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U.S. Bank Mobile Banking App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

U.S. Bank Mobile Banking app received 22 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using U.S. Bank Mobile Banking? Can you share your negative thoughts about u.s. bank mobile banking?

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U.S. Bank Mobile Banking for Negative User Reviews

App is extremely flawedFirst of all Touch ID is useless . It rarely works and often it will fail continually which causes you to be kicked out due to too many failed attempts . Then you have to reset your password . It seems the app resets every other day as if I’m a first time user promoting me to create a log in and giving me a tutorial when I do . Beware with mobile deposit ! I deposited my payroll check which is also a US Bank check in a Friday . Come Monday the deposit was reversed causing me numerous over draft charges and a ton of stress . I called customer service and was told that “it is too soon to tell” . They couldn’t even tell me why it was reversed until the next day where they blamed my company’s account . My employer double and triple checked and even had a US Bank officer verify that there is no issue with the check but yet it was reversed and no explanation. 2 stars since US Bank did reverse the overdraft charges but they can’t fix all of the stress it caused and arrange to repay the bills that bounced . I could go on and on but the App basically is very basic looking and feeling yet very clunky and has a ton of bugs. I used to be a customer with Chase and I miss their app . It was flawless . This Ap seems like 3rd world country quality . Real talk ..Version: 3.0.175

Annoying AppMobile Deposit in the US Bank app frustrates me every time I try to use it. [edit] BUT huge thanks to US Bank for finally removing the requirement to write “for deposit only” under the endorsement!!! [/edit] The over-automated check scanning UI is poorly conceived and prone to failure. It shows an approximate size field into which to fit the check, but demands that you “Get Closer” when you’ve already properly positioned your phone. Then it snaps the image *while* you’re moving closer, which results in a less sharp image than would have been obtained by anyone who’s used a smartphone camera before, if they’d been allowed to capture it manually. Then, the app transmits the images to the bank, and they are rejected. The app has now reset some of the data you put in for the deposit, so you’ve gotta re-type that stuff before proceeding. Other banks have had the mobile deposit system down for years, without any of these hiccups. Please, US Bank, offer an easily accessible manual camera mode, and scrap the For Deposit Only sensor, because you obviously don’t have the programming chops to fix it. And OY with the banners for Zelle and ApplePay! Who needs to be reminded about those things every time they log in to view their accounts? No one! Don’t get me started on slow response time between pages, incomplete or unavailable data, failure to show pending transactions which are days old, etc..Version: 2.34.31

Us bankLove the mobile check deposit and all the other functions you can do remotely. My biggest complaint with your establishment isn’t the mobile banking, it is the delay in text notifications of monies being drawn out of the bank. I receive immediate notification from Apple Pay when my us bank account is utilized, however, I do NOT receive notification from US Bank vis text that my account was “hit” until 2, sometimes 3 days AFTER, it was deducted. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were trying to hide something or maybe confuse me. But WHY, if there’s nothing going on would you choose to delay notifications. THAT is what I’d like to know. I’ve asked several times at my usual branch and they haven’t been able to give me an answer. Today’s date 11/14. I will re-rate after seeing how this transaction goes. Date 11/14. This transaction went quickly and smoothly. Am very pleased with this transaction. This is how it is supposed to work. Notification of deposit acceptance was almost instantaneous. For this I will raise my rating to a 3*. Now, once we repair the delayed notifications of debit purchases via text, I will once again raise my review..Version: 3.0.3086

Sometimes FunctionalI don’t usually give less than 3-4 star reviews but lately this app has given me a few headaches and wasted my time. A few times in the past six months, while depositing checks, it has locked out my ability to deposit the check, saying that the picture of the back was actually the front (definitely was the back) and wouldn’t let me deposit the check for that amount after signing back in later, so I had to go in to the local branch to deposit it which negates the whole purpose of electronically depositing a check. I have noticed in the last two weeks (late September’21) that it hasn’t been updating my debits in a timely manner so it seemed like I hadn’t paid certain bills but it finally caught up a few days later AFTER I spent time on the phone with the billers to ascertain that it had indeed been paid. Less important, but still annoying, the search function is great at coming up with irrelevant things and the insights are mostly not insightful. When it works, it does what I need it to, but when it doesn’t, it wastes my time instead of making things easier. Thankfully my local branch manager is very helpful and has told me to call so she can help me and see firsthand what’s wrong with the app in the future in order to get things fixed..Version: 3.0.4807

