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Messenger App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Messenger app received 198 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Messenger? Can you share your negative thoughts about messenger?

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Good but can be betterNice app for messages. BUT, calls is different.. — When someone is on a call and somebody else tries to call automatically shuts down the latter, instead on giving a heads up that someone else is calling and be able to answer it if you want. — The calls, any calls (audio, video) won’t come up on Apple Watch. Not only you cannot answer the call using the watch but you cannot even see the incoming call. That’s one of the main reasons people got smartwatches, to see the incoming calls and messages when they actually happen. — About messaging now, every image quality drops down when sending it to someone, compare to other Apps that at least sent pictures in decent quality, like Viber or WhatsApp..Version: 361.1

Terrible Recent Updates! Zero Stars!One of the worst set of updates to an IOS app I’ve seen since the App Store began in 2008!! Extensive problems continue to include: Loss of my most used & favourite GIFs & emojis Some of my Group chats have broken Problems sending images & videos Problems with opening & saving photos Message read icon gone on chats page? Discover tab & games gone? Audio clips broken Some older messages auto deleted / missing from threads? Many useful features removed? App crashing with frozen white screen!! Poor use of screen space. Slower overall than older version! Active Status feature now gone on multiple Messenger only contacts?? Active status now very inaccurate (You own WhatsApp, that has much better Active status info & accuracy. Why not do the same for Messenger?) Having to uninstall & reinstall every day..... How was this new version approved for release with so many bugs? The previous version was just right, why update it with an inferior & dysfunctional version? Utterly pointless, very unhappy as use this app multiple times a day....... FACEBOOK, Please read ALL the most recent reviews, nearly every single one is unhappy & definitely wanting multiple issues addressed!! Please listen to your users & fix these problems with the new Messenger. Myself & so many others are dismayed by these disastrous recent updates........Version: 255.1

More and more issues when you are using an account not linked with Facebook...I’ve had a Messenger account for quite a while now, but never had Facebook. I know that the service is meant to be primarily used in conjunction with Facebook but when I first got a Messenger account the only big downside I noticed was that it was a lot harder for people to find you and add you to group chats, etc. However, functionality for accounts without Facebook has got worse and worse. I now can’t view my phone number or edit my name or photo. These features used to exist for accounts that didn’t have Facebook, as a code/username service that was introduced you could use for people to find you easily that only seemed to persist temporarily. At least add an option link other accounts - as I know you now able to sign in with Instagram (a service I have a long-standing account with) if these features are being tweaked so I can have a more up-to-date account....Version: 276.0

New update looks really badMost of the people I’ve seen have just been complaining so I’m going to try and make this review at least a little helpful. This new update has so much wasted space. Just yesterday the formatting was pretty much perfect from a design standpoint, but now there is so much unused white space at the top of the screen. Even just the word “Chats” takes up so much unnecessary space which previously encompassed everything that wasn’t actual chats (like stories and your profile info. The previous design was perfectly fine and there was no need to change it, and changing your design completely won’t make a significant number of people suddenly decide to download the app. If nothing else, give everyone the option to go back to the previous version. As a lover of web design, I know white space can be useful, but it can be extremely harmful if there is too much unused space, and that is exactly what happened. You messed up with this one, but there’s still an opportunity to fix it, or at least canter to those who know this is bad design..Version: 200.0

Sorrento upminsterWas taken to Sorrento upminster tonight for my birthday treat. We haven’t been here since before lockdown. Was very surprised to see that people were actually asking for a drink On the house! You shouldn’t have to ask for a drink on the house this is up to the owner or waiter to offer a drink on the house! The food you couldn’t fault but the service was terrible it seemed they couldn’t be bothered completely spoilt my birthday treat wasn’t even offered an after dinner drink! I would not lower myself to actually ask yet other visitors to the restaurant did. sorrento needs to get their act together totally spoilt what should have been a lovely experience sorry but will not be going back it has changed a few years ago the owner would come over and ask if you was happy with your meal! Very disappointed with their service tonight sad really as sorrento used to make you very welcome definitely will not be returning spoilt what was a lovely birthday treat from my husband sorry but have to comment tonight on the way they treated us😡.Version: 365.0

I demand a “search by date” option!!!Great app, used daily. But one MAJOR THING the developers forgot to add is THE ABILITY TO SEARCH MESSAGES BY DATE. It’s 2019 and yet I still find myself scrolling for hours through 10’s (sometimes hundreds) of thousands of messages just so that I can find a conversation from a particular date. People suggest “key word search”, but this is unhelpful when you don’t even know what you’re searching for! The whole reason I’m searching through my old messages is to backtrack and try to remember something about a particular day. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! I’m so sick of having to scroll for ages just to give up half way cause it was taking so long..Version: 206.0

Harassing Phone Calls Through Messanger AppThis app is very intrusive! There is no way to disable the constant phone calls you guys allow anyone on your friends list to send. I went online to find a way to disable the phone calls coming directly from Messanger and found out you can only disable if you deny access to camera, microphone and phone. This makes no logical sense. In real life people need your permission to call you. You actually have to give someone your number to call you. There are a lot of weirdos using this app. There are many scam artists using this app. Nobody should be receiving calls through this app all day and night. Why isn’t there an option to disable the phone calls?! It makes you want to uninstall this entire app because it’s too intrusive. I have done everything I can do and yet these people keep calling my phone through this app. It’s irritating and shouldn’t be allowed as it’s harassing when someone doesn’t desire people to keep calling them. Fix this expeditiously please and thank you. It’s too much.Version: 342.2

UI Issue in Recent Update iPadIn a recent update to the iPad version of Messenger a horizontal list of currently online users was added above the vertical list of messages. This feature is fine, but since it doesn't load immediately upon opening the app, I go to tap the top message and it loads right as I do so causing me to tap the icon of a random friend from the horizontal list instead of the message I had intended to tap. It is not user friendly to have the position of an object change as the user is attempting to tap it. Outside of this my experience with the app has been mostly positive, though it would be nice to have pictures previewed fully in notifications when you swipe the top bar down outside the app. As it stands in the version I'm using the image is a small square next to the message..Version: 227.0

Plutôt déçueJe trouve que la nouvelle mise à jour rend l’expérience moins agréable. Avant la mise à jour, lorsqu’on était sur l’accueil de toutes nos conversations on pouvait voir si quelqu’un avait lu notre message alors que maintenant on doit ouvrir la conversation chaque fois pour savoir. Aussi le processus pour envoyer des photos n’est pas très optimal, car il est difficile de faire la distinction entre chacune de nos photos, car il y a 6 petites photos collées les unes sur les autres. Est ce que dans la prochaine mise à jour il serait possible de régler ces problèmes?.Version: 254.1

Its getting worseNot entirely sure why Meta decided that Instagram and Facebook showing stories is not enough and added them to the messenger. A messaging app is not really a social platform. Its a messaging service, no? And now I keep getting red notification dot on the app, which normally indicates a message, just to open and find that its a story update. And given that messenger is a messaging service and I understand that the purpose of Meta is to sell ads, why do they have to push ads in between the messages. This alone made me leave the whole facebook platform and use messenger for 2 people. Its just stupid. I get the ad business, but there should be a balance and separation of concerns. Alas, its Meta where every “feature” is just another way to profit lol.Version: 392.0

Cannot access messengerError: ‘Page isn’t available at the moment. This may be because of a technical error we are trying to get fixed. Try reloading the page’ I’ve been trying to access messenger on my phone the past few days but I keep running into this error message which means I can’t access my messages. I cannot open Facebook in the browser either - I get a server error. I’ve tried restarting my phone (worked for a day then back to the same issue). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling messenger which didn’t solve the error message. Mysteriously, the Facebook app still works on my phone. I have an iphoneSE 2020. I would appreciate if the bug could get fixed ASAP!.Version: 413.0

Fix it ASAPThe app after iOS 14 acting so weird when I type a message it goes back the main screen!!!.Version: 282.0

Annoying messagesI like messenger I use it regularly but the biggest issue I have with it is when it says ‘message removed’ when I delete something I said and chose to rewrite it! It then invites the other person to question why you chose not to leave it on there and then an argument often occurs as a result of said removal! Soooooo annoying pls take it off! I want to be free to say and not say what I want without someone asking me ‘what did you write!’.Version: 263.0

Not happy with latest update!!I have used this app for many years - found it easy and convenient. With this latest update however, it has changed some of the the simplest and easiest tasks and made them more difficult or removed the features altogether?? I liked the photo attached to the conversation; I liked how you could see if a sent message had been seen; I liked you could see if a friend was currently or recently active; I liked you could see all this with a quick glance!! I do not like this new version where I have to open each conversation to see if messages have been received; I do not like the tick for message received is removed from the home page; I do not like the impersonalization of a name with no photo for each friend; I do not like the update and would really appreciate the features I took for granted being reinstalled - I did not realise how simple and user friendly it was until you made all these changes??!.Version: 253.3

New update Sept/ 2018Messenger is such a nice app, we can chat to family, friends, have groups and be able to share and store pictures until this update. We used to be able to tap the name of te char or the name of the person we were chatting to and access all photos shared in the conversation now you can’t, which is a terrible thing when it comes to being able to find some important information or reference. Also it seems that we no longer can go back and read the conversation that happened over 5 months ago because the history of the chat ends there! I wanted to access some pictures and the dates I shared them with a friend and nothing, just until April, and I had shared the pictures back in February so I couldn’t find it..Version: 181.0

Mise à jourDepuis la mise à jour que j’ai fait ce matin, je ne suis plus capable d’ouvrir mon messenger..Version: 220.0

Not good at allI’ve recently received the latest iPad Pro, have installed everything that I need in the way of Apps, no problem at all…..however, Messenger will simply not open. I’ve tried all the recommended fixes, have uninstalled, shut down iPad, rebooted and reinstalled but every single time without fail, I see the Meta symbol flash up on the screen and then sit staring at the every revolving arrow symbol !! What is wrong with this app, I’ve never had a problem with it before, it’s loaded and opens on my iPhone no problem at all, it worked perfectly on my previous iPad but it simply refuses to open. This is seriously pathetic - can anyone help please??.Version: 385.0

Give my emoticons back!Dear Mark, I really love Facebook emoticons, why did you guys remove them? :(.Version: 141.0

Attention - Not happy with last update!Just adding to my previous review, The app is now also running REALLY SLOW like when looking for a “gif” or sending pics it seems to take forever for them to show up being sent can you PLEASE look into this and fix asap!!! Hello there guys, Look I’m not here to give you a hard time I just wanted to bring your attention to something, You’ve just recently sent out a new app update & there’s one thing I’m not content about that I hope you’ll fix please?!? Basically you use to have it set that when you send someone a message that once you go back to the list of friends/family you’ve messaged that to the right of the persons name you could see if they have seen your message.... But now that’s not the case you have to click/select that person to view the last message you sent to even see if they have seen the message which is usually shown by that little blue tick to show the message has been delivered that then changes to the persons profile icon pic that you sent the message to indicating to you the person sending the message that your friend/family member has actually seen it, If that makes sense. So please rectify this & change that one aspect of your app back to how it was before this most recent update, Other than that the app works well & enjoy using it, Thank you for your time!.Version: 262.1

Not liking it!Facebook! please give us an option if we want to upgrade or not! this new screen interface is so annoying! i want the old look, much simple.Version: 192.0

Forced me to updateI was perfectly happy with the old design. New design made to match the new iOS. Now feels very clunky. Would've been fine if they didn't force me to update - I wasn't having any issues. Poor UX. But worst of all performance issues. App is so laggy nobodies pictures loads and takes minutes opening conversations. If you're reading this please revert me to the old version my fb name is Amir Sirder Edit - performance issues have been solved (was probably first time indexing my chats) will bump it up to 3 stars. But the UX is still bad, I have an iPhone SE so my phone resolution is small. I want to see 6-7 chats on my screen not 4. Feels like they are treating my like a blind old person..Version: 211.0

YouGoneAndMessedUpMy messenger app has turned sensitive. I keep getting logged out, when try to log in it says “can’t connect to the server”. This is the only app on my phone glitching and being this slow. People’s names, conversations and pictures won’t load. I get the notification on my phone instantly, however, if I dare look or reply, messenger crashes. This is awful. My phones storage is fine and I’ve installed and uninstalled so many times. My messages are accessible on my laptop on Facebook search. So I’ve taken all the possible “but” and I’ll I’m left with is a glitchy app. Please fix this, I have university and work information being sent on this and I don’t wanna have to use my laptop to access. Really disappointed.Version: 254.0

Far too fiddlyI have read a few reviews of this app and I concur with mmost of the points. First of all the whole process of doing anything is far too fiddly. The delete option is no better than it’s ever been and, although it is now possible not only to decline requests but to delete them which certainly cuts out potential bullying it’s not that easy to do. I have to use this app with voiceover and the buttons are so small it’s annoying trying to find the right one. If anything it is worse now than it’s ever been particularly when making calls or trying to find people tochat to. Sure, it selects them but then doesn’t immediately give you the option to call or text and so on. recording messages can be fiddly as well and, I notice there are no developer responses to complaints. Welll,, that doesn’t surprise me at all..Version: 211.0

Account deleted/not accessibleI deleted my FB account around 7 years ago and just to to be able to stay in touch with my friends/family I downloaded FB Messenger only late last year... everything was going fine until my iPhone broke down and I had to get a replacement. Apps were backed up however I had to log in into all of them once again. After entering my mobile number and password I registered with, it would bring up a new account with no contacts, messages or my actual details from when I was registered originally... now that I tried to create a new Messenger only account, it tells me I have to also create FB account if I want to use the messenger. Which obviously I’m not happy about as I’m never going back on FB. A bit gutted I won’t be able to use messenger anymore and will have to find alternative app to communicate with friends and family.....Version: 245.1

