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Where's My Water? app received 171 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about where's my water??

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Where's My Water? for Positive User Reviews

Good but how do find the levels of the week?Yes even if you tri-duck every single swampy level, your only 1/4 of the way through the game. But I need to now how to get to the levels of the week, so I can tri-duck them..Version: 1.18.3

BananaNAWheres my water is an excellent game but adding crankys story in and having to buy this level is a real pain especially because we've already bought the first game and now we have to go and buy this one.Version: 1.3.6

So addictingThis game is so good I’ve been playing it 4 hours straight!.Version: 1.16.0

Endless hours of funThe slide on the side for some levels is harder to use on my phone. It’s no issue on the iPad though. This game has only gotten better. Endless hours of fun..Version: 1.18.5

FUN!!! By:AsaWhen I started first it was pretty easy and boring, but it got better when it added advanced levels and that’s when I really got into the game!❤️😀🆗👍🏿🤘🏽also it’s good for your brain 🏋️‍♂️🧠.Version: 1.18.0

AwesomeI thought it would be an easy kids game because it's a disney game but it's so much fun for both kids an grown ups. It constantly challenges you by making you think an just when u think it's too easy, you'll miss something and realize it really wasn't that easy. Nice simple design and user friendly. Awesome job guys who came up with this game. Keep up the great work..Version: 1.5.0

More lost levelsI hope that there is more levels in the lost level section.Version: 1.18.4

Where's My WaterBest app. You have to really think for some and it's way worth the money. My most played. Can't wait for more updates :D .Version: 1.3.0

AmazingWhere's my water is my favorite game I have all of them - swampys story, crankys story, magic duck, lost levels, and where's my perry. ( I can't wait for the next one to come out - hurry up PLEASE ). I recommend this game to everyone!!! It's costs a lot but it's worth every cent❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕$$$.Version: 1.7.1

My favourite gameI’ve played through this game so many time now. Wish there were more!!.Version: 1.18.3

It’s been a hot minuteI used to play this as a child when it was free and it was amazing. Not too long ago I saw my friend play and I was like “OMG I haven’t see. That I’m forever” and get informed that you have to pay which I did and my goodness ,my childhood memories are coming back too me.Version: 1.18.7

This is amazingThe game is amazing I love it!!.Version: 1.18.5

I really love it.I love this game, can you make it without falling. It’s got a mind of its own! Your country needs you, join up today..Version: 1.18.2

Love this gameI just love this game. They have a second one that came out that wasn’t as good. Wish they would come out with more like this one. It’s something I would definitely pay for..Version: 1.18.4

As addictive as Angry BirdsNice little "spend some time" app. Thanks Disney!.Version: 1.13.1

Great fun!I love the variety of challenges on offer. You can go back to play the same levels for completely different objectives. Well thought out..Version: 1.0.2

AwsomeIt's a awesome game to play when your bored.Version: 1.0.2

Nice puzzlerGood game! I really like this game. The gameplay is very unique and the graphics are smooth. I would've rated this 5 stars if I didn't need to pay for more cranky levels..Version: 1.3.5

A must haveIf I could give more *********** I would this game is mint love it the kids adore it 10y 8y 7y 4y they love it on it all the time on there iPod touches trust me it wicked. It's another angry birds all over with this game More updates please keeps the kids quiet and the wife lol On the other side didn't agree with paying for more levels after paying for the app in the first place angry birds don't ask for more money for updates so why would a company as big as Disney ask for more cash not happy with that as I paid 69p for update would think there would be loads and loads of levels but nope not many at all would like a refund and free updates as I think you will lose people and ratings.Version: 1.3.5

ReviewHighly addictive and thrilling game - love it - encouraged my daughter to have a play on mine and she bought it too! Love it! Just need the upgrade to more adventures please-I have finished the current version :-).Version: 1.3.0

So greatSo I’ve been playing this game since I was three and the first one and the second one I was a pro at it was fantastic on iPad 3 amazing app.Version: 1.18.3

When will this game endThis game has gave me sooo many memories back to me of my family and I when I was young I would like to know when this game is ending or if there’s will be a third where’s my water so I can finish it for the last time before it goes and even get my family to do the same. Thank you for all the memories..Version: 1.18.3

WMW crashesLove this game mine also crashes as soon as it opens to the main screen so i cant play the new levels please fix this bug ASAP.Version: 1.12

Not good with iPhone 10I love this game and I have been playing it for a very very long time. But it's not friendly with the new iPhone X. A lot of the levels I can’t get through because the controls are at the bottom and it always pauses the game or closes the app which is a pain. Hopefully something can be done..Version: 1.16.0

One of my favorite gamesThis game is so fun, I can spend hours playing. Please add more levels!!! I have an iPhone 11 so it’s kinda hard to control buttons, swiping, or switches etc. I learned a trick to turn on guided access so that the screen stays still when I swipe and stuff..Version: 1.18.4

Needs to be optimized for new iPhonesI’ve been in love with this game and just re-downloaded the app on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. It needs to be optimized for the new iPhones that don’t have a home screen button and instead use the bottom of the screen to exit/switch apps. All the levels leave excess space on the top rather than bottom and cause you to constantly switch/exit the game and pause the game consequently. A quick fix to solve this is just move the section of gameplay towards the top/middle rather than having it as bottom as possible. Other than that, this is hands down THE best game on the App Store..Version: 1.18.3

Fantastic little game. Very addictive.I don't have much time on my hands with two little ones, but have started choosing to play this rather than watch my favorite episodes on tv! Must mean its great..Version: 1.3.0

