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EpocCam Webcamera for Computer App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

EpocCam Webcamera for Computer app received 136 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using EpocCam Webcamera for Computer? Can you share your negative thoughts about epoccam webcamera for computer?

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EpocCam Webcamera for Computer for Negative User Reviews

When it works, it does. Otherwise, too glitchyThis app was great when I first purchased it. However, over two weeks of using the app it became really unstable. At first it worked only on WiFi, but wouldn’t work on USB. I downloaded the new drivers per the Kinoni Facebook page instructions. USB seemed to work sporadically, then not at all. In fact, the WiFi stopped working. I had to reinstall the drivers every time I wanted to use it and WiFi functionality never came back. Then a glitch showed up - while using it during a Zoom call the software stops, goes to a circle connection mode, and then returns. Constantly interrupting the video. There’s no way around this because the WiFi doesn’t work. This app has great potential, but is way too unstable to use consistently..Version: 2020.1

Works well, but not actually 1080pYou’ll get a decent looking 720p stream with this app but while the promo videos and screenshots say 1080p it actually maxes out at 720p..Version: 2020.1

No longer works.After the latest update (auto downloaded) the app no longer works as it requires a new driver which is not compatible with the OS on my iMac and on my work laptop I’ll need to contact IS again to install the latest driver. A huge pain and now the app that I paid for is unusable. Do not push the update if it requires new software elsewhere or allow for previous versions in the app to be restored..Version: 2021.3

Cool idea but doesn’t work on Skype for Business Mac or FacetimeBit disappointing that this doesn’t work in Skype for Business or FaceTime or Skype on the Mac using USB or Wifi. Works well with Microsoft Teams. But it’s disappointing that full app support isn’t there, especially given the high cost of this app. For this kind of money I expect broader support..Version: 2020.1

Held back by ransom tacticsMinus one star as front camera access is only granted once the app is reviewes despite it being a paid app. Minus one star as... While the app looks like it is probably ok I have no way of really knowing given that the first thing I've done with it is to come here to review to open the features. All in all, three stars but with different design decisions it has potential to be four or five..Version: 2019.9

Can't get it to work with ZoomFrustrating..Version: 2019.6

Good but not perfectIt works well with my ageing iPhone 6S, when it works...the connection drops out frequently for no apparent reason. I find I can rectify this quickly by choosing a different connection method (usb/wifi) or simply switching and then switching back but I shouldn’t have to do this. It makes me look unprofessional when on a conference call. Unfortunately, decent webcams are currently out of stock everywhere..Version: 2019.9

Free app is betterIs it just me or the pro version does not work on my 14 pro max??.Version: 2023.2

Useful, but unreliableHandy way to get a wireless webcam but man, it crashes and freezes up a fair bit needing a restart. And totally agree with the other guy, demanding a review to use the front camera feature on an app that I paid for is totally a dick move..Version: 2019.6

Does Not Quit !As a teacher teaching from home I downloaded this app on my iPhone and my MacBook Air. It worked great the first time I used both apps. I paired my Epoc Cam app on my phone with the app on my Mac. I used my phone as an overhead projector. However, every time I use the app it will not quit!! It feels like a computer virus! I have to turn my phone off and then back on in order to make the app quit! I also have to do the same thing on my Mac. I click quit and it will not quit or shut down. It is too the point that I feel like I wasted my money buying the paid version. I just want to delete it and ask for my money back! Don’t buy this app; it’s either a virus or has bugs. I don’t know.... it’s just frustrating!.Version: 2020.1

Going backwards?For the most part the app is ok. It worked fine before the last update 2 days ago where you are now REQUIRED to use alongside the computer software to use your phone as a webcam. Now with this new update the camera ends up with a very noticeable delay of almost up to a minute if not that. Its not only when I’m obs and you can also see the delay in the Elgato camera hub software itself. The filters could use some work which I haven’t seen any made. To be a PRO version it definitely needs more work to be had. But I’m hopefully that with an update the camera delay will at least be fixed..Version: 2022.2

Doesn’t work in QuickTimeHas limitations that make it a little useless.Version: 2021.5

Microphone doesn’t get sent to Windows 10I bought this thinking it would work, but none of my video conferencing apps (skype or MS Teams) can hear my voice even though I have the Kinoni audio source selected. The camera part works fine and my PC does see my iPad/iPhone as a webcam. Not having audio working is a deal breaker for me. I even tried restarting my pc after driver install and checked all my settings..Version: 2019.9

Great ideaAnd the app price and features are good. Not overly complicated. But on my current Mac it doesn’t work so I had to use other options. Please optimize fix guys..Version: 2023.2

Works okSeems fine at 640 but currently can’t get it to view 1920 on Mac.Version: 2019.9

It’s a concept that works, but is not practicalFirstly, yes this does work as a webcam. And it’s actually quite simple to set up as such. The problem, however, is it’s useless if you want to do anything more than video call. The recording lags a lot and regularly skips frames. And this happens whether attached to USB or over WiFi. So if you want to use it for filming or streaming like I did, just be aware this isn’t a good choice. But it is a good concept. I would’ve liked to see an app with more practical use, however..Version: 2019.3

Crashes Windows like clockworkRather annoyed that I upgraded from the free version. I use a (docked) windows laptop for work, as the laptop is docked i was looking for a camera I could use for video calls. What a waste of time. Had big issues with lag so upgraded hoping it would resolve the issues. A number of OS crashes caused by a kinoni file lead me to uninstall and reinstall a few times, though I’ve since uninstalled it and will not be reinstalling as I can not risk any file corruptions on my work tool and having to explain to my IT guys. Never tried it on my Mac book so can’t comment on its usability with that OS. My windows computer has since returned to a stable working platform. I guess the issue is with the “Server” app rather than the phone app, but you can’t use one without the other. *** Install it at your own risk ***.Version: 2020.1

Could be greatEasy set up. I opted for the paid version. Connectivity is the issue. I usually use usb, but often it fails to connect to my Win10 laptop. Also when I’m connected by usb and try to make a Bluetooth connection to a separate device, camera connection drops out. Nice app though, decent image, super easy to use but gotta get the connectivity sorted out..Version: 2021.1

Still could use some features…Maybe I’m picky but the AR filter lenses changed recently with the camera hub update and they’ve lost practicality. Please add a library or something with more lenses to choose from. The new focus blur specifically is pretty terrible..Version: 2023.1

USB disconnects after a whileFor no reason, the usb link will stop working after a while. There is no help option or any way to fix this. The usb cable works fine and I’ve tried multiple usb ports. For a $12 app. It’s rather basic and poor user interface, not many options within the app. Not worth your time..Version: 2019.9

