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United Airlines App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

United Airlines app received 133 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using United Airlines? Can you share your negative thoughts about united airlines?

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AlienationI understand the pain airlines have endured for the COVID crisis but they also got a lot of help from my tax money. I am stunned at the level of avarice United employs to extract money from their customers. Carry on luggage policy for instance. We do not have unlimited funds and it will cost me at least $86 x4 just to bring one standard carry-on bag each for our round trip; or, be restricted to a 9”x10”x17” personal bag. Do you have a concept of how small that is? If the crew decides I am carrying too large of an emergency delay bag (toiletries, change of underwear, a shirt, lots of medicines, phone charger, other flight delay or lost luggage essentials —yes, what do I need if my checked luggage gets lost?) they will charge $75 to take it from the gate to the plane’s hold. Times four? Plus, we purchased economy tickets but there are no open economy seats available. I now fully expect to be charged for an involuntary upgrade to economy plus. (That’s the extra $86 x 4 upgrade that allows a standard carry-on and you get an extra inch or so of leg room.) What more can an airline do to alienate potential “loyal” customers? Yes, I am a little heated at this moment. You have probably sucked the joy out of this trip because I’ll be stewing over this for weeks. Forgiveness will be extremely difficult to earn..Version: 4.1.31

Total joke to checking in onlineI always checkin 24 hours before departure on any flight. I purchased my ticket knowing I did not need to bring a carryon bag or check in anything. I do this because I like to go straight through security and have my boarding pass with me on my phone, and when I land head straight to my shuttle without waiting for baggage and head straight to work. However, trying to check in with United they say because I didn’t have a carryon or checked bag I need to see a ticket agent for my boarding pass! The whole point of basic economy was to not bringing anything to check in. So this forced me to purchase a carryon. So I do, and pay the extra $30, (which was the only charge the representative over the phone informed me of) and I will walk my carryon to the gate with me as I do with all other airlines. But, United says they will still force me to pay an extra $25 gate handling fee on top of the $30 to have them carry it from gate as I board to the plane. What is the definition of a carryon if I don’t carry it on and off myself!? Now I have to wait at baggage claim at my destination to get my carryon?! Ridiculous! Huge joke and will try my best to never fly United! Just another reason to fly a different airline. Thanks but no thanks! United I stand with all my family and friends to never fly United airlines with this experience..Version: 3.0.14

Your app is rubbishI have input vaccination, Covid test and destination details multiple time as your app drops the information. Also my perfectly valid Aussie mobile number is apparently unacceptable..Version: 4.1.42

Doesn’t accept my phone number .Doesn’t accept my phone number ..Version: 4.1.59

Andrea PlowrightRuined holiday from NZ canceled delayed flights and missed business opportunities Beyond disappointed and would never fly UA again.Version: 3.0.11

MrPassport recognition glitchy Whole online check in (using a mobile phone) process took 45 minutes- therefore inefficient and annoying. Changing seat cost a ridiculous amount. You changed my original seat allocation from aisle to middle then obliged me to pay to change to an aisle. So what part of that is fair? I’ll do everything possible to avoid united in future and I’ll share that advice as widely as possible so that others can travel better using other airlines. And after being asked to enter multiple ‘nickname’ options to find one that isn’t ‘already taken’ I can finally allowed to post this review, another time consuming irritation . This isn’t a blog, it’s a complaint, so why so I need a nickname when you have all my details already?.Version: 3.0.13

Scan passport doesn’t workScan a passport, make it easy. Except it doesn’t launch the camera to actually do the scan despite granting the app permission, and restarting everything. Wish it would save the attestations too as keep having to re-enter these every time I try to check-in. Frustrating..Version: 4.1.48

Terrible attempt by UnitedThis app is so bad that you cannot even give United feedback! It times out. You can watch a movie/ TV show but only if you are prepared to wait while the next 2 minutes or so downloads. It took me about 1 hour to watch 4 min of one show. Obviously I gave up. They have not thought this through at all, but it is not surprising given their general philosophy to their customers ... ie. let’s not care. Fly with someone else!.Version: 2.1.34

The worst!!!!Our flight got cancelled unexpectedly and we got the airline notifications after we finished the security check in. This is ridiculous!!!!!.Version: 4.1.53

Will not accept international cardsVery disappointed with app. Wouldn’t accept my Australian credit card, had to use a friends. Ridiculous this day and age to have such a petty restriction..Version: 3.0.5

Ducharme a poor appAfter trying for almost an hour to complete my Check-in, I gave up. Impossible to complete the process. Will do it at the desk at the airport..Version: 4.1.62

App is great but….The app was great. The challenge I had was with being ably use the apple smart health app for vaccination record. Other information I update would not stay until completed getting the proof of vaccine was completed, which I ended uploading to the app..Version: 4.1.54

Terrible appVery hard to upload items. Takes way too long. Not intuitive..Version: 4.1.69

Not helpfulI have a Canadian VISA credit card, but your stupid app only has the countries "United States", "Puerto Rico", and "Guam" listed as options. It canceled my transaction to pay for my bags twice before I said screw it. Not impressed..Version: 3.0.6

Cancelations without noticeBetween yesterday and today there have been two canceled flights neither of which were we provided notification even after installing your app. This forced us to stay at a hotel due to cancellations which costed us an additional $500 with no offer any vouchers or assistance to accommodate this inconvenience. Also the hotel we were forced to stay in was not near the caliber hotel we had booked in Michigan. My husband has a bad back and we had a jacuzzi and breakfast at our previously booked hotel. The hotel we had to stay in didn’t offer half the amenities that we had already paid for. Additionally the hotel that we had previously purchased a two day stay at we were unable to attend due to the cancellation. It is my hope that you would accommodate our hotel stay here and in Michigan for last night at least for this inconvenience and expense due to the fact that there was zero notification. Additionally we have made two separate trips to the airport to only find out that our flight was canceled once again with zero notice. Please call me asap to discuss how we can remedy this awful situation. Sincerely, Jennifer Johnston.Version: 4.1.58

UmranWhen paying for online check in it was problematic to insert Uk phone number and could not get access to Uk as country I am from only gives me Guam United States ?? Not sure why so limited if united have customers from outside these regions . So could not prepay for checked luggage .otherwise other features are fine.Version: 3.0.0