Worth the $2Imma be real with y’all. This is my favorite game. Better than Halo, better than league, even better than second life. Where’s My Water is ALWAYS there for me. Through thick and thin, through a divorce and a hurricane, where’s my water is always right beside me. I don’t know what I would do without swampy and the ducks. Side note: this game is far superior in ever way to the lack luster sequel and absolutely worth the $2.Version: 1.18.3

Excellent GameIt's good to see that there are some game makers out there, that are taking their time to think about what they make, before they put it to the general public. Even though I am only partially the way through, some of the levels are quite challenging. This game is a steal at $0.99, It's just one of those games that you have to come back to all the time, to see if you can either better your previous score on a particular level, or just to keep yourself entertained by Swampy. WTG..Version: 1.0.2

Great Game - Tough to Play on myiPhoneThis has always been a really fun game to play. It is a great challenge even for adults. The problem is that every time I try to touch something at the bottom of my screen, the game pauses because it thinks I am trying to close the ap. I don’t know if it is because I have big fingers, or if it is strictly an iPhone problem, but it is really annoying..Version: 1.18.1

Addictive funJust finished getting my 660 ducks! Woohoo! Great game, sometimes a little frustrating but love that there's always options - can move ahead with only 1 duck or keep replaying until you get all 3 on the level. Also love that you don't have to wait for 'lives' and it's not random luck - you can think your way to each solution (eventually)..Version: 1.13.0

Addictive, challenging, and funJust pay for this and save misery of ads. I purchased it for my grandkids (under 7), but have landed up enjoying it more than the kids. The challenges in the game are sometimes tricky, but after some tries are doable. It helps me relax and keep my brain sharp. It is interesting how a simple game can have so many variations with simple elements of water, steam, coal, fans, slime, pink liquid, etc..Version: 1.18.4

Very entertaining!More like this please!.Version: 1.18.7

AmazingPlease add the other weekly levels and ten days of frankenweenie to lost levels if you care. Also, please bring back where’s my perry and where’s my mickey..Version: 1.18.4

GoodHad a lot of fun. 100% fun.Version: 1.0.2

One of the best gamesI'm sooooo much addicted that whenever I have any spare time I am playing this game. Just can't wait till I finsih all the levels. I want more levels added of this great addictive game. Graphics are A+ and the puzzles are really very interesting and cleverly laid out. A must game for anyone who loves solving puzzles, and also want to have some fun in the meantime..Version: 1.3.0

Where’s my wifi?I’ve played Water for years and it’s still fun today. Can’t find Wifi like Swampy couldn’t find water? Let him handle it..Version: 1.18.2

我爱洗澡皮肤好好嘻嘻嘻.Version: 1.18.7

Almost PerfectThe graphics could do with a little more polish but everything else about this game is perfect. Difficulty increases at a good rate making you think more and more. Addictive gameplay that keeps bringing you back fore more..Version: 1.0.2

Literally the best game on the entire App StoreFantastic, fun, addictive, I run out of superlatives when talking about this game. Hugely entertaining. I keep going back again & again to play it and have purchased the in-app extra level packs (Cranky's Story & Magic Duck) and can recommend them too. A very well-earned five stars!.Version:

Where's my Water!!BRILLIANT game which has kept me entertained for hours!! Easy to play and fun puzzle solving. Highly recommend!.Version: 1.3.0

Great gameMy favourite game. Only issue I have us waiting ages for the new levels to come. Only one opportunity to have the locksmith. If you don't pay the 5.99 for the rest of the levels, you are stuck waiting (seems like forever) the levels to be released. Should be made clear that there is only one opportunity. Otherwise I have no other issues. Please release them soon..Version: 1.7.0

NostalgiaHaven’t played this game in years but I still remember how much I used to play it and enjoy this game. One of my go to games as a youngin. Would recommend to kids.Version: 1.18.7

Better Than Most !Enjoyable dynamic puzzling. Updated: From 4 To 5 stars. Really well thought through. Great level design. Challenge is pitched just right. Enormous replayability value with the 'collection' and 'challenges'. Never boring. Very addictive. Very creative. Outstanding production values. Disney has obviously put a lot of effort and time in the development of this game. If they carry on this way they will soon be a force to be reckoned with in the gaming industry. We need more!.Version: 1.3.5

CleverWhat a clever idea for a puzzle! No time limit for each level, lots of levels, even up to hard levels available for free and with the option to purchase more. Really clever how each new concept is added and interacts with the others to make the game harder..Version: 1.18.3

Good game but some issuesSwampy is supposed to mope if you don’t collect the mystery duck mega and don’t collect the ducklings or if you don’t collect all the ducklings and everything else is correct except the mystery duck like before if you don’t collect the mystery duck mega duck and if you don’t collect or don’t collect all the ducklings.Version: 1.18.7

Awesome !!Really addictive and really fun !! It's quite like Cut the Rope :).Version: 1.3.0

Lovin this gameI love this game because it is challenging and I'm the kind of person who likes challenge. If you want me to describe this game in on sentence it would be I love this game it is cool,awesome,challenging,fun. If your one of those people who read reviews and you have not got this game yet I think you should but just in cace you are not as madly in love with it as I am get the free one first then get this one. Oh and I rate it 5stars but I acsedenty gave it for..Version: 1.4.0

To AwesomeThis game was brought to my attention from a hot friend started playing it and now I can't stop addictive and loads of fun :).Version: 1.3.0

Fun!!!It is a very fun game, it's a little laggy and crashes sometimes on my iPod touch 4G, but I'll put that down to hardware. It's extremely fun and can be played for hours!.Version: 1.12

