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Time Calculator+ App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Time Calculator+ app received 7 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Time Calculator+? Can you share your negative thoughts about time calculator+?

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Time Calculator+ for Negative User Reviews

Could be great if it didn't repeatedly crashUpon the initial purchase the app worked great. The fields were easy to navigate but after continued use the app crashes. I have turn off and then turn on my device if I want to use the app..Version: 5.2

0 stars if I couldWasted my money on this. Wish there was a way to get a refund. Knew it was useless within 30seconds. What they don’t tell you is to add time you actually have to press the h m s before you add any numbers In and then it defaults back to hours. You can’t even bypass the hours by entering a 0. It’s clunky, and definitely not worth the $2.99..Version: 15.6

CRASHES When Trying To OpenI just updated this app and now it will not open. Crashes every time. I've deleted it and reinstalled and it will not work. Previous version worked fine. Either fix this up-date ASAP or put the previous version back!!!!!!!.Version: 7.0

Thought was great now disappointed.I spent about 20 mins using app to calculate times for an upcoming event. When it came time to share via email it wouldn't work. I clicked email button and nothing happened. Even save as PDFs or txt would have helped. For what I paid I would hope I could save my work. Please help..Version: 15.1

Almost completely broken since last ‘update’I used to use this almost daily, but the last update has completely broken nearly everything. I have it on 2 iPads, both running iPadOS 14.6, and the problems are the same on both. 1. Let’s start with the main calculator; if you use right-handed mode, then the calculation list is hidden under the selection menu, and if you use left-handed (as I do) then it hides the keypad, you have to move the keypad out of the way by tapping the screen (before, there was an option in settings to have it down the left side of the screen permanently (what I prefer)) 2. The ‘number of days between dates’ calculator doesn’t work at all; tapping the ‘today’ button no longer enters today’s date and if you enter it manually, then the calculate button does nothing. 3. There is no reason for the calculator selection menu to cover anything, as there’s a massive amount of space between the keypad and the calculation list, it needs to be brought in, away from the edge of the screen. 4. Get rid of the pointless and annoying back arrow at the top left of the screen, and bring back the option to have the selection menu permanently affixed to the left side of the screen. Oh well, at least the days/hours/mins/secs calculator now calculates correctly, pity that’s been at the expense of everything else..Version: 5.11

Update brokenToday's update does not work on 4s. Keeps crashing on opening. Please fix I use all the time..Version: 7.0

BummedSpent $ just to find out I can’t do multiple times. So I clock in and out like 5 times a day and I need it to add up to 8 hours so I use to use a time calculator but it doesn’t work anymore because of the apple upgrade. The app does not allow you to put in am/pm multiple times to add up hours...Bummed!.Version: 15.4

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