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Twitch: Live Game Streaming App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Twitch: Live Game Streaming app received 130 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Twitch: Live Game Streaming? Can you share your negative thoughts about twitch: live game streaming?

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Twitch: Live Game Streaming for Negative User Reviews

#twitchfreejidionFree him.Version: 12.1

Pseudo safe spaceHypocritically sexist platform that enables bad behaviour for some and punishes others for doing the same thing. App is buggy as hell and for anyone that is new to the platform, you have to Google how donations work, what coins are, what bits are and how subs work..Version: 14.0

Twitch reviewI enjoy twitch and have watched it for a few years now. It’s a great way to watch and learn about many different subjects and socialise whilst doing so. I’ve never minded the ads and accept they are part of the revenue stream of the platform, but recently they have become really annoyingly frequent and stacked on top of one another, often with the same ad a couple of times in the same sequence that it drives me crazy. I watch a number of streamers and can’t subscribe to all of them and don’t want to subscribe to turbo so I’m stuck with them. Takes the edge off and when I start a run of 6 ads I just switch off and do something else now which is a shame..Version: 7.2

Lag time delayI would give a 5 star review but the streams are lagging behind the mobile and web versions by around 5 to 10 seconds and chat reacts to something that you haven’t seen yet because of that lag. I’ve seen a review from last year that said the exact same thing so it’s sad to see it hasn’t been fixed yet. Please fix it. Glad to see new changes for app but where is the overlay option now??.Version: 13.5.1

Bring back the pop out mode!Let me watch a stream while using other apps dammit!.Version: 13.5.1

Why?Why did you make it so that you have to have a verified phone number to chat with any streamer? What if about the people who don’t have phone numbers? What are they suppose to do? What if they can afford it?.Version: 13.0

A streaming necessity but a functional messThe layout of the app is frustrating and appears to value the channels you follow and the VOD’s you have half watched the least. Constantly trying to get you to watch or follow someone new before you scroll down to what you actually care about. Videos on iOS/iPadOS only honour resuming from where you left off about 25% of the time which ruins the experience as you scrub the video to find your place. Resume bar is purple, the same purple as the outer bar around the video and it’s only a few pixels high, making it extremely frustrating to even see what videos you’ve watched..Version: 11.6

Recently... this bugThis bug keeps happening where I watch the stream for a bit then the audio cuts off and then a few seconds after the stream crashes and then goes back and freezes and then it returns to normal and repeats! This is so annoying and literally I cannot watch any stream! This needs to be fixed!.Version: 6.5.1

SimpsEven though I never downloaded and saw the app WHEN I SEE THAT POKIMAINE THING IM GIVING IT A 1 STAR.Version: 9.7.2

PLZ READOverall a great app but. I have one thing I dislike about it -licking ASMR_ it’s whane ppl find ear licking mics and lick them with umm not fully clothed sure tere wearing cloths just ya know ik \the vhiews are good but still plz start banning em k don’t like it don’t watch it but little kids are on the app watching this they just lie about tere age no hate on twich I love twich but still don’t ban ASMR just ban licking ASMR like tere is some good ones like cooking ASMR we’re ppl cook or that’s about it thanks for reading #banlickingasmr ❤️‍🔥.Version: 13.3

KI don’t understand why you can watch past broadcasts from up to 3 months ago on the computer but only one month for the app. Otherwise it’s pretty good..Version: 8.5.1

App sucks.This app is straight dog water compared to the actual pc version. It loads so much slower and every time you are watching something that isn’t live, it will bring you back to the start of the stream if you get an advertisement. Love using twitch, just not the app. D o g w a t e r ..Version: 12.3

This Probably won’t be seen.But the advertising is becoming a big issue. Not only there is far too much advertising especially the annoying ones GOD plz atleast choose advertising that is worthwhile to watch. But the advertisements have gotten so troublesome that it is literally causing saved streams to restart from 0:00:00 every time. This advertising has gotten so ridiculous that its about time for someone to revolutionize the way advertisements are handled. So it won’t be as annoying and disruptive as it currently is. I for one appreciate advertisements in the middle of shows, its the same as watching tv. But when it gets this disruptive, this annoying, this detrimental to an actual feature of your product it begs you to question why don’t anyone want to figure out a much better and more consumer-efficient way to show there advertisements. But you know what you wanna keep being this careless with this advertising fine I got plenty other things to watch!.Version: 12.4

Missing features and generally buggy, but it worksTwitch as a platform I really enjoy. This app is ok. I like that I can see specific collections of VODs (can’t do this on the playstation app). However there’s a few bugs and missing features. For example sometimes when I open the app the “search” button displays as being in the wrong place, which means I can’t press it and pressing where it should be doesnt work either, so I have to relaunch the app. Not the end of the world but kinda annoying. I also can’t use my free prime sub on the app, I have to go on the desktop site to be able to use it. This is mainly annoying because I can sub with money on the app, but not with my free prime sub, just doesn’t really make sense.Version: 14.3.2

Delay watching people’s streams.I’ve got a iphone 6 and every time i enter a persons stream. there’s a huge delay. then when i used to use my moms phone which is a samsung s10 plus. no delay. just straight on point. could you please reply or fix this bug because i really love using twitch but ever since i starts using it on iphone . just doesn’t feel the same anymore..Version: 9.4

App Needs Work for Mobile DevicesI have the app for both my phone and iPad. I have never Live Streamed from my Phone, but I attempted a few weeks ago to do a Live Stream from my iPad because of technical issues with my computer. There was no real tutorial process of how much of anything worked for someone NEW to the Twitch app (had the same similar issues with the PC app version) and I could not make heads or tails of if I was actually LIVE or not. It just kept giving me a screen that was my cam, but appeared that it was still loading and this went on for a while. I also kept accidentally re-setting my stream details, only because I was trying to figure out what everything did (and that’s frustrating when you’ve told your viewers you are going live, only to have it take forever, it feels like, to get things up and going). The app for mobile devices and non-mobile definitely still needs some work in my book, but thankfully since I’ve been using it for a bit on my PC I have a better handle for it now, but when I first started I did NOT feel it was very New Streamer friendly..Version: 10.8

Can’t even get inAfter I download the app and go to sign in I fill in all the details and then continue and it says that I am creating accounts to fast am I ment to wait a year before watching twitch.Version: 9.10.2

Great App..The worst Customer I’ve ever seenLooking at the app from a developmental standpoint, the app is terrific. Outside of little things like not being able to change your profile picture, everything seems to run smoothly. However after having the app for a while I noticed that my email for some reason wasn’t linked to my profile. I tried to fix it from The Xbox app on the console but no luck. Then since I was already logged in on my phone,I tried it there, still no luck. I then logged out and that’s when I really started to get upset. My password and login info stopped working once I logged out then the reset emails weren’t sending and kept saying my account doesn’t exist. I thought I would email and it would be a 2 day fix...wrong! I’ve sent roughly 10 emails in almost 2 months and nothing from them at all. I received a bot reply saying I hope the problem fixed itself, when prompted to email back if it isn’t. They again just ignored my emails. The brand new game I wanted to stream is now 2 months old and I don’t even want to play it considering now no one wants to watch it. Twitch Customer Service officially ruined playing my games while streaming..Version: 7.6.1

Still a great streaming service, but the app/login is annoyingI love Twitch and I’ve been using it for years, but recently have stopped using it entirely because the app doesn’t want to play nice. The required login is really annoying, especially because the chats are always toxic anyway and I really don’t care to participate. I honestly just want to watch the streams. Since my account was stolen by people overseas twice, the password requirements have become completely obnoxious and I feel like I need a password manager to keep one that complex straight. However, I don’t have the ability to even do that. When I try to reset my password on my phone, the link in the email immediately redirects to the app sign in and not to the password reset screen (there’s also no option to just continue in Safari). Thus I’m stuck in an infinite loop of having the “wrong“ credentials unless I actually use a computer to right it..Version: 9.4

