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Fitbit: Health & Fitness App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Fitbit: Health & Fitness app received 152 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Fitbit: Health & Fitness? Can you share your negative thoughts about fitbit: health & fitness?

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Fitbit: Health & Fitness for Negative User Reviews

The latest update is brokenThe latest update has ruined everything. It hasn’t recorded any of my exorcising this week, I can no longer control my music wit my Fitbit, doesn’t sync anymore, charging is messed up. I really hope they fix it ASAP!.Version: 3.20

Warning: Not safe for children!With heath devices becoming much more popular amongst young children thanks to the Fitbit Ace, I just want to warn parents not to download this app for their children. In the community section of the app there are so many creeps on there who are clearly fake; and Fitbit has no protection that I know of to protect their users from these types of people. Anyone can create a Fitbit account, even if they don’t have a Fitbit device and access the community forum. I get friend request daily from guys who are clearly fake or who look like they are scammers; they always have a fake stock photo as their profile picture and no recent activity (average amount of steps a day). These guys want to message you within the app for a bit and then insist on sharing details so you can talk on WhatsApp instead (red flags alert). Fortunately I am a smart educated individual so I can see right through it, but young kids might be more naive. What’s sickening is I have seen these fake guys try to chat up children as young as ten or eleven often saying ‘ Hello.....I'm (name) from (country), can we chat for a while? If yes inbox me... it’s sickening to think people create a fake page to get off talking to children. Unfortunately no matter how many times I report a fake page to Fitbit they don’t seem todo anything..Version: 3.12.1

New dashboard for iOS- Poorly designedThe old dashboard shows everything in a glance and the new one seems like to be itemized - not visually appealing. Also the Quick Log option is gone???!!! Not cool at all! Add silent alarm to the dashboard at least!.Version: 3.3.1

Progressively being tinkered withThis app gets worst with each new update and launch of new features. Not only do I now have some useless drivel at the top of my screen telling me how good it is to eat fibre or exercise (takes up a good part of my screen in block colours), but there’s now a sleep feature that scores your sleep. This gives you some arbitrary score (mine tells me my sleep is fair), but no option to turn it off. I don’t need your advice on my lifestyle or any judgements about how good or your product owners or developers feel my sleep is - it’s intrusive and changes the nature of why I use the app if you’re now going to play some grand master role. Stop gamifying something that was perfect before you started tinkering with it. Leave it alone. And whilst turning off the sleep score feature would be an excellent start, so too would be turning off that irritating commentary at the top of my mobile dashboard in the big block colours. I ‘thumbs down’ this all the time but it still appears. Christmas is coming so may take the time to switch not to another brand..Version: 3.5

Do the developers….. even read these Reviews?!! Personally I would have given you a five star rating, but of late I’ve lost the ability to share my achievements with my friends and it’s not just me that’s affected, it appears to be right across the community. Seriously Fitbit, isn’t it about time you got your act together and rectified these glitches?.Version: 3.45

Ok but not the best flowI have had a few Fitbit devices over the years and I do love them. The app however needs a bit of work. Would love to see an iPad/tablet specific version that is a lens between the iPhone and desktop set ups. The female cycle part is very hard to use and confusing-making assumptions about my cycle but not simple enough to edit those. Would love to see more symptoms in there as well. It takes quite a few tries for me to sync my device which is frustrating. There’s potential for this to be a great up, just needs to work.Version: 3.30

New look is irritatingI’ve been a happy Fitbit used for 18 months. The new look is nice but the message at the top of the screen inviting me to upgrade to premium is very annoying. I bought a Fitbit and don’t expect to have to pay for features, be asked to upgrade to. Premium version, or have to scroll past a message to use the app. Please get rid of the “Your Body - Your Goals” message..Version: 2.94

Generally good app but some gotchasGenerally this app does what you’d expect and is pretty good at it. Lots of info on heart rate, steps walked, floors climbed and other activities it tries to work out from your motion. You can view this in lots of different ways at varying degrees of detail - by hour, day, week etc. The problem I have is the sleep monitoring. It’s very inconsistent and if you miss syncing with the app for a few days or let the battery get below 30%, you get nothing but a ‘simple’ sleep analysis for the days you didn’t do a manual sync, or the battery was ‘low’. 30% seems to be the limit on my watch. Which is pointless, really as it just tells you how long you slept (kept still with a slow heart rate, in reality). Really annoying and there’s no good reason for this behaviour from the FitBit support team. You’re just told to keep the battery charged and make sure the watch is secure so it gets a good reading. So far every day it’s missed the sleep analysis it’s somehow managed to give me a heart rate reading throughout the night - so it’s clearly not a problem with how securely it’s attached to my wrist. So if you want sleep analysis, charge your watch everyday and manually sync everyday....Version: 2.90

Works, But Needs WorkThis app does the basics, but even graphically (let alone feature-wise) it seems rather dated. The premium option is a joke, with very little on offer for a price that Apple would blush at. The premium level needs to be a lot cheaper or have many more useful features. This app is glitchy at times, doesn’t always sync, and isn’t very intuitive when you try to navigate toward certain features. But if you want a FitBit, it’s your only option. In the competitive fitness tracking market, FitBit needs to try harder to stay relevant..Version: 3.36

App UpdateIt says I can’t sync my Fitbit Alta unless I update the app, but when I go to the app there aren’t any updates available. This is my 4th dongle that I’ve had in 2 years because they keep having difficulty synching. I will definitely be switching to Apple because this has been such a stressful experience..Version: 3.16.1

Doesn’t play well with othersThis app developer doesn’t make the data I collect and store available in a format so that I can use it outside of their proprietary software. The data can’t be imported into Apple Health Kit. It’s 2018 and the FitBit company refuses to make the data available? It’s like dealing with a kindergarten kid in the playground that will not let anyone else play with the basketball. Grow up! Make all the data available that the Fitbit devices collect available to import into Apple Health. I received a Fitbit Charge 2 device as a Xmas present. Great device! Application is actually not bad. But why restrict my access to the data it collects?.Version: 2.44.2

New app UI is inconsistent and looks outdatedMajor app updates should improve the workability of the app, not make it worse. The new version has added 0 value to the existing product and seems very inconsistent as the rest of the app, other than the main page, hasn’t changed in terms of UI. Please reconsider this change!.Version: 3.4

One of the worst software updates I’ve ever seenMaybe they’ve done some behind the scenes wizardry I can’t see but from a user perspective this is a terrible update. Firstly, we have a lot of screen real-estate taken up by an ad I can’t get rid of. Every time I open the app it annoys the heck out of me. Then they got rid of the nice grid goals layout where it was easy to find what you needed without having to scroll. On top of that it now takes longer to sync. And there’s still no useful additions I can see - like using kilojoules instead of calories for weight goals. If you’re trying to decide whether to go for a Fitbit or something else - right now I’d recommend something else..Version: 2.95

App’s OK within the limitations of the hardware.On the whole, this app does what it claims to do. My main gripe is that the connection with my Blaze is a bit flakey. Even when connected, there is no auto refresh. You have to open the app to sync data. This can take several minutes and you need to keep the app open. There has been one good change. You can now set alarms on the Blaze itself. Now, if I could change the watch face without having to go into the app.......Version: 2.92

Does not work or do anything it’s supposed to.I don’t why this app became as bad as it is because it was working at one point. Now, it does not count steps throughout the day AT ALL. The only time it can work is if I have the app open at all and my phone on and even then it barely works. I have to manually add in distance walked from a completely different app and then the steps are all completely wrong and even worse, the calories burned calculations make absolutely no sense whatsoever. And yes, I’ve made sure it has access to my fitness. And other than all that the app has always handled very poorly and is frustratingly slow and buggy. Would not recommend..Version: 3.33

Slow sync since last updateSince the last update it’s nearly impossible to sync my Fitbit. I have to close and restart the app several times in the hopes of getting it to work..Version: 3.4

Was good till last update!Lost ability to set alarms from the App. Will not ever buy another Fitbit product..Version: 3.30

Please fix custom heart rate setting!I bought my Fitbit Inspire HR in December. I have a serious health condition where I need to pay attention to my heart rate, and my specialist has told me I need to make sure I stay below 115bpm. This is the ENTIRE reason I bought my Fitbit Inspire HR, knowing I could set it to warn me when I reached a certain bpm, so that way I can immediately stop what I am doing and bring my heart rate back down. (I can reach 115bpm doing something as simple as washing the dishes, so I need to be on constant alert.) But every time I try to set a custom max heart rate, it doesn’t save. This means I am constantly checking my wrist, probably hundreds of times a day, because I’m so terrified of going over. Even then it’s sometimes too late, I’ll look and I’m already at 115 or higher, which means I then have a really bad flareup to look forward to. Looking at the community forums, this is a problem that people have been raising for months. Please can you just fix it already? In the meantime I have been able to save a max heart rate via the fitbit website, but according to the forums that setting may only last for a week before it gets deleted again. There’s honestly so much I love about my Fitbit, but when it won’t actually do the one thing I bought it for, it just feels like I wasted my money..Version: 3.37

2019 update significantly decreased my Fitbit useI’ve had my Fitbit for over a year now, and I love checking the app through out the day to check my stats. The old tile dashboard made it so I could open the app and see all that I needed to see without scrolling. When they did the update at the end of 2019 and changed it to the white list screen, I was so upset, but hoped I would eventually get used to it and it would be fine. Six months later, not only do I still hate it, but I just realized, because I rarely bother scrolling, that I haven’t used my water intake feature or the steps per hour feature in months because I just kind of forgot they were there. I used these every single day before the update because they were right there when I opened the app in a visually pleasing and user-friendly tile dashboard. I’m writing this review now because I ended up scrolling down today and was like, woah, I totally forgot about these features. I don’t understand why, with such a huge amount of negative feedback from users, Fitbit doesn’t at least provide the option of switching back to the old dashboard - or at least, design an optional new dashboard that offers users the features they lost in the new one. Simply put, the new dashboard is terrible, and after giving it time to see if I’d get used to it, I still hate it..Version: 3.14

Run! Away from FitbitThe charge 4 is garbage. The app is so unreliable. You have to pay to get the sleep score, but it doesn’t work most the time. Notifications rarely work correctly. They’ve had problems for years and still can’t figure it out. I’ll be going back to The Apple Watch once the new ones released because the charge 4 is such a let down..Version: 3.20.1

Sleep Score is DemoralizingI’ll start by saying I loved my Fitbit. I got it last Christmas and it has helped me to feel motivated and accomplished, as well as accountable. However, the new display that includes a sleep score is horribly demoralizing. Every morning I wake up to check my sleep - hours slept, when I woke up, how it compares to other nights. I use this information to try to improve my sleep and my stress levels. This morning, knowing I had a long, challenging day ahead, I saw that my sleep had been given an arbitrary 70-something score which I cannot remove to just view the actual data. It’s on every screen. That’s a C on a test. I felt miserable and like I wanted to give up, and now feel like I have to remove the sleep feature (a key reason I wanted a Fitbit to begin with) to avoid feeling like a failure every morning. Please make this feature optional or remove it altogether; you’ve ruined the start of my day, where my Fitbit used to make me feel excited and happy to start the day off productively. Update: The response I received from Fitbit makes no sense. “We you can’t turn of the Sleep Score feature”? I can’t begin to understand what this means. This response and the lack of response from the company about this issue which has upset so many customers has now very seriously made me consider getting rid of my Fitbit altogether and getting something else. How are you going to fix this, Fitbit?.Version: 3.5

Edit the stepsWe should be able to edit the minimum step amount-I mean when you have actually done the steps but it doesn’t record properly. I was on track to doing 10,000 steps a day for the week but because of ONE hour not being correctly recorded. I’m not going to achieve that this week. I spent over an hour doing groceries. But I’m guessing because I was pushing a trolley around-the steps weren’t being recorded-I’m so annoyed!!! I know I did over the 250 hour minimum. I see you’ve updated stuff that can be edited-but this is still not one..Version: 2.49

