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FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera app received 104 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about filmic pro-video camera?

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Very unhappy with this appI'm very unhappy with this app as I have a brand new iPhone 5s. I enter the app turn on tap screen for photos. I then try to take pictures after about 2 pictures every time the app crashes. I enter the app again and everything is flipped and backwards. I go in settings and everything is normal. Every time I use this app I have to reset everything to defaults and then go back into settings and turn on tap screen for photos. Then after about 2-3 photos again the app crashes . I have a brand new phone, nothing wrong with it. I am very unhappy and I request a refund.Version: 4.0.2

Great app with a major flawThis app has great features, an attractive and decently user friendly UI, but that’s where this app stops being good. After using this app several times, 2 major issues have come up. First, and the worst, it will randomly stop recording in the middle of a shot for no reason whatsoever. I shoot my footage by myself doing Jeep DIY so sometimes I can’t redo my shots when I complete my work that I am trying to film and since I shoot alone, I have no idea it has stopped filming until I am done with the scene and check my footage. Another major issue is sometimes the footage is choppy on playback. I have transferred the footage out of the app and even to my computer and it remains choppy so it’s how the app recorded the video for the footage. I am horribly disappointed in this app for what I paid for it..Version: 6.10.9

Very misleadingFor the price you pay for this, I did not expect to be met with an in-app paywall to access the features shown in the enticing trailer. I originally found this app when I searched for “long exposure” because I wanted to record a time lapse of traffic and have it blur. The one thing I wanted from this app, it can’t do. (I have now found this exact feature in a free app called Skyflow). The UI is very cluttered and unintuitive, the menus are awkward and have weird icons, and you have to squint to read the text in some place. Also this app runs way too hot. I’d fear for my battery life if I used this on a regular basis. The 1 feature of this app that I do like is the clipping visualisation, showing where it’s too dark/bright in the frame. But I really wish I could get a refund, I’m not happy at all with this purchase..Version: 6.7.0

Lack of supportGreat app. Don’t expect any support, emails go unanswered. Otherwise would have been five stars..Version: 6.5.1

Seems Like There’s Much PotentialI don’t have time for many positives but I will say the app adds many features that the native camera app doesn’t have. I also get stunning footage in 24fps LOG. What I Want (Using on iPhone 11 Pro): 60fps LOG as this is disabled Shutter speed lock when switching lenses Simultaneous shutter speed and exposure lock Exposure lock when switching lenses Easier way to switch between lenses Easier rack focus mechanism Zoom mode that auto switches lenses like the native app while recording Zoom mode that allows me to quickly switch to 2x lens while recording Frame drops in any frame rate to stop occurring Easier white balance adjustments with lock and number input ability ISO number input ability Tap to focus option Histogram overlay while recording I have shot commercial videos with this app now multiple times and some videos on the side for fun. It is a major step up from the native camera app but I do not feel confident using this in a working environment as I am adjusting settings more often than shooting, missing many important shots as most of my work involves live events. For now, I will have to switch back to using my DSLR. If the above list of features were implemented into the software my worries would be gone and I’d give this app a 5 star rating..Version: 6.10.4

GreatThe app will randomly lose audio. It works fine for a while then one day I’ll arrive at home after a shoot and discover that there’s no audio. The “video only” button is off in the audio settings also so obviously a glitch..Version: 6.11.1

Extremely buggy on iPhone XJust bought this as it came highly recommended. Nice functionality in controls. Continually crashes on playing back of videos, and many times doesn’t capture audio. It has also completely rendered my iPhone frozen after crashing on playback, twice now. Please fix how horribly unstable this app is and I would rate it highly. It’s not a cheap product, with such huge bugs..Version: 6.7.5

Crashes constantly, frame skip constantly, corrupts most videos half way throughI have used this app connected to an iPhone XS and have lost so much footage that isn’t even removable unless you connect to a computer using iTunes. This means if it loses a shot that was long that I cannot even deleted the corrupted file to free space to keep recording with a computer handy. When it stops mid video, there’s No way to rescue the videos. Happens 2/3 times I use the app and anytime I record for more than five minutes. If it doesn’t fail when recording then it fails at recording with terrible frame skips and out of sync audio. Audio management with microphones is also atrocious with it almost impossible to get decent levels out of anything prosumer. Ridiculous considering this app costs three times more than other video apps..Version: 6.10.9

Not what I signed up and paid forVery disappointed. The filmic pro (a costly app) along with the add on app for color control (another costly addition) - does not work with my iPhone 11 Pormax. The iso/focus toggle does not work at all despite clicking on it a 100 times and repeatedly refreshing the app. The video is very grainy and I made a few in different settings and light conditions. Tried contacting Filmic Pro support page for help but the page and support is unavailable. What’s the deal? Are you planning to help customers or just charge them monies for apps that do not work???.Version: 6.10.9

You have to buy more to work your shadows!It was being a great app, until I needed to adjust the shadows, it makes you buy another extension for $20 more! So, having paid for FilmicPro, I still Have to use the iPhone camera app!.Version: 6.13.3

Crashes and lost footageYesterday while out filming birds, once again FP crashed on me while shooting a once-in-a-season scene. And later my best footage of the day - a singing bird I haven’t seen for years - simply disappeared - it wasn’t there when I got back to review my day’s shooting!! And why doesn’t FP sequentially number file names. After a day’s shooting and sort by date/time the file names are not in sequential number order?! E.G. I get IMG_6360, 6439, 6359, 6358, 6350, 6367 - when sorted by date/time!.Version: 6.4.6

