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Scribblenauts Remix app received 118 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about scribblenauts remix?

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Scribblenauts Remix for Positive User Reviews

Awesome GameThis game is awesome! Fun levels, millions of things you can create, and lots more! This game is AWESOME!!! ps for all the people that say it crashes, they just did an update saying: fixed crashes, improved stability on iPhone and iPod touch :).Version: 2.6

NeatAt least I can make bootleg battle cats………………………………………………..What else did you guys want me to say.Version: 7.5

This game was great a few years ago. Really needs some new content.This was my favorite game for many years and got me interested in other scribblenauts games. However, this game hasn’t been given new content in a VERY long time and doesn’t even work properly for iPhone X, XS, XR, etc users. Please add some new levels or content!.Version: 7.5

EntertainingThis is an amazing, fun and awesome game!!! So entertaining and full of creativity and it also gets you thinking. But the only thing is, all the levels keep resetting so if I reach up to world 3 or something, when I close the app, and then come back to it, it resets all the way back to world 1 level 1....Version: 3.2

Good game😍😍😍Great game! I'm hopping that I get scribble naghuts unlimited!Theres a update that I just wanted u to add... Update: Make more puzzles for Scribblenauts so that much more players can entertain with the game! Oh and one more update is that can u just let all players to get the full version beacuse in other reviews peaplo are saying: I don't wanna pay to get the 99¢ world pass so can you let all the players to get the world pass. I'll be happy If you do it 😊😍 Any ways BYE 👋 and thank u for making the app good and perfect 👌bye!!!!😂😇😇😜😋.Version: 7.1

ModAdd piggy from Roblox.Version: 7.5

AddictingIt’s not super fun just super addicting to play I always play it when I’m bored.Version: 7.5

I love this game butIt’s to good to play I wish I could 100 cash but still I wish u could restart it from the beginning I mean I have done all of of the levels until game world pass so plz add that.Version: 7.5

Great game!heres an idea!I love this game! It is very fun and puts you mind to the test. But I have an idea.... what if you could do online battles? That would be great! And if you will do an update on this, I will make another review. Thanks!.Version: 7.1

Great gameI've loved this game since it came out on Nintendo and I have had no crashing problems. The only disappointing thing is there are very few levels and no use for the money you get :( over all great game but a use for the money and more levels and this would be a 5 star game !.Version: 2.8

The best mobile series game I've ever playedRead the title.Version: 7.5

AmazingSo Yeah its pretty much a sandbox with whatever you want I love this app.Version: 7.5

Good gameI really liked this game and brought the bonus Maps and characters but I think you should be able to have access to more things. And also when you type in something you want on free play some times you might not get it. But so far it's been a good game, thanks.😀 PS: could there be a new update there haven't been one for a while😃.Version: 5.5

I love itLoveeeeeee it.Version: 7.1

😂❤️I love this app ! Recommend to everyone! Just can you make it so it recognises more words please? Apart from that, it’s amazing.Version: 7.5

Simply MagicalThis has to be the best game I have ever played on ipod. I still haven't been able to find a object that the game couldn't make. Great for all ages.Version: 1.3

🤩 THE BEST GAME I'VE SEEN IN MY LIFEThis game is the best!.Version: 7.3

Awesome plain awesomeFirst off let me tell everybody who is say that this is a cash grab it is not I understand that you do not want to pay for more levels but it is only a dollar also you do not have to have the skins. But back to the point this is an awesome game that I love. Me and my friend like to play it but because of the coronavirus we have to do it over zoom. I have a couple of suggestions, first can you make more levels and second can you make a multiplayer mode that you can build a world with friends in. I love the game and keep the levels coming..Version: 7.5

AwesomeIt needs to recognise more adjectives. You put in big hairy colourful flying monster and it comes up with a flying monster. But the free play is still awesome. And i type submarine, make a tsunami and i die!!.Version: 2.9