Latest version crashes windowsThe latest epoc cam windows 10 driver 3.0.6 will cause blue screens when connecting via wifi in landscape mode. Also managed to blue screen by opening the EpocCam viewer (win 10) when the app wasn’t running.Version: 2021.2

Well that was fun! Completely screwed my PCI teach on zoom so thought it would be useful to use my iphone as a cam to allow me to move around. I tried the free version for a few minutes and liked it so went on my iphone to buy the pro. While I was doing that my PC crashed big time. No wifi or Bluetooth functions or any connectivity. Been working on it for hours and just resetting the pc as a last resort but that doesnt seem to have fixed it either so a new network card or worse looks likely. Not an old or cheap pc so seems to much of a coincidence it did all this just as I installed the software for this app..Version: 2020.7

RbtIs it normal to require a review before allowing access to a feature in a paid-for app? I haven’t even used the app yet..Version: 2019.9

When it works, it's excellent. But the "when" is a problem.I purchased this app in Jan 2021 the pro version. I came across it when I searched Google for apps that let me use my iPhone (SE 2nd G) as a video camera for my WebEx and Zoom Meetings. I am using a Mac Mini M1 chip. Initially, it would not connect by Wi-Fi or USB. When I tried to use it with WebEx, it could not be found as a video system. I tried using it with Mediasite via the desktop app and it worked, and after that, I was able to use it with WebEx directly via the USB. The clarity was excellent, the switch from landscape to portfolio mid-video was seamless. I was able to use it with Zoom. Only via USB, but I did not mind this. The controls are simple and I like the options to reflect the image. Since February 22, it stopped working again with WebEx. Doing the same thing it did when I first downloaded the app: WebEx can't find it as a video system. As I write this, I realize I should try it with Zoom and Mediasite again. But, even if that trips the application to work again, it seems there's something faulty going on. I did stop it from the Activity Monitor, restarted my phone, and looked at update and release notes, etc. I haven't reached out to technical support yet, but I find it disappointing to read so many recent reviews that speak to no help from customer support..Version: 2021.1

Why...Let’s see.. HATE that they need you to review to unlock a feature I just paid for.. really scummy Also, USB Doesn't work.Version: 2019.9

Don’t buy itAfter 6 months trying to make it work in my iPhone 11, with my MacBook Air just gave up. I paid for nothing. It connects to my pc but doesn’t offer any functionality of what I see online. Not recording, my zoom/Sky/messenger team cannot see me, my pc recognise it as a microphone only…disappointing and more disappointing is the fact that they do not offer REFUND. They blame on you for trust their product….Version: 2022.1

Works, but causes system crashes Win10I’ve been using EpocCam for two months now as a webcam for Zoom meetings. Yay, Quarantine. It works but appears to be the source of browser and system crashes, even when not running camera. It’s Konini driver will always run in the background, and looking at my event logs has generated daily errors, mostly when I’m not using it. I work for a very large tech company and my IT department flagged this as a network bandwidth hog and potential security risk. I uninstalled drivers and no more crashes. Do be WARNED: this may not be a safe thing to run on your computer. Once set up it does work, although a bit cumbersome to start and position my phone for each meeting. As it uses display and network streaming it can drain battery quickly. I find it too easy to forget I’m using it and have my phone battery go dead..Version: 2020.1

DisappointingBefore purchasing the pro version, I downloaded and tested the free version and everything worked flawlessly. So I felt it was safe to purchase the pro version. However, after purchasing the pro version, and downloading the Mac EpocCam Pro Installer, the installation on my Mac fails every time. I use a Mac Studio with M1 and I can’t find anything saying that it’s not compatible, but it surely isn’t..Version: 2021.5

Poor since latest updateAnother example of developers killing their app. Latest update added a “feature” which dims the display after 30s. This SHOULD have been implemented with a toggle to disable/enable. It is an absolute joke that this can’t be disabled. It defeats the purpose of the camera for a lot of us. One Google search will provide an example of how many people have been vocal about this, and all have been ignored. No ETA on a fix. What a JOKE..Version: 2023.2

Not as good as I thoughtThe view on my ‘webcam’ phone - not correct aspect ratio, black on the sides, but could see full height when I was standing ( iPhone). Image on windows computer ( and what others see) head cut off when standing, not what I thought it would do, (I presumed I would get full image- which is why I wanted this app). Going to get a refund. If full height image is not an issue for you, this might be ok.. Then I had no audio. Headache really.Version: 2020.5

Not Compatible with Big SurNot compatible with Big Sur.Version: 2020.5

Was amazing... When it worked.I started using this about a month ago as my camera for things like Twitch, Roll20, Zoom, etc. It worked fantastic in the beginning, so much better quality than a typical webcam. Then the usb function stopped working a week later, so I had to use WiFi. But even then it was still good quality and no lag. Then a few weeks later it started to overheat the phone, which makes the camera feed have horrible latency, but it only did this like every other time I used it. It would work fine one day and then overheat the next... Now the past few days it just straight up refuses to connect to my pc at all, so now this app is completely useless. This is kind of pathetic and makes absolutely no sense, and I’m not sure how it can just stop working like that when nothing has changed in my setup from when I started using it. I regret paying for this app.Version: 2020.1

Disappointed - Great at the start, useless nowThe EpocCam Pro app was strong and was flawless for the first few months. The app no longer works, the support is terrible, and the finger is points other directions. I’ve spend over 32 hours of my time on the phone and tech chat of various developers, and no matter what EpocCam Pro nor the 4K link for GoPro work anymore on all of my computers. Extremely disappointed and unhappy with the support as well as the products..Version: 2021.5

DisappointedI bought this app understanding that it would fully replace a webcam and provide the quality of an iPhone camera. I attempted to use this for a livestream and it was thwart with constant problems. The camera dropped out several times during the livestream for no apparent reason, and it eventually got to the point where I gave up and started using my webcam on my pc 🤦‍♂️ my iPhone XS is recently purchased and the charger lead was brand new and these problems still persisted. I would get my money back if I could, feel like my time has been wasted and a very stressful circumstance arose from trying to use this software..Version: 2020.1

Kind of WorksI have tested this app on an iPhone 6 se and an iPhone XR. On both the video lags by 2 seconds or more above 640x480. Even at 640x480 it will be fine for about 30 seconds, lag and freeze up and then be fine for a short period of time again. I made sure to eliminate the variable of a bad network connection by creating a computer to computer network between my phones and the computer I was trying to stream video to. I still had the exact same problem. The only other possible source for this problem could be the live-streaming software I am using: Ecamm Live. I am leaving 3 stars in case it is not the EpocCam software and is indeed the Ecamm Live software..Version: 2019.9

