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Ticket to Ride - Train Game App User Positive Comments 2023

Ticket to Ride - Train Game app received 88 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about ticket to ride - train game?

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Ticket to Ride - Train Game for Positive User Reviews

Hate the new bannerHate the new banner though :(.Version: 2.7.2

PrixPrix trop cher.Version: 2.7.11

Great adaptation but I wish I could see all my route cards at onceThis review is coming from someone who has played the board game probably a hundred times. Me and my family downloaded the game to play with some friends because of Covid-19. The game is for the most part a great adaptation of the original along with some added features that improve the experience like the timer and having your points gained by laying train cars added automatically. That being said there was one frustrating thing that wasn’t a problem at all in the actual board game. This is that there is no way to see all of your routes at one time when it’s your turn. This one little thing made 2 of my 5 games I have played so far on the app feel as if I loss not by my own sword but instead because of the app. If this was added in I would give this app a 5 star review without thinking twice..Version: 2.7.5

Good game for iPad but needs some enhancementsThe iPad version of the board game is well done and worth getting if you like the board game. To the developers, some enhancements suggested are: At the finish of a game, the final screen needs to have a pause so that a player can review the final placings of the trains, routes, and stations of all players; A better way needs to mark completed routes that use a station. At present, it looks as through the route is still not complete as the colour of the end points do not change from green; It seems impossible to have the option of having more than one solo player - my son wants his own character; It is not clear as to the relative strength of the computer's players; The banner 'It's Your turn' covers up the routes on the bottom of the screen and so should be a smaller alert.Version: 1.3.1

Great version of an old favouriteVersion 2.6.0 looks like it fixes all the horrible UX mistakes made in 2.5.11+ (although the animation speed setting annoyingly keeps resetting to “slow”...) Thanks to the publisher for listening to feedback. I have always enjoyed the physical version of this game, and have been enjoying the iOS version now for a while too! Great realisation of a classic game..Version: 2.6.0

Best GameBest Game ever!! 🤗.Version: 2.7.11

Great game but the app needs workI love Ticket to Ride, both the board games and this digital version. The number of bugs is frustrating though and hampers experience. At the moment, the app doesn’t always realise that you’ve joined a game and you have to quite and then click to resume a game. This loses time. Often I also get a “client time out” message crashing the game and losing it..Version: 2.7.11

Good game — slightly unstableGreat game, but unfortunately crashes are common when trying to create an online game. Network errors also seem to occur from time to time for seemingly no reason. Luckily, once you are in the game itself, the game is stable enough..Version: 2.7.11

Love the gameWas really enjoying the game. It plays almost better than the board game version. Seems unnecessary to wait for the long animations counting up the lengths of the cars you already know you completed. Not sure why the banner was added at the beginning of the turn. It prevents you from seeing the board and cards..Version: 2.7.2-6540

Love the game, but stopped working with new versionI often played this on my iPad and love it. However since the latest version it stopped working for me and sends the iPad in an endless authentication loop. Please fix this bug so I can play again..Version: 2.6.4

Please turn off your turn bannerGreat game - I play solo every day to hone my strategy. But today’s update is getting in the way. When I’m playing solo it’s ALWAYS my turn - I don’t need the banner - it really gets in my way, obscures the board, and slows down the play. Please please fix this and I’ll change my rating back to 5 star!.Version: 2.7.2

Loving it!We’re loving this digital version of one of our favourite games but can’t seem to purchase new maps which is incredibly frustrating. Haven’t noticed any other glitches..Version: 2.7.11

Great gameFun to play. I actually enjoy this electronic game more than the actual board game..Version: 2.7.11

Be adventurousTake.Version: 2.7.6

Good game, great for internet playOne of the best board game adaptations out there. Lots of variety with the different maps and good options for online play. Not all of the cardboard maps are there yet, especially the team China map which is always produces heated games. The recent update has removed the terrible turn banner, making the game a pleasure to play again..Version: 2.7.4

