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AliExpress Shopping App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

AliExpress Shopping App app received 123 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using AliExpress Shopping App? Can you share your negative thoughts about aliexpress shopping app?

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AliExpress Shopping App for Negative User Reviews

Lots of items not received 😢I personally am sick and tired of not receiving a lot of the items I order from Ali express. I do get my money back from items not received, but that’s not the point. I order it....I wait.....And wait.. then months go by and now buyer protection is running out and tracking stopped ages ago and still no item, got to wait until buyers protection has completely run out to lodge a dispute, and then I get money back, and then I re-order and the same process starts all over again. Some items I have ordered 3 times and the process above in between each time I’ve ordered and still not received any of that same item!! Another item on I ordered last week, has arrived today! ( very fast and that’s a 1 off) why they can’t all be like this, I have no idea!! May need to look elsewhere for these items and forget about Ali express I think 🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 8.18.0

They scam US buyers please take these people down!!Guys please DO NOT buy from AliExpress I have made many disputes to let them know that my items have not arrived and they did not care at all! They told me that I have to return the items and, I’m just like how will I return the items when they did not arrive? and then they told me to show proof that it didn’t arrive and I did do that and they still did not care. They sided with the seller, closed my dispute and completely took my money from me.I also had another issue where I asked for a refund and they emailed me two months ago and promised me a $20 refund with no return because I’m a “valued customer” and they still have not given it to me so I contacted them about it and they proceeded to blame it on me and say it’s my fault that I did not get my refund bc I did not return the item when they literally told me I could get a refund with no return so once again they took my money from me. AliExpress has stolen about $170 from me I will no longer be buying from here again and I encourage you guys not to buy from here either I have also had problems where I have written bad reviews and they deleted them just so no one can see it I’ve also seen other people on the app say that AliExpress sellers are framing them and saying “if you don’t give me a 5 star review we will keep your money from you and not give you your item”which is so ridiculous these AliExpress people are absolutely disgusting..Version: 8.35.0

DO NOT BUY ON AliExpressI bought things on AliExpress for 125$, then the package was delivered to a wrong post office. The tracking system showed the package delivered and then following delivery failed. And the package was returned to seller by post office. I opened a dispute. AliExpress closed my dispute and took my money because they only see the delivered information!!!.Version: 8.20.0

Terrible! AVOID99% of the time, purchases are either never received or, if they eventually arrive 2 years later, it’s a completely different item, horrifically inferior, opened & used, or completely damaged & unusable. Cannot get through to an actual person in customer support & all dispute outcomes are “no refund”. Very occasionally, on the 587th appeal, it may change to “spend a billion times what you paid to send the worthless piece of cr*p you received (rather than what you spent your hard-earned money & waited decades to receive) back to China, tracked delivery (even though you spent even more on postage AND tax, with AliExpress’ own “tracking” only - obviously EVERYTHING on there is delivered. On time 🙄), wait another 658 years & discover you wasted even more time & money not getting a refund. By this time the seller, who has ignored you the entire time, despite you being able to see that they’ve read your message & are online has “disappeared”, so no PayPal or credit card refund either 🤬🤬.Version: 8.77.0

Ridiculously longIf you’re a very impatient person like me I wouldn’t recommend this app, I have ordered 2 products on there so far. I ordered a phone case and it arrived after several weeks. it took so long to arrive I totally forgot I ordered it. I ordered a bracelet on the 9th of September and it is now the 21st of October and it’s still not here. The package tracking seems inaccurate it hardly ever changes it stays on one stage for weeks. When tracking my bracelet once a week it says “left country of origin” and it’s been like that for a long time there’s no updates of what’s happening with the package. Not a good place to buy a gift because it’s not guaranteed it’ll come on time. You could order something a month and half or even 2 months before someones birthday and it could still arrive late because it’s coming from China. I’m convinced majority of products sold on Ali express come from China. Yes the products are good quality but the waiting is unbearable. Several weeks for a little silver bracelet is ridiculous and I won’t be ordering from Ali express again. You’re better off ordering from eBay or other online stores where your packages arrive in 2 weeks maximum. Also when trying to get in contact with the seller I never get the answer I’m looking for and never actually talk to an actual person, it’s always a bot that gives automatic replies with information that isn’t useful to me. It’s almost impossible to solve problems through messages..Version: 8.18.0

Dispute rep never supports you, they are always with sellerI order 15 items , seller pushed 10 wrong items. Had loss of $466..Version: 8.24.1

3 out of 10 items satisfactoryWon’t order again. One item broken and not returnable. 3 items came to me ok. The rest are paid for and missing. Won’t acknowledge my purchases even with a order number. Learned my lesson. Customers are abused and treated like garbage. Do NOT buy from these crooks..Version: 8.76.0

Customer service is terrible.I’ve bought dozens of items from AliExpress in the past few years but I think no more. Some items simply haven’t arrived or have arrived broken and some sellers and even AliExpress customer service have ignored me. The bot “Eva” that is supposed to be customer service is terrible and the 10% you get a human being, they are usually just as useless. Buy if it’s cheap, buy if it’s your only option, things are ok 75% of the time. But the 25% problems are big headaches and AliExpress will do nothing for you. Beware..Version: 8.23.0

Why is shipping $7 for everything??I have been shopping on this app for YEARS and never has the shipping been so expensive. Since the new update all the shipping, for even $1 items, is $6 and more. It’s really not worth it. Not sure if this is a bug or because of the Canadian shipping issues?? Also every time I try to organize by most orders, it says there’s no matches found...this app is going downhill..Version: 6.19.1

ImprovementWhen we delete an item that we have revived or wrote a review can we stay in the orders place not be taken to the home every time! Because I want to continue deleting things I’ve received. Can it just disappear when we delete so we can continue. Hope you understand what I mean. Also another thing if we haven’t actually said we’ve received it! The time for the order to get here should not run out! Because sometimes the stellar doesn’t respond and it never comes and the times run out and I still haven’t received. So their should be this thing where if they buyer hasn’t confirmed they’ve received the item then they get an automatic refund. Also there should be a system that checks if sellers are communicating because it’s really unprofessional of some of them to be taking peoples money and things never showing up so they should not be selling in the first place so maybe there could be like this thing that tracks their activity with responding to the people and if their not being good sellers that their accounts get taken away from them. Also sometimes the item won’t come and they end up deleting the item so there’s no tracing back to what they sold. And their store and their details. Also need better communication in the help centre..Version: 6.22.1

Beware of fraud.Was satisfied with product, not the website. Took me two hours to get through my own credit card when paying my order, I have to submitting prove documents over and over agin. During the exhausted time, tried to pay with my debit visa instead, get declined again, the payment later went through from my first card eventually. Not end of story, later found a fraud transaction over the debit card, I know AliExpress did this cause I never used this card for any online transactions, the first time ever use this card and it’s only used on AliExpress, it got a fraud transaction shows AMZNmktpla. Checked with Amazon and my bank, confirmed fraud. Ewww..Version: 8.19.0

Disappointed.I ordered false lash extensions with some accessories and was going to try to do them on myself for fun. Well I found some good products that all had good reviews, put them in my cart and ordered it. Once I placed the order, it said “We had to close this order due to account security concerns. Please place an order again later, or remove the coupon and try again.” This is my first time purchasing something off of this app so obviously I wasn’t sure what that meant or what to do about it in that moment. I went to check my bank account because in my head I was thinking “why would they charge me if my order is closed.” Well… money was gone. I was very upset because my questions to them is why continue to take money off my card if you were going to close my order due to security reasons? I started doing my research and I read something about this happened because I was supposed to have a second account?? Not sure what that was supposed to mean at all. I’ve texted all the sellers I bought from, not helpful because they’re robots. I requested for a refund and it says I should get my refund within 3-20 days, I'm not sure why it’d take that long to be honest. I will not be using this app anymore, it will be deleted and never downloaded again..Version: 8.68.0

Good luck getting any responseTerrible customer service and response handling . Better stick with EBay or Amazon for North American ordering ..Version: 6.19.1

Gotta watch these guys......I’ll try to make a long story short yes it is a great place to shop they do have everything if you can come in contact with the right seller and not have to use customer service, my seller did not communicate so I had to use customer service they are responsive and they are very nice to work with but in a nice roundabout way they have the sellers back making you think that they have your back but they do not I got screwed on something that was Supposed to take 12 to 20 days for delivery took 60 days Telling me to keep waiting patiently they ran me out of purchase protection time so I could not get a refund and the seller got paid quickly if something is not available it will not tell you but they will take your money and you will be waiting for your item that does not exist the only way you will know is if you ask them if it’s available I ordered the same parts from Allabiba And got them in 3 days Bear in mind I also had no tracking information other than order has shipped and they could not tell me where my package was or should I say wouldn’t tell me so don’t think customer service has your back in that situation in a dispute refund situation because they do not they will milk it until purchase protection runs out and then say sorry.Version: 6.17.0

ShoppingAliexpress I think it’s a good company that people who are selling things on the website I’m not good people sometime you buy things and the send you the stuff that you don’t like or Bad quality of what you ordered and when you ship it back you never get your money back all you never hear from them they will take your money and the product and you never hear anything and saw Ali express I think they shall make an option where people can complain just like PayPal I can buy things in any country anywhere in the world and if I complain to them they will refund me and Ali express don’t have that option that is the only problem with this company. I hope that this can help you guys improve and stop the people who are stealing using your company..Version: 8.37.1

Very very confidential and I do not recommend dealing with themI ordered a shipment for this program that I did not receive and he tells me that it was delivered and I never received anything.Version: 8.20.0

Worst appSome things came and some things do not came even after long time . They are just charging us money . Support team did not help . My 3 orders have not arrived and when I contacted them they just told me to wait and they increased the shipping time . It’s been 6 months I am waiting for the refund ..Version: 8.21.0

