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I need help pleaseI’ve been having this issue for about a year now and i keep sending reports with screenshots of it. all my eyes only pictures will not load or even begin to, from last year of July till February of 2018. it’s not inappropriate pictures. it’s just pictures of my friends and family that i put in there instead of keeping them in the memories thing. i constantly see if they’ve popped up. i’ve tried removing them from my eyes only to the memory section but they stay black. i’ve saved them on my phone it just says “couldn’t save”. i hope someone sees this and is able to help me. i would really like to have all of it back. there’s a lot too. i’ve been trying for a year to get them back. but besides that i like snapchat, saying that because it’s still a review it’s fun and easy way to connect with people who aren’t around..Version:

Really good but an ideaI love snap, it’s such a good way to communicate with you mates but it does get a bit annoying when you haven’t been on for a few days and have been snapped a lot. When this happens I find myself taking 5 mins to just go through all of them and reply ( the snap all thing helps a lot) but I think it would be good to install a button or something along the lines that goes somewhat like “read all”. While this is small I think it would greatly be appreciated..Version:

No one will ever read thisI did your mom.Version:

Fabulous app!Snapchat is a great app that allows you to interact with anybody that you add. It gives you a discovery option allowing you to watch videos made by others, a chat option allowing you to talk to anyone or message anyone, a story option to watch other peoples stories and Snapchat channels. Lastly it has a photo option to take photos and send them to people or add to stories or simply to just save it. The app also has wonderful bitmojis which are characters you can dress up and fix at any time. It also gives you a snap score. A snap score is the amount of times you have snapped someone (or taken a photo and sent it to somebody) and it increases by each photo you send to each individual person or group..Version:

Screenshots, screen recordings, etc.I hate how the app tells people when you save their video, take a screenshot or start screen recording. It bugs me a lot, because I feel like they can’t trust me taking screenshots without them knowing what I screenshotted. Overall great app, just hate that mechanic. I don’t mind if it stays though..Version:

I love snapchatWhenever i first go onto my phone whether its as soon as i wake up or as soon as i am about to go to bed snapchat is the last thing im on, you can pin 3 people that you like the most or that you talk to the most and its really cool if you have a streak you can get up from 3 days and it usually has this emoji next to it “🔥” unless you decide you want to change them, you also have bestfriends lists and thats where snapchat decides who you talk to the most from a range of 1-8 and i love snapmaps because i get to see where people are (not in a creepy way) but just to make sure there safe and close by. overall i think that snapchat is a really cool thing and i love making my bitmoji.Version:

HiIt’s a good app but can you guys add more backgrounds and poses and can you guys add send to all streaks button and can you guys make the option to change Snapchat icons for free because you need Snapchat plus for that.Version:

Snapchat ratingIn Snapchat I have never run into a problem. The lay out is clean and looks very welcoming. It’s not hard to get around the app and doesn’t require a tutorial to use the app properly as it’s straight forward. The app only has problem. This problem can’t be easily stopped. The problem is that a lot of bot accounts have been sending friend request to people, and when the victim accept the friend request the account then sends loads of links, and inappropriate pictures, videos and texts..Version:

😍🥰😂😄😎Love snapchat.Version:

How I feel about SnapchatSnapchat is basically addicting right now, because its easier to make group chats with your friends or family. But one problem about Snapchat is that whenever you call with your friends in the group hat is just automatically hangs up when we didn’t hang up either touch the phone. But yeah thats my rating for Snapchat Thank you :).Version:

Pros and consAre use Snapchat more than any other app however I am a teenager for parents considering downloading there are a lot of pluses you can talk to your friend safely you can send cool pictures it’s a fun app however anyone can add your kids they can innocently add them your location can be seen if turned on some of the videos on Snapchat are very inappropriate and you have access to a lot of things I would say the age limit does not matter it’s the kid a 12-year-old kid that’s mature and knows not to do dumb things can for sure have this app but a nine-year-old who doesn’t know what turn location on to everyone or post publicly so that any person on the world can see you they should not have this app you should monitor your kids on Snapchat because it is a very fun and helpful app especially for teenagers but for some kids I would say it’s very inappropriate and not the best app to download stay safe!!.Version:

My reviewThe thing bad about it is when you log in/make a account it has no picture verification so you don’t even know if the person is a human? and there is n0n3es on there and you never ban them? my mum made me delete it because I was “talking” to random strangers I knew some of them! I understand that you can’t do anything about it But it’s not the point is it I used to use Snapchat loads! it’s okay for parents to control kids and stuff but why don’t you add. Parental mode so parents can see what there/who kids are talking to so they don’t have to be so horrible about it and anyone who is a n0nc3/pedo should have a red flag next to there name! It works the same way! I it’s unfair For those kids who have strict/controlling parents thank you Caroline.Version:

What I think should be included in next updateFirst off I want to say… I love using Snapchat! I like the fact that we can take pictures & make videos while saving it to our memories instead of our actual camera roll. Not only that but it notifies us about events that happened on specific dates too! I also like that it notifies you when a fiend is texting that way you can reply immediately. Who can’t forget the pretty cool filters of course :) I do think that a feature where we can “airdrop” memories to someone near by or just to a person you select would be cool. Instead of it going on our phone camera roll it would instead go into one’s Snapchat memories! I think this would be an awesome update because there’s people out there who #1 have 2 accounts such as me, and would like to transfer memories to the other account. And #2 there’s people like me who don’t have enough iCloud storage or storage at all to save all snap memories to the phone..Version:

The best app everThis app when I first ever tried it it was the best app in the world so this is a five star because it’s so good and also it’s really good it’s a fun way to get to know new people get friends and message your friends and get new friends in your phone call text and one big app called FaceTime messages videos sharing your videos of people sharing your video to your friends it’s just a fun fun app and this is a new way how to make friends to thousand 22 the best app in the world people read this is the best app in the world.Version:

𝓐𝓶𝓪𝔃𝓲𝓷𝓰!!!!Oh my goodness I don’t even know where to start! If you are fortunate to download the 🄵🄰🄱🅄🄻🄾🅄🅂 Snapchat app you absolutely should! You get to communicate and interact with different people from the internet and make a very strong bond! If you friend that person you can also chat with them and even 𝙲𝙰𝙻𝙻 them!!! You can also watch different videos and use different sounds to put in 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 videos! If you wish to upload your video other people can see that video, comment, share and like them!! You could also put on different filters and make videos! That is why you should download snapchat😍.Version:

NEW UPDATE IS AWFULDear snapchat, the new update with the way the bitmojis look like on our profile selfies is appalling. please undo it because my bitmoji selfie looked so cute but now it looks like a baboon that got hit by 16 busses. thank you.Version:

Why I love Snapchat1. It’s fully free no chat (unless your paying for premium) 2.your allowed to add as many people as you want and make a Group. FaceTime quality isImmaculate as well as the call have a bitmoji ( character to describe your look) an you have your snap score and it tells you how many snaps you’ve done and got 4.then you have your spotlight and you can make short entertaining videos to make you popular and get your views and streaks up!.Version:

Great but…I love Snapchat but it really needs a ‘remove from best friend list’ button that everyone can use and not just Snapchat+.Version:

Makes it easy to stay connected with loved onesI like that it isn’t political/spammy. I gave up on all other social media apps because of the ads flooding feeds and floods of posts that weren’t relevant (or echo chamber - overly relevant). I use this app to share quick little moments of my daily life with my family and people I am closest to. I like that I can swipe to the larger feed to keep up with the basic social-content trends, see the latest dances etc. but love how that is not the main focus and just an option to browse through. I like that there isn’t some long history and years of content that other people can scroll through. It’s great how it all just goes away! So much less pressure to take the perfect photo than other apps, and i don’t mind sharing just silly daily things. Filters used to be better but now there are too many choices..Version:

This app is AMAZINGGGSnap chat is an app where you can meet friends,talk to friends and even play with friends! I absolutely love Snapchat and how it works! I HIGHLY reccoment Snapchat!☺️☺️☺️.Version:

Snap chat is amazingSnapchat is amazing but the thing that I got stuck with is that how to block people you’ve got to click onto the settings on by a bit emoji and that takes me to my parked the bit emoji party is amazing I’ve even got new shoes out so quickly download Snapchat it is the most best app that you had ever seen obviously you can find people there is like magic shows on there and some other things they’ve even got TikTok on them Snapchat Snapchat is the best app that you can ever download trust me I’ll be is it.Version:

Still my go-to camera for videosI don’t send snaps every day (I’m not that social) but I prefer it to the Camera app or iMessages for capturing & sending videos (or tiktoks) to my girlfriend or other people, even if they don’t use snapchat. the Map is cool and underrated. you can get a peek into what people around town are up to, without having to know or befriend them. useful for following local events as they happen. occasionally I’ll use the face lenses. I follow a creator who makes some great ones (aoepng, tho searching that name doesn’t bring them up?). the app could do a better job showing you when they upload new filters—right now you have to subscribe to the creator’s story. more focused, thoughtful lists of filters or creators handpicked by actual people (as opposed to the algorithmic FYP feed) could help with finding new filters. I also find it really frustrating that racist and borderline filters are still being let in. can Snap please pass a moratorium on all primate lenses period and maybe hire people with cultural expertise to deny filters depicting culturally specific face paint! not everything irl should be replicated as a filter and made available to anybody to put on themselves..Version:

Do you like Snapchat ?I love Snapchat because it is an easy way to communicate to your friends/family. It is really good because TikTok drains your battery really easily and Snapchat spotlight does not and it is just as good. You can use Snapchat without Wi-Fi and TikTok has to use Wi-Fi. So that is why I give Snapchat a 5 star rating. I like all of the filters on Snapchat they are my fav the cut one is my fav. I like how you can save chats on Snapchat. I like how you can get filters on FaceTime with people it is really cool. One thing I don’t really like about Snapchat is that when somebody is being mean to you via messages or photos you could screenshot them photos for proof if you needed to show a trusted adult because it good really bad but when you screenshot it tells you when you are taking screenshots and how many times you do. But that situation could also be good for some reasons because if they are being mean to you or cyber bullying you they would know that they are in the wrong. I also like how you can have a private story. I like how on snap maps you can put it on for some people and take it off for some people. I understand why there is an age limit on Snapchat 12+ because random people could send you friend requests when you don’t know them and you know how little ones can just click the accept button and they could be like a really bad person so that is why there is a 12+ age limit on Snapchat. Hope this review helped you under stand why Snapchat is good..Version:

AmazingIt’s amazing because u can add friend block them watch spotlight/mini videos and see your friends stories.Version:

I love SnapchatI am being flat out honest right here and right now this is the best app I have used in a longggg time it lets u connect with your friends and is soooo easy to use 😍😍.Version:

Overall an amazing app to chat with ur friends onIt’s an amazing app to chat with your friends and I love how you can see public stories etc, but every time I log out of my account and back in it resets to my very first outfit and it gets annoying cause then I got to redo my most recent one but it’s overall good but I HATE the new 3D bitmojis…2D was so much better!🥲😅.Version:

Great thingsSnapchat is great you can text all your friend’s.Version:

Cant turn volume up or down?Love snapchat? Could the notifications when someone is typing be removed gets quite annoying and personally dont need to know this. And maybe a separate notification sound when someone has chatted rather then sent a pic. And when someone is sending a video i dont need a million sounds flooding me 🤔.Version:

Regarding the appFirst of all I would like to thank Snapchat for this amazing app making all family to be connected to each other with nice filters I think I'm going to be having that yellow star soon☺️ I love the filters that makes everything beautiful I love the desires of the locations and I'm in love with the second is that when you get a direct message with a photo or video and it goes and you get to see it one time or two times anyways thank you Snapchat please always make our account safe from bugs Best regards.Version:

J'adore spapJe le conseille à tout le monde car ça permet de communiquer avec des personnes de là familles ou à des amis! 😄.Version:

PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD BITMOJIS 😭Look I live laugh love Snapchat, but I absolutely cannot stand the new bitmojis. I understand that they were worked on a lot and that a lot of time and thought went into them. But please take me back to the 2D simple and cute ones. The new ones look so chunky and weird. My avatars curly hair just looks straight up matted, and her “baggy” clothes are stuck to her 3D body. The forehead looks like a billboard too- the 3D honestly looks so weird and it makes my brain hurt if I stare at them too long. I’m sorry but they’re actually scary. I know I’m not going to do anything to change it, because I obviously just insulted you and your choice in bitmoji design, not to mention I’m just one user out of millions. Plus the fact that you’re literally making billions of dollars a year, and one minor detail such as avatars won’t change much. But personally I would really appreciate the old 2D avatars again :(.Version:

It’s great but…I love snap. I really do. But please for the love of god. Make a “remove from best friends list” button. And also. Stop with the 3D Bitmoji stuff- it’s so ugly. I don’t know anyone that likes it. But I’ll block someone and readd them just to get them off my list. Make it easier for me. Please.Version:

Snap chat the best social media platformI’ve been using snap chat since 2013 and yet it’s still an app I use everyday it’s fun to use with all the funny filters that you can use all though I do miss the original filters it’s still fun to use and heaps of fun with friends and being able to contact your mates without needing there number has never been this easy I can send funny photos to my mates and send people things without it being posted all over social media.Version:

Is not inappropriate and helps text peopleIt is not inappropriate at all and helps text your friends family and other ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿.Version:

✨Really Good✨I got Snapchat to talk to my friends not knowing how to use anything in it but I got used to it so quickly because everything is really simple. The filters are more than funny faces, there are games, beauty filters or natural light filters. You can also watch other peoples stories that they post and you can post your own too! Snapchat is also very safe because when you post your story, only the people who is on your contacts can see it and if you want certain people to see it, then you can post a private story. Snapchat Spotlight is also really good because you can post something for the whole world to see! It lets you interact with others as well as sharing your creations. If you are lost and you don’t know where you are, Snapchat has something called “Location” where you can share your location to friends or family. I give this app 5/5 👏.Version:

Weird updateI love using snap but the only thing that annoys me is that they have now changed the Bitmoji from the cute 2D cartoon and have tried to make it look realistic and 3D which I think looks weird. PLEASE change it back to how it was because I have asked many people about this new feature and we all agree.Version:

App crashingI love using snapchat to message my friends but recently as soon as I open the app it instantly crashes !! And then when I logged into my account on my friends phone it said my account was involved in a data link and that I had to change my password please help me snapchat I don’t wanna stop using the app.Version:

Such a good appI love the app it gives me a different way to talk to my friends and family. The app hides pimples and blackheads with most of the filters on. You can post what you are doing on your story and friends and family members can see what your up to you can turn on your location and turn your location off and that is some of the many reasons why I love the app.❤️‍🔥.Version:

A bugSnapchat is a great app, i always use it everyday to keep in contact with my friends. I have mainly 2 to 3 accounts on Snapchat and I have to keep logging out and this problem has happened 3 to 4 times and I think you fixed it, when I’m trying to get into Snapchat it keeps saying “due to repeated failed attempts or other unusual activity, your access to Snapchat is temporarily disabled” . When I login from a different device it works. Some of my friends also have this issue. Please, could you fix this bug asap.Version:

It’s very good for communicating with friendsOn Snapchat I have made several friends, this app is amazing ! It’s a great app to communicate with people from your school , work place and many other places! I recommend this app ! It has such nice avatars that you can make and plus it’s filled with amazing unique filters I am enjoying this app so much ever since I have gotten it in 2019 it’s helpful and useful for anyone and anything ! :) -Lana mikhael.Version:

I don’t like this appIt is why I put one star.Version:

Best friend listI think Snapchat is an amazing app! And I love the way it works and how you can socialise with friends on there, but the best friend list is really bothering me.. like I want to be able to customise it and change to whom I want where, there is always someone idk or don’t talk to as much always on the list and one of my friends aren’t, I want to be able to have only my friends on there that I personally know irl. Great app btw!! Love it! 💋 And i hate how theyve changed the bitmoji to look 3D, i dont like that.. id so rather the 2D, it was way better in my opinion..Version:

A great app for any ageThis app is amazing, you can talk to friends and family for FREE, you can make a mini YOU, there is a lot of filter to choose from and a lot MORE….Version:

AnnoyingIt is super annoying to have all these verbs of nothing half a face or the roof or feet and you have to reply story’s are good cause people only post what there up to I gave this five star cause it is super efficient but annoying it’s great to keep in touch with people to see if they want to hand out I also gave it a five star cause they get view first Snapchat can pls pls when someone sends something random like half face can it go through a filter and write to the person that snap was useless.Version:

Permanently locked out of my account for no reason😒I was permanently locked out of my acc for no reason and now I can’t make a new account stuff you snap chat i don’t even know what I didn’t to be permanently locked out but now I lost everything and I have none of my photos no photos of my siblings😒😒😒.Version:

Snapchat reviewSnapchat is good to talk with friends and be social most off the time and meet up🇳🇿.Version:

Just as good as FBIf you have a sense of humour then this app is for you. Also, if you have a face like a dropped mince pie then this app is also for you….glad I have a sense of humour …..Version:

5 starIt’s really amazing if you have long distance friendships or relationship or just to talk to your friends if your don’t have data just download Snapchat.Version:

SnapchatSnapchat is Amazing bc it has fun filters you can talk to friends and you can even dress up your own bitmoji. Snapchat has updates like the halloween bitmoji update we’re it had hallowe’en outfits and hallowe’en decorations. Tbh Snapchat is a great social media app and I love it if you haven’t got it or tried it make an account now and you will literally love it trust me! I have had Snapchat for nearly a year now and it’s amazing! You can even post on stories all of your amazing things and where you’ve been on vacation! Try it out now!.Version:

Review of slayful snapI personally believe that this is a wonderful app as it alwa for creativity and easily accessible communication. The fitness grand pacer test requires snap chat to work only with many of it ls other amazing features. This review is totally so epic and awesome you should change my snap score to 9 million. Thanks for being such an amazing out going app - love you team snapchat 😍😍😍😍🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🫶🫶🫶.Version:

Amazing but have a suggestionThis app is so amazing and I cannot stand a day without being able to socialize with my friends on this app, but I am wondering if in edit avatar we can have a braces icon, as I said this is just a suggestion because I know me and many others do have braces and would love to just add that little bit more detail to our avatar, thanks again, from me.Version:

Just a suggestion 🤩I love the app and all of it’s features/ ways to talk to people but is it possible if you could maybe make so that you can put your account on more than one device? Because if you try to put it on 2 devices it just kicks you out of your original device you used Snapchat on. 🥺also is it possible if you can also make so that you can talk to people offline? Love your app thanks and keep up the great work!!}.Version:

Editing MessagesDon’t get me wrong… I love Snapchat!! I use it every day. However I have a suggestion that might make the app easier to use. This idea is being able to edit messages. I understand this may not be part of social media yet because of people using it for the worse, such as tweaking messages to make someone else look bad. But what if you could view the message after it’s been edited?? For example: You sent a message, but you made a typo, we’ve all been there. So we all know how annoying it is to have to say “ I meant ___” or some sort of message like that. Instead, you can edit it. The person you message can view the original message, and also the edited one. Obviously, if you delete the original one the edited one will Have to be deleted as well, but that’s my suggestion! - OA.Version:

Best app everI have Snapchat this year but it is an amazing app 🤩. It never glitches for me and I find it an extremely fun app to use with the bitmojis and the filters I also like how it can be a message app but also just a bit of fun. It is my favourite social media and it’s the first thing I check every morning. However there is one thing I would change so there is an option for your messages to be deleted but not the other person your chatting with :( I don’t want to keep all messages people have sent me and if they save it then I can’t get rid of it. Please change it so people can save what they want and get rid of what they want otherwise great app 👍 ..Version:

Is this good for 10-12 year olds?I’m really concerned about some inappropriate content that might be put out and that children might see. The app allows 10-12+, which might be a bit concerning considering the content, perverts, thief’s, cyber bullies, and kidnappers. The app is something every kid would probably download, since it’s something and older kid would download and they’d want to download it, too. So when a child would download it, they would post. When they post, there’s an old man, kidnappers, bullies, and thief’s. There’s just so much that could go wrong! But there’s also many positive things. When a child downloads it, they can also contact online friends without giving away their phone number that could be a bit too personal! This also goes for parents. In general, the app is great for socializing and finding ideas for things to do. It’s like Pinterest and iMessages in one. But as a ten year old child, I don’t think it’s safe, I feel a bit uncomfortable on the app, especially since I’m only ten. So really, it’s great for people that know to be careful, and are older. And I don’t think Snap Chats opinion about 12+ is accurate, I think you should be 14+. It’s really not safe at a young age, there’s just so much to go wrong!.Version:

Loving itSo far it’s the best app i love the filters and being able to chat with friends too.Version:

Snapchat is great apart from the public storiesSnapchat is a great platform. Apart from for one thing, which is that it shoves public stories with infinite scroll down your throat. There should be an option in settings to disable public stories from people you don’t follow i.e. news/channels/influencers. Obviously snapchat make a ton of money off this since they show ads here BUT it is such a waste of time and since snapchat care more about money than social media addiction (understandably), they should at least make it an option to turn public stories off with the paid snapchat+..Version:

SIt is very good and the best way to see the real world and things around you but the only not so good is that little girls and boys can talk to strangers which i think is not very good but it is very fun to use snapchat and the filters plus streaks spotlights and your mother or family can see where you are if they think your missing they can look on snap maps Thank you for reading this enjoy your day and stay safe around roads trains because its the holidays there will be lots of car’s busses trains.Version:

4 stars..?Just loving the simplicity of it and a few certain features i like are listed below : On Instagram whenever i wanna send a photo to a friend or family member it takes a few seconds to process it however on snapchat the “snap” feature ( basically just sending a photo to someone ) is instant. A really useful mechanic or whatever you call it is the fact that you can see who screenshots your story / chat / snap / friendship profile I would give this 5 stars however since i’ve travelled to Turkey for holiday i’ve been experiencing an issue with snapchat maps which is whenever i check a friends location as soon as i zoom out it moves the map elsewhere ( eg. Ukraine or France ) and i have to zoom out and move back to the UK. I just want to emphasise that it happens ALL the time i do this which is just a bit annoying for me. However i could be the only user with this problem and hopefully that is the case and other than that it’s an tottally awesome app to message your friends on :).Version:

SnapchatI love Snapchat because it’s easy to communicate with and there’s games that you can play on with your friends😁you can also call or if you want you can face time! I think if you have a different texting app and it glitches all the time you should get Snapchat it’s very easy to use👍also if you want and pretty or really funny filter you can just go onto camera on Snapchat and click the smiley face and there’s heaps on emojis to choose from!😁👍.Version:

Stay safe!This app is a grate way to stay in touch with friends and take nice photos with the 1000s of fillers. You must keep your safe self on snap chat the there are a lot of people on there and some of them might be people you do not won’t to be friends with. If your kids have this app just make sure there only friends with people they do no!!! There are people of all ages on this app and it’s very easy to friend people and you can also share your location I recommend you make sure it’s of but if there location is on make sure it’s only with people they no in real life like mum,brother,best friends . I hope this helped <3.Version:

Ok, but could be betterI’m not gonna lie, Snapchat had been a lifesaver for making me look better, and not looking like i haven’t slept in weeks. But, there’s a couple things that just ruin the app. For me at least. The fact that it lets the person know whenever you save something, take a screenshot, or even screen record your chat, isn’t very useful. In fact, i know a couple of friends who have ended their friendships because of this! It only takes one small move, and oops! You just took a screenshot of their story/chat! The person might think you’ve done this in purpose, which can cause problems! I do under stand why this is a thing though. It can help with some problems too. For instance, if you wanted to take a screenshot of something, like a secret they just told you in chat, and you put it on your story, i understand with that. But I’m gonna be honest, i don’t think that’s every going to happen. And even if it did, it probably only happened once or twice. So, overall, Snapchat is ok with filters, and saving fun memories, but not with the chats, and irrelevant notifications it sends. Thank you for reading, and Happy Thanksgiving!.Version:

SnapchatI love it it’s such a great app helps me lot to keep in touch with all my friends and family.Version:

I really dislike the 3d bitmojisThe full body one for your profile was fine. But now for everything? Next thing you know they’re going to take over the stickers.Version:

My Snapchat reviewThis app is very good as it includes texting,FaceTiming +taking snaps. Snapchat also has stories which can be seen by all your friends and family there are many filters which can be used for snaps “photos” although today Snapchat I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems that it doesn’t be working as I cannot access Snapchat I am very bored as I’m always nearly on Snapchat as they also have a spotlight this is videos made from other creators around the world these can be ur favourite tiktokers or YouTubers I hope this review helped many people thanks u!.Version:

Give Snapchat a goLove Snapchat 👌keep in touch with friends & family instantly ✅.Version:

Please Read!So I’ve had Snapchat for a long time now, and I love it! But I would like to say a few things, the first thing is about the 3D Bitmojis, I don’t think anyone likes them and I was wondering if maybe they could add a option where you can turn it off, or just get rid of it. The second thing is about people, I was thinking about this and maybe it would be smart to add a thing when people friend you where it says “do you know this person” with options like “yes” “no” “send message asking who are you” and stuff. Anyway that’s all.Version:

Maybe add a setting to make it say ur offlineVery good app i love it but my best friend got bullied on this app and he would keep getting added to group chats just to be made fun of and the same thing happened to me and every time I try leave i get added back and it’s annoying and I can’t do much because I have some of my best friends in the group but every time i try enter it they see im online and make fun of me and the same thing happens in school so its quite easy to get bullied on Snapchat but overall its a great app!.Version:

MyIt’s an alright app I use it every day but sometimes they could make some more funny filters and maybe some more features but other than that well done Snapchat One thing I don’t really like about it tho is that sometimes u can not get filters get and sometimes if u wanna go to the back of the filters and keep scrolling then it’s annnoying and also when your watching videos and it stops to an add and it take zu back a few seconds when u go back on it but u know it’s a great picture app and a great social media app aswell.Version:

Amazing!!Snapchat is an amazing app that has wonderful and creative features that I enjoy very much! It has also helped me make new friends with ‘Quick add’ and lets me chat with my friends, make groups and more! I Enjoy using Snapchat a lot and love how I have my own Bitmoji to customise!! Yet one feature I unfortunately dislike is how, when I screen record or screen shot a chat it lets the person I’m texting know that I am doing that. But overall it’s an amazing app!!.Version:

Good appWhen I met you in da summer To my heart beat sound We fell in love As the leaves turn brown.Version:

SnapchatSnapchat is a great way to communicate with your friends and family. You can send videos and pictures with out taking up storage. You can also text with out taking any storage up. You can also put on funny and cute filters. Another thing is you have your own story and you can make private stories. I know I am not specific on the stories but download it to figure it out. You can also post to a spotlight and if you go onto spotlight you can watch different funny videos and stuff like that. Spotlight is kinda light a TikTok. One thing I recommend on Snapchat is turn of you location! There is a thing where you can see your friends location and that is the only thing that is bad about Snapchat. Not great for kids because of the location, but you can have your own opinion. Download Snapchat right now and enjoy. ps: trust me, you work regret it..Version:

Just readWell there are many people on this app and they are weird mainly and some don’t care but that’s not ur fault but a lot are addicted to this app and I think u should add more natural filters.Version:

Love it 💗Kids can have Snapchat and they will enjoy you guys weren’t joy whoever sings this, so Snapchat is like how you could text your family if they have it your friends if they have it your cousins if they have it you can call them and text them and send them a pictures of you and Put filter on you can put filters on it and send them and you get to take a picture and put a filter on or you can watch videos and play games with your cousin in your family your friends or by yourself it’s really fun and I have it for a long long long time, and I really love it you can do it like everything almost everything on it. If you have Snapchat, you don’t need FaceTime what’s up or like I don’t think you can talk with your family or cousins not friends because it’s already on Snapchat everything off that you were really enjoyed that and have you guys looking at this so I have I didn’t mean to Brasilia while I was gonna like tell you guys about it so I am thank you again, so yeah if I messed it up sorry but you would enjoy it. I enjoy it a lot and if you’re good night get it enjoy it because yeah you will you will enjoy it and if someone are you and you do feel like you want to add them because you can if use like you should add them you don’t have to bye💗 oh, and one more thing people you can see people location, but you can take it off if you want to.Version:

It’s greatYou can call and text your friends or family You can FaceTime and send filters.Version:

Love it highly recommendSnapchat is the app I use the most, I love it and I spend time talking to my friends on here even in groups! It’s free and easy to use and it’s my main social life outside of real life. I love the filters there so cute and you can send messages, snaps and even play games to compete with your friends! There getting better at privacy and safety and send emails whenever your account is logged into outside your usual area so you can make sure you stay safe on the app. You can also make a bitmoji to resemble yourself which is lots of fun. Highly recommend this app!.Version:

SnapchatSnapchat is the best texting thing in the world YOI can add people and text them to night to morning there are videos you can watch if you are bored so you can cheer up you can make avatars and make yourself look amazing or horrible you can do anything. You can add people to make friend and then when you snap for 3 days you will have a 3 day streak with the person that you are snapping get you when you snap someone or someone Snapchats you you will begin to have a snapscore a snapscore is when you snap snap snap a lot of people or just one person or someone snaps you will have like example 248 snapscore. The cool feature about Snapchat is that you have filters, Filters are when you, snap someone then you can get the filter you can have lots of filter like dig filters cat filters hat filters and many many many more of them I have left out a lot of features of Snapchat but those are the good ones I agree that everybody should know about anyways good beyyy and have a good morning, goodnight or good afternoon goodbye and have a good one this is Kai signing out piece out.Version:

PLEASE FIX GROUP CHATSSnapchat pleaseeeee out of all update please please make group chats have 1 admin option and that admins can change the name of the group chat, also please make group chats have the option for admins to kick people out of the group chat, would solve a lot of online bullying these days people that get in group chats and bully others for no reason. Safety is your priority too? Why not add this option for an update. ASAP please. Thank you..Version:

Snap chatI love you snap chat, Yur the best. I’m just tryna get a higher snap score…..maybe you could help me out??.Version:

Just one problemThe snaps arent sending and i have to keep restarting the app to send them.Version:

Pretty goodSnapchat is a really great app and I’ve been using it for a while with no problems whatsoever but the last two day I haven’t been getting the notifications when someone snaps me. So I won’t know that I’ve been snapped and it’s kinda annoying and I’ve tried fixing it but it doesn’t matter what I do I just can’t. But other that that little bug everything is perfect..Version:

Amazing app, my friends and I love it.It’s a great app, most of my high school uses it. It’s the perfect way to keep in-touch with all of your homies on the weekends or after school. It’s super easy to use, there is little to no delay in video and voice calls, as well as messages. The format makes it easy to read texts and send them, and it’s super convenient to send a one-time picture that doesn’t take up any space on your camera roll, but if you want, you can save all pictures taken to your device. Posting to your story is an easy way to share your adventures (or just daily life) with your friends (and I mean only your friends, which makes it safer than a lot of other social media apps) and you can tag other friends in your story if they’re in the the picture or you just want them specifically to see it. Streaks is also a great feature to keep in contact with your buddies. It can be just a tradition every morning just for the number or it can be a way to make sure you contact long-distance pals every day. You can also get it on more out-dated devices, like my own device, even if you have a really old iOS. I love this app and I’m sure you will, too!.Version:

Best app everWhen I first downloaded it I knew nothing like the snapstreaks, filters etc. anyways I started learning from experienced friends and now I know everything about Snapchat so it’s just really more fun now but I do still have trouble with putting my volume up while listening to a voice recording so if snap could fix that it would be really awsome!!.Version:

Snapchat is great, however.Snapchat is just great, I get up every morning and use it and it’s basically the only app I use to scroll, I think that there could be a little more inclusivity like people with patched skin tones and a bit more variety of eye, mouth and brow shapes and maybe more boy hairstyles but overall I think I’m pretty happy with how this app has come, thank you. 👍.Version:

Snapchat review ✨I absolutely love Snapchat it is one of the best apps on my phone with tiktok and instagram obviously and if I could change anything up it would add or NIKEY shoes in the outfit range and with the profile where you see them with like there snapscore I would change it and not have the real life person thing I would have the person that you see when your changing your outfit cause that person is better if you k kw what I’m saying..Version:

Dear SnapchatDear Snapchat, Can you make the app available where you can watch snap stories on the Apple watch as well as be able to reply to snap messages on the Apple watch? It would be very helpful. Another suggestion I have for Snapchat that would be to make the DM messaging experience a little more user-friendly by adding the Edit message button in DMs. Can we be honest here? Nobody is perfect by any means and it can be pretty embarrassing to accidently send someone the wrong word or message to the wrong person or whoever your chatting with and to correct the mistake you have to send a whole new message. Wouldn't it be easier for everyone if you could edit and fix the error in the first place with the original message? Think about it for a minute; how do you personally feel when this type of thing happens to you?.Version:

I can’t start my day without Snapping!In everyday, Snapchat shows that it’s the best social media program. When I start using Snapchat, my life has gotten better. I can contact my beloved ones and friends easily. Snaptchat is my favourite one for several reasons. SNAPCHAT IS SECURED First, We trust Snapchat for protecting our privacy. We can send our daily life’s activities in public and in private without feeling that our privacy would be violated. SNAPCHAT IS THE IDEAL CHOICE FOR KEEPING IN TOUCH Second, Snapchat is the ideal choice for contacting friends and make new friends. You can send pictures and videos; you can make a free calls either with video or without it. When you text someone by Snapchat, you don’t need to make sure that your messages deleted because there is a choice of immediate disappearing. SNAPCHAT’S MOOD IS FUNNY AND EASYGOING Third, unlike other applications, when you text someone by Snapchat you feel that you don’t need to be formal because it gives an expression that all the contacts that added by Your account in Snapchat are close friends. Finally, I’d like to thank Snapchat company for making our life comfortable. * You can use my review publicly. ** Shall you have any requirements or further review, please contact me by my Snapchat 😃 Your sincerely, Sami.Version:

SnapchatTo snapchat, This app is amazing for me and works amazingly and there’s not really anything wrong with this app and it still lets me use the filters and take photos even when I have no internet. Although, one thing I’m not the happiest about is your text messages from group snapchat. You are telling me about the updates often and saying all about the holidays. I’m just think weigh it just a little bit. That is all I had to say All my love, snapchat user.Version:

Amazing!Personally, I don’t really rate apps. But this is just amazing I needed to do it.! Snapchat gives you loads of filter choices, also , they give us different colour name tags in a group chat. Also, it gives you a chance to create videos and put them on the app! I don’t know how to do it but I have seen people do it. Also, it has short stories or documentaries for you to enjoy even if you don’t want to text or take pics or take vids. I personally love Snapchat and I definitely recommend this app! Thank you to the company who made this and keep up the great work!.Version:

Camera accessing issuesWhen I try to open the app it says, “Snapchat is a camera app. To continue you’ll need to allow camera access in settings.” So I click OPEN SETTINGS and THERE’S NO OPTION THAT ALLOWS CAMERA ACCESS!!!!!! I’ve used this app for over 1 and a half years, never changed any settings and now this happened so I can’t even open Snapchat without that popping up. Please help me Snapchat before I lose all my snap streaks..Version:

This is the bestThis is the best app of texting and more without you Snapchat I don’t think I’ll be here if you delete this app for ever and never return it then i’ll cry to death can you add some more things please if you can that will be the best I can’t do it without you you’re just The best texting app and iMessage is terrible all we can do is text and call and that app is the worst but you are the best I still do use iMessage but only for boring stuff and family..Version:

Unfriending peopleI hate how you can’t just swipe on their name on the normal chat screen to unfriend them it just annoys me that you need to go to their profile to in friend them.Version:

Great AppThe app Is awesome in general, super easy to communicate and share experiences with your friends. Only downside is the danger of cyber bullying for young children. Chats and Snaps don’t save unless someone clicks a button, which makes it pretty dangerous. There is also the fact that random people can add you. Although there are child settings, which I found worked really well.Version:

Verify the accountI tried getting my account verified but not sure how does it work.Version:

Overall really goodIt’s kind of like a basic social media app that the majority of ppl have now. it’s got spotlight which is kind of like tiktok (which is now updated so you can comment on it), snap maps which is useful in case one of your friends is out with someone dodgy you can watch where they are etc and you can keep track of where your friends are on holiday etc which is kind of cool, filters which are cool (the only problem with it is some people don’t feel comfortable not using filters because it makes them fit the ‘standard of beauty’ but if your using them for funny filters to send to your friends they can be really cool), you make your own bitmoji which is really cool (ideally they would have more hairstyles for ppl with curly hair cos there aren’t many at the moment but it’s cool cos it’s got various religious headscarfs and different types of hairstyles and outfits and various body types which is v body positive), and then there is the basic chat feature which is like any other msging app. another thing that’s good ab snapchat is the streaks idea which is nice because it’s a really casual way of staying in touch with friends/ family without the wyd/ hru msgs which can be awkward. i’m constantly using snapchat and i think if you’ve got kids it could be a nice way to introduce them to using social media and how to be safer online. 10/10 app would just change a few things i’ve already mentioned..Version:

Been a member of this app since it startedI have always been apart of snapchat since they started and by far it has come a long way, only thing I wish they could do is when they show you memories from a year ago on this day. Now I save so many snaps to the point where I’m running out of space and sometimes I see memories I want deleted like videos I didn’t mean to save but there’s no way to delete your memories it says it will take it away from the story but keep in my memories when you delete like snapchat do you think I want to scroll and try and figure out when I recorded this video just to delete it. I would have so much more storage cleared if I could just delete videos permanently from the memories section. I don’t understand why that’s not an option especially for people who are social media influencers like I have way to many videos saved to try and scroll through it just to delete the memory..Version:

Night light ringA less bright light ring for at night would be nice, rather not be blind at 20..Version:

LOOOVEEEESnapchat is easily my main app, I don’t find anything wrong with it, except the fact they can see that you screenshot stuff, but it’s understandable to not let people invade privacy. The only thing I ask, is adding highlights into the hair treatments on the bitmoji stuff, I have black hair with blonde highlights, and my bitmoji looks so boring without the highlights. Ohhhh and possibly some anime stuff, like a Demon Slayer collection of clothes, I know many would love that. Overall I love Snapchat and don’t see any thing that needs attention asap. Hopefully you can add highlight treatments! - also something I wish there was, is a select all button, where I can select every single person on my snap and block them all, rather then going through and blocking each individually, there’s easily over 500 people on my snap, and I only really have like 45 people that I want on snap. I don’t want to spend two hours blocking everyone 😭 if you could add a select all button that’d be amazing!!.Version:

I think the app is great- butYou shouldn’t be able to chat with people you didn’t add at all. Unless it’s a group, they have no business speaking to you. Weird creepy people add you and send you inappropriate videos. And I’m also not a fan of when you send a video and it’s the length limit (like a filter talking video) it takes pictures too. I love the app but I am not a fan of this..Version:

Changes plzI like the app, but like we need a change username option, it’s annoying how u can only change it once every year, and change how everything that we do In a chat for example take a screenshot, the person ur chatting with can see it plz change that..Version:

Loving snapI love Snapchat it is a great app and it has so much things that I can’t stop talking about it . The two important one that I wanna point out is filter and remember or our past memory that we Capture. The filter is great for times that we don’t feel good about the way we look and it gives us that confidence to continue taking our moments and the way it brining our memories back after a year or two years that’s just incredible that taking us back to those moments I love it so much.Version:

It’s goodIt’s not the best for insecure people who just want beauty filters, the broccoli filter is my fave, it’s not beautiful nor trying to make me look more attractive, the chat is cool, I like how u can save the messages, but be careful if they send a mean/ unkind message the other person can screenshot it, but not save it, anyway … spotlight is good, the map/location is unsafe…. But there are positives u can get in touch with friends, u can send funny snaps to ur friends and ur story (u can also let ur friends know what ur up to via ur story ) there are privacy settings in which are helpful… however make sure a grown up sets them … it’s a good app I do recommend it.Version:

Outfit changeHello, I’ve been trying to change my Bitmoji outfit but it keeps saying “Something went wrong. Please try again later!” But my wifi is working and I’m still not sure why it’s not letting me change my outfit..Version:

Best app ever snapcore😍This is the best that l used in my life lots of memories and story l wish l can use many faithful years a thanks guys for creating this app :)and.Version:

Fortnite ballsI like fortnite balls.Version:

Jamie isn’t smartJamie is not smart which is why I’m rating it a 5 because I enjoy this app very much and I think I will be using it more and I got bored so I wanted to rate the app.Version:

Great app but….I got this app quite a few years ago now and I LOVE snapchat. It’s a great messaging and entertainment app. You can chat to friends, even play mini games, scroll through spotlight and watch some shows and your friends stories on discover. The only thing I don’t like about the app is how promoted the filters are, which is changing the way you look. Also it can be bad for catfishing and self-esteem. Apart from that it’s great! Also I really like how on spotlight the comments are more managed and at first snapchat had no comments at all, which I liked better to be honest. But its a great app for people aged 13-17 and older. I have seen a lot of younger children get this app and.. PARENTS PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR UNDER 13 CHILD HAVE THIS APP. there are quite inappropriate videos on the discover page so please just be aware. Anyhow, this app is really good and I recommend getting it! ❤️.Version:

Snapchat fanI love Snapchat. I use it frequently, daily to keep in touch with my daughter.Version:

Discover feedI’ve had Snapchat 2 times before but now I am not aloud to have it due to the discover page. There is so much inappropriate content on the discover page, and my parents won’t let me have it because of the discover page, and only because of the discover page. And I know they added a family feature and parental controls but it has nothing to do with discover. So please add a way to remove all of the discover stories from the feed permanently. Like to be able to just turn off in settings the feed on discover. (Obviously keeping your friends stories on there.) It would be so wonderful if this feature was added. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this feature should be added. Thanks you for reading this, hope y’all will put it into consideration..Version:

NotificationsIt’s a really good app, i enjoy how we can use it to message my friends and ueah.Version:

Love/Hate RelationshipSnapchat is an app ive used for the past almost 6 years. throughout these past years the app has been great and convenient for me. it has allowed me to meet some of the greatest people in my life right now. however i do have a love/hate relationship with snapchat. over the time span ive had the app its had its moments where it can be a bit bugged. some of the updates werent the greatest but at the end of the day the app is excellent. i definitely recommend using snapchat to anyone who hasnt. and to all of the negative comments, stop getting upset over little things and ranting about things that make no sense. the app is made to communicate with others and as with anything else there will be problems every now and then. anyways thank you snapchat for the great people youve brought into my life and all the good times. i wouldnt be where i am now without this app..Version:

Great appSo this app is amazing and I love using it and looking at the bitmoji stories but one thing that’s been bugging me a lot lately are that I’m getting friend requests from people that I don’t even know and if I accept them then they tell me about another app called onlyfans which I don’t use, not only is this annoying me that I get these friend requests also note if I accept them and they tell me they are from onlyfans and send inappropriate pics I remove them instantly but Snapchat can you at least do something about these accounts that send inappropriate pictures or images or from this onlyfans so I don’t have to receive so many like I get them now and then and at first I thought it was just a one thing so I refused the request then it kept on going with more people adding me and they all seem to be female accounts adding me, please deal with this Snapchat..Version:

SnapchatSnapchat is such a good app, I love using it. One of my top 3 I use everyday. But something I want to change is bestfriend list. People I barely talk to and only send streaks appear on my bestfriend list. I dislike it and think you should add an option on removing people from your bestfriend list. Since I would like the people I talk to more being on there then people I don’t talk to, thank you..Version:

SnapchatBest way to message friends and family.Version:

AmazingI’m was only 12 when I got snapchat. I didn’t really know how to use it or what it was for. It is basically all your social media apps in one like TikTok and WhatsApp you know, so u could chat and go on video calls while also filming fun dances and sending cute pictures to friends. There is also something called spotlight where you can scroll a bit like TikTok but It does not show how many likes someone has so it is a even playing field field I think. I hope this help I definitely recommend!.Version:

OMG GET THIS APPThis app is so cool it lets you send pictures to friends and family and you can show people around the glop about you adventures and stuff and you can post on a story that is where everyone that you are friends with can see it and you can make it a private story then you can choose who you want to see your videos and you can save pictures and videos and you can change your Bitmoji a Bitmoji is a avatar where you can make it have different hairs and clothes and makeup and (etc) you can even rename people like how ever you won’t you can add music to your videos and pictures they have cool filters and if you don’t like the other filters you can search what kind of filter you want and you can even make a group chat on it with different people that you are friends with and you can name the group chat and the other people in the group chat can change it to you will get a notification that who ever the person is change the group name super cool that is it I RECOMMEND THIS APP🤩🤩🤩.Version:

SnapchatThis app is one of the most fantabulous apps i have ever encountered in my adventurous journey of life. ❤️❤️✅✅✅i can communicate with my fellow peers about upcoming projects AND SO MUCH MOREE!!! 😃😃🥂🥂🥂truly amazing i am blown away with the graphics , the range of filters and accessible gadgets that you can use throughout the day , truly truly shamazeballs. 🥜🥜🥜it’s a wonderous app to be gifted to use and i hope that every homospaian on this wide wide universe is able to access it and use it to its full potential … so so so impressed - golden buzzer from me xoxoxo gossip girl 🦖🦖🧇🧇.Version:

Snapchat is amazingSnapchat is an amazing app for me because I can talk to my friends and know when they are online , I can send them photos of me and what I am doing , it is fun because when I am bored I can watch the Snapchat spotlight . I also love having a snapscore so that I can compare with my friends and family and also see how high I can get it . Snapchat is basically a better version of tik tok and more . It also means that you can make new friends. I also enjoy taking lots of selfies at sleepovers and also Snapchat reminds us of our fun memories ..Version:

Snapchat friend limitDon’t get me wrong I love Snapchat and I get there’s a limit of 3000 friends you can add on Snapchat and after you have added 3000 friends that is your limit but Snapchat should make it to where if you Unadd ‘let’s say 5 friends’ you’ll have 2995 friends right which means you can add another 5 friends of your choice but we can’t do that and we just have to make a completely new acct in which I don’t want to bc I have really old chats of me and my friends and late brother so I want to keep my acct. pls let Snapchat see this I beg you snap change it 🙏🏾.Version:

Snapchat bugI have used snapchat for quite some time now but every once in a while it comes up with a notification on the camera screen when i open the app say “snapchat is a camera app please go to settings and fix the problem” but when i do it dosent work so could you please fix it it’s annoying thanks you.Version:

Love it!Download this game right now you’re going to need it! If you’re reading this you need to download this game it’s so good and amazing. It is so fun hanging out with my friends FaceTimeing them texting them and even playing games with them. What would you rate this? Personally, in my choice, I like the cooking restaurant game its so much fun you have to try Snapchat The filters are so fun and cute I love the dog ones it’s so funny! The songs you can use with that are amazing, I even found my new favourite song on there it is great, download Snapchat!!!!!!!!! Goodbye have fun snapping and chatting!.Version:

Potential Features to AddI have some suggestions to add to bitmoji and stickers: - More cultural/traditional Fashion • Saree’s • Bindi’s • Kimono’s • Henna Staining - More Pride Representation (in bitmoji & Stickers) • Omnisexual • Genderfluid • Demisexual • Straight Ally - Jewellery • Necklaces • Bracelets • Rings • more earrings/combinations • dermals - Stockings • Fishnet • Lace • Transparent • Thigh high • Knee High • Calf High - Jumpers/Jackets • Option to close and open jackets • Wider opening on jackets to see outfit • Cropped open cardigans • Cropped sweater vest (plain & patterned option) - Body Features • Fuller eyelashes • Eyeliner with different styles • Lip gloss (more subtle shades) • More freckle options • Nail polish (plain & patterned option) • Pastel Coloured Skin Tones (e.g Pink) Snapchat is constantly improving and becoming more inclusive to everyone, I would love to see these new additions in the future, Thank you. - Lexi.Version:

GlitchySnapchat has been very glitch.Version:

SNAPCHAT IS GREAT!!!!So luv Snapchat so so so so much! Out of all the apps I have gotten, best by one by far! Snapchat is totally a safe and non toxic place if you use it the right way. A lot of parents say no to Snapchat for kids under 13, but I have some tips to help change your mind. 1. If your worried about snap map, one ANWSER. Ghost mode. It completely turns off your location for everyone! Super helpful for your child’s safety. 2. Snapping friends. If your worried about your child sending pictures to random people, you can simply ignore friend request you don’t know, and promise to only snap your friends! 3. Last thing, I promise. Not looking at spotlight page, or other stories. That is the only thing that could be toxic or appropriate thing on this social app. Overall, this app has no many highs, and very little lows! Hopefully this was very helpful, download Snapchat today!.Version:

3D BITMOJIS?!I do not like the 3D bitmojis. The 2D ones are better and I think you should put everything back in 2D. Thank you for reading, Sincerely, Preppy.Version:

2D bitmojisThe 3D bitmojis are baddd😭 Love this app and it’s mostly good but the new updates appearance is so bad….Version:

🫶I love Snapchat but there are a few things that I think should be changed ,I think you should not be able to know where people are because it’s just not safe for teenagers so please change this and there are a quite a few inappropriate things on Snapchat and …. I would like to have some sort of setting where I could change things that are not kind and they would automatically change to hashtags so that peoples feelings are not hurt 😞 please do these things.Version:

Pls read igIt’s really good besides the fact that u cant secret screen shot anymore and reports don’t work. i had a 374 or smth like that day streak with my friend and we were continuously snapping but the streak timer wouldn’t go away. also the 3D bitmojis are terrifying and they don’t really make the app look more modern bc the 2D ones were really modern and suited the app more. the whole outfit 3D bitmoji is ok tho. anyway snaps real cool and i like the multi snap thing..Version:

Snapchat is the bestSnapchat is the best way to keep in touch with your friends and is just such a good app. I dont know what I would do with out it..Version:

Little monkeI made love to my sister for years but now I’m a grown adult I have a little brother I can go back in life with I have no idea if you want it to go away I have to be with her. My father slapped me in a car with my sister I had no clue that he would do anything but help my sister with my kids because he had no kids. I abandoned my baby in a dumpster in my yard for two months after my son got a baby boy in a few weeks after my daughter died from a car wreck. Please call child protection services. Thank you baby girl. Xx❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version:

Great app but needs updatesEveryone at the moment seems to have this app and it is a great way to connect with others. It has a thing called snap map where you can choose to let your friends see your location (from when you last used the app). Another thing on the app is called snap score which should increase after every snap you send and receive but my snap score hasn’t increased in ages and other people who have only just got the app have a bigger snap score than me. I use this app every day and love it but it could be improved to make it up to its full standards for every user..Version:

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