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Scribblenauts Remix App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Scribblenauts Remix app received 131 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Scribblenauts Remix? Can you share your negative thoughts about scribblenauts remix?

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Scribblenauts Remix for Negative User Reviews

BoringI loved this game on Nintendo and was excited to get it on my phone. For the first couple of days it was great, but having to repeat the levels 3 times makes it boring. I've kept for awhile thinking I'll want to play again, deleting now as it's just a waste of space..Version: 7.1

Good gameA little steep for the content you get. The levels aren't too challenging and will keep you occupied for a couple of hours but this keeps crashing even if there is nothing else running. Performance is sluggish on an iPod touch 4g with iOS 5. Needs some serious memory optimisations..Version: 1.1

Crashes!Crashes on the iphone 8 every time i try to open it. Please fix it!.Version: 7.1

Grrrr...So I got the world pass right? And then I finished the WHOLE entire game. I got bored of it and deleted it. after a year I deleted scribblenauts I decided to get it again to see if anything has changed in the levels. And you'd never guess! But my world pass had gone! And after re reading this review, I realised NEVER EVER delete a game that you brought something ( E.G: I got scribblenauts and brought the world pass from it and then I deleted it and then I brought scribblenauts again and the world pass wasn't there.) TSK TSK TSK.Version: 2.2

Crashes on loadShows intro logos but crashes after displaying “Iron Galaxy”, useless..Version: 7.1

Refund meRefund me please I change rating if u do just please refund I got gift card for b day and I want my money back :(.Version: 7.5

Crashes on loading screenI have an iPhone 8+ and it crashes when I try to start up the app. Fix please!!.Version: 7.1

Fun game, terrible supportSo, new game comes out, pay about 5 dollars, all good. Waiting on new level packs, one is finally released, and what's this, DLC? I've already paid for the game, why the hell should I have to pay more for what I should already be entitled to? Even the angry birds creators aren't spineless enough to release DLC, you buy each installment and all of the updates are free..Version: 1.8

SmhHaven’t played it once because it crashes as it opens.Version: 7.1

Not impressed.Just redownloaded this after deleting it a while ago. Unskippable ads, constant pop ups asking for permission to 'post to my friends' (like I want to tell them I just created a Pegasus, then rode the Pegasus, then finished the part of the tutorial where you have to create and ride a Pegasus...???) On top of that, the sound doesn't work. I'm beginning to remember why I deleted this app....Version: 7.1

Doesn’t load..Downloaded multiple times. Want my money back.Version: 7.1

Need refundThe game is super fun but as I was playing it I realized I bought the wrong one I wanted to get the unlimited version.Version: 7.5

Poor compatibilityIt can not fit my iPhone 8plus 😡.Version: 7.1

Umm broken???Is this game now broken. Just downloaded it on an iPhone 10 max. I complete the level , click okay then it makes me replay the level over and over again and doesn’t note on the level screen that I’ve done it........???!!!.Version: 7.5

Could be better.Basically scribblenauts limited with restrictions and no gripping story and very little motivation. Since Scribblenauts unlimited is by far their most sucsessful and remembered game (in my opinon) I understand this game would be something they would leave as it is, but it needs less limitations. However, with less limitations, it would just be scribblenauts unlimited so, I can’t think of any way I would fix the game personally. If your looking for a time killer, consider it, but if your looking for something more, not worth your time or money..Version: 7.5

Does not openDoes not open on iPhone X.Version: 7.1

Nice butWell it’s nice but u can’t create anything u want like a fnaf person bendy Alice circus baby ballots all those u can’t make ur own is what I’m saying so plz make the game so u can make ur own oc creation like update new update make ur own oc on this remix cause I can’t buy the original one and I’m getting sick and tired of seeing those vids about making ur own one so update the remix to let everyone who has the game to let them make oc creations k.Version: 7.1

Do not buy not worth it.I just brought this game expecting it to be like the old DS one, it’s not, it glitches out and every time i complete a level, it does not go onto the next level instead it repeats the level over and over, also it does not say you’ve passed the level successfully. Waste of time and money, very disappointing..Version: 7.5

Refund pleaseI didn't mean to buy this and won't download.Version: 7.5

You should be able to have everything unlocked!If you pay for the game, the rest should be completely free! Plus, I wish the worlds where you build stuff would be bigger. I feel like you should be able to place as many items as you wish.Version: 7.5

HELP MEAre you my mommy?.Version: 7.5

Well...Disappointed. Just purchased the game to play with a friend, and can’t even get past the loading screen. Crashes every time. Hope this is fixed ASAP.Version: 7.1