DO NOT EVER FLY UNITEDNEVER flying United EVER AGAIN!!! I spent almost 12hours today, which is time I will never get back. Almost a full 3 of those hours was sitting on a plane on the runway just waiting! This was supposed to be a mental health getaway with my sister. She arrived in Atlanta fine. I on the other hand have been left with nothing. I lost money on parking, a rental car, a return flight, a hotel room and my bag somehow never made it to the carousel. I waited on line after line to be told nothing could be done. No flights out at a reasonable time tomorrow, no bag and no restitution. I am beside myself. My poor sister is now alone on a trip that we have been planning for months upon months. As I write this it is now the 2nd hour I have been on hold on the phone! You should be ashamed of yourselves. Charging what you do for airfare, nickel and dimeing us for everything. What’s next charges for air!!! How will I be compensated! My time is valuable. I should send you an invoice for an hourly rate up-charged for the peek hours I wasted. Where is the respect for the consumer! Shame on you!!! #unitedairlines #unitedistheworst #zerocustomerservice.Version: 4.1.51

Entertainment failed to workI wanted to watch a movie on a flight to the US and it simply didn't work. It said it could not connect and asked me to restart. Flight attendant said there is a limit to ~50 users at a time watching videos on the system. Why would you design it this way if you have flights that hold 200+ people?! If you aren't going to invest in an entertainment system in the seats (like the rest of the world), at least put in the money to make your app work..Version: 2.1.37

So disappointed!!!!I have been flying United overseas & across the U.S. for my Active Duty service and for personal, leisure travel and I have never been so disappointed with booking & travel services. Purchasing a ticket on Cheap-O-Air does not mean I am taken advantage of… No carry-on baggage when I am flying on military orders is absolutely unacceptable. When I am told I must check my government device…absolutely a breach of trust with the airline. I have never…I mean never been so demeaned and humiliated! I even had to try multiple times to add my Frequent Flyer number prior to the system recognizing and associating my number with this trip…do I not get credit for the travel either? Getting a supposed group-purchased ticket rate should not negate travel mile credit!!! After all the ticket was not FREE!!!! Fleecing of America…you want my business, but you don’t respect me as a customer! That is why we hesitate on being loyal to business’s…there is no appreciation & only a desire to increase the bottom line at the cost of the customer. UNACCEPTABLE!.Version: 4.1.35

Bad UI/UX designToo many ways to do the same thing but all with slightly different experiences. Don’t use “check in” in the UI UNLESS the user is travel ready. Otherwise we go through the whole process again once we’ve added the documents in the TRC. The TRC is not consistent either. Why can I use the apple health app for those above 12 and not for those 12 and below? Why can the travel arrival documentation be used as a source to validate the 12 and unders if the destination doesn’t require the uploading of vax proof? Why instead am I offered the option to upload a test doc for COVID instead? Did no one do reviews of the user stories and the UIUX flows before pushing to prod? This app, which i suppose is a wrapper on the web app, is almost as frustrating as waiting for lost luggage and delayed or canceled flights..Version: 4.1.60

BAD APP AND BAD FLIGHTDon’t fly with United Airlines! Their service is not a) easy to access and b) friendly or useful. Crew and flight attendants are hit and miss with friendliness. When booking flights, United didn’t seem like a bad option but now, having flown a 16 hour flight with United, I would not recommend them in any way. The service on short flights was no different from that of longer flights, and one of my flights from San Fransisco to Honolulu was delayed for over 2 hours (some of which can’t be helped, but still interfered with our later plans). This airline is not one that I would recommend!!1 ( 0/10 from me ).Version: 2.1.56

Terrible flight personnelAsked to sit in emergency row and they asked to look at my ticket. After seeing my boarding pass they looked at my seating which was all the way in the back and one older lady insisted that I paid the least amount god my ticket and said it costs more to fit in the emergency seating because there is more leg room. As I let her know I may have paid less but it was only because I booked my flight much earlier $200 is not a cheap flight and I paid $700 for a flight for my son at the same time while only flying from Florida to Va 2 hour flight. To that I say she needs to find a new field that doesn't include customer service. She was down right rude and I am wondering as an after thought if it wasn't due to my darker skin color. (I am Hispanic and have been sun kissed due to my vacation for 30 days) The entire emergency seating row was empty with only one passenger seated on the left side of the aircraft. Everyone was already boarded. WILL NOT FLY WITH UNITED AGAIN! SHAME ON YOU! The female who was sitting in in emergency row was about 90 pounds soaking wet... I bet everyone on the flight felt real safe having to depend on someone of that stature sitting in the seat to help everyone..Version: 4.1.23

Worst airline app anywhereThe country that invented the internet and they have this in 2022? Appalling, worst user experience of any travel app.Version: 4.1.69

DifficultFor a very brief review: Our flight was delayed then cancelled when the incoming plane was diverted due to weather. United policy does not allow passengers to retrieve their bags without “special permission” which meant 4-7 hour wait after request. To find this out and ‘request’ our bags we (me, wife, 2 and 6 year old) had to stand in customer service line for 2 hours (no exaggeration). Could not get a flight until 2 days later. 2 days without bags when you have 2 small children is very difficult to say the least. Furthermore the “track your bag” option never updated and thus we had to wait on hold for bag service representative for 30 minutes to track. I feel if a flight is cancelled there HAS to be a viable option to retrieve your bags (that are AT the airport) while you make new travel arrangements. This now is glaringly evident when traveling with children that need (bottles, medications, etc). We did, as recommended, keep some of these necessities in our personal bags but we booked economy thus no larger overhead bags were allowed. We certainly didn’t entertain the prospect of 2 days without bags for such a simple direct 2 hr flight..Version: 3.0.13

Good but not greatDoes save details Fir regular traveler's it’s a pain.Version: 4.1.50

Credit cardSince you are an international company, why can’t you accept credit card information on your application from Canada or elsewhere outside the usa? Everyone else does it..Version: 4.1.69

Difficult for travellers not from USAThe app will not accept my address because it only gives me options of USA, Guam or Puerto RICO. I live in Australia..Version: 3.0.13

Exhausting and confusingApp won’t let me purchase baggage if travelling from a Europe destination as information available through the drop down only allows US, Mexico and Guam when adding credit card holder information. Took me ages to work out I had to check in once online to purchase an extra checked bag and then again through the app in order to get a boarding pass issue through passport verification..Version: 3.0.0

