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Just awesomeI was recommended by my friend from Oslo and I’ve been using it for few years now. My favorite update is when I could send the link for payments. Customer loved it too. if they’re in a hurry to catch a plane or train I just send them link. Obviously I know these customers and can trust them, 5 Stars all the way. Their (iZettle) customer service is awesome too We need new update as it’s talking too long now to connect our devices.Version: 5.29

Great cost effective mobile deviceWe have loved our IZettle which has been a cost effective and useful mobile tool for our mobile coffee van. Recently, there have been a few minor glitches which make connecting to card readers a little glitchy which after updating the app several times has resolved itself. It’s been a little annoying buying the older card reader and a new update to come out at a higher price - which as an existing customer means we cant benefit from the initial discount deal. All in all though - its a cheap and very flexible payment system..Version: 5.28.1

Excellent Card ReaderSince I have learned to use the App properly it has been an invaluable addition to my accounting system. I now have to spend less time analysing my sales data as its all done for me. The choice that we now have in offering clients a completely contactless payment option is well received and all for a very small fee. I Zettle has proved invaluable..Version: 5.39.1

Massive boost to cash flowBeing a small cafe we had always been cash only or the dreaded tab book! Izettle has totally improved cash flow and number of sales per day. The contactless system that we started using about six months ago has again increased our turnover. I am now also using the invoicing facilities which has enabled us to cancel expensive contact with another provider I used to take payment over the phone. Now no more lengthy phone calls to collect a payment - customer can now pay at their convenience and if they don’t get round to it a friendly reminder is automatically generated. Overall extremely please with izettle..Version: 5.14.1

PayPal ZelleEasiest and best method of accepting payments. For good and service. It’s easy to use. Easy to send receipts. Work will mobile as well. Give this app. And product 👍👍 up.Version: 7.17.0

So freshThis is the bomb! I have used PayPal here for years. The app had messed up so I dumped it to re down load it. Low and behold Zettle popped up! I read and looked at reviews about it. I took a chance and ordered it, yes it costs oh well. Set up was a breeze! Same PayPal account you don’t have to start over entering banking info etc. Just connect and boom you are in. Fees are less than PayPal here. Venmo comes through too. Shoot you don’t even need to purchase gift cards to scan and sell. You can make your own in app and email them!!! I am a resale consignment shop and this works wonderful for me. The only dislike (reason for 4 stars) is…. I wish I could checkout off line. Then when my internet comes back online it would automatically “process/dump”. Otherwise All of my customers love the tap to pay feature and emailed itemized receipts. Keep up the awesome work Rachel.Version: 7.9.0

Refund UnavailableHow awkward is it to be unable to issue a customer a partial refund because Zettle gets an error saying “service temporarily unavailable” for refunds. Overall the app is great..Version: 7.14.0

Love this app!Makes my business run completely un complicated! Thanks guys!.Version: 7.17.0

A1 Since Day 1Very nice Easy setup Customizable inventory options Tap to pay is great, customer satisfaction with receipt. Could say more, have to run. Great products.Version: 7.18.1

EXELLENTI Was recommended iZettle by a colleague within my work industry who also was in the same situation as me with regards to card payments, that being they was not a regular way of payment but more once in a while and would not warrant the expense of a card terminal. Having used portable card terminal on others behalf I have to say that iZettle card reader with app is for me flawless when compared to the other terminals. For example I think I can safely say iZettle has been the fastest way of card payment than any I’ve used ( ok it requires phone network coverage so have a good network provider ) I have taken a payment and sent receipt to customer in less than 40 seconds ! Where many times I’d be waiting for the other terminals to find a network it was happy with then print out the ticket if it hasn’t decided it wanted to run out of paper roll or chew it up. Bottom line for me this is ideal It’s small, no need to carry an arsenal of paper rolls, battery is EXELLENT usage time, you only pay a fee when you use it and if like myself card payments are not a regular requirement then it’s ideal not having to pay a monthly fee for something you might need to use once a month or longer. I’d recommend this for anyone who works mobile this is for sure worth having for the “JUST INCASE” you might need it.Version: 5.21.1

Awesome.Glad PayPal has this feature. Trust me. Square. Good luck getting someone on the phone. Clover. Even worse. No extra features then this app. This one is much better. I know from experience..Version: 7.13.1