This platform is not goodThe hoes don’t get banned.Version: 9.7.2

FINALLY STOPPED SENDING VODCAST NOTIFCATIONSFinally. You still get one star though. There are nice ways of showing off a new feature and then there's the way you chose to do it..Version: 5.3

AdsWAYYY TOO MANY ADS!! They’re way to frequent and too long! Makes the whole experience very crappy and frustrating! I really do hope all that money is going to my streamer though....Version: 9.4

Really bad experienceI was a partner, some guys put bots on my channel, exactly 15k bots that followed my channel, I report them, and I reported the toxic streamers that did it, but the staff is corrupted what they did was send my report to those channels, and type the report on their chat. I reported the staff and the channels again by the partner email and it was the same all corrupted the staff only listen to their friends and others streamers... really sad they just destroyed my career and everything and twitch did nothing they didn’t fired them they still working there but I can do nothing. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 i removed all the accounts with the ignored feature but it doesn’t matter the staff is corrupted whenever I send an email the same staff or her/his friends just delete the email and just like that. I’m no rich but if I had money sure I’ll be suiting Twitch and the corrupted staff that violated my rights and the twitch ToS. I guess it is what it is I just have to start over on another platform after all my years of work. I hope the Spanish staff from Mexico get fired..Version: 8.5

BuggyThe new update with that collapsible side menu has brought on a bunch of bugs. The ones that are plaguing me right now are the lack of tag filters (I always have English selected and now no tags show up at all which floods categories with channels I’m not interested in), I always sort by high to low viewers but that is constantly getting reset to the recommended sort, and the search icon sometimes doesn’t work. Usually the search is in the side menu but sometimes it’s replaced with esports in it’s spot and the magnifying glass icon is up in the right corner like it used to be except you can’t actually click on it in the corner. That means I have to close and restart the app any time I want to search (which in turn means another set of ads when I have to rejoin the channel I was watching). Also I just generally dislike the side menu thing. The user experience on iPad is worse with it. I do appreciate that the hype train banner was made much smaller though..Version: 13.5

What have you done to dark mode!?You need to bring back the ability to toggle dark mode within the settings tab on this app. I’ve always used Twitch in dark mode, but recently Something has changed with the latest Twitch and IOS update and I’m not able to move away from light mode without setting my iphones entire theme to dark mode. I don’t want my iPhone set to dark mode. I want this app alone (which I’ve always had in dark mode since I started using it) set to dark mode, just like it had always been. Please fix this because it’s really putting me off using it at all..Version: 8.2.1

A few things to improve on.The mobile app is very hard to use and missing simple features that should be easy to find like subscriptions and sub message triggers for twitch alerts in twitch chat..Version: 6.5.1

Twitch reviewTwitch overall is an amazing app to have to watch a lot of my favourite streamers nowadays. But when I use my mobile to watch streams it doesn’t work very well at all. Whenever I click on a steam I have a 30 to 40 second add that makes it really hard to work the app. But it it not just one time when you go onto twitch it’s every time I click on a different streamer. Luckily I have a laptop so I can watch main streams on there without fail, but sometimes when I refresh I have to wait a few seconds before the stream comes back on. But back onto mobile, I don’t know if it is just me but on my mobile on twitch I get recommend steams who only have a number of views and they didn’t even perk my interest which made it hard to find a different streamer if my favourite streamers are not streaming. But on the other hand on my laptop it’s great they give me videos with quite a lot of views and most of the time have my interest. I also have a problem subscribing to people on my mobile as it takes a couple of minutes to get it to load. I do this problem can be fixed for me, it might have already been fixed but my mobile takes days to update I have not a clue why though. Thank you for reading all of this if you do. But I would say without all those problems twitch is amazing for me..Version: 9.8

8 ads in a rowTwitch, are you kidding? 8 ads 30 sec each in a row while streamer is in online?.Version: 9.9.2

SuggestionYou can delete vods from the twitch app but not clips , you should add the option in there.Version: 10.2

Glitches with profile pages and chatI've been experiencing a really annoying bug ever since the charity update and the ones after that haven't fixed it. Whenever I try to go to a streamers profile page directly it will freeze the app and eventually force it to close. The function where you can view chat by double tapping the screen whilst in fullscreen mode is also having issues. It used to be that the stream would resize so the chat box wouldn't obscure it but the resizing bit doesn't happen anymore. I've tried downloading the app again but that hasn't fixed anything..Version: 5.7.1

What is going on at Twitch HQ?I’ve used the twitch iOS app primarily on an iPad. Each successive update seems to make it worse and worse. I tend to minimize twitch into a window while I work with other apps. In the past, this wasn’t a problem, the stream would keep playing and required minimal attention from me. Today, September 2019, not so much. The windowed mode of twitch on an iPad frequently becomes unresponsive, such that I need to completely close out the app and restart it. If ads play in windowed mode, I lose the window and have to re-open the stream I had open. A year or so ago, this wasn’t a problem. I could leave a twitch window running all day on my iPad without it crapping out within 30 minutes. Now, I frequently have to re-launch the app when it ‘breaks’. Unsurprisingly, when it breaks, I get to watch ads again. Please go back to the drawing board on this app. Go back two years, find what made it work so well, and implement it now. Today’s iOS twitch app is just a pile of s*it compared to how good it used to be..Version: 7.14

Multiple streams playing at once.On twitch mobile, there is a bug when if I’m watching a stream, for example pokelawls… if I swipe his stream away and click on someone else’s to watch, it will play the audio of the first stream in the background while watching the new stream..Version: 12.0

I’m frustrated with an issueI was streaming today for an half of an our filming a craft that I was doing. When I stopped filming I went to check the video and it said it was only 44 seconds long. I just thought that it was a glitch until I watched the video. I had sat making the part two of making a lantern for so long. I had spent 30 minutes making this stream only for it to cut and end up 44 seconds long even though it was way longer than that. It took me two and a half days to make the lantern. I was so happy to show the finished product and the steps it took to make it to my viewers. Now I’m really upset about what had happened. I understand glitches and bugs happen that you guys don’t no about. This is a glitch that can make people leave really bad reviews so I would try getting it fixed as soon as possible but thank you for trying your hardest to keep this app up and running. Other wise I really enjoy using the app. Thank You!.Version: 15.0

Mobile audio problemOn mobile if I switch to a different stream the other stream audio still plays in the background on top of the steamers audio I just clicked to watch..Version: 12.0

Bugs and excessive adsThere is a recent bug that causes audio from a stream to keep playing even after it is closed, which results in multiple instances of audio playing at once, forcing a restart of the app. Also, why did they remove the button to put the stream picture-in-picture mode so you can watch it outside of the app? For a little while, it would automatically put you in picture-in-picture mode when you would minimize the stream. But now, the picture-in-picture stream doesn't stay open anymore when you close the app. For some reason, you can get the stream playing when you close the app, but only if you swipe up very, very precisely with some arbitrary momentum (I'm on an iphone with no home button) And the ads... man... they are getting ridiculous. Instant 30 second ad after switching streams makes switching to another stream to see another perspective of something happening impossible. And the blocks of 5-7 ads that are all 15-30 seconds long are appearing much more frequently on streams as well. At least get some good ads if you plan on shoving them in everyone's faces. Don't you guys already make enough money from subscribers and turbo?.Version: 12.1

TerribleFree Jidion.Version: 12.1

Auto-Charging Subscriptions; Irritating and UnethicalI like Twitch, I watch Twitch regularly but they irritate me with this simple problem; If you subscribe, it should not Automatically Charge next month. Their current system Auto Charges you, unless you unsubscribe as soon as you subscribe. This system has caused me access problems bc im broke and its tough out here month to month, but they make it hard to support my favorite streamers without going through a hassle and it REALLY irritates me. I wish they would make subscriptions month by month. Unless you choose (DELIBERATELY) to set your subscription to ‘recurring’ in the stream’s (OR individual user’s) settings. The way they currently have it is Shady, because Auto-charges unless manually opted for are unethical, in my opinion. I really hope they consider setting Subs month by month, then a setting for opting in for recurring payments if desired. Or AT LEAST adding a preference in the individual viewers settings to only Sub month by month..Version: 13.3