Beware, this app doesn’t support order cancellation!I placed order and cancelled right after. The order then removed from order list and I don’t have any control on it. Sell got the request, asked why I cancel but insist ship the order 10 days after the cancellation. I must pay the order by the rule of the app..Version: 8.21.0

The worst app for any kind of help!Want to purchase a product that doesn’t match that description or the photos that advertise it? Want live chat help that blocks you because you ask for help multiple times after spending 100’s to 1000’s of dollars and keep on receiving either damaged / badly made / counterfeit items? Want a service that allows the seller to say whether their product is counterfeit or not in a dispute and close off dispute with no fair or no refund at all - even though photos from their site, any other site and the real world when compared together say different? Well if you wanted a help service does anything but help, maybe a little better than eBay - but that’s not hard! Then this is the badly run help service product oriented app for buying things with your hard earned money that you don’t want anymore! (*There are a few good sellers out there when you find them!*) But don’t let me turn you away and onto every other platform in the world for buying things instead of this one, try for yourself and waste as much time arguing with someone in another country with as many language barriers as you can muster, or maybe try their unhelpful help service that allows you to be sent around in circles by a robot that only gives you responses on how to fix things yourself when trying to get through to live help to help fix a problem that is un-fixable by yourself!:)~ Take my money!! Pleeeeeaaaaasssse!!!.Version: 8.42.0

Don’t provide refunds when things are lostOrdered 3 things. They never arrived and they would not provide refund as they said there was no proof. How can u prove u didn’t get something..Version: 8.3.0

ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISKI think people should be aware that Aliexpress has started combining shipping for orders from separate sellers that are purchased within the same week or so period. On every occasion without fail I have had an item missing from my order (quite expensive items too each time) and as the tracking numbers are changed and combined in to one or two large deliveries… you are then provided with one tracking number for the multiple orders. You cannot dispute it as the tracking shows as “delivered”. Even when one item is missing. I’m not sure if someone along the delivery chain is aware of this and talking advantage and stealing items before combining them (the items that go missing are always expensive and quite nice haha) but since the seller says they shipped the items, and the tracking shows the one tracking number as delivered, you have no choice but to lose your money. My advice is only ever purchase through PayPal, or just avoid the headache and avoid altogether. I’ve worked for companies buying from Aliexpress and Alibaba for 10 years, I’ve never seen issues like this and such terrible customer service. Be prepared to lose your money, gone are the days of being able to dispute and correct order issues..Version: 8.49.0

Terrible customer service. DO NOT EXPECT ANY BUYER PROTECTIONHonestly this is the worst “cheap product” website I have ever come across. I used Ali because it simply had a product I could not locate anywhere else. Of course it came not functioning so I tried to do a refund. Of course their “solution” was for me to mail it back at my cost which would’ve cost me more than the product was worth, so I refused and explained this and had video of the product not working. Seller kept claiming that it “worked” so I attempted a chargeback through PayPal. PayPal refused since I refused to send it back and AliExpress froze the order and won’t allow me to do anything with it and now it’s past the “protection” window but of course they literally DO NOT care because you can’t even talk to a service rep at Ali. It’s only bots and there is no live chat, no email, no phone number. Nothing. If you’re willing to risk your hard earned money then ya use aliexpress because it’s great for throwing money away. Biggest SCAM around.Version: 8.76.0

Not as good as it wasI have been a customer for around 5 years but in the last year Ali has not been as good as it was. Seller’s don’t answer questions , also a few items I have bought the shop has closed days later the seller isn’t answering and the tracking isn’t working. Ali won’t let you open a dispute for 10 day’s after allegedly posting then give seller another 10 day’s to answer dispute! Not great when you want your money back!!. Even then takes ages to go back to your account if you win dispute over a month if things go well maybe longer . Another problem is the added tax it’s even added on postage , which makes it expensive. I have been looking for items only with free shipping and there is not much of that . Overall I don’t shop as much as I did . Only shopping if I need it and that’s after checking all English site’s what’s the point of waiting if the saving is small or even no saving at all??. Thing’s are going from bad to worse. There is no longer live customer service advisor to help with your problem or very limited live customer service advisors instead there is a robot called Eva. If your questions are not in her database you just go round and round in circles. Sadly there is no way to transfer to live customer service. It’s terrible I’ll be shopping even less with Ali..Version: 8.46.0

Sadly AliExpress has been decliningI just to have very good experiences with this app, but the past few years I’m only getting less than 40% of everything I buy, and It is very frustrating to opening dispute every time and wasting a lot of my time, not getting what I buy. Also I have encountered very rude sellers, some of them promised to replace or send a gift if you don’t open dispute, and when the time for dispute expires they ignores you. I have reported this issue but AliExpress does not intercede even if you have all the conversations as proof. I’ve found other apps similar to AliExpress, but better, very good prices, fast shipping and very reliable, so I’m started to used more often and buy less in this App.Version: 8.72.0

TrueI ordered phone 2 months ago. Still not received. This side not trust.Version: 8.76.0

In appropriate images and stuffI am very disappointed from AliExpress because of which I am going to delete this Chinese app. Even after sending an email to the customer service they still keep showing ADULT PRODUCTS NUDE LADIES PITCHERS AND THEIR PRIVET PARTS evev I didn’t search for it. Thats what I don’t like. Very bad customer service. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 8.20.0

Needs improving stabilityIt’s a relatively good app, but needs improving features and technical stability. It keeps crashing and stops responding so I have to uninstall and reinstall the app each time it crashes. That happens quite frequently sometimes daily and sometimes several times a day. As I open the app and starts counting down to show adds, this is where you can’t click any icon as it stops responding. This issue of not responding to any touch still persist while though it has been going on for a very long time now and I still need to remove the app and reinstall it to be able to use it. Also, you cannot get technical support as it’s always unavailable. More importantly, out there is an issue, there is no customer service. There is only an automated response machine which is frustrating when you cannot solve your problem and there is no human being that one can refer to for support of any kind. The robotic response is so annoying and can’t help. I was never able to get help. AliExpress need to place employees who understand English to support customers like any other decent business interface..Version: 8.33.0

I haven’t receivedI haven’t received it’s been 2 months . It cost 150 cad and I I haven’t received my order . Big scam.Version: 8.17.0

Unable to get a refundI completely disappointed and really not recommended this app. I received a damaged item and request for a refund and the seller told me that I have to return the item to China from Australia to get the full refund. But I didn’t get a full refund and the AUpost told me that the is already delivered so I contacted the seller and told me that they will not give me the money unless they received the package which is stated that already delivered. So I raised the issue to Aliexpress itself and they both agreed not to give me refund. I gave the tracking number but told me that they can’t find the tracking number. Who’s fault is this? I paid for the package delivery and I was so confused why in the first place they didn’t told me that they can’t find the tracking number? This is hilarious highly not recommended to use this apps they will just take your money and keep telling lies on you. The seller and Aliexpress are really suspicious on taking actions if something happens on your order. They can’t escalate the situation and not even understanding the customer value or how important the item that you ordered. It took a lot of weeks for the product to arrived and when you get it and open it some broken pieces inside and don’t dare to return the item cause you’re also not getting a refund you are just wasting your money to deal with this they called “business”. Stop scamming people..Version: 8.61.0

Biggest crooks on the App StoreI ordered a few hundred dollars worth of stuff. A few days later, I immediately saw that my purchase was shipped to California and I live at the edge of the East Coast—I’ll let you guess the state. I reached out to the seller and they denied it. We went back and forth sharing pics and tracking until I filed a complaint which took Aliexpress forever to even read the details of the case because this went on for two weeks and before they asked me for screenshots I had already submitted twice. A long while afterwards, I discovered my identity was stolen and my card info used. I contacted the company to tell them the charges on my account were fraudulent and I was going to report my cards as stolen. When I did so, I got new cards and tried to give the company another chance. This was December when my info was used and I’ve submitted countless appeals and verification requests to prove I am the owner of the cards:sending photo ID, bank states, pics of the cards, my banks’ judgements, and police reports and they still won’t unrestricted my account. They are the most incompetent company I’ve come across. The worst customer service teams. All they do is lie to end the conversation. One star is too good for these con artists. They protect their scammers better than clients. They are a disgusting company who has never reached out to me or my bankers..Version: 8.16.0

Customer Service AliExpress is a computer!!!I have tried to talk to Customer Service but is a computer program and can’t ask my question unless is one of the automatically created one! Such disappointment as they stopped free deliveries to Canada due to Canada Post strike and now the strike is over and they won’t reopen shipping and I can’t get in touch with a real person to make them aware..Version: 6.20.0

Good, but could be more fair!I love AliExpress, however as a loyal costumer I am disappointed that the coin system is a fraud! I have 2000 coins and they are pointless! I cannot earn anything with them or pay items by using that balance. As a platinum costumer I believe costumers deserve to have more discounts, promos and coupons. Also a lot of stores are making people pay (like myself) for extra money after purchase is completed for the item to be delivered! This is pure blackmailing! Sending links saying “pay extras” this is a scam! AliExpress must stop this or they will loose many many costumers and money, overall AliExpress must improve their coin system making costumers happier by being able to actually save money, not with fake games! And stop the extra fees after payment is completed! This is scam and AliExpress does not need to do these things, I’m sure you have more than enough money as a company, specially if you help more and more your costumers will buy more and you will have so much more costumers, you don’t have to scam us to earn more money! Please improve your coin system. When you do this I’ll give 5 stars! AliExpress can and should improve!.Version: 8.38.0