Crooked merchants and dispute departmentsI reviewed details of overcharges and non-service several times with my local bankers and with bank dispute departments but when decisions were made it was obvious that the case notes were either not comprehended or not read at all. Just because the merchant submitted false documents they should not have been accepted by the decision makers of the disputes. Furthermore they sent the decision letter to me at the wrong address which also indicated that they didn't even read the case notes. I previously was happy with US Bank, but I am very unhappy with this bank now. Also phone support person told me I didn't need to send in additional documentation became she was going to enter my verbal notes into the system. Then she didn't and that also adversity affected the decision on one of the cases. Additionally, I can never speak with the same person twice on each of three cases. Every time, it's a new person who knows nothing. I paid my credit card bill and have NEVER had a negative balance until now, and it's because charges were wrongly entered. One of the issues goes back 6 months. I wonder if we will ever get this straightened out..Version: 3.0.2095

App needs much improvementI’ve been a long time customer of US Bank. The original app was very simple to use and never gave me an issue. I actually bragged about it to people. Ever since they kept updating it I’ve had so many issues with it. It freezes, it says my password is incorrect (which is wrong because I’ll go on desktop and use online site and log in with the same password and be able to get in), or most recently it only allows a read only version. I do 99% of my banking as mobile banking. Not only to check my account balance daily but to do transfers, pay bills, etc. Without a functioning mobile app this has become very frustrating for me and I’ve considered switching banks entirely. It doesn’t seem like anyone else is having an issue whom I’ve contacted at us bank so maybe it’s just my phone. I have an iPhone 8+. Yes I can use the desktop version online, but then why create a mobile app at all? The developers need to change this. I couldn’t even do your $10k giveaway contest this past Christmas (if you use your mobile app you’re automatically entered each time you use it) because everything was read-only!! I’ve tried everything possible and still to no avail. I will try re-installing this app again for the fourth time but my patience is wearing very thin. Get your act together US Bank..Version: 3.0.1051

December 2020 App UpdateI am very disappointed in the 2020 update. On the home screen I only have 1/3 of my screen available to view my accounts. The top 1/3 is a Covid notice and a button to open more accounts. The bottom third is a banner and an insights section. I wold like to be able to acknowledge the COVID notice and have I go away from the Home Screen. A simple button on the menu would work for new accounts. I would also like to be able to hide the insights section since I don’t use it. When viewing my accounts I used to be able to scroll down to see my transactions. With The update I have to push a see more transactions button for no apparent reason. They have also made the fonts larger so the information takes up more space and since they made less space available I have to do a lot more navigating just to see my account information. The new color scheme has made the information on the screen stand out less. Overall I have always liked US Bank and I thought their app is one of the best. This latest version has made it a lot more difficult to navigate so I’m using it less. For some reason they took a great app that worked well and changed it. The result is a less user friendly experience with a lot more scrolling and clicking to see the same information. In this case a step or two back would be an improvement..Version: 3.0.3257

Overall good. Can’t redeem cash + rewardsApp is well designed and easy to use. My experience with US Bank is that the customer service is okay.. sometimes very helpful, other times it seems as if the person is just kind of lazy. One time ATM stole my money completely, no receipt, no nothing. I called customer support and the first time the guy gave me so much attitude and then I got an email 2 weeks later saying I won’t be receiving my money. I called again, got ahold of an amazing person willing to help, and filed a great claim for me, lo and behold I received my $980. Now on to the actual app, it’s well laid out. Easy to use, except if you have the cash plus rewards credit card, you can’t redeem the rewards with the app, or even on the web browser on your mobile device. You have to pull out a computer and go online which isn’t too bad of a problem if you have a computer, or you have to call the number on the back of your card and be put on hold for 15 minutes or more before proceeding to your 30 second call to ask them to apply your rewards to your credit statement. Please fix this so we can redeem rewards via the app. Thank you.Version: 3.0.2517

Very poor app!!This app has been failing me for years. It either crashes or can’t log in at least once a week, and despite constant feedback and surveys, this still hasn’t been fixed. The coding problems extends beyond crashes and cutesy “Oops! Something went wrong wrong!” error messages, though (Yes, US Bank, I can see something went wrong, thanks). I just recently discovered when setting up a money transfer to an outside account that the app won’t recognize an underscore as a valid character for someone’s email address. Guess the millions who still use underscores for emails won’t get any notifications that money’s coming their way! Hope it’s not important! And, as a cherry on top of the I.T. Fail Cake, I had to write this review on Apple’s App Store because the in-app feedback was programmed to write white text on a white background, rendering anything I typed invisible. Who seriously isn’t double-checking these things before they release them to consumers??!! I’ve stayed a US Bank customer for decades now, but these constant app problems are seriously making me contemplate switching all my accounts to a competitor. Convenient? No. Customer oriented? No. Focused on service? No. Get it together, US Bank, these things still matter in the 21st century, and your app only shows how unwilling-or incapable -you are to see what people want and need..Version: 3.0.1047

