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AliExpress Shopping App App User Positive Comments 2024

AliExpress Shopping App app received 126 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about aliexpress shopping app?

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Ali express From a BritThis app is great it many ways but one. Delivery isn’t as long a wait as you think it will be priced the way they should be for the most part I have ordered over 50 items and I’ve only had one not show up I asked for a refund immediately and within 5 days it was back in my bank. Majority of things I have bought have been picture accurate, but please keep in mind I have never ordered clothes from this site so god knows the quality of those. As long as you are buying relatively small and cheap things. You won’t pay much for shipping. And generally things won’t get caught up in customs (fingers crossed) sometimes parcels say “held at customs” found that this happens when they ship both your orders in one bag or you buy something like liquid. But if you wait You should be alright..Version: 8.33.0

Love it!Fantastic marketplace to order small electronic items or pretty much anything you can think of. Most items are sent from China and currently take 2-6 weeks to arrive in Australia. The range of goods is phenomenal, and the prices very cheap, though make sure you check the postage price as some sellers lower the item price (even to $0) but hike up the postage. A downfall of the site is that it doesn't let you search or sort by the total item+postage price like others sites do; also it is difficult searching for a particular size of something as sellers bundle them all together and when you search the price shown is for the smallest size, not what you searched for..Version: 8.28.0

Great shoppingLove shopping with Ali express most of the time postage is fairly quick only had one piece that took nearly six months but still got it ha ha All of the stuff is a very good price and quality is vey good a lot of the stuff I buy is difficult to find locally and if I can find it here the price is very high a good example is things such as irrigation parts and fishing gear such as line hooks and swivels it is great that you can buy small amounts of what you need rather than having to buy large packets of stuff which will be wasted I would be happier if stuff was labelled as quite often you have forgotten what you ordered by the time you get it and I have to look up on line to correctly work out what the item is and a small amount of instructions on use would be good to on the obvious items that need it otherwise all good Also I can never work out how the free coins system works I must have hundreds by now but don’t know how to use them I’ve been telling all my friends about how great Ali Express is too.Version: 8.63.0

Peace Of MindGreat place to shop. Everything went smoothly. Found items we wanted, made the purchase and never thought about it again until 12 gays later when courier delivered parcel to my door well under the 42 days recommended for delivery. Fast and efficient service. Nothing to fault Items are in perfect condition as shown in pictures. The only thing I have to make a note of is the ladies blue/ pink vapormax are actually PINK. ALL of The pictures of the item show the shoe as being blue with pink through them but really they are PINK with some Blue going through them. Even with the difference in colour they are PERFECT would definitely recommend and will definitely be buying more through the same shop. Perfect Experience. 👌.Version: 7.8.2

Reward system is kinda pointless but otherwise great appFirst off this is actually a great app in terms of ease of use and cheap prices. Only one thing I’ve bought so far has been terrible quality and still awaiting refund on that so can’t comment on how good they are with returns yet. Otherwise their products are great quality at mostly very cheap prices. Of course you have to be careful choosing which sellers you buy from, look at ratings and reviews. Clothing is not very reliable I’ve found. One thing I don’t understand is the coins system. You can’t choose what you use your coins on, products that cost “$0.01” are basically impossible to get or otherwise “don’t ship to your country” so I don’t see the point of me having thousands of coins I literally cannot use for anything I ACTUALLY want to buy. The freebies tab is kinda cool I have won one small thing from there. Overall I’d definitely recommend this app if you are okay with longer shipping times (up to two months). It’s worth it for the low prices and huge range of products..Version: 8.46.0

Do your research but great venders are availableI’ve been shopping with Ali for over 8 years and I’ve had some bad experiences but very few. I’ve gotten great vendors to do business with!! Do your research and don’t just look for the best pictures especially when it comes to beauty products!!! A lot of the pictures are circulating from different websites and they are misleading!! You can ask for samples but that definitely doesn’t always mean you’re going to get that product they sent. Read the last few months of reviews and check out the pictures on that particular vendor. They always ask you to take a picture of the product and upload it so they can get a really great review and it drives business their way!! This is also a way to get some of your money back a few bucks like 20-30 dollars for your review and pictures. If you don’t like the product let them know immediately and try to work things out without having to file a dispute. Reason why, simply put you’re most likely going to be back and forth and if you don’t have sold proof that the product is bad or the company has a reputation for selling bad product you’re not gonna win that dispute and if you do it’s not gonna be what you paid for that product. Communication is everything, so is humility! Thanks.Version: 8.41.0

Get amazing things for less priceAfter my legs giving out on me and having to go on state disability, I have found using this site I can still get things that are nice and work at a fraction of the cost if got it locally in my area or online. Surprised at things can get, original or copies. When $ is tight you do what got to and this site doesn’t let me down. Gotten things didn’t think would ever get even when worked and made good $ then to but now even with my low pay I can still find things that would normally cost few hundred here for well under 100 on this site sometimes under 50 and its just what would had gotten if bought it in the stores here. Yes you may have to wait for customs etc for the mail to get to you. But I’ll wait a month to get a item in mail to save me $100 or at times a lot more for a item I always wanted. Love to support my local area but I got to live in my means and still want nice things or things to help me move around since paralyzed now. Can’t go wrong with this site. Hasn’t done me wrong in last few years used it. Only had to ask for refund once and like the shipping to you it did take some time but I got my $ back and I was happy in the end..Version: 8.66.0

Great PlatformI have been using Ali express for around 6 years now and my experience has only improved each year. Unlike many other companies that tend to change when their company becomes more successful, Ali express has always kept the customers needs and satisfaction at the forefront. During this unprecedented time in the world and so much disruption to deliveries and freight services I have found that Ali express has always done right by the customer. I have had several items that have not been completed or delayed extensively and Ali express has worked through those and always ensured the right outcome was achieved. I will continue to use the AliExpress platform as it is not only great for those who want to purchase products at a great price but it is even better for those stores and people who want to sell items. If you have not used AliExpress or have any reluctance in doing so ,don’t hold back any longer. I Highly recommend ordering and taking advantage of the great prices they always have..Version: 8.58.0

Great app/Great sellersI love the site because I can buy new creative things to keep me inspired for a fraction of the price that I could get anything like it in the US. The prices have gone up since I first started using this site a few years ago, but I still find some wonderful deals. In recent months, shipping speed has really picked up and I am feeling more confident now with ordering from Ali express. They started a new combined shipping thing if you order things from different sellers and I don’t know what the number is on when they combine them. Maybe it’s five or 10? I’m not sure. Anyway, it is faster with combine shipping and really nice to receive everything in one order instead of one teeny packet at a time. The biggest downside of the is, if you don’t have any proof that all the items were not in your packet, they do not want to refund you. This happens periodically for sure. It makes you lose trust in the company because you’re supposed to prove that you didn’t get a certain item. You can’t prove it wasn’t there. I had a couple sellers that worked with me that sent me either the item or a different item if they didn’t have it, even though technically Ali Express wasn’t going to require it and denied my disputes..Version: 8.67.0

Only in portrait mode, otherwise good.I have been buying items on Aliexpress through the website for a couple of years and recently got the app. As I shop on my iPad, I don’t like that the app is only in portrait mode. Otherwise, it’s fairly easy to get around and I like being able to buy from multiple sellers in the one purchase. Their recommended products based on my previous purchases are quite accurate. Sometimes when I go to the app from an email, it doesn’t take me the item I wanted to view. Often the items are grouped in a set with a more expensive item viewed first, but the implication is that it is at the first price. Buyers beware of that!.Version: 8.66.0

AliExpress has come a long wayI first bought from AliExpress about 12 years ago. I bought, what I thought, was a bikini for a large adult. What I received was a bikini for a maybe a 7 year old. I even double checked to see if I may have chosen the wrong category and size but nope, they showed “woman’s large”. From that day, I never bought from them until fast forward to last year when my nieces (30 and 23, respectively) showed me things that they bought through AliExpress and I was taken back by the amazing quality and the sizes were just as my nieces wanted and ordered. I said “Oh what the heck, let me give them another opportunity.” And I have not been disappointed since I made that decision. Granted, the shipping is a wee bit longer than one might want it to be but come on, you also have to consider it’s coming from the other side of the planet (my nieces are in Chile and I’m in the USA). So fair is fair. They are doing a good job in delivering in decent times. So kudos to AliExpress for putting attention to all departments (quality, customer service, availability, shipping, etc). You regained a loyal customer :).Version: 8.69.0

My review USA collectorIf you pay attention to the reviews and pay attention to the specifications you can almost 100%depend on the quality of your item. I say almost only because there will be fake and false ads wherever you shop online and shipping and packaging heavily depends on the sellers and how much care they take….again pay attention to the reviews and your good to go. I have had one damaged item out of a large number of items and it was not worth taking action it was clearly shipping abuse not on seller or sites behalf was barley damaged easily fixed. To sum up my over all experience as a collector from the USA. Prices are unbeatable and if you pay attention to what you buy and the details of what you’re getting this is now my main source and would be a huge added value to any serious collectors arsenal of “hook-ups” lol I personally love using this site and very much recommend. Also customer service on sites behalf has been very satisfactory. They do want you to revive quality product through the sellers and will work with you through issue you could have…thanks guys and gals at AliExpress and the sellers!.Version: 8.48.0

Additional features neededApps needs to include function for buyers to knock sellers off from their personal view, or have a marking system to remind the buyer of bad experience in past. Though Aliexpress is good, some sellers are certainly not. I want to be able to mark off those misrepresenting the products they were selling, or sending in items different from what they showed in the pictures, so that I won't repeat the same mistake of buying from these sellers. Giving them bad reviews is not my thing. I rather simply not give them my future business and move on to other sellers. When searching with photo, apps cannot organise similar products in any particular order. There is no options to view by relevance of price, when item search is done with image. It is unable to detect the postage price, so one would have to select the product to reveal the postage. Time consuming to compare total price like this. Only many sellers show as free postage on front page, but this is untrue when u open into further details of the product..Version: 8.67.0

Definitely Worth Using If You Have Patience...I have purchased several items from this site, and it is in fact now the only place I buy my fountain pens from (I use fountain pens for writing, calligraphy and drawing so I have a large collection of them), as I have purchased pens from UK retailers priced in the £10-£30 range that are out performed by pens from AliExpress that literally cost e £1.31 including shipping (and no that decimal is not in the wrong place!) Literally the only con I can find to using this site is the extended delivery times (on average items take 2-8 weeks to arrive), but shipping is usually free and the item is coming from china. I have no issue waiting for my items to arrive as the wait is worth the money saved and the quality of the items (Please keep in mind I have very little experience buying anything other than fountain pens). If you are unsure, I would recommend that you purchase a cheap item as a trial run and see how you get on, i did and I have been using the site now for over a year and have many happy transactions under my belt with literally zero issues (so far - touch wood - I don’t want to jinx myself lol). So in short, buy something cheap to try it, with thousands of items for a £1 and under with free shipping what have you got to lose? Apart from a pound of course, but you’ll lose more than that down the back of your sofa!!!.Version: 7.6.0

