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One extra thing!This is a great game/ app but why isn’t there a park for the dog to run around in? Why is there not a lead for the dog?? I really think you should add some more things like a train station 🚉 for the people and dog to go in! Well that was my review so if you can make those things come alive then people would love this app more than they love it now! Also needs a dog bowl!.Version: 3.5.0

Amazing game!I love this game so much but whenever I pull out a character it takes the place of the family I chose which is kind of annoying please fix this and also you should add more clothes to the wardrobe like how you added clothes to the baby room but I still love this game and role playing and I also loved the grandparents I will use them now but I’m worried if they take the place of the family so add more family spaces and more houses to all my girls that go to school (in the game not in real life).Version: 3.3.0

Really FunI love the game! My 4 year old cousin is IN LOVE with it and I love the different characters and all the creative things it has. However, I do want to suggest a few changes. First, a create your own character, where you can change the hair color and the hair style. Second, a hair salon, because the shavers in the bathrooms don't work, and I think that's terrible! Third, a pool in the yellow houses backyard because it would be fun. And to go along with that, swim suits and goggles and there should be some swim trunks for the babies too! Fourth, an amusement park with fun rides and cotton candy and all that kind of food! Fifth, a hotel and suit cases! I think the game is fun, but if they added these items to the game, it would be so much fun!.Version: 3.3.1

My kids’ favorite games. But...We love the my PlayHome apps they are my kids’ favorite apps on their iPads. But we had a few suggestions. First, my 4 year old daughter thought it’d be a nice idea if there was a house for each family and a couple houses for grandparents. She also said she wishes there was more pets My 10 year old daughter said it’d be cool if there was a big mansion or 2. She also thought it’d be cool if there were more characters that u can customize or that you can customize your house and get a furniture store. She thought it would be nice if there was a couple restaurants and a church, daycare, add some leg casts to the hospital app. We love the new rain update and my husband suggested snow and if it snowed for a while there’d be snow on the ground and you can have the characters play in it with snow gear on. We also thought of a baby store with baby furniture you can buy. Just a few suggestions. Thanks! ❤️❤️.Version: 3.6.5

Great AppLove this app!!! We would love a pet shop and a pre-school. My daughter would also love a pool. We spend hours on this app :).Version: 3.11.2

Great game but can you add somethingsHi I love these games I have all of them apart from the lite one however I was wondering if you could please add a swimming pool in the new house because that would make a great new addition also is it possible to add a cake mix or something so they can make it and eat it or so they can celebrate a birthday also one more thing is it possible to add a nether shop in the stores app and if so could that store be a toy shop with electronics and toys This game is amazing thankyou.Version: 3.6.8

Add a restaurant?I’m probably too old to play this game (I’m 14) but I just love it. It brings me back to my childhood, it’s almost like a doll house. I think something that would be great is to add a restaurant to MyPlayhome Stores. Of course there are many suggestions as to what you should add but I’ve been wanting this since I first got the app, I was about 8 or 9 (I think). Thanks in advance..Version: 3.5.1

Unbelievable :DI just found out you can play with your friends! Thank you sooooo much for this app I love how you can go to different places without going out of the app :3 I would appreciate it if you added more stuff though. But other than that it’s really good. -sincerely a happy player.Version: 3.5.3

Please do my suggestionsI love my play home, school, stores, and hospital but it needs more. I think you guys should add a 3rd house, and add more for the baby’s clothes and accessories like cribs and strollers. I think the backpacks should be able to go on their backs. They should have another car and should be more of a variety of bags and colors and more classes in the school and an actual schedule to follow for each kid. I’ve been waiting for a really long time for another game so please come out with something cool like a job for the parents and more than 2 people being able to share device progress and play together. Thanks for reading my review and suggestions..Version: 3.3.1

Please Add These Things :)Hi, I love this game so much! It’s the best! But, it’s still incomplete. Could you add a park to the game? And some face accessories? Like glasses, face paint, etc. and, could you add some more animals? Like more dogs, cats, lizards, pet spiders, etc. can you also add a pool, a water park to the game? And also more food, fruits and vegetables. Also, can you please add a flower garden, and fruit garden, and a vegetable garden? Please? Also, PLEASE add more clothes, please make it so we can take off our characters shoes. Please add a brush, perfume, earrings, headbands, cat headbands, regular headbands, and etc. also forgot! Add some new baby clothes please! Make more places, and anything else! If you read this thank you! Please add these things to the game! Thanks for reading! :)))).Version: 3.5.1

It is amazing but it could need a little bit moreI love it but we can youse some more pets because some people ,ugh they not want a dog maybe they want a cat or a bird or a rabbit, and you could add a daycare if the parents go on a date or to work they should leave the baby somewhere and you could add toddlers teenagers and other people and we should have a bigger family like adding grandparents and teenagers some people might want a bigger family, and you should add a hotel some people also want a hotel, and maybe you should add like this thing where you can create your own character and a car dealership and different cars and add other Ideas that other people might want in the game. And they might want to make the game a little better it’s amazing but you could make the game a little better. I hope you take my suggestions and other peoples suggestions. PS you should add a restaurant a baby store with more clothes and more clothes for the other people and maybe you should also add a fast food restaurant. And you should also add a electronics store I want you to take my suggestions and other peoples suggestion because we really want a lot of new places. Maybe you should add a baby store..Version: 3.7.0

Play homeI can’t go into the school without it not letting my characters in.Version: 3.6.0

My PlayHomeI think this game is awesome,I have some ideas for your next game, the three games are my PlayHome beach where you can swim under the sea, PlayHome zoo where you can look after the animals, have a shop that sells soft toy animals and that the visitors can swim with the seals and dolphins and my PlayHome airport where you can go through security, go into loads of different shops, get into a plane and takeoff and that you can go to different countries and explore..Version: 3.2.0

Creators PLEASE read thisI want to start out by saying I love the game. I’ve had it since it’s been on the App Store and has bought every other game thing of yours, school, store, etc. I’m one of your oldest players and I still play it today. You have such a amazing details, like you can see the baby when your doing an x-ray! I love how you gave us a new house, baby’s, new clothes, a puppy, and many other things. But I do wish there was more places we could go. I like the food court thing, but can you please make a pet store, or a nursing home, or something like that? It would be cool if in the pet store there was more dogs, or cats, or hamsters, or rabbits! Also it would be cool if you made a farm home. Like a house but also you have a farm in your backyard with pigs and horses and goats and cows and chickens! And one more thing, for the pregnant person could you please make a do date for when the baby is supposed to be born, some like that you know? Ok thanks! I hope you see this!!!.Version: 3.10.2

More stuff pleaseSo I was thinking that there’s not much stuff to do like you only have Limited clothes and you only get more if you buy my PlayHome stores so it’s a bit unfair do you do that so you get more money😤😡😡😡.Version: 3.7.0

READ unless I wil haunt you foreverPlease add more. like for example a new house with a pool, a pet store, caravan park and one more suggestion please add more people available in partner play mode!!!! me and my two sisters have to literally take turns in partner play mode! And if your wondering about that spot that appears when you tap, you could make them different colours or different shapes I really don't care that much..Version: 3.10.1

Amazing but a few tips,Stroller for baby’s, removable car set for baby’s, please add a hi-chair to the yellow house. More cars, house phone? Piggy bank? Awesome game tho!.Version: 3.6.8

Love this game but needs more petsI think there should be more pets then just one dog like cats,birds and maybe horses. You should be able to go to this place which has stables and you should able to feed the horses. Now on with the cats the cats should be like the dogs it has a food bowl a bed and maybe you can add water bowls for the pets. Birds the birds should have a cage that you can move into the two different houses and it will have its food and water. Hope you add this update in (:.Version: 3.6.8

Playhome extrasI love this game but a few extras would make this even more better for instance an office in the house and pets like cats and dogs and more shops like a pet shop and the computer could have PACMAN on it when you tap it. Also you could add a garage with tools and stuff in it for the dad and a bright red car that you can put people inside of it and move around as if you were driving it and when you tap it it beeps it's horn. :D.Version: 2.1.0

I love itI love this app my fave! I think there should be another app I do love school and stores great idea but I think a new app would be epic!!!! Maybe a park or a swimming pool (Make togs?) and maybe zoo and maybe more kids and parents and babies thanks hopefully one of these gets granted.Version: 2.5.0

Love this game!!!My sister really wanted this app (I had it already) and I remember her downloading it before and for some reason deleting it now she wants it back it is so good!!!!!!!!!! I would suggest adding curtains to the girls’ room in the new house (closable curtains) and maybe balconies for the parents (or kids). Add snow, I liked how you made umbrellas and overall I just think it is a really really really great game!!!!! Edit: please add eye masks and a pool and swim suits! Edit 2: reply to robmeson: the school has a park..Version: 3.6.8

Awesome gameI love this game and it’s so fun but can you add a museum please.Version: 3.6.8

My ideas,I think there should be a bigger house with a pool and bunk beds and teenagers rooms and teenagers and cribs and identical twins and pets store also a neighborhood of houses and stadiums for kids to do there sports it would be cool if there was a train and an amusement park I love this game so please do my ideas and I really like the new house and a fancy hotel and planes and travel to places and stay in hotels and a toy store also in the old house in the living room there's a door that doesn't open can you make a garage in there also famous people can you make a salon and if you do my bigger house idea can you add a pool also pleaseeee make a gymnastics place and more clothes pleas read this review and please do my review and make the ace bandiges go on the leg and gymnastics Leotards.Version: 3.2.0

A few suggestionsI love the new changes to the new house. The baby's room is adorable and the grandparents are great too, I like the grill and Fountain in the yard, but it is so sunny, I think it would be much better with a tree or a cover over the grill and table. I still think the baby needs a stroller or at least a better way to be carried. I would like to see the makeup and lipstick after I use it too. I have a few ideas for the rest of the house too but these are just ideas. I thought it might be nice if you added a balcony to the master bedroom or bath, and I would like to go in the garage in the first house, and last but not least it would be nice to have two cars, maybe one could be a mini van. I love this app, I'm 13, and it is one of my absolute favorites! Keep up the good work!.Version: 3.2.1

MyplayhomeI love this app but maybe you could make even more places like an airport with a plane and you could fly to another place and the would be different houses and shops and a school and hospital. And maybe a beach with a play ground and the sea were the characters can go on boats and swim. Please take my advice..Version: 3.6.8

Super funLoved it so much very entertaining especially for younger kids!.Version: 3.3.1

Hello My PlayHomeHey! I think it would be a great idea to add in a swimming pool to the newer house like some others have suggested. It would amp living in that house more fun. And since there is also a baby room maybe a portable high chair would be a good idea. Some more clothes and maybe even a customisable feature would be cool. Different ages of characters and more pet options would be great and being able to customise rooms would be cool. I hope this helps make the app even better that’s it is.Version: 3.6.5

Add a new house🧡🧡Hey! I’m in love with your game ‘my play home’ I would really like if you added a nice big modern house something like that 🙏 this game is amazing I’ve been playing it for a few years now please could you add a house and new clothes thanks you x.Version: 3.12.0

GlitchWhen you are not using the characters and they are holding a drink the drink is empty. But if you take them the drink is full😕 Hope you can fix it😁.Version: 3.9.3