Excellent Payment SolutionThis app is marketed to very small businesses which otherwise wouldn't be able to justify the cost of a card machine rental and the rolls etc, which it does do. However, as you put through higher volume/value of sales the percentage charged drops as low as 1.5% which makes it an attractive solution for any business as once you buy a reader it is yours! no more rental charges. Also the automatic email of receipts saves costs too. With a little effort the app also makes a great POS system..Version: 5.41.2

GreatI am a henna artist. I do stalls and events and I have just got a henna shop too. Izettle is great for both. It’s easy to use, I love the simplicity of the layout- it’s not confusing at all! I love that I can easily see what sells, how much i get each day or month. It makes tax returns easy to fill out. The card reader is small and compact and has a good battery life (it easily lasts all weekend and more!), making it super convenient to take to festivals and fairs etc. Also makes it easy to take payment in the shop as well- especially with the covid pandemic, contactless payments are simple and safe. I always recommend to everyone thinking about card readers. The sales fees aren’t too bad either, as the machine is a one off payment, then only a percentage of sales- which lowers, the more sales you get. No monthly fees to worry about covering the cost of which is perfect for my small business..Version: 5.44.2

Easy set up10 minutes and. All set up.Version: 7.14.0

Much better than I expectedOnce I worked out that the amount is put into the app on my phone and the IZettle is a card reader, it’s simple to use. I wondered how my customers would feel not having a paper receipt, but I can email or text them a receipt and customers have been happy with this. After texting my first receipt, I had to change the address shown on the electronic receipt as it showed my home address rather than work address. Happily, this change was straightforward to carry out. Cash sales can also be input so when HMRC want me to go electronic, I’m sorted. Fab!.Version: 5.42.0

GreatBeen messing around with it while I’m waiting on my card reader to come and the fact that it lets you send invoices to customers that they can pay online is superb I haven’t even used the card reader with it yet but I can say I’d download the app and register with Izettle just to be able to use their invoicing system though it’s well thought out and works perfectly so I’m hoping that the card reader works flawlessly with it too. 👍.Version: 5.12.1

Add checks as a form of payments or “other”I like it so far. I just wish the could add a “other” for of payment. Or custom credit checks or something. Because right now I am stuck with cash or credit and I have no way to enter my Uber eats and grub hub orders..Version: 7.14.0

Made my life really easyAs a taxi driver nowadays everyone wants to pay by card I don’t know what the hype is all about. Very well built machine and always has signal no matter where I go I.e remote drop offs to countryside Durham, Northumberland, Hexham etc. I’ve had I zettle for almost 1 year now couldn’t be more happier especially service charge of 1.75% which is nothing. In one year I’ve taken from the machine around £8,000 fees of £140 which doesn’t encounter 1/10 of my tips. All in all its a professional machine easy setup long lasting battery Bluetooth to the device connected up to 10 metres range, money in your account within 2 working days, updates by e-mail, payments can be taken within seconds contact less chip and pin or swipe and accepts all major credit cards from visa to unknown cards from Japan..Version: 5.22

One Account!Zettle allows me to accept PayPal, Credit Cards or Venmo with funds deposited into one PayPal account..Version: 7.11.0

Great Competitor to the Big guysThis is the simplest way to accept card payments without the need for endless appear work and processing that the others seem to insist on. A few simple checks to verify everything and you’re up and running within about 24-48 hours . Why spend months taking to 6 middlemen/women when one app and a few clicks can have you taking card payments in less than the time it used to take to clear a cheque . Brilliant is the only word for it..Version: 5.27

Better than expected. Could use some improvement.I upgraded my reader to this from PayPal Here swipe only reader instead of getting the PayPal tap and chip reader. It was easier to use than I had expected and the reader lasted all day without the need to recharge. Some functions I miss from PayPal Here app are 1) an addition (+) button to add multiple custom prices in one transaction instead of clicking on shopping cart>> keypad>> OK for each item, although it was helpful to use the inventory product buttons I had entered ahead of time, and 2) having an option to omit the signature requirement for a purchase under $50. With Covid safety protocol, customers were more hesitant to touch a screen or use a stylus even though hand sanitizer was provided and the stylus was cleaned with disinfectant wipe after every transaction. But contactless payment was much desired..Version: 7.9.0

Simple ...straightforward...reliableWe have been using IZettle for the last year since starting our business and recommended it to many other small businesses now . Good value and efficient app . Our students and parents love the ease and simplicity of it plus the instant email receipt which keeps the transaction professional . Very happy and will continue to use it ..Version: 7.3.1