NOT RELIABLEThis is an absolutely amazing app if you unlock and pay for the extras, but let me say that this has some huge flaws. I just got done recording a project and not a single file saved audio alongside it. I need something reliable when I’m shooting and now I will NEVER use this again. That is a crucial mistake on their end and I’ll never get that moment back. I wasted several hours of shooting and will probably lose the client because of this. And before you say did you check the settings... I have a checklist I go over every time because there are errors bound to happen in mobile video, but something as basic as not recording audio? This app could potentially cost me an exponential amount compared to what I paid... DONT BUY IF YOU NEED RELIABILITY. It also just stops recording 4K and I have the iPhone XS Max so if you have dont have that one, DEFINITELY DONT BUY OR DOWNLOAD.Version: 6.8.1

Supports Osmo Mobile 3...NOPE (a year after release)I keep waiting for the update to make your software compatible with the DJI OSMO 3...nearly two years later, nothing. Guess it will never happen..Version: 6.11.0

Great but....Love using the app for professional work and teaming it with Luma Fusion, which data flows through to seamlessly. However, would love to see you resolve some data transfer issues. When you try to transfer multiple clips - it doesn’t like it. Slows down the job. Worse yet when you try to send clips to an iShowFast - it is very intermittent and often won’t transfer them. Know all the silly mistakes - learned the hard way - not that. Once you fix this issue you’ll get those other two stars..Version: 6.5.1

Good but sound problemEvery few hours video recordings have no sound and I have to restart the device to get it to work. But just now the restart didn’t fix it, this glitch needs sorting out. Also I would love to be able to film in whatever aspect ratio the app Death Lens allows you to, in this app with beautiful 1080p and 60fps. It’s like a more zoomed out image that allows you to get more out of an external fisheye lens. Surely this is possible here? I’d be happy to change my rating for at least a reply, it’s a great app overall..Version: 6.11.1

Unusable1) I shoot on an iPhone 11 Pro iOS 13.4. My filming requires 4K 60p. 2) Shooting 4K 60p on any quality setting using ultra wide results in choppy unusable footage. Dropped frames. The native Apple camera footage is buttery smooth. Clean install and restart didn’t fix the issue. 3) Stabilization when shooting ultra wide crops about 10% more than the native Apple app and produces less stable footage. 4) The preset save fails to save my camera lens setting of ultra wide. It seems like this app was designed for up to wide lens initially. Then, when the iPhone 11 was released, this software company cobbled together a half baked solution to get ultra wide supported instead of taking the time to do it right. The result is garbage footage that I can’t use. I’ve opened a support case and will update my review and rating if the makers of this useless recording software respond and fix the issues listed above. UPDATE: For item 2, support responded with the following. It might seem convincing had I not downloaded Mavis which is a 3rd party app which doesn’t have the issue: “ Thanks for writing in. Yes, unfortunately this is an error with Apple's camera API upon which 3rd party developers rely. We've contacted Apple regarding this and hope they will implement a fix in the future.”.Version: 6.10.9

Everything was going fine until todayI just wasted 27:13 minutes of my life. I was recording and the audio is nearly missing. This is not the first time, this is the reason I stopped using Filmic. The video looked perfect I finally learned to use the auto focus but the audio makes the video useless. I can’t get any good audio out of my iPhone 11 even after I switch to front mic, back mic, main and Bluetooth with my AirPods. I’m seriously mad, where is the quality control? I’m not using a old iPhone, I’m using a iPhone 11 with over 100GB of available space. Is this going to happen every time you update your software? Should I put work on pause just to accommodate the lack of quality? The sound bar ain’t even moving..Version: 6.13.3

Looks great but I can’t get it to work with my Smooth 4 gimbalI bought this as I was buying my gimbal at the same time plenty of people seem to have them working together. However the Filmic hardware menu never finds the Smooth 4. It’s a shame you don’t have a limited function trial version as I feel like I have wasted my money. Filmic does have epic features however so I concur with the positive comments generally. I just hope Zhiyun or Filmic do an update to fix it for me and others who seem to be having issues with connection..Version: 6.10.5

Great app but often produces frozen footageThere are so many great things about this app but the footage is often corrupted at several points where the audio continues but the video freezes. The footage for those parts is unusable. This is becoming very frustrating as I am a teacher trying to film lessons for remote learning on a tight schedule and it is seriously upsetting that I have to re-film entire segments of lessons because of this issue. Also, the audio gain slider is way to small and attempting to slide it often activates the home screen handle/bar. It would make more sense to integrate it into the actual audio levels meter on the right hand side. (Yes I’ve checked my storage. It’s fine. I’m on an iPhone Xr).Version: 6.10.9

Bluetooth audio recording?I love this app Ames the remote features but I can’t seem to record audio using my AirPod pros. I keep getting video with no audio. Would love some support..Version: 6.11.1

Waste of moneyJust downloaded the app and didn’t like it already, you can’t use the front camera for all cameras which’s very disappointing.! Also very disappointed that you have to pay for the Cinematographer Kit as well.!.Version: 6.11.1