Easy way to shop in ChinaThis app is very easy to use and enables you to purchase from online sellers in China. Much like any other online retail experience, you’re presented with images of the product, though some might be misleading, the app is very visual. A description and price for items and shipping is displayed too making it easy to compare items saved in your shopping cart or wish list. Having a mobile app as well as a website allows me to browse on the go and make purchases where ever I am, tracking is offered though not always reliable or updated, this feature could use some work. Overall I like the app and will continue to use it and recommend to anyone wanting to make orders from suppliers in China..Version: 8.27.2

My favorite app!I LOVE AliExpress! When I come across anything I like on other shopping sites, I always check AliExpress and usually find the same item or something so similar that any difference(s) is so minor that it’s unimportant. And the items on AE’s app are usually a far better price. I’m a visual artist and crafter and, if I can wait out the delivery time (which is sometimes only 2-4 weeks, but usually 1-1/2 to 2 months), I’ve found countless fabulous deals on supplies, tools, even DIY project kits. I’ve also been able to create an awesome wardrobe of stylish, cutting-edge clothing, shoes, accessories and costume jewelry, for remarkably affordable prices. I really needed to fashionably express myself after turning 40 and going through a divorce a few years back, and have been able to do so without wasting my money on fast fashion, fads or boring “middle-aged lady” clothes. They have “middle-aged lady” clothes if that’s what you want, but the possibilities are endless. And the app is so user-friendly. I’m getting married again (to someone wonderful this time) and have even found and purchased my exquisite, perfectly made wedding gown and reception dress, plus shoes and accessories as well as many of our decorative elements, on the AliExpress app. I can’t recommend this app highly enough. I love love love it!.Version: 8.15.1

Great experience!I love AliExpress! I haven’t had any bad experiences in terms of sellers or products so far and everything I have ordered from this app, I’ve received in just a week or even before. You also get a lot of different discounts/coupons from different products which is also a big help. Overall, I love everything to do with this app, however I do get a bit carried away when buying things that I don’t really need, so if you’re someone like me, just remember to keep that in mind..Version: 8.51.0

A huge selection of goods and easy to search & use appClothing purchase are a bit difficult with their sizes (too short) & fittings sometimes. Some sellers based their closing products in western sizes, contact the seller if in doubt before placing an order. I’m generally happy with my purchases and have brought many more things for around the house and is completely happy with how easy to place orders via the app. Vast selection of sellers to choose from & some delivery are surprisingly fast considering the distance. Customer service ensures no show items are satisfactory resolved. All items are tracked and even though some items arriving slowly, majorly are within a few weeks. Like all online shopping experience spend time to review the items before buying. So in all I do shop with confidence using this app..Version: 8.33.0

LOVE❤️ALIEXPRESSI love this site, everything generally arrives from China to NZ within 2 weeks it’s just our slow local postal system that holds up getting parcels. I’ve brought all sorts of things in the lower price range and only one thing has turned up with damaged packaging and I was refunded my money within 2 days of making my complaint about the damaged product. When you buy things you have a quick way to opt out, and if something goes wrong with the transaction the seller doesn’t receive the money until after you get your package. I prefer Ali as you can refine it to free shipping option and there’s plenty of options price wise to choose from in all categories. I would like to try buy something more expensive just to try it but I’m unsure about our import and custom tax so I can’t really review high end electronics etc but I don’t see why not. As long as you read the reviews, check out photos and do your homework then this app can become your best friend and the end of your savings plan lol.Version: 6.21.0

This app is amazingMost apps like this that are hella cheap like wish for instance is not so much a joke but nothing you buy from wish has any kinda quality to it what so ever but I must say the saying you get what you pay for is NOT the case with this site.. I have ordered all kinds of things from phone cases to bathroom shower curtains and rugs to stickers for my ceiling and everything I have received from this site and paid a little bit or nothing for has been very very good quality a lot better quality then what I paid for I have to say I was very very impressed and will most deff recommend this site to any and everyone and if you have never checked it out it’s worth a few minutes of your time to do so you won’t be let down I promise that.. it might take a week or so to get the stuff because it is coming from china but I noticed a lot of the shipping is free and they are faster then wish for sure… all In all I give this app 5 stars for sure more if I could and I will continue to order things from there until they aren’t here anymore which hopefully never happens thank you AliExpress !!.Version: 8.49.2

Love ❤️ AliExpress: I Visit DailyI love AliExpress, I love the way it has mini games and freebies. It has so many categories for discounting, it gives me the control on how I want to spend my money and the particular discounts I want to utilize. They also have sellers/stores Who sponsors special events and give app users contest and special games/entertainment that ties to the shopping experience and it makes it more exciting. They have the option for live shopping, I’m not really into that. But usually every item has a demonstration video which is very helpful. I totally suggest at least downloading and trying it. Be patient because it is a big app with a lot of options, and it’s going to take a bit of time to learn how to navigate it and learned the rules. That is really the only con I can think of in, my pros and cons list, took time for me to understand what was going on in the app, in order for me to LOVE ❤️ the app. But if you have the time-I definitely suggest trying AliExpress. Thanks for reading my review. Take care, be safe, happy browsing!!.Version: 8.45.0

Great Deals, great Products, great prices!After many purchases on AliExpress, it is honestly said a great place to shop. Communication with sellers isn’t always that good, many don’t reply to questions! After over 500 purchases I only had one issue, which has been resolved already! I recommend this App, prices are much lower than anywhere else, Shipping varies between 2 weeks and a few months, depending on item and seller. So far I have never been disappointed with any of my purchases! This upper part was a pre-written comment which I totally agree with, that’s why I didn’t erase it, only made a few adjustments. I always enjoy comparing prices and try to stretch my little income! This is the place to find great things, new inventions, and awesome gifts! Even some clothes are awesome, just have to read many reviews since most clothing are made very cheap, materials are not good quality! So far the blouses and lined winter leggings were awesome and worth the wait! Have a nice shopping experience!.Version: 8.71.0

You won’t regret it.What was I doing before I found this app?! Stuff is at least 3x cheaper that in nz and there are usually many more styles and more practical stuff than the nz varieties offered. If you can wait 3-5 weeks for your stuff (or if you’re willing to upgrade your shipping for $2 so it arrives 2 weeks faster) then this is the place to go!! Only recommendation is don’t register with an Apple account anonymously otherwise it’ll be very difficult to get the invoice/receipts emailed to you (as you won’t be able to verify your email address through Apple relay). I ordered a whole bunch of items but now I need to create a new account using Facebook instead coz I need the receipts for my business, therefore losing my shopping level and discounts..Version: 8.37.0

Love AliExpressI have been shopping on Ali express for the last 3 years and I love it. There’s rarely a problem if I’m Honest but like anything there can be hiccups and problems on the way. I love the new updates app version which allows you to track packages more in depth and add your same orders to the basket. Depending on how the order is sent you can be waiting a while for packages to arrive - but the most problems I’ve found is when overseas packages arrive to the UK. That’s when the issues arise. More could be done in terms of when a parcel is lost AliExpress do not step in - in favour of the buyer. The seller is always compensated which is really bad. Hence I try to keep my orders low so if they do get lost or not delivered; it’s only a very small price to loss. Alternatively pay using PayPal then you are able to make a claim through them as a loft package..Version: 8.58.0

I’m obsessed with AliExpressI’ve been buying from AliExpress since 2012 and I honestly can’t believe how much money I’ve saved over the years. The best part is that I always manage to find unique pieces and people are asking me where I got it from, when I post on social media or when people see me wearing it on the streets. I literally buy pretty much everything I need in my life. I always tell people that the only thing I didn’t find on AliExpess is a human being. However, someone you is not familiar with the site might quickly get scammed. So, my advice is to always read the reviews as this is the best way to see what the items looks like once the customer received it. Another thing is to always buy from good rated stores, for example with over 90%. Check the stars next to the store name too ( I only buy if the store has 4 or 5 stars). Another tip is to check how long the store has been selling on AliExpress, the longer the better. Anyway with time, you’ll love it..Version: 8.62.0

Great AppUsed countless times and no drama’s so far. Most deliveries are faster than the dates given none have past the expected date so far by more than a week and communication has been fairly straightforward allowing for the time difference with most sellers. One product was accidentally described wrong by the seller as it was pictured as a completely different item but on receipt I messaged then it took a few days and they couldn’t seem to understand a simple query until I sent a photo then they apologised, admitted their mistake and resolved the issue immediately. They quality of all the items I have purchased so far has been good but I still have a lot I’m still waiting for delivery so hopefully they will be all as good as the products I have received..Version: 8.70.0

1st time ordered.I was a little anxious to use AliExpress due to feedback I’ve read especially recently…as a package I was waiting on for longer than expected. The package never ever updated on my orders (which I need to access from shopping cart) then disappeared from my orders. To access it I needed to go back to my messages with customer service with the sender who was very responsive and helpful. Had I not communicated with them I don’t think I would have found my order, So the negative was their delivery service does not update on Ali which I fed back to them as you worry that it’s a scam. They tracked it for me all in Chinese language which I couldn’t read, then tracking stopped when it arrived into Australia, there Australia post were unable to track. I don’t like that AliExpress assume item has arrived by a certain amount of time, and then remove your order even if it’s not arrived yet hence -1 star. Also The site does not show the items you’ve liked unless you put it into a named folder which is pitifully limited. unlike Wish that can have multitude of folders to save wish list into. I don’t play the game for coins, it’s just annoying. AliExpress has just about anything you are looking for. Nevertheless, 100% of my items have arrived. Some not in packaging just a post bag. Prices are amazing mostly. So far so good. Will buy again for sure. Thank you..Version: 8.60.0

Great app for cheaper products!Perfect for those items you want but don’t want to pay top price for. Similar to eBay, different sellers have different qualities, costs and delivery time, so be sure to check the store’s profile for how long they’ve been in business (choose another seller if they’ve only been around a month or two) and take note of how other customers rate their products. I’ve had no big issues in over 25 purchases, no late arrivals, and many times things have arrived quicker than if they’d posted from the same country as me. A lot of sellers seem to use the exact same photo for products, but quality definitely differs between sellers. Do your research (just like any other online marketplace) and you’ll probably fall in love with this app!.Version: 8.29.0

ExcellentAli express has excellent quality items fast delivery every order is always received within the delivery dates as specified at purchase. It is always worth looking items up on sale at other sites especially Etsy’s and eBay as they say hand made charge a fortune then you look on Ali express and realise they just buy direct from Ali express and put their name to it I have never received items that are faulty all jewellery is 925 sterling silver and gemstones come with certificates always check descriptions and specifications I have got house hold items so many offers and play the games and earn coins for discount on your purchases a trust worthy and excellent buy experience and saved a fortune and also the crafting products are excellent and the home furnishing and electrical items I have purchased have all been perfect even the dog and cat toys are a bargain !! From kids toy to home garden and everything you can think of all in one place.Version: 8.78.0

