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Domino's Pizza USA app received 19 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about domino's pizza usa?

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Why do I waste my time with this company?I tried to order something about an hour before close, and they canceled my order. I didn’t receive a call about it so I tried to call and they hung up the phone 3 times rather than answering. I was going to be polite and ask why they canceled my order. The 4th time I called, yes I was being that petty, the lady answered and I asked why my order was canceled. She said they were closing early because they ran out of food. Doubtful, but whatever. Then I said that in the future they should call when they cancel an order, because they never do (yes this has happened more than once). Then she told me they did. I never received a call and if they did call, why would they end my first 3 calls? This company clearly doesn’t take the time to train their employees on basic customer service, or common courtesy, and I’m beyond disappointed that this keeps happening. It’s obviously just about the bottom line and not the customers. I hate being this person and putting only one star, but this ridiculous and I’m done with this company’s crap..Version: 6.6.0

Five to one stars - WRONG locationIf you change the location after loading the cart and then use the easy reorder button it will place the order to the original location not the one you just tried changing it to and not warn you so your pizza will be one place and you another. Then when you arrive to pickup they’ll tell you it’ll be ready in 10. You’ll wait 20 they’ll finally figure out your pizza is across town. You’ll reorder and pay a second time at the Carryout location and you’ll call the store across town to try to cancel your wrong order. You’ll then sit on hold for 15 minutes and the manager well then call you a liar, say “well you should be more careful next time ordering online” and then he’ll hang up on you. That’s all he’ll say that’s it and then he’ll freaking hang up on you. You’ll walk out totally astounded totally forgetting you ever wanted pizza in the first place. Five stars for Dominies new weight loss program. I’m actually cured of pizza cravings now for like several months. But Dominies, your service and app have major glitches. Oh and I’m selling all my Dominies stock at market open on Monday. It’s my way of hanging up on you. You can keep my $18..Version: 5.6.0

The purpose of a native iOS app: beat dominosI can imagine a few benefits from skipping out on building. Native app, but, it’s also all divided by a the cost of doing anything new, so I’m sure it makes less tsetse for profit people than product people. However, this app is garbage: even if the error codes have the exact same message as on the web (which isn’t hard for a native app to do). The hierarchy for actions is absurd. When I’m in the menu, I can’t see what’s in my cart, or my order totally until I’ve added an item to the menu or closed the menu. Further, when you modify a pizza (I suppose it’s possible domino’s executives only eat the specialty pizzas) the price of the item you’re about to add to your order isn’t displayed. If you have 20 cash and want to maximize your pizza toppings, you might be adding something to the cart and removing it till you get it right for a long time, depending on user intelligence towards domino’s menu pricing. Bad app. It got an additional star because everything fit on screen and the branding was consistent with the average-at-best domino’s website. But that 2 should be compared with the 3 star’s missing for not valuing the user experience as an outcome of corporate value. (FYI, I couldn’t see the text as I was typing this, Apple that’s a problem u should look into. iPhone 6s Plus).Version: 7.7.1

Poor customer serviceI don’t want anyone to get me wrong I loved dominos and the food is always amazing but I have a lot against their customer services it’s pure crap I can’t stand it I’m talking about the one in Lincoln Nebraska.... at first the food was getting prepared for over 45 minutes and then I call them to ask what was going on and she picked up the phone with a rude manner and telling me that the road was bad so the drivers we’re getting late which I understand but why would you be rude and mean about it ? Like come on I’m a human being I can empathize if you explain me something but it doesn’t end there after hearing how my tone started to change she offers to give me free pizza and then hang up on me like I was a beggar. Just saying agreeing on reviewing a free pizza because they offer it doesn’t show nor mean that I’m a beggar and can’t afford a single pizza.... I’m really dedicated to not buy a single thing from dominos till I die. I never felt like a beggar my whole entire life. Ps: not everyone who accepts free pizza are beggar nor try to gain something from a 14$ pizza..Version: 6.8.2