This App takes the pi**Got an Osmo Mobile and heard this was THE program to get a flat profile so coughed up the extortionate £15 to get it. But oh wait, it’s another £14 for the flat profile, silly me! Who would've thought that a £15 app would not have that. I eventually give in and buy the ‘cinematographer’s pack’ as the flat profile is the whole reason I got it in the first place. But wait there’s more, why would they allow this flat profile be used in 60 fps? I mean that would be asking way too much; and probably quite literally in the future. Also, the Zoom function isn't available on the Osmo and they have not included a way of making it work. It only selects manual or focus modes. If you have an Osmo, stick to the DJI Go or the inbuilt camera, mute the colours then add a LUT. Sure you get the manual control but there are other apps out there that can do that and better (yeah you still need to tap away at the screen). The minimal dynamic range isn’t worth the cosmic rip off..Version: 6.9.2

Great app but slightly disappointedI am loving this app! The thing that disappoints me is that I have to pay another $20 for logs when I already paid $20 for the app. The prices should be cheaper or the cinematographer kit for free..Version: 6.10.3

Love it, but...Love it... Footage is wonderful. However, needs a few additions that I hope will be implemented to receive 5 stars. A still button should be added so that log mode photos can be taken and then later graded. The zoom rocker on my Osmo Mobile 2 should be able to function as a proper zoom in Filmic taking advantage of the iPhone X dual lenses so that the parallax effect and others can be achieved. Wishing the developers continued success. PS. Also adding a level option that would show the gimbal is perfectly leveled is also a plus. Looking forward to the photo shutter button..Version: 6.6.0

YikesLove all the advanced features. Kind of pointless how many features and effects can be applied when the app doesn’t record properly. Spent the weekend taking multiple videos only to find out later that the video recording glitched while it kept recording audio. Then after the video finally caught up, the audio and video weren’t in sync. This was on five different videos. The Apple Watch preview often gets stuck on the first image it loads. Directors view function (I think that’s the name for remote screen viewing) is cool, but lags a little too much for a $30 app. Trimming function needs works, seems to only allow for trims/cuts of larger proportion. Doesn’t allow for editing out the 1-2 seconds of me looking at my watch while initiating recording. I’ll redownload and see what happens. If the same, I’ll be asking the App Store for a credit..Version: 6.11.1

Idk what to say.Bought the app for $20 yet you gotta pay extra $20 to unlock the profile settings? 😖 And the profiles [ Flat and log ] wont let you shoot more 30fps. Hopefully they’ll update it to up 60fps🙏.Version: 6.11.0

Too buggyGreat feature set but too buggy for a pro app. We have list video (corrupted files unable to be repaired) and one clip that was recorded with no sound even though the audio bars indicated that smothered was no hardware issues. Have had these problems on multiple iPhone (11pro and 11 pro max). Also preview seems to be super slow on the new iPhone SE (2nd gen) when HEVC is turned on. This app doesn’t seem to cope with HEVC. Such great potential but poor implementation. Shame :(.Version: 6.12.6

Really frustrated with missing recordingsI love the idea of this app, seems solid for most people, but I’ve had many instances of clips just not saving to my iPhone 8. Sometimes the clip is recorded, but the last few seconds are frozen and the clip doesn’t show up in my Photos app. Thought it was because I had low space on my phone, but I cleaned up a lot of room and I’m getting the same results..Version: 6.10.3

ShystersNo support whatsoever. Recording 4k at 60fps with iPhone 11 results in files that are around 40fps or less. I have contacted them twice regarding this issue but they never responded. £15 for an app that does not do what its says it does and no support either, they are having a laugh. ———————————————————— In response to your reply. It seems this is the only sure way of getting a reply is by writing a review. FYI I use mail washer pro, so I can see all spam at a glance , the truth is, you did not respond to my original text. Also, my iPhone is running full throttle , I don’t have any battery saving options enabled. All you can do to offer support is blame my mailbox or my iPhone settings! An absolute disgrace! Get your finger out and perhaps you should check your spam in box and offer some constructive support instead of the dross you replied with!.Version: 6.10.2

Ruined by Dynamic Tone MappingThere is one reason I was interested in Filmic Pro: Fully manual exposure control. This is not actually possible with Filmic. You can lock the shutter, lock white balance, lock everything down... and as your scene changes, so does the exposure. This isn’t a problem if your scene is very static and does not change at all. However, let’s say you have a shot that begins with a well lit subject, and you want to follow them as they move through a dark hallway, or a subject that moves in front of a bright window: suddenly the image dims or brightens, ignoring your locked exposure settings. From what I have read, this is caused by Apple’s Dynamic Tone Mapping, which forces these adjustments, and that there is nothing Filmic can do about it. For that reason, I sympathize with Filmic if this is caused by Apple and there is nothing developers can do about it. Regardless, the result is that I have no true manual exposure control on my iPhone. This is a dealbreaker, as some of the shots shift exposure mid shot, becoming unacceptable for use. I was coming around to the idea that for my purposes, new model iPhones could be an acceptable platform for shooting video. After months of experimenting, I have concluded this is not the case..Version: 6.12.8

A complete ripoffI purchased this app for the ability to shoot LOG footage. But it turns out if I want to do that I need to pay an additional $19.99! Which is, basically, the cost of the app again!! The basic app has a couple of cool features but nothing that justifies paying $20.99 for it. I’m so annoyed by this that I’m requesting a refund. If you want to have the full features of this app, you’re looking at paying over $50 for it. NOT WORTH IT..Version: 6.10.7

