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Thank you so much FacebookObviously you deserve 100 star not 5 star only, I never find any social website, useful , advantage helpful free of charge like Facebook messenger, thanks again for Facebook team , I hope you continue developing the Facebook & messenger to make all the difficulties easy , I can say now you are more popular, enjoyable & familiarize between the communities.Version: 205.0

Don’t understand the bad reviewsI don’t know about the other reviewers but I do love this app. Being able to keep in touch with your FB contacts without actually having FB (I desactivated my FB account and gotta admit its really pleasing to be able to keep using Messenger without FB) I love the fact that you can still add any contact just like you’d do on FB, but for Messenger. Never had any trouble with the app itself, it has always worked. Same here for the Messenger calls, the quality has always been very pleasing. I also love all the little extra they added, such as the several gif apps, the stickers and the other apps linked to it Overall, I find this app really well made and do not understand how i could be otherwise.Version: 142.0

Messenger app of choice (New feature idea)Out of all the messenger services this app is the best besides WhatsApp. My only issue at the moment is there needs to be a feature to temporarily block specific people and group chats from phoning you on messenger. I have mates who spam call me and having a feature where you can prevent them from doing so would be great because when this happens it basically renders my IPhone useless because you can’t do anything because calls take priority over whatever you’re doing and with messenger there isn’t really a cool down period for phoning so as soon as you hang up they can start a new call..Version: 263.2

New logo is annoyingEach update gets worse you don’t really add anything new I believe you deliberately tinker with it just to force us to update. - Whenever I send a message by mistake sometimes I can’t remove it, which is weird because if I can remove some messages then I should be able to remove any messages I send. Also when I want to remove a message quickly why do I need another pop up to confirm remove or cancel? Just remove it. - Would be nice to be able to clear chats without deleting a whole group chat, just to set it up again. (You know exactly what WhatsApp can do) you own both apps, so why not have the same features for both? Instead of merging your logo with Instagram colours it would have made more sense to link up messenger with what’s app. So many little things that are dragged out with when they could be simpler. Lastly I don’t really know if it’s got something to do with the last update but messages take a long time to send or load photos. Need to keep flicking on and off WiFi just to refresh it..Version: 286.0

Message requestsI can’t for the life of me find message requests since you have upgraded the app. I have my little message icon showing on Facebook and haven’t been able to clear it despite the fact that I have read all messages from my contacts. I can only assume this is then a message request from someone I’m not connected with on Facebook but can’t find in messenger (on my phone) where to find them. I haven’t tried on computer but have tried using the website instead of the app on my phone and can’t locate it this way either. If you could fix this it would put my little OCD brain to rest so I can clear the unread message..Version: 253.3

Shows more messages than I haveIt often tells me I have more unread messages than I actually do, I go through the spam and message requests and everything and I still can’t get rid of the notification. It’ll be like that for weeks then go away then just come back again randomly. It’s really annoying.Version: 302.0

Love Messenger/Great for old folks tooMy mother has Alzheimer's and doesn't get much use out of her iPad except for messenger. Every morning I sent her videos of random things off the Internet and she can spend a 30 to 60 minutes watching them… It brings her a lot of laughs. It's also been a great way to keep connected with friends in other countries. I highly recommend it for anyone..Version: 141.0

Changes I wantI love messenger it’s amazing to call in anyway text amazing but the only thing that bugs me (the change I want #1) is that when you press remove to remove a message it would be great to not put in sooo many things like we all know what remove means so yeah pretty fast forward you know and sometimes when I want to remove a message from everyone I can’t like some of the messages only i can delete from me not from everyone which is weird and ( another change I want #2 last one) I think when you say happy birthday or boo or any of those stuff it would be nice to like add a effect to it you know it’s really cool I like it and I think a lot of people will too like when you type in boo this emoji comes up 👻like on the chat or screen or the word boo comes up every where or when you type in happy birthday this emoji comes up 🥳 like the last on the word comes up every where or the emoji you know I think that’s cool that was my feedback and opinion.Version: 282.0