One bug.I love this game. I've finished it many times over the past year. Just one bug though, in Allie 3-12. The purple water is supposed to shoot over the other side of the screen to activate the red gates and it doesn't. It falls into the bomb..Version:

Just as good as I rememberI played this game as a kid but haven’t touched it in years. Something possessed me to buy it again and wow, the nostalgia! It’s not just my fond memories talking, this game is actually still great. Charming visuals and characters, iconic music and sound effects, and even when the levels are easy, I still feel accomplished when I complete them. Awesome game!.Version: 1.18.7

😍😍😍😍😍THANK YOU FOR FIXING I complete it then reset n do it again make sure I triduck all levels n get all achievments. Complete reset complete reset We've got 2 iPhones & 3 iPads in the house n this games on all of them. We compete against each other on every stage to see who will finish first with triduck of corse. So you can see not only myself but my family love this game..Version: 1.10.1

GoodIt is as fun as I remembered. Hope the developer make a easier edition so I can share the fun with my kid..Version: 1.18.7

AwesomeThe game is awesome but maybe there should be less ducks to grab in a game to make it easier to do or move them into a more grab able spot but overall the game is great!!.Version: 1.3.6

Great GameFinding good games in the myriad of nonsense in the app store is not that easy. So it's always a pleasure to discover a bright star and where's my water is just that. Thanks Disney (or who ever made the game on their behalf) oh yeah, when I was a kid, I was terrified by Mickey Mouse. So not thanks for that!.Version: 1.6.0

Fantastic game!Have just finished all levels and starting again, great game 😄 Devs, pls could you make WMW 2 more like this? 2 doesn’t flow as well and the line cut by your finger is way too thick to be as accurate as you need to be.Version: 1.18.3

Great app but needs bug fixesThis is a very good app but it needs some bug fixes because when you try to play "make a ramp" it goes blank. When you try to go to the main menu from that screen it crashes. We are anxiously awaiting Allie's Story. When will we learn more about Pushy and Shovey??? Can you include videos with the "Lost Levels"?.Version: 1.10.1

Great gameGreat game.Version:

New levelsI wish there were new levels for this. It’s an awesome game..Version: 1.18.4

Fab gameI love this game but I'm too slow to do the levels where you have to work quickly. I like having time to think. It's quite challenging and VERY addictive. Update the game now crashes at the start up screen! I've tried uninstalling, restarting my ipad and nothing work :( it's on just long enough for me to see the new weekly games I am missing out on!! I now see others are having the same problem. PLEASE , please, please, fix this soon. I really miss playing it!.Version: 1.12

That Crashing Problem. Otherwise Excellent.Everybody is making a big deal about the recent crash bug. I have found that it only happens when I am connected to Wi-fi. For the app itself, the quality is stunning. Disney have outdone the self with this app and its addictive gameplay. My entire family play this game and we have bought the other two storylines at a very reasonable cost. Once the crashing has been sorted out, I would highly recommend this app. It is worth every penny you spend on it. And if you enjoy the gameplay, then the Cranky and Allie storylines are good fun as well..Version: 1.12

😊😄☺This game may or may not look good at first glance, but it is awesome. Whenever I play this game I get this warm feeling. Swampy is just so warm, cute and cosy. It is not a strategic game that makes you frustrated. You can skip levels, so if one is too hard, you can go to the next, instead of being unable to progress. Although you really want to compleat every level, and none of the levels are too super duper hard. 10/5..Version: 1.5.0

Best gameI really enjoyed this game as I am a big fan of Disney but I do hope that Disney does not stop there for this game, Where's my water, because if you ask me, there should be much me series to this like Where's my water 2 and 3 and so on. Please take this in consideration and I really love this game!! It would really shoot me down if there is only one of this game. P.S. I watch Saturday Disney every saturday at whatever time. Please do not take it down because then i will have no life :D.Version: 1.4.1

FantasticAwesome. New updates are fabulous. Keep those levels coming. would recommend to anyone..Version: 1.3.0

All Good.I had some teething troubles with it crashing on loading. Those problems seem to have resolved themselves. I haven't purchased anything in this game and am happy to wait for new levels. Levels so far are satisfyingly difficult. It's easy enough to press the replay button while figuring out what you have to do. Then once you've cleared a level it's possible to go back and improve ones score. I look forward to the new levels..Version: 1.12


Good Game! But AdsI had to download this game because I had to help Swampy and his friends to guide the water. After that, THERE WERE ADS EVERYWHERE! I have to make this app ad-free so that I have to play this. But Ads are okay. This App is for fun. See ya later, alligator. I mean In a while, crocodile..Version: 1.18.7

Where's my Very orgasmic application from Walt Disney When ever I'm digging the audio sound affects can't keep up in time with my digging -Keep the levels coming please dear.Version: 1.0.2

Best Game EverSo much fun! This never gets boring because of the great level design. Just peeking at a level is impossible; you'll always play it as well! Highly recommended..Version: 1.13.0

Great game!!!This game is soooooo cool! It's had me amused for ages, and still has me amused, the only problem I have is getting the collectable on the "boiling point, level 15".Version: 1.3.6

I recommendI had this game since I was a kid and I still play it I cannot stop it is way too good and it is really worth the money.Version: 1.18.7

Great fun for young and old!My kids, my wife and I all enjoy playing this game, but it is also addictive lol!.Version: 1.10.1

Great new games but problems with appLove the new cranky levels. Didn't mind paying for them as it's basically a new game. Understand why it needs to be in app rather than a new app as the challenges integrate with the original levels. However, since update the app regularly crashes out, usually just as a level is completed. Also, would be good if when pressing Play after entering the app, it took you to the cranky levels if that's what was being played last, instead of taking you to the last WMW level by default..Version: 1.3.5