Not compatible with iPhone XJust downloaded this app and IT DOESNT WORK WITH MY PHONE I’ve paid for this app and I can’t even play it because it crashes every time I open up the app before I even get to the menu screen!... very disappointing.Version: 7.1

Can’t even load it upThis game doesn’t even deserve a star because when I try to load it up it just glitches out. I have tried deleting it and tried to do everything that I can possibly do but it won’t load up.Version: 7.1

Game crashesThe game always seems to crash right after the Iron Galaxy logo appears for no apparent reason. Device: iPhone 8 Plus iOS 11.2.1.Version: 7.1

It’s okIt’s ok but it gets boring after awhile needs more fun things to do.Version: 7.5

DON’T GET WITH IOS 11 it crashes every time!!It crashes every time on the last screen title before the game and it’s really annoying!!! I haven’t even got to play it yet!! I think it doesn’t work with iOS 11 bc everyone in the reviews who said they have iOS 11 (including me) has the same problem! But it does work for my brother who doesn’t have iOS 11... I wish we could get refunds😭.Version: 7.1

...Why is it so short?! It's really fun and then it just stops !!! I have to pay even more to play longer?! Make an update to make it longer (without paying I already paid to buy the game) Otherwise it's perfect.Version: 4.7

Game developersDont worry new update fixed it.Version: 7.3

It's buggedThis game is now bugged. After completing a level and pressing ok, the level restarts and the previous victory does not count as completion towards the level chooser..Version: 7.5

Pretty good :)It’s a good game but Scribblenauts unlimited is WAY better..Version: 7.5

CrashesPaid for this game to not even be able to get past the load screen because it crashes. Fix please..Version: 7.1

Too linearWhat’s the point if your just gonna play on the title screen and not actually the game play unlimited if you want s good experience but before unlimited creative mode was fun but yeah.....Version: 7.5

Used to love it until nowI recently got this game back because I used to love it so much. I was unpleasantly surprised to find that this game is fundamentally broken. Whenever I beat a level I press “OK” to move on, but I just go back to the same level. I try to beat it the same way and I’m unable to because I’m given a message of “already used that” when I spawn things in. Is this part of the game? If not then this must be fixed. It makes the game unplayable..Version: 7.5

Trash gameTrash game I pay for this and then it says I need to pay to play more what are u on mate are you actually joking I have to pay once I’ve already payed.Version: 7.5

PlsCan you please make a free play mode for free.Version: 7.5

Relic of its former gloryThis game was very good in the past. In recent time, through updates, bugs were introduced so that now some levels are not marked as completed when done, advertisements interrupt gameplay with the world pass, levels are slowly added and require non-creative responses..Version: 7.1

ṅȏṭ ẇȏяṭһ ıṭAlthough it is fun it is not worth it to world pass I just finished world 5 and I was excited for world pass and I thought it was another 5 worlds but 1.50 worth the fun but not money.Version: 7.1

Cancel my subscriptionI’ve looked everywhere and there seems to be no where to cancel my subscription. Please could you help..Version: 7.5

Not GoodWhile it is really cool and great for glitching, it just is kinda boring. Most of the levels are the same as Super Scribblenauts. You need to pay for almost everything, and it's just boring. Even though I love these games, this one was just bad. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because I'm a glitch exploiter, and this was really fun for me to glitch. Please improve this game. And add the Scribblenaut character as a free playable character instead of paid. No one is gonna buy anything on this game..Version: 7.3

RubbishScammm!!!!!! I got it then it said u got scammed u idot.Version: 7.1

Please refundI wanted to buy the unlimited version but I accidentally clicked on this.Version: 7.5

Refund pleaseHey I didn’t mean to press the buy button I just wanted to see it’s page.Version: 7.5

No as good as originalToo.Version: 7.1

I want my money backI got this game because I thought you did missions if you wanted to but all this is is missions I brought this game because it was cheap but is was cheap and NASTY!!! Warning do not get this game it is a rip off!!!,!.Version: 7.3

Instant crashGame crashes even before the loading screen every single time, what a waste of my Christmas money.Version: 7.1

5 starsI love scribble naughts but I want to have levels for free and new people. If that happens I will totally give it 5 stars.Version: 7.3