Love Facebook messengerI love Facebook Messenger it’s simple and I use it to text my family.Version: 210.0

Notification alarmGood app, let’s me keep in contact with others. Initially I deactivated Facebook when I was in school, but was allowed to use messenger still. After a while for some reason that stopped being the case and it deactivated messenger too. Well, that wasn’t an option because I have a family chat on there and otherwise I would have been out of the loop. Minor issue, done with school now so not as big of a problem, until I return for degree number two. Video quality could be a bit better too. Also, my dog absolutely HATES the message notification. He will run away when he hears it. I would prefer a list of audible options for the sake of my dogs ears, and me being upset when he leaves due to a message coming through. Minor detail, but it makes me want to get rid of the app all together..Version: 257.0

Emojis are not rightGive back the large emojis to iPhone users please....Version: 263.2

Perfect but for one thingI absolutely love this app but if there’s one thing I hate about it, it’s the limited options for muting conversations. I have a friend I enjoy conversing with, but she sends me several memes every day. I’m really not into the memes. I get my fill of them in FB. But she gets such pleasure from finding and sending them to me I don’t want to tell her to stop. So, I’d like the Messenger development team to provide an option where by I can mute photos/pictures being delivered. E.g. “Jane has sent a picture” to get no notification but typed conversation to come through as usual “Jane: Had an interesting experience today!”.Version: 298.0

Please Do This !!!!!I’m not trying to write a bad review or anything but... Can y’all update this app by telling us our emails in the settings. Because had an Messenger account and then I had forgot the password word. Then, I had to make a new one but I couldn’t use my regular phone email so I had to come up with another one because it was an account (my old account) that was already use. But now I had my Phone number changed and now I can’t log into my account. Because my account is not set up on this phone number but on my old one. SO CAN Y’ALL ALSO let us have an option to change our phone number on there ??? And I don’t have Facebook account I only have an Messenger so I can’t log in with the Facebook login. Thank you for reading. 🙏🏾 || MINUTES LATER: just found out u can’t have Messenger with an Facebook account so bye Messenger had a good time with u but bye..Version: 257.0

OverallOverall messenger is a great app but there might just be some bugs they need to fix up such as it glitching not sending and the icon to show that people have seen the message u had sent them. Making groups is a great thing about it but as u know many people leave groups which means at last it will be only be left with u or only 2 people,messenger should improve and make it be if people leave 3 people have to be left in the group another good thing about it is that u can have how many people u like in a group. In my opinion messenger is a pretty fun and good app to use!.Version: 272.0

Store links in group chats...Facebook messenger is pretty straight forward with what people need.. you have a place for photos in chats.. but something I think it needs.. is a place that stores all the links people share for re watchability and or re use ability.. and would be very great full because if you have 20 people in a chat and they hardly stop talking and sending links and instead of sitting through hours of chat to find links you could just click on the options for the group go to saved links and easily re use them...Version: 208.0

Good until bugs.It was great until I updated 2 versions ago and now it’s buggy as all hell. I have to partially set up, choose whether to add my phone number, and then turn my Active Status off every time I open the app. I prefer to keep my active status off but now my contacts see me pop online for a second and then I’m gone again. I still use the app because it’s the way I contact most people but this change is super irritating. I’ve updated again twice in the hope of the bug being fixed but it looks like it’s feeding off me now and ITS GOTTEN TOO STRONG HELP.Version: 233.2

Thanks MessengerI rely on Messenger more these days for private messaging, individual or group chats and share photos - easily n simple. Love the option of making calls without the need for phone numbers! As long as you have data - you can stay connected! 👏👏👏.Version: 235.0