Fun GameI have enjoyed this game for 1 year now but I really would like there to be more levels! I finished all the worlds in a week and think there should be some new ones! Also make the extras free! If you did this I would give this a 5 star rating :) So please here the public out and add more levels and make the extras free! x.Version: 4.3

Game reviewMy favorite part about this game is the first picture on the App Store where it says giant p you must wonder what word are they trying to say giant plant giant pelvis the possibilities are endless and that shows what this game really is.Version: 7.5

Great game but...Ive had this game before and it was fun... Until i beat all the levels, i think they should add a free roam feature to let people do little tasks that are all different to help keep the game fun also adding a place to customize Maxwell wouldn't hurt.Version: 7.3

Great! But...Game overall is great but whenever I try to get the DLC for the game it crashes. Minor problem but I would love if you fixed that because I want to waste my remaining $1.22 dollars left on my iPad, And I want verb and noun levels..Version: 7.5

LOVE IT :) But needs more levels :(Amazing Game! Recommend it to everyone, has loads of adventure and endless possibilities! I would have liked more levels though :(.Version: 2.7

Bug fixThis game is cool and all, but there is one problem. Even though this game is old, I do enjoy playing it, but I keep getting kicked out of the game. Like, it literally kicks me out of the game and onto my phone home screen. Then when I go back in the game, it actually starts the game from the starting loading screen. Can you fix that please?.Version: 7.5

CreativeSoooo creative I can do almost anything almost as good as unlimited.Version: 7.3

Really goodThis is a cool app it makes you think out side the box . It is also really fun to play and is not a waste of money.Version: 1.3

GREAT! but one thingI play scribblenauts every twice a week. I like it! But I would want you to add one more thing! Please let us create oure own character for free... and items for free! Creator of thegame GOOD JOB and please add that feature to that update please!.Version: 7.5

Plays well, addictiveNot sure why some people are complaining that this crashes? I never had a problem and it works well on the iPhone & iPad. 5 stars for a clever and addictive game..Version: 1.3

ReviewThe seal pups are so cute! I LOVE this game but it's really expensive and then you also have to pay even MORE if you want the world pass or mythical creatures! It's a bit annoying, I still love the game but not as much, when you update an app you pay for, you don't update it so you can pay extra! In the next update I suggest you make the playground much bigger, make no limit to the amount of objects used, and for god's sake make the extras FREE! This might be unfair to those who already paid but you could give them a refund easily! I don't expect to pay about $7:00 for one app..Version: 2.0

Good but one thing...Make it so you can make your own character okay 👌 peace.Version: 7.5

Too goodIt’s just so f###### good.Version: 7.3

So funI wanted to find a fun game that actually had my favourite animal and there scribblnaut remix was the best game ever.Version: 7.5

I don’t care what people sayIt is the best but I would like it if they made the levels free and new people free because I have to pay to get more levels and people,and can you please ad more stuff😀😀😀😎😎👓👓🧢🧢👟👟.Version: 7.3

It’s greatIt good.Version: 7.5

It’s the greatest game everDon’t get this kid no stores cause it’s awesome I bet you haven’t played it.Version: 7.1

An Insanely Good Cartoon Like Game.. 😄The games very unique in many ways. I luv how u can make anything! Just like ur imagination. The games very cartoonish and smooth, kinda like subway surfers. It was cartoony and very smooth. That also one of my fav games. But my personal fav thing bout this game is that it’s characters. The characters remind me of my child hood.. which makes me happy. That u scribblnauts 🙏🙏🙏 .. I’m 10 years old and I wrote this :) ...Version: 7.5

...Amazing the this is just one game u wanna buy.Version: 7.5

Great! But...I love Scribblenauts! It's a great way to think outside the box. It's addicting, and enjoyable! But... there's only 5 worlds, and for a paid app, I think there should be more. Or, like the scribblenauts on computer, after completing all the worlds just be able to mess around with the game in a town, or anywhere in the game. Other wise, great game!.Version: 7.1

Very good game!Amazing fun game, though you should add more levels for the unpaid pack. Amazing though!.Version: 7.1

