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PayPal Zettle: Point of Sale App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

PayPal Zettle: Point of Sale app received 42 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using PayPal Zettle: Point of Sale? Can you share your negative thoughts about paypal zettle: point of sale?

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Payment needs to go into your business accountPayment made through the reader needs to go to your business account not the PayPal account, it should at least be an option the transaction is in person the seller can issue a refund. Another improvement I could see is being able to add or change bank information on the app itself, and not having to log in online, and add or change it..Version: 7.17.0

No transfer from PayPal Here to the ZettleThis seems like a cool platform and seems like an answer some of the questions and things I’ve been sending to PayPal over the years, but there is no easy way that I see of simply transferring everything you have in PayPal here To Zettle. Is it allows you to import from a Excel file, but there’s no way to export your items from PayPal Here... this is simply a software addition that people can make happen probably in 10 minutes. We used to be able to see our full PayPal here catalog from the PayPal website until PayPal redesigned their entire site. Now we’re stuck only using the point of sale from an iPad. I’d like to try out Zettle, but I will wait until PayPal put some form of transition that easily into both software’s, otherwise there’s no way I’m spending any money to have someone reset up an entire new point of sale that’s with the same company when the company (PayPal) can simply set up a way to transition. We have over 75 items in PayPal here, this would take numerous hours if I had to pay someone to do it manually..Version: 7.8.0

Need keyed in transactionsWe get virtual credit cards for our business often. The option is not existent. Square been working for us until we realized they do not deal with bank of america accounts… so we are looking at paypal as an alternative..Version: 7.20.0

No good with iPhone 6sThe card reader was mint for 10 months then this last month I’ve had to phone up customer service’s at least 2 to 3 every week with pairing problems to my iPhone . It’s been problem after problem. I’ve lost hundreds in takings because customers have just walked out after my phone just says technical problems and will not take the payment. Then you are on the phone to izettle for half an hour fixing it for it to happen again in 2 to 3 days . Sort yourselves out izettle or your card reader will be thrown into the NETTLES..Version: 5.29

Inventory management is unreliableI’ve got endlessly frustrated on several occasions after spending an hour making a list of changes to the inventory, saving as I go, checking that the change is reflected CORRECTLY when saved each time, only to find when I finish all editing that the changes disappear right in front of my eyes on screen. I’ve ended up seeing three different versions on three different devices that I own at the same time, even after each screen is refreshed and with no further or interim changes. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE ??.Version: 5.43.0

Utter garbage!!I bought my Izettle machine more than a year ago and have been trying to set it up for the last year with no success. I do not speak Spanish but when I bought the machine the packaging was in English so I assumed it would have support for English speakers. Clearly not, I speak enough Spanish to provide the information asked of me when setting up but each time I try it says there has been an error, or it can’t find my business. I have sent email after email in English and have received a useless reply in Spanish, which when translated still does not help the situation. I have a small bar in the south of Spain, I didn’t think setting up a card machine would be so much hassle! I have since bought a sum up machine and wow! Took me five minutes to set up my account and start using my machine, unlike izettle which I have spent more than a year trying to set up with no success! Disgusted does not say the least! Avoid this service at all costs, if you’re looking for a similar service that actually works then 100% go with SumUp!.Version: 5.39.1

Do not use or get this appI waited more than 2 weeks to get approval to use Zettle they needed documentation etc . Every time I called I was transferred from one department to another and had to explain my self over and over again nobody would understand that I just wanted to be able to use the app. The app was installed but it would give a message that I needed to be approve and neede to call but it was useless in the meantime my business was needing a way to process credit cards it was so frustrating don’t get this app the people who answer the phone are useless.Version: 7.17.0

PayPal withholding payment for 21 daysRegardless of the app, COVID has been hard enough without PayPal withholding credit card transactions (even with physical card being present for professional services) and refusing payment for 21 days. If you need cash flow, don’t use PayPal..Version: 7.17.0