Great app but I have noticed a glitch no one is talking about.I’ve used the messenger app for what seems like forever, I’ve had no issues with it other than the sound on calls being quiet which I know is not the fault of my phone, other than that everything is great. The one glitch I’ve noticed and have asked other iPhone users about and they have confirmed it’s happening to them as well, is that sometimes notifications that come through (not the red circle by the app) and do not go away, for example I received a message about a week ago and it kept the notification in my notification wall even though I had pressed it and viewed the message, I deleted the notification by swiping it across and selecting delete but it came back within 24hours. It’s not really a big problem but it often does this with a few messages and they keep coming back, it’s a little frustrating and I often find myself thinking that I’ve missed messages from friends..Version: 224.0

Trying to write a long message😩When writing a message, the message bar I am typing in shrinks back? It has only just started doing this in the last couple of months. It’s so annoying! Even when I’m midway through editing my message it suddenly shrinks down to the first couple of words. The message is still there but I have to repeatedly click on the message I’m writing to bring it back up. I assumed this was an error with an update and it would be rectified with the next update but it hasn’t been! Messenger is my preferred message app but this needs sorting..Version: 261.1

Perfect except a small bugI love this app so much!! It’s my main way of communication with pretty much everyone I know. However, I have been experiencing a small bug, involving the text box. Sometimes when I tap on the text box to start writing a text, it won’t allow me to write anything. My keyboard doesn’t pop up at all, and the line (that flashes whenever you are about to start typing something in the area), doesn’t appear at all. This happens only SOMETIMES but I it would be very nice if I don’t experience this at all. Thank you :).Version: 225.0

Brilliant App!I don’t know why people are dissing this app! I think it’s brilliant, we’ve had so much fun with it today, Christmas Day! My family are away on holiday so we used the video chat function and I wondered what all the special effects buttons at the bottom of the screen were so I started pressing them!! It’s hilarious...all 4 of my grandchildren and their parents were laughing, playing along and chatting, then I used it to call my friends and we all had a blast with the app! Thank you Messenger people for this fab FREE app, it’s made my Christmas Day being able to video chat and play with my family and friends. First class!!.Version: 147.0

Great, but please fix “search conversation” functionThis is pretty much my go-to messenger app, don’t have too much to say about it, it’s just really good! The only issue is the “search conversation” function. Sometimes it works instantly when I search a word, but sometimes it takes an entire 20-30 seconds. Doesn’t sound like much, but imagine Googling something and waiting up to 30 seconds staring at a blank screen waiting for your result, it’s really irritating. If this would be fixed it’d be near perfect. Thanks!.Version: 331.0

Message bubble & other featuresI’m a daily user of this app and would gladly appreciate if you could bring back the bubble chat head for iPhone users to make it more efficient to use instead of needing to constantly open the app just to message another person back. However other features are great but as some others have pointed out if it’s not broken please don’t attempt to fix it. More so I do like the fact that the design has changed and the little improvements made as it no longer drops out on me as it used to :).Version: 177.0

PLEASE PLEASE HELPHi, Please read this as I have no other way of informing FaceBook. On Monday 17th of August My Facebook and Ad manager account which I use for my business was hacked and was then used to create ads which had no relation my business. This then resulted in me being charged around £762 for an advert which I had no knowledge about. As I tried to report the issue to Facebook the hacker then changed my profile and cover to images which go against your community guidelines which then resulted in my account being instantly disabled. The whole situation has been very distressing as I have now lost both my personal Facebook and Instagram Business account for my brand which I have been building for over 5 years. I have evidence of the ad that was ran on my ad manager account and can provide any information you require about my business. I have also reported this as a fraud case to my local police (Thames Valley Police) who have given me a crime reference number. Please please could you help me with regaining access to my business account and understanding how this could have happened. Regards,.Version: 277.0

MessengerMessenger is a great and easy app to use I can talk to my friends and send pics and it’s all for free ( well not the internet bill or data but it still is really good.) Thank you for making that u don’t need to have Facebook to have this app as I’m not allowed Facebook so using ph number was good. Bye bye..Version: 183.0