LaggyIt’s alright in terms of effects but it’s so laggy, I’ve seen other people have the same issue. Unless it’s fixed it’s not worth the price. I wasted my money here..Version: 2023.2

Useless without MicrophoneAs I understand, the windows app that runs this thing currently doesn’t work with microphone support. The video looks great but it’s kinda useless without the mic. Spent an hour before a business meeting trying to get this to work only to find out I had to jet out and buy a USB Webcam. This cost me a lot of preparedness in my meeting and I am at a loss how such a consequential software feature isn’t at the top of their list of things to resolve. Their solution to install the old driver didn’t work because one you close the camera hub it doesn’t want to connect. Will be seeking a refund..Version: 2023.1.1

Needs some workI bought EpocCam for two specific reasons - HD streaming and Syphon compatibility. Neither worked with the macOS EpocCam Viewer app, so I thought I’d bought a dud. However, using the EpocCam Viewer Pro app fixed both issues. This should be articulated more clearly to avoid disappointment as the app itself does the required job..Version: 1.10

This application removed a feature and demanded I post this review in order to reinstate it.Update your dummy drivers so we can use this as a proper camera please. Stripping front cam usage for those who don’t rate is terrible. It’s extortion, as this app is not free. Your camera software does not integrate with chrome or Discord. Sure, I’ll rate in order to reinstate use of front camera: Sorry fam, garbage strongarm tactics and poor integration earned you one star. Hope this worked out the way you were hoping..Version: 1.10.1

Pro version doesn’t workCompletely unusable due to the video lag. It will start out at a few seconds behind and eventually get to minutes of lag. Very unprofessional and completely unusable.Version: 2024.1

Worst app. Fake ratings.It’s glitchy as hell, even though I have the most powerful computer on a planet today and iPhone 14 Pro. (RTX 4090, i9-13900k, 64 GB) Don’t believe this rating, they used bots to get this rate. This app cannot perform its main duty - providing you with a video stream. Asking for refund, otherwise I’ll sue them..Version: 2023.1.1

Don’t waste money and timeThe camera is too close, if I turn the phone to go to portrait the app doesn't work. I would like to get a refund.Version: 2021.5

PoorUsing iPhone 12 and paid for the pro version. Used it for 20-30 mins on and off zoom calls to test it out, then decided I wouldn’t be using it. The app would only connect to my PC occasionally and even then it would sometimes cut out mid call. It got my phone extremely hot on every single test use and I can only imagine what damage that could potentially cause a very expensive phone. The latency was a real issue. On one particular Zoom call there was up to a 10 second latency and this was despite being connected a 5G router signal, it gave the members of my house a good laugh to see me on the screen in zoom when I had I fact left the room and was actually standing next to them, but other than the comical value the app failed to deliver. I should have tried the free version, but I trusted the name. Fool me once me I guess , the iPhone was never meant to be a webcam and it shows..Version: 2020.5

Good...butGreat app except it doesn’t work on Skype or Zoom. I’ve followed all the instructions downloaded, uninstalled and redownloaded and re-installed and downloaded the drivers etc. etc. and it still doesn’t appear as an option for video input. It’s a shame as the video quality is great and it’s easy to setup, but the whole point was to use it in apps like Skype..Version: 2019.9

Not reliableRegrettably, even though recommended for an alternative camera for lecture recordings, this is far too unreliable and inconsistent. I have wasted too much time trying to get to work with three different Mac machines and get poor lip sync issues and often simply not connecting at all. The troubleshooting advice on the Kinoni website does not help. This is a waste not only of the purchase of the app but also of the iPhone tripod mount needed to make the camera practical. Have reverted to the built in webcam on my MacBook- should have stuck with that from the start..Version: 2020.1

Annoying watermarkI’ve been using EpocCam for a few years and it’s been great. The version I had stopped working, so I downloaded this version, which now puts a watermark on all my videos. I know this can be removed in the pro version, but there’s no option to upgrade!! I’ve spent 30 mins trying to buy the pro version with no success. Even the website gives no clues :/.Version: 2021.5

Latest version doesn’t workI’ve used this for a while now and, bar a few minor issues with lagging that might have been an issue with my laptop anyway, it’s been a good app. The latest version has given me nothing but grief though - at first it refused to work with OBS but now it just freezes after a short while, with the only solution I’ve found to be restarting my PC or reinstalling the Windows drivers, which just isn’t practical. I’ve logged a ticket with Elgato’s support so we’ll see, but for now I’m going to go back to my old webcam as, although the image quality is not as good, at least it works!.Version: 2021.3

Major BugOverall this app is amazing and I would ordinarily give it a full 5. But since the most recent update allowing the app to automatically allow green screen, the app crashes every time it connects to my computer. It works fine, until the moment it connects then it just closes itself. I’ve tried reinstalling the app, restarting my phone, but nothing has helped. So even though I paid for the full version, I’m stuck using the free version as that still works fine. Other than that, this app is amazing!.Version: 2019.7

Worked only reliably on 5GHz WiFiAfter purchase, the software worked as intended the first time after launch of the application and connection to a Windows 10 PC. However when the app was closed even for a short time, it often was unable to re-connect. Based on recommendations for a video streaming protocol NDI, I configured the WiFi to use only the 5GHz band. Since this reconfiguration, the app works as intended. In my rating, the app losses one star for the required configuration of the WiFi and one star for the incomplete implementation of "manual focus". The manual focus is listed as pro feature but its nowhere documented what it does and it is not manual. This app does not have a manual focus function that allows you to manually focus. I would call it a fully automatic focus on demand..Version: 2020.1

Update caused problemsThis was great until recent updates. I updated software on device and computer and nothing but problems. Can’t connect via wifi, and when using USB it works for a bitthen image freezes. Very frustrating as it seems this amazing update was not well tested before release..Version: 2021.3

Good for a minuteOnce I got it to be visible on my Mac, using the Camo app it worked fine but then the image pixelates after about a minute abs is basically useless.Version: 2020.1

Unbearable delay = unusableUsed with USB, unbeatable delay. Makes it unusable. Spent 2 hours trying to fix. Other people in the internet with the same problem..Version: 2023.1.1