More avatarsI really love this game but I don't have the money to buy things,if you could add in a avatar pack that's free that would be nice and be able to play the entire game for free. You could also add in a menu where you could create your own character.Version: 7.1

Excellent.Fun intellectual game. Can summon anything really. I love jet packs and black hole..Version: 7.5

SuggestionsI think that the game could use some more cool things like an actual steam shovel, looking like Mary Anne, because I got an excavator when I put in steam shovel; maybe there should be more things added to the game.Version: 7.1

HonestlyTo be completely going to have the most fun in the "creative mode" aka the title screen, a place where you can create anything you please.Version: 7.1

Cart iconI love this game but the one problem is the cart and avatar icons I've got a poisoned crab about to be out in a shoebox at the bottom of the playground and I need to pick him up and drop him into the shoebox but the icons are in the way and its brain struggling not being able to pick him up in ease so its a serious problem if your games giving someone a headache right?!.Version: 3.0

Don't buy till fixedJust updated, but still crashes, what's your problem, just fix the game please..Version: 2.4

GreatI like the game but not everything is in there. Please do an update that puts more objects plz!.Version: 7.3

:3I loved this game!!! It was worth spending 1.00$ on!!! I have one miner problem though....... once you beat all the levels there is nothing to do.. but then my brother told me to replay the levels and use even crazier stuff then before!!! 10 out of 10!!!.Version: 7.1

Do not rate bad yetDon't give it no stars just yet when I bet u haven't done free play ITS SIMPLE don't press play and just stay in the first area fun right so don't say "this game sux" just yet.Version: 7.1

BEST GAME EVERThis game is a great way to spend money on.🤑🤑🤑🤑😎😀.Version: 7.5

What is up drama alert nationI feel offended by the scribble nazis.Version: 7.5

Love it!I also own scribblenauts unlimited and I have a 3ds and own scribblenauts unmasked. This one is my favorite! 1. You can dig holes! 2 you can play unique levels, 3, so many skins! But one question, is there a way to add adjectives?.Version: 7.1

Scribblenauts Remix ReviewI had heard of this game before now and had always wanted to play it is when it was introduced to the app store I jumped at the opportunity to buy it. Now that I have i am not disappointed it is an extremely enjoyable strategy game and it is easy to be creative. My only criticism would be that there is not enough levels at this point in time but I am sure that in the future it will be frequently updated to accommodate more levels. Other than that I would highly recommend this very fun game to many, many more people. Thank You Warner Brothers for making a great time waster and an excellent puzzle and strategy game..Version: 1.2

Great gameTo all those dummies who thing this is a "money grab" this Game is actually pretty cheap compared to like most games. It's a fun and creative game and gets your brain thinking. Great time waster 😂 and souch fun.Version: 7.5

AwesomeLoads of fun and challenging - great time filler. But it's a little silly how we paid for the app and have to further pay to play more worlds. Please either charge more initially or drop the extra cost :( Sorry - but otherwise awesome game.Version: 2.9

Very happy :)I love this game and I recommend it to everyone!, yes it sometimes quits un-expectantly. But you have to say its a great game!. P.S Can you add more content please?. Like popular stuff like slenderman and pewdiepie and stuff like that and can u make it that u can just create your own character? Instead of us buying cool characters, can we just modify maxwell to our hearts content. Like give him long hair?. Female face. A nice dress and even high heels?. Somthing similar like that. I am asking really nicely.. Please update it to something like this :) please make it similar to the wii game :) Regards: No name given.Version: 2.7

Great game, but...This was an amazing game! It lets imagination run wild. I love this game! There is something I do not like though. This game already costs money, but then there is a lot of in app purchases. They only give you 3 boy avatars, and give you a girl if you sign up for something! There are many more avatars, but you have to purchase them in packs! Plus, they only give you 5 worlds to play at, unless you want to purchase more! I think that if you make someone purchase an app for money they should get the unlimited plan. This game is great, but they are crazy to make people have to buy stuff in a game that cost money. 😤😤😤.Version: 7.1