Good, but can be even better!Instead of 5 people families being the only family why not make three or for people family’s? O even two? Make more houses and more stores like a toy store, pet store, more stores of the same kind. Maybe add some work places and more doctor offices. Also please make an eye doctor! On top of this add more characters and playable animals. Make furniture you can buy, and sell your own furniture! Maybe even ad a feature so you can re paint the walls. Also make it so more people can play. Add a school supplies store. And some restaurants! And apartments. Make more schools so more variety will be added. Make a air port, with a button that brings yo to a menu with islands labeled home, Boori city, new Nemo, and more. All this would be great! Keep up the good work, developers!.Version: 3.5.1

We love your apps!!I love your apps but they can get boring sometimes because there isn't enough things to do. You should add and a park, pets like dogs and cats, there should be a pool in the park, and you should add buses for school, more toys, bigger back yards, more athletic clothes for the girls, there should be more jobs like a police station and a fire department, music stodio with instruments, you should add foot cast to the hospital, you should add a river and a camp site, a bakery, pizza place, and toddlers for more fun, add teens too! Please add soccer fields, foot fields baseball fields, and basketball quarts. Also seasons would be cool because it could be winter summer fall and spring! Weather would be awesome too because the could play in the snow and rain. This may seem like a lot but I would play it a lot more and I bet a lot more people will play too! Thanks!!.Version: 3.2.0

Great!This is a super fun game! But could you add more pets? And cloths? I know you may be very busy but that would be great! Have a wonderful day!.Version: 3.6.8

This is AWSOMEI have loved your games ever since they came out. I don't have any app suggestions but if you read this can you please add a baby nursery, crib, curtains for girl's room and bathroom, spoons and forks, bigger kitchen and a high chair into the new house also another car and wash. That is all but could you also make a bit so there is a play park in new house's garden maybe another house I just want you to know your games are amazing and will be even better if you add In some of the things I suggested I think most important is things for the baby. Another thing please can you allow girls to wear boy clothes and visa Versa as you might want a tom boy This is all I can ask please please a thousand pleases make a baby room and turn the parent room into another floor. Then you could have an en suite Thanks.Version: 3.2.1

Plus de maisonsLa maison de mon ami et grand-parents et plus des maisons.Version: 3.11.2

Let's add some more stuffThe apps are really really good. I've got all of them except the lite one and I loved how the added an extra house, added a dog, and added grandparents. But I think they should add more. An extra house with more room and maybe a pool, when I say more room I think like four rooms to five for the kids. Following on from that the family tab should hold more like two teenage kids, two little ones, a baby, maybe a pet and the grandparents and I'm fine with just one. So just saying I would love!!! Some teenage characters. I think they should also add some more apps (I'd totally buy them), one for pets, I'm talking Dogs, cats, fish, birds, turtles, monkeys even, some horses or you could include the horses in my OTHER game idea. So the road turns into country and your at a camping sight with a river running through it and a cabin and maybe they got there in a large campavan. And there's heaps to do, pick berries (sort of like how you pick flowers) and there are animals there and bikes and small kayaks. I hope you consider and do these ideas and again I love!! My play home.Version: 3.5.1

Thing they should addIf it my game I would make a mall stroller more rooms teens more dogs a park a swimming thing swimming suits a sun set and more.Version: 3.6.8

My PlayHomeGood game, but when I tidy the house accidentally, it takes away all the clothes and things I brought and swapped. E.g. I normally swap clothes then I tidy the store to get the whole variety of clothes [even the other characters]. So when I tidy the house, the clothes I swapped go. You could change that. You could also try to add a few of these ideas/buildings: -flat -hotel -we can see computer and phone screen -order stuff -baby room in the new house -extra chair in new house kitchen -more clothes -shoes -hairdresser -police station -airport and aeroplane -pool -Resturant -furniture shop -painting and paint shop -sweet shop -water park -a different country -toy shop -more characters -clothes all the characters have -face paint that works -different shops -other peoples suggestions.Version: 3.2.1

I love this game butI’ve been playing this game for ages and I absolutely adore this game but there are a few things that just annoy me sometimes. First the fact that sometimes you’ll be looking through the characters and take one out as a family member and it’ll turn into a non family member, second in the family tab you are limited to 3 kids and can’t have gay parents. I know that if I want these that I can have the characters out but it’s a bit annoying to have to scroll through the tabs trying to find your 4th kid or the mums wife. Finally the lack of content overall, this doesn’t annoy me it is more a thing of everyone wants more from the game, there are hundreds of things you could add. Personally I would love if there were toddlers and teens and more animals and maybe another house. Despite all of this I love this game and anyone looking at this comment unsure whether to buy or not BUY THIS GAME.Version: 3.5.3

Great gameI really like the way you can write in the books and that there are two houses instead of just one. I also like the way that you can make it rain and that you can have umbrellas when it is raining. I think that there should be a PlayHome hotel with a pool and that the houses should have a dish washer. I think that the hospital should have an operation theatre. There should be at least one more girl and one more boy child so that the classes can have more pupils. I also think that the store should have a toy shop and a library..Version: 3.6.5

Good app 4⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Hi there this game is fun and it is more fun if you get PlaySchool🏫 PlayHospital🏥, PlayHomeStore🏬 , and PlayHomePlus. Enjoy! Also, for the developers, I want you to add a few things. 1) A swimming pool 🏊‍♀️ and swimsuits🩱 2) More pets🐾like a cat🐱, well there is1️⃣but it just stays on the windowsill🪟 3) More shops🏬, like a furniture shop🛋🏬, or a sweet shop🍬. 🏬 4) A Hotel🏨 5) An Airport✈️with suitcases🧳 Add these and it will be 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.I hope this review has been helpful. From Sofia. Bye👋.Version: 3.11.2

Love this gameI love this game but I want more places and people I also want teens and toddlers.i want children to be able to have kids bc that happens in real life. I really want more ‘asin’ children because I just pretended that this child had a kid but when the baby grows up I’ve got no more children for them to be. I hope you do these things thanks.Version: 3.6.5

AmazingThis is an amazing game! I didn’t even play for the access of the whole house and backyard and all of the people and it’s amazing couldn’t ask for more.Version: 3.6.8

Adding moreI think you could add more places for your mums and dads to work at Mabey a restaurant to eat at and a park and a grandparent home so the children can stay there when children are in playing also could you add a airport and somewhere for the holiday and a day care and teens and more homes Many thanks Miss Swannell.Version: 3.3.1

Love it and have a LOT of suggestionsI love this game so much! You have added a hospital, school, shops you should add my play home restaurants, you should add my play home spa that has a hair salon and like a makeup place and like a manicure thing but also add a place for just relaxing, you should add a gym and art room to the school one along with a library and add a basement to the house and you should pets and a vet, you should add play home sports that has like a pool basketball court soccer hockey golf football baseball/softball bowling gymnastics volleyball tennis ping pong dance studio and cheerleading, you should add my play home Beach that adds swimsuits and surfing and fishing, add a play home hotel, add travel and planes and boats, add electronics, add police and firefighters, add jobs, and add more activities along with a park and shoe store. Sorry I just have a lot of suggestions! 😅 P.S. the house needs a pool and another swing, and a fair/amusement park and a water park.Version: 3.2.0

Love you Some ideasHi I am obsesed with your games I play them all the time but I would really like you to make more games maby a hotel, Work for the parents, nursery, swimming pool, restaurant, more houses, pitches for the school to play maches, a football/ hockey club, a cinema, universiti, different counrys, a farm,a hair salon, café, new Clothes, bucking and palace or a palace, more cares, a bike shop, a shoe shop, maybe a world map to go to different places in the world, a pet store and a zoo!! Sorry if its to much just trying to give you some ideas Love 💛❤️💜💙💚💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💜💙💚💛❤️Your games.Version: 3.5.2

I love my play home please add moreHi I love playing my play home can you add new things as well like add an airport baby stuff like high chairs and buggys and add new characters as well and can you make new houses a park fun fair please and make more places like nursery and make a swimming place and add animals too with vets. I have wrote lots off things because I'm a big fan and add more things like a queen and her castle and moooreeee please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 3.3.1

Add next from v.3.11.3Love it and will put a 3rd house and more homes, guest room, basement, attic, things in the yellow house and the first house, in My PlayHome Plus it needs to be a daycare, high school, preschool, airport, city, more vehicules, winter clothes in the first house, summer clothes, club, more stores, new clothes, a map bigger, a pool in the backyard on the first house with a slide, a zoo, a farm, pet shop in the mall, a beach, a water park, an amusement park, a play center, a playground, a police station, a fire station, an office for the parents, a camping, wedding, fashion show, dance school, spa, beauty contest, a ski resort, a bakery, a mall bigger, pets, a museum, a hotel, grandparents house, cinema, cars, more houses, more teachers, more nurses, toddlers, more babies, more moms and dads, more grandparents, more kids, teenagers, and more!.Version: 3.11.2

PLEASE DO THIS😭😭😭😭😭😭In quarantine I’ve been really bored so doing a five day free deal of the my PlayHome apps would really help me not be bored the only reason I have this game is because there was a five day deal so please look at my review I can’t find any games to play I’m really bored and this game is great there’s nothing wrong with this game😁😁😁😁😁😁.Version: 3.7.0

It’s a good game.This is a good game but I can’t play anymore because it says I have to update it. There is one problem here because I can’t! All the games are updated but this is a major problem because I can’t play with people or carry things through games which is REALLY annoying. This makes it hard for me to make games in my head because i can only go on one place. Overall this is a good game and you need to play it! That is why I give this 4 stars. If I could I would give it 4 and a half because everyone can have fun with this game! Anyone reading this. Download this app!.Version: 3.10.2

Great gameI love this game so much but I think there could be some improvements. I think you should add more accessories like tablets and toys. I also think maybe more houses. It’s great now there are two but I still think there should be more. I think there should be more people maybe and maybe more stuff put into the houses. I think in the yellow house you should make the garden bigger and maybe add some outdoor stuff for the kids to play with. I also think that you should add more clothes to the wardrobe. It’s would be great if you could read this and do some of this stuff. I will be really pleased..Version: 3.5.1

BUGSWhen I was on the my PlaySchool I went back to the houses and it resets my WHOLE game back to the start and it really annoyed me and when I tip the fizzy pop into the cup it will make that sound it always does but the bug has made it slower and crashes the sound of fizzy pop going in is like as if the game has crashed A MILLION TIMES but I’m still on and it will take for ever to fill up. I love this game, I really do but can u take away the bugs because it has resented everything on the game so I’m at the start with the dog and the girl in the house as always when u first come on the game from buying it so can u PLEASE take away these problems xxx.Version: 3.6.8

SuggestionsI love ❤️ My PlayHome. But I have a few suggestions I think you should make a gym or a dance studio with dance clothes and for the gym there could be like a basket ball 🏀 hoop. And there would locker rooms. I also think you should add a restaurant with new characters like a chef a waiter. I also thought no you should add another house but it's really big it has a master bedroom a baby's room. And add teenagers as characters add a teenagers room. A giant kitchen, basement, pool. But also in the second house you know where the makeup 💄 is when you put is on makeup it should actually come on like when you put the lipstick by your face red or pink lipstick should go on your lips. And add eyeshadow. And you could use the towel to wipe it off. But I also think you should add a preschool and a high school and make teenager characters. And also you should add a rubber band when you put the rubber band in the girls hair it goes up in a bun or ponytail. So please please please do at least a few of my ideas 💡..Version: 3.2.0

