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Debt Payoff Pro App User Positive Comments 2023

Debt Payoff Pro app received 48 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about debt payoff pro?

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Debt Payoff Pro for Positive User Reviews

ExcellentThis was exactly what I was looking for. Easy to use and works well. 5/5..Version: 3.5.3

Useful little app needs some final touchesIt is really handy, but no support for the newer iPhones bigger screen size yet. The dates won’t update for existing debts if you have not made payments. Loan calculator is cool but no scenario and options you have to switch from one calculator to another instead of having one that shows all the different changes..Version: 5.1

I like it generallyWish it allowed weekly payments or some other structure rather than just monthly only..Version: 5.0

Works greatI like how you can add in extra payments as a one off. It would be nice to have an interest free period on the credit cards..Version: 3.5

Great appReally like this app it's a great help. Only thing I'd like to see is an option for payments that are weekly, 2 weekly or 4 weekly as not all my debts are monthly.Version: 4.0

Really like thisSeems to work the best of the different ones Ive tried. Two issues I dont like, any changes to the regular overpayment amount you make require all payment history be erased-you have to manually re enter it all. Second, any changes to this regular overpayment amounts do the same thing and apply it to all payment dates from start to finish, so you cant make adjustments because it whacks out everything done in the past. I guess you could just start it over from where you are when you adjust without keeping your history....Version: 5.0

Fortnightly option neededPlease please please update with a fort nightly option, fantastic app but no fortnightly option so my payment dates are out of whack.Version: 4.0

Needs more optionsI would like to be able to enter a custom amount each month in case I can’t pay the original snow ball amount, like have on input of “actual payment made”. Then this would be the perfect app!!.Version: 5.1

Just what I neededThis is a great app for applying the debt snowball payoff strategy taught by Dave Ramsey. It has help me tremendously in managing my debts and getting a high level perspective of how I am doing with my goal toward debt freedom. The app supports multiple payoff strategies and allows for regular monthly payments, extra principal payments, as well as payments with an extra snowball amount. Thanks you so much for creating this amazing user friendly app..Version: 3.3

Needs updatingWhen I enter the info for my debt the dates are off. They are back dated..Version: 5.1

Love this!This helps me what is priority and how to settle my debts quickly. I was asked to rate it and I meant rate put touch the wrote button. Hence I am here to rate it..Version: 3.5.3

ExcellentExcellent little app, like it so far😍, everything I need on there, love the graphic pic, motivating, gives me a good financial picture of where Iam at, how Iam making things move..Version: 5.1

Fantastic!This app is so perfect! It shows me everything in a simple app that will help me get out of debt. By looking at this it gives me total hope and I see a light at the end of the tunnel!!! My only requests would be: to have a summary page showing how much I'm paying monthly and which bill(s) for the current month I should be paying extra on. Also, if there could be "groups" we can create. For example, have my student loans set in a different group from my credit cards. So I know my CCs will be paid off on X date and my student loans on Y date. It would also be great if it teamed up with the Balance Forecasting app! Then payments would sync and such... I <3 this app!.Version: 3.3

Nice appGood app at working out where you stand with your debt and your debt free date. I would prefer weekly payments as an option and the chance to edit the repayments. It doesn't go wonky after 9months. If you pay off one debt it automatically gets sent to the next debt which can be turned off..Version: 3.5.3

:-)Awesome features, deffo worth it, helps me track what I owe and when I owe it!.Version: 3.5.2

Bravo!This is such an awesome app. What a great way to get you excited about paying down that nasty debt. This is a simplistic app that's not ridden with unnecessary frills. Plain and simple: you input your debt, you choose a method, you see a payment table, you record your payments. I like how it allows you to add extra payments if you choose. Things that I'd like to see: iCloud support and iPhone 5 screen support. Way to go!.Version: 3.5.3

Can we get bi-Weekly payments?Hey love this app. Can we get bi-weekly payments? Some of my debts are paid biweekly and it would be nice to have that option. Keep up the great work!.Version: 3.5.1

Great to see outline of debtsWith how much potential interest you'll be paying, and a clear date of when you'll be paid off. Easy to use and edit..Version: 3.5.3

Additional reportThis app has provided me with a great road map to paying off my bills. It is fairly intuitive and was easy to set up. I would like to suggest a report that shows the bills that you have upcoming for the month and identifies (with the handy green line) which ones have already been paid. It could also be accomplished by putting the next date due as a column on the main screen. Thank you so much for this handy app and I hope that you consider my request..Version: 3.5.2

Works Great!!This is the easiest plan to work with; it’s made a huge difference in my ability to pay off my debts more quickly. I love it!.Version: 5.1

Missing One Key FeatureI make most of my payments bi-weekly. It would be nice if you could add a bi-weekly payment option instead of having just the single monthly payment option..Version: 3.3

Could be betterNice app with 2 issues - q won’t let me alter repayments downwards when situations change and my payment is set at more than the minimum anyway and needs to add in weekly and fortnightly repayments as normal everyone gets paid monthly. Also thought there would be more features with the paid version but no. Still a very useful app..Version: 5.1