Good appVery smooth app , good bargains to be found . When you pay ( by card) I use a top up Visa (bread) card the money goes in to escrow . Which means the seller knows you paid but doesn't get the money until you receive the item and are happy with what you paid for. If you're not happy you can open a dispute . If you're happy confirm the transaction and Ali will pay them from escrow. I haven't had any bad merchandise so far and it's all been cheap and quality goods . If you're buying expensive things remember their are potential customs charges. Do your homework on this and talk to the seller - they're eager to help and do business! When you order the seller has to send to you in a time limit ,or the orders cancelled , but you can extend this and in general I've found a longer wait for Musical instruments than , say pendants or Bluetooth earphones. Update …..they have a buy now pay later scheme where you buy they put it on your card and when you confirm delivery they take the money. All in all an excellent app!.Version: 8.89.0

Decent Shopping AppAliExpress is a pretty decent online shopping store, similar to Ebay, but most of the goods are cheaper items from China and Russia. As long as you understand why the prices are so low, you’ll do fine. Delivery is usually free, and can take between 2-4 weeks to Australia. It’s hard to know when it will be fast or slow though - and this may actually depend much more on customs than AliExpress. The app is a pretty good alternative to the desktop site. The app includes the opportunity to play games and complete tasks to earn coins, which can be exchanged for discount vouchers, discounts on particular items, and even items you can buy entirely with coins, costing only 1 or 2 cents to create the order. These games can have an addictive quality, leading you to sign in every day for free coins, browse many items to get reward coins, then exchange the coins for vouchers that only last a week. Then you have to spend a minimum amount of money so you can get the small discount before the voucher expires. The games can be fun, but are all (obviously) designed to make you spend more money buying more items. ..Version: 6.3.0

I genuinely love this app!It’s a great app with really cheap but good products, I’ve order a couple of things on there now (a backpack, some stationary and some decorations for my bedroom) and everything came to the uk in great condition! I plan to buy a LOT more, if you’re buying something, please remember to check reviews + check photo reviews, also if it’s too good to be true, it probably is unless there’s reviews saying otherwise! I make sure to always leave reviews after buying something, I would advise you to do the same. Also avoid buying clothes from there(unless it’s a basic t-shirt or something along those lines) I've never done it myself but I’ve heard bad experiences! However with stuff like t-shirts, it’s a great deal! Remember, check photo reviews, be realistic, and you’ll love this app too!.Version: 8.57.0

Shop ‘appy - but could do with a few shortcutsOverall the app is fairly easy to navigate - postal address was a little tricky to get right which I discovered after my first order (our suburb postcode is the same for a few surrounding suburbs and weirdly it defaulted to the first suburb in alphabetical order...) but the local postal service corrected it and I fixed it after I knew there was a problem. The one huge improvement that could be made is a short cut to get back to the home page after you go down the rabbit hole browsing the shopping merchandise available. The only way currently appears to be the “back” button which you might have to push a lot to get back to a page where you can enter a new search query..Version: 8.18.0

Easy shoppingThe app is great and much easier than having to link to a web site and sign in all the time. Being able to see you purchases and wish lists at a glance and quickly is convenient. I’ve made multiple purchases through the app for items that are hard to find in stores or you’d normally have to purchase in large quantities. I’ve only had a couple of purchases not arrive and the disputes system easy to use but doesn’t ensure you get a refund, that’s up to the individual store. Thankfully all my larger valued items arrived quickly and were as described. I recommend taking the time to check the number of times the item has been ordered and read the feedback, the photos and experience of others is invaluable. Overall it’s a great app and place to shop..Version: 8.10.0

Good SiteI have ordered many items. Some have taken a very long time to arrive, but on the whole 30 days is average. I only had 1 item that I didn't receive. Most sellers will resend the item if it was not received. I will continue to shop with AliExpress.Version: 5.4.1

System review as a buyer.The AliExpress system works well as a buyer that I am in NZ . The images and descriptors used in sellers texts are often mixed up and misleading and not what you want to see or read on the items for sale. Most are genuine about there product but do not supply enough or the right information about the product to help sell it . Many traders need to up skill in the English language, and research what is the most important information a buyer needs to secure a sale. There are still traders who mimic other Chinese major quality suppliers products and cash in on them supplying an inferior similar product . Prices are reflective of the buyers country delivery needs usually. How ever as I am in NZ sometimes the new delivery costs from China etc. and 12 % tax in NZ being charged here makes buying not worth while for me in NZ. There are local traders here who are buying bulk and selling the same products here for less than AliExpress can supply, sell and deliver it to me here in NZ. Overall the new buy and delivery system works really well. I would probably support alixpress product sales to each trader more using photos if the trader had a photo app in the review area of the trade report. It is hard to export photos from another Nz site to the alixpress site at times here . Cheers Max Harding Global Grandad Taranaki NZ.Version: 8.67.0

Mrs. HammondIt’s okay to shop here. Been buying a lot of stuffs from AliExpress. Some are really lovely but some are on cheap quality! One has to be prepared. I been disappointed quite a few times but that’s just how it is when you buy online. I’d been enjoyed part of it so far. I really need to insist to the sellers. Please can you check on your “BUYERS MESSAGE TO THE SELLERS” when they make payments? Because in so many occasions, I placed several orders for one item with a specified message to the seller upon payment. They sent me all same colors when I very kindly asked them to send me different colors! This happens to me here so many times! Eg. 4 trousers in 4 different colors, but came just one color! 7 earrings in different colors but arrived all in black. So frustrating and disappointing! Some sellers are great in checking and I’m so grateful! Thank you! Most sellers doesn’t care at all! I HOPE SELLERS HERE BECOME MINDFUL TO SATISFY COSTUMERS MORE BY PAYING ATTENTION TO THIS SIMPLE BUT VERY IMPORTANT REQUEST!.Version: 8.36.0

I’m a happy bunny!I have been ordering goods from AliExpress for two years and I always look forward to getting my packages. I have mainly bought things for nails, arts and crafts, and some jewellery. It is incredibly rare that I have felt disappointed. Out of the 400 hundred+ little (and some large) packages that I have received it has only happened a couple of times. Also it is very rare for something to get lost in the post, which in any case is not the fault of the seller. Even during the early days of the pandemic when delivery was slower I was able to follow the packages on the tracking information to check their progress. If something happens to get lost you can open a dispute to get your money returned. After my laptop broke I downloaded the app to my iPhone and I now do all of my browsing and purchasing on AliExpress on the app. It is easy to use and very convenient. I was concerned before that I wouldn’t be able to see the products well enough and that there wouldn’t be the same amount of information about the products. However, my fears were unfounded and I found that I actually preferred it to the computer, especially because AliExpress has invested so much in the app to make it easy to use. Try it ! It does not disappoint..Version: 8.33.0

Excellent shopping siteI havnt been a customer for very long but already I have reached Diamond member status. I am very discerning about where I spend my money ensuring that I get value for money and thats why I can recommend AliExpress. They are very quick to remedy any problems with out the hassles that I have experienced on other sites and their sellers all seem to be above board and very honest and ready to help. Very happy with this service, and so far am 99% happy with the products I have purchased. Of approximately 1400 items purchased so far I can recall only 5 that had defects, some orders were lost in the post but all were refunded without an issue. In short Ali express is safe ,reliable and I will continue to use them ..Version: 8.21.1

OrdersThere are couple of sellers who are excellent, fast shipping and responding quickly, one seller Eastern store is excellent I praise them but the others I’m not happy with they go for days to respond from 4 to 7 days before they respond and also taking their time to ship orders one seller took 7 days to ship my order but will not deal with them again to those who ship days later There is one seller Orient Panda 2 not genuine seller after all, failed on everything, never online, don’t read your messages, don’t do job properly as lots of mistakes in packages some dies missing or sent 2 dies the same, put prices up a lot as well shipping!!! So I’ve got 2 more lots from this seller then I’m done with them as have reported them and will again if seller does not pull their socks up!!!.Version: 8.94.0

Great app that getting the world in shopping closerThis is a really recommended APP for who looking shopping worldwide, of course it maybe taking longer for delivery but it save you money, and the variety of items are huge, and the most important point which AliExpress know is the responsibility for the relationship in between of the seller and buyer, because in the past they are so many of bad sellers which made the really worse impression of buying things from oversea, but AliExpress improving the rules that really benefit from the buyer side so making buyer to try with more confidence in this app, and the internal translation, refund guarantee promise, fast delivery choose option.... these are well done a great job to rebuild the confidences for the buyer, hopefully this APP will keep going and improving.Version: 8.27.0

Addictive bed shoppingI have been shopping on this app for about 2 years. 95% positive experiences! It can take some time to find the best priced option of the item you’re after. Sometimes things arrive and you find they’re super cheap for a reason but mostly I’m very impressed with the quality! To Australia I’ve found that the AliExpress postage is fastest at around 2weeks. The standard free shipping is around 3/4weeks. It can be hard when you find yourself needing to communicate with sellers, as they aren’t the best at getting back or understanding English, but personally not something I’ve had to do often. Mostly great value for money and the app is well laid out and has a cool photo product search which I enjoy using to find the original items people overprice and resell on social media, and buy for a fraction of the price :).Version: 6.6.0

GreatI really enjoy this app and have bought some great items. Shipping can be slow but many of my items arrived within two to three weeks which I am very happy about. I have been shopping here for a few years and like it more than Wish etc. I am a little upset about the tax increases due to the import duty implemented by my country (uk) recently but still items are far cheaper than elsewhere. A few items have been bad or simply not arrived at all but I have been refunded each time. I like shopping from sellers who have a lot of photo reviews from previous customers. I find many sellers to be friendly and approachable when asking questions. The app itself is easy to use and has a few fun features; playing games to win coins and vouchers for example. One of the more unique aspects is finding an item by using image search. I have bought handbags, jewellery, craft supplies, clothes, cosmetic brushes, utensils, accessories for my phone and car, pretty much anything under the sun! The only thing I would not purchase from here would be cosmetics or items for very young children but this is a personal preference..Version: 8.24.1

Mix reviewsI enjoyed browsing in this store, i like that you can search anything on this website by just loading of the picture of what you are looking for…that’s a very convenient to search…i have ordered a dress to try the quality of the items so far with my first order i was very disappointed,my point is the seller posted a picture of a dress then put a note a the bottom saying products may slightly different from the picture so I expected its a little different from the color or something, but the truth is,it was complete different clothes is what they are sending you with a poor quality materials too,i hope they will use there own products pictures instead of putting good looking picture to trick buyers, and that may lead to loose buyers from aliExpress just because of the sellers like them… But for the good news not my second ordered i was happy and satisfied,my items came like same as the photo and better what I expected too…fast delivery too… Overall buying in AliExpress is just like gambling though…some are good quality some a junk. The question is when are you going to receive good quality or a junk???.Version: 8.64.0

Can’t beat top quality Service on AliExpress AppI have been using the AliExpress App for nearly 11years , prior to that I used the AliExpress system. It’s far easier on the App. I am a Diamond Member with over 1000 successful purchases so the background system needs to work efficiently. I have tried Banggood, WISH and others but AliExpress is by far the best. I have also found that ordering using the App sometimes gives further Discount, also quicker delivery, thanks for a top operating App I am an avid supporter of AliExpress and have always had good service from 99% of the Stores Keep up the good work, great work to all Store owners The overall Service from AliExpress Stores is top rate. I have significantly increased the number of purchases from AliExpress due to the quality and speed of delivery Cheers Robin Warner NEW ZEALAND.Version: 8.36.0