Love the game but I have a suggestionMy wife and I love the app and the board game. We play Local often and I wish we could just hit rematch after a game, have more control over colors and avatars, and have a way to let the person who joins go first. So far, we’ve needed to start local games from my Mac instead of our phones/I pass. It would also be good to be able to see destination cards full screen on the phone. Germany cards are hard to read when the destination is another country, Finally the solo game tends to crash at the very end, after the scores are up. So when I restart, it resumes at the last turn. Not fatal but slightly annoying..Version: 2.7.6

Great game and app consistently improvingI never usually leave reviews for anything but I wanted to leave one specifically for Ticket to Ride because I have been getting so much enjoyment out of this app. I personally think that the app is a very true version of the board game and that the developers have done a great job with the design and playability of the game on a small screen. It is one of the pricier mobile games I have bought, but I do believe I have got my money’s worth due to the quality of the gameplay and the app overall. Whilst I have experienced instances of the app crashing occasionally or small bugs.. these instances are becoming fewer and fewer as the game is receiving updates which are consistently improving stability and gameplay. After reading through some of the reviews here I wanted to add my thoughts and recommend that people stick through the process of increasing your ranking on the online multiplayer as once you have done this, the app becomes even more enjoyable..Version: 2.7.6

The Pennsylvanian TwistWow, just when you think you have it won someone sells their stock and trumps you in the last minutes of the game. Twice the strategy needed both playing the trains but also the stocks so the combined strategies is what wins - very intriguing and a tantalising twist that gets you in!.Version: 2.5.0

Fun base game. Online forum VULGARI play in real life, and offline with the app. I love this game, especially Pennsylvania. I just tried to play online, and the games were all locked to me because I do not have enough experience. I looked to the chat to try to find someone willing to play with a noobie, and it was all N word this, towel head that, sexual talk... one administrator temporarily muted one person, but the others continued with racism and vulgarity. I guess as long as they put spaces between the letters it was not flagged (?!). I left. I wish It had been better moderated. It is 2 am, but, still, my first experience is marred badly, I am unlikely to give it another shot. Too bad, I love this game..Version: 2.6.10

Just Brilliant but...This game is a fantastic and mega addictive version of the board game. Cannot put it down, but today I noticed there has been an update I think, whereby the view of the board is suddenly obliterated by a banner letting you know it’s your turn. Very jarring, and slows the pace of the game as it happens just while planning next move. Five golden stars still though, as I’m sure I won’t be the only one to be screaming about this and I’m sure a setting to remove it will be added. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 2.7.2-6540

So addictive!I love this game - even better than the board game version which I also love. Play against bots or better still against players from around Europe. Lots of different maps and several intriguing games within each and you can choose to play against 2 to 5 players. I think this is fantastic value. The game is easy to pick up for beginners but has enough complexity to really test you too especially when playing online. There is the odd glitch now and then that throws you out of the game which is very frustrating but is only occasional. I am obsessed with getting higher up the rankings and I can't put this down. It's fun to play and I fully recommend it to anyone..Version: 2.4.1

Excellent game design, glitchy appI really enjoy the tabletop version of Ticket to Ride, especially playing with my parents who have grown a bit bored of the scrabble-and-monopoly board games but don’t really want to sit through a half-hour rules presentation either. It’s strategic enough to be interesting but not hard to understand. The app version is 100% faithful to the board game, and it’s been a lot of fun to try out the different maps that I’d hesitated to get physical copies of due to space constraints. Definitely worth it if you like board games, and want to play with people far away. That said, the process of setting up invitation games is clunky and kind of hard to navigate (not to mention troubleshoot over the phone) and the scoring glitches on some of the maps have really detracted from the fun. It’s also a lot of information on a small space, and it would be really handy to be able to up the font size, especially when playing on an iPad mini. I hope to see these problems improve, as I’ve seen some of the older bugs get fixed..Version: 2.6.0