App is Good but needs a few tweeksThis is the second review. On the whole it is good but they made a change that has got me spitting mad!! If you deposit a check on the app you are no longer to see ALL the photos of the checks you deposit so take your own photo. Some are viewable but it isn’t as simple as tapping on the transaction in the list of transactions. You have to go through the assistant to get to the search window. And don’t bother speaking your request. It isn’t that smart yet. I even called the ever present 1-800-like-I-care. The Rep wasn’t able to tell me how to see the check on my end. She was able to tell me the information I needed. I was nevertheless an very frustration hour of time I won’t get back. It functions well for what i need. I would like to set it to stop asking me for my thumb print. My other apps don't. I like the size of the numbers in the “Send money” section. However they are “find a microscope” small in the transfers section. I am angry that I can not deposit money to my friend’s account any longer. She is also my landlord. She refuses to sign up for Zelle which makes it hard on me as it means trip to the branch and standing in line. I finally had to order checks. I have to use checks in decades! The mini pack of 50 will last me for decades to come. All in all this app mets my needs with the exception of transfers. Depositions is extremely difficult with a phone camera. It told me to use a darker back ground. It was on black!!.Version: 3.0.5582

I thought it was a great app, until …I have used the app for a few years now, and have always had positive experiences with it … just checking my account details and using zelle mostly. Recently, I had the rare occurrence of receiving a check, so I decided to use the mobile check deposit feature for the first time. I click on it, only to get a message box that “mobile check deposit is turned off” and it gave me a 1-800 number to call. I call, reached a nice lady, she looked into it and said “it is an issue that needs fixed at your local branch”. She offered to email them my situation and they’d call me back. After two business days, I called said local branch and reached another nice employee. Except she didn’t know anything it seemed. She “trouble shooter” with me in the app to make sure I was doing it right, etc., but after 20 minutes, I had no answers or resolution. She said she’d call me back, and she did. “The local branch can’t turn On and off mobile deposits, and it’s a ‘known glitch in the software’, and I’ve escalated your situation to the app team”. So far, I’m out about 45 minutes between the numerous calls, and still don’t have an app I can make a mobile check deposit on. To add insult to injury, as I drive to the branch to deposit the check, there is a huge banner on the wall of the bank: “depositing a check? Do it from home in our mobile app!” That’s a great idea … I wish I could!.Version: 3.0.5182

Needs sizable improvementsThe layout of the app could be better but about average with design, it is the technical configuration and signing into this app that is the problem. I have used this US bank mobile iOS app on iPhone 8plus with Touch ID and also on both the same iOS app on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 Pro Max which have Face ID. The Touch ID was inconsistent in functionality however managed to login roughly 50 percent of the time. The Face ID with this US bank app failed completely and there is also a feature now with a recent update to not allow pasting copied items, such as passwords, making almost impossible if you have a password manager and a long password to login and view balance information. When attempting to manually type the password it erases the entry if having to go back to the app or place you have the password saved, which is irritating. This can also be a huge problem when out and about using the bank account if barred accessibility. Ironing out these errors with US Bank customer support always seems to go in circles, especially with problems involving technology and updates on using their systems..Version: 3.0.5473

App was getting better, then Zelle happenedThis app was improving on itself the last year or two, but recently they switched to Zelle for sending money, and its utter crap! First, I can’t directly send any money to my external secondary credit union accounts because they are not part of Zelle’s stupid member bank list. So if I want money in those accounts electronically, I have to write myself a check and then deposit it on my credit union app. Second, you have to create a separate account with Zelle if you want to manage any money sent beyond pressing send - and the Zelle app crashed twice in 10 min, once when I was initiating a send. Third, you’re just sending money to a phone number, not to an account, so it’s totally insecure ( FYI - you can’t cancel or freeze sending money if you mess up, so don’t mess up the phone number or your SOL). Not to mention, if I wanted to send money to another person, I just use Apple Pay or Venmo, which are both better operating wise, and more secure because it’s not just a phone number. Zelle is total crap and because of its uselessness and US Bank making it the only way to send money (before you could just transfer to external accounts in a few days), I’m going to be shifting away from US Bank as my primary account, and maybe even as my primary bank..Version: 3.0.9

