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Cloud Baby Monitor App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Cloud Baby Monitor app received 38 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Cloud Baby Monitor? Can you share your negative thoughts about cloud baby monitor?

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Cloud Baby Monitor for Negative User Reviews

Critical Feedback IssueI am using two iPhones: one as the baby unit and one as the parent unit. One would think that it would only use the microphone from the baby unit to send to the speaker of the parent unit. However it uses the microphone to pick up sounds from the parent unit and loops it back to the speaker which causes terrible feedback issue. I have my phones separated very far so it’s not an issue of feedback by having the two units too close to each other. I am not using the talk back feature. Simply when I connect to the baby unit, I can hear myself in the parent unit and have to turn the volume all the way down to avoid hearing any feedback... what’s the point then if I cannot hear my child? This seems to be a simple programming problem yet a critical issue. I am using iPhone 7 as the parent unit and an older iPhone 5s as my baby unit. Mind you this issue is also intermittent. On some days, it works perfectly. On other days it causes this feedback issue which renders it useless..Version: 5.2.3

It has its good and bad pointsThe only thing I didn’t like is to see my daughter with the camera u need a light on otherwise it’s very dark or you need to put the app light on which if have the camera close it shines in their face. If have a dim lighting it works somewhat and you if you want to see your child you can turn the light up for a second on the app to see them..Version: 4.3

Was great, now, not so sureI’ve had to install and uninstall a few times now. White noise comes through the parent unit. Means you have to hear the white noise and can hardly here baby. Using latest iPhone etc etc. when I re-install it works okay for a little bit after a few tries..Version: 5.0.5

Not for nighttime use?The night light/ night time use is a joke. The only way to see baby at night is to crank up the night light... which then lights the room or shines in baby’s face. I don’t know about you, but my baby is drawn to the iPad light... how is he supposed to sleep? Waste of money..Version: 5.1

Don’t buy -They say works seamlessly with other apple devices. They even say you can share via family sharing. They neglect to mention you will have to pay an extra 10$ to purchase on Mac and other devices..Version: 4.3

Waste of moneyWay below average, is unsafe, not to trust, it crashed and cant find other iPad, not recommendable at all, as first time parent, this is exactly want i don't want!!!!.Version: 1.7

Doesn’t work on my iPadWorked well on my phones but a red screen shows up on my iPad and nothing works after that.Version: 5.2.3

Pointless for Apple WatchYou may as well just open the camera on your iPhone from your watch, it’s more affective than this app! Crashes constantly when trying to use it with a watch and doesn’t alert you of movement, no sound and even if you get it to work with video within minutes it freezes and crashes. Disappointed I wasted my money on this useless app!.Version: 4.3

Used to be good.I brought this app and since the update has been done it no longer works properly!! It was great before. Now it fails the connect the devices ( which are both on the same network) then the odd time the it does connect it will disconnect half way thru the night. The camera had also lost it quality since enabling zoom! Please fix this.Version: 5.1

Not sufficient for remote accessI purchased this app to use to view my dogs through the day as one has very bad separation anxiety. The app works just fine while I'm in close proximity but would not connect through wifi. I have 3 different wifi networks that I've speed tested and it just kept searching and searching for 'unlimited range'. It never connected. I purchased a Wyze camera instead and it connects to my wifi just fine. This app was a total waste of money.Version: 4.3

App works well, but not in meshThis app works well however if if your a mess routers the signal will not move through the routers. It looks for the iPad and then drops the signal.Version: 4.3

Would be okay if it didn't drop out all the timeJust purchased this app and it was easy enough to set up but the connection keeps dropping out. I wanted to use it for day naps while my baby is asleep in her cot and I could be downstairs cleaning etc. as soon as I reach downstairs the connection drops out until I get half way back up the stairs..Version: 4.1

No goodDelay of response of buttons and more. Don't get it. I'm getting my money back..Version: 1.4

Constant drop outI paid to upgrade so I could access from anywhere. In the house I have dead spots everywhere and monitor constantly drops out no matter if on wifi or 4g but if I leave the house and go Kim’s away the monitor stays connected until I turn it off Very frustrating.Version: 5.2.3

Apps close abruptlyThe app closed abruptly and now wants me to repair the devices. Not helpful when child device is in room with sleeping baby. Chrome is also closing abruptly after installing this app..Version: 5.1

Does not work as advertisedApp only works when both phones are on the same WiFi within the house..Version: 4.3

Doesn’t work with my apple watchI am not receiving any notifications on my apple watch. Useless for me as I use my phone as a child device and watch as a parent device. I deleted and downloaded the app again, still no access to notifications. No ‘alarm’ image even appears..Version: 4.3

Unlimited range? Yeah right.We downloaded and paid for this app because of the unlimited range as we had a street party and wanted to keep an eye on our little guy from outside, our house isn’t very big so we didn’t think it would be a problem. It kept cutting out. Unlimited range is a lie, as soon as the wifi cuts out so does the connection..Version: 5.0.5

When it works it’s great.The connectivity of this baby monitor has got worse and worse. We have moved house, switched internet providers, upgraded packages and moved devices around but nothing can make this app reliable for us anymore. We get woken up 4/5 times a night with the disconnection beep. It’s a shame because it worked so well a year ago.Version: 4.3

Losing signalIn the room next door to our baby’s room and it beeps loudly, losing signal quite frequently. Extremely frustrating when we’re trying to get some sleep..Version: 5.2.3

App good, but needs perfect wifiWorks well if you're both in the same room. As soon as you move to the next room and the wifi is less than perfect the app disconnects and won't reconnect without restarting. Shame really. If you have unlimited mobile data this might be useful for you..Version: 4.2