Make your passport scanning workHere’s an idea: don’t make customers’ ability to check in for their flights dependent on a passport-scanning software that doesn’t work at all. A high school student using OpenCV could write software that does this. Sincerely, a computer vision scientist who would like the last 20 minutes of her life back..Version: 4.1.34

ExperienceI purchase a flight in March 2022. I was suppose to leave this morning on a 9:44am flight to Santiago Dominican Republic with my family. I live in NC so there isn’t a direct flight from where I live. I had a family emergency in New Jersey which force me to call united and asked if there was anything they can do to change my layoff from Charlotte to Newark and bring me to Newark on Tuesday. I was very clear I was traveling with my family on Thursday morning and that for no reasons they should make any changes to my Newark to Santiago Dominican Republic trip. However they chose to cancel my flight for this morning and offer me 10 different other options of different flights that will cost me anything between $700 to $2500 more let’s not mention I had already pay $310 to make the changes to my Charlotte to Newark part of my trip. I spoke to 10plus different agents and management and not one of them fix there mistake. I been in customer service management for 20 plus years and have never experience such poor customer service. Little to say the first trip got cancelled 5 mins after I received it which force me to pack , get another ticket n be at airport within 4 hrs. By the way I’ll be leaving sometime tonight and getting to my six month plan family trip in the middle of the night. Thank you United..Version: 4.1.54

Me lamas JamesMui r.Version: 3.0.21

Over complicated appThe whole process takes too long.Version: 4.1.54

Upgrading seat options for non US locationsI wasn’t able to upgrade to an alternative seat as I had to confirm my US location and US phone number... the phone number has to be valid so wouldn’t accept my UK number so the upgrade process can’t be completed. Other than that the app is user friendly and better than some other airlines I use..Version: 2.1.65

Waste of timeIt asks you a bunch of questions, only to tell you you can’t check in online and do it at the airport. Thanks for nothing..Version: 4.1.60

Damn stupid appCan’t scan the passport. Have to spend half and hour to check in. Had to try five times to get it. Pathetic...Version: 4.1.67

App Devs - Hope you readI dislike leaving a “review” when I really need to submit a product complaint, but United leaves me no other obvious choice to submit feedback about the app. Overall, it’s a great app. But now that you must put in your card information into the app in order to make purchases on board, there’s a problem. I am NOT going to verify my card every time I check in for a flight. That’s just stupid. I do it once, and that should be it. I take at least two flights a week on United. So at least twice a week I’m being asked to verify a card that I verified less than 4 days ago. You may say that “we need to verify the card is still in your possession” or some other reason. Sorry. But that’s your problem. If you require us to use the app instead of presenting a card, then there are certain risks you accept. Sure. Some guy that flys once a year? Make him verify the card. Your Platinums? Stop hassling us. It’s easier for me to skip on board purchases than to have to go through a verification every time I check in. Especially since I have to click all the extra boxes now because some people are too stupid to know to not fly if they have Covid and that they have to wear a mask. I hate the dumbing down of America to its lowest common denominator. So ease up on the card verification or go back to taking cards in flight..Version: 4.1.27

1 hour later, still not checked inThe app keeps bouncing back to upload your documents and the legal agreement. Uploaded docs three times followed by manually entering all that same info the same amount of times. Have multiple text confirmations that all the necessary info has been received and approved and yet still cannot get the checkin process completed. The technology and data of this app is horrible I’m hopeful they hire better for the technology and required data for the aircraft itself. This process alone makes we want to fly a different airline. I flew in via three different airlines without any of this hassle. And just for giggles, on the same reservation they auto seated myself and my husband, again, at opposite ends of the plane… poor service. Seriously it’s 2022, you can do better, please choose to do so..Version: 4.1.54

Very awkwardKept bouncing around looking for things. Some I have previously entered but not in their system (vaccine info is example). Far easier to go to a booth or agent.Version: 4.1.67

Rain, Wind and Canceled FlightsWe set out for our trip to Florida for my brother’s wedding on Thursday, April 7th, for a 3:07 flight from Newark to Ft. Myers. We boarded hours late, un-boarded, boarded again, taxied out and sat there for hours while other planes came and went. We were told by our pilot that our plane could not handle or navigate the “cross winds” that had picked up at our airport. We are not surprised. The plane was like a sardine can with wings without even a plug for your devices. $500/person to fly 2.40 hours on a plane that can’t take off in wind. We taxied back in, unboarded and were dumped back in the airport without ONE uniformed United representative at the gate. The ground crew booked it out of there, heads’ down, and we were all left to figure things out for ourselves, which did not go well for anyone. Families stranded with children falling apart after, at least for our flight, ten hours of being in that airport. It is one thing to have cancelations due to weather. It is another to be so unprepared that you leave your customers without guidance, comfort or help. It was one of the worst customer service experiences we have ever encountered in any and all the traveling we have done over the years. It shakes our faith in United and in the airline industry as a whole. Going forward, we will be much less likely to book trips that require air travel. Oh, and we missed the wedding since we are still here in NJ waiting for a flight three days later..Version: 4.1.48

Awful!!Most cumbersome checkin process ever!! terrible!!.Version: 4.1.53

UselessAlthough I was able to check in manually (iOS app on a brand new iPad didn’t associate me with any flights) and from then on it was good for nothing. The app still had no flights for me despite using it to check in, and the entertainment wouldn’t show any movies or shows. It said I needed to upgrade the app, but I had downloaded it the previous day. And for $6.99 I could buy an hour of WiFi to upgrade. Can you spell S-C-A-M? I tried viewing the entertainment in three different browsers, and each declared additional software was needed, you guessed it for $6.99 an hour..Version: 2.1.28

App is a headacheAbsolutely third grade app. Tried checking in it wouldn’t sync with their server and thus getting error everytime. Also was charged double for my seat and airline never reimbursed me. Absolute frauds..Version: 4.1.64

IssuesUnable to pay for seat upgrade in the app because my billing address is not in the US! Ehmm....This is an international airline isn’t it?.Version: 3.0.28

Not for CanadaTerrible app. Upload passport, nexus, vax docs, but it will not let you check in. Multiple steps do not allow you to input your Canadian residence, or require a US Visa. Incredibly frustrating and unintuitive experience..Version: 4.1.60

