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PerfectThis app is just perfect. Although, should be able to add "guest" without having to use any email like for one time friends...Version: 4.5.3

Needs a tweakI use this app for tracking bills in a multi family home. It helps me a lot ! but what I would like to see is for example in a group, if it says Mary owes $100, I would like to know what EXACTLY $100 is owed in (such as a utility, cable, etc). It doesn’t show specifics once you put the bill in, just the total amount owed. Also, I would like the option of the user disappearing off the owed bill once they have paid. This would make it SO much easier to keep track of who paid what, instead of me typing in a note every time when a payment submitted as to what bill the payment is applied for. Thanks for reading for my suggestion. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong and these options already exist. - Jennifer.Version: 4.5.9

Splitwise ratingFantastic app. Don’t really know what else to say. It does the job great for me and all my buds AND it’s free!! Thank you to the creators..Version: 5.9.3

Great appBest app to keep a tab on shared expenses.Version: 4.5.4

Great App!I have used it twice. The first time with good results. Second time was not effective. You have to have everyone participating to be effective. The first time a friend was the person who entered the amounts owed for each of 4 people. I didn’t do the work just paid out what I owed. The second time was between 2 people-myself and another. The other person was to be entering the amounts owed each day. She (my adult daughter) didn’t ask me for receipts/I didn’t offer receipts so at the end of our 12 day European trip, we only had entered the first day of travel. By the end of 12 days, many countries with foreign currency, we called our expenses even..Version: 5.0.7

Easy and practicalGreat app for trips!.Version: 5.7.7

Awesomely usefulUsing this with friends to split expenses, and everyday with my girlfriend for daily expenses.Version: 5.7.3

Best app for expense splittingExcellent for splitting shared costs either on long term basis or for a group trip/holiday. Allows you to split equally (or not) and accurately keep record of shared spending. Also simplifies debts which helps to reduce settling up transactions for amounts owed to others at the end! Couldn’t recommend more highly!!!.Version: 4.4.16

Big fanThis is a gem of an app. I use Splitwise with my partner almost daily. The real value for me is in the mental space it frees - I know longer have to think about whether we’re being fair, or who is in debt to whom. It means whoever has their card out first can just pay and we can split the bill later. Also recently used it on a holiday with three people and the ‘simplify debts’ feature made settling up at the end very easy, requiring two of us to make one payment each. So nice not to have to think about money while on holiday! Thanks Splitwise :).Version: 4.6.10

Great for family & friendsThis has been a great app for our family and friends. Keeping track of expenses back and forth with our kids be it monthly reoccurring like car insurance or if they pick something up at the grocery store. With friends splitting bills and expenses takes the guess work out..Version: 5.7.7

Important feedbackYou guys need to add payment methods too, Like users can save the payment details or PayPal so they don’t have to enter it everytime..Version: 4.6.7

Rio TripWhat a nifty little app, very easy to set up and use. We had 5 in our holiday party, this app took all the drama out of who paid for what and worry about who owes who. Highly recommend anyone travelling in groups to get on, you won’t be disappointed.Version: 4.4.16

Slick, convenient and great extra featuresI really love this app! So easy to set up and use, saves many any argument with me and my best pal over who has paid for what! Used when travelling abroad and the currency conversion feature of pro version is great..Version: 5.7.1

Awesome appEasy to use and split up money, it saves you heaps of time!!.Version: 5.4.6

Makes life simpleThe app really is useful, I haven’t found a better way of tracking a splitting costs on a group trip. Possibly overkill for 4 people for one day trip, but try manually keeping track of expenses on a trip with 20 friends, each person having slightly different attendance over a fortnight… it would have been a nightmare without this app!.Version: 5.4.8

Great app!It is a great little app. I use it every day. It might not have all possible features but whatever is implemented works very well. A feature request: would it be possible to archive groups similar to how one can archive chats in whatsapp? I always find a few unused groups hanging around cluttering the view. I do not want to delete these groups but I do not want to see them all the time either..Version: 4.6.10

Life saverMy boyfriend and I started using this when we moved in together. We use it to keep track of everything - rent, utilities, groceries. I can't imagine how we would've managed without it..Version: 4.6.10

👌Really neat app. I live with my friends in a house and splitwise greatly simplified our routine when we decide who owes what..Version: 4.5.3

Premium Subscription Useless Unless Everyone BuysThe main pull of getting the premium subscription is so you can set a default split of 60%/40% for example. You’d think this would make every expense entered into a group at this split. But, the split would only be set for the people who pay $3/month. So, even if you pay the subscription, not all entries will have correct split if others without the subscription add their own expenses. $60/year for two people to set a default split is not worth the price considering it can be done manually. Otherwise, the app is great. Wouldn’t pay for it though!.Version: 5.7.0

Simple Quick CleverAs title. Simple app. Quick to use. Does the clever maths for you..Version: 4.6.2

Perfect for house sharing/ uni studentsNo bugs or glitches, straightforward for the most part until you start dealing with different currencies, you’ll want to sort out the conversion beforehand in that case and input the converted value when settling up. Otherwise an excellent app with great utility and easy to use..Version: 5.6.6

ExcellentWent travelling with a group of friends and this was amazing for keeping track of those expenses like taxis, restaurant bills, etc. perfect for travelling with friends..Version: 4.6.4

Really Useful App for Group TravelUsed this app twice now on holiday with friends. Greatly simplifies accounting and takes the “who’s round is it dilemma” away. Provides full visibility of spend to all and makes group travel and spend so much easier. One of my favourite apps..Version: 5.7.3

Great app! But my friends can’t handle the minimize transactions setting.I recently tried Splitwise for the first time for a trip with a group of friends. Some friends wouldn’t log into Splitwise. Some friends wouldn’t check their emails. And a couple of friends couldn’t understand how everyone could be settled up if they didn’t pay back the person who originally paid for a specific item. Guys, Splitwise tells you how to settle up to reduce transactions so that everyone comes out the same. Minds were blown. I could literally sense that smoke was about to come out of their ears. Of course, it would have helped if they logged into the app, or checked their email or paid attention by the 2nd or 3rd or 5th time I told them, “Guys, open Splitwise! It literally breaks it all down for you!” Minimum transactions are not for the faint of heart. Bottom line: Splitwise is great! But after that trip, I may have lost a little bit of faith in the human race..Version: 4.5.15

Great app!I use this for me and my partner instead of having a household credit card etc. Use it with friends as well when we go on trips. Feedback: the ability to be able to duplicate transactions to another date would be great when they have occurred again..Version: 5.6.0

The BEST app for splitting billsThis app is seriously good. It has changed my life. It's no longer awkward or annoying to calculate how much I am owed and how much I owe when sharing expenses with friends/family. Great job on the app, it's so easy to use, and I LOVE the kittens!.Version: 4.4.12

Redesign FTWThank you for saving lives and friendships. The redesign looks fresh. Can’t wait to see more features rolled out. Loving the app guys!.Version: 5.0.1

