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Time Calculator+ app received 63 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about time calculator+?

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Time Calculator+ for Positive User Reviews

Love it!!!Just what I needed! Easy to use. Worth it for sure. Would definitely buy it again!.Version: 6.0

Do not upgrade to version 7.0App won't start. Please fix.Version: 7.0

One that works as advertisedLovely little app. It works a treat !!.Version: 7.2

Terrific!!!I've been using a date calculator on my PC for well over 20 years. This is the first time I have even tried one for my iPad. Lucky for me I made a great first choice. This app is fantastic! Absolutely love it! Highly recommend!.Version: 14.2

Works GreatTook a minute to figure the best way for me to use but since then it's been a great tool...!.Version: 8.1

Exactly what I needed!I'm a test engineer for an aerospace engineering firm and part of my job requires me to log the start and stop times of each systems test and then at the end I have to log the total amount of testing hours. Sure I could do it in my head but at the end of a 12 hour night shift the last thing I want to have to do is think! LOL. And sometimes I just don't know if I can trust my head to get all the math right after about 20 cups of coffee. This app has made my job so much easier. I can quickly figure out the time differences and then add them all up without straining my exhausted brain, so I wrap up my testing more reliably and much quicker, which means I can go home and passout sooner. I highly recommend this app for anyone who has to deal with TIME alot!.Version: 7.2

Easy to use!I use this app everyday. It is easy to use for all applications..Version: 8.1

Awesome app!!This is an excellent app for calculating times. I'm in the running industry and I need to calculate an athlete's pace and finish time as well when they are going to be at various landmarks on a marathon course. This makes it so easy for me. Thanks developers!!.Version: 15.4

Time calculatorExcellent app.Version: 5.2

Outstanding: Effective and Easy-to-Use InterfaceEach day for work, I have to keep track of the hours that I put in. This application is so easy to use via its well-designed interface. For example, I can easily start my day at 8:14am and then quit at 4:05pm, and it tells me how many hours and minutes I've worked. Finally, it's now easy to determine the difference between two distinct times without using my fingers and pencil! For those of us who have to track our hours, this is a dream app on our phones. I tried two other time calculator applications and found them too complicated to use. This is the one for me. Plus, you can enter times and then add any amount of time to it and determine the final time. Lastly, the vendor is super responsive. I posed a question and received a response the same day. Well worth the money!.Version: 4.2

Excellent applicationI am currently doing payroll for my small business. Having this app at hand made it so much easier to calculate my employee's hours. Well worth the money!.Version: 6.0

Truck driverJust started using an IPhone so apps are new to me. My handheld calculator of 18 years with time options has finally retired. So looking thru all the time apps available I took a chance on this one. Excellent, just flat out excellent. Better than I needed!.Version: 7.3

AnesthetistExcellent program. Use it in surgery where times to the minute are needed using a 24 hr clock. It saves a lot of calculation time..Version: 7.2

Works Great!Nice app. I use for sequential addition and subtraction of multiple HH:MM format times. Perfect! Haven't explored/used other functions but seems versatile..Version: 12.1

JasonVery helpful in my work!! Thanks.Version: 6.0

Works wellThis is just what I needed to average times for my data collection! I agree the buttons could be larger though and it did take a little bit to get used to. Great app, I'm glad I got it!.Version: 6.0

FantasticLoving it helps me a lot easy to use.Version: 7.4

Great AppThis app has been a great time saver and easy to use..Version: 7.1

J CThis app is absolutely perfect. It is very easy to use. Very helpful for the person that works a lot various hours. It calculates exactly how a digital time clock at work would ..Version: 15.5

OS1I am currently in training to be a navigator on a U.S. Navy hovercraft, and this app has been a vital tool in my mission planning. Absolutely no issues using it. I have recommended to the other students and even the instructors and other qualified navigators at the command. Better than spending the $20 at Office Depot for a calculator that you have to carry around and possibly loose..Version: 7.4

Mr LewDoes what it is meant to do! Not complicated just functional and precise. A worthy addition to any app collection. Best of the bunch.Version: 7.3

It’s one of those apps...That fills a niche gap, exactly what an app should do. I needed to convert minutes to a percentage i.e. 3:12 = 3.20 for time billing, this has sped up my day enormously. Auto tab between fields might speed me up further but it’s a great, useful app. It does tons of other things I don’t even understand what I’d use them for, but they probably do just what YOU need :).Version: 14.9

Great appI use this app to keep track of my hours at work it's never failed me and the developer frequently updates the app.Version: 12.7

Contract workI use Office Time application on my Mac computer to log my work times and it generates billing document. Office Time does not calculate elapsed time when entering from work sheets. It only calculates elapsed time while using the computer in real time. I use Time Calc on my iPad to give me total hours and minutes for each work period..Version: 6.0

Quick & effective.Great for whom who wish having quick time calculations in the real world of various industries..Version: 8.1

Works great!This is a super app!! Very intuitive, and good planning make this easy to use. I highly recommend it..Version: 7.1

Most used app!I use dis app daily & it's very helpful in my accounting field....Version: 7.4

Great AppI use it everyday at work!! Nice and simple.Version: 7.2

Great Time AppI use this app on a daily basis. Adding and multiplying time is easy..Version: 15.3