New update is awfulDon’t like the update at all. It looks terrible and it’s harder to find what you are looking for. Why do they have to mess with something that worked the way it was..Version: 3.3.1

Syncing sucksApp doesnt work great since syncing takes hours everyday..Version: 3.32.1

Good while it worksI’ve had a Fitbit since 2019, and I recently downloaded the app on my phone so I could see my stats every day. However, the annoying things about this app are: 1. My watch always takes a long time to sync, even when I place my watch next to my phone. I have to wait ages and ages, and even then it doesn’t show my sleep stats on my watch. 2. Whenever I try to look at my sleep stats, the screen always freezes. I never know my sleep score and sometimes it’s hard to work out if I’ve reached my goal. Plus, I can’t even press the exit button, so I have to close the app and reload it again. This is very time consuming. Thank you for taking the time to read this review. I’d appreciate it if you could try and solve these problems. Then I can give you 5 stars..Version: 3.59

Disappearing DataI want to love Fitbit and this app but the devices and the app are so glitchy. I tried a Fitbit in 2012, it lasted less than a year before it died completely and support was no help. I was gifted a Charge 3 last year. Again, lasted less than a year (7 months) before it stopped working completely. Fitbit ended up replacing it and the new device has worked fine so far (its only been a month) but now the app is where the issues lie. I literally watch the tracked data from previous days disappear in front of my eyes, particularly the exercise-related information. This has been going on for weeks. I started a challenge yesterday related to tracking active minutes “in the zone” and it doesn’t seem to be connecting my active exercise minutes to this challenge so it shows that I’m making zero progress. I did give the app two stars because the adventures and virtual hikes are fun but the options are really limited. I liked the features of the premium upgrade but my Fitbit died shortly after starting the free 90-day trial so I didn’t get to try it much. I was going to pay to upgrade recently but this disappearing data makes me feel like it’s not worth the money so I’ve held off. This app has tons of potential but is very buggy. Also, I think releasing less models of watches could be a nice change in order to allow them to focus more on quality control and getting more things right with fewer model options..Version: 3.32.1

Infuriating meal trackingThis app is great for casual fitness tracking based on steps and heart rate but lacks important features like workout recording and gps functionality. More importantly, if you use the app to track meals you will regularly find yourself wanting to slam your head into the nearest wall. The search function is incredibly poor, returning baffling results for simple searches and not including an ability to search by restaurant or brand. If you cook a meal at home and have the package barcodes handy it’s easy enough, but god help you if you want to accurately record your meal if you eat at a restaurant or order out. It would be understandable if just local restaurants weren’t in the database but it’s just as hard to find your meal if you’re eating at a well recognized chain. Worst of all, certain foods and beverages have multiple entries for different portion sizes or for the same item sold at different restaurants or stores which crowds out the limited results when searching. For example, Coca Cola has different entries under many restaurants and retailers yet an ounce of the soda has the same nutrition information regardless of if you by a bottle at 7-11, order one with your meal at Applebee’s or get it at the McDonald’s drive through. It all adds up to a frustrating user experience which actually deters people from the goal of the app which is accurately tracking their health and fitness..Version: 3.26.1

Love my Ionic and the appI was given a Fitbit Ionic as a gift last year and all has been going well with until a few months ago when I kept getting the “Looking for device, device not found” message when I was syncing. This only happens every now and then but it’s annoyingly and not what I signed up for. There are various forums on the Fitbit community boards where this message is frustrating other users but nothing seems to ever be done. I was hoping that this app update would solve the issue or the Fitbit update that I did today would sort it out but no. Come on Fitbit please solve this issue. I wrote the above a month ago but didn’t get round to sending it. Since then a “fixit” message appears but this still doesn’t work and doesn’t offer a working solution. I now find myself getting the device not found message weekly..Version: 3.36

Inspire HRFitbit has been on my person at least 10 years. I’ve updated with each new model. The Inspire HR is buggy. Take minutes to manually sync, doesn’t aways catch that one hour nap and can register quiet TV watching as sleep. And my biggest daily frustration with this App is the sleep score. Sleep is one area Fitbit has been perfect in the past, now not so much. After 8 hours sleep and falling within the range of all the sleep parameters it gives a fair sleep score? So frustrating waking up feeling good and see fair for sleep score. I’ve tried everything. This part of the sleep module is very demotivating. Since sleep is where, in the past, Fitbit has done better than anyone else. Past Fitbit models like Aria and it’s predecessors have been unbelievably accurate. Update. Thanks for your response but my questions were not answered in the links you sent me. So I googled my questions where I easily found answers. Most people never get a sleep score higher than the high 70’s low 80’s. Then say that. Don’t have people trying everything to raise it. I’ve had every smaller Fitbit. The Inspire HR is the most inaccurate for sleep and terrible at syncing. The internet is full of complaints. Fitbit has done more to hurt their image by telling users they are all sleep failures with the wildly controversial sleep score. Adjust it, do something. It makes your Fitbit look like a joke. You see the comments/complaints. Allow the user to turn it off. It’s a design failure..Version: 3.20.1

Love my Fitbit Versa, but...I bought my Fitbit Versa Lite after weight gain due to a back injury. It has done a wonderful job motivating me to move more and eat healthier. I’ve lost four lbs in just the past few weeks. The sleep Score and record would be awesome if it worked accurately, but it is not working well at all for me. I’m in my mid-60’s and I wake up to go to the bathroom a few times a night. Even though I’m only up for a few minutes and usually fall right back asleep, the app splits my night into several segments, each usually under 3 hours so I only get the simplified sleep details for each (or sometimes for only one or two of them) even if I’m getting 5 hrs and 30 minutes total. I don’t understand why it doesn't just keep tallying my sleep noting those 2-3 min bathroom breaks as awake periods in the total night. Last night my Fitbit only recorded sleep from 3:15 am to 7:10. I actually went to bed at 11:30 and slept very soundly until 1:15. Went to the bathroom and right back to a sound sleep until 2:45 when I woke up briefly for another bathroom break, then, right back to sleep again. My app doesn’t show or count any of my sleep from 11:15-2:45 and there’s almost a 30 minute gap between me going back to sleep at 2:48 and 3:15 when it actually did begin recording my sleep. What’s up with that?? I also wish the calorie count was more accurate. Selected items seem to be based on user input..Version: 3.6.1

Hacked. UpdatedAccount hacked and given no time table for getting information back. I need this for work-insurance discount. Have trouble syncing after every time there is an update with my ionic and this last time my account was stolen somehow. Customer service stated they couldn’t tell me anything without my email and in the same breath said they saw my account synced at such and such time....contradicting. Disappointing. Updated: After posting online on the forums which I thought was anonymous from my phone-my photo was still attached from my Fitbit account. Another person responded directing me to my settings. This is where the hacker email was, not my email account I used. I was able to reset my email back to the original there somehow by the app sending me a link. Why couldn’t customer service have done this for me 11 days ago when I called? I had the hacker email address but was unable to login from the app after it was deleted or the website but was still connected to my account through the Apple App Store which is the only thing that saved me. Scary especially when I had Fitbit pay attached-won’t be doing this again. This also is my 4th product I have upgraded to, I love the Fitbit format but whenever there is an issue it’s a big hassle. Unfortunately after my iconic runs its course I will probably switch platforms other than continuing to use my Aria..Version: 2.92

Fitbit VersaI am not happy with my Fitbit Versa. I upgraded my phone a year ago and I no longer receive any notifications on my Fitbit. They have claimed they have been working on it and trying to figure out why it’s not working with iOS. You would think that would be fixed by now. I went swimming with it and it stopped working. I asked them to replace it since it is supposed to be waterproof and they gave me a hard time. They finally sent me a new one and now it hardly ever syncs to the app and the battery dies very quickly. I have to restart my Fitbit at least 2-3 times a day to get it to sync to the app. I don’t think I would ever purchase another Fitbit..Version: 3.32.1

Over promised / UnderdeliveredMore of a status symbol than a useful source of information. It is a con to have to pay so much for the watch itself and only get to experience a small amount of useful feedback from the app you have to use to access your data. The app (free or “premium”)is often buggy and not particularly insightful or extensive. If you do pay for the monthly “premium” version (in addition to the cost of the watch) to get allegedly more useful information, prepare for disappointment. The paid version of the app for the watch isn’t really much more insightful or useful, so ignore the constant propaganda and teasers to get you to join the paid version unless you are an excessive fitness junkie who believes the sort of hype they are constantly in your face peddling or dangling if you want more information on something not unlocked without paying a premium for the premium. Oh, and be wary of the fact that many apps that work with the Fitbit like Swim pro or even music streaming are also paid for on top of the cost of the watch and the cost of the opened Fitbit reports, et. al. (Which really were not at all that detailed or useful) with the “premium” version of the app...seriously overhyped con! Such a huge ripoff for such a promising concept. VERY disappointed and now understand why so many are being sold used on eBay!.Version: 3.39

App doesn’t workIt was working fine for about a week and then today none of my stats showed up in the app. I disconnected it from Bluetooth and reconnected it and the same thing happened. Turned off my phone turned it back on, same thing. I then logged out and logged back in and it has made everything disappear. I deleted the app and redownloaded it and the same thing happened. It was great prior to this and now I can’t use it at all!.Version: 3.21

Love the app BUTI already wrote a review about the new app update and how terrible it is but I also wanted to write a review about how terrible the period tracker feature is! The interface on that has been horrible since they added it and I get frustrated EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to edit my period dates. The whole “drag the bar to fine tune your start and end dates” is annoying and does not respond well at all. It often gets stuck on one day and no matter what I do I cannot move it. Or I can’t get it to stop on the day I want. Why can’t we just select the dates manually without having to drag a bar? Also sometimes periods are irregular and maybe last a day or two and then go away for a day or two and come back, but the way this app does it currently is that you cannot add two separate periods in one month. You can only add the one so you cannot get it to display accurately at all. Make it so you can manually select each day and put in whether or not your period was on that day. I use Flow for my main period tracking since that app is dedicated to that and a million times better but I’d also like to track it in my Fitbit app since that’s where all my other health data is stored. Please please please fix this feature because it is terrible as it is right now..Version: 3.7

Won’t SyncHere’s everything I’ve done before developers suggest them: Physical connection Restarted Fitbit device Restarted Pc Restarted Mobile device Uninstall/reinstall Fitbit app Cleared track record Removed Fitbit device from app Charged Fitbit to 100% Removed device from app and added again Did a system restart on Fitbit device.Version: 3.31

Sync not workingI‘be been very happy with my Fitbit for almost 2 years now but app and decide can’t sync for the last week. Not sure if it es after last update. I disconnect my device from app and now can’t even te connect it to the app... how can I fix this problem? It would be really disappointing if I need a new device... please fix this!.Version: 3.14

Lossing bluetooth connectivity after upgradeLossing bluetooth connectivity after upgrade to latest version. Please fix this issue ASAP..Version: 3.16.1

App could use some improvementsI’m new to having a Fitbit and generally love the device. I’d like to see more detail in the graphs, you can’t see exactly what time your heart rate spikes/drops to be able to relate changes to real world events. Tracking for walkers or runners is great, manually tracking the activity is far better than letting your watch auto log your walk/run as the auto log stops recording if you have a short break and starts a ‘new’ activity when you set off again. Another frustration for me is that I personally prefer to do things like skipping instead of running, and find that only being able to log that retrospectively (giving a start and end time as opposed to live tracking the activity) reduces accuracy of logging that exercise..Version: 3.43.1

No warning: Fitbit blaze support discontinued?!I updated the app to the latest version and now I’m getting « this version is no longer compatible with your blaze. Your device may not be able to connect with the app until you update » What gives , Fitbit ? Me and my wife both use blazes. Is this an issue on our end or official policy ?.Version: 3.14