AwesomeIt's a really great version of the game but it's missing the level creator and different playground areas plus the time machine and teleporter doesn't work :( Hopefully this will change in further updates!.Version: 1.0

God game but......Honestly this game is Great but I wish this game was free play like the other scribble Nauts because my mom bought this for me and she said no more games and I thought this was like the free play one........So I Would really appreciate it if the devs could make it like that......Thanks for your great work.Version: 7.5

WowThis game is amazing! I love how you've set it up, and how we'll it plays it on my I pod! It would be nice if you didn't have to buy better play grounds, levels, and skins! All up awesome game!.Version: 4.0

SUPER GOOD GAMEI remember playing this game when i got mad i delete or i was stuck i deleted it now i’m begging for it the 14th time,yeah i got this a lot of times and you should get,just keep it on once!.Version: 7.3

Great Game But Something Needs To ChangeInstead of actually saying the action word what if when we press on the things we spawn and give color to it and give mods to it.Version: 7.1

Great game butIt's a great game I fell in love with it but if you want the game to last a long time you have to pay for all maps but it's one'll 99 cents and you have to pay for more skins it's like Minecraft you have to pay for packs I think there 5 packs of skins but if you want to get them all at the same time you have to pay 3 or 4$ but each pack is 99cents so if you willing to pay a few bucks for a great game your in luck 🤘🏻👍.Version: 7.1

Best gameThis game is awesome but some levels get really hard maybe you can add like hints..Version: 7.5

CooolMy bad, i got this when i still had ios 4.35 and it had lots of bugs but once i updated to ios5 i found no bugs in this game, love it..Version: 1.0

I want my axolotlI like the game I love how you got scribble knots on iPad but you should add creator mode and also there’s a glitch in the axolotl every time you type in axolotl It gives you half a axolotl plz fix the game I want my axolotol👌.Version: 7.5

Good but needs moreIt is a great game that requires thinking outside of the box but it needs more levels and a tool that let's you paint water were you want it and it needs a clone tool.Version: 1.3

Best Scribblenauts Game EVERLove it but you could make it you can create anything.Version: 7.1

ProblemThis is a good game however I am disappointed that it wants additional costs to keep playing and more fire the character selection if it was not for those issues it would have received a five star rating.Version: 2.8

FantasticI find this game fantastic and addictive, it has some really cool levels, and it gives the player the opportunity to create some very different items, like a giant angry bee.......if you get this game you have to try this! This is an awesome game, you have to get it, I rate it 5 stars..Version: 1.1

Awesome but dudeGET MORE STUFF IT NEEDS MORE STUFF.Version: 7.1

GreatAlthough finished it in an hour or two, need mooooore leeeeeeevels. I reckon a Story line with bigger maps and longer objectives would suit this game more then the short simple levels.Version: 1.0

Definitely gets your creative juices flowing!Absolutely love playing this! All the creative and endless ways to complete levels makes this game special. One thing I used in the playground is "female maxwell" and all these odd things started appearing! Like a clown in a cannon, a dragon with a hard hat on, a scared girl, and a Hawaiian shirt! Try it and see what you get. :) Need to add more worlds though! Already got through them so quickly, and now it's just taking up space. Maybe something like Angry Birds where you have a star rating defined by the points you get? Would make you more willing to go back and get a higher score on each level!.Version: 1.4

Best GameIts really good but not downloading at the moment i bought dlc deleted it restired and it worked great job guys keep updating ill keep you up to date.Version: 7.1

AwesomeIt’s a really good game to play if you like it.Version: 7.1

MoreMake it so it's in first person and make it so you can reload and make it so you have life's in creative and make it so you can have limited ammo.Version: 4.2

Great, lots of fun for any age.*get rid of this tree* You could just type "chainsaw" Or you could type "rainbow flaming tank" and shoot and burn the tree down. So much fun, do anything with your logic, great for all ages. Best app..Version: 2.8