READI read the reviews when I was downloading twitch and that where all saying how you could do this and that. But my experience has been grate all up, you can do everything on the mobile app that you can do on the desktop app. BUT There where no reviews about purchasing bits using an iTunes gift card. Because when I tried to buy bits using an iTunes gift card, they just took the money out of my iTunes account and have never given me my bits which I have legitimately paid for?! That is my only criticism, so if you are trying to purchase bits buy them with a credit/debit card..Version: 7.3

Latest update seemed to have removed presenceSeems like the latest round of updates has removed the ability to change the presence of your account? My visibility when joining streams seems to be stuck on invisible with no way of changing it. Have been told this by some streamer friends that I don’t appear in their viewer list even though I’m in their chat ???.Version: 13.1

Pornographic appTwitch is promoting naked womens and litteral porn.Version: 13.6

Streams freeze and broken airplayI’ve been using the app for a couple of years now without issue, but the last few updates seem to have broken something. On my new iPad with IOS 11 the stream constantly freezes, despite having a strong internet connection. Even lowering the quality doesn’t help. And Airplay is completely screwed now too. If I delete and reinstall the app it works well for an hour or two and then becomes terrible again. I’ve actually had the dig out my old 1st gen iPad mini with an older version of Twitch (5.6) to use airplay and it works completely faultlessly..Version: 6.3.1

Very Glitchy and just not goodWe (as in content users) invest SO much time in getting to know a software and use it to its full potential. Twitch was no exception. Hours of You Tube tutorials helped me tweak the settings, an hour of scrolling through photos helped me set my profile pic. An hour helped me write my bio etc etc. To be clear, for gamers this platform is probably pretty much perfect but for us musicians (DJs) it’s far from it. The frames continuously drop which means for a viewer, the picture freezes ALL the time so you drop your bit rate, same. Once I’ve completed a broadcast the video is saved (as I ticked the appropriate box) however minutes later 90% of it gets muted. It’s all one big headache so for me it’s been a lot of time wasted and I’m afraid I’ll be leaving for another platform. Facebook = Utterly terrible Instagram = Utterly terrible You Tube = Utterly terrible Twitter = Can no longer stream video Twitch = Started ok, gradually got worse, it’s just a headache so as a DJ, I’m out. Don’t promise ‘all this’ and in reality give me a headache..Version: 9.3.1

DecentI absolutely love watching streams on twitch, but there are a few things that would make the app so much better. I’ve found that the website version of twitch is quite a lot faster than the mobile version. Also, I understand that ads are needed for you to make a profit, but sometimes the ads go on for up to 2 minutes, and there’s no way they can be skipped. Lastly, I’d like to see prime subs be available on mobile, and not just the desktop version. Apart from that, very good app!.Version: 10.7

Some kinks but otherwise goodThere’s quite a few things that could be implemented that the mobile version doesn’t have yet, but desktop does. I did notice that there is no longer a pop-out version for Twitch anymore and it’s frustrating that I can’t watch streams in a mini pop-up anymore while doing other tasks. Edit: after several updates the small media pop-out option is still broke and does not work. Twitch also has a glitch where they keep having your stream crash and restart a dozen times, sending a dozen notifs to your followers that can be quite annoying. Twitch studios software has also bee a huge reason for concern as the last several times I’ve streamed using it, it crashes the stream and then restarts it, as well as the layers I set will often times disappear and I need to reupload them. So I am removing yet another star till atleast some of these problems are fixed..Version: 12.2

#FREEMINXShe gets banned for saying simp yet male streamers using slurs against women are nothing, this disgusts me, this is minx’ job and she’s a big comfort to many. Do better twitch really disappointed..Version: 9.10.1

Huge potential, mistreat creatorsSad to see what a dumpster fire this company turned into. Treat your creators with respect, they’re the ones who made you. Don’t let YouTube own a monopoly on video content. App is pretty good, I don’t like having to constantly tap to keep the stream going while I’m playing it in the corner of my screen. Maybe tapping less often? Every 15-20 min etc..Version: 13.8

Can fry eggs on my phoneIPhone X extremely overheating.Version: 9.7.2

Terrible new UIThe layout for the Following tab is awful, each streamer profile has a huge preview video and it takes up way too much space. Go back to the more compact list view.Version: 10.8

Easy to use, ethically shadyI’ll cut to the chase: Twitch pushes a lot of ads onto the user as soon as they open any stream they’re not subscribed to. It can be anywhere from one five second ad to eight thirty second ads. Furthermore, they’ll intermittently push MORE ads from that range (more often than not landing on two or three thirty second ads) unless the streamer is doing it hourly on their own initiative. The format and the like ability of their streamers is twitch’s saving grace. Unfortunately their current set up makes it almost impossible to willingly discover new people to watch. I’m also not 100% sure on this, but I heard that their creator deals are being lowered to 50% revenue for either side, which is the lowest I’ve heard a social media platform go with their affiliates. Twitch feels like a money grab and any good community it has, has nothing to do with twitch itself but entirely with the streamer it pertains to. Twitch has demonstrated time and time again an utter lack of care for all its streamers, even their poster children and highest earning streamers..Version: 15.1

Apps always closing.I have an iPhone 7, when I open the app after about 10 minutes maybe more but it always closes and I have to restart app and go back to the stream I was watching. How to fix ? Thanks in advance mate.Version: 8.4

Excellent for watching but...I personally love twitch, the diversity of games and the accessibility for users is amazing. However one key thing stops this: while I stream, no one can see my screen. I’ve been dedicating hours to this problem. I’ve changed countless settings, changed quality to minimum, and still the only thing that goes through is a blank screen and my audio. If there is a simple solution to this, please make it easier for new streamers to find. Given the processing power of my computer, it’s likely it’s a problem with my hardware, however twitch should display that there is a problem with it. Even after doing the quality optimisation, and it displays the quality of hardware, there is no warning feature that explains the source of the problem. Fix it, please..Version: 10.5

The latest update ruined itThe app used to work fine for me until the most recent update. Now it crashes after half the time.Version: 5.7.1

It’s okTwitch platform is good but doesn’t promote small streamers.Version: 13.4.1

Why do these apps make bad updatesWhy do you apps make bad decisions by updating the app to where the notification’s are turned off or can get turned off? Trying to make it even harder for people to receive support from the people that are subscribed to the channels by removing the notifications? Making it where they could get little to no views. These apps make bad decisions and which defeats the whole purpose of having subscribers and defeats the whole purpose of using the app. Just because people miss a few streams doesn’t mean that the app should send the subscribers notifications implying them to turn off the notifications. Which could lead to them unsubscribing to the channel. The app should encourage people to join the next stream. They should stop messing with the notifications and let the people decided on their own whether they want them on or off and the app shouldn’t make that decision for the people. The app should turn on and leave on all notifications..Version: 14.7

Just plain terribleThey make you watch 10 ads at the worst possible time. And when you join back you can’t rewind to see what u miss. What a terrible platform..Version: 13.8.1

Latest version is rubbishLove the twitch app, love the fact you can watch in a pop out player whilst doing other things but since the last update watching is becoming almost impossible. Regardless of the stream or the quality you choose every 20-40 seconds the stream stops and then restarts after a couple seconds. Then later it skips ahead meaning you miss things during crucial moments. It’s not my internet as I ran a speed test during the stream hanging and my internet was fine. Seen a couple of people say the same thing so it’s clearly a rubbish version they’ve released causing issues!.Version: 12.2