Yet another review.After extensive online discussions with Fitbit, a replacement device of the original which was only 5 months old, (Charge 4) & yet even more useless support, I conclude that this app is not fit for purpose. After I received the replacement earlier this week, I was able to establish a connection & all was well, for about a day, then there was a firmware update & we are back to square one again. The only conclusion that Fitbit can suggest is that it is a faulty device! If this is correct, that means the original one & the replacement were both faulty, which seems a little unlikely to me. I have tried it on 2 iPads & 2 iPhones. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it works on one & not the other. Other times it works on all or none. It is so unreliable. It was purchased for the heart & sleep monitoring. If I wanted just a pedometer I could use the iPhone. This is a VERY EXPENSIVE PEDOMETER. Avoid at all costs as Fitbit don’t appear to be able to fix these issues..Version: 3.36

DisappointedI’m a big fan of Fitbit, I have owned a few and have bought them for family members and own a surge and an ionic. However the App is now glitchy and slow. Sync takes ages, the heart monitor on the watch during exercise is not displaying but if you come out the exercise it displays fine on the main screen. The biggest issue is the food log it has never been the best at finding foods and brands but was good enough, now it is terrible! This is important to monitor calories and macrons but now You can search for a food which it will find a list of, but when you select the one you want it searches for ages and sometimes never shows it or shows it with no nutritional info. Another issue is at the end of the day you have to make sure it has not recorded a food twice! These issues I have reported to Fitbit and I have tried there recommendations and the help forum which nothing resolves the issue. This has been since the update in sept/Oct and had several updates which have not resolved this. With these issues if you are a new Fitbit user it would not lead to a good experience and as a current Fitbit user it is slowly turning me away. The fitness tracker market is flooded and you only stay top of your game with products that work, and this currently isn’t and it is the App sync that appears to cause all the issues taking to long between devices and main servers. In addition when we use contactless on the watch in the UK with the big banks??.Version: 3.10

AverageThe Fitbit app is showing its age and hasn't showed innovation in the health area for years I have multiple devices and still cant use together , i need to reinstall to use my other Fitbit The need to use an app to set up and use your new device is not explained well for a new user The security in the app for using your device to pay is low level , meaning that anybody who has the device can pay for goods , so don't loose your watch.Version: 3.65.1

Version 3.40.1 buggy!!Love Fitbit, but the latest update (running version 3.40.1) is really buggy. I am using Fitbit Premium. The calendar in women’s health takes me back to the week I was born, and I have to scroll allllllll the way down to 2021! Also, the Restoration Chart in Sleep isn’t generating, and is just a blank chart with the appropriate sleep/wake times. Everything else is working fine though. Other than this, definitely love Fitbit and the app. Though I would really love to see a body fat percentage goal in addition to weight loss. I don’t mind what the number on the scale says, but I have a BF% goal, and it can be disheartening to some to see ‘no progress’ or even weight gain in the negatives through the tracking of this goal..Version: 3.40.1

Worst product. App, second worst.The only thing fitbits do reliably is stay on your wrist..Version: 3.24.1

Used to be a great device now a headacheI had a charge HR and a charge HR 2 for years. They worked great and almost never had issues. This year I bought the Charge 4 and found the dreaded active zones, which was so discouraging to working out that I returned the charge 4 and sought out a charge 3. I am almost weekly having issues. The watch and app won’t sync up to show the same stats, and the Charge 3 is always having issues syncing. Once a month since buying it in November I have to take the watch off my phone to re upload. Now I am trying to sync it to my phone again, and error codes non stop. The only solutions offered are to update the phone IOS or the watch app. Both of which are updated, and I don’t seem to have an option to do a manual update. Seeing all the forums of people with these issues that Fitbit has done nothing to help out with is a poor display from the company that I used to really love. People keep having problems and the company says nothing for months to a year, but they have time to send out an email saying they’ve been bought by google ? Really disappointed in how this company seems to have gone downhill in quality of their customer service and how well their products work. I can’t buy a pricey watch because when trying out Versas they won’t read through my tattoos. It seems the only option is a new product if Fitbit doesn’t do something to actually help customers out from all these issues..Version: 3.39

Not Impressed.Fitbit and the app features are fantastic. It's a great tool. But! When I clicked through to this promotion from my FitBit health report beliveing i was getting a 90 day free trial for trying this new app and features. Imagine my surprise when I saw I had been debited for a full year?! Will be logging a case with your support team to determine if I can just trial it for 90 days. Then see if it's worth purchasing!.Version: 3.26.1

Text notificationsSo..... how about we fix the text notifications??? It’s been since September... still waiting.... would be nice to have everything working properly. I did pay money for this product..Version: 3.11.1

Not quite ready for prime time.Love my Fitbit Sense. The app? Not so much. It takes forever to sync, frequently loses connection with my Fitbit, even when the watch is sitting right next to my phone. Does not track my sleep well. Says I was awake when I was not, and says I was asleep even when I’m up moving around. The worst part is the period tracker. It insists I have an 8 day period every 28 days, when in fact it varies between 27 to 30 days and lasts 7 to 9 days. It asks me if the displayed period is correct, and gives me three choices to respond; yes, not yet, edit. Selecting anything but yes immediately locks up the app. Rebooting the app takes me right back to the previous state with no change. Trying to edit the period is even worse. It lets you change the start or end date of my period, then locks up the app. Rebooting the app again takes you right back to the previous state before I tried to edit it. Come on. This isn’t hard. I’ve got an excel spreadsheet that I made 6 years ago to track my periods that is so much easier and far more accurate than this app. This is a simple database exercise and should not be this difficult or this unreliable let alone this useless..Version: 3.54.1

The new lookThe old look was much better and simple to use.Version: 3.3.1

App reduces distanceI have been a Fitbit user for years and I was so happy when I got my versa nearly two years ago, I have been attempting running for quite a few years too and I have always used two apps to do this and never had any problems, but recently I have had problems with the app not wanting to record any exercise and I have to log out delete the app and then reinstall, bit of a bother if it’s 6am and you are waiting to get out, now it’s started to reduce the distance hours after I have finished, if I have logged over 6km the next day it has reduced it to just over 5km, on one occasion it knocked off nearly 2km, very disheartening, customer support have said it was because I use strava, I have used two apps for years with no problems and why does it not do it to every run? If you are going to contact customer support do it through twitter Fitbit customer support were quite rude. Nearly had this versa for two years so maybe time for an Apple Watch. Don’t like the price of the premium and part of me having a versa was to check the heart rate which I can’t now..Version: 3.33

Takes way to long to syncThis has been occurring for the last few months, with no reply from Fitbit as to why. I’m talking 20-30 minutes now to sync from the watch to phone, even though it used to take maybe 1-2 minutes. Getting pretty peeved with it. Makes me not want to use it, easier to sell it and buy something like a Garmin. The challenges need updating, especially personal ones. I’ve done them over and over, can you please update these?? Give me new sites to look at!!! Everything else on the app is ok, but the time it takes to sync really is irritating. It kills battery life and I’m pretty over it..Version: 2.82

Disappointed ☹️After having a Fitbit device and downloading the Fitbit app I was extremely excited to test it out to see what the app had to offer for both the user and the developer, when going through the Fitbit app I found it difficult to use the information showing on the device and on the app was different and after going through settings and looking for technical advice I found the app boring. being blunt and being this disheartened about apps is not how are usually review, but I found this app both uninspiring the information to be wrong and unless you have the state of the art device and the best devices company fit it has to offer information does not match. The community element was amazing the fact that you could commute communicate with other people who are in that city community who are in to the sports or in the sports e community was another way the app showed its unique temperament. I would recommend the community element unless you buy the premium I don’t feel you’re getting the best use of the Fitbit happy self utterly disappointed but overall the negatives have outweighed my one or two positives. After careful consideration of the facts I feel the app writing should only be three out of five stars. I am a health coach myself and for those looking for recommendations I recommend Garman, Apple Samsung. Disappointed!!!!.Version: 3.28

Just below averageThe only reason I’m giving this garbage a 2 star rating is because the UX is quite nice, it often loses sync to the device, I have set a silent alarm 6-7 times now and the alarm still doesn’t go off despite it saying that it’s synced to the device. It constantly just switches the alarms off. Half the time the read isn’t correct. I mostly lose this for sleeping because I like the silent alarm feature, but what use is it when I have to set other alarms because I can’t trust this one?.Version: 3.14

Manually add exercise optionsIt would be great for FitBit to allow users to manually add workouts to the list rather than just pick one from the list that is provided. For example Jump Roping is a very popular method of training yet there is no option on the list or way to add it as a workout shortcut. Takes ages to sync and load completed workouts. Also had issues with the versa 3 face falling off on two separate devices. On my third one now so hoping this problem doesn’t repeat itself. Fitbit could do with making their watch a bit more updated, it seems very outdated when you compare it to for example the Apple Watch or even Samsung watch Finally my notifications selectively work/ come through (from my phone I.e messages). It’s a shame that you can’t response to message if you’re an iOS user, that feature only works with Samsung for some reason.Version: 3.43.1

Great; Could be betterThis app is great but I think it could be better. It’s one of the first things I check in the morning to see how I slept. It’s really easy to use and encouraging to see all the numbers change. The only thing this app is missing (and which I have to use another app for which is SUPER annoying) is the ability to create custom recipes so I can accurately put in dinner. Currently I have to put everything in by hand which isn’t the worst except I always have leftovers do I have to divide the recipe by thirds or something. It’d be a lot easier if I could just enter it once and say the serving size. It’d also be a lot easier if you could copy one meal from one day and place the same exact meal in another. This goes back to the leftover thing because if I make a complex dish, I have to remember everything I put in it for multiple days (thinking about the math) and it’s vaguely irritating. I also think that you should be able to track your macros more efficiently. The percentages are great and everything but they seem a bit useless if you’re actually trying to measure your protein or carb intake. But other than those things I really do enjoy the app. I just think it could be a little better and I don’t think it’d be hard for them to do..Version: 2.94

Bad updateWas a very reliable os but the last update caused a bunch of bugs. Versa won’t sync. Won’t connect to Bluetooth. Can’t find WiFi in the app. Spent a lot of money eh in a watch that now won’t work properly. Please fix..Version: 3.20.1

New app is horribleThe app was good until the new update. Now pages don’t load, crashes constantly. Anytime you try to view previous day stats it just keeps showing you the current day. Useless app..Version: 3.3.1

White ScreenI would say having a white screen every time you open the app is about as bad as it gets. App was just updated..Version: 2.40

Ugh!!I love my FitBit! It is obviously made to help you, I love tracking my steps and exercises and sleep. It quickly becomes an addiction and I don’t even want to take it off to charge. My husband’s company uses it for wellness and using it gives us discounts, which is also great! The problem is that we are working on our 2nd Charge 3 we paid for AND 2 replacement charge 3’s that were sent to us, in less then 2 years!! They may replace it the first time, but then they claim it's out of warranty the second time. Having a device that breaks 2-3 times in less then a year is completely frustrating!! I’m at a point were I have to do 5-8 steps multiple times a day to have my FitBit only work 1/2 of the way it did originally! My daughters Versa has been the same way and it’s extremely frustrating. I have been using FitBit for many years, because I love them! My first FitBit lasted several years and was awesome!! I’m at a point where we may be trying different tracking company and forgo my husband’s company wellness benefits, because I am tired of paying for a device that doesn’t consistently work! Each issue has been different and the company blames your phone, your app, your computer for the problem. Then they send a refurbished device to replace the first broken one and then when that one breaks they tell you it’s out of warranty and offer you a 25% discount on a new device. Very frustrating!.Version: 3.33