Hotel pleassssseWe would really love a beach house and a hotel.Version: 3.5.3

Amazing! Suggestions, too!Hi! To start things off, I LOVE My PlayHome! These games are so fun! I have some suggestions, though. 1. Add a stroller for the babies, so if you take your characters on walks, the babies can sit in their stroller. 2. A baby store, you should definitely add a baby store to My PlayHome Stores. You could be able to buy new toys, new clothes, strollers, baby food etc. 3. More houses! You should make more houses so we can have a variety of houses to choose from. I love the two current houses, but it’d be awesome to have more of a variety. 4. More cars. You should add a car dealership in My PlayHome Stores! There can be different types of cars, different colors, different styles, etc. Thanks! I REALLY REALLY hope you like my suggestions and add them to My PlayHome!.Version: 3.6.8

Soooo fun butI love this game except it is quite expensive I love to play this game when I’m travelling or got no internet but there is only 2 houses and lots of figures and sometimes not enough clothes for all my characters I would love there to be more house s and clothes also it is weird when my people have a shower they have to be in clothes I think it look odd and I think you should change it .also when I play with my brother I go back to my world but it’s changed to his setup so I have to reset and set up everything again which is rather annoying I think you should change that 👍😀.Version: 3.3.1

Awesome gameThis is an amazing game but could you add an apartment with newer clothes in it, a police station, a restaurant, a mall with clothes, shoes, stores and food court and add some new clothes to the clothing store?.Version: 3.2.0

There should be more houses like a luxuryGreat game you should make like Tim Porten like make up shops and you should make more lake houses and yeah otherwise I like it.Version: 3.10.2

AnimalsIt’s really good and fun but it would be better if there were more pets and different types And can you add a highchair in the yellow house and make more different houses with more animals please.Version: 3.6.5

One of the best apps so much funSo happy with the dogs!! My little girls spend hours and hours playing in the house and the school. The ability to connect two iPads is great they love playing together. Only downside is the connection can take a while which is frustrating when they're sitting next to each other.Version: 3.5.1

Amazing!I love all of the My Playhome apps, and have had them for a while as well as been playing them for a while, however, I have been wondering when there will be new My Playhome apps. Does one new one come out each year, or do you just make a new one when you get a new idea? Please, I REALLY Love ur apps, and would like a new app to play in! Such as: -A fun fair/carnival!🎡 -A farm (where you grow crops and care for animals)!🌽 -A museum!🏺 -A zoo!🐆 Updates for My Playhome Stores: -A candy store!🍭 -More clothes in the clothing store!👗 -A hairdresser!💇🏻 -A pet store!🐍 -A toy shop!🎁 -A bakery!🥐 -A fast food shop!🍟 -A car shop!🚙 Other updates: -A school bus!🚌 -A small cafe along the street☕️ -A garage for each house!🏘 Thank you for reading, and I hope you consider these updates, as I look forward to at least ONE of these small changes! 🤗😁🤗.Version: 3.5.1

Rainbow loomI wish they could do rainbow loom..Version: 2.4.0

AMAZING but more thingsSo I’m in love with this game we just need WAYYYY more houses maybe a camp site a gym for adults and a gym for the school and a gymnastics gym to where you can do a whole lot of gymnastics stuff and add a whole lot of huge mansions and we need more cars and add a Christmas party for Christmas I hope you do all of these thanks for listening..Version: 3.6.0

Glitch and a ideaMy glitch is when I open my fridge the lights go and it starts dinging another glitch is I can’t get water from the tap ps in the yellow house and can we have more pets maybe a stroller , a toy store and thank you so much for making my play home!.Version: 3.6.5

Awesome gameCould you please add...... a bit more clothes like crop tops and could you add some teens. Also can you add a airport and maybe some modern house were you can do a bunch of things. Could you add the time so I could know what time to go to bed and get ready. Thanks.Version: 3.3.1

Please do these thingsOk I really really love these games I have all of them and they are super fun I have a few suggestions one to add to the stores you should add a baby store with strollers cribs car seats bouncers and if you ask how are you going to carry that you could have boxes near the checkout and you put it in the box that they can carry then when you bring it to the house you take it out and put it in place then you could put the original crib in the box and take it back you should also add a pet store with lots of pets and pet care items for the house you should add another house with a baby room a boy room and a girl room and a parents room with a bathroom attached to the parents room and a bathroom for the kids also a swing set and a pool with slide and diving board also a big kitchen and living room with playroom and possibly a basement and finally app suggestions I think you should have a waterpark and a hotel in two different things so it can be a hotel and waterpark also a airport that can actually take you to Florida of somewhere and mabye a zoo as well thank you for listening and please do all of these suggestions if you can thank you!😃.Version: 3.2.1

I want two of mom and two dadAdd two mom and two dad now.Version: 3.11.2

May you do thisMake a toy shop and in the other house make a pink teddy add a pink dress and make my playhome mall and in the clothes shop add shoes and make some extra cars and a library and basements in both houses and make a toy chest in basement also make a crib in the other house make more houses and some strollers and a highchair and some extra houses pleaseMaybe a cat would look super cute. Pls. In the other hose the new one maybe a washer would not hurt but could you make more baby dolls dress up oh and maybe dolls too. If you make a toy shop. And in both houses paper and crayons for the boys and princesses oh that means girls Oh maybe a bee From vampirina dress 👗 🖍 would be fantastic like vampirina always says and a telephone in both houses pls. a dog house and a cat house please..Version: 3.5.1

Idea’s!?I have so many ideas like can you add a pet shop or shelter more houses please maybe toddlers,Teenagers,and more pet like a fish, cat, hamster, and maybe a wildlife centre to look at the squirrels, badgers,foxes, cubs, and this is one I would most like to see happen a horse riding arena and it comes with stables and ya I would really love to see a horse riding place please but over all I LOVE 💕 the game so keep it up! Alicia.Version: 3.6.0

Love it! Still the best game ever!I still love this game soooooo much!! So I have more suggestions! Hamburger patties to put on the grill! I want hot dog buns for hotdogs. And I want ingredients like flour and sugar so you can add it to the mixer so we can bake a cake or make pancakes or brownies. I’d like a way to make a sandwich or salad and I don’t really know how to open the mayonnaise jar so I want to find a way to open it easier. Silverware for food in the house and baby food for the cute babies. I’d also like a community pool or water park or in another scene of the new house they can have a pool. I’d like a toy store and a fast food place or a fancy restaurant so my family can go out to dinner. I never get tired of these games! Thanks! 😀😀😀.Version: 3.3.1

I love it BUTThis is so good but there’s so many things I would add I know you’re all busy with all this adding fixing mugs and all that stuff but there’s one thing we all can agree on vacations come on there should at least be an airport. You know the hospital house when you upstairs you can go onto the area with all the food but there’s two doors next to that area what are they for again I don’t know because you can’t go in there I wish it would be like a little bit cafeteria for all the people I like him room where you can get back on your legs and stuff like that because I really wish there would be more in the hospital it’s really good right now. Are we getting a lot of these messages but add more houses there’s so many people but not a lot of houses in the old house that you have the closet is amazing for the parents so add it to the new house sorry if I mean picky but whenever I put new clothes in the closet they always get jumbled up and it does not look good so just add a little more thank you. Add more restaurants add more stores Addmore everything fix bugs fix everything fixed upgrades I don’t know just add more to your game please thank you‼️😁.Version: 3.6.8

Awesome game but...All the baby’s and grandparents are gone🥺 otherwise it’s a really fun game..Version: 3.6.8

I really love this gameI love this game could you add an apartment fire station police station etc.. this game is so fun definitely recommend it!!!! also could you please add teenagers? 😀.Version: 3.9.3

3 peopleHi my play home I had a sleepover at my friends . She invited me and another friend. But when we went to go my PlayHome we realised that only two people can join at a time. It would be nice if you could make it so 3 or 4 people can join at a time pls🙏🏻 Also I totally agree with everyone else about adding a zoo, pool, teens stuff like that but maybe you could add another car ( can it be red or dark blue) and pls make a third house or maybe a my PlayHome holiday that includes an amusement park or beach. But otherwise I love the game 5 stars definitely ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 3.3.1

Alarm clock sound bugMy daughter loves this game! But, she noticed the alarm clocks aren’t making any sound in the latest update!.Version: 3.6.8

I like itI LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I mean its perfect you can choose people you can sit on chairs it's perfect thanks so much for creating this game.I rate it no.1 on the whole App Store.You've really outdone yourself shimon young.Version: 1.9

Amazing butHi I know you get a lot of these reviews but I just wanted to let you know that I would like more things like technology, more bedrooms, prams a pool, and more family members. I am only 11 and I find this game amusing. So please can you add a few more things..Version: 3.2.1

Amazing...butI really love this app but I would really like a few more updates and it would be awesome if you could go in the family car and put things in the boot and also you could have car seats for the children also you could make a update so there is an hotel with a pool and an airport to put your luggage in. I've bought every game of your it's just there needs to be more frequent updates thank you for reading my requests..Version: 3.2.0

Needs snow and seasons and temperaturesIt’s still very good game just need snow and different seasons.Version: 3.6.8

Love it but I have some sedestionsMaybe add an extra house and some more places to be (pool grandparents house E.C.T ) and maybe add a pet store because just having one dog is a bit limited don’t you think but over all i love the app like everyone should😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄💕💕💕bye👋.Version: 3.13.1

❤️❤️I love the game but here are things u could add Add a pool were u can swim and a lot more houses maybe a zoo a beach a few more shops like a baby shop a furniture shop a food shop or restaurant were they can go get food maybe u could add some board games so they can have a family game night maybe a lot more foods like cookies sweets more fruit and other foods maybe a few spreads so u can dip in food or make a sandwich maybe you should be able to mix food so u can make like a salad or something cus the food they have is kinda poor so they need more Thanks for reading I hope u take my ideas and put them in the game🎉🌴.Version: 3.2.0

Amazing but...I love this app and it’s amazing I play it most of my free time but the bad thing is I only have The MyPlayHome and Lite one but I really want all the other ones but my family isn’t that rich and I could only buy it on my birthdays Christmas so that’s a downer. I also really want a few more updates like another house with maybe a pool..Version: 3.6.8

So fun! Update ideas below...These apps are so fun to play with as there is so much detail in everything! I really love the new updates: time, weather and umbrellas! Also the dog update a while ago was really cool. I hope you’re thinking about new updates as I would really like to see some more. Requested Updates: More pets (cats, horses etc) A holiday app Swimming outfits More cars More outfit choices (like where you can take a skirt and match it with a different top) More houses A farm Moveable electronics Wider food range Coats Lead for the dog Riding stables Pet sanctuary/ vets Park Nursery/ highschool Aprons, oven mits, chef hat Obviously these are only some ideas! However I would love to see these in future updates (still love your apps anyway)! Thankyou. 🙂.Version: 3.6.8

SuggestMore houses would be nice and can you be Abel to play with more kids on multiplayer and more rooms like a more teen room then add teens please and then more clothing. over all this game it awesome! And please add a option for snow and holiday stuff please and thank you.Version: 3.6.8

Update and adding more thingsCould you put a update please because there has been a problem with the movement and glitches every 5 mins then I have to go off and put it back more Also you could add a few more shops like a baby store , and a few more houses for all the families. Finally maybe you could add a swimming pool and a beach. Many thanks.Version: 3.3.1

Good but there’s a glitchI buy food from the store and the next time I go in my house the food is on the ground not in the fridge......Version: 3.6.0