Ruined a video shootDissapinted. Bought filmic pro and remote together and used once to test and worked. Did a shoot today and due to camera position had to rely upon remote to control main canes phone. Unfortunately even though it says recording and lights up red it doesn’t actually record and so a whole day and load of money down the drain. I’ve since tested and the same thing happens. Once to sync second phone as remote it says recording but the counter doesn’t go up and hence no video files. Does not work..Version: 6.10.9

Keeps crashing and locking upI originally gave this a two-star review, but the crashing problems I experienced have been resolved by installing the latest version *and* the latest iOS update. 3 June update: crashing problems have returned..Version: 3.2.1

DamnI just bought this app to use with my Zhiyun Smooth 4 and it’s still not connecting to it. Hope this gets fixed soon..Version: 6.10.6

Black ScreenCurrently not working in iPhone SE. Went through troubleshooting steps - made sure app had permissions it needed and reinstalled, still shows a black screen when open..Version: 6.11.1

DisappointedHighly disappointed with this app. Everyone said it was THE video app for iPhone, I was comparing it to a £2.99 app (which gives you a 30 day trial) called ProMovie. Decided to fork out the £20 for this and the remote. The quality is significantly worse than on ProMovie, especially in indoor/low light, I have done multiple comparisons and the video taken with Filmic pro is always much more grainy than the one taken on ProMovie. The controls on ProMovie are also much easier to navigate and adjust. After a couple of comparisons FilmicPro has now crashed on my iPhone 11 and force closing the app will not fix it. Very disappointed especially for the price tag, will be trying to get a refund unfortunately..Version: 6.10.7

A little miffedI’ve heard great things about this app and seen a lot of the things people can make with it so when I got a little money for the holidays I decided I was going to buy it. At the cost of $15 I thought I was getting the full app. I’m not thrilled to find out I have to spend yet another $15 to unlock the full app. Yes I should have read up on this but it would’ve been nice to know that before buying the app and having to essentially buy it again to get it all. Still a great app, just not thrilled with how I found out about the Cinematographer Kit. I’m also aware of how much other filmmaking stuff costs so it’s not the price I’m unhappy with. I’m more than happy to pay $30 but it would’ve been nice to know I was going to need to pay it from the beginning..Version: 6.8

False pretenses.Well this is a great App. I purchased a brand-new iPhone 11 on the strength of this apps demo at WWDC. I have waited patiently for a year and it has not eventuated. And even worse there is no advice as to when it may happen. I purchased a very expensive phone which will be out of date before the feature is released. I am sure Filmic Pro won’t assist which a new phone purchase so I’m not happy! Our than that it’s a good app..Version: 6.10.9

Stabilisation bugIt seems to be one of the great filming app. Although There is a bug when using stabilisation. When the stabilisation is turned on, the screen goes all green. It may not happen to everyone but it’s happening with my new iPhone Xs. When I delete and reinstall the app, it looks fine for mins and then same green screen covers the whole screen..Version: 6.7.2

The latest Filmic Pro lagsThe latest Filmic Pro start lagging out when I record with 1080p 60fps or 4K 24fps. I’m really upset about the vision and hope Filmic Pro can fix the problem. If it’s my iPhone X’s issue please let me know. Thanks.Version: 6.8.1

Need Osmo mobile 3 support!!!Hi! It’s a great recording app. But come on it’s been months the Osmo 3 mobile has been out and still no support for it. Any eta on this??.Version: 6.10.4

FiLMicProDoes not move past 1st screen re camera,photo request,why,thanx,function v useless,why,does it happen often,on iPhone 8+,ipadPro 10,5 as well,why,thanx,please respond,thanx,Michael.Version: 6.7.5

Having issues opening appI just downloaded this and everytime i open it shows a black screen then crashes a second after please help me with this I feel like my 21$ went no where..Version: 6.10.3

3 stars just for one nuisanceWell though I have just started using it but one thing is great Nuisance for me which I don’t face in many other camera apps and that is without phone orientation lock opened app doesn't change it’s orientation. Please correct it. Because orientation lock of iphone helps in many other nuisance but camera apps should be free of it..Version: 6.13.1

Dont buy itGuys this a good app but it’s a complete ripoff! Don’t get it! Filmic inc you guys gotta make your app cheaper. You can get camera apps like this but way freakin cheaper and some even free! Don’t waste you money on this app Filmic inc. Make your app cheaper! Jeez.Version: 6.5.1

Keeps freezing when trying to recordThe app won't let me record after taking few shots. It freezes when I tap the recording button and this happens a lot. It resolves after few minutes though. Overall app quality is nice..Version: 6.12.9

Not that greatIt always glitches and goes out of sync with my voice. Annoying when you film a 30 minute Pilates class to realise it’s glitched after 5 minutes so the class is a waste. Happens nearly every time I video..Version: 6.12.1

Absolute GarbageThe amount of times that this app loses footage is too high. I’m seriously considering getting a standalone camera because of all the frustration this app has given me. I really don’t recommend anyone uses it.Version: 6.12.8

How do you edit videos?I bought this app last week and see no editing features. There is an online tutorial on editing videos but the app does not support it. Where are your video editing features hiding?.Version: 6.9.7

Terrible app with crashes and worse performance than native appThe app crashes every single time when selecting zoom for the camera and trying to lock the exposure. This is unacceptable in a paid for app. The most annoying part is that previously before the log and cinema paid extra was added the stock app performed the same. However since then without this paid extra the app is useless and blows out highlights compared with the native one and is very noisy in low light. I hate this app with a passion now that they’re failing to bring updates to the camera that requires no effort on their part and locking out apples native processing in favour of a paywall for fundamental camera improvements. Terrible practice that shouldn’t be allowed on the App Store and apple should be blocking this company imo to prevent damage to image quite literally..Version: 6.10.3