I love this gameThis is my childhood.Version: 1.18.7

Update to lateUpdate has fixed previous issues - lost all data due to re-install of original update so choice is now either pay for the unlock all levels or start all over again, I won't do either. Was a Great game until the latest update, now freezes on opening screen... Now going to have to delete & re-install and loose all the previous scores .... Honestly I won't bother.... Thanks for the update and the new levels that I won't now play .... Reinstalling fixes the issue initially then it freezes again ..... As all previous data is now lost I Will not be starting all over again ... Goodby!!!.Version: 1.10.1

I love AlligatorsI’m In love with this game get it!!!🐊🐊🐊🐊.Version: 1.18.1

A little review...This is an absolutely phenomenal app. The graphics are excellent, and the game play never gets boring with three new levels weekly. Where's My Water also updates frequently, bringing along new surprises to older and newer players of this game. For new owners of this game, it's very easy to get hooked on here. One of the best feature about this game is that it doesn't need wifi to run but has the potential of a great game amongst the other top apps that require wifi to run on. This has been a lengthy review for some, but as an active reviewer I hope to let others know more about this game before downloading it. I certainly did not regret downloading this, and this is certainly cheap for an one dollar app..Version: 1.10.1

Fun gameHave fun.Version: 1.18.2

I’m ObsessedWhen I got this game I didn’t play any other game except for this one! It was so good I have had it since I was little; it is so good. Everyone should get it! I deleted it because I have a different iPad now. But it’s a amazing game! Must Buy! One of my favourites I will install it now! (Cuz I switched iPads). Good Job to the peeps that made it! Thx For Reading💐🌺🌸🌼💐.Version: 1.16.0

AmazingGreat physics puzzler. Very challenging in places. More levels needed! Cranky's story was a great addition but should it have been a cost option? Maybe a free update would have been better. This game deserves more than 3* but the developers need to pull their fingers out! Angry Birds brings me 100's of new levels every year, for free! Bottom line, if you like a good physics puzzler then this game is for you! A must have. ** Upgraded to 5 star thanks to updates!!!.Version: 1.5.0

Get this app!For child and adult alike this game is extremely entertaining and addicting. Challenging enough to keep you interested but easy enough to not get frustrated. Add that the graphics, game play and fun characters and you've got a big winner..Version: 1.18.3

When I first got my iPod....I swore not to buy any apps, as there were so many decent free apps around, and I didn't see the point in wasting my money. But then after a couple of months, I've discovered Wheres my water? And I just simply had to buy it. Update : Still having as much fun as ever, having also brought crankys story and where's my perry, but disappointed with the £1.49 cost for the new levels, as I think it should be 69p as for all the others, so I haven't brought it..Version: 1.7.0

Water?This game is very logical and makes you really use your brain to think about strategic routes to get the water to swampy the croc. Very fun and uses the brain cells quite nicely.Version: 1.3.0

AwesomeGreat game for passing time in the hospital.Version: 1.0.2

Fantastic game!I've got a few of these water puzzle games, and this one is the best. It's challenging [but not too difficult], funny, and the artwork is great. There are a lot of levels [80] and more to come. And as if that isn't awesome enough, it's a universal game and I bought it for $1.29. Highly recommended!.Version: 1.0.2

Incredible ValueI don't usually write reviews but had to in this case. This is a very fun puzzle game, worth every penny and then some. Well over 250 levels and more and more are released with every frequent update. The developers have provided WAY more than a dollars worth of value and show no signs of slowing down. If you like physics based puzzle games this gets my highest recommendation..Version: 1.6.0

New charactersCan you please add new characters and more levels Because the game will be more fun.Version: 1.18.3

I 💟this game!I have been playing this game since I was like 5 or something (I am 10 now) and I love it! I just downloaded “Water? 2”, but, I wish it looked more like the old game (the stone, dirt, and water). My only suggestion is maybe (on the other characters) instead of having five or so levels each, having a whole... group (the... big areas... like ‘meet swampy’... sorry, I don’t know what the group things are called). Anyway, I love this game, and will you please acknowledge, and think about adding these suggestion. Thanks!.Version: 1.18.3

Lost levsI just unlocked the lost levels and are so good my favorite one is hearts and crafts : best game but it’s a little glitchy.Version: 1.18.5

Best game everFab graphics, fantastic on the iPad and for all ages. Clocked it once, and have come back to get the update. Buy it, it's worth the price and is highly recommend..Version: 1.3.0

Absolutly love this gameYes you pay for the game, and then you pay a little bit more for extra levels - but it is such an awesome game I have no problem paying for the xtra. My kids love it, and its so good for their education (I hope :-).Version: 1.3.6

Amazing gameI loved it I first got the free version then it was so good I wanted more and more and more I have every version and where's perry as well because where's my water need more so I got that too I play it every. Second of every day but sometimes I get into trouble at school but I don't mined because I get to play it this is one second that I'm not playing it I get told of sometimes because I play it at the dinner table but I don't mine so bye bye get this game it's great and then you can be just like me and it great being me but if you are going to be me then good Luck and bye see you later !!!!😜😜😜👨.Version: 1.10.1

Hard habit to break away fromI love this game. My husband loves this game. Neither of us are what you'd call gamers or particularly good at physics but I shudder to think of the amount of time I've wasted playing this game. It's a lot of fun but the first thing I did was to turn off the sound, which gets really annoying after about 5 seconds..Version: 1.11.1

