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Don't Let Pigeon Run This App! App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Don't Let Pigeon Run This App! app received 27 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Don't Let Pigeon Run This App!? Can you share your negative thoughts about don't let pigeon run this app!?

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Don't Let Pigeon Run This App! for Negative User Reviews

Fun appsMy 4 years old son loves it. But I think it worth only $2.99, not $5.99. Too expensive for such simple content. Hope they will add something new on next update..Version: 1.0

Don't let the pigeon make you buy this app!Not enough value for the cost. At this price I expected to get way more content. It's really not worth $4.99. I wish I could get at least $4 of it back because at $0.99 it wouldn't feel as big of a rip off..Version: 1.1

OverpricedWe had a laugh at first, but realized after we spent too much.Version: 1.1

Not worth the moneyI got this for my 3yr old because she loves the books. There isn't much to it, only one story where you change a word here or there. The pigeon's voice is also annoying and I hate the repeated "NO"s. I have no idea who is writing up all of the 5 star reviews on this but I suspect a few people who are getting paid..Version: 1.1

GoodA fun and cute app! But the price is a bit much. I can actually barley look at the app because i thought i bought it for 1.99 not 6.99..Version: 1.0

Please Let the Pigeon Do More in this App!Please let the pigeon do more on this app! C'mon! I gave you more than five bucks. It's a cute app, and my kids get a few giggles. However, it doesn't do a lot. There is one simple story line repeated back with your additions, like voice-recorded Mad Libs. You can also draw the pigeon with Mo, but that's it. There is very limited play value for the money. We hope you'll update with new story lines, Mo characters to draw, a chance to animate your drawing, read alongs of a pigeon book, or video clips or something else. (Your app developer would let you. True story.).Version: 1.1

UnplayableMy kids are heartbroken. The whole reason they begged me to buy this app was to write stories with Mo...but when the Bus Driver asks for their name (to begin the game) it doesn’t hear them. I couldn’t even get him to hear me, and there is no option to type your name it won’t allow them to play. Siri hears us just fine! What a waste of money. Big fans of Mo, but not this app. 🙁.Version: 1.2

What a wasteI spent nine dollars and I can’t even get into the app.Version: 1.1

Needs more...Cute app. We had some good laughs here at home, but the one storyline got old quick. We hoped the three books were various pigeon stories but they were just scaffolded versions for various ages. The drawing is fun but again, you only get to draw one thing. For the price, I expected a lot more..Version: 1.1

More than disappointing - a complete waste of $ 😡I should have believed the negative reviews of this app. The animation helping kids to draw the pigeon for the first time is cute - but I already knew how to teach my students how to draw the pigeon. The create a story function appears to be broken - just doesn't work at all. The Disney website says that there are no plans to update the app - it would have been helpful if that was made clear in the app description. I wish there were some way I could get my money back. I will be deleting this app from my iPad as it is a waste of space. I was hoping for something so much better given the association with Mo Willems 😕.Version: 1.1

Fun, but missing interactivity and too short!....Version: 1.0

To much money!!!!!!!👎👎👎👎👎Why would they charge six dollars for this? 0.99 cents tops It should be free Don't waste your money..Version: 1.0

TerribleDon't buy it! Terrible!.Version: 1.0

Horrible purchaseThis app does not recognize voice!!! leaving your child sad and disappointed with its performance. I want my money back or the app fixed the creators should be ashamed and fix the app. Do not buy this app!!!!!.Version: 1.2

Looked good but...My kids are huge Mo Willems fans. This app looked like it would be really fun but I find it overpriced for what it does. It is cute but repetitive. In addition, we seem to keep having problems with it crashing in the drawing mode particularly when they try to do the drawing with Mo. This is the case on both the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 3G. Even if the bugs were fixed I would probably only give the app 3 stars because of the price..Version: 1.0

Buggy or just plain doesn’t work.Mo Willems should be ashamed of this. The Create A Story feature is completely broken. It just freezes on the loading screen. And there’s not much beyond that, other than a Draw the Pigeon feature, but that’s over in like five minutes. Stick to the books and steer well clear of this..Version: 1.2

Record feature does not workVery disappointed that I paid over $5.00 for this app and at the end of the "Chick" story, my daughter can not record her name. As a result, she can't finish the story. Not sure if others are having this problem, but hopefully it will be fixed. Yes, I checked to make sure my microphone was working.Version: 1.1

What the!?!?Why is it $10 for….Version: 1.2

Does not recordThis app does not record. It will ask my daughter to say something like what is your favorite snack.. and it would not recognize that she was saying something. This app was not expensive but for a $5 app, you would think it would run properly. I have downloaded it several times. Uninstalling several times and still doesn’t work. I am disappointed because my daughter had almost read every book from the Pigeon series..Version: 1.2

App did not work for us -- would not record voicesThis app was expensive AND did not work. There is a feature where it asks your kid to record their voice as part of a new story. We tried many times but it did not pick up either my child's voice or mine consistently. Very disappointing. We bought it b/c we are fans of Mo Willems. He should stay away from Disney..Version: 1.1

May be good for younger kidsQuality and nice looking game, would be good, but repetitive, for 3 y.o. Not for older kids. And even with the discount it is too much..Version: 1.0

Really disappointedI love Mo Willems and have bought all his books but this game is not good, I feel seriously cheated as for £5 you get a bunch of poorly pieced together stories and a "lesson" on how to draw the pigeon. All in all I'd be happy if this were 69p but for £4.99 feel deeply cheated, that said my daughter does like seeing the pigeon on screen though I could always go to mo's site and play the games there which are much better and free!.Version: 1.0

Microphone doesn’t workMy kids were so looking forward to this app, and some of it works okay, but the microphone (which works with everything else on my iPad) fails to pick up the answers to the bus driver’s questions. It will then not proceed, he just keeps saying ‘Whoops! I didn’t hear you’ ad infinitum. It’s terribly frustrating for little children and more for their parents. I would like to return the app, because it’s a very expensive one, but I guess there is no returns policy!.Version: 1.1

Rip-off Don’t Buy.Worst Spending of £5 in my life, such a rip-off like, you get a tutorial on how to draw the pigeon and some books. Like, mic works and everything but the pictures don’t explain what the app is..Version: 1.3

Not worth itBelow is a review of the app from my daughters. My 7 year old used h r own money and is so disappointed with the game she wants her money back. "Hello. We have some complaints about the pigeon game. First off it's boring. By boring I mean there's really not that much to do. Also add more fun games like an activity book mazes with the pigeon. Second every story is exactly the same and could u please use a skip button so we don't have to listen to the bus driver every time. Third on the drawing part please include some other characters from your other Mo William's books. Thank you for reading this"..Version: 1.1

Great idea but needs more contentMy two kids (and I!) love the Pigeon books and cartoons. This is a great idea for an app; basically, your kid records his/her voice and it plays a story like a mad lib with whatever topics they choose. The problem is there’s only one story, and it gets old pretty quickly. The entirety of app is that story and a single drawing lesson from Mo Willems. While I’m very happy this has a single price and no in-app purchases, and I like supporting the author, for six bucks I hoped for more content..Version: 1.2

Do not buy!!!Disney has marked this app legacy, meaning they are not updating it. The microphone feature does not work. This app should be maintained or removed from the App Store..Version: 1.2

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