Always Have Syncing IssuesI like the app itself because it gives a lot of information. I love the sleep and heart rate data. As far as data goes, I think it’s great, but.......... I have had nothing but problems for nearly two years getting my Inspire HR to sync. It’s ridiculous that I have to go through this gyration of going into Settings, “forgetting the device”, then going back to the Fitbit app to pair and sync. I have to do this EVERY TIME I want to see current data. I called the company almost two years ago and the associate walked me through this process in order to refresh. She said “they were aware of the problems and were working on it.” Well, it has certainly taken a long time to work on it and it still doesn’t sync. Loses Bluetooth connection within minutes. The features of call/text notifications stopped working within months of my purchase. This device should be in sync constantly when near your phone. I’m afraid to do a total reset because I don’t want to lose all data. Not sure if I’m slamming the app or the programming. I just want the device to STAY synced and to get my notifications on my device. Very frustrating. I don’t know what bugs Fitbit supposedly fixes on the updates but none of them have corrected my problems..Version: 3.55

Sleep Score is a marketing tool. Meaningless for health outcomes.Sleep Score is a marketing tool so users will buy FitBit Premium. The new Sleep Score feature replaced average sleep time and cannot be turned off. Sleep Score is the ‘fitness’ tracker equivalent of the ‘new coke’ marketing failure. This so called ‘feature’ has no scientific validity and is not backed up by evidence based research. The App has deleted average sleep time, which is actually related to health outcomes. Years of useful information at your fingertips gone. FitBit’s response when I asked confirmed there is no evidence based research, and that average sleep time can be viewed via dashboard. FitBit, apps are meant to make data more accessible, not less accessible. FitBits are expensive, and how disrespectful to take away a meaningful feature and replace it with a marketing trick. FitBit must believe their paying customers are suckers. There are alternatives on the market. Look there..Version: 3.60

DisappointedMy first versa didn’t even last a FULL year before it completely shut down and stopped working for good. Got my second versa about two weeks ago and it started giving problems today when it began to incorrectly record my caloric count while I was at the gym. I also noticed that the previous day, I racked up a total of almost 3k in caloric count and it reset on the watch and in the app around 8pm the night, so it ended up not recorded my caloric count that day. So I decided to do a hard reset. After hard resetting and setting up device (which took multiple tries since it didn’t work correctly the first few times) my device now won’t sync with the app. It currently says “looking...” I’m fed up with fit bit. I chose this watch over the apple series because the battery life last almost 6 days with a full charge and I’d be using it to track my physical activity as oppose to Apple Watch only lasting about 2 &1/2 days. I suspect my first versa had water damage (even though it is advertised to be waterproof) since I swim a lot, the screen went blank and the watch continued to work until it eventually died. I’m worried now because my current versa is giving the same software issues my previous one did leading up to its demise and it’s only been about two weeks since I opened the package. Please do better! For $200 this isn’t worth it to be honest and I really had high hopes for this... Very disappointed..Version: 3.6.1

Love my Fitbit but...Since purchasing my Fitbit back in Mar 2017 I haven’t put it down. I am soooooo in love with it but the reasons I have given 3 stars is the fact the settings are only based on your standard user. What I mean by this is that I do a lot of shift work but it seems Fitbit is more designed for the Mon-Fri 9-5 individuals. It would be great to choose the day you would like you weekly readings from rather that just Sunday/Monday. My week actually starts on Saturday and it would be nice having the option to start my Fitbit week from here. Another issue is I can see with the new update there is a female reproductive opinion which again is great my you are very limited with the information Fitbit will allow you to enter. Again this new feature from what I can see has been designed for the ladies that have regularly periods as your only allowed to input a certain amount of days (I think 10) for your flow and a certain amount of days for your full cycle. When I saw the new feature I thought great I can get rid of my other cycle app and use this but I couldn’t due to how limited it is. Come on Fitbit we live in a world full of weird and wonderful people don’t just do you updates for those that live by the ‘norm’ of life.Version: 2.50

Used to be GoodThis app and the Fitbit used to be great. Quick syncing speeds, I never had any issues with missing data, and my Fitbit always recorded everything. It all changed after a Fitbit device update around the time that Google bought FitBit. I now have trouble updating and syncing. If I put the watch on and do an exercise / sleep and then sync with the app, it’ll wipe everything I’ve just done in the last 24 hours and will only record from then onwards. For example, last night I put my watch on for the first time in a few days. I didn’t sync first. I slept, woke up, exercised. I went and synced it with the app, and it wiped all my data since putting it on. The watch face is now slow at registering when you’re looking at it. It used to be instant, when I raised my watch the screen would appear. Now it takes at least 4 seconds, if it even registers at all. I used to really love Fitbit and the app, but now I’m disappointed. I wish I’d never updated my Fitbit. When I first bought my Fitbit, it felt new and quick and state-of-the-art. Now it feels slow and lifeless. Please do something about this..Version: 3.42

UpdateSince updating the Fitbit app it has completely messed it up. I need to add what I have eaten into the app as I have a setting on there which tells me how many calories I have left for the day or how many more calories I must burn in the day to be in the zone. It was working perfectly until I updated it a few days ago. I tried adding porridge but it kept deleting by itself and then turning into ‘kidney beans’ (weird) at no point did I click on ‘kidney beans’. I tried to do it again several times, tried adding different foods, even deleted and redownloaded the app and it done the exact same thing. I started the new day fresh thinking it would be back to normal and yesterday was just a one off but the same thing happened however it did not change to ‘kidney beans’ it just deleted what i had added. Ive again tried everything but no luck. Please fix this Fitbit ! I’ve paid all this money for the Fitbit tracking watch and i really am not getting my moneys worth if the Fitbit app isn’t working alongside it..Version: 2.53

Feature packed yet frustrating and disappointingIt’s full of features, and can track almost anything you can imagine from a Fitbit wearable. But it disappoints in many ways. Firstly it’s goal is to gameify your life: Set goals and reward you for them. That’s great if you want to gameify your life,but for me, I want to quantify my life so all the goals and achievements get in the way. Secondly it doesn’t integrate with apple health. There are third party apps that can but the highly rated ones can’t sync heart rate. Thirdly, bugginess and confusing layout. Admittedly if you’re gamifying people’s lives that’s probably ok, but when analysing data you get bugs like graph scales change from month to month, so can’t compare half of one month with next. And finally the worst bug that the exercise tracker can’t match your heart rate to your route: if you track your route it doesn’t collect a heart rate analysis of your exercise. If you let it auto-detect exercise you get a good breakdown of heart rate, but no route data. And the worst yet, it’s too easy to end up with notifications enabled from app by accident , which sounds ok till you make a call to someone at midnight by flexing you wrist wrong..Version: 3.68.1

New look? Yuck!Am not liking the new look of the iPhone app - the colours and layout are dull and boring. It might be ok for those Fitbit users who focus only on their athletic performance, but those of us on a new Fitbit fitness journey need bright fun colours to help visually motivate us daily. Colours have a direct correlation with mood and emotion - the graphic designer of your app should innately know this. If you could at least provide app backgrounds in different colours in the settings for those of us wanting a nicer layout, that’d be a good start. ‘Coz at the moment the new layout is utterly depressing to open up and look at. I don’t want my fitness journey to be a chore. I want it to be fun, and Fitbit used to provide that. Please bring the fun back. Don’t be dull and boring! PLEASE!!!.Version: 3.2

New App Design Turning Customers Away!!I think I speak for the whole Fitbit community when I say the former app style was far superior to the new one. I have no desire to even open the app anymore. It is not appealing at all. The old dashboard style was WONDERFUL — you could open the app up and instantly view your stats in each little box without having to open each individual tile up, the card style was extremely visually appealing and fun to use, the fonts and colors were great. Now, the app is a major turn off with its new list view, small and uninviting font, and the stat previews are unfamiliar and no longer easy to understand. I am always open to change and updates but this new app style is definitely not a good one... especially when there are thousands of others complaining of the same thing. Fitbit, I hope you can incorporate a different app design similar to the old one, or I think you’ll be losing a lotttt of customers. The old dashboard design was one of the most appealing things to me as a Fitbit user and I used to be excited to check it every day. Now I can’t stand it. :( Please have your design team look into this. I know that apps must always be streamlined and keep up with updated design styles, but there are ways to keep the old basics (card style, bright colors, large fun font and lots of icons) while still making it look fresh and new. Please consider this. All of us at the Fitbit community will greatly appreciate this!.Version: 3.6.1

No means NoCan’t get the popups to stop asking me for my location. It’s a conscious choice not to share that information. I’m aware that I won’t get gps maps without it. I prefer not to. The person on the chat help didn’t understand my request. They just asked if I’d tried turning it on, which - NO!!! That’s the point, I want to be allowed to select No and have that No listened to! Irritating. Latest version: This stopped being an issue for a while but is now constant. I’ve also got a “nutrition” advice banner that I find actively triggering and I have pressed the “x” in the corner over and over again and it won’t go away and I just don’t want to be reminded over and over again how doing the Wrong Thing with diet makes you a Bad Person. Please let us block those “helpful” banners! I can’t be the only person trying to track everything BUT food!.Version: 3.53

Fitness tracking good, food TERRIBLEI’ve started trying to log food in Fitbit app after previously using fitness pal and the apps not syncing properly. The food logging part of Fitbit is quite dire but just about usable if you sort of know what food to eat anyway... the catalogue is very lacking and lots of food I scan isn’t found. The search function for food brings back very irrelevant items, for example when searching “scrambled eggs” the top result is “scrambled eggs with sausage and pancakes” 🤷🏼‍♀️ and the part where you can add items you usually add with that food is broken as every item is 0 calories. I do prefer how fitbit calories are pro-rated and based on my actual movement though, but overall the food experience is pretty terrible. My app also always crashes when I open the sleep tracking info, strange! I’m running the latest app on the latest iOS..Version: 3.40.1

Database needs workThis app works flawlessly for me with my tracker. To sync and track my steps it’s amazing. The sleep tracker is also fantastic. But.... I want to use it to track my calories but the database is so limited! It’s very rare that I find something the scanner will recognise and searching for things is frustrating. The search fields are strangely both non-specific and too specific at the same time. (Search low-fat yoghurt to see what I mean; the top results are crackers and cheese!) MFP has much better functionality which frustrates me because I would prefer just to use one app with all the information in the same place. While the dashboard is amazing and so easy to use, once you click into a specific menu the graphs are over-complicated and clunky. Somehow giving you too much information and not enough at the same time. Take the weight tracker for example, you set your weight loss into small goals, great! But when you set your next incremental goal suddenly it resets your weight loss to zero. You can see it in the over-complicated log and the graph but not clearly and pretty! ( Happy Scale does a great job displaying this information so it’s functional, easy to use and gorgeous.) Basically I love this app so much I want to be able to use it for all my health related goals but the interface and database is so very lacking! I can’t wait for the women’s period tracker. Fingers crossed it’s intuitive and functional..Version: 2.47

It’s ok butI’ve been using Fitbit for many years. Why are so many aspects of the app still exactly the same over such a long time? I’m in my 50s - have you folks heard of menopause?! I don’t get my period. Why isn’t there an option for that with a monthly reminder to check for breast cancer? Also - both of these things are relevant for people for many people - not just people who identify as ‘female’. And - why only ‘male’ and ‘female’? Food - should be more configurations to count what you want. I want to be able to set cals, protein, carbs in that order and leave out fat. I want to set limits on each of these for different days - eg. Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri - 800, 40, 20, and Wed, Sat, Sun - 1200, 40, 30 So. Many. Things. To. Update..Version: 3.55

Fix the period trackerThe period tracker opens up to 1979 and when I finally scroll down to today’s date I can’t edit the start of a period. I’ve been a little disappointed lately with the Fitbit watch and the app. Get your act together fitbit..Version: 3.40.1