Terrible (i.e. Lack of) Customer ServiceMy international flight left gate early. After taxiing, plane came back to the gate about 30 minutes later due mechanical problems. Flight got canceled 30 further minutes later because crew hours would exceed allowed limit. The only assistance we received was a phone number to call to rebook. Luggage did come, but 2 and 1/2 hours after we deplaned. United did not have a customer service person on site to assist with this extraordinary delay. The customer service phone number was difficult to navigate but did get someone to rebook. Unfortunately, the rebooked flight leaves 20 hours after our original flight was supposed to leave. Again, since there was no customer service rep on site, we had to ask the phone rep about food and a hotel. We were told that we would have to find a hotel on our own in a foreign city we were not familiar with. All the hotels we called were all booked and the taxi dispatcher could not do any better. So here I am sitting at the airport with my family without having slept for 26 hours and my rebooked flight isn’t for 15 more hours and no United service rep on-site to help..Version: 4.1.67

Doesn’t workThe United site said I have to use this app for check in, after downloading it and spending 2 hours uploading my families passports multiple times it finally seemed to work. Then I received the boarding passes by email, which all say ‘You do not have a boarding pass’. Now I’m concerned that we’ll lose our seats. Such an extremely frustrating start to a vacation. I hate United..Version: 2.1.32

Cancelled our reservation without noticeVery stressful day before expected flight home. Went online to check in to discover United had cancelled our reservation even although the flight had not been cancelled. Had to book return taxi to the airport to try to sort out this situation. No customer services desk so had to wait in line as if checking in! No apology from united but they confirmed we were on the flight. However the seats we had previously booked sitting together were gone and we were allocated separate seats. So disappointed in the treatment we received. Fingers crossed we actually get on our flight tomorrow. Last day of our holiday absolutely ruined and still have the worry of actually getting on the flight tomorrow!.Version: 4.1.52

Customer serviceCustomer service experience this week was horrible. My flights were cancelled multiple times due to the typhoon in Japan, and the process to call Global Services to arrange new flights each time took both my husband and I hours. We spent well over 3 hours of our vacation waiting on hold just to try to speak to customer services. It’s unbelievable that Global Services customer service doesn’t have the basic telephone option to leave your phone number so a customer service representative can call you back when they are available, rather than sitting on hold on the phone for over an hour. In addition, once you finally reach a customer service rep, they don’t ask for a call back number in the case the call is disconnected. My husband spent over an hour on hold while we were trying to dine at a nice restaurant because another one of my flights got cancelled. After speaking with the customer service rep for a short period of time, the call disconnected. The customer service did not call my husband back, so he had to call back and wait another 30 minutes on hold to again reach someone..Version: 3.0.21

Check in processDreadful, I had to spend 2 hrs input the same info up to 3 times.Version: 4.1.55

United doesn’t care about their customers.I missed a connection due to a health condition, I informed Untied about thi and was told that my return flight would not be affected only to find out on the day of my return that my entered ticket was canceled. United charged me 300,00 dólar to “rebook” my flight. For 3 days prior to my flight I was receiving emails from United telling me that my flight was confirmed. When I called to add an extra bag on the day of my flight I was told that my return flights were canceled because I missed my last connection, when I was told that it wouldn’t be affected due to my health condition. One of their supervisors told me that if I didn’t pay the fee my seats would be sold for somebody else. How are they going to sell something that have already paid for to somebody else? It’s funny how they do everything to take your money but when the fault is on their end it’s ok. If I had known this was going to happen I would have boarded on the flight in the condition that I was at the moment and let them deal with it. United is the worst airline you can ever fly with. They don’t care about their customers and everybody gives different information about the same thing and in the end the customer is the one that gets screwed. Never will never fly with untied again and if I can give you an advice don’t fly with them either..Version: 4.1.49

Screwed up credit card paymentUnable to do any upgrades as the app only accepts US cards.Version: 3.0.5

Flight to Vegas via Chicago from DublinPlane dirty, no entertainment for first 3 hours, plug sockets not working to charge phone(had to use a kind stranger’s), one toilet out of order and also they forgot to feed me I had to ask for my meal which by that point was cold. Also the plane was late which then left me SPRINTING for my connecting flight in Chicago. When asked to let the people running for a connecting flight leave first, the other passengers ignored this request adding more stress. Wouldn’t recommend flying with this airline at all..Version: 3.0.26

Internacional airlinesI leave from here on the September 18’2022. From EWR-CGK. From here EWR UA79 I know I’m in the economy the flight attendant so rude and treating so poorly I paid not free in that airlines and I changed from Japan to Indonesia which is different airlines operated by United airlines so differently super nice and respectful . And I coming back again OMG with same all flight attendants they should retired so old. One of the flight attendants I ask do you give it away the a kita (socks,toothbrush etc) and she said NO, and guess what she give it front of my chair that kit what I ask for and guess she say I heard don’t tell anyone I give it to you wow 😮. And I’ll try to different flight attendants and they say to me we don’t carried it. Seriously I apply with this explorer card I think they treated you respect I guess so poorly. Again they way the talk so super super RUDE and coming back to US same flight attendants omg UA 78 October’13 . I take this airlines international 3rd time I thought they will change flight attendants I guess same person different with other airlines they will give what the customer wants. Not only complain in the plains I see almost people in the plane say OMG they all so rude ..Version: 4.1.63

Your baggage process is garbage (trash)I think you are about to rip me off, this looks like a commercial mugging! I somehow or other have booked an economy ticket, when I choose my bags per person for checked baggage I choose 1 each, then as I progress though I interpret your web pages to say I need to check my normal overhead bag as my ticket does not allow any normal carry on. When I go back to adjust my checked bag it will not update. So now it seems I am trapped in your money grab scam, what is going on?.Version: 3.0.5

Confusing! Had to re- enter everything so many times!Confusing! Took an hour!! To complete check in. Disorganized.Version: 4.1.54

I’d give it 0 stars if I couldThis is the most tortuous dysfunctional app I have ever used.Version: 4.1.46

Disappointing 1st flight in years!I haven’t flown in 15 years, so I decided to take United after hearing good things about them. My experience was less than enjoyable. After deplaning in Houston and being unfamiliar with airport, I discovered my my next flight was leaving from a gate clear across the airport, so rushing through to arrive at my gate on time, I discovered the plane was delayed for over an hour due to bad weather in NJ. Then, they call us to board only to find out that there was a problem and we would be delayed another 15 minutes, not a huge deal. However, these delays continued for another 2 1/2 hours! We were given ridiculous excuses, one after the other, without a sincere apology or the truth. Perhaps the airline thought we should all understand and comply without a genuine explanation or compensation. They did allow us to watch a movie for free, but still charged for alcohol. When you have friends or family waiting for you at your final destination and it turns out to be 3:00 am, I think the responsibility lies with United to be sure everything is taken care of before asking passengers to board..Version: 2.1.56