Very very hard to use on iPadI’m trying to use twitch and when I try to get out of twitch while it should be recording it just stops when I go onto I new game, like your app is so broken with streaming nothing works on ipad. 1/10 for me until you fix it.Version: 9.10.1

This app runs terribleThis app won’t load videos if I’m using 480p or higher I don’t know why I saw it was at 360 for default don’t know why thought this was 2020 so I put it to 1080 wouldn’t load I was like ok I guess 720p is fine then doesn’t work so I’m like Jesus Christ 480p what is this 1995 but oh well better the 360 doesn’t work I exit the app every time in between changing the graphics just in case also so after 480 doesn’t work I exit it again cause I’m like oh well get back on it loads at 180p by itself I didn’t change it to 180p it’s not my phone I have a pretty new undamaged iphone 10 with at&t I tested my speed I’m at 150mb for upload more then fast enough for it to load it’s 2am and I live about a mile from a cell tower with full bars it’s not me this app runs so bad so if you like watching streamers on terrible quality this is the app for you Well I wrote that a while ago quit watching streams for a while now I’m back it’s on 720p and the streams won’t load this App is a joke.Version: 9.10.1

Rewatching twitch stream glitchesI absolutely love twitch and i think its an amazing app but oh my goodness. Say if you miss a stream and you go back to watch it on the twitch videos, well if you turn off your device or you get an ad, and you go back to the video, the video restarts. It’s also quite irritating because for some reason my slider on the bottom of the screen isn’t working and its really annoying because i have to spam the +30 seconds button just to get back where i left off. So to summarise what i basically said, If you are watching the stream videos, it restarts the whole video when you turn off your device or get an ad and if you try to use the slider tool it wont work for going backwards. This is the only reason why twitch lost both 2 stars for me..Version: 9.7.1

ReviewPrime needs to get ad-free viewing back and at least make ads able to be skipped after five seconds, they’re too long and these are live streams, so every second spent watching a pre-roll ad is a second of the stream you missed. People are just going to cancel their subscriptions and turn on Adblock, so less money will actually be made over this decision and content creators lose out on either ad revenue, people using their free Prime sub on them, or both. I think I can actually see streamers moving to other streaming sites because of this..Version: 7.0

Stream audio stackingRecent update is slow and laggy. It will also have trouble closing a stream, so if you are watch one stream then switch to a new stream, audio from both streams will keep playing. Can repeat multiple times and have multi streams playing audio at the same time..Version: 12.0

The app isn’t really useableIt’s insane to me that there isn’t a place that you can view all the streamers you follow. The app is only really useful if someone you follow is live, or if you’re looking for new streamers to watch..Version: 14.3.2

New UI is terrible on iPad.Used to be super clear how to do anything or find anything. Now the screen is cluttered with stuff I don't want and doesn't explain where things are. All I want is a list of all the channels I've subscribed to, but it's either nonexistent or buried away somewhere. The clips and pulse tabs are useless, I don't care about little moments. They're just spoilers for streams I want to catch up on. Once I'm on a channel, it's frustrating to find any past vods. It's as if they don't care about late viewers. The updates just made it worse. Go back to a clear UI..Version: 6.3.1

Would give 5 stars but…I would give 5 stars BUT twitch is no longer letting me subscribe to my favourite streamers 😭😡 and i don’t know why i’ve even updated the app and it’s still not letting me sub to them fix my account.Version: 13.9

4 mins of ads for a 15 second clipYou guys seriously need to reconsider your ad rates, its getting to the point that clicking on a new stream means watching so many ads its not even worth checking a stream out..Version: 13.8

A major suggestionI did not know this app defaults to auto play. Not to say there’s anything wrong with auto playing streams themselves but I was not aware of it and as a result I assumed a stream would end if I let the phone be. Halfway through a late night stream, I fell asleep without worries. However, I woke up and found my phone went from 100% to 13%. The streams stopped it from naturally falling into sleep mode after I unplugged it and set it to low power mode. This night of nonstop video playing no doubt harmed my phone battery’s maximum capacity, meaning it will be quicker to drop to 0% in the future and I did not intend for that. My suggestion is that you please make a pop up for mobile that stops the stream, live or otherwise, and asks the viewer “Are you still there?” after one or two auto plays have already occurred without outside input. If there’s no further response, the phone can fall into sleep mode. If there is someone still watching, they’ll tap ‘Yes’ and keep watching. Anyway, I’ve turned off auto play in settings, so this problem won’t happen for me again. But I still I wouldn’t want any people starting out with this app to make the same mistake I did..Version: 7.1.1

Could be better.The twitch app is good for watching your favourite twitch stream. Video quality is great, easy to use menus and the like. But it could be a lot better too. First videos are about 5 seconds behind from the web browser versions so if you have the chat open you will see people reacting to something you have not seen yet. The mini screen is great when you exit the app (great if you want to check an email and don’t want to miss anything) but why does it have to pause the feed when you maximise the screen.. so infuriating. Plus it might be just me, but I can’t find the option to use my monthly Prime membership sub. I have to go to the browser to use it. It’s a good app, but with these little annoyances. You might as well just access the Twitch website through the safari browser if you want to take part in the chat. Use the app if you are just gonna watch the video feeds..Version: 8.9.1

User interface is TRASHThe controls are atrocious to use. Can’t fast forward or backward without having to click the screen once where the busy user interface pops up, which serves absolutely no purpose. I already am following the streamer so why is this blocking half my screen as if I didn’t already who this guy I’m following was? Same thing when you pause the video in fullscreen. I pause it because there are things I want to look at but guess what? I can’t because this this thing is obstructing half my screen again. Can’t click it away like you do when it’s not in full screen. Are people who designed this stupid? Also for live, video and clip, only video does NOT have the sort filter out of the three. WHY? You have it on the web version. Why not on the app? The design is all over the place and inconsistent. The only good thing is that it has been stable for me. But everything else is trash. The controls, UI. It’s a mess to navigate through and it’s unnecessarily convoluted. Please fix it or I’m deleting the app. The web version is much easier to use anyway..Version: 11.1

So many adsThis thing is cancer. Need an ad block.Version: 12.8.1

Mobile seems neglectedI use twitch a lot but mobile tends to be a worse viewing experience than on pc. Firstly is the delay, which if you’re interacting with a streamer and what’s going on, can make a stream almost not enjoyable to watch. I’ve had delays of nearly a minute before - by the time I am at the part of the stream that everyone in chat already reacted to, it would be silly for me to say something as the moment has already passed. I’ve noticed that toggling the low latency settings improves this but it’s still an issue. Secondly, it seems to take a while for new features of twitch to be added to mobile. For example right now you can’t see animated emotes on mobile, and you can’t participate in chants when they come up for everyone else either..Version: 11.3.1

Great Streaming app but......whenever an add pops up when I watch a non live stream the add always restarts you at the very beginning of the stream making it extremely tedious trying to find where I was up to in the stream, could you please fix this very annoying issue.Version: 12.3

Can’t pause or hide chat on twitch appSo when I click onto a stream first thing you get hit with is a 30 second ad. Every time. Going off of that I usually use twitch on my computer and I have the option to pause a stream/hide chat if I wanted to but on the mobile version that isn’t the case I tap the screen and nothing shows up no options to pause no options to even turn on captions or to even change the quality of the stream and say I click off the stream to go answer a text message I go back to watch the stream and it starts it over (I was watching a old stream at the time) so it’s either you sit through the whole stream and god forbid you accidentally click off because when you click back on your at the beginning and can’t skip the stream forward to where you we’re because there’s no screen options :) It’s super annoying and really inconvenient I just wanted to leave this review before I uninstall this app from my phone maybe some changes will be made for the future but I doubt it.Version: 13.3

So sadSo I was just steaming and sommest just do stuff that I can not name,she said the f Word to me and she said ni**a to me and insulted me just saying deleting this app.Version: 12.1

NotificationsSince the latest update I don’t get a notification when a streamer I follow goes live, I have all notification settings turned on please fix this..Version: 9.2.1