My PlayHomeCan you add a prison and an airport where you can go on holiday and the prison where people can get arrested and prison cells also on the school can u plz add more rooms like a detention room and an art room and maybe more shops in the shopping bit like a kids store that sells toys and furniture please consider these ideas.Version: 3.2.0

Please read....I absolutely love my playhome. It is such an awesome, fun and interactive app. The only thing is, I go back to the App Store almost every day to check if my playhome has been updated. I know that it takes a lot of effort to update apps and I know that I may be asking for a lot. I apologise I ask, but I would just adore this app a 1000 times better if you please added a bunch of the objects, places, food, drinks, clothes, utensils, open cupboards, more characters, all those that I bet other people have asked for in their reviews. Thank you so much for reading my review. I hope that the creators of this amazing app reads this review and thinks about adding these things to this amazing game. You should totally get this app, it’s worth the money. Thank you for reading my review..Version: 3.5.3

MYPLAYHOMELet's just say I'm too old to play this game... BUT I LOVE THIS GAME! I've been playing since I was 9 and have loved it ever since. Although this app is so addicting and fun, if the makers of MyPlayHome could update the app and add these it would be the best game ever. I've read a lot of the other reviews and I've agreed with almost all the suggestions to add to the game, but here are a few that if we're added I would be ecstatic about. Several houses (movable furniture) Furniture store More food options More clothes More rooms more bedrooms to a house Teenage rooms Laundry room Park Some more activities to do I think if you were to add theses and some of the ideas others have said I think you would earn even more money and lots more people would enjoy and play this game, of all different age levels. Please add these! It would be so cool.Version: 3.2.0

I love all of these games!!!!😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️I absolutely love these games! They are so cool. I am also a huge toca life fan and I have been hoping forever that the would add something that would connect all of the games, but you guys already did that. These are really optional suggestions and the game would still be amazing without them but I think you should add pets and a pet shop and maybe a pet park. Also I was thinking that if you make a beach you could also make a port on the beach where you can get on a cruise ship, press a button and go to a destination. I think maybe it could be kind of like the Disney cruise where the destination is a private island that you can only get to from the ship. I also would like there to be a huge water park and a tropical restaurant. I know it is hard to consider and design everybody’s suggestion so just know I won’t be mad if nobody even sees this but I think it would be really awesome if you designed my suggestions. Thank you for reading all of my review. -A big My Play Home fan.Version: 3.3.0

Things you could addI love this game it is one of my favourite games and I have bought all your apps but I hope you make a new game soon These are some new games You could add a baby nursery A farm or zoo to visit Things you could add into the games I think pushchair/stroller/pram would be something I definitely think you should add. Maybe some more people A baby high chair in the new house Maybe you could make my playhome vacation or my playhome holiday There would first be an airport and then a plane And in there you could make a hotel and a few stores Also it would be nice if you added a restaurant for them to eat in. Thank you for reading xx. 🤗🤗.Version: 3.3.0

AmazingHey guys I understand you probably get heaps of these reviews saying add to add that and this review is sorta like that but it isn't at the same time. I absolutely love this game it is amazing and I'm 10 and it entertains me still. This game is so inventive and challenges kids minds to thinking iff ways to look after there dolls. But could you please consider adding like a pram for the babies so the mums can walk the kids to the school park and like a swimming pool and bathers. That's all I would ask for because I understand these things aren't easy to make I really hope you get this and read it and consider it. If not that's totally ok but soon people will get bored. Thanks for making such a cool game can't wait for hopefully more!!!!!!!.Version: 3.2.0

AMAZINGHi, I am currently in love with your game. I think the new pet dog is amazing, but I would like to know if you could add more dogs or cats but different breeds and maybe a pet store to the shop. It could have dog toys and cat toys and could have rabbits and hamsters. This would be amazing if you could do it. Another ideas I have is a restaurant. This could be on the shop street and have a kind of Italian theme. You could add waiters and also a kitchen in the back. I picture the character in an elegant room full of tables with candles, music playing, breadsticks and more. This also would be great to add to the game. My favourite idea is to add and an airport and holiday destination. This could be a new app that you can download like the hospital and school. I would love it if it could have security, duty free, shops, luggage and fast food. I also hope it could have an aeroplane that you can put your character in. Then there would be an arrow that then leads to a holiday hotel. It could have a spa, pool, restaurant and hotel room. Please take these into consideration..Version: 3.5.1

This is one of my favorite apps butI love this app it is so fun to play but when you exit the app and come back to it a little later all your clothes and food have gone back to the shops it's annoying and I think there should be a save button so you can save it and come back to it how it was when you left it.Version: 3.5.1

YesThis game was my childhood and it makes me so nostalgic looking back on it🥺.Version: 3.11.2

WucguwdcusqxgvThis is a great game, but I wish there were more things todo. Each time I play it i go though the same scenario every time. Maybe you could add more houses, new people, a restaurant, mall, make it able to change your hair, makeup, and some new clothes would be great.Version: 3.6.8

YOU SHOULD MAKE:I guess whenever certain special occasions or holidays come up there should be an update as in decorating the whole “playtown” in the theme the holiday is. For example ; for Christmas you would add an update as in decorating the places, putting Christmas trees, fairy lights and all. Halloween ; this occasion would be decorated by carved pumpkins and spooky Halloween costumes + more, think you get the idea. Overall the app always keeps me entertained, so well done! (hopefully you will see this review :3).Version: 3.2.1

I love itSo I'm 12 an still play it cuz it's fun it helps kids use there imagination and create a family I have had this app for a yeah now I think this one should be for £1. Maybe you could update it to make another house and moor dogs and u think there should be a garage and a swimming pool.Version: 3.5.1

Awesome butttI’m way to old to play this game but it’s awesome. Maybe if you could add more areas and houses and pets! Lots and lots of pets (and add a pet shop to my play home stores). One thing that frustrates me though, is that I play it and set it up but then I’ll go off it for the night and the next day I’ll go on and it will be back to when I first got it. This is very annoying as it takes a while for me to set up. Please fix this otherwise it is awesome.Version: 3.2.0

I LOVE thisI LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!! Its so fun and as embarrasing as it is im over 10 years old! Its so fun and my little brother spends hours on it,but sadly now the app keeps crashing when we open it 😣 I reckon you should have more options on what they wear or to be able to make your house(like choosing rooms and fetures). But the game is so fun without those things anyway DEFINITLY 5 STARS!!!!!!!.Version: 1.10.0

The BestI love these games and have all of them, but I have some suggestions. You should be able to have at least four family slots. You should add at least three more houses and an apartment building. Also you should add a pet shop, a restaurant and a furniture store. I also had another idea, you could have one master app and people could design their own world. What I mean is you could start with an empty template and design your own buildings, furniture and people. If you did this you should make the people get older, be able to change diapers and underwear. And you could actually use the bathroom and take off clothes. This way everyone would be happy because the could do what they asked for in the reviews and you can do more. Thank you, I hope you will take my suggestion seriously..Version: 3.3.0

😃😀Add more homes baby stroller baby car seats a leash for dogs you can take for a walk very well done game.Version: 3.7.0

Really great but has some problemsWhen my brother found this he wanted me to play it as well so I took a look at it. Everything was fine at first and it worked really smoothly we even bought the other ones that add on to it (hospital, stores, and school) but when my brother tried to connect to my part of the game it froze for a second and then deleted all of my brothers stuff and saved mine on his device. Did anybody else have this problem and can you fix it? Because I may have just done something wrong and maybe it was a mistake but I don’t know. Also sometimes when I go into my house things are moved around like a food item or a simple object in the house and I have no idea what it is but it sometimes almost looks like as if somebody else was moving stuff around the house but other than that it is a really good game that I believe kids would love..Version: 3.6.8

New Homes and people?Hello creators of my play home so I have a suggestion maybe you could add some teenagers and toddlers in to the game and maybe another house it would be nice and to have a little neighbourhood of houses and different cultures of family’s and more stores there are not that many stores maybe a furniture store etc and for the bedrooms maybe make them more mature for teenagers and more activities to do... But as I do like the game it doesn’t really have enough cloths options, it’s been the same for a while I know you added a new house but it was fun...But it could be more fun if you know what I mean. This game is a very well made game but I will give it 3 or 4 stars because it doesn’t have a lot of options you know but I still like the game. Hopefully you make some changes and goodbye 👋.Version: 3.6.8

My suggestionsI love this game! You guys have added a lot, but I think you should add even more! I think we should be able to play in a water park. And if you did add a waterpark the little people should be able to have swimsuits! Also the clothes shop is a little bland on the clothes... maybe add different styles of clothes? And I think you guys should also add in different vacation spots like Hawaii and have a hotel and beach. You could also add in like amusement parks! Maybe more car choices would be fun too... Also you could add in teens and older people so you have all the ages. Pets!! This one would make me really happy! Having a dog or cat would be super fun. You could also add in pet food and bowls. Adding in hamsters would be cool too. And leashes so you can walk your dog or cat. We could put the hamsters in a cage or in a hamster ball. Also a salon where the people can change hair, makeup, facial hair, etc... Those are my suggestions so far!.Version: 3.2.0

More clothes!I love this game and my sister and I always play it together. Let’s just say I’m too old for this game but I like it anyway. For you guys out there who read reviews I’ve got a hack to double and some times triple the amount of clothes but it takes a little while. First you go to the clothes shop to get all the clothes you wanna double, then put them on the street in front of a house. Them press the tidy stores button and the clothes appear back in the store. But if you go back to the street they are still there! But sometimes I can’t be bothered to triple the clothes so I have enough. I really would like some more clothes so if an update would do that I would play this app a lot more. THANKYOU😉.Version: 3.5.3

A New UpdateHello, I was wondering if you could make some new features for My PlayHome like I’d love if we could make the people sleep on the couch, if the app didn’t reset ever time there’s a new update, a variety of cars and a school bus to choose from, perhaps a variety of careers for the adults, new houses to choose from, a park, a hotel for people to stay when travelling, a museum for school trips, a train station or airport for travel, different destinations for travel purposes, Different bags for E.G overnight bags, suitcases, dance bags ect, A variety of Places to go after school like sport training, dance, cooking classes, restaurants so the adults can go out for dinner. The MyPlayHome apps are really good for all children to play me and brother enjoy it so very much and we’d love so see some new features for the apps. Thanks.Version: 3.5.2

A glitchThis is an awesome and great game but whenever u put the food in the fridge opera the clothes in the closet folded I come back to see them out on the ground and quite frustrating also another thing is that when pour something it makes this odd sound and not it’s regular one.Version: 3.6.0

Great game but one questionWhy doesn’t the girls room in the new update not have window curtains/blinds.Version: 3.6.8

Please add new thingsThese are like the best games every but you should add new stuff like more food a park a real one, there should be pets and a baby store. A candy shop would be cool to. There should also be things like an amusement park and a library. A grandparents house. I love the latest updates but please please make more stuff like beaches farms, ohh you could add bikes please. Please add more cloths, a swimming pool would be awesome, a campground would be fun, and horses would be cool a vet to. I would like to see a daycare to, and a bounce house or something, please add more stores and more houses for every family, . i know this sounds like a lot but I love these games and I know others who do to and we just want to see even more awesome things..Version: 3.6.0