Big bug for log inOne of my friends logged me out and since i forgot my password, i had to create a new one, and now every time i try to log in on my phone to the app it says there was an unexpected error and to try logging in again, which i do and am met with the same problem. I even tried the facebook app and it says the same thing, but on the browser i can log in just fine, but being on a phone i can’t message people back on browser as it redirects you to the app, so please fix this problem. I’ve tried restarting my phone, uninstalling and reinstalling the app and it doesn’t work still..Version: 291.2

Updates do not improve functionalityEvery update that comes with messenger makes me wonder “does it really improve my experience as a user”. Years ago I blindly updated everything believing that this was truly the case. But then the greed for advertising revenue and a drive towards users’ greater engagement made Facebook introduce updates that made it deliberately harder for users to do certain functions like ‘deleting a conversation’. Initially it was as easy as the WhatsApp function ‘swipe from right’ and delete in one swift motion. Consider the number of steps you have to do now to do the same? 1. Hotkey the message 2. Confirm if you want to delete or archive (half of the time your thumb accidentally pushes on the wrong msg). Facebook will claim this is done to make sure that people don’t delete messages by mistake, but that’s - as we all know - a load of crap! So to all of you out there - heed the warning, don’t trust the updates blindly..Version: 167.0

Not workingKeeps saying it needs to re connect but doesn’t.Version: 230.0

Please remove the pinI have dementia and I keep forgetting my pin and it requires a pin to sign in..Version: 434.0

Accessibility issues.This latest version of the app has introduced some major problems when using the app with the voiceover screen reader in iOS. Voiceover is no longer reading out characters or words as i type, it does not announce characters when i delete them and i am now unable to scroll through text i have typed word by word or line by line. This means i now have no way of accurately editing what i have written; if i want to correct or change something i've written the only accurate way for me to do it is to delete the whole lot and write it out again. I am not experienceing this problem in any other apps i use and have never experienced it in messenger until updating to the most recent version. I must therefore conclude that whatever the issue is, it is exclusive to this version of the app..Version: 174.0

Unable to login with phone number 😡The creator’s of the app should inform people in the description of using the app that if you either buy a new phone or get a new mobile number that you need to log out of your account. I have two accounts that I have created with the app and I can’t access either of them. Now I need to create for the third time using my phone number because I don’t want or need to have a Facebook account and the app won’t even allow me to do that. People should be able to create a messenger account with their phone number without having a Facebook account. Also messenger should have Face ID available for when you want to sign in option. I would really appreciate if someone could get back to me regarding this issue..Version: 272.0

Better data privacy and group section.Firstly, you don’t ‘really’ delete chats do you? Out of nowhere, one day, chats that have been deleted for months, even years, suddenly reappeared as if nothing happened. Strange. Not a fan of that at all. Also, as horrible as that sounds, people still use it, good for you, somewhat bad for us. Anyway, so I’ve got a feature i’d love to see added, and think it’s a great idea (imho, and if it isn’t already implemented and i just don’t know how to do it). ——TL;DR—— Adding a section, that you can move all or any group chat/s into a separate page. So your main PM’s aren’t always updated by annoying groups. If I wish to view the groups that I’m in, I just click on the bottom somewhere. Sort of like ‘Archive’ but they don’t reappear as soon as there’s activity in the chat, like they do for some reason. Also, yes i know about ‘MUTE’ but I have OCD and any unanswered chats i get frustrated by all the clutter and such. —— ••••• —— Thanks guys, hope you take it into consideration. If it’s already possible, please let me know lol. Cheers..Version: 392.0

Please stop with snapchat/Instagram style featuresEDIT: borderline unusable in its current state, keyboard constantly disappears and it hangs so much I have to quit the app almost every time I use it. ORIGINAL: I didn't mind so much when they separated the messenger features from the main Facebook app but the constant updates including these new snapchat and Instagram features is getting tiring. I can't think who would have actually requested these features as they are all available via different apps where they are done better. In my opinion this app should be aimed purely at messaging, but at least give us the option to customise the main screen fully, as the 'hide' option is only available for certain sections – if they are going to insist on adding this extraneous features at least let us hide them....Version: 142.0

Awful interface. Feels like I'm 5!I hate the new messenger app. It's enormous icons for each face make me feel like I'm an old person with large thumbs or I'm 5 years old and don't know how to work my phone. I would like to change the text size as it's so large I have to squint to make sense. The interface is so child like it's as is FB decided to employ 10 year olds for their market research. I can only see 3-4 different messages on the screen as it's so large! The games tab is gone also and I used messenger 50% of the time for this. I am not going to be spending my time on messenger now I'll us what's app. What I thought was a brilliant communication tool is dumbed down for large screen phones and people that have no idea how to navigate an app. This is disappointing as I really use messenger a lot. I don't care for ombre chats or fancy ads. Poor move messenger people. I'll be deleting this soon. See you on the other side.Version: 192.0

Marketplace messages disappearing & text typing issuesOver the past 2 weeks ALL marketplace messages are disappearing. Typing issues also occurring with locked letters and many misspelling problems in auto text worse than ever . So i deleted app and it was ok for a while resurfaced again. ( sellers , friends i know and buyers all had same issue ) otherwise app is great Also in market place adds the description and information sections are now compressed into dropdown menus recently DUE TO NEW ADDS which is a pain and confusing ( why developers insist on always changing a good working system Just to stuff it up again. Like Microsoft windows does does with changing tabs , locations, features in its word , excell and new apps versions after people are used to finding them in its original layouts … if you add something then ADD IT ON or make a NEW TAB is my suggestion..Version: 387.0

Poor quality imagesFor some reason my messenger has the worst quality images. I thought it must be all messenger but my friend took a screenshot and sent it to me through iMessages and it's great quality on their messenger but when I try to open it on mine, I barely make out details. If someone sends me and image with text I can't read any of it. Have searched around and can't find a fix..Version: 326.0

I used to like messenger.This newest thing where I HAVE to add a pin or link to cloud drive or whatever has prompted me to delete this. I used to like it, relied on it for marketplace transactions, but now… I dunno 🤷🏼‍♀️ And for the worst.. I am the only one in my family that this is happening to and it SUX..Version: 434.0

Staple features removed and NOW breaking bugsHonestly a lot of the features being removed I get. Especially with the app being rebuilt from the ground up. Within the last day or so going into any conversation *instead of just one from a recent bug report* I will be kicked out back to the conversation selection screen with the animation like I swiped to go back there myself but I didn’t. And even if I’m in the middle of typing it can happen to. On top of whatever was being typed being gone when *trying* to go back to the conversation. Also when it force backs you out some reason all the conversations flash out of existence for a few seconds. I was going to say maybe it was just my phone. I restarted my phone and uninstalled and reinstalled and even cleared app data to no avail. But it also happens on my IPhone SE which is on the latest 13.4.1 update like my 11 Pro max right now. So I pretty much can’t reliably use messenger now on any of my phones and have to go to a laptop. I’m also very confused as to the fact this just started happening today. And not the day of the update 🤔.Version: 258.0

Seriously, ads within messages?Whoever thought adding ads throughout Messenger was a good idea was WRONG..Version: 141.0

Really!?Are you actually freaking kidding me Facebook…. I change my password constantly on Facebook and messenger so I don’t get hacked because clearly it’s so easy to do….. and when i recently did I can no longer access my Facebook account, the app won’t work, it won’t even give me the option to log in with my new password just that it’s unavailable because of technical issues on your part, then I try to use my meta quest and change my password again so now I can no longer access my messenger app either…. I can only get into Facebook from an actual web page but that’s what apps are for people…. Then I log into Facebook on the web browser and try to see my messages but I can only see them with the messenger app!? Are u freaking serious?? So I can just never see my messages again? I’ve already deleted an redownloaded multiple times and it still don’t work… I’ve even given it time for u to fix you “technical error” and tried again every few weeks and still nothing…... Fix your sH!+ id like to be able to use my messenger and Facebook app I’d like to be able to post things I’d like to have access to my pictures I put on there of my family! Seriously 😒.Version: 419.1

RECENT UPDATE HUGE PROBLEMMy app updated in the last day or two and now an edit bar keeps staying over the text (typing) bubble. Please fix this!!!!.Version: 246.1

Why can’t you archive multiple chats at once???So, if you ever post anything and you get 100 different people that are interested in it, it created 100 chat threads and it’s very frustrating to have to go through and individually archive every single chat after that item is gone. And if you’re ever contacting multiple people about a specific item to buy, you have to still go through and individually archive every single chat. It makes no sense with today’s technology to have to do this and I don’t understand why they don’t have this option already built into the Messenger. If you don’t archive the chat and let’s say somebody marks an item at sold at a later point, it looks like you have a new message in messenger so then you have to go through and scroll down through all the old chat that you didn’t archive to try and find that chats as it seem like you have unread chats..Version: 413.0

Can’t log in!I’ve been trying to log into both the Facebook app and the messenger app but it keeps coming up with “An unexpected error occurred. Please try logging in again”. Tried logging in again, didn’t work! I’ve reset all settings on my phone, deleted and re downloaded the apps, went on my laptop and went into all settings on Facebook to adjust things, went into all settings on my phone to adjust anything, went into the Facebook help centre which was very unhelpful as I know my password, have tried resetting my password and there is no way I can contact Facebook directly! It seems to be just the apps on my phone which is annoying cause I use messenger for work!.Version: 288.0

Not needing to see unwanted people from the top of the FB messenger screenDeleting of acquaintances that you are NO longer associated with that you may have come into contact with in past life that you don't want to see at the top of the screen of FB messenger. Knowing how long ago that they were active on FB messenger. Without the need to block them. (i) through Facebook marketplace about item that was for sale. (ii) an ex workmate/flatmate/school classmate that could have just 1 question or conversation that you are not associated with..Version: 372.0

Rude employeeMy wife and I were in CB for some lunch. The older man host was very rude to us telling us to move out of way that we were blocking the entrance to the restaurant. We were told it was a 15 minute wait but we waited 50 minutes. The older man said You should know when you come here you will have to wait. I saw 2 cashiers waiting with nothing to do. 3 ladies in the front of the store just walking around. Trying to stop the thieves I guess. 3 employees at the podium to seat guests, with 1 poor guy to clean tables WOW. Little excessive to me. YOU Need to focus on our elderly and have an area where they can sit. Outside is not the answer Too uncomfortable for them. An elderly couple with canes had to stand for nearly an hour. Shame on you. Totally unacceptable !! As for your merchandise, that is not why we visit. It is the food. Store manager should put employees where they need them If you can’t find employees then CB is doing the wrong thing. Pay your employees a decent wage and you would not have staffing problems. CB made MILLIONS last year. I know I won’t get a reply because that is the way CB is..Version: 370.0

Very poor job with this one.Just the fact that you force me to download a separate app, in order to message people on Facebook, is ridiculous. There is no reason for you to have taken away our ability to message people in the regular Facebook app. This is just a pathetic ploy to gain more downloads of Facebook branded apps, and make your numbers look better. But to add to it, the app hardly works half the time. Messages always "send" but rarely "deliver". What is even the point in having it be two steps. No other message app has send and deliver as two separate functions. It should be sent and delivered at the same time. Tell me how instant messaging worked fine in the 90's, but you can't get it to work now. And what exactly are you "updating" every week. Constantly getting updates yet nothing ever seems to be actually fixed. *new complaint* STOP ASKING FOR MY PHONE NUMBER!!!! Every time I sign in, it asks for my phone number. I’ve put it in at least 25 times, and it still just keeps asking for it. This has to STOP!.Version: 267.1

Won’t Load on Generation 9 iPadWhen I first got my new iPad the Messenger app worked fine. A few days ago I had to change some security settings on Facebook. A few minutes later when I tried to launch Messenger it just would not load. I tried all the fixes: doing a shutdown of my iPad, completely deleting Messenger and then shutting down iPad, reloading the app after the shutdown and startup, detaching the iPad from the Apple keyboard as a previous user suggested then going through the delete, shutdown, reload process again. No matter how I try to launch it (through FB icon, through the Open button after downloading it from App Store, or by clicking on the actual Messenger icon) it will not open - the refresh circle just keeps spinning. The interesting thing is that I can launch and use Messenger on both my iPhone and my MacBook Air. My iPad does not have cellular capabilities just Internet and I have checked all those settings? Looking for solutions!.Version: 386.1

PinWhy are you forcing people to create a pin for messenger?.Version: 434.0

Can’t LoginFor the past month, I haven’t been able to log into my account on Messenger. I’ve reported the problem twice through Facebook with no feedback. When I try to login, it says, “Unable to login. Please try again later.” I’ve tried using “Forgot Password,” but it glitches and won’t let me continue. I have tried every login and password combination I have had in the past as well as what the current login should be and can’t get in! When I use Facebook through my Chromebook I can view messages that way, but it’s very inconvenient since my laptop is outdated and barely functions. Nothing looks suspicious, so I don’t believe my account has been compromised. I also can’t view messages through a mobile browser as it just directs me back to the login screen for the app. I need to be able to get in through my phone, but no word back from the Facebook team. I’ve updated regularly, and checked the FAQs which don’t provide any useful info. I hope the Facebook team will look into this, otherwise I’ll have to drop Messenger, which I really don’t want to do..Version: 257.0

Bring back sent, delivered, seen iconsPlease bring back the sent, delivered & seen icons. Also do away with this issue of a person being able to leave your message on sent.. how rude ,ignorant. Have seen online that this and the features of restrict, ignore many are asking to be removed from the app as causes mental health problems, issues in relationships . I agree with this & thinks is so wrong to encourage people to not communicate, ignore them. What’s the point in messaging someone to be left on sent or delivered. If that person didn’t want to receive messages then option should be just unfriendly or block or drop them a quick reply to say busy etc. only takes a second to reply. I think messenger is just making people become non communicative & ignorant avoiding conversations & communication. It should be that if I send a message, it says sent, then when delivered to the other person say delivered, then if the person reads say seen or if they choose to not read say unread but they have to select that option. Or if they delete the message let the other person know they have deleted & saves them sending messages and wasting there time. I love messenger but these are not good flaws an a good way to communicate with people it’s doing the opposite. Fix these issues and bring in better options as mentioned above. Makes it more clearer for people sending messages to others.Version: 409.0

