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MathStudio Express App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

MathStudio Express app received 32 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MathStudio Express? Can you share your negative thoughts about mathstudio express?

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MathStudio Express for Negative User Reviews

Absolute rubbishThis software is a piece of junk. It can't even copy the answer from the previous line to a new line. Manipulation of polar and vector quantities is cumbersome. Buy a decent cheaper calculator. Tries to do too much and can't do the basics very well. Waste of money. Wish could have given zero stars..Version: 5.2

Ans button not workingPlease fix the ans button. Every time I use ans in a expression to take the result of the last calculated answer, it gives me the wrong answer. For example, if the last expression evaluated to be 5 and you type "ans+5" then hit solve, it gives you 10. Every time you hit solve, it keeps adding 5 to the answer. This is very inconvenient for problems where you get the answer as a fraction and you hit solve to get it in the decimal form. Fix this issue and I will rate this app a 5 star..Version: 5.5.2

I want my money backPaid a lot of money for this. Developers are greedy. Removing features so you continue paying for features you had. Maybe I wasn't harsh enough. This update took my old $20 calculator, made it web only and added a bunch of links for me to restore old functionality for $20. Nice. Developer says old installations do not get downgraded but I had to reinstall and I am SOL..Version: 7.3

Abandoned, AgainWhen Spacetime was abandoned, the claim was that MathStudio would be significantly improved. Clearly, that didn't happen. Be prepared to buy Spacetime for the third time. Or, not..Version: 5.4

EnhancementsCould do with a facility to create worksheet as a PDF file and be able to email and share with "open in".Version: 5.4

Waste of moneyThis is a marginal update of the former SpaceTime. I paid for the latter already three times (iPhone, iPad and Mac), and now this came without any option for upgrading at a reduced price. This is outrageous. Also, this app still seems lacking a numerical solver for ODE systems, which reduces its usefulness significantly..Version: 5.0

$20 turns free and downgradesSo, let me get this straight. I paid $20 for this and then instead of you continuing to upgrade me you come out with a new downgraded version that you are giving away free to everyone and you have a new app that you want me to buy all over again. No free upgrade. No reduced price upgrade for loyal customers who took the plunge before. Not even an option to stay with the non-online version we have already unless we want the annoying update tag sitting on our app store icon forever. And this isn't the first time you've done this so we shouldn't be shocked. Thanks. Thanks a lot..Version: 6.1

Ok but datedThis is an ok math app but very limited. Also, it needs to move away from the one line entry and allow the user to enter problems in the textbook format and display that when solving. Other apps have started to do this which makes them much easier to use and ensure the problem was entered properly..Version: 5.5.2

GreedyMathstudio 6 is $40!!!! has the dev lost his mind? iCAS, PocketCAS, SAGE, or Wolfram alpha are all better CASes than this ripoff! also if you want to script there's an Octave app, SAGE, and Pythonista to name a few! I bought 2 versions of this app but $40 for the third version? not this guy! To the Devs: Are you telling us that your app is half as powerful as Mathematica? Because the $40 + $$ for the last Two Versions puts you at more than half the price of Student Version of Mathematica! I'd think NOT! I will never buy another one of your apps again! Greedy!.Version: 5.4

Great, but for how long?I made the mistake of updating this app. Now, for some reason I cannot change the range of the displayed 3D graph except by going to the full screen graph and selecting the window. I hope I have the old version on my laptop. Old: I purchased this and spacetime (the previous incarnation from the same company). They were both good, but you never know when they will discontinue support and make you buy it again for continued upgrades. -1 star for having to repurchase essentially the same program twice..Version: 5.5.2

Download it for free, uninstalled after tow minutesUseless, no manual working, you can't do nothing with it..Version: 7.3

Gives wrong answersAs a math teacher I'm always interested in seeing what's new in technology for math. While it might work for very simple questions, it does not appear to handle even somewhat complicated questions. I asked "what is the lateral surface area of a square pyramid with base 6 inches and height 4 inches" it gave me an answer of 36 in.² and 4 inches. I tried the same question, or did exactly the same way in Wolfram Alpha and it gave me a perfect answer along with a diagram. Since I cannot rely on the answers to this program, it is worthless to me..Version: 5.4

Asking me to pay twice for the paid offline version?!!I paid for the offline version of this a couple of years ago and now they've replaced it with a completely different free app that requires internet access to work. And now they are offering the paid version as an entirely different app and asking me to pay for that again!.Version: 7.3.3

Don't purchase this applicationWhat this company has done is replace an older piece of software with a slightly updated one, charges $10 for it and then completely abandon it. The UI is clunky and nonintuitive and no different from the previous version outside of a reskin. Don't give your money to these people. They don't care about quality software, they only care about the money..Version: 5.4

Not quite a TI-98Has a bunch of the functionality of a TI-98 but not all. Lacks a lot of the statistics functionality. Graphs are prettier than a TI which is nice. For the price it is a decent alternative for a good calculator but I'd rather have the calculator easier to navigate. This is more geared to calculus than anything else..Version: 5.2

6 S plus doesn't workHello will there be update for 6Splus.Version: 5.5.2

Usability - very cryptic UI and poor manualI've just purchased this App and so far I've spent most of my time searching the web for answers on how to get particular characters from the keyboard. At this price there should be a decent user manual supplied rather that just a list of functions. Unless you're prepared to invest the time in trawling the web looking for snippets on how to use the program, I'd suggest that you try elsewhere! BTW I'm not a math newbie!.Version: 5.3.1

Unintuitive, crashes oftenThe UI is very unintuitive and the app often crashes..Version: 8.0.2