Good but… No offline mode for cash salesI have been looking around for POS solution to replace our old till. I thought I had found the solution in this app as it has a very easy to use and setup interface, all was going well until I discovered you cannot process cash sales while your internet is down. I don’t think I can put up with the complaints from the Luddites we employ if and when our internet goes down and we cannot process a sales. Developers please sort this out as I have found I can do this with the Square POS app. Thank you for responding to my comments above. We do really need the checkout to function for cash sales if the internet is offline. I understand you cannot take card payments but please let us record a cash sale. Thanks.Version: 7.15.0

Good Options but an improvement is highly recommended. See review!Good options but one important option isn’t currently available for having the tax to auto-populate as you are entering transactions manually without having every SKU in the product library. You have to turn on the tax every single transaction if entering an amount and description from the Amount selection on the left hand side. You MUST add an option for having taxes to auto populate when entering transactions manually. No Way should a merchant have to remember to edit the tax for every transaction! Good functionality and additional payment options compared to PayPal Here..Version: 7.9.1

Useless without cardholder not present functionZettle make it impossible to accept card payments over the phone. Forced onto Zettle after PayPal wound-up PayPal Here without any notice. Zettle offers some improvements on PayPal Here’s features, but lacks the fundamental functionality needed by any business to input a customer’s card details manually for phone-in sales. Zettle seem to wrongfully presume that all customers use mobiles/tablets in the event that they are not present to make an in-person transaction with their card. The lack of this basic manual input functionality has the potential to cost us five-figures per year in lost revenue and is a major concern moving forward. What do we tell our phone customers now or customers who want to pay an invoice by card? Go shop elsewhere? There is a clear lack of understanding of how real businesses actually work. Without this functionality, it’s not a serious card payment system. It’s ridiculous and needs to be addressed. Addendum: Their response confirms everything said above..Version: 7.18.1

Looked easyThis looks like a good solution. I needed some help setting up the inventory but there are no videos or anything to help. Too new, I guess. Give yourself time to get to know the system. Don’t expect a plug and play type of deal..Version: 7.8.0

Cannot get signed up for ZettleI have used PayPal pay here app for years but when I signed up for a business account, I had to download an app called Zettle. I could never get through the complicated sign up procedure and there was no online help and the phone number provided was all automated NO HELP instructions. I switched to Square and got signed up in about 4-5 minutes.Version: 7.19.0

Good but needs attentionI’m surprised simple features are not available on Zettle. Not ready for mainstream. I’m coming from square, too many features missing here. Need to add customer info, text customer receipt option. Invoice customers, partial payments, etc….Version: 7.17.0

Signature required is annoyingZettle should have either an option to disable the signature required for the transaction or have an option to change it to over $50 or something only. I switched to zettle for contact less option, but if i have to had my ipad to client for each transaction, whats the point?.Version: 7.15.0

Worst customer service everWas so happy with this service, until my card reader suddenly stopped working and I experienced their shocking customer service. Have sent 4 emails to date with one half hearted reply asking me to confirm the registered email (which I did and then got no reply). I’ve chatted with 3 different staff (over the space of 6 days), none of whom had records of previous chats and none of whom could help. I have lost money because my reader has stopped working and feel completely let down by a company I had previously recommended to others. I will look in to using another company and help promote that one instead. Thanks for nothing, IZettle 😡.Version: 5.26

DisappointedThis is my second year using Zettle with an iPhone, but the last couple of days has been a nightmare, it has frozen on the “sell” screen, no amount of deleting it or resetting phone works, I spent an hour with the helpline and it still will not work, it seems that when I reload it from the cloud it reloads the same fault, It will not delete from the cloud either, I have reached a dead end. Addendum Contacted by Zettle technical help with a fix which worked, thank you, Still annoyed that it happened if I did not have an old iPhone I would have lost three days takings..Version: 7.19.0

Can’t access money for daysI am a brand new business so every payment counts right now and I switched to Zettle from square without seeing that it takes up to 5 days for payments made on Zettle to be transferred to PayPal. I am so disappointed with this and will be returning to square. I’m out the money for the card reader, but at least I can access MY money whenever I need it..Version: 7.15.0

