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Fitbit: Health & Fitness for Positive User Reviews

Great app; could use a few major improvementsI recently got myself a Fitbit because I struggle with my health a little and I’m trying to become more fit. I was hoping to use a combination of calorie counting and exercise but it’s nearly impossible to use the app for calorie counting. The database of foods available is so small, almost every other thing I eat needs to be logged via the custom foods option or I just have to guesstimate how many calories there are in it. Additionally, the barcode scanning option might as well not be there at all because it hardly ever recognises anything. I’ve resorted to using MyFitnessPal to track my calories and just using the quick add option on the Fitbit app to pull it all together, but that is a hassle. It would be really great if the developers of the app could expand the food database so I’m not having to spend at least five minutes logging food every time I eat something..Version: 3.26.1

Great app, but not recommended for childrenHello! First of all, Fitbits are a great asset to life and I highly recommend getting one. However, there are a few downsides to the app. While it has great feedback and suggestions on your daily exercising achievements, this app is not very good for young children. It is really good for young adults and old, but children would need a parent’s supervision using this app. It has community posts, which I think is great, but it is not good for kids to be chatting with much older adults. The kids could give private information away to them, like phone numbers or passwords, or the adults could abuse the children. The only other thing I’m worried about for children is that they could send random people friend requests or other people could send them friend requests and they accept. If they do accept, that means that their friends could privately chat with them, not necessarily about fitness goals. Otherwise, if you are an adult looking at this app and wondering if you should get a Fitbit or not, you should totally go for it because it has amazing results. Thanks for reading my review!.Version: 3.20.1

Keep on stepping...I have been using a Fitbit now for almost four years, initially purchasing one to motivate myself to walk to work and not waste money on cabs. That worked and of course I paid for the Fitbit within weeks! I now monitor my steps daily and find its pretty accurate. I have noticed that the distance is always off substantially (am guessing maybe I could set the step distance to correct that but haven’t bothered.) I love the challenges and connect with family and friends across the globe on a daily basis as we motivate each other to move. I’ve even gifted multiple Fitbits to include some of my loved ones. My only gripe is that within the challenges, the comments have been incomplete for quite some time. I keep waiting for one of the updates to fix the error, but months later I am motivated to write this (seeing that many comments get a reply. 🙂) To be clear, the wording such as ‘That step goal was no match for...’ is often cut off so that I can’t see the persons name. I always like and cheer comments and achievements but at times I am liking my own achievements due to the incomplete statements. I hope this makes sense and that Fitbit will rectify the issue soon. Happy stepping to all!.Version: 3.27

ExcellentThe Fitbit platform is worthy of a five star rating. I, and other family members, have toyed with the idea of switching to Apple however, it is certainly not as user friendly and doesn’t give you the information that is as relevant to your health. For example, sleep hours and associated info... this is crucial to my well-being and one of the widgets I continuously check..Version: 3.36

Love the Fitbit Premier AppLove the Fitbit App, using it with a Versa 2 device. Been a member of Fitbit since April 2015. Had my ups and downs with Fitbit devices & the app over the years. But it seems pretty stable now. The addition of Fitbit Premier has added lots of new health metrics... which are really useful. Such as sleep analysis & more details on RHR plus loads more. As well as more fun elements like “Get Fit Bingo”, “ and new adventures like “All for One”. I didn’t actually join in with the Fitbit community on the app until last year. I’m so glad I did as I’ve made many friends all over the World. And training and doing challenges together is such a helpful motivator. I’ve also lost almost 100lbs (that’s just over 7 stone) in 18 months 😃. Which has been life challenging as I have multiple chronic health conditions... losing the weight has helped with some of these conditions too..Version: 3.30

Rockin App!This app is awesome as is the watch itself. So many ways to personalize it and you have control over everything but it shows you some tips about nutrition and activity, sleep etc. in a way that is also unique to the user in some form because I have a friend and we don’t usually get the same messages which shows me that the people behind the scenes who developed this app and do the updates etc. worked really hard to make an excellent program that takes you or puts you front and center which is how it should be but I tried a couple different watches and their apps if they had them in the first place were so cookie cutter it was ridiculous one didn’t have any gender but male on it!! So in closing if you are looking for a quality watch with a great app and free is great it is but try the membership at least one month it seriously adds to the core program they offer monthly and yearly so a month is 9.99 we can waste 10 bucks at a coffee shop or fast food in a blink so no excuses🤨 take it from someone who was a huge skeptic about the watches and their actual results IRL, I just thought they were a trendy waste of money 😂 look at me now writing a book praising this watch and it’s app 😳.......,.Version: 3.26.1

Today View Freezes. Help!I love Fitbit app (features, UI, illustrations, the overall design, the friend challenges) and it’s definitely the reason I haven’t switched over to using an Apple Watch or Apple Health however I’ve noticed within the last couple months, the today view randomly freezes like a bug and pressing anywhere on it does nothing. I’m not able to go into any of the categories or view details (outside of just being able to toggle the bottom nav) Today it actually canceled out during a GPS walk I was tracking and when I went to view the app, I noticed it stopped tracking and just showed the Today view. However when trying to tap anywhere on the page, nothing happened. This freezing bug behavior has now happened to me 4-5 times over the course of a couple months and the only way i can get the app to work is by deinstalling it/deleting it, then redownloading it from the App Store. It then works after all of that but then I get the first run experience UI for each feature all over again. I’ve redownloaded many times because I still want to use this app because I love it and Fitbit so much but is this a known issue to others? Can developers fix this freezing? I would like to just use the app and not have to continue deinstalling it every time. Thanks!.Version: 3.26.1

Fitbit versa 2 v’s Apple Watch 6Wish I had invested in the Fitbit Versa3 , After recently acquiring an Apple Watch 6 series I have definitely decided that I love my fitbit I’m over 50 so find the fitbit is easier to use And a big plus the Fitbit is a 1 app to use it , where as the Apple Watch comes with 3apps on set up and you can add more ... So the Fitbit it’s not confusing and it’s so easy to use 🤗 Ok so yes the Fitbit doesn’t have an oxygen read for your blood , it’s the only thing that the Apple Watch has that maybe some people might use, However the ease of just using one app with the Fitbit far outweighs the oxygen blood reader. I find the Apple Watch is more aimed for the younger generation if you need glasses to read it’s frustrating all the apps on it all the apps that are on an iPhone and I don’t live on my iPhone like the younger generation do , I would definitely purchase a Fitbit versa Over a Apple Watch by hundred percent out of 100% good on you fitbit.Version: 3.32.1

BeneficialGreat benefits from sleep stats; e.g. from sleep stats I found out a warm shower 90 minutes before bed really does increase your deep sleep! Also great for passively measuring of your fitness goals; I really like the active minutes measure as feedback on how hard I’m working and what activities naturally get my heart rate up (for me it’s walking). Not a fan of the Community section — another distraction, plus full of low quality content. I wished I could disable it. The discover page is not as elegant as I’d like. Nevertheless I highly recommend FitBit for measuring your sleep and movement + exercise. It’s been a great aid in tracking and improving both aspects of my health - and it’s relatively cheap..Version: 3.43.1

7 years .... no itch!I got my first Fitbit for my 40th, best move ever! I’ve had a few over the years, there were problems with earlier models but the customer service is so excellent that it makes up for any inconvenience. The key is choosing the right one for you, I wasn’t a big watch person so the smaller more subtle Alta then Charge 4 work best for me. The versa looks good but the size makes me think I’d take it off too often and then forget to put it back. Having a couple of straps is great as regular changes and cleaning stops any rash or problems underneath. Well done Fitbit! You’ve brought my friends and family closer through your challenges despite us being all over the world. My 9 year old niece is getting in on it now too...I’d better out this away and get out for a walk!.Version: 3.41