TonightTOniiight.Version: 1.16.0

Best game everThis is a lot of fun.Version: 1.18.3

A timeless classicThis is as fun as the first time a played it years ago. I hope this game never gets removed from the App Store. It’s a must play if you’re looking for a time waster..Version: 1.18.3

Great with one badI love this game so much I'm on it or minecraft ALL day (on the weekend) except it keeps breaking off when I turn it on it finishes loading the game then right before it goes to the title it exits off! Fix this and I'll give it ALL STARS!!! It's due for a bug fix..Version: 1.12

AmazingI got several hours out of this game, it is definitely worth the 3 bucks, AND, there’s no adds! Totally buy, it’s a great game!.Version: 1.18.3

Fun!The idea of channeling water to the cute little crocodile, Swampy is great! It's simple with a slight touch of challenge toward the end as you unlock each level and try to obtain all three ducks and hidden items throughout each puzzle. Also loving the little in-between story line and very crisp and cute graphics. "Where's My Water?" can be loved by all ages! Although I don't recommend this game to the people looking for a difficult challenge, as I think the aim is more along the lines for fun rather than mind-blowing difficulty. So refrain from complaint if you find that it's too easy. The only problem is that there isn't enough of it! I cannot wait for the up-coming packs. Worth the money, and I rate this a definite 5/5. :).Version: 1.0.2

Controls too close to the sideIPhone: My only complaint is that if you’re trying to use controls that are on the sides of the screen, it stops the game. There’s a level where it’s set up like a pin ball machine. Because the controls are at the very bottom of the screen, the side menu constantly pops up as I’m trying to use the controls..Version: 1.18.7

Favorite game of all timeWhere’s my Water was (and still is) my favorite mobile game hands-down. I enjoyed it more than Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, etc... because I felt the puzzles were so unique and challenging. Working to “Tri-Duck” every level can be a serious grind, but the game is so much fun that you get excited about playing every time you open the app. I wish they would continue more content with it, as I felt it came out during the prime of Disney mobile games (games such as Where’s My Water, Mittens, and Jelly Car 3 were all incredibly fun entries) not all have stood the test of time however. Sad to see the modern Disney games are just re-makes of candy crush or bejeweled, themed off of the latest Disney movie. There’s definitely a few bugs in the modern day, such as cutting dirt on the bottom of the screen on any iPhone without a home button (the newer ones) can cause you to close the app. But I have to keep my 5-star rating for just how much I appreciated this game. My all-time favorite..Version: 1.18.2

Polished fun without the Angry Birds randomnessFree-form fluid physics gives nice puzzles with controllable results. There is a good degree of variation as you progress with acid and ooze liquids and even steam all having uniquely different game-play effects. These are topped off with some very nice extensions by combining liquids for different effects. Finally, moving them all around in water balloons adds another dimension of thinking to the puzzles. A very polished, quite unique, and very satisfying game. One on my "MUST BUY" list...Version: 1.3.5

GreatChallenging, fun and frustrating, especially the bonus levels, everything a puzzler should be!.Version: 1.13.0

Cut the Rope FanWhen I first read the reviews for this game people where claiming it was better then CTR, as a huge fan of the game I was skeptical. I decided to buy Wheres my Water just to see what it was all about, and I wasn't disappointed, this game is definitely up to the standards of angry birds and cut the rope. I have now tri-ducked all levels and the Cranky in game purchase is great! I'm now a huge fan of WMW, and I would suggest that everyone who loves CTR should get it. GREAT GAME! :D.Version: 1.3.6

Idk3 words: I am addicted!! I started playing this game as a thing to fill time little did i know that i would play the same level over && over just to get all the ducks or collection things. I play this befaw i go to bed && when i get up everyday. Love it !.Version: 1.3.0

Make a Disney movie of it😃😃😃😃.Version: 1.18.5

Needs updateI love this app but some levels don’t work with the iPhone XR or 11. Any phone with no home button won’t let you touch the bottom of the screen without pausing the game. For example level 7-13.Version: 1.18.2

Limited Tike to Play LevelsThe limited time to play the new levels is ridiculous. I shouldn't have to play a game when the developer wants me to, I should be able to play it whenever I want. Where's my Water is an amazing puzzle game, but I need to be in the mood to play a puzzle game, not forced to play it before the level expires. New levels every week, great! But they should build up into chapters, not disappear. Do I even get proof of my tri-duck accomplishments with this system? I used to love this game, but I can't support a game with a philosophy like that. Sorry Disney, you've lost a dedicated fan..Version: 1.10.1

Hard on iPhone 12 miniI've been playing this game for years. I just upgraded to an iPhone 12 mini and I decided to revisit this game. Manipulating elements at the edge of the screen is difficult. I'm pretty sure it's not just my phone. Maybe if I could zoom out a bit it'd be easier..Version: 1.18.3

LovelyFantastic game to spend some lazy hours on. The time aspect adds a competitive edge to each level for those who enjoy perfecting scores quickly and beating their own personal best. Still need to figure out this deal with the "Tri-duck" challenge levels (only saw it once and had no idea what it was so I skipped it) because I'm not entirely sure I know what's going on but otherwise great. The flow of the water is wonderfully realistic as well. :).Version: 1.4.1

Great !😃😃.Version: 1.18.3

PerfectionThis might be my favorite smartphone game ever. It’s the perfect combination of charm, polish, difficulty, and is just such a pleasure to play. It’s the only game I come back to year after year to replay, and I’m sort of dreading the day when the developers stop updating it. The music is incredible! Every piece of DLC is worth it; just the right amount of added content. I can’t even pick a favorite. I’m rambling and gushing but this game is just that good. WMW2 didn’t quite scratch the itch for me, something about it felt off, like it was using a different game engine? Or different developers? I’m not sure, but this game is just wonderful..Version: 1.18.3