Great and also frustratingOverall I really like this app. It could be 5 stars but there are a few little annoying things and 1 big annoying thing that drive me nuts. That big thing is setting the exposure. The general idea of the interface is nice unless you want to dial in a specific value because it’s not precise enough. If I want ISO 200 to match my main DSLR settings, it’s not hard to get 198 or 203 but getting 200 is nearly impossible. What makes it more annoying is that it would be so easy to avoid. Option 1: make the dial less sensitive Option 2: have the dial snap to the main ISO values that are on every other camera (200, 400, 600 etc) Option 3: tap and hold on the dial or the numbers and have a box pop up where I can type in the value I want. As for the little annoying thing, one happened when I did finally manage to get the dial to ISO200 so tried to save it as a preset to avoid the frustration next time. Apparently exposure doesn’t save as a preset. If you offer the option of saving setting, save ALL the setting, not just the ones you decide are relevant. Like I said, I like the app, it could be great but it seems to lack some common sense which result in making it frustrating to use. Ok, rant over..Version: 6.12.5

Sound issue iPhone XWorks fine after fresh install. Close the app and reopen and I have no sound. Delete app and reinstall and I have sound again for the first video. Close the app and reopen and I’ve got no sound again. Frustrating to say the least..Version: 6.4.3

No Log support over 60fps what is the $20 for?How do they justify a $20 in app purchase for log support that isn't available over 60fps ? Moment offers all of this for a flat $17 with Log being supported across your devices supported frame rates. Complete rip off as this makes the entire point of the add on moot..Version: 6.10.9

So disappointedI just paid $20.00 for buying this app and it says again to spend more to get some other features. This is really frustrating and I wish I could get the refund..Version: 6.11.1

Multi-cam or multi-scam?I rushed to purchase this after seeing the multicam demo in Apple’s announcement video last year as soon as my new 11 pro arrived. Then I discovered the feature doesn’t exist yet. The blog said “coming by year end” though, so that didn’t sound bad. Then the year ended with no product update. Note their website says they “hope release it as soon as possible.” Well I would hope so! I also hope they realize that is in no way an answer. Otherwise the app is quite good. Some features are unacceptable poor, though. Like the media tray that displays three files at a time, among other issues. This app is not cheap. It should be better. And I sure wish the feature that entice me to purchase it would be released..Version: 6.10.7

Paid very expensive and does not work at 60 fpsWhy Flat and Vlog does not work 60 frames per second! I’m really angry at the price I paid.Version: 6.10.4

Camera not showing up on iPad miniI allowed the camera and microphone but the camera doesn't appear to be working if it was working then I would give more stars.Version: 4.1.1

Don’t have long exposureDon’t have long exposure option for motion blur time lapse and light painting really disappointing from an app that cost 20$.Version: 6.11.0

Not worth $20Save your money. I wish I did. Almost instantly regretted buying this. Doesn’t work as advertised with my smooth 4. The whole reason I bought it. Stick with the software you get with your gimble, cause this is garbage..Version: 6.10.9

Upgrade please, can you guys upgrade your app so I can use the record button on the Q2 pleaseThanks.Version: 6.10.7

Great app as long as you don’t change platformLoved this app and well worth the 15 pound price I paid. A word of warning tho I’m changing from iPhone to the new huawei for the camera etc and you cannot move the account over meaning you have to re pay for the app. I’m very disappointed in this as this is a premium app that isn’t cheap and feel that many people change phones and may not realise you can’t move the app to a new platform. Surely there’s a way you could be sent a one time link to download on a different operating system. So much for customer care.Version: 6.8.2

Total waste of money!!!Bought this app and all the in-app purchases for my AUS trip. After a 7 days trip I found out all of my 120fps slo-mo clips are so stutter to the point that they’re unusable (iPhone X). I can never take those moments back and it’s just because of this app. Should’ve known better and stick with the stock camera, or the DJO Go app. What’s the point of having so many features without being reliable???.Version: 6.4.10

MOMENT has the same app for $7I wish I could get a refund, nearly $50 for an app that doesn’t do anything different than the $7 app from Moment :/ I wish I heard about that app beforehand 😰.Version: 6.11.1

Disappointed does not work with DJI Osmo 3!My initial excitement for this app has turned to massive disappointment in the fact that it does not support the Osmo 3. After reading further down on your preview statement in the App Store, you do state that you support Osmo 1 & 2. Unfortunately you do not make it clear that currently you do not support the Osmo 3. It is the only reason I purchased the app. Hopefully you will address support for the Osmo 3 soon..Version: 6.10.3

Fake LOGLove the manual focus.Version: 6.10.8

No Audio on iPhone XS MaxI just purchased this expensive app. Took some videos and no audio!.Version: 6.11.1

Missing Basic FeaturesCan’t lock “aperture”, shutter angle, and ISO, at the same time. So, right away, this is a useless app missing the most basic, fundamental and essential camera features. You try to set one thing and something else comes unglued. It’s like Whac-A-Mole! But histograms! It’s got that! Cuz that’s important. I’ll trade the histograms for a decent manual focus... But there’s tons of very, very well hidden features you can discover by reading stuff in online forums if you have time ... lots of time... OMG! Pass....Version: 6.13.3