Great app for tracking activity and motivating you to move more.Have used Fitbit for years and found it very motivational in getting me moving more often. The steps and activity tracking is excellent and with the later wrist tracker models you get a view of heart rate and effort which helps to identify your fitness levels. There is sleep tracking and other health statistics to help you understand your overall health as well. The ability for the wearable tracker to last 5+ days without charge and the great Fitbit app put it ahead of apple’s equivalent tracker and apps..Version: 3.42

Great app but novelty wears off quicklyWhen I first got my Fitbit I used to sync everyday, track my heart rate, calories, compete against friends each week as to who could do the most steps. Now all I use it for is tracking my sleep and as a watch. Sometimes I’ll have the notifications on and have my phone on Bluetooth so I get the message or call notifications, but often I’ll have this switched off as while I’m at work I find being prompted to hit 250 steps every hour a bit distracting. It would be good to have a feature where you can select which notifications you want, so I could see my messages and calls, but not the step reminders. It’s a great bit of kit and it’s obviously very popular but once the novelty wears off it pretty much becomes a watch. There used to be an incentive as the Fitbit app could be synced with the Lucozade Sport app where you could be entered into prize draws if you hit a certain amount of steps daily and/or weekly, but unfortunately Lucozade have finished their promotion. Perhaps Fitbit could consider partnering with another company to rekindle those incentives. I did far more steps each week and won a few nice prizes too, so it definitely encouraged me to be more active..Version: 2.88

Great gadgetI am giving my Fitbit Zip five stars, even though I only use the steps portion. It is fun, gives me good info about a job I have, where I am on my feet for my entire shift, and it is easy to use. It is true, you will add extra steps to get to a goal, and I don't consider myself a competitive person. I am sure the other elements of the Zip are great, but I am an online WW member, so I just use the FIT for upping my activity. I highly recommend this product. However I am adding a review of the Flex 2, (3 years later) which I hate. I lost my Fitbit zip and went with the Flex 2 when there was a long wait for Zip delivery. I wish I hadn't. I give the Flex 0 stars. I have to download a new Fitbit app every time I try to sync the stupid thing. I've gone thru every help tip Fitbit offers, spent a long time on the phone with a person in customer support and have emailed the company for help. There has been no resolution. The company's support team used to be amazing, now they just read back text from the same help site I used when I tried to trouble shoot the problem. Also when the Flex 2 finally syncs (again after I download the app, again, for the third time that day) it seems to record arm movements. So if you are sitting down wrapping packages or painting your toenails you will also be getting in your steps. If you can get it to sync..Version: iOS 2.51

Good app but can frustrating when it plays up.The app is good when it works. I like all the things you can record, especially steps and sleep score but unfortunately the app plays up. My steps or sleep score will have been counted for the day and shows up. Then a couple days later a day will be gone will zero steps and no sleep score recorded. The information just sometimes disappears. This can throw off my 7 day average, and it can make it hard to know if I’m improving or not..Version: 3.31

Huge fanI love my charge 3. I love how it tracks sleep and keeps track of my sleep stages. I love that I can track my runs, the splits, distance, and shows a map. Battery life is great. Notifications are great as well. 100% waterproof. The only time I take it off is to charge which I only have to do once a week. Also very durable I play basketball 3 times a week. Sometimes it will get hit by someone’s hand or the ball and my Fitbit shows no damage. I love Apple. Im bossed with my Mac and iPhone. But the Fitbit is way better than the Apple Watch and a fraction of the price. The app itself is great. Records the data very clearly and is easy to read. They send progress reports each week as well which are great compared to the last week. (I think it would be cool if that also got compared to your average stats) tracks all I see about and i can access it easily. Syncs very quickly as well. My one problem is it is very hard to read in the day light. The screen gets really dim and when on a run and I want to see my pace or trying to read a text message when it’s really bright outside it’s almost to read. I don’t know if Fitbit needs to fix that or if I can adjust it. Literally my only concern..Version: 2.92

Almost perfect - just one thingI notice that the challenges for real life are only in NYC and other places that aren’t in my country.. Australia. I cannot compete in these challenges as I live in a small country town. I would love to be able to enjoy every part of Fitbit but I can’t seem to join in on the good challenges like that (and they look so fun!). Maybe if it’s too hard to add challenges for each place, add challenges for all over like “find a mountain and climb it, river run, backroad bliss, hahaha I don’t know, but just something EVERYONE can do and enjoy.. Some new challenges could be added to the workweek hustle, weekend warrior etc. I seem to be continuously doing the same thing and it’s getting boring but I’m not going to stop using Fitbit as I love it so much. Yous have done and amazing job and I hope you keep it up!.Version: 2.46

Overall an excellent productI review my sleep and heart rate every morning and monitor my steps during the day, aiming for the 10,000 or more every day. I think the device and the app are quite amazing in what they do and I am pleased with the results I get (a fitness level of 60-64 at age 73). The helpful information provided by the app is generally first class. I deduct one star only because of Fitbit’s reluctance to provide any information on how they calculate the ‘resting heart-rate’. It is frustrating to me and to many others, especially as it is the key measure of fitness. One only needs to look at the forums to see people’s frustration and the unsatisfactory responses from Fitbit. Please provide at least the logic behind the algorithm, not just what it is vaguely meant to represent and I would happily award five stars. I can appreciate the need for protection of intellectual property, but surely you can find a better balance. But thank you for providing what is otherwise a great product!.Version: 3.34

Update of July 12, 2018I have been a loyal Fitbit customer for over 3 years, often recommending the trackers to friends and relatives. I credit the app and device for helping me lose 90 lbs and keep it off. I especially like that the app includes food tracking and that anyone can add foods that they use and are not already included. However, the recent update in early July had major bugs introduced to the food log. The app was updated within a week to address the bugs in the roll out. I am now happier with the product and reaction time it took FitBit to address the problems. I do wish they had a more clear way to offer feedback, suggestions, and requests. For example, one sometime may mid-enter food nutrition data (I have done this by accident as well as having run across obviously erroneous entries). Currently there is no clear method to report these aberrations so the log can be cleaned up. Another example is the recent roll out of Female Health Information that can show up on your dashboard. This may be useful to some in helping to track cycles and get pregnant, but the app already knows my age. Given I am over 60, my interest in this new feature on my dash is below ZERO..Version: 2.53.1

Charge 2I've recently swapped from a different heart rate monitor to the Fitbit Charge 2. Previously, I've been monitoring my heart rate during HIIT and ICE gym sessions, but wanted to use an app that would monitor, (or that I could add in) calories and other exercise. Did some research, bought the Charge, and now I'm hooked!! Loving the generalised health benefits. I'm now watching my food intake, calories, exercise sessions, steps, and sleep patterns. Yeah! It is relatively easy to use -I'm in the over sixties age group, and therefore not a techno head. I'm still in a learning curve with the tracker and the app, and am finding out more stuff each time I open up the app. It gives me simple prompts , and positive feedback. The tracker itself is easy to wear, and slim and stylish. Love it..Version: 3.34

Informative and easy to understandI refer to the Fitbit App every morning. It gives accessible data about sleep and resting heart rate along with other parameters monitoring health and performance. All information is easy to understand with backing notes if necessary. A very useful and accessible app..Version: 2.89

CompetentI’ve been using this app since I was given a Fitbit Blaze a couple of years ago. As the title says, it’s competent. There are two niggles. Very occasionally it does not record sleep data. Either there is no sleep data or just the sleep stages. Some time later it may be updated. The only other problem is the synchronisation between the app and the watch. This happens fairly randomly but is frequent and annoying. My fixes for it involve resetting the watch, switching off Bluetooth and then back on, switching my iPhone to flight mode and back on or a combination of all of those things. My iPhone is quite content to synchronise with other Bluetooth gadgets and I can only guess that it is the watch, the app or the the Fitbit service that is problematic. Other than that, the app is great which is why it received four stars..Version: 2.92