Great App, Some GlitchesI got the board game a few months back. Several expansion packs and versions later, I'm a true fan. I just got around to downloading the app last night and had a GREAT time playing my first few games (solo, online with strangers, and online with a friend both live and turn-based). I had a GREAT time! The only glitches I experienced was in one game with a stranger. His turns were taking forever, he or she wouldn't chat, and when I would hard close the game and reload, my timer would be way lower. This makes me wonder whether the problem was the other player's behavior or a glitchy app. Reading other reviews leads me to believe it's the latter, so 4 stars not 5. Full disclosure, it's still a 4++ for me because all the essential elements of this masterfully designed game were beautifully and faithfully available in the app. It's stupid that you can't change your train color. I don't always want to be green!.Version: 2.4.1

Definitely like!Nice picture and proper sound notice makes good presentation of the game. Brought me much fun and is a good pass time. There’s still a few problems: 1. Please fix the glitches with pass and play on iPad. I was never able to launch the game that way. It quits unexpectedly every time, making me and my friend pay twice if we want to play together even in the same room. I hope it was meant for people together to play on one device. Otherwise we can’t really persuade everybody to pay 6 dollars and get involved. 2. Cannot choose icon for myself. Always the green boy if I’m host player(But I’m girl) it doesn’t mess with the game, but allowing choice with icon is definitely more fun. Same thing for multiplayer’s locally. I cannot tell my friend from robot player unless asking his color 3. I’ve played board game and there was this concept of building a station, where you could use all routes directly connected to the station to complete your path cards. Would you be able to adapt this function? Currently it’s nothing challenging but drawing cards by luck and predicting robots routes to act accordingly. (They are pretty weak though after you’ve played a while).Version: 2.5.2

Greedy Days of Wonder screws pocket edition ownersI BOUGHT TTR Pocket edition and liked it for years. It came with three map variants out of the box. When they came out with this new edition they spammed my pocket edition telling me to upgrade. I would get my “choice of more maps” and they would let me “migrate for free”. NOPE. Migrated to find I get ONE map and have to give them more money just to get back the maps I already paid for. I am thankful I left my old version on my phone. Uninstalling this. Will NEVER buy another Days of Wonder game because of this scam. They were so greedy they would not even give me the same number of maps I had previously just to make a few extra cents. Well guess what? Now they get nothing..Version: 2.6.2

Good, Not GreatI love this board game, but this app gets annoying at times. - First, I don’t need you to stop the game and inform me every time somebody closes their app for a second to check something on their phone. Just switch them to a computer player and keep going. - Second, why don’t we know how many players are in a game until the game starts? - Lastly, put a shorter time limit on making moves. Players should have 20-30 seconds to use their turn or else they get switched to a computer player. If players are taking 1 minute + to make a move, I just close the game. I care nothing about what it does to my player ranking..Version: 2.7.11

Wonderful Game!!!I love this game! I have spent hours of fun on this game. You start with the American board and then you can buy extension boards for only £1.99 or £0.99! I think it is great value. Please add the world and U.K. Board I really want to play them and also it would be great if you could add multiplayer so you can play with people your sitting next to..Version: 2.4.3

Love the game, but Santa Bot cheatsI have the US, Europe, Asia and Nordic Countries versions and play them all the time. The AI players seem to vary in ability, like the female bot can do stupid things, often doesn’t complete her routes, while the male bot is much harder to beat. And then there’s Santa Bot, available in the Nordic version. He cheats. He always takes the bonus route first, worth 27 points, then somehow magically has all the cars needed to complete all his routes, and then goes out. I started counting cards and see that he cheats. When he claims the bonus route worth 27 points, that should take 36 cards, which is all the cards in his hand. He should need to draw additional cards to complete his routes, but he doesn’t. He never draws again, just lays out all his routes and goes out, usually beating everyone else..Version: 2.5.13

BBrilliant, but the new banner for your turn that blocks the whole middle of the screen is awful. Seems totally unnecessary and means you can't see what the cards are. Please at least make an option to turn that off, the sound is enough..Version: 2.7.2