VI got bored really fast with cut the rope and angry bird, and thought this was just like them... but it's not. i enjoy every second while playing this game!.Version: 1.3.6

The Best Game AroundThis game gives so much for a really good price. The fun never ends and they update regularly so it never finishes. It is a brain tester as well as a fun game. Buy Now!.Version: 1.3.0

Cute gameVisually gorgeous, addictive puzzle..Swampy is adorable..Version: 1.0.2

Where's my waterBest game ever! Uses your brain power, high skills required to master each level. I was an angry birds player since its beginning, got tired of the way they changed it to not a skill game, but how deep your pockets are, needing to buy and use power ups to get high scores..Version: 1.13.1

Best. Game. Ever.I’ve been playing where’s my water for the longest time! It never fails to entertain while challenging my thought process! It’s exciting, fun, and sometimes frustrating... but that’s the best part! I highly recommend this game to anyone- I even got my mom hooked on playing it :).Version: 1.18.3

Addictive!Very clever and addictive... too addictive in fact, so I'm taking a break to write this! I'm a fan of these type of games and this one is hard to fault. One worry is that it's running quite hot, (iPad 3 - ios 6) actually uncomfortable to hold on one side, so must be pretty CPU/GPU intensive, so I presume it would drain your battery pretty quick. (has cooled back down as I write this) I just hope my iPad doesn't have any heat related problems..Version: 1.8.1

I love pets and other pestsWell well well, I love this fella, he reminds me of my dad and so me in a way, just look at him, what a kind face, JUST LOOK AT HIS FACE:) like a smiling two dot curve that wakes me up every morning. Sometimes I wish I could have a steamy hot shower with a croc, just to see what would happen, and who knows? Maybe I will.... Maybe I will... P.s. I love crocs, and most animals... Except dogs and cats that have been trained by monkeys. Those monkeys are evil in the eyes of frogs, and I love me some frogs... But anyway this is about crocs and I love crocs with all my heart, my slow uneven beating heart...............,.Version: 1.0.2

A must buy app!!!Wow this app keeps you occupied for hours!!! I love the challenging levels this app has to offer! I love swampy and his cute little girlfriend, I love watching the clips about swampy trying to get the girl it's a classic!!! Please, please, please keep the updates coming! Okay, see ya..........PEACE!!! :)although I can not play any more because I accidentally pressed the 'menu' button and the 'resume' button at the same time and then the screen went black and I can't do anything but stare at the black screen unless I press the circle button on the iPad please fix this glitch. I really want to play it again. :(.Version: 1.3.0

I don't want to stop playing!It is very fun and addictive. Personally I am a fan of puzzle games and this is well made. It does not only require you to solve the puzzle (which is to get enough water to the pipe for the cute crock to enjoy its shower) but you need to be quick to slice through dirt as well. Good work. I hope more levels will come out..Version: 1.4.1

6s plus issuesAwesome.Version:

Looks like they're fixing the update nowI just went to install the update and it keeps saying "Unable to install at this time", which I think is what if says for something like a live patch..Version: 1.10.1

LoveEpic game I've tri-ducked every level very fun and addicting waiting for new update but fun to play over and over especially the tricky levels love it !!!!.Version: 1.3.0

Perfect Fun For The Whole Family"Where's My Water?" is the best app on our family iPad, iPhone and iPods. It's extremely entertaining for everyone (ages from four to forty-four!) and it's got that loveable Disney feel to it. Its graphics are outstanding and it's a great puzzle - solvable but challenging, much better than many other games. You'll like this if you liked Cut The Rope or Angry Birds..Version: 1.3.0

Brilliant the best and really fun app best appThis game is really fun the most addictive app and is the most fun it has great physics and is a brilliant with cool sounds visuals and also a great lay out of options and menus and also the lay out of how well you done in a level hope we get some more cool wicked updates maybe some mini games of some Sort but so fun recommend you buy this game I hope the levels don't get to hard lol recommend you buy brilliant game and app deserves to be number 1 recommend you buy once again.Version: 1.0.2

ClassicWheres my water is an instant classic. Always enjoy playing through it. Fantastic artwork and Swampy is awesome! Please fix the stuttering scrolling when scrolling the screen and moving pumps.Version:

Add another crocodile called RockyWith the next update, can you please add a another crocodile called Rocky that needs green ooze to finish turning his grass sculpture into a stone sculpture..Version: 1.18.1

Still a great gameI bought this game 6 years ago and it still on my latest iPad..Version:

Super game!This is one of those games you cant put down. Makes you think and you enjoy the game too! Kids might even learn something about physics! ;).Version: 1.11.0

Allround Great PuzzlerStill a 5 Star game. The update adds a new storyline including 5 playable levels, and another 35 unlocked via a $0.99 IAP. There are also 4 bonus levels which are unlocked via completing challenges instead of the hidden treasures of former levels. Some of these challenges are former Swampy levels, but remade with a twist. -Smooth physics, combined with great animations throughout the storyline, make this a 5star game. Keep the updates coming please Disney. It's great to see quality app that gets attention and free expansions. And what can I say...I'm a sucka for Disney :).Version: 1.3.6

WonderulThis is a wonderful game, I've much fun with this game. When I first brought it and noticed it was from Disney I had my doubts whether I personally would enjoy it, boy was I wrong! It is tons of fun. I'm loving the physics of it and the puzzle style. Works wonderfully together. I can understand why it's top paid game. It's definally worth $1. It's worse so much more. The simple kiddy art style actually really suits it, I found the graphics lovely. I thought it may be too kiddy, but again I was wrong. And there are actually levels that you have to sit and think, puzzle style that you have to be on your toes and react quickly with ticky puzzles. Looking forward to update with more levels, extra stars for update!.Version: 1.0.2