Security issues from terrible updateI have bought a lot from AliExp and had mostly good, but some awful experiences (empty packages and damaged or faulty goods that I had to pay for, as their dispute process only allows their vendors to upload evidence after the initial complaint) BUT after the last update my credit card was security blocked. The two ways to solve this are firstly to delete and reinstall the card, but you can no longer delete the card in the app and you have to use the Ali Wallet website, which constantly goes to a ‘system is busy’ message when confirming your email address, so it cannot be used. The other way is to lodge an appeal. How do you do that? You have to send a picture of your passport or drivers licence, PLUS a picture of the front and back of your credit card (showing your signature, of course) PLUS you have to send a copy of your bank statement, with account numbers, balance, spending and deposit record, employer deposits so they know where you work, etc. Call me Mr Suspicious but that sounds like a perfect setup for identity theft/bank account hacking. So my card is blocked, which means they don’t want my money, and unless I give them all the information to hack my life then I can’t buy anything more. Anyone else find this suspicious?.Version: 8.50.0

Oh rc toy drop shipping storeDon’t trust this vendor, they’ve asked me to cancel my order due to no stock but they want me to lie and say I no longer want the item. I’ve tried canceling the item 4 times now and filled out the AliExpress survey explaining what has happened each time, and each time it appears again in my bucket and the vendor again asks me to cancel but lie about the reason..Version: 8.22.0

Network crisisIt functions ok but you must be extremely carful as disputes aren’t always reliable and there never appears to be a contact option to AliExpress. Many sellers will scam either through lies on the product or tricking users to close a dispute as only one can be opened even make refund offers of 0$ to conclude their problems of needing to make a refund as many products seem to go missing in the post, some still refund but only after forcing to get a 5star review to hide their failure. AliExpress combine products together later in delivery but this can causes errors of items being combined with the wrong persons other purchase so sent to the wrong address/customer. The post constantly gets sent to a different country to some how save shipping prices but cause deliveries to take an extremely long time to arrive if they don’t go missing in the post abroad yet AliExpress tracking looses track as it states the product has reached its destination country even if it’s still months before arriving in the correct country but doesn’t seem to track after arriving through customs in the first country and picked up by their postal services. All packages are given a set number of days to arrive but it automatically declares it has been delivered when this ends only giving 15days to open disputes yet they often favour more sellers than customers over disputes of all kinds !!.Version: 8.47.0

Happy but unhappyI’ve used AliExpress for numerous years now. I am very loyal to aliexpress. If you look at my history order you’d noticed how much I’ve constantly order from aliexpress. Up until Aug 22, 2019, I made an order, but cancelled it right away because I’ve used the wrong credit card. Instead of refunding, I got charged. I have spoke to Crissie, customer service, and she was convinced that I was not charged and cannot refund me. I was very upset. I even showed her my bank statement that it was definitely a charge. I know how a charge and a refund looks like. I couldn’t do anything, and she wouldn’t do anything. But instead continuously claim that I wasn’t charge and to rest assure that I will get my refund. So, I have decided to call my bank. They have looked and saw that I did got charge, and there was no reverse for the charge as in there was no refund. So, I had to open a dispute to get my money back. I am upset that she was so convinced I wasn’t charged, and tried to tell me to rest assure that I will get my refund. LIES! Is this how they actually get your money? BUT, even so, this incident won’t stop me from using Aliexpress. I’ve always been loyal to Aliexpress and I will continue to be loyal..Version: 7.9.1

TerribleI highly recommend steering clear of aliexpress. Not only are the sellers horrible to deal with both in waiting to send out the item that you have bought, but customer service is a nightmare to deal with if you have to file a dispute. I had just a few transactions and that was enough for me to delete my account and app. Some transactions I had to wait weeks and extend the time or the site would automatically cancel the transaction if the seller didn’t get it out in time. Some just never even bothered to ship your purchased item after a whole month. In the case of the cancelling, refunds were delayed. In the case of actually getting the item, good luck with it coming right or as pictured or described. Trying to reach resolution with sellers are difficult and often delayed with them dragging their feet and trying to run the clock out on your buyer protection period. Then the customer service will be friendly and act as though they are working with you only to close your case and give you a few dollars off and not a full refund when you’ve built a lengthy case with documented photos of what you’ve actually received. Open another case and they’ll close it just as fast again. In my opinion, it seems like an easy way to scam. I’d rather use other platforms seeing that there is some better protection when things do not work out the way they are suppose to. I suggest you do the same. Save the headaches and the time of going in circles to end up with no resolve..Version: 8.69.0

Not perfectStrong search engine. But: I want you to bring back panorama view, and stop market message notifications. I just want to be notified about specific orders. I do not want offers and discount messages. I bought several fake thumb drives. AliExpress puts you through a lot of hoops to prove it, and then refuses a refund. You need to stop siding with the seller. Better still, get these fake thumb drive sellers off AliExpress! Recently the app has been dropping an advert page after you open it. You have to click on it and then close it before you can enter the app itself. Forcing users to make these extra clicks is unacceptable. Sometimes I just exit the app instead of using search engine to possibly buy something new..Version: 8.91.0

Non existent serviceI liked AliExpress till I came to a problem with seller’s taking advantage of buyers by increasing the price even though the buyer has paid for the product they do this by locking you in ,,, you would have paid for it & waiting for delivery only for them to tell you they want more money & you are left with no choice because you have waited so long & you have impatient customers so you pay !!! This disgusting no country does this except AliExpress & you can’t complain because they put you on a Ai that doesn’t ask the right questions.!!!! So what’s wrong is the ratings no way it’s real,,, I’ve also been ripped off by a supplier & AliExpress won’t help because I took a few days past return date to complain but I had brought 1000s & 1000s of dollars worth of products so obviously it would take time before I opened all products..!!! WARNING ALI EXPRESS HAS MANY SCAM ARTISTS & HACKERS BECAREFUL …!!! Please Becareful.Version: 8.66.0

App and Aliexpress not great at all nowI been using AliExpress off and on for approx 10 years now, originally buying thousands of dollars for specific products my company sold to NZ consumers, but now I find its been getting worse over the past 3-5 years especially, due to Covid the freight prices have increased over 300% for courier freight, it’s hard to get product delivered now and most times it hasn’t even left China in 4-6 weeks, i had numerous refunds which are such a mission to get refunds back, I rather spend more by buying in local market. It’s not what it used to be or made out to be that’s for real. The app certainly don’t have same features as online does, yeah prices are cheap but I prefer to use other platforms now other than this one..Version: 8.35.0

Great AppBrilliant app for finding things that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. However some items are not always as described & make sure to check final balance before checking out! Also bear in mind to hold an account you have to provide a telephone number. This app tells you not to share your number with sellers but then shares it on your behalf with whomever you purchase from. I gave poor feedback for an item wrongly advertised and received a very abusive text from a Chinese number within minutes of the review. I complained to Ali Express but the seller is still on the platform and I’ve had no update following my complaint. I have since changed my number on my account to a fictitious one! Also, full refunds for items wrongly received are not always issued. I once made a purchase for £24 and only received a £7 refund. There was confusion due to having made multiple orders in one transaction!.Version: 8.66.0

Bad app - Avoid & just use the website via browserHorrible app for so many reasons. Lots of 'do x to get y coins & z coupons', so you do the action & expect coins/coupons like it stated it would give you. Nope! So you tell CS, they always say they'll help you & you'll definitely get the missing coins/coupons & to wait for update after 24 hrs. Nope! No update & definitely no coins or coupons. So you talk to CS again...rinse & repeat. Over & over & over again. You'll never get those promised missing coins & coupons. Lots of sign into different device to get coins/coupons because of 'security' concerns...yeah, you're not gonna get those coins/coupons either. Lots of glitches in app. Also the website on browser has a MUCH better search engine. You can search via browser & get results but you search for same item on app & get zero results. It's weird & CS have confirmed it to me that the search function via website browser is more competent. Avoid buggy app..Version: 8.2.2

DO NOT BUY FROM ALIEXPRESS. Worst buying experience I’ve ever come across.BUYER BEWARE! Check online reviews. Stay away from Aliexpress. They are catered to the seller NOT the buyer. Customer service is shockingly bad with no resolutions when required and the refund process is impossible. Claiming will leave you pulling your hair out and waiting months for your refund. By far, the worst experience I’ve had to date with online shopping. 50% of the items I bought did not arrive on time, and by not on time I mean they arrived months later then what was advertised and paid for. The other 50% never arrived at all. One example of this is I paid extra for 12-20 days guaranteed delivery but was forced to wait 90 days before AliExpress would step in and try to resolve the problem when the product never arrived. They will not entertain any sort of refund process prior to that 90 days so do not bother with the effort. Customer service will just infuriate you when you realise they are in fact doing nothing but repeating rehearsed company lines over and over again leading to no where. I wanted to like them, I really did, but every single item I purchased there was a problem. Not one item went smoothly and as advertised. I’m done with AliExpress and wish I never bothered. I only wish I read some reviews before I began using them. Honestly, THE most infuriating online sales system that is build to NOT work for the buyer and customer. BUYER BEWARE!.Version: 8.15.1

Such a dodgy company! Awful experiencesI’ve had a few regular orders but lately the products I’ve ordered have become more and more poor quality to the point that I can’t even use them. On a different occasion, my parcel was lost in transit. 3 months later, I follow them up, and it takes another month before things are sorted … they don’t exactly provide customer service, they just keep your money and hope you don’t notice. The app is clunky and hard to use meaning it’s difficult to go through the refund process. Customer service is poor, and unhelpful. I’ve had such a stressful experience trying to get my money back. Most dodgy thing of ALL? Their pricing is incorrect. It took me a while to realise I was being charged DOUBLE what they quoted on the site, making it look like their products are super cheap when they’re not. That’s wrong. Never using Aliexpress again..Version: 8.69.0

Hate! Hate! Hate!When i started using ali's i was so happy with the prices but then when it actually arrived i was furious first of all, I paid for extra shipping because some stuff i got were gifts for my sister and i wanted them to come before her birthday, FALSE some of her gifts arrived after and i was really furious next i ordered like 11 things and i have to return EVERYTHING except for 2 things due to the fact that they were either scratched, broken, cheap quality, ripped, not as described, sizes were different etc you name it they did it and then whenever you would try to return it or simply get your refund they refuse to do it!!!! they say they cant do it and that they will give you discounts or refund you like barely half of what you actually paid and its just really really frustrating and i dont think i have ever received bad customer service as much as this! I am still in the process of trying to refund half my stuff!!!!! Ali Express literally just eats your money and doesn't give it back. The service it awful and terrible there and I hate it!!! I have received more stress from them than i ever have in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!! And they just wont listen! Then whenever you text them they leave you on read and there is literally no other way to contact them like i cant call, email, anything!!.Version: 8.1.3

