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BitsI think that watching a stream for say 1 hour will give you one bit. However, people could just leave it on overnight, so you could have it so you have to be active in the chat. Idk just my thoughts. Would recommend.Version: 7.2

Idk if it’s my fault or notSo I think the app is great but it’s not letting me watch my favorite streamer it lets me watch everyone else but it’s only this person and it doesn’t matter if I have full WiFi or if I’m using data it won’t let me watch my streamer but others it’s completely fine I honestly don’t know it might be that my phone is old and is being annoying or if it’s the app but here’s the thing up until a they finally came back to America from a trip I was completely fine I could watch them from my cousin’s house where I don’t have WiFi and I’d be completely fine and they didn’t like block me or something because I made another account and it still doesn’t let me watch them so whether it’s my fault or not I give the app 5 stars.Version: 6.9.1

Basics and understanding meant of steamingGreat place to start off.Version: 9.10

Great but one problemThis mobile version of twitch is great but there is one slight problem. When I try to subscribe to someone with twitch prime, I have to go through to the desktop website using a long and complicated process. I just think it would be better if you added a button in the subscribe area to subscribe with twitch prime like the desktop version. Otherwise a really great app, and great chat systems and so on..Version: 10.0

Recently watched streamsTwitch is great for watching, and sometimes rewatching streams. But what’s annoying is that, say, if you swipe off a stream, you have to search up the channel and find it again instead of being able to quickly go too it through a “recently watched streams” feature. This feature is in the website I believe, but I’m not sure if it’s on the app. The app is still great and that’s just a minor inconvenience which is pretty uncommon. EDIT: this is a feature, I was just being dumb :/.Version: 9.10

Devs that listen to feedbackA couple months ago, the twitch app had a major redesign and overhaul. As is so often the case, the Internet reacted violently to change, but in this specific case I would say it was warranted. New Apple is clunky and removed Features from the twitch app that we knew and Loved. Even the smallest, most accidental swipe left and right would change the channel, and it was infuriating. Over the next couple months however, the Twitch dev team started listening to Feedback, and implementing changes that the masses were crying for. And I can finally say with confidence that this is the best way to watch Internet video of any sort. Thank you Devs for listening to Feedback implementing changes, it is greatly appreciated.Version: 6.7.1

ReadThe Twitch App is Very Well Made But, People Such As Me that stream, Use the app too look at chat, Design There Channel, Etc I found changing your profile picture and channel art not possible on the app. I also found that there was not as much customisation as the desktop version. I think twitch should give more mobile streamers a opportunity to better design and do things with there channel. This App is very Good but needs work I hope, I can see some improvement with customisation and also more options to use the app over desktop mode. Thank You Heaps..Version: 7.3

PogchampMinecraft why no pogchamp bring back pog?.Version: 9.10.2

Bring Live streaming to Ipad’s alsoLive streaming seems to be available in phones, but not on Ipads. It would expand the streamers base for ppl who want to stream their Ipad gameplays. Also, another thing that could be added is bringing a tutorial on how to use twitch to stream and upload videos. I am struggling with this as this is my first time using Twitch and so I do not know how to upload my videos..Version: 7.2

Some problemsA bug still exists that has for a long time where when in dark mode, certain movements or actions can cause the app to switch to light mode, which takes a long time and 4 menu pages to flip through to turn it back on which is inconvenient and slightly annoying. Another issue exists that when you are watching a stream in full screen mode and you double tap to open chat, and you click on a chatter’s name, a menu will pop up that allows you to gift them a sub, or look at their info etc. The problem is that when this menu pops up when in fullscreen (phone sideways), there’s no way to close the menu; you can’t click anywhere to get rid of the menu as it takes up the entire screen, and the only way to close it is to flip your device and go back to non-fullscreen, tap anywhere outside of the menu, and it’ll close. Again, this is an issue that has a solution but requires a lot of time spent to undo which can be annoying for users. A simple fix would be to add a close button for this menu, both in fullscreen and non-fullscreen. Similar to the last issue, when you tap on emotes in chat, the only way to close the menu is to click outside the menu which can be difficult/inconvenient. The same solution exists where all that is needed for this problem is to add exit buttons to menus..Version: 9.1

Great but I guess screw the IOS Users-Dear Twitch devs I have not been able to have the audio in my game clips for a long time. I then come up with the bright idea of using twitch and screen recording on a separate device, which worked. I got really excited. But thats where the problems started. I did two separate 1 hr 17 min streams and each were screen recorded off of my IPad Air. The first stream only recorded 1 minute of audio and the second one only recorded 3 minutes of. Please, please fix this. I love this app and this seems to be my only work around for getting the in-game audio since I dont have a proper capture card or PC. I want to stream things like this in the future so I wont need to spend so much money on a computer and a capture card. - Sincerely, ALaggyShisno.Version: 7.1.1