Easily my favorite game app I haveI honestly love this game so much. I bought it a few years ago, played it a lot, and forgot about it for a couple of years. I just redownloaded it and I can't stop playing it. It's really satisfying to play. The games are challenging enough to keep it interesting, but never so challenging that you get frustrated. The graphics and sounds are amusing and nice to look at, and I'm kinda in love with that little alligator. Half the fun for me is just successfully completing a level so that he can get his shower. He just looks and sounds so happy when he gets his shower, and that makes me happy. I know this is supposed to be a children's game, but I'm 45 and I freaking love it..Version:

Where's My Water is AWESOMEIt is such a cool game and every time an update comes out I hop on and play nonstop. Its unfortunate that it takes so long for updates to come out because I usually finish a chapter in like 2 days tops. I love this game and my cousins got me hooked but now I'm stuck waiting for updates. COME ON Get splashing and dashing Disney! We need more levels and fun! I have some ideas for new updates: - machines or switches that need a certain amount of water to activate - a towel (soaks up half the water that goes through or needs to be pulled by buttons to squeeze out water - electricity ( makes water turn dangerous and has the power to kill ducks if electricity is in water) - drill ( construction that drills everything in its path slowly) - hot water (slowly evaporates into steam) - cold water ( slowly freezes) - music (makes water shake and vibrate away from the music) - lava (can turn water into steam but while doing that it turns into stone) - paper (withstands any liquid except sludge for a short amount of time before disintegrating into nothing) - sand ( turns to mud if wet and can turn into glass if touches hot rocks) Okay thats all I have got right now and I hope my review is read and taken account to. L O V E the game!.Version: 1.7.0

An awesome updateWow, I can not believe the updates are quite fast! It ain't as fast as the one before the previous update. So, just new 'levels of the week' and rising tide and out to dry in mystery duck? Quite a short update, there. Anyways the levels were good, but I was expecting to have a new secret level... like I found the underground adventure one, so why isn't there a new one? Oh well, at least there are the updates. Mystery duck level M9-20 was really, really hard! But I managed to complete it. The only thing that makes it hard is that you have to get the three ducklings that is above the spikes. It took me about ten tries to complete it. Keep up the great work!.Version: 1.10.0

The definition of 2010’s mobile gaming.This, along with Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and Cut The Rope, are the defining definitions of the army days of mobile gaming. This game is a childhood classic for me, and a mobile game that I’m sure everyone remembers. And it’s refreshing to see that Disney is still fixing minor bugs in this game, even years after it’s release. Play on, everyone. Play on..Version: 1.18.3

Awesomely funThis game is really really really really really really really really fun and interestingly addictive and intoxicating its provides an excellent period to get by time because you just have to keep playing and keep playing I absolutely adore and love it if you don't already have it your missing out so have the funniest time by playing this awesome game.Version: 1.3.6

Really fun physics puzzle gameWhere's my water is a surprisingly fun puzzle game using really good water physics. I don't think the screen shots do the game justice as I didn't find them very appealing but I game they work well and now I love them. It seems like the devs are planning to support the game for the long run too so it's a good app to have..Version: 1.5.0

Good funThis a great game, mostly satisfying, but occasionally frustrating when the tasks are too challenging. Some are tough to do on my iPhone, because touching the lower part of the screen often causes the program to pause. But overall I strongly recommend this..Version: 1.18.3

Be careful!The in app purchase for the new mystery duck says $0.99 in the game (a fair price for new spin on old levels) but when you actually go to buy hey try to charge you $2.99. Way too much!.Version: 1.7.0

UPDATE..Please update this game with new levels, I enjoyed playing this game, my kids enjoy playing this game, but we've completed all there is to complete, my kids still play the game but they just play the levels they've already competed, I've got bored of waiting! Please UPDATE NEW LEVELS! 😊👍🏼.Version:

Amusant!Très beau graphique et vraiment amusant! Le jeu est très divertissant!.Version: 1.3.6

Le bossWell worth getting. Starts easy to give you the skills then has harder challengers to get you thinking. Such a simple concept but good value for money. Graphic are good and so is the feel, well designed for touch screen. My only negative comment is that the new games just keep coming. New games arrive on a regular basis. Value for money is one thing but maybe too much value for money here. I am not complaining, or maybe I am, but I am starting to feel guilty getting so many new levels after paying only $0.99..Version: 1.5.0

Great gameOriginally bought for my little daughter, this has become my most favorite too - extremely interesting, always challenging and very satisfying when successful. Worth all stars Thanks for developing a brilliant game Sanjay.Version: 1.3.0

Well presented games like this are a joy to play.Fairly simple premis. Drag your finger to dig a way through the sewers to allow water to flow to the crocodile's shower. However, add obstacles, switches and various acids and you get into a puzzle game that's tricky enough to get you thinking, but not impossible enough to become frustrating. The learning curve is close to perfect, starting you off with puzzles to provide you with experience of how the physics of the game work, which stand you in good stead when you get to those that require a little more thought. This happens every time they introduce a new element too, like a switch or acid so you never feel overwhelmed. The character's have a certain Disney like appeal to them. Each group of stages are seperated by a panning cartoon panoramic picture of a scene. This tries to give a storyline to the game but, as well drawn as these cartoons are, I found them a little slow and time consuming to watch. Maybe a faster pan through the scene would be an improvement. One star ALMOST docked for an in-app purchase to extend to a new storyline with a new character..Version: 1.4.1