Dr Cecilia MirasIt was my first time using the AliExpress and I am fully satisfied. If I received a faulty items I will video it and appeal for refund, mind I received my refund with no dramas at all. As an intelligent buyer, I always compared prices from other online shopping app. So far AliExpress showed more discount and super deals. In regards to shipping, I can track my item within my finger tips and the costumer service will remind me if I did not receive the item on time, I can asked for refund without going to escalation services. Highly recommend your services..Version: 8.73.0

Over all standardCan be very good some times lacking on fairness with claim against larger companies when not as the picture or description Generally of a high standard Deliveries becoming very slow and combined shipping is often very slow ,as though they are walking here. The service is improving the address label by some companies very small difficult for courier to consistently deliver with out mistakes Courier service could be rated as often tracking is not accurate.Version: 8.94.0

It worksThe algorithm can be annoying because it won't show you just the results for what you've searched, it instead will show heaps of items you've previously looked at mixed in with the results and they're not labelled as ads. Can be frustrating because if that. The app itself runs smoothly and provides access to all the things you can see on the website including support. Another frustrating thing though is if your item hasn't arrived in the projected time it automatically moves it to your "review" section which stops you being able to access the tracking info..Version: 8.57.0

Wonderful 💕I am so happy with the quality of the products I receive. Excellent value for money and the items. My experience with just about all my orders have always been successful and left me quite pleased. If there has been an issue, it’s always been minor and Ali Express and the online stores are very obliging to sort things out. Most of the items arrive within two to three weeks of placing my orders and the communication regarding status is always efficient. I am confident in recommending this app and will continue online shopping via AliExpress. Thank you 😊.Version: 8.63.0

Great app, and great cheap productsA little hard to navigate at times. Often if you have multiple items to do something for, such as multiple received items which you need to mark as received, it will make you go through several clicks instead of being able to mark all as received, or go back just one page to select the next thing. It’s also quite hard to get “home” once you’ve been browsing products for a while, you have to go backwards through lots of screens. Overall a great app and great products though, particularly love being able to see the “real” photos of items which have been received..Version: 7.0.1

Great Shopping AppMany different items and products that are offered. If you plan on purchase items Please use AliPay, AliExpress will ensure that product(s) that are purchased are as described and shipped in proper form and in quality and customer satisfaction, they will NOT release the monies paid to the Seller/Vendor(s) until the Customer is satisfied with all concerns regarding products purchased and guarantees, and also submit by pressing the CONFIRMS button which is when you as a customer gives AliExpress the go ahead to release the monies to the Seller/Vendor The only problem is that: Many Sellers/Vendor DO NOT include installation instructions and/or Product information, for some reason I’ve noticed this with a high volume of overseas products. So if you need to have the proper information you will have to asks for this information from the Store you purchased your items from, which I strongly believe should be a Set Standard Procedure by AliExpress also the Shipping Packaging should also Standardized. Overall AliExpress has done a TERRIFIC JOB ensuring that the Customer is being Properly Serviced in mostly all aspects of their overall online shopping experience. Update: AliExpress has picked up there shipping time of products, some stores are now faster by a month or so, good job!!!.Version: 8.62.0

Amazing prices and cute productsI buy all my clothes (mostly) from Ali Express because i can never find my style anywhere else that is actually affordable. I enjoy wearing cutesy clothes and ali express has a wide selection of clothes that i actually like and people always compliment my outfits and ask where they’re from :) really recommend ali express as long as you read the reviews and make sure you get your sizing correct as the sizing is a bit random sometimes but you can find some great things. Down side is shipping which can take up to 3 months sometimes but with that in mind, i always order gifts and stuff in advance, so just a precaution if you were going to buy something you need urgently as they don’t come very quick..Version: 8.46.0

AliExpress cheap place to shopI like the app, but the only thing that annoys me is when I scroll through my wish list and it constantly jumps back to the top of the list and I have to repeatedly scroll back through from the top of the list again. I like the option to cancel before an item has been posted, but also I’d like to be able to get a decent amount of refund when a wrong item has been deliberately shipped and is no good. When I’ve asked to see a photo of an item before it is shipped and the seller STILL sends you something different, then the refund is not enough. Apart from that, I like the app..Version: 8.42.0

AliExpress app.As a shopper since 2008 I find this shopping site user friendly mostly. After care for faulty products is getting better but definitely needs to be more user friendly. If a product has a malfunction after the 15 day dispute time then customers should be able to contact a “human not a robot“ with one touch on the app to make the situation known to AliExpress and the store. The stores have little incentive to make good after the 15 days and I would appreciate AliExpress Stepping in more readily..Version: 8.30.0

Shopaholics dream (beware! Lol)So convenient and so accessible, shopping made oh-so-easy for those who are happy to wait international transit times. Best to read reviews as sometimes items can be smaller/bigger or inferior/superior to what is expected so bi lot of research recommended but that’s no different to throughly checking items prior to purchasing if you were shopping in a physical market place environment so just a matter of relying on reviews and photos since we lack the physical examination. Win some/lose some but for the most with the help of reviews you come out with winning purchases!.Version: 8.33.0

Really good - just check the reviews of each sellerBeen using this app for a while now and don’t have any complaints. You just got to check the reviews of each product and seller. If in the case somthing goes wrong like the product arrives damaged or is not what the listing said it was you just file for a dispute and you will get refunded the amount. Just make sure to have evidence of it. This app will let you save a lot of money which I love.Version: 8.88.0

Be careful customersBe careful with AliExpress order now days the delivery is getting very late or some of the product you might not receive. They have protection for seller but not to customers. In certain period the seller protection will come to end when it’s come to that the order will close and gone to received mode without the customer knowledge. If you forget to see that after 15 days past you can’t even open dispute either. So customer please keep tracking your product constantly otherwise you will end up like me losing money like me thanks..Version: 8.33.0

Perfect! User friendly, better than computer version!—Update to review below—had 3/5 score below but recently a new update fixed the bug that caused the errors I discussed so now it is a perfect 5/5! Was perfect—easy search, photo search, disputes, locating orders, etc. all super easy, quick, user-friendly. But then without even updating the app, there arose two issues (~end of Sept/19)that make this app drop from 5/5 to 2/5: (1.) cannot access my “cart” anymore. Only via computer now. No matter which of the few ways available to enter & view shopping cart, it always notes “empty” whilst displaying the number of items in the cart. Online, no problem, all items display correctly. What happened? On both of my phones as well. (2.) the list that displays your purchases has changed screens & is not as user friendly any longer. This change only occurred on my older phone & did not revert back after I tried the latest version. : ( No idea how these changes occurred, why or how one phone only received one of the changes despite “auto update” disabled. I’m already on the app much less because of the cart function error. No customer service contact option from the app either so I have another chore to find contact info and try to rectify this. So 3/5 is the middle between how it was to how it is now..Version: 8.0.0

Goods not received again.Unlikely I will shop AliExpress again, too hit and miss, once again I have goods failed to arrive through SaiCi, they are Doll clothes ordered months ago, and my daughters constantly ask me why they are taking so long to arrive, I sent in a dispute notice, but that vanished, it says I have no outstanding disputes, the delivery path says goods delivered but were not, and SaiCi is saying we have extended delivery time, they are just not understanding that if the are not here by now, something has gone wrong, and they have no interest in rectifying this issue. AliExpress should take some responsibility here, this is 2 out of 4 times I have had issues, I am very reluctant to use AliExpress, especially if the purchase is a gift..Version: 7.6.0

Great shopping experience, but…Shopping and buying on AliExpress has been fantastic especially during Covid lockdowns. Shipping from China to NZ was affected but not eliminated at the time. Expect items to arrive in a timely manner. The only issue I have is that sometimes it offers sexually inappropriate content, so it’s not a good idea to shop in the prescence of children, there doesn’t appear to be a way to turn it off and it’s important to not show any interest or click on them if you want the content to disappear (it’s based on your metadata)..Version: 8.46.0

An awesome app for shoppingYou can find all kinda products here from very low prices, most with no shipping(some do) cost at all. In some store or online you have to spend certain amount of money to be eligible for free shipping however you can order from Ali express as little as £1 and get free delivery. It is not like WISH at all. Wish charges for delivery of every product that's why I don't like shopping in wish. Shopping with AliExpress has been like a habit. It's very convenient for me. If you are a shopaholic like me who likes buying little things such as mobile and fashion accessories, clothes and shoes. You can try buying from AliExpress. Some products quality may be little lower however you can check reviews from thousands of other buyers before purchasing ( which I reckon). Deliveries may take from 2-6 weeks in the UK however It can be delivered quicker or later than that depending on regions. One more thing I like about AliExpress is that you can contact the seller if you have any concerns and worries about the product. Well so far, it has been a really good experience shopping with AliExpress..Version: 6.1.0

ObsessedVery reliable. I shop from this app at least twice a month. I’ve purchased just about everything from here from face products to jewelry and electronics to shoes and sweaters. I have just 3 complaints. 1) The gold coins I’ve spent several months collecting have so far been useless. They’re exchangeable for coupons (like $2 off $15+ orders) good for very select stores (not all). Basically, 13% off, which isn’t bad at all except that in the 3 or 4 years I’ve been a very active member, I’ve only used a coin-exchanged coupon like twice. 2) Very limited penny deals in exchange for x-number of gold coins are available every 24 hours. If you’re on the west coast, that’s at midnight. For me on the east coast, it’s at 3am. The one time I tried playing the penny deal, the second it struck 3am, everything was sold out before anyone could count to two. 3) The freebies the sellers advertise, anyone can apply for them and just once from two different offers so you can’t submit a request more than once for one item and you can’t submit more than two requests a day. I have been a member for more than 5 years and have not won anything from AliExpress..Version: 8.27.2

Ali Express App ReviewFor the most part the app works well as other apps of the same type. However, there are times I am looking for something and it totally misunderstands what I am telling it in the search. The other problem I see, is that there’s no way to track your shipment once it leaves China. I waited almost 5 months before I got my last order. Don’t worry though, usually it doesn’t take this long; probably due to the pandemic. Another thing that is very difficult to do, is to review stamps (for paper crafts/scrapbook) and metal dies, because they have the same name and it doesn’t not show if you are leaving the review for the stamp or the metal cutting Dies. The last thing that is very aggravating, is that when you’re order is missing still and you want to put a dispute an order, you have to put a dispute for each individual item in your order; it will not let you dispute the entire order and this is extremely time consuming when you have a very large order. There are boxes to let you check them individually or as an entire order but there’s no button that lets you do the entire order. And it’s the same when you receive your item; even if you get the whole shipment in one envelope. If these things get fixed I’ll probably will give it 5 stars..Version: 8.16.0

I use this app often.This is my go to app to find bargains and also innovative design. I have used them for clothing accessories and some kitchenware. If you do a little bit of research and figure out, if the companies, businesses are well received and have good star ratings, you are bound to get a good item. A lot of the items are way cheaper than you would find in the High Street or online. I have found things that have been advertised to me through Instagram at triple the price for exactly the same item on AliExpress. I would definitely recommend, but with a little investigating on the quality and material of the items. As far as the app goes, it has improved since I started using it, just over a year ago. There used to be a lot more glitches and now it seems like they have figured it out because it’s highly user-friendly. The only thing that is annoying, but you can also sort out the settings, is the amount of emails you get for promotion of goods..Version: 8.85.0