IZettle held back £2,765 for no reasonI have opened a new business thus requiring a card taking payment machine. I signed up to iZettle. Received a card machine and took my first transaction for the value of £2,765. I released the goods only to wake up the next morning reading an email from ‘iZettle safety’ stating they had been informed my business had dissolved and therefore will not place the funds into my account. You can imagine I was profusely frustrated as I am a sole trader and do not have any workers or individuals who would have informed iZettle of that information, but more importantly my business is anything but dissolved! I was astounded they didn’t contact me to verify such a consequential claim. I immediately got on the phone to iZettle to be told I have to respond via email and sit tight for days for a response as they cannot discuss these issues via telephone! So now I am waiting for a response, not having a clue if I will receive my payment or not. Feels like I have been robbed £2,765! What’s worse is at the end of the email, I settle wrote ‘have a nice day!’ Almost as if it were a prank. Incredibly un professional and as far as I’m concerned at this moment in time iZettle is fraudulently retaining a lot of money that is owed to me. I would use a different company. You can’t get worse than this!!.Version: 5.24

It does the job but with issues attachedI am a gigging musician and there are a couple of gigs where they encourage us to generate tips for ourselves which is great. So I bought the izettle and as I use my iPad for lyrics I thought it was a perfect fit as izettle does repeat payment. About 5 times in a gig the izettle loses connection and it won’t repair unless you repair manually, as the device is pointing away from me I only notice this if some goes to tip me and they have a confused look on their face. I then have to go back into the app and reconnect with the matching number etc. This is a major flaw for me as I have definitely lost out several times because if this….it could be to do with the app not being on my screen, but either way it’s ok…but for my use it has some massive issues…..would I recommend to musicians …yes and no…repeat payment is key but the unless I stop after every song and check it’s connected by checking the app there is no way of guaranteed solid connection.Version: 7.13.1

Tip limitationsLimits how much customers can tip you. Developer responded by saying that is to prevent customers from accidently putting in their PIN as the tip. What was wrong with the old way PayPal did it where after putting in the tip it told them the total and asked if it was correct instead of saying that big of a tip isn’t allowed? What if their PIN is 0001? Do you have something in place saying the tip is too low? It’s sickening after what the service industry went through with covid that people are trying to be generous and help us get back on our feet and your placing asinine arbitrary limitations on that..Version: 7.20.0

Doesn’t even workPayPal here worked perfectly fine before they forced us to get Zettle. This app won’t even let you login in and I can’t even use the app. It needs some serious fixes before I will even consider using PayPal again..Version: 7.9.0

Not a fanI loved PayPal here. Great rates. $$ Instantly in your PayPal account. Easy to read reports. Ability to turn off signature (hello, we’re still in a pandemic!). I switched to Zettle, the reader is great, the layout to sell is easy. However, the $0.10 per transaction is awful! It’s the reason I never used square. It’s not a big deal on larger purchases but if you have small ticket items, it’s a downfall. I still can’t get into reports easily to see daily sales and a tally of different items sold. There’s no ability to turn signatures off, and I absolutely hate that I have to wait for my funds! During the week isn’t bad-next morning. But Saturday sales I didn’t see till Tuesday. Seeing the auto deposits with PayPal here also allowed me to see that my transaction went through-instantly, no wait time. I really hope you take feedback and make some changes..Version: 7.10.2

Repeat payment not workingHi using the latest version of the iOS app and a new Zettle reader . According to the info repeat payment feature should function however it is not available . I’ve had a notification that someone replied to this however I cannot possibly find what that reply is .. fir the simple reason these reviews are not ordered by date they are millions and they are mixed up so I’m looking at reviews from almost 4 years ago mixed up with random recent posts it’s a total mess … and a notification that someone has responded is pretty useless without any ability to find the actual response .. so again repeat pay function unavailable .. info in help document incorrect ..Version: 7.16.0

Lacking some basic featuresWas not able to enter card numbers manually (card reader hasn’t arrived yet), and not seeing a “link to pay” option which was mentioned as a feature. Not sure if these have been removed for some reason, but makes it challenging given our customer base. Would like to see these features included or have instructions that match the actual app (everything online is for a Zettle Go app which doesn’t seem to be in the App Store anymore) before we start looking for other payment processing options..Version: 7.21.0