Really Good!!I remember buying this when it first came out last year, amazing game, really well made and clever as. It has so many ratings and deserves every five star it gets. Must have + keep going with making new levels for Swamy and Cranky \m/.Version: 1.4.1

Best app everI know there are in app purchases but they are totally worth it the app itself is probably the best app I have ever played if your looking for an app you should get this one but be warned some levels are tricky.Version: 1.3.5

Can level editor come?I really would be happy if their is level editor. So if you could design a level editor, I would rate this five stars and like this game..Version:

So addictiveFun!!!!!.Version: 1.16.0

Great funA good fun simple game ... and realistic ... not like some other games such as Angry Bs that require you to try some levels 50 + times to get it all the stars, or in this case ... ducks.Version: 1.2.0

Isaac Barr- It brings back good memories.Growing up, I was very fortunate for my parents for getting my brother and I an IPad 2. Now looking back at the advancement made within both my life and in the virtual industry, it is refreshing to return to the classic games of my childhood, which this game is surely..Version: 1.18.2

Not a lot of waterGame is short and there is an additional charge for Cranky's story that should be included. Fun and addictive! Perfect kids and adults alike..Version: 1.3.6

This is such a cool gameThis game is soo good it entertains me when I have nothing to do but it keeps crashing and its annoying please fix this bug!!.Version: 1.12

Nine out of TenThink Cut The Rope meets Enigmo. Easy to use, puzzling but not impossible, great gameplay and perfect use of touch controls. Don't be fooled by the Disney name and cutesy graphics, this is top notch entertainment for old and young alike!.Version: 1.1.0

Excellent app!!My 4 yr old daughter loves it.... And I too enjoy it! Keep it up it makes for a great kids game where they have to think things through..Version: 1.6.0

Too muchI stopped playing because my water bill got to high.Version: 1.18.1

Crash!PLEASE fix the start up issue. It crashes while loading. We paid for the download and it just crashes. We have not been able to play one bit. Please help!!!.Version: 1.18.1

Charming!Bought it for my 6 year old, but I think I'll be playing it more!.Version: 1.3.0

Where's my waterI honestly love this game! I go through the levels to fast! This is an amazing game and I think you should think of heaps more levels to add.Version: 1.10.1

LevelsPlease add more levels Also, I once reinstalled the game and I lost all my progress..Version: 1.18.7

Love it !Me and my kids love playing this game. Lots of levels and tricky challenges. Frequent updates keep me playing. Yes, the november update has broken it. But be patient, it will be fixed as soon as it can be, and then you can play as much as you like. Giving a one star is childish as this is an awesome game that has been updated so many times (included in the ridiculously low price of 69p). If you could get a bottle of coke for that price, trust me, it would be long gone before you even played a few levels of this game, so don't moan about a little glitch in a very cheap game. Get a life and feel lucky that Disney give you free updates, they are not free to produce!.Version: 1.10.0

Love itMy 5 year old son and I equally enjoy this game. He can do the basic levels and the harder ones after I show him how to do it. It's a fun game, requires some thinking but not too much thinking that it would be boring and frustrating. It has the right balance of difficulty and ease and the levels build upon the skills you get as you go along. Truly wonderful game...we are playing it again and again! More levels please!.Version: 1.3.6

Great game. Wicked awesomeI have never had so much fun showering a sewer reptile!!! Great value!!!.Version: 1.0.2

A great casual puzzler.This is an excellent puzzler for all ages: very charming, not too hard but still good fun. Its structure is (ironically) miles ahead of the game's sequel: you unlock more levels just by collecting enough ducks. If you find yourself addicted to the Swampy levels and wanting more, you can make in-app purchases to unlock the Cranky, Allie, and Mystery Duck level packs. Each of these offers a different twist on the basic gameplay, and is worth the investment if you enjoy the game as much as I do. (The early level unlocks, however, are a waste of money and should be ignored.) Because of the in-app purchases, caution is in order when allowing your kids to play - but other than that, Where's My Water is a perfect family game. I won't touch the sequel with its dreadful freemium structure, because the original is by far the best..Version:

Longest lasting iphone gameThis game was a lot of fun and unlike many, kept it's appeal a long time with fresh gameplay elements. I even bought the add-on for Cranky. Seems unique in its fluid physics. Most satisfying game I've played. It did develop some crashing bugs in updates, but manageable..Version: 1.11.1

LOVE THIS GAME BUT PLEASE HELPI love this game!! i’ve played, bought and beat it a bunch of times. I would love better support for iphone x. the ducks and the mysterious items are kinda hidden. also the slider is a bit big, bulky, and very sensitive. when i want to make small lines it keeps pushing the slider and moving me. i’d recommend this to anyone! during hurricane sandy here in jersey i binged this game as my only means for entertainment for about a month while the power was restored..Version: 1.16.0

Great app, bad bug.Love this game. Totally worth the 99cents. I got it when it first came out, but had low expectations. This game has really amazed me. Small problem with the new update. The app keeps crashing when I try to play cranky's levels?.Version: 1.3.5

Awesome!I am never really allowed to buy games on my IPad but once my dad had a go on the free version he was addicted too. He let me get this for a time waster on the way to Hawaii..Version: 1.3.0

Add iCloud sync to all iOS device.Add iCloud sync. I don't want to play one game with my iPhone iPad twice. All device can sync with iCloud like the game data.Version: 1.3.6

Great gameAt first it looked a bit stupid but its actually very very very good. Great game perfect for the iphone or ipad, highly recommended. Definately worth the 2 dollars, many hours of fun.Version: 1.3.6

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