Fans will be very pleased!If you are a fan of this board game you will be very pleased with the way this game plays. I haven't played online, but I think online gamers will be equally happy. Well worth the money here. Only thing here is I'm not to sure about the destination ticket drawing algorithm. Maybe I'm just lucky but I seemed to get a card I could use every time! Same with the trains. Still very entertaining, and great for a quick game or on the go..Version: 1.2.1

New update....not a fanNew update with the turn bar is worse idea ever, far more annoying and obtrusive then the previous notification. What really needs to be addressed is AI in Solo Games which is primarily what I play. After player completes a couple of routes or getting below 20 trains the AI blows all their trains to end the game as quickly as possible until they get down to 3 trains and then it will draw cards endlessly. Not really fun game play it this should be addressed as well as removing the stupid turn bar. Even with annoyances I still rate game high as I am huge fan of board game, just need to get the electronic version right for those who love the game.Version: 2.7.2

Way Past Due for an UPDATEThis is my favorite board game and app, but this app hasn’t been updated in ages. I recall an interview with the development team for the Ticket to Ride app saying there would be more maps added way back in 2020; over 2 years later here we are with the same maps, it’s getting a bit stale. Wish we could have some more of the physical boards added like Rails and Sails, Great Lakes, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Old West, etc. It would be more engaging to have seasonal events too like for Halloween, Christmas, etc., while implementing some of the existing add ons and expansions like the Halloween Freighter trains, Alvin & Dexter, Depots… It would also be nice to have more customization, such as being able to use stations on any map. I would think there would be more frequent updates considering this app is near the top of the chart in board games in the App Store..Version: 2.7.11

Good game, needs live moderator and solid consequences for offendersI’ve played this game for years. It is billed as “family friendly”. However there is a chat forum which attracts some weird and nasty players. Not really there to play, just to swear, spew off racist comments and sexual innuendo. By that I mean graphic descriptions of sexual acts, rapes, etc. You name it, I’ve seen it. We can “ignore” such “people” but they simply change user names and they are back. We can “report” such “players” but there are seldom any real consequences for those weirdos. Things seen can not be rapidly unseen. I do not recommend this app for children. I recommend the administrators of this app go to live moderation instead of a bot which flags words such as “bite” as harmful language but does nothing about graphic descriptions about sexual garbage such as rape, intimations of murder, etc. Those players should get no warnings, no second chances, no refunds, no opportunities to rejoin. Tired of the garbage I’m seeing on a daily basis. Enjoy the game - but beware..Version: 2.7.11

Rule for iPad board games: pass and play is a must!Fantastic board game that seems to have a lot of depth. Sadly I won't be playing unless I get a second iPad. The iPad is made for board games as the success of Monopoly, Carcassone and Scrabble proves. Yes, some of the strategy is lost unless you can keep your destination tickets hidden. But this is the same for the tile racks in Monopoly. I don't see it as a deal breaker. You COULD take a page from Monopoly here though and use iPhones as card racks and displaying user specific information. In its current state it is useless as a board game unless you play online or like to verse AI players only, none of which are attractive options for me..Version: 1.0

Enjoyable game, but needs some updatesI really enjoy playing Ticket to Ride online, but there are a couple things that need updating. -Too often someone leaves a game and you have to wait their timer to run out for them to be replace by a bot. It’s frustrating. Please correct this with either a turn time limit or have them replaced sooner, maybe 2 minutes. -The bots in online play need to play smarter. They often don’t complete routes and seem random in their moves. -As for the chat, glad you disabled it. I suggest you leave it disabled. It serves no purpose. Just add some more fun emojis and an easier way to access them during gameplay. Thanks!.Version: 2.7.11

Stop with the nagging!A good game but in solo play will you please provide a way to turn off the incredibly annoying constant nagging! Every few seconds a drop down appears, “It’s your turn”, “It’s your turn”, “It’s your turn”, “It’s your turn”. I know it’s my turn! I’d like to be able to take my time to think without the constant bother. And it nags like that about everything. “pick another card”, select some tickets”. Every nag does that annoying slide down every few seconds, it’s almost as annoying as the old HTML blink tag!! Please make it stop!!! If you really feel the need to remind the player of what they already know, at least just put it statically somewhere instead of the constantly super annoying drop down!!!!! Also, why can’t I pick my own color? Every other game in the world lets me change my player color but with this game I’m stuck with green! Also, this game desperately needs an undo or a turn confirmation with an option to change your move. Every so often I accidentally lift my finger when the pointer is over the wrong track, something that would never happen in the board game, and having a way to fix that mistake before the game moves on should be provided..Version: 2.6.3

