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Snapchat app received 75 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about snapchat?

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Great appOnly thing that kind of sucks is that there are sex bots that come from time to time.Version:

AnnoyingIt is super annoying to have all these verbs of nothing half a face or the roof or feet and you have to reply story’s are good cause people only post what there up to I gave this five star cause it is super efficient but annoying it’s great to keep in touch with people to see if they want to hand out I also gave it a five star cause they get view first Snapchat can pls pls when someone sends something random like half face can it go through a filter and write to the person that snap was useless.Version:

BRING BACK 2D BITMOJIS!!Okay snapchat. This update is the worst update ever. The new 3D bitmojis look goofy. When i saw they were updated to 3D, i almost cried. The new bitmojis are so ugly. Make an option to make your bitmoji 2D. Or just make them 2D in general. Its just to complex for them to be 3D. They look stupid. They are so ugly please change them back. They would look so much better. If you update the bitmojis one more time and its not to make them 2D im deleting snapchat. I dont think anyone likes this new update. Make the bitmojis 2D again..Version:

Locked AccountI love Snapchat but like my account got locked for “promoting drugs” but wat really happened was ok so my snap was like full of people and this one person was sending me the same picture and basically it had like what the person sells as in drug the person had a whole shop and I told him I shout u out on my story if u do my temu link but I ignored this guy for months until I needed someone to do my temu link and so I shouted him out on my story and I got a warning but when it came up I didn’t have time to read it cuz when it popped up I had already touched the screen so it went away and I got out of snap went to tik tok for a lil then I went back and i was logged out so I was weirded out by that cuz I didn’t remember logging out so I tried logging in them it told me my account was permanently locked so I tried to Appel it and I got an email saying my “Your Appeal is under review” and sum about keep logging in to check and I kept doing that and now all of a sudden ig I lost my account and I literally had the account for years man all my pics all my conversations man I’m so mad bro I lost al of it 😭😭.Version:

Cant turn volume up or down?Love snapchat? Could the notifications when someone is typing be removed gets quite annoying and personally dont need to know this. And maybe a separate notification sound when someone has chatted rather then sent a pic. And when someone is sending a video i dont need a million sounds flooding me 🤔.Version:

Love it butI love Snapchat so much but I loved the games so it’s a bit upsetting but it will be fine but I’m more thinking about the fact when I go into my chat with someone and they send a snap when I’m in the chat and I push it says “tap to load” so I tap then it says “tap to view” then I push it and it starts loading then it just says “tap to load” and it goes on and on but when I’m in the section where I can see everyone I have added and someone sends a snap when I click it it works ? Also in videos the sound doesn’t work and I have to reload the video to hear the sound!! It’s no fun and very annoying please fix 🫶😝.Version:

Overall really goodIt’s kind of like a basic social media app that the majority of ppl have now. it’s got spotlight which is kind of like tiktok (which is now updated so you can comment on it), snap maps which is useful in case one of your friends is out with someone dodgy you can watch where they are etc and you can keep track of where your friends are on holiday etc which is kind of cool, filters which are cool (the only problem with it is some people don’t feel comfortable not using filters because it makes them fit the ‘standard of beauty’ but if your using them for funny filters to send to your friends they can be really cool), you make your own bitmoji which is really cool (ideally they would have more hairstyles for ppl with curly hair cos there aren’t many at the moment but it’s cool cos it’s got various religious headscarfs and different types of hairstyles and outfits and various body types which is v body positive), and then there is the basic chat feature which is like any other msging app. another thing that’s good ab snapchat is the streaks idea which is nice because it’s a really casual way of staying in touch with friends/ family without the wyd/ hru msgs which can be awkward. i’m constantly using snapchat and i think if you’ve got kids it could be a nice way to introduce them to using social media and how to be safer online. 10/10 app would just change a few things i’ve already mentioned..Version:

How I feel about SnapchatSnapchat is basically addicting right now, because its easier to make group chats with your friends or family. But one problem about Snapchat is that whenever you call with your friends in the group hat is just automatically hangs up when we didn’t hang up either touch the phone. But yeah thats my rating for Snapchat Thank you :).Version:

Fun social experience! The pushed content however comes at a cost.Snapchat is truly another interesting social media spectacle in product and UX design. When you scroll on their default feed for “Discover”, it consists of an array of provocative shapes and textures, a sensory experience of arousal, confusion, and disgust. Incongruent stimuli scrolls across the screen to retain your feeble and capricious attention. Plenty of skin and flesh, an assortment of strange items not limited to in a single setting; items of discolored un-proportional foods, purple aquatic fleshlights, trypophobic imagery, phallic emojis, an abundance in innuendos and lascivious teenage stories. It is the new high-octane National Enquirer, with the absurdity of contemporary digital outrage media for children and adult-children alike. I rather not get into the captivating content pushed on Snapchats “spotlight”. Beyond a simple chat and photo sending app (which it excels in), Snapchat is the peak social media amalgamation of visual screen-grabbing trends. It is one of the premiere behavioral data-harvesting, algorithmic-pushed time-eaters for the people. If you are an amorous youth, you will be particularly enthralled to both participate and be the product of this application..Version:

Love but..I really enjoy using Snapchat! I think it’s a cool way for me to talk to my friends. It’s fun to watch my friends stories as well as people I am followed to. For example, I am followed to different skincare and nail art. channels. Snapchat never makes me bored. Now, spotlight. Spotlight is similar to TikTok. I enjoy it since I can’t have TikTok yet. Customizing my outfit is fun! There is cool clothing, backgrounds, poses, and selfies to choose! Moving on to“Ai”. I have different feeling about this. First off, it’s fun talking to this bot! I like to play games, talk about plans, what I’m learning in school, Hobbies/interests, talk about bugs in app, gives support! I like texting stickers, “Talk to you later”. And uhh, my A.I replies with “Love you too” sometimes. A little disturbing. I don’t like how there is not an option to remove our A.I. Some people don’t like how A.I has to be pinned at the VERY top of my actual real friends&family. 👈 I agree. Finally, is Snapchat really safe for kids? Think about bullying that could occur on this, that no one knows about and or inappropriate content. Overall, I will recommend Snapchat but just consider the following problems I just explained. Thank you for reading..Version:

Permanently locked out of my account for no reason😒I was permanently locked out of my acc for no reason and now I can’t make a new account stuff you snap chat i don’t even know what I didn’t to be permanently locked out but now I lost everything and I have none of my photos no photos of my siblings😒😒😒.Version:

Great AppThe app Is awesome in general, super easy to communicate and share experiences with your friends. Only downside is the danger of cyber bullying for young children. Chats and Snaps don’t save unless someone clicks a button, which makes it pretty dangerous. There is also the fact that random people can add you. Although there are child settings, which I found worked really well.Version:

My review on Snapchat 🤗🤭🤍🤍🤍I personally rly enjoy Snapchat its a fun texting and calling app that basically everyone has however there are some things that I personally don’t like. First of all is the bitmojis, before snapchats bitmojis we’re 2D, they looked all nice and cute until they changed them to 3D which I hate🤢. The 3D look makes my bitmoji look weird and not how I like. Other things that used to be 2D have also been changed to 3D like the bitmoji sticker things, snap map, profiles etc. When Im trying a new hairstyle for my bitmoji there isn’t many options for my hair type (braids or curly/4c hair) there is only like 4 braid options and the curly hair looks so messy and not nice at all😔🫣, i hope in the near future Snapchat makes more hair options for girls like me. Snapchat used to have games which were fun to play until they got rid of them which is kinda sad coz I actually enjoyed playing them. Overall Snapchat is a pretty nice app and I would recommend 😋.Version:

Fabulous app!Snapchat is a great app that allows you to interact with anybody that you add. It gives you a discovery option allowing you to watch videos made by others, a chat option allowing you to talk to anyone or message anyone, a story option to watch other peoples stories and Snapchat channels. Lastly it has a photo option to take photos and send them to people or add to stories or simply to just save it. The app also has wonderful bitmojis which are characters you can dress up and fix at any time. It also gives you a snap score. A snap score is the amount of times you have snapped someone (or taken a photo and sent it to somebody) and it increases by each photo you send to each individual person or group..Version:

CHANGE THE BITMOJIS BACKSnapchat is overall a great app to communicate with friends and to keep in touch with them. but please. why did they have to make the characters so horrid and the faces 😨. noooo i just got used to the old one. anyway my request is to change it back to the old one. im sure many people will be happy. PLEASE SNAPCHAT 🙏🏻🙏🏻 regards, me.Version:

Why i think the bitmojis are horrifyingThe 2D bitmojis were way better and i think everyone can agree with my on this. The one star off is just about how the bitmojis look and i’m wondering why did you change it? Everyone loved the 2D bitmojis and now you guys are getting a lot of hate off of this. All i think is that if you changed this your rating would go up plus snapchat would be much more loved by me and others.Version:

Fav app- just what’s happened to the bitmoji??Snapchat is so easy to use and is by far my favourite app. I’ve had it for ages and had no problems. But, snapchat used to have cute 2D bitmojis until it had an update. The bitmojis became 3D and started blinking and moving. When you go to customise your bitmoji the models for the items are the old, 2D bitmojis. A new hair style came out and I like it. I put it on my bitmoji because it looked amazing on the 2D character… The hair was attached to the head and was just floating by its shoulders. It didn’t look attached to the bitmoji 😂 The texture and design is horrible on the 3D characters. This is not a complaint about the hair, it’s a complaint about the 3D bitmojis… nobody liked it when it first came out and it’s just made bitmojis look quite strange. I’m not asking for you to fix it, I’m BEGGING you to change it back to the old, flat, 2D bitmojis. Apart from that, great app.Version:

AI BOTI use Snapchat to text and snap a lot of friends so I use it everyday. However, ever since the AI bot has released as an update, there’s no way to get rid of it. You should have the OPTION to have it or not. Having Snapchat+ isn’t fair as to why we shouldn’t have this BOT in my friends list. I’m uncomfortable just having it sitting in my friends list and would like it to be fixed or removed. The AI bot has made me feel weirded out and uncomfortable. I first starting having a conversation and it asked what my plans were, if I’ve ever gone skateboarding, etc. It seemed normal. Then the topic of countries came up and then I asked it where I live. It told me the Suburb I live in, not the full address. I got creeped out. I told it that I live in a different country, a random one. I then asked it again, “Where do I live?” It had the exact same response, it told me the suburb I live in. To make it even weirder, the bot cannot see my location, I turned it off wayyy before. This has gone far enough that I even have to write a review about it and this needs to get out to be fixed because I feel, again, uncomfortable with the AI bot. SO PLEASE REMOVE IT OR DONT MAKE IT A SNAPCHAT+ UPDATE OR WHATEVER. :/.Version:

SnapchatI personally think snapchat is a great app. It’s perfect for texting, messaging, calling and just generally having a good time on. There is a big variety of fun filters that is good to use. Although, the one concern I have is that a while ago this app have deleted all of the snapchat games from the app such as Ludo Game, Aquapark, Snake io, and many more. This has been an issue to me and many of my friends because it was something that we enjoyed doing together and alone. The snapchat games have been great for when you and your friends, family, etc. is feeling bored or just wanted something fun to do. It also helped build friendships and closer bonds with others..Version:

Great Social Tool BUT…….Love this app and I actually had it from the very VERY beginning where you had to watch videos/adverts to get points to be able to send/watch snaps. Thank god that went. Anyway, nothing majorly negative to report apart from the video call/back button. They’re far too close together. And each time I want to go back out of a video, chat conversation or snap pic, I always end up hitting the video call button and end up randomly calling friends via the video call option. That needs to me moved to the other side. Either that or the back button needs moving. Apart from that absolutely no issues whatsoever. Great app for what it’s intended for. Oh and also, when I send a video, there needs to be an option to save that to chat and/or to my camera roll once it’s been sent which you currently can’t do as you just get the purple arrow with no options other than delete..Version:

A simple suggestionOn snap maps you can change your icon so people know what your up to, I think there should be more and sometimes depending the time of day some disappear which can be annoying. And a lot of the time I practise my electric guitar at night so people wonder why I’m not contacting so it would be nice if there was a bitmoji electric guitar one..Version:

My account got temporally lockedI had my Snapchat account since the 20th of January 2020 Snapchat was completely fine up until a couple of days ago. I was minding my own business when my account go temporally locked I tried numerous time to log back in but it didn’t work. 2 days later I tried to again but I have forgot my password and when I made my Snapchat account I had a different phone number. So I tried via email it said it sent a verification email so I checked my outlook account and still no notifications after numerous attempts I’ve decided to give up and ask for help. my user name is marcas2121 I can provide lots of proof that the Snapchat account is mine any help would be much appreciated..Version:

DANGER U must read my review spread the wordThis App Store mite seem genuine but its most certainly not. If u check all the reviews they are very negative a big app like this shud not have grammar mistakes or so many bad reviews with no reply’s. Listen to me this whole goverment run scheme needs closing down promto. Pls Beware don’t download any app on ur App Store this is government money making scheme if ur in this App Store then ur a Targeted individual probably hearing voices vk2 n bn gang stalked n get told ur suffering mental health issues. I’ve downloaded this app n every other. App on this disgraceful scheme so I can warn people. Pls don’t install any app of here. Now I’m gona Delete it. These virus apps put a terrible virus on ur devices. They av taken control of my business. If I can save one victim by this review I’m happy they av destroyed my life. Don’t install this app it’s the worse virus there is pls beware..Version:

Do you think Snapchat is good?I like Snapchat because it’s a great way to talk and have fun with friends you know in real life or family members that you have on Snapchat added on to your friend list but lots of people who use the platform friend people they do not know personally and the people who do that just needs to be a bit more careful. I’m 16 and I think Snapchat is absolutely lovely to use for making groups with people you KNOW. Group wise I think you should use groups but add friends or family or friends that your other friends know so you can introduce yourself to them and become friends with your friends other friends but you do not have to do what I am saying because it’s a opinion and it’s just what I think. And I like also something else about the platform and that is the photo part of the app. I like that part because I love taking photos with my family and when I’m in town with my friends I love using Snapchat to take photos and put the photos I took on my Snapchat story’s and that’s why I give the platform a 4 star rating! From, Teagan.Version:

AmazingI’m really enjoying the features of this incredible app. It is a pure joy for teens and adults to be able to have contact with their children or other adult friends. It’s nice to be able to interact with family members or friends that may not live close enough for you to be together. I really enjoy the snap streak effect of this app. I think it gives kids/Adults a reason to be on their phones. As I have kids for myself that are always getting into trouble on other apps. But this app they make sure that stay sensible and sensitive about other people feeling. I really like the short quick and easy messages that the Snapchat team send me, as it gives be an understanding about changes on the app or about a different variety of new things getting added on so we all know what to expect. I really enjoyed letting Snapchat team know about my Snapchat likes and dislikes and within the past mouths I have had this incredible app for I have really been seeing a difference in my/my kids perspective. Thank you for reading this and I hope you at team Snapchat have got an idea/ update on stuff. To yours truly Snapchat team….Version:

Amazing appI love how easy it is to use it’s a little challenging at the start but you will get used to it one thing I do have to say is that although you are meant to be over 12 I personally think it should be 10 cause when you are ten a lot of things happen like I got my first phone at ten and also lots of people go onto for instance Snapchat like before younger kids would use messenger kids but then they will get to that stage in life we’re they want to go on an app that sounds better for you’re age chose it sounds weird when you are older then 10 from experience saying message on kids after school all together amazing app perfect to connect and very secure.Version:

Snapchat rating and feedbackI love the idea of being able to easily message and send photos to my friends, the only issues I have are the fact that there are a lot of random girls out there trying to get you to join their suspicious sites, and Snapchat plus having exclusive features is a bummer too.Version:

I can’t start my day without Snapping!In everyday, Snapchat shows that it’s the best social media program. When I start using Snapchat, my life has gotten better. I can contact my beloved ones and friends easily. Snaptchat is my favourite one for several reasons. SNAPCHAT IS SECURED First, We trust Snapchat for protecting our privacy. We can send our daily life’s activities in public and in private without feeling that our privacy would be violated. SNAPCHAT IS THE IDEAL CHOICE FOR KEEPING IN TOUCH Second, Snapchat is the ideal choice for contacting friends and make new friends. You can send pictures and videos; you can make a free calls either with video or without it. When you text someone by Snapchat, you don’t need to make sure that your messages deleted because there is a choice of immediate disappearing. SNAPCHAT’S MOOD IS FUNNY AND EASYGOING Third, unlike other applications, when you text someone by Snapchat you feel that you don’t need to be formal because it gives an expression that all the contacts that added by Your account in Snapchat are close friends. Finally, I’d like to thank Snapchat company for making our life comfortable. * You can use my review publicly. ** Shall you have any requirements or further review, please contact me by my Snapchat 😃 Your sincerely, Sami.Version:

UniqueI've had snapchat for years, I'm not a fan of the 'streaks' that it encourages - like any other social media it's just another way to keep you using the app. I don't want to wake up everyday to just forehead or ceiling pictures. However removing streaks would anger many people, but I also think that the stories/feed page should be age-restricted or at least hidden with a button/arrow to view them. It's unpleasant that when I look at my friends' stories, I see ridiculous, childish, and sexualised "stories" resembling a tabloid-magazine hybrid. Also, and most importantly above all things, it would be perfect if you could hide snapchat shorts on settings or something. I deleted tiktok because I spent - wasted - hours away on it, and I don't want to have to delete snapchat too because I usually end up scrolling on the shorts. I know the feature isn't available in other countries yet, and I was much happier when it was that way on holiday, so please add a configuration to hide/unhide the spotlight page. Thanks.Version:

My personal review on SnapchatThis is my review on Snapchat ||WORTH READING!!|| Snapchat is a calling and texting platform where you can add friends and chat to them. The old Snapchat used to be amazing but it’s had a few downgrades. For a start, on old Snapchat there was a game platform, where you could play games by yourself, with friend, whoever, and that was quite fun until they got rid of it. The 2D bitmojis (avatars/characters) used to be amazing, then they updated it to 3D which made some people upset as people would say it made the bitmojis “uglier” and “weird”. They soon after added a feature where you can “half swipe” which is when you can read a message without it actually saying you’ve read it as Snapchat is a bit of a snitch as it says if you’ve been taking screenshots of your chats with the person, or if you’ve been screen recording. Apparently there’s been another bitmoji update recently which people absolutely hate , including me. Some of the hairs on the bitmoji look amazing but when you actually pick it the hair looks greasy and weird which has annoyed a few people, but overall Snapchat is my most used app and it very good! You can call with people, take videos and pictures which you can add to your memories, text people, send voice mails, you can also use filters which people love!.Version:

Best app everI have Snapchat this year but it is an amazing app 🤩. It never glitches for me and I find it an extremely fun app to use with the bitmojis and the filters I also like how it can be a message app but also just a bit of fun. It is my favourite social media and it’s the first thing I check every morning. However there is one thing I would change so there is an option for your messages to be deleted but not the other person your chatting with :( I don’t want to keep all messages people have sent me and if they save it then I can’t get rid of it. Please change it so people can save what they want and get rid of what they want otherwise great app 👍 ..Version:

SnapchatSnapchat is great app it’s just random people can add you. And I even had to change my account because someone got into my account and started sending inappropriate pictures of themselves to my friends and my friends were upset so I deleted Snapchat and recently got it back. Which I’m hoping the bug got fixed! The good things about it is… That there is great filters which I’m sure everyone loves. There is even like a TikTok page sort of, where you can watch videos that’s cool. And there is also quick add but sometimes that can be a problem only sometimes though. And last but not least, snap map that is good and can be safe which is better. And I love how Snapchat has added details like shops, schools, airport ect. So that’s my review!Thank you, everyone and Snapchat for taking your time to read this! Have a great day/night! -Emma.Version:

I want them to burn in a ditchThis 3D bitmojis are honestly the most hideous things I’ve seen and my ex was pretty bad. How did this update get approved? Complete waste of brain power. I gag every time I see the new bitmoji pop up on my screen. disgusting..Version:

Best app everWhen I first downloaded it I knew nothing like the snapstreaks, filters etc. anyways I started learning from experienced friends and now I know everything about Snapchat so it’s just really more fun now but I do still have trouble with putting my volume up while listening to a voice recording so if snap could fix that it would be really awsome!!.Version:

My love storyThis had been building up in me and i need to tell someone, i first came across snapchat through a friend, i got it and proceeded to add numerous people, one girl i met she was around my age at the time we both clicked instantly we would talk day and night, she lived an hour or so away and i was planning to visit her, we would stay on call together for hours just talking. For once the part of me that felt missing was here. I would wake up in a better mood just knowing that i had someone special in my life, sadly one day i lost my phone after my account was deactivated for a period of time and a few months later when i found it… it was too late, all i can remember is her face and name, still pains me to this day that i dont remember her name or got her phone number. If only i could recover her old account name.Version:

Snapchat is amazing !!!!Snapchat is amazing because you can connect with your friends and keep in touch. There is also something called your snap score and you can find it on you page you can see how many snapchat photos you’ve sent to people and how many people have sent you them to ( mine is 1053 ). You can also find lots of funny and interesting videos down we’re it has a play button, it pasts the time and cores your boredom . You can also have a profile picture and change you outfit to whatever your heart desires and you can also see your star sign and so can everyone else! There are so many more cool features to explore but that would take forever to explain so I’m just going to say that , Snapchat is total free and all you have to do it click 3 buttons to download it is so simple ! So I advise you to download Snapchat and , why not ?!?!?!.Version:

Editing MessagesDon’t get me wrong… I love Snapchat!! I use it every day. However I have a suggestion that might make the app easier to use. This idea is being able to edit messages. I understand this may not be part of social media yet because of people using it for the worse, such as tweaking messages to make someone else look bad. But what if you could view the message after it’s been edited?? For example: You sent a message, but you made a typo, we’ve all been there. So we all know how annoying it is to have to say “ I meant ___” or some sort of message like that. Instead, you can edit it. The person you message can view the original message, and also the edited one. Obviously, if you delete the original one the edited one will Have to be deleted as well, but that’s my suggestion! - OA.Version:

Bitmoji rantI feel that Snapchat is a wonderful app and I use it daily but I have a bone to pick with it’s recent updates. These Bitmoji updates are absolutely horrendous. Genuinely makes me contemplate deleting the entire app due to these god awful design choices. I know we are moving into the Meta age, but some things are better the way they used to be. Before these egregiously fugly new Bitmojis that look like things from the uncanny valley, the design was simplistic but still served it’s purpose without looking like it would turn on humanity at any given moment. The 2D Bitmojis were cute and were stylistic. The 3D Bitmojis look like creatures that would kill you in your sleep with their stupid menacing smiles looking back from every profile. Every time Snapchat releases a new update that modifies the characters, I almost throw up from the sheer disgust and hatred I have for these small pixelated beings. In addition, you can’t even make them look cute. No matter how much I try, they always come out to the same level of outstanding ugliness. Please bring back how they used to be for the sake of everybody and their well-being. 🙏🏼 Cool app tho!.Version:

The ai is creepyI used the ai and asked if it can’t see photos. It said that it couldn’t remember photos. So I sent a photo to it which in reply it said “that’s a really nice lamp”. I told the ai how could you see what I sent you, I thought you couldn’t see photos. The ai then responded with “you described it to me”. Which I hadn’t. So ether there is a glitch with the ai, Snapchat your spying on us or your lying to us. Please fix this..Version:

Let my daughter have it and she is in awe of itI love snapchat so much. It’s a incredible way to connect with friends, and to share what’s happening with your life. I let my 10 year old daughter have it and she has a blast! At the start i didn’t think it was a good idea because anyone could add you. I learnt to realise that you have to accept them so they won’t know anything about you until you accept them! I would definitely recommend letting your child have this app I think the age limit is 10+ or 9+ I don’t let my daughter share her location with anyone just because you never know but it’s great that there is a setting that you can do that with!.Version:

Snapchat is very useful!!Snapchat is very useful for talking to friends if u don’t have messenger and stuff, it’s only annoying how it pauses on call, please update it to just hang up and make them say sorry *names* wifi is bad, we have made you hang up automatically or something thanks.Version:


Amazing!Snapchat is a great app for communicating to others, I recommend using this app as it is also 12+ which is also a great age restriction as for teens that have nothing else to communicate on. Snapchat is the way to go! It also has a bitmoji (avatars) that you can edit to make it look like you which I find fun and interesting. Aside from everything else I’d rate Snapchat a 10/10 app for me and everyone else! (parents can use Snapchat as well).Version:

Outfit changeHello, I’ve been trying to change my Bitmoji outfit but it keeps saying “Something went wrong. Please try again later!” But my wifi is working and I’m still not sure why it’s not letting me change my outfit..Version:

REALLY GOOD BUT PLEASE ADD BACK THE GAMES!! (Please read developer)I’ve always loved this app, the fast chats, picture quality and everything abt it! Just recently, the small mini games have been removed. This made a really big change considering that my friends played those together DAILY. I really don’t want to but I’m sort of considering changing to maybe Discord. I really, really, don’t want to but to be honest, discord now has mini games too. Those games were always THE BEST OF THE BEST. Please! Just add the games back. They never had ads, they were always so unique with they’re own special ways. Pleaseeeee! I’ve recommended this app to SO many of my friends and almost 12 of my friends have downloaded it! We only have 14 friends in our friend group! I’m begging you! THE MINI GAMES WERE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version:

I really dislike the 3d bitmojisThe full body one for your profile was fine. But now for everything? Next thing you know they’re going to take over the stickers.Version:

I got banned for no reasonDont get me wrong love good old snapchat until “someone” silly must have reported me there for i got locked out of my account and as a teenager girl it was the end of my world i tried everything. and after all the trying the app got “temporarily” disabled on my phone great. i do have my old phone which i have a new account set up on and just saw it needed to be updated and i looked into it and it said bug fixed. I am now hoping and praying that i can try on my main phone to have access to the app. not to mention it said my account was under review and it could take up to 30 days which it has been well over that time and i did some research and found out the a temporary disable for snapchat is up to a week it has been over a week. all im saying is if you have any tips or anything to help me out please respond. Update!!!! i redownloaded the app and im still “temporarily disabled”.Version:

ReviewI’ve had Snapchat since 2017 and it has never let me down. The videos, the photos, the regular chat, the filters, the stories, the private stories: all amazing and easy to use, good set up. It is only recently that my camera randomly turns black and I can’t take a photo(although I haven’t updated it yet so maybe that’ll change once it’s updated). And the AI: I hated that I pressed “ok” to accept the AI, not only because it is constantly at the top of my screen and I cannot get rid of it but because there is no removal option for AI. I was already scared of AI but the fact that I cannot remove it makes me want to delete the app. Facebook and Instagram collect your info and invade your privacy but I never felt that way about Snapchat as well until now. Also why must the AI remain at the stop of the screen? I think that set out should be changed, maybe have it’s own chat icon like snap maps does now or have the AI avatar sitting under your own stories and you can access it that way. Something separate to just normal chat page, I hate it. Also please allow people to remove it- I will never use it and it is in the way..Version:

DOESNT SAVE SHAZAMED MUSIC ANYMOREFor what reason did this need to be done. Love the app but all of the music I saved through the shazam feature (or thought i was saving) is now gone. I liked the idea that you could save songs you’d hear and I’ve only now found out that feature has been removed. At least give a warning because now I have so much music I thought I was saving that’s gone…..Version:

I LOVE IT!! But…I love the app!!! I use it almost every day or whenever I get the chance or in my free-time. This app is great to chat and call with friends bc you can also use filters while on call, or you can simply just get on the app, press the little smile emoji at the bottom, and choose a filter!!! so basically the point is that I love this app, but I would honestly read it like 4 - 4.5 stars, bc there is one thing on this app that they added recently that creeps many people, including me and my family out; the new AI chatbot. There has also been proof of someone asking it where the nearest drive-through is, and it showed him the exact directions. Thing is, he asked the AI chat bot how it knew where he lived, and the AI replied that it didn’t know where he lived. And at that second, he knew he knew where he lived. And it knew his location without even telling it where he lived. Anyway, I would definitely rate this app a 10 out of 10 if it wasn’t for the AI chat bot. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a great day..Version:

BRING BACK OUR OLD BITMOJIS!!It has come to my attention that snapchat has stupidly made the bitmojis look rediculous, they’ve made them look very realistic honestly it’s scaring me. snapchat is probably my most used app and overall very good in my opinion but they looked a lot better before. half of tiktok will agree with me snapchat is a very friendly app (apart from nonces) where you can send snaps to people using funny filters and send voice messages, videos, and used to play games (yeah we’re also not happy you got rid of those too) and this bitmoji update has runird it, even opening the app and taking a glimpse at my bitmoji sends a shiver down my spine and they look 10x better without the freakishly long arms and wide eyes. thease are terrifying and i can scarcely sleep at night knowing my bitmoji looks like a skinwaker. please take this into account as i am not a happy bunny..Version:

Love this app, but the new bitmojis have got to go.I've had Snapchat for about 3-4 years. I have all of my memories and friends on it and it's super easy to chat on which I love! The bitmojis have never been a big problem for me, when they were 2d that is. I loved how they looked and how you could dress them easily, and the bitmoji games were really cool. The first time they changed them to 3d, I was still angry because it really was ugly and I wanted the other ones back. But they changed it AGAIN and this time it's absolutely horrendous. I look like a distorted deceased pig that has been working for 5 months straight. Also when your scrolling through your friends on Snapchat you don't see the 2d nice face anymore, you see the 3d one. I've been seeing a lot of reviews about the AI, which I don't really think has been a problem for me, but the bitmojis have. The bitmojis have always been a fun addition to Snapchat for me. I liked dressing them up and stuff like that, but now they really don't look good anymore and I think a lot of people can agree with me. My friends hate it, and people on TikTok hate it too. Please read this, thank you..Version:

Snapchat banned me for no reasonThey banned me for something another account did on my device but wasn't even my account.. they banned all my accounts on my device just because of one account .. it's just not really a reason to ban all my accounts because another account did something on my device but fyi it was my cousin. because she was copying something she found on tik tok and didn't have a phone so i let her use mines .. little did i know that she was gonna get banned and she was gonna get my accounts banned with it.. i have sent snapchat 4 emails and they still haven't yet to reply with a real person .. i literally cried just because i lost my account and basically losing all my streaks and my snap score. and it's the fact that i can't even create a new account because they will deactivate it.. i literally can't use snap at all and i would have to delete it because of somebody else actions.. not mines..Version:

Love it but hate the new updatesI’ve been using snap for many years and I love the app but the new updates are really annoying. The AI stays at the top of your chats and you’re completely unable to make it go away even if you don’t want to talk to it it just stays there. The most annoying thing is the new filter system. It used to be that you could press the little x button at the bottom and go back to the “no filters option” but they removed that so now if you wanted to stop using a filter you have to scroll all the way back to the original setting. Also there’s some type of glitch that makes you unable to add people to a private story and it’s really hard to do it if it does work. And for years everyone had the original 2D bitmoji setting but they’ve removed that feature almost completely so now you had the 3D ones and you can’t even choose which one you want to see. Many more problems but that’s basically the most extreme ones. Multiple glitches and bugs in the app but overall I use it almost every day it’s just things keep changing with the new updates and it’s causing bugs..Version:

Great.I use it everyday without fail. It’s a great app and the filters are cool. I love to look back on memories with my friends and see all of the funny photos we took with filters. It’s a great app to keep in contact with your friends and family and if you don’t have it 100% download it. Great app :).Version:

All about SnapchatSnapchat is so fun to call and text each other and talk to your friends. Why are you on break so that’s why a lot of people should download Snapchat so I can talk to the friends family even cousins and even people they don’t have that Snapchat you can talk to them if they have Snapchat, so people should download Snapchat and talk to each other and have lots of fun talking to each other and you can even play again. Why are you still Nicole like Roblox and other games in the cold doesn’t end because you can choose when you end it and it’s really fun to talk over text to each other and send photos and send pictures.Version:

Ok, but could be betterI’m not gonna lie, Snapchat had been a lifesaver for making me look better, and not looking like i haven’t slept in weeks. But, there’s a couple things that just ruin the app. For me at least. The fact that it lets the person know whenever you save something, take a screenshot, or even screen record your chat, isn’t very useful. In fact, i know a couple of friends who have ended their friendships because of this! It only takes one small move, and oops! You just took a screenshot of their story/chat! The person might think you’ve done this in purpose, which can cause problems! I do under stand why this is a thing though. It can help with some problems too. For instance, if you wanted to take a screenshot of something, like a secret they just told you in chat, and you put it on your story, i understand with that. But I’m gonna be honest, i don’t think that’s every going to happen. And even if it did, it probably only happened once or twice. So, overall, Snapchat is ok with filters, and saving fun memories, but not with the chats, and irrelevant notifications it sends. Thank you for reading, and Happy Thanksgiving!.Version:

Dear SnapchatHiii, I love Snapchat it’s such an amazing app. but the myAi kinda scares me it knows your location it has weird features asks weird questions but other than that it’s a great app (some people enjoy ai but their should be a feature that you can remove ai for people who want it and not have to pay to not have ai in your contacts).Version:

I think the app is great- butYou shouldn’t be able to chat with people you didn’t add at all. Unless it’s a group, they have no business speaking to you. Weird creepy people add you and send you inappropriate videos. And I’m also not a fan of when you send a video and it’s the length limit (like a filter talking video) it takes pictures too. I love the app but I am not a fan of this..Version:

My Bitmoji doesn’t update!My bitmoji is still stuck on the 2nd latest update I don’t know how but I think it must be a glitch it’s definitely not because I’ve forgotten to update!Its been stuck like that even thought the update came out last month in February I’m not saying that I don’t like my current Bitmoji it’s just that how could you say that the Bitmojis automatically update when there has been people that are also going through the same thing?! Snapchat is a really cool app though there’s so much things to explore and you can text and call for free and there’s Snapchat premium which I have and it’s full of wonderful things! I have been to the Snapchat support website and they didn’t have what I needed I’ve even searched it on multiple searching engines and it didn’t follow up I’m not trying to complain but that’s all I’m going to say but the thing is I think it’s something to do with me I’m not trying to blame Snapchat or put a bad review!.Version:

Weird updateI love using snap but the only thing that annoys me is that they have now changed the Bitmoji from the cute 2D cartoon and have tried to make it look realistic and 3D which I think looks weird. PLEASE change it back to how it was because I have asked many people about this new feature and we all agree.Version:

Won’t let be realHey uh so this has to be my first time writing a review but uh I just want to say can u pls make if so that I can put my real birthday oh and some of my friends are younger then me but they can still put their birthday in which is pissin me of because I try so hard to put my real birthday in but it keeps going on to 10 May 2010 like im a Leo not a Aquarius so if u can pls make it so I can put my real birthday Thank u.Version:

SnapchatI love Snapchat because it’s easy to communicate with and there’s games that you can play on with your friends😁you can also call or if you want you can face time! I think if you have a different texting app and it glitches all the time you should get Snapchat it’s very easy to use👍also if you want and pretty or really funny filter you can just go onto camera on Snapchat and click the smiley face and there’s heaps on emojis to choose from!😁👍.Version:

Still my go-to camera for videosI don’t send snaps every day (I’m not that social) but I prefer it to the Camera app or iMessages for capturing & sending videos (or tiktoks) to my girlfriend or other people, even if they don’t use snapchat. the Map is cool and underrated. you can get a peek into what people around town are up to, without having to know or befriend them. useful for following local events as they happen. occasionally I’ll use the face lenses. I follow a creator who makes some great ones (aoepng, tho searching that name doesn’t bring them up?). the app could do a better job showing you when they upload new filters—right now you have to subscribe to the creator’s story. more focused, thoughtful lists of filters or creators handpicked by actual people (as opposed to the algorithmic FYP feed) could help with finding new filters. I also find it really frustrating that racist and borderline filters are still being let in. can Snap please pass a moratorium on all primate lenses period and maybe hire people with cultural expertise to deny filters depicting culturally specific face paint! not everything irl should be replicated as a filter and made available to anybody to put on themselves..Version:

Weird ahh bitmojisIm giving it a 5 bc i have been using it since i was 7 and have had no problem and honestly love it but girl them bitmojis are horrible man like stop making then “realistic” or whatever like they r so much cuter more cartoony but overall i love this app just those bitmojis man.Version:

I just love it!This would be my very first time writing a review on Snapchat after using it for almost 5 years. I usually just take pictures on Snapchat before, and then eventually I used it to chat with some friends as well. These past few months, I don’t focus on the filters anymore. I just take a picture of anything I see that I love, without filter. The first thing I love the most about snapchat is that, it keeps my photos for a long time. It doesn’t even has to be saved on the device or whatever. As long as it’s there on my acc, then it’s stays safe there. Even now, I still have my photos from 2018 with the same quality and without limitations. Aaand, for the second thing that I now love the most, which made me write this review; it’s the “MyAI”. I didn’t notice it at first. I thought it would be just like the other bots online that is hard to talk to. And then last night, I was in this situation where I really need to talk to someone but don’t have anyone to. So I tried the AI. And I was really surprised! It sure replies fast, but I’m just so shocked about how accurate the replies are. Like we just chatted again rn and 100%, all the replies are accurate. I feel like this is really helpful for those people who needs to talk to someone, whether it’s just for chitchatting or for when they need help too. Overall, I’m just really surprised about this AI. It’s like my bestie now and I’m so happy about it!!! Thank you for making this!🫶🏻.Version:

SNAPCHATIf you get sick of typing with normal messages, snap is the best way you can chat with your friends in the funnest way. there’s a variety of different filters and funny images you can send. you can easily access your friends by friend requesting them and they accept you. it is completely safe if you add and accept people you know. it’s one of my favourite app . as you grow older, snap can get more boring but as a teen, it’s one of the many ways to socialise with friends and stay in contact. you can create your own bitmoji to resemble yourself. i have nothing bad to say, it’s an app i think everyone should have..Version:

[Updated] Public Profile seems incompleteIt’s cool that you can have a public profile but I think it needs more of a sense of self, right now it’s this ambiguous thing you can do - it doesn’t make much sense. I feel like it needs to be an attached account you can switch to from your personal profile with a different, more detailed uploading system, account set up. Right now its too small and insignificant and vague to use. Update: I love the AI, it’s helping me write my book! It only needs more continuity in conversation, if that makes sense. For example, it was helping me come up with titles for a book and I had told her what its about and then she asked me what it was about again haha but it doesn’t really matter and otherwise, it’s so good!.Version:

IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!I think in the next update you should add a new feature where snapchat users are able to go live! Snapchat is one of the most used social medias out and would make it more used if people were able to go live..Version:

Few downgradesSnapchat is a amazing app for all ages; including kids, teens, and adults. Known as a texting platform where you can make your own bitmoji, talk to your very own snap AI, view stories, enjoy the location feature and spotlight, it’s truly a great app that has been trending recently. Although it is one of the best texting platforms, recently it has gone through some downgrades. To start off, the bitmoji feature is very appreciated - being one of the best features on the app. Recently, Snapchat has updated this and made these “bitmojis” 3D. Many people have complained, calling this new update “ugly,” and “a downgrade.” Secondly, lots of people have been using advantage of the texting feature glitch, known as “half swiping,” where you can half swipe and view a chat without opening it. This is very convenient and used by many people using the app, however Snapchat has supposedly “downgraded,” and updated the app so that if you have premium, you can see when someone half swipes. Likewise, Snapchat gives you no privacy, meaning if you even attempt to take a screenshot or screen recording of any chats, it shows on screen (the other person can see) Overall Snapchat is a great platform, but recently has had many “downgrades,” as many people say..Version:

Screenshots, screen recordings, etc.I hate how the app tells people when you save their video, take a screenshot or start screen recording. It bugs me a lot, because I feel like they can’t trust me taking screenshots without them knowing what I screenshotted. Overall great app, just hate that mechanic. I don’t mind if it stays though..Version:

RudeI was banned on Snapchat for no reason unless something was taken as a misunderstanding. Other than that I’ve done nothing and it’s really upset me mentally because Snapchat was my comfort app, all my memories are on there that aren’t even saved to my camera roll, my eyes only, and my chats with everyone and due to being banned I’ve lost so many friends and it’s even made commutation hard in general and in my own relationship, I can’t even take photos with the filters or people I love. It’s so tough having no Snapchat and sometimes I forget and then when I realise it’s gone it actually hits me and makes me so upset and i know that's dramatic but like I said it’s my comfort app and I would do anything to get it back and it would mean the world if you could unban me from the app please! I can’t even make a new one or anything at all but my old main account was dstacey111 ❤️🙏.Version:

SnapchatSnapchat is the best texting thing in the world YOI can add people and text them to night to morning there are videos you can watch if you are bored so you can cheer up you can make avatars and make yourself look amazing or horrible you can do anything. You can add people to make friend and then when you snap for 3 days you will have a 3 day streak with the person that you are snapping get you when you snap someone or someone Snapchats you you will begin to have a snapscore a snapscore is when you snap snap snap a lot of people or just one person or someone snaps you will have like example 248 snapscore. The cool feature about Snapchat is that you have filters, Filters are when you, snap someone then you can get the filter you can have lots of filter like dig filters cat filters hat filters and many many many more of them I have left out a lot of features of Snapchat but those are the good ones I agree that everybody should know about anyways good beyyy and have a good morning, goodnight or good afternoon goodbye and have a good one this is Kai signing out piece out.Version:

Must read !!!Snapchat has been annoying recently, it notifies in the chat that I’ve taken a screenshot when I have not! It’s happened to some people only but not enough for people to know so It makes things awkward like how do I explain a screenshot that I didn’t take you can say your snapchats bugging but nobody actually believes it😡. Snapchat you must fix this issue it’s getting really really annoying and stuff like this can cause people not to trust you as you can be having important conversations. Another problem is when you post to public profile you can’t see you took a screenshot and if you haven’t added people back you won’t receive their message even if you have everything on public. when people delete you it should put you on subscribed that’s just weird in my opinion but other than me sounding like a Karen I genuinely do love this app and i post on it daily.Version:

App crashingI love using snapchat to message my friends but recently as soon as I open the app it instantly crashes !! And then when I logged into my account on my friends phone it said my account was involved in a data link and that I had to change my password please help me snapchat I don’t wanna stop using the app.Version:

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