No complaints, 100% recommendHas made living in a share house so much less stressful this app keeps everyone accountable..Version: 5.7.10

Life changing appI have spent years using various ways of splitting costs between myself and my partner for both home expenses and trip expenses and this app is absolutely life changing! It is so clear and transparent to each party involved. It’s so easy to use and I honestly cannot believe I haven’t found it prior to now. The best part? It’s free!! Thank you Splitwise for taking the pain out of splitting expenses..Version: 5.6.7

Great App! Very UsefulI travel 5-8 times a year all over the world and my friends come along too. I highly recommend this app because no matter where in the world i am, i can add expense on the go and even take pics of the receipt. I then can split it right there between my friends. Sometimes we i’ll split the charges on our credit card if we’re dining but most times we split on splitwise especially when you friends are on a budget but didn’t have enough $ to enjoy other fun activities at least i can loan them and track it then be repaid in time. it’s a great app and i always use it as my go to app! thanks so much for this..Version: 4.5.3

What an appBest place ever to keep track of those little transactions that are not worth transferring.Version: 5.0.1

Very useful application! Keeps me up to date with money!My partner and I use this app for groceries, activities, trips, meals and eating out! It’s so easy to use, well designed and with smart functions. Extremely happy with with the build. Highly recommend this to anyone wanting to track outgoings and balancing your expenses with gf’s, bf’s, husbands, wives, siblings, parents or housemates. The only thing I would change with this app is the ability to hide ‘settled up groups” or add them to an achieve folder. It is useful to go back if needed on these groups so this function would be great!!! Thanks for the app!.Version: 4.4.16

Great way to split costs!I don’t pay for premium, but I love that it will split everything equally for free! The “simplify debts” feature is cool, too. My husband, sister, and brother-in-law go out together all the time, and this makes it so we don’t have to pay each other back every time. We just see who is behind in our group, and that person pays for the next meal/event :) we have yet to “settle up” in the past 3 years, and just keep rotating who pays so it stays relatively close. Love it! We also use it for trips with other people, we have told so many people about splitwise! I just set up a group for a trip to Puerto Rico with our best friends. We can add the rental car cost, hotel costs, meals, etc. never have to awkwardly ask a waiter to split a check again!.Version: 5.7.7

So good!!We use this app instead of having a flat bank account. Works really well..Version: 4.6.7

Awesome app for holidays with friendsToo easy! No more spreadsheets..Version: 4.5.15

Good, could be better!I think you guys are doing a great job! Wish there was a 4.5 rating, I would surely pick that one! One small addition I would like to suggest, quite basic but helpful for groups with more than 5 or more members. While entering an expense in such a huge group, at times we might want to split it between just one or two out of all the n people. I think it would be good to have a select all/deselect all option. Thanks! 😊.Version: 4.6.2

PerfectVery relieving app... keep up the good work.Version: 4.5.4

The most useful app I’ve ever downloadedWithout a doubt one of the best apps I’ve got on my phone, and a consistently used one. Get all your friends/family on Splitwise and stop worrying about the bill calculations. My friends and I basically have our own internal economy going where we just take turns paying for nights out and events - no money needs to even exchange between us! The variety of split options also means super easy calculations and easy to ensure people that don’t drink don’t pay for those that do etc. Utterly invaluable for group trips, to keep track of big expenses and costs overseas, with great features to track multi currency spending. Amazingly easy to use, great interface and all the features you need. Splitwise is the best utility app out there. Thanks guys!.Version: 5.0.7

Changing my reviewCan’t rely on group and individual….. changes: the issue I faced because many individuals add the money in different currencies and it’s causing balance totaling gone wrong. To avoid such manual errors in currency settings there should be some other options or reconfirmation before submitting each expense.Version: 5.9.3

EssentialSplitwise is absolutely essential when it comes to sharing costs with roommates and friends. It has made things so easy, and it’s very reliable! I haven’t found the receipt scanning feature very useful because it doesn’t tend to read the image right, but I also need to try it more often..Version: 5.7.7

Awesome!Used this for the first time on a recent holiday with friends to keep track of who was buying what. The input screens are quick and easy to use, and the summary screens made it very to settle up at the end of the trip. I now use it to keep track of my spending on an almost daily basis. Keep up the great work!.Version: 4.5.2

Makes split bills so much better!I would rate this 4.5 if I could. Great app, but couldn’t find a place to share suggestions/feedback, so doing that here. I would like to see a custom option for repeating bills. One of my bills only comes every other month which is not an option. I’d also love to see a placeholder option - so you could set a repeating bill without assigning a cost since it changes each period. I am often double checking to make sure I’ve charged all bills to Splitwise and this would automate that effort. Last - please add more integrated payment options. Venmo is good, but Zelle pays immediately..Version: 5.0.5

BrilliantFor years our walking group has used a kitty system with someone holding a chunk of cash. Now most things are paid for with a card this has made record keeping a breeze. Feels fairer too..Version: 5.7.7

Great app, life saverEveryone’s life changed when they downloaded this app especially with large friend groups or households. Easy to use and setup.Version: 5.9.3

Great for share housesI use this with my housemates and one of my partners to keep track of what we all owe for bills etc It's great! I love that you can set percentages and choose who is involved in a transaction. 3 out of 4 people drink coffee? Just split it with those people, etc..Version: 4.5.12

Love it but could use some changesThe app makes it super easy to split up expenses. You can create a group and choose who paid and who you want to split it from in that group if all were not involved. I wish it would give an option for the payer to say the bill was settled and have it close out without deleting the expense. I use it to split things with my roommates and it can get confusing sometimes keeping track when expenses don’t close. I have to make sure to add comments on them to keep track. It would be such a great feature if they would add something that would allow you to settle the bill so it would remove itself from the screen..Version: 4.4.16

Shared HouseMost of our expenses in house are paid by one and always cleared at the end of the month. Splitwise has kept it so well that we can store all our bills and split it smartly with simplified debts. And it makes transactions so much simple..Version: 5.5.2

GreatI love this app. A must have if Holidaying with a group or organizing a party with joint organizers paying or families owing each other for stuff I’ll the time and getting lost with who owes who or who’s paid who. Easy to use..Version: 5.5.1

Excellent AppNo more complicated spreadsheets for family events..Version: 4.5.19

Makes my life so much easierThe app works amazingly well, keeps track of what everyone owes and allows people to then wipe their debts after they’ve payed them. Super easy and simple to use, a must have for a uni house, and they don’t force you to pay through the app so it is actually free to use (they don’t take a cut). Thank you Splitwise!! ❤️.Version: 5.2.4

Very usefulMyself and my roommates have used Splitwise for years to keep track of splitting utility and other costs. It’s been very helpful. It’s a little uncomfortable putting all that detailed info into an app and I’m not totally sure how much they analyze it/mine it for data, which is why the 4 stars. I should look more into their privacy policies but I’m guessing they analyze it as much as they want for their own business purposes. Also, it would be neat if they had some kind of graph so you could see how much the group or you are spending on different categories over time. All in all, though, keeping it simple and uncluttered is probably the best approach. It’s also useful because it links with Venmo and Paypal or you can record a “cash” payment between you and someone else..Version: 5.4.3