Great game! But...My friend used to have this game and I loved it so much! I decided to download it on my own, but for some reason, it won’t let me in! I tried restarting my phone, clearing out the app and all the other apps, but it just won’t work! 😫 But I did love it when I could play. Anyone have any advice? Thanks😄💖 JUST FIGURED OUT THE PROBLEM. Don’t get this game with IOS 11. It does not work. It kicks me off every time I tap the game. PLEASE FIX THIS. I really love this game and I want to play. Fix it!!!🔨🔧.Version: 7.1

DarrylCan’t get past loading screen Don’t bother till issue is resolved.Version: 7.1

Fun gameScribblenauts is a very fun entertaining game but I tried to get the playground full pack and when I pressed it it said I already had it but I know I don't because my cousin has it and it has different levels from mine and now whenever I try to change the playground I'm in it just chrashes! Otherwise scribblenauts is a great game.Version: 3.2

IPhone X compatibilityApp won’t open on IPhone X 👎🏽.Version: 7.1

It keeps crashingI had this game a few years ago and i saw it floating around on the app store last week so i decided to re-download it on my new iPhone 8 but it keeps crashing before it even gets to the title screen! It was a really good game from what I remember but that doesn’t do any good if I can’t even open it..Version: 7.1

Can’t get past the loading screenApp crashes within a few every time I open it on iOS 11.2 beta..Version: 7.1

What gives?Just opened app after deleting it and can not make anyone wear anything except me!!! Fix this plz!!!.Version: 7.5

Fun but problems...Great game! But seriously, u need to add more animal designs because when I write up meerkat, then ferret, mongoose and stoat- also red panda, they all look the same! I mean, red pandas look like orange raccoons, and stoats are mostly white. The lions mane needs to have more detail, also the animals attitude-how they act is kinda weird.. Hippos only attack when angry, and it's dumb how you cannot make real baby animals, you have to wright up baby, which is just a smaller clone of the mother or father animal. The humans and objects are fine, but I think you should change the animals a bit-and I mean a lot a bit. Also, like others said, add that thing like on unlimited on PC how you can use other parts of objects to create your own animal or object- also add it to the scribblenauts unlimited on 3DS too. the animals a bit- I mean a lot a bit..Version: 4.3

Money grabI used to like this game when I played it on my Nintendo DS because it was so unique and cool. Now it’s on the App Store and I thought I’d pick it up to see what has changed. First of all, you have to pay money to buy the app, which is fine, it’s a good game. I then found out that the first purchase only unlocks 5 levels. Frustrated, I forked out some money to pay for the expansion. Playing through the levels, I realized that the devs really hadn’t spent much time at all creating them and the game started to feel a bit cheap and repetitive. As time went on, I started to lose interest, but then something new sparked my interest. IT COSTS EVEN MORE MONEY IF YOU WANT MAXWELL TO HAVE A DIFFERENT SKIN. They made stupid skin packs with like 9 skins that cost a dollar each. If the expansion thing wasn’t too much, this was for sure. This game has a thumbs down from me now..Version: 7.1

The levels aren’t workingI remembered this game from the ds and forgot that I had bought it a little while back. I tried to play the levels but once I complete them, the level restarts and it doesn’t say that I completed it on the map. Some levels get stuck and even if I do the tasks correctly the doors do not open up or I do not get the star..Version: 7.3

Game-ceptionYou know the rocket arcade game inside the game? One you reach 10,000 points it resets and I was super sad it did that.Version: 7.5

Do not buyThis doesn’t work on my iPhone 8. Crashes as soon as it says Iron Galaxy.Version: 7.1

Problem...I used to have this before I deleted it for storage, it was really fun! I recently decided to download it again, but this time, whenever I click on the notepad button, I try to draw something, even perfectly normal items that are in the game, and it just won’t work. It does nothing, and there’s no way to exit the screen after that without restarting the app. I would give 5 stars, and I still will give 3, but this problem REALLY needs to be fixed..Version: 7.5

Bugged when completed levelsWhen I complete a level and get the star it pops up to say level complete. When I press ok (only option) it just starts the level again! Very annoying..Version: 7.5

So annoyingIn order to get a golden crown on any of the levels, you have to do them three times with different solutions. On some of the levels this is impossible! Very frustrating and gets really old quickly..Version: 7.5

Crashes can’t even load upI just bought this game and it crashes every time I try to open it on my iPhone X Please fix.Version: 7.1

The only thing giving this a three star is nostalgiaI don’t know if this is happening to anyone else but whenever I complete a level and I press ‘OK’ to go to the level selection to proceed to the next level it just restarts the level and only after about three or four times pressing ‘OK’ will it take me back it’s not at all enjoyable.Version: 7.1