The sellersI’ve purchased many items from this site and some of them are really good quality and value unfortunately I’ve also received some really bad products that I’ve requested refunds for although items individually are good value for money you have to spend £8.00 or more per order to receive the free delivery but still adds tax on to every total cost of the order so to receive items in a timely manner or wait up to 2 months and pay £1.99 + tax per item for them to be delivered and so when purchasing I normally do multiple items to receive sooner but sometimes it’s just not worth the few £s so if you want to receive a quality version of the product you’ll have to pay for the more expensive version so in the long term you’re not really saving money. Yes it’s easy to receive a refund on some products but can take weeks to receive and on some items the sellers won’t refund unless you send the product back at your own cost which will take weeks and costs a lot more than you’ve purchased it for and probably more than its worth. So buying can be worth it at times but also not worth it, so be prepared to pay less but possibly pay more if you’re unlucky enough to receive an item you like to be refunded for.Version: 8.84.0

China ScamNo customer service person you can talk to they will not refund you for anything that you bought even if they lose it. What they sell on the web is a total scam the reviews are fake the products are fake you’re just getting bunch of useless crap that don’t even work as they were supposed to function..Version: 8.23.0

Real Review from a fanatic online shopperAli Express is Awesome have loved it for years but it needs a huge overhaul now some of these other cheaper apps have come on the scene, you need a better loyalty program for the people who actually spend alot on there iv been platinum for years and it takes ages to progress with very little diffrences in the tiers, or nothing great to work for, Also the biggest competitor for you guys now will be Temu ! it might now have everything but there is one thing it has that Aliexpress doesnt have and thats AFTERPAY thats a huge thing to offer international customers! and a huge reason to make the switch ! I suggest you look into afterpay for aliexpress immediately.Version: 8.76.1

Be diligent in your researchThe old saying is true that if it seems too good to be true then usually it is. I have doubt that this app is no exception. There are a few things that I have received and found them to be a good bargain. But oftentimes in order to get decent items, you’re paying close to what you would in a store near you. I’ve found that often times companies will take pictures very close up to an object to make it appear larger than it is so when you receive it you are really aggravated that it is so small. No wonder it was so cheap. And finally, I’ve found that there are shops you must watch out for because they have marketed something as theirs only to find out they have stolen it from another artist in another part of the world and there’s not a whole lot that can be done about it. But I can’t help but laugh at the USA when they outsource their products to make a bigger profit because all they have done is given the opponent their secrets and they just produce it under their name and make them a competitor. I used to like this app but I’m not near as fond of it as I once was. Also, I’ve had to file a lot more disputes because of either not getting something or getting a defective product. Finally, the shipping has become much more expensive in the past six months. You have to be careful of that now. So it is what it is and you get what you pay for in the long run..Version: 7.10.0

REALLY BAD .I am having so many anxiety attacks right now. I’m fifteen and family is quite short with money but I decided to buy a few small silly Christmas gifts since I never have before. I spent about 100 pound from my past birthdays that I got from over 3years. I accidentally had put my address in wrong without realising and everything already started to go through. They all got sent from abroad and now they all just say “Delivery Failed” and something about there being not enough information, I’ve redid my address properly now however, they’re all staying as undeliverable and I cannot change this, refund or even send back anything. I cannot contact anyone through the app, all my messages have gone unread, and basically I have lost that 100pound and cannot get it back. I tried to put in my email, but it said I already had an account with it, I’ve never made another account with it so I don’t know how to fix that. I tried again and again, trying to see if I could logout to see the other account with my email but ‘delete account’ was the only option which I can’t do or I know I have lost my money forever. I’m very scared because I know how mad my dad will be at me..Version: 8.84.0

Good appI have been using this app for more than 4 years. It working fine. However I noticed that the security measures to confirm seller’s identity and legitimacy is not robust enough to stop scammer sellers. I made many purchases for years with no issues. Recently I got scammed for £120 3D printer which was sent with fake tracking number. Case is still open on PayPal. I feel that AliExpress is not doing enough to protect buyers. I find the communication is very poor. I had previous cases of faulty items where I had also to dispute with sellers via AliExpress app. On those occasions as well I found the communication to be very poor and AliExpress is more likely to be biased towards the sellers and on every occasion they requested unreasonable evidence to proof your case. Overall, it is not a bad platform, however please be careful buyers and triple check who you are buying from. Especially if you are buying expensive items..Version: 8.60.0

Inappropriate ad appearsI enjoyed buying at aliexpress, but I may delete the app, since it show many adult products with sexual photos which makes me uncomfortable to shop here with my children who sometimes look for what they want in aliexpress. There is not choice of setting up my account to be safe for children..Version: 8.55.0

Good app but...It’s a great app and a great place to shop but not all sellers are cooperative. I just had a seller June electronicity/Junnuo tech. Store took their time getting back to me and was slowly helping me. It was like they were stretching the return limit so you’d end up with a faulty product. Then after I told them what was wrong and sent a video of the obnoxious noise it was making. They told me that “ it’s a normal sound my friend” which wasn’t supposed to sound like that at all, so they will give faulty advice as well. Very sneaky and unscrupulous. Many other seller have done the same or had another tactic. But I had no idea that 15days after you get product there’s no return etc. the seller was being politely unhelpful and ended up with a brand new product that runs like it is 15yrs old. They wouldn’t help and was being childish. This was just my last mishap with a seller I’ve lost so much money on this site it’s sad. I would highly recommend only buying once and a while when they have better prices or sales. But I would suggest you just go to eBay cause same sellers but they have to follow American rules and policies. So be very careful there are good sellers that don’t try to trick you but there are very unscrupulous sellers on this site as I imagine they did this to just me I’m sure they tricked others as well. I usually compare prices then if I have to order from here I will but typically go elsewhere..Version: 8.2.2

Baofeng radio never arrived trying to keep my moneyOrdered a Baofeng UV-5R it was stuck for 14 days so I applied for a refund. The items tracking number was changed as it supposedly left the warehouse and another order a programming cable was included in this tracking number change so I’m guessing they sent them together. Still not received. I even ordered a replacement from a different seller which can in 5 days yet it seems they will not refund my original purchase. It feels like the are calling me a thief and a liar. If I had these items I would have marked them as received like I have done with everything else that has managed to get to my house successfully. They are even checking the wrong tracking number. I will not be ordering from AliExpress again unless they sort this mess out. It is ridiculous that I have to wait this amount of time. Customer service are irresponsible and need to check the facts, use the right tracking number and give me a refund. Not recommended. Use Temu instead..Version: 8.81.1

Beware of fraudulent sellersAliExpress auto-confirms receipt of an order, and disables the “Leave Feedback” button after 30 days of auto-confirming a purchase. Fraudulent sellers are taking advantage of this feature to scam naiive and trusting buyers. I made a purchase on Nov 11 and a few days later I noticed the tracking showed shipment was canceled. I contacted the seller and they asked me to be patient that the order will arrive. They seemed nice so I trusted them and kept waiting for it to arrive. I would periodically check back in with the seller after the order still hadn’t arrived and even after three months the seller still told me to keep waiting. By the time I realized I had been scammed and that the seller didn’t actually ship the product, AliExpress had already auto-confirmed the order and the Leave Feedback button had been disabled. I feel so stupid because I now realize this was precisely what the seller wanted — to stall by asking me to wait so that I would neither be able to dispute the order and request a refund, nor leave a review of my experience to make other buyers aware of their scam. This is the reason there are multiple fraudulent scammers on AliExpress platform. Buyers beware!!.Version: 7.0.1

It’s ok, not great!I think it would be much better if you had some customer service and someone we the customers could speak to if we really can’t sort things out with the seller. Also for example, if you buy a Christmas present a month in advance and then you find out it doesn’t work or something goes wrong after a couple of days of using it, you can’t open a dispute after 15 days have passed and the seller knows this and takes full advantage. Other than not being able to get in contact with someone to speak to, it’s ok. Also the seller has just told me that my goods have been seized by customs, I don’t believe this because how would he know and why would they unless they were counterfeit. I have to say I have received the goods just to be able to open a dispute. I don’t like it when you buy something with AliExpress coupons and then the item doesn’t show up, I lose my coupon- the coupons used should also be refunded..Version: 8.67.0

Love AliExpressAliExpress has many sellers who sell exactly what is shown. Some sellers do not and they represent products poorly. The app need A LOT of work and is not very intuitive for the user, especially when you need to return or go through their 'dispute' process. And the tracking updates are awful. I have had several experiences where sellers simply do not ship a paid for item and instead of sending it when you ask for replacement they just refund money. I am happy they refund, but I did not make a purchase so that someone else can make interest on my money while I get nothing in return! Again...tracking is HORRIBLE!!!! My shipment often show they are in my US city. If they were I would not be STILL WAITING for delivery an ENTIRE MONTH LATER!! Aliexpress needs to shape up. I have been ordering from Temu who actually has excellent tracking and they have consistently gotten all my products to me! Also, Temu refund process is easy and fast. No waiting for a 'judgement'. Aliexpress is like going to a court where you are assumed guilty immediately. How is a customer supposed to show phot evidence of something they did not receive!? But that's what is asked of customer no matter circumstances. 😡.Version: 8.70.0

I got robbed $30I order 2 items. Neither arrived, I asked for refund on items that offered free refund, and was denied. I spoke to the the sellers and they will not refund me. The sellers on this app are scammers, I’m hoping this review will get me my money back.Version: 8.18.0