Best group app ever!I have used this app for several groups and it’s capabilities are awesome. It takes out the guesswork, the angst and the hassle. Group meals where each member pays for an entire meal means you are not constantly bill splitting and Splitwise works it all out at the end! It even converted several currencies to AUD at a competitive rate. Would highly recommend for any occasion where expenses are shared..Version: 4.6.8

This app is GENIUSI hardly ever leave App Store reviews but I had to for this one. Splitwise is an absolutely genius app for tracking group expenses and simplifying the process of settling up. I used to have an elaborate spreadsheet that I would maintain on all of my group trips. I thought it did a good job and it was certainly better than nothing, but it was pretty complex to settle up at the end of the trip. Splitwise handles all this for me, plus adds even more “nerd knobs” to it, like customizing percentages of an expense, simplifying repayments, etc. I will never NOT use Splitwise on a group trip again..Version: 5.6.7

Easy and makes living with people 100x easierI use this so we can keep track of money spent in my flat with my flat mate. We know exactly what we owe each other and we never have to pay each other back for anything anymore. We just look at Splitwise and see who is in the red this week and they do the shopping. No notes or coins get thrown around anymore and we never loose track of our spendings! If you live with a group of people, this app will not only make your life easier, but will improve you relationships with the people you live with!!!.Version: 4.5.19

Makes life so much easierI am a university student currently living with 3 other friends. We often share groceries and dine out together (not paying separately) so this app proves to be EXTREMELY useful! It allows you to track how much you owe and/or are owed in a group or with certain individuals. I can not recommend this more..Version: 4.5.4

Such a perfect appThis app makes it so easy to split any expenses with roommates, friends, parents, partners, and make it fun and not dreadful. You can upload a picture of your receipt when you input an expense, so you don’t need to hold onto a million receipts forever. You can make different groups and split finances any way you need to, and you can as people to a group even if they don’t have the app! Just add their contact info and they’ll get an invite to the group. Such a time (and money) saver, one of my favourite and most functional apps!!.Version: 5.7.7

So Easy!!!Started using this app on a three week road trip with family. Splitwise made it easy to track gas, Airbnb costs, restaurant bills and groceries. The app saved us time by allowing one person to pay (we would trade off) so we could avoid the haste of splitting the check. The five of us settled up within minutes at the end of the trip. Splitwise was smart to work with Venmo for simplicity and tracking of payments. You can ask for payment and send friendly reminders. Love it and highly recommend it for those nights out with groups..Version: 4.4.16

Best ever.If you have any roommates (or even friends), splitwise is a must..Version: 5.9.3

Ultimate CalculatorThis application is the finest application I have ever seen to distribute all the expenses among relevant people in the precise way. Anyone can understand and use it on daily basis for all small and big expenses. The good thing is it generates the monthly expenditure report also. Overall I would definitely recommend this app to everyone to use it..Version: 5.4.2

Great app for a group holidayWe used this app for a group holiday, made all payments easy to track. Highly recommend to others. However thought to send some suggestions; - can you make it easier to see your total/running personal spend amount, currently can’t see this if it’s already on there, can you add it to a dashboard of some sort? - we had issues with one person settling their amount early, can you introduce a lock system or where everyone approves to settle the bill? Thanks, Suze.Version: 5.7.3

Great appCurrently loving the app. Quite useful at the moment with all the bills and expenses when you are flatting. 👌🏼.Version: 4.6.4

PerfectHas been a great app to use on group trips!.Version: 5.7.9

RobertWaw just stunning it’s so easy to use and it’s very useful.Version: 5.7.7

Simple way to stay sortedThis app has been such a relief to all the payments that were needed to be divided either with my flatmate or between friends after a trip..Version: 4.5.6

LOVE SplitwiseThis is the MOST convenient app for dividing payments amongst multiple people or groups. I’ve used this app twice now while traveling internationally, and it’s never been so easy to record and remit debts on the go. My favorite part is that the app tallies up what everyone owes each other, and at the end of the trip when you’re ready to settle up, it does all the math for you in order to reduce the amount of transactions going back and forth. So easy. Upgrading to Pro, so you can convert currency with one click, amongst other perks, is definitely worth the upgrade. Especially if you frequently travel internationally with others. It’s not really necessary if you don’t leave the states though in my opinion. I can’t recommend Splitwise enough!! And this is coming from someone who very much dislikes unnecessary smart phone apps..Version: 5.6.6

5️⃣⭐️SO helpful and easy to use.Version: 4.6.10

Super easyGreat way to manage expenses for trips and events. Easy to use and intuitive..Version: 5.9.2

Great app!Use it with my housemates to spilt household bills. Very easy to use, automatically figures out who owes who what, can add photos and notes to bills. All password protected. You can also pay each other through PayPal through the app, but there is a small fee for this. Highly recommend for spilling money or bills between people or a household. (P.S kittens!).Version: 4.6.5

The new UI/UX is too awesomeUsing this app since many years and it looks same from the day 1 I have started using it. But the recent update is complete dope, they changed the whole user interface and that smoothing the experience of app use. Thanks Splitwise :).Version: 5.0

Saved my bacon.Splitting the bill is a great way to keep costs down but before Splitwise I’d often forget who I owed or who owes me. Thanks Splitwise!!.Version: 5.7.1

Love itI have now been using this app for a few years. Use it regularly for holiday with my financially independent partner. Also used it with my siblings for my late fathers estate as we each outlawed expenses for managing the sake of his house and laying rates and utilities etc.Version: 5.1.7

Group holiday was a breeze with this app!!This is one of the best apps I’ve ever had! Took all of the stress and trying to remember who paid for what out of our group holiday so that we could just relax and know that no matter who paid for dinner or groceries or national park fees, it would all magically balance at the end! SO GOOD!!!!!!.Version: 4.4.16

Useful, BUT…It’s not clear how certain features work until after you’ve used the app a few times. For example, the bright orange button called “Settle Up” (button #1 in group expenses) is actually NOT meant to be used most of the time. Pressing this button will remove the debts that others owe you. Most people will want to hit “Remind” if they’re still waiting on a payment. Also, it can still be confusing to split a check unequally for someone who’s not numerically inclined. However, once you get the hang of it all, you can enjoy this app for all of its utility..Version: 5.6.7

Brilliant, simple, life-changing.I use split wise to manage all my money engagements with friends and roommates. I’ve used it with rent to holidays. Totally simplifies life, keeps track of spending and makes dealing with money matters so much easier! Life changer!.Version: 4.4.16

Wonderful travel assistantUsing Splitwise to travel with friends is such an easy way to keep track and minimises any confusion around who owes what. I highly recommend this app. It's functional and easy to use..Version: 4.6.10

Useful appBut after Im updated to ios16, the app cannot open, please fix it.Version: 5.7.5