UsefulThe newest replacement I got, barely connects to my phone. I have to tell it to sink and a lot of times it doesn’t do it so I have to close out the app and come back in. It constantly tells me that the zip battery is dying even when I’ve replaced it A few days or a week before and continues to tell me that although sometimes it will keep working anywayFor many, many weeks. For some reason they don’t make the clip on zip anymore and that’s quite annoying since I don’t want to wear a watch I find it uncomfortable, expensive and in the way Zip needs a less expensive model. Some of the models have so many things I don’t care about Also the app used to clearly tell you what times you were getting exercise now it’s kind of a loose, vague timing. I found it useful when I got up a number of times in the middle of the night and lost a lot of sleep Older review below. The zip is difficult to see when it’s on you as part of her work and it doesn’t link up efficiently with your phone sometimes there’s a big delay sometimes it doesn’t check in then you have to go sync it. I liked the one that looked just like a little gem, No it’s synced up efficiently you couldn’t really read it and excepted lights which I never could remember which light meant which and it wasn’t specific. Otherwise it works and it makes you do exercise which is its purpose..Version: 3.55

Fitbit Charge2Love the simplicity of use but find the sleep monitor baffling in how it calculates your sleep score. It doesn’t make sense. Just wish Fitbit would not keep trying to sell me a monthly plan when I’m happy with how things are. But compared to other similar devices Fitbit is ahead in both value for money, ease of use and availability of accessories..Version: 3.36

All Round Fitness TrackerI have been using this app for about 3.5 years it’s had several updates over this time. It does a great job at spotting the type of exercise in doing and recording it and provides good stats to see where you struggled and how many steps, calories you really did. My favourite new feature is the sleep quality with Light, Deep and REM it gives a much better picture of sleep patterns than the old tracker. I don’t find the active minutes at all useful though. I do like the badges and the snippets of facts; you’ve walk to the moon, ascended Everest etc... The weight tracker is good but I wish the BMI, Body Fat % and Lean vs Fat could be calculated in app rather than having to figure out the values to put in the app. Overall great app, love to see my stats after a cycle ride; not so much after a day at the office..Version: 2.87

Love my FitBit!!Really interesting how it tracks my steps especially when I’m working as I’m on my feet all day and do a fair bit of walking in my job. That was the main reason I wanted one, to see how many steps in a day, especially on a really busy working day. It tracks how I’ve been sleeping which is interesting at times, and gives you hints and tips. I wear it everyday, so easy and simple to use..Version: 3.33

Would love it more if I could...I’ve been a a Fitbit fan for 6 years, upgrading twice. I love it. 5 stars for my Fitbit device, fewer for the app. My suggestions for improving it: 1: The app doesn’t track my bicycle commute. It has the capability to track my GPS when I walk. Why not when I cycle? Other apps can and do. 2: I’d like to be able to enter my waist measurements as that’s an indicator of health. 3: Please add a New Zealand food database. 4: I don’t like the women’s cycle tracker at all, I have returned to my old one. This one is clunky and makes assumptions that are irritating..Version: 2.94

FitbitLike it works great.Version: 2.40

I love my Fitbit but have an app suggestion!I absolutely love my Fitbit and the app but there is ONE thing that I would love to see improved. I had a suggestion about the app and when you make changes to your goals (I.e. step goal, nutrition goal, etc) when you adjust your goals to be a little more intense, it makes it look like you didn’t meet your goals on past dates. Would it ever be possible to have the app updated so that when you update your goals it only affects entries and logs going forward from that change? Example, I changed my calorie deficit to -750 and I used to do -500 so now when I go look at my old entries before today’s date, they make it look like I was over my goal (when I actually met the goal I had been working on at that time.) just a suggestion that would not only help you see how often you are changing your goals but also to help you not feel discouraged when you look back and see that you didn’t actually exceed your calorie intake for the day, just had an old goal. :) I know for me personally, it would be really nice to see this update, but overall this Fitbit has changed my life!.Version: 3.16.1

Dating app!I recently bought a fitbit charge 3 so wanted the app to go along with it. None of my friends or family have one or are using the app so I wanted to use the community part of the app to find fellow keep fitters so then I could use the challenging each other parts of the app. Well soon as I joined a group I got a heap of friend requests. Great I thought! Everyone is keen here. Hmmm funny they're all men and it shows no sign of exercise on their profiles. And they've all just joined too 🤔 must be the coronavirus pandemic. But nope they just want to chat. They have similar back stories. Have all been Americans and when I mention fitbit they ask what I'm on about! So I have no idea what's going on but it's definitely a flaw to the app. Other issues... The sleep part. I can either let the watch realise I'm asleep and let it do an in depth analysis (which is great) but then it fails to realise I'm up and doing stuff and then stop to meditate and read (it assumes I fell back to sleep) - this gives me a wacky analysis. Or I tell it I'm going to sleep and have woken up in which case I just get a really basic analysis. I don't want to change my schedule but I don't know how to get it to stop linking up my daytime activities to my nighttime sleep. Otherwise the app has been great. Took a while to get my stride right so it wasn't crediting me with too little or too many steps. Overall though I like the app and have found it easy to use..Version: 3.18

My partner in fitnessI’ve had my Fitbit Ionic for a year and a half and am very happy with it. This is my 3rd Fitbit and the Ionic addresses the issues I had with my first two ‘bits, namely a one-day battery life and the fact I couldn’t immerse it in water. The data collected by my Ionic is logically and usefully displayed on the Fitbit app. I’m a recovering heart attack patient and the heart rate data compiled in the app is essential reading for my doctor. I transcribe the heart data onto my own spreadsheets and provide them to my doctor every time I have an appointment. The accuracy of the readings is impressive and consistent and when my numbers are taken three times a week at my cardiac rehab sessions at the hospital we’ve come to use the Fitbit’s heart rate number over that of the nurse’s oximeter because my Fitbit tends to do a better job filtering out the “white noise” of my a-fib condition. Medical science is a data-driven discipline and being able to provide my doctor with hard data each visit is immensely valuable. My last doctor’s appt in April lasted NINE MINUTES - all because I provided the spreadsheet numbers compiled by my Fitbit and displayed on the app. If you’re trying to talk to your doctor about your health and how you’re feeling and don’t have numbers to quantify your opinions, well, you’re only guessing..Version: 2.93

Initial setupI was so impressed with the packaging and initial charge/sync/setup offered by Fitbit via the app on my phone. The word that kept coming to me was “beautiful”. It was aesthetically pleasing but more importantly technically very soothing. I felt well supported all the way though and especially loved the message given when the Fitbit was updating: “you don’t need to hang around for this part” or similar - Lovely!! If you are anxious about giving this to a non-techy relative, DON’T be - Fitbit will Look after them well! Cheers, KateFLR.Version: 2.44.2

Fit to liveI wear my Fitbit 24/7 and use the default settings. It’s very interesting. I often have many active minutes but it may not register as exercise. If I play golf it may say I’ve done 2 x 15 minute walks but I guess that’s because you need to get beyond a brisk walk and maintain it for 10 mins. It picks up other exercise such as tennis but mowing the lawn comes up as motor biking! 😂 love seeing how I sleep and it’s a challenge to maintain my levels. I’m pretty fit and active anyway and like to keep it that way! I’ve a good knowledge in the health and fitness area and the Fitbit suits me but it’s not in depth technology that can pick up medical problems. It can probably help u to get fitter if u sign up to in app purchases but I never do this on any app regardless. As I said I worked in health n fitness all my life so it’s not something I need but if you want to get fit and it motivates you to improve your level and be healthier then go for it!.Version: 2.92