A disgrace to the Scribblenauts nameThis game is so hard I had to use a fricking guide Also it’s riddled with bugs and glitches And you have to pay to get the game, then pay to unlock the full game like why.Version: 7.5

Broken...It worked fine for a long time but after not using it for a while, I logged back in and it just wouldn’t let me progress. I’ve completed world one and the first two levels of the second world and have crowns on all of them but the rest of the levels won’t unlock. I’ve tried to reach customer service but I’ve had no luck at all.... so the game is unplayable now. :/.Version: 7.5

MehI like this game but you cannot add adjectives like you can in Scribblenauts unlimited. Please make this like Scribblenauts unlimited not exactly like it. Please add more worlds I have beat the game…not exactly because I can’t do word 5 it’s locked..Version: 7.3

Crashes on iPhone XCrashes on loading screen. Unable to open..Version: 7.1

Good game, but it starts to get bland...Over time, after you complete all the levels and replay them, the game gets boring. I played on the empty maps for awhile after completing all the missions, but then it just felt empty after a long time of playing. Besides the game getting boring overtime, this game is mostly worth the money and it’s fun if you want to get creative. Though, if anything, I highly recommend the sequel over this game..Version: 7.3

A little review...Despite the amazing game-plot, I found the controls difficult to control, and some levels hard to accomplish by younger children. On the second world, the sixth level, as said by many, has a bug which crashes the app and returns us to home. With some levels, the clues are not very direct. Sometimes even with the clue, it would take me am extended period of time to search for the answer of the level. But on to the good side, this game does not require wifi to run on, thus making it one of the best games without using wifi. Hours of lasting fun if you are someone who enjoys creativity games and solving puzzles. It's well-priced for such a game, only one dollar. Hope to see more updates and big crashes throughout the game!.Version: 2.5

Meh its not what it looks likeOk don't get me stared on the rainbow thing I'm a kid i expect when i type rainbow it will show as rainbow i tried typing rainbow pig and it came with the normal pig its a disappointment to me!😐😐😐don't waste ur money on it other then that i have nothing to say it was ok for my expirations.Version: 7.5

Good game bad updateI got this game and it was all cool then this new valentines update came along and it updated fine then when I went to open this usually awesome app it just crashes before the first sight of colour like I press the icon it goes black and after about half a second it stops the game and they said it was a bug fix aswell please fix it and I will rate 5stars but until then .Version: 1.4

Doesn’t workThanks for nothing.Version: 7.1

GoodIt is a really good game but there is a bug. You do the level again and you wont get the crown or star bc u have to do it again And if you try to do it again it will do the same thing Plz tell me if this is meant to happen 😭.Version: 7.5

Frenche plsAjouter la langue francaise.Version: 7.1

App crashes!!App crashes within a few seconds of opening.Version: 7.1

It’s pretty good!Although, Scribblenauts Unlimited is WAY better, still a good game..Version: 7.3

Do not buyI’ve wasted money on this game and it just crashes before I can even start to play it.Version: 7.1

EhReally wanted to play but it crashes and won’t even let me play :/.Version: 7.1

UPDATE PLEASELove the game, when i found out it was on ipod touch i had to get it, but sadly the game is way to easy:( i finished it in a day, and for $6 it wasnt really worth the price, excuse me if your already working on new levels for a new update but you really need to. I loved the game, but that was only for 1 day. you NEED to help give the game more play time, theres $1 apps that take $100+ hours, you need to do the same..Version: 1.1

BruhYou guys took my money and now you want more just so I can have the full game, dang talk about greed. See it’s funny cause if you guys made the game $2 you could’ve gotten away with it but the fact that you are making us spend another dollar for a “””level pass””” is dumb. Would’ve gotten five stars, but sadly you decided to make some stupid decisions with this game so I’m giving you three stars. Shame on you Scribble Devs 👎.Version: 7.5

Rip OffThey charge you for the game and then they try to charge you more just so you can play past the demo. Completely crooked. I remember playing this franchise on Nintendo, it's a game with great potential but the developers of the app have ruined it by being greedy.Version: 7.1

Doesn’t work on my phoneJust crashes at launch.Version: 7.1

Doesn’t work for iPhone XUsed to run seamlessly, but after upgrading my phone it now crashes before it even loads..Version: 7.1

Eeeeehhh...I LOVE the Scribblenauts engine and the fact that you can create anything you want whenever you want. But I feel like Remix is sorta lacking in the freedom to do whatever you want, unlike Unlimited or Unmasked. It seems like the most linear Scribblenauts game I've played, and I'm guessing most of you don't doubt it. So that's why it has 3/5 stars..Version: 7.3