My ZettleSo far I like the machine The app however is sometimes a little glitchy I had to delete and re install three times to get it off the search for item page I haven’t adde any item so there is nothing to search for but it keeps freezing there and won’t let me do a transaction Wow! Headache In that moment of need I plan to review again in the future When I have more experience with this.Version: 7.10.1

Fast, convenient without monthly feesI’m a sole trader and needed another payment option for my clients other than cash or bacs but without monthly fees. I Zettle has been a godsend, my clients really appreciate now being able to pay by card and the app is so easy to use. I wish I’d done it years ago as it makes my setup feel and look more professional. I love that you can customise the client receipt!.Version: 7.13.1

GreatThe iZettle is great for when I am doing major shows and events. Lots of people don't carry lots cash or prefer to pay by card. Love the fact that if you don't take any payments you don't pay a monthly fee. Only had one day where I was unable to use, we were in the middle of a field with no internet connection or phone signal, so even then it wasn't iZettles fault. Even the customers think its great that it works with your phone..Version: 5.27

Bug has needed fixing for some timeInitially I was really pleased with this facility when I got it about a year ago but as my phone got older there were a lot of glitches sending payment links. I then updated my pretty old phone in the hope it helped and now I am unable to resend payment links to people who need a reminder, despite an option being on the app. When I’ve approached Zettle I’ve been told they’re away and it needs fixing. I use this facility a lot so I would really like to see it fixed. I’ve emailed twice recently and not heard anything. I’m less impressed than I was with the app, but I’ve still given it 4 stars..Version: 7.8.0

Easy to use app, but one of the setting options is missing.The system is easy to us, but the manual credit card entry activate is not available in the settings payment options like it says in the help screen for activating manual credit card entry for IOS Iphone or I-Pad. Would be great if you could do manual credit card entry for over the phone sales..Version: 7.16.0

Tax Rate is a painMy only complaint on this app is that you have to apply the tax rate to each item individually. It’s a step that is a lot to remember while trying to chat with a customer while ringing them, and flatly unnecessary. If I have the tax rate turned on, it should be obvious that each item in a transaction is taxed. If you’re high volume sales, this is a pretty big issue. I hope it will be addressed in an update..Version: 7.14.0

Love itI really love this app and card reader, they save me so much time. But over the past two months the app has been very slow and crashes. And then trying to click on items in the 'shop' it takes a very long time for items to pop up. Is has been very fast until updating it about 2 months ago, please fix the problem with the slow app.Version: 5.5.2

Easy to useThis app and the reader are easy to use and, compared to our previous reader from Worldpay is much cheaper as there is no monthly fee. The problem there used to be with Visa cards a few years ago (which was down the Visa) is no longer a problem and you can even take Apple Pay payments. An asset when out and about as long as there is a Wi-fi or mobile data signal we can take card payments, something we couldn’t do before..Version: 5.5.2

Good-ishThe system works flawlessly my only issue is I switched from PayPal Here which does instant funding, Zettle takes multiple hours. It would be 5 stars if the funding speed was on par with PayPal’s other processing (PayPal Here)..Version: 7.17.0

GeniusFantastic product and service! Very pleased compared to competitors..Version: 7.6.2

Perfect for my cafeI did a lot of research into tills and card readers. And I ended up always going back and re reading this one. My gut feeling was that it suited our business which is a small cafe in a tennis club. I’m so glad I went with my gut feeling, it’s so easy to use, the staff pick it up quickly, it works on my data plan if my broadband lets me down and it links to my accounts package so I can get instant profit and loss reports. I love it and can fully recommend it. We even got the till working on my phone one day when the iPad broke, it’s so versatile..Version: 5.9.1

Account set upIt was actually very easy to set up to take payment. And instructions easy to follow. And it did not block the access to activate receiving payments. Unlike square super complicated not easy to navigate. And did not let me edit my info..Version: 7.13.1

Great and easy way of taking card paymentsI'm a small seasonal gift shop and didn't want the cost of a credit card machine. Have put off having one for years but nowadays everyone expects to pay by card. Bought an iZettle one before the summer and can honestly say it's brilliant. So easy to use with my iPad. Payments are in my bank within 2-3 working days. Would highly recommend it..Version: 5.19

I like the app, but…I’m having trouble finding my orders to my website and suppliers app. -How can I add Zettle to my suppliers factory app? I would also love to share my products from Zettle to my social media platforms. -Is there anyway to share or forward product details to my customers from the app? Another thing would be useful if I was able to categorize my products. -Could someone show me how to do collections v.s single items? And Lastly, Can anyone see my Government name when I do get a sale or show my store? -If so, what can I do to change that?.Version: 7.20.0