Extensive and works… most of the timeHad the app for the best part of 4 years and it’s still yet to put a foot wrong. It’s most recent update has seen one or two stability issues however; - Opening up the sleep info tab on the main screen slows down the entire phone and takes over 15 seconds to actually open. Used to be instantaneous however evidently isn’t the case anymore - Opening other tabs also sometimes introduces similar stability issues, however nowhere near as bad as the sleep one. For new people, you’ll find that Fitbit has a premium option which may raise eyebrows, especially after you’ve just paid for an expensive bit of tech on the tracker itself, however I’ve never used premium and it’s still well beyond extensive with the information you can see..Version: 3.39.1

Happy to be FitbitingTraining about 6 days per week and health conscious I had always been interested in monitoring my activity including my sleeping patterns. Once Fitbit brought out their first smart watch I was sold. The Ionic has preformed well since I purchased it just after New Years. So I have worn the watch everyday for a month and a half and it has done everything they said it would. The Fitbit app is awesome to use and follow on my iPhone and I monitor my sleep every morning on my phone. The app and the watch seem to communicate flawlessly and I love the little details like getting a notification and email on my phone when my watch needs recharging. Looking forward to things getting even better into the future Fitbit..Version: 2.87

Apps Program calculationI love my Fitbit and the app is the best way to keep track of a healthy lifestyle. It has great suggestions to achieve your goals, fun exercise challenges and good health food recipes. It even has a menstrual calendar. This apps health leave is based off the person gender, age, height and weight. But I feel it should have a Pregnancy setting or condition setting. While i was expecting I found the apps program made it look as if I was “unhealthy” due to the weight gain and small snacking between meals. I think is important to make sure that the apps programming can also calculate when weight gain is healthy by basing itself off the persons gender, age, high, weight and condition e.g pregnancy. I would hate to see what effects this app could have on a person with a mental illness such as anorexia..Version: 3.58

Really helpfulI have a chronic illness and my Fitbit HR is so useful in so many ways. Helps me monitor what’s helping and what is not. Such as how fixing a B9,12 iron deficiency helped my step count and a dip in step count on autumn led me to discover my vitamin D was low. I use so many of the functions such as sleep Monitor to improve sleep, HR and steps to pace and the logging of food has really helped me keep healthy diet and also lose weight as I’ve not been so active and it’s helped stop calorific snacking. The period app is also really useful. I use this app more than any other and it’s really helped me manage a complex chronic illness. So useful. Best health buy I’ve made and the app is so easy to use. The app is free to try to see if it could be useful before buying a Fitbit, which is what I did. I got a Fitbit HR specifically do I could monitor sleep. If it adds a function to analyse vitamin intake from diet and supplements this would be amazing. It’s the only thing I think is lacking. At the moment it’s focussed on calories and carbs/protein/fat which is great for following keto diets, but I’d really like it to work out my vitamin intake to help me improve my deficiencies more naturally than supplements. Excellent app and device. Highly recommended. Used it non stop over 18 months now..Version: 2.87

The apps greatI love the app and after about 4 to 5 months, I woke up and a little bit of my Fitbit charge 2 was faded on the side, it looked a little bit like when someone burns their phone screen but my phone app also updated that same night and then the burn went to about half of the screen in two days, and the it was taking out all and the pixels too and soon enough there were no more pixels left and my Fitbit still works but the screens just not showing anything *I’ll note that it wasn’t actually a burn, it just looked like it* it’s happened to a lot of people. There’s actually a whole chat room website.Version: 2.88

Charge 2I love my Fitbit charge 2, it’s great you can change the straps to different colours etc, & love it record my heart rate. My biggest issue is with the App I have on my phone, I use the app to record my food & amount of water intake everyday BUT there are odd occasions I don’t get round to entering my food one day, so I thought I’d enter the information the next day to find out You Can’t go back a day on the food, but you can go back a day to add water, the only way to enter food eaten for yesterday is add something on the day. Now today I’ve had a “we are cleaning things up for you” a few seconds later everything seemed the same only to find out it’s allowing me to enter my food for today only to be deleted a few seconds later, it’s also adding “mini cupcakes” to my intake then when I delete them it removes everything. I’ve re-entered my food intake several times for it to be deleted time & time again to the point I’ve given up now. It’s annoying & frustrating. Come on Fitbit sort these issues out quickly..Version: 2.53

Great except for one thing...This app is useful. It tracks water, food, steps, zone minutes, miles walked, and it has so many other cool features. One of my favorite things to do on the app is track sleep. It worked fine at first. It was accurate. However, now it's not becoming accurate. This week, it's said I got: Three hours and four minutes, three hours and fifty-three minutes, three hours and thirteen minutes, and today it's saying I got four hours and three minutes. Yesterday, I went to bed at 11:04 and woke up at 5:37, yet it said I got three hours and thirteen minutes of sleep. I'm pretty sure that is more than 6.5 hours of sleep. It's frustrating. It's happened four times this week. I'm not doing anything different than I used to. I wear it to sleep and I make sure it's not too loose or tight. I wake up, check the Fitbit app, and it's saying I didn't get a good night's sleep at all. I talked to my father about it (who also has a Fitbit), and he said the app glitches sometimes. My mother has a Fitbit as well, but as of recently, it's not been glitching for either of them. I am not doing anything different from them. I don't know if it was because of a new update or something, since it never happened before this week. Please fix, this app is so useful for calculating sleep and I want it to do it right..Version: 3.55

Loyal fitbit customerHi I’ve had my Fitbit for a while and it is consistently helpful in tracking my sleep, food intake, drink intake, and menestral cycle. And of course, fitbit is known for tracking of activity and steps as well as heart rate. There is one complaint I have. I need a competitive atmosphere to enhance my healthy living. With the friends option you can challenge friends to like three different challenges. These challenges can easily get boring and unmotivated users if your friend runs track or something. I think it would be in fitbit and the health of the world’s intentions to have challenges dedicated to drinking enough water and reaching calorie goals and sleep goals as well. Activity is a big part of our health, however, when it comes to hydration, sleep, and nutrition many people are falling behind. With an increase in steps and activity. Fitbit should provide reminders to drink more water and to eat some food for more energy. I think that your healthy diet begins in the kitchen and ends with the right amount of steps. Without doing too much out of my way, I can usually achieve my step goal, but I often struggle with hydration and have fainting spells and sometimes get hospitalized due to lack of hydration. It is vital to a person’s well being to stay hydrated especially after working out or moving a lot. Thank you so much for listening and I hope you take my advice into account..Version: 2.84

Needs some small improvements 😊The app works well but some small improvements would make it even better! - being able to record taking a contraceptive pill each day with a reminder would be easier than using a separate app like I do now, and I know Apple is preventing quick text replies but I’m looking forward to the day IPhone users can do this too, as I’m considering going back to the Apple Watch just to be able to do that.. But I enjoy using all of Fitbits other features so its a hard choice!.Version: 2.53.1

So motivational!I am on the weightloss mission of my life! Been told to lose weight to have a baby ❤️ I love kids, they are great and I would like a few of my own. I have gone on a low carb diet, I do walking, aquajogging, yoga, Pilates, Zumba and boxing! I lost 15kg since end of November 💚 I enjoy the Fitbit challenges, lots of fun and support 💛 I am 25kgs from my recommended weight! Cheers Fitbit and my Fitbit supporters/comrades 🤗.Version: 2.44.2

The new dashboardHi to whom it may concern I wish to give feed back on the new version the dashboard it’s very confusing to add something like an alarm in the app when the old dashboard had that setting unless it was only for the Alta I now have the versa watch 2 and it won’t let me add a silent alarm unless I do it from the watch it self I know for fact that before the update I was able to add an alarm and now I can’t seem to find the setting I have googles it I have placed the question the community board and I sync and restarted my watch and phone it seems to be gone from my dashboard correct me if I wrong? Thank you Oriana.Version: 3.25.1