AWESOME GAME!!! Some suggestionsThe new house you have made is amazing. The colors in the kids rooms are a little steoryotypical but really cute! Also, I would really like a nursery for the baby!!!! Maybe next to the parents room. The colors of the baby's room doesn't have to be blue and pink you could make it like white or yellow or orange. It should have crib and a rocking chair and maybe some toys like in the other house. And since it is summer, a pool in the backyard would be amazing or a ocean or lake that people could go and swim! If we get a place that has a place you can swim a shop for floats and scuba gear,goggles, and swim suits would be needed! Finally, it would be awesome if you could put the boy clothes on girls and girl clothes on boys..Version: 3.2.0

I LOVE this gameHi I hope you read this. I am 11 years old and still play this game it's so fun and addicting 2-3 years ago I was playing this with my cousin waiting for you to bring out a new one and the moment you did we both screamed with excitement any another about the past. I love you my play homes but...... I think the prises should be a bit lower so more people can afford the game and I know it must be hard to make the games but I would love it if you started making new games a bit fast.i know I have rote a lot and I'm sorry but I have some game ideas for you 1. Ad teens to the game 2. Make a mall( that one might take a bit of time) lol. 3. As more characters 4. Add more outfit 5. add more small details you may think they do not make at different but that really do 6. Make a nursery for people who have children but have work (in the game). I have SO many more ideas so if you head and ideas contact me I don't know how you will do it but. Thanks for reading to the end (if you did) I hope you consider some of my ideas and one last thing sorry it's so long I judge have so manny good things to say about your game and so manny ideas.Version: 3.3.1

Amazing app!!Hey guys, This is a very good and enjoyable app even if I'm a bit to old to play it :)) I understand that add new elements to the game is hard work but I have just a few things for you to consider adding if the developers ever read this -a hotel or new house this would be great for the players to be able to interact with the family at a place away from the regular town -a additional car would a great to add the game -a public location so the players can hangout possibly swim eat and dance? -a baby stroller or front carrier cause it's hard when your shopping and you have to hold a baby and shopping bags this would add heaps of fun to the game I hope you could add these if you ever read this btw this game is amazing and worth the money!! :))).Version: 3.3.1

I’m 12 and I love this. Ideas…This is the best game I’ve ever played growing up, I still play it and I’m 12. I remember how much joy this game brought me when I discovered it, I don’t live in the United States so I loved to pretend like I had moved there. The art style is beautiful, and I love the diversity of characters. Here are some ideas that I think would be cool… 1. More pets would be awesome, I know there is a cat in one of the houses but you can’t move it and it would be cool to have a cat or a bunny 2. A class pet like a hamster that the kids can take care of is an idea I consider amazing 3. Maybe on a holiday the scenery changes like on Halloween there are pumpkins everywhere and the kids could go trick or treating with costumes and jackolanterns. Finally 4. You could add a library to the school and maybe add a new building like a museum or a community center or a pond or farm. This game gives me “if you give a mouse a cookie” vibes (it’s a show on prime) and I think it could take inspiration from there for some buildings because I feel it’s a similar art style. Love the game and I would recommend downloading it. I hope you consider some of my ideas that I’ve had since I was a small child. Thank you for your time..Version: 3.13.1

Love this app so much!!!I really love this app once you start playing it you get addicted to it but I would love some extra things maybe a camp site we’re there are cabins, caravans and tents and you can go kayaking on the river and swimming in the river and maybe even a bouncy pillow and a playground in the caravan park or even a waterpark. The shopping centre would also be great with a few more things in it maybe a playground for the kids or even a bike riding track or something. It would be great if you added bikes and a bike track to. I really like how you added another house, a dog and grandparents. Would be even better if you put more rooms in the house so you can have more kids. Another idea is a few teenagers you’ve got babies, kids, grandparents, and parents so why no teenagers?? Overall I love this app sooo much just I would really appreciate if you could add a few more things and maybe even look into my ideas (my favourite idea is the caravan park!! How fun would that be!!) or even a vacation house by the beach!!!!! Thank you Emily!.Version: 3.5.1

Thank you for updatingLove the update every one must get this game!!! 😃 it's cool how you can choose your people and my favorite room is the parents room it's cool but could you please add more pets like you could choose your pet where you choose your people :) pets like cats, dogs,rabbets and others like that but it's so cool ok that's all for now!!! Btw every one rate it five stars ***** the apps great.Version: 1.9.1

Creator best read this please!You must be planning a REALLY big game as we having been waiting like a year or 2 for another one! How dare you make a beautiful game, update it 24/7 but never make another😰😱😭😭😭 I need a new one to add onto the rest😭😭. May I suggest A car dealer ship, a fast food place, a toy shop, a pet shop, a gift shop, a air port ( please make it fit into this though) , a furniture shop, another clothes shop, a business building place. And many more. Everybody is waiting😥😥😓😰 We love your games I would rate this 5 stars if we had some more game come out, and yes I would pay for them coz I believe it’s worth it.Version: 3.5.1

The game is awesome! But I have an idea. Please read this!The game is really cool! It is one of the best games I have ever played because it’s really detailed and fun! I have an idea though. Maybe you can add more pets. I have a cat named tony and he is orange and white. He’s a tabby cat. It would be really cool if you could make a orange and white cat! Also, it would be cool if you could make a city like New York City with stores and little restaurants. Just an idea. Overall though, the game is awesome. It’s worth it! Please make a bunny too. More suggestions. Please make a mall! With different stores and maybe you could change the shoes? Make a shoe store please! And also there can be little buttons just like the day and night ones so you can change the weather. Rain, sun, snow, and maybe thunderstorms!? Please? And maybe can you make more houses. Maybe there can be a mansion? With more than three kid rooms. I use the characters as me and my sister and I use the boy room so please add more houses and rooms! One more idea. Maybe in the clothes store you could make little sections and each section has a different color. Example: there is a blue section. I hope you might add my suggestions to the game!.Version: 3.5.3

ADD MORE!I absolutely love these games but they aren't much to do. Every time I play this game it’s the same type of set up. I like the dog that you added but it doesn’t change much... I am just hoping that you can add another house and more people, maybe the house can be nice and big with a bot and girls room, a babies room, parents room, two bathrooms, nice big kitchen of course with an island for the kitchen, fireplace, basement, and nice yard with a pool. Maybe you can add more people because if you don’t like how some people look then you basically just have the same family every time. You can also add an airport, coffee place, electronic store, pet store, bakery, park, office, baby store, and mabey a hotel too. If you can consider any of these places the that would be amazing... Sorry if this was too long but some of it needs to happen..Version: 3.5.1

More things ❤️❤️Hey! I love your apps but can you please add some to make it a better app? First could you please add a airport and a holiday hotel. This would be fun for the little children to play and get there bags checked and play with hotels. The problem is that we will have to pay. So please could you cut down the price and make it affordable ( if u do add it) Next I would like a laundry room. With this, it can teach small children to have clean clothes and wash them when you have wore them. Third thing, could you add more shops? Like a furniture shop and a sweet shop, I’ll make it a list 1.toy shop- this will be more fun for little kids to play 2. Add a furniture shop! Mum will always need more things! And especially dad he could do with some more in his bedroom 3.could you add a BIG sweet shop, this will be fun for children to experiment with the chocolate fountain and get little bags of sweets and fill them up. Also they will be happy because CHOCOLATE! Now who’s kid doesn’t like chocolate? Thank you for reading this and taking your time and I do hope you add this.Version: 3.3.1

Love the game but I just whant to add some thingsHi you know the un opened bread in the store how do you open it ? And oh can you add a thing like making cakes please :) that will be great thanks oh oh ooooh and add a upstairs to the food store so people can change the pet and pet food and get some stuff for the the pet like a ball or catnip something ok thank.Version: 3.5.1

My daughter loved it from age 5 to age 9We started with my play home and added more over the years. it was such fun to see the game grow into a town with multiple houses, a school, a hospital, a clothes store, a grocery store, a produce shop, and of course an ice cream parlor. My daughter is ten now and is no longer interested, but over the years I have always wanted to compliment the developer for his/her wonderfully creative touches throughout the game. If you read the other reviews, many of them go like this....”I love the game BUT I want more.....a dance studio a soccer field a hardware store .....” This truly is a wonderful game. Thank you developer, who ever you are. Please continue to add more as you have been doing over the years!!!!.Version: 3.10.2

Update from two years ago😂When I was in primary, I found this on the schools iPad and loved it & hoped to get the full version at home too. I only got it and I'm still a teenager and I love it! It's my secret game 😂 (#KidAtHeart) I love the new update already with the nursery and clothes for the babies but can you please add more seats to the table in the new house there's only 3 can you add another one and possibly a high chair/ bottle in the new house? Thank you :).Version: 3.3.0

New updateLove the new yellow house but there’s no high chair for the baby or anywhere for the kids to play outside. You should make it so one of the houses has one family and the other has a different one so their kids can be friends and when you enter the house the hot bar changes to the family in that house. Can you also make it so the curtains in the girls room in the yellow house can be shut as well? Add a stroller, or car seat for the baby that’s removable from the car. Make it more realistic when the mom is feeding the baby it’s bottle. Instead of having the small skinny 3 seater table in the yellow house you should add a dining room. Add a garage for the car..Version: 3.6.5

I love My PlayHome and have a few suggestionsI LOVE these apps!! I have a few suggestions. I think you should add a hair salon, where you can cut, shave, dye, and style the characters’ hair. I think you should update the hospital to have a cancer center where you can have your characters go through chemotherapy and make so that the characters have no hair. I also think you should add a baby nursery, the baby ends up sleeping in her sister’s bedroom in my games. I also think there should be a furniture and decorations store so that you can change up the look of the house (I really want the girl to have a turquoise room.) I also think you should add toddlers and teenagers and give them their own rooms. There should also be pets. I think if these suggestions where added, the game would be a lot more relatable for different kids, and it would be a lot more fun to play with. Thanks!! 😁.Version: 3.2.1

Amazing 😉I am in love 😍 with this game I think 💭 it’s amazing 😉 but there is a little problem I think 🤔 the rest of the games should be open to the world 🌍 and it could be free but you have done it so we have to pay 💰 money 💴 for the games which is a bit annoying because I would love 💕 for it to be free not just the shops 🏬 everything like the school 🏫,hospital and I think 💭 that it’s so please listen to me 👂 and hear me out and lease make this games free. I love 💖 the game so far. Xx.Version: 3.6.8

My play homeI looooooooove my play home games, but I wish there were other places to go! There are no actual restaurants! I also think there should be more clothes. But I still LOVE this game! But I wish you didn’t have to pay so much! And also, HOW DOES PARTNER PLAY WORK!!!??? Tx.Version: 3.3.1

My play home is cool 🤑I love my play home and it is gone..Version: 3.6.8

PLEASE READ!!!! UPDATE PLEASEI have been playing this game for a while and the updates are getting better and better so good job I also have some suggestions for you next app/updates. You guys should add A pool/gym A zoo A teenage room Be able to have 2 daughters or 2 sons or 2/3 babies Teenagers A few more houses a police station Toddlers Preschool (for the toddlers) Pets A Library Work for the parents More clothes The family become a maximum of 9 people A bigger house Be able to change furniture Ect if u do at least some time f these updates I will rate you five stars (Not blackmailing).Version: 3.3.1

I love this game butI would like you to make a petrol station and some more cars because one car isn’t enough and one car is not fitting in enough people.I would also like you to make traffic lights and taxis.I also want you to make a police station in case people are not waiting at the red traffic light or stealing things from the house or shops. Also I would like you to add a haunted house 🏚.Version: 3.6.8