The appI don’t understand why you cant pay cash on a carry out? And since when because my app froze and lost its mind I couldn’t use my free pizza when I called the store and I was told he couldn’t find my account and that I got no points ZERO for the order I placed over the phone because I did not have the available funds on my card at the particular time. The guy on the phone was rude about it and didn’t even offer an a apology. I order from dominoes a lot when I’m at home but I can tell you I won’t order from this location again. Absolutely no customer service or even a offer for assistance, and no points for my order on top of it all. I am so so so very disappointed in this. It has really darkened my view of dominoes as a company not just this particular store. I value customer service and friendliness as much if not more then the quality of the food. I really hope that upper management has the opportunity to review this, as a former member of a NPC management team I know only too well how quickly business and customers can slip away when not being valued and appreciated. I would hate to see it happen to your company. Very quickly..Version: 7.6.0

I wish it were betterNot often than not I end up having to call. Either the order won’t go through or the app won’t support a change I want to make. I usually get the chicken bacon ranch sandwich and ad mushrooms. It’s entirely impossible to make changes to sandwiches on the app, not possible to add or remove anything. It doesn’t want to connect to my rewards account so that I earn points, when it is actually functioning, or I don’t want an unsupported change to an item. I haven’t even used the app in months. Decided, after a stressful day of work, to relax and order in. I told my boyfriend to call Domino’s. He asks me why I don’t just use the app... So I opened it and remembered immediately why I haven’t used it in so long. Legitimately, I was so frustrated that we decided to just do something else for dinner. Think I’ll just delete at this point. The only really good thing about the app, when it works for my needs, is that you can see by the minute what’s happening to your order. That’s the only reason this is a two star and not a one star review..Version: 6.6.1

The app does not align with the actual output of my delivering storeIt seems as though The Dominos location that my order defaults to is unable to handle the orders that are placed. I’ve given the app and my local Dominos quite a few chances. Each time, the app estimates 20-30 minutes for delivery, yet my pizza takes well over an hour to arrive. The app will also “track” my order, but will tell me that my order has been delivered long before my order has even left the store. There are other locations nearby, but I have yet to locate an ability in the app to select my location of choice. I would appreciate the ability to choose my store since my “neighborhood Dominos” cannot keep up with demand. The associates are also no help and are very quick to answer a phone call with “your order has already left the store” (with no estimated time known ) after I’ve already spent 90 minutes waiting on one pie that I was quoted 30 minutes for. Please, make your tracker accurate, and if it doesn’t already exist, add the function to choose your store location..Version: 6.1.0

Latest Version Never Credits Reward PointsI order a A LOT of Domino’s, and part of the reason I’ve remained loyal has been the rewards. With one of these recent updates however it has stopped crediting me entirely. I noticed last week that my reward points were lower than expected, but now after my most recent order and reviewing the orders I received credit for there are multiple missing. Furthermore there is no way to recover the rewards number & earn credit for these previous orders unless I have the physical box the pizza came in still in the fridge or trash, because I order & pay through the app, and I’m not emailed a rewards number with my receipt because I’m supposed to be signed-up and receiving those credits automatically. Luckily I was able to recover credit for one order this way, but the others appear to be irredeemable and there’s nowhere to look for more info. I’m very upset and disappointed, because I’ve ordered Domino’s at least once a week for the last 5 years and with my daughter and I order many many pizzas for the summer camp I manage every year. Having this happen multiple times over the last 4 weeks shows it’s systemic- whether a glitch or not- and Dominos is going to lose my business going forward..Version: 7.0.0

DisappointedI ordered a large Brooklyn style pizza for delivery last week. True, I placed the order around 10:30pm and it arrived a little past 11pm. What bothered me was that it was delivered in “the special truck” but it was cold, and it looked like something weighted down the center of the pizza box because the cheese, peppers and onions were stuck to the top of the box. I was able to reheat it (over reheated it a bit unfortunately) but I haven’t had pizza (cheese) in almost three years and I liked the option for 1/2 the amount of cheese, but since it’s been so long that I’ve eaten pizza I was disappointed with the quality and presentation. Maybe because it was late? I thought that domino’s had special pouches and warming devices on their trucks, but they didn’t even use that three legged little plastic device that protects the pizza from making contact with the pizza box cover. It was obvious that no love was put into this pizza, and it’s always disappointing when you place a delivery order and the quality isn’t consistent..Version: 6.9.0