Postage is the only issuePostage is a big issue. Items not securely sent, mostly in plastic bags and arrives damaged. After waiting for extremely long periods to get damaged items delivered is very disappointing Only 2 shops have sent and sold what is advertised. Most things don’t show up and when you complain they say, delivered. I go to the post office demanding answers and they tell me that most Chinese tracking numbers are not valid in Australia and a lot of packages go missing. You don’t get refunded because you can’t show proof they never arrived. If things did arrive why would people complain when they tell the app they don’t. It’s very unfair, how can you provide this proof. After my last order either arrives or go past the date I will be deleting this app. It’s worse than wish! ALL HIT AND MISS WITH VERY LITTLE REFUND SECURITY. Pull your socks up, I’m just another customer you have lost, I’m sure I’m not the first and won’t be the last!.Version: 8.63.0

The sellers fraud the customer and AliExpress’s refund policy sucks!Never received my order - on 89th day of 90th day, I opened a dispute to get my refund. The seller (Store name: Dropship Accessories Store) reached out to me and said please do me a favour and cancel the dispute because disputes hurt our account, I will extend the protection days and I have contacted our post office and it will be arriving soon. I cancelled the dispute out of courtesy, trusting this seller. He lied - he never extended the dispute period and now he won’t even return my messages. AliExpress’s policy sucks for getting a refund and report such fraud sellers. There is no way for me to get my money back anymore. There is no customer service to reach out since protection period is run out. Super dissatisfied with AliExpress and their way of doing business..Version: 8.21.0

ScammersStole my Credit card number signed me in as bogus email using Apple ID no real customer service and won’t allow email to be changed to verify it took my money before letting me verify the email. It generated an applied email that wasn’t mine dont download or sign up I’m out over 150.00 won’t let a refund or respond there is no real customer service.Version: 8.20.0

Unreliable selling platform and customer support is a jokeI have been using Aliexpress for almost four years. Unfortunately, they have not improved a lot on how they handle orders that go wrong. Which, for shipments from China to US, happens quite a lot. I have recently dealt with situations where the seller pretends to have an item to sell, then they accept the order, they pretend to ship it and then, after one week, no shipment happens. Or with shipments that get clearly lost in some airport in China. What a normal e-commerce would have in such cases, is a clear communication channel to handle disputes and customer satisfaction. Instead AliExpress uses some robot interface to handle customer requests and when the customer is becoming exasperated he is finally put in a chat with some real customer service person, who usually tells him that the case is being investigated and will get reprioritized. The bottom line is that, even in cases you have not received the merchandise - and you will never receive it - it takes weeks if not months to get your money back. My recommendation is to use AliExpress the least as possible, always use a credit card for purchases (thru AliPay) and at the first sign of wrongdoing dispute the purchase with your credit card company directly..Version: 8.18.0

Please include photos of items purchased in email confirmationI can appreciate there are lots and lots of transactions on AliExpress thus the reason the order numbers are so so long. I buy many many things on AliExpress and getting a notification about an item with the order numbers only are not helpful. By the time I scroll through my orders I cannot even remember the order numbers I’m checking. That’s the most frustrating and all the clock bait is annoying too. Showing images of items I’m interested in buying but when you click on it its actually not the case. This is so misleading and keep repeating the same images in different rows is annoying too. I have wasted so much time clicking on images only to realise it’s the same seller! It’s so off putting. If I could have given zero star I would! Some of the quality of the products are nothing like the photos. Again so misleading..Version: 7.3.2

This app is garbagePure GARBAGE. i added about 15 items onto my list and pretty much all of them had the new user bonus. i figured i would buy them all at once but the new user coupon stopped me from doing so. so instead, i tried to buy just one item with the new user bonus, like it said. it wouldn’t let me at first bc the total was less than 20 on apple pay so i just used my card which i guess messed it up somehow and then i went back and some of the items became full priced, but some still had the bonus. i tried doing everything in my cart again but it didn’t work so i just bought another item with the new user bonus. i used apply pay for this item and it cancelled both order because they both had the new user bonus. now it won’t let me buy ANYTHING bc of security reasons when it’s really just a problem with the coupon. this stuff takes months to arrive and i’d like to get it done but i haven’t even been refunded for two purchases and i can’t buy anything until those purchases have been refunded or i can get rid of the new user coupon which isn’t even able to be rid of i don’t know how to use it and it’s getting annoying pls i want my 38 cents back and just to order some stationary before valentine’s day i’m not even that mad i just want to buy my stationary pls help.Version: 8.39.0

Don’t trustThere are lots of scams here as selling products, you will purchase but don’t expect to receive the product..Version: 8.25.0

Be aware!!! Scam!!!I used AliExpress for few years now and used to love it. However, for the last couple of months (2 months),I noticed 6 of my items never arrived and just directly goes to finished after a day or 2 from the ordering date. I tried to appeal and they rejected because no evidence. Not sure what evidence I need to give out when no item received and no tracking from the sender. AliExpress now becomes scam. I’m not sure if anyone got the same problem or only me. Please be awake of your orders. I didn’t check the items normally and sometimes forgot what I bought so I’m not sure how long this have been the case. But now I noticed this, I check my order and more missing. 6 in total now. I will try to appeal and delete the apps after that. Btw, I cannot leave negative 1 star for the missing items too even they still charge me and no refund because they said it’s delivered to me (without any evidence). Totally scam!!!.Version: 8.55.0

It’s okay. Stay aware.If you love shopping on these kinds of “wish” apps, this is times 100. I’ve bought plenty of stuff from here, it takes a while to get most items, I do stress..a while..and also many of most items are not exactly what is shown, they tend to show nice quality or items in cotton fabric and then you get thin silky type definitely cheaper material etc. so keep in mind, if you’re very strict with high expectations, I don’t know if this shopping app is for you but with the cheap prices, I’d recommend trying it! I have gotten some good deals on jeans and stuff but it’s also very misleading when it shows off coupons as if it’s easy to get and use them, it’s not. Really read the rules because it’s very very specific which is frustrating. Coupons are close to impossible to get, unfortunately. I do feel like they’ve gotten a little better as time has passed, I recently ordered and got my stuff within a week and both items were as shown, I was happy with my order so I guess a huge piece of it really comes down to the seller! This app has a never ending amount of items, the most random items, little gadgets etc. so I love that, I can get hooked for hours!!.Version: 8.37.1

Ali Express is cheating customersThere returns and refund page keep on loading and takes us nowhere and there is no other way to open a dispute for the orders not delivered to you. Just be careful if you reading this and you are from New Zealand. If your item is delivered you are lucky if not your money is wasted. I had a combined delivery of two items in the same package but I only received 1 and other 1 was not found in the package and now I can’t get refund because there app and website doesn’t take me to the returns and refund page. I know this trick I am also a programmer they have just inserted a page in coding of app that keeps on loading and takes users nowhere. I think at least Apple store should do something about this glitch. 😞😔😔.Version: 8.62.0

Help is useless.I still have not resolved my account being deleted. I set it up on the app which is good for scrolling what you look for, but you cannot delete from app nor on ipad. Help is a bot and is only set up to deal with anything to do with goods. Good luck finding a real person, and getting things resolved, you may need to repeat your queries a number of times with different people. What makes alliexpress is the consumer protection if unhappy. The app does not work on all areas, and you are constantly spammed by sellers (no button to stop or delete) and I find similar problems on website on my Mac. Always check sizes asian sizes are usually 1 or 2 smaller than Western size..Version: 8.61.0

Some issues and limited buyer protection but still an ok app.App is fairly easy to use. Search and browse functions run fairly well considering. Biggest issue is the autocomplete, whether an item has arrived or not when the delivery time runs out the app automatically sets the status to “buyer has confirmed order received” personally I’ve only been burned by one seller who stuffed me around until the dispute window had passed (15 days after the delivery timeframe ends). There’s also a growing trend amongst sellers of lowering the price of items to get higher priority in search results and then massively padding the shipping to make up the cost. All in all still reasonable, though a growing number of sellers are charging brand name prices for cheap Chinese knockoffs..Version: 8.31.0

Loads of scamsReview section sucks! Impossible to make a review when unhappy. Ali express protects these so-called sellers, tricking consumers into buying fake products and charging a fortune for speedy delivery that is never respected. Disputes are closed unlawfully, and no refund offered. I had so many issues on orders totalling $1 200. They threatening to close my account ... because I opened "too many complaints"..Version: 8.18.0

ShippingI am confused as to why most things on AliExpress can’t be shipped to Canada I can’t even buy a pair of shoes again!! And clothes!! Has a shipping fee that’s more than the clothes itself it’s annoying what’s the purpose of AliExpress for persons living in Canada then?.Version: 6.19.1

Crappy service!!!!!Your site sucks the tracker state that you have received your order when you haven’t received your order they cancel your order than they send you your order it’s stupid I don’t like it I will never order from Ally express again!!!!!!!.Version: 8.18.0

Never got my itemsNo items received and no refund. Ali Express never again.Version: 8.20.0

Fraudsters sell on this platformAs the world says, China and the Chinese apps can not be trusted. Stay away from this app or be prepared to throw away your money. They will ship you defective items and AliExpress will take sides with the Chinese sellers. Raising a dispute means another waste of time. There is no way you can talk to some customer service professional, you can only chat with a bot..Version: 8.18.0

SCAMMERSI ordered a new user gift and few days after my card got scammed for almost a hundred dollars, I wouldn’t recommend ever ordering from here.Version: 8.18.0

Too many inappropriate addsI don’t know what has happened to this site but in the last few week all that pops up is dildos, almost naked women and provocative photos. I’m almost ready to stop using this site. You really should monitor this better..Version: 8.24.1