The IronyI used the free version of the app for about 2 days with no issue. I used front facing for zoom without a hitch and switch back and forth between them with no issue. It was plug and play no worries I bought the pro version to have a microphone, and now it’s just not wanting to play nice with zoom. The front facing camera either crashes the EpocCamService in windows or crashes the app on here. The rear facing camera does work but then it occasionally connects with an odd filter over it or something, like at one point it was entirely green. The pro version is worse than the free version in almost every way, I will be troubleshooting as I did pay for it and therefore want it to work but this is ridiculous.Version: 2020.7

WiFi rarely works.Easy to setup and use, but WiFi rarely works, so I have to connect with a usb cord. Since I only have 3-foot long cords, I have to buy a longer cord, so the total price just went up. The video quality with my iPhone 7+ is better than the camera in my laptop and the webcam I bought an returned after I discovered this app. No regrets but still wish it did what it says it can do. When it does work with WiFi, I haven’t noticed a lag with speech/audio, but there is sometimes a delay if I move my hand into view. The interface is severely lacking. There are hardly any options. I’m not sure if my video is 1080p because it just has fair, good, and best quality as options, not specific numbers. The desktop app on my PC is also barebones..Version: 2020.5

Doesn’t work anymore.I was loving this app until recently when it just stopped working. I was using this app to connect my phone camera to my laptop, so that I could have video calls through Zoom because my Laptop camera isn’t functional. Now I just get a flickering screen, or the camera doesn’t connect at all to Zoom and just says it needs updating. Nothing seems to fix this after updating the app and the drivers on my laptop. What happened?.Version: 2021.3

EpocCam ProI bought the pro version as I wanted 1080p resolution and audio but I am having difficulty getting it to work correctly. At the moment I am not sure it is worth the money but will continue testing it for the moment..Version: 2019.9

OkWhen it works it’s good.Version: 2019.9

Not quite unusable, but closeI bought this app because it was the only one I could find with audio support that doesn't charge a monthly fee or cost a fortune. I was optimistic because it was backed up by Elgato, but it’s terrible. The interface is slow and clunky, and it crashes every second time it is opened, and I could live with this, but by far the worst is the audio. The audio itself is fine, but it drifts out of sync with the video as the broadcast progresses, making it almost impossible to fix even in post-production. If you are on a tight budget and absolutely need audio functionality, then this app seems to be your only option. If you’re not in this situation, don’t waste your money..Version: 2022.1.1

Questionable AppWell, I tried the free version, and it worked ok. Feeling satisfied, I upgraded to the pro version. Then, right when I started to try some of the additional functions, it stopped working entirely. I uninstalled the drivers and the app from my computer and phone, reinstalled them, and same result, nothing, it just refuses to connect for some reason. Now it won’t even work with the free version anymore. I’m only writing this review because I read others that said you have to write one before the app can access your camera, that’s just ridiculous, but I have to try something since I paid $8 for this thing. I hope I did not get scammed..Version: 2021.4

Video not HDVideo quality does not seem HD. Won’t work with things like google meet.Version: 2021.3

Audio doesn’t work.Upgrade to pro version because of claims it will use audio from your device. Beware if you intend to use iPhone/iPad on ms teams or zoom and expect audio from device it doesn’t work. Been in contact with support. All they keep telling me to do is update drivers. Works fine as a simple webcam but will need an external microphone or headset..Version: 2020.1

Keeps disconnecting whilst recordingAfter trying the free version I decided to buy the paid version. The app itself is quick, easy and simple to use and I like the fact that you can change the bit rate, connection type and image quality. Unfortunately at the minute when I am trying to record extended videos (more than 5 mins for a distance learning course) I keep getting a momentary black screen of disconnection before reconnecting rendering my records useless as that is not what I obviously want recording during the middle of the video. I can’t seem to stop it from occurring. Any help would be great. Otherwise I’d give this app 5 stars!.Version: 2020.1

Paid for featuresRated already for free version to unlock both cameras. Paid for full version and then had rate again to use features I paid for. SHAMEFUL. However, I am thankful that this is doing the job of a document camera that would cost me a few $100's. So 2 stars. Would've been five if I hadn't had to come back and rate again more than twice already PLUS I have to uninstall and reinstall the app from both my computer and my phone every few months due to the fact it stops working which is time consuming and inconvenient in my classroom when it stops working unexpectedly. **Had to RATE IT AGAIN!!! SMH 🙄 Still grateful but it’s a bit aggravating when I have to take time out of my planning period to rate something so I can use it for class. ☹️ Pros 1) cost less 2) wireless and I can move about my classroom 3) make videos to upload 4) HD and great picture! Cons) 1) needs a WiFi signal on the same network can’t work just on Bluetooth 2) freezes when you get a call or text message (Turn off messages/calls if you make video) 3)Frequently needs to be reinstalled and the updates didn’t make much of a difference..Version: 2019.6

DropsI got too many drops and I'm trying with Omegle it's not working.Version: 2023.2

Update 3.3 has ruined this app (Windows)Got this app almost a year ago now and used to work perfectly. Ever since the recent driver update (3.3) the program has been awful. I’ll start up my computer and everything is running fine. App boots up well with Streamlabs and starts to work. Within 10-15 minutes of it being on, it freezes on the desktop. Tried restarting Streamlabs, nope. Tried restarting the computer, nope. Tried restarting my phone, nope. The only way to fix it (in my experience) is to shut off the stream/quit Streamlabs, delete the recent EpocCam patch, restart the computer, download the EpocCam patch again, restart the computer AGAIN, then it’s able to work…. until the next day…. Then you have to restart that whole process again. I’ve gone and ordered a professional camera. Once that arrives I’ll never have to use this app again!.Version: 2021.3

Connection issuesDon’t waste your money! Even using the USB connection (which is touted as being “most-stable”), the EpocCam “disconnects” constantly during Zoom calls, takes forever to re-connect and image quality suffers greatly. My iPhone 11 has a fabulous camera, and EpocCam can’t even focus..Version: 2020.1

Worked great...for a weekI was so happy to have the opportunity to use an old phone as a WebCam rather than purchase a new one and the free version of EpocCam seemed to work so well, I decided to purchase EpocCam HD to use the microphone. It was working great with no problems for about a week and then it quit working with no logical reason. One day I used it in the morning for a meeting with no problem, and for another meeting in the afternoon all I got was the spinning circle of connecting.. I have tried rebooting everything, re-downloading drivers, reinstalling the app, using a different device. With the other device I finally got the camera to work again, but it is not working with Zoom anymore and I get a “failed to start the video camera” message even though it’s “connected.” I think I have now spent more time troubleshooting it then I actually spent using it when it worked. Rather disappointing. By the way, to those complaining about not being able to use the front facing camera without a review, it’s not really required. I had been using the front facing camera since day one despite not having submitted a review of this app until now..Version: 2020.1