Terrible companyHonestly one of the worst companies in the world. The ceo should be ashamed of himself..Version: 4.1.8

Worst airline app I have ever usedThere is so much wrong with this app. But my two top hates. It is almost impossible to persuade the app to scan a UK passport. I just tried for 15 minutes on two different devices and in all sorts of lighting conditions. My iPhone 12 Pro did manage a scan yesterday but this has only been applied to my outgoing flight and not the incoming flight in the same booking. It stinks and I will avoid flying United next time so that I don’t have to use it..Version: 4.1.45

Carry onWhy is this the only United flight that doesn’t allow a carry on without a baggage fee plus $25?.Version: 4.1.53

DisappointingDespite going First Class and being Star Alliance Gold status, the service provided and attitude of the staff was unhelpful to say the least. My connecting flight from ORD to ATW on Christmas Day was cancelled and it took over 2 hours from landing to recover our bags. When I enquired at the baggage enquiries desk I was told that flight safety was the airlines main priority and as they handle 90,000 bags a day I could have to wait several hours for the bags. The woman was coldly polite and verging on not only rude but totally disinterested in the passengers needs. United Airlines should consider teaching their frontline staff how to treat passengers, perhaps a charm school would be appropriate. There is no point in completing a customer care complaint form as it is clear that they are not read but just answered automatically with no human input. Travelling United takes the pleasure out of flying..Version: 3.0.26

Great if Your Are Based In The USSome of the functionality of this app only works if you are based in the US. All prices are given in US$ and you can only pay for upgrades if you have a US credit card. Come on United what about you International Customers? I am based in the UK. What about true support for the rest of the world. Your website copes. Surely it can’t be that hard to do it on the app too?.Version: 2.1.64

Not consistently functional enough to be worthwhile for anythingSeemingly lots of reviews are either 1star (as it doesn’t work) or 5stars if it works. I’m one of the would-be 1stars, online check-in doesn’t work at all for me (iPhone 7, gets to end ‘unable to complete’) and agree passport scanning badly set up and takes several minutes. Second star for ability to check flight status 48hours before..Version: 2.1.35

Useless if you not a US citizenI’m not a US citizen nor do I have a USA address, UA app only caters to USA citizens, This makes your airline NOT INTERNATIONAL.Version: 4.1.69

CumbersomeCumbersome and clunky take some pointers from the AC are ooo app.Version: 4.1.67

UA international flightWe were very disappointed with the service provided in economy plus. Service was quite abrupt and rather rude. We were not told that a meal was about to be served and bought some food in flight. Economy plus is not worth the extra fare..Version: 2.1.61

Rubbish appNot designed with customer centricity, not intuitive - just digitised form filling.Version: 4.1.68

Does not work. At allI bought this ticket five months ago. And United wants me to jump through new hoops with nine days to flight?.Version: 4.1.62

Worst of the airline apps I useThis is the worst of the 12 airline apps I use. It doesn’t see my upcoming flights, says I’m still “on board” for flights I took 4 days earlier, says a flight is on time and only when you click on it says it’s 14 hours delayed... This list could go on for long - and that’s the new “reimagined” app that was supposed to be great. In short - it’s as bad as the airline which I consider to be the worst one of the Us legacy carriers..Version: 3.0.0

Martin charetteYour app is not good, it’s so complicated that I will never flight again with ua.Version: 4.1.54

Pretty disappointedI went through a fairly lengthy process of checking in, tried to pay for a checked back and after filling out all my details it turns out the app only accepts US credit cards...on an international flight! I then pressed the close button in the app to cancel paying for a bag and the app closed my entire check in process leaving me to start from scratch..Version: 3.0.14

Freezes, yet only way to buy foodA nonfunctional app would not be such a huge deal of it were not the only way United Airlines allows you to purchase food. They no longer accept cash, credit, or even other common and leading digital wallets. You have to use their app — or, like me, you can go for your whole coast to coast flight with no snacks because your app froze. I have a food allergy & the free snacks all contain an ingredient that causes a bad reaction for me. A flight attendant straight up refused to find any way for me to pay for a snack. There are so many reasons for this setup being a problem. For me the app froze. What if your phone dies? Or you failed to download the app before you were in the air? Do you have to buy wifi in order to then buy banana chips? What if the wifi cuts out as it often does on flights? What if you don’t have a phone? What if your phone is an older model? And you can’t argue that this is just for contactless payments. If it were, they would accept Apple & Samsung pay. It’s about forcing you to use this app when it’s clearly not ready for prime time. Any good reviews of this app must be fake..Version: 4.1.24

Booking with UnitedBooking with United is not easy if your home country is not the US. You can’t book through the app when you are inside the US, and have to use the webpage. This then makes you enter all of your banking details and address, before detecting that you are not in the US. It then re-calculates the price in your home currency (in my case £ Sterling, and then erases all the information you have just entered. When I booked, I was then told that my county (Monmouthshire) was not valid, and rejected the payment. I had to enter the county name from 20 years ago, and start all over again. In the meantime, a fraud alert had been placed on my bank account due to the failed transaction. So I had to spend 15 mins calling the bank in the UK. Then to top it all, when booking I had to go through the whole process of getting my detailed erased the first time around. The most frustrating and annoying online booking ever!.Version: 2.1.66

Passport scan failFirst I couldn’t check in on the website, was made to download the app. Then I couldn’t enter my passport info manually, I had to use the automatic scanner. It wouldn’t detect my passport for 10 min, after trying in different types of lighting, at different distances and angles. Finally it recognised my passport, but failed to parse one of the date fields. Now after wasting 15 min fussing with the app I have to waste time in line at the airport to check in..Version: 3.0.26

Not for international travelersIon cannot select any upgrades without a us credit card. Not even Apple Pay works!!!.Version: 3.0.21

OkIn general good but too many quirky things not working optimally. Dev team and UI team need to test more..Version: 4.1.62

Can’t check-inIt keeps asking me to enter my last name but I already have! (Hint: it might have something to do with the fact that it has a space in the middle. The website accepted it, tho).Version: 2.1.61

TerribleYour app is absolutely terrible. Slow, buggy, poor UI... Can't believe you paid people for this..Version: 4.1.67