Messenger app crashingI thought updates fixes issues and improves overall performance? How come After I updated messenger on my iPad yesterday, it kept crashing? Everytime I try to open, everything goes black and freezes the whole screen. Please do something about it and make sure future updates don’t cause more problem. Another thing, the features in the old version like maybe until January were way better than the current version (eg. the video icon looks like it’s blinking when you are talking to someone and the person is on your chat/conversation at the same time, it tells you when the one you are calling is on another call, and it shows without having to open the conversation to check whether the last message has been read or not. The latest update is worse. Sometimes it doesn’t show someone is calling when I’m currently on another call. I just found out I got a missed call when I went to the conversations list and it shows I got one from a friend. What if it’s an important call that one of messenger users miss because it didn’t show there’s another one calling??? This is something that needs to be fixed the soonest. I hope you can enable Live Photo sharing as well.Version: 364.0

Keeps resetting and blocking peopleSo today I was Messaging my girlfriend and everything was fine but I sent a message and then I sent another message not even a minute later and it was failing to send saying she’s unavailable to chat so I messaged her on another source telling her what’s was happening and she was sending message that would send but not deliver so I reinstalled the app and went back in and it told me she was blocked on messenger and I had to unblock her then everything was fine, but then I noticed our emoji we had set in our chat which was the 💖 emoji was in fact a 💰 so I changed it back to the 💖 and exited the app and closed it and opened it again to check and it went straight back to a 💰 it’s very annoying that this stuff is happening please do something about it.Version: 245.0

Notifications have been ruinedOne of the new updates has completely ruined the notification system. Instead of the normal messenger sound I now have one of the default iPhone text sounds, which I can’t change back to the messenger sound for some reason. On top of that I now get notifications for every single message sent from a sender/group chat rather than what it used to be, where the first couple of messages would have a sound alert and then it would go silent as more messages are sent. I have no idea how to fix this other than just turning off notifications for messenger all together..Version: 315.0

A multi select delete buttonMessenger is pretty annoying atm because I get thousands of unwanted messages from thousands of unwanted people since 2017 and because I literally just got the app and it’s taken me weeks to delete them and I still have thousands to delete it’s ridiculous that we can not delete them by multiple selections to make it easier and faster it’s actually making me want to not use messenger again because it’s taken that long and still going just delete unwanted messages I don’t know why you have removed that option you need to put that option back it is actually so annoying to go through thousands of them individually and delete it it’s literally taken me weeks and still have thousands to go put that option back pleaseeee.Version: 327.0

Desperately needs a vacation modeI’m not tied to communicating through Messenger, it’s useful sometimes but occasionally I want to switch off from people and especially when on vacation. If you could mute it for longer than 24 hours then it would be a decent app but never being able to switch off and always being contactable even at 3am is a nightmare. Forget to turn on mute and some muppet will want to chat in the early hours. Nothing Facebook can do about those people but they could easily add in a mute until I turn it back on mode. I wouldn’t have to uninstall it and then visit the web version of Facebook to check occasional messages, if I could just mute the thing for longer. As for those ads, they spoil it but are a necessity for a free service, I get that but just give users the ability to switch off completely from time to time..Version: 222.0

Flickering all the timeWhat is going on With messenger, it’s refreshing all the time it’s so annoying, needs to be fixed ASAP.Version: 280.0

Social mediaI think Facebook Twitter TikTok and all the social media platformsIs an absolute cancer not only on our youth but the entire planet for some reason It’s weird how something that I believe was supposed to be for people to socialize and get together and have a good time with it but most people took it used it for trashingAnd hurting other people that they didn’t like or they were standing in their way of something and that’s just one negative aspect of this thing countless people get addicted to staring at the screen watching porn I don’t judge have no issue with it butThey end up getting addicted to it may sound funny but many lives have fell apart because of that. Other Countries i’ll name nameless use it to their advantage toDo us harm the FBI uses it to track us and anything else they could do to use it against us as well as other government agencies . this will never happen but if it all goes away tomorrow we will be much better off I know I will be.Version: 443.0.0

New update is total garbageThey have changed a few things on this latest update and it feels like a step backwards in my opinion. First off... when my friends and I share location you can no longer see the their location without having to click on the map, then zooming in a lot farther than you ever should have to. And most of the time that location is not even correct. Secondly you can no longer see if the other person has seen your message without opening conversation (which was very useful). Also the new emojis for reacting to pictures are not good and they need to be changed back to the ones prior to the update. In the previous version you could click on stickers that were sent to you and the pack that it came from would show up and you could use them if you wanted to... now you can still click on them but all it does is show you the pack and you cannot use them. You have to go back to stickers and find that pack to use them. This new update is not at all user friendly and Facebook needs to go back to previous version..Version: 253.3

CrashesIphone 6 user here. Every time I open the app it works good but if I tab out to another app and come back. Messenger closes. Please fix or I’ll delete app..Version: 170.0

Normally good BUT...I’ve been using messenger since it’s useable was enforced and usually it’s ok. Does what it needs to. However, since a week or so before Christmas, I can’t access it at all. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve deleted and reinstalled- with and without reboots between. I have multiple messages Facebook wants me to read-if only! I have two accounts, I’ve tried both and nothing the circle just spins and spins until it times out. Tried reporting the fault, the answer... thanks for your feedback we don’t reply to individuals. Well that’s just soooooo helpful! I’m guessing it’s stuck like this until you roll out a new update. I’ve updated my phone and paid for extra cloud storage so I know those are not the issue, it’s clearly the app. And it’s very bloody annoying!.Version: 245.1

Latest updateNormally a fantastic app. Thank you. However. The latest update has annoyed me. I don’t know if the developers read this, but if you do. Please take note, and I’m not the only one. When I now get message from someone, it just says notification not the name. This is very frustrating I have been into Apple, thinking it was me and my phone. But apparently it appears to be the update. Maybe something secret hidden in the settings, I don’t know. It would be greatly appreciated if this little thing could be changed back..Version: 184.0

PointlessFacebooks messenger app is a pointless application—everyone already has free text messaging and pays for cell phone service, so why create a new application (for things like virtual yard sale) and ask for permissions to text and call? I find it absolutely absurd that I have to download an app to view messages from a web based platform. (No I DO NOT have the FB app, thank you.). Not only that but the two rarely communicate efficiently. After you check messages in the app, FB profile will still show a messages notification. On top of that every time you use it asks for notifications to be turned on (why? When FB should be notifying you?) and asking for permission for microphone and camera. The app drains battery power when you do have notifications turned on especially in group chats—pinging every time there is a new comment. I’m not sure what a good use for this app is—it should be reintegrated back into Facebook and allow users to check messages from the web based platform..Version: 148.0

Confusing UI UpdateI use the messenger app a lot and love it, however I simply don’t understand the UI update that came through today. With the new bold names it’s really hard to see which messages are unread. The enlarged icons make me think I’m looking at my grandmas phone (my eyesight is still fine). The third thing that irritates me is the three dots icon when in the actual message thread with someone, it makes me think the other person is typing every single time. I hope this feedback is being considered, a few people around me mentioned their confusion today as well :).Version: 196.0

Not great if you’re a private person who likes boundariesGood for communication especially with people you might be trading with from a buy swap sell page. However, I often get put into groups I would rather not be a part of which means I’m having to leave them and look rude and this has made me less inclined to use it and to keep it off my phone. I think as far as being put into a messenger group without being asked/ invited and given the option of accepting or declining is an invasion of personal rights. Also when you choose to leave a group, is it really necessary for it be shown up in the whole message so everyone can see?.Version: 306.1

Facebook Messenger has changed… for the worst.First of all, I would like to qualify myself as an experienced user of Facebook Messenger as I use this service almost 24 hours in 7 days. My fiancée is in the Philippines and this is one way of talking to her. 1. I have several gripes about the “new“ Facebook messenger as this really affected how I used the app and how I communicated with her. 1. II miss the fact that we can take a snapshot of the people in the call instead of just taking a screen shot of whatever on the screen. It is useful because atleast there was a way to get the photos of the people with one gesture. I would appreciate if you would bring it back. 2. I would also like to tell you about the iOS problem when I am connected to my headphones (Bose N700 and Apple Airpods Pro original). Whenever I get a call from Facebook Messenger and I am connected to the headphones, 100% of the time, the audio disconnects. This is not a good experience as I would expect that the audio will be piped through the Bluetooth instead of it being played via the phone’s speaker. Please investigate this. Facebook Messenger is really important to me and to many people, so I am hoping that you look into this. I will appreciate this so much..Version: 392.0

Incessant Update PromptsEven though the older versions are still compatible with the rest of the messenger system, the app will not stop interrupting the user to prompt them to update. These updates mostly do not offer fixes, but simply new features. Frankly I don't want to update, because to anyone critically examining this tech custom can see that each update (of OS or apps) increases the performance requirements of the device, thereby eroding your user experience with your well-earned device until it will soon be obsolete, forcing you to continue purchasing the latest machines spawned from Apple’s post-Jobs creative desert which with each iteration seem to lose yet another useful feature, forcing you to buy auxiliary accessories that were once unnecessary. Facebook, like all these consumer software providers, along with the consumer hardware producers, are all complicit in this never-ending, environmentally destructive smartphone merry-go-round that wastes consumers money and costs the planet. So no, this app, like all of them that endlessly peddle forced updates, deserve a 1 star rating for this tech scandal..Version: 221.0

BLOCKED THE ACCOUNTJust locked my account. I was changing my setting on my computer. Which is not a regular device I use thats what it says. And now asking me to confirm my identity. Can’t confirm it logged me out of all the devices..Version: 342.2

Buggy as hellMessenger hs become absolute garbage over the last 4-6 months, full of bugs and continuously crashes, wont let me copy messages or send them, receives messages without notifications so youre un aware until you log in. doesnt ring on the phone call and only sends a missed call message and thats is the only messages that are coming through randomly drops call with perfect signal the app continuously instantly crashed and i was forced to make another account as this one KEPT crashing about 2 months into this new account and the same thing again, i have to force off my phone and back on for it to work, my father who has a different phone who lives in a majorly different area who does everything different is experiencing the same thing also. this is my third complaint/review of the app and something is yet to be done, personally i cant wait for "the next latest and greatest messaging app that everyone will flock to" im sick of messenger and being ignored.Version: 360.1

Messenger not working on Apple WatchI love Messenger and have been using it to txt and call my friends and family and it has been great. However I just got the Apple Watch and Messenger is not working properly on my watch. I tried different suggestions - deleting the app from both my phone and the watch, switching off both and then downloading the app again, even changing the automated messages etc. Both my iPhone X and Apple Watch are up to date with IOS updates..Version: 153.0

Low quality images and videosFor some time now, whenever I try to send photos/videos on messenger they always send in very low quality. There seems to be no setting to change this. Very frustrating. Also, when trying to share audio recordings (not voice recordings using messenger but rather previously saved recordings such as an audio file), it will not allow me to send. Instead, a message appears saying: “Couldn’t load content. There was a problem loading your content, please try again.” These things need to be fixed..Version: 260.1

Marketplace messages still brokenI’m not sure how hard it is (for a company that’s worth $295 BILLION dollars) to ensure that messages from their own Facebook marketplace actually display in their own messenger app, but apparently it’s been too hard for a good month or more now. Bless, maybe someone can help them out? Ps if you have this problem, you can also find them by digging deep into the specific item in Facebook yourself. If you’re lucky it might even show the new message at the top of marketplace but even that seems a rare.Version: 387.0

Facebook Messenger reviewMy app totally shut down because of this update, which now that I’ve updated it, is honestly not good. Wack..Version: 224.0

Delete contacts you don’t talk to anymoreThere is no longer an option to remove contacts. You can only block them from Facebook. This needs to be fixed because I don’t want to see when someone I wrote to 10 years ago to ask about a lamp on marketplace is online or their “story” Other users can’t send me pictures. I was asking a shop about something they were selling. They said the pictures were attached and there was a blue link that said such and such is responding to a comment that you wrote on their page. But I couldn’t see anything because I kept getting an insufficient permission to view log in to Facebook. Therefore it is because I don’t have the Facebook app. I don’t want it. The rating is too low. There has been no feedback from the developer on being able to remove people from the top without blocking them on Facebook. I don’t want to block them, they are good people. I just don’t want to see them whenever they are on messenger..Version: 378.2

What happened???I use messenger all the time, daily, multiple times a day, never really had problems with it that I’d noticed. when I went to sleep last night everything was fine... when I woke up this morning and clicked on my messages through the facebook app, it took me to the messenger log in screen. weird. I didnt log out. so it asked me if I wanted to ‘continue as _________(my name)” I clicked on it and it said “we could not log you in at this time” took me to a login screen to put in my email and password, did that, and got the same message.. “we could not log you in, please try again later.” well I need this app to work. the way it is supposed to. this is installed on my iPad no part of the app will work. I have tried uninstalling, turning my device off and on, with it installed and without it. nothing will work. I want to continue to talk to my friends during this quarantine time and you just cut off my way of communicating with people... please fix immediately.Version: 265.0

New UpdateHonestly, the newest update feels like the stupidest idea ever and a big waste of money and time. I don’t know who though making the entire look of an app “bigger” but they must not know generic public. All icons and text, and buttons just increased in size taking up more of the screen than ever before. And as before the update I could see for example last 6/7 conversations, now I’m only able to see 3/4 on the main screen (the bottom one is slightly cut of). The entire look is just overwhelming and annoying since scrolling through your contacts to find the conversation you want, will now take longer than before. Just because somebody decided to increase in size every button and widget in the app because they themselves like it, and not give an alternative option with smaller icons for other people. Honestly, add an option to change to preferred look. Cheers....Version: 191.0