Keeps crashingI wrote a previous review saying this was fantastic and feel obliged to update now as I’ve ditched the app and bought a 2nd camera. I’m a teacher who’s had to move to online lessons in the pandemic and needed a second camera. It started working really well, then zoom updated and this app would only work via screen share, but that was fine. And then for the last couple of weeks it just keeps crashing. I have to keep restarting during lessons (embarrassing) and sometimes making do without it working (more embarrassing). Trying to keep my business going means I need something reliable. Sorry as it’s a great idea..Version: 2020.1

Awesome app, when it works...I started with the free version and was so impressed with the quality I upgraded. Here’s the thing, it crashes and loses connection constantly. I’m using it with OS X Catalina and it’s just too unstable to rely on. The quality is fantastic when it’s working but it’ll drop out in less than 10 min into a Zoom call. It seems to be very prone to conflicts with other apps you may have open. If the company can get a fix out I would highly recommend this app. As it is, I recommend you steer clear of this app. It’s just not reliable enough and at best, you’ll have to fiddle with it several times while in the midst of a call to keep it working. Fingers crossed for a fix from the developer, great potential here!.Version: 2020.1

Not fit for purposeWhen it works this is a good app. However, it intermittently cuts to the connecting screen causing a complete loss of signal. I got in touch with the developers and to be fair to them they quickly responded and sent me an updated firmware. I installed this and it made the problem worse. It now cuts out frequently and the only way to reconnect is to unplug/re plug the usb. I spent many hours trying different settings, different phones, iPad, connecting by usb / WiFi etc. Having been back in touch with Kinoni several times and their inability to correct the issue, I have to conclude that this app is not fit for purpose! I have since purchased iVCam and this works perfectly..Version: 2020.1

The Most Disappointing App I’ve Ever BoughtThis is the worst app I’ve ever spent money on and it cost $8!!! The app worked okay for about a week and then became useless. The app doesn’t start half the time, it’s incredibly laggy, and it often freezes in the middle of recordings/streams. I can’t even get it to work with a USB cable anymore which is supposed to be the most stable connection. You can not use this app for any professional purposes! You’d drop out of meetings and ruin recordings constantly. There are barely any customization settings in the app and little technical support. I have so many other complaints but enough energy to list them all. Do a Google search for EpocCam and you’ll find a ton of other complaints. I truly believe the company has found a way to fudge their review ratings because I see complaints similar to mine all over the Internet. The app literally doesn’t work, you can’t possibly give it more than a 1-star review. This is perhaps the worst purchase I’ve made this year..Version: 2020.1

Useful but flaky and not easyIt does work, but it is more plug-and-pray than plug-and-play. The picture quality is good, and I do regularly use it with Zoom, Teams and other video apps. It was adding some flutter to my audio, so I broke down and bought a separate mic, which eliminated that problem. The most annoying thing is that the connection can be flaky, especially when connected via USB. It will just disconnect with no notice or reason during a video call. I can quickly reconnect, but it is mot conducive to hassle free meetings. WiFi connection is more reliable but still disconnects occasionally. I use it with an iPhone XR and a Windows 10 desktop, so plain vanilla setup This app gets the job done if you are willing to fool with it, but I would not rate it as a consumer grade solution. Good idea, but they should do more testing to make it robust..Version: 2020.6

USB Mode is a serious headacheJust horrible. Worst money spent. Usb mode sucks!.Version: 2023.2

Paid version skips the adsThe good: - Straight forward to get a quick ad-hoc network cam up and running. The bad: - It appears that the mac beta driver does not work on Mojave, so this is not working for use in other programs like skype. The name of the cam does show up, but the video only shows a turning circle. Bummer. I hope there is a driver update soon. - Forcing a review to get front cam access? While I can understand that for the free version, this is not acceptable on the paid version. Deducting a star just for that. What would be a nice addition: - IP address based connectivity. I’d like to keep my mac on wired ethernet while connecting to the iPad cam on wifi, pretty please..Version: 1.10.6

EpocCam asked me for a reviewI have only just purchased this but it expects a review already🙄.Version: 2019.6

Bad App don’t pay for it!I paid for this app after having no problems with the free version however as soon as I updated to the paid version the app disconnects from my pc even though it’s connected via USB, if it doesn’t disconnect the app closes itself. I bought this app as I am an Art streamer on twitch who currently can’t afford a good camera to stream with and now I’m struggling to keep viewers because of the app crashing. I am a twitch affiliate and this isn’t helping my growth only hindering it was not worth the £6!.Version: 2019.3

Would be higherIt keeps freezing and you have to download the drivers 100x.Version: 2021.4

Good but needs improvementsFirstly, holding front camera access hostage until I give a review is greatly disappointing. After already paying for the app this is total disrespect. Secondly, I’m still unsure how the audio of making my phone into a microphone works after having that advertised in the free version. This could do with a better explanation. It is a useful app non the less..Version: 2019.3

Great until Big SurUsed weekly when giving online lectures. It was fantastic until I updated to Big Sur. Now EpocCam isn’t listed as a camera option in QuickTime. Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver didn’t help, so am now at a loss..Version: 2020.5

Intermittent functionConnection to phone drops after a few minutes - troubleshooting advice on the app (to uninstall and reinstall desktop application) works momentarily before dropping again. Further investigation on the web suggests (even more) NDI tech downloads are required for functionality which I would not expect, and would not have downloaded the free app, much less paid the £7.99 for the ‘pro’ app either had I known..Version: 2021.1

Good quality but not optimised wellEasy to install and connect between my iPhone 7 and Mac Book Pro but during the meeting, I noticed that the epocam is using too much resources of my computer. 35% cpu of Mac Book Pro 16 inch (16gb ram). I have already tried to use ‘fair’ quality video and connecting with USB(wifi) but it didn’t help to reduce the usage..Version: 2021.5

Worked great until Elgato took overThe app, which I paid for the Pro version, used to be excellent. People would compliment me on the quality of the camera in Teams and Zoom. Shortly after Elgato took over, the app is unusable. Freezes after 10 minutes, and won’t reconnect without restarting the PC, and it does it again. Do not waste your time or money on this app. It’s gone from bad to worse. Multiple threads about these issues are online, Google before you buy!.Version: 2021.4

Update broke the appThe earlier version was one of the last few usable apps on this 10 year old iPad 2, running iOS 9.3.5. Was so happy that I paid for the full version for just so I could use this ipad2 as a webcam. Now not so happy, since this update has made it unusable on the ipad2 - the app cannot find my wifi anymore to connect, even though my wifi is running ok..Version: 1.10