Wonderful but a small problemI wrote the main bit below before, not long after I got the app. I got that fixed but my current problem is the personal adventures. I tried the 8,000 steps NYC one today. Didn't check my app once and I've almost completed it at 2pm. When I went to collect all my treasures there were only two there. Even though it's not 11:59 yet. I love my Fitbit charge 2. And I love the app, I haven't lost much weight through it but I am more active. However when I do my 250 steps an hour my charge registers all steps but the app doesn't. I have to log extra steps on the app to ensure the hour is registering. I lowered the goals to an obtainable target so I'm more likely to do them. This means the hours not registering makes me a little deflated. I love the app Fitbit but please offer a way to ensure they register properly. Thank you.Version: 2.41.1

FitbitI have been a dedicated Fitbit use for years. I have recommended your product to friends, bought trackers for my family and friends. On the whole I am happy with my tracker. Here are some things I am unhappy about. It does not track my steps very accurately, especially around the house. I can walk the whole length of our house and not record a single step. We have concluded my steps are to light. It is often faulty about downloading my steps, like this week. I walked every day but none are recorded. This happens too often, I usual check but if I have a busy week I may not get around to it. The connection between the tracker and the USB cord is also very tricky and has required jiggling from the very beginning. It's location on the underside is also poor as perspiration and skin builds up and needs cleaning with a toothpick. The band fastener is of poor quality..Version: 3.32.1

Great butThis app is great and really cool to use I recommend this app for older sort of kids like from the age of 7 plus. It’s is great having an app connected with your Fitbit! The only problem is that it sometimes glitches and tells me that I have got thousands of active minutes and a little amount of steps. The steps do not change but the active minutes do very quickly this usually happens for a day, then we it restarts the next day it’s fine. It seem like the numbers in the active minutes switch with my steps, is any one else having these problems? I use a Ace 2 Fitbit so it might just be a glitch but other than that this app is great!.Version: 3.27

Great Fitness App! 🏃🏻‍♀️👏🏻This is a great app, keep doing what you’re doing. I love all the different features that can help you stay fit. This app encourages me to stay on my diet, or keep working out, or just maintaining a healthier lifestyle, even when the time gets tough. In addition, I really appreciate how you read and listen to these reviews. Just a suggestion: where you log your food, you can create a custom food but you can’t delete or edit them. It would be very helpful if we could do both or either of those. I created a custom food because it wasn’t listed in the provided foods but I forgot a word in the title and it made it a completely different product from what it was. I really need to edit it and change it but that is not an option. Also, another thing that would be cool to have is if you could create a custom workout for your exercise. There is a limited number of options and I make up my own workouts and I would like to put it in the log. Likewise, where you can track where you run, hike, or walk is a very helpful feature! Could you, by any chance, add biking to that? It would make it a bit more useful for me. These are just a few suggestions that I believe would improve the app. Overall this app is great and I am so thankful for it!.Version: 2.47

FitBit app is pretty good, minus some frustrationsI love my FitBit Versa and the FitBit app, but my one complaint would be the overwhelming number of clock faces to choose from and no real way to filter through them. The categories are broken down to only a few, at most, and the search feature isn’t really all that reliable for what you’re truly trying to search for. For example, when searching for “beach” it only shows a few options, but IF you have a large amount of free time to search through the extensive library one by one, you happen to come across several more while browsing. Maybe having a “tag” feature for clock face developers to add search keywords would be nice. It would also be nice if there was a feature to filter clock faces by which ones are free from those that you have to buy. I’m also not fond of the calorie link option that FitBit incorporates with the MyFitnessPal app. It would be nice for a setting to be provided to select whether you only want workout calories that you’ve burned to automatically link to your MyFitnessPal app versus your overall calorie burn for the day. I’m one who only likes to log my calorie burn for workouts and not the entire day. Those are overall my only two complaints. For the most part, the FitBit app is great, with the exception of these couple of things, but I’ve also only owned my Versa for less than a week, so I’m still exploring the app..Version: 2.94

*EDIT* Needs True FixingI have been so frustrated over the last three weeks not being able to view my sleep pattern. That’s a big reason why I’ve always loved this app. It breaks down my sleep cycle. Helps me better to understand my sleep and to change things in my routine to try and get a better nights sleep. I read a review that said they were having the same issues as so many people on here. They deleted the app and then reinstalled it. I was worried about losing all my data and then realized I can’t access it anyway. So, I deleted and reinstalled. Didn’t lose my data and the app is back to working like normal again! I will be staying with my Fitbit! There’s no other device like it to do what I use it for. I have used Fitbit for years and have loved it. However, there have been three updates lately that have caused the app to freeze whenever I click on my sleep. My husband is getting tired of me complaining about it and is trying to convince me to go away from Fitbit and find a different tracking device. It would be nice if the developers would figure out the problem and fix it seeing as I’m not the only one complaining about this..Version: 3.40.1

What happened to exercise categoriesLove using my Fitbit Luxe. The only thing that somewhat frustrated me was when I worked out, I sometimes couldn’t find the type of workout I did listed in the “categorize exercise” option on the app. For example I do ab workouts quite often, but there’s no way for me to label the workout as such on the app, given the choices under “categorize exercise”. Then the other day I noticed that more options we added! I had done a HIIT workout and lo and behold HIIT was a new option to categorize my workout! Then I searched and also saw there was now an option to list a core workout for when I have an abs workout day! Fast forward a couple days later and when I went to log my workout as HIIT, it was no longer listed as an option. Looked for the core workout option and it wasn’t listed as an option anymore either. I also noticed that the workout I had listed as HIIT a few days earlier has now been changed to “Circuit Training”. Please bring back more options for categorizing workouts. It really helps to look back and see exactly what I did. With more options, I don’t have to guess what I did or use another label that doesn’t really apply to my workout..Version: 3.52.1

ExcellentReally good app. It is good to have one place where there is so much personnel information ie your heart rate, sleep patterns, steps etc. also able to add your water intake and track your cycle. Great motivation with being able to challenge friends this part of the app is one of my favourite aspects..Version: 2.87

Keeping your users actively engagedAs others have stated, the app and the product are fantastic from a technology and UI UX perspective. But.....that simply has not been enough to keep me engaged a month or so after getting the watch. Now my fitness tracker is only used to see my resting heart rate on a daily basis and the time. Most if not all other functions and notifications are simply just background noise. Yes I take part in the odd few challenges with friends and colleagues, but it’s not driving behaviour. It’s information paralysis instead... So.....the exam question here is, what do Fitbit need to do to keep their users meaningfully engaged? Some thoughts: 1) incentivise me materially to be more active - sounds obvious but why not have a fit bit store and let users earn credits (or meaningful discounts) by winning challenges? 2) wager mode - small bets with friends and colleagues you trust on a given challenge, winning split between the winner and or a selected charity for example? 3) free promotions / products for doing something different... ”This week your challenge is walk up 100 flights of stairs” for example... and by doing so we will ship you the latest protein bar by whoever. Finally - customise notifications. I don’t need to be reminded I’ve not been active for the last hour because I’ve been sitting around a boardroom table, dinner table, on a plane! But I do like it as a watch.....Version: 3.9.1

Accept the limitations use its brillianceThere are legitimate limitations to this bit of tech. It cant interpret everything you do and understand every nuance of activities you do get up to. If you are realistic and accept these (spin classes wont get you very far and understandably so) then this is a great bit of kit. It offer analysis of your activity, it shows your sleep analysis, it records how active you have been and whether you need to be more active (if you have logged 10 miles on the back of a horse then you KNOW you have not done that physically) but it is still activity. It pushes you to be more active and watch what you are doing which at the end of the day is all good stuff. I love the amount of information this app offers and how it has motivated me to get more active (especially on non gym days stuck in the office) the reminders to get up and move have been really good..... it gets me to the loo!!.Version: 2.44.1