Great machine let down a little with AppLovely well presented machine. Looks smart and professional. The only let down is the app. Somebody decided to grey out all the non selected items on the menu. This is super handy when outside as you can’t read it. Apart from the app being made by an indoor person I would highly recommend it. The app is updated regularly but can never notice any improvement or changes. Over the past 3 years of use the name has changed and the amount total is now in bold. Still the horrible hard to see menu on the left. Still hard to see. Not one of the many updates have help me as a user. Someone is getting paid a lot of money to tweak the app every couple of weeks..Version: 7.12.0

Can’t not fault this card readerHaving been a cash only barbers prior to lock down on opening back up we thought we better invest in some sort card machine and another business had recommended using Izettle. It is so easy and straight forward to set up. When customers are paying by card it is very quick and have not had any issues at all. We have it working off the iPad and the barbers’ iPhones so customers can pay on the portal device whilst sitting on the chair and are not moving around the shop which is ideal post lockdown! Customers can also be text or emailed a receipt. Money paid straight into bank within a couple of days and generates reposts of sales etc - no monthly fee, just a small % of total sales and currently have 30 days free just now so ideal for a small business like ours..Version: 5.39.1

Perfect solution, apart from....As a small B&B the iZettle card reader has solved the problem at checkout when the guest has no cash and only a foreign cheque book. Now its quick and simple for them to settle their bill and sending a receipt could not be easier. I cannot fault it at all. The only thing that lets iZettle down is their refusal to accept Transferwise Euro accounts which have a shorter than normal IBAN. When questioned about this I was given a reason that in fact is illegal in the EU. iZettle you need to update your policy on this and comply with EU law and accept Transferwise IBANs..Version: 5.39.1

Great tool and great appSo easy to use and intuitive. Love it! Couldn’t figure out anything about Square so I switched to Zettle. Paypal and zettle are awesome and easy..Version: 7.20.0

Brilliant for Sports teamsI run a cricket team and need to collect payments from the players every week. Previously players ‘forgot’ cash and were able to avoid payments. Now everyone can pay as everyone has a debit card or mobile phone on them! Once people get over the nervousness of using a wireless card reader, they love the personalised receipts, text alerts and I love having full payment every week! Easy to use and a nice low fee - thoroughly recommended!.Version: 5.15

Fabulous payment platformI spent some time researching which card and cash payment tool would suit me best and I really was impressed with Zettle, particularly the Point of Sale facility. The App is brilliant, clear and you can create a till, including useful things as adding discounts. What is very useful is the data collected, which logs all your card and cash payments, meaning you have access to easy and fast accounting. Creating a financial year summary is a breeze and saves so much time. Clients like the flexibility of card payment options, which now includes even gift cards and PayPal! It’s nice to send them an instant receipt also by Email or text. Zettle has really added another level of professionalism to my business and I’m so pleased I chose Zettle. Zettle’s fees are fair also for the great service I receive. After using Zettle for over 2 years now, I highly recommend Zettle. Quite simply it will make your business life easier..Version: 7.1.0

Go backThis is a great app works well does what we need. Our till runs really well and we can keep easy track of stock. But please please Go Back to the previous update - if something isn’t broken please don’t fix it. During the day I often quickly flick on to reports just to see how the takings are and it was great, I could flick to it to see how much we’ve taken so far and flick back. Since the update it now goes straight to the monthly total and if I want to see what I’ve done today I have to then open “By Day” and then scroll up to today’s date because it always goes to the first of the month. I don’t want my staff seeing how much money we’ve taken for each month or my current monthly total as it takes so much time now just to see the one figure I wanted. Please please put this back. I’m sure if people want a monthly figure displayed then they’ll take time to look for them, but on a busy day you just need to flick to your running total and back..Version: 5.28.1

Great!Really easy to use but I wish it could take cash & credit payments in the same transaction..Version: 7.9.0

Love it, just one change pleaseAbsolutely love the app the accessories and the whole EPOS system works perfectly and easy to use and easy to set up. Barcode scanning with the camera of device is superb idea so you don’t have to buy a scanner BUT... can you please PLEASE put a camera swap button(from back camera to front and vice versa) or allow a setting to choose which camera to use (either front or back). This would mean that while the iPad is in the tablet holder SOLD ON IZETTLE, which blocks the back camera, you could still scan barcodes using the front camera. So you would be able to use the barcode scanning feature when using YOUR OWN store kit! Thanks.Version: 5.19.1