New update is annoying and useless1. When I now raise my phone to my ear to listen to a voice note privately the voice notes plays out loud you can only imagine how annoying that is why can I no longer listen to them through my top speaker! 2. When you send someone a location then can no longer navigate to you it just shows them where you are but don’t give them the option to navigate to you with maps. 3. Boomerang and selfie mode are all gone why ? This is only a few things I have noticed wrong in the last few days but reading other people’s comments I can see the hole update is a disaster, if your going to update your app don’t change what people love, add extra features to the things they love take away the ugly filter and replace them with nice ones or take away games no one plays and keep the ones that are used most frequently, please just bring back the last update..Version: 253.1

Notification sound has changedWhen a message comes through to my Lock Screen (iPhone XS) it is the normal ding sound. Every message from the same person or group that follows comes with the text-tone sound which I haven’t selected or know how this has happened all of the sudden. It’s super annoying as if it’s a group the messages come flooding in and they should just arrive silently and group as one message. But every follow up message sounds like I’m getting a million text messages. The notification settings on the iPhone app are super limited. I even reset my phone to factory settings to try and get rid of this issue but with no luck. Now I’ve seen in the reviews I’m not the only one with this issue. I’ve tried to flag this with the help section on the app but I’ve heard nothing back. If you have this issue too please give a review as well. Messenger, please fix this with an update, and do it now! Thank you..Version: 318.1

You messed up big time.Why are there STREAKS in a messaging app. It makes SOME sense on snapchat but on a MESSAGING APP? How about instead of ripping off snapchat for their bright ideas, you just stick to what this app is supposed to be; a MESSAGING APP. Who do you think is going to send a message saying "streak" everyday to keep a streak on a conversation. It's actually infuriating that this idea was implemented. Im just imagining the MANY LEVELS OF MANAGEMENT this idea had to go through in order to be implemented and yet IT STILL WAS IMPLEMENTED. WHO THOUGHT "WELL WOW THE NEXT GENERATION WOULD REALLY LOVE THIS HIP FEATURE, AYE??". This is seriously the most annoying feature out and by far the lamest implementation along with Facebook stories which no one even uses. I beg you, for all young people out in this world, stop being so extra and just improve what you have. You're making snapchat look good..Version: 144.0

Usually greatChat system is fine, but once in a while you don't get messages until a few days after they were sent... that's not fun....Version: 146.0

Messenger does not work properlyI have to constantly delete and reinstall the app. It will work for one min then will stop sending and receiving messages. Anyone else with this problem?.Version: 291.2

Emoji bugs since the newest update in MarchI can no longer use emojis in chat, when holding down the little face icon in the text box, there are only “stickers” “gifs” as available buttons instead of “sticker” “gifs” “emoji”. I reinstalled the app and the emoji button was back, then a few hours later I opened messenger the emoji button was gone again. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the app again and the same thing happened, the emoji button would be back for a few hours after I reinstall the app before disappearing again. I don’t know what kind of bug this is, but it only started happening after the latest update. And now I have to manually switch keyboard if I want to use emoji in chat, no a big deal right, it only takes like 5mins to use one emoji, it’s great..Version: 254.1

Why remove useful features?Use messenger a lot for keeping in contact with people, people at university, and people interested in commissioned work etc. As a result send a lot of photos/files back and forth, so have many issues with the new update. -The photos/videos tab has been removed? A useful tool for being able to search for specific images or images stored in chats with people. For example, a relative who has passed. - Can’t edit images that are to be sent. No option to crop an image, or mute a video to send? - Can’t edit images that have been sent - a great feature for collaborative work. - Image quality is diabolical?! Can send a high quality over messenger and it looks horrific. I get sending lower quality - space, speed - but not pixelated messes. No need! Preview vs. File? I’m sending a high quality image for a reason. - Shared files tab has been removed? Again, a useful feature stupidly removed. - Group chat nicknames feature removed? Again, do not understand why this has been removed. It was a useful feature, and also a fun and funny feature people used. And that’s just the issues I’ve found. And I’m incredibly frustrated by them. Why do this? Really think all these features should be brought back and the image quality fixed. I don’t think I’ll be the only one feeling this way. Find myself no longer wanting to use messenger and instead going back to good old email (or iMessage) with a longer response time..Version: 294.0

Are we stupid?So, messenger wants to help us build more meaningful conversations with friends and family. I think most of us can handle that just fine ourselves. I do not want to have my inbox filled with stuff I did not ask for from people I barely know. If I want to be in touch with people I do so on my own, at my time. Can I just mark these unwanted mails as spam or block it otherwise?.Version: 225.1

New updateI have the update but it didn’t change anything!!!.Version: 198.0

Not good for my mental health.I categorically hate the ‘seen’, ‘typing bubble’, and ‘react’ features. As someone trying to deal with a lot of social anxiety and stress as a result of serious mental illness, one that also causes issues with communication, these features create unnecessary stress. Constantly wondering if everyone hates me because they reacted to someone else’s comment or photo but not mine. Knowing they’re probably watching me type and type as I try to find the right words only to reply with a short sentence. Knowing they know I’ve seen their message but haven’t replied yet. I’m aware all of this is irrational, but that’s mental illness, baby. Awareness is only the first step and I’m trying so very hard to heal myself, and functions like these don’t help. They need to be optional, I can’t use this app anymore with them present..Version: 397.0

Sent and Delivered Circles GoneWhat's up with the latest update?!? "Sent" and "Delivered" circles have now disappeared and we have no idea if the person was delivered the message. All we get now is "sent" and how long ago. This is really frustrating as we'd like to know that our messages are delivered without having to wait to see if the person sees it. What if they never get the message, how do we know they've even got it to see and respond? Not great for important or urgent messages delivery!!!.Version: 364.0

Newest UpdateI recently updated my messenger and it’s weird because I have two Facebook accounts and I can only see the update on one account when I switch to the other account I can’t see the update, it’s in the older version. I don’t know if it makes a difference but the one account that does have the update is also open on another device I use (iphone6s) and it shows it’s updated and the one that isn’t updated I only have it in this iPhone XS device. I already reset all settings, deleted Facebook and Messenger Installed then back logged out of accounts and just finished Factory Data Reset. Nothing works I’m not sure what’s going on. It bother me because on the newer update seems to be more simple and basic than the older version. Same goes with instagram both accounts issue. I don’t auto update my apps on my iPhone XS but iPhone 6s I do . I’m not sure if that would be the issue however i still complete the updates ... hopefully I get answers from this..Version: 192.0

Group chatsHi, Wondering why if FB owns WhatsApp why doesn’t the client behave the same in a group chat. If I am away from a group chat for a while in WhatsApp is picks up right where I left off when I comeback. Messenger just gives you this “20+ unread messages” thing and then takes you back sort of where you were but not quite as good as WhatsApp. Can you please fix Messenger to be gave like WhatsApp? It would be so much less annoying to use if if just behaved like WhatsApp. Thanks Marc.Version: 195

Great but definitely could be better!Compared to previous versions of the app this is by far the best one but personally I think it would definitely be much better if a few things were changed on it. Even just the smallest changes could make it way better. Simplicity is key always. With this being said I think by making the main messenger screen less complex and having it to where you can go in the app and out quicker could have a great affect on everything including the ratings. Meaning having the Messenger App uncomplicated and more straight forward I know I would personally be happier with it and use it daily and as well as a good amount of individuals I know. For example if someone could get on message a friend & respond right back; almost compared to AIM or slightly like iMessage. It would change the game completely and have a higher rating guaranteed. Only asking to take it into consideration. :).Version: 147.0

Messenger annoying bugSince I update yesterday I have constant trouble my messenger keep cutting off and keep taking me to the front page it’s very annoying and frustrating this update keep crushing you suppose to fix the bugs not creating them I update the app again today and sorry to say this app is still crushing also there is a time delay the app constantly get crushed approx every 2 minutes it is very frustrating I update the new version and the phone keep crushing not so often as it used to but it’s still very annoying as I be texting and all of a sudden the phone blinks and get me on the screen page it’s only start happening since the last 3 update ,I write this message and had no issue but if I was at messenger I probably wold have to get back on messenger 6 times I know I got old phone iPhone 5s 64gb memory, please try and fix the update.Version: 158.0

Not Horrible but Has IssuesAlthough I have connected with some amazing people through this app and love the fact that I can connect with people all over the world this app is not a dating app and people need to be respectful of that. I’m not on messenger to hook up with people and receive numerous messages and random calls from people during all times of the day and night. I do understand I can shut my phone off or use my sleep setting on my phone but have had a parent experiencing some health issues and don’t want to shut my phone down as I may need to take a call or message at anytime. The other thing I don’t like is that people know the second I connect to Facebook or messenger and become active on the sight. Sometimes I just jump on to check something out for business purposes and get bombarded with messages. It would be nice to have the ability to get online without the world knowing I’m there..Version: 201.0

Constant bugsI constantly experience bugs while using messenger, usually minor ones that can be worked around, but this latest one is ridiculous. As of today, every time I receive a message about the world cup or even mentioning the word "Australia" the message flashes up for a split second before disappearing for myself as well as the sender. I think this has something to do with the stupid world cup themed plugins that allows you to take photos with a filter over your face, as it appears at the bottom of the screen shortly before the message disappears. If it weren't for the majority of my friends using messenger I would have stopped using it long ago. You would think a company with this much development budget could get it right. Disappointed.Version: 171.0

Worst Service I Have Ever SeenI have never been more disappointed. I am a big Facebook Marketplace person and sell things all the time but I have had ONE CONSISTENT UNRESOLVED PROBLEM. Messenger will NOT send me notifications when someone messages me through marketplace! If a friend messages me it comes through just fine but if it comes through marketplace there is no notification whatsoever. I have done my own trouble shooting, being a very tech literate person, and have tried multiple devices including my new iPhone Xs. I have checked settings, redownloaded the app, reset my phone, AND REPORTED the PROBLEM to Facebook 3-4 times now with NO RESPONSE whatsoever. I have missed important messages and sales because of this. I have done my own research to find that others ARE HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM with also no response from facebook. I’m a patient person and don’t like leaving bad reviews but I have been dealing with this problem for a LONG time now. At least other places respond to you problems even if they can’t fix them. I am severely disappointed Facebook..Version: 264.0

DisappointedNot a big fan of the new design. Change it back!.Version: 192.0

Glitches and poor new iPad layoutThey made a recent update that changed the layout, that no longer makes use of being on a larger iPad screen. It’s more like the phone now, where it shows all the chats, and then you click on one to go into it, whereas the old layout you had all your chats and could see the conversation, so no need to go back and fourth. They’ve effectively added an extra touch for navigation that simply isn’t needed on an iPad screen, and it’s annoying. What’s also now missing on the list of chats screen is the little picture showing you if someone has seen your message, and it’s very buggy if you stay in a chat and close the app, when you open it back up messages are displayed in three columns like it’s a phone screen, and the multitasking view when in the pane on the side is glitchy too. Just take it back to how it was!!! And make it useful for an iPad screen again please..Version: 248.0

Apple Watch app works/no it doesn’t/yes it does/no it doesn’t ....I find it hard to understand how almost every update just makes this app worse and worse. One step forward - three back. Couldn’t load any conversations for hours last night - update this morning - now seems to have problems connecting and the ‘active’ option allowing a modicum of privacy seems completely random, or (to put it another way) busted. Turn it on - nothing - turn it off - an hour later magically it is on - ‘active now’ does what it wants when it wants. Facebook forced us to get this app if we wanted to message Facebook friends - and seem to have employed a primary school classroom to ‘develop’ it. Shamefully bad - embarrassingly bad - infuriatingly bad....... update - it just got WORSE - keeps changing like a chameleon. Joke - bad joke. Latest ‘update’ and Apple Watch - which finally worked - now can’t keep up with chats. Pathetic .......Version: 208.0


Waste of space on iPhone Xs MaxThe application is merely a scaled up version of the iPhone X interface and thus, does not take advantage of the larger iPhone Xs Max's screen. This results in blurry, oversized text, image and UI elements. What makes matters worse is that it has a very low information density. What this means is that when compared side by side with the iPhone 7+, the extra vertical screen space is not being used to show more text, images and threads, it is simply being wasted with even more white space. Furthermore. The application does not follow dynamic type settings in the iOS setting application. This means that despite setting the smallest font size. The font remains comically oversized that it looks as large as an advertising board and can be seen from across a standard living room with 20/20 vision. It's enormous and it is a disgusting oversight..Version: 196.0

RidiculousIt was fine until updated. - Spam was taken away which is super annoying. Should’ve never taken the option to put certain conversations into spam away. - Latest update keeps crashing when i go to take a photo, the screen goes black. Edit option for photos is still there, but cant even be used to crop or draw on photos. - Notifications are out of wack. No alerts/sounds for messages or calls. Just missed call notifications. It use to be a 5 star app, now it just lags and freezes and its dumb..Version: 382.0

No notifications plus more fails from this updateLiking the fact you can now automatically see when someone was online last which is great but it seems with that feature you have removed some valuable ones. The msg sent to the person and if they’ve seen it without going into that persons specific chat has now gone as has the notification that I’ve received a msg has now gone. New message only shows up in bold when I’m physically in msgr no notification despite all my settings saying notifications on. Come one fb I thought these updates were meant to improve a users experience not impede on it.... additionally the hide a conversation with this new update has removed as being an option. I don’t want to archive I want to hide the conversation.Version: 290.0

Somewhat an annoyanceI don't normally leave reviews, but i feel that i have to in this case. I don't really have any problems with Messenger itself, being what it is; however, there are a few things that I need to gripe about: 1) foremost is the fact that it is a whole separate app from Facebook. You have to have both in almost every single case. I remember that you used to be able to utilize the Messenger function in the Facebook app without the need for the second application. 2) the most annoying thing about the Messenger app is the "friendversary." It's just an attempt to make the app seem relevant. I have pretty much every function of the Messenger app turned off aside from Notifications because I have a couple of people that only send things through Messenger. I seriously wish that the stupid "friendversary" crap could be turned off as it goes off randomly and the sound is quite loud and distracting..Version: 243.2

ProblemeDepuis la dernière mise à jour j’arrive plus avoir rien ni message ni média.Version: 291.2

