to go through everyone to find the person you want..Version: 1.8

HorribleI have so many birthdays and anniversaries in this app, now the scroll does not move. I can't do anything with it and now, it is frozen and do not have a list of dates. I am so disappointed. Don't get it....Version: 3.0

Tried manyI have downloaded and deleted many birthday apps. This one is really great and love that it syncs between my phone and iPad. Wish it brought in anniversaries ... maybe it does? On recent birthdays (like the day before), I wish it would still show the age because if you miss one, you have to drill down on that item to see the birth year to calculate the age. Highly recommend this app..Version: 3.4

WowI link this is a really good way to remember birthday.Version: 1.4

Great HelpMy family is growing, I have to remember the birthdays of one sister, three younger brothers. One daughter, four grandchildren and three great grandsons. Not to mention old friends, colleagues and business acquaintances just off the top of my head. This program has prevented me from missing their birthdays..Version: 3.4

ExcellentGood for people like me who are very forgetful, I like the age minder as well, it would be nice if it did anniversaries to..Version: 1.6

Love itI will never miss another birthday. My family and friends will think I have grown a brain!.Version: 1.3

Cool AppI usually remember birthdays, but this one really keeps me on my toes. It nice to have it and to be able to add to it when needed..Version: 3.4

Great app, can't forget nowWould be perfect if could setup a default message that send automatically per every person..Version: 1.3

SuggestionsWas not able to retrieve data from app after 10 upgrade, having to rebuild my birthday list. Need eagle eyes to read the font on the entry page. No place to put notes..Version: 3.4

Great and easy to use.The Birthdays app is great and easy to use. I wouldn’t be able to remember my friends and families birthdays without it..Version: 3.4

BirthdaysI keep a record of all my family and friends birthdays. This App is clear, large names and numbers and easy to use. Perhaps on your next update ... Highlight ‘Today’s Birthdays’ a little brighter, to stand out more. Only a suggestion. I am a graphic designer. Thank you. Leigh 😃.Version: 3.4

Social LifesaverI have the worlds worst memory due to prescription painkillers and this little app is freaking awesome for anyone like me..Version: 3.4

Voice-over compatibility!!!As a blind person, it is difficult for me to remember all of our families birthdates. So when I found this app I was totally elated! The fact that is completely compatible with voiceover made it that much more enjoyable to use!.Version: 3.4

Haven't forgotten one sinceGreat program recommend it to anyone that has problems remembering birthdays. Would be great to add anniversaries as well. Love the Facebook connection. .Version: 1.3

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