Needs improvement.Hi. I really like most of the Fitbit but I find one major flaw which results in me not being capable of utilising the whole function of it. I rarely eat ready made meals. I create my own recipes using natural ingredients. The problem I have is that there’s no function to “build a meal” like other apps such as lifesum. I want to be able to create a meal, ingredient by ingredient and then say how many serves per meal etc. it then allocates the nutrients per serve. Can this be implemented? Similar to this, other apps allow you to see how many carbs, how many grams of fat, how much protein in grams per day, vs a percentage. This would also be great because many health critics will avoid calorie counting. It can be counter productive because there is a huge difference between a good calorie and a bad calorie. As is a good carb and a bad carb, but if you eat healthily you can generally remain accountable to what you’re putting in your body. A section for notes would also be great each day, like a diary section..Version: 2.82

Keeps getting buggier...I’ve gad a few Fitbit devices and the hardware is good. Not great, but good, and I mainly use it for notifications and track my steps. The app on the other hand, used to be good but they work on unimportant stuff while ignoring major things like sync problems, constant crashes. They add more and more advertising in an attempt to create ecosystem lock-in and engagement, which just come off as desperate and annoying and create the opposite effect. The latest UI is annoying and not intuitive and the biggest issue is that swiping to a previous day’s result crashes the whole app. Every. Single. Time. When did you last see an iOS app crash and die?! And this has been going on for months with no resolution. Seriously unimpressed and am starting to look for alternative hardware now..Version: 3.1

Loved it now feel cheatedI have had a Fitbit for many years now. One of the features I needed to watch the most was my Sleeping Heart Rate. Now in order to do that I must pay for a premium subscription. Had I known that before upgrading my Charge 2 to a Charge 3. I would have bought a another brand. Which I may have to do anyway cause I am NOT paying a subscription which will give me a whole lot of apps (junk) I won’t use just to get my Sleeping Heart Rate. Way to RUIN your watch by getting greedy!.Version: 3.1

Recent UpdateThe new update is a disappointment. You can no longer see your average sleep pattern or compare your sleep to any benchmarks..Version: 2.95

Buggy text and call notificationsThe app works well for fitness data and sleep etc, but the phone text and call notifications stop coming up on Fitbit after about 1 day. Each time this happens I have to turn notifications off in the app, then do a full reset of the phone, and then turn the notifications on again. Please fix this!! If this was resolved then I would give this 5 stars without hesitation!.Version: iOS 2.52

Recent update for JulyAs much as I love using the app and thanks for making it more appealing to use and also easy to navigate I do however find it frustrating when it comes to accepting challenges so forth....I have missed out on a number of challenges with my fellow Fitbit friends for one reason or another... previously if a challenge was full it would send a pop up message saying the challenge is full or you could have a sneak peak at whose in and leave a message if you were joining or not for reasons but with the new update you can do any of that and no pop up message either...can we please get it fixed...also would be good to have some new challenges and trails from around the world not just the USA would make challenges more fun and interesting thanks keep up the good work and hope the issues can be fixed.Version: 3.2

Good but is not easy to useThe app is good and I have enjoyed getting to use it. However the user interface is confusing and different on the phone app and the pc app. More consistency please. Also the way you add data is confusing and unhelpful. For example it should be easy to enter data for any day you may have missed by bring up a calendar and allowing you to select the day you missed entering data. Currently you have to find you item and then when entering weight/serving size you change the day there. This is not intuitive. I expect to do data entry by date not by item. Plus it is not obvious about different items and the brands. If you want enter homemade items it looks like you have to do it by ingredient! It feels to me that this app has been design by techies for techies and not for simple users who would expect things to be different. Otherwise I like the Fitbit Charge 4 and have doing it helpful already with my weight loss programme..Version: 3.43.1

Not loving the update!Love Fitbit in general but hate the new look of the app! I much prefer the previous layout, and am having a hard time seeing the benefits of this look. Change for the sake of change is nonsense..Version: 3.3.1

Just about fed upI want to love Fitbit, but there are so many issues. Syncing is constantly an issue. The new update moved the alarm from the app to the watch itself. Such a pain. Finicky. Hard to update. I may have to finally switch to Apple..Version: 3.27

Warning: This Update Puts Ads in the AppWith the latest update I was really disappointed to see an ad appear for some holiday sale. I’ve become a little concerned that this app will soon become a pay-to-use app, as if buying one of the Fitbit products wasn’t enough! Extremely disappointed. This is an app that requires a paid product to get the full functionality, I’m extremely disappointed to have ads shoved at me for what feels like a paid/premium app Please disable ads for people who have bought a Fitbit product.Version: 2.45

New app is slow and difficultThe new app was released with much fanfare from Fitbit. But it was received with much frustration from me. It’s slow, hard to navigate and doesn’t remember any information from when it was open on my last swipe. You have to have internet access to see anything other than your heart rate and how much weight you have left to lose. It’s far more clicks to start a new challenge and to navigate which challenges are current or future. The dashboard doesn’t show the information as clearly without clicking in individually and when you click out you have to reload it all again. Thumbs down from me..Version: 3.0

Blind userI got my first Fitbit in 2014 and still have the Fitbit one as it does all I have ever needed it to do but sadly in the last update as a blind user I access the Fitbit one via the app on my phone sadly in the last update when using the VoiceOver accessibility feature on my iPhone I can no longer read the sections which were read out such as steps floors calories total distance now as I flick along it says today button and a sighted person tells me when you reach the today button there is a drop-down which is obviously a graphic or image display showing your stats but this is no longer readable by the iPhone VoiceOver accessibility which really now does make my Fitbit one redundant I could get a Fitbit watch but being blind could not read the screen anyway so could not use any of the smart watch features from the watch and again if the only way to access that information is by the app then if the latest update is the same then I would not be able to read and hear the stats that I would wish to a very sad day when a piece of kit becomes redundant due to changes made by the manufacturer but never the less I have enjoyed using the Fitbit I do not wish to wear a watch as part of my work means it would get damaged and would not wear it much during the day the ideal option was the Fitbit one which could simply clip to a pocket or belt and gather all that information kind regards Gary.Version: 3.50

Fit bit problemsI got a fit bit charge 5 today and all I can say is how disappointed I am about the app, when. I trued to change my clock face it worked the first time then I tried again and it was stuck on a screen that just said “switching” its been doing this for hours now, even when I click the cancel button it still doesn’t work?? So now when I look on my actual fit bit all it says is “Clock error go to the fit bit app and try another” but that’s the thing I can’t try another because I’m stuck on the switching screen, and through the app I can’t even access the customer support because when I click it it says “ unable to access customer support right now” this BY FAR one of the most disappointing and dissatisfying experiences I have hade with any product. Do better..Version: 3.62

Is glitching out on me.When I first got it, it was okay but after a year, the text is unreadable in the sleep section from glitches. It also doesn't seem to be designed for people with really messed up sleep which is why I got it in the first place (because I want to fix my sleep and get healthier) For example, when it shows how much sleep I got on a Friday, it may include the sleep I also got on the day after. This is because the system they use is sleep between Friday morning and Saturday morning. So it often says I slept not at all on one day and twice the next day when really I went to bed at 2am on a Saturday morning which Fitbit calls a Friday night. Also the tips aren't helpful as they continuously switch between calling me a night owl then an early bird because my sleep isn't on a 24 hour clock and never stops rotating as I sleep more on a 26 hour clock. I just think this Fitbit app should be more available for people with sleep disorders and people who work nightshifts. And fix the weird glitches on the text... It's unreadable and it's been like that for months..Version: 2.95

Terrible updateThis is hopeless. I’ve been using Fitbit nearly 5 years and love it, but the latest app updates are causing huge problems with syncing. It happens incredibly slowly or not at all. The new layout is also a bit on the boring side compared to how it used to be, and to be quite honest is making me less engaged with the whole process. Hitting the targets used to feel like a celebration and it just doesn’t any more. UPDATE: it’s been nearly 3 months since my initial review and I’m sorry to report that it’s not improving. I still have to make 4 or 5 attempts before my Fitbit syncs and it takes FOREVER. Long enough for my to actually walk home from the gym which is a bit frustrating when I’m trying to figure out how far I swam (which can’t be seen on the Fitbit screen itself). In addition, I can’t stress enough how much I dislike the new sleep tracking and I miss some of the older graphs for various parts of the device. I appreciate that some of these might now be locked down to premium but nothing I am experiencing right now is encouraging me to upgrade..Version: 3.12.1

Why do I have to keep logging in?Nice features but it is annoying that it keeps making me log in every couple of days..Version: 2.41.1

Works greatWorks great only downside is it doesn’t sync with apple health..Version: 2.44.2

Used to like, not anymoreI used to love the Fitbit app. Very convenient for my periods and sleep schedule. The recent update doesn’t let me see my periods, the calendar is stuck in July and won’t let me scroll up to this month. When I click on the sleep part it just freezes. Please fix.Version: 3.40.1

Most recent updateI am unable to open the app since the most recent upgrade. Seems that it did not fix bugs, I have tried restarting iPad and Fitbit but to no avail. Nice job.Version: 3.6.1

I love the app but have a complaintI absolutely love using the Fitbit app to track my activity. I’ve been using it for years and am looking to but my forth tracker in a few months. I have the premium membership and it really does help me with their programs and added features. I especially enjoy the get fit bingo and love challenging my friends. You can even challenge non-premium members which is great because I get to share the fun with anyone I want (which is smart on the business side since now my sister has premium because of it!). However with everything I enjoy, I’m getting frustrated since my active minutes are not syncing properly. When I try to sync them it shows them in the app for one second then goes back to zero. I’ve tried many things (messing with Bluetooth, restarting my phone, logging out of my account, redownloaded the app) but nothing helped. I know around two months ago this was happening but I had updated the app and it went back to normal. Maybe all the bugs aren’t out and there needs to be another update? I’m not sure what it is but if someone could help me get the app to properly sync that would be great since I’ve become fixated on how it’s not working and try syncing it an insane amount of times hoping for a lucky try that never comes. Thank you!.Version: 3.37

I want to be satisfied!Ever since I got my Fitbit 2 I have received pop-ups telling me about the benefits under Premium and urging me to pay more to get it. It has left me non-appreciative of and dissatisfied with what my Fitbit can do. I also find it tracks my hand movements rather than my foot steps so if I’m on the treadmill holding on to the handle it doesn’t record my step activity but if I’m at the sink vigorously scrubbing a dirty pot it records my hand movements as steps even though my feet haven’t moved. I do like it indicates when my iPhone is ringing and when I receive a text it quickly flashes the message through so I can read who it’s from and the message.Version: 3.32.1

Spot on dashboards, but with not much new feature updatesI love the dashboard, it’s clear, attractive and indicative of my current progress so that I know how much more I have to push, also displays meaningfully my historical progress to allow me to see my improvements (or if i’m getting worse) over time. However, it seems like this app is stagnant with some features like badges, trails etc feature no more being enhanced. Other than bug fixes, it would be nice to see the creative work of people at Fitbit to bring more dynamic features to this app..Version: 2.86

Had a good productQuit messing with it. Every time you make a significant change in your algorithms around data collection it messes with the quality of the data set. For example when sleep stages came out it made changes to the resting heart rate calculations and I started getting new weird data patterns and I could no longer see the patterns in my menstrual cycle in the graph. Now you’ve added this damned useless and meaningless sleep score that I can’t get rid of or change the prominence of and I have to dig to find the info I really need and want which is how long did I sleep and maybe how much REM did I get. Though I don’t trust that measurement anymore because around the same time as the update that brought the score I suddenly started getting much higher REM readings regularly with no changes to my behavior around sleep or my experience of my sleep. All this makes me distrust the data more and more. And let’s be honest- the fact that there are now all these new extra measurements and “insights” is a money making scheme because they are locked unless you subscribe to a “premium” account. I’m probably not going to ditch my Fitbit all together but I would no longer recommend it to someone else. It was a good product. Don’t go changing it just to change it or try to drive consumption you end up ruining it..Version: 3.8