Glitchy / Broken App ruined by 40+ pathetic updates in a row.....Updates 252.1 onwards (roughly 40 updates in a row, so far...) Honestly do you guys even bother to check updates before releasing them? Over 40 updates in a row, and all you have done is introduce BUG, after BUG, after BUG.... On the iPad it constantly "glitches" or at least it did for the first 8-10 of those updates. Then basic functionality walked out of the room, and things like emoji's in the blue emoji at the end of the chat box vanished from the emoji / gif / sticker screen. So now it just has gif / stickers & a stupid poll option, and the only way to add emoji's is via the redundant Globe button. For the next 7 - 10 updates when you reinstall it, it's glitched from the outset. I have sent you multiple error reports verifying all of the above / below, and not once have you listened to me or any of the other thousands of complaints. Other issues: Active status is hit or miss Unable to create events Unable to tell if a message is delivered or not Notifications no longer being sent / received .....& many many more. Seriously, how you can screw up such a great app, with 40+ of the worst updates known to man is beyond me. What we would all love to know is if you plan on FIXING this abomination of an app and returning it to its former glory (ie prior to 252.1 onwards)!?.Version: 276.0

End to end encryption - why is this suddenly A Thing?Why do I keep getting a pop up on Messenger in FB saying “Unable to load End to End encrypted chats”? I don’t HAVE any End to End Encrypted chats at the moment! So why am I having to refresh the “page” to see chats that I am in the middle of? There is no indication that these chats are encrypted eg a padlock, a key etc. But I am being told to update my browser etc when it is up to date. Messenger should speak to people in Human Speak, not Geek Speak - then we can all understand what the heck it is on about! And it should be easier to navigate your way around Messenger settings on all types of device. You shouldn’t have to Google “how to do a thing” in Messenger. It should be intuitive and user friendly...Version: 418.0

Extremely unhappy with latest updateWhere to even start there are so many problems and issues with this latest update it’s ridiculous One of my biggest issues With this update is the Avatar stickers you create yourself (which I loved and used every day) keep disappearing from messenger other sticker packs that I’ve downloaded are there but not the custom create avatar stickers if I uninstall the app and reinstall the app they then reappear but then after a few hours or no more than a day they’re gone again and I have to uninstall and reinstall to get them back and I’ve had to do that more than 8-10 times there’s so many other issues and problems I have as well but so many other different reviews have already mentioned and or covered those.Version: 255.0

Deleted messagesI wish this app would completely delete people from messenger after questioning and replying to a for sale post on facebook .. as messenger is the service used for facebook and the sales sites set up on facebook . every time i go to a message from friends i continually see old messages contacts keep popping up after being deleted . if there not in our friends contacts they should be permanently deleted after you delete them from a conversation . fix this please is very frustrating and pisses me off . cos there is no other way of deleting them unless you block them on fb but then if they are regular sellers you cant see there other items at later date . needs to be fixed .and I have one person I have blocked on fb I do not know and they continue to stay on . How is that possible unless they are a hacker ..Version: 290.0

Why the constant updates?Many of my friends use Messenger to communicate with me, and I’m happy in principle to see what they have to say and respond, but I get absolutely fed up with having to go through the almost inevitable update process virtually every time I try to access a message on Messenger. Unlike other apps, where one just goes straight through, with Messenger one always has to download the app again and then update (sometimes as many as three times) before finally getting the Open tab and being able to go through to Messenger. As a result, I tend not to react to each and every message, but to wait until I’ve received half a dozen messages or more and then go through the inevitable update and wait process several times before finally getting to view the messages I’ve received. This is incredibly frustrating and really off-putting, and is becoming a reason not to use Messenger and has already led me to drop out of many group conversations. I can see no logic in deliberately making it difficult to access a conversation and slowing things down in such a structural manner. I’m sure there’s a ‘reason’, but it may not be a good one! Is it to give them time and opportunity to harvest all the data they want to collect?.Version: 257.0

Not happy with new update...One day, my cousins and I changed the theme to monochrome because we were messing around with the new themes. Then I realised I needed to update my messenger as my cousins had some effects on their messages that I couldn’t get. So I updated my messenger to get the effect. When I looked where the effect was supposed to be, and it wasn’t there. Even worst, when I tried to change the theme I couldn’t change it. We even did it to the family group chat, and when we tried to change it, it wouldn’t work and most of our family was annoyed by the depressing theme. I am so mad about this update, because the old version was so much better. Even the logo is ugly and looks like the instagram logo. I also heard that the new ugly logo is glitching onto the logo of the instagram app. I am so disappointed about this update. I even hope that i’d be able to give this 0 stars. (But the app store won’t allow it)..Version: 294.0

HackersHow many times have I gotten messages or people I’m already Friends with trying to friend me again from hackers??? Pretty sure that’s how my whole phone was hacked! - and money almost stolen! Contacts erased- crazy stuff going on the last few years! And it’s only getting worse and more frequent!! Can you please get control of the hackers. I use this app to keep in contact with family and friends that live far away and also my health and wellness clients. It would be nice to not have to worry about being hacked all the time. It was bad enough when there were just landlines- yes, I’m that old, and proud of it! The DO NOT CALL LIST really worked and couldn’t steal your info unless you actually told it to them on a call. This is getting, well, not getting, but IS RIDICULOUS. How can almost everyone I know have been hacked?? And the hacker messages from friends on messenger trying to scam you—- I GOT A MESSAGE THE OTHER DAY FROM SOMEONE THAT IS DEAD!!! THESE PEOPLE OBVIOUSLY AREN'T TOO SMART, but SMART ENOUGH TO SIT AROUND ALL DAY, play on a computer,AND STEAL FROM PEOPLE WORKING HARD FOR THEIR MONEY and WORKING HARD to survive in this world!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO STOP THIS?.Version: 398.0

Why fix what wasn’t broken?As a UX consultant, I have to say I am severely disappointed. The newest version of this app aimed to make its use more simple, but really it increased the complexity of conducting a basic conversation. As a homage to the stupidity of the industry, it seems a designer who can make pretty pictures has come in, without a thought for use cases. First of all, and most striking, is the removal of the emojis... this I don’t even understand. Now I have to download another app to add an emoji keyboard in my phone, which I have to switch to every single time? Yay. Also, now if I want to send a photo from another album in my phone (not the recent camera roll) I have to go through 3 other interactions to get there: and if it’s a gif it will paste as a flat image? Now I have to go into my photos app to access any of these photos. Yay. The fact that messages are automatically opened if you haven’t exited the conversation, without notification, is ridiculous. Missing messages ISN’T what I want out of a chat application. Not to mention that there is now an extra step to get to the shared media... Sometimes less isn’t more. Do us all a favour and give back what we had because it was working seamlessly and didn’t need “fixing”.Version: 255.1

Not happy with the latest update...I am not at all happy with the latest update. It has gotten rid of recent stickers, which I use all the time and now I have to go through every individual pack to find the ones I want... It has also removed being able to hold down a sticker that has been sent and be able to select “show pack” or something similar. This would then take you to the pack of stickers if you have downloaded it, or it would take you to where you can download it. Another thing that has changed is that you can no longer send small, medium and large versions of your special emoji, on the right side of the keyboard, by holding it down for different lengths of time. It will now only send a small version 😔 As I said before, I do NOT like these new update and I hope you change these features back to what they were originally!!!.Version: 253.1

Change it backHow do I get the normal messenger back. Like it was before this update. I hate it. I didn’t even wanna update my messenger but I had no choice. Due to it updating on its own. I hate it. And keep logging me out. So no I don’t want this new update. At all.Version: 247.0

Editing is poor.Dear Facebook, You know you update this Messenger app regularly? Please can you make posts edit-able? It’s annoying because if I made an error and posted a) I have to copy and paste again/delete old and b) I lose the sequence and c) the wrong word, day gives a totally different meaning. Suggest you look at Skype on the PC for text inspiration. While I think Skype is great for feedback between work colleagues during a pandemic, they are not my social friends. Social friends are on Messenger. So, Messenger is used a lot and Skype a close second. Skype though, works much better. The way you write on Skype is much better. As sometimes I have written instructions and wanted to make idiot-proof, I use the edit a lot. For example, “Turn it off!” to “Turn the PC off!”. “Monday” to “Tuesday” etc. Also, I cannot play Basketball any more, so may as well moan about that too. But that’s 0.1% of this post. I’m on an iPhone 5s, with iOS 12 - and that currently is great for all I want. So, fix this edit issue, before you stop supporting this model please! The only reason 3 stars is because I use Messenger regularly. I have a need to. Otherwise be scored 2!.Version: 319.0

Why?Why would the people responsible for updating the messenger app make it so ugly and confusing to use with each newer update?? And what’s worse is when you don’t update it for a while after the new update is out, they have the audacity to keep reminding you of the update! And no matter how many times you click the “not now” button, they come back to ask the same thing an hour later. Enough! I didn’t want to update the app because I know every time I do update it, it gets progressively worse. My eyes hurt from looking at what has been done with the recent update. I want to undo the update but I don’t know how. No one should ever update the messenger app, no matter how much harassment you may receive from the app telling you to update it. Sometimes things are supposed to be left alone the way they are. Don’t mess them up like this. I hate this update. It’s worse than the previous update. I don’t like it at all. And neither should anyone else..Version: 195

It’s functional.Used to be good. They keep adding garbage and getting rid of good stuff. Lie getting rid of gifs. Just stupid..Version: 325.1

Full of bugsSince the new update the app has been full of bugs. Takes forever to send and receive messages. Everytime I receive a message the screen and keyboard do not adjust to show the new message on screen so I have to scroll down each time to show my new message. And the media quality is even worse than before.Version: 339.0

Post iOS 11.0.3 issuesAlways been a big loyal fan of Facebook’s Messenger app and to this day it is still my go-to method of communication versus texting with my personal cell number. However, after the iOS 11.0.3 update messenger has a huge lag when it comes to sending pictures, and even messages at all for that matter. I thought it was the pictures themselves or the WiFi connection but it happens with any picture or video I try to send, no matter what size, and no matter the WiFi signal strength or network I’m connected to. At times the app will even crash right when opening it for the first time on any given day, no matter how often I clear background apps and history and data on my iTouch. Don’t know if it’s Apple’s or Facebook’s issue but the compatibility and functionality should be pristine and on point, considering how much we pay for our devices and how often software is updated..Version: 141.0

Useful for those who don’t have a phone no.Communication with this app is almost just like texting someone, with several differences & one of them is you can see who isn’t or is online at the time of chatting with them… as far as using Facebook or Messenger goes (some people choose to turn off their Active Status) this only applies to people that are friends with each other on FB. another fact about Messenger, that is non-similar to text messages, is you can archive messages sent to you from anyone, which if your familiar with archiving stories on Facebook, the concept is almost the same. the only other unique difference i can think of is the ability to edit chat thread backgrounds (tap on that person‘s profile picture, choose Theme as the 1st choice under Customization, pick one of the many options available or go to the bottom Colors and Gradients section to decide on your favorite to set for that certain chat between you & him/her/they) those are the only reasons why I think Messenger is a decent app to use for purposes related to reaching out to anyone with a FB account..Version: 443.0.0

Works well, but...I use Messenger regularly. It is pretty good & convenient. BUT, I want to be able to delete selected conversations & single messages for everyone, especially admins. It is silly for a message to only be deleted from myself and not others, ESPECIALLY if you are an Administrator of a group conversation. Administrators are there for a reason, so why would an Administrator delete something from themselves only and not the whole group. Odd. Administrators should be able to moderate all conversations in a group and to delete something from everyone if it is necessary without everyone in the group being told what the Administrators are doing. So, to sum up, messages should be able to be deleted - not just from myself but also from the person I sent it to... like it used to be. If I want to delete something I want it really deleted. And to be able to edit mistakes etc Please include this in an update. Added to this, why fix something when it’s not broken. Updates are not always good..Version: 272.0

FrustratedPlease, somebody out there help me. Messenger is signed into a business account I worked for many many years ago, I keep getting their messages and I hate it. I cannot swipe left to remove account for some reason. I cannot logon to that account because I don’t know the sign in details, I cannot remove it from my account, I simply cannot find a way to remove it. Plus Facebook has know direct support, I’ve reported the problem hundreds of times and I am still sitting getting notifications from an account that has nothing to do with me..Version: 360.0

No privacy due to infiltration of strangers to my messengerI noticed more and more people being added to my messenger without my consent. I’m not talking about people in my telephone book either, but just random strangers from fb, hundreds and hundreds of them, so bad that when I want to post a message to my actual friends I could hardly find any of them due to the insane levels of strangers that fb have infiltrated my messenger with. This is a huge violation, not only of my privacy but also of my right to choose who I connect with. There have also been friends of friends, some of these people I specifically want to avoid because we deliberately don’t talk. Messenger flies in the face of al the privacy and control you can apply to you fb friend list and your fb posts. I dint recommend this app and would only re install messenger again if they completely changed it so the user can have completely control over who is on their contacts list..Version: 264.0

ArkkLa nouvelle mise à jour est dégoûtante pour faire un message vocal étais bien mieux avant et on voyait si quelqu’un avait vue notre message sans qu’on aille sur la convo (je préfère l’ancienne version).Version: 253.1

Can’t view videosWe rely on messenger for videos and pics of our granddaughter who lives interstate and as of a couple of days ago we can no longer view them. The latest ones show as being there but they won’t actually play unless we go into edit mode. Also when scrolling back through older videos and pics they’re not downloading to be able to view them. This is happening on my husband’s phone as well so we assume it must be something to do with the latest update (either app update or ISO update). We love going back and rewatching favourite videos every day and we are so frustrated, annoyed and heartbroken that we can’t access them easily. Please provide us with a fix or advise us on what we can do to remedy this..Version: 345.0

...I've recently updated messenger. When I re-download it, the old features are back but everytime I close and open the app, the new features are there. I actually prefer the old features better, where the stories and active people are all in one slide instead of having 2 slides. Also while in the chats list slide (not in the page of the person I am friends with), I was able to see the person's profile picture icon on the right hand side. Is there a way to have the old features back please?.Version: 253.1