Feel Naked w/o my Fitbit! But....I’ve had a Fitbit for 5 yrs now and use both it and the app religiously. There was a frustrating Firmware issue with the charge 2 and another device crapped out on me but Fitbit replaced and has since fixed everything. I now (still) have a Charge HR that has been running strong for 2.5 yrs... the App itself is great, I love the challenges and the navigation is easy/intuitive for the most part. One part I don’t like is the adventures area. So far it’s just places like Yosemite, NYC, Boston... Why? There are so many grand walks/hikes in so many areas of the world. There are also lots of other sites and apps that have countless walks/hikes mapped in whatever area you happen to be in but I’d much prefer to be able to access all of this from the Fitbit App. I’m stumped as to why Fitbit hasn’t extended the selection when it would be easy to load other walks and in turn be much more usable for everyone! It would also increase Fitbit usage and engagement. I remember thinking this when I first saw adventures on the front page of the app, clicked on it and saw just a few areas. Today I decided to check again and... 3-4 years later they still have the same few walks/hikes. This is so odd I’m kind of scratching my head as to why expanding this section hasn’t occurred to anyone at Fitbit, what the obstacles are (seems easy/doable and cost/benefit smart) and why it hasn’t happened?.Version: 2.80

Great AppPersonally I think this is a great app for not only adults but children too. This gives me so many ways to interact and really push myself doing exercises. I am a child myself and find no problems using this. Although if you are a very young child, parent supervision and support is definitely important which is why there is a feature to add a parents account to make sure your children are behaving. I enjoy that this app has a feature to set and track your own goals. I also enjoy setting challenges with my brother and I, it really helps us get all the exercise we need. Overall, great app and great work!.Version: 3.44

A friend in meThis is going to sound sad but this app lowkey feels like a digital friend. It sends personal alerts, looks out for me when I don’t sleep properly, congratulates me when I’m doing well, encourages me to keep going and celebrates my successes as well as giving me tips on where I’m struggling and some fun daily facts on sleep cycles etc! Perfect for tracking period cycles and it’s beautiful designed app which is very easy to use and nice to look at. So much to offer and it’s freeeeeee!!!.Version: 2.85

Bug:menstrual sectionI really love the features and everything,except for one thing. In the menstrual cycle section, every time I click on it, it’s on my birthday month, back in 1997!! I have to swipe up to the actual month EVERY TIME. And now that I did the update, it won’t charge AT ALL. I really hope this gets fix please because it is really annoying. Thank you!.Version: 3.40.1

If having trouble with syncing, read thisAlright, so if you are getting a message saying that the phone cannot find your Fitbit, then you have probably got a setting on your phone that prevents you from connecting to Bluetooth devices, for example: parental controls, your phone is having problems with using Bluetooth or anything along those lines. If your Fitbit is not completely brand new or you got it from someone else, the thing is when you sync a Fitbit it becomes fixed to your phone so you won’t be able to pair the Fitbit with other phones unless you unpair the Fitbit from the previous phone. And also , you may have a setting that is turned off that is not allowing the Fitbit to connect to other phones. That is all I know, thank you!.Version: 2.91

Life ChangerWe are seniors, age 73 and 78. We started walking with Fitbit almost 3 years (me)/2 years (my spouse) ago. We were diabetics. Having the Fitbit prompt us is like having a personal coach living with us. I also used the Fitbit to track my eating. By having the ability to see calories in our food selections almost instantly, helped us with our food selections too. Now back to why I titled this “Life Changer”. My husband was a couch potato his entire life. Fitbit got him into a daily walking routine. We both lost weight - about 110 pounds between the two of us! We both reduced the number of meds we needed each day. And last quarterly diabetic check, our A1C was 6.2, prediabetic range. We will always be diabetic, but thanks to the use of Fitbit, we can manage the disease. We can not say enough good things about Fitbit and how easy the app is to use. As a side note, I also like being able to walk with “Friends”. I live in VA and walk with cousins in FL and PA. We like cheering/taunting/messaging too. I never get to see them so it is fun knowing our Fitbit app connects us through our walking - every day! As I said, I could go on and on and....💕.Version: 2.85

Great for keeping track!I love my Fitbit! Started with an Alta HR then upgraded it to a Charge 3. I find the app really good as I can see how I’m doing during the day, and also track my progress over weeks and months. I wish you could do is add custom volume amounts of water. My Kleen Kanteen takes 450 and I have to enter it ever time! Plus the issue with the millilitres changing to cls which is a pain if you want to change the amount from say 40 mls to 25 for a particular serving - I have to google what it is in cls..Version: 2.93

Just keeps getting betterLove the app, love the product, love all the improvements and new things that get added, awesome for my motivation, goals and health, love it, always recommend it to all. Just keeps getting better.Version: 3.55

So much for bug fixes.... and they were fixed!Previous comments earning the app 3 stars a week ago: First time that the app has failed in over a year. So averaged out the number of stars to give it— with this week being 1 star and rest of year is 5. Since the latest update my Flex 2 wont sync. Ironic timing since I actually managed to finally do some serious exercising every day this week. I think the tracker is still storing data since I’m still getting silent alarms and notifications when wearing it. I hope it’s storing everything til bugs are fixed. Please! Update with 5 stars to go with it: I was so surprised that the developers responded to the problem I posted about syncing, and for that alone, I’d give the app 5 stars for customer service. But better yet, the FitBit help page that they directed me to had the solution. It was at end of webpage after a long list of things to try, most of which everyone probably does. At the end of the “try this” suggestions, the one about how to reset the actual tracker did the trick. I never knew there was a little button on the charger itself for this purpose. Anyways, my Flex 2 tracker miraculously synced after I reset it, and it had stored a full week of data, exercise, sleep patterns, etc, which appeared happily in the app. The developer’s reply to my initial review has the link to follow for how-to. Thanks so much for being repsonsive!.Version: 2.81.1

Fitbit programIn 2013, I bought a Zip and used it to track steps, which encouraged me to improve and increase my activity, culminating in an 8K walk/run in September 2013. I had been using different apps for diet and, although I was maintaining weight, I wasn't losing. In May 2014, I decided to put all my activity and diet into one program. I compared a few and ended up with the Fitbit program. By September 2014, I had lost 20 pounds. A miracle as far as I'm concerrned after so many years of trying. Most important, I feel healthier. I recently changed to the Fitbit One as a tool for my next goal....the next 10 pounds and to help me with my sleep cycle, which I have found to be amazing. The best thing out of all of this is that all the tools are together, complete with trends, journal, archives, and incentives. I have read some of the other reviews and find that one-dimensional observations of a multi-dimensional program lack the information and experience needed to be fair. If you buy a product knowing that it does not link with an app you are using, why buy it? Because the product, even as a stand alone, is good. In any program, the key is the user, whether the product integrates with an app or not. So, I have stated on the Facebook page that I am happy with the product and program and I reiterate that here. Fitbit rocks!!! Thank you!!!.Version: 3.43.1

Great app and devicesI’ve found this app so helpful when logging calories and water, checking daily activity and sleep patterns. The community on there is so supportive and there are so many great tips and meal ideas for any one trying to lose weight or just live a healthier lifestyle in general. The premium version isn’t really that necessary. It doesn’t offer a huge amount more than the free membership apart from workout routines, recipes and some other instructables. One thing that I think needs improving is the barcode scanner and the food log. A lot of stuff that I have scanned has completely different nutritional values on the app than it doesn’t on the packaging. I’ve also found that there aren’t a lot of uk brands on there. To be really picky it’s also sometimes hard to find the food that your looking for from the list. For example if I type in ‘broccoli’ it gives me a huge list of alternatives before I actually find just broccoli. Other than that though it’s a great app and the smart watches are definitely worth the money if you’re really considering it 😊.Version: 3.39.1

Great app but....Have been using a Fitbit with the IOS app for a few year now and I am a huge fan. Syncing and data display is great. The community area is a fantastic place to share fitness victories and find people to do challenges with! However, there always seems to be some small glitch with the app, either notifications don’t show up, long comments on post can’t be read because the ‘read more’ won’t show up and now you can’t change your profile or cover photos?! Also why is the option to turn the period tracker off not available? Will continue to use my Fitbit and the app but really hope these issues get resolved..Version: 2.83