I love the selectionI see a lot of negative reviews on here, clearly you didn’t order with choice, choice is shippped from aliexpress’s own warehouses meaning 9/10 they will definitely arrive in the time frame given, if you order of random shops then yeah I understand you might get scammed, I’ve been scammed a lot on here but then I started buying CHOICE ONLY ITEMS. And oh my god everything has arrived and been so amazing. I love Ali, I get all of my hello kitty and Sanrio stuff from on here. The customer agents are also really nice (most of the time) I’ve had 2 or 3 lovely woman help me out and they have given me a kind experience even with the large language barrier. They always resolve items that don’t arrive or are not shipped in the time frame. I rate this app 10/10s honestly and the prices of everything is just chef kiss. I wouldn’t order from anywhere else Sanrio stuff is so expensive (unless I’m in miniso if I ever leave my home) but that is very rare..Version: 8.87.0

Still shopping here!I have been using this app for a many years now and I’ve tried several competitors as well only to find that they are not as good. Either they are more expensive for the same products or they don’t have the variety, usually both. AliExpress beats them each time. I especially like that my payment is held in escrow and the individual sellers only get paid once goods are received. I’ve had only a few hiccups dealing with sellers and I’ve bought hundreds of items (really, no exaggeration) - most issues were remedied quickly. If you read the ads thoroughly for sizes and material composition (not trust photos alone) and ask seller questions if unsure you can shop with confidence. Also the genuine reviews are a great guide. Loads of bargains, discounts, coupons, friendly sellers, unique things I’ve not seen in Australia and an easy to use app have kept me shopping here. Highly recommend it. Additional comment for 2023 - still shopping happily from here, postage sometimes takes longer thanks to pandemic but everything else is the same..Version: 8.63.0

AliExpress ReviewAliExpress is a great app that offers cheap products and great quality (most of the time). You can buy anything on this app and not much is overpriced. I have bought over 100 products and 90% of them reach my satisfaction. When I first got the app I didn’t think it was going to be this good. But since I don’t like to spend much money on stuff AliExpress comes SUPER handy when I see something I like in a store or anywhere else, and I take a picture of it. Then I use the camera search button to look or search for whatever I want via a photo. It is a great app and I would rate it 4.5 stars but there have been times I have been disappointed by the sellers (definitely not the app itself). Although this is great, the shipping can take a long time as most packages arrive from China and Russia. This means that it can take a long time for products to arrive to Australia, around 2-5 weeks normally but there have been a couple of times where I ordered something and didn’t get it until 4 months later. (I had ordered something November 24 and it arrived February 25). As well as this many items bottled seem larger than they are but when you buy them they are not. Overall I think this is an amazing app and anyone who doesn’t have this app should really get it. I highly reccommend it. Thank you for your services AliExpress.Version: 8.13.1

BargainsJust started using Ali express but my first order arrived and I’m very happy with the quality and speed of delivery.🤜🏾 Update- 1 Had a few orders now from Aliexpress and every order has come one took a bit of time but arrived. Overall the items come before the delivery date. I’m happy with Aliexpress at the moment. 😎Update number 2 still using Aliexpress some items are dirt cheap. But some are the same price as eBay you’ve got to look for the bargains and read the reviews. You can get quality at good prices if you look and read reviews. 👍🏾update 3 still using Aliexpress logistics are a lot better for items delivered just keep searching for them bargains there in their you’ll find them.🟰update 4 still using Ali express I’ve realised your better doing bulk buys from Ali 3 items or more that way you get them cheaper + faster delivery. Ali express gives you money back guarantee as well. So no worries there,if your not happy let them know..Version: 8.84.0

Sometimes confusingThere are a lot of sales and the discount coupons are very confusing. I collect a lot of points but don’t use them too much. You never know if you have the one for the store you want. I usually just don’t buy things because of that. The coupon plus a 0.01 sales items appear to start at 2 AM here. Needless to say I never get any of them. I guess they aren’t meant for the customers on the east coast or mid western states of the US. It’s the middle of the night here. There is also a problem with items advertising one thing and when you get to the page it’s three or 4 times more expensive for that item. You get a much smaller , scaled down item for the advertised price. Also they will call it cashmere and then when you get to the site and check the specs it says polyester. So I don’t buy that either. That’s illegal in the US. It’s called bait and switch. I’ll go find it elsewhere. It may cost a little bit more but I know for sure what I’m getting. When I find a good place that has quality items for a good price I tend to stick with that store. They may cost a few dollars more but I know they are a reputable store and I won’t get junk, it will be something I can use or give as a gift. I have bought some very nice things on the app.Version: 8.3.2

RocksAliExpress rocks!, so much content and products too!, this is right up there. If variety is the spice of then the variety for shopping in this application almost seems limitless. I am really happy with my first purchase of a chrome motorcycle helmet considering the logistics from china. You simply can not get these amazing quality value products anywhere else especially at these prices. Having experienced the website coming across AliExpress a fair few times and found the shopping experience on my phones browser a little hit and miss I have found after being redirected here for more needed items I have searched for on Google that the application for shopping once signing up was worth it. The only thing I could suggest for in terms of room for improvement is more click and collect pick up points as from personal experience the couriers are not the greatest in the United Kingdom and are prone to just dumping parcels Willy nily anywhere that you would not like unless you have a easily accessible address with clear safe places. Otherwise I am really happy with AliExpress!! Next up are some boots 🥾.Version: 8.87.0

LOVE THIS APP95 percent of orders have been as described and received within a reasonable time. On the very odd occasion that orders have not been right or have not arrived, contacting ALIEXPRESS has resulted in a positive outcome, unlike other apps that I have had the very unfortunate experience of dealing with. Genuine sellers (that actually exist) and great customer service. Recently I could not find a particular product and few days later ALIEXPRESS messaged me saying they had found a supplier for the product I was after and from a country I would never have thought of, my confidence in ALIEXPRESS is such that I ordered the product. ALIEXPRESS are more interested in looking after their customers and not rogue sellers. For hassle free shopping and customer care....GO ALIEXPRESS.Version: 8.15.1

My go-to shopping app!I can honestly say that AliExpress is definitely my go-to shopping app! Even though the shipping times appear to be extremely long, sometimes you can receive the items within just a few weeks, which is awesome - you just have to plan ahead of time! They have an amazing range of products, and the items that they have are a fraction of the price that you would normally pay. Just like all shopping platforms, sometimes you get unlucky with the item that you receive (and I have had a few) but please don’t despair, because you won’t be left stranded without support. Every time I have needed to open a dispute or I have had to contact customer service, I have received excellent service with prompt responses and quick refunds! My only advice would be, to look closely at the seller and really look at the feedback that they’ve received, the number of followers they have, and then make your decision to buy based on their reviews. I used to shop on eBay however, there seems to be more and more dodgy sellers on there than ever before! Honestly, it’s just about nearly impossible to get a refund because you are dealing directly with the seller, not eBay customer support! Give AliExpress a go!.Version: 8.55.0

AliExpress general appUpdate - the back button issue has been resolved ( Yay Ali!) no more scrolling forever. I find this app very good and easy to use. Good to use, clear navigation - some sticky areas like the back button when viewing items sometimes requires 10 or more taps to return to the search page. Also when checking off purchased items that have arrived from personal order section, the back button returns to the top so if a lot of items then a lot of scrolling to get back to earlier orders ( being in NZ items can take 8-10 weeks so purchased items gather up) But in all fairly fluid and easy to use..Version: 8.55.0

Easy Shopping, Wide Selection, Phenomenal DealsVery convenient and easy to use app. I’ve used it for about 7 years for cheap accessories, small things like earring backs, synthetic wigs, plush from my favorite series, and more. The deals are phenomenal, and the jewelry quality has always been good, often better than or just as good as costume jewelry at popular American stores (Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Claires) for a fraction of the price. The lack of additional shipping charges on most items makes it even better, and sometimes purchasing via the app instead of the website yields additional discounts. For example, I made 7 jewelry purchases totaling $16 and it got me 5 necklaces, 3 chokers, 2 pairs of earrings, and an elaborate two piece ring. Many items also have picture reviews from customers, and you can ask questions directly to vendors to make sure you're getting what you think you are. 5/5 I would definitely recommend. (Note that it is wholesale from China so 4 weeks to arrive is typical (though it’s faster or slower in some cases); see the est arrival date for each item before purchasing).Version: 8.48.0

I love AliExpress!I've ordered a lot of stuff from AliExpress (roughly 40+ items), including clothes, nail products (mainly polygel and dip powders), make-up, phone cases and craft equipment (diamond art). You do have to wait a minimum of about two weeks for delivery to the UK, but once you see the quality of the stuff, you really won't mind waiting. I've only had 2 items not arrive but have had full refunds from the sellers. The majority of my purchases have arrived within 2-3 weeks but I have had to wait nearly 2 months for a couple of things. I don't mind this though because as the weeks pass, I have forgotten what I've ordered and so every package is a nice surprise! 😆 The majority of items are free postage as well so you can't really complain about waiting times. I've also never had a purchase arrive broken or damaged in any way so that's always a massive plus! When ordering clothing, keep in mind that Chinese sizes are a lot smaller than most countries and so you will definitely need to size up. I'm a size 8/10 and usually buy an XL or XXL depending on how I want it to fit (I like the baggy, oversized look) and even then a couple of the items have fit like a small to medium..Version: 8.30.1

Love the camera feature to find what you’re looking for.Like the app, wish online version worked more like it. Would like for the app to go back to where you left off instead of starting from the beginning- so annoying... like when you confirm an order came and when you’re finished it doesn’t go back to where you left off it you have to go clear back to the beginning of your orders and scroll through in my case, several pages to get to where you were, just go back to where you were when you decided to confirm your order. It now hangs up after you confirm, and you have to go clear back to the beginng or start over. Everything seems still the same. When I leave a review it says it’s busy to come back later and review but when I go to the beginning of the site to look at my orders it does say that it was confirmed. It’s annoying. And that chat bot! When I exit out of it I want it to stay gone not come back at every page when I go to the next page! It’s the most annoying and not at all helpful..Version: 8.40.0

Very great app!I was a little skeptical about Aliexpress before i started buying, but let me tell you, Aliexpress is definitely worth a try! Now most of the sellers on Aliexpress are from China or out of country, so i would not go to them if you need your package in a speedy fast hurry, but if your just a heavy shopper like me and forget you buy things when you buy them (lol) packages are always a surprise! on most orders, the estimated shipping say around 89 days, but so far i have placed 14 orders in the past week or 2, and three of them have come in wayyyy before estimated delivery. I really like their cart feature, where you can buy one item at a time, or select only the items you want to buy in that purchase. i find it very convenient because on most apps you have to place orders altogether, but with Aliexpress you can pick and choose which items you want to buy. They have feeds where you can check out other people’s reviews about other products, based on the things you’ve liked, wishlisted, added to your cart, or searched up which, to me, is a very nice concept. Everything is priced so well and reasonably just watch out for shipping costs lol. Overall the app is great and i definitely recommend to most <3.Version: 8.51.0

