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Terrible at screen mirroringWatching the app is great but when u need to stream a channel on the tv TNT blew it big time. I tried something they’re inept with, technical issues that I adjusted. WHAT A CONCEPT! I only got this for basketball playoffs and what a word I really want to say ING JOKE. So other than “great content” how are you guys any better than the other networks that don’t put out the same constant garbage somehow getting renewals when better shows get canceled but you gotta prevent that otherwise someone creative might take that “hard earned money” you pedestal lowlife silver spoon out of touch morons. Wish I could get rid of this crap channel. At least my condo pays for it. Lots of tumbleweeds running through your channel here. Can I give less than a star? I feel bad for the ones who earned it.Version: 7.11.0

Nice app but needs back catalogueI’ve been using the app for the past several weeks and have enjoyed it so far. Haven’t had any problems with streaming on my iPhone 6+ (I do have 300mb with 5G wifi). I agree with the repetitiveness of the same 6-7 commercials, but it would be worth it if I had access to the back catalogue of shows & seasons. Why would I be interested in watching The Last Ship, for example, if I cannot start at the first season? It is highly annoying to jump into the middle of a good series and not be able to start from the beginning season. TNT has invested too much into great writing and production of its series not to proudly put them all on display, cancelled series included. Please consider this, or at least disclose why they cannot be shown. It was the only reason I downloaded the app in the first place instead of streaming through my provider..Version: 4.9.1

Connect better via hdmiI use an lightening HDMI adapter to watch TNT on my TV through my iPhone.(I don’t have a tv that supports AirPlay, or Apple TV, whichever it’s called) Most apps work great but with this app the streaming is terrible while connected. It’s play sound and no screen, I’ll have to watch commercials a majority of the time because I have to restart the app to get it to work. I’ll have to start it up on my phone and connect it once the show already starts playing on my iPhone. I have to tap the screen to keep it on before my iPhone screen dims bc it won’t keep it on. App in general is great, when just on my iPhone it streams perfect. The problems arise when I connect is to my tv via HDMI. Would be 5 stars if this wasn’t a problem..Version: 4.11.2

Good but hasn’t had updated features in years.For the past 4 years or so I have used the TNT app to watch NBA and movies. Everything is stable and smooth such as linking my TV provider, searching through movies, and the overall video performance. However, the only problem I have and would like to encourage the devs to push new features for the app. For example, most other video focused apps now allow you to switch over to messages without interruption to the video. Where there is a mini player whenever you exit the app. I think adding this feature would enhance the app and improve everyone’s viewing experience if we could switch over to another app during a commercial break but still could watch without missing anything..Version: 7.9.2

I-Pad user...I’ve read many reviews on this app before using and, while all apps have their shortcomings on one device or another, it works flawlessly on my IPad. The necessity for the extent of the commercials within ALL programs I have viewed to date is certainly contrary to one of the premises that individual video apps should be aspiring towards but, I suppose, the marketplace and it’s costs dictate such...don’t they? Or is this company simply trying to garner profit at every possible quarter without regard to building allegiances with their patron? The world of modern entertainment is rife with such profit vs duty to consumer questions. The company who finds, builds and delivers content withOUT the interruptions during the delivery/viewing will be the company who ultimately wins loyalty in their users. But surely the directors of such media stalwarts know that, right? Or is it simply about securing an ever increasing profitability and stock value? As I said, so many questions in simple delivery of something so simple these days....Version: 4.9.1

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