Suggestion/feature requestI really enjoy this app and it is really easy to use and has lots of data available. Feature Request: Reminder to drink water Similar to the Reminder to Move function, a reminder to drink water function would give the user the ability to set reminders (hourly, half hourly, every two hours ect.) to remind them to drink water. The user can set the times and days in which they want to be reminded, like the reminder to move function. The reminder, so not to clash with the reminder to move function could remind the user 15 or 20 minutes before the hour. The user could turn these reminders off or on as they please for those who would not use the function. I find myself regularly drink water in large amounts because I barely remember whereas it is better if people drink water more regularly than less often and drink large amounts at a time. I believe this would be a great feature to add. I hope you consider adding this feature Thanks, Lachlan.Version: 3.40.1

More controlI love my Fitbit and tracking my exercise using it. It’s easy to use, it just works. 👍🏼 However, one thing I’ve been wishing the app would do is to allow me to name my workouts my own names; rather than having to choose from a limited range such as ‘bootcamp’ or ‘martial arts’. I want to call mine BodyCombat and HIIT session etc. surely this would be a bit easier and then I’d be able to see exactly what I’d done for each session. Also maybe adding a notes function so I could add a note to an exercise like: “saw Fred while on run and stopped to chat” or something... I think if these things were added it would be my perfect fitness tracking app..Version: 3.13

Fitbit App is exactly what I wantedDefinitely recommend this app to keep track of your daily exercise, sleep quality, steps and weight. I find it is very user friendly plus you can add a number of extra things to your Fitbit app to help track water intake, food/calories etc., as well. Change the display, and adapt the app to suit your personal needs. You can select the type of exercise you want to do, run, walk, cycling, rowing, plus many other activities which means you get a more accurate reading. Every day I look at my sleep quality and hours of sleep, my steps and heart rate, it helps me to monitor how active I have been or need to be!!! You can compare weekly, monthly, yearly readings as well. I do agree this app is not really suitable for younger children however I wouldn’t think that a detailed app like this one would be necessary for children anyway?? Hope this feedback helps you to achieve what you are looking for. Cheers Julie.Version: 3.25.1

NinaThe Fit-Bit app is a great tool to have, from the amount of steps you did today, to the hours you slept last before noon night. I purchased my Fit-Bit Versa a few months ago and since then, it’s been great. Ivan five into the pool, control my music on the go, and much more😊 I really recommend the Fit-bit Versa and the Fit-bit app..Version: 2.92

Very good..but needs an update for adding custom foods!Often when I’m logging in my food I scan the barcode, especially if it’s something I haven’t previously logged. 90% of the time the nutrition facts that the barcode reads is the same as the nutrition facts on the packaging. HOWEVER, 10% of the time the calories don’t match or the sodium/carbs/potassium etc don’t match. So to get an accurate reading of my daily nutrition I choose to add it as a custom food item and plug in the right info. This is where the problem/update is needed. My example for today was my Special K brand protein shake didn't match the right facts when I originally barcode scanned it (said there was 0mg potassium when there’s actually 570mg, said there was 10g of cholesterol when there’s actually “<5mg” etc). So I go to start plugging in the info on the custom option. What NEEDS to be added is a decimal point option on the keypad (ex protein shake has 0.5g of saturated fat, had to leave it at 0g because I can’t type 0.5 because there’s no “.” option, same with the “<5mg” had to leave it at 5mg instead). PLEASE ADD a decimal point option for custom foods OR AT LEAST allow us to send requests to update your food databases if the apps nutritional info is different than the products info!!!.Version: 3.26.1

Helps me be consistentMy god/ daughter bought me a Fitbit Sept 2020 and after my initial worry about wearing something all the time ( I haven’t worn a watch in decades!) I have grown to love my Fitbit and app. It’s really helpful to keep in track of water and exercise, I am using it to lose weight by logging food and I love how useful that is either by using the inbuilt food list or by scanning a food barcode!! Genius. Getting into the habit of logging things, being rewarded with achievements badges and by having the weekly stats emailed so I can see progress, is just making it easier for me to be more consistent in being responsible for my diet, exercise, hydration and mental health. The range of free meditations to help either de-stress or relax or go to sleep , is sufficient for me so I haven’t needed to upgrade yet. I think Fitbit and the app should be compulsory and people taught how it can help them be responsible for their health and well-being in the first instance..Version: 3.41.1

Early daysOnly just bought the Fitbit yesterday all set up charged app installed I’m going through the registration process. I get to the section where Fitbit want to send me an email to continue registration, no email arrives, I double check my email address it’s all ok, I have pressed resend several times but still no email arrives. I contact tech support they ask me to check junk and spam folders, well iPhones don’t have spam folders so I checked junk, no email. Tech support tell me to log out and log back in, I do this, no email. Tech support tell me to delete the app then reinstall it, I do this. Guess what no email!!!! Now every time I start Fitbit I get the continue registration message. It’s irritating because this should not be happening. Tech support need to sort this issue out, I would like a fitbit rep to respond to this message..Version: 3.45

Creeps in the communityFirstly I would like to say, the app works great. I hadn't used a fit bit in a year or two so I had to figure out how the new look of the app worked but it wasn't hard. I loved that my history from my old Fitbit was there because it gave me motivation to get back to how I used to be. Now the stuff I didn't like. I wish the messages would be more of a messenger style. I can't go back and look at the conversation as a whole, all I can see are messages sent to me and it's all separate so it clogs up the message list. Would be much better to see the whole convo in one message so I can have proof of incidents like I just had. I have friended a few people from the different communities in the app. So far everyone is cool, we are all there for fitness and support. I recently accepted a friend request and the guy started messaging me. It started out innocent enough just talking about how long we have had a Fitbit and what our fitness goals are. Then he started getting weird and talking about my face based off my profile picture and started hinting at sexual intentions. I ended up unfriending him and blocking him. What I wish for this app is a way to report users like this. This isn't a dating/hook up app! And I don't need strange men hinting that my face gave them a boner lol.Version: 2.40

Not impressed with latest updateFirst I could not change my password and now I have lost all my friends data. I have phoned once and managed to get logged back in but still not a complete fix . I tried web chat but it will not set up the live web chat..Version: 2.89

Getting healthyThis has been such a useful app as I hit 50. Keeping track of my weight, food and exercise goals has been made so much easier and I love the fact that I can track so much from within the app— how much water I’m drinking, how many macros I’m consuming, my step goals, exercise, activity throughout the day, heart rate, and periods. Having summaries of my trends has made keeping an eye on my health and activity so much easier. Upgrading to the Charge 3 has also allowed me to track my favourite activity; swimming. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to set goals for themselves and track their progress..Version: 2.91

Love it!I’ve got the charge 4 now and it’s even better then the 3, imagine?!?! it’s fabulous! Love that I can see who’s calling, or read a text, even pay with it (though I doubt people would know what I was trying to do lol-including me)! I love that it keeps improving!.Version: 3.39

Love it! Love it!I'm 75 years young and thought this was just everyone's new favourite toy - and now I own a Charge 2 and can't tell you how thrilled I am!!! It's amazing! It gets me to move more, which is my main goal. The dashboard gives a clear, quick picture of all my health and fitness info to modify as necessary. My only complaint is that some of the text in the app needs to be bolder, as it's so extremely light that it's very difficult and sometimes impossible to read. Modify that, and it's PERFECT! 😃.Version: 2.40

Easy to useThe Fitbit app is easy to use- just a click to sync and many different stats can be viewed. It also connects you to others with similar exercise /smart wrist watches. I love seeing my sleeping pattern and calories used during exercise. Steps unfortunately are not always accurate but a great guide. A lovely snapshot into my health and wellness..Version: 2.86