Fix the update!The recent update is hopeless! Now I can’t log food at all so cant use my Fitbit for nutrition or calories. Won’t save more than one food item now and changes my added/saved item to something completely different and in a different language. I haven’t changed my settings and have checked these are correct but still doesn’t work. Very frustrating as there’s now at least one feature I can’t use at all and don’t know if other features are affected by this terrible update!.Version: 2.53

Good Product terrible SupportI live my FitBit, when it works. I wear it constantly and rely on it to keep me moving. The heart rate monitor and sleep tracker are fabulous additions. The reason I can’t give it more than a 2 is because it’s customer support is awful. I had what I thought was a simple broken band after 4 months of use. The band broke from pure use, no impact, I only removed the FitBit to shower and charge it. The customer service response was to have me return the entire device and get a replacement. Simple enough, but not sure why they would just mail me a new band. I put it in the mail and sent the tracking info as requested. Over 5 week later, I finally got the new FitBit. I emailed a few times to get a status and ask when I would get it. Nothing! No response or anything. It finally showed up 6 weeks later. I was so excited and have been wearing it daily and upping my steps. Except they must have sent me a refurbished model. The battery doesn’t hold as long as the last one. The watch face brightness is glitchy and I can’t see it during most walks and sunny days. And now, it’s gone dead on me twice this week. It has a charge but won’t respond when I try to charge it more and “wake it up”. Time for a Garmin! Oh, and somehow my trial for Premium is now fee based and I can’t find a simple way to just cancel that subscription. Good product terrible support!.Version: 3.39.2

Update gone wrong??All of a sudden the app tells me it’s no longer shared with me and that I have to go and buy it in the App Store. When I get to it in the App Store it say open not buy and still won’t open. Great update, please try again :(.Version: 3.21

Bugs are IgnoredThis app has not worked properly for close to a year. I have had problems syncing steps, messages not appearing on my device and steps and workouts completely disappearing. I have been part of an online group discussing truncated messages within the challenges for the past year. Fitbit has recognized the issue and yet a year later has done nothing to correct or fix the problem. I continue to use the app only because I do not want to throw away the money spent on the device. Use caution when purchasing a Fitbit and using the app. Customer service is bad or nonexistent..Version: 3.26.1

Awful new dashboard ruined a good appThe new dashboard - which I specifically said no to but it installed anyway - is awful. Hate it. Dull colours. Can’t easily see stats as too small. The previous tiles were much nicer and bigger and I could reorder. Nicer colours. The challenges can’t be got rid of so you can’t see vital daily information without having to scroll down because challenges are in the way at the top. So best to not do challenges now or the screen it too cluttered with them. Need to be on a separate tab altogether. Syncing is hit and miss now. Won’t always do it. Nothing happens. Other times it’s fine. But unreliable and intermittent. The weight loss graph is a dull mustard colour instead of the nice vibrant green it was and it’s small now. There has been lots of feedback and complaints about the new dashboard but Fitbit ignore this and force us to have it. When my device dies this time (they barely last 2 years) I’ll look at some other make as the app design has now spoilt it and I can’t do challenges with this layout. Ruining the whole Fitbit experience. Disappointing as if was really good and it seems Fitbit aren’t interested in loyal customers. Not found any friends or family that prefer it to the old one. Please can we have the old dashboard back this one is not only awful it doesn’t even always work..Version: 3.5

Useless App. Blank screen if no Wifi or data.Before the latest major update, this App used to be somewhat useful. Now, if there is no wifi or cellular data, the App screen is completely blank. Why it cannot exchange data via Bluetooth is beyond me. I use it mostly for hiking in the Adirondacks and there is now signal there. So I get a blank screen with no info (not even steps!) If you are hesitating between another watch.(Apple, Garmin), I would say go for it. If my Blaze had not been a gift, I would get rid of it..Version: 3.3.1

So niggly and annoyingSo now the calorie intake tool isn’t syncing in the charts, despite showing the right intake on the Home Screen. And trying to sync to your phone before exercise now takes, what 5 minutes and about 10 attempts. By which point you could have run around the block! It also fails to sync with my versa almost every time. Please fitbit can you sort this really basic problems. I can’t help but think this app would be better if it kept to getting the simple things working... Old review I used to love this app. The little dials showing progress, stats etc, it was so clear. But now... I’m a designer and I love white space, but seriously this is so user unfriendly it almost makes me want to stop looking at it. I don’t want to have to click a plus symbol to ‘find out more’, I just need everything ‘ping’ in front of me when opening the app. Sorry guys but please think again about reinstating some of the great features in the old homepage. Updates are only good if they improve the experience which this hasn’t. Updating this just to say the app is now even worse... the calorie count for the day is terrible. It used to estimate what your expected output was now it just tracks it as the day goes on which makes it impossible to know what you will actually end up burning. Honestly, can’t tell you how bad this app is now..Version: 3.42

The UpdateDidn’t think I would have to complain about the app again but here I am. The more I use the app the worse it gets. Not only does it look ugly but my exercise use is no longer automatically tracked. I have all actives set to auto track after 15 mins in settings but nothing appears in my exercise for the week unless I add it manually. As a user of a Fitbit Alta for the past 18 months I have never had to do this up until the new update. My smart watch just got dumber..Version: 2.94

Hate the updateI wish I had read the reviews first before updating. It’s harder to see information at a glance. You have to click a bunch of stuff to find information that was displayed before. I wish I could go back and reinstall the previous version. This is reinforcing my decision to purchase an Apple Watch next month..Version: 3.3.1

Fitbit versaI’ve had my versa for just under two days and I’m absolutely LOVING it. Would definitely recommend this little device. I was originally planning to get an Apple Watch, but I’m so glad I changed my mind! This is much more affordable, lighter and less bulky! Plus best of all, I’m not stuck with my Apple phone! The app is pretty slow and buggy I will admit, would be a better review otherwise. If possible, being able to reorder apps within the Fitbit app rather than just on the versa would be FANTASTIC because I find it a little tricky on there. Overall, the app is really insightful and helpful. Just needs some performance improvements! Plus more apps for the Versa please, although I do understand it has only recently been released 🙂.Version: 2.50

Dodgy UpdateI’ve been a Fitbit user for the last 2.5 years and loved it, it’s motivated me to be healthy, compete and regularly exercise. But.... last year there was a massive update where the whole face of the app changed and I really really dislike it and It doesn’t seem to run as smooth as the old version. I find it’s harder to navigate, it has trouble syncing; I sometimes have to close the app and turn my phone off and on just to get it to sync, it has trouble with the sleep tracking; in the main sleep screen it says one thing then when I tap onto the individual sleep it says another. I’m having to charge my fit bit a lot more frequently then I usually would and the app itself is just very laggy/ glitchy. I thought it could be my phone but my friend has the same issue with her IPhone 11. And as of the last week or so I can’t even access half the features in the main screen. It won’t allow me to tap on any of the headings (sleep tracking, exercise ticks, steps etc)???.Version: 3.20.1

Losing faithHave owned multiple fitbits for years but I am getting put off by the app. Syncing has been patchy of late, often failing to find my device and I have been peeved that data such as sleeping restlessness requires additional subscription just to access. Geez, we already paid $350 for the Versa! It’s like buying a phone and being told you can’t use the camera that comes with it unless you pay monthly for access! I would be inclined to try a Garmin next time. Also while pregnant it was incredibly annoying that there wasn’t an option to set for that to at least turn off the monthly period reminders. During pregnancy your heart rate changes too and the fitbit was unable to account for that which really messed up the data and basically for the 9 months my fitbit wasn’t useful at tracking health data..Version: 3.15.1

FApp doesn’t work after update.Version: 3.32.1

Key flawThe Fitbit app is user friendly and simple to use but doesn’t work as it is essentially supposed to. Part of my training for long distance running involves running on varied terrain, hill sprints etc however this type of exercise has had a negative impact on my cardio fitness score which has drastically declined despite actual significant improvements in my fitness. While the app only calculates speed vs heart rate on flat terrain it doesn’t factor in hills that have been run right before thus affecting speed and heart rate. It also cannot account for sand etc slowing pace and affecting difficulty. I have contacted customer support who could only direct me to an article on how to improve my fitness, rather than address the actual issue. I’m very disappointed as my intention was to use the Fitbit to track my runs and my cardio fitness over time..Version: 3.42

A waste of moneyAs I drive and cycle a lot, I find the Fitbit, utterly useless in recording true data about calorie burn, fitness goals, etc. It seems to regard driving and cycling (even across a relatively flat surface)as number of stairs climbed and steps taken. Even though it’s meant to understand I’m cycling, it doesn’t recognise it at all. I therefore, on a daily basis, more than exceed my step goals and am constantly being congratulated, when the best I’ve done is walk to my car from my front door! After 4 weeks of wasting too much money on this, have given up using it trying to understand my fitness levels. I now read online that many other people have the same problem. The solution apparently is to charge your Fitbit in the car and then it doesn’t record car journeys. The problem is, this is something you often forget to do, so constantly find the data is utter nonsense. That’s all your day’s goals out the window again. I would not recommend this product for anyone, unless they walk on a guaranteed flat surface every day and don’t cycle!.Version: 2.91

Terrible battery lifeMy husband bought me my Fitbit Ionic shortly before Christmas last year. He got it for the same obvious reasons people buy a Fitbit, but also because he’s been having some serious health issues and I was struggling to leave him to go to work as I was concerned if he tried to contact me in case of an emergency that I wouldn’t hear my phone. I synced my Ionic with my cheapie iPhone SE and it worked beautifully for a few months, then there was an update and the notifications stopped working, (during this time I did receive an urgent message from my partner, it was dumb luck I had my phone in my hand because I didn’t get a notification) I eventually gave up trying to get it to work so went back to using my iPhone 6, notifications work just fine now. A further few months down the track out of the blue following an update I found I needed to charge my Fitbit only 24 hours after I’d last charged it (I was charging every 3-4 days) that was fine, every 24 hours, annoying but fine. We’ve since had yet another update and the battery life is now just appalling. I have to charge my watch twice in one day. I actually have to take my charger to work and charge my watch otherwise I don’t even get a full work day out of it. Please. Whatever you’ve done, undo it..Version: 3.2

Step count not resetting, againUpdate: I thought you may have solved this issue as it’s been great for the past few months. But this morning, it didn’t reset again and I’m adding to Sunday’s step count. 😞 Original: Not sure it's the Blaze or the app, but at least once a week this past month, my step count doesn't reset overnight. Flippin annoying as my stats are all wrong now. 'Congrats you have a new personal best 22,000 steps!' No. It's just two days totals, together! Please fix..Version: 2.42

Update is So Awful!Worst mistake Fitbit has ever made. The app is now confusing, very difficult to read and I have zero idea why Fitbit would have made metrics that were so easy to read before into tiny sentences that are totally not user friendly. Please put it back the way it was. This might be when I change to a new device. That’s how much a don’t like the new Fitbit app..Version: 3.3.1

GreedyThe app itself is clean but the new layout is a notable downgrade from the old one. Also you would hope that after spending £100+ on a watch you would be able to access all its features but no, there’s a subscription now. While I understand a paywall behind the things such as custom workouts and certain clock faces, as from what I can see these are consistently being made by individuals who should be paid for their time, putting things like viewing your heart rate while you sleep and other, relatively basic and algorithm-based features, behind an £8 a month subscription is ridiculous. Especially when there’s constant ‘well here’s what you could be having if you paid us more’ advertisements, and even then for what you get £8 a month seems awfully overpriced. This update happened in between the breakage of my old Fitbit and my purchase of a new one and to say I was disappointed with this development is an understatement and left me feeling as if I should have bought one of its competitors instead..Version: 3.12.1