Comes up short!This app looks great and to set up as a new streamer it is in printable a great idea as it lets you use your phone as a webcam. But that’s as far as it currently goes for me, it has a number of bugs and all in wasn’t really worth the cost for the HD side. The main reason I went for the HD upgrade is it says it can connect with USB, but this is not the case, even after using the troubleshoot video it false to connect. Meaning that you need to revert back to WiFi. This would be fine for using as a second cam that you don’t really care about how it looks but when your trying to get the best out of what you have and paid for it then it’s really not a great product. On top of this I have had it crash out on me min way throw using a number of come and this then impacts on the streaming overall look and impacts on the views and in turn follows so for something that is paid for it’s really not what I expect. Finally if you do go with a WiFi connect it can drop the link if you have a busy WiFi connection and again impacts on the overall expectation for what you get. To sum up: great idea in principal but is filled with bugs that you pay for and doesn’t measure up to what it’s listed to do. Would be better just getting a cheap webcam from Wish as at least it can connect with a usb and doesn’t drop and costs about the same..Version: 2020.1

Keeps disconnectingWhen I got it first was working well for a good period of time, now keeps disconnecting while in conversations..Version: 2021.1

Crashes when using it for over 20 minutesI use this app with a iPhone XR and 8 and every time I start streaming it creates a delay what is about 10-20 second delay you need to fix it is unusable with SLOBS please I use it everyday for streaming help is out and fix all the delays with an update.Version: 2021.2

AR features and Ai background not supported for amd cardsI have a 7900xtx and i cant use a lot of features which this app offers which is irritating as i have the best consumer grade amd card. And for the lag I realized its just my phone getting hot so I slapped a cooler on it, so it works well with a cooler..Version: 2023.2

It doesn’t work as describedI bought this app for my iphone - Install ok. I also then loaded the required driver for my mac to form the connection. But the connection just wouldn’t work. No connection and no picture despite following the (poor) instructions. I realised that the driver (program) for my mac says it installs ok, but when i hunt for the installed program all i can find is an uninstall program so it appears that the actual software doesn’t install. So after hours of failure, to try to make it work i then hunt around the app store (on my mac) and find an eoccam app (to install on my mac). I install it and then i get the connection and my iphone camera appears on my mac in an epoccam viewer window. However this viewer window IS NOT accessible by progs such as skype so i CANNOT use my iphone camera as a webcam that is then accessible on my mac. So it’s useless. I lost about 6 hours failing to make this work. I would like a refund but getting a refund seems like a hard task - no support to contact. AVOID THIS APP.Version: 1.10

Why is there a huge delay?I just bought the pro app and it’s completely unusable. Running on an iPhone 14 pro, via USB to a Mac Studio. Both extremely capable devices Z but in the setting app and while in teams chat, my video is a couple of second behind. It’s unusable and I want a refund..Version: 2022.2

Great App. When it worksGood features, provides good video quality (phone camera dependent), however can be unreliable. From no connection to PC integration app crashing to intermittent latency. When you rely on consistent availability / reliability during the day as part of remote working, I would suggest a dedicated hardware camera..Version: 2023.2

BSOD and Chroma OffI purchased this app last year (the pro version) and it worked flawlessly, with the original Kinoni drivers on Windows 10. With the latest app update, after being acquired by Corsair, I was met with several breaking problems. I now could not alter the restricted Field-of-View, and the colour output on Zoom/Discord/camera had a blue tone over it - I assume the wrong YCbCr configuration. Worse still, opening the EpocCam viewer on my PC resulted in a Blue-Screen of Death (BSOD) - i.e crashing my computer. I even updated the windows drivers but it did not help, resulting in a second BSOD that I had to use recovery mode to resolve. I am aware that your release notes mention this BSOD issue but, clearly, it is not fixed. I also do not know why the update would cause such a severe issue on your part. Overall, being unable to downgrade this app to the previous (flawless) version, I can no longer use it. I paid for the app when it was working, but with its current state I am writing this for the dev team; and to warn future users..Version: 2021.1

Easy to use but...Only major problem I’m finding is the connection drops in and out, despite being connected over wifi and usb. Also only reviewing for access to front camera..Version: 2019.9

Auto lock not disabled in new versionI’ve been using the pro app version for some time for work meetings. It’s been great. However, a new version has just been released which doesn’t disable the screen auto lock. That’s very poor and needs to be fixed ASAP. I use a work phone which has the option to disable the overall auto lock function. This means the app is rendered unusable..Version: 2020.2

Waste of MoneyNot until you read the troubleshooting on their website do you realise it does not work with Teams and Facetime. The microphone is also muted due to a software bug -only described on their website after you’ve purchased. Don’t waste your money till these major issues are fixed.Version: 2022.2

How to rate if I haven't used front cam???Had to rate in order to use front cam. Quite cheap tactic considering I paid for app.....Version: 2019.9

HmmUsed to be really reliable lots of bugs st the moment.Version: 1.11.1

Will change rating if issue is fixedI can’t seem to get the microphone to work. My computer isn’t picking it up and I’m annoyed that I paid for the full version. Nothing on the website says anything about how to fix minor microphone issues. Fix the issue I’ll fix my rating but at the moment this is all you can get..Version: 2020.1

Works great...but...The software has been nothing but excellent EXCEPT every 15 minutes or so the image becomes blurry. I am connecting via USB and to remedy it I have to either go into app setting or close and reopen the app. I have sent a support email but no one has gotten back to me..Version: 2020.1

Poor audio with ECamm streamingThe product works well apart from a minor flaw and a major one for my workflow. Note I only use it with an iPhone connected to my laptop via USB 1) I run multiple phones via USB into my laptop to be used as streaming cameras with ECamm software and OBS. If I use a phone’s microphone as well as camera I end up with lots of clicks and pops and dropouts as soon as I use the software to move between cameras. The software is set to only get audio from one phone but to get video from any of the phones connect through live editing. This problem means it’s effectively useless to me. When I draw the audio from another source (a actual webcam) the issue isn’t replicated meaning that it is a sound issue within the app. I appreciate that this would not be an issue for anyone using a single iPhone as a camera. 2) the feed, even over USB keeps dropping out. Half way through a live stream it dropped out, I think because it popped up on screen that the app wanted me to review it - so here it is!.Version: 2020.1

Latest update dropping connectionAfter the latest update, app has been glitchy and connection is dropping out in the middle of livestream. Have to reboot camera and computer and sometimes still doesn’t work. Please fix this bug thanks..Version: 2021.3