MisinformationThis app is good for one thing, making you miss your flight. It will repeatedly fail to update you on flight changes, in my case it told me the incorrect gate, causing me to almost miss my flight. Unfortunately, United has also caused the most unforgivingly miserable and unprofessional flights of my life. My flight was supposed leave at 10:36pm, the time is important. Got delayed till 1:30am. I waited until 1:30, than I received the notice that the flight was delayed until 10:35 in the morning. The best part, 12 hours is a full refund. But because it's at 10:35 not 10:36, that one minute makes sure I don't get a refund. The result? Cozying up on the floor of LAX all night. The customer service will be sure to make your experience even more miserable. You can enjoy waiting for over an hour, to than be fed misinformation about upcoming flights, claiming there were no more flights headed to my destination. However, all morning I watched as people in the wait list slipped on to more flights, flights that customer service claimed didn’t exist. The bottom line is, this app is an impressive reflection of what flying United is like. You shouldn’t need this app, because you shouldn’t fly United..Version: 2.1.56

Credit CardI am from Canada and when you try to pay for anything on the website it only accepts USA, Guam or Puerto Rico cards..... rather silly for an international airline. Somewhat surprising..Version: 2.1.67

Ok but a few bugsThe app keeps sending ‘you need to action this’-style messages even when we cannot action them due to proximity of travel. Ability to upload vaccine proof more than 72 hours before the flight would be useful and to be able to save it to the app rather having to upload it every flight would be great Otherwise ok for pre-flight processing.Version: 4.1.35

Maybe it’s me....I find this site extremely difficult to manage from my cell phone. Even when I’m able to sit and take my time, I cannot find the information I need. Sometimes I’ll try to check other flight options and I end up losing my original option. Trying to find an updated standby list while you’re in a hurry? forget it. Yesterday, my flight was canceled and the App did not update to show this for almost 2 hours after the cancellation. Today, I went to the gate listed on the app (as a hopeful standby passenger), when I got there the screen said “gate change, ask associate for details”. There were no “associates” to be found. The app still showed original gate. Finally found a monitor which showed new gate. It was .9 mile walk to new gate (literally, not exaggerating). Once at new gate, I asked where I can find the standby list (because I cannot find it on the app) They laughed at my unrealistic optimism and told me to check the app. So I used the archaic app to look for additional flight options. When I did this, I apparently removed my name from the existing standby list.... if I ever get home, I will make it a point to delete this app and go back to waiting 30 minutes to speak with a representative on the phone. The app is almost as bad as the airline, itself..Version: 3.0.21

PaypalWhy do i need a US address to use my Canadian paypal for a Canadian citizen? Asinine..Version: 4.1.67

Functionality limited to US only customersCan’t purchase additional upgrades from the app as is limited to US, Guam and 1 other location and won’t allow to proceed. Also unable to get boarding pass from app - seems rather pointless having the app without this function, also unable to load passport with no reason why. As a frequent traveller my passport has never had any issues and the other party has successfully received their boarding pass from outside the app....overall, extremely disappointing in comparison to other airline apps such as British airways, Air France, Cathay Pacific, air New Zealand etc.Version: 2.1.65

Badly DesignedI am not saying this is a bad App but it could certainly do with being far better designed. Tick boxes are illogically placed, help information isn’t where it should be and navigation leaves a lot to be desired. All in all it has the feeling of one of those early slightly amateur Apps which is surprising for an airline like United..Version: 2.1.60

Passport and vaccination validation brokenSee above..Version: 4.1.64

Signing inDon’t like the thought of 3rd party access with the passports and the site is more convoluted to to work through..Version: 4.1.68

Bruce JacksonThe app asked if I wanted my details saved for the return journey. It did not save them so I had to do another 30 on a cell phone. Not impressed at all.Version: 4.1.60

Canadian credit cards not acceptedIt’s a pain having to use the website because this app ONLY supports credit cards from the USA and nothing else. It defeats the purpose to having it unless is for checking travel arrangements made on the website but can’t purchase future ones through this app. Needs to be implemented, years of people asking and falling on deaf ears.Version: 4.1.53

Flight delay.Our flight was delayed by two hours. We luckily had two club passes but it really should have been comped. On flight could not watch movies because my adobe player on my Apple laptop is too new so only could read what I had already downloaded. Food in club was cold and mediocre compared to our delta club experience. Definitely not worth how much a day pass would cost. Also the day passes expire which is annoying when you often do not have time to utilize the club. Overall very disappointed in my United experience. We will now have to Uber home which will cost us $80 since our daughter now can’t pick us up. Flight attendants were very nice and seats comfortable as a small positive. Other airlines use the go app making it easy to use the entertainment especially since no screens on planes anymore. You need to make it easier for your customers. Will think twice about using United in the future since this was the second trip in a row with problems and my daughter just had a bad experience with plane problems and no email about flight being cancelled. Sincerely, F. Spokane.Version: 2.1.66

Awful…unable to correctly scan passportI’m guessing whoever developed the app assumed all passports would be US ones because it doesn’t capture dates if they’re not in the US format. So it just took today’s date as my date of birth and passport expiration date. Also, I clearly selected my country (not US) as the country of vaccination, but on the next page it said I had selected US. I had to reupload vaccine & test result docs only to get the same error. What a waste of time. I’ll have to get to the airport early to make sure I can check in in person..Version: 4.1.45

No non US credit cards?Which century are we in again?.Version: 4.1.67

Only accepts US cardsThis slow laggy app is appallingly bad. I couldn’t add bags during purchase (why?!?) so I had to add checked in bags at check in time, while I’m already travelling on my previous flight. The app doesn’t accept card outside the USA (or Guam or Puerto Rico) and Apple Pay doesn’t work. Frustrating experience to say the least!.Version: 4.1.36

Below AverageFlights cancelled. Massive question limited staff Not enough research done on rebooking. Went back and found connecting flights myself. Itinerary got updated wrong. Had to call 3 different times to sort.Version: 4.1.51

Totally frustratingThis is the first time of using this app. I tried to input my personal details several days ago on my iPad and have had to redo at least twice more. The app doesn’t appear to recognise my miles, I tried to pay for luggage using my credit card but it. Only gave me three USA regions, no international locations, I t wouldn’t scan my passport, what else.... I’ve now downloaded the app to my iPhone with its horrid tiny keyboard - I just hope it works this time..........Version: 4.1.20