ProblèmeDepuis 2 jours, je n’arrive pas à répondre à aucun message via l’application à moins que je l’a supprimé et la réinstalle. Si je fais cela, j’arrive à répondre à environ 1-2 message(s). Ensuite, mes messages ne s’envoie plus... Pouvez-vous m’aider?.Version: 291.2

An excellent app for messaging my Facebook friends except for 1 bug that pisses me off quite a bit.Ok Facebook. I’ll give you tops for an excellent messaging platform. However, today, I found a bug that completely broke my experience. I was editing a picture, with the services you provided, a chef’s attire on myself. I was almost finished when suddenly EVERYTHING WENT BLACK. THE IMAGE DISAPPEARED, MY HARD WORK DISAPPEARED, ALL OF IT. ALL. OF. IT. G O N E. JUST LIKE THAT. WHAT THE HECK, ZUCKERBERG. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS. WHYYYYYY. In all serious, this is an excellent app for messaging. Having the ability to also do SMS text through the app is also pretty handy..Version: 147.0

Please return 3D touch supportLove using messenger every day to talk to my friends. But this new update has removed 3D touch functionality on the "Chats" screen. PLEASE bring this back!!! I used to use frequently to preview conversations, delete them quickly, or mark them as unread. Now I have to slide over, press a button with 3 stripes, then click the option I want. Too cumbersome. PLEASE BRING BACK 3D TOUCH!.Version: 198.0

Love the UI redesignThe new UI redesign is really great, so much clutter is now gone. Good enough to make me write a review. Seriously good work..Version: 191.0

I prefer Messenger!!! Thank youA big UPs too the Messenger app. I prefer it better actually in regards to Private Messenging and Video Calling my Whanau both here in AOTEAROA/New Zealand and Australia. You can share more personal Whanau matters and conversations on an individual basis than put it out there on Fbk, Instagram or Twitter where you don't really know who's looking at it or for all the World to see and share when it was only meant for a Friends Only audience or Yourself. So thanks Messenger. Cool app. Mauri ora🙏😎.Version: 207.0

Too Easy to Accidentally Delete MessagesHave always enjoyed using the messenger app, however, I find it easy to accidentally delete messages when I meant to hide them. When you hide a message, a banner appears and asks you if you are sure you want to hide the message. Yet, when you delete a message, no banner appears to check you are sure you want to delete a message. This is really frustrating because you can easily delete something. The developers really need to take this into consideration as this must happen often. Thanks..Version: 245.1

Facebook messenger need to pickup the paceFacebook messenger is seriously lacking behind with simple and small functions that can make it great. Facebook has friends that we do not want to share our phone numbers with to be able to communicate on other great and easy to converse instant messaging apps. One of those function is to be able to reply directly to a particular message. So difficult to handle conversation on Facebook as it doesn’t allow for different topics to be discussed concurrently just with a reply functionality. Most times when you go back to an old discussion during a new one the whole thing becomes confusing and then takes longer to type and clarify things with who you are chatting with. I can have a discussion in 3 mins on other apps and that same conversation would take me 10 mins on Facebook messenger. This is because you talk about one topic finish it up properly and start the next one again. When you can talk about both same time just directly replying to the exact thing you getting back at. Please fix this because it’s getting boring chatting on Facebook messenger. If you can smile to a message thumb up and other things why can’t we reply? Thank you..Version: 179.0

Suggestion for future updateFacebook Messenger is a great app and I have no problems with it. Although, I do have a suggestion for future updated versions. Is it possible for people who are in group chats, to become an Administrator or a Moderator for the chat, just like how you can be an Administrator or a Moderator for a Facebook Group? Meaning, people who are NOT Admins or Moderators, CANNOT add or remove people from group chats or edit settings? This would be very helpful. Thanks..Version: 147.0

LOVE IT☺️This is a great app. It sometimes does lag a bit and boots me out but other then that it’s amazing it helps you keep in touch with your friends or family that have moved away.I love this app no just that you can message you can video call and voice call as well as share what you are doing for the day. This app it very good I would recommend it🤪🙂.Version: 147.0