Can you addCan you add more dogs and cats thx have a azsome week.Version: 3.6.8

It's a good game but it needs a few more updates to be the PERFECT GAMEHi, I love your game! It really is the best, and my favorite game to play with my friends is family! But anyway, I think there should an amusement park with rides and games and so much more! You should also add more siblings, and maybe you could add a campsite and an Oceanside too! And maybe some pools and an airport maybe to fly to different areas, and maybe you can make a Disney world or land for vacations, and maybe in the clothing shop you could put Halloween costumes and more fancy clothes and during Christmas and Halloween and thanksgiving and Valentine's Day and Easter you could add decorations in and out of the houses and for Christmas a Christmas tree and maybe add more shops? And more pets plz! And maybe better tv shows and movies! These are just some of my ideas please add some of my ideas to the game keep up the good work! ❤️, Madison santos.Version: 3.5.3

Message to creatorI love this app it has a lot of great things about it but i also have some suggestions...... now that there is a mall that comes with teens could you make some teenage themed rooms, i love using partner play but i think it would be even better if you made it so more then 2 people can play together, I would love some more stores... maybe a movie theatre or coffee shop or nail salon, could you make more technologically like smart phones or laptops for home, could you make a campground or airport with hotel or something more to do, could you make more cars and homes for when we are using partner play, maybe make an apartment, and lastly there is a glitch when using partner play if i am playing in some one elses world i will get stuck there. Thank you if you read all of this. -Hayley H.Version: 3.9.3

EXCELLENT!! 5 STARSI'm 12 and my sister is 8, and we love this app!! We play it basically every day! Thank you for making this game!!.Version: 2.8.0

Amazing game, some ideasThis game is amazing but I would like to have updates for Christmas and other holidays, also could you add a home creator or just more homes and a furniture shop. Oh and could you add a pet shop please? Overall amazing game.Version: 3.6.5

Amazing! Please readThis is an amazing app! It’s great for if your bored. I like how there’s not just a home, there’s another home, ice cream shop, school ect. I recommend it! But there’s something, I personally think you should change, I think you should add boxes, that way if you wanna ‘move house’ you can lack things into the boxes. I also think there should be some new houses and new pets :) but all around, it’s a amazing game! I totally recommend:).Version: 3.6.8

Beyond my expectations!I am extremely pleased with this purchase! We started with the lite version for our 3 year old daughter but surprisingly found that it is way more interactive than I would have expected. I found myself playing the game after my daughter had long lost interest (as far as toddler attention spans goes, it took a while to get there). We caved in and bought the full House and then simply fell in love so much that we got the entire suite and wish there was more (an amusement park, festival, zoo, beach?)! I had to write a review to express my appreciation and love for this game and pass along that it’s not just for kids, I find it relaxing for myself, a 30-something white collar professional!.Version: 3.6.8

AmazingThis game is awesome I love it me and my brother love to make stories with this I have been playing this app since I was 2 now I am 9 and I still love this app so recommend this app (update) and i also have a few ideas one is to add a dance class and a park and pool another idea is to add more pets I love the dog you added but should also be cats bunny’s and hamsters and to add a pet vet and also a toy store (edit again) ok so i just updated it and it is not as good as it was first of you used to be able to put as much stuff as you wanted in the cupboards but now it throws everything out and if put something on a plate or in the oven it gets stuck there anyway that's all i have to say for now.Version: 3.6.0

TOTALLY AWESOME, but...My play home is awesome but I have some suggestions. I’m am so glad that you guys got grandparents, but where do they stay? Maybe you could make an apartment or hotel for them. Also, there is only one car for 2 houses.? Like others have said, a car dealership! If the family’s want to have dinners together or just don’t want to eat at home than they could go to restaurants! You could also make a pet store. I’m so glad they are able to go to stores and school but maybe more places too!? Like, an airport. If you can’t do all of this I totally understand, these are just suggestions to make your game even better! Thanks!! 😁.Version: 3.6.8

Amazing app everyone should get itI absolutely love this app it opens up your imagination in all different ways I loved the update when were could connect with others me and my sister play together all the time as much as I love this game I have a few suggestions that could be added to this app some of these have already been said but I agree with them and it would be amazing to have them. So starting to this list we could have - a swimming pool in the new house because so the kids have something to do out side like the first house -we could also add more shops like a mall which was already said if not you could add shops like toy shops, hair dresser, shoe shop, more clothes, furniture, baking and if you could add a cinema which was also already said. -and also we could add more things to do in the hospital even add a dentist into the hospital and maybe you could add a operation room to make it more interesting. - I think it would be cool if you added a school bus for the school it would make it more realistic and one more car for the new house (which is amazing) -lastly I think it would be amazing if u could add another house because I have a another friend that loves to play with my sister and I. Other than that thank you for reading my very (very very very very) long review and I hope you will consider some of these ideas because I think it would make everyone else love the game a lot more (if that is possible) thank you! -Imogen.Version: 3.5.1

How this helped my family :-)This game is so fun! I’m almost 12 and I still play this!0-0 This helped my family so much because when my brother was little he had to have a therapist or a person who teaches speech come to are house to help my brother because he was a late bloomer on learning how to talk. She recommended this game and it helped him learn different noises and what things were such as pizza, toothbrush, and many more! This game has been a huge help he is going to be In fourth grade and he just finished his last speech class at his school! This game could be no better! If you have younger kids or siblings I would recommend this game because it helped my brother so much! Thank you for your time! :-).Version: 3.5.3

Room for improvement but I love itMy sister and I are both addicted to the game. She loves when I play it with her and we spend hours on it. However I have suggestions for future updates Like others are saying, add things like airports, where you can travel to other countries, prison, more shops, a beach, an airplane also, more houses and more things for the people to do. Maybe. More clothes. Maybe a hairstylist where you can change their hair? Maybe car seats for the kids, buggies and pushchairs for the kids, cots for the kids in all houses as well as high chairs and a park. Thanks for reading..Version: 3.2.0

BANANAS!!! 🍌It needs bananas and you should get everything like the school the hospital and the town with it since you pay 7 bucks..Version: 3.10.2

Great GameYeah it would be cool if you could get pets ( a horse!?!? ) and maybe you could go to the front yard where there were signs and arrows pointing to places like: the beach where you could swim, town with an office and more signs leading to a supermarket and more shops like clothing or entertainment centre and maybe a school too?Please add a pet shop with hamsters horses dogs cats mice birds. By the way were the blue outfits a hint that you would make a school!?!?.Version: 2.1.0

Loving this game pls read though!This game is just amazing! I have brought all the apps and would not hesitate to buy them if you are thinking of buying them. The only thing i would really enjoy is if you added more clothes and maybe more places to go. I know it must be hard to make the app and add stuff but it would honestly make the game better if you added more places to go and more clothes. Thank you for reading and please try to do this! Xx.Version: 3.3.1

This app is awesome butI really think this app is one of the best apps ever, but I really think it needs some more things like .a swimming pool and swimmers .a farm .a pet shop .a hair salon where you can do everyone's hair .a camp site .more clothes .an update so the babies can carry things .more food .a towel for the people to wear in the shower and stuff .a spa .more houses .more cars .toddlers that can stand up ( a bit older than the babies). .teenagers .more people in general .bigger backyards .casts for legs and arms in the hospital .different people ( I mean maybe like people with disabilities so everyone can feel like they are not the only ones who are suffering. .bigger houses .a park ( not the playground) .the ocean .an airport to go to different countries .a cruise .taxies .buses .trains .suitcases .more storage in the bags .crop tops for the girls .a gym with a competition area An ice cream truck that can deliver ice creams from the shop .an attic in the houses .countryside .a small camera to print of pictures of the family .a concert area to see famous singers or just to put on a performance I'm so sorry that I have asked for so much, but maybe just a few of theses would make the game a bit better..Version: 3.5.3

GlitchWhen you pour a drink into the glass cup the sound is glitching weird. Doesn’t sound like it usually does. The characters can still drink it out of the cup, but there is a small bit of the drink left in the cup that they can’t drink. Overall a good game. Hope u can fix this glitch..Version: 3.6.8

Need a strollerI luv the new update with the dog but can u add a car seat for the baby that u can take off and put on a carrier a leash for the dog and a stroller for the baby after all great game.Version: 3.5.1

Awesome!!!—But a little glitchyIt’s not saving my progress when i in-app switch locations. When i come back to the first one, i don’t have anything out. (If i did before) otherwise, great game!! You should be proud of it! I ❤️playhome.Version: 3.6.8

Love it but needs some more stuff added to itI absolutely love this game but it needs more homes,clothing,more shops,more cars,maybe a theme park, and more pets pls cuz u have a lot of characters but not enough houses then quite a few family’s and not enough cars so could u add a car shop with cars as well pls otherwise this game is okay 🙂.Version: 3.5.1

I LOVE these games! But...My friends and I love these games and I have been playing these games since i turned 2 so I have been playing for 8 years almost 9 years! I have been waiting for an update though. A hotel would be pretty nice! When the grandparents are there, they will need a place to stay! I also would like a restaurant, it would be nice for the parents to go out to dinner, but, where would the kids go when the parents are at dinner? DAYCARE! I think that you guys should put a day care next to the schools! Maybe a mansion and a beach that would be pretty cool! Maybe a pool in the back yard of the new house and water park next to the hospital! A mall would make this place EVEN better! My friends and I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope you except our idea! Thanks! Sincerely,Cami and Hay.Version: 3.3.1

The best game but more apps neededI love your apps. I have Eventually gotten all of the apps. They are all great. But there aren’t enough apps. I was thinking and I think you are trying to make it as real life as possible. So I have a suggestion. Maybe you could put in a airport. And I mean the ones that actually go places. You could give them suggestions of the places you want them to go because then you would not have to make a special place for every where in the world. You would have to make houses if people want to live there and schools and shops and all that stuff. You could figure the rest out. Thank you. You really should read all the suggestions. Some people have some really good ideas. From, Girl with a plan.Version: 3.5.1

It’s amazing but...I love all he apps but I think there should at least be a park and the stores should have more stores. Since I got the original my play home I have been wanting the garage and if you do give us the garage than you can park he car. Here should also be at least two cars. Also a basement and my friend had a dream that the my play home had enough houses for every family and what happened to the doctors mine are missing the doctors the teachers and a lot of other people. When the update came out it had a nursery in the second house but they added grandparents why did they put in grandparents if they have no place to stay. I guess you could put then in the first house but why would someone live this close to their parents. Thank you for listening I just have a couple of other games you should add. A hotel, pool, restaurant, baby store, and maybe add some more houses to the original. Also I don’t get why they coat money because that is really stupid. I have to pay for them with my own money and I don’t get why parents think it is worth it to spend the money on it for their kids if they can’t use it until they get older..Version: 3.3.1

AWESOMETHIS GAME IS SO MUCH FUN. I just wish you guys would add a bit more shops and more realistic features in the game other then that the game is soooooo fun!.Version: 3.6.5

PLZ Add more things!!!I love these games some much!!! I have all of them and i love playing with them, but you could add more things to make it better. The things you could add are: you can create your own family instead if using the default characters or you could the the default ones, also you could add more cars and also add and baby shop with strollers and car seats and toys. Also add a gym, library and basement and in the basement you can have toys down there and add a washer and dryer with laundry soap and baskets. Also add a hamper. Make a spa so you can get your nails painted, a facial, hair, different hair colors and styles. Add a pet shop with different kinds of animals like cats, dogs, fish. Also add leashes so you can walk the dogs. Then add a toy shop and the kids could get toys. Add a waterpark and hotel and airport so they could go on vacation!!! Aslo add people of different ages like toddlers tweens teens and seniors Sorry for adding a lot but i would like you guys to add these things..Version: 3.3.0