No extra valueWe paid for the $10 App to get access to more maps, but only got the basic American map. We now have to pay more for the additional maps. Not cool..Version: 2.2.4

Great game; not a fan of the latest updateLove the game and ability to play with family. I preferred the black pop up when it was a player’s turn rather than the big banner across the screen. I’ll be waiting for another update before playing again because of the banner..Version: 2.7.2

Works very wellThe game works really well. The only problem is with buying train stations. When you buy a station to complete a route it does not show the route as completed until the end of the game when the score is being calculated. This is annoying as you are left unsure that the route is indeed completed..Version: 2.7.11

Ticket to Ride USAThis is early days for me, so am enjoying the game, will notice more as time goes on!.Version: 2.7.10

Good gameBought to play online with friends - works well on iPhone and Mac. Note that when first trying to play online I kept getting an error that says the server is flooded with too many requests. Seems to be working ok now so only temporary issue..Version: 2.7.6

Versatile, family gameThis game is enjoyed by the adults and kids in our family. The adults and older kids enjoy the strategy of the game, while the little one loves the trains, sound effects, helping to select the cards, and cheering her sibling on as the points are counted up at the end of the game. One deficiency: you can't play your friends on the same device. This would be a great addition to a great game..Version: 1.0

Scoring not recordedI love this game & play it often, trying to beat my personal best score. Unfortunately I have found the high score trophy centre is not recording my scores correctly. I have screenshots of 2 high scores that are not listed in the highest scores area at all. Is there any way to fix this?.Version: 2.7.6

Love it but crashes oftenI love playing this game but it crashes at least half the time when I load it, at the point where I am first starting a new game. After that it’s fine. Sometimes I need to start the app 3-4 times before it works..Version: 2.7.6

Easy to play hard to master...That phrase is very true with this game it's easy to play but very hard to master. Great online and solo play, I didn't think I would find a board game that would take me away from my risk and my monopoly games but this has done it. It's easy for the younger generation to learn and play so overall a great board game. Just wish others could make games as quality finished as this one. Worth every dollar of the price tag.... Just don't stop - keep bringing out those add on maps for variety..Version: 1.1

It is goodYes, it can be said that Ticket To Ride challenges the very fabric of intellectual existentialism. Indeed, this railway excursion defies the confines of terrestrial deduction and compels its consumers to extend trifling beyond the limits of recreational pursuit and instead, to cross the threshold of analytical inference. I say this game is good. It mite be the best. Gaming rocks. Actuly gaming rocks the Rockies. Gaming is good for people and there brains. It don’t matter weather you are little or old. Or what you’re natonality is or is not. Gaming is a cure for anything except covid. I know because I study a bunch of things. And railroad stuff is Awesome but not the noise. I live 25 feet from a active railroad track and its mostly noisy. And there are lots of grafiti on the box cars and the local motives. But no grafiti is in this game, so it rocks. So by this game and Yule get more smart. Like me..Version: 2.7.10

ExcellentSuch a good game. Local multiplayer is flawless too, which is surprising since there are so few good local multiplayer games. My only request is to make all the DLC available in one purchase..Version: 2.4.1

Latest update has ruined the gameThe latest update has made the iPad version horrible. Please return it to its former glory.Version: 2.0

Amazing gameAbsolutely love this game! Play it loads in real life too! Enjoy how we can play other people online as well with your friends! Just a few things to improve: Maybe give a timer for players that take a long time to take their go, because 15 or 45mins is really long to wait! Also, when I join an online game it glitches so I have to restart the app to join in back again. Would like this be sorted because you lose your time on the game and then eventually the time runs out and you miss out on the games! Overall a good game!.Version: 2.7.11