GlitchesApp is filled with glitches of which has been going on since last update. Great way to lower usage if that was the intention. It keeps refreshing messages, closing thread and taking back to the main list and clearing anything typed. Doesn’t send me notifications when I receive anything either. Would give it 0 stars because I’ve reported the issue multiple times and have received no communication back or assurances they are tying to fix it since there are multiple who I have talked to having the same issue..Version: 263.2

Works pretty well but constant updates are too vagueI rarely have any issues with using the app, it even has some advantages over a web browser; in particular, you can create plans in the app but not in browsers. My only issue is that there is almost always an update in the App Store for messenger and the description is always the same vague one. It doesn't matter if the specific bug fixes and changes are listed somewhere online, it should be in the update description and users shouldn't have to switch between apps to find out what they're downloading. Considering how many people must be working on these updates, it comes off as really lazy or really shady that the same description is being copy pasted every time..Version: 182.0

I don’t feel good with last updateI really don’t know where should I start but the only thing that I come to write this just because the last updated app is more and more wired to use and I don’t think that only me who feel this. First, start with the tiny blue circle that show us if our chat have been sent or seen by the other side but it doesn’t exist anymore now. Second, there a messy way to send my voice message that I have to click before I start and click again after finish. It’s not work as fast as the old once. Third, there are messy thing to send a photo that I can easily confuse or send the wrong photos to my partner cuz this feature is updated to the brand new thing but I don’t think it’s really helpful. There many things that I really don’t appreciate with this latest update but these three things is the most headache things ever after I got this update. I hope to hear and get the better version as before from you soon..Version: 253.1

Not happyAdmittedly I don't use Facebook much, I only got the app in order to effectively communicate with my work and friends. It was glitchy from the start and would shut down randomly- annoying but I could deal with it. Then later it started not updating conversations and it was as if no one had posted anything (which they had) and only the next day did it load all the messages. Hoping for a fix or at least something a tad better I updated the app. Now, no messages will load at all and this is unaided by the continued "trying to connect" "connected" messages that change to the other every second. This app has gotten worse with the update and I hope these (at least some of them) will be fixed soon..Version: 147.0

RequestPlease update my messenger I loved the new update last couple weeks buts it’s gone to my messenger and it went back to the old one.Version: 193.0

App going downhill fast.Ever since the last update the calls have been messing up bad when I try to call someone it says I’m calling myself and keeps ringing and ringing for so long I have to turn my phone off completely to get it to stop on top of that messenger it self as been messing up my data it will turn my data off out of nowhere or it won’t even recognize I have data on at all it just keeps saying “ no Internet connection” when I have full bars of LTE and even more on that note calls will randomly end or it will only end on me or said persons end but never showed on the other persons end and the whole time you think you’re on call you really not video length is way too short my friends can’t even send me videos without having to crop them into separate parts and same for me I keep getting kicked out of messenger almost on a daily basis nowadays and sometimes it keeps saying that my information is wrong when I never change my login information and don’t get me started on how many times it says “unable to login” over and over again on a daily basis and on top of the fact and stuff it has very bad security measures if you get hacked or so on. All the recent updates for a while On this app have just been making this app worse and worse and it has so many bugs and glitches it’s not even funny this app has gone to complete garbage..Version: 364.0

This app is an absolute jokeWhat a dumpster fire of an app. I’ve always had problems with messenger, but they’ve often been minor and have sometimes been resolved. It’s ridiculous how long it took to get more (but still not all) emojis available as emoji buttons for chats, but they eventually added this inconsequential feature. It would be nice if they expanded the color/theme options, but I can live without that. Recently, though, things have just gotten worse. The removal of polls in group chats is ridiculous. There’s no reason for such a feature to be taken away. Facebook has been “working to add them back” for months now. Additionally, my main issue with the app is that I’m now completely unable to make new group messages. This has happened once before, and I had to delete and reinstall the app to fix the problem. I should never have to do that, but at least it worked. The problem has resurfaced now, though, and even deleting and reinstalling hasn’t solved the problem. I guess the app is just permanently broken for me? Good on you, Facebook. What a waste..Version: 255.1

Glitchy, slower than most alternativesI just don't see the point in many features Facebook incorporated into this app. Adds are annoying, notifications are glitchy. For fast messaging I use other apps, which are faster, allow to upload videos of a better quality, and they don't require a Facebook account. Latest versions can crash quite unexpectedly, and sometimes the app fails to start or load previous conversations. Very disappointed because Facebook team fails to deliver and it seems they don't care. Again, Facebook Support is awful, I'd say it doesn't exist..Version: 146.0

CHATS KEEP DISAPPEARINGEverytime I open messenger the conversations from marketplace are just completely gone. Only way to see them is to delete the app and re-download it. I’m EXTREMELY over it….Version: 344.0

Major accessibility issue!This has been going on now for over a month, and I never said anything, hoping it would get fixed, but many updates have been released and still nothing. To be clear, it's an issue with Voiceover, the built in screen reader, and it happens both on iPhone and iPad. This bug is so incredibly annoying and absolutely infuriating! When in a chat, when new messages come in, Voiceover focus is jumped very far back up the thread, and the only way to get it back is to find the keyboard and then move up, to find the most recent messages. That works sometimes but then others the keyboard is hidden somehow, and it becomes almost impossible to find the new messages in the chat. And then, once you finally get there, what do you know? The person just sent you another message, making you have to repeat the cycle all over again! Lather rinse repeat, lather rinse repeat. This doesn't happen on the FB app, or even on whatsapp, or any other app I have for that matter. It only happens on Messenger. It has made the app an absolute disaster to use, and should be fixed IMMEDIATELY!!.Version: 430.0

Deleted it you shouldUpdate (lol) to my previous review. The camera or trying to take pictures in messenger is very very amateur, I can’t use (same on wharscrap, terrible), and now I see they removed the editing facility when you send a pic to a friend, what’s that about, removing a message JESUS, how many times do you have to say yes before you can remove the message. The updates I never update because it’s always worse than before. I’ve given messenger 1 star. One other thing, who’s STUPID STUPID idea was it to change it to the same colour as Instagram, (their own colours make them unique), now if you can a notification on screen at a quick glance you can’t see which app it’s from, I just had one, I’m sure it was Instagram but I check and nothing, CHANGE IT BACK!! Facebook is too big now and wants to control your life! I just deleted the messenger app off my phone (also takes lots of memory), what I find strange is the messenger on your phone always needs updating? Why? And if you don’t you can’t use it! They force you to update it, but on your pc it doesn’t need updating. Trust me delete off your phone you don’t need it, don’t forget all the personal data they steal from you and now spy on you through the updates! Facebook USE to be good! The devil of social media!.Version: 298.0

Stories notifications in the appThis used to be a nice app to use to get messages from friends via Facebook. You get notifications and alerts and a little red symbol appears on the app when you have a message – usually. Recently, I've been checking when I see the little red symbol and I don't have any messages. It's a notification from Facebook at the bottom saying somebody's uploaded a story. It's now happens multiple times a day and I don't want to be notified or even see the stories. I have a Facebook app. If I wanted to see stories I would use the Facebook app, why shove it into messenger and change the app from what was a good messaging app to now something that is crowded with other notifications you don't really want or need. You don't even know if you really have a message any more. There's no way to control notifications for this separately..Version: 391.0

New versionThe new version is terrible!!!!.Version: 247.0

It shows i’m active when i’m notIt’s so so so annoying that messenger shows i’m active when i’m actually not. Every time just right after my friends send me a message i became active, so when i replied them back late, some of them thought i ignored their messages..it makes me stressed can you please fix this problem? I even deleted and redownloaded this app twice but same problem still occurs.Version: 293.0

Scammers n MessengerI would like everyone to know that these iPhones can be mirrored if your being scammed by ignorant scammers threw messenger by way of two authentication factors if txt messages are highlighted/clicked on their phones and no one NOT even Verizon WARNED anybody of this. My phone has been hacked I was locked out of my Facebook page an ALL the messages the hacker sent me threw messenger was deleted and locked messenger all in one. I was scammed out of over $700 and my phone showed me another device was connected to my phone ALL my Family and Friends in my CONTACT LIST were contacted by these hackers using my photo making them think they were me. This is a sad situation cause I’m ONLY live off Disability born disable little money with 2 children that needs my help. I’m totally upset with VERIZON if I had Not had a brain surgery last month maybe I had a chance of seeing this was a Scam but my thinking is slower right now. Verizon need to have it where your passwords can ONLY be changed on the device you created it on. STOP THESE SCAMMERS AND SEND THEM TO PRISON ASAP. These ppl sits around and think of how to take from the poor ppl ALL DAY..Version: 370.1

Retrieve those important features on MessengerI noticed that a few useful features on Facebook and Messenger were removed these days. (1) The new update to bury the buyer’s profile icon from an order is disappointing and useless. (2)The notification of receiving orders from Messenger now is gone. (3)Messages from potential buyers on Messenger automatically disappear after turning off the app (or after a particular amount of offline time.) As a seller, I always reach out to my buyers for delivery of their packages and, at least, say thank you for their purchase. Now these important features, both online and on the app, were buried so that there’s no way to contact my buyers for that or for any shipping issues involving the orders, if that could possibly happen. Now the only way for me to contact my buyers is to raise a new conversation by typing their full names and looking into their profile images for recognizing if they’re the right person. But the problem is that the new message may or may not been seen by the buyer in time, because I’m not a friend of the buyer to raise the conversation, and the message may be treated as spam message and has notification to the buyer at all. I’m looking forward to getting those useful, important features back on Marketplace/ Messenger..Version: 364.0

Awful! No control over own accountI only use messenger for personal chats but a short time ago Fb decided to sync my personal messages with a business page I manage. It’s an info only page and I don’t want to receive messages so switched these off. However! Fb made it so I didn’t have a choice- so now I get a notification there is a post like but instead of being taken to the post, it loads up my messenger app and it’s blank (which it should be) but I don’t want it to open it at all! My personal phone is not for work… surely the whole point of stating if you want business messages in the settings should determine if you receive them in the App? Also the new update means you cannot switch back to your own account easily. Not impressed! Making me reconsider using Fb for business use (which is a shame as can be useful) but I have a life outside of work and not up to Fb or Meta to decide that. It should be an option in the settings for people to choose how they wish to utilise their page..Version: 347.0

Did you think of vision impaired people?!!Why did you change this. Im vision impaired and old version was perfect for me. This new version i cant read my messages its too small if i increase the size i lose the person’s picture and thanks for removing the one part i loved when I would be sent a large emoji. Why would you say making it smaller will make it quicker. THAT IS NOT THE CASE FOR ME ANYMORE. I have deleted this app an have moved all my friends to viber where I can control it. You people dont have any idea about vision impaired people who have to relearn after every change. IT IS DAUNTING.Version: 254.1

App is good but keeps crashingMessenger has always worked fine for me but just recently, the app has started crashing when I open it, therefore I can not communicate or check messages. There are no updates to install right now for me and my device has enough storage. I would clear my chats if I could get into the app to see if that would help but obviously I can’t. Apart from this problem, Messenger is great. You don’t need to have Facebook as you can use your phone number and to find someone, just type in their name. You can chat, video call, voice call or make a room, which can hold up to 50 people. It does need an internet connection but there is unlimited texts and call time, making this app free! I am on an Iphone 6 and I only have a problem when the app opens and crashes. It works when re-installed for around a day but that’s not the point ☁︎︎Thank you for reading my honest review and have a good day or night and take care of yourself..Version: 276.0

Can’t send messages!I cannot send messages unless it’s a group message. If I try and send a message it just says “cannot send” with a red exclamation mark? I have tried everything like removing and reinstalling the app, restating my phone, airplane mode for signal resets, turned my wifi router off and on! The list goes on! I have tried everything possible and I cannot fix it! This is a serious and urgent bug and that needs to be fixed! I’m so sick and tired of complaining and hearing nothing back about this! You guys need to make a new update for IPhone urgently because I know so many people experiencing similar things? Can someone please do there job and contact me about this! This app is literally useless as I cannot use it! This is definitely a 1 star rating because it is not doing what it is supposed to do “let me message other people” honestly ridiculous..Version: 378.2

Please improvePlease do not re-send notifications of messages I have already opened and read. In addition to this, and even more importantly - don’t - notify me of messages that I’ve sent, why would I need to re-read my own message to someone? Furthermore, would there be a possibility of improving the search function in a conversation so that you can search for a date range? I.e. I may not know the exact date, but I think it was in February 2017 and I want to go to look at the messages that were sent that month because I may not know the exact wording that was used..Version: 205.0

Text communication good / VN communication badMeta need to up their voice note technology in Messenger, the amount of times I have recorded a voice note only to find it doesn’t send, is interrupted and then deletes itself etc, is so frustrating and useless. Oh and you can’t close the app and continue listening to a VN sent to you, either. Want to listen to a voice note and one of your phone alarms goes off? A call happens? You receive a text? Tough luck, you need to exit the conversation and start the ENTIRE voice note again. You have the tech to have a much better voice recording interface with WhatsApp but unfortunately not everyone I know uses it, and I’m not only person who encounters this problem. I never leave bad reviews, but I just attempted to send a heartfelt voice note and Messenger decided to state ‘attachment unavailable’. No rhyme or reason. So, here I am, writing a review for what I would deem a pretty poor functioning app, in the hopes that someone with Meta authority sees it and springs into action. So done with this..Version: 408.1

My messenger doesn’t work goodI have iPhone 11 Pro and I’m trying to write a message but the conversation disappear and I can’t write nothing I delete the app and instal again I reset my phone I updated my phone And the messenger still doing the same thing What I can do more ... please help.Version: 261.1

Won’t show messagesApp is constantly saying it’s reconnecting and won’t show any messages. Have went days without realizing someone has messaged me..Version: 141.0