Important features completely nonfunctionalI attempted to book an international flight today through the app, and I ended up having to go to the website, because the app demanded that I update my nationality and country of residence (neither of which has ever changed), and then provided no means for me to enter the information. I was sent to a page with a search blank, an apparently decorative search button, and an otherwise empty white screen, with no menu and no capability to manually enter the answers. The “search” button simply does not function, no matter what I type in the blank. At length, I booked the reservation and reentered my nationality and residence on the website, which indicated that the information would be saved to my profile. However, while the app now shows the reservation, it STILL won’t allow me to make any changes because it STILL demands I reenter my citizenship information in the app. Since, as indicated above, this quite literally cannot be done, the app is now useless for international travel, and I’m going to have to waste an additional hour standing in line to get my boarding pass on paper at the airport. Thanks so much!.Version: 4.1.39

Flight delayedOur flight was delayed and would not be able to make connecting flight. Was notified (TG I was still awake) at 10:30 pm for a 7:45 am flight which was an hour travel time to airport. Was just getting ready to go to bed when i noticed the text. had to RE-book another flight at later time into an airport further away from original one. instead of getting picked up by a friend (Couldn’t ask them to drive over an hour and a half to pick us up.) We had to take a bus from NJ to NY and then the train from grand central station. This was an ordeal for me being that I am slightly handicapped. Originally purchased front row seats (which I did receive a refund for) but seats on second flight was almost all the way in back of plane which was difficult for me also. Was us to 2 am night before making arrangements for new flight and had only 5 1/2 hrs sleep and a LONG travel day. Traveling is especially hard now with COVID and didn’t get any real satisfaction or compensation with United airlines on making my trip a bit easier.Version: 4.1.24

Terrible siteIt was horrible to navigate around.Version: 3.0.2

Getting boarding passDifficult to get boarding pass.Version: 4.1.40

Crashes all the timeThis app is only good at producing errors, not so good at checking in. Cannot read 1 of 2 passports, freezes, cannot determine gender from a passport, fields do not support autocomplete, payment is not integrated with mobile pay - you have to enter your credit card number manually, what is this - 2002? Pretty pathetic..Version: 4.1.55

Only for iOS 13Shame it needs ios13 which some devices don’t support so pretty useless unless you have a recent device. Also only seems to work in US$$$ which is not much help for those outside of the USA. Will have to struggle on with the old App until that gets consigned to the bin..Version: 4.1.35

Frustrating finding flight info or progress to premierI travel for my job, basically every week. When you have multiple flights booked, the app makes it very difficult to find the info on your later flights until your current flight has landed. You have to go into your profile and do a roundabout process in order to locate the info on your other flights, or even to check in for your return flight (which is very frustrating if you fly in/out of a city in the same day). Also, in order to see my progress towards premier, I have to click the link in the app which takes me to an external site where I enter my login info again. This is annoying bc I can’t remember my rewards number, so I end up getting locked out after multiple attempts and need to change my password. Another thing that I just noticed is annoying when trying to submit this review is that I have to enter a nickname for myself when submitting. I’ve now tried 8 iterations of my name but all have been previously taken, so apparently I cannot submit a review without a unique nickname. This is ridiculous..Version: 3.0.8

Disorganized, confusing and not convenientThis app is not only not user-friendly but it’s counterintuitive. Why do we have to search all over the app just to check in for our flight why do we have to type in our last name when we’re already signed into the app and why do we have to search everywhere to pull up our boarding pass, why do we have to click link after link in order to access the flight information - no one appreciates you rearranging everything every couple of months. This app is one of the worst flight apps I am a frequent flyer and this is by far the worst of all airline apps. How would you like it if somebody snuck into your room and rearranged everything and then you can’t find anything- well that’s exactly how it is every time I open this app and you’ve updated it. You still haven’t found an easy solution - there’s only three things we need from this app one, east check-in and easy access to a boarding pass. Two, easy access to the boarding times and to see flight information, standby information etc. And three, the information on where to go for our gate. Currently, the boarding pass doesn’t even have the gate information and there’s too many links and too many options. it’s unclear, unorganized and confusing. Whoever you hired to create this app was obviously an amateur..Version: 3.0.20

Poor app interactionApp wouldn’t let me check in until a few hours until takeoff. Also uploaded documents the night before a flight, to have the flight cancelled hours before takeoff, and then had to re-upload the same documents again for the flight less than 24th later.Version: 4.1.54

Terrible experience multiple entry of the same informationToo much redundancy - check out air Canada for how to do it right.Version: 4.1.61

Possibly the worst experienceTerrible experience and one that isn’t closed..Version: 4.1.64

Consistent inconveniences, declining serviceYou’re using weather as an excuse to delay flights so you don’t have to pay for customers inconveniences or expenses. Checked the weather and there are no storms or lightening anywhere near the airport. Husband’s flight was redirected, delayed flight next day and missed connecting flight last week, this week my flight is delayed, missed connecting flight and I have to pay for hotel because I don’t get reimbursed because of “weather”. Even Houston locals are asking “what weather” when told my flight was delayed for that reason. Maybe you should ask airports in Florida how they handle storms so you can implement their protocols in Houston or you’re going to lose lots of 1K and other customers because you’re service is starting to look like American Airlines. I went to pick up my bags because I had rebooked my flight and the ladies said the ramp was closed and I had been lied to- so I was not getting my bags tonight- after 2 other employees had told me where to pick it up… let’s just say- This trip is a nightmare and United is leaving a really, really bad taste in my mouth. If this type of service continues, you will lose our business..Version: 4.1.60

Aggravating for foreign travellersImpossible to pay hold baggage charges for anyone outside the USA zones. Overseas contact phone numbers for mobiles not accepted. Credit card payment details cannot be entered for the right country. After a number of frustrating attempts using the App., tried the web site - the same. Had to ‘phone to book baggage and pay the surcharge (10 minutes on hold). United: either sort out the App. or put a big bold pop-up message on the front: If not travelling with a USA payment card and ‘phone number then please call United at (tel# with hyperlink) to book hold baggage. Strangely, United staff are very helpful, in great contrast to the App. Staff score 10/10; App. score 1/10.Version: 2.1.47

Not happyMy wife and I have been given different seat rows even though we are travelling on same PNR booking..Version: 3.0.13