Slow approvalLong time PayPal user here. However, to be able to use the credit card payment feature on Zettle, one must submit additional paperwork, no problem. Federal requirements or not, this process took too long, despite the fact I have been using PayPal for years. I am still waiting. A real turn off!.Version: 7.13.1

App randomly reset itself, customers walked outThe machine itself always worked fine until I got a new phone. I checked that the phone worked on WiFi and Bluetooth in advance of using it with the card ready, but the card reader reset itself with no notification to me! I don’t even know if that was because of my new phone or something else. I spent 40 minutes on a phone call with a useless advisor who didn’t listen and made me reinstall the app and reset everything on my phone while a growing queue of customers became impatient and several of them left. Then after all that she cut off the call. I called back some hours later when I had dealt with the chaos and spoke to a different advisor. He told me how to reset a setting on the app that took 2 minutes, that the first advisor hadn’t even mentioned, and the card reader now works again but I have lost sales and apparently iZettle will not compensate me in any way and will not even take a complaint report, I have to email separately. Terrible service..Version: 5.29.2

Manual card entryUpon setup initially tried to process manual card entry and there is no feature allowing. I am transitioning from PayPal here which worked flawlessly and I could process cards manually. I am a small business and we need to enter info manually as take some orders over the phone. Do I need to order a reader and wait and then not use a reader when entering manually. Poor documentation on this..Version: 7.18.1

They have no idea what they are doingI set up a Zettle account, ran a fake transaction (my own money) to test. It went through and they took their cut. My first real sale failed to go through, over an hour with “customer service” failed to resolve the issue. I lost a $10,000 sale. Use Square.Version: 7.17.0

The worst after sales service I have ever come across in my life.Do not buy this product, especially if you are a Taxi Driver. I paid almost £450 for their package. Once they have got that money from you, you are on your own. You have to do any repairs to the product yourself. If you are unable to repair it you have to have it replaced at your own expense, which is more than they charge for new customers. They’ve been claiming for over two years that they are working on a tipping option for the reader, which is wanted by clients, but obviously have had no intention of providing it, as it couldn’t take that long. Shocking way to treat customers..Version: 5.14.1

I guess they don’t want my moneyGives me a generic denial message when I try to login using my business account, with no explanation other than “based on the info you provided, you’re not eligible.” Guess I’ll take my (and my customers) money elsewhere..Version: 7.15.0

Don’t use them!Tried to order the advertised discounted card reader and one at full price, it removes your discount and charges you full price for both. Badly coded or just falsely advertising? I sent an email asking what the procedure was to close an iZettle account as I couldn’t find it in the app or on their website. They replied stating they had closed the account. No confirmation needed, no questions as to why, are you unhappy, wham and gone! Awful company with no proper policies and no customer service skills. Called them and they say “you will have to re-register”. They also confirmed that even in situations such as this management will NEVER speak to customers! I wouldn’t trust them with a last years birds nest let alone my money! *update* Their customer service has been in touch to say “oh, it was a misunderstanding, just re-open your account”. They seemingly have no comprehension of making customers angry and don’t care either. I took a look on line and all similar complaints about how awful they are and don’t care a jot about customers..Version: 5.25

TaxI started using this app for my business it works great but only problem is that it dose not add tax automatically on every transaction you have to add tax manually for every transaction which is very frustrating when you are very busy hope Zettle will change this in there updates otherwise have to move to different platforms.Version: 7.8.0

Completely unusable with iPad appThe iPad version of the app I missing a key feature which is available in th iPhone version of the app. The iPad version Is missing the amount tab from the drop down menu so for people that are just using for card processing can only do so on phone version. So I can’t use it at all in my retail store and have to resort to the end of life PayPal here or switch to another processer like square..Version: 7.19.0

Needs upgradesStill many option missing in the app Option to add multiple items,remove print receipt option, option and easy way to resend receipts,.Version: 7.10.2