AmazingNo ads, got an amazing kitten Easter egg, and gives me exactly what I want from this app. 5 stars indeed..Version: 4.6.7

Must have - Handy finance organiserWithout this you need minimum two to three days to track and understand how much we spent. It would be great if Splitwise provide money payment options like providing bank accounts, PayPal and pay ids payment depends on the country or currency we are using will be more awesome..Version: 5.0

Life saverThis app is legendary for settling group costs! So easy to use! A must-have!.Version: 4.6.7

Best travel app!Splitwise makes travelling as a group a pleasure. Rather than worrying about who owes whom, expenses are nicely tracked and the final balance can be settled it the end. A travel necessity!.Version: 4.5.5

Option to add bank account would be great!We found this app to be brilliant! Though, it would be great if there was an option to link bank account to individual profiles so banks transfers can be done directly and easily.Version: 5.4.6

Amazing app!Love the concept, the design, and the customizable approach to adding bills. The only thing that’s lacking is a more developed currency calculator - there is the option to add bills in multiple currencies, but it doesn’t show you the outstanding bills in your currency of choice and becomes difficult when you use more than two. And further, it would be great if it could “cancel out” when you input bills in multiple currencies the way that it does when working with a single currency, so that I don’t have to do math when trying to figure out how much I owe. Other than that, keep up the good work!.Version: 4.4.16

Would love to see shortcuts functionality addedRecently found this app and have been loving it so far. One thing that I feel would elevate the usefulness of this app ten fold is if Siri Shortcuts and Shortcuts app functionality were added. It would be EXTREMELY useful if you could just say “hey Siri, add request for $20 at McDonalds”. The biggest hurdle I have with this app is consistently remembering to pull my phone out in the moment of paying and adding the request. If I could do this via Siri, or even better combine this with an automation in the shortcuts app to run a shortcut that automatically adds an expense whenever I get a transaction text alert from my credit card, that would be SO INCREDIBLY USEFUL. Fingers crossed this shows up in an update soon :).Version: 5.6.7

Great appBeen using this app for last 3 years and i love it. It is so easy to share expenses. Even like the features such as splitting the expenses percentage wise etc etc. Great app..Version: 5.4.2

Best travel and non-travel app ever!Travelling with a friend we used Splitwise, it was simple to use and easy to keep track of who had paid for what and when. The ability to choose how the bill is spilt (if at all) is awesome. I am now going to use it with a group of friends - we get together often eg dinners at home and weekends away, Splitwise will take the stress and confusion out of remembering who owes what to whom. Brilliant..Version: 4.6.12

Great app idea!Splitwise is a super cool idea and my friends and I used it for my bff’s bachelorette party. I have some feedback. -I was able to pay through PayPal but half the girls didn’t have PayPal so now we’re trying to figure out how they get their money. Don’t offer a payment until someone puts in the email associated to the account that way if they don’t put in the email for PayPal, I can’t pay them through PayPal bc now we need to figure out how she gets the money and it’s literally been taken out of my PayPal already and she still can’t figure out how to receive it. -I didn’t see anywhere that explained what to do so as soon as someone added a dollar amount and split it between us all, I paid it. Needs be more intuitive or have some kind of pop up like wait until all your friends add the amounts before you pay so you’re not having to pay people in multiple transactions. That just wasn’t clear to wait until all transactions were added until you “settle”. Make that more clear somehow. Hope that makes sense? Thank you!! Cool app idea, can’t wait to see it be more intuitive..Version: 5.6.2

Best at what it doesNever used a better app for sharing expenses. Perfect.Version: 5.7.3

P.S. Kittens is the greatest partVery useful!.Version: 4.5.4

Travel group expensesI went on holiday with a group of friends for a week that all used the app. I think we saved 10 hours of time not having to deal with splitting bills. The best features for us were the ways to split how the bill was paid and who paid. Every option possible is available..Version: 5.2.3

Straightforward, nothing erratic about it!Anyone giving it 1 star makes me scratch my head in confusion. Its the best designed UI amongst this type of app & the numbers are always spot on. The developers must be quite polite! I would have told some reviewers to go jump in the lake... It’s a very straightforward, well designed, smarter way to handle bills across groups and people. I cannot see anyway it can be called ‘erratic’ tbh. I have been using it for a few years with zero problems. Sometimes I use the data for other purposes & have exported the data into excel. Cross-checked - you can quickly see that it splits up correctly who owes what to whom. Handles FX ok, my main gripe is that I want even more from them! I wish they would add more companion apps/ services to Splitwise. I would love to set budgets/ spending limits (especially for vacations). But, it does its stated job very very well..Version: 4.5.2

Best thing for flatting!Wish we’d known about this sooner. Takes the stress out of splitting bills and keeping track of IOUs. Can easily create a group for power bills etc. is awesome!.Version: 5.5.9

Must have toolSplitting bills has never been easier. Been using the app for more than 6 years and have only loved it..Version: 4.6.4

Brilliantly simple to useSuch a great app. We use it to keep track of all our house expenses between three of us, and the whole process is effortless. It has a superbly designed interface that's really easy to use, and all the features you need for easily keeping track of group spending..Version: 4.4.12

Amazing app. Takes the guesswork/math out of traveling with groups.I recently went on a trip with four other people. Between the initial airport to AirBnB Lyft ride and all the meals/rounds of drinks that were ordered, this app was a complete lifesaver. Each person was responsible for their own expenditures—you can select who out of the group is a part of the cost. At the end of the trip, it shows who owes whom what amount. Transfers can be made via Venmo or PayPal. This saved the awkward “you owe me” conversations and allowed us to fully enjoy our vacation. Would recommend..Version: 4.6.2

Very helpful, a few improvementsFound splitwise very useful for settling a group cost for a wedding trip among 17 people, with numerous couples. It was ok adding costs using the "split by shares" feature for couples, however it would be better to be able to set the share amount on a per-person basis, as all couples were paying jointly. Without that feature it was annoying adding each cost, and when we had to add another party to the group I had to update all of the costs again. Also, at the end two people were owed money (myself and one other), however it was easier for me to act as the "bank" so all owed money would be sent to me and I would pay back the one other person owed. Splitwise has the "simplify group debts" feature, but that still produces a more complicated array of who owes whom. It would be simpler to communicate the final tally if there was an option to set one person as the "bank", especially since most of the people are not signed up (nor want to) to splitwise, and I am communicating the costs to them. Otherwise it was very useful and I'd use it again and recommend it to others!.Version: 4.6.4

Widget disappeared.Love this app, my partner and I use it all the time and share costs of things. However, one of the best things was it was also a widget for easy viewing access. Now, it’s suddenly gone! Are you guys going to bring it back? Maybe a new widget is in the works? Hi is there any update on ever getting the widget back?.Version: 5.3.7