AshYou do not even receive most of the merchandise you order and then they don’t refund you or give you any merchandise in replace of your original order. They mix up orders all of the time. I received a bunch of plastic pieces for some one named, Rosa, and paid $91 USD for 6, 5-piece sets of lingerie. I never received them.. the seller refused to admit to the mistake and just stole my money, instead and ALIEXPRESS PROMISED that would not happen and they promised that it would be taken care of, needless to say, it was not. What they are doing is illegal. The store, “VARSBABY”…just stole my money, no refund, no merchandise. It took 6 months just to receive the plastic pieces of “Rosa’s”. I uploaded evidence of the original shipping label, the US LABEL AND THE PLASTIC PIECES. ALIEXPRESS JUST STEALS YOUR MONEY AND DOESNT SEND YOU YOUR ORDER AT ALL!!!! This has happened about 7-10 times now to me. I will never buy on here or especially from the Chinese sweatshops EVER again. What you do end up receiving? It is normally broken and they refuse to refund you in that scenario, also. They put you in touch with a robot who does not have the ability to communicate until you beg to speak to some one alive..and then they lie to as well and tell you you’ll get the merchandise or refund but you do not. Don’t count on any thing that you order coming before a 6 month time frame, either!.Version: 8.37.1

Not safe. Account hackedA whole bunch of items were ordered /charged to my account without my authorization, and shipped to an unknown address. My account was hacked. I am very disappointed with AliExpress for its lack of security. This is not a safe site to trust your personal information with..Version: 6.2.0

Good app in general but sorting products doesn’t work as expectedThe products sorting in the search results is not working as expected especially sorting pice low to high. The advertised products price is deceiving, it shows image of the full product while it’s showing the price of an accessory that stops people from browsing because people know it’s fake price, very disappointing. Message to AliExpress company your shipping is very expensive and the delivery time is slow compared with other companies they offer free shipping for certain amount of full perching orders combined that applies to all products not only certain products like what AliExpress does. I personally used to use AliExpress very often but now only using it for products are unavailable in other stores. I started to use the other better online stores instead of AliExpress, my advice better to offer free and faster shipping to keep up with other online stores..Version: 8.91.0

Good app, good prices, but..I use aliexpress a lot for my business, generally things are good but the disputes are a pain. When I have a genuine problem, it’s a real fight to get it sorted. Eg. Items missing, seller admits they didn’t send as no stock. Yet AliExpress still want insane amounts of evidence that you didn’t receive them. Even screenshots of the seller saying they didn’t send aren’t enough. This kind of thing makes me lose faith. Also, dispute only solves one problem. Sometimes you have an order with some damage and some missing items. You can only pick one reason for dispute and they will ignore the other. So you can get a refund for the missing items, or a refund for the damaged items, but not both. This is pushing me more and more to just deal with my trustworthy sellers directly on WhatsApp. No point paying extra on aliexpress for the supposed security and safety if it’s not really provided or you’re made to feel like a bad person in disputes. I’m a platinum buyer too, and one of the benefits is supposed to be improved speedy disputes, but I don’t see that for me..Version: 8.42.0

DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!Do not use AliExpress!! Recently purchased an item that was nothing as described or pictured. It was “Free Return” so I thought like Amazon they would honour this, but I was wrong. I tried printing the return label which did not work so I had to pay $16 for post out of pocket. I never heard anything further from the company and no help from AliExpress (there isn’t even a way to get ahold of a customer service person that I could find). So now I’m out the price of the object AND post fees. Still AliExpress closed my dispute..Version: 8.22.0

Time wastedI don’t even know where to start from I bought an jewellery which I placed on 22 December 2022 and and after being told estimate delivery is by February and I waited so long literally so long that I didn’t realised it’s now April 2023 I especially order it for my birthday and was hoping it would come before my birthday which was last week but didn’t came and was told to contact my local post just to find out contact seller as they don’t have record my item,really disappointed with this level of service seller kept making excuses like you chose slow transportation I know but it’s not gonna take 4 month and almost 5 now to delivery just one jewellery knowing this happened to me I wouldn’t recommend shopping on Ali express unless you want to waste your time by waiting months and year for your item I did get refund at the end as they should be I hope Ali express look into this and improve their service. Thanks Kind regards.Version: 8.69.0

Quality and durable products!👍Ali express is the best delivery website I have seen so far to order your stuff from, their products come exactly the way they are in the pictures! Quality!!! Sweet!!! And durable 😘😘 But they take forever to deliver!!! 😡😡😡😡.Version: 8.22.0

Constant promotional notificationsThe only notifications I want are important ones or delivery updates. Not ads and coupons on a daily basis!.Version: 8.20.0

App frequently crashes - platform is okayGood deals but the app often crashes while viewing an item which is very frustrating when you search for considerable time to find it. Search filtering can be a little inaccurate and makes it difficult to really filter for exactly what you want, meaning you have to scroll through a lot of irrelevant stuff. Order by best match sorts this out but then I can’t order by price cause I’m already ordered by best match. Having said that the shipping price on the item’s varies wildly so order by price is t that helpful when you still have to go into each item to see the shipping prices. Would be good if there was an option to order by item price + pre calculated shipping price (which obviously they can pre calculate because it’s right there when you open the item). Good deals to be had, but trying to find what you want at the best price is difficult..Version: 8.47.0

WORST COMPANY EVER - Don’t get sucked into the cheap productsThis is the worst company ever! I placed in an order and it was never delivered but marked delivered. I have followed up the order over 5 times and they keep changing requirements for me to provide evidence to get my money back. After providing what they want they said it was not good enough and I now need more evidence. They can’t even tell me any details on the order besides that it was delivered that’s it. Yet they want me to provide evidence from my local post office to say the item was not delivered. My local post office can’t even find their tracking no. on their system so they can’t even do anything. My post office wrote an email saying the no. was invalid and therefore untraceable. Now they saying that the it needs to be a letter not an email with photo evidence (not sure how you can take a photo with no item)? They refuse to give me my money and the refuse to take any responsibility. It’s fine when you receive items but when you don’t you will have to jump through hoops to get your money back and even then they don’t give you your money back. I have ordered from so many different overseas companies and never had any issues the way I had with this company. Goodbye Ali never ordering again!.Version: 8.65.0

Disgusting!I have just opened an account with AliExpress, I was just looking for one thing -a wedding band ring for someone. I have since then received several inappropriate emails and so many inappropriate suggestions popping up on my account. I have never searched anything that would even suggest I am interested in these items, however I continued to get suggestions with pictures of full out naked men and women and just very disturbing content. This is so sad that this is happening, I am honestly disappointed. These images and items have completely pornographic images. Again, I have only ever searched up a very specific wedding band ring on this site, nothing that suggests that they should be sending me any of the items they’re sending. Please be careful on this site if you are letting your kids use it or if they have accounts on here. Also, in the end I never got the wedding band -app wouldn’t let me get a refund, it said it sent the day after I put in the order but never came..Version: 8.73.0

PatheticI am giving this app and company only 2 stars because AliExpress services does not help you with any of the disputes that you may have with sellers, and it takes the sellers forever just to get back to you if they even care about getting back to you. AliExpress company does have a lot of products for sale but when it comes time to purchase a item and the sellers take your money with no problem but, when it comes to the refund of it back to you when you don’t receive the item it can become very problematic to the point that you may have no choice but to call the authorities in the country in which you are having the problem, the biggest thing that AliExpress needs to fix in my opinion is the way and speed the cancellation of an item works and being able to remove or delete the items from your “ to be paid “ list my opinion is that AliExpress needs to become a lot faster when it comes to helping people with disputes and forcing the sellers to refund money faster, along with updating the ability to remove items from the - to be paid for - list if you no longer desire it, but the biggest thing I would like to be able to see changed is the ability to see all of my past purchases on a separate list so if I want to buy it again then I can find it easier.Version: 8.33.0

Timeout issuesThe system is flawed when attempting to buy lots of items and the process stalls or incurs errors. All bulk discounts (and coupons) are lost when the items are then individually stored for separate payments. This has happened every time I have applied discount coupons. The system times out or experiences errors (?) but then places the order “awaiting” payment. I can’t pay for all items at once, like in the cart nor can I apply the discounts or coupons I have. I end up paying more than I initially agreed to pay. Either this is deliberate and the discounts/coupons are a rort or the app/system is flawed. Customer service is also a joke, it is just a computer program not a real person so it doesn’t understand anything other than simple exchanges of predetermined information. The app is good for quick searches and small purchases, but if you are looking to purchase larger quantities of goods I would suggest using a desktop application..Version: 7.3.2

As soon as you stop spending a fortune they side with the bad sellersI’ve been a diamond member, I’ve spent way too much money on gambling that I’m dealing with a good seller, and there are good sellers among the sea of dodgy ones! But I felt safe because AliExpress would help with the bad sellers. I thought it’s because they are good and fair to customers… I was wrong, they are only good to big buyers, as soon as I slowed purchases to a dull roar they side with bad sellers to blatantly rip off customers; because if you’re not a big customer the bad sellers are the ones who bring money into the system! I only feel for all those good sellers being lost in the wrought. I’ve had many good experiences and many bad here. You just need to hit and miss until you find the good sellers! Their seller rating system is rigged too, so trial and error, find good sellers and only deal with them because AliExpress guarantees are conditional!.Version: 8.57.0

Tamara Himes ordersMy hoodies were all nice i worry two may be small but I won’t know till Christmas. Nightgown was to small and not what I order style was wrong so I got refund. Pokémon tin I never got ask for refund cause box of cards were open bent were smashed they had moisture in the wrap. I ask for tin with refund and you only gave me some of my money back instead of making my order right by sending the tins I ordered these were gifts . The book and tins w/cards were for my boys. I still needed to order 5 books . But after this I won’t try your sights are to small you can’t really make out what your getting but my order even said with tin box so you should of sent me the 3 boxes not some of my money. The ornaments I thought were figures not flat plastic it didn’t state that on sight. I ask for refund and got it. Your dispute doesn’t give you the option to say you got wrong thing would like it fixed with the right thing . I spent over $200 with all my orders. Very happy with the shirts I recieved . But still waiting on two tee shirts and a hoodie and siren figures . Pokemon was your mistake and I’m out cause you chose to only send some of my money instead of sending me what I ordered I never got the tin w/cards they were what my boys ask for I can’t find them in the stores there sold out. The hoodies were the only thing that were like what that showed. I was only told this shipped I got the stuff before I was notified where it was got up date 4 days after recieved..Version: 8.59.0