This app is so annoyingI can’t believe a company would make it so hard to give them money. I spent over 30 mins or more trying to place an order on my iPad, where if you go to review your order you can’t go back and add anything else unless you want what they suggest, or you delete your whole order and start from scratch. That still wouldn’t have taken so long to place the order tho, but I was using a coupon they had, but my total was coming out way more than it should have. It took me a while to figure out that some crusts and toppings were causing my price to go up because they were more costly ingredients. The problem is no where on the list of ingredients does it let you know which ones cost extra and which don’t, it’s just one list of ingredients and if you choose ingredients based on the coupons guidelines and the price comes out to high then you are left confused as you get no information as to why. So after starting from scratch a few times since I can’t just go back to the main menu, I finally figured out what was raising the price so high. This app needs work, the ceo should try and use it, get to checkout and then try and go back to add something else and he’d quickly fire whoever made this app..Version: 7.4.0

Easy to order, but has other problemsThe app is really easy to use when looking at menu items and getting what you want in the cart. Paying is a different story. It took me three times to add my credit card information before the app accepted it. Kept getting a message that I had no payment method chosen. And, there is no way to add a tip to the total. Message says to add a tip when the driver gets my signature. ??? This is supposed to be a contactless delivery, so this makes no sense! My other pet peeve is that the app always asks me to re-enter my password. I get that this is a security measure, but why does the app not allow for fingerprint or facial recognition instead of making me go find my password and type it in? The font is also TOO LARGE, and the app will only operate in landscape mode, so this means that scrolling through rewards history gets cut off at the bottom of the screen. I would really like to know if the programmers ever use their own app. If they did, these problems would have been fixed by now..Version: 7.7.1

Worst Customer ServiceNot only do they not have a direct number to any sort of customer service line, but they also don’t say anywhere that if you pay through the app that you will have to give them your ID for payment. So, after leaving the note on the order “don’t knock, leave at door”, they cancelled my order. And I can’t answer the door because of severe anxiety. Oh, and that’s not all, because my ex used to be the one to have his phone number listed, and answer the door, due to my severe anxiety, they didn’t call me to tell me they cancelled the order. Nope. I had to call the store, another incredibly difficult thing for me to do, and find out they not only cancelled my order but called my ex as well. You’d think that’d be everything but nope. I ordered it using points so I only had to pay for the delivery charge and those weren’t reimbursed. When I called the store I got some snotty girl too who was all “you can reorder but yeah we had to cancel your original one”. The only decent pizza place that delivers, and I don’t ever want to order from them again. Thanks for nothing..Version: 6.2.0

Dominos DeliveryFor the last few years, on an almost weekly basis, I’ve ordered pizza delivery from Dominos for the family. Each time I pay an additional $1.50 for ranch dressing PACKETS. I buy the packets over the cups, paying the extra $1.00 fee for each, because they are Ken’s ranch dressing, which everyone prefers. This worked fine while I lived in Dallas. However, since moving to Fort Lauderdale, I’ve received the packets maybe twice. Each time the driver apologizes for the mistake, tells me the packets “are for salads,” or offers to return to the store and deliver later (once the pizza is cold and/or already eaten). Occasionally, they’ll offer to refund my money, which NEVER happens. I’ve spent several hours on the phone waiting to speak to a manager about this issue and even filed formal complaints with corporate to no avail. I estimate Dominos has stolen over $50 of my hard earned money by not delivering my order correctly or refunding my undelivered items. Thus, my two star rating for decent pizza, but horrible customer service!.Version: 5.3.0

HorribleAs long as you don’t have a bad experience everything can be good. Except for small things every now and then. Soon as there starts being issues and you’re spending money on food that isn’t they way you want it or you can’t even tell them how you want it because they get a bad manager in your area that won’t answer the phone unless it’s to pick up and hang up when you haven’t even called prior. This had never been a problem until Dora Alabama branch hired this bad manager. I have screen shots of phone calls to this branch being on hold without to take the phone call to make a order for over 29 minutes. The reason it wasn’t longer I hung up after driving to the store only to have him be rude before I could even get one word out. I reported this and I never heard back from them. The only other option if I wasn’t satisfied was to contact the branch I had a problem with. I already tried that. I won’t continue to purchase food there that I pay for and can not get it how I want it because the manager is to busy and rude to answer the phone..Version: 7.5.2