Was working perfect but not anymore :(I loved it for the first few weeks I am on the paid version and interesting to read from other users that the free version has a better angle. I no longer can use it because I have a delay of at least 6/7 seconds - I teach movement classes and use the app to have another angle but because of the delayed image I can’t use it anymore. Is it possible to fix this or provide a refund ? Same I would have give a 5 star rating but I tried everything/ delete/ reload etc Pls help 🙏🏼.Version: 2020.1

Bitrate and focusing controlJust got the update today and noticed the bitrate and focusing control has been removed. There are only "Fair" or "Good" option for the video quality, which are both substantially worse than the maximum quality which is 10 Mbits/s in older versions. Double tapping to switch to continuously focusing is also missing in the new version. Please address these issues as this is the paid version of the app and we don't want to have a worse quality after updating..Version: 2020.2

Awful Doesn’t workWhat a waste of $10 I should’ve just bought a WebCam, i can never get it to connect to the computer/pc spend a lot of time fiddling with it to try to get to work, and even if I do get the app connected it disconnects with in a few minutes.Version: 2021.4

Very difficult to set upReal pain.Version: 2022.2

It’s great… when it worksI’ve been using this app almost daily for a year as a replacement for my laptop webcam. The paid version worked perfectly for a few months via WiFi and USB. Then slowly over time I would run into connectivity issues: wouldn’t connect over WiFi, couldn’t find my phone over USB. I tried different cables, with and without my USB hub, restarting my phone, re-installing drivers… sometimes it gets fixed and will run great for a week or two but then the problems begin again. I wish there was a more robust app to troubleshoot issues on my computer when I can’t get a connection. Also confusing is the fact that there are two apps in the App Store. I really want to love this app but its so dysfunctional that I wonder if it’s worth the stress or if I should just buy a webcam..Version: 2021.4

I want my refund!The free app is better than this! As soon as I downloaded this paid version it stopped connecting to any device and seem irreparable. I just want my refund for this fraud of an app..Version: 2021.3

Waste of moneyIf you like an app the stop working while you are in the middle of an important busyness meeting, this is the one..Version: 2021.4

No manual focus on front facing camera.If you don’t want to be blurry you have to use the rear camera, and even then the autofocus doesn’t work properly. Touching your face to put it in focus is difficult as the screen is facing the wall..Version: 2022.1.1

If this only worked???Since I have updated (foolishly) to Camera Hub version 1.8 (as otherwise you can’t use it)!all get is a green screen in OBS,Zoom, Teams, Skype via I reported a problem 6 months ago and no reposnse. Yesterday I get an apology and that I have not been forgotten with a suggestion to try a beta 1.9 and…..now Elgato Camera Hub doesn’t even appear as and option in OBS, Teams, Zoom, etc. For worse to catastrophic….and I am not stupid…..tried on my laptop and desktop on Ventura and Sonoma OS….and then I just installed a free version of competitor Camo and …..it works…….I couldn’t be the only one with this problem…...Version: 2024.1

Random for activating features after I pay?!?!?Here you go Einstein Now can I have front facing cam?.Version: 1.10.1

Buggier than a Florida swamp, DO NOT BUY!Multiple problems with this app 1.) Theres no way to adjust the image exposure, or any other image settings at all 2.) You can’t adjust the focus from your computer, the focus has to be adjusted on the phone itself...completely useless if you’re using a tripod or any other mount and the back facing camera. 3.) The highest resolution this app supports is 1080p at 30fps, despite the iPhone 11 Pro’s cameras being capable of 4K at 60fps. But even 1080p doesn’t work! The best I was able to get was 720p at 30fps, despite paying for the HD version! 4.) Even at 720p at 30fps, while using OBS to make test recordings on my i7 6-core Mac Mini running the latest version of Mac OS X Catalina, the camera kept disconnecting and re-connecting randomly. What a piece of junk. In summary, do not buy this app. It’s insanely buggy, I wouldn’t even call this beta software, it’s more like alpha, completely unfinished, and there is no support from the developers whatsoever to address these problems. The last app update came out almost 6 months ago. I am so disappointed that I am going to be requesting a refund from Apple for this purchase. What a disgrace..Version: 2020.1

Major missing featureThis works great, syncing with my Windows 10 device, but one major flaw is that there is no way to rotate the camera. For space reasons I need the phone to be rotated clockwise, but the app only supports counter-clockwise. I can correct this in zoom, but not all vc apps have this as a setting and seems an easy fix. Incidentally, with the free version, the ads follow the accelerometer of the phone..Version: 2020.1

Drops the connectionThis was a total waste of money- the app seems great but it drops off our wifi constantly which makes it totally useless for us. If I could figure out how to return it to get our money back I would. Do not recommend..Version: 2021.2

Used to work before ElgatoDONT UPDATE - IT BREAKS EPOCCAM. Worked perfectly before. Now I’m forced to update because this newer version of the app requires a Mac/PC driver which DOES NOT work and keeps a black screen even though the connection is secured..Version: 2021.3

Doesn’t work at all..Doesn’t work...Version: 2019.9

Paid version still no microphonePaid for the HD version and it won’t work as video and sound/microphone I’m very disappointed.Version: 2020.1

Connection lost and unable to reconnectI lose connection all the time and i have to reinstall the app for the camera to stop working after 15 minutes of streaming. Not worth 10$.Version: 2021.3

Need to work with tech support all the timeUpdates don’t happen automatically. I find out what I need when it crashes. Some fixes are easy and some aren’t. Tech support is always great but it’s super annoying to need to talk to them every month..Version: 2021.4

False advertisingThe features list states that this app allows your iPad to work as a webcam for all webcam-enabled apps. After purchasing, I found it didn’t work with any of them. I looked for instruction on their website and found under the FAQs that it no longer works with webcam-enabled apps like Zoom, Skype etc due to current macOS security. So the claim is false. This app should be withdrawn from sale - it’s good for nothing now.Version: 2020.1

Does not work for driver 3.4 on windows 10Installed EpocCam_Installer64_3_4_0.exe for windows 10, but phone can not connect once it installed. Re-Installed the version 3.3.1 to make it work. Issue with driver 3.3.1 is that the driver need to be installed each time after rebooting my computer. Not sure if it is only for my computer or it is a bug..Version: 2021.5