Still unable to connect zhiyun smooth 4Always no response for my zhiyun smooth 4, my gimbal works well on zyplay can you guys fix it?.Version: 6.12.1

Bug fixes needed and better audio control for iOSSee title. I use this app exclusively for work on my iPad Pro 10.5, so I know it pretty well. The lack of easy volume input control is beyond annoying at this point. Temp won’t stay locked. Focus lock is a mess.....Version: 6.12.5

Bait and switchBit of a bait and switch. Pay $13 for the app. Then have to in app purchase another $13 to make it usable for film makers. No wide angle lens support on iPhone 11 pro - yet. Now whilst the update they talked about in the iPhone 11 event isn’t due yet; but will this be yet another in app purchase to unlock?!.Version: 6.9.10

This apps is suckI cannot use the other settings. It needs to purchased again! And if i want to purchase it it said that it is not connected to itunes! I regret buying this apps!!.Version: 6.10.4

DoubleTake and filmicpro!!!First thing first both apps when they works are fantastic HOWEVER I cannot trust that what I tell either app to record in will be what waits for me in the camera roll. 1) DoubleTake: I set to 30 FPS record rear camera as A-cam/ front as B-cam hit the red button.... go back at the end of the day to find a 3 frames per second video waiting for me. YES A WHOLE 3 FRAMES PER SECOND OUT OF 30..... a whole 10% of what I asked for. Don’t trust it. 2) filmicpro: this app does the same thing only not quit as bad usually end up with 10 FPS. Like I said when they work they work awesomely and if you have the time to check your videos immediately after you end shooting each individual section of video to verify it worked go ahead. However I cannot afford such a luxury. I cannot trust this app to save a file that matches what I told it that I wanted. I have reached out to their support and I am waiting to hear back. I will update once I hear back from them..Version: 6.12.8

Mic issue!!!Latest version 6.12.8 has mic issue!!! This FilmicPro is my main camera app. However, I can’t use now as this issue. Please fix this mic issue..Version: 6.12.8

Audio let downI’ve liked this app for so long, it does great and incredibly professional video. However the audio seemed to bug out on me and was recording at a very low rate despite the fact that I changed no settings. Very disappointing and frustrating..Version: 6.12.8

Buggy nowFilms upside down when in lock horizontally mode. Just about every startup ends with a ridiculous twist and shake action to re- correct the orientation..Version: 6.10.7

The camera seems great but...You have to pay an extra 13$ for the remote??? I understand paying for premiums like the log mode and other add one (though I don’t like it either)... but so many other apps have remotes for either free or 1$ Had I read more closely I would not have purchased. If you don’t care about that than yeah, it’s a good camera app. The analytics overlays are worth it alone..Version: 6.13.1

Missing live analytics when shooting in 4K 60fpsPlease update to allow live analytics when shooting in 4K 60fps. Filmmakers rely on focus peaking to manually focus. Zebra stripes, clipping and false color are equally important to check exposure. Thank you..Version: 6.10.4

You might think this is a great appIt will be. Not today, not how it’s sold, not today. Splitting the cine features was dumb. They should had been more upfront on the features. Nice attempt thought..Version: 6.10.4

WANT A REFUND!Purchased in-app add on to access Flat and Vlog recordings for 4k 60fps. When unlocked, the app states Flat and Vlog only works up to 40fps, and not 60fps. I feel screwed over! Raised a refund request with Apple who denied my request without further explanation. Doubly screwed! GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!.Version: 6.10.9

PLEASE READ DEVSGuys, fantastic app really. One addition would solve so many problems for me. The white balance always reverts back to AWB even if saved in a global preset! Please make it a saveable setting that persists after program is restarted(like every dslr camera behaves) or at the very least saveable to a preset where it does not reset to AWB(auto white balance). I realise it can be set each time but that is time consuming and easy to forget when you need to shoot something quickly, fixing a rapidly changing white balance in post is a nightmare. Once fixed my review will go back to five stars..Version: 6.8.1

Would be ideal without bugsI do like this app as it allows manual control and high quality 100mbps mobile videography. But there are a few things that let it down. First there is a bug that causes the shutter to change in bright light even when locked! Second the record button is too small and often often takes several attempts to stop or start recording (I have a new phone and screen is perfect). Third the app is basically unusable when synced with my Dji Osmo mobile. If the app improves i will gladly update my review..Version: 6.4.10

Be carefulFor 21$ cad you purchase the app but you can’t use the Log or Flat profile. You need to spend another 20$ cad for the cinematographic bundle if you want to use the app’s full functionalities. I wish i had known before. I am disappointed. It is expensive. Other than that the app is okay..Version: 6.10.9

Beautiful. But painful 😣Sooooo Filmic is beautiful. But painful 😣 The setting makes things sharper and wider, but!!!! The memory needed to film through the app than through my phone was way more than a video shoot through my phone. I had to delete loads and still didn’t have enough memory to film a video 🙈 My ibuds which I used as a mic, echod everyword I said. So I had my own voice repeating back into my ear. Andddddd it made my phone so hot thought it was gonna over heat and stop working. So maybe not a great option.Version: 6.10.9

MisleadingI am not the only one who downloaded this app after seeing the news about it recording multiple cameras at the same time. It does not..Version: 6.10.3

Black screen and frozen buttonsI didn’t have any issue with Filmic Pro for a while and then plenty of issues happened in one day. A video was out of sync and jumpy so I upgraded the app to the latest version on my iPhone 7 Plus. It then stopped working completely. A black screen appeared when I rotated the phone horizontally and no button worked. And it happened when I was recording a family concert on Christmas Eve..Version: 6.13.1