Trip disappeared from appConstantly had to keep entering my reference number during my trip to find my flight info (flight had multiple delays) as it disappeared from the app after updating. The app will not accept Canadian credits cards for contactless payment, don’t think I will fly with united again until that is resolved..Version: 4.1.55

UnfairI was very distressed to find I was asked to pay money on check in on my trip over to the USA. I have had a dislocated my shoulder. On checking in on line I was only offered a high cost to choose my seat. I was horrified to find that there were numerous empty seats that would have been much easier to protect my injury. On checking in online yesterday 3 mins after checking in opened the exact same happened again but with a far higher cost. I find it amazing that all seats were allocated by then so am now having to use an inappropriate seat that puts my injury at risk. In concluding this is abhorrent to me that people who need extra support are not permitted to change seats. It is discriminatory that people who need extra support or extra help have no recourse and are given no support what so ever. I also noted I have not even been given the miles on my account. This is discrimination and is just not acceptable for people who need extra support for any reason. Lesley McNee.Version: 4.1.48

Trouble checking with cause concernUnable to check both myself and my daughter in at the same time for our return flight. Unable to get both out braiding passes on app. Previously it had worked smoothly but on for our return flight. Also we had a 5 hr delay to San Fran on the 15th and lost a days holiday of which we had pre book a 3 day pass for and we were only able to use on 2 days. No apologies and only offered crisps and water. Poor service I won’t be recommending your airline..Version: 2.1.57

Their app needs work.Seemed like the interface was good.... not hard to figure out... but let us scan all but 2 out of our 7 member party... so we have to go to airport anyway and check in... what’s the point.Version: 2.1.59

Won’t finish downloadingAbout to fly United for the first time. Tried downloading the app and it stops halfway through, showing the cloud symbol. Try to open and it starts to download again. Delete and start over, same thing. Been trying for about 12 hours….no luck! Guess I better bring a book..Version: 4.1.62

BrutalOnly thing more useless than the app is the airline itself.Version: 4.1.57

Worst app I’ve ever used!Will never fly united again!.Version: 4.1.68

Not possible to buy tickets in AustraliaThe app don’t allow me to buy tickets from Melbourne and there’s no way to change the currency to AUD.....Version: 2.1.52

App keeps crashingApp crashed several times when attempting to check in..Version: 4.1.63

Won’t accept booking referenceApp won’t accept my booking reference... have no idea what to do about it. Useless.Version: 2.1.63

Big changes to flight without warning…I have always enjoyed United when we have used this airline, but this time was very disappointing. Only 1 day before our trip, we had looked to see what size baggage we were allowed and came to find out—not only were we leaving and coming at different times—but our layovers had changed from around 1 hour to 5 HOURS— both ways—with our plane changes in a DIFFERENT CITY! The disrespectful part? WE WERE NEVER NOTIFIED BY THE AIRLINE. When we agreed to purchase these tickets with no refund—4 months before—paying close attention to the times & layovers, & committing to our purchase, we expected United to honor their end of the deal or, at the very least, let us know! These changes greatly affected our travel plans because we were visiting our elderly parents on the farm who needed to travel several hours to pick us up from the airport and take us back. Fortunately, my husband called & after several hours of being on hold, getting disconnected & so forth, the United representative helped us fix some of the bigger issues. And—I am grateful for that— but due to the unexpected changes & never being notified, I can only give United 3 stars this time around..Version: 4.1.20

Laggy and buggyThe app takes forever to load the flight information and when I try checking in, only a button saying “Close” pop up. It also takes a long time trying to scan passport information..Version: 4.1.62

Seat allocations.We had a lovely service on the way to the US. I have checked into my return flight and my partner and I have to sit separately or pay $200 to pay to sit together. From the seat allocation on the app there are many free seats left to be able to seat us together which has left me feeling frustrated, I hope that we can change seats at the airport easily so we can spend the 12hour flight home after a wonderful holiday together..Version: 2.1.59

Attendant arrogance and no free spirits on an international flight!Well I was watching a movie . The food trolley arrived I did not notice the attendant waved her hand near my face . Great. That’s cool as I removed my earplug she said .” For the third time chicken or Pasta ?” Well how rude is that she is not my mum and required to treat me as a child I did not notice her or hear her I am also disappointed that too do not serve spirits for free in board like every other major airline how poor will be maybe my last united trip we travelled through USA using the airline a 2 1/2 hour delay in Boston to NYC the rest was fine check out you onboard staff and free spirits I may travel again regards Chris Mooney.Version: 3.0.25

Time OutApp times out all the time..Version: 4.1.64

Trouble seeing documentsTravel documents appear as ‘null’ and so I have to keep scanning them to proceed for check-in..Version: 2.1.32

Very Poor and American protectionism.Trying to upgrade seats but only available to those with an American credit card. This means I get charged more to upgrade when I checkin at the airport. Also, I travel on a visa. I booked and queued at the embassy for an in-depth interview after which I was issued a visa to travel however this site does not allow me to complete the checkin procedure with an ESTA. Once again this causes me more problems and time at the airport..Version: 3.0.6

FeedbackApp is not responsive and keeps asking the user to start check in process again..Version: 4.1.64

2starsWent to sign in and it automatically gave me a “you are locked out message and that is super frustrating..Version: 4.1.45

Why do you keep changing the seats we booked with our travel agentI’m travelling with my wife and son and you split where we are sitting and changes the seats we carefully booked via our travel agent.Version: 2.1.60

Drains too much batteryDark mode would be better.Version: 4.1.63

Baggage policy is unclearIt would be helpful if United Airlines could state explicitly and simply the baggage allowances that are included in the price for each class of ticket I believed that the price of my United Economy ticket, which was not purchased with air miles, entitled me to check a bag, but while using the app to check in, I find that I’m being asked to pay $60 to check a bag in. The United app does not lay out the information that I require and I have yet to find any contact point at United where I can have my question answered. I am concerned that if I leave my question until I’m at the check-in desk, I may be charged excessively, though it’s more likely that the lack of clarity will lead me to restrict myself to hand luggage only, even though I believe my ticket price should include the cost of checking in a bag..Version: 2.1.61

Will not scan passports.What good is an airline app if it doesn’t accept passport scanning? How do you ‘save time’ to check in? Totally useless. After two hours of fussing, we have one of our party of four checked in for our flight tomorrow. Come on and get with it…..Version: 4.1.55

Very hard to fill upVery hard for acceipt covid vaccine file… bad work 👎.Version: 4.1.54

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