Holds your money for 21 daysI just tried switching back to PayPal from square, big mistake. I was a PayPal here customer since 2008, then the pandemic hit so I was only using square. I recently added PayPal back to the mix to have two readers at the desk to check out gift card sales. I was on the phone for 1.5 hours and 6 customer service reps to return the brand new Zettle equipment to refund my credit card. It’s like speaking to a wall, by the way if you don’t know already they are phasing out PayPal here to replace it with zettle. I was selling gift certificates and I had the receipt to show them plus it was purchased on site with a chip credit card. They wanted me to call the customer, and what ruin his Christmas gift and call PayPal and tell them he bought a gift card here. So in the end you are allowed $300 per month to reestablish or establish a relationship and your business habits. If you can afford to live on $300 a month for the next few months I would say hats off. I cannot, sticking with Square no issues and more reliable. I use stripe for my spa software and they didn’t hold my money for ransom either. Should be PayPal mettle because the mettle in your affairs..Version: 7.17.0

WARNING!!!!Do not buy this device!!!!!!This on the skin of it seemed like it was going to be perfect, nice well built device easy to use, until it came to them paying me !! They claim two day clearance, bearing in mind this doesn’t include the day you take the payment or weekends! So I take a payment on Tuesday = we’d/Thursday clearing in my bank Friday so I write out cheques to suppliers Only to be told they have frozen my account 😡 as they thought I was taking deposits. after providing invoices to prove otherwise and explaining the necessities of the money being deposited for the Friday I get no reply 🤔 So I call and get the rudest sarcastic person on the phone who apparently has no manager and the security department doesn’t have a phone, can only be contacted by email and they might not answer for 48hrs so basically I have no say in anything that happens with my money and to go f#%k my self ! After several more emails they agree that I’ve done nothing wrong and still pay my money in late so you can guess what happened to the cheques I sent out 🤬.Version: 7.19.0

Terrible-stopped by business from tradingLike a responsible company they requested evidence of recent transactions that I provided immediately . As a Ferry Pilot company we take payments from all over the world usually in the tens of thousands. Zettle has a £5000 limit which means transactions are broken into smaller ones. My next set of transactions I was asked for the same evidence: website, invoices etc. That I provided straight away. No response from Zettle. I rang customer service 5 times. Apparently you can’t talk directly to the safety team, you can’t talk to a manager and basically they can do nothing to help after blocking my account. This company is an absolute joke with a terrible communications infrastructure, appalling customer service and is not fit for purpose. If you’re going to block a customers account and therefore stop a business operating you should at least have a way to be contacted or have the common decency to contact me/the affected company directly. I have staff waiting to be paid, expenses to be paid and you have ground my small business to a halt and cannot be communicated with to rectify this. Do not use this terrible company or PayPal for anything-they make business almost impossible.Version: 7.8.0

Good app but can use some improvementI loved “PayPal here”, had to switch to this new system and still am figuring out the pros and cons of the new one. Overall, quite user friendly For those who have issues with tax: I freaked out at first that it “doesn’t work right”, but all you need to do is go under settings -> taxes -> turn off the “include tax in prices” function That said, I’d strongly suggest developers have it turned off by default and just give the seller an option to turn it on if needed as tax is generally added on top of listed price in majority of cases.Version: 7.8.0

Outdated!They expect you to purchase a card reader and use it why can’t you have an option to type card manually? This is 2021 I haven’t seen anyonein last 10 yrs use a card reader for in person payments etf?? I have an phone case on my iPhone which needs to be removed each time I use the card reader??.Version: 7.9.0

Won’t connectI can’t get my PayPal reader to connect to Zettle. I thought I bought it from PayPal and it has PayPal here in the title, go to download PayPal no longer exists and now my reader won’t work. Why did they sell me outdated equipment that won’t work with the new program?.Version: 7.9.0

Doesn’t workThe reader connected with zero issues. The reader will not work until you “update” your business info with PayPal, the only problem is everything has been updated and there isn’t an option to bypass. I went in and deleted and re-added and it still says to update. This has been going on for the last week. I am returning the reader if I can find out how! I’ve only been able to find how to return it to the UK! WTH!!.Version: 7.8.0

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