Quadruple check reviews on productsI deleted the app years ago and just recently came across it again. Things have definitely improved and it looks better. A lot of things on here are pretty cheap and you really do get what you pay for. Definitely encourage you to read as many of the reviews as you can when deciding whether to buy something. But the apps ok, it’s better than before but still a little confusing. There’s a lot on it and I don’t get the whole thing with the discounts in US$ whatnot. P.s they’re unreliable with refunds, Aliexpress say they protect the buyer but that wasn’t the case in my situation so another warning to be super sure when buying on here and who you’re buying from..Version: 8.15.1

Don’t shop hereJust check my bank account and Ali express to out 2 re occurring payments out of my account I’m not happy I can’t find out how to delete my credit card I’m not happy Im deleting this app and never using it again.Version: 8.22.0

No customer service and dodge sellers thereI ordered something on AliExpress, I tried to cancel the order very soon afterwards because it says seller will ship it within 10 days, which is too long for me, plus I messaged the seller, they never replied. Funny thing is The seller declined the cancellation, AliExpress WILL NOT notified you about the decline. Luckily I went to the app checked, the order was appeared in the to be shipped list. I tried to cancel again and sent a message to seller that I need to cancel the order please confirm. They read my message and didn’t say anything. I didn’t check the order after I cancel my order second time, 1 day after, the seller marked the item shipped. That time there is no tracking event, the seller could just cancel my order without getting the parcel to the courier company. I contacted AliExpress to ask them to cancel and stopping sending my parcel. They promised me they will talk to the seller and give me an answer. I have NEVER ever get any answer from AliExpress. What a joke. seller just ignored my request. And shipped which I tried my hardest to cancel. I filed a dispute with PayPal, AliExpress is trying to protect the dodge seller and saying the item was shipped, I cannot get my money back. I lost my money and I didn’t get my item. I am extremely unhappy about it..Version: 8.49.0

App needs to move with the timesGenerally, I’m pleased with AliExpress, however there are a number of issues that require resolution: Firstly, in this day and age, any app ported from a phone to an iPad should always allow viewing in Landscape mode - it’s how 99% of iPad users watch their screens. Next - and this is a real annoyance - you will often see a picture of something up for sale with a very tempting price, but it’s only after you have clicked several times that you discover the advertised price relates to a completely different item; I know of many people who have fallen foul of this and not realised until the wrong goods have been delivered - often weeks later. This is ‘bait and switch’ and. at its best, treads the line between a dubious marketing technique and outright deception. There appears to be no policing of counterfeit items. Don’t get me wrong - I’m not complaining about fake Rolexes, which are all part of the buying experience, but electronic goods which have lower-spec chips and circuitry than the original item. These can be desperately unsafe or work very poorly through design flaws. In-app feedback/star ratings are often completely made-up reviews, and often obviously relate to entirely different merchandise. In terms of keeping a buyer informed re delivery status however, AliExpress gets a very high rating from me - much better than eBay..Version: 8.84.0

Buy at your own riskI used to buy a lot on this app, many times I bought but the items never arrived, but I ignored because they ask you too many proofs and I did not have much time to do that. I was a diamond member because the volume of shopping. But when it comes to a quality problems, Many times I got defective products, I took the time to make fotos and videos but I noted aliexpress dispute service always try to favor the seller and not the buyer and they keep asking you more and more proofs until you tire of wasting your time and decide to just give up. You can have an idea that they give you only 3 days to provide what they ask and when they ask something from seller they give him 7 days (that is totally unfair). When a item does not arrive they tell you to go and ask to your logistics and ask them to issue a paper saying that that item did not reach to them (They are crazy, nowhere in the world logistics issue any such kind of paper and no one has time to do that) And even they can see clearly in the tracking details that item never delivered or reached to the buyer. Believe me you will not like to wait 2-3 months for the product and after you have to lose your money so go and find other sites where at least you can have a good and faire customer service..Version: 8.24.0

Ali Express AppGreat App but could do with much improvement as with all things in life. Perhaps (1): the Wishlist could be allowed to cater for more Files to place items into. Also (2): The cart could do with more items to be allowed into it, while browsing. At the moment it’s quite annoying when you’re notified that you cannot add anything else into the cart cause the limit has been exceeded. I’m only browsing so allow me to window shop and put items of interest aside before I shortlist and chose the ones I will finalise and purchase. (3) Size: The app should allow customers to easily pick sizes of items in UK, EUROPE or USA sizes for all men & women clothing and shoes i.e please use the universal sizing that many are familiar with. At the moment, trying to determine the size of Clothes & Shoes from the different sellers is such a cumbersome almost laborious task as they all seem to be different. One standard sizing please. Preferably in UK, Europe or USA size..Version: 8.80.0

Absolute ripoff siteEverything looks great but when they issue a refund it’s in US $. I pay in Aust $ and the exchange rate has obviously gone down since I paid so the refund is well short of what I paid. This site has a lot of dodgy sellers to watch out for although there are a few really good ones that are a pleasure to deal with. I came here because I thought Wish was bad but this is worse so save yourself the hassle of this and look elsewhere or like me as I’m going back to Wish and eBay. AE has completely stuffed 2 order’s up of mine with wrong items, there also been a couple of refunds for not received items that were neglected from the order and to top it off a large purchase wasn’t ever sent from a supplier but instead over a course of weeks I got 4 different explanation’s of where it is until they finally admitted they have no stock, I did substitute it for another brand at that point but this could have been done weeks ago with some communication. Been more trouble than it’s worth is the conclusion I have of this app.Version: 8.66.0

Customer serviceThere is no one to speak to. I ordered 3 items from the same seller. My order has not moved in weeks. The seller does not answer me. After reading the order has been shipped from China and is in my country, I wrote a complaint that the order has not moved from Nov.11. Then AliExpress sent me a note saying the seller has not shipped my order yet!terrible communications,terrible,terrible!.Version: 8.20.0

Horrible shopping platform & rubbish app3 out of 3 purchases from same seller were all duds. Nothing as described & or faulty on arrival. Both AEs website and app are terrible - bait and switch item listings (by clicking on different images you are selecting completely different products and prices), refund and appeal process is designed to wear you down. You are limited to no. Of photos you can upload with request, videos don’t upload a lot of the time and refund requests and appeals are rejected because you didnt provide video evidence (bc their platform didn’t let you). Provide Dropbox / google drive links to evidence and they ignore it. Chatting with CS is pointless. They do nothing and when you chase you have to repeat everything and start again only to be told “no video / no evidence”. I don’t know if it’s cultural differences and I don’t care. The app and many of the sellers are pure evil..Version: 8.72.0

Good app, except if you ever need to change detailsThe app itself is good, the search engine works well and is constantly being updated to add new features. Downsides are the tracking function, once an item arrives in NZ it is given a local tracking number, this is not reflected on the shipping, and when packages do go missing the China tracking number is useless here. The automatic item acceptance is a bad feature too, so often it says it’s arrived when it hasn’t, instead it should say shipping time expired. My major gripe is that I have tried numerous times to change my email address, my old email is no longer available and without it I cannot update my account, trying to contact customer services is a waste of time and when using a tablet or phone it defaults to the app whenever I try to open the website..Version: 8.51.0

Not satisfiedThey refuse to take back and refund product list of time and money.Version: 8.76.1

Clunky and can be hard to navigateThe app is ok, but clunky and things can be very hard to find. It should be much more refined & useable by now. MANY ANNOYANCES including: The product filtering is not good and has flaws eg when putting into $ order, often items disappear. Why?? Need to keep checking it hasn’t lost my local currency and defaulted to US$. There is no way to sort on delivered price, that is cost plus delivery. Delivery prices vary wildly and what appears to be a cheap item can be more expensive than items with higher buy prices. Also when searching for a specific size item, eg in clothing or in SD/TF cards, or in just about anything listings appear that don’t have the specific size being searched for, or that do have that size but don’t deliver to where I reside. Very annoying that sellers put a very cheap accessory to the main item in the ad so they come closer to the front on $ sorting. Sellers don’t put measurements onto product and then send different sizes to what is in photos. The. When disputing AliExpress want you to send them photos which show measurements. What’s the point when it doesn’t look like the photo in the ad. And that’s just a sample of the problems..Version: 8.33.0

Make sure seller isn’t in chinaI waited 2 months for my item. Seller never replied to me. You can’t review a seller who fails to ship you. This app customer support is not good. I do NOT recommend you to use this app EVER!.Version: 8.23.0

No way to change emailGreat unless you need to change your email in your account. When logged in you go to change your email because you no longer have access to that email. The “system” wants to send a code to the email address to allow you to change the email you no longer have. Since I cannot change my email and no longer have access to my account. How exactly do I remove my credit card data or have the”right” to do so? I initially logged in with my email and password that is more than enough to change my email and personal data..Version: 8.18.0

FrustratedThis is how Aliexpress does business: you place an order you're credit card is charged immediately. The item you paid for may take up to 2 months to be shipped ONLY to be refunded with the message they have no stock or to wait even longer AND it hasn't even been shipped!!! I'm done with this company I've lost enough money and have no product to show for it. I've bought maybe 15 items lately and 5 of them I've lost money and never received the product. Terrible way to conduct business. No more shopping by me..Version: 8.33.0

ScamWhen you order you will see good look when you receive totally different bad quality if you complain or dispute they will give dumb reason and support seller and you lost money.Version: 8.76.1