Awful new forced paybill updateUpdate: 6 mo later- I still hate the “you must use bill pay” to make internal transfers to various places like my line of credit! NO I don’t want to use your silly bill pay, every time it overdrafts and automatically transfers hundred to my line of credit. No No No!! Put the option back to let me make my OWN internal transfers !!!!! I want to make multiple transfers to that line many times a month. I don’t want to make one monthly bill payment, that is already autodrafted. Let me transfer to and from my own accounts. - I hate the new version of U.S. Bank app because it won’t let me ignore pay bill sections, I don’t want to pay a bill, I don’t want to set up a payor, I want to simply transfer my money from one account to another account, (like Ive always been able to) like the mortgage account or the escrow account or the line of credit account but it won’t let me it won’t even let me get to my mortgage payment details page it keeps forcing me to go to try to set up a payor as a pay bill, this is wrong! I want the old version back so I can transfer money between my own accounts and stay out of the pay bill section, I dont use paybill at usb, and I shouldnt be forced into that menu. I do not want your bank to “help” me by forcing “integrated help” inside my account. Not everyone needs pay bill or to setup payors. Bring back the simplified more adaptable transferring between my own accounts!.Version: 3.0.5643

Accessibility needs to be improved stillSo one update later and all of the sudden the app is still having problems with voice over on iOS iPhone devices to a point. I don’t know what happened a few days ago but I will say this. The US Bank app was working perfectly with voice over until I discovered yesterday that after logging in voiceover stopped working with the main interface. I had to call US banks online mobile banking phone number twice just to get a ticket submitted. Why the first customer service representative in online banking didn’t do this really surprised me. Especially when I brought up concerns about accessibility and what I was using. She then had me uninstall the app, reinstall the app after clearing safari history, logging in, and then it worked. She then help me close the app, and then re-launch it. After I re-launched it, voiceover stopped working. Does anyone understand that voiceover needs to be worked on when it comes to this application? Or am I the only smart one here who knows what’s going on with accessibility!?! She also asked me if I could use a web browser on my computer. I explained to her that the US Bank website has not been set up for accessibility for a number of years and I have complained about this for over 10 years. So is the app going to behave the same way?.Version: 3.0.2272

Why change is not always better.I consider myself very functional in modern device technology. I typically have a very change positive attitude. However, I am tired of change for change sake and not happy with the new update. I don’t know why developers think a new update means change everything and force end-users to re-learn how to do the exact same functions as the previous app. Make it look better, add more functionality, add greater security....fine, awesome but why reconfigure every thing on the surface. Now I have to muddle through figuring out a NEW way to complete the exact same tasks, only now with new bugs and reduced speed. It now takes twice as long to pay bills as the previous version. If you’re going to make me watch the infinity circle spin whilst the “new and improved” app navigates it’s program; at least you could program some upbeat elevator music to pacify my impatience. The new steps are different and not intuitive at all. The problem is I have no other choice of apps for US Bank so I’m stuck suffering through inept app design created by developers that apparently don’t use banking apps. Of course don’t get me started on now being forced to wait through the many updates inevitably coming in the hopes of correcting bugs that had already been solved in the previous version. By the way; “faster app” may need to be addressed in your advertising before some ambulance chasers decide they can make a few $ for false advertising..Version: 3.0.10

Untrustworthy - Bank account hackedMy bank account was logging me out constantly today and then suddenly hacked and my password was changed. I had to call the online banking department and was bounced from representative to representatives for over an hour between the fraud department and online banking department. I was able to change my password and regain access through the website and mobile verification, but the online banking department decided to lock me out because all of my accounts are now considered compromised. I need to visit the branch tomorrow to get all of my accounts deleted and reopened, receive all new cards, change some direct deposit info, close the checking account associated with the direct deposit, and then I might get access to online banking again. My password was not easy to guess and they will not investigate how it was compromised. This app is ridiculously untrustworthy and I could have lost thousands from my checking and my credit cards are now considered compromised. I feel like I can never trust that my money is safe in any bank ever again after this. I had a security deposit for a new apartment due today and I no longer have access to my bank accounts or credit cards. Do not use this app, you could easily be robbed and they will not investigate. I didn’t receive any reassurance that this will not happen again..Version: 3.0.4506