Love it - best app for sharing and splitting billsThe best application for sharing and splitting cost and bills with the group. We often travel in the group, and always challenged how to properly keep track of the bills, who pays, who owes. also being able to manage it in different currencies was a challenge. We tried many applications, none non-worked well until I just found a splitwise. it’s really doing the job! it’s great! we use it for trips and also manage other shared finances. it allows to settle the bill at any time. it allows to do different currencies and it allows also to attach the picture (of the bill) and add notes. It is awesome. I hope it will stay this way. love the application! Simple and provides all needs functionality. Kudos to designers and developers!.Version: 4.4.13

Great for traveling groupsUsed this on a recent holiday in a group and it was such a great app. It meant we could easily split the bill at dinner or the accommodation costs. I now use it regularly with family members. One feature I would like to see is if you could link people into couples. That way you’re splitting into the right numbers but the ‘simplify group debts’ calculates between couple/family.Version: 4.5.6

Perfect app for splitting billsThis has simplified splitting out bills each month and leaves no one feeling as though they are short changed! It has been keeping track of exactly who owes who what and you can settle whenever the difference is getting too big.Version: 4.4.16

An app that just does exactly what you wantA really useful app that does everything you would want and no unnecessary add-ons. I just wish there was a feature that would allow one to see how much you was spent on each category. For example, £50 on dining out, £25 on groceries etc..Version: 4.5.11

Great AppThis is a beauty for trips away with your mates; keeps track and really simplifies what can otherwise be an awkward experience of working out who owes who what. 4/5 stars because just a few tiny odd things that might be bugs or might be misunderstandings - either way takes a little away from the user experience..Version: 4.5.3

Keep a tab with your matesEasy to use..Version: 5.0.3

GoodPretty nice.Version: 4.4.16

Great!!Makes group trips 100x easier. Would be great if you could add your acc number to make transferring even easier.Version: 5.6.7

So helpful!!A very helpful app!! Try it out.Version: 5.9.3

A great tool, but....Moving features that were previously available behind a subscription paywall? Not cool. I definitely would have paid to purchase the app and I might have subscribed to unlock additional features, but this is sort of alienating. Features I would consider paying a monthly subscription for: auto-billing for recurring bills (including auto-transfer by pushing requests to venmo) and integration/ability to log in to service providers to automatically input new bills and split accordingly. Would love to see Plates integrated within the app, though I’m sure it is not included for a reason..Version: 5.0.1

Highly functional appReally usefully for managing holiday expenses with groups of friends. We used to do the same calculations manually and this app has saved loads of time and hassle. One criticism is that the app and website seem to be different for PayPal payment, which is a bit confusing..Version: 5.7.3

RECOMMENDED TO EVERYONE!!I love this app.. So much! It is very easy to use, includes enough details of our expenses and it helps us calculate everything accurately. My flatmates and I used to have to do this manually with pen and paper but now Splitwise does it for us! Makes our life much easier! Thank you to the people who created this. P/s: minor improvement that can be made- For settling up, it would be nicer to know what items we have or have not paid for. But other than that, this app is perfect!.Version: 4.4.12

What a useful AppWe have just been on a family holiday, and Splitwise meant we could share the expenses fairly with all 9 adults. You only put the expenses on Splitwise that you want to share, so you can still treat everybody when you want to..Version: 5.4.9

Makes Group Trip $ So Much EasierRecently went to Barbados with 3 girlfriends and we created a group in Splitwise. Each of us entered our shared expenses as they were incurred, which made it so much easier to figure out who owed whom at the end of the trip. My favorite feature is that you can choose only certain people in a group - for example, one night only 3 of the 4 of us went out to dinner. There app let me select just the 2 people in attendance and shared the cost among the 3 of us. So easy to use, Will definitely use it for all group trips from now on!!.Version: 4.6.8

So greatMakes shared costs 1 million times easier. Super recommended.Version: 5.5.7

Très bonne appTrès bonne app.Version: 4.4.16

Excellent AppDownloaded this app to make holiday spending easier to track amongst our group. Certainly made tracking debts and spending significantly easier. Highly recommended. There are so many cool little features that I found over the last 2 weeks..Version: 4.4.16

Brilliant, elegant, clever.This makes a previously onerous task, elegantly simple. When travelling with friends, this takes the effort out of sharing costs. I can’t recommend it enough. Just try it! There should be better words than brilliant, clever….Version: 5.5.6

Splitwise is a game changerGone are the days of keeping a kitty, handling receipts, adding up long lists way after the fact. Splitwise makes sharing so much easier.Version: 5.3.5

Awesome!!Had 9 people in the trip with different individuals paying. It consolidated and simplifies the payment and tracking really efficiently. Only had to pay up to one person at the end of trip. Great app!!.Version: 4.5.11

MaterenaA great app, convenient and less financial headache on your holiday with friends. It does it all for you. It would have been even better if they could link the bank account in it and everyone could pay with one click. Even without that is a great app..Version: 5.0.5

Great idea to simplify sharingUsed this first time for a trip. And now use it with roomates. Great app. Simple and easy to use to keep up to date. Problematic when using multiple currencies. Should be fixed..Version: 4.4.16

Perfect app to split expensesIt’s the perfect app to split expenses with someone. If you have a relationship with someone (sibling, friend, partner, flat mate) where you both pay for things, this is the perfect app to keep track. It’s not completely intuitive the first time you use it, but becomes second nature after a few mistakes (which are easy to correct)..Version: 4.5.6

OutstandingA genuinely useful idea, very well executed. Highly recommended for any kind of group trip..Version: 4.6.9

So simple to useWe used Splitwise for a holiday with 4 families and people coming and going. Adjusting the share each family paid was easy. And all the little payments that can get forgotten, were easily included..Version: 5.5.3

So easy to useJust misses a section to fill out your bank account details so people can pay what they owe you.Version: 5.6.4

Great app!It made so much easier our holidays countability! Thanks..Version: 5.9.3

At last we can get rid of the nag BagWe used Splitwise for our last European motorbike tour and it was a revelation. No messing about having to have cash calls to the kitty (Nag bag). When the trip ended we just had a handful of payments and we were all straight. Will definitely use in the future..Version: 5.7.10

SimplisticI don’t often rate apps but when they are as easy and simple to complete semi-complex tasks you have to recognise it. I’ve tried other apps that do the same thing but were no where as straight forward to use. Excellent app folks!.Version: 5.4.7

THE BEST APP FOR ANY SHARED EXPENSESHave used this with flatmates as well as in personal settings with my partner/friends to track expenses. Features I love: 1. It sends notifications for everyone for recurring expenses like rent, bills. No more awkward nudges to remind or chase up payments. Also don’t have to manually add in these everytime! 2. Can upload photos with expenses - great for receipts or bills. 3. Can adjust the split if it’s not a 50/50 split. LOVE THIS. A minor feature but it is SO GOOD..Version: 5.6.0

Easiest way to split group expensesI didn’t understand the benefit of this app until I used it myself. I thought, “I already know how to divide expenses evenly between people so what is the point of this extra app?” Well let me tell you… This is SO MUCH easier than Venmo requests, spreadsheets, whatever else you’re using to track the amount each person owes. Use it on a group trip with friends. Use it to split up a mass lunch order with coworkers. Use it when planning a bridal shower with a bunch of girls you barely know. I swear it’ll make everything way more efficient and it’s not just a pointless app to add to your phone!.Version: 5.7.1