Great conversion, but unreliableGreat conversion from the board game particularly in local mode, but let down by unreliability in local mode with a number of the expansion variants if a connection is lost it is unable to re-establish connection and continue the game, very poor this problem hasn’t been sorted and leads to a very frustrating game experience..Version: 2.7.4

Ticket to RideAlways coming up with new challenges. Excellent games..Version: 2.6.7

Why no head to head stats?!One of the best board games going, even by Days of Wonder’s standards. However, one thing that needs to be implemented is a tracking system: how many wins do I have v my friend? Who has the higher overall score, longest route etc. Such a simple addition but one I know most of not all would gladly see!.Version: 2.5.15

My favourite appI use this app so much that my reports it as such! I play this game every day, sometimes solo and sometimes with my sister who is also always playing. The price I paid for this app has paid for itself in the amount of games I have played. Love that add on routes are also affordable. Get the 1910/1912 extension too! It’s worth it..Version: 2.7.11

Great game but...........one annoying bug. On the iPad the chat box is white, and you type white text into it, consequently you are blind to what you have typed until you publish. Small bug, but v annoying ! Devs - how about a “play again” button so you can challenge your last competitor again ?.Version: 2.7.6

Great implementation!Very addictive if you love the boardgame! The gameplay UI is very elegant and the online play is fantastic, especially since you can use either Game Center or your Days of Wonder account. A few things I can suggest it needs (and hopefully Days of Wonders have this on their roadmap anyway): - Pass and play with appropriate screen orientation like Small World, though given each player has a concealed hand, I can concede it does need a bit of thought to see how it could work smoothly. - Ability to turn off the speech by the characters on the menu screen. Great the first time, but not really required once you've played the game a few times. - Ability to turn off in-game animations for completing tickets. See above point. - Expansions - I'm hoping Europa 1912 is coming soon!.Version: 1.0

Good, but...Great game, but keeps crashing in the middle of games which is pretty frustrating. Please fix the crashing!.Version: 1.0

Amazing Game!I love this game so much, it's my new favourite. I love all the different styles of boards and the attention to details on each and every board. I think the prices for the extra maps are perfectly reasonable and totally worth it! I'm hoping to see the UK board on here sometime soon!.Version: 2.4.1

Great on iPad and iPhone!This is a faithful rendition of the board game, with all the same rules for each of the additional countries/continents. It's beautiful and plays smoothly, even on a smaller iPhone screen (which I was t expecting). Really recommended - endless hours of challenging fun..Version: 2.7.11

Took away the maps I had purchasedI really like this game. I played it daily with my son while he is in his house and I in mine. But yesterday when I tried to shift to one of the maps I had purchased, it told me to buy it. “Restore purchases” , rebooting the game, rebooting my iPad, deleting and reloading the game ....nothing works. The help section says that when you ask to reload purchases the game will ask for Apple ID, but it doesn’t. I sent a complaint to Asmodee, and while they acknowledged receipt, there has been no other response. I see in the chat section that others are have had the same problem. I will change my rating when this is corrected. Edit: The developer fixed the bug that caused me to lose my maps, so I’m changing my rating to 4 stars. It’s a great game, and you can play it online, a huge advantage in this pandemic..Version: 2.7.10

Awesome!I love the ticket to ride board game, it's one of our favorite games for family game night, so right off the bat this had a lot to live up to! I've downloaded all the extensions and find it is better than the board game, as we can take it anywhere. The multi player is fantastic, this is by far my favorite game for the IPad!.Version: 1.3

Problème avec réseau localDepuis que j’ai fait la mise à jour de mon IOS samedi dernier, je ne peux plus jouer en mode local..Version: 2.7.11