Slow shoppingIf ordering things that take so long to arrive you forget why you wanted it by the time it arrives ..and looks nothing like you thought it would this is the place to be …. Not all bad but I’m struggling to be positive…. This is an edit of original review nothing much has changed with some exceptions there’s definitely some good buys and some that ship very quickly and reliably… my latest experience has been with pagani design watches make sure you read / watch the reviews .. the 2 items I have experienced really aren’t great and there’s no returns or guarantees…3rd review…really do have to take time to check prices and don’t rely on delivery times I think there getting quicker and occasionally delivery very quick…4th review nothing really to add I’ve carried on getting carried away buying watches which seem to be getting better and definitely value for money . But I still keep getting caught with the vague descriptions ….Version: 8.94.0

Terrible customer serviceI ordered some merchandise in February and I guess I had forgot to put in the address number, which on my part was my fault, but they did not know until the package came to the US in March, so they returned it to the sender. Then since then the Corona Virus was starting to appear in the US, my seller couldn’t ship the package back to me for some time. I asked for updates every month, because I ordered some other things from China from other apps and they came in. I later asked for a refund in the beginning of June because I no longe wanted the merchandise and the seller kept telling me she will talk to the courier. Then she wouldn’t get back to me and when she did she told me I will get the refund when the merchandise is returned to them, but my tracking said it was returned to the sender back in April, so I asked her to clarify again. Every time I kept asking for her to update me she said she would check but i never got an answer. Now it is almost August, so this has been ongoing since the beginning of 2020. Then I tried to contact customer service but they don’t have any live people, only bots and they don’t even have a number that I can call for help. So I can’t even contact Ali express but only the seller who is not satisfying my customer service in any way. This was the first time I ordered on Ali express and definitely the last time..Version: 8.14.0

Sellers are scammers!AliExpress is one very risky platform in which to trade or do business, especially with the Chinese! Sellers take your money, send false and intentionally misleading tracking details that don’t genuinely exist. The sellers then say they sold the item too cheap and refuse to send the item unless you pay more money and when you report this to AliExpress they do nothing! I have lost good $$$ and now don’t have the item I desperately needed for Christmas. Frustratingly I have purchased accessories and attachments for the item elsewhere which have arrived so I’m now out of pocket even more $$$ and it’s all useless without the main product I had purchased from an AliExpress seller who has tried to extort a few hundred dollars more from me. AliExpress, your management of your sellers is atrocious and is another reason why people will stray away from dealing with China and the immoral and deceitful ways of Chinese businesses. AliExpress, I’m convinced you’re as bad as your sellers if you allow them to trade in this manner and support them..Version: 8.19.0

Ali express have become a scam dealOfff late Ali express have become a scam deal. I have received wrong items and they refuse to reimburse/refund regardless of the proof.Version: 8.18.0

Worst customer service for refunds or not delivered goodsI ordered 3 times, 2 delivered everything ok , but third order 14,07£ never arrived. And they never refund even i opened dispute and all. They ask client fight with courier, then curier ask client ask seller to contact them. But seller u cant contact directly. U end up again in aliexpress customer service who avoiding to refund they send u back to courier. And so on until maybe u accept loosing your money and stop commenting and be unsatisfied. Plus u cant open a dispute if order is not marked as completed ( delivered) by your own fingers. So you are forced to mark completed just to try open dispute according to their procedure even u dont agree as is still not delivered. Otherwise u cant open request for refund. Then they ask proof with stamp from courier who they will never give u or is very hard to get as u cant contact directly anyway. Just seller can. Is absolutely ridiculous. To put clients theough all this since they paid and never received anything and they get no money back. Then of course this review i add will never be published of course..Version: 8.86.0

Bad servicePlatform is not user friendly. AliExpress will not protect buyer of shipping get lost. If you want better protection, go with better company such as eBay or amazon. At least you can contact them in person. Also allows you to use payment method such as PayPal for additional protection. Chinese based company will protect its own people..Version: 8.18.0

Delete app not just yet!!My first time with aliexpress. I know most of this comes from China. The WISH app is exactly the same as aliexpress. Mostly come from China that’s why they are very cheap and take a really long time to ship out and receive order. It took a month for my order before they shipped it out. A picture is worth a thousand words. So don’t believe or trust the picture they post about product. This is my first time ordering and the picture matched what i got but the accurate size of it is bad. The size didn’t actually fit my phone. I figure i start with something small and cheap before i really start shopping. But my concern is…. How many times do i need to purchase something before i get something right. One problem i saw when i was looking for items… they post the picture i searched and the price but when you click on it. The price changes depending which part of the item you want to buy. A lot of people are happy from other reviews that i read but having a bad experience from the get go sets the tone for the next one. Paranoia kicks in when you hit buy thinking if you’re going to get your money’s worth this time..Version: 8.55.0

BewareMany scammers on here , the worst ones are the customer service. Although ordering from Aliexpress is generally safe Beware! I have bought safely through this app quite a lot and 8/10 times what I ordered has turned up, great for little things that are a few quid and not a concern monetarily. I’d have given it a 5 but Customer service is horrendous If you have a dispute Aliexpress customer service are terrible, they are very much, Rogue, Aliexpress are quite prepared to blatantly lie, I do know they are reported for fraud very often, so buy things on a card that has insurance because you’ll need it. The app itself is ok, works fine with few bugs, again though, getting hold of Aliexpress customer service through the App is very difficult and can leave you feeling Vulnerable, especially when disputing counterfeit items and I assure you there are a lot, Aliexpress staunchly deny being involved however!, under this I feel Aliexpress are complicit in the sale of counterfeit goods, you get this feeling when engaging in disputes. Update. I will refrain from buying anything really expensive from Ali Express because recently the customer service don’t even bother replying.Version: 8.84.0

Buyer bewareDon't trust anything on this app. If your shipping to Canada, it's either shipping is 10x more or the cost is 10x more. They make it seem like you're getting a great deal, but it's all a HUGE!!!! rip off. You're better off sticking to Amazon, where everything is clear/cut and not a scam..Version: 8.33.0

No refund, despite the fact that the package was never deliveredI had a package that was never delivered to me. I approached AliExpress several times for a refund, but none was received from their standpoint. The company that I ordered from said they had delivered it, and I guess their word was better than mine. Absolutely ridiculous, pathetic service .Will never deal with AliExpress again, they should stand behind the products that they advertise on their web site..Version: 8.64.0

Refund processingAs a frequent online shopper, I've had my fair share of experiences with various e-commerce platforms. Among them, AliExpress stands out as a platform with a less-than-satisfactory refund process. Not only is the process frustratingly slow, but the lack of communication between buyers and sellers can make it feel like a never-ending cycle of waiting and chasing for updates. When I compare AliExpress to companies like Uber and Wish, the difference in customer service is like night and day. With these companies, refunds are processed almost instantly, and their customer support teams are readily available to help resolve any issues that may arise. It's high time for AliExpress to take action and improve their refund process. As one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, AliExpress should prioritize customer satisfaction by providing a seamless and efficient refund process. Rather than being a mere platform for transactions, AliExpress needs to act as a bridge between buyers and sellers, facilitating open communication and prompt resolution of any disputes. I urge AliExpress to invest in improving their customer service in this area. By doing so, they can strengthen their reputation as a reliable and customer-centric platform, and attract more loyal customers who value a hassle-free shopping experience..Version: 8.66.0

Stole my moneyStole my money and sent a defective product it stopped working after 6 days and AliExpress does NOT CARE I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN!.Version: 8.18.0

Worst app ever. Worst customer serviceUpdate: AliExpress is not safe to buy. This is my third time I don’t get the item and they refuse to refund me. DO NOT BUY from AliExpress. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. You can’t reach a live agent to discuss your problem. There are some prepared questions and answer you have to choose from. Even after several times trying this was my experience: I had won an IPL System in freebies 2 months ago. Seller refused to ship the item. I got in touch with agents 4 times but I could never get my winning IPL. Agents misguided me and I lost my reward. I could find no one to help solve this problem. The case closed after all. So disappointing. Shame on customer service.Version: 8.64.0

Contact with AliExpressAliExpress has changed and in a bad way. BUYER BE WARE! when I need to contact the ‘owners/operators’ of AliExpress it is very difficult to make a complaint that has nothing to do with the SET options given. I received an item which was not what I ordered and due to tracking I kept getting ‘you received the item’ - the options were nothing to do with my problem, before this I had contacted the company concerned and told them and sent photos ( I ordered a dog jumper and got a dog collar!!) they said no problems. Then nothing!!! when I ‘online chatted’ the AliExpress the team they were useless and kept taking me around in circles, deliberately I felt. So the company I bought the dog jumper from - the last communication I sent was ‘can you please send me the item I paid for?’ There was no response!!! And AliExpress don’t help you! Be careful. Don’t buy expensive items you may never get them and you don’t get any help! Also another purchase I made I was sent me a bill for me to pay an extra $1 because they miscalculated postage or some rubbish and I said you listed I purchased at list price, that is a binding agreement and you cannot ask for more money! I still have not received this item.Version: 6.19.0

Ali Express - proceed with cautionBe warned some Sellers are unethical on AliExpress which spoils it for those Sellers that are genuine and honest. It’s a hit and miss proposition to purchase on AliExpress. Some products are different to illustrations represented, poorly sewn or fabric differs to expectation. Always check reviews and ratings of stores and customer reviews with photos, before purchasing. Delivery is very prolonged in many cases, this may be exacerbated by the pandemic slowing international cargo. I did not receive one item, the Seller advised the item was sent back to them by the courier then it was impossible to get help from that Seller, or to claim a refund despite the AliExpress claim buyers are protected. Most items I have purchased have appeared and I have been relatively happy. But on realising how poorly protected Buyers are after not receiving one order, without any possibility of contacting AliExpress for a refund, I have decided to no longer purchase on AliExpress..Version: 8.34.0

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Clube Park Real negative reviews, comments
Clube Park Real Negative ReviewsLogica SD Informatica LtdaUtilities2024-04-12