Great when it worksWhen this app is working it works really well. However I’ve had problems with it not connecting for no apparent reason. Sometimes simply restarting it gets in working again. Sometimes it just never works via wifi again. I paid for the pro version so I would expect more reliability for the money I paid. For example one day I used it to successfully hold a family Zoom meeting. The next day it stop working unless connected with USB. With USB it seemed super laggy. I feel like the developers need to bug test it more because it seems to be very finicky about when it connects. Maybe it needs a control panel for the computer app to trouble shoot it. The only troubleshooting they suggest is checking if the background apps are working and that the phone and computer are on the same network. It’s really good when it works so it’s frustrating that it is so unreliable..Version: 2019.9

Just got it to work...It took some doing, but I somehow managed to get the wired connection to work. I’m leaving a review so I can start using the front camera (not a fan of this tactic), but I do hope the developers get some handy feedback regardless. I was in need of a webcam that I could put anywhere (like over the shoulder on a tripod. Given of the shortage of webcams for purchase online at the time of this writing, I figured there’s got to be a simple way to use my phone for this... and this app does just that! Hoping I don’t run into more hiccups as I continue to use it — like I said at the start — it took some doing to get the app and my MacBook Pro to start communicating. Thank you to the developers for making this tool available, and I hope you continue to keep it updated..Version: 2019.9

Wasted my moneyPaid for this to connect to my computer for zoom meetings. Worked really well to start with. I could choose what resolution I wanted in settings (480p/720p/1080p) then the app was updated for the new iOS 14. And now I can’t choose my resolution and the video lags more the 60sec when using the app. Complete waste of money. Really disappointed!.Version: 2020.6

DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEYIf you run OS 10.14.6 (Mojave) it won’t work - The latest zoom and Apple’s 10.14 does not support 3rd party webcams.Version: 2020.1

Delay is significantThe app works in that it turns the iphone into a webcam. I paired it with my 2010 mac mini and skype. A quick test shows it worked. Then I did a actual call. The video delay was significant , up to 30 seconds behind! The macos desktop app opens , but thats about it. All I see is artifacts no config . Was really hoping this works..Version: 2020.1

Doesn’t ConnectProbably a 20% success rare with this app. When it does connect, it will most definitely crash within 5 minutes. Im running this on an iPhone 13 Pro. Why would they release this app if it doesn’t work? Elgato is a great comoany. This app is trash. Stay away..Version: 2021.4

GlitchyUPDATED ORIGINALLY TWO STAR I’m using an iPhone 6S plus and a MacBook Pro with EpocCam HD and Zoom. This thing is glitchy. Connecting to the Zoom/Mac is iffy (I’m in Zoom setup), and when I switch away from EpocCam, the connection is totally lost. I have to kill the app on the phone, restart the app, switch Zoom away from EpocCam. Then when I switch back to EpocCam I am reconnected. When I start a Zoom meeting, the connection is lost (I get the circling segments on both phone and Mac). I have to leave the meeting, kill the app on the phone, and re-enter the meeting to get video. UPDATED April 22 - THREE STAR Seems that most of the problems I listed above are caused by 2 things - spotty wifi at my house and the app’s poor USB support. When I cured most of the wifi problems, most of the problems were reduced or eliminated. Even though the app connection setting is “automatic” and that the iPhone has been 100% connected by USB, the latency and freezing and dropped video problems continue. It takes “forever” (5 to 10 seconds) for the camera to reconnect and I get a “connected by wifi” notification. So, USB support is nonexistent or glitchy, but it is mostly usable for Zoom when high quality video is less important. SECOND UPDATE. BACK TO 2 STARS With wifi turned off and only the USB connection and connection set to USB only, it never connects..Version: 2020.1

DisappointingBought this to use on zoom after an hour of trying I cannot get the camera to show up on zoom settings disappointed as I have followed all the instructions!.Version: 2020.5

Drops out a lotI’ve been trying to record my iPhone camera on OBS using a lightning-USB cable. I would think a wired connection would be the most stable. The video looks great when it works and has a nice simple interface but it often drops out for no reason. I’ve adjusted OBS settings and settings within EpocCam a hundred different ways, even lowering the resolution significantly but it can’t seem to tolerate more than a few minutes. My record was 11 minutes before failure. I’ll try the wifi option but I don’t see why the wired option should fail so much..Version: 2020.1

Love the ideaI was so excited about the possibility of using my cell phone as my camera and take advantage of the 1080 camera. My brand new MacBook Pro comes with inferior camera, which was disappointing. However I’ve tried for hours, reinstalling twice but still can’t make the connections needed to use the phone camera as anticipated. I’m not ready to give up yet but feeling frustrated. Any help would be appreciated..Version: 2021.5

Mac Users watch outI bought the pro version to use with Zoom. It specifically says in its sales material that it can be used for this. Long story short - it doesn’t. Nor does it work with other Apple apps. The help section makes a snarky remark blaming Apple. This may be true but they’re the ones selling an app for Macs with misleading sales material. Ripped off. Be warned..Version: 2020.1

For 39 minutes it rated a 5 and then notWorked well for a zoom meeting. Connected and ran well for about 39 mins or so and then I got a reconnecting notice. Could not get it to reconnect. Rebooted everything. Started and for about 30 mins it ran properly and then started saying reconnecting. I had the free version on phone as well so removed them both reinstalled and ran program. About 15 mins and said reconnecting. This time it reconnected for a while and then lost connection again. Gave up and switched to crappy internal laptop camera. The pieces never moved during this. Internet was active at all times. No idea what’s going on. If maker reads this please advise. I need a package I can trust. Did I just waste my money?.Version: 2020.1

Good image, poor soundImage quality is pretty good, but you need to buy the full version to get sound as well. And that is really not worth it. Tried everything I could, including a dedicated microphone, but was not able to get steady and noise free sound. The app by their main competitor did give me good sound with the same equipment. So I deleted this one and will use theirs, I am sorry to say..Version: 2020.1

Not for me todayConnected m1 Mac mini (typical use case) to iPhone 12 via zoom - using front facing camera. Can be a bit flaky using WiFi so tried cable - oh I got an image however I am always upside down - so rotate camera ( which of course rotates the iPhone view) and then Epocam rotates keeping me upside down. Tried the mirror button - upside down and flipped left to right. Sigh. Giving up till the app isn’t so flaky. Hoped it would work as a cam for FaceTime but no hopes on that one. 8 quid wasted hunting for something that works..Version: 2021.2

Needs an update!!!I’ve been using it to steam love classes. Worked beautifully. Then I updated my phone to iOS 14. Now all it does is lag, and I have to go back to the webcam. Update it, and it’s back to five stars.Version: 2020.1

Great when it works - which it usually doesn'tHasn't worked well on windows. Doesn't want to connect wither wired or wirelessly..Version: 2023.1.1

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