Fantastic GameThis game by far deserves all the gat comments it's getting. It's simply great fun. Allows the player to impose their own personality and thoughts running through their minds to solve the levels..Version: 1.0

True loveScribblenauts helped me find my true love, me and my wife Gertrude have been together for 5 years now. To anyone looking to start a close relationship but isn’t having success on dating websites I suggest scribblenauts. Or if you’re looking for a quick hook up scribblenauts is better than prostitutes;).Version: 7.1

FantasticIt's a fabulous game. There are so many possibilities that you can put to work and create. Despite what other reviews say, I had no problems (crashing, not saving etc.) and it works fine. If you have a great imagination you want to use, it's worth it!.Version: 2.7

Super awesome cool game, but......Well done guys, you have really made the game even more awesomer. I've just discovered that when your creating things in the playground mode and you want to change your character, well you can't, cause it crashes. :(.Version: 3.1

Amazing game !!!!Realy fun.Version: 7.1

For some reason I downloaded it a couple of days ago but now I can't get on it. It goes to the homeI got it a couple of days ago but now I can't get on it. It goes to the home screen and the quits off :( but it was still fun.Version: 2.0

:o🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩gooood.Version: 7.5

I want to be able to save worldsI personally think you should be able to save your success in scribblenaughts but the game is great. Please fix the bug when the notebook goes grey. My suggestion is you should add multiplayer to the game and can play with anyone on the same wifi as you. Please do at least one suggestion and I love the game! 😉😉😉.Version: 7.5

Super fun!I really like this game and the mind set that is has! Having the power to create pretty much anything you want just by thinking about it is really cool to me swimming as I really like to draw and think and use my imagination..Version: 7.5

One little flawDude keep up the good work I love the game I have ADHD and have nowhere to be creative and this game finally brought me to a place I could,it's just that I already paid for the game and don't want to pay again to get more levels. please consider changing it.Version: 7.5

Thanks!This game is great. Thanks for keeping it updated so we can keep playing! It is worth it. I only have the first five worlds but they are great! I haven’t had any problems..Version: 7.4

Great but..You have to pay for the game in the first place, but then you have to buy more stuff. I used to like it a lot but some things just aren’t right. If you only have 5 dollars to spend or something, maybe reconsider..Version: 7.5

It's pretty good..I find it quite good in the sense that it is fun and challenging but after I bought the dlc pack1 on my iPad, it still wants me to buy the pack on my iPod!!! and also I think it was a rip offf to buy the next pack as we are already paying to get the app anyway. at this rate no one will be getting scribblenauts anymore. you really have to up the thinking and consideration of this app. otherwise i won't be buying anything from you again, scribblenauts, apps or otherwise. it was great when I first got it, but now you're trying to get MONEHHH. not going to work on me anymore to say the least. but anyway I wish you could like posts on the app store! I would totally like mine. maybe I should make a complaint! anyway, I'm really disappointed that you have to buy the packages after the first 5 level packs because judging by how it's names dlc pack ONE, there'll definitely be more to come which means you will have to buy more. so I would only buy this app if it was 99cents and then buy the pack. that's what would be okay-ISH. but $5 and you still need to buy the next pack+ more.. UNACCEPTABLE AND OUTRAGEOUS. you won't be hearing from me again , whichisupposeisgoodthung. I CAN'T EVEN SEE WHAT I TYPING. I should be abletosroll down nd see what I'm writing I the first place. YDHESIHRFIAOAJDVNOBCAIUEGQIHEDQIHBCIAJSBCAIDBCAIJDBCAIHEGDQIEDJCAOJDBVAKJDBVAJDNKAJEBFIJQHOUQHEROIWEVOJBSDNVOWRHVOAIEYOUQEYROUEHFOJSDVSJDVLJADVOQGEFQIUGEDQIU oh.Version: 1.5

AwesomeCool game but keeps crashing and restarting my levels please fix Also please make it able to type people into the game would really be amazing.Version: 3.7

