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Won’t let me long back inUsually really good but unfortunately it has been playing up so I deleted the app and re downloaded it but no matter what it won’t let me long in it keeps saying connection problem with wifi and data.Version:

Ahhh the camera 🎥Ok Snapchat is awesome there’s so much awesome things with with Snapchat buttttt the camera 🎥 so it can be blurry And say that you have to go to Settings and access camera when the camera is normally fine so you go on Settings and everything is the same as usual so you go back to Snapchat and it still saying go to settings access camera it’s so annoying!!.Version:

Parents that are looking into it for their childSnapchat is great apart from some of the stories in the discover section can be inappropriate. I think they should move the age rating up because of that issue. There is also a bug that I can’t use cameos and several of my friends have it as well. Please fix this. Apart from that Snapchat is easy to use and I love all the filters so much!! Thanks, Janine..Version:

Edited reviewReally good app, still waiting on the queries i put in about the app earlier on last year but not as bothered by them anymore, only thing that i would like to be fixed is that when i go to take a picture and then add writing to it, it only gives me to ways of changing the font: "classic and big text" which i am annoyed about as i like using the other fonts like rainbow one, so i would really appreciate it if you sorted it out so i could change my text into all of the fonts again. other than that this app is by far my favourite out of instagram, facebook etc. I feel like the other social media apps are copying snapchat with what they do like instagram with the filters but nevermind. thankyou for creating this app i love using it to communicate with my friends (yes i know it's shocking that i actually have some😂) i use it for taking pictures and i love the filters..Version:

Great app but...This app is great as you don’t need to pay for it and it is just like messages and u can text for free. When I first got this when I was 7, I only used it to take funny pics of me with filters but then I realised that u can text and u can play games with your friends with other strangers at the same time. But you can’t speak to them. On settings on it, you can change it to make it more safe so parents, if you want you should do that with your kids accounts :). One thing, I went on it one night and I realised that someone was my friend on it and I hadn’t even accepted it. And also, my screen was different and it had changed. It was really annoying and it still is cause it is harder to do stuff. Last thing, of you are new to the app, download bitmoji so that you have a profile picture..Version:

Ahhh can’t open any of the news stories etcI normally love using Snapchat but since the last update my phone won’t open and news stories, they are just blank but I can still flick thru and see the next story just can’t use the read function at bottom of screen...also it’s replaying old stories from my friends that I have already opened and seen...very strange as it’s normally sooo good and how I keep up with diy and beauty edits but can’t get my daily reads. Please sort snap!!! I miss my fix!!! Haha thanks heaps from a Snapchat junkie.Version:

Good app-A few fixesI've had Snapchat for over 2 years now. Snapchat is a fun, creative way to express yourself and talk to friends or meet new people. Most people, including myself, will add people off of quick add. Sometimes these people will express and share unwanted and unnecessary opinions or show body parts, and Snapchat makes it easy to disconnect from these people by simply un-adding them. I haven't really had any problems with snap, except for one or two things that need to be fixed. Number one is the fact that when I send or receive streaks, that they will send or show twice, which is very annoying. Second, it glitches and tells me that I have to go back and re-add everyone that I have on snap because I don't have them added already. And last but not least, is that fact that sometimes it freezes when you try a filter on, or write something on a picture. These are small problems, but I'm not the only one experiencing these problems. Over all, Snapchat is a fun app with a good image. I wouldn't recommend letting anyone who isn't at least 12 have Snapchat. Thank you for your time. 🙌🏽♥️.Version:

Iphone XROn the XR iphone the pictures on Snapchat are sooo zoomed in and look like terribly quality. Update the app to fix this please!!! Can’t even take snaps.Version:

Locking accountsWhy do we get our accounts locked ? idk but i find that very stupid. How come there’s guys and girls out there sending naked pictures to children and they don’t get locked out ? For example. my account was temporarily locked and it was because i was adding too many people without my email setup and all i had to do was delete the app and reinstall it and unlock my account. Well after i set everything up i was in a group chat and had added some of the people for friends. When i got home i tried to login and it said my account was locked, keep in mind i didn’t do anything. My email and phone number was setup and everything. So when i went to the website to unlock it, it said my account was permanently locked. What did i do ? I don’t have Yolo or Lmk etc. I’ve been trying to get back in and it’s not working. I’ve had this account for 4 years and i have memories, streaks, friends, stories.. my whole life. Knowing i can’t get back in really makes me mad. What also makes me mad is that when i email Team Snapchat, they don’t help at all. This was jus my concern and advice and frustration. Thank you for reading this :).Version:

Please answer snapchat!!Why can’t I type in my own location status? I’ve seen it on my friends snapchat and there’s a button on the bottom left of their screen on their location map, and they can type in there own sentence ( e.g. I’m at...). They can choose what their bitmoji does too. I’ve updated my snapchat to the newest version, I’ve logged out and logged back in plenty of times and I’ve even deleted the app and redownloaded it again. how do I fix this because nothing comes up on google whenever i try to find the resolution to this problem?!!.Version:

IssuesBeen using snapchat for years and have just tried to contact you online but it didn’t actually let me type anything so thought I’d have to just right it in a review, for starters the fact I could not write down my issue was slightly irritating. Anyways for the past few months a select few of my friends haven’t come up to the top or don’t show at all when they have sent me Snapchats. I’ve had to search directly for them and then go on the chat to see if they have messaged me. I’ve mentioned this bug before and have discussed it with my friends and I know I’m not the only one with this problem. It’s just getting irritating now because it can look like I’m airing them for weeks sometimes if I forget to check. Other than that no complaints I just want it to be sorted out..Version:

Best friends list messed upI have been utilizing this app for many years and have always been impressed with the variety of features it has added over time. I admire how the app keeps one connected to people who are far away, and those close by as well. I have never had a single complaint about the app that is, until today. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months and as a result we have acquired the pink hearts over that period of time. Today, however, I logged into my Snapchat to see that it was gone and instead replaced by a yellow heart saying that we have now just become “besties.” I would like to argue that this is false because we Snapchat every day and only really Snapchat each other. I believe that this must have been a glitch and would like it to be fixed. If our pink hearts were to be brought back, I would reconsider my initial review and come back to edit it by adding that Snapchat was very responsive and attentive to my request. Thank you, and I am hoping to see this fixed soon. Annnnnd as promised, I am back to add to my review. Thank you Snapchat for giving us our pink hearts back- and so quickly too!.Version:

Really fun!Snapchat is a great way for me to communicate to all my friends and family! I even managed to persuade my dad and even my FRIENDS DAD to download it!! The filters are SOOOO fun!! It was pretty much the only reason I wanted it until I discovered that snapchat is so much more than that. I so far have had no lags or glitches in it and people who have said that this app is really glitchy and bad may not realise that it may just be there phone (old or new). I also love how you can play games with others when chatting and not need to PAY!!! I say this because if you want to do these things on WhatsApp or iMessages, you CAN ONLY do it by downloading apps which most of the time are NOT free. It’s also good that instead of having to ask everyone for there Snapchat users, Snapchat allows you to do that as soon as you get the app, to get all of your contacts snap usernames if they have it which is a LOT less STRESSFUL!! (This is the easiest way to explain it! Sorry if it’s confusing but if you don’t understand, just get the app!) In summery, this is a very fun app to communicate with, play with, and create memories with. You have earned my five stars Snapchat!.Version:

BugsGreat app and all but there are so many bugs. First of all I can’t save any of my photos or videos, I can’t open videos that have been sent to me, the app crashes after I send 5 snaps in a row and when I try to send something to someone from the main screen it doesn’t show any of my friends only group chats and if I’m lucky it show my recents, but it says my recents are people I’ve never even sent a message to which means I have to scroll so far to find the person or people I want to send my snap to. My phone is a year old and I have no problem with other apps so it’s definitely not my phone playing up..Version:

Snapchat💛Ups and DownsSnapchat I love it the only problem I have with it is that the new update is a pain when ever to try to swipe to chats without wanting to open the picture it just goes to snap map and I don’t like how it does that because if u want to read a massage before opening the snap it does not work😩😒On the other hand u and takes cute photos with friends and use all different types of filters!😝I don’t like that when u take a screen shot or screen recording or even leave a group chat it says “took a screen shot” or left group and everyone knows also sometimes with some people it deletes the chats there sending when u tern your phone off even when u save the chats after 24hours it deletes it😤❤️other wise I would get if u don’t have it the thig I don’t like about the story’s is that it goes away after 24 hours and does not save to your camera roll🤪!.Version:

Kinda irritatingI like the app and I always use it to talk to people but randomly it just won’t send my snaps. It will say “waiting to send” and they just won’t send for like twenty minutes which is inconvenient because I’ve left at least three people on opened and I can’t do anything about it. I’m in the process of deleting and reinstalling right now so thought I’d leave a review. Please fix this..Version:

Please change it backI have the new update when you have the bar at the bottom of the screen but I don’t like that when I go to message my friends it goes to map it’s very frustrating and when I’m on camera I can’t scroll down to get to map I liked it how it was.Version:

I love it but...Snapchat is my most used app on my device, that’s how I communicate with my long distance friends. I have a few friends who save the chats, personally think saving the chats are a waste of space, so when my friends save chat they save on my device as well. So Snapchat creators please make it so if my friends annoyingly save chats they don’t save on my device! Everything else I love about Snapchat but when I use it on my iPad (new iPad, just so you know it’s not because its old and Snapchat doesn’t work on it) it has a camera glitch and screen glitch, my friend who also use a iPad have the same problem. I know how to fix it but it’s a pain, all my friends who use phones don’t have the same problems..Version:

It’s a decent app but...Honestly it’s a decent app not gonna lie, but I do have some complaints and suggestions those being: it would be more interesting to be able to customise your charms as in the ones where it shows who your best friends with or who you share a birthday or star sign with, another suggestion would be that you are given the choice of selecting who is your best friend because I have a lot of streaks with random people and we’ve never chatted maybe the odd request of a screenshot of my story or so but besides that nothing and they end up on my best friend list and it just annoys me. The complaint that I have is that the app keeps glitching and notifying me that somebody's typing when their really not or that I’ve got a notification from somebody but when I check the app and look at who’s snapped me it’s empty, it’s just irritating for me and as I’ve read over the reviews, and so for the others. But overall I’ll say it’s a good app to socialise with your friends and all that🤷‍♀️.Version:

Great app and all but FIX THISMy Snapchat, along with many others, has suddenly started malfunctioning. I’ll send my streaks, and then it’ll say they sent, but then if I check later on, it says that only the streaks from the day before sent and makes it seem as though I haven’t sent or received anything, even though I know I have cause it said delivered before and it said I had 15 snaps, but then they all disappeared. And then when they all reappeared it wouldn’t let me open a few of them. It also deleted the videos off of my story from the day before. And it hasn’t been letting me view certain stories. Like I’ll try to few them, and it’ll just glitch me onto another story. This seems to only happen when it’s a video on the story. I tried restarting my phone, and I even tried logging out and back in on my Snapchat account, but after attempting this, it wouldn’t even let me back in the app. Like I would try to open it and it would just immediately crash. I talked to my friends and several of them are having the same issues as well. I even tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and now it’s taking forever to reinstall, like longer than usual. Idk what’s going on but PLEASE FIX IT SOON!.Version:

Love it but...Obviously Snapchat is amazing, but for some reason it isn't what it used to be. Listen, I love Snapchat, I use it all the time. It's a great way to communicate with friends and all the filters, but The problem is, the filters don't really work, and it isn't really letting me text my friends which is annoying. I am 13 and I have just got my first phone which is amazing and the first thing I did was download Snapchat, because to be honest I loved all of the filters and it just looked amazing! When I downloaded it, it worked great but then there was this weird update going on. Obviously I downloaded the update because I thought it looked cool, but then my game crashed, obviously it wouldn't let me talk to my friends and then the filters were even working! Snapchat, if you're listening to this please fix these books it's getting on mine and other peoples nerves! Katie..Version:

Something needs a fixNow yup I love sc but there’s so many problems with it at the moment eg. it randomly removes people, doesn’t load snaps, always says it can’t refresh and also when ur in the app when someone snaps u whilst in the app the notification pops up on the screen differently as too when ur out but that isn’t going away like there’s a constant notification on ur screen and this isn’t just me my friends have said thing about it and it all over other social media platforms as well again love the app but I’ve had to delete it a few times and re download and few minutes later just so it works probably but it never does pls fix this kind regards Liv.Version:

New Layout is bad.The new update is quite bad and difficult. The multi snap feature is now gone which I really enjoyed using and since the snap maps is now on the left hand side, I can’t swipe into a text anymore. Whenever I scroll down my snapchat it keeps going to snap maps and it’s just really inconvenient. Really dislike new layout.Version:

The app is greatI really love the app for how long i have been using it i can say that it has had some difficulties i also have had some request to a new update for snapchat. Not many people are going to like the idea of this but maybe saving chat can be taken off my phone gets checked and i have friends that are very...yk💀and they save every little chat they send in out gc and every time my phone gets checked since am still a child ofc😀i get in trouble and grounded for the things they send💀u dont wanna know..but anyways thats a request i was also thinking to give dark mode out i have heard they where thinking to do dark mode but i heard that long ago i was also thinking to take out snap call i rlly dont know why i dont like snap call its jus..dumb in a way..if its called snapchat y is there call in there if we have facetime or any other app any other device uses to call in my opinion i dont like snap call...idky i also request to maybe when u send a chat it give u a notif of what the person said bc sometimes i dont like opening nobodys text ok💀snap is a great app but in some things it rlly doesn't please me some things i might have said other people might not like but as someone who has had snap for over 6 years or more i just wanted to give some opinions and maybe ideas for a new updat.😀🙏🏽.Version:

A little bug that needs fixingI love Snapchat and I use it everyday but there is the problem that seems to happen quite often sometimes when I press the Snapchat app or press on a notification it take me to Snapchat loads and then a screen comes up that is fully black with a strip of white at the top from that screen I can not do anything else and I have to delete and reinstall the app making me have to allow notification, my location, access to my camera, access to my camera roll and my microphone. But overall I the app is great and everything else is fine.Version:

Snapchat!It is a really fun app and also a really reasonable app because you can chat with your friends, know what’s going on in life, learn life hacks and mostly trying cool filters but there are a few things that aren’t very good as when you take screenshots it tells the person you took a screenshot also when you don’t reply they can see that you have opened the snap and when you try a “try with a friend” filter and you have more than one friend with you it won’t let you put the filter on more than two people which is annoying there are a few more but art from that it is a way to communicate with your friends and have fun!.Version:

I love snapchat although they could add some of these things!I just wanted to stay off saying that snapchat is great app to socialise with people and get closer with others which is why i love it!! although, i do think that they could add some new things that will make the app even better in my opinion. firstly, i know that lots of people do streaks just like me but for example when we hit 100, 200, 300 streaks with someone we should get an achievement or something like that! because yes, streaks could be called “useless” but they’re actually really fun to do but adding small things can really make an app better! another thing that i reckon a lot of people would argue about is “___ took a screenshot of chat”, it can sometimes be annoying when this happens especially if it’s on accident. i personally if accidentally done it many times but it also could be for other reasons. maybe showing conversations to other people without them knowing even though it may seem kind of rude but it could be for a serious conversation. Lastly, when we’re on snapchat calls with other people, i think we should be able to leave the app or be able to get out of the chat without the snapchat call ending! thank you! please take these into consideration..Version:

ProblemI have been using snap for quite a while now and I usually log out and log back in, but Today it continuously said connection error when I tried to log back in . I had full bar WiFi and all other internet needed apps were working just fine. Right now we are stuck in quarantine, and without Snapchat( which has become my main way of socialising and sending messages) it is quite boring. I am aware that I am not the only person annoyed about this as I have searched on google too why snap was done today. Please fix this issue as it’s really irritating me. Other than that, snap is a great app with lots of different filters to explore that I would normally give 5🌟 but due to to this major issue , I had to reduce it to 3🌟 which I hope I do not regret. Please fix this bug. Many thanks, An irritated user..Version:

Love the app, but...I’ve had Snapchat for a long time now, and I love the app. It is a way that I can stay in touch with my friends and get to know new ones. Of course ever app has its bad days and glitches, like the other day, but something that annoys me greatly and has never been fixed is the time that the notifications that someone you subscribed to comes in. I am subscribed to a couple influencers and I have notifications on for two or three of them. I will sometimes be on the app and see that they posted and view their story, and of course, I would view their story so there would really be no need for a notification. Even though this occurs sometimes, I will get a notification five to ten minutes later about the same person, and it would be in regard to the post that I already viewed. Something else that happens with the notifications is that I do not receive them until about fifteen minutes after the post has been up. The reason I have notifications on is to see it in the first couple minutes, not in the first hour. If there is something that can be done to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated..Version:

GlitchesI've been using snapchat for a few years now but i've noticed a few glitches. When you accidentally swipe down so the snap map shows up and you haven't enabled your location, it glitches the app so that there's a massive black border surrounding it. Yes you can fix it but it's inconvenient. Another glitch (not sure if this is because my phone storage is full or not) is sometimes when you open snapchat, it doesn't load. there's just a black screen with a thick white border along the top. It's extremely inconvenient and i have to delete the app and redownload it. it happens multiple times a day and it's verrrryyyyy annoyng to the point where i'm considering deleting it for good. please fix this!!!.Version:

Icon needs to changeI’ve used Snapchat for a very long time and I love the way it is it’s amazing makes it so easy to send photos to your friends and everything is great however, the icon changed with a recent update and it doesn’t look that great... the icon stands out to much with the bold black outline and makes my home screen look weird. Please change it back, Thank you..Version:

Little annoyancesI’ve been using Snapchat for just over 3 years and I love it. I can talk to my friends on it for hours on end but there’s just some things that can be annoying. When viewing stories, after almost every single one, there’s an ad I don’t care about. I wouldn’t mind as much of it was more catered to my interests, but it’s the same 3-4 ads on rotation. When replaying a snap, you have to watch it then. Sometimes my friends send me videos where there talking and I’m out and I accidentally open it and I either don’t have earphones or it would be rude to put them in, so I replay it, wanting to view it later. But when I go back onto Snapchat, it’s gone and it looks like I’ve purposely left them on open for hours. Otherwise a good app.Version:

Love itI absolutely love Snapchat it is a really good app I meet some people on among us who are really nice and I want to keep on talking to them so I ask for their snap and then we talk on there and play among us together u can also play some pretty decent games on there and u can be a creep and spy on ur friends on snap maps if u don’t want to be spied on by ur friends it automatically puts u on ghost mode so u can see people and they can’t see u u can choose people to share ur location with so maybe u want to share ur location with ur family but not ur friends sure u can do that the texting is really good and u can make chat disappear after a certain amount of time which is cool and the filters are probably what made snap famous so yeah get this app it’s free.Version:

It could be betterI got Snapchat a few months ago and I was very pleased with it. It helped me communicate with my friends and take cute pictures with them too. But there are a couple of things they could do differently, such as I noticed after you take a picture there is a button to add to your story, however, it doesn't check first. This may seem a bit stupid to complain about but on several occasions I have accidentally clicked it and added an unflattering picture to my story for everyone to see. Which brings me to my second point, you can't delete a story after it has been posted so even if you added it by accident it doesnt matter. I really think fixing these things would help improve Snapchat and make it alot better. I ask that the Snapchat team read this and consider adding these changes. I genuinely love using Snapchat though and I hope to see these changes improved in the future..Version:

An original app every phone needsLike the previous reviewers say I to have had this app for years. That speaks volume there are only 2 other apps I have that I could probably also say that too. Snapchat is so easy to use, navigate through and is was the entry app that guided me through my first platform using video to audience. It’s a,axing me he various filters and voice changers have caused so much joy, and I have memories saved for ever. I love Snapchat and would recommend it as a great introduction to the multitude of platforms their are available. I use it everyday in my daily social media checks and will continue to do so. Thanks snap! You rock!.Version:

Minor Issue :/Okay so the past 2 days my snapchat has been acting weird. i mean sure this complaint is not really a big of a deal but i just can’t get use to this issue. i cant see when my friends are in the chat and when they’re not because i cant see their bitmoji’s but it does give me a notification that this particular person is typing its just that whenever i go to the conversation i don't see him/her typing or there at all even if they are there. at first it was tolerable but then it got worse when i couldn’t even figure out whether or not they have opened my snaps or messages because there were some points that i know they’ve seen it but it’s just not saying it’s been opened. i have tried every solution i could think of to fix this glitch or bug or whatever but nothing worked. i’ve tried logging out then logging back in of snapchat, deleting the app then reinstalled it again, and resetting my phone. i dont know what else to do. so please if you can at least give me an update for the app i’d be very glad. thank you..Version:

My love/hate Relationship With SnapI have been using snapchat since 2013. In the past six years I have seen such an development in quality, options, and overall popularity. This app is like a lion and every phone the app touches, is it’s kingdom. I enjoy Snapchat. I enjoy the streaks. I really enjoy the meme accounts I’m subscribed to! But there’s one thing that I just can’t get behind. The Discover Page. I’ll be straight up honest with you, it is the one thing that makes takes that fifth star away. Ya’ll just came out with a new update. I was excited to hear that you could change the settings with the Discover Page. I went to these setting (to turn off the page) to DISCOVER (haha ha, dad joke) that there’s still no way at ALL that I can turn it off. Look, and I’ll put it bluntly, I love your app except for that one thing. I think you should be able to have the option to turn it off. I simply just don’t care about it and would rather not see it. Now I might just be the only one on this planet that doesn’t like it, or there are tons of other people that don’t enjoy it either. Anyways, I’m sorry for the rant, I just really wanna see that change is all. Have a good one!.Version:

SoundsThe app is really good but the only thing that is annoying is the sound for example your sound works and then the next minute it doesn’t work.Version:

Some issues but still good app!I think that Snapchat is a good app! It’s really fun, YPU can take pics with filters with your friends and you can talk to your friends! I love Snapchat and it’s a way me and my friends talk to each Other! But I still have some issues with it.. When you take a screenshot it is really annoying how it says “took a screenshot” on the messages or anything you do it says it and the person or you find out! It gets really annoying cuz some people mind! And like when you have read the messages and go back on it deletes all the messages! Like my friend messages something I didn’t finish reading it then I turned the device off and the messages were all deleted! It also gets annoying when messages are deleted! Because maybe in special occasions you will need to look through the messages! And 1 more thing is that when it says try the filter with a friend it works but sometimes when I wanna take a group selfie with only 3/4 friends it doesn’t work! Snapchat is still ok tho!.Version:

Great but huge issue with voice messagesThis app is great and is actually my main way of communication with others but it’s big issue is voice messages. If your voice message is too long it just cuts off which can be quite aggravating especially when it’s combined with being unable to fast forward. The other huge issue with voice messages is there being no way to fast forward. Having a function like double tapping a voice message to speed up how fast it’s played would help with this because as well as the reason listed above there are many random reasons for the voice message to cut off and be too long to re-listen to. I think voice messages needs a major fix in all honesty but aside from that it’s a pretty good app.Version:

SnapchatWhen I first got Snapchat it was great, worked very well and they’re wasn’t anything I didn’t like about it. I did notice though, that I couldn’t send videos. I would have to save them and then send the video to the person/people through the chats. Even then they still didn’t send. And recently, I lost all of my saved memories - I did follow the steps you left in the help section about lost memories and I got them back for a little while, but they’re gone again and those steps no longer work. Also, every time I go to open Snapchat, it shuts me out of it. I found that I have to shut down my phone for a few minutes, and delete an app on my phone to stay in the Snapchat for a little bit. I’m sorry if this sounds like I’m complaining, or unhappy with your app, I really do love it, but I would appreciate it if you might try to fix these issues. I’m not the only one with this problem, some of my friends have this problem too with their Snapchat just shutting them out of the app and not letting them reopen it, and we would really appreciate it if that was checked out. Thank you so much!.Version:

HelpSo i’ve logged onto snapchat today and my snap score was 0 and i had no bitmoji, no friends and no memories? i’ve had my account for a while i thought it would fix itself if i deleted and re downloaded it, it’s not downloading anymore and i’m confused please fix this..Version:

Dark mode?I’ve had Snapchat for several years now, and it’s always been one of (if not my favorite) social media platform. It’s easy and fun to use, and it’s a great way to keep in contact with friends. All the filters make for some great selfie-taking, and you really get a personalized experience, which I love. The only thing I wish was different is that there is no dark mode. I have an iPhone, and Apple has been super receptive to feedback when it came to allowing a dark mode for phones. It’s really an awesome feature, since even on the lowest brightness you could burn out your corneas with the pure white screens of the App Store, iMessage, iTunes, and more. Thankfully, those are all in dark mode now, which is great in the middle of the night as well as in broad daylight. I really wish Snapchat would look into making a dark mode for their users as well, since lots of people (myself included) really prefer dark mode. There’s something about the look of it that I love, and an added bonus is that I don’t go blind at nighttime. I wish I could say the same for snap. Snapchat, please consider a dark mode for your users. I don’t think I’m the only person that would like to have it..Version:

Album Access5/5 can’t complain. Perfectly good social media and messaging platform. My suggestion is organising camera roll access into albums such that when a user wants to send an image into the chat, instead of a new-old stream, its first organised into any albums the user might have. The suggestion is mostly driven by how commonly memes are thrown into the middle of a chat. Some are used in place of saying anything but most are reactionary and/or are saying something themselves. The only hiccup to this interaction is having to scroll through the camera roll to find the right one which can often take too long. If the user had access to folders that have been curated for different times, it would make messaging just that little bit more streamlined..Version:

Please changeI went onto snapchat today and I clicked on messages and it glitched out of snapchat I couldn’t text anyone. So I had to delete that app and get the app again it also happens when I’m trying to get onto the games I had to shutdown my phone🥺 change this please.Version:

Absolutely love it!Snapchat is so amazing, I can’t believe it has only 3.7 stars as of January 2021. I’ve been on it for years. One of the best features is the fact that conversations here aren’t saved (unless you want them to be), which kind of makes your conversations more private/secure I think. One of the things I love most about Snapchat is it isn’t owned by Facebook, who steal all your personal data. And hopefully it will NEVER be owned by them. Maybe Snapchat does use some of your personal data, but at least you have the benefit of security here. I absolutely love how private Snapchat is for most of the part. I do wish we could change our usernames at least ONCE, and I wish they didn’t have so many ads when you’re reading the magazine subscriptions, but come on they’ve got to earn money somehow so I won’t complain too much about it. Apart from that the fact that things happening on Snapchat are almost temporary is a plus point. I do think allowing us to pick what colour we can draw on snaps in would be nice though! Would be a really cool feature kinda like Instagram!.Version:

SnapchatIt’s brill. It has cool, fun and funny filters to put on your face to make you look silly, funny or pretty. There are duo ones as well for like your siblings, family or friends. Overall I think it’s brill! You can text and make bitimojis they are for when ppl go on your profile on Snapchat they can kinda see what you look like. It’s a cartoon type on thing (bit imoji) you can get but gifs and that is where you and your friend is put together in a couple of gifs with your own bit imojis like thank you I would be saying thank you to her in a pic. It’s amazing. I highly recommend it to everyone. There in no glitches in it. You have to type in other ppls names on Snapchat to find them and then just look at their bit imoji if they have one if they don’t it just have a t-shirt and head with just 1 colour like green, blue, orange, blue and other colours obviously. Daisy Ward.Version:

Hack?So I was on my snapchat and all of a sudden it just stopped working. I completely shut my phone off and I re-opened the app back up to see it still wasn’t working. So I thought the best way was to delete the app the download it again. So I did that, but then it wasn’t letting me log into my account? It kept saying “check your internet” and everything was just slow. When I finally got back into my account after like 5 minutes.. it showed I didn’t have any friends or anything, no pictures, no nothing, and then it finally loaded again after like 5 minutes. I can’t post stuff in my story without seeing the “failed to post” thing. My snaps were disappearing too, and they were my friends snaps not showing up. I finally got the app to work but not as well because it still is doing the same thing other than me being able to see my friends snaps. I hope you fix it soon because I’m really not enjoying how it is right now because it’s not working for anyone and my internet is perfectly fine. So that’s why I’m asking you again to just fix the problem. Please and thank you!.Version:

Snapchat is awesome but I need help!Hey Snapchat Team! I hope all of you guys are working safe during these times of the global pandemic going on, but I have an inquiry. I see that recently you guys released a new update about 2 days ago and today this morning Snapchat updated to the newest version. For some odd reason my photos aren’t going through at all and no stories are loading up. I tried closing the app out wait a few minutes and reopen it and resend my snap, but it still wouldn’t go through. I decided to just log out and log back in to see if that’ll help, but to my surprise it didn’t let me log back in and told me I had a connection problem. My WiFi is working perfectly for my other applications and social media platforms at this time, but some reason Snapchat isn’t liking my WiFi so I switch over to my Data network and still I’m getting the connection timed out message, telling me that I have a connection problem. Please help as soon as you guys can to resolve this issue! I thank you guys in advance and don’t work to hard during these times! God bless. -Mark L. Garcia.Version:

New update is badApart from not functioning on older devices that snapchat app is pretty good. It does however use an enormous amount of energy (unnecessarily) even on new devices. My main problem is with the newest update. I don’t mind that messages are out of chronological order, but it is annoying that they move when someone is typing, because you can never actually open the right message because they keep switching places all the time. But the detail which used to tell you if you had delivered, opened, received, sent, saved, etc. doesn’t work anymore. It basically doesn’t change - not since before the update for groups and occasionally it changes on dms. Please revert this because I can’t tell if someone has opened a message or not or if something failed to send - it doesn’t say the correct thing. I.e. if i send a message it says opened but then I go onto the chat and it is unread..Version:

Change user nameTheir should be a “change your username” option, because that necessary.Version:

Love this app! 😍I literally just got this app but I’m already obsessed! The filters are good quality and super cute which I love. I also like how it comes with chatting and games that u can play with ur friends and also you can check out other ppls stories; it’s actually a bit like Tik Tok. I’ve read all over the internet about Snapchat not being safe and stuff and ads being inappropriate, but ever since I’ve had it I haven’t even seen any adds and it’s super safe and secure. I think it’s suitable for tweens or teens cos I haven’t seen anything bad on it so far. Again I am in love with this app and I use it every single day. I would totally recommend this app to whoever wants super cuts filters and easy chatting. Thank you for reading my review 🙏☺️.Version:

The New UpdateSo I recently just got the current update of Snapchat and it myself as well as many people that I know don’t necessarily like it. It changes the flow a bit too much and there are now some features that don’t exist anymore. I do like being able to access the snap map better by clicking on it however I do not like that when I swipe to the left instead of opening a conversation it goes to the map. Many of us would rather be able to swipe into our conversations like we used to. I understand that the update was most likely a lot of work but I think it would be nice if we could get the option to decide if swiping left will open chats or the map. May be in a next update you can add in a feature in our settings where you can pick whether swiping left or open the map or your chats I’m sure many people would appreciate it although I do understand it would take a lot of work. Either way Snapchat is an amazing app and really this is just a small problem but one that I feel many people would appreciate having the choice about. Still putting five out of five stars though because despite the update I still love the app..Version:

SnapchatI have an iPhone XR and I’m not happy with the snap front camera quality at all. The normal iPhone camera is fine, but the Snapchat camera is terrible, it is zoomed in and does not adjust to the lighting well. Please fix this as Snapchat is one of my favourite apps!! I miss the good quality selfies I could take with my iPhone6..Version:

PLEASE REVERT BACK TO OLD VERSIONMy phone just updated snapchat to the new version with the update and I have to say I do not like the updated version as it is very annoying. The tab telling us where everything is, is extremely annoying and I do not need it. It makes my screen smaller and it is not pleasing to the eye. I love the app but this update is making me not enjoy using it anymore. It is honestly so annoying. I hate how I can’t slide into chats anymore because it now takes me straight to maps which is very annoying. Please change it back to the original before the update happened. Thank you..Version:

Read plzI love the app but they need a “remove from best friend list” and a “send to all streaks button”. Other wise I spend all my time sending snaps to my friend.Version:

Ads central!The concept of Snapchat back when it launched was great! It Still is and has adapted well to consumer behaviour like adding the discover page. However I’ve noticed myself streaming on the platform has decreased by 85% I’m averaging less than one hour a week currently and comparing it to other competitors (Facebook, insta, Pinterest etc) that’s extremely weak! Why has my interest dropped so low? Ads! The discovery page was a brilliant idea but up until a few months ago I’ve notice I can’t stream 5/10 seconds of content without having a 5 second add that I can’t skip! I feel bad for the ads because considering they turn up so often I get angry at them or their product/ service they’re trying to sell when actually the blame should be on Snapchat for not controlling there average ads count per stream!.Version:

Love Snapchat But....Never seems to be enough filters, some I could possibly keep as permanent ones etc. also the more I use Snapchat the more I get annoyed at where the video call is!!!! Aaahhhh right beside the back to menu button - always seem to accidentally video call people lol..Version:

Pretty good butThis app is a really good and fun form of communication with my freinds i love how I can call text and the video pics are so helpful when u can’t explain something properly or wanna share a experience The only thing I don’t like is the stories I understand there there for payment so that the app is free for us but tbh it’s really annoying and some of them are just disturbing if you could make it like that we could bye the app without stories like a premium version that be great cause ik a lot of my friends can’t get this app because of these stories and tbh there not that interesting Otherwise I love all features of the app so much fun and I ac don’t mind that when u take a picture it tells you if they have because if your taking a picture it’s usually for a good reason and I don’t know why you would want to take one without the other person knowing.Version:

Pretty good, but...App has been pretty good since I’ve been using it (a fair few years now) and recently, I’ve had a lot of problems with snaps not showing up. I get a pop up notification and a banner notification however when I open the app, it doesn’t seem to refresh properly. I first noticed with a snap sent from Snapchat about a month ago which I only received and was able to view about a week ago. I’ve now noticed that this has happened with several friends this week where I’ve had notifications pop up saying they had snapped me and days between being able to view. It’s very frustration and honestly pushing me away from the app. Please look into it..Version:

Amazing!!This app is great. There are no glitches in it whatsoever. I love how we can create bitmojis and that the filters are soo pretty! You can easily contact people in a fun way via Snapchat and I have almost 38 people who I know from school on my snap contacts (and some family as well) along with 2 family group chats and 1 friend group chat with 3 very close friends of mine. I love the fact that when/if a stranger adds you Snapchat gives you the choice of accepting (letting them add you and therefore they can message you and see your story) or deleting♥️ (rejecting there add so they cannot contact you , view your story or add you to any group chats)!! This automatically makes sure you are safe while using the app!! The filters are stunning and help you take gorgeous pics while some other filters are funny and make your face shape funny- a perfect way of pranking someone😂. The fact that we can read celebrity gossip and about what’s happening in the world so far in the ‘Our Story’ section is perfect 💓. I am never deleting this app. EVER!!! kind regards, zoya🦋.Version:

Needs a fix?The fact that I’ve had to delete and re download Snapchat to fix small issues are starting to get a little annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I love the app and I use it regularly but something need to be fixed. For example, the notifications. the app shows that red circle with a number for the messages you have, however sometimes that number will be fixed and even though I have opened all my messages it will still say I have unopened messages. It’s nothing horrible but it would be nice to be fixed. Thank you!.Version:

Amazing 🥳I have had Snapchat since 2017 and this app is absolutely amazing. Snapchat is an app where you can socialise with friend and family. In my opinion Snapchat should give you a reward for hitting 100 or above streaks with someone, another thing is which has been such a massive problem for me is when you screenshot the chat or screen record it. I have had multiple fights with girls from school and they fights end up going to school and the teachers would like to review on what has happened, what the point i’m stating is I do not like the fact how it says “_______ Screen shotted the chat!” and this could be for serious reasons. I would totally recommend on getting the app but please Snapchat, take these thoughts into consideration. I love your work, keep it up! 😁.Version:

What’s your problemEveryone’s saying how bad Snapchat is but honestly it’s good and in my opinion I like the updates they add it just takes getting used to. Snapchat is still a great way to send photos and message other people at the end of the day.Version:

..So, I love Snapchat, but there is one problem that is getting so so irritating. Please let me know if this happens to you guys too. When I go to open a photo someone sent me on Snapchat, this was only sometimes but now it’s happening regularly. When I go to open a Photo someone sent me it just kinda shakes when I press it and won’t let me open it unless I turn my iPad all the way off and one again. Then sometimes when I go back in to open it, it says I already have and I have to then ask the person what they sent me because I couldn’t view it. Again, I love Snapchat and I’m grateful I can communicate with people and I love the app, but that’s my only bug bear..Version:

CallingCalling quality is low and can u move the buttons on mobile for the calls?? i keep calling my friends accidentally and a few live in different time zones and a few cant accept calls !! it bugs me how i keep pressing them accidentally due to them being right next to the keyboard!.Version:

HehePlssss make a change the username option -Olivia.Version:

VideosSnapchat is really good. Love using it to interact with my friends. Sending each other’s photos is so fast. Love posting random things on my story for people to see but only have one slight issue with it. Which is why I’m giving it four stars. When I take videos on my normally camera roll or even taking videos on Snapchat they look really high quality which is great. One issue I have is when I post them on my video either it being from my camera roll or even from Snapchat itself. The quality of the video drops significantly and it bothers me as it shouldn’t be doing that. Especially when I have the iPhone 12 Pro. Which takes beautiful photos and videos. Snapchat is making my phone look bad for videos. Please fix this Snapchat much appreciate it. Tay..Version:

Small suggestionI can say confidently that me and all of my friends spend just about all of our time on Snapchat. It has brought many people I know together in ways I’ve never seen capable by another app. By far snapchat is my favorite and most used app. It is easy to use and has a smooth and appealing layout. I am not here to criticize, but simply to make a suggestion. I enjoy watching some of the shows on the “For you” tab. But I often find myself losing the show that I was just watching. I’ve noticed that thumbnails change after you go through the story, so that makes it hard to find what you clicked on in the first place. In particular I keep finding myself thinking “wow, I enjoyed that show, but I don’t remember what channel it was under. Though I only watched it 5 minutes ago.” Thus I would propose a sort of “history” feature for the “for you” page. (I would not like this for personal stories, only shows on the for you tab.) Possibly even just keep it in a more hidden spot because I do not need it as often as other things on Snapchat. But a feature like this would help me find and subscribe to the shows I enjoy. Thank you for reading..Version:

CallingHi! Would just like to say that this app is amazing but I have had one problem! The calling wasn’t working for me and my friends. We checked if it needed updating and it didn’t. When we pressed on it it would say that we pressed it but then it would not call anyone. I think it’s just a bug. It’s fixed now! Thanks a lot love this app tho!.Version:

SnapchatSnapchat is is cool fun and funny to mess about with your friends and take funny pictures with each other. Another reason why snapchat is very good is because of the way it is made and the thing I like about it is where I can look through people’s stories and find out what my friends are doing. Another good feature about Snapchat is the snap map where I can swipe down off the camera and look into the snap map and find out where all my friends are and when they were last seen there which is really really good. Another good thing about Snapchat which lucky they brought it in was streaks because me and my friends make very funny ones and I find it really cool how you can just Search a picture and it will come up and you can put it on tour Snapchat but it has loads of different ones it is almost like a google search. So there are some reasons why if you are reading these reviews and don’t have snapchat you should get it because it is a fun way to access your mates and just have loads of fun when you are out so good luck.Version:

Just one problem 👆🏻I have always wanted snapchat and when I was finally able to install it, I fell in love with it❤️but there is one problem that I encounter (👆🏻it's probably just my phone) but the app is just glitchy and I have to wait FOREVER to take a picture. But on a positive note, 👍this app is fantastic and I really love having it and I can can do lot's and lot's with this app. One👆🏻 more thing, in my play store app I have on my phone, it gave me an update, so I pressed on it because I thought it might save my problem on snapchat, but instead it keeps saying that it is going to re- download the app so it can become better but it just does not re- download and it and I pressed retry many times but it still does not work😔 Thanks for listening and reading. Love you snapchat❤️.Version:

SnapchatSnapchat is an amazing app to communicate with friends and people you know. It doesn’t censor things and doesn’t glitch when calling or video calling someone (I’m looking at you Discord) however I think you should be able to see the age of someone you don’t know that has added you, for example, I am 18 and a guy from Boston added me, he was like 21 and I didn’t live in America. He seemed nice so I accepted his request, I didn’t want to show my face since I hadn’t coated it with: 20 layers of foundation; a whole avalanche of blush and eyeshadow; and a tsunami of lipstick. He then sent me a snap of him asking for nudes. He looked cute, if I had lived in Boston then I would have met him and asked him out. On the contrary, I left him on seen. He typed, “r u sending them??” I was going to respond with a meme but I just blocked him and removed him. Anyways, overall Snapchat is a good app to use to communicate with friends, distant relative etc..Version:

Awesome app!I ❤️u Snapchat! Ur awesome! But something that annoys me, is that u can’t go back and read the message u’ve sent to people, or they’ve sent 2 u. Like how in messaging apps, u can scroll back, and keep a record of everything u’ve sent, and what others have sent. This particularly makes it good if u have cyberbullies, u can have proof. In Snapchat, u can’t do this! I can only c the conversation if I haven’t left it, and even then, only the message they’ve sent in that very second. If u could make a way to go back and c every single message u’ve ever sent and received from a group/person, then this game would be a 5 stars from me!.Version:

Camera flash issue?Great app, everyone loves Snapchat. But recently on my iPhone 11 I’ve noticed that sometimes my phone won’t use flash when taking a front facing shot (the two cameras on the back) and instead acts like it takes a photo but doesn’t? The photo button will move when I press it, but my chat, stories, settings search bar etc stay and no photo is actually taken. This doesn’t happen with the screen camera though. Is this just my phones battery not using flash? Or is there a little bug preventing me from using it? Thanks :))).Version:

HiiiI personally love this app and it’s a great way to text and chat and do lots of things on honestly! I have a few issues with it though. One is that when I go to a chat and press the smile face I can’t find the cutout thing to make a cameo. I’ve been looking left and right how to. I’ve been asking my friends and everything they tell me is not showing up on my screen. For example they said to update Snapchat and then maybe I’ll see the cutout so I updated it and honestly nothing changed. I can’t find how to make a cameo. My friend has even sent me a link to Snapchat support saying how to make a cameo but I am missing on of those steps. I don’t have the face cut out image on the bottom of my bar when I press the face. I have one more issue. The only snap game that I can’t play is Bitmoji party. Me and my friends are always trying to play bitmoji party together and hers works and mine doesn’t. Everytime I try playing, before I even start the game, it says connection lost. EVERY TIME! So I would love if you could fix the bitmoji party and I know that it is not my connection because I have strong connection. Thanks for reading..Version:

Performance issuesFor the most part I quite enjoy Snapchat it’s probably the most used app I have on my phone because it’s really convenient for messaging people especially when my texting doesn’t work based on various locations, like text messages don’t go through when I’m at school buildings but Snapchat messages will. I think it’s quite useful and it’s very fun to use, however lately I’ve been experiencing some problems with loading times. For the past maybe two months it’s taking a good 10 seconds to load in a text that I got, and another three to save that text. I’ve been on various Wi-Fi connections as well as using my data and no matter the change between Wi-Fi or data the problem does not get fixed so I know that’s not the issue. Recently I found that deleting some of the things that take up storage on my phone help with the performance however this time that has not worked. I do think that this is some thing Snapchat needs to look into as a problem since it is one of the main communication apps. Have the time I to get annoyed with it taking so long to load that I just use text message instead of Snapchat but it’s just not the same and I wish I didn’t have to resort to it. I hope Snapchat fixes this problem soon..Version:

One feature which would make this app top of all socialsSo like of course i have all the socials, i’m a teenager who well, i really can’t miss a day without socials. Now i know that sounds sad and to be honest, i lied, i just went over 2 weeks without a phone and ; it was probably the best thing going however, i’ve just logged on to snapchat and was like.... dam! One feature which would make this app top game would to copy instagram and be able to link accounts. Yeah i know it sounds bad copying another developers creation however , really it isn’t a creation, it’s a simple feature which to be honest, takes things far and beyond. If snapchat could include that then dam! You definitely won’t have to worry about the reviews or 5 stars as you’ll already be there. I have two accounts and its simply effort to keep logging in and out etc. If we could please have this feature, it really would be amazing! Kind regards and many thanks, J.Version:

Best friend emojisBest app ever 5 star 10/10 would recommend Could you add more best friend and other friend characteristics? I really like the idea and think there should be more added like maintaining a best-friend status with someone for over 6 months and stuff. Would be awesome to see, thanks :).Version:

Amazing!This app is amazing and is so safe for our kids! I am a mother of 4 and i let all of my kids have this app. It is very safe because when you first download the app, it immediately puts you on ghost mode. This means no one can see your location. you have the choice to turn it off but they ask you about 3 verification questions before you do. Plus, you can’t see anyone’s posts and you can’t message anyone unless you follow them and they follow you back. If you guys follow each other and someone does something inappropriate, and you didn’t save the chat, you can go in settings and there is a button where you can revive all of the message you have ever sent. they will also bring up any messages they other person sent too. Lastly, if you report someone, it will immediately block them and report their account to the headquarters! This app is also super fun! It’s a fun way to communicate because when your kids go into their teen years, it’s not “cool” to text any more so this will be super fun! There’s all types of wonderful filters on this app which makes it amazing too! There are some cons but overall this is an amazing app!:).Version:

Change usernames.Add a change username option! So many people have been begging for years and still nothing.Version:

⚠️ WONT LET ME OPEN SNAPS ⚠️I’ve never had a problem with opening my snaps but all of a sudden i can’t open certain people’s snaps. it keeps coming up with “tap to load” and when i tap it just keeps refreshing the “tap to load” (sorry if that didn’t make sense) my wifi is working completely fine and i’ve tried turning my wifi off and using my data but nothing seems to be working. the weird thing is, it’ll let me open certain peoples but some i can’t. my snaps seem to be delivering fine. please fix. would be much appreciated xx - billie🧚🏻‍♀️.Version:

One step forward, two steps backSnapchat is always changing, and even if I don’t like the updates at first I usually come around and they are super useful/great. But whoooo designed the new logo!!? It’s like someone from 1998 designed it, i didn’t know it was possible to design something in 2019 that looks so outdated 😩 everyone I’ve talked to agrees, I beg that you change it back 🙏.Version:

BEST APP MUST DOWNLOADThis app is incredible convenient, much better to contact my children, friends, and family. My children only accept people they know which is the good thing about it because no random people can just randomly chat with you and your children. I use it much more than gmail just because it is convenient than gmail. I wouldn’t even consider it a social media app beachside it it just chatting with people you know. And I feel like kids of the age 12 and over should definitely be aloud to get it otherwise they just wouldn’t fit it as well. It is more advanced and definitely recommend it to everyone of ages 12 and OVER PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE..Version:

Change usernamePlease add change username option.Version:

It's amazing!!!!Okay so I've only had this app for a little bit and I can say and enormous thank you!!! to the creators of this incredible app I find it very fun and exciting to be able to snap my friends and family, I also find it quite genius that they have created snap maps where I can find all my friends and family and see when they were last active and where they are at all times!!! I like it when I know where people are as it gives me a very comfortable sitting in life!!! I also really like ghost mode as they can not tell when I'm close by it's give me a handy time when I'm suprising them 😉😉 I also think it is very cool how you can choose whether or not to accept people but of course I accept everyone as Jesus loves you❤️ Kind regards, Gary..Version:

I ❤️ itI love Snapchat I always use it however the front camera is blurry and won’t focus on your face or background. Please fix it . I always use it to chat . But the call button is right beside the return button and I often accidentally press it it’s really annoying..Version:

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