Brilliantly EasyFor our small football club that only opens for around 10 hours a week, this has been a god send. We have used it on our bar and seen our takings go up quite a bit. The easy installation, easy setup and versatility and the small simple fee structure is amazing. Anyone who needs to take payments but don’t want the monthly fees this is for you. Won’t be long before our tea bar has one..Version: 5.31

IZettle2 and iZettleGoMaybe the most beneficial £23 spent in an exceptionally long time. The app is so simple to use, love the library feature which enables me to keep an inventory of my “stock” with the ability to record cost price and selling price of individual items. My first day of trading was hassle free, having the ability to take card payments at a tap of the app and seamlessly email professional looking receipts to customers at the point of sale was truly a blessing. The report function shows you total sales for the day (receipts gives you a full break down) and it’s very clear and easy to see the minimal charges incurred for card transactions taken via the iZettle2 card reader.... undeniably a godsend to small businesses, cannot recommend highly enough... if you’re looking for a card reader/app then this is defo the one to choose!.Version: 5.19.1

Good little machineAs a sole trader working in residential locations, having a card machine is perfect - no more hassle chasing up online payments, and I love that you can send instant email receipts. Recently started using the invoice function which is brilliant and saves time. It also looks more slick than emailing an invoice myself. People comment on how stylish it looks too. However the battery does seem to go down quickly, and sometimes the screen freezes and/or doesn't allow me to complete the transaction as if it can't sync to the phone properly - these are the reasons I didn't award it 5 stars..Version: 5.5

Small Business LadyIzettle has been a fab addition to my business. I’m so glad I have a reliable card payment source without any hidden costs. I bought the machine and that was it. My clients love that they can pay by card as well as not many people carry cash with them now. I would highly recommend the izettle machine to anyone. It’s perfect for anywhere really as it connects through 4G to your phone. So easy to use!.Version: 5.29.1

Great ServiceThis app makes transactions possible anywhere you conduct business..Version: 7.20.0

User FriendlyApp is easy to use and gives monthly totals of revenue..Version: 7.18.1

Business ownerThis app is the he best, I was loosing money with the other credit card processing company I’m very happy with this app..Version: 7.9.1

Brilliant Small Business AppCannot fault this great app, so easy to setup and use and when used with the card reader, gives you full control of itemised products and costs also inventory status and discount additions as well as creating gift cards (Digital or physical) An absolute must for anyone interested in using credit/debit cards as an option of payment, using Zettle offers low fees and an awesome shopfront type receipts (email or print). I cannot recommend this enough !!!.Version: 7.17.0

Great Free Starter AppConsidering it’s a free app it has amazing functionality. You may need to be a bit creative depending on your menu. We have been using it for a year in a brand new takeaway business. We have a complicated menu and two cooking areas and a drinks area so are now considering upgrading to the pro version, but only because we are outgrowing the app. Payments have always been processed and paid promptly and support was good when needed, turned out to be a printer issue and not the app..Version: 5.13.1

I don’t usually leave reviews but this was worth it!!As above, it takes a lot for me to leave a review. Did a lot of research before committing. As a small business I wanted something which didn’t charge a monthly fee for something I would use infrequently. This is perfect, yes you need a good WiFi or mobile signal but it’s quick and seamless to use. I love the inventory option on the app, so much easier to quickly keep track of sales. If I had to make one comment, please could you update the app to include stock levels on items BEFORE they are added to the basket. This would make like so much easier to keep track at a glance when someone asks or to save me rummaging through a box to discover that I’ve run out!!.Version: 5.31

IZettle 2I’ve had a credit card machine for a number of years and over time noticed these companies seem to add on other pricing add on without my prior knowledge and then when you complain they come out with you signed up for these But with the iZettle it quick and easy to set up and so easy to start taking payments and none of all the paper receipts you have to keep I wish I’d got one of these card payment machines years ago Thank you.Version: 5.19.1

Brilliantly User FriendlyWe’ve been using Zettle GO for nearly five years already. This is a great app, user friendly, fast, and reliable and economical. For a small cafe/takeaway it has all we need, sure it doesn’t have all the features that a full Epos system has, but why make things complicated if you don’t need them. I would throughly recommend this app..Version: 7.7.2

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