I love this app but...Let me get this out of the way: almost all the problems with twitch are erased on a computer. Whether on the site or on the app, on a computer everything works perfectly. However, on the phone it lacks a lot of what it needs. You can’t subscribe with twitch prime for some reason, and it’s much harder to navigate on mobile than on pc. The other problems are the sub tokens they added and buying bits. Why did they add sub tokens? They’re just kind of stupid, why would I buy sub tokens before instead of just subbing to who I want? The last problem is bits. The price of bits makes no sense. Ive been told before it’s about a cent per bit, but then why is it seven dollars for 500 bits? That’s way more than the tax should be, and my only explanation is that twitch gets a little bit too greedy between the viewers and the streamers and tacks on unfair prices, making it harder for viewers to support streamers. Other than that, incredible app, I love watching streamers and talking to the twitch community that you can surround yourself with, it’s really incredible.Version: 8.5.1

Not good.App is always hanging and crashing on iPhone and iPad, very frustrating, and now the latest version is forcing pre-roll ads on every stream regardless of what the streamer has set it too. Might be bearable if I didn’t have to rejoin a stream several times due to crashes and hangs, whereby I’m forced to watch the same advert on repeat before finally viewing the thing I came here for - and again, that’s despite the streamer having pre-rolls disabled. This means both the customer’s and the streamer’s wishes are ignored and overwritten, in the name of profit. So the experience is poor, stability is poor, and clearly forcing ads is more important than user experience or streamer’s wishes. Respect quickly being lost. Here’s hoping my fav streamers jump over to kick..Version: 16.4

Glitches Glitches Glitches!!!This use to be a great app, but after the last update they killed it, its now full of app breaking Glitches that make it impossible to use. When I can actually see any stream or previous videos they lag and there crammed with ads, but the most annoying thing I have to deal with is that the app is constantly telling me there's not internet and it can't connect when everything else can fine, what I have to do to fix this issue is uninstall and than reinstall the app, which as you can tell is annoying and takes to much time, so what's the point! If I could give this app zero stars I would because it's just not worth it!.Version: 6.0

No longer can use with chromecastSince the update last week it can no longer discover my chromecast. I’ve tried re-installing this app and resetting the chromecast..Version: 6.9

The issue isn’t the app it’s Twitch’s new directionWith the browser version of Twitch we can use extensions to remove things we hate due to the lack of a consistent blacklist on content we will Never Ever Watch. (Don’t drop twitch yet. Watch on chrome with a few extensions) Twitch, if I told you real talk and music channels are on my Top 3 hated list then please don’t showcase them even if you got paid to. I am not your market. You are wasting that ad-buy. Put in a real category based Blacklist so you can affiliate and ad-buy like a real deal company and do targeted marketing. All that is happening now is enraging your loyal consumer base to uninstall. Please use some of that recent investment money to get a real marketing team and learn to allow customers to curate their experience on mobile and desktop. Just because you have a paid for music festival does not mean every single Twitch user should see that first when they sign on. It’s a waste of eyeball time, creates user animosity, and has people turning Twitch off. Look at Steam that put in 10 category tags you don’t want to see in your home page for games being sold. Mimic that but do not limit it to ten IMHO. Do not make it exclusive to lower bar content but include the featured section. Cow towing to additional advertising and force feeding sponsored content is going to have creators looking for the next twitch alternative..Version: 10.0

BanBan pokimane.Version: 8.3.1

It didn’t let me log in, I am deeply dissapointed.Hello, I have a problem that you might not have gotten, it wasn’t allowing me to log in. I have used safari/google to use it, but I couldn’t log in on those websites either..Version: 8.4

Airplay to Apple TVAirplay to Apple TV is absolutely terrible. Every time you try to stream to Apple TV the app freezes and attempts to play another random clip. Then it needs to be completely restarted and try again. When it eventually starts the stream, it will randomly crash every 15 or so minutes, meaning another restart of the app is needed, and we’re back to square one. Add in the stream randomly restarting again instead of at the time you were last watching it, and it all adds up to an incredibly frustrating experience. We have tried this on multiple devices and multiple Apple TVs and it is still the same result. It’s been like this for at least a year. PLEASE FIX IT..Version: 6.4

Battery drainI’ve been having severe battery drain and heat on both iPad and phone for months. Watching Twitch whilst charging my iPad will sometimes drain it faster than it can be charged, I am using the iPad charger, however this issue doesn’t seem to happen with my iPhone regardless of how it’s charging. Issues aren’t prevalent with similar apps and I have ruled out potential device or charger issues, I’ve enough Apple cables and chargers that the chances they’re all faulty is pretty slim. I’d also like to point out some shenanigans, if you get a gifted sub to a channel, the week after it expires is freezing stream hell. This means you need to refresh the stream which smacks you with another round of advertisements, couple of minutes later stream freezes, refresh, fresh roll of repeated advertisements. Switch to a subscribed channel and the freezing issues vanish..Version: 9.7.1

Latest update needs workMy main issue is being unable to close streams when I go to look for something else on twitch. Do i swipe up, down, left, right, diagonal to close a stream because I don't know due to the poor UI design. In addition, being able to swipe left or right when viewing a stream to take you to someone else's stream is simply a bad idea as i have countlessly tried to close the chat box by swiping right due to previous versions of the app and end up being taken to another stream. The previous Ipad version was a masterpiece and i don't see why it was even an idea in the first place to fully overhaul the Ipad twitch with the Iphones horrible UI..Version: 5.3

The app has been made unusable after a recent updateWhile the app has always had problems with stability no matter when you look at it, as of recently it’s been extremely unstable. The slightest wrong move and you’ll freeze the video you’re watching. But not only that, if you close your app and then try to come back to the video and resume progress, your app immediately freezes every time! Another problem exists where if you switch from landscape to portrait, and back again, you’ll cause the dimensions of the video to be out of whack (basically shrinks the picture and puts it in the top left corner and leaves the rest of the space where your video should be blank) and when you try to get the original dimensions of your video back by switching between the two modes, lo and behold, the app freezes! It works as it’s supposed to for pretty much everything else, although i can think of a few minor nitpicks. Like when fast forwarding and rewinding through past broadcasts clears the chat each time instead of the chat simply being synced with the video. As I’m trying to test the app to find these minor issues, my app is now freezing no matter what video or stream i try to watch. It’s truly never been this unstable, but currently, the app is unusable garbage..Version: 11.0

Missing Key FunctionalitySo, no issue with streaming performance, but either A) there is a LOT missing from the app, or B) it’s super un-intuitive and these things are impossible to find. Missing features include: - The ability to subscribe to a channel via mobile. - The ability to see existing subscriptions and when they expire. - The ability to change your profile picture. - The ability to easily get to a channel’s home page if they are live. (I am forced to go into the live video, often causing blaring audio even when my phone is silenced, and then have to poke around to find a way to get to the channel’s home screen and THEN I have to terminate the still playing video). - A means to set subscriptions to auto-renew. (Unable to find this on the web version either - maybe just a missing feature?). All in all, forcing me to log into the site severely inhibits the app’s on the fly functionality. I’d think these item would be a priority as the easier it is to manage things, the more likely people are to download/open the app. While not a huge amount of competition in this market, it just takes one competitor doing it better to start stealing people away. If these features are missing, I’d recommend adding them. If they are just hard to find, I’d recommend either re-thinking the layout or adding an overlay tutorial that walks through functionality for users. Something that launches initially for brand new users and can be launched at will for people needing a refresher..Version: 6.4

Worst ever sign upUseless I went to create my account it said email isn’t available to create account with so I use another then it said I’m creating “accounts” to fast. Can’t even create one. Honestly don’t recommend TWITCH.Version: 7.5

HorribleRandom video audio playing in background despite restart and even reinstall along with constant crashes. PiP crash mixed with the constant ads every new video this is a miserable experience. Parent company is one of the richest companies in the world yet clearly no money was invested in hiring actual programmers, pathetic. Every update breaks something, no wonder twitch is starting to die..Version: 12.0