Great!The app is great is great , But I do have a lot of changes in mind, such as.... Park Vet Zoo Cafe Hotels More selections of people More houses More food More furniture/furniture store Change princess room to teen girls room or add teen girl room Allow us to have twin babies Update the hospitals features (make it bigger) Make hospital more modern Make a public school Add more clothes Allow us to have a family with a maximum 9 Allow us to have two dads/two mums/two daughters (etc) More cars Baby accessories Baby rooms Strollers Airport Bank Spa/salon Office Library Pool Museum .etc Camp Technology Daycare More things do to More places Dance classes Hotels Beach Grandparents And a boot for the car and also more cars Thanks! Please listen to these! I'll rate it five stars if you do most of these things! (Not blackmailing).Version: 3.2.0

GOODThis game I always play and yes I’m 15 but I’m addicted to this game. It’s like the best role play game going. A thing is could you make the stores that you’ve currently published free like the PlayHome house? I’d love that! Please put in the yellow house a high chair, as I find that more modern and please make another house that is like a mansion with a pool! I’d play more if it was a mansion. Maybe add car seats and pushchairs and more baby toys like a baby monitor? Make the dog more things like toys to play with! Maybe do like a funereal too and a wedding place which is free..Version: 3.9.3

WhyPlease ad more things like a pram for the baby and a baby store and please fix up the kids room it is kind of ugly and fix up the the tv room and matey put some more action in to the people all they have is to strait arms but it is still a really good app and please if you are reading this please do some off the things.Version: 3.5.1

Hi! Please Read.Hello, I’m TJ(I’m a female). I love all you games, but I just have suggestions, no problems what so ever. Suggestion 1.) I think you should add more pets, like a 🐹 Hamster, pet 🦅 🦢 🐦 Birds, 🐈 🐱 🐈‍⬛ Cats, 🐁 🐭 Mice, 🐀 Rats, etc. Suggestion 2.) Maybe make mini games, where we earn coins to buy pets from a shop(We’ll talk about that later). Suggestion 3.) Maybe add a shop where can use the coins to buy more accessories, pets, and maybe even house expands(Talk about later). Suggestion 4.) Perhaps you can add more houses, it doesn’t make sense that there’s millions of people and just two houses. No pressure, but please make these updates, if not, future updates. Thanks for reading, see ya, if not, see the future updates!.Version: 3.11.2

Please add some more things!I absolutely love MyPlayHome!. However, I'm hoping that you guys would add more things. For example, maybe you can add, some more bigger houses, (including some extra rooms and some basements), a high a college, a preschool, a beach, a toy store, a pet store, an airport, a hotel, a library, a book store, a store for babies, some restaurants, a park, a daycare, a children's hospital, a makeup store, a nail salon, a hair a water park, a mall, some fast food restaurants, a record store, and a musical instrument shop. Finally, a music store. I'm also hoping that you can add more people, like, more parents, kids doctors, grandparents and babies. I hope you can do all these suggestions. Thank you for your time..Version: 3.3.1

Great game, but i think a few more things could be addedThis game is great, but I think you could add a character customisation option. Of course keep the game as it is now but also have the option to add a new character or change existing ones..Version: 3.3.1

Great App , But some ideas ...Ive loved this app for years now! It an amazing fun game and I’m a teenager... oop- buuut there are a few things i think this app could add. Such as more pets (birds, cats, more variety of dogs), more stores such as a furniture store or toy store and around holidays such as Christmas, Easter or Halloween an update would be available. For Christmas there could be Christmas lights to decorate your house, or a Christmas tree! For Easter, you could have Easter baskets and have Easter egg hunts. And for Halloween you could dress up! I think these updates would make the game PERFECT! If one of the game developers are reading this, i, and many others, would appreciate if you could make these ideas come to reality. P.S if you are looking to buy this app, i would 100% recommend buying the other 3 with it! :).Version: 3.6.8

Amazing gameThis game is amazing but I wish there was an air port, and a resort/hotel..Version: 3.6.8

I absolutely love this gameI got this game a long time ago and I love it! I have a few suggestions and glitches. I play on iPad, and some times when I put the baby in someone’s hands and put them on the bar, it glitches and my baby is in the air, and moves if I put my finger on the other person. Also, can you please add a stroller, a mall, more clothing and Houses, as well as a fire station and a police station. Can there also be a laundry room in the new house? As well as new people. More kids options would be great. Love it otherwise. Definitely buy this game!😄.Version: 3.6.8

Super satisfied♥️♥️♥️Omg this game is the best. I LOVE THE NEW UPDATES!!!! I stop playing for a little and now THIS! Omg continue the great work. (Maybe just some new clothes) 😉😍.Version: 3.6.8

Fun gameIt would be cool if you added a petting zoo and farms.Version: 3.5.3

A high chair for the second houseCould you please add a high chair for the babies in the second house other then that great game I love my PlayHome.Version: 3.11.1

Love it!! But needs more! ⬇️Something that would make the game a lot more fun and easy to play is make a car seat carrier for the babies, and some diaper bags. And be able to actually carry the back packs. Being able to change diapers would be REALLY neat too! Maybe even add a nursery!!! In the second home theres no high chair for them to sit in or a table for the whole family to sit together inside. Adding more clothes would be nice too. And make the girls room a little more grown up, and giving the boys room maybe a basketball hoop or something. I really hope you listen to my ideas and other peoples too. I would really like to see a car seat, a diaper bag, and them able to carry the backpacks on their backs in the next update. Update: I would still really like to see all that stuff but mainly, I’d like to see more baby stuff. Like there’s nothing to do with the babies and there not even babies they’re like toddlers! So you could make them smaller and when you hold them, they lay down. Thanks for reading mine and other people’s ideas!.Version: 3.11.2

Add somethingFirst the pizza has to be cut and put in the bag in the food court but it’s supposed to be in a box it’s kind of silly and second in the living room downstairs in the house there is a door but there’s no arrow to go in it maybe a guest room or an extra room and you need to put cream on the coffee I tried to put it on like the menu says on the wall but there’s no cream please add some (By the way the Coffee is in the food court).Version: 3.10.1

I love the game but:I love the game but I think that you should add a baby shop to sell things like buggies or diapers And add a highchair in the yellow house and add pacifiers and have the baby’s cry and you have to figure out what to do to stop it like feed it or change the diaper. I think you should also have more rooms in both the houses so that the kids could have sleepovers. I also think that you should be able to make your own mix matched outfits and put on makeup and have different hair,I also think that you should add handbags and phones to the game. I also think that you should add a pet shop so that you can buy different cats and dogs and buy different fish or buy a rabbit or two and add hamsters as well. And you should add dog toys and cat toys and tanks for the fish or add a cage for the hamsters or rabbits and you should be able to take the dogs for a walk. And you should add an airport so that people can go on holiday to different places and also have their bags checked and put the people in the airplane and their luggage and have hotels so that there can be a pool and a kids area and a restaurant so they can eat. And finally you should add a beach..Version: 3.7.0

My play home is greatI think they should have a nursery for the babies and an electronic shop also a pet shop. Also dad is getting totally out of shape he needs to work out but he’ll gust eat more and more so I was thinking if you could get a gym for the out of shape characters also my characters told me to tell you that they love the Chinese food they have it for tea every night they told me that when they run out they steel some from the Chinese shop thanks for the Chinese food your my favourite game on the iPad I cry with happiness when mum says I can go on the iPad I always play on my play home.😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😇😇please put this I am in love.Version: 3.9

Good gameBut much better if it had pets and few extras.Version: 2.1.0

IdeasAlso I think it would be awesome to have a furniture store so we could take the furniture out of the store and put it in our houses and maybe apartment in the future I think this would be an awesome feature to the game hope you take my idea into consideration bye for now.Version: 3.10.2

Pls add these thingsHey My Play Home,🏠🏡🏘 My friends and I were just wondering if my play home could have a pool in a backyard of a house, some more houses, and if you could add more clothes but not the full outfit just shorts, shirts, and dresses then the players who play the game could put the different types of clothes together to make there own outfit, a ballet school, more people all ages, bathers, pets, different types of cars, garages to put the cars in. I really think you are a 5 star game for all ages. It would be great if these updates were installed..Version: 3.2.0

Suggestions for the gameLove your game but can you add a stroller that is a carrier too, and some new outfits/accessories, maybe a new house?.Version: 3.6.5

HiMy play home your apps are the BEST I love them but could you please add more things like more houses and shops a playground maybe a public pool, zoo, a airport where you can fly to different places around the world also can you add more clothes and more people and can you add seasons like winter snowing, spring lots of flower growing and summer sunny, autumn leaves falling. I love this game SO much please add more things.Version: 3.6.8

Great gameThis is such a great game. I love it. But sometimes it can get a little boring. With a few little touches this could be even better. You guys should definitely add a newer house that is bigger. The baby room should be connected to the parents room. Maybe something where I could customize each room. A basement if possible. A nice back yard, bigger kitchen with a baby booster, a larger living room, and more bathrooms. Kind of like a family room. If you can’t/don’t want to make a newer house you should somehow make it so we can customize it. You should also either add a character customization thing or add toddlers, tweens and teens. The baby should be able to hold things bc I tried to have my baby hold a teddy bear and it would instantly drop. Adding new stores would be cool. A gym at the school would be awesome. Maybe a public pool, or a resort would be fantastic. Other pet options. New food. That is it. Otherwise this is a GREAT game..Version: 3.6.8

Please consider these ideasHey my PlayHome, so I’ve been reading some of the reviews and I agree there should be more character ages like teenagers and toddlers. I also thing that there should be more places to go to like a swimming centre, a cinema, even like a daycare centre or kindergarten for the babies and hopefully the toddlers. As well as all of that I think that it would be great if you could add a car dealership so that we’ve got a better choice of cars, like hatchbacks or sport cars, maybe even family vans. I know that when I play I like larger family sizes but if I do have a big family I can’t put them all in the same car because it’s only 5 seats and that includes a baby seat. Do you think that potentially you could also add a diner and a restaurant or something like that because I think that it would make the game just a bit enjoyable if you could go out and have great big family dinners. I also want to mention that I would be really awesome if you added a pet shop to the stores so that you could have more than just just one dog, the pet shop might include: -dogs -cats -bunnies -lizards -hamsters -fish I know that this is a lot to ask for but I think that it was relevant. Sorry that that this is so long but, thanks for reading it anyway..Version: 3.5.3

I think there's a bugI think there's a bug because when ever I try to bring thinks to the house from the store the characters just kind of reset so I can't get more food or outfits! I've tried everything,I've cleared my iPad I've cleaned both the stores and the house but nothing has worked. Please fix it😭. From Annabelle. Ps I love this game no matter what..Version: 3.6.8

Weather and seasons!I really love this app!!! ❤️❤️ I think it would be cool if you added a button to change seasons and weather! This could mean having Christmas and making it snow!!! I think it would be a cool update and would increase the amount of gameplay! I hope you continue to make more of these apps because they are awesome!!.Version: 3.5.3