Can’t get past any level even though I get the starJust repeats the same level and give 0 points.Version: 7.5

Meh..This game is so fun at first but then it gets SO boring honestly play creative mode too have fun don’t even worry about the story mode.Version: 7.5

Boring..I Got Ripped Off Thinking That It Would Be Atleast A Bit Fun! Its So Boring You Dont Think It! It Isnt Really A Remix Arent Remixes Suppose To Make Stuff Better This Made Stuff Very Worse..Version: 7.1

Have it support IPhone X’s ScreenThis game is amazing I used to play it all the time and I decided to go back to it but I have an iPhone X and the screen size just ruins the fun of the game for me please fix it.Version: 7.5

Unlimited is Unlimitedly BetterOnly five stages? Five bucks? Look at Scriblenauts UNLIMITED! There you can give descriptive adjectives to already existing entities. PLUS! There is WAAAAAAY more levels and they're more challenging too. For three dollars more. It's way better. You practically got scammed..Version: 7.1

BadI hate this game.Version: 7.5

Meh...How do I get walk controls I don’t like using the screen.Version: 7.3

Crashes on iphone 8+Everytime it starts up on the loading page, it crashes. Please fix!!!.Version: 7.1

Constant crashing on iPhone XCan’t even get past the start up screen.Version: 7.1

DisappointedJust downloaded it again after playing it a few years ago and wanting to play again. Constant asking if it can share on my behalf on Facebook. I pass levels and it just makes me keep doing the same one, not acknowledging anywhere that I completed it..Version: 7.1

It’s ok.......When I first got the game I was excited for my friend telling me about it but then it costed money. All of the other good games that i play are super fun but don’t cost money. I started playing the game and thought this is a fun game so people who don’t have the money to just buy it can’t play it. Then all of the people who aren’t allowed to buy apps or just this game are missing out in the fun with this game..Version: 7.1

Really laggyLags a lot and i paid to get it but it still tried to get me to pay for levels.Version: 7.3

Doesn’t support iPhone XDon’t say it supports this phone if it doesn’t, please refund me..Version: 7.1

Game doesn’t open!Can’t open the game and can not get a refund awesome !.Version: 7.1

Why do the levels repeatThis game keeps making me repeat the levels, quite annoying!!! Please fix this!.Version: 7.5

3.5 starsThis game could've easily been a 5 star rating, but, some levels crash, I love this game and i am very disappointed that it crashes it could be one awesome game, it crashes tho and its not just one level! Please, Please, Please Fix it if you do I will make it 5 stars!.Version: 2.3

Great game. Needs a comeback.I remember playing this game as a youngster on my iPod. Really needs to make a comeback. A shame that there are no longer updates and some of the levels are broken. If the developers even read these, keep developing, or sell the game to someone who will..Version: 7.5

Put in 5 extra dollers and get the real gameThis is trash I literally triend to get a refund.Version: 7.5

Fix this broken gameGreat fun when it works... BUT it keeps on crashing and losing all progress, so you have to start over again from the very beginning, which gets incredibly boring. Where is the fix for this frustrating glitch???.Version: 3.2

CrashesGreat game but IT CRASHES SO MUCH THAT I'VE STOPPED PLAYING IT COMPLETELY. Please please fix this because I can't even get through one level without the game crashing. And I paid for all the levels which was now a waste since I can barely play them..Version: 7.1

CrashesDon’t buy, the app crashes within a second of the game being opened. So really I’ve paid for nothing, followed their instructions on how to fix this problem but it might as well of been turn off then turn back on again..Version: 7.1

It lags and crashes for me (I’m on an iPad mini 2)While I get into the game, it just crashes for me, the game allows iPads but for some reason it jut doesn’t work properly. I’ve been keeping up to date with my IOS updates but it still doesn’t work. Can you please refund me..Version: 7.5

Buggy and broken and unplayableThe screen is buggy with the size and placement of things and when you touch something you have to tap to the left of it in order to hit it was really looking forward to playing this and can't..... Seems it needs to be updated and set to fit the larger screen. Edit: Still not really fixed, also please fix it to fit iPhone x.Version: 7.1

MehNot worth it to buy the app 😠.Version: 7.5

Do not downloadWill not launch and the support is non existent unless you want 1 possible solution that doesn’t work..Version: 7.1