Very usefulThis App is great when you borrow money from your parents on a regular basis (lol), or when you have to split the costs of living expenses. Me and my father have found Splitwise very useful to keep a record of receipts and transactions, split costs, and borrowing from one another..Version: 4.5.19

Very convenientVery convenient and useful app! Especially when ure going on a trip with yr friends, or u want to split the flat expenses with your flatmates. Highly recommended :).Version: 4.6.0

Not badNot bad at all - easy 😁.Version: 4.5.11

Incredible for flatsWe love this in my flat, it stops the “who owes who what” and we use this for all things that we buy as a flat (boring stuff like toilet paper) we also use it when one of us goes to the supermarket, or to buy drinks and we can easily keep track of who has spent what. 100% would recommend best thing ever!.Version: 5.2.2

Just what we were looking forWe are traveling to South America and wanted a way to split up costs considering that there were a lot of things we couldn’t split. This app keeps track of who owes the other, how much, gives the ability to pay them back and more. Since I wanted to keep track of all the finances (and not just stuff we split,) it let’s me keep track of things that we don’t split too. Also (though this might be something that just I am really stoked about,) they export everything to excel with categories, times, costs, who paid, what currency, etc..Version: 4.5.3

I don't silently hate my partner anymore... because Splitwise is our mediator! It's so good, no awkward conversations, just add what you bought and Splitwise keeps the 'who owes what?' tally up to date. You can even do custom stuff, like $150 of the Costco bill for my expensive, organic vegetarian food, and $55 was your canivourous, meat goods. I have mastered recurring expenses too, for things like our internet bill. My partner too, has been nudged toward more financial mindfulness by having to use this tool. It is a massive win-win! Get it .. and have no more silent financial resentment!.Version: 5.4.0

AmazingSuch a great tool to use and makes it so easy to split costs with everyone. We’ve used it on two trips around Oz and it has made life so much easier! Really easy to use and a well designed app..Version: 5.1.7

This app is amazing!My boyfriend and I used to have trouble keeping track of who owes how much because we try our best to go Dutch in dates, but this app has helped us with the big calculations a lot! We also use this with our flatmate to settle rent and bills, and when we’re out for dinner with a big group of friends, this genuinely helps us keep track of everything!.Version: 4.6.7

So easyGreat app, user friendly and well thought out so you can apportion spending accurately. Much better than a spreadsheet!.Version: 5.6.1

Used for yearsI’ve used the app for years, multiple groups of people I typically split things with. Now I couldn’t imagine trying to keep track of things without it!.Version: 5.7.7

ConvenientBest app!.Version: 5.7.1

FantasticAmazing app thanks heaps.Version: 5.9.3

Almost perfectVery useful app that me and my 4 roommates use. This app makes it extremely easy to keep track of many different expenses. Instead of repaying after every shared purchase, this will combine all the charges into one. I have all the utilities under my name, and two others but most of the food. We just add all these charges into the app for our group of 5, and settle up through Venmo once a month. A great feature is being able to put the charge in the one house group but not charge everyone, if one guy didn’t eat dinner with us for example. One problem we keep running into that we would like fixed: when you press settle up you can go through Venmo which is great, but always directs to the email your friend used for this app, which happens to differ from the emails we use for our Venmo’s. We’d like a preference setting to keep using a specified Venmo account, rather than assuming a Venmo account with the same email used for SplitWise.Version: 4.6.9

Super easy and convenient for splitting tripsSuper easy and convenient for splitting trips.Version: 5.9.3

Definitely worth itThis app has made mine and my spouses life SO MUCH EASIER. We like to split bills, groceries and even tickets fairly, and this is the perfect way to keep track of everything. I’ve used it for about 4 months and haven’t had anything to complain about yet!!! I believe you can even upload pictures, however with the title being descriptive I haven’t had to use that feature yet. It is point blank “I paid and we split evenly” or “friend paid for all, I owe them the whole amount.” 6 out of 5 stars. Love..Version: 5.1.10

So easy for splitting bills with groups!Easy to learn and simple to use. Love it!.Version: 5.7.3

Fantastic appFast, simple to use, no intrusive ads or anything. A pleasure. One of the best iOS apps out there..Version: 4.6.12

Simple yet brilliantI use Splitwise in both group and one-on-one situations. I find it incredibly helpful not for just remembering who owes who but also for who has paid what. I would find it useful to edit the Settle Up function or at least have the simplification of debts be optional. Sometimes I want to pay a friend before they pay me back because that’s the way my budget works, but I have to wait for them to pay me so I can then pay them. I would also like to able to allocate payments to specific debts. All that aside, it’s still a powerful tool that has made life and paying for things so much easier. PS: Kittens!.Version: 5.6.7

Trina and MindyAbsolutely brilliant app, so easy to use and keep a true record. Takes stress out of who owes who..Version: 5.7.10

Exactly what I neededWas introduced to this app by a friend and so glad I was. We used to always manage our daily and holiday expenditures adhoc. Forever having the friendly “I’ll pay this one and you get the next one” argument. So easy now as we just enter it all in and Splitwise works it out for us. Doesn’t matter who pays on the day. Takes the pressure off. Looking now to upgrade as I can see this helping in other areas. EXCELLENT..Version: 5.1.4

First impressionsWish I’d had this in my life years ago. Can see how it will and would have applied to so many things. Especially flatting & gifts in a big family. Just awesome.Version: 4.5.6

Best app for splitting costsI downloaded Splitwise for a bachelorette party this weekend and could not have been happier with how easy it was to use! We all were able to add in the expenses we had- split them amongst the proper people and even out our dues to different people SO EASILY. the app connected directly to my Venmo so at the end of the weekend, I had a only a couple of payments that were directly taken care of by Splitwise. The app made it easy to see who owed what, and in the end no one was upset about money, costs or being owed cash. thank you Splitwise!!!.Version: 4.5.3

It simplifies what I used to have a magic spreadsheet forIt has all the basics bang on. I’ve tested it against my very tried and tested spreadsheet and it produces the right figures. Pro has currency conversion, which would be great if the UK version also featured Open Banking so I could just select transactions and payments to import from my accounts and cards. What would be outstanding is bulk selecting those by say, date range and whether it’s a foreign currency transaction. If it did that it would go from very good and useful to phenomenal and indispensable!.Version: 5.6.4

Useful app!Useful app that does simply what it intends to.Version: 4.4.16

Very helpful for tripsSplitwise really helped us keep track of our complicated series of expenses which included multiple payers and unequal splitting. At the end of our trip there was no hassle trying to calculate how much each person owes or is owed and with the simplify feature, only one transfer was made by each person - reduces confusion. Also using this app for expenses with my circle of friends and housemates, where the viscous circle of debt never seems to end. Very recommended..Version: 4.4.16