Worth the moneyGreat app, does everything I need it to do with no hassles!.Version: 6.0

Time Calc is Awesome!!!In my profession I have to fill out manual time sheets and math is not my best subject Time Calc allows me to input start and end times for employees with accuracy and exactness for both standard and military time, thx Time Calc for saving me frustration and time. - Nathan R.Version: 1.1

This is the only time calculator for meI tried may others in the past and this is the most straight forward, and simple app I’ve used for this function. The time and date calculator helped me out of many binds as I somehow confuse myself calculating clock differences down to the minute for charging my customers on the fly..Version: 5.14

Senior Mechanical DesignerGreat app, I use quite often and continue to find more ways to use it!.Version: 7.4

RoyIt's a big help and speeds up my working day. I would be lost with out it !.Version: 12.0

Just what I needed!This is a must-have app for video production. I used the time difference feature all the time when I need to trim audio to sync with a video. Much faster and more accurate than me doing the calculations in my head..Version: 7.1

Awesome App!!This app is one app I can truly say that never glitches or gives me trouble. I love it and use it everyday. It gets better with every update. If you need a time calculator this app is for you!.Version: 7.4

AwesomeMakes quick work of time calculations. Just what I needed!.Version: 12.1

Time calcI have found this app to be just what's needed for working out the cure times and scheduling process times in my line of work and it's so easy to use..Version: 7.1

If you do stuff with time, look no furtherI have to calculate critical component life's, based on hours used, and this involves adding up long lists of hours and minutes. I've been using this app for ages now, but I'm sure how long, but give me the figures and this app will calculate it no problems. Don't look any further, don't pay for another app, get this one. No bugs, no problems, just easy to use..Version: 14.1

It works!It provides me with the date calculations I need in a reasonably flexible framework I recommend it. It is well worth the price..Version: 8.1

Thank youThank you for making the Time calcs app it solve some many problems for me I see on in the app that you can email the times that I work out it would be great if I could print the working outs as well with AirPrint as I have a AirPrint printer And once again thank you for a great app.Version: 12.0

GreatWorks great for adding up lots of small time blocks..Version: 2.1

Great appWorking well for me, saving me time and brain power.Version: 7.4

Time calcEverything & more. For adding up overtime at work there is nothing easier than this app.Version: 7.4

Great app!This is a wonderful, versatile app. I have to constantly convert minutes to hours along with other conversions. No problems with app for me so far..Version: 7.1

Works great!It's a great app that works perfectly. Maybe in future updates the developers could set a default screen that it goes to upon opening the app. I still didn't get the default screen I wanted, with this update, however, you can choose to show and hide which screens you choose, huge improvement, thank you..Version: 14.9

Good appIt took me a little while to get used to it but it is a good app. I would like the buttons to be a little bigger though. There is space to spare to put bigger number keys... I keep pressing the wrong ones even with an average hand size....Version: 6.0

Great AppI have to add & subtract time, keep a running record over six days a week & this app is fantastic for that. My Math's is pretty good most of the time but I have to be very accurate for work & with time calculations it's easy to make mistakes. I'm also a pilot so this app is great for that too. Four stars because I've only tried parts of the app..Version: 5.2

Best time calculatorI use this everyday for my logs for the whole day. It can compute different ways of adding and subtracting time. Great job also for the dark mode!! I like it..Version: 15.7

Worth itIt's worth the money. Has some things that take getting use to, not bad though. I would buy it again. If you are one of those people who spend .99$ and expect an accounting miracle don't buy it, spend your $$ on therapy. If I knew how to design these things I would make a few different features, but I didn't have huge expectations for the money. It works well, is handy, does what it is suppose to do,..would purchase again..Version: 5.2

Time calculatorFantastic wouldn't be without it, simple and easy to use.Version: 15.3

Now it worksNow it works thanks for fixing it! Very useful!.Version: 7.1

Airline pilotI use this app to cross check my flight plan flight time calculations. It has the perfect format for that. I have been using this app for several years (since 2012, I think). I recommend it to my fellow pilots and flight students..Version: 15.7

Good programDoes what it says and works great.Version: 1.00

Greatest App EverI have had this app for years and it continues to be my go to for all things time related. Due to my work it is very important that I getting my time precisely right, and this app is perfect..Version: 15.4

I need this!!I use this app for work because my primary job is to create agendas for the workshops I plan and coordinate. I cannot live without it!! It makes my job so much easier. Great app!!!!.Version: 12.1

Great appWorks just they said it would.Version: 7.2

A good tool to have.This app makes things a whole lot easier for us lesser math-enclined. Easy to use. I like the time list at the side for keeping track..Version: 8.1

Tops in time calcI've tried numerous time calculator apps over the years... This is by far the best! The running total (virtual calculator "tape") is in invaluable in keeping track of running totals, and making adjustments to those totals. Keep up the good work....Version: 12.1

Great appI need to keep track of my time to maintain my productivity at work and this app works great. It was just what I needed and when I use it, I am able to stay on task and complete my work within the productivity time frame..Version: 12.1

Great for adding run paces and times!I use it every day..Version: 6.0

Great app!It was what I wanted and more! Great app and easy to use. For what it has it was a great purchase..Version: 14.1

LackyVery nice just the ticket for adding those times of songs on an album..Version: 6.0

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