Not working on iphone 8 plusWon’t open on iphone 8 plus.Version: 7.1

Complete level, doesn’t register so cant progressComplete your level, collect a star, restarts level...round and round and round...basically pointless playing because can’t do anything..Version: 7.5

Can’t even playI’ve tried everything to get it to play but it just freezes and leaves the app without even starting the game.Version: 7.1

Crashes!Game crashes every single time I open it. Never gets past the loading screen. Awful for a paid game.Version: 7.1

Fix your game 😡This game would be great if it didn’t repeat levels, i finish a level, it restarts it, i quit to the menu, no progress, please fix your game!!.Version: 7.5

Can't believe ItRUBBISH.Version: 7.1

Not suitable for kidsApp continually asks to be given permissions to you Facebook account (after every single level). No option in settings to turn this off. I came back to find it had posted all sorts of stuff and messaged friends about the game :(.Version: 7.3

Please Add GharialsIf Your Wondering What a Gharial is, a Gharial is a Crocodile That Has a Extremely Long Mouth, And The Gharial’s Mouth is Also Very Skinny, So Make The Gharial Friendly.Version: 7.5

The worst game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is incredibly tricky do not down load!!!.Version: 7.5

Crashing on my new iPhone 8 PlusHello I never had an issue with this game on my previous phone I recently got an iPhone 8 Plus, set up as a new phone Downloaded this game but it would crash when starting the game Tried every method but still doesn’t work and crashes at the same spot. Tried turning airplane mode on, delete and reinstall, restart phone, nothing is working.Version: 7.1

BadIt was less than the original I thought it was going to be a good and it was bad.Version: 7.5

Unplayable! Game won’t launch!After paying for this app, it won’t even load past the developer screen! Useless..Version: 7.1

How I change the languageThe game is in german.Version: 7.5

HmmWell it’s not really what I like but that’s just my opinion and it dose crash a lot so I hope it gets fixed soon😭.Version: 7.5

This was not worth .99¢I purchased this game because I had friends play it in the past. When I got the game I could only play the first 2 levels of the 1st world. Everything else was locked. After I played those levels the others still didn’t unlock. I paid the .99¢ for the rest of he worlds but I still can’t play the first 5 worlds. This game is a total waste of money.Version: 7.1

Game is badRefund me.Version: 7.5

It’s okay but..It constantly keeps crashing every time. But, overall the game is great!.Version: 7.5

Ok (devs pls read)When I was browsing for games on the store; I saw this. At first, I thought it would be like old times, as I had this game on several other devices. Sadly, it never was. I thought it can’t be much worse on iPhone, but I was wrong. It is still fun, but not worth the 99 cents I paid for it. A thing I would change is a free play mode..Version: 7.5

Can I get my money backI hate it I watched YouTubers play on computers and that this is nothing like and can I get my money back?.Version: 7.5

It just doesn't cut itI had heard of Scribblenauts from the usual word-of-mouth. Yet, I was extremely disappionted with this game. Sure, you can create many items ( within reason ) and the playground idea is great, but that doesn't make up for having very little levels. After finishing the first few levels in less than an hour - yes, it's THAT easy. I decided to buy the world pass, giving me more levels. But I wasted my money!! There were still hardly any levels - and to top it off, they were easy! I expected the levels to be much more challenging and worth the money that I paid. A game is not a very good game without a challenge. A challenge too hard makes a very frustrating game, and a challenge too easy makes a pointless and boring game. This is what this game is! I bought this game with high expectations from great reviews, and yet, this was a boring waste of money. I would not buy this game nor recommend it to my friends..Version: 2.7

App crashesApp crashes everyone on loading screen, running on iOS 11.2.2. You’d pay for an app and then expect it to work, really really disappointed..Version: 7.1

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Get Psyched! From the creators of "Heads Up!” comes “PSYCH!” – an exciting new party game to play with friends! "PSYCH!...

LEGO® Jurassic World™ negative reviews, comments
LEGO® Jurassic World™ Negative Reviews

Following the epic storylines of Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III, as well as the glob...

LEGO® Batman™: Beyond Gotham negative reviews, comments
LEGO® Batman™: Beyond Gotham Negative Reviews

***LEGO® Batman: Beyond Gotham requires iOS 8 or later and is compatible with iPhone 4S and iPad2 and later devices.*** ...

WBD Screeners negative reviews, comments
WBD Screeners Negative Reviews

Warner Bros. Discovery Screeners app allows authorized Warner Bros. Discovery Partners, clients, and Employees the abili...