Awesome appHave been using AliExpress for 4+ years now and have only ever used the app to access and purchase from their wide selection of items. App flows nicely and layout is easily navigated. Only issue for me is that after going down a rabbit hole of “window shopping” - I have to push the “go back button” quite a lot to get back to the home page rather than having the bar along the bottom and being one tap away from starting a new rabbit hole to go into haha. Highly recommend AliExpress if you haven’t already got it :) heaps of awesome goodies along with the option to be refunded should there be any issues with your order..Version: 8.44.0

Do Your Research!There are many dodgy sellers on AliExpress, as there are on eBay. You can easily get stitched up if you shop anywhere and expect something that’s too good to be true. There are however, some great and honest sellers who sell quality products. I know this may sound obvious, but check the photos carefully. If the shop is full of images from all different places, it’s a red flag. For a first purchase with a seller, only buy something that has photo reviews (then later you can help others by adding your own!) and of course check the feedback percentage. I’ve shopped with Ali for several years now and am a diamond member. When things have gone wrong I’ve been given refunds quickly. Just use common sense and be polite and all should be good. Honestly, I’ve been burnt more on eBay….Version: 8.51.0

Great appGood prices, good products and reasonable shipping rates. Mostly good shipping times - but some shipping times very bad - orders placed in December still not arrived in mid-April. Also some items are dishonestly priced with photos of items that are far more expensive than the price showing. Mostly good - but care is needed to weed out those items that are not for sale at the price shown. Also sometimes item photo will show 2 pieces, but only one will actually arrive - poor write-ups don’t clearly state what is being purchased. Why do none of these companies employ English speakers to help them improve descriptions? Surely you would sell more and have happier customers that give better feedback?.Version: 8.67.0

Fantastic Shopping!!!This rating is for the app itself, which is great. Almost everything I want to buy cheap that doesn’t have to be the very best quality I purchase on AliExpress. Some times the product quality is exceptional. But more often it is average. Some products never arrive. Most of the time I get refunded. Once or twice I have not received the product nor given a refund, but I’m talking out of about 1000 purchases. However over all I win with saving money and having the products delivered to my door!.Version: 8.70.0

LiaAsukaI LOVE the products that are sold here, the clothes they sell are such a huge amount of range, there so many different styles and they’re so up to date to the newest trend. Seriously all the products are great and 80% of them would actually come out looking nice and good quality. The only downside of this app is the fact that the shipping can take up to two months, depending if you bought something with the ‘10 Day Delivery’ sticker on. The rest would not really come for 10 days as I said it can take months. I wish there were more products in the 10 days delivery group. But what’s also upsetting is that even the 10 day delivery can take up more than 10 days, which can be unfortunate. Overall I love the products and prices are so afforadable but the delivering and dates are the down side on this app.Version: 8.33.0

Good site if you can dodge the waffleHave bought a lot of things through here and only once had an issue where I couldn’t get a refund but the trader was a liar. I’ve upgraded from a 3 to a 4 as it appears to be improving. Trouble is they can’t control all of the traders and some of them are very poor, I suspect they just hope people will not ask for a refund ! Can’t give a five because too many traders use tricks on their listing with something being $3 and then $40 postage etc !! Until these fakers get throw out a 4 is as high as it can go. AliExpress are going to have to up their game as they’re losing a lot of business to Temu who have cheaper and much faster postage.Version: 8.80.0

I LOVE THIS APPI’ve had this app for over three years now and have been ordering hundreds of things 99.9% of the time I do get my parcels there’s been two or three cases where they haven’t showed up but it’s expected with postal services, there is some dodgy looking products on here and I do recommend reading reviews if there isn’t many don’t buy it, they have a coin system as rewards for doing little tasks like leaving a photo reviews, you can then exchanging coins for coupons so you can almost get free products!! The more items you order overtime will level up your ‘shopping’ rank so you can get more discounts on selected items. I also feel like AliExpress has a good algorithm, my main page for change and show items similar to ones that I have recently been searching - overall I love this app and don’t know what I’d do with out it.Version: 8.15.1

Love the app but need more improvements.. suggestions..Very user friendly app. But think few changes would make it more friendlier. 1. It's good we can track/sort our orders by the seller as well. When you have too many orders it's hard to scroll down and go inside every order to see which orders are with which Seller's.. 2. When we are in one particular page, for example in the shopping cart and checking back with the items, and if we need to access the main menu, which has the home, search etc tab, you have to go back all the steps backwards. So we can access to our bottom menu all the time we don't need to go back and forth. 3. Being able to store more than one card. At the moment it's only one card number we can save. If we need to pay with a different card we have to insert manually every time. If not you have to delete the existing one, add the new one and after paying delete this one and then again add the previous one...... you see. I use two cards and depending on the fund availability or the product I'm buying I may choose the card to pay. So it's easy if we can store few cards and choose the one we want at the checkout.. So these are few suggestions Came up to my mind when roaming around aliexpress which is a lot of time during the day...and will leave if anything else I felt like to add later on. Thanks.Version: 5.4.1

AliExpress = Success in my businessI use AliExpress to buy basics for my little business. Stationery, bags, packaging and some other crafting materials. Yes, you have to wait for them to be shipped, but if you plan ahead, which you should be doing anyway, then you can save a great deal of money. What I really like is that you can pick up so many ideas along the way, just by looking for items you need. It’s an enormous market place FULL of talented manufacturers making some quite extraordinary products. I’ve encountered a few problems, ( you are buying online 1000km away, it’s not surprising ) but the AliExpress guarantee has always solved them. So I’m a happy customer. I always recommend AliExpress to people looking for unusual or “hard to find” items. You WILL find them there!.Version: 8.81.1

Customer friendlyWell the app is excellent. Customer friendly. I mean when im looking for something but i dont know the exact word i just type in search button and it would still give option. customer servixe from both the application and seller. Good quality so far I ordered. Only one time i was spam i think not only me few of us, but its not big to cause loss but just the doubt it may happen again. I didnt get the refund for that but I usuly get the refund from the seller. Otherwise, It still good and i have been using it a lot....Version: 8.32.0

Good cheap stuff, huge delivery improvement from beforeI bought my first order when Aliexpress had the 3 months + delivery option only, and I’ve seen how far it has come, my recent order arrived earlier than anticipated in 6 days only. As for the products, the quality is good enough for cheap prices and you might find good deals. The reason I gave 4 stars is because of the cart interface which is very annoying. When I no longer want an item in my cart and I’ve already selected my items, I can’t delete that item individually, I’ll have to deselect all the items, select the item I want to delete, delete it individually then select the items I want to purchase again. I have accidentally deleted my items many times and there’s no way to retrieve them. I hope you improve the app user experience..Version: 8.78.0

Great place to buy things!!I have been buying from Ali Express for years and they have gotten better every year! I live in the States and it used to take 1 month or more to get anything from Ali and other similar sites. The last 2 years it has taken on average 2 weeks to get most items, sometimes 1 week like recently, surprising with the whole COVID-19 shipping delays Ali has done great for me! Now if I need something name brand very quick, in a day or so I have to hit the normal other shopping sites so I can get an item in a couple days but if you plan ahead just a little and be a little patient you can get some great deals on things, just be smart and check out the seller and feedback and number of sales and star scores and you should be just fine. Ok gotta go, ordering some more stuff from Ali so I can get it before Christmas... ...are you still here, seriously, did you really read this far?? Good for you, now stop reading and go buy some stuff, hurry, now!!! Oh yea don’t forget to use the coupons you see on the site and on the sellers page, they will save you a little money which makes it even better!! Ok by...🤗.Version: 8.19.0

AliExpressHave received all items ordered within a good time frame. Everything has been as per description. App easy to use great to be able to put things in the cart and come back later and order. Would like it easier to make a review on items received like paintings. Not easy when the item is received but not painted for a few weeks. All my paintings have come out really well and I would love to find it easier to review with the photo. I enjoy Ali Express great site. Find so many things I want, the PBN are a fantastic selection and great I can order a frame with the art. Still using the app 2 years later. Never disappoints. 2024. Al good ordered have been received in good condition.Version: 8.90.0

Ali ExpressFirst time I’d used the site and I was worried that my money wouldn’t be safe or that the product would be rubbish or not delivered at all. Very pleasantly surprised, I have to say, with the whole experience. All the products have been value for money and it’s possible to buy a premium product for a very good price. Some of the cheap tools are just that, but they can’t be expected to perform like a premium branded hand tool for the price paid. They are often a means to dip your feet into a particular hobby before splashing out on top quality branded tools you might use once or twice. All in all I like the product range, the whole process is straightforward, the products arrive when they say they will and often ahead of time. No problems in recommending using the site. I will certainly use it again..Version: 8.58.0

One suggestion for improvementWell executed app, one suggestion for improvement is that I’d like to have the integration with tracking just go that one step further. It’s great that they give you tracking details for most orders, and there has been some effort made in this area in that you will sometimes get a valid URL to the package on 17-track, and if you’re lucky iOS may or may not then trigger it to open the 17-track app and automatically add the tracking number to your list. But sometimes I’ll be notified that a package status has changed or I’ll get a little “you weren’t home” slip in my letterbox, and of course they identify it by the tracking number. Meanwhile on the AliExpress app there’s no way (as far as I know) to search or filter your orders by tracking number. Obviously you can do that with an order number, but with the tracking number you’re forced to manually go into each outstanding order and check which one matches your tracking number. Otherwise, I must admit that I am hopelessly addicted to AliExpress 😍..Version: 6.4.0

Love Buying From AliExpressI’ve been buying from AliExpress for approximately 10 plus years. A lot of sellers has come and gone. The good sellers are the ones that ship merchandise out within 1-2 days. The ones that wait until last day or hours to ship out are most of the time “bad” sellers. They sell items they don’t have or there is issues. They make buyers wait on items they’ve already paid. The buyers monies are tied up waiting. Some make you wait and the last day find out there is additional freight charge if you still want your purchase. Some seller has shipped different color or size ordered. They know buyer won’t ship it back, seller gets rid of unwanted color or size. AliExpress do have a lot of good sellers, honest good sellers A lot of good sellers out weigh out the bad. I will continue buying. AliExpress customer are great if you have to consult them. They are the go between on issues and problems. They work to resolve problems. I thank all the customer service workers. Thank you. Carter.Version: 8.37.1

Overall l love itI really really love shopping from this app. I love finding unusual stuff. I also love the variety of things to buy and the different stores. I wish the app will make it mandatory for sellers to mail the items within 3-4 days. It takes some sellers 10 days to send the item/s in the mail. There were a couple of sellers l had to message and then they sent my items right away. It’s like they totally forgot, but they did take my payment. Also, while it takes 3 weeks to a month to receive items from some sellers, others take 2 to 3 months, which l find absolutely unacceptable. Also, sellers need to be told to protect the packages no matter what the item is. Some sellers place items directly into a plastic bag and the items arrive damaged, broken, bent. Another thing that it’s not okay in my opinion, are sellers claiming to sell original items, but they turn out to be counterfeit, and they are charging the full expensive price of the real item when they know it’s not an original ítem from the company the manufactures it. I do love shopping on Aliexpress, so l do plan to continue shopping here..Version: 8.31.0