Why update it to make it worse?Why did you have to update messenger, remove cool feature like popping emojis in chat, add a really cool feature imo: the ability to spam emojis in chat, and then remove the spamming again? Why are you adding features to then later remove them and why did you remove old features? Please bring back the ability to check if someone has seen your message without having to enter in the chat and #bringbackoldmessenger ;( Update: Now, after a few more updates, it got a lot worse. If I try to send more than 10 pictures at a time, it doesn’t work. Like it straight up doesn’t send the pictures. If I want to look at pictures within a chat, they don’t load unless I wait for like an hour. You still can’t fast forward within a voice recording and to select a different album than just “recents” when sending photos and videos is a pain and it’s better to do it off of the gallery app. Also none of these problems are because my phone is slow or because of bad internet, I have an iPhone X with 100mb/s down/up wi-fi..Version: 263.2

Very bad experience1. Messenger stops sending messages for no reason, Internet connecting fine 2. Not receiving messages despite getting notifications and essages available on computer browser 3. Given that messenger FAILED COMPLETELY as a messenger, I delete the app, and try to go back to browser view since at least I can get messages on time there. Well... Facebook DOES NOT ALLOW ME to go back browser because I stupidity used messenger ONCE. and now it remembered and ALWAYS direct me to messenger which DOES NOT EXIST ON MY PHONE. therefore I lost all sources to my friends messages.Version: 192.0

FixThis app keeps signing me out every 15 minutes and showing me I'm online Please fix it.Version: 235.0

Messenger keeps kicking me offFor the past three days messenger has literally been kicking me from the app nonstop. If I’m lucky I can get it to work enough for me to send maybe one message before it starts doing the same thing. I click the app to open it, it tries to open, then immediately shuts down. Over and over and over. And now when I do get into it, if it actually allows me to stay on the app, it no longer allows me access to my photos. I try to go to settings to allow access, but the app isn’t asking for permission in my settings. So I can’t even fix that. But I’m more concerned with the fact that I literally can’t get messenger to open unless I shut my phone off and on three or four times in a row. And when it does let me in, I know I have a limited amount of time before it does it again. It’s done this once before I few months back, and there was an update that fixed it and I had no more issues until recently. So I keep looking on here for an update, but haven’t seen one yet- so I’m curious if it’s just my phone specifically or if it’s the app itself. Either way it’s extremely irritating especially when it’s the main (and basically only) way that I communicate with people. And now I can’t even do that. It’s extremely frustrating to just continuously be kicked out of the app for no apparent reason. Please fix this...Version: 358.0

Wrong accountI had an old account I wanted to access again but every time I tried to log in with my phone number, it would long me into someone else’s account. WHICH IS A HUGE BREACH OF PRIVACY! I couldn’t log out and make a new account because it needs my phone number which is apparently attached to this person’s account instead. So I had to keep deleting the app to restart and try different methods. And this wasn’t the first issue. On my old account I couldn’t friend people from overseas but even if there was a way that I could it was not clear at all. So now I can’t use Messenger at all unless I get a new number and all my chat logs from my old account are gone. Thanks Messenger, I’ll be using Whatsapp from now on..Version: 251.0

No notificationsSince last update few days ago it is chosen to give me some notifications while other times no notifications... all my notifications settings are the same as previous... but I’m getting delayed notifications as well... like someone sent a message 5 minutes ago and I get the notification later... same with calls as well I get a notification that I missed a call 5 minutes later while my phone never rang and I had it unlocked all the time and was using it.....Version: 251.0

Opens the wrong chatSo FB Messenger gets the job done for the most part and is pretty easy to use. I do use it for most of my communication with friends and family at this point. 3 stars though because for the past few months it keeps opening the wrong chat about 30% of the time. I’ll tap to open one, it looks like it opens it correctly, but then when I look at the top it’s the wrong person entirely. I don’t always notice this and sometimes end up messaging the wrong thing to the wrong person, which could be disastrous depending on the person (like texting your aunt a meme meant for your bestie, or your grandparent something personal meant for your significant other). I’ve updated the app and my phone to the latest versions and submitted feedback through the app and nothing has changed for MONTH. It’s a very annoying glitch that can ruin your entire experience. It’s nice that you can unsend messages but I now have trust issues with this app..Version: 423.0

Makes basic things harder or impossibleWish I had never installed the update and that’s a decision made within the first 10 minutes - goodness bows what other issues I’ll find. They’ve got rid of the radio buttons that made selecting multiple recipients very quick and easy. Why? Also, now when you have to add multiple recipients the names all stay in a large box at the top of the screen and you can’t minimise it. This means that if you have a few names in that box there is only room to see the message line you are typing and no more because the keyboard takes up the rest of the screen. If you have more than about 4 recipients then the message box disappears down behind the keyboard making it impossible to type your message at all as you can’t see what you’re typing. As I only use my mobile for messenger this update has therefore made a substantial amount of my usage impossible. Shockingly bad design changes that seem to have been made for no good reason; cannot see what value they have added. If not fixed soon will be deleting..Version: 288.0

Commonly used for texts but not for calls or video calls.Messenger is very good for texting people you know such as close friends and family because it’s commonly used as FaceBook is linked to almost everything. However, would I use this as a main form of communication? No. I have a iPhone 11, plenty of space, and always up to date. I choose iMessage, usual texts, and WhatsApp. Why? Well buckle down cause I’ll tell you why. Messenger compresses the images and videos you send so the quality won’t be as it’s original quality, for some reason video calls are also no bueno for me, even regular calls and therefore I use WhatsApp for these things. Messenger calls will have trouble will connecting in places with weak connection but WhatsApp will connect like a pro despite the struggle also it doesn’t use as much data and video calls are clearer on WhatsApp and so good on connection whereas Messenger will struggle to hold a medium strength connection. Also, I use WhatsApp overall cause it’s heavily encrypted and it holds on for dear life like a crackhead I love it. Also Messenger doesn’t have PiP sadly but neither apps do I’m excited for it..Version: 307.2

Disappearance of documents and saving issuesUnfortunate for me to write this review but very disappointed with how poor this app has become. Most of my documents that were saved onto this app on my iPad are no longer there. Majority of the times when I save a document with what I have typed up, the automatic save switch will be on which is convenient as I can add something later down the track and then return to it, seeing it still there. However recently with my some of my documents, I can only see what I have typed up prior to manually saving the document. Whatever I have typed afterwards are no longer there or saved. Really disappointed as this app was convenient at the beginning..Version: 231.0

Does not work properly with multitasking in iPadOS 13While the ubiquity of Facebook chat makes the app inherently useful, it currently does not properly with multitasking in iPadOS 13. The app constantly requires manual closing to force it to adhere to the desired app format, as UI elements do not display properly and prevent you from actually being able to communicate with contacts. This is the only app on my device which suffers from this problem, and its very frustrating..Version: 238.1

Blurry bugMessenger is a great app. Easy access and very simple to connect with friends and family. However whenever I upload a video to my story, the quality is always pixelated after its uploaded. I have an iPhone 11 Pro and the videos are great quality until I share it to messenger. Sometimes the videos come out good on messenger and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s a hit and miss. My videos upload fine on other apps- its just messenger..Version: 276.0

Advertising? Really? like we don’t have enough spam?Please remove adverts from Messenger, we use it to message friends not look at ads. Facebook already has enough spam. And the worst part? We are not allowed to control this/turn it off. You've decided we want these irrelevant ads targeting “someone of your age in your city”- please remove them or give us the option to. And stop Facebook telling me I have an unread message when I actually don’t..Version: 269.0

Messenger not openinRecent update not so good. I cannot open messenger. It immediately crashes when I open it. I reinstalled it yesterday and it did work for one day. I have an iPhone 6 and it always work well before this. Please fix the bug as soon as possible. This is very annoying. It’s the 3rd consecutive day this week, every afternoon my messenger crashes every time I opened it. Turns into black screen. I uninstalled the app thought it will rectify the issue and few minutes later reinstalled again. Sure it works for a day then back to crashing again. What’s the reason of this problem. Please fix it outright ASAP. Thank you. Please fix this App. It constantly crashing. I always delete the app and reinstalled again but same thing happens. What’s wrong this App..Version: 277.0

Please update ASAP I’m gettifn frustrated with the “message failed to sent” errorI don’t know if I’m just not understanding why but this is the first time this has happened to me can you please update the app I’m writing this Christmas Day 2023 and I sent messages to a bunch of people saying merry Christmas and most of them went through but there some messages saying failed to send when i don’t understand hod that’s possible because I have great phone cellular service and great internet so I don’t understand. I tried deleting a bunch of old chats and restarting my phone but it’s still doing that. The into thigh I didn’t do that I’m curious if it will work or not if I’d if I delete messenger completely and then redownload it but I don’t want to lose any information on the app if I do that. It still lets me message people but it’s a pain when I try to mesages certain people and it does that when I’ve never experienced this problem before until now. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP PLEASE because messenger is one of the ways I talk to friends and family the most and it’s hard to do that right now when I’m getting the error message. Thanks please fix this bye..Version: 439.0.0

It’s great, but…The app is great because of how often my mother has used it and it’s pretty good not going to lie! But once I downloaded it it was a disaster, I tried to make a account but I accidentally didn’t read one of the things they had to say so I pretty sure it was about synching the contacts so I didn’t read that and then when I was actually logged in I couldn’t search for my contacts because it said that “no results found” and my whole purpose of being on messaged was to talk to my family so now that was bulldozed by not being able to synch or search for my contacts. And I’m not able to make a new account because it said at the end about a Facebook account, and if I pressed that I didn’t have a account (which I didn’t) I would have to make one which I never asked for, nor wanted, so I was forced to get a account which I say this again… I NEVER WANTED, so then I just deleted the app whole because I NEVER wanted a Facebook account but I was forced to, I wasn’t able to get on messenger, and I just wish the sign up or log in was more simple. Messager here’s a message: STOP NEEDING PEOPLE TO HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT WHEN PEOPLE NEVER WANT ONE, AND ALSO MAKE THE SIGN UP MORE SIMPLE 👏🏼👎🏼.Version: 443.0.0

Doesn’t even deserve one starI feel like I’m in The Truman Show with this app - people can see that you have the app, if you’re online, if you’re offline, where you are, how long it’s been since you were online. It’s ridiculous and utter crap. I was tricked into the ‘find my contacts’ malarkey, whereby I clicked it thinking it would match my existing contacts. Oh no. Facebook messenger proceeded to add, on messenger, every single person who’s phone number I’ve EVER had, even if they’re not contacts anymore and not my Facebook friends. I’ve had my phone number for 10 years or so now so you can imagine how weird this was. I was being messaged by people I couldn’t even recall, asking me why I had added them on messenger. Absolutely atrocious and I dread to think how many other people have done this too. Constant notifications and asking me for my location settings to be changed. It’s not even a good app. Facebook - book your ideas up and go back to having messenger built into the Facebook app..Version: 144.0

Forced to useI did not want to download messenger to be able to talk with people, I was forced to. I miss the old way of just being able to see your messages from within safari or in the app. Now to use Facebook I have to have two different apps! I'm currently looking for an alternative to Facebook, as with all the changes it has become quite a nuciense to use.Version: 146.0

What have you done Messenger?Disliking the latest version of Messenger. It’s taking up more space than ANY of my other apps and I have deleted all my message threads. We don’t need Your Story on here we get that on FB and IG. And do not like the Discover page full of businesses! This just takes up more space and I will NEVER use it. Also don’t need Messenger to be adding people from my contacts. If I want to message them I can do that through my contacts. I also am not liking the new design and font. Really we don’t need another FB wannabe the messaging service was fantastic as it was......Version: 206.0

CrashingThis app as always came up with new things to offer us all, and it’s been great to use, it has everything, no need for Snapchat anymore, or instagram, Twitter... Facebook/ messenger have it all, it would be perfect if the daym app didn’t close every time I open it, I just updated it today and every time I click to read my messages it closes and I’m sent to the home screen and it does this about three times at most before actually working. Please fix, I use messenger for everything social wise 😅😂😂 overall tho a great app..Version: 170.1

Maaaajor problemsI love messenger, it’s what are used instead of WhatsApp and texting and so forth. But I also use it for sending audios to my friends… And it has so many issues on that front that it’s borderline unprofessional. First off, if you accidentally turn your phone sideways while you’re in the middle of recording, not only does it stop recording what you’re saying… It completely erases what you had recorded from existence. That is really unfortunate. If you recorded four, say 10+ minutes. Also this happens if you finish your audio and press the send button, but maybe accidentally press 1 mm to the left of the send button. He completely erases the audio from existence, and then you have to record again, please fix this.Version: 412.0

It’s ok but lots of bugsLately more and more bugs have been popping up that have been interfering with the quality of life. The most constant but admittedly least annoying one is how the badge counter does not disappear even when all messages have been read. Another error is that when video calling, it will default to a 0.5x angle on the outside camera when switching to it and there’s no way to change it. Another rare but frustrating bug is that sometimes photos won’t send at all, saying that “The picture couldn’t send”. The worst bug however is that sometimes when I try to scroll through my emojis it won’t let me, it will just close the keyboard so I have to use what’s in my recent. I know it’s a Messenger problem and not my phone since it doesn’t do that to me on any other app. So yeah. Super annoying errors especially since I use the app daily. I would appreciate it if the developers focused on these bugs in the next patch fix. Many thanks..Version: 422.0

Notifications stopped working?The issue here has to be connected to the most recent update, given the timeline in which it started. Notifications for this app just…stopped. (I’m not in any kind of sleep or Do Not Disturb mode, and I’ve double-checked my settings to make sure nothing got changed inadvertently.) If I deliberately bring up the app, I can see the new messages marked unread, and I get real-time notifications if I *happen* to have the app open/active when it comes through. Otherwise, I’ve gone legit days without realizing I had unread messages because the app decided not to tell me anymore. Otherwise the app seems to be functioning the same as always, so that’s something. I’ll continue to use it since this is the established method of communication for my friend group, but this is a pretty problematic bug for an app whose one job is to facilitate communication..Version: 421.0