The Fitbit is the best thing ever but there I one issue with the app...The Fitbit and it’s contents are one of the greatest inventions in my opinion, but the app has one unfortunate bug. One night, like every, I went to start my sleep tracker but my phone died without me canceling it, so now every time I open the app it has over 200hrs of sleep but doesn’t let me cancel it :( it lets me start new ones and add sleep logs it is just very frustrating not being able to cancel it. Due to this issue it doesn’t add my sleep for nights since on the watch itself. I though about deleting the app and restarting but it is too risky to lose all my progress and badges. I hope this bug can be fixed.Version: 3.12.1

Great fitness tracking appReally user friendly and easy to track fitness activity and goals. The female flow tracker recently added is also really helpful. Stopped using for awhile but cam right back to it. Would be cool to be able to personalise the app layout/colours etc a bit more but other than that would highly recommend.Version: 2.89

New userJust purchased a surge and impressed with the depth of info available. I am technically challenged so it may take a wee while to get the full use out if it but the main thing is that already it has inspired me to do more and initial results are promising. Now I’ve had it for some time it is brilliant, and the app is also brilliant. Allowing me to compete against others. Cheers, Graham.Version: 2.89

Blaze. ImpressedSo as a new user to this environment I was most impressed with the presentation of the blaze and the general ease of use of set up with the watch, the software and the interaction between the Apple Watch and my iPhone is quite interesting and seamless. Overall I consider it a value for money purchase and useful tool in monitoring my day-to-day activities I’m not a fitness junkie in that sense I just use the machine to monitor my daily activity and exercise when taken, with a particular interest in sleep patterns. So far, two days in,I haven’t been able to obtain a sleep pattern report. The first night it gave me the general alert, restless and sleep reading, second night for some reason it only recorded an hour sleep although I went to bed at the time I said on my schedule, so I don’t know what’s gone wrong there, battery was about 50%, charged it today... so hoping it goes well. All in all happy customer..Version: 2.43

Great app but needs a refreshI have been using Fitbit since 2015 and absolutely love their products. As for the app, although it works nicely on the whole, I feel as though it needs a refresh as the whole layout could be a lot more aesthetic and enjoyable to use. A huge concern is the food database for entering in calories - I find that it isn’t very accurate at finding the right amount of calories on most foods and I end up having to use other apps such as Lifesum or MyFitnessPal to find out the foods and then enter into my Fitbit. All in all not a particularly fluid and quick process! It also would be excellent to add a feature where you can track the amount of alcohol that is being consumed as that contributes massively to one’s health!! Would love to see an app update that focuses on the food tab, making it more accurate (and the barcode scanner more useful!) and also an app refresh to improve the aesthetic and usability..Version: 2.85

Love this app!This app is brilliant for me keeps me fit and spurs me on to do well and reach 10,000 or more steps every day. I think it should be encouraged for more people not just to get fit these days but to be doing exercise each day (not loads) but enough to be hitting 10,000 steps at least or even near it. It’s amazing to know that you can do the recommended steps without even knowing most days. I think therefore this spurs you on to doing more per day than the recommended which is fab. Not only is it brilliant for keeping an eye on your steps/exercise for the days in the week it also calculates your sleep intake which is very useful for most people as I think we tend not to get enough sleep per day and in total per week, therefore it surprises you when you see a total of sleep that you don’t actually get and makes you think about the sleep which is also needed by your body’s not just the exercise that is needed to love a healthy life. I enjoy everything about this app but these are just two points in which I enjoy the most, I think the layout ect is perfect. I have recommend getting a fit bit & app to all my family & friends and they love it too. I also find the tips you get everyday great and very helpful and that this can help you to live a better life..Version: 2.90

Fitbit appI really like the app. I changed my watch face and love it, but the weather doesn’t seem to sync in a timely fashion..Version: 2.46

CANT LIVE WITHOUTApple, Samsung - NOTHING can compare to the Fitbit! The easy use of the app is amazing. I love being able to track my food, weight, activity and more all on one application. The badges and the hourly reminders to keep moving keep you motivated and help you stay healthy and active throughout the day. There are more awesome features like the timer, being able to load music directly onto your Fitbit, receive notifications and being able to store your card details on your Fitbit means you never have to worry about forgetting your wallet. I would recommend a Fitbit (especially versa) to everybody and anybody. It will not disappoint..Version: 2.92

Never without my FitbitI have had a Fitbit Charge 2 for the last 5 years and have just upgraded to Charge 4. I looked at higher priced models & also Apple, but the simple Fitbits are adequate for what I require it for. I am a regular gym goer and I also walk a lot so keeping track of my daily fitness is important and a big motivation. I also like to track my calories out and calories in as it keeps me on track with also healthy eating and how I should be working with my body. I have problems with sleeping and when I first bought the Fitbit I tried to use the sleeping app, but it just kept telling me I was sleeping roughly 2/3 hours because of how I sleep. I sleep 4/5 hours and wake a lot and so it was a negative thing for me with regards to my sleep which didn’t help me, so I don’t use this. I wouldn’t be without my Fitbit and know that the days I don’t wear it I won’t be keeping on track with my fitness which I really enjoy and is part of my daily life. I just use the regular app as it is as I don’t need the Premium upgrade for any additional programs. I have never had any problems with syncing or otherwise. Wouldn’t be without it!.Version: 3.41.1

I’m loving the app but...Fitbit seems to be very targeted towards those who work Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 jobs (or similar). The challenges especially, don’t take into account those people who work weekends or whose work week doesn’t start on a Monday, but you’re given no option to change the day you begin. Equally, it would be great if you could choose when your 24 hours begins, I understand that for most people it wouldn’t be a factor, but for example I wake up at 11am and go to bed at 4am, but my steps etc etc are all being logged as the next day once past midnight, when usually I am still at work. We live in a 24/7 world, and there are many, many shift workers and night workers out there Fitbit, it would be nice if they were considered. Also, why is there no ‘driving’ option built into your own app, yes you can use the ‘drivebit’ app, which I’m doing so as not add thousands of extra steps a day, but it’s a simple ‘start/stop’ function; could you not include this yourselves?.Version: 2.43.1

New apps to get on the watch that you can get on the appHey Fitbit team I was thinking that the apple phones should also be aloud to reply back to messages in the watch. Like there should be a messages app that you can write back to people. The next app should be a reading app, I think that this is a good idea because you can read books on your watch. The last app is a video app where you can watch videos like movies or tv shows on your watch. And can you please make sure that if you do the app then can you make it free please at least until you do the next update then you can make at least the video one have money on it. Please can you do it and if you do can you please reply back to me, even if you can’t then can you still reply to me to say that it doesn’t work. Please it would be cool to have all of those apps Sincerely A person that really wants all of those apps to happen.Version: 3.55

Great app, but disappointed with PremiumThe app and actual FitBit are both excellent. It’s a superb way to track my exercise and movement in general, plus a wonderful motivator to get me to do a bit more. There’s the occasional little glitch, where I walk about, even upstairs, but it doesn’t track it. But those are thankfully in the minority. I don’t use the food tracker, as that seems like a hell of a lot of work and quite frankly I can’t be bothered. But I record my water intake and that been really helpful to maintain good hydration. I was offered a 90 day free trial of their Premium service, as I’m sure everyone else was. I thought I’d give it a go. To be honest, very little of what it offers is of interest to me, beyond the progress report. I’ve been exercising regularly for over 40 years now, so don’t need training programmes or features to get me started. However, about a week after signing up I noticed that it was no longer visible in my app, it just said FitBit and not FitBit Premium. And the try Premium section had returned. I’m not sure if it uninstalls if not used, but I didn’t see the point of having to install it every week, so cancelled it. Admittedly I would have done this eventually anyway, as it doesn’t offer £7.99 per month’s worth of extra content, at least not from my perspective. The fact it switched itself off, just sped up its departure from my phone. Otherwise all good, keep up the great work!.Version: 3.18

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