How to block a certain Ad?It’s a satanic Ad for audible, I don’t care if it goes for 30 seconds makes me want to click off the stream 😏 It’s like a guy from Australia travelling to different cults around the world. Great app otherwise and love supporting streamers by watching ads, but I don’t want to download an ad blocker and don’t always have money to support the big streamers like DrLupo.Version: 8.4

Twitch over TVI can’t stop watching twitch. I love my notifications for live shows. And the fact I can throw it on my tv via chrome cast 10/10.Version: 9.3.1

Miss the older versionI’ve had an old version of the app for years until it finally stopped working yesterday. I was hoping updating would at least mean I’d now have the option to change the playback speed but nope. But now I do have to scroll past a bunch of recommended channels to get to the ones I actually follow, I don’t seem to be able to comment on old steams anymore, there are more ads than before, the font is ugly, and the dark mode is darker and the contrast is hurting my eyes now. I’ll get used to all of that but it’s just another instance of an app updating and changing things that didn’t need to be changed and making it slightly worse than it was. I do like that I can subscribe via mobile now though..Version: 8.8

New updateI have been a bit frustrated with the new update for the twitch mobile app. I have an iPhone 10, so the corners of my screen are rounded off and when I go to full screen the top and bottom of the video get cut off, along with things being blocked by where the camera is placed. This used to not be a problem because they left a blank space on each side of the screen so that it all fit in frame, but now especially while watching games like Minecraft where the bottom of the video is very important(the players inventory and the chat box) is impossible to see. This can be frustrating to watch and take away from my overall experience as a viewer. Another bug I have encountered is that often when I start to type in chat it will make the stream lag, causing the video and audio to get out of sync. Reloading/refreshing the page always fixes it, but leaves me waiting through an ad. This makes me less inclined to interact in chat, which is one of the best features of twitch. Besides these two bugs I absolutely love this app and the community that Twitch has created!.Version: 9.10

HiHi sweetheart hope you’re well I’ll get to the meeting you can come back home and I can go to the bank if you’re going home I can give them all you gotta is that way I will give them all you want you and your money back and you have you all the time you and you can get them all done I wanna call and I love them I don’t think I’ll ever be happy late and I don’t want go back home I wanna is a Christmas and then that’s all.Version: 8.7

Verified only chat bugThere’s a bug in the current version that makes all channels say they are in verified only chat mode. They haven’t enabled that mode and my account is email verified. It mostly happens if I open from a push notification, workaround is closing and opening the app manually..Version: 7.11

Add more featuresThis app is amazing a feature that should be added to the mobile version you should be able to change the colour in chats because what if you can’t see the colour if you use the dark mode and you use the colour purple you can’t see if you are talking in the chat and even if you don’t there should be an option to change the colour.Version: 6.1

NoiceThe swiping gestures are great, can you please bring back the swipe left / off screen to stop the video, instead of it just sliding off screen but still going? It gets frustrating quick when I try to tap to close but it fullscreens. Other than that this app is very user friendly.Version: 9.7.2

Ok I’m new to thisFinding my feet loving watching the feeds clips and video keep up the great job twitch SparerGlitter83.Version: 7.12

Great app but so many adsTitle.Version: 7.7

Not too shabby! UpdatedI like the app and they've made some good improvements. The only improvement i can think of would be to allow for viewing when someone first starts streaming or has lower viewership...allowing mobile users to view would help increase the viewership. Edit added 8/2/14: there is an annoying bug that makes the streams freeze for a bit. It's not the internet because i've tested it multiple places. Annoying, but other than these two things the app is fantastic. UPDATE: Still a very good app. However, I’ve noticed that there are significantly more ads these days. An uninstallable number of ads. I’m sure if I pay/subscribe or use an adblocker I won’t have to worry about it, but it shouldn’t need to be that way. 6 ads is really way too many. That’s unreasonable. I came to the internet to get away from ads. Find a different way guys. Innovate!.Version: 9.4

Great app but could be betterI use the app a Lot, I am Also a Streamer the platform, and I can say that it is useful when I want to watch Streams on the Go! I love the Dark mode works fine (for me) and that as a mod I can access [almost] everything I should be able to access as mod! However, While in areas where the WiFi is not so great or where I am forced to use low bars of mobile data (I.e 3 or 2 bars but still have 5G LTE) I can’t seem to Load some Streams video, it forces me to watch in 930P or something like that, even going as far as Making me watch 1080P on 2 Bars with 5G, and it can’t run it so the video is frozen! if you could fix the problem that allows me to Watch anyone’s stream at any resolution, that would be Awesome! I’m not sure if that is just how it is on the Platform itself or If it’s just the app, but either way this needs fixed, as well as Making auto mod smarter, I have never seen someone use the Phrase “silly goose” in a negative way! and it wasn’t the word silly that was the problem, it was the word Goose! I know, because I could say “silly salamander” in the same chat with no issues! TLDR fix Limited Resolution for Streams, and Make auto mod smarter so they don’t think goose is a bad word!.Version: 10.6