Added back delivered status in ios messengerSince the latest messenger update for IOS, on the 15th March 2023 there is no delivered label just after I send a message. When I used to send a message to someone there use to be a transparent tick in a littel circle then once the message had been delivered to that person’s device. The tick would change from a transparent circle to a filled circle with a tick in it still . Since the update on the 15th March 2023 the circles have gone and now it just says a message is sent and when it has been read . But I don’t know if the person who I am messaging if there message has been actually delivered just sent or not because there is no delivered sign anymore . It’s quite a worry especially as if it is something important I am sending to someone I don’t know weather the message has been delivered or not as it only says sent now and then it will only say seen once they open the message but please please can the delivered Status be added back to the IOS messenger ..Version: 420.0

Don’t like the stories being movedI don’t have any other issues with the update except I’m really not enjoying the stories being moved from across the top in place of people I can create ‘rooms’ with. This is a feature I might use now and then but stories is something I like watching (if it’s someone I’m interested in) every time I open the app. I’ve now stopped looking at peoples stories because there is not flag to show new stories from people I’m following so I manually check now and then. Very clunky..Version: 278.0

Bad updateThis update is very bad,It prevents me from doing alot of things I could have done easily in the last versions and I can’t even use big emojis and editing is pretty bad right now..Version: 254.0

Again? Seriously?It seems to me that every time this app updates its either fixing a problem it keeps causing or causing the problem it keeps fixing. After the most recent update my app has decided it doesn’t like being open for more than 30 seconds to a minute at a time and will simply close itself halfway through me typing a message. I’m having to reopen it multiple times in order to send or type a message and sometimes it doesn’t even give me a chance to do that. This is the third time this has happened and it’s always after an update. I’m generally fairly patient but honestly it’s getting tedious. If this problem could be solved it would be much appreciated..Version: 170.1

What happened?I no longer receive Messenger alerts or messages from FB marketplace replies; that used to automatically go to the Messenger chat for privacy, vs through FB. There have been no settings changes, as all my apps are automatically updated however I have gone into all relevant Apps, made sure all is as should be. Nothing had been altered. A reply now shows up in my emails, naming the person replying that I’m supposed to be in conversation with via Marketplace. It takes me to “open in Messenger”, then “Would you like to open in Messenger”, then to the Messenger App Store, which then when opened, takes me back into Messenger that again shows no Marketplace message. A total futile cycle. All messages through my contacts are fine, and as I’ve said, all my Messenger settings are in tact, as I went through everything in detail. There are no issues at all with FB or my emails. I have no idea what has changed, but it is very frustrating, as I use FB Marketplace frequently. Whether I’m the seller or the buyer, it is not a good reflection on me..Version: 262.0

App crashesMost recent update causes app to crash 50% of the time upon opening.Version: 170.0

I hate the new update!!This new update ain’t it. Please switch back to the old one..Version: 196.1

Freezes and blackoutsI use messenger on my iPhone X and it either freezes or there’s complete blackout then I’m reverted back to the main screen. So I’ve tried going back to the app again but it’s freezes for over 2 minutes. I’m pretty sure it has to do with the new additions that you guys created thinking it will make it more fun for us but obviously it’s not fun at all being cut off. I was happy with just being able to communicate by simple messaging and video calling but no! You guys had to brain storm and come up with mediocre functions that’s ruining everyone’s experience with this app. Either Gina a solution to fix the bug or give up already. Not happy at all!.Version: 149.0

Only Use Because I Have ToIt’s astounding how poorly this app works. Maybe I use it in such a niche way that I’m coming up against issues that the average user wouldn’t notice, but I seem to be struggling with very base-level functionality. In my mind, Messenger is an offshoot of Facebook (and the Meta software) and allows me to communicate with my network / community. However, when using the search tool to find previous conversations or people I’m connected to, Messenger seems to search the entirety of the Meta database. For example, if I search “Thomas” I would expect that Messenger would help me find threads I have with people named Thomas, my messages where the name Thomas was mentioned, or profiles of Thomases I’m connected to. Instead, I get some of the above, but mostly a list of people I don’t know, groups I’m not interested in, and other random information. I just want to stay inside of my network when I use this app. I’m not using it to broaden my community..Version: 447.0.0

Fix itNo notifications for marketplace messages. Fix it.Version: 291.2

Playback glitchesI’d estimate this started about 3 updates back, I was hoping it would be resolved, alas so here’s the issue. When someone shares a video from the FB site via messenger, there’s no playback- if you press the link to open in FB, the main app opens, but it won’t take you to the actual content. The content is still present, so it’s not a case of something since being removed. This doesn’t always happen, but it is increasingly so. I’d also like to see more reactions- everyone wants a faceplant or eye roll, and sometimes we’re not angry, just perhaps don’t agree and want to express that, sad is a bit extreme to show disapproval too. This extends to the FB app, I’ve often seen people convey the same need for these reaction emojis. The adds are so annoying too, always in the middle of messages, it’s enough to have them on the main site really..Version: 258.0

Good, however some bugsI’ve used messenger for a while and its great, but in the past few months i’ve experienced some bugs. sometimes when i get messages i don’t get notified so i miss them, or i get a notification 10 - 20 mins after the message was sent. this is frustrating bc i don’t have much time to talk with my LDR bf, so delayed notifications or none at all takes away from our limited time and messenger is our main way of communication. if this could be fixed i would greatly appreciate it, otherwise messenger is a good app and i recommend it..Version: 240.0

Message RequestsIt’s not clear enough when messages are received from people who are not your fb friends. I can go weeks without noticing that I have a message request because they’re so hidden. And even when I do notice, I can’t accept their request unless I reply to them. What if there’s no reason to reply to that particular message but I still want to receive future messages from them? Their future message will also be hidden. I find this very frustrating.Version: 252.1

Almost my worst app everI really don't like this app. And seriously why can't you choose multiple messages to delete at once?? If it's going to be a messenger app make it more like text messages. This is annoying and painful Still no update on being able to delete multiple messages Mar 18- Another year - still can’t delete multiple messages Further to this, I hate that when you have the same people in a group chat, it starts new chat lines and doesn’t merge with existing chat group. I also hate that you can not delete people out of here if you have messaged with them for Facebook marketplace, they stay on your contacts. I don’t want complete strangers knowing whether I’m on here or not!!! And again, how can you mass delete messages or chats???? Seems like a stupid app to me but I have to use it as it’s the only one now.Version: 347.1

Video length is too shortI have friends that talk through videos when I’m not available, instead of audio only or typing. And I will get 10-20+ videos at a time from one person. Please upgrade the app to make videos 3 minutes max, instead of 20 seconds. It would make things so much better. I know I’m just one person. But maybe look at your data to see how many people use the video message function and if they are sending multiple at a time as well. Please and thank you. Edit. Also, maybe add a highlight to videos already viewed by me on my side. If I start watching them and that friend texts or sends a new video, the entire conversation jumps to the bottom and I lose my place. And trying to figure out where I left off in 20+ 20 second videos is a hassle; 40+ today(all at once). Like a yellow outline around the seen videos and blue around the ones I haven’t viewed yet. Something like that, that’s colorblind friendly lol. No purples and blues or greens and reds together, cuz they will blend and I and others like me wont be able to tell which is which 😂. Thank you.Version: 330.0

Some of the latest features missingDid the developers just give up on this app for iPad or something? I see that the latest update was two weeks ago, and usually Facebook likes to update all of their apps every two days 🤨 While the app *is* functional, it lacks some of the updated features that are all available on the iPhone app and mostly available via the direct website — such as FB avatars stickers and the like (i do appreciate the extra choices for emoji reacts, tho’; i just wish there were more heart options with that). My iPad is on the latest OS (iPadOS 14) and is an iPad Air 2...this latest update of Facebook Messenger is an incomplete version of the latest update for its version on iPhone 😐 would be nice to access ALL of the latest features on this app for iPad, since there’s more space on my iPad than on on my iPhone to support it. Hopefully, y’all will come back with a new update of ALL the latest features soon....Version: 294.0

DISABLED ACCOUNT?Hello And Thank You For Reading My Review, So Here Is The Story: So One Day I Was Thinking I’m Going To Download Messenger. I Did And I Made An Account. A Couple Months Ago, I Made An Account And I Messed Up. So I Signed Up With My Phone Number And Then My Email Cause All Was Going Wrong Again. Then I Was Adding/Messaging My Sister. I Went To Add Her Mum And Then It Said “Your Account Has Been Disabled!” I Was Shocked So Then I Tried Again And It Came Up With The Same Message Again. Then I Came To Look For Messenger On The Search Bar Then I Saw It Then I Clicked “View” I Then Went To App Store To Write A Review. Messenger Please Fix This! This Might Happen To Others? I Dont Know. But On The Bright Side, It’s Good. Call,Text All That! So I Do Half Recommend This App To All Techy Know It All’s. That’s My Story. Thank You And Messenger, Please Email Me With Why You Have Done This. Please It Will a Really Help. Thank You All For Reading, Bye!.Version: 274.1

One terrible feature that MUST be fixedMessenger has, for perhaps 2+ years, had one extremely bad feature that apparently the entire internet is trying to figure out how to disable. At the top of the chat list, there is a row that starts with "Create Room", which has suggestions of people to chat with that are online now. This is 100% useless, and disturbing in some cases. It will suggest people you are Facebook friends with from 10 years ago but have no interest in messaging. It will suggest ex's who you don't want to see again, but don't want to unfriend. It will suggest people you interacted with on marketplace during a sale, but have no intention of ever contacting again. In some of these cases, it is weird and jarring to see these peoples faces pop up. How -- HOW?? -- has this incredibly stupid feature not been fixed in 2 years of updates? If they must keep this feature, just give us some way to control who pops up there -- without unfriending them -- please. It's ridiculous that we can't. There are huge Reddit threads asking this same question..Version: 376.0

Can't openLast version crashes while opening. Unusable!.Version: 224.0

No moreThe update from this morning all but bricked my phone. Freed up 136mb of storage by happily deleting it. Too bloated, too many problems. Why does messenger even need a stories feature?? No thanks ✌️.Version: 218.0

MessengerApp worked great until about a week ago, now Messenger won’t open on my iPhone. I have uninstalled & reinstalled it , works for a few times then quits again ? Please fix issue..Version: 276.0

The App doesn’t even openYou can’t even report that the app doesn’t open..Version: 276.0

Unable to log into messengerI have my account saved and on one tap but everyone I click log in it says unable to log in check your internet connection I’m on fibre and it’s fast as everything else is working on my phone and I need some important conversations and documents on there I deleted multiple times redownloaded Facebook works fine tried to log into messenger with Facebook and they say you should update it i already have the latest version what can I do.Version: 378.2

Messenger is trap for the unwary Facebook userFacebook has pathetically inept protections to thwart hackers from abusing messenger to steal and hack Facebook accounts. Even worse, once you report identity theft to Facebook they do little to nothing to help you or correspond with you. They have no customer phone line to help their users who have been victims. Worse, their help section online it’s also useless. It took me a month for me and my friends reporting identity theft and attempted theft via my stolen account. The hacker thief was encouraging my 3800 friends to download a cash app so he could steal their money. All this was reported numerous times to Facebook over 30 days but they did nothing. I was finally able to get my account back after many friends blocked me and thought I was nuts. Facebook makes billions of dollars a month off its users but fails to protect them from identity theft, theft and a ruined reputation despite the fact they know all this wrong doing is taking place. Unconscionable consumer service by a publicly traded company..Version: 413.0

This person is not availableNone of my contacts can msg me. They get a “this person is unavailable”.Version: 347.1

Facebook needs to redesign all of its messaging appsI honestly can’t understand how they allow so many bugs and glitches in this app to go on and on forever. For starters, if you accidentally add a theme and emoji to a group chat, everyone gets notified. But then you can’t remove themes. You can only CHANGE to another theme. Who programmed this app? Seriously? Why can’t you remove themes completely? Please explain the reasoning. And hyperlink previews often don’t work. Sometimes they do. But not always, and it seems to be tied to themes. Group chats with themes tend to have this bug. And when you UNSEND a message, they feel the need to alert everyone about it. Why?? So annoying. Sometimes you message the wrong person/group. It happens. It should allow a clean unsend like Instagram messanger. With no trace or alerts. Facebook needs to sit down with Instagram and WhatsApp and go over the BEST and WORST features of each app and make ONE that works across ALL platforms. For example, allow LIKES in WhatsApp. Allow unsend without alerting everyone. Allow hyperlink previews. Alow GIFS to play (Gifs do not play in Instagram, but they do in WhatsApp & FB). This is a typical problem in the modern era. No broad level quality control. It’s whack-a-mole programming and new platform aquisition by everyone. And the unbelievable ad targeting you get due to bots constantly reading your messages. Wow. No privacy whatsoever. We need a change. Otherwise, the app works nicely..Version: 298.0

Bugs in the systemRight now I am currently not thrilled with the messenger application I use in order to be able to communicate with family and friends due to the fact that I have family all over the entire world and friends as well. The same day that I sent messages out to several my friends and they replied back to me was when I noticed that there was an issue. I tried to send a message back to my friends and family and I could not do so. I got this little red circle on the right side of the message that says couldn’t send. Then I also was able to figure out I was not receiving messages anymore however I could make and receive video calls. Currently at this moment I am able to receive messages but I am still unable to send written messages or emoji‘s and I cannot do a verbal message either. Facebook has been notified two times and I’m still not getting anything done regarding my issue. Dear Facebook I hope you see my comment and get on the ball and do something to fix my account. Have a good day..Version: 320.0

Can't open on iphone 4So my iphone 8 broke and I had to resort to using an iphone 4 temporarily before it can be fixed. However, I am NOT able to open my messenger to reply to any of my messages. It says it needs to be updated but when I click on "Update", it takes me to the App Store and it doesn't update, it says instead "Open" which takes me in circles around the same thing. I know iphone 4's are outdated but can you pls let us use an older version of the app that is usable with older versions of iphones? That will be very much appreciated!!.Version: 170.1

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