Great way to manage family expensesWe have a lot of shared costs looking after our Mum. This app makes it all so much easier!.Version: 5.7.9

Awesome appThis is great, on holidays away I used to keep a note on my phone of who owed what, then at the end it was a nightmare figuring it out! We use Splitwise for all our flat expenses, makes it super easy and fair. Highly recommend this app.Version: 5.2.3

Great app with a small issueI have been using this app for 3 years now and it is very simple and intuitive to use. Payment option using PayPal is great and the balance reminders a boon. Deducted 1 star because I really hate the settle all feature. Instead of creating a borrowing entry it should record a payment entry in the groups/no Group where money is owed to other person and give the sender option to record any extra amount after all balances as borrowed amount in any one of the groups the individuals share. This helps us keep track of the expenses that have been settled instead of reflecting a borrowing and then balancing all groups..Version: 4.4.16

Love this appMakes keeping track of bills so easy!.Version: 4.6.12

Lifesaver!!!If there was any app that has actually changed my life for good, I would say it’s Splitwise. It has completely revolutionised the way we split expenses and track what we’ve spent on. Being a social person, almost all of my expense are with friends and family. The feeling of resentment and guilt that you’ve probably spent more than others and it being too late to ask for the split now is a thing of the past. I want to thank the Splitwise team absolutely help someone like me who is not very outspoken about money..Version: 5.3.7

FantasticSuper helpful app, really awesome for many different situations. Saves you a lot of time and effort, and it’s very simple to use!.Version: 5.0.5

Notification feature?It would great to have a feature where you could set up notifications to occur weekly, fortnightly, every 3 weeks, 6 weeks etc. for a weekly clean schedule.Version: 5.1.1

Love this appMakes life so easy. Great for splitting cost with friends when travelling..Version: 5.9.3

Delivers on all its claimsI recently purchased a condo that my daughter is sharing with a roommate. Being new to the "landlord game", I immediately realized what a challenge expense sharing can be, especially with three different people paying specific bills. The app's focus on aggregate debts (rather than a balance-based expense ledger) was initially an adjustment for me, but the benefit of SplitWise's simplified approach quickly became apparent. It was only a matter of days before my daughter and her roommate began using it for additional expenses like groceries, ride shares, concert tickets, etc. I haven't needed to contact support, but the clean & logical UI, combined with thorough & concise documentation minimize the learning curve of using the app. After considering about a dozen expense sharing services, I had narrowed my list down to SplitWise and one of its competitors. Thus far, I've not had any regrets with my choice!.Version: 5.7.7

Needs ability to search for a paymentA great app but biggest annoyance is your can’t search for an item - especially handy if you have a long standing house account or friends bill and want to see if something has already been paid (instead have to scroll for ages). It’s a quick fix I think and would be super handy!.Version: 4.6.4

ExcellentI use this to manage all my roommate’s expenses and it is very helpful when it comes to keeping track/splitting evenly all our bills, who has paid and how much I am owed. There’s a button within the app that allows them to pay via Venmo or PayPal which makes it pretty seamless. If you are part of a large group of friends or family who routinely alternates payment of meals, entertainment etc. this is a great tool to use as everyone in the group can easily see who owes what. All around excellent app, very functional and user friendly..Version: 5.1.4

Awesome appLove this app, been using it for 6 years now. So the features you’d expect for a budget splitting app. Very handy while travelling, in sharehouses, for events or other projects wth ongoing costs. Thank God for SW, the alternative (updating an excel sheet etc) would just be too painful.Version: 5.5.3

AwesomeThis app is a lifesaver for my housemates and I keeping track of bills and expenses as well as my closest friends normally finding we never send each-other money anymore we just say "add it to my tab" and it evens out automatically. Would highly recommend this app to anyone looking for an easy way to keep track of how much you're lending/borrowing..Version: 4.4.12

It does what it say it doesWe went on a trio with friends everyone paid througout the trip and split expenses in this app. It worked great at the end to keep track of all expenses. We keep using it going forward for anything expense we need to share. Simple yet efficient!.Version: 5.9.3

Superb argument stopperThis has been the single best app innovation I’ve managed to get into my home. It’s Luddite friendly, and has meant arguments over who’s turn it is to pay have been eliminated. Please implement Peer-to-Peer Apple Pay and PayPalMe integration. That would make it perfect.Version: 4.4.12

Very helpfulGreat for student housing.Version: 5.7.1

AwesomeSuper useful for keeping track of expenses between roommates and friends, love it!.Version: 5.7.9

Brilliant App!!Travelling has never been easier when it comes to keeping track of who paid for what. Thank you!!.Version: 5.6.7

Best pop up kitten app everThis is the best pop up kitten app I’ve ever used!! However, it is also handy for splitting expenses on a group trip. We’ve just come back from a six person climbing trip in Spain, we all arrived separately and didn’t do all of the same things at all same time, so figuring out the costs would have required a lengthy spreadsheet and long dialogue. This app made it dead easy. Remember this when you are thinking about what pop up kitten app you choose..Version: 5.6.0

Love it but...I love and use this app constantly, to the point that it would make sense for me to use the pro version. So I did the 1 month free trial (thank you) but it didn’t seem worth the money. Specifically because I still can’t itemize transactions on the phone app, only the desktop, and the charts aren’t really helpful. In regards to the charts, if I could tap on a section of the pie chart and have every transaction that’s in that category shown - that would be Very helpful. Also, it’s not very clear on the charts if the total amount shown is the total of what Both people spent (and then split) or if it’s what I specifically spent after splitting expenses (again, would be very helpful to know/have both options). Last feedback is that it would be great if when using the itemized feature, that items could be split by a custom % instead of only 50/50 or 100/0. Fingers crossed these updates are doable! I tell people about this app all the time and it makes my like So much easier by removing the stress of remembering debts, but the above would really help a lot..Version: 5.0.3

Super versatile and has saved me hours of excel budgetingThis app is awesome! Does 99% of what i want with a 99% awesome ui, which is extremely rare for any app. Im extremely picky with ui and tools and this app is pretty much flawless. I used to do budgeting for all my friends trips and the hassle of excels, trackng expenses, nagging people, and keeping receipts has vanished. I wish I used this years ago, I was just skeptical of an app thats as powerful and versatile as I needed but this does it all!.Version: 5.7.3

Excellent appMy group of 11 just used this app to track expenses on a two week vacation. It’s truly excellent. Splitwise has a great user interface, making it simple to enter any combination of participants and payments. And it’s all instantly synced between devices for all to see. 10/10.Version: 5.1.4

Great app – but widget gone?This is a terrific app that I use almost daily. It just works! But, the widget (my main way of using the app and keeping track of expenses) has recently disappeared... Hopefully it’ll be back in an app update soon!.Version: 5.3.0

