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Home Builder Pro Calcs App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Home Builder Pro Calcs app received 25 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Home Builder Pro Calcs? Can you share your negative thoughts about home builder pro calcs?

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Home Builder Pro Calcs for Negative User Reviews

I want my money back pleasePlease.Version: 4.1.5

FreezesIt freeze on tape and can,t delete tapes and can,t go to menu.Version: 3.31

Can’t calculate square footageWhy on earth the calculator won’t allow you to multiply feet with feet or inches with inches is beyond me?.Version: 4.1.7

Crash every timeYou can't delete favorites without the app crashing and closing down. How do you delete your history??? And I would like to also see a "better calculator" like turn iPhone or iPad on its side to add more calculations buttons. And more info pictures and how to info for the days your having a brain fart :-p.... Plz fix then ill give 4-5 stars.Version: 3.1

What he said...I purchased this app because I work in the flooring industry and I thought it would be really helpful. However, there is a huge problem with the Carpet & Linoleum calculator. You can't buy carpet and linoleum in a single square foot (unless it's carpet or vinyl tile, but then you would use the Tile calc.). Carpet and linoleum are rolled goods, they come in a fixed-width (usually 12'). Seams must be taken into account, and carpet can require extra square footage in order make sure the nap is all running the same direction. If there is a pattern (linoleum or carpet), you will need more than the exact square area to match the pattern if both of the dimensions exceed the fixed-width. So like the previous review stated, it's a good looking app and it's not bad, but it could be better..Version: 2.30

Please put mmGreat app guys great time saver please change to millimeter for us metric guys. This app will sell the world over I will make sure of that let's do it in metric Cheers johno builder exstradanaure.Version: 2.01

Did not switch to metric on 1st use in UKIf developer doesn't sort this out . . . I'll want my money back under whatever law I can use and report app to Apple to have it removed from store.Version: 4.0

Wrong rafter calculations.Roof calculations for hip rafters are wrong. No section for changing hip rafter size..Version: 4.1.5

Needs an categorical table of contents with linksThis has an awful lot of calculators, which is great. However, how do I find a particular calculator? If you had a table of contents grouped according to category like your description of the app, and with links so we could tap on the particular calculator and go straight to it, this app would be a thousand percent more useful. In that case, I will definitely give it 5 stars, as the quantity of information here is phenomenal! It is just very difficult to access it on the present form..Version: 2.30

AverageNot for experienced builders. Some gd info for apprentices perhaps.some calculators will only do imperial measurements.Version: 3.2

Right out to lunchDoes not calculate properly Ripoff app for sure.Version: 3.31

Not fully metricJoist spacings given in feet not metric, despite overall setting set to metric. Careful, you may waste your money on this as other apps are fully metric.Version: 4.1.10

Poor performerNot enough metric/Australian data to be considered as a worthy app..Version: 3.40

Electric job calculator???Most trades have a list of items pertaining to their specific trade so you can calculate job costs. What happened when you guys did the electrical portion of the app.? Did you fall asleep? I'm an electrician, to me this app. is useless. The math calcs. I can do on my own, cute for someone who doesn't do them everyday for a living. On a high note for other trades I think you did good..Version: 3.21

Useless!I was very excited by reading the reviews, I thought this was gonna be great. Boy was I wrong! It has lots of things and almost all of them are useless. I am a general contractor and every time I tried to use the app I waisted so much time and ended up tossing the phone in the truck and doing it the easy way, the normal way. Gosh I wish someone would come up with a great product for this line of work. One that actually works. I wouldn't mind paying 50 bucks for it, if it actually works. It may work for you, but for me... nuh!.Version: 4.0

Great helperGreat for the home renovator or Handy man.Version: 2.11

Can't calculate anything that isn't squareI teach phone apps to landscape and golf professionals and this looked interesting. Unfortunately, all the area calculations in the app are based on rectangles/squares. Very few people install square lawns and landscape beds. At least change the app so you can enter an area measurement that you determine yourself (there are some great apps for that) and then the calculations may be more useful..Version: 3.1

OkNice app but another americanised app not a lot of good for uk builders :(.Version: 2.01

Absolute rubbishGets calculations wrong Does not calculate at all sometimes Useless functions Complete rubbish.Version: 3.21

LameNo calculator for wooden fences? Thanks for nothing.Version: 4.1.7

Calculator needs improvementsThe calculator has a flaw. It can't multiple feet and inches. So if you're trying to figure out an area of a room or space, you can't do it with the calculator in the app. This is a major flaw for a Home Builder Pro Calc app. Please improve the calculator. Two stars at most because of the calculator limitation..Version: 4.1.0

2nd the flaw reviewYou’ve got to be kidding. A building calculator that won’t multiply feet and inches by feet and inches? This piece of crap is useless and if I could get my money back I would. Seriously, buy something else..Version: 4.1.2

CrapBought this app to estimate decking jobs with ease but it is the one thing it doesn’t calculate. I repeat. It does NOT have a calc for estimating decking boards, how many posts and pickets you need. Anything related to deck building is left out. This is a common type of work. Figured it would be on here but instead I get a electric wire calculator that isn’t worth two cents..Version: 4.1.2

BsNo irregular pitch in the hip roof section, they assume that both pitches are the same?!? Pitch quick conversion chart only goes up to 12/12. Hip angels are give in x/17 values. Lots of good features but the ones I need are not there.Version: 4.1.2

Good so far but5 years later and no update to change what I ask Less open up the app for builders in UK and Europe Need to be more flexible to input the size of the standard bag of cement.etc.., as well improve the interface Don't forget south america !!! And the Spanish speaking community !!!.Version: 4.0

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