Lots of features but clunky UI/bugsThis app does not see updates often. There is a bug where sometimes 3d plots will disappear after a while, and all manner of graphical artifacts. The user interface, especially the keyboard, could be better. Maybe something more like the keyboard in the Wolfram Alpha app? Also could you please enable or add an option that in 2d graphs the grid stays square shaped rather than distorting into rectangles and thus distorting the true shape of a graph. If these issues could be fixed this would be an excellent app..Version: 5.4

More money? Again? Greedy!I have never written a review before, but must speak out against this developer. I have spent $90 on this product since the Original Spacetime and now have basically watered down apps on three devices. I am a Mathematics Professor with over 1000 students a year and used to have it in my syllabus as my "top recommendation" but now it is the only app listed as "avoid". Not because of how good the app is, it is still good software, but because of the greedy way the developer makes you pay for updates again and again. Don't get caught in their web! If you purchase this product it won't be long before they "update" it to junk and make you re-buy the next gen app..Version: 5.5.1

A black hole from an accessibility perspectiveDisappointing. The user interface is rather gaudy, the developers need to learn a thing or two about UI design. It get's worse, the developers have not bothered to support iOS's built-in accessibility features, like VoiceOver which could have made this a good to for visually impaired users. Maybe instead of trying to make a product for 15 platforms the developers could have focussed on delivering a killer experience for one platform. Not worth the price..Version: 5.0

RubbishTotal rubbish.Version: 7.3.3

JunkI wasted 20 dollars on an app that cannot even solve complex numbers. I use matlab on my computer but I wanted a calculator that I can use to solve simpler problems without using my laptop. I checked the manual of mathstudio and I could not see any feature on how to convert from complex to scalar. Waste of money to use as a quick reference calculator and certainly not fit for real complex math. What a waste of 20 dollars. DELETED!.Version: 5.3.2

Not happy with the update!I have used this app since the first version, the SpaceTime. This app should have been very useful. However, before this update there were essentially no updates. Or, when there were updates, one had to pay many more bucks for them. Even though the present update is for free, it's only a shrunk-down version. One has to pay 40 bucks for the complete updated version. I have several scripts programs written with previous versions. After the automatic update to the present version, those scripts files can no longer be accessed even though they are still hidden in the app's allocated memory space. A scripts file should be able to be stored or copied as a simple text file, but this app does not allow one to do that. What's worse is that the only way to transfer files is through connecting to iTunes. That's really a ludicrous thing to do nowadays! Another thing to complain is about the manual for functions. There are essentially no explanations whatsoever about how to use them in the examples shown. One has to figure out by oneself the meaning for each variable or parameter used by the functions. In shorts, the app is very unfriendly for users!.Version: 5.5.1

Forced migration?I remember purchasing this app several years ago when there wasn't a 'pro' app. Now it is just a free 'express' app with another 'pro' app to be purchased. Wow. Not that I am not content with the app, but by the wording of the update, it seems that if by whatever reasons I need to reinstall the app, it will be reduced to a version that requires internet to work. Why this 'trial' app is not created as a new app but overwrote an existing app is beyond me..Version: 6.1

No longer viable for upgradeAnother greedy developer that forgets the loyal customers that supported their product through the buggy stages, but rather than continue developing our investment they launch it as a new app when they get it right. I've bought both the Mac and iPhone crippled versions and would have to buy them again to get working products for my devices. My advice is stay away from these kind of developers!.Version: 5.4

Very disappointedI don't write anything negative often, however this time is special. I was hoping that this app would help in my cal class, however it is not accessible. I was excited when I came across this app. I was surching high and low for an app that would allow me to take college level math classes. this app seems kind of promising when I read the the discription, but when i ddownload this app I am not able to use this app. I hope in the near future there is a program or an app that allows a blind person to take math class that higher than algebra 2. I am waitting for that day to come soon.Version: 5.4

What happened??This was a great app I purchased years ago and was great. I recently had to reset my phone and it's been changed to basically a totally different calculator and I'm expected to pay again?? This was a 5 star plus app before this update, very disappointed..Version: 7.3.3

Shameless self promotionThis app is a little confusing to use. I come from matlab and liked the idea of a scripting env on the go. This app doesn't deliver. There are now ads for some other app made by this company. I've had a dev try this in the past and called them out on it. I just emailed the dev and am waiting to hear back from them. I absolutely hate greedy people. This app is quite expensive and to use it as a shameless plug for a stupid kiddy app is unprofessional and irresponsible. This company has lost my respect and if they don't remove the ads my business. I don't recommend it and suggest wolfram Mathematica as an alternative..Version: 5.4

Update coming soon—as a new appThe main reason I still use MathStudio instead of PocketCAS is because I like the interface better. PocketCAS is a bit more capable, but it's ugly. MathStudio, formerly SpaceTime, will soon be updated as a new app. You should view your purchase as temporary, since the developer has a pattern of letting this app languish for a couple years before releasing a separate app to replace it. Still worth it for me though. I don't understand why anyone buys a graphing calculator if they already have a smartphone..Version: 5.4

By nowBy now, we should be able to enter handwritten formulas.Version: 7.3.3

Still a pile of bugsStill buggy as heck. I've bought this twice now, first as Spacetime and now as Math Studio because it feels so close to being useful, but I still cant use it for anything other than as a toy. I suspect the positive reviews are from people doing single entry calculations because I've been trying for over a year to use this for serious computation and it simply unusable- never because of problems with the underlying math engine but always because of top level interface bugs. The latest are the disappearing menu bar and the inability to recalculate plots after saving a worksheet. Those will get fixed and something else will be introduced to make the app unusable. Time to figure out the syntax for iCAS....Version: 5.1

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