Totally User centric and user friendly!!There are many apps in the market but not all think the user-experience process through like splitwise has. Splitwise is end to end thought through. Allows you to split expenses in multiple ways - equally, by %, by headcount/ shares. Combines balances in groups and non-groups with the same person to give single balance per person. Love how well it has been conceptualized!!! I would give more starts if that was an option!! Great product!!.Version: 5.4.3

No more headaches.A great app. Saves so much time and so many headaches. My only request is that you could add a temporary user (ghost user) to split payments before a particular friend has the app. This would be good for group trips with no reception..Version: 4.6.8

Good but could be even better!Only just got the app, so I’m sure I don’t see its full benefits just yet, but I’m struggling with why you’re forced to add other users to be able to split the bills. I got this so I could sort out who I owe money to and who owes me in one easy location, but I can’t add bills if somebody who owes me doesn’t want to sign up. Very frustrating as I can’t FORCE them to sign up just so I can use this app properly :(.Version: 4.6.5

Great appMakes holidays and flatting so easy, no need to tediously do maths with receipts anymore!.Version: 4.5.15

Awesome appI love the push notification when someone adds an entry involving you. Quick split selection options should have unequal split selection option based on your previous selections..Version: 5.2.4

Super duper great AppMy friends and I really appreciate this application!.Version: 5.7.1

Tried it three times nowAND IT IS SO GOOD. The simplify expenses setting and ability to add receipt photos aren’t absolute favorite features. We went to brunch and they hand wrote a receipt and if we hadn’t added the photo to the app we may not have caught that they accidentally charged us 25$ over! This is perfect for any trip where more than two people are spending money for the group. Less time worrying about being fair and more time just having a nice time with friends and/or family. Would highly recommend this app and we use it any time the crew takes a trip now!.Version: 4.6.13

Great app!Use it for a lot of my trips and it’s easy enough to use. Additional features like a person is paying for two shares would be useful when their spouse are not on Splitwise or one is handling both. Otherwise great app!.Version: 4.6.8

Essential App!My girlfriend and I use this on every trip and have even started using it at home. We have a joint account, but sometimes it works out better rewards wise if one person pays 😏 We always spend aaages explaining the “simplify debts” aspect, but once friends trust that it is working, they usually love it, We’ve now used the app for over 2 years and probably split close the £20k within the app!.Version: 4.5.4

App IssueHi Team, This app is too good but yesterday I found some Issue there. I was able to see one api error directly. There is some error handling work for your team. I have already emailed issue with attachment to splitwise team. Let me know if you want me to share error screen shot again..Version: 5.6.7

Best App 1st time it was so good I’m rating itMy friends and I went on a trip to France. We used the app. it exceeded our expectations. It is very easy to split expenses and adjust for personal increases. It allowed all of us to not worry about evening out bills and instead to take turns paying so that at the end of the trip we were almost all settled app. The app is very flexible in that it allows you to split costs between which ever group members have incurred the cost and it allows you to adjust the splits if necessary. For example, if one person’s share was $20 more than the others the app will account for that. It was also great to chose the currency. Since we where in France we used euros. Really great app even the non tech group members liked it..Version: 5.0.9

Fantastic appHas made splitting groceries/bills etc so easy between my housemate and I. And when all my friends went away as a big group - blissfully easy!.Version: 5.3.5

Love Splitwise, and all it’s features.Makes tracking expenses between groups of friends and events with multiple people extremely easy and simple..Version: 5.6.7

Money in & out in 2 currenciesThis app is awesome. We travelled as a family of 4 - all agreeing to split some but not all bills. The app is so versatile- you can put $0 against one group member when they don’t need to pay and you can split transactions unevenly- allocating differing amounts to each person. This made our overseas trip soooo much easier. I would highly recommend the app to any group who regularly share expenses. Thanks so much to the developers..Version: 4.6.10

AwesomeGreat app for when travelling with a group. Easy to use. Would use again!.Version: 5.7.10

Love this appIt makes splitting up bills on trips super easy!.Version: 5.7.10

Great solution.This is a really good app. I found it especially useful when travelling overseas with 3 other families. The “share” function made splitting common expenses super easy. A feature I would like added in the future would be to do with the currency. I would like to be able to enter the foreign currency amount, and have Splitwise calculate it to a selected “base” currency. That would then make the required bank transfers a step easier..Version: 5.1.5

Would definitely recommend!The app is soo handy and good for so many reasons, especially being away on holiday with a million other gays who are useless at counting and keeping track of things, and the support is fab! As someone who’s spent a lot of time in CS roles, good support is always massively appreciated - big up Sarah! 🥳.Version: 5.2.4

All star appIt is its functionality that makes this app much sought after. A novel thought that has greatly helped to overcome the awkwardness of splitting bills within a social circle once you payed group bills. Makes the whole procedure a lot less stressful. Keep up the good work!!.Version: 4.5.6

Staggeringly useful appI’ve been traveling abroad with a group of friends for the past 2 months; this app has made keeping track of expenses and debts absolutely trivial. I don’t think we’ve had one argument, or even disagreement, about money. The UI is super intuitive and the simplify debts feature is very clever indeed..Version: 4.5.3

Such a useful appThis app has made group trips and group spending so much easier! Keeping track of expenses and then settling up at the end has been a game changer. The simply debts option is great too - makes tracking who owes what to whom a lot easier. The only thing it needs is the option to convert different currencies to one main currency at the end of the trip. The ability to track them separately is useful but it is difficult to then work out how much is finally owed when combining the currencies at the end..Version: 5.7.1

Such a great appSplitwise makes it really easy to track shared expenses with other friends, family or flatmates..Version: 5.0.1

Amazingly friendly and helpful appMy friends and i (3 all together) traveled south america and added all expenses into splitwise. This saved a lot of hassle and made sure everyone was on the same page with what they had spent on each other, could not recommend an application more!.Version: 4.4.16

Makes calculations easyExcellent handy tool.Version: 4.6.8

Great App!Man this is such a great app! I'm using it to split the living expenses with my roommates! We used to keep all our receipts and I would manually calculate at the end of the month, but this app allows us to keep track as we go. So long mountain of receipts! One thing that will make this better is if there is like the ability to create some commonly use expenses. Im just lazy and didnt want to keep tying in "grocery" and electricity etc. Would be nice if the "Type in description" part starts to auto fill with these self created expenses, or maybe just recent descriptions, or an option for a pulldown that type of thing ovok~.Version: 5.0

Best expense sharing app!I have been using the app for almost 4 years and its been amazing. It would be nice if the app could be connected to my cheque account and each transactions (if needed) could be split staright up without having to create manual entries..Version: 5.4.6

So useful!I use It with my adult daughters. So much better than manual tally on a little piece of paper. Highly recommend. Have not had to get paid version. Free one is sufficient for us..Version: 5.7.10

Simple, useful but a few tweaks?Fairly simple way to keep track of bills. Sometimes hard to find your friends to add them. Also, there is no email verification at start-up so I spent ages trying to remember the correct email and password to log in but, as it turns out, there was a typo when I signed up yet it allowed me to create an account... otherwise all good..Version: 4.5.8

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