Unreliable app and dataI find that I no longer have any trust in what the app and the data are telling me. The performance of this app has deteriorated over the last few months to the point that it is not even showing hourly steps data. It is displaying the message ‘no data’. Which is clearly nonsense as it is calculating daily steps. This is the same for hourly activity which has been showing no data for several weeks. Additionally this morning I got up, walked downstairs, walked the dogs and fed them, made my breakfast, opened a parcel and a bunch of other things, however according to the app I was not moving and it’s added this inactive time to my sleep score. This morning I downloaded the latest update to ‘ fix bugs’ but nothing has changed. I’m looking for a reliable replacement and it’s not going to be a Fitbit. The company must be aware of these issues as the Fitbit forums are full of people also looking for advice about how to fix these issues..Version: 3.70

Easy to follow but could be betterI love using my fit bit to track my calories and to keep me on track with my diet plan. It’s really worked and saved me a lot in gym memberships. The straps can be changed so it can become a piece of jewellery on a night out and it charges in no time. It’s really made me aware of my sleeping patterns which still aren’t great but it’s a good insight. I wish they would update the barcode scanning function, it vary rarely recognises items. I shop in Asda so it’s not like it’s unusual items I’m scanning. It would be useful if they added things like a slice, a piece, one whole.... to the list when adding your own items (which you have to do because they don’t scan) “a serving” is very dependant on the meal your adding at the time, I’ve added things as a serving but then cant remember exactly how much that “serving” was when I come to add it again. Finally I’d love to be able to add steps when I forget to put the watch on or can’t wear it due the reaction it gives me (apparently a dermatitis reaction is quite common with it)..Version: 3.3.1

Not working!!!Yesterday I could use this app perfectly. Today it won’t open. The message says “this app is no longer shared with you” “view in App Store “. When I open App Store the OPEN is there. Of course it doesn’t open and I get the same message. Vicious circle!!! I’m very upset!!!.Version: 3.21

Update sucksAfter updating to the newest version my Fitbit will not notify me of text messages or calls. I have tried everything to get them back, following tutorials and tips tricks etc. Nothing works. Not impressed.Version: 3.20.1

Please change back to the old update!!!!!!!!The recent update on the Fitbit app is useless. It takes forever to sync, and better yet I always have to try and sync at least 3-4 times (this never happened before the update and my Versa is new!). There is also now a huge ad for Fitbit premium at the top of the screen which you can’t get rid of and takes up a large % of the front screen. The menstrual section is also always way off and adjusts itself which isn’t correct so I have just given up using it..Version: 3.1

App lost data all the timeI have this to keep looking my sleep but it lost all my data. The app just stopped and asked to update but in App Store didn’t have the option to update, then I uninstalled and reinstalled and I had to configure everything again and it lost all my data. If you have my email to send me weekly emails why didn’t you save the data automatically? If I could just return to the time I bought this I would NEVER EVER buy this again and I DON’T recommend..Version: 3.23.1

Syncing issuesI do not know what “bugs” you have fixed but ever since the last two updates the app keeps giving me an error message that it could not sync. Rather annoying to say the least.Version: 3.36

Security issues, Sync issues and overall disappointingInitially when I purchased the device someone managed to successfully request an email change without being authorised. This breach of data may have occurred somewhere else initially but Fitbit was the only account where someone was able to change the account email successfully. Also the app frequently has sync issues, often failing to update when it’s been longer than two days between syncs. The accuracy of the device is also incorrect. I understand there is margin for error but a normal run (recorded on Strava or Nike as reference) will typically be significantly different when observing on the device. An example 10km run was out by an average 25-30 seconds per kilometre and it might be lame to moan about that but it makes it unusable to record accurate timing which was a massive reason for me getting the device in the first place. I’ve not tried premium features because of the issues mentioned on the device and free version so can’t comment on that. I’ve put 2 stars as the product is good when it functions and for ballpark exercise tracking, the device does look good and is comfortable to wear so it’s not all bad but for me the accuracy needs to improve, the apps synch issues need to be fixed and my account being hacked is worrying as well. I’d personally save the money or purchase an alternative until it improves!.Version: 3.20

Connection issuesNothing but issues with connecting to Bluetooth for the last few days. App won’t update, sync or stay connected. I’ve deleted and reinstalled, turned Bluetooth on and off and nothing seems to fix it. Was working fine until the last few updates..Version: 3.31

New app is HORRIBLE!!!!The new updated App format is horrible!!! I loved the old app but this one is hard to navigate and does not have any of the flash and visual interest of the original!!! Please let us have the old app back!! You will be losing me and a whole lot of your customer base to other fitness trackers..Version: 3.3.1

Need more detail in the graphsThe app works well and I’m loving my Fitbit. It has made my life easier and better, which is exactly what technology should do. However the app needs work. It doesn’t seem to have been designed with the user in mind. The different pages need to make it a lot easier to read and understand the data, and the interface could be a lot more user friendly and customisable based on what is of priority to me. But I have a huge problem with the lack of detail in the graphs. For example, the weight loss and sleep graphs don’t provide the y coordinates so you just have to estimate based on where today’s data is plotted. I’m currently breastfeeding my newborn and it’d be useful to know at exactly what times he woke up for a feed. I have to log the times in another app in order to have it on record but I wouldn’t have to if Fitbit was providing the details (since it’s recording the data anyway, just not providing the details of it)..Version: 2.46

Counting stepsI’m not sure the steps counter is as accurate as it could be, I woke up this morning having done eight steps before I got out of bed. Yesterday I climbed several flights of stairs too but they didn’t register either. Not a major drama but when you have a new you it is something you tend to look at, I’m sure in time I won’t even notice. I like the fact it knew what time I woke up though!.Version: 2.44.2

Age barricadeI love my new Fitbit, however unwrapping a fake and use this last Christmas, I brought a new one this year. My new Fitbit works brilliantly and I am so pleased with it yet I’ve only had it two days. I really do thank The fit bit makers they have done such a brilliant job with the new invention. On the other hand, I have found couple of problems, when I first got the app and my Fitbit was fully charged my dad singed me in with my proper age. It did not except it. This quite disturbing as I was worried what consequences it would occur if I signed in as an older. After debating with my father, I have to Sign in as a older age. Worried if this would affect my heart rate, steps, calories and distance it has becomes clear that my heart rate, steps, calories and distance was accurate. On my opinion, I feel that anyone under permission is allowed to have a Fitbit. The Fitbit app is very encouraging and helps me throughout the day. Thankyou to all for reading this rewiew and I would highly appritiate if Fitbit inventerscould allow any age otherwise the data is not accurate..Version: 2.44.2

RubbishSince the last update my ionic battery barely lasts 18 hours when it used to last 4 to 5 days!!.. horrible .. have gone into every forum and there’s nothing I can do except “turn some of the functions off!” Which doesn’t help at all.. also even if it did then what is the point spending all the money for the functions if I have to turn them off!!! What a horrible product .. then there’s stories of people asking for their money back or a resolution and then having to jump through hoops .. I don’t have time to deal with a company that doesn’t give 2 craps about me ... you’ve lost a 10 year customer .. highly recommend people just move onto the smart watch that Aldi sells from time to time ... sure it’s cheap and may not last but atleast you didn’t spend hundreds of dollars for the same out come! Bye fitbit .. I’d love to say it’s been grand but this is now the third watch that’s conveniently stopped working properly after an update around the time you’ve introduced new product lines ... enjoy going the way of kodak if you keep treating people this way.Version: 3.36

Not a fan of the updateI get that the new look is “sleeker”, but I find it harder to read my data first hand. It’s also less encouraging when you reach your goals, and that’s something I previously really enjoyed (the lights, colours, smiley faces...). Maybe there’s a way to re-update the look to make it all more accessible and motivating?.Version: 3.3.1

Recent Changes Make No SenseRemoving Activity Minutes to replace them with arbitrary Activity ZONE Minutes is a design choice that has directly impacted how often I open this app or look at my watch. It has completely disincentivized getting out for a long leisurely walk. You used to feel a sense of accomplishment for getting activity in but now that’s been ripped away from us. Why you couldn’t just have both metrics us beyond my comprehension but this is the most customer-unfriendly product change I have ever experienced..Version: 3.32.1

I switched to APPLE!I like the FitBit app BUT the watch always has glitches. My text no longer come on my watch face like they did before and I have done every check, measure suggested and reset my watch to know end. Every time my husband and I do an update something else goes wrong and you half to guess which part of the watch or phone app won’t work this time. I have owned my watch for three years and the battle is constant. My husband two years. Since my last review and update my watch will not turn. I have cleaned the charging points, roughed them up with a brush and cleaned my charger, still it will not do what it is intended for. Also FitBit DOES NOT have the capability to change the battery which means a $200 Versa watch (at the time) is JUNK! So our solution to the problem has been to purchase Apple watches. It is spot on and has ZERO glitches in the month we have owned them and we have done one update. Where Apple lacks is its ability to have sleep, diet, and caloric monitoring in one place. IE you have to have a separate app for these things so for example I use FatSecret, pillow and 8Fit for these items. So in comparison if you want something that works use Apple but if your looking for a program that works half the time but is all in one place Fitbit is your solution. The only way I would go back to FitBit is if they made the batteries changeable because batteries loose there ability to charge over time even if you let them go dead and then recharge..Version: 3.12.1

Serious app problems?Let me start by saying that I love Fitbit and have both a charge 2 and an ionic. Also thinking of getting a verse or charge 3 and regularly recommend Fitbit to friends and family. BUT and it’s a big BUT since last October I have had serious problems with either devise connecting and syncing to the app. Hence the 2 star review. The charge 2 is better than the ionic. Syncing is erratic and completely unreliable. I cannot rely on the ionic to even tell the time accurately and cannot use the alarm function as it loses time when it doesn’t sync and wakes me up late! I have reported this to support and although they are easy to contact (through Twitter messaging), respond in a timely way and seem keen to solve the problem - they actually have no idea why this is happening and cannot resolve it. I have come to the conclusion that this is an app flaw rather than a hardware problem. Sorry Fitbit but this fundamental lack of reliability is just not good enough. I won’t tolerate it much longer if you can’t sort this out. Update: seems like a lot of other users are having problems syncing. I had problems for a couple of weeks last October 2018 and now for the last 2-3 weeks. Others reporting same problem recently over the same time scale. Not once have Fitbit support told me others have reported the problem! Annoyed. This is making my two Fitbit devices unusable..Version: 3.0

Greedy/buggyThe amount of times I go on the app and the thing just refuses to even search for my Fitbit is getting ridiculous. I pull the screen down to ‘refresh’ it like it tells me to do but then it just acts as if there isn’t any Fitbit close by despite me holding the phone with the Fitbit on that wrist lol. They have now brought in a paid service that requires monthly payments to be able to use basic features. I would have thought that after buying the expensive watch i would at least be able to use all its features! Also there is a large selection of watch faces, unfortunately they all cost at least a pound which is ridiculous for something as simple as a clock face. My idea was to switch the clock faces whenever I got bored of one but that would cost me a fortune. Just a very greedy company and if they are going to act like that I might as well save up and get the Apple Watch. I went with Fitbit as they seemed like the more reasonable company and a cheaper alternative but I guess not anymore....Version: 3.12

Features are great execution not so greatBeen using “Fitbit” on and off for a few years now. The ideas behind the app and the features it has are great and I choose to stay with “Fitbit” and not get an Apple Watch because I like having everything in the one app. I like the premium and challenge sections and that the watch it’s self will vibrate when you hit your goals. However…the app glitches, to change to previous days to check stats is very slow and somewhat confusing, the GPS doesn’t really work all the time when tracking a walk/run ect. Sometimes the map is right but the distance/pace is incorrect. It’s all these minor thing that just leave me a bit saddened. I really want to love it but I just deal with it..Version: 3.55