Recommended by speech therapist; kids loveThis app was recommended to my by a speech therapist to help my 1.5yo play pretend and develop vocabulary (by someone being with kid and describing things and actions). My kid loved it and it really helped. My second kid loved it even more. They are now 6 and 4 and still love it. They play "together" and we have all the different settings (hospital, school, stores). My only recommendation is to expand the town to add some transportation and other first responder options, like an airport, a bus station, a train station, etc. My kids keep asking me to get them the airport, helipad, police station and fire department. They don't exist, but I wish they did. A zoo or farm would also be fun..Version: 3.6.8

BEST GAME EVERI love this game is amazing a few glitches BUT WHO CARES🙃🙃🙃😍😍😍🙃🙃😍😍.Version: 3.6.5

AMAZING BUT....I love this game I’ve been playing this game for ages but there’s this glitch so when I go shopping in the fruit store I get the girl to carry it and when I try to go in the house it just glitches me out the game and then when I join back it glitches me to when I was just about to go in the store. Please fix.Version: 3.6.8

Amazing!My daughter really enjoys this game and I love playing with her using partner play! One minor setback is that this game needs more rooms! Maybe a laundry or seperate kids rooms and pets! More stores etc. Thank you for making this game! :).Version: 3.1.0

Missing a lot.Hello,This game is missing a bunch of things that it needs. 1.More Houses 2.Teenagers 3.Apartment building 4.Mall with tones of stores and new clothes 5.More family members allowed 6. Twins 7.Pools 8. Airport 9.Vacation 10.Snow I Understand it’s hard to update, BUT LISEN TO THE REVIEWS! PLS, Thanks.Version: 3.6.8

I playhouseIt is so good I would give it 100 stars if I could you should get this app it’s really good do you only thing that I’m not very happy about is that you don’t get everything freeIf you want everything free you have to buy all the play home apps. But I would recommend it for ages four and up you can add anyone to this game please on the steps by play share them okay so get this app today it’s a really good deal anyway all you need is not that much money like £2🤑oh so there is a house next door maybe you can move house in the game this is the best game ever ha ha so you get loads of characters and they are all free the only game that I would never buy is my play home plus people have been writing the word reviews for it so get your money and by this app today so the ice cream man is here 🍦 I got a go bye hope you have fun with this app 👋.Version: 3.9.3

ExcellentOkay, so I'm going to be writing a whole load of things. Let's start. This topic is not related to this game. I was wondering if you able to make a game where you are literally in a 3D world of yourself. So you can customise yourself, go to your friends houses, go shopping without any problems, go grocery shopping, buy cars. Basically, do everything you would do in your normal life. And when you walk or run ( doesn't matter) you can have different views, front,back,right and left. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A GAME LIKE THIS AND PLEASE NOTICE THIS COMMENT... I'VE BEEN DYING TO PLAY A GAME LIKE THIS :).Version: 3.0.4

I love the game SO MUCH but...I love this game and me and my bro love playing it but we have always wanted a pool in the back yard of the new house and maybe a play news station or university And a cool little feature to add could be that when you turn on the BBQ when it is raining the BBQ would start to turn off after about 5 seconds cos BBQ's do that in real life But I still am ADDICTED to this awesome game.Version: 3.6.8

Focus on what is already there and how to make that betterThere needs to be more selections in the grocery store either it should be made bigger or be kept and add another grocery store that’s even bigger. Add more cloths stores. Add a mall with two floors, escalators, make it like real life. There should be a store just designated with baby stuff cloths, toys, pacifiers etc. Babys should cry when hungry, there should b diaper changing cmon it’s a baby it can use the toilet. I agree with other people on new house cause theirs so many people already literally w no homes. This isn’t right. Flowers should b able to come back to life when you put them in water they keep dying it’s annoying. There should at least be a park for picnics. In the park could b camping area going on boat that moves by itself add more cars add a car shop so many to be done this game needs more stuff!!!!!!.Version: 3.9.3

Love itI love the app but I would like more stuff. There is so many cool updates like the dog but maybe you could add a pet shop. The more things you add the better I will get them all. Maybe a home decor shop so we can make the houses unique. Also maybe a new house or new characters. Or something like a recreational area. Thx pls consider it.😋.Version: 3.6.8

Great App! Here are Suggestions for future updates :)So... I recommend buying these games as they are so well made! But I would enjoy some more activities. And...stuff... So here are my suggestions! So first off, it would be awesome if you could add some more houses! I have all the apps, but these future updates are for this one. Secondly, maybe you can add more players, more pets, people, and so on, but the thing I’m looking for is a high school and teenagers. It would be great if you can add those. And I don’t forget that it’ll take a while because of Covid-19 but maybe you can add these? I’m not going to say anymore because I don’t want to pressure you too much. Thanks! :).Version: 3.6.8

AmazingI think u should add more things to do.Version: 3.6.8

Love this gameI wish there could be a pet shop and a toy shop I also would love a horse stable with a house and maybe a house with a pool another thing that could be added is creating your own characters and the last thing is more cars and maybe a garage also could you update it more because we would love more updates and not just bug fixes.Version: 3.6.8

Things to add🏠❤️A baby shop like nappies buggies, and more.. places to eat.. where you order your food you get to pick what drinks like kfc or Mac Donald's swimming pool a swimming centre where you can buy risk bands and make it like a real pool add more houses, and with different designs add more people also animals a cinema you can order your tickets buy drinks also pop corn different rooms for movies and also you can sit and watch it a play school a play school for the babies or toddlers, and where they hang there bags and coats and where they learn abc and stuff like a real school.. more clothes and accessories add more clothes and maybe shoes to match and make your own outfit. add phones and laptops, and where they can order stuff and get it delivered that would be so cool! where you can mix foods together and add more plates and forks and knifes a shop maybe for that. there’s a loads of more things to add please get back to me if you are gonna do anything of these things so excited.Version: 3.5.1

More SuffI think the app is amazing but I would like for more houses or maybe a park so I can take the family for a picnic day and I will also like if you added toddlers and teens and some more pets like cats, birds, chickens, and a house with a country style also with a loft.Version: 3.5.3

How do we do the update?I don’t know how we do the update and can you add like Halloween thing and Christmas new year please?its a good game and can you add a stroller?Thanks.Version: 3.10.2

They need add some thingsAdd more houses for each family make it where you can have any pet have a zoo A pet store they need to make the games free so the more people will play them add a elderly home and add a nursery make it where people can make their own houses with their own furniture and I had a toy shop and then more clothes for girls and boys and more clothes for the babies toddlers add teens add more dogs and add cats add animals like birds fish gerbil bunnies guinea pigs dogs cats add a bath and add bath bombs add blankets and pillows add more stuff animals I had a beach add a fire station add a police station add shells add an art class add A theater add cameras and picture frames add your decorations add more cars at a garage add an airport add vacation houses add horses add cows out at pigs add a farm add an amusement park Add devices like phones TVs computers IPad speakersAdd bracelets add closet..Version: 3.11.2

I LOVE THIS APPI absolutely adore this app I’m a teenager now and I still like it as much as I did when i was 8 😂 it’s my secret app that I play ALL the time! I do think you could add sooo much more though!! For example: an airport, swimming pool, cinema, day care, somewhere for the parents to work, another house?, a park, teens and toddlers, a baby shop, after school clubs Pleaseee consider even one of these ideas because it would make the game even better than it already is 🧡🧡 anyway I still love the game and if your not sure whether to buy this or not BUY IT!!! It will keep your kid amused for YEARS 😂 and maybe even you too!.Version: 3.9.3

Love but...Hello people who make play home I love this game and I love that they’re Are so many characters and play home I loved it there two houses I am also like that there are shops in some of the other apps in the hospital that is the school just I wish you would I’d like a pet store bakery more pets arm and I would also love my house is more rooms I would also look like an empty house and like a furniture store so you could like by furniture and then decorate your own house and then like you could input into the game and be able to save it so other people could download it yet so please look at this review and I hope you like it! 😀😃😄😁😆😍🥰😘😗😙.Version: 3.6.8

Add moreHi I am a HUGE fan of My PlayHome but can you adding more ideas like these 1. Please make a swimming pool in the new house. 2.When the characters go in the water please make there hair look like it’s been in water. 3.please add more pjs like a nighty for the girls 4.please make more characters. 5.Lastly please let us do every single hairstyle on the girls 6.make bathers 7.let us take off the clothes with out replacing them then make a Corp top and underwear so them when you take off the clothes with out replacing them the girl will have her Corp top and her underwear on Thank you bye!!!!!.Version: 3.5.1

I absolutely love this game but.My playhome is amazing my daughter who is five loves it but she keeps telling me that there isn’t enough houses for all of the characters I was just wondering if you could please add more rooms or more houses to the game. I appreciate all the hard work you put into making these games better and way more enjoyable thank you. Kind regards your fan..Version: 3.3.1

I ❤️this gameThis game is so good I’ve had it for years and I’ve got all of them I play it almost every day I loved the new update with the dog it’s so cute but it has been about 2-3 years since you’ve released a new game so could bring one out soon maybe a swimming pool or airport where u can fly to different countries and there’s a few completely different countries please do one of my ideas.Version: 3.5.1

Love this gameI love this games so much. I wish that there was a baby store and that you could customize the houses and people. Also I wish that there were toddlers tweens and teens. I wish that you could have 2 girl kids or 2 boy kids not just boy and girl also be able to have a newborn and different sized babies for different ages. also that you could have more than 3 kids. I wish there were parks and a pet shop. also that there was a baby store, toy store, and maybe a daycare or a car dealership with bigger or smaller cars. be able to have multiple babies at once and put them in the car or have more than 2 spots for the kids so friends can come hang out. i wish that there were more clothes. also that there were more than 2 houses. and that more than 2 people could join together. add another chair and a high chair in the new house. make baby food, an office building for the parents. i wish that you could build ur house or pick furniture and rearrange the rooms. i wish that the babies could hold things and have pacifiers and have different sleeping positions. in the baby store put strollers, pacifiers ,cribs toys ,blankets, food ,bottles ,sippy cups. thank you.Version: 3.3.1

Epic gameI love this game but it would be cool if there was a shop where you could get prams for the babies, cribs and nappies to wear. Also my brother thinks you should be able to undress the people when they go in the shower. Also it would be cool if there was a swimming pool so on hot days they can take a dip, an airport so they don’t always have to stay in the same town, a high chair in the new house..Version: 3.3.1

I like this game but.....I like this game my favorite companies to play games on the App Store is my Town and my play home but can you make more because there's not really a lot of places to go there is just the hospital a few stores and the school so I would like if you add like a restaurant that would be so fun!!!!!!!! Reason I can't get my play town because my mom doesn't have the money to buy it but I would druther have my play Town because there's more stuff to do so you need to add more but other than that it's fun but you need to add more stuff to do because it's kind of boring that you just add the same old same old stuff so it will be much better if you add more stuff and the little Version you should add more stuff to do in the house because imagine if you was playing it and you don't have enough money to buy the other games and I like playing it and i play it and I'm 9 1/2 so keep up the good work may god bless you from Hannah 😇😋😁😇😝❤️👁👅👁👼🏻.Version: 3.3.1

1 mumHi i am 1 mum and i am writing on behalf on my children first of all my children love your games so thanks for that giving them something to do while i can have some time to myself secondly its an amazing game but my children keep saying ‘mummy i want this game to have a another house or some more pets or a swimming’ so they do have a lot of requests i will list them down below Swimming pool Another house More pets A mall More cars (can the boots open) A pram A police station A fire station Apartments Shops for the children More characters Holiday updates Thanks for reading I don’t expect you to do all of them but if you could do just one they would be very pleased and they love your game again thanks.Version: 3.5.1

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