SuggestionsHi there! Love the app! Here are a few suggestions for the developers. No rush, just trying to help out. 1. There are numerous times when I will create a game and all of the people show up but the game does not start. It forces you to back out, then go to “RESUME” to re-join the game. It’s strange, but it happens to my friend as well. 2. When you join a game and you’re waiting for others to join, it would be nice to see how many players the game is set for.. that way people know how long their wait will be. 3. I saw there was a suggestion to be able to pull back your move incase you accidentally made a mistake.. I agree that it can happen and it can be frustrating especially in a close match, BUT I don’t agree it should be fixed. I don’t want to have to confirm/submit my move every time, it’s more finger strokes. All those people with fat fingers should just learn to be more precise. 4. Make the friends aspect more useful. Sometimes I play people in a game, and I either has a good conversation or I enjoy the way they play so it would be nice to add those people to your friends list without having to memorize the name. Keep up the good work..Version: 2.7.11

Current version runs smoothlyNo issues with purchases or Game Centre. A pleasure to play.Version: 2.4.1

App brokenNot been able to play online for 3 days now, uninstalled and re installed , still not working on any device I try it on. UPDATE - Contacted support and they sorted me out, now up and running again after disabling Game Centre temporarily ..Version: 2.6.5

5 ⭐️J’adore ce jeux, même sur planche, c’est vraiment le jeux pour passer le temps!..👌🏼.Version: 2.7.11

Still Crashes Way Too MuchOur family really LOVES this game. We have played either the board version or online version every day since I bought it three weeks ago, and we have almost all of the versions. However, it is incredibly frustrating that the app crashes multiple times during an evening of family night games. It’s almost to a point of always having to revert back to USA on the board game since most of the other online versions randomly crash either at the beginning of the Local setup or mid game. Don’t know if I should continuously log what is happening when it crashes to send to the company but I don’t know who wants it or will do anything with it. Please figure it out. I can’t win the board game. 🤨.Version: 2.7.4

Stole my money: Problem FixedAfter reaching out to tech support the problem was resolved. The team was very prompt. Only took about a day to rectify the situation. I bought this game about a year and a half ago and it was fantastic. I even bought several of the expansion packs. However, about a year ago the developers updated the app and ever since then I always get the message “In app purchases are not allowed”. I can’t restore! I thought that it was just a bug and would be remedied in a later update, but since it has been a year since the issue started I don’t think that they will fix this issue..Version: 2.6.10

ExcellentHard to find fault with this game app. Flawless game play. Great to be able to pass it around for turns or we can play with each of us on our own devices using the wifi connection..Version: 1.4.2

Fun for 1 ... or moreGreat, colourful graphics and the original board game takes on a new aspect on the ipad. I play it regularly with either the bots or in multi-player mode (haven't tried local network version). Lots of variation according to the different maps/ extensions..Version: 2.4.3

Great game but recent updates are annoyingI love this game and have had it for years. I enjoy adding the new maps and never had a glitch. However, the recent update that changes the pop up banner for solo play is extremely annoying as is the new display for the USA map. Please at least give us the option to remove the ‘your turn’ banner as it slows down play and obscures the centre of the board. It is annoying enough for me to stop playing and purchasing new maps..Version: 2.7.2-6540

DisappointedApp keeps crashing on my iPhone - both the app and the OS are up to date. Takes several attempts to launch a game every time. Details on App Store are misleading as the only map included is the original American and add-ons are half as much as again as the app itself. Game play is very good when the game finally launches and otherwise the app is very slick..Version: 2.7.10

Fantastic app!This is a wonderful interface for a fun, classic board game! I've played TTR for over a decade. I downloaded this to play online with a friend who lives a couple hours away, and it was as fun as playing it live. The new version with all the expansion boards is much better than the older "pocket" version, loads quicker and I love the challenges of the new boards. A few glitches needing to restart the app because of an incoming call, probably due to my cellular data connection, but the game picked up right where it should. It's sometimes hard to tell who's turn it is-- the Germany board has a nice feature of the active player's banner dropping down a bit-- it'd be nice if this happened on every board. Otherwise there's a tiny little clock moving next to the avatar of the active player, a very tiny, very little clock tucked away in the corner of a very busy screen. It's a pretty minor issue though, overall this is a great app!.Version: 2.4.1