Suggested updateLove messenger. It’s easily one of my most used apps. It’s the most useful business tool for me however I wish it had a flagging option. I have so many messages come through all the time I wish I could use a priority flagging system to order messages I still need to respond to and then a priority sort so I can find messages I need to action. That would be the ultimate!.Version: 187.0

Worked well until a few weeks ago…UPDATE: Found out through digging online that an app called “Lockdown” was blocking me from being able to log in. Turned it off for a moment and it let me log in. Leaving this here in case someone is having the same issue. This app worked well for the several years that I’ve had it and used it. A few weeks ago I got a flood of notifications for one message my friend sent, so I deleted and reinstalled the app to try again. Now it won’t even let me log in and has an error message that pops up. I saw several other people had this issue, so I thought it would be fixed fairly quickly. I used the web version to access messenger… well now they’re phasing that out and it’s no longer possible to look at messenger without the app… that I can’t log into..Version: 346.0

Make it easier to delete unwanted/spam messages and block FB fake profilesI like Messenger but I would give it a 5 star rating if it were easier to be able to delete and then block unwanted spam messages without having to actually go into the message. You can easily delete a message from people you are friends with by hovering over the message and then selecting delete, but you can’t do that with spam messages. It would be great if you could both delete a fake/spam message and then block the profile by hovering over the message without opening it up. I know they don’t see you have opened the message, but it’s not the point. It’s not easy or obvious how you delete the unwanted message and then block the person. In fact it’s easier to block the person/fake profile than it is to delete a message from them!.Version: 224.0

Great for messaging butThe app keeps crashing before I even get to type a sentence and won’t send messages through my notifications like you would a text. It’s updated regularly and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it hasn’t helped. This is from my iPhone 6. Why is this happening 😭 otherwise a great app would recommend 👍🏻.Version: 156.0

What if...What if the facebook account gets hack and then you can’t also return or log in to the messenger which the account from facebook? Still not secured here. I hope that problem fix, waiting for the day it changes. My relatives just get hack a week ago, they thought it’s fine because they don’t addicted to facebook much. Then they realized that there are dozen of images they took before for memories, thousands of messages who encourage them come through the dark storm had been deleted because of the hackers with no conscience. Anyways, I’m concerned for these related app. I’m giving 4 stars because I loved this app before, now it updated and somehow it disappointed me. And with the hope of bringing a better security for both apps, I remove 1 star. Please fix.Version: 269.0

Last active times?Probably one of the best features on messenger app used to be when tabbed out of a conversation on your phone it’d show everyone’s inactivity times on their profile picture without ever having to click on their chats. why did you get rid of this? 😔 giving 5/5 stars as I genuinely love the messenger app and haven’t ever strayed from it for about ~8 years or so now but it does really sadden me that the ui changed from that - it was great honestly and one of the best features over any other messaging app. now I have to read peoples chats when I want to know last activity and that really frustrates me ☹️.Version: 229.0

Crashing constantly!The current update of the app keeps crashing every time I try and message friends or even read messages. At first I thought it was just friend I was having a problem with but it happens with all my friends! Never had problems with the app in the past and my os is all up to date! Hopefully this bug can be squashed quickly because the app is super useful! Super annoying especially when trying to look at a link someone has sent me and it keeps crashing!.Version: 157.0

No more polls or group remindersThis is extremely frustrating as use these nearly every week for organising group hangouts with friends and deciding which days to meet up etc. These need to be back ASAP as many of us are getting frustrated that they were removed. Other than the app is a great way to connect with people..Version: 249.0

Apart from Story functionality cross platform, greatEverything on messenger works well, and the peace of mind that comes from one in all in policy re viewership etc makes it a pleasant platform to use for those who worry about being screened by friends - nice social platform. HOWEVER - recent errors to Story being synched in from Facebook and Instagram, and the lack of access to seeing the story of others in messenger are frustrating. Stories added in messenger still synch out, but none are imported and only your own uploads are available to view..Version: 356.0