Failure to workAre used US banks phone app for at least two years and I am extremely frustrated enough so that I’m considering changing banks. I need to be able to make deposits from my home. This used to work but this spring things changed. When taking a photo of either the front or the back of my checks I will get a message to move closer etc. but eventually nothing would happen even when I press the try again feature. I use the dark background for example my office chair is dark blue but that wouldn’t work so I took it upstairs where we have a couch with a blue denim cover but that wouldn’t work so then I use the try it yourself feature and guess what that worked. But that’s not the end of the story after being able to make these remote deposits for over a year s uddenly this summer nothing would take. The little connecting wheel wheel just keeps spinning around and then eventually there be a failure notice. Yet at my home nothing had changed. I use the same phone my router is maybe 30 feet away that hadn’t changed. Due to Covid I’m a very high risk I’m 71 I’ve had a stroke major cancer operations and diabetes and I am 15 miles from the bank so what good is this app that now just doesn’t work for me? What do I have to do to get an app that actually works? I would rate this app with a zero if that was possible. So far no one at the bank has offered any viable solutions..Version: 3.0.5543

It’s fine, I imagine other banks may be betterIt works just fine more often than not but as soon as there is an issue with the app making an internal transfer or switching between this app and the usbank investments app you have to call usbank. There’s always a 20 minute wait to get someone on the phone and more often than not they have to connect you to someone else to either make a transfer or trade. And without fail the employee tries to tell you that it would be faster to use the app. It is infuriating to be told that their product that doesn’t work is the better option. There have been times where the app or website with both not be functional, and an employee on the phone will say that the site has been down all day. I shouldn’t have to call to find that out I should be notified via email that the site is down and be provided with an estimate of when it will be functional again. I’d say I encounter these issues around once every other month. The interface is usable and the search functionality is honestly good. The customer service is the issue and it seems like it will be for a while to come I just don’t know which bank to transfer my money to because I’d rather just stick with the devil you know..Version: 3.0.5716

Awful customer serviceI established an account in November 2017, I was promised a $100 bonus offer if I did one of two things. Which were either direct deposit of $500 or more OR utilize bill pay 2x a month. I utilized bill pay more than 2x and never received the $100 offer. I contacted the bank that I established the account at and John the manager told me I did not meet requirements and was not helpful to me whatsoever. I asked for the district managers information and contacted her and that was not successful either. She returned one phone call and I missed it and called her back a few more times and my calls or issues were never resolved. I later called customer service and got transferred around and finally was able to speak with someone who confirmed that I did meet requirements and I would receive my $100 within 45 days, I asked her to please put notes in that i did in fact meet requirements so that I didn’t get the run around again. After 45 days I still didn’t receive the offer, I went into the bank and spoke with the Manager Bryan. He told me he would do some research and get back to me. He was very helpful and efficient. He got back to me in a timely manner and let me know he was able to only give me $50 because the only way to get the $100 was to get direct deposit. I was not happy with that because that’s not what I was promised. I was very disappointed in the customer service I received from U S Bank. I felt like I was lied to from the start..Version: 2.30.32

Genuinely the worst. Prepaid Card Account (Is how Servers are paid their tips)Who on Earth decided to run an app this terrible? Better yet, how does this app have so many stars? Are you paying for reviews US Bank?? I can’t see how anyone would be happy with such subpar performance and underwhelming use. This makes Chase, Capital One, and three tiny banks I’ve used over the years look like they’re the established professionals. I can’t extract my money from my account because none of the features in the app work. You can only transfer funds to accounts within the US Bank ecosystem. All of which require a fee that is purposely set up so Servers (who can’t get nightly direct deposit into a checking account) always have to pay it despite meeting three times the income requirements. I can’t pay bills out of the account because apparently my account doesn’t exist despite have a solid 4 figures in it. US Bank is an absolute joke. If you respect yourself and your finances, go use literally anyone else. They want to rob you blind and leave you feeling like they abandoned you naked on the side of the road somewhere outside of Zzyzx, CA. I would trust Lehman Brothers circa 2008 more than I trust US Bank in their current state. This is simply pathetic..Version: 3.0.5390

Actually works wellI have tried other bank apps and they are clumsy and often have trouble with check deposits online. US Bank can usually get my checks in and rarely gives me a problem with them. Lately it’s been having more trouble and I’ve had more checks that I have to take in personally because the app does not seem to process them. Especially money orders seem to cause trouble. And now, they often say “being reviewed manually” instead of automatically accepted. Seems like the app is becoming more cumbersome. Also, it would be very helpful if there is a long term way to view the pictures of deposited checks for future confirmation and records. Now another problem has developed. I keep getting mysterious fees with no explanation and when I check with the bank they can’t even figure out what they are. This has happened several times and it happened this month again. They need to figure out if they’re going to charge a fee what it is for so I can properly request a refund if I’ve been missed charged which appears to be the case but nobody can figure out what the fee is for..Version: 3.0.5543

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