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Description of Domino's Pizza USA

Conveniently order Domino’s Pizza from anywhere on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Build your pizza just the way you like it or choose one of our specialty pizzas. Add items from the rest of our oven-baked menu including chicken, pasta, sandwiches, bread, drinks and desserts. And with the Domino’s Tracker ® you can follow your order from the moment you place it until it’s out for delivery or ready for pickup!

To install Domino’s for Apple Watch: After installing Domino’s for iPhone, open the Watch app on your iPhone, scroll down, and tap on the Domino’s entry. Make sure “Show App on Apple Watch” is enabled.

Use the Domino’s app to order pizza from locations in the United States, not including Puerto Rico. To place an order in Puerto Rico, visit

¡Pide Domino’s en inglés o en español! Nuestra app se configura automáticamente con el idioma que has escogido para tu smartphone o tableta.

Utiliza la applicación de Domino’s para ordenar en los Estados Unidos, no incluido Puerto Rico. Para ordernar en Puerto Rico, visita


· Create a Pizza Profile to easily access to your saved info and recent orders (not required)
· Order faster than ever by creating an Easy Order!
· Sign up for Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards® and earn points toward free pizza!
· Pay with cash, credit card, debit card or Domino’s gift card. You’ll also have access to the best pizza coupons and deals.
· Use our voice ordering assistant, Dom, to add items to your cart and to select a coupon (iPhone only)
· Use Apple Watch to track orders, or place an Easy Order or Recent Order right from your wrist!
· Use Domino’s Tracker notifications to follow your pizza order until it’s out for delivery or ready for pickup!

Domino's Pizza USA App User Reviews

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Domino's Pizza USA Pros

Solid AppPretty good app, I’ve been eating domino’s for years in large part due to two reasons. 1. The pizza is actually pretty good for a mass chain. Lets face it, chain pizza is an abomination. Dominos has mostly avoided the bland taste and texture of the competitors since they reworked things back around 2010 IIRC about the date. A new CEO came to the helm as well I think. 2. This app. I started using it a number of years back and was quite pleasantly surprised at how good it worked for customization, coupons, tracking and payment. Most of the competition still doesnt have apps as good so kudos on that. Dominos must really be glad for this pre existing infrastructure when this pandemic hit. The app almost feels like it was made for just such a reality. I love that I can order a pie, have it contactless placed on my porch, grab it and reheat it for safety for a min or two and have a tasty meal like the pre zombie apocalypse days. My only app gripe is the ios version loses CC info if you double check your order but other than that I love it..JWCG72Version: 8.0.0

Made to order cut crazyMade to order pizza but cut uneven. I received my last pizza with both big slices and baby sized slices. How can you share a pizza cut like that when most people in your family will grab the biggest slices? You know exactly how I feel because either you are the person who wants the biggest slices or you have at least once got stuck with the smallest slice in the box. If I were a secret pizza shopper points would have definitely been taken off for my last pizza. It’s not rocket science literally cut it in half one way and then half the other way and all that is left is cutting those 4 slices in half again. The only explanation for this is the employee manning the oven is in too much of a rush. A great pizza is a work of art so also please stop dumping the pineapple just in one spot on the pizza- you’re driving my OCD crazy. I know that some people think oh it’s just pizza but I am sure that the founder of Domino’s would disagree like I do..Mommy 5+Version: 6.7.1

Domino's Pizza USA Cons

I wish it were betterNot often than not I end up having to call. Either the order won’t go through or the app won’t support a change I want to make. I usually get the chicken bacon ranch sandwich and ad mushrooms. It’s entirely impossible to make changes to sandwiches on the app, not possible to add or remove anything. It doesn’t want to connect to my rewards account so that I earn points, when it is actually functioning, or I don’t want an unsupported change to an item. I haven’t even used the app in months. Decided, after a stressful day of work, to relax and order in. I told my boyfriend to call Domino’s. He asks me why I don’t just use the app... So I opened it and remembered immediately why I haven’t used it in so long. Legitimately, I was so frustrated that we decided to just do something else for dinner. Think I’ll just delete at this point. The only really good thing about the app, when it works for my needs, is that you can see by the minute what’s happening to your order. That’s the only reason this is a two star and not a one star review..JellafishVersion: 6.6.1

Poor customer serviceI don’t want anyone to get me wrong I loved dominos and the food is always amazing but I have a lot against their customer services it’s pure crap I can’t stand it I’m talking about the one in Lincoln Nebraska.... at first the food was getting prepared for over 45 minutes and then I call them to ask what was going on and she picked up the phone with a rude manner and telling me that the road was bad so the drivers we’re getting late which I understand but why would you be rude and mean about it ? Like come on I’m a human being I can empathize if you explain me something but it doesn’t end there after hearing how my tone started to change she offers to give me free pizza and then hang up on me like I was a beggar. Just saying agreeing on reviewing a free pizza because they offer it doesn’t show nor mean that I’m a beggar and can’t afford a single pizza.... I’m really dedicated to not buy a single thing from dominos till I die. I never felt like a beggar my whole entire life. Ps: not everyone who accepts free pizza are beggar nor try to gain something from a 14$ pizza..RocximeVersion: 6.8.2

Is Domino's Pizza USA legit?

Yes. Domino's Pizza USA is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,017,964 Domino's Pizza USA user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for Domino's Pizza USA is 91.8/100.

Is Domino's Pizza USA safe?

Yes. Domino's Pizza USA is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 5,017,964 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5. AppSupports Safety Score for Domino's Pizza USA is 93.8/100.

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Domino's Pizza USA 8.2.0 Update Note
✱ Version History

Thanks for using the Domino’s app! We’ve resolved a few bugs in this release to improve your ordering experience..