Lag when dialing in settingsI noticed that when I am adjusting settings for ISO, focus peaking, and H/M/L that the app lags, causing the image while framing a shot to move at a significant delay. Also I found the ability to record what you are capturing does nothing when you tap the record button. When attempting to back out of the controls it either does not respond or takes so long that you have to close the app, at which point I found that the audio I hear in my headphones continues after the app has been closed, as though everything to do with the app is suffering from this lag. Not sure if the devs encountered this so leaving a review so maybe it can be tweaked.Version: 6.9.1

Great, with one stupid limitationGreat app, but why on earth does it constantly bug you to switch on cellular data? Either it wants to download video over your mobile data plan or the vendor wants to spy on you. Neither possibility is very appealing. How about removing this?.Version: 4.1.1

Dynamic Tone Remapping Deal BreakerIt’s pretty hard to find info on this until you experience it for yourself. I have been informed, and I truly believe, that it is a fault of Apple and not Filmic, but here is the deal. Apparently as of iOS 13, and still in 14.0.1 thus far, Apple has forced it’s Dynamic Tone Remapping in video, and does not allow apps to turn it off. What does this mean? It means that even though you can lock white balance, ISO and shutter speed, if you have a dark scene and something brighter enters, the dark background will also adjust to be brighter. Basically, you can’t keep it locked in on a certain exposure no matter what you do. It makes the footage unusable. This effects almost every scene in one way or another. I really feel for Filmic Pro, but the app is ~$24 ($13 initially and another ~$13 in the app to make it actually useful), but it is currently useless unfortunately. I’m glad I didn’t start buying lenses and I really hope Apple fixes this, because besides that, this app with the iPhone 11pro would be really good. Filmic I’m sorry to leave you a poor review, but I hope you are calling and tweeting Apple every day until they fix this, because it is rendering your excellent app useless!.Version: 6.12.5

Rubbish audio on iPhone XS MaxWhen you record video using the XS Max’s regular camera app and the phone’s built in mics the audio quality is extremely high quality, in stereo, with low noise. When using this app however you loose the ability to record in stereo using the phone’s built in mics, you can only record in mini and have to select to use either the front, back, or bottom mic. The result is greatly inferior to that from the iPhone’s regular camera app. Please give us the option to use a combination of all of the microphones so that we can have stereo recording. I feel cheated by this app. I paid £20 only to get crap audio on my video. I’m currently sticking to using the phone’s regular camera app because it means I can get great audio on my videos without having to plug in external mics..Version: 6.8.1

Scammed! Bait and switch.I got this app thinking, ok, its $15. But then I find out you have to fork over another $13 to get the full function of this app like flat profile and dynamic range, etc. After finding this out, I started researching and looking at reviews and this app has a bunch of bugs from minor annoyances to things that don’t make sense like not recording the actual frame rate that it says it’s recording on. I don’t mind paying for a good app but what’s with the hidden fees? That doesn’t inspire any confidence with this developers at all. It does quite the opposite. Who knows that they’re going to charge next. I feel scammed. I should have watched reviews on this app instead beforehand like I usually do but I have it a benefit of a doubt. I’m not doing that anymore. I want my money back and fvcku with your scams and hidden fees.Version: 6.10.1

Lose quality after export to camera rollI recorded 4K and when I save it to camera roll it be comes 1080 . Doesn’t support well the zhiyun smooth 4 , doesn’t work the tracking mode. And many many more, I think I lost my money..Version: 6.8.2

Great unless loses footage99% of the time (rough guess) footage gets saved and the app is great to control. It reliably loses footage when phone shuts down mid shoot due to depleted battery, but that can be understood as an edge case. Once after shooting a 2-hour timelapse (a frame each 30 sec) the footage haven’t gotten saved. App didn’t crash, battery was well in the green and storage plenty. Footage never appeared in Photos, seems to exist in app’s built-in roll as a corrupted entry, from where an invalid file can be saved to iCloud Files (I’ll try fiddling with it on laptop later). I don’t know whether it’s out of the realm of possibility given iOS APIs but as an engineer I would try ensuring the footage gets continuously recorded into a backup file which does not get deleted until the output is saved and double-checked. With a low-FPS timelapse like I often do there’s so little data to write even if it shoots for hours, maintaining 2 or 3 backup files simultaneously would not be an issue and could possibly save a whole lot of frustration. Being able to shoot a timelapse with fixed ISO/exposure is great and something you can’t do with iPhone’s built-in timelapse feature. White balance UI is not really clear when I use a white sheet—I hit the tiny AWB button and try to guess whether it worked or not as there seems little feedback..Version: 6.6.0

Still missing a lot...We expecting soon iphone 12 and still no multi camera support. Also still no support for the new DJI osmo mobile 3 plus Extra $$$ for cinematography kit (which cost more that the app...). Filmic blame DJI for the sdk, may blame even apple for the multicamera support delay but they asking to been paid for 1/3 of what they promising. Honestly, in not an app worth to buy, at least for now... 2 stars only because they are providing some manual settings on the “base” version, that the stock app isnt..Version: 6.10.9

Audio issueAs much as I love this app. It truly is amazing, there is major problem I am having when using my iPhone mic and it happens 50-60% of the time, a loud repeating beating/vibrating sound that drowns our everything else and 10 seconds worth of still frame at the end of each video. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.Version: 6.10.3