HappyI’ve been a member for the past few years and very happy with my experience shopping. Although sometimes, the tracker is not accurate but it’s okay. And what I love about Aliexpress is you can see the other people’s feedbacks/reviews. Furthermore, you can always get a refund when you don't receive the product or you got a product that is not accurate as what the seller described online. Will be my forever favourite shopping online store ☺️.Version: 8.81.1

Please read this review :(This is unreliable, I lost so much money from stores not refunding like they promised.. l lost at least $200 total. A SELLER canceled my order of $112.. and when I tried to open a dispute the highest refund I could request was $16!!!!. so I canceled dispute and decided to wait the 48 days to try to get a full refund.. The seller has ignored every attempt I’ve made to reach out the them.. I’m still not sure what’s going to happen with my money.. I’m hoping for the best. I’ve super patient, and I have ordered A LOT from here.. I’m hoping for better future experiences but I’m super disappointed and overall feel let down. The prices are going up too, which doesn’t make sense for a lot of the items.. They are honestly about to lose my business unless something changes. Here is how AliExpress works. They have different “sellers” and “shops” that sell items, nothing is 100% guaranteed.. it really is a gamble with your money because there’s some stores that have fake reviews, and some of the sellers that I’ve come across seem like they try to scam you or trick you so they get money and you’re left trying to figure out how to get your money back..Version: 8.28.0

Worst service by help line [kim]I’m doing shopping from AliExpress from long time I have issue with order supplier send wrong one I contact helpline . Even it’s clear supplier send wrong one but she take side of supplier I order heap of product from AliExpress but now I delete my app still my 7 orders coming I dnt want any order from AliExpress… they need to give training how to talk with customer even I advised to other be careful while order if you have issues helpline dnt help you they just try customer wrong they dnt want to give refund ….. I advised to AliExpress hire experience helpline staff who help slove problem.Version: 8.52.0

Very impressedI’ve heard some horror stories about different overseas sellers/companies like these , But I’m really impressed with this company , I’ve ordered many things since last November 2022 when I thought I’d give this company a try , I bought a range of different things during holiday season from make up to shoes as gifts and I have always gotten the packages either ahead of time or when it was expected, I’ve never had any problems , I only had one issue with a seller , I never got the item , the seller wasn’t really responding to my messages , but AliExpress stepped in and I got my refund ASAP, So this company does look out for their customers, That to me is very big when it comes to shopping online , cos no one wants a hassle when spending money and buying online . The prices are great ! Can really save money , the products ( I’ve ordered) are true to description, they are not knock offs , the make ups I’ve bought have always been factory sealed, There are a lot of stuff you can’t find in the states that you can order on this APP, Plus they are a ton cheaper in cost if you do find them being sold in the states . Delivery time is great , I’ve always gotten my orders way ahead of expected delivery time , and they are always having sales , or sales events etc , you can save money..Version: 8.64.0

Love itWe've been buying things from Ali Express for the last few years. Pricing is very reasonable and as of recently their delivery times have been a lot shorter. Quality can vary but the customer reviews are a good place to find out more on this. There have been the odd occasion the product did not work or quality wasn't good. Their dispute resolution process is very quick and often I have received full or partial refunds. It's great to have this peace of mind when buying. Would recommend Ali X over the other similar sites..Version: 8.88.0

Really Decent AppI have tried several different apps such as this one and this is my favorite. So far I really haven’t had trouble any except you must learn to be very patient with the shipping time. I have received everything as I ordered and as stated. My advice to anyone who is ordering is to Read The Specifications Always and Reviews Carefully. Also make sure the photos are of Real People in the Reviews because some of them are the store owners. Just Read and the same item might be cheaper with another seller but check the store out and look at the shipping cost. Check sizes and dimensions for your own understanding of accuracy. Also understand on clothes that the Chinese are much smaller people so most clothing runs much smaller. What is nice about this app is You Can Ask the sellers questions about the products if you have any concerns and they will answer you. Overall I think this app deserves a 5 star rating. Just remember so many people are ordering from these apps now that their postal system is not as efficient as ours. Be understanding of this and except to wait at least 30 days for your order..Version: 8.46.0

App is goodThe app has improved a lot, since my last review. In my opinion the search engine needs some improvement. It will be great if AliExpress website allows buyers to add more items than 100 in their shopping cart and expands the quantity of wishing list. In my opinion the expansion of shopping cart and wishing list to a bigger capacity than now, will help buyers, whom they are shopping regularly on AliExpress. Another issue that needs to be looked at, if they add the feature of giving buyers the choice of ticking multiple items on their mobile app for deleting items from the wishing list, instead of doing it one by one, then going back to the start of the wishing list multiple times. It wastes too much of customers time and effort. Thanks.Version: 6.11.2

AliExpress why you should always check here firstSo many retailers rip us off with their pricing and poor service. On the other hand AliExpress is an exceptionally good service to source product from China. There can be some quality issues with products so do your research well. If you have an issue the people at AliExpress are excellent and will sort things fast normally in your favour. Despite me living at one end of the world delivery has never been an issue and I still don't understand how they do it so cheaply. Well done AliExpress!.Version: 8.65.0

AviyaHi, The Ali express app is good and has been improving in the last years from time to time. There are still some improvements which I think are required and will benefit the customers and make the use easier, especially for those who are ordering a lot. When you go to your account, to “shipped items” in order to confirm shipments which were received, after you confirm packages from one seller, you get to a page which lets you either move to rating the confirmed item, or back to your account. When I get shipments, it’s usually many and from different sellers, so when I want to confirm several packages from different sellers I have to keep going back to my account, to the confirmation page, roll down again to the right package and confirm again. This is don’t for each seller separately. Which is exhausting when you get about 10 packages altogether. They should either allow confirming several packages from different sellers in parallel (by marking with a v in each accepted item which the buyer wants to approve), or add another option after confirming which takes you back to the “shipped” Page, where the confirmation is done..Version: 7.0.1

AliExpress appGreat little app for Hi-Fi enthusiasts who what to try new things at a very affordable price. Postage can be slow but it seems to be a quiet quick to Australia lately. If your not in a hurry like me, it’s not a problem. The app works well, although I haven’t worked out how to empty my wish list where I have stored a pile of things to look at later. I’ve only had two item disasters so fare and they where inexpensive items like a watch band and a audio RCA cable with poor terminals different to what was advertised. It’s amazing what can be found on this site at a fraction of what you would pay here in Australia for exactly the same item. There aren’t as many middle men trying to rip you of with high profit margins here..Version: 8.62.0

Snap ButtonsI am happy shopping at this outlet. But it would be great if we got answers back a little bit quicker than what we do I’ve asked quite a few questions but never got any answers. This is my second review and I’m happy to say that they have been a lot better with getting back to me, I am happy with Ali express at the moment the items are coming quicker than before andBut things that I have ordered when COVID-19 was on I am still waiting for some of those but other than that I’m very happy with the company. —————————————————————————- His top review is from months ago not sure while it’s still here I’m pretty sure that I sent it, but I think it is a good thing AliExpress , Times I don’t think that the people are understanding messages that come from the customer a lot of times I have messaged and it seems like they really don’t understand what I am saying . Since the Coverd restrictions have been lifted I have been receiving my orders very quickly so very happy with that thank you very much.Version: 8.58.0

The customer service is excellent.Though you are chatting with AI not first… then a real person will take over. With patience, you will be given a list of options, they won’t suggest which option you should take but when you choose a specific option, they will give friendly advice & remind you your statutory rights & help you even refund a defective or wrong information provided by the seller. Remember there are many sellers on this app… not all are honest but in my experience most a good if you do buy devices or things that’s too good to be true… basically some devices are over priced but we are living in 2024 & a world band radio will be costly… if you know how the goods ones(brand wise) in the past(80s&90s) only to be rebrand with Chinese company with good semiconductor & smaller refine pcb boards… I guess they bought the whole manufacturing cast & dies from them at a fractional cost… then they integrate with their refine design… I guess this is what we call reverse engineering but the original brand owner is not operating or manufacturing today this particular device…(world band receiver) I am heavily into ham & radio is my passion. We in the ham are always prepare to operate our own intranet & internet network during emergency… yeah one of needs access to satellite so the we still have a gateway if the government shutdown the all the border gateway routers….Version: 8.94.0

Easy to useEasy to use. Love it.Version: 5.4.1

Quite good but caution neededThis is a great app. It works well so far in terms of what it does to connect you to suppliers of goods. As I understand it, each individual stockist will deal with you in their own way with their own products and services to you... if you are looking to use for commercial purposes, I would strongly recommend ordering test items first to check for quality and especially for women’s clothing items the sizes... size charts used do not seem to be super accurate... not all items will be as described. In Australia our local retailers sell clothing marked size S which is basically the equivalent of a size L where most sought after items are coming from. Some items have the size printed on item, so you are unable to resell in Australia as “Normal size S”.... this is not super great for our customers here who are used to ‘thinking that they are a certain size... if they pull something off a rack in what they think is their size, only to find it is three sizes too small, they get offended lol..Version: 7.0.1

Great savings on carbon bicycle partsI recently started using AliExpress for name brand bicycle parts at a great price. So far I’ve received everything I’ve purchased from this website. Most everything comes from China so there’s an extra wait time to receive stuff. If you use the mobile app you sometimes can save a little extra then using the website. You’ll be amazed how much you can save from buying from China. Lots of things are brand name items and the items that aren’t brand the quality is real good. Most everything you buy in the US comes from Asia anyway. You just cut out the middleman. AliExpress is easy to use. Most all the sellers respond to your questions so you can ask anything before you buy. There English is a little broken so you’ll have to read between the lines. Just be sure to check the sellers feedback before you buy. You’ll want to be sure to buy from a reputable seller with a good history. I’ve purchased a carbon wheel set for $500 where the name brand wheels would cost $2,500. The ride quality is great no complaints. If you do have an issue support will freeze the payment to the seller until the issue is resolved and you have control to release the funds to the seller or get a refund..Version: 8.0.0

I love shopping with Ali!It is so easy to be tempted to buy! Sadely, the shops too often lie on the price as a fishing technique. The price change when selecting color or country of origine, by the way ; How does the buyer knows the country of origin? my last delivery arrive ok but the packaging was all crushed and broken! so I am affraid to buy any more fragile item! Some pictures are too beautifull to be true! I mean it is most of the time better picture than the imitation they will send to you , and yes sadely , not all the sellers are honest! The robots have limitations and often cannot understand your queries. Any ways, I like visiting Ali express on my app, The app is funny, you can find so many things to buy ! From GB , customs fees are up ! This is to discourage me to buy online from abroad! Also , deliveries are sometimes very slow because of long periode of transit! But, when the item is not delivered, AliExpress may help with remboursements of lost parcels, That help! Iwont recommend you to buy more than one item per order, you may not receive more than one and the system make no difference, so ... With Ali app, you have some funny games , but you ll never win big! Even if sometimes the app keep showing me items selected and paid before! It is enjoyable. you can also chat with sellers usualy that help. Many thanks !.Version: 8.25.0