GoodGood.Version: 7.3

Buy this gameIf you like having fun then this is the perfect game for you in this imaginary world.Version: 7.1

:DI like it!.Version: 7.5

ScribbleNauts RemixWithin a few days, this is now easily the best game on my iPod touch. Works perfectly and the same game as on my friends DS for a quarter of the price! Thank you so much for making this game.Version: 1.0

The bestThe best.Version: 7.1

LoveThere's a bug in the game that makes it crash wherever i try to open the playground selectionand it's soooooo anoying please fix it! I really like this game apart from this though and would reccomend it despite the bug problem im having :).Version: 3.7


Wonderful time passI love this game so much, really worth the $ u pay and sometimes makes u get your thinking cap on. I recommend purchasing this game..Version: 5.6

Love it,Great app, works incredibly well! The in-app purchase of more levels is absolutely fine, I'm happy to pay extra for this impressive content. Recently finding that the app keeps crashing upon opening, and I can no longer use it. I am sure these issues will be addressed.Version: 2.0

OMG amazingThis game is a must buy app it’s puzzles, quests and even more fun the thing is most people have no enthusiasm for this app but I think it’s better than all apps. Even though, most people delete this app because they think it’s ‘boring’ they should think again!.Version: 7.5

Love itA fantastic creative game that can seemingly generate everything I ask of it. Fun levels, colourful graphics and a novel premise. Multiple was to solve levels extends the replay value. There are a few glitches and the game has crashed and sometimes slowed down to a halt. Look forward to more levels :).Version: 1.0

Awesome game! But has problems...This game is super addicting and fun, but on some levels such as the one where you have to colour the cars in the colour that the person wants because on the second time I have to do it, I can't add any car! Pls fix!.Version: 7.1

ImpeccableThis game is the highlight of my day though I has some tricky levels 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😎😎😎😎😎.Version: 7.1

Game doesnt work after arcade.After i play the arcade game in the playground i cant move maxwell all it does is move the screen please fix. Otherwise awesome game. Oh and you should be able to add people like fictional characters or stuff like that..Version: 2.7

I love it, but one problem.So, when I downloaded it and played on other devices, it was good. But when I switched to an iPhone XR, or basically any iPhone X. I’d be stuck having to play with the normal size of an iPhone, without the notch. I hope that the gane can have an update for full screen support..Version: 7.5

I love the game butI love the game but a few problems, I'm stuck on one creative world one or whatever you call it, and I can't get out into another one without my ipod crashing, I try to press start it crashes please fix it I've just brought extra levels and extra backgrounds, but other than that I love the game. 😍.Version: 3.1

Cool but one thingMore free skins! Plz! I love it recommend it for bored.Version: 7.3

Good gameI wish was a way to buy the expansions with your score or something.Version: 7.1

Super addicting but oddly worded st timesLove this game, it’s so relaxed and really lets you stretch your imagination! I’m really enjoying the ‘crown’ challenge of beating the same level 3 times in 3 different ways - it has me thinking outside my regular train of thought. Some level descriptions are deceivingly worded though; like (SPOILERS) world 2-4, an aquarium is usually just aquatic animals not any animal near water. And 3-1 where you ‘use potions on the man’ - you can use more than potions! (END SPOILERS).Version: 7.3

Great game but...This is an awesome game, especially that you can create almost anything. It would be really good if there were more playgrounds, including an ocean one.Version: 1.2

What is this 😂👈🤘👊👊👊Hi 👋.Version: 7.5

GoodIt’s good game.Version: 7.5

Great gameSimple but awesome!.Version: 7.1

Good game butGame will load the at all ???.Version: 7.1

Ya mum’s ya dad. Too goodUnreal. Bees knees. Same time real. Life changer.Version: 7.4

ReeeAmazing.Version: 7.5

Great app!FANTASTIC app! Love this game, I make it available as an activity in my classroom too, because it encourages creative thinking and imagination, as well as thinking outside of the box. Totally recommend for adults or kids, lots of fun!.Version: 1.1

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