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SprintTimer - Photo Finish Negative Reviews

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SprintTimer - Photo Finish App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

SprintTimer - Photo Finish app received 21 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using SprintTimer - Photo Finish? Can you share your negative thoughts about sprinttimer - photo finish?

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SprintTimer - Photo Finish for Negative User Reviews

Not worth itVery difficult to get it to work right, which is important when you are running a race and don't have the luxury of running it again exactly the way it was previously run because the app didn't work as advertised. Picture gets blurry or doesn't capture runner..Version: 6.9

AwfulIt screwed up every time I tried recording myself doing a 10 yard sprint..Version: 14.2

AwfulPaid $5 just to have everything locked by another subscription. Video feature doesn’t even work properly since I can’t trim videos of myself this app is useless.Version: 18.0

Doesn’t work with Apple WatchI tried to connect with my Apple Watch using the sprint timer then going to priv cloud, but it just says error. Furthermore, if I try to start it on my Apple Watch it just starts for no time, ends the recording and loads the recording until I close the app..Version: 17.9

DéçuVraiment trop compliqué pour rien.Version: 9.8

Not always workingIf you use this as the final result for a race, there is no guarantee that you will catch the whole event. When you go to saved races, it just shows a blank screen and no results. I’m disappointed..Version: 17.6.1

Horrible updates!I have used this in track and summer conditioning for two seasons. Now, I cannot time back to back races without closing and opening the app. It says empty video, nothing has been recorded. I have done nothing different. I want the old version back!.Version: 14.7.1

Watse of money avoidConfusing and useless.Version: 8.1

Subscription trap as usualWas a great app but like many apps these days the recent updates have removed the best feature from the basic app and you now have to pay a yearly subscription for it (the feature I’m talking about is the marking of races). It’s not as if the app was free, I paid to download it in the first place - now it seems I have to keep paying money to use it. I had been considering upgrading to the pro version for some of the advanced features anyway, but not now because I think this is a poor tactic to boost revenue. I’m a PE teacher and go to a lot of network meetings where we recommend useful resources to each other. This is one I would have happily shown to quite a few other schools - you’ve lost some free advertising..Version: 14.7.1

Bryn DavisI would have given this app 4 Stars prior to the release of "start sender". The Upsides of this app is that its pretty accurate to the .01. The app is simple to use and gives you plenty of timing starting and finishing methods (some of which are more accurate than others).SprintTimer is arguably the best timing app available. The Downsides of this app is that for accurate results this app cant stand alone. Its dependent upon walkie talkies, tripod, another iphone or ipad, case to secure iphone/ipad to tripod , wifi/cellular connection. And recently upon the release of Start Sender the microphone start feature is filled with bugs..Version: 4.0

Great but...How do you recall saved images??.Version: 1.0

What theDoesn’t always work the first time so I have to go in and redo the settings. Kinda a pain. Not a deal breaker..Version: 14.0

Not greatNo way to start video first, then use stop watch. You can’t get start of race on video...makes no sense. Scrubbing is at 2/100s, but find that it skips a lot and can be up to several seconds skipped.Version: 16.3

Waste of moneyThis is a complete waste of money. It doesn’t keep track of times and half the time it does not save. Plus is very limited unless you get the pro version..Version: 17.8

Good app but some bugsApp works well for the most part but two bugs I noticed within 10 mins of downloading the app: auto finish with video mode crashes the app when you start the timer, trying to save a (5 second) video with all frames (rather than just marked frames) hangs indefinitely on Saving video. Would be nice to have these features work for an app that is £5 then another £18 to use it properly, would be 5 star if not for bugs..Version: 17.6

Didn’t work for me.Tried to use it to record my son training for the 100M. Couldn’t get it to work..Version: 15.3

Could be betterI got this app for timing dragon boat races. Testing the video finish on car traffic yielded very positive results! Unfortunately, when it came to using it on race day, the timer never worked. The motion detector never detected the boats crossing the red line. I tried playing with the sensitivity level but couldn't get it dialed in. Hopefully, any future updates will make this easier. That, and the timer needs to measure 1/100ths too..Version: 2.2

Does not work.Glitchy. Record and what shows on my screen isn’t what shows on the tutorials. Frustrating..Version: 17.9

AwfulAwful app so hard to work and too complicated!!!.Version: 14.0

Great conceptPhotos are crazy blurry for starters. After a few test runs with my students, I went to check the results and um yeah...no photos saved to the camera roll or the app. I love this idea to bad. I guess it is back to the old school handheld. *i have to update my review. Photos will save however they are still crazy blurry and you can't make out who is who. I'll continue to play with the app. Still needs some updates..Version: 6.8

Doesn’t work well with Apple WatchFor whatever reason, the Apple Watch plays the start commands extremely quietly, more quiet than the notification sounds. I’ve contacted the app developer and never heard back to address this issue..Version: 18.0

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