Good.A bit pricey..Version: 2.7.11

Crazy addictiveI don't really play games on my iOS devices... except this game. Happily wasted so many hours, still can't put it down..Version: 1.3.2

Very addictive game!This game is very addictive and give me a lot of fun. I love the way we can play with other users. Also sound effects are perfectly synchronized to warn you when it is your turn which help everyone to play faster. The only complain I have is about computer players which are not very intelligent. Maybe this is done on purpose for giving a chance to new users. However, it should be challenging to have brighter computer opponents, at least better than now. If programmers improve this, this game will be near the perfection!.Version: 2.7.11

AwesomeTicket to ride is amazing!!! We have the board game and we wanted to play with our grandparents whilst in isolation!!! This was the one!!!.Version: 2.7.2-6540

Ticket to rideLove this game but wish there weren’t so many limits when you’re new, such as how many and what type of online games you can play. Also think parallel routes should be allowed in any game just as in the board game..Version: 2.7.11

Cool gameReally enjoying this game. I’m not one to play bots, but I don’t mind with this game. We play with friends online during lockdown. App is good - worth the money in my opinion.Version: 2.7.11

Very impressiveHaving never played ticket to ride before (digital or hard copy) i was pleasantly surprised by how easy this game was to play on ipad. Its quite a simple yet beautiful game and is easy to learn with a great tutorial. This game was so great i opted to purchase more maps and havent regretted doing so. A must have game for all..Version: 2.4.1

Great gameTicket to ride is a fantastic adaptation of the board game, and is easy to use after some practice. Would recommend to everyone!.Version: 2.5.8

Amazing! Beautiful! Polished!I had never even heard of this board game when i purchased it from the app store. I love board games, especially on the iPad. I played it once, and immediately purchased all the expansions. This is really well done! I only wish there was 1) a pass and play function, and 2) some way to customize the amount of train carriages available or some other gameplay variables to extend the play more. Sometimes it seems like I'm going great guns and the game suddenly ends too quickly. Otherwise, truly a beautiful piece of software..Version: 1.0

Always funI like the options you can get.Version: 2.7.11

Great but some suggestionsI LOVE this board game! I’ve enjoyed playing the app version as well but have a few suggestions. One, it would be wonderful if you could fix it to where if someone doesn’t make a move during their turn within a certain amount of time that it skips them. The ‘bot’ does take over for a player if they actually exit the app- however, if they leave it up on their phone but stop playing, the other players can’t do anything except sit there until the entire time for the game runs out. I’ve played games where I’m about to win and the other player just stops playing but doesn’t exit the game. So I sit and wait for the clock to end to get my points. Or, I just leave. It’s very very frustrating! Second, it would be good if the ranking system was easier to understand. And the game does freeze on me and suddenly restarts from time to time. Fix these things and it would be perfect!.Version: 2.5.14

Mostly great but one glitchThere’s one glitch that’s rather annoying. When you have no trains left and it’s your last turn, the game won’t end without you making a move, only you CAN’T because you have no trains left!.Version: 2.7.11

Latest update troubleLove this game it’s so fun. With the last update though when I try to claim a city the game crashes. Please fix..Version: 2.5.6

Favorite gameIs Ticket To Ride America.Version: 2.7.11

Great game with one changeThis game is a really fun adaptation of the board game that I love to play. I like not having to count up all the pieces, shuffle and hold cards, and carefully place my trains on the board in the right spot. I love the ranking system as I think it demonstrates a players skill, but values their most recent game scores above their past ones. One change that I would like to see made is a turn time limit. There is already a time limit for the whole game, but I believe one for a turn is needed! I’ve been in way too many games where the person who is clearly doing poorly stops playing, and the remaining players have to wait for his/her timer to run down. I played a game this morning where I had to wait 10 minutes until one player’s timer finally ran out just so we could take our last turn. The turn timers could be something set by the host of each game. I think anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes would be good..Version: 2.7.5

Great gameVery enjoyable game.Version: 2.7.10

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