Excellent way to shopGreat app. Great market. Lovely dealing directly with Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers who will delightfully sell to us at the retail level. With some, it's a lovely way to shop and have things custom made and have a brief interaction with the manufacturer or artisans who go out of their way to provide good service. A lot of great products, a lot of cheap ones too, but a lot of great stuff if you learn how to look for it. Such a fun way to relatively cheaply scratch a shopping itch too and get some great gadgets. Some of my favorite purchases have been floral nail art stickers for a few cents a sheet, gua sha tools in an array of different semi precious stones (my favorite is my beautiful multicolored fluorite one!), custom made Chinese name stamps, silicone cake decorating moulds, and an embroidery hoop stand! All of these have been good quality products that I couldn't really find elsewhere so it's not just duplicating eBay although these retailers sell there too, usually. You can access some beautiful traditional Chinese products like wood carvings and stone carvings, green tea from different regions, pottery, basketry, embroidery, Chinese dresses and fabrics, calligraphy and art supplies, and then they have the cheap western style goods that are good too..Version: 8.34.0

Good app.Love the whole wholesale thing about this app, read reviews before buying. vendors can be negotiated with when buying wholesale only thing is shipping prices are very high so also ask for a discount, you get what you pay for. Always look for the best quality and ask for samples first before buying wholesale bulk items. if vendors reply fast their good vendors. always ask questions when buying, and look at the items that have been brought atleast over 500 times, this way you know that its worth buying. everyone is different so reviews are accurate when reading, make sure to clarify to the vendors to pack them safely if their shipping your order along way. ive brought many times and only a one my order has come to me damaged, and some vendors are slack on replying and giving refunds for those items when its received damaged. other than that great app..Version: 8.19.0

Excellent Dispute ResolutionOct 2022 Aliexpress has been amazing in their service, communications, refund policy and delivery information. I have had several cases where items were damaged or not working ie USB, micro Sd, etc or item did not arrive way past delivery due date, and each time, Aliexpress team has stepped in after I raise dispute and resolved the situation within 48 hours. I am very happy with their customer service. July 2022 No issues lately and most items have been arriving pretty much within given ETA. Sept2022 - receiving my items between 2 weeks -6 weeks - all within given time frame by sellers, so I have no complaints. I totally ❤️ the Combined Delivery of items as they arrive quicker than regular delivery. Thank you, AliExpress..Version: 8.66.0

It’s Good but doesn’t work on iPadI love the app it’s so easy to use, shopping from the app is great, the app doesn’t work on iPad so I have to use the website which is annoying. Customer service is really good. Once you get too much orders-I’m at Platinum level and my orders are now marked as closed, no email to let you know you have to do a verification process, nothing, you are left not able to shop at all, it’s not very good from a big company. Otherwise I like the app. It took about two months to get my account up and running after all that. What a nuisance. Refunds are easily processed when anything happens or you don’t get your parcel or it’s broken. Please fix the iPad app so it works..Version: 8.89.0

Very disappointedThe seller was supposed to ship the item from Germany and demanded less than 3 pounds for the shipment. Big surprise - got it sent from the USA, with a FedEx duty and tax invoice demanding a payment worth half of the item’s price. This obviously wasn’t stated on the product’s description. AliExpress money back guarantee is a hoax, they refused to return me my money and said that my item has been signed by someone who received it on behalf of me, while still being at the customs. I’m confused. The 2 links sent by FedEx, demanding me to pay the tax don’t work and the FedEx customer service is either very busy or totally unavailable. So, I paid for the product and delivery, received it from a totally different continent and now I’m expected to pay the tax for an item someone signed for me through a link that doesn’t work and the FedEx customer service seems useless. It’s a headache, I’m very appalled by this experience.Version: 8.11.1

Variety and loads of OptionsI like the easy to use app and that you can add stuff to your basket until you are ready to purchase them weeks , months , years later. I like the variety of items and options to find similar items which allows you the choice to buy what is suitable for you. The creative designs are wow and getting something unique as gifts is something I love about the AliExpress market. I have also had my disputes resolved in a timely manner without me contacting or chatting to customer care. Though items have become pricy over time and quality is something that still need to be worked on. It can be a bit tricky for a buyer when a buyer pays a lot for an advertised product but when the product arrives it looks different from the advertised goods. It will boost confidence of buyers on the app if AliExpress can try to make buyers not to pay too much money for goods that do not match the quality of goods advertised by seller..Version: 8.29.0

If you want to buy something, look her first.When scrolling through instagram, Facebook, or any social platform for that matter you are likely to come to an ad for a really cool product. However, most of the these products have been drop shipped (third-party sold) from this store. So before you buy a product online, check aliexpress first. From my experience, and when buying from a seller who has sold a lot and has solid reviews - I always receive a very good product that is very well priced. I recommend buying from this app, just make sure your buying from a good seller (one with lots of good reviews [preferably photos], and a lot of sales)..Version: 8.57.0

Pretty great!I was a big user of aliexpress on my browser, but I’m almost completely happy with the app. Nice and simple and well laid-out. Not too busy, which was always the problem with the browser. I miss a few features that I haven’t “found”, like easy visualisation of when buyer protection expires- COVID particularly has made delivery take so long, it’d be really handy to have a clearer “counter” for purchase protection, on the “shipped” order page, maybe. So far buyers have been very helpful in extending it without being asked, but it’s not obvious to me how to tell if they haven’t, nor has it been as easy to open a dispute on the app if things aren’t progressing as they should. The messaging service is clunky and gets too much spam from sellers, making it really difficult to differentiate between order messages and advertising, but I rarely used it before on the browser, and I don’t really use it on the app. App is certainly speedy and smooth, which I appreciate- compared to some of the other buy and sell type apps, AliExpress performs really well. Thanks!.Version: 8.17.0

Best App Ever!I absolutely love Ali express! I am usually dubious ordering online when I’m not familiar with the seller but this app is fantastic and very easy to use, I used to shop on eBay for clothes but found sizing and quality were not up to scratch and the selection is not as extensive. Absolutely beautiful clothes which for the price are fantastic quality ! reviews from other buyers are so helpful and point you in the right direction I have even bought some lovely things for my daughter who is 7 and usually river island is our one stop shop but as I say the quality and price on Ali express is second to none. The only downside is as the sellers mainly ship from China or the US delivery can take a while so that should be taken into account, I have had some things that have been delivered within 2 weeks and other items I’m still waiting on some I ordered maybe 4 weeks ago so I think it depends on the individual seller. Amazing service even in the middle of a global pandemic!.Version: 8.19.0

Surprised at how well this worksThe apps ok but a bit glunky how it show you messages ect .. I was worried at first thinking things wouldn’t arrive but they do and usually within the time they’ve stated - I was also concerned about quality but all of its been great so for with only a few things being a rough round the edges but for the price it’s been good all round , sometimes you have to shop around in the app to find what you want a the price you want and it can sometimes take a few days to get the shipping down to a reasonable amount (occasionally you just can’t ) but it’s getting shipped a long way so sometimes you just can’t have it . I’ve spent a good amount on this now and haven’t been disappointed with any of the items.Version: 8.58.0

Phone Case for iPhone 12 proAfter I get products of phone case for iPhone 12 pro from AliExpress I can assure that this is the best platform for online shopping about phone accessories and other small stuffs I really recommend this platform for shop such kind of things. I am happy when it arrives and I really appreciate for that. This product is really nice and tidy pack in the packing box. I got the product as I saw in the picture that’s why I am really happy about it. I’ll buy some more if I am having a chance to buy. Thank you so much to AliExpress..Version: 8.27.2

Bought many items from AlliXThe process of making purchases from AlliX is quite painless if everything goes according to plan. But sometimes I come across a store that doesn’t keep honest and straight dealing. I wouldn’t buy anything of great value, below $100 is the limit, because I can never know when I have come across a liar until after the goods have arrived, then the fight starts. Remember: The customer will always loose when the goods are no good, because if you are lucky, the seller will refund the cost of the goods, but only, no refund of shipping costs or refund fee to PayPal. And the forex rate may by against you too. So keep these issues in mind when shopping and try to stay with stores that have proved to be good with you.. Based on my experiences: I can recommend UGREEN and MICWL and DHphoto and Microphone Windshield and Dianyi and Soonpho Official and SMRT-LIFE and ENASHI stores… I CANNOT recommend BENKI WORLD and GOOD GUY MIGUEL’S and PZOZ and POWERTRUST OFFICIAL and SEN HU AUDIO and SEN YUAN(HK) and SAMSUNGCHINA AUTHORIZED stores….Version: 8.67.0

Tips to shop with aliexpressI’ve been shopping with AliExpress for several years now. The app is pretty decent, sometimes it’s a little clunky but it’s easy enough to navigate around on but I wanted to add my two cents on the reality of shopping here. Think of it like many shops all under the umbrella of Aliexpress, like a mall. It’s a portal to all of these shops and it does offer buyer protection but you have to do your due diligence. First, expect slow shipping because the goods have a long way to travel, slowly. Second, don’t spend anything you are unwilling to lose (do your research, some stores are incredibly safe but there are questionable shops). When you get a package, take a video WHILE you open it. This will serve as proof if the item is damaged or missing parts of the order. And finally, communicate your with seller if there is a problem. Many times they will offer to make things right without intervention, but if things lead to a dispute do not close the dispute and/or accept a refund off of AliExpress. Remember, check reviews, look at photos from buyers, and be smart!.Version: 8.29.0

AliExpressWow what can I say? Will I use to use wish there ok but then I discovered AliExpress. I was a bit dubious but after I place my first order, to test the waters. I found that AliExpress has won me over the quality of the goods is very good, but what has really done it for me is the communication. All the way through from start to finish I was getting updates. Now at first I thought it was normal like the others out there, and normally once it has left it’s original country that’s when communication stops but with AliExpress as soon as our postal service received it I was informed and within a couple of days I had report that it had cleared customs and was on way to be delivered I have never before had that much communication and it took a massive weight off my mind as before with others it was ether late or would not even show up. So well done I’ll be using this company again and again..Version: 8.5.0

Satisfied experience.Aliexpress is quite a wonder of a site. Especially for people who are on a budget. I find myself quite addicted to shopping on here. You can have somewhat the things you want for much less! It can be a hit and miss sometimes, but most times it worth for the price. I did have a item that was unsuccessful in delivery. But i did receive a full refund for it. Which is good. So Why not give it a shot. The communication is great they really are genuine with their customers and will do the best to keep us satisfied. Appreciate this site 😊.Version: 8.0.0

Easy to use online buying app.The AliExpress app has always been easy to use. It offers products from various businesses, mainly Chinese, but dispatch of the goods can be very quick due to some sellers having warehouses in various countries. Beware of the different price structures from the various warehouses thou. There is excellent communication between AliExpress and the buyer. Overall a stable, easy buying experience. Watch for the VAT added just prior to payment and make sure that the item you pick is the one you want since it’s easy to think that the item has to be the one which is the masthead advertised item. This is rarely the case. Buyer beware..Version: 8.43.2

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