Saves more lives then you know.I was on heroin really bad. What helped me when I finally was able to get the guts to go through withdrawals, I watched Twitch. Twitch was there for me to talk to chat. Twitch was there for me to see positive content. Twitch has a much bigger impact in my drug recovery then I could ever get someone to understand. I love Twitch and I am so thankful it’s here, for free, for me to enjoy. I think it could have positive effect on people trying to get off drugs. I just don’t have a way to stream or I would make an account simply for just chatting. I would have my account be all about recovery off drugs. There is such a big need for someone to live stream to those affected by the drug epidemic. Thank you. Sincerely, Zachary Tumulty.Version: 9.0

Love itThe app is amazing. Hope to see more of Twitch improve more in the future. Again love the app. And also... keep up the good work :P.Version: 5.8

I’m sad how often live feeds cut outI’m sad how often live feeds cut out.Version: 10.6

Love it, but have a suggestionTwitch is amazing, honestly one of the best apps. To make it even better then it already is I would love to see a watch later option so you can save streams you don’t have the time to watch now for another occasion. But other than that I love twitch..Version: 10.3.2

EasyThis is an easy 5 star game review. My daughter mostly watches DanTDM live steams. All amazing and gets a notification on her phone when he is live. The only thing you need to look out for is sometimes other people’s streams come up automatically when you finish watching one stream and some people swear quite a lot in their streams. So if you have a young child watching Twitch, maybe you should consider blocking some streamers. Hope this helps. 🙂.Version: 9.8

Hype train sizeTwitch is probably my favourite app, but recently there was an update where the hype train and gifted subs takes up the whole screen. It makes the stream size smaller and is distracting. Previously to the update, the hype train and gifted subs did not effect the chats size. This is just a recommendation, but I would love if twitch reverted to the past update, or fixed the issue where it takes up the screen. Thank-you!.Version: 10.6

Very solid but still loads of room for improvementI have been viewing twitch more and more and honestly the best twitch experience on mobile is this app. But there are a few things that if implemented, would greatly enhance the app. There have been a few times where I wanted to link my twitch and prime accounts but there is no option to do so on this mobile app. It would be great to be able to support my favorite creators with out worrying about missing a chunk of their stream. Overall there are a variety of features lacking on the app that really make me feel like I’m missing out while being a primarily mobile user. The only benefit to getting twitch prime on mobile is the crown symbol next to my name in chat. Besides lack of subscription options there is virtually no customization available except my profile picture. I know it’s not easy giving the pc experience on an app but the iOS app should be equal in features to computer. If they do so I believe many of the user base would prefer viewing from mobile..Version: 9.5

A great streaming service, with some creator issues.As the title says, this is an amazing streaming service for the watchers of streams. However, I do have an issue with how bans are handled on the site. People such as JustAMinx where banned for an entire week just for saying a banned word, and someone who showed their private parts (whose name I cannot currently recall) only got a 3 day ban. This might seem fine out of context, but alongside other bans such as Minx’s, you can see how this is unfair. Please keep your bans consistent across the board. Apart from this, I would 100% recommend Twitch due to its user interface being excellent. Would give it 5/5 if my issues stated before were fixed..Version: 9.10.1

Possible bugI search for correct spelling and defenitions using the text chat feature while participating in a stream. When selecting text a popup > look up > my internet browser appears. When then going back to the twitch app the stream is in a small window. I select to maximize the stream (trying to not fat finger) and it closes the window. Now, my text I was working on is gone and I have to open the stream again. I have found my text to still be in the same stream like cache or something, but not always. Copying my text has been one measure to prevent losing my comment and minimizing the app > opening a browser and searching for the word that way is a workaround. USING LOOK UP TO SEARCH FOR A WORD DEFINITION SEEMS TO CAUSE INSTABILITY WITH TWITCH APP AND CRASHES THE STREAM (not every time, but enough to be bothersome). Hopefully this is making sense - cheers :].Version: 10.0

HeyI gets kicked out of this app everytime i try to load into it fix this bug please.Version: 9.1

Make deleting videos easierHey I’ve made some videos that were cut short and I’d like to delete them and I have no idea how there’s no easy way and the one I found on google wasn’t really helpful.Version: 6.8

Great AppI know twitch has been around for a while but I didn’t feel like I needed another broadcasting app. However, since 2020 I’ve been on twitch a lot since there is so much time now lol. I gotta say, it is a great way to connect with your favorite content creator. I’ve been noticed by the smallest content creator to the big ones who either have a huge following on twitch or are famous from another platform. My only issue is this app lags. Say I start watching a stream on my iPhone and then I switch to my laptop, the steam will be delayed. Other than that, it is a good app to make some friends for discord. I’m an introvert so I don’t really talk in chat but I’ve seen many people become friends in chats. Just to note: I think memberships and bits are pretty expensive and they run out super quick like I think after a month but that’s just my opinion lol. Okay..Version: 10.5