Why does the password have to be so complexI’m not even kidding i’ve had to write the most complex and longest password just to make an account and it’s so hard to remember every time i have to reset my password… LIKE DOES twitch really need maximum security on the account like dedaas my twitch password harder to guess than for my bank, my email, insta and like idk my apple icloud 😭😭😭😭 can someone PLS go fix it i cannot anymore i literally wrote a really intense number sequence and used so many special characters and stuff and it still says password not complex enough!!!:!2!;!4! am i the only one or is it like a glitch or either the design is super annoying and dumb..Version: 12.1

Great appLet’s me view all my favourite streamers and tells me when they are live. However it has one drawback, when you first get the app it asks if you want to revive personalised ads and if twitch can use your data to give you these personalised adverts. I declined and now whenever I open the app about 1/3 of the screen is taken up by a message asking if I can turn the personalised ads on to get a more unique viewing experience (or something as stupid as that). The most annoying thing is that there is no cross or ability to turn it off. Aside from this it’s a great app..Version: 9.2.2

FeedbackNeeds improvement; Twitch could certainly use some new and fresh ideas in terms of viewers/viewing capabilities, native communication is basic at best yet struggles with latency throughout the app. When asked, the initial response given was from long time users of Twitch, which was great! others not so much mentioning several technical problems from namely the app in and of itself with a few other hiccups here and there as expected however Twitch in it’s entirety is a brilliant platform as well as a great way to showcase any and all of your talents if you will. Continually Twitch will keep providing us with UI glitches more often than not currently there is no way suggest anything aside from writing a long neutral review about said inability, currently there is no way (that I am aware of) to exit a video you’re streaming without closing the app one would think of this to taken care of already and maybe it is or their working on it, if not then the solution is right here, all of which could be provided at a small nominal fee 😉😏.Version: 8.3

Please work on improving the appThis is not a good app. The main issues I have: - streams and videos crash regularly. This often happen to the same stream or video, which will constantly crash - constant failure to remember time seen in videos. If you’re watching a video across multiple times/days, it will more often than not forget where you where and take you back to the beginning - implementation of adds very annoying: often adds will fail to load, bugging the stream, which often crashes or resets timeline (for videos). Additional suggestion, ask streamer to indicate when adds should be embedded. In videos it would be best if they were shown during “breaks” in the stream or gameplay - very limited options to control the quality of the stream, which often leads to the stream and videos lagging - almost imposible to rewind streams that are live to try to catch up with the action. If you try this, stream will often go back and forth making it unwatchable or very annoying.Version: 10.8

UnstableI cannot browse through the list of live streamers because it just freezes when you try navigating on this app. Last update ruined the stability..Version: 10.9.1

People should only get banned for one day. hear me outHonestly, I enjoy the platform a lot however, me and my younger brother share the same account and he is really immature because he has autism so he would end up saying things really inappropriate thinking. It’s funny in some of my favorite streamers chats and end up getting banned and since we share accounts, that means I am also bad too and he has did this to some of my favorite streamers like defective nutt, frost fox, and even dream. And I know you can appeal your ban but I am still banned. I even gave the peel some time, but my band still didn’t get appealed, so hear me out if someone says something inappropriate and that certain streamer bins them, it should be one day then the next time to get banned it’s 2 day then if they get banned one more time it’s permanent I know some people will disagree with me, but it’s a lot better than having to appeal bans I hope twitch sees this, and if you do, I hope this gets added into the app Goodbye. Oh and if there are some misspellings, I do have dyslexia and I’m not the best at writing so yeah.Version: 14.4.1

I am an avid twitch user but this app is very frustratingI on average watch Twitch streamers for 2-3 hours a day and it is my main form of entertainment. So it saddens me that the iOS app is riddled with so many issues. First off there is an insane amount of delay (15-30sec) which makes it very difficult to be involved in chat. While on my other devices the delay is essentially unnoticeable or very minimal (5-10sec) when I’m on mobile chat becomes separate and I no longer get the full twitch experience where I can be immersed in a community of other viewers. Having the app play in the background is riddled with issues and is extremely finicky. I can barely get it to play at times when I’d just like to listen in the background. Then when I go back to the app it pauses for a while consistently and then suddenly starts after waiting. Many times when I click on a stream it will be frozen without the option to press the play button. The only way to fix this is to reload the stream and sometimes it requires completely relaunching the app. I love twitch and the app isn’t unusable by any means but it could really use improvements. What is really disappointing is that the iOS app has been around for so long yet we still deal with these bugs. Considering a large number of viewers are on mobile it is time some work was put in to polish the app and improve the experience of mobile users..Version: 7.7.1

Browsing is impossibleWatching pre roll ads to see what other streamers are showing is ridiculous and restricts bothering to explore more twitch channels and grow the platform. Why not pre roll after a minute not immediately… you watch 30 second ad to see the channel is not worth staying on after 5 seconds of viewing… infuriating at the least..Version: 11.5

Un ban JidionAll he did was expose Pokimane and say L+Ratio.Version: 12.1

Unstable as of lateI used to never have problems with twitch, it was one of the apps I used to always get on and just watch a stream for fun. After a while I left because had life things to handle. But recently I decided it was a good time to get back on twitch. Was I wrong, yes and no. While the audio is fine without video, I’ve had troubles watching a stream and have audio at the same time. While the video plays just fine, it’s the audio that don’t work well on the stream. While I’ve been thinking maybe it could be my end, but when it’s been constant, I just don’t see the point in watching anything. Another thing, you removed the option to switch from 720 to something like 480, how can you test something to make sure it’s not your end if you actually take away a feature that was fine to begin with. I get the times are changing and technology is getting more and more advanced, trust me, I was born in the age of technology’s very beginnings of taking over. Just fix the stability of the app please, is that so much to ask. And please just add back a 480p button just for the users who can’t watch in 720..Version: 7.1.1

Would be 4 or higher butI have loved twitch for a long time, but when they removed the host option I lost a lot of respect. Simply because they just stonewalled streamers. Hosting someone was one of the best and easy ways to help a streamer reach people who they might otherwise never have reached. I feel that this is both a power move and to try and save money so they don’t have to pay as many streamers. Sure the share option is still there but that don’t help near as much unless, you as a person, have a big following. Meaning now if you want to help a small streamer grow, you need to have a large following and hope that they are willing to help the streamer you like. Instead of hosting them on your channel and keeping the stream live as long as they’re live. Passive traffic has dropped off due to this. And it’s really sad that a streaming service would do something like this to make it harder for anyone actually trying..Version: 14.4.1

The Disappointing Disappearing ActSo when are you going to address that fact that people we follow sometimes don’t appear under the channels tab? They are not online, not hosting anyone and they are not offline, they are just gone. This isn’t recent, it’s been going on for a long time. If I wanna catch up on a stream I missed I sometimes have to go searching deep for the streamer. If you can’t remember the streamers name then your just gonna have to wait for them to reappear in the channel tab. I’ve had to resort to taking screenshots of streams I follow just so I can look them up again incase they go missing l. I don’t understand why there is no page that just lists all the people you follow/subscribe to. I don’t need to know if their online, hosting or haven’t steamed in 2 months. I just want an accurate list where the people I follow are ALWAYS there. And where you can better manage the notifications for people you follow without having to unfollow and follow them to change the notification..Version: 6.1.2

Ad-free experience 10/10Latest update is a perfect ad-free experience. Only downside is that streams will freeze and crash every 5 minutes when it attempts to play an ad. Literally unwatchable. Advertisers beware, you are paying for ads people do not see..Version: 13.9