Stitch frustrating on iPadI want to love it, but it doesn’t work well for one thing I need it for: Quick stitched social media selfie videos made on my iPad. It has a stitch feature, but the record/pause button is in the far right bottom corner of the screen, so my eye has to track all the way down for me to see where to tap it. And, it often doesn’t respond to my first or even second tap, like it’s not registering unless I tap it exactly right. I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s different between a successful and unsuccessful tap. If I was using this on a smaller device, or if it allowed different positions for the record button, it would probably be great, but as it is I can’t use it for my most-needed, albeit very simple, use case. 😞.Version: 6.13.1

Dropped frames galoreApp was useful but now every few seconds I get dropped frames. Stock camera app doesn’t do this. Yes, I’ve restarted my phone, restored it from new, closed all other apps and put into airplane mode. STILL DROPPED FRAMES! And this is on a iPhone XS Max, so not an old phone..Version: 6.12.5

Bugs all overI am completely up to date on my software and am on iPhone Xs. Got excited to film and use the LOG and other color filters to find out it’s another 15$. Didn’t know I had to go through extreme details reading through the entire descriptions of the product to later find out you have to buy more add ons. So I immediately spend 30$ on this app. I pull it up and record 2 mins on 4k 60 fps and raise the quality too..which is another reason I was buying it...It then freezes up. Do it again, minute and a half through..same thing. Do shorter vids and then it finally works. Do another few long ones and now the videos just disappeared and I had actually caught great footage that is now gone and not clickable in the preview window...terrible experience thus far. Maybe if you guys refund me I’ll change my review...But I’m gonna blast out bad reviews on this till I do :).Version: 6.8.1

Bugs on iPhone XI purchased this app because I had heard many great things about it and I will say that I was very impressed with a lot of the tricks of this app has to offer. However what’s been disappointing me over and over again is it the app has been crashing when using high frame rates, and not even for that long of a period. It will freeze when entering the review portion of the app where I would view the videos I’ve taken. I’ve also had times where I am switching resolutions and the app goes into mirror mode, which I’m sure is not supposed to happen. The image becomes upside down and reversed left to right making it impossible to record until I shut down the app completely and sometimes even have to turn off my phone. I have had the focus and exposure dials randomly start turning on me and I’ve also had exposure settings changed even though I have had them locked in. Overall I’m pretty disappointed because I never had these issues with ProMovie recorder which was only three dollars and I had heard amazing things about this app. These bugs could get taken care of I would be 100% satisfied because there are a lot of great things this app provides but I’m just not there yet. Thanks guys..Version: 6.4.10

Excellent app, but external sound sync doesn't workI liked the integration of the clapper / slate into the app - but unless I'm missing something the footage actually gives no indication of when the beep takes place, making syncing pretty difficult and removing 70% of the slate utility. That said the rest of the app is excellent - easy to use, providing good control over the video camera..Version: 2.5.1

Great features poor performanceI love that this app is able to shoot in log or flat and 24 FPS + all the color settings. Unfortunately I spent hours preparing multiple scenes and musicians to take footage for a music video. Everything seemed to be going great until we handed the footage to the editor. Turns out most of the files are garbage. Some are as bad as roughy 5 fps and stay stuck on the same frame at some moments, not the 24 fps as we had selected in the app. We will have reschedule and spend a whole other day to reshoot almost everything and possibly make us miss a deadline. This happened on a 128GB iPhone 6s. For the price of this app I don’t think I should have had to assume the footage was garbage. I should have been notified that instant that footage was being shot at a different frame rate than selected..Version: 6.8.1

File playbackHi. This is the second time of purchasing this app. The files are not able to be played back through my Zappiti 4k media player or my LG TV. 4k files through the zhiyun app play back no problem. please can you refund me again as it seems we are still in the same position Over the app is great just can’t get the standard files whether Apple mode or filmic to work outside of the iPhone.Version: 6.10.4

If you can’t keep up with Apple iOS updates, get out of the kitchenAnother instance of App devs not keeping apace with the betas from Apple. This update 6.4.6 and the last one 6.4.5 fail to identify an external mic when running IOS 11.2.5. Rendering it (pun intended) useless to me as a video app. Version 6.2.3 works well enough on IOS 10.3.3. If you don’t need more than 40 mins recording, it burns through the battery faster than Usain bolt doing a lap of honour Please don’t tell me to delete and download. Done that doesn’t work. Just fix the app, please..Version: 6.4.6

Freezing & audio out of syncI’ve been using the app for about a year. And Im now using it with my iphone 11 pro max. Its been functioning great until about a month ago. The app constantly freezes while recording. Seriously, I wish I could show you guys. This happens multiple times a day now. Also, even worse, the audio and video is out of sync. Im not sure why, but I’ve tried different audio sources (built in mic, rodemicL, rode wireless) and they all have the same issue. Where as, no issues in the iphone stock camera app. I’ve checked settings and this happens in Filmic Pro regardless of the resolution and frame rate. The concept of Filmic Pro is great. But these bugs make the app unusable. I’ve lost countless footage due to these issues...Version: 6.10.7

Audio recording bugGreat app! Second time I have had an issue with no audio being recorded... first time I redownloaded the app and that fixed it... don’t know why it’s happened again. Redownloading once again......Version: 6.8.2

Why should I report an issue with FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera.

Is FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera not working?

FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera.

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