Best Debt Snowball App!!!I am glad this developer provides a lite version so that you can try before you buy. I got a couple of other debt tracking apps (which did not have a trial version) prior to this one, but found they did not meet my needs. This app distinguishes itself from other with it's intuitive, clean design and accurate calculations. I've been using it for the past month and the app has been running great. It helps to organize and track all my debts in one place and provide me with the confidence to pay off all my debts. I highly recommend this app!!!.Version: 3.0

Good, could use a little workDoes what it says, I tried the trial version and liked it so I upgraded to the full version. I believe most of the previous reviews here concerns have been updated into this version such as additional principal payments which is nice. My only issue currently is that in the reports section and then overview, the pie graph labeling doesn't fully fit on the page so some of the letters are cut off, it doesn't appear this way in the screenshots below. This should be fixed and then I'd give a 5 star review..Version: 3.5.2

Great AppThis really helps to plan for debt payoff. Would be nice to be able to add a one-time extra payment and see how that effects the payoff date. I’d like to see that in the next update. Would give it 5 stars if that were an option.Version: 5.1

Useful, but missing start date field on reportsThis is one of the most important apps on my phone, and I do recommend it. Would like it better if the “Overview” and “Original Loans” reports had the start date and current date on them. A weird omission..Version: 5.1

Great App!It really helps to be able to see when I can get my debt paid off..Version: 5.0

Best of the BunchI have tried a few of the debt apps and this is by far the most stable and slickest app I have used. Faultless..Version: 3.3

Great AppI owed close to $1M before getting this app.within days nothing changed except my ability to focus on what i owed. If you've got debt issues...$.99 is the least of your issues. Do it!.Version: 3.3

Frozen AppI’ve had this app for over a year. I can’t open it all of a sudden. There is something wrong it freezes and won’t allow me to press anything. Can thus be fixed with an update. I can’t enter payments I’ve made this month..Version: 5.1

Good purchaseThe app has helped me keep on track with paying my bills off. Great app! One problem is when making changes all previous transactions are deleted. Not a deal breaker. Still lets you know when you will be out of debt if you continue on the path..Version: 5.1

Love it!I'm doing the debt snowball. You have to put in debts and your min. payment. When you put in your xtra$ in the plan screen it will give you a plan on where to place it. I'm so excited because I can visually see where my money will go and it makes a lot of sense. Also, when you make payments and found an extra $25 it gives you the option to add it to the payment. I'm basically jumping up and down! This is so worth the money!.Version: 3.3

A must have...For anyone that needs to kept track of debts. This app even works out the date you'll become debt free. Brilliant and all you have to input is the amount of debt, what you currently pay and the interest %! So easy and makes debt a lot less daunting..Version: 3.5.3

I like it, but it needs minor improvementsOnly had it a few days, but seems that it doesn't show you total minimum monthly payment, total planned monthly payment, total monthly interest you are paying... (that's a motivator)!. Great charts and generally a great app design, just needs to add a few features I'm used to having in another tracker app that is no longer available..Version: 5.1

William BrinkleyI recommend this app for all..Version: 4.0

Two things missing.Very good app overall. Two things would improve its functionality: 1. A print function. 2. A way to update the balance of revolving credit accounts after payments are made..Version: 5.1

Great app, BUT....Unfortunately, life happens and I had to “add” another debt a year later. However, I could not set the date it initiated and it deferred back to the date of the other year old debts. Would be a nice feature to be able to MODIFY your original plan..Version: 5.1

PerfectExcellent! It does everything I would expect and more. Thank you..Version: 5.1

GoodIts a great app but would make it A LOT easier if it had fortnightly payment options & if it allowed you to select the amount you pay i.e. fortnightly payment is $180 but you select to pay $200. That would help a lot to break all the payment options down..Version: 3.5.2

GreatGreat app for laying all your payments down. As stated before, would be great if there was a fortnightly option for your payments..Version: 3.5.3

Great app, instructions not clear !Ok so I have had to re-write my review as I have dis overweight the app does do what I reported it did not !! The app allows you to set a debt payment plan, allowed you to select each payment when it is made and shows a current debt, how much left to go and other stats, an essential tool for those wanting to seriously manage themselves out of debt - this does the job well although the instructions could be a little clearer.Version: 5.1

Please add the biweekly payment optionGreat Great Great app ... Two new features must be added : - biweekly payment option. - skip a payment option. Thanks.Version: 3.5.3

Love This App!This is one of the best apps that I have ran across. Puts it all right in your target zone. Done..Version: 5.1

Debt payoffGreat app. Would get 5 stars if I could backup via Dropbox. Please update it so I can do this..Version: 4.0

Very helpful appI’ve been using this app for years and I absolutely love it. It has helped me to plan my spending budget and not forget when to pay these bills. It feels great when I’m able to highlight the last payment I need to make. I love that I can run reports and that I can access the same information on both my iPhone and iPad. Keep up the great work..Version: 5.1

Bi-weeklyI love this app and use it all of the time. However if I have 1 complaint it would be that there is no bi-weekly payment option..Version: 5.1

Good app missing one feature thoughGreat app, needs the ability to add in extra payments when you can..Version: 5.1

Needs weekly payment optionGood app, but it would be beneficial to have weekly and fortnightly payment options. I'm sure I am not the only person who pays things weekly, and the monthly option causes interest calculations to be inaccurate..Version: 4.0

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