Absolutely the one of the worst experience in my entire life.My account was suspended for buying bits and cheering them on a stream. Today I received an email saying that it was fraud activity and it was an indefinite suspension I must say for something like that, the Twitch team team needs better judgement security and strategies of dealing with stuff like this, never have I ever seen such holes in a social media platform till now. I will resent my feedback if and only IF!!! my twitch accounts appeal is successful I will allow 1 week to change my change my mind seeing it took 3 weeks to decide to suspend my account so this should be an easy decision. I’m not a bad person I’m not greedy, I am a law biding citizen who always plays by the rules I would never ever commit unjust acts..Version: 11.0.1

Fallen from GraceTwitch is now a camsite for egirls wearing bikinis in hot tubs to make $1000s off of sad, lonely men. I remember when you could actually watch games being streamed on it... smh.Version: 10.5

Great App, Great Problems...I’m on Twitch, on a phone. Twitch is great, there is nothing wrong with their app, only that something NEEDS to be added. For some stupid reason, you can’t turn on “Past Broadcasting” or something around that name, which basically means that you have the ability to make it available for your viewers to watch past live streams that they weren’t able to see live. Apparently this is only available on the Twitch website, so I had to turn on “Past Broadcasting bla bla bla” on the website. The only thing is, is that IT DIDN’T WORK. I turned it on, went to Twitch, and my live stream still wasn’t there. Ironically, the website has more features than the app does, but on a phone, both the app and website are garbage. Nonetheless, I will continue to stream on Twitch because I’ve seen what it can do on an iPad instead of a phone, and I love the app, just really mad about not being able to do slot of things..Version: 10.0

Buggy and slowThis app is awful. The player defaults to being really far behind the stream (whyyyy). Even when you turn delay off there is a few seconds of delay compared with the PC version, which totally kills streamer interaction. The worst part of the app is the direct messaging. If you are chatting with a friend, every time they message you a message box with a few words of their message pops up, obscuring the message they sent, the one thing you actually want to read. Clicking it will open a second instance of the text box, so if you click “back” you reload the same conversation. There is also a bug with messages where it will mark your own messages as unread, and give you a notification. The mod interface is bad, making it difficult or impossible to do certain things. Browsing through streams I follow is long because the list includes a video of what the streamer is doing, making each entry half a page long. I don’t need to see that, I need to see who is streaming so I can click on their stream. This is honestly the worst app I have on my phone. The two things I want it to do (watch streams in real time and chat with friends) it doesn’t do properly..Version: 10.9.1

This must be out sourced to people who never used appsI love how I can sync accounts like twitch to my discord. That’s how you get into sub only discord’s and this app makes it so easy! Oh wait no it doesn’t. You can log into your twitch but it won’t show you ANY DISCORD CHANNELS. ok fine. I’ll log in online. Sorry no login screen on the home page of discord while on mobile. Fine I’ll dig in even more and find the most hard to find link online to log in. Now I need to spend 30 minutes clicking buses on a “I’m not a bot” window more times than it takes to log into a major bank account or credit report monitor. Awesome, now I should be logged in right? Nope. An error saying you’re on the wrong type of discord. Why do I need to log into a computer to check or join “connections” discord’s. Has no one in the company ever been a human. It’s insane. Use the app. More than just once. Try things normal people want to do. Fix the website. Realize mobile browsers aren’t flip phones anymore and give actual full features on the site instead of less than the app even gives. If discord didn’t have a monopoly I’d wonder how the hell theyre still in business.Version: 7.2

Previous version betterThe previous version was better in that it would remember games I last viewed. Now, I have to scroll to find the game. Though I did hate that it always showed most recent and it was all or none when deleting them, but oh well on that. If it’s possible to creat a favorites games list I haven’t looked for it, but apparently it doesn’t stand out either, for me anyway. I hate the new continue watching feature. I understand some might like it, but the only reason I watch a rerun is because I can’t find anything live I’d like to watch. And the only way to remove the continue watching is to watch them, fast forward to the end, then go back or to watch the remaining part. Why can’t I just delete items while they’re in the continue watching area. Plus, I have something stuck in continue watching because I apparently need to subscribe to watch it, so I can’t go into it and watch it or fast forward to get rid of it. Either let me disable continue watching or give me the ability to delete from that area, not by having to go into the video..Version: 6.7

Broken AppI started having issues with the bonus chests a little while ago, when I tried to claim them it didn’t work and a message would pop up saying “Claim failed, please try again later”. So then after that happened I would just delete and redownload the app and then just keep it open, and it would work fine for a while. But now that’s not working, I just can no longer claim the bonus chests at all. I tried deleting and redowloading the app and I tried logging out and logging back in to my account, but neither of those worked, so then out of curiosity I tried using twitch on Safari and used the desktop version, and on there the chests work perfectly fine but it’s very annoying to use it like that. Oh yeah, and I also recently discovered that when you tap on people’s usernames in the chat it doesn’t bring up their profile and it also brings up an error message, so there are probably other things that are broken that I just don’t know about. Please fix it soon! Like I said, it’s been like this for some time but now there is no way for me to temporarily fix the issue, so I would really appreciate for it to just be fully resolved already!.Version: 15.2.1

13 ads in a rowI am disgust the way twitch makes money. They don’t really have easy way to contact them and tell about your concern. Twitch was the place one of not many where I could enjoy myself, take a break from world… not anymore, ads every 15 minutes like on TV. YouTube is my choice now..Version: 13.8.1

Love Twitch, but some things desperately need fixingTwitch is great. But these 2 things drive me absolutely insane. 1. 'Swipe to change streams' feature NEEDS to be optional. It is FAR too sensitive to even the slightest touch, incredibly annoying when you then have to go back to the stream you were watching and are hit with another 30 second preroll ad. Results in missing up to 50 seconds of stream time. 2. This app is incredibly intrusive and plays in the background after you've exited. I will exit Twitch and not even be using my phone, then 5 minutes later the audio from the last stream I was watching will just start playing until I go back and close Twitch again. PLEASE FIX these issues..Version: 5.3

Videos for bitsI can’t watch videos for bits please fix this. It is a great app otherwise.Version: 7.2

Just ChattingWish they put back the “ low to high “ on the Just Chatting section , tired of always having to scroll all the way down to the amount of “ low viewers “ please bring that back!.Version: 9.10.1

The delay will be the death of meWhen watching on handheld devices, the twitch app has a 15 second delay to streams compared to the desktop version. This limits viewers to interact with their favourite streamer more often which may also decrease the amount of viewers to a stream. If the app was the have the same 3 second delay as the desktop version, it’ll allow for clearer communication between parties anywhere due to how mobile these handheld devices are, thus increasing watch times for streamers. Please fix this issue..Version: 9.10.1

Ads ruin experienceThe ads have become extremely intrusive and poorly timed. They blast over live content causing you to potentially miss crucial content. They are very frequent and lengthy and so loud compared to the main content I was genuinely worried about my hearing being damaged after one particular ad. That was the last straw for me. After tolerating this for some weeks I will now be deleting the app. The whole twitch experience went from being fun and enjoyable to intensely infuriating, so no longer worth my time. * Also, having skimmed through the reviews for this app there appears to be multiple 5 star reviews (with only one word) from the same people but with different user names...?! May explain the astonishingly high rating for such an abysmal app.....Version: 9.9.2

The app isn’t great for streamersThe app needs some serious tweaking. First of all, when I go on a channel page and try and select the filter on the “clips” section it doesn’t work unless I scroll down on the previous page, switch back to the clips page and then spam it until I get lucky. Also, not sure why the stream manager on mobile has much less stats compared to the desktop version, would be really nice if they integrated a few more things in the mobile stream manager. This is more of a complaint about the service than the app, but: as a small streamer, having ad breaks at the start of my stream is really annoying. Why wait for the ad to finish and hope that this new small streamer is good instead of just going to your usual streamer? It would be really nice if streamers could disable the pre roll ads instead of having to run ad breaks to disable them. Other than that, the mobile app does the job if you just want to watch streams and nothing more, which is what the majority of people do anyway..Version: 11.5