Always using this appBrilliant app facility. I use this all the time for lots of different reasons & activities. One thing I’d like to be able to do though is group, flag & organise chats so it’s quick & easy to find certain conversations. I have friends chats all mixed in with work mate chats & I understand they automatically list in chronological order by the most recent message sent or received. I’d also like to be able to somehow create a way to keep certain chats separate but still see all new messages, even if it just means I can assign a certain colour to some chats & search for just that colour?!? Maybe have half a dozen different colours available. That way I could say, have red against work colleague chats, & blue against gym friends chats & yellow against my besties, & purple against customer chats etc etc!.Version: 293.0

Just one issue and be 5star app.Messenger is a great app with lots of pros like privacy. Choose who can see you or not and being active or not . But one negative and I’m sure it is for lots of others. It is a big negative and can be very time consuming. Is why can’t there be an option to delete more messages at one time and be bit more faster at deleting single messages. Its like 3/4 times you have to press just to delete a single message in one chat. Takes forever to delete things in conversation with one person. I do know you can delete whole conversation at once but sometimes there are things we need to or want to keep for while. So option to delete faster and more than one message in single conversation would be great thanks.....👌🏻👌🏻.Version: 284.0

Videos on FaceTimeAbsolutely love Facebook messenger, has been my go to for years, from messaging family that I haven’t heard off for years, to making new friends on the varieties of groups on offer to join. The only reason I have missed off a star is for the fact of there was an update not that long ago where you could watch videos from the Facebook app and videos in the chat with the person you’re on FaceTime to and, for my long distance relationship, meant that I could stay connected and just watch videos together to put off pressure and unwind on an evening. But today’s update has taken that off which was a shock to both of us and I was just wondering why it was turned off? Worked perfectly fine, and as far as I’m aware had no complaints?.Version: 252.1

FacebookI like using facebook, but when i got hacked its now all changed, i lost all of my pictures from my old facebook and videos which were very personal to me. i have had to make a new one, i can't exactly add friends as it says message and i cant get hold of them or what have you which is annoying, i would like a fix for it please as i don't currently have all the pictures or videos from my old account i would like to have them back so i can put them up on my new facebook i have made. It is hard because when you need to contact facebook there is no way of getting in contact with them when you have a problem or something like that. I don't know how i can get my pictures and videos back from my old facebook as it was hacked 🙁.Version: 291.2

Bug report - wont show searched messagesThe app is good, just reporting a somewhat frustrating bug: 1. in a chat, click on the person you’re chatting with at the top and then click “search in conversation” 2. type whatever you want to search and hit enter 3. click on one of the result messages 4. bug: the chat is blank when normally you would be able to look at the chat history at the point in time of the chosen message at (3).Version: 291.2

Corruption and hacking BE CAREFUL PLEASEI love messenger and there’s nothing wrong with the app, but I just want to let you all know that there is someone going around and sending people these “Is that you 😧” messages and then when you open the links it takes you to a page where you sign in (it does come up saying it’s a yt video). This has lead to my grandfathers accounts all being hacked and his computer being hacked as well. My Facebook account was hacked and I have changed my password. It had sent this link to all of my friends of Facebook and I had to message them all letting them know not to open it. The device signed into my account was a Samsung galaxy 3 or something along the lines of that. Just letting y’all know. (This is in Australia I’m un aware of it happening anywhere else) PLEASE BE CAREFUL..Version: 316.0

Great customer care and honestI went to the shop today at 1.15ish . I got some money from post office and did some shopping! Service is always great very pleasant to customers. Anyways today a card has fell out my wallet and the owner came chasing after me to give me the card as next customer found I believe good old lynn 😀 told them it was mine . So I want to say a big THANKS to all of you for the brilliant care and kindness and also for being a Good Samaritan 😀👍🤛🏻 much appreciated my friend .. it times like this that shows how good this world could be if we just treat each other the same with kindness and care for each other !!! ... Thanks again for your good deed mate 😀👍🤛🏻.Version: 298.0

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