App is boring - feels depressing and unrewarding!Hi, I have the Fitbit verse special edition! I enjoy my watch - however the two things I think that need improvement are the step counting - my watch says I have done up to 50 steps before I even get out of bed - and no my watch is not set to sensitive and I wear it in my least dominant wrist, The 2nd thing - it has moments where it is not tracking my heart rate correctly. Now as for the app - the app is very boring, it is depressing and feels very unrewarding! For instance when I hit my target there is no change in colour or shape! It is just changes to a boring solid colour instead of a outline. I also dislike the way the extras (sleep, food, water...etc) are listed - you have to scroll to see them - where as before these changes they were all in view. I like the fact that it has a barcode scanner in the food tracker - if there were any food out there that is registered to it!!!! It has not registered a single barcode I have scanned - making it useless! I have to use two apps now, this way I can track my food and water in one and use this app to count my calories, monitor my heart rate and sleep. I do like my watch but the app needs some improvements and maybe just some tweaking in the step counter and heart rate monitoring:).Version: 2.94

Functional, but not the bestThe Fitbit app is usable for what it needs to do, but doesn’t make much sense in the way that it is laid out. The bottom tab bar contains the main home page, the premium tab, the discovery tab (which is only useful to shill premium anyway) and the community tab. To access your Fitbit tracker settings, you must click your profile picture on the top left. This doesn’t make much sense. I feel that the tracker-specific settings, like changing clock faces and apps, should be included in the bottom tab bar. it would make more sense and allows for easier access than clicking your profile picture. which should be changed to go directly to your profile, with another option on that screen for settings. Also, there are no iOS home or lock screen widgets available, which is a huge missed opportunity..Version: 3.70.1

STOPPED SYNCINGSince the new Fitbit update my Fitbit Aria scale stopped syncing . Please fix this bug. Tired of these big companies controlling our equipment and forcing us to buy new all the time. What happened to honest customer service?.Version: 3.22

App used to be much betterApp used to be much better. It could count steps and the 250 steps per hour and update it on all my Fitbit devices. Now it subtracts rather than adds activity from other devices. Also despite my Fitbit ionic saying I have taken 250 steps per hour on 8 different hours of the day the app says I have only done it on 5 different hours. Come on Fitbit you are supposed to make your eco system better not worse. LIKE NOW please!.Version: 2.84

Paying for previously included featuresI enjoyed tracking steps, sleep, etc with my prior fitbit, so when they came out with one that measured HR I was excited to upgrade my watch. I am a RN and I am prone to fast heart rates. This really helps me track it through the day and monitor it while I work out. There is about a 3-4 second delay in the HR reading when my HR changes which seems reasonable as it has to monitor the change. It doesn’t do a great job when the HR gets really high- 170s + which is frustrating when I’m jogging on a treadmill. It is worse when running outside. The fitbit app used to INCLUDE the trends of your heart rate, included when you were sleeping. I updated the app awhile back, and now you HAVE TO PAY for a feature that was PREVIOUSLY INCLUDED. That is why I am giving this app such a low rating. If I had not updated I would still have had this feature, until the app FORCES you to update. This is total crap!! I’ve had a fitbit for years and years. Next time I am purchasing a APPLE WATCH. How dare you charge for a feature that used to be included?!! What a crappy business move!!! You have lost my business!!! Oh, and I’m always eventually having problems with charging my device. Ugg!! I tell it to all day sync, but it never syncs until I open the app and manually do it. If you get too much data on the watch it coverts all your sleep data to simple logs instead of the complex info. SO FRUSTRATING!!.Version: 3.22

New Version is TerribleI love my Fitbit, just updated my hardware for the third time to the Charge 3 and I love it! However I had to leave a review for the first time ever to say how much I HATE the new version of the app. Before, you could customize the tiles and then you wouldn't have to mess with it ever again, now that's not the case, the challenges have been moved to the main screen, I constantly have to move the challenges out of the way, since they default to the very top, so I can keep the water tracking tile at the top. Once the challenge is over, they take a while to go away, which before it was on the main screen was fine, now that the challenge is on the main screen, they are just in the way of any new challenge. Plus you can't tell the difference between old and new challenges when you try to move them. And the main screen doesn't remember where you were when you click on a tile, so if you click on a tile, when you go back to the main screen, you return to the top, this is especially annoying if you have multiple challenges you are checking, since they are all named the same you have to find a new way to figure out which challenges you've already looked at and which you still need to look at. I hate app updates just for the sake of doing an update. There have been improvements in the hardware that added value, Charge is now waterproof!, but there was no improvement to the app and now it's just terrible..Version: 2.95

Done with FitbitUpdate: one star is too much. I’m wearing a Fitbit again b/c it was a gift. Completely useless. Never syncs, I don’t even look at the Fitbit or the app anymore. Too much crap on the screens and no way to simplify. It’s sad that they have ruined what used to be an awesome and simple to use product and turned it into a useless piece of plastic. My Alta HR band was breaking repeatedly where it attaches. I kept gluing it back for over a year. Finally decided to get a new one and of course, had to get a different model b/c it’s discontinued. Got it, said it could d the tracker, tried to connect endlessly. Tried every recommendation, then called customer service, who just had us repeat everything we’d already done. We returned it. My husband had the same problem w a Charge 2 replacement, and when he called they just sent him another one, that worked. A month later, we decide to try again. Order another one, app says it found it, endlessly tries to connect with no success. Thought I’d try to go back to the old one, and see if epoxy would hold. But I had deleted it when trying to sync the first Inspire HR, and now the app will find it, never connect. Customer service provided zero help, so I’m looking for an alternative after many years of loving my Fitbit. Have a scale that’s useless now since I’m not going to use two separate apps. I don’t know what happened to this company, and I’m sad to see it but i got good use for years. Time to move on..Version: 3.43

Fitbit Charge HRI have had this for two years, am livid that I have over 1,000 notifications on it which I can’t get rid of. This is just absurd and it is clogging up my IPhone. I can’t get rid of my messages either. If this doesn’t drive me to getting an Apple Watch nothing will. Fitbit, your lack of insight and reluctance to take notice of hundreds of complaining users is nothing short of a slap in the face. How hard is it to put a delete button on the app, like thousands of others can? To people who are thinking of buying one, don’t. Not until they correct this flaw in their app. They will send you messages saying the notifications drop off after 30,100, 30 days! They don’t. Even if you turn off the notifications, they still arrive in your app. What a total debacle from an otherwise ok product. Karen.Version: 2.44.2

Bluetooth pairing failedI have been pairing my fitbit several times a day every day for the past week. Have done all the updates. I have forgotten the device, restarted my fitbit, turned Bluetooth on and off and still nothing. It is very annoying and frustrating. I can’t keep doing this. Considering Apple Watch.Version: 3.16.1

New Zealand food compatibilityWhile I like the blaze watch I have there are a few things that are very annoying If you sell the watch in New Zealand, the app should be compatible with scanning out food packages. The cost of replacement straps is ridiculously expensive. How can you justify half the price of the watch just to replace the strap! And the to find out you have discontinued the cheapest option (still $50)..Version: iOS 2.52

App Is UnstableI’ve been using the Fitbit app for a number of years and lately I’ve had more issues than I can count. I have seen people get kicked completely out of challenges as if they quit the challenge. I’ve seen post disappear as if the individual deleted them but did not. I currently cannot get to my groups, community or feed. The app is so glitchy and unstable at this point. It doesn’t seem like anyone at Fitbit is doing anything to resolve these issues. So many people having issues setting up challenges or wait they disappear and they cannot see them on their dashboard. Here is a good one Fitbit rearranges where they are and moves them to the bottom of the screen under all the other app features. It would be nice to see some stability in this App! It’s been around long enough that things should not be doing what they are doing. Oh and one more thing Fitbit needs to work on is this Fitbit jail garbage. If someone reports someone YOU FITBIT should be investigating what was reported!!!! Innocent people have been reported when it was the person who reported them was the terrible user and should have been removed from the community. Please Fitbit fix the issues we are all having so it will be a better app. I even PAY for the subscription and have issues which is also frustrating because I’m pay for things I cannot use. Thanks!.Version: 3.42

Obsessed with your data and location - beware!I like my Fitbit, but this company is OBSESSED with your location data, and the app is where they seek you permission to get their creepy hands on it. It will prompt you to update your location settings approx 3 times a day until you say ‘yes’ - because they desperately want to know EXACTLY where you are, even when not using the app (it doesn’t impact your step count or other Fitbit functions - I assume it’s just for resale value). If you say ‘no’ once, don’t worry - try will badger you into submission - CONSTANTLY. It is very annoying. There is no function to say “stop asking me” either, nor an opportunity to provide the feedback to Fitbit, so here we are. Proceed with caution! (Please note, I pay for premium membership, so I really shouldn’t be getting this pop up/selling my data rubbish)..Version: 3.45

Last update has an issue! Setting not working on the charge 4 since I updated the appThe app was perfect with all my devices. But with Brand new charge 4, which was working well! Once Updated the Fitbit app (last version came out only 2 weeks), then the setting on the watch is not working. I click on setting and no response then the device gets frozen for a minute (the screen turns black), if you click on the side button, still no response, then after a minute, you can click on the side button and use the watch again with all the functions (apart from setting) Also GPS is on, also location in the setting on my mobile is on, but can’t see the weather on the device or data about the GPS where you walked on the mobile Can you plz fix it? Thanks.Version: 3.36

Disappointed with challenges!I’ve always loved my Fitbit and the app until the app had a major overhaul about a year ago. I have only just returned to using a Fitbit and am now using a Fitbit inspire HR, which so far I’m liking but I am still very disappointed with some of the changes that have been made to the app. The main one being that I used to love doing the adventure challenges with my family but now there is no leaderboard to easily see how many steps we are all currently on and I cannot see how many steps in front or behind everyone is on the map. I used to be able to just tap their bobblehead and it would show how many steps in front or behind they were. Where is the incentive to beat someone if you can’t see how many steps you need to catch up. Unless this is fixed I see no reason in participating in these challenges. Please fix..Version: 3.12.1

Let’s the Fitbit downI’ve had my charge3 three years. It is a good device but the App let’s it down. All they’ve done in that time is tidy up the settings ( a bit!) and add some pretty patterns. But there are graphs with unlabelled axes ( what’s the point of knowing your high heart rate when you can’t tell when in the workout it occurred?). And then there’s the histogram type graphs with exceedingly narrow columns - you can tap away for hours without hitting the one you want. The sleep score is good fun. However well or not-so-well you think you slept, it rarely agrees. It’s calculation appears to be a secret, so it’s hard to improve it; you only got 5 out of 10 for your test but I’m not gonna tell you which bits you got wrong! And if you lie in a bit, listening to the radio, say, it adds it to your awake time. You can edit the wake up time, but when you do, it takes most of that time away from your sleep time, not the awake time! I could go on for a page or so, but you get the message. Next watch? Apple..Version: 3.43.1

Overall a great pair (app & Fitbit Flex) except some bugsMy Fitbit Flex works great with this app. The app works great most the time except for the few “bugs” that it has. First one is the messaging part of the app. Whatever message is at the top of the screen is basically unreadable. It’s hidden under the top banner or menu or whatever. So I order to see it depending on how long it is I either have to pull down on all the messages or have my fiancé send me a message so there’s a different one at the top. Second issue is the fact that I open up the app and it syncs just fine. However, there are several things that don’t refresh and show that they were synced or updated with new data. For example: weekly exercise, steps per hour, sleep information. Basically most things underneath the top circles. So, leaving the app and bringing it pack up doesn’t work. I literally have to close the app all the way and re open it to get everything to reflect what was already synced and updated. I’ve been having to do this for several months. The last update didn’t fix it so I’m hoping someone reads this and can help fix it. It is not my phone. I’ve tried turning it off and turning back on several times in the past months. Please help! I’ve gotten to the point where the app is not really enjoyable anymore. Messages and my own data are a hassle..Version: 2.41.1

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