Slow app problems on iPad proI have been using the twitch app for the past few years and never had a problem with it until a month or 2 ago. The app has become extreme slow and laggy when I try to do anything such as search for a game, click on a video to watch or attempt to scroll through pages. No other apps on my iPad have any slow down problems which leads me to believe that there is something wrong with the app itself. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app and it is still extremely slow and not a smooth experience. Please look into how the twitch app is performing on iPad Pro devices..Version: 8.6

GET BETTER MOD TOOLS!!Moderating on the Twitch app is very difficult and we do not have the same options as those on pc. Please consider adding proper moderation tools to the app, not just time out and ban. I understand we can type the commands in chat but it makes the job a whole lot longer and when I am modding for a large streamer I don’t have time to type out commands constantly. We need at least a delete comment option at the bare minimum. I have been modding for about 5 or 6 months now, it’s becoming more and more frustrating. Yes I can open twitch on safari but I shouldn’t have to when there is an app and safari isn’t really a great alternative on mobile. I don’t want to have to keep timing out and removing time out just to delete a comment..Version: 7.11

Clipping on iPad is inaccurateI like to clip notable moments during a stream and the clips always come out different to the preview with the first and last few seconds missing. Making the entire point of clips pointless.Version: 14.2

TerribleUnintuitive design, lacklustre account options from mobile. Horrible at delivering on some of its basic features while uselessly updated for fluff. Have to go to every channel I'm following manually removing them from push notifications just to have a select few channels show up and only being able to do so from a browser outside the app. The specific page in the options on the desktop site is greyed out for no reason and creates endless hassle, fix the basics before worrying about excessive 'friend' features and terrible bloating of the app. --update-- Unable to sort channels in categories I watch in the way I want. Awful, clueless design taking the choice out of my hands and recommending terrible 20 viewer channels on the second line instead of streams with over 10k viewers. Streamlining the design with no care for the user experience. Awful app.Version: 8.0

Unskippable 30 second ads make me close the app and do something else!I open twitch to see what my favourite streamer is doing and if the streamer is doing something I like, I stick around to watch the stream and chat with the viewers. Over the last few weeks these twitch ads have becoming so annoying that it got to a point, where I'm scared to open twitch. Once you click on a streamer, you have to watch a 30 second unskippable ad. After you sit through it and decide you want to watch another streamer, there is another 30 seconds ad waiting for you. So each time I switch a streamer, I'm tortured to sit through another ad. Never on any platform have I ever encountered such aggressive and cancerous ads as I did on twitch these recent weeks. Today I see a notification that a streamer I like is live, I click on the notification only to be immediately disappointed with a 30 second ad. This made me do something I've never done before - open Appstore to write my first ever review..Version: 9.8

Good but has issues.For past 8 months using this app on my iphone 11 when i switch to full screen parts of the screen are cut off and it doesnt resize to my phones resolution. It fixed a few days ago for a couple of days but seems to be doing it again. Another issue is that you should see @‘d mentions in chat highlighted as when youre in a popular stream and people are talking to you in chat its very easy to miss mentions ad your name doesnt stand out in the message. FIXXX THE SCREEN. BEEN ASKING FOR THIS FOR SO LONG. IM MISSING SO MUCH OF MY SCREEN ON MY IPHONE 11. I DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR UPDATES ARE DOING BUT ITS NOT FIXIN THE ISSUES.Version: 10.4

Needs polishI love having twitch on my phone, but in its current state, mobile twitch is strictly worse than twitch on PC. There are lots of annoying bugs and quirks that all culminate in making it really annoying to use. For some reason, there is always a delay between the stream and chat that doesn’t appear on PC. In a recent update they made it so your phone itself has to be in dark mode to make twitch dark mode too, instead of just letting you toggle it from settings. This makes it really annoying when you want to switch from one app to another and keep turning dark mode on and off. Also, sometimes when I’m using twitch in light mode, it will magically toggle onto dark mode when I turn my phone sideways and then go back to light mode when I turn it right side up. Another major problem is that you can’t go to a streamers channel while they are live, so if you want to unfollow them or turn off notifications you are forced to watch an ad every time. If twitch mobile actually worked properly then I would give it a 5 star review..Version: 8.5

Twitch prime running adsI used to get so many hours of enjoyment out of this app as a twitch prime member. I could channel surf with ease and go back and forth between all of my favorite streamers. I loved the freedom of being able to watch any streamer I wanted for 30 second or 30 minutes. Now that they have introduced ads to twitch prime members, it makes this app almost unusable. To watch a 30 second ad almost every time I switch channels completely ruins the experience for me. I literally hesitate to open the app every time I want to watch one of my favorite streamers. I previously used this app for multiple hours a day and since the change I have only used it maybe 2-3 times. There needs to be an premium option to remove ads! Subscribing to individual channels doesn’t help. What I liked about twitch was the ability to watch more than a dozen streamers in a 30 minute watch session, freely surfing between channels. Please do something about this!! I want to use twitch again without ads! I would pay a similar price to what I pay for a Netflix or Sirius radio subscription to watch ad free..Version: 7.0.1

Abysmal Streaming OptionsCommon Twitch! You guys are the leaders in online streaming, how could your own app lack so much in streaming abilities for mobile streamers? It forces anyone who is serious about streaming to look for alternative OBS’s. Zero ability for quality selection - aspect ration, bit rate, frame rate etc. Instead it’s just 432p for everyone...That’s just sad. No editor for widgets etc. so you’re forced to do all adjustments on your computer and then have no idea how it’ll look until you go live on your mobile. Also I use a microphone that attaches directly into my phone, so no chance of a delay. Doesn’t delay on any other OBS, video software, ANYTHING besides, of course, Twitch’s app... Please overhaul the app ASAP!.Version: 9.10.1

FrankieCan you PLEASE give mobile moderators “mod icons” please! by time i delete a message, it has been read by half of chat seeing as i have to click their name and then click ‘delete message’ the mod icons will be so much more easier. please and thank you! Also, i know you’re most likely working hard on it, but if mod view was also possible on mobile then that would be amazing! maybe, just maybe give mobile the same mechanics as desktop.. and REMOVE MOBILE DELAY! thank you very much..Version: 9.1

OptimizationEdit: Even viewing the subscribed channel has been dreadful. With audio bug, video bug, random error msgs that force quit stream, after that, loading signs that takes forever. What a performance by the biggest streaming service. I go on twitch mainly to watch live streaming service and connecting with the gaming community. The current layout makes it impossible to enjoy what twitch offers. On full screen, chat taking half of the screen is okay, but the other buttons such as follow, subscribe buttons and streamer descriptions taking the other screen is just too much, especially when i have already subscribed or followed the streamer. When i open the chat the actual gameplay takes less than 20% of the full screen. As twitch updates its mobile applications it makes me not want to use the app. It becomes more and more inconvenient to users. Also please let users decide what they want to do when the ad is playing. I’m watching the stream at 460p trying to save data and this 5min ad comes out in 1060p. No way to change it. Maybe ill try to subscribe when the ad is playing or follow the streamer but it is not available. These buttons and descriptions that are annoying when people are actually watching the stream will be useful when people are watching the ad..Version: 12.0

Twitch is simpTwitch is dumping for thots.Version: 9.7.2

So many adsDrives me nuts same ads over and over. Go to pc and play twitch in a browser with Adblock! Ok the app itself is ok.Version: 10.5

Continue watching past podcast revert back to the beginningWhen continue watching video, it reverts back to the beginning, it is so annoying. Please fix this.Version: 13.8

You need to add more stream features for streamersMost of the streamers I talk to when they stream from their phone they mention me included you should add overlays and resolutions to make the quality of the stream better and more features such as easier way to start streams and finding a way to have streams start and when it ends to stop freezing the app completely having me to have to re open the app. Other features would also be a way of customising your twitch channel more through the app instead of the website..Version: 9.9.2

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