Prices aren’t showingThis app has gotten better over the time I’ve been using it(for some years), but there is an issue I would like to bring to the light. You all have advertisements on deals for 5.99 each for medium one topping pizzas, for example, but when I go to the deals menu sometimes the prices for said deals aren’t even shown. So after I select my items and go to the checkout, it’s regular priced! Something is definitely not right about that. Please fix this problem because I don’t want to be advertised something and when I place an order I have to pay regular price. This isn’t the only time it happened. I was in quarantine and had to order from y’all. I mean I like your I believe it was a deal for two large pizzas for a certain price each. I don’t remember the price but I paid the amount shown and it was the regular price. I was desperate anyway so I paid for it but I was very much frustrated with that..Version: 8.0.0

LatelyI understand times are tough, more for some than others yeah. But lately the service from domino’s hasn’t been the best nor the same, it was our favorite! From humans to the web page and app it has been horrible experiences. I haven’t been able to place an order online, app nor redeem my rewards... for the second time in aprx. less 2 weeks. I call the store just like the website or app suggest I do and the person on the other side states there’s nothing they can do. Yet they’re the locations I buy my pizzas and wings from. Purchased the pizza and wings anyway without the redemption of points. Had to place it over the phone due to the “system not working”, give my card over the phone and then not be given my food, nice and hot out the oven but an hour later with attitude when we walked in to ask for it although we arrived at most 10minutes after the order was made and payed for. Had to microwave food that is supposed to be given hot with kindness. Rewards that are unredeemable also not a fan of. Often I spend more just to me your criteria for earning those points!.Version: 8.1.1

The food is good...but the app is awfulThis app makes no sense. They made it to be dynamic and nice to look at, but in doing so, they circumvented their primary goal of making it easy to order their food. I found many examples of this in the 10 minutes it took to order a pizza - the coupons slide across the screen with no warning, the text is far too small and has poor contrast (so you can’t read it), the lists of toppings should be visible at all times (like on a normal paper menu) without having to scroll, the sauces add-ons for the breadsticks and wings are not set against a contrasting background (so you can’t see them), the sub menus are infuriating... I could go on and on. Then when I was finally ready to check out, I entered my card info and could not click the ‘continue’ button! By the end of my app experience, I was so hungry that I just clicked cash because I honestly just wanted to be finished with this app. Maybe the real purpose of the app is to make you so frustrated that you want to use your phone to call and talk to an actual person....Version: 6.5.1

CRASH CRASH CRASH CRASH.....Hire better developers. It crashes and crashes and crashes and now I don’t even know if Dominos even took my money or if my order is on the way or not. I can’t open the app or reinstall it to restart it from the beginning because it crashed at checkout amongst all the other previous crashes making me have to change my location and refill my cart several times, I couldn’t believe I finally got so far as the checkout screen, then you didn’t even give me an option in the GUI to add a tip so now I have to figure out how to pay a cash tip to your driver. I’ll walk to an atm somewhere nearby, hopefully they can break a 20. You just keep crashing and won’t let me start over. Garbage. Apps don’t crash this consistently and in this many different places in the app with decent, experienced, and skilled developers working on it. Millennials now get a 2 year computer programming degree or teach themselves Swift over the summer and all of a sudden they think they can and want to build apps for multi million dollar corporations. Dominos needs to rebuild the app and possibly something on their servers..Version: 5.4.0

Useless.The app is fine. The pizza is decent, but the service is pathetic. I will no longer order from a place that is unable to read simple instructions. They charge you for sauces that they never bring even though they should be double checking their orders before the driver takes off for delivery. I even write in the special notes section “double check the order for accuracy“. The manager says it’s the driver’s responsibility to double check the order and the driver claims it’s the cashier’s responsibility to double check the order, but all I know is that I’m the customer and it’s not my responsibility to make sure they got my order correct. I’m deleting the app because I’m no longer spending money with these morons that cannot follow simple instructions. Collecting money on an order that was not for filled is basically theft. The support they give to the NFL is also another fine reason I’m looking forward to no longer spending any money with them, if you don’t like this country get the out and go wherever you think is better..Version: 4.5.1

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