Video Drops out and does not connectHave loved using this app but ever since the new update, I have had trouble connecting to see my baby on the monitor as it won’t connect with video sometimes. Didn’t have this issue before the update but now have had a few issues with it..Version: 5.0.1

Doesn't reconnect if wifi drops outBe warned that if the wifi connection drops out, it won't reconnect. E.g. If the wifi disconnects when leaving one hotel room and reconnects in the room next door (without 3G in between as you are overseas), the parent unit won't find the child unit on the new wifi. Pretty frustrating..Version: 4.0.2

SensitivityToo much wrong notifications..Version: 5.3.3

It was good, but suddenly no longer works!!!We have used this baby monitor app for over 1 year, and it has had very few issues until this week. I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden it is now not connecting the baby unit (iPad) & the parent unit (iPhone) together in order to monitor the babies. The baby unit still plays the music that I have chosen, but even though the parent unit is "connected" to the baby unit, there is no sound, the picture freezes, & the parent unit has to be connected again, or it just turns black so I can’t see the babies at all. I really need to see them in order to be sure that they aren’t climbing out of their cribs. This app was great, but in its current state, it’s now worthless. I will be looking for another baby monitor app..Version: 5.0.5

Doesn’t WorkThe app just worked well the first day. Since then the Parent Unit doesn’t connect to the Baby unit at all. Sometimes restarting the device does the trick. Tried on several devices but same issue. The screen shows “Connecting to *Device Name*” but doesn’t connect and after trying for few minutes the screen goes red. Disappointing!.Version: 5.1

Current version not working properlyUpdated the app and now it seldom connects to Apple device acting as monitor. Not just the case in my home but also my parents and in-laws who updated the app as well. Fix needed..Version: 5.0.5

Notifications no longer workWhile the app is closed there is no notifications being pushed through, used to be a great app but without this is a little pointless. Checked and double checked notification settings..Version: 4.3

Cloud feature didn’t workI’m not sure why, but I couldn’t get the cloud aspect of this to work. I kept getting error messages about a slow network. Strange though, since I don’t have any other connectivity issues with fast downloading etc. All the login pages were so incredibly slow as well, perhaps a related issue..Version: 5.1

Terrible app that doesn’t workWe have no issue with our WiFi network or coverage however this app has not worked a single night - and we’ve tried it for 7 nights. It instantly drops out and loses signal with the baby monitor even when I have both monitors on unlimited range. Useless!.Version: 5.0.2

The. Worst. App.This app is the actual worst. A complete waste of money. It doesn’t work at all - I’ve been trying for 2 days and still have not seen one second of video or heard one second of audio. All I get is alarms going off every 10 seconds. I would never buy this again and am so disappointed that I spent money on this complete and total waste of space..Version: 5.0.5

I just wasted £3.99 on thisHi app developers, can I have my money back please? Pretty glitchy even when both devices on same wifi network with a good connection, and soon as I try "cloud" mode over cellular (which was the whole reason I bought this app) the whole thing falls apart at the seams. Video feed just DOES NOT WORK - you get a bit of picture, then the whole thing stutters and stops, never to recover (and yes I do have a decent network connection). If you're charging £3.99 upfront you should make sure your app works properly, and this doesn't. Very p*ssed off..Version: 4.0.2

More notification features neededThe app would be more accessible (especially for those that are deaf or hard of hearing) if notifications of crying were delivered with flashing lights (via the torch on the back of the iPhone) and vibrations on the phone and apple watch. Currently a message appears on the screen of the phone and watch and that’s all. If I’m not looking at the screen I don’t know a notification has been received. Vibrations and strobe flashing is effective in telling me when I receive a phone call, msg or alarm. I wish the baby monitor could do the same thing..Version: 5.3

Dropped signalChild unit drops it’s connection almost every time I use it (nightly).Version: 4.3

One flaw: Night time sound lapseThis app is easy to use with all the practical features you need in a baby monitor. However, I’ve noticed one major flaw since the beginning: when using the app for extended periods of time (which tends to be overnight when you need it most), the sound transfer drops out. I’ve had several experiences where I’ve been woken from alert sounds (little ‘dings’) on the parent phone to say “activity detected, activity detected” and when I get up to check baby has actually been crying quite hard and loud — yet this sound isn’t being transferred to the parent monitor (only the activity detection is being transmitted). So unless you are using the night light there’s no way of knowing just by using the monitor if your baby is simply stirring or if they are in fact awake and crying. Not to mention the alert sounds for he activity detection aren’t that loud ... so who knows how long they were going on before I actually woke. Wifi in the house is perfect and signal bars were always strong. I tried a number of trouble shooting options with no luck. I don’t have the night time trust so I’m gonna have to try a different app..Version: 5.2.3

UpdateSince the latest update it won’t connect at all please fix.Version: 5.0.2

—-WARNING—- The Apple Watch version of this app is not working properly!When you open the Apple Watch version of this app it shows a blank black screen with just the time in the top right hand corner & nothing else at all. No feeds, nothing. No camera feeds ever come up anymore on this version of the app, even if the iPhone version of the app is open, running & showing feeds on it at the same time. Please could the developers fix this annoying bug asap, thanks..Version: 5.3.3

Didn’t work and is a waste of money and got hackedI downloaded this app over Christmas because we stayed over with family. It didn’t work. I’ve now received and email saying that someone logged on to my app in am area that I was never in. So not only does it not work you could get hacked. I feel cheated out of the money I spent on this silly app..Version: 5.3.3

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