Sub button please ☺️I really love the app cool thing about it is I get to watch my favourite streamers on the go but what i want to make it even more awesome is to have the ability to sub my favourite streamers within the app (it saves a lot of time and effort in my opinion 🥰).Version: 7.7

Latest update stopped swipe to change followed channelsDaily user of twitch and liked the easy way to swipe left or right to quickly browse my favourite channels. However, this feature appears to have been disabled and now I have to go to the little arrow top left screen then select a new live channel. The swipe feature is the main reason tablet version was so much more intuitive to use.Version: 5.8

Quality freezesThe quality usually be at the highest like 1080 but since recently there’s been problems where it just go to 360 or 166 and play good but at 1080 it skip every 10 seconds of the live I’m watching or it pauses and doesn’t play I tried goin lower to 480 but the same problem happens every time, one time I put it on my tv and it worked fine on 1080 then it started freezing so I put it down to 360 and the video was going back to normal just low quality it was moving at good speed please fix this I even deleted the app plenty times and downloaded it back to see was my phone the problem tried on different devices the same error kept occurring to I put it on a low quality everything else works perfectly just bad quality to where it have to go perfect good quality makes it freeze and skip over videos..Version: 10.2

Good app but needs moreI personally love Twitch and am constantly using this app, absolutely love it. Unfortunately however I have Twitch Prime and I cannot use it to sub nor can I sub on this app all together, considering I have no PC or anything like that, my Twitch Prime is somewhat useless. The app by all means is good, just which it had all the features that a desktop had..Version: 5.10.1

Website not saying that I have an account when I doI’m trying to login on my PS4 twitch app and it tells me to login on my phone and I do to connect them but your website doesn’t seem to be working properly as it says my account doesn’t exist but I just did it last night so could you please sort it out ASAP because I need to start watching my friend on it.Version: 9.7.2

AmazingAmazing I can watch all my favourite streamers and gamers just great.Version: 6.2.1

Uncontrolled adsSelf-refresh means ads all the time, no matter what the broadcaster wants..Version: 5.4

SimpsTwitch is a great app but the twitch mods simp to pokimane. Until the mods stop being simps I will keep the rating as 4 stars.Version: 9.8

Re-watching adsSay you open a stream, watch a 30s ad, and then the stream starts. But if you accidentally close the stream, you have to reopen the stream and watch another 30s ad. I really hope this is fixed in future updates, otherwise, still a great app.Version: 5.4

Why is this app +17?I just don’t get why this app is +17 because yeah there is a bit of swearing but who cares like 5 year old kids won’t be watching this stuff. Apart from that this app is awesome, you just look up a game and then you find a person and you watch it is just so good. I would definitely recommend this to everyone over the age of 12..Version: 8.8

So far so goodEasy to use..Version: 5.7.1

One of my favourite appsUsed twitch for quite a while now but really got into it this year with the extra time on my hands - found some wonderful communities through it. The app itself can be temperamental but after using it for so long I don’t notice the little issues anymore. One thing that I do dislike is the lag on the mobile app vs watching on pc but again it’s something I’ve got used to and don’t see changing any time soon. Don’t let the app bugs put you off using twitch there’s some incredibly talented people out there if you give twitch a chance :).Version: 9.10.1

Video quality issuesThis review does NOT mean you shouldn’t get twitch. Occasionally when I’m watching a stream my quality option only shows auto and the highest quality there is which isn’t a problem if you can run that but if you don’t have the best internet nothing will load. I haven’t found a solution to this except for disconnecting my wifi and even than that doesn’t always work. Please fix this..Version: 6.6

Amazing!This app is amazing. The positive vibe that the streamers share is very impressive. They put some much hard work and effort into creating successful streams for their viewers/community. Aside from all of the positive outcomes there are a few negative parts involved in this app. Sometime the audio does not work and their videos as well as the audio isn’t synced. Apart from the slight problems, this is a very useful app that can be viewed by many people..Version: 7.12

Great DesignThe app works great and is much more functional than watching through safari. It also looks really good too and is easy on the eyes at night..Version: 10.2

Love itBut, I cant go live on my phone and im trying to stream cause im really good but cant it says something about im not aloud.Version: 8.1

It’s goodI think this is a good app because you can sit there and chill and enjoy.Version: 9.0

GoodI have had twitch for a few months now, and it quickly became my main source of entertainment. It’s really easy to use , and there’s tons to watch. Only slight issue is the adds. I understand that they help streamers, but really long adds when you’re just joining the stream can be really frustrating , especially when the game you’re watching someone playing has a storyline or something you don’t want to miss. It’s not to big of an issue, but it can be annoying. Apart from that, twitch has really helped me find a community of people who have similar interests as me. It’s a great app..Version: 10.6

No longer boredI like twitch because I can watch them live and see what they actually do when they play and they don’t cut their face cam thank you so much for adding the game frame because some people could have bad internet and they can change the screen settings so they can see better thank you twitch for letting me do and hope you have a time in the future.Version: 5.10.1

Review On TwitchTwitch is an outstanding platform on which I can watch my favourite creators compete. My only downside is that Twitch does not have a hide chat feature. I feel that having chat on can sometimes be beneficial it often takes away from the overall enjoyment of the stream. More often than not you have annoying people writing odd messages or them trying to be funny yet they are mistaken. Twitch is an excellent addition to my device but I feel that a setting to hide chat would make my personal experience better!.Version: 10.1

Chromecast ProblemsThis app is great but I am having a problem with live streams and my chromecast. When I try to watch a live stream the audio is horrible. Everything is good for the first 10 to 15 seconds but then the audio begins to cut in and out continuously. This is both for the mobile app or casting from my laptop. I don’t however have this problem when watching video, only live streams. Please fix..Version: 6.6

Great app but bugs need to be fixedI really love the twitch app for when I watch streams on the go but it does have a few bugs that are annoying. For one, only when I use the iPad app, anytime I type in chat the audio cuts out completely and I have to restart the app to get audio back in the stream. Another thing that happens is similar but when I type in chat sometimes the audio doesn't cut out completely but it cuts for a few seconds then comes back but its 3-10 seconds delayed from the video. As you can imagine its pretty annoying to not be able to use chat without having to restart the app and miss what the streamer is saying. Another bug is on the iPhone app. Sometimes when I click a notification for a stream and go into the app, the following page is frozen and I cant tap anything..Version: 10.5

No problemsLots of functionality..Version: 6.0

Love the app, but it needs fixing.Ive been using Twitch for a few months now, and I’ve been loving it, however, after the most recent update, Twitch keeps crashing after a few mins of watching a stream. As you can probably guess, this is really annoying. Please fix the problem, as I would love to keep using the platform..Version: 5.7.1

BEST APP I HAVE EVER DOWNLOADEDIm a tier 3 sub to pokemain and I am just LOVING TWITCH it is so good, I go on it every single day, I dont care if my family is worried about me its more important that pokemain is going to say my name ON STREAM!!!! oh yeah tommyinnit is good aswell..Version: 10.5

Freakin amazing but...This is by far the best streaming service on the face of the earth. But there are some things that the pc version has that the mobile version doesnt. No 1. The ability to change your channel name. So i noticed after about a day prior to downloading this that you are unable to change your channel name. Now that isnt a problem for me but it may be for other people, as other users may not be able to access a pc or laptop. No 2. The ability to customize about me pages and channel banners: it’s basically the same reason. So twitch i really hope you see this and possibly make some changes but aside from that, twitch i a great streaming service and it will be for many years to come..Version: 9.5.1

Missing heaps of EmotesThe mobile app is missing emotes such as Poggers, OmegaLul and Monkas. Also it’s hard to find other emotes when there’s no way they’re organised. All I see in the chat for the above emotes are there names, and they’re the most popular, it really takes you out of the experience and I can’t express myself along with others. Please fix this. Thanks..Version: 6.5.1

Great, just a few suggestions.Twitch is cool. Found out about it a few months ago and get to connect and watch people that I love. I just have a few suggestions. Dates and times for each stream and whisper. I don’t like going back to my favorite streamer and it saying “a month ago” or “two months ago” because then I don’t know what stream it is. The same for whispers. It doesn’t give you a date or time the message was sent so if someone asks when you sent the whisper it seems unprofessional to not know because it doesn’t tell you. The app I’ve noticed glitches a bit and when you go to watch previous streams it takes forever. Overall twitch is great and I like it a lot, I just think these suggestions would improve the layout and help people..Version: 9.5.1

Just startedStarted streaming on this app a few weeks ago but my follower count is not accurate on the profile thought it might be lagging but it's been a week still not updated. Don't know if you are aware of this issue.Version: 10.2

Very good!I prefer it on pc but it still works good. The only downside I can think of is that you can’t follow streamers with going to their stream which can be annoying because when you go back and have to watch an add. 9/10!.Version: 9.7

Chat & Emotes disappearingHey Team, was watching a DJ Stream and noticed my chat was not showing. Also comments from other viewers were & emotes were not shown. Was working before the app update. I have an iPhone 8plus. Thanks..Version: 9.2.1

Jayden likes twitchI like twitch because it is fun to watch my friends that stream on twitch and thank u guys for making twitch best day EVER!.Version: 9.8

Love the app, but there are a few bugsI’ve actually been really enjoying using twitch so far, but because I’m generally short on time I tend to not be able to watch entire streams. Good news is twitch records past broadcasts, but I’ve noticed that while watching past broadcasts there are some pretty frustrating bugs. For example, sometimes when watching a past broadcast and an ad pops up, after the ad break the broadcast will send you back to the beginning and you have to scrub through the video to find your place again, which can be annoying especially when watching longer streams. Also, the scrubbing is a bit buggy to, sometimes the bar acts like you pressed your finger in a different place. I really do enjoy using twitch, so I hope this bugs can be fixed..Version: 9.5.1

Awesome AppGreat way to connect with streamers who stream your favourite video game.Version: 8.3

Good but add cast to tvAdd casting to tv.Version: 10.6

TwitchReally enjoy watching my favourite streamers for free.Version: 6.9

NicePretty simple and easy to use. Using this on my IPad and have run into no problems so far. Great to be able to watch all my favourite creators so keep up the good work!.Version: 7.8.1

Very GoodI love this app (Follow masterbucket749 on twitch).Version: 10.6

Great ServiceIt’s a really good app that you can use to watch live or previous streams, the main 2 faults are setting up your own live stream (which is only in beta) and the slight lag between streams and chat, which is probably just my internet. There’s a reason why everyone knows about it, and I highly recommend using it.Version: 10.0

Please fix.When I start up the app it freezes on the logo and then crashes multiple times until I have to restart my phone and open he app again and if it doesn’t work I have to keep doing that over and over.Version: 8.4

ReadTwitch is a great app and everything about it is generally good, par the bias towards Alinity, though on IOS subbing costs $10 for a “Sub Token” compared to desktop’s $5. This has resorted to some streamers making a command that links you to the desktop sub page just so their viewers don’t have to spend as much money. Some things don’t make sense, but everything else is generally great..Version: 9.9

Great Service but slight ad bugsSo if you don’t have twitch prime or a subscription to a streamer you get adverts. (Which is fine). But frequently i have to watch the advert for then it to not work so i have re-fresh and rewatch the same advert. (Sometimes 3-4 times) This happens when you first enter a stream or hop between. Not major problem but been like that for months so would of thought it would have been fixed. -Honest Review.Version: 6.5

Everything you should know!Twitch is great! Not only is it a wonderful way for gamers to create careers out of what they love most, (gaming), you can meet people with the same interests as you through the chat or maybe you’ll open up to the streams where you feel most comfortable. Many people have actually come out during another’s stream because that’s how warm and welcomed they feel when chilling out on twitch! The people are great and sure you might come across some bad people here and there but those people are everywhere, it’s not like we can just press delete and we won’t have to here from them again! Just get twitch! It’s fun and calming and a great way to meet new people. Go and give it a try!.Version: 10.0

Helping me grow channelI love to use twitch. I use it as not only a way to escape stress and talk to fans online. But also to grow my channel! Twitch is a great to use and easy streaming service with 24/7 updates and bug fixes! I love using it and I will keep using it..Version: 9.3.1

Very good - could be betterI watch twitch on mobile, and that means that if i want to see the gameplay and chat, i need to either have a really small screen, or give about a third of screen space for chat. Other than that it works perfectly..Version: 9.7.1

Subbing with prime and normal subWe should be able to sub with prime and if someone gifted a sub, or else the sub goes to waste..Version: 10.6

ReviewI am loving twitch joining a couple months ago. Enjoying watching Fortnite streams,valorant and much more! The one downside is the ads are so annoying. When watching a stream I get about 3-4 advertisement videos in a row! It’s very annoying please cut them down. Many people don’t enjoy watching ads. It’s not very enjoyable but other then that it’s great. - Anthony 👍.Version: 9.4

IssuesThe app is a good starting point but I think we should be able to see the people that follow us. Also the notifications symbol will say I have notifications but when I click it it’s empty. Also can’t wait for affiliates to start making revenue off of ads. Even if it’s a very small amount, every bit adds up 👍🏻.Version: 7.2

ClipsWhen reviewing clips, not only does the user interface bug and the play symbol start flashing in a wrong location sometimes but the clips don’t even play. Often the clip plays but it doesn’t actually pop out into full screen and it just stays in the thumbnail size window, it sometimes even starts playing the clip but there would be no sound and no bar to fast forward or rewind. It’s almost as if when you scroll down through a certain amount of clips, it begins to just lag or buffer for ages, to a point where I don’t bother continuing trying to watch any clip past say the first 30. So sending old clips to mates is literally impossible on mobile. Tbh I’m not even sure the ‘share’ buttons work when you scroll too far either. Only the ‘report’ function seems to work I think..Version: 8.6

PogchampNeeds more vikkstar.Version: 9.9.2

Love itLove twitch so much only thing for mobile I would love is if someone @ you it highlights it like it does ok pc and also there is an audio and a chat only mode but I would love a video only mode for if I’m watching a friends stream and I’m in discord with them I don’t hear myself and them through the stream..Version: 9.8

Close to perfectIf your into finds my quality content creators especially gaming Twitch is the place to be. The only thing that’s always driven me crazy to the point I almost gave only 4 stars is all the QUALITY broadcasters that are buried in such a saturated market. You must sift through hundreds to find a few hidden gems. “Partner” streams or “Featured” channels have put in the grind and deserve it but some of these other upstarts have no prayer to cut through the noise. With that said the majority of people sitting through directories do not take the time to sift to the streams at the bottom with little to no views. I find that to be the Consoles (XBOX & PS4) fault for making it so ez for any toxic 12 year old with a console can connect and upload toxic trash. So considering at the end of the day it’s not all on Twitch? I went ahead with 5 stars for the app. good for tips, & tricks for any gamer and other IRL streams as Well..Version: 7.14

AmazingI have found twitch to be a amazing app were you can express yourself in minecraft,fort nite, just chatting. On twitch I can creaky be my self and do the things that make me happy. I love watching all my favourites stream and I totally recommend twitch to everyone .It has everything and something for everyone💕.Version: 10.6

Prices for bits, gifting etcI loovee the app but subbing/gifting subs is a bit,, too much 10$ for 1 month and seeing thatd be 2 months in other countries, i get that currencies are different for all countries, but paying double more than most seems a bit too much, aside from that love this app :)).Version: 9.10.1

Twitch is pretty goodI’m enjoying Twitch so far, I get watch people who are funny and awesome play the games I enjoy and want to get better at. they give helpful tips here and there which is always nice. Next pay day I’ll be subbing to people for sure..Version: 7.3

AwesomeTwitch is a fun, game for teens and adults. Youtubers can live stream on this and you will never miss it because it’s always online :D.Version: 6.0

YaGreat app 👍.Version: 5.4

Flipped screen?Hi there. Recently I started using my iPad to stream games on Twitch and it works really well, except every stream I do, the screen is flipped 90 degrees to the right. How? What? Why? I just want to stream without making my viewers see the screen sideways, as seing the screen this way takes the viewer out of the moment. Apart from this H U G E issue, the app is good..Version: 8.8

HelpThe app is great but..... every time an ad plays while I'm in the middle of a stream it would restart it. Pls fix this soon.Version: 7.13

Great app, but needs a couple of tweaksFirstly, the app is awesome. Very well made and great UI. But I find it really annoying how you can’t subscribe to anyone through the app. You have to go through the main website. Also, when in full screen mode, the current time isn’t visible. As in the time of day on my iPad. Such a minor thing that really stands out when you wanna know the time..Version: 7.7.1

It’s a good app but still has bugsThe latest update has introduced a bug where the text turns black making it impossible to see what I’m typing in dark mode. Since this update searching for streams doesn’t show if the stream is actually live or just a re-run. Also the app is still delayed by up to 30 seconds compared to a pc browser making it infuriating to interact with the streamer. The Mixer app doesn’t suffer this it’s instantaneous..Version: 6.8

Fiz Chromecast supportLove the app, probably my most used app, but recently, the chromecast icon is no longer available, therefore I can’t watch on the big screen. Please fix it. Thanks.Version: 6.9

WomanI love woman.Version: 10.2

DREAM SMPIt’s awesome for DreamSMP fans! 5/5.Version: 10.6

YeetI I am Scythey I was wondering if ya got a walk up with me as a long walk in the morning and then I will be back in the day lol I ya want me to go to take a shower then I can come over later today I wanna do you wanna was a good day night I love you bye bye I wanna is the way I can play with my dog I can do not get to play with the girls I don’t have any time for me anything else I’ll be there ya guys know what ya doing now lol ya ya got got.Version: 9.2.2

With the latest update and the new interface of chat....The new interface seems more clunky than the previous version. In my opinion it is worse and annoying.Version: 7.11

Wow! 🤩🤚This is great for watching my favourite streamers live (Quackity, Tommyinnit, etc) It’s great that you can help the streamers by donating and subscribing to them (subscribing=monthly payment) And you can cancel your subscription anytime! When you subscribe to a streamer you also get no ads for that pacific streamer. A great addition is the chat, a great place to talk to the streamer and to make friends! Best of all, it’s completely FREE! (If you don’t subscribe to anyone) Free to watch, and free to download!.Version: 9.10.2

Great idea, horrific experienceI absolutely love live streams, and twitch in general. I’ve been on the twitch bandwagon for longer than most, but can’t help to notice these extremely common, frustrating bugs. I will play live streams or VODs, and the audio will just go out. I used to be able to close out stream, change video quality, or close out app to fix it, but that is no longer the case. The only fix I have been able to find as of late is to completely uninstall and reinstall the app. I am now doing this 10+ times per day, and that’s unacceptable. If this issue isn’t solved by the end of this week, I’m just going to go watch someone else re upload one of your creator’s livestreams. Which mean that’s neither you, or the streamer you pretend to help will be making any money off of me, and I will cancel my multiple subscriptions..Version: 6.2.1

Too hard to become affiliate as viewers not countedMy hubby has been trying to get affiliated on Twitch as a DJ but the viewers are not being counted correctly. No wonder he isn’t getting anywhere! He is getting absolutely loads of views after he has streamed so why can’t Twitch take these into account when trying to become affiliate. I know it’s a website for gamers really but the affiliate rules need to be adapted for other categories surely? Sad seeing my hubby DJ Chisel so deflated after buying all his equipment and doing fab live streams!! So disappointed & he is about to give up all together 😢.Version: 9.7.2

Supper pogSub to dream.Version: 10.4

Dix the delay when watching a stream!The delay is sooo bad, it’s annoying to be 10-15 seconds behind a stream when you want to see and reply on time. The streamer’s already moved onto another topic by the time those using mobile hears it and can respond! Please fix this! I don’t want to always be using desktop/laptop, especially when I’m in bed..Version: 9.3.1

To goodIt’s so good I love watching people everyday.Version: 6.4

Pretty GoodMuch more fluid control that the last time I tried using this app, so now I'm able to watch my favourite cancer streamers anywhere on my device..Version: 5.6

More addressing things in other reviewsFirst of all ads. Ads seem to be a problem looking through lower star rating reviews and all I can say is the stream decides when ads play. Twitch automatically puts a singular pre roll add on and that’s it if you’re having serious trouble with ads talk to the streamer in anyway possible. Complaints about bad mobile layout. It could be better but all things can. Twitch is designed for pc to be enjoyed to its fullest so any major problem use a larger and/or more powerful device.Version: 9.8

Its ok just missing some featuresWhile the app is ok in itself it does miss some features that we can’t access on PC. For example there is no way to check my clips that have edited and published without using Safari or some other browsers to do so (unless I’m stupid and there is a way). Secondly it needs to be easier for Twitch Prime users to access their rewards without leaving the app to use a browsers. Currently every time I have needed to access my rewards its need on a PC to do so, as well as claim. Change this please.Version: 7.13

I don’t have to find be a sub to find good gameplay.I just stay for the comments. But I’d like to comment in on the good plays. Fuel the excitement and push for more people to test their limits. Browse filters. Alittle more console support as far as the Kinect and overlays, widgets control panel. Nothing’s perfect, just surprised a lot of what I expected hhasnt happened yet. This generations alittle behind, still hating and hurting. Won’t make your pain stop. If you want that, you have to get over yourself. We’re all humans. The Human race. Not racial, regional. If each person had one million, no one would struggle. Below one million, work, or invest correctly. Oh wait that’s right. the wrong three power system. Last one had it right but still fought amongst each other. Pitty. Hopefully we can prepare before the next round..Version: 8.7

Good... mostlyI do have one major gripe with Twitch for iOS. I typically watch Twitch on my TV using a game console, but I open the same stream on my iPhone because it's easier to type in chat with the phone's touch keyboard. Which works well as long as Twitch is running on the iPhone... except it doesn't. Whenever you pause your stream and then switch away from the app and then do something else on the phone, it's very likely that when you switch back to Twitch, the app will restart completely. This is really annoying because not only do you have to search for or dig for the stream again but often the app then makes you watch the 15-30 second pre-stream ad again. I don't know whether this is Twitch's fault or Apple's: I've observed it for at least a year while keeping up with the latest iOS software. Either way, please fix it!.Version: 8.0

Lack of Customizable AccessThe Twitch website gives you a lot of access towards your customization and profile editing. You can change your chat color, change your name and or capitalization, change your profile pic, etc. This app, however, doesn’t give you access to most of the offers the website has. It would be nice to be able to do certain things on the app instead of always having to rely on the website such as customizing your profile and being able to subscribe to channels by viewing them instead of having to use chat commands. Sometimes I want to support a streamer but I can’t because they do not have a set chat command. Overall, I’d appreciate it if the app would have more accessibility just like the website instead of it feeling like it’s taking away your access and ability..Version: 5.7.1

Verified emailI verified my email but still can't talk In chat because I receive a message saying It requires a verified email address.Version: 5.3

Love the IdeaI love twitch and what it promotes. Being able to interact with broadcasters and the community is incredible. Also having an easy way to support the content provided by channels. However the app and website aren’t the most functional with it quite often being quite